nhandlerChris`: What part didn't work, they look pretty accurate00:00
Chris`Under method: sf.net/grdc doesn't exist00:00
Chris`It's a sf project however00:00
nhandlerWhere does it say sf.net/grdc?00:01
nhandlerI see sf.net/mooedit00:01
Chris`My project is grdc00:01
nhandlerChris`: sf.net/grdc won't work in a browser. Did it work in the watch file?00:02
pochutry "uscan --verbose" from debian/..00:03
* directhex uses mirrorservice for sf projects, it's more reliable00:03
pochuChris`: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grcd, invalid project00:04
Chris`http://sourceforge.net/projects/grdc <----- Works for me =\00:04
pochuah, I typoed it00:05
Chris`Anyway I've fixed it but I don't find that guide too user friendly00:05
pochufeel free to improve it :)00:05
nhandlerChris`: Look at some of the irc logs from past Open Weeks and Developer Weeks. I think we had a few guides that covered watch files00:06
Chris`Now I'm tasked with a manpage, again, the wiki wasn't much help do you know for any other resources? =\ The wiki was far too confusing00:06
Chris`When writing manpages should I use American or British English?00:23
jmarsden|workChris`: Either one, but avoid obvious Americanisms or Britishisms -- you are writing for an international audience.00:26
Chris`How can I use the word utilise?00:27
jmarsden|workMaybe use the word use instead? :)00:27
Chris`Too boring but OK00:27
jmarsden|workThe simpler the language you use the easier you make translation into other languages, too.00:28
Chris`You can get French manpages?00:28
Chris`Cool well I just authored a file called debian/manpage00:29
Chris`What should I save it as when using pod formatting?00:29
jmarsden|workI'm not sure... I've only ever used pod format within a Perl script...00:29
jmarsden|workIs there anything in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/StyleGuide about different documentation formats??00:32
jmarsden|workMight be worth a look, anyway.00:32
Chris`I think that I have finally finished that binary :D00:34
nhandlerThis is really annoying. For some reason, ever since I went back to intrepid, I can no longer create a jaunty pbuilder. I have tried several times, but it always complains about not being able to resolve archive.ubuntu.com. Anyone have any ideas?00:35
Chris`If anyone has the time could you please revu/review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc for me please? :)00:36
directhexChris`, avoid cockney rhyming slang in man pages, that's good advice00:42
Chris`directhex: I used Cockney?00:42
* Chris` double checks00:43
directhexnah, just following on from "<jmarsden|work> Chris`: Either one, but avoid obvious Americanisms or Britishisms -- you are writing for an international audience."00:43
Chris`Ah ok :p00:43
directhexin a faintly humerous mann... know what? never mind. it's late00:43
Chris`Faily humourous man...page :)?00:43
Chris`Ah damn, I forgot a little tiny thing00:44
Chris`Gotta reupload00:44
Chris`Upload finished if anyone wants to revu my package :)00:46
Andre_Gondimdoes any motu can resolve this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/deluge-torrent/+bug/31630501:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316305 in deluge-torrent "please sync to deluge 1.1.0" [Undecided,In progress]01:22
pwnguinive got a question about mono apps03:30
pwnguini assume they need to build in debian to be in the archive?03:30
pwnguineven though published builds are cross platform03:31
RAOFAh, _that's_ what you mean.03:31
RAOFYes, very much so.  Everything in the archive needs to build from source, barring multiverse.03:31
pwnguindo you know much about mono apps?03:31
pwnguinie paint.net?03:32
RAOFA bit.03:32
cody-somervilleRAOF, everything needs to be built from a source package, including multiverse03:32
pwnguincody-somerville: then you'll remove pq?03:32
RAOFcody-somerville: Are you _sure_? A source package, yes, but that source package can just copy binaires in place, right?03:32
cody-somervilleRAOF, Right03:32
pwnguinwell duh03:33
=== leleobhz is now known as LOLeobhz
RAOFpwnguin: Paint.net isn't _really_ a mono app; it p/invokes a bunch of windows stuff, IIRC.03:33
pwnguinRAOF: it seems we have a windows forms library03:33
cody-somervilleHowever, by that definition, you would say barring multiverse and restricted03:33
pwnguinwhich i thought meant ms only03:33
pwnguinbut apparently not03:33
pwnguinRAOF: does paint.net go above and beyond winForms then?03:34
jorgenptI read that one guy ported Paint.net to *nix03:34
pwnguinthat one guy is probably the mono author03:34
jorgenptYes, possibly this one; http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2007/May-15-1.html03:34
=== LOLeobhz is now known as leleobhz
jorgenptBut it wasn't public when I read about it. ^_^03:34
RAOFOne of the awesome things about the .NET runtime is how tremendously easy it is to call C libraries; Paint.NET does it for some stuff - calling out to native win32 libs.03:35
RAOFThat's p/invoke.03:35
jorgenptIs Paint.Net opensource?03:35
RAOFYes, I believe so.03:35
=== hyperair1 is now known as hyperair
pwnguinits like the only open source c# app ;)03:35
pwnguinkeepass 2.x seems to work fine in jaunty03:36
jorgenptPaint.Net was open source until version 3.2, but has been closed since then.03:37
RAOFpwnguin: That was sarcasm, right?03:37
pwnguinRAOF: yes03:37
pwnguinwell, keepass works03:37
RAOFGood.  Difficult to tell on IRC :)03:37
pwnguinbut the c# part was sarcastic03:37
pwnguinhence the ;)03:37
pwnguinanyways, there's no keepass package yet. if i can figure out how to build from source03:39
pwