CarlFK1What does "Tainted GM" mean in:  Pid: 6523, comm: dvswitch Tainted: G   M      2.6.27-11-generic #1 [04:57
CarlFK1full dump: http://dpaste.com/109665/ 04:57
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apwCarlFK1, the G means you have modules loaded but they wern't proprietry, the M means your machine recieved a machine check in the past10:47
KinnisonHi guys, one of the things I'd like to do this weekend is update my toshiba acpi module so that it doesn't crash modern kernels. To do that, I need jaunty's kernel tree. Is it simply git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty.git ?11:09
KinnisonAnd is there a simple set of instructions for turning that into a kernel package? (I'll need to update the kernel on my laptop)11:09
Keybuk"fakeroot debian/rules binary" usually does the trick ;)11:24
Keybukthough if you're patching, you'll find it annoying to rebuild every time11:24
KeybukI usually do out-of-tree ordinary kernel builds (grab the config out of debian/...) until I've got the patch right11:25
Kinnisonright, so the configs are just in debian/ ?11:29
* Kinnison is apparently 52% through 'checking out files'11:29
* Kinnison sighs. kernels are so big these days11:29
KinnisonIs Jaunty going with 2.6.28 or hoping for 2.6.29?11:30
KinnisonKeybuk: Presumably I need to concatenate config and config.generic ?11:40
Keybuk2.6.28 for jaunty11:40
apwKinnison, it is highly unlikely .29 will be out before the kernel is frozen, and we are unlikely to change at this late stage in the cycle.  this is even less likely now we are seeing much more fixes via the stable kernel trees11:41
Kinnisonnod. 2.6.28 is fine I believe11:41
KinnisonI *think* what I need is in 27 so it should be fine11:41
apwif you can't just pick the kernels out of /boot/config-* then you can make the configs using debian/rules prepare-generic 11:42
apwand find them in debian/build/build-generic/.config11:42
KinnisonI can't pick them out of /boot because the laptop is on 8.04 and I'm loathe to move it on from there because of openvpn issues in 8.1011:43
* Kinnison starts a kernel building11:43
KinnisonOkay, awkward question.. Given the debian/build/build-generic directory containing a built kernel, can I use that for building out-of-tree modules?12:02
* Kinnison is *so* out of date on kernel building it's sad.12:02
Kinnisonif it's not 'make CROSS_COMPILE=$XC ARCH=arm zImage' then I get confused :-)12:02
Keybukcking: sorry, but for filing that bug I'm going to pick on you now ;)12:09
ckingKeybuk: yeah yeah12:10
Keybukcking: I need you to step through the boot process by hand12:11
Keybukinit=/bin/bash, then run each init script in turn (/etc/rcS.d/S01... start, S02... start, etc.)12:11
Keybukand between each one, look in /dev for pktcdvd12:11
Keybukand see which init script creates it12:11
Keybukor is it there in the initramfs, etc.12:11
ckingKeybuk: OK - I will do this in ~1 hour or so once I've finished the current ISO test - is that OK?12:12
Keybukit's your bug ;)12:12
cking..well it's not a  mega-high show stopper. I will figure out which script creates the message and report to the bug sometime today...12:13
KinnisonKeybuk: Once I've built a kernel, can I just take the contents of the firmware/ dir and copy that to /lib/firmware/$(kver) and expect it to behave?12:35
KeybukKinnison: I should think so12:57
KinnisonKeybuk: sweet.12:59
Kinnisonyay, and make -C ..../build-generic M=$(pwd) does the trick13:00
* Kinnison should be able to sort out tlsup for jaunty13:00
* Kinnison is pleased13:00
rtgKeybuk: you were chortling yesterday about some change that saved several more seconds at boot time. What was it?14:32
Keybukrtg_: making lsb_release just return the values in /etc/lsb-release if they're all present14:42
Keybukinstead of firing up things like apt-cache to work it out14:42
rtg_not a kernel issue :)14:43
EtienneG_homehey guys!  is the difference between -virtual and -server documented somewhere?  Is it just the VMI stuff, or there is more to it?14:58
rtg_EtienneG_home: Hardy?15:00
EtienneG_homertg_, yes indeed15:01
rtg_EtienneG_home: if memory serves, the server kernel is used in the virtual package, so there is no differnce.15:01
EtienneG_homertg_, ok!15:02
EtienneG_homethanks for the info15:02
EtienneG_homeI think I will diff the config, just to see15:02
rtg_EtienneG_home: hmm, there is a virtyual flavor in i386 but not amd64.15:03
rtg_looks like a lot of devices are not enabled.15:03
rtg_EtienneG_home: I get confused, it was Intrepid where we started using the server kernel in the virtual package15:04
EtienneG_homertg_, ok15:04
EtienneG_homeI will investigate15:04
Keybukcking: there's a patch to grub that replaces the delay with a "hold down a modifier key"15:14
rtg_Keybuk: that doesn't work on all BIOSs. sometimes the keyboard is disabled if you're holding down a key during boot.15:16
ckingrtg_: thanks for that insight15:16
rtg_seems like crack to me, but there you have it.15:16
ckingprobably holding down a key during boot confuses the Embedded Controller15:17
cking..and the user15:17
ckingKeybuk: I'd hate to change the expected functionality (use the ESC key) with something that won't work for all machines - especially for the sake of 1 second 15:20
ckingI expect anyone who really wants to shave time off the grub delay can do so by editing the menu.lst file#15:20
ckingI will look at the patch sometime soon though 15:21
Nafalloisn't that patch of preventing flicker as well?15:22
Keybukwhy would it prevent flicker?15:22
Nafallojust something I read on some fedora interview site :-)15:23
Nafallolet me see if I find the URL15:23
Nafallohttp://fedoramagazine.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/interview-fedora-10s-better-startup/ <-- Keybuk 15:24
NafalloKeybuk: there is a five point list about 2/3 in.15:24
tjaaltonthe menu is not shown unless you have a dualboot setup15:25
tjaaltonbut it doesn show the countdown15:25
Nafallooh. those people are talking about the full menu?15:25
Nafalloman. I should try fedora at some point :-P15:26
tjaaltonwith grahix :P15:26
KeybukNafallo: that only counts for Fedora because they have a graphical grub15:26
NafalloKeybuk: hehe. fair enough.15:26
Keybukthat's why I've used phrases like "over my dead body" when people suggest Ubuntu has a graphical grub menu15:26
NafalloKeybuk: we did have that! :-)15:26
NafalloI remember using it :-)15:27
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ckingKeybuk: w.r.t /dev/pktcdvd  - it's created by /etc/rcS.d/S10udev by the line "if /sbin/udevadm settle; then"15:45
cking"by" means by the time we get to15:47
Kinnisonis it mentioned in any of /etc/udev/rules.d ?15:58
mdzwill call you in just a moment16:00
Keybukcking: can you tar up your /dev for me16:00
KeybukI assume you mean it's not created by anything before that init script16:01
ckingKeybuk: it's not created until we hit S10udev - I added some debug into the script and watched it appear while the script was executing16:01
cking..tar file in an Email in a mo16:02
ckingit's a mystery why it's being created16:04
MykelSilverhi, first best wishes to everyone. My question: this morning my ubuntu request a reboot because of a new kernel update: linux-image-2.6.27-11-generic (2.6.27-11.23) to 2.6.27-11.24.... I cannot find any information what the security issues are to update... Normally I can find them at http://www.ubuntu.com/usn ... But not this time.... Any has a link for more info...?16:06
rtg_MykelSilver: its not a security update. you're subscribed to -proposed.16:07
MykelSilvero sorry16:07
rtg_MykelSilver: look at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux for changelog entries16:08
MykelSilverTHANKS :-)16:08
MykelSilververy happy for helping me 16:08
MykelSilvergot it... very fast response. amazing16:09
MykelSilvernice day. bye16:09
rtg_I live to serve16:09
rtg_kirkland: did you get a chance to try 'eCryptfs: Filename Encryption: mount option' ?16:40
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kirklandrtg_: on my todo list for today ;-)17:03
rtg_kirkland: I'm installing a laptop right now. I didn't realize it requires a mount option.17:04
kirklandrtg_: yes.  if we like it, we can add it to mount.ecryptfs_private17:04
kirklandrtg_: ie, if it works well17:04
kirklandrtg_: well, make it configurable anyway, in your .ecryptfs dir17:04
rtg_kirkland: if it works well, I think it ought to be a package default17:05
kirklandrtg_: agreed17:05
kirklandrtg_: i'm thinking we can perhaps target that for the next alpha17:05
kirklandrtg_: the installer just started supporting encrypted home yesterday/today17:05
kirklandrtg_: that's what I'm testing at the moment17:05
rtg_kirkland: me too.17:05
rtg_kirkland: whats the story on encrypted swap?17:06
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kirklandrtg_: i need to talk to Keybuk about that....17:06
kirklandKeybuk: ping?17:06
rtg_Keybuk: encrypted swap17:09
Keybuknever touch the stuff ;)17:09
ckingthat's fairly straight forward response17:09
rtg_Keybuk: :) we discussed the fact the encrypted home isn't much good if you leave stuff in swap17:10
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KeybukI recall17:10
Keybukwas there anything in particular about it you wanted to discuss?17:13
rtg_Keybuk: uh, just wondered if/when it was going to get enabled whenever some chooses encrypted home.17:14
Keybukmy dead body may be involved ;)17:14
rtg_oh, not that again, right along with graphical grub, huh?17:15
KeybukI still object to the detail that a multi-user machine cannot be resumed if encrypted swap is used17:16
rtg_Keybuk: ugh, I forgot about resume.17:17
Keybukcking: around?17:20
ckingKeybuk: yep. 17:21
Keybukcking: could you run sudo udevadm test /devices/virtual/misc/pktcdvd17:21
ckingKeybuk: not quite at the moment - the laptop is being "upgraded"17:22
cking..but I will once I can 17:22
Keybukyou're sure that symlink did not exist before S10udev ?17:22
rtg_cking: were you having problems with udev? my laptop complains that it can't read /etc/udev/rules.d and then nothing really works right after that.17:31
ckingKeybuk: pretty certain - I put in "ls -al /dev/pktcdvd" in the script and observed when it could list the device17:32
ckingrtg_: only /dev/pktcdvd 17:32
rtg_huh, so far I'm underwhelmed by A317:32
ckingthree steps back.. for one forward?17:33
rtg_seems like17:34
Keybukcking: I really need a bit more live help debugging this one I'm afraid17:35
ckingKeybuk: OK - well I will run the udevadm as suggested when I reassembled the laptop this evening17:36
Keybukthat'll push us back until monday before I can look at it :-/17:36
ckingKeybuk: OK - but I've got a family to put to bed and I've been working since 7am.. give me a 30 mins...17:37
cking..I've got little kids to sort out.. hold on17:38
Keybukcking: ahh, no panic17:48
KeybukI've just realised that this isn't hardware related17:48
KeybukI can replicate it here17:48
ckingKeybuk: that's good news to me :-)18:02
ogasawaracking, rtg:  you guys have migrated to ext4 ya?  I just read bug 317781 .  Curious if you guys have seen any issues?18:43
ubot3Malone bug 317781 in linux "Ext4 data loss" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31778118:43
rtg_ogasawara: ext4 doesn't claim to preserve data, only the journal18:44
rtg_ogasawara: perhaps he's getting nipped because ext4 is lazier about committing data18:45
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Keybukwtf. are19:37
Keybuk /dev/cpu_dma_latency19:37
Keybuk /dev/network_latency19:37
Keybuk /dev/network_throughput19:37
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CShadowRunDoes anyone know when the 2.6.29 kernel is due in ubuntu?21:44
CShadowRuni'm waiting on it since support for my webcam has been regressed since intrepid and the fix is supposed to be in that release :D21:45
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ogasawaraCShadowRun: Jaunty is going to have 2.6.28, so Jaunty+1 will likely be 2.6.29.  do you have a specific patch reference?  It could probably be cherrypicked.23:52

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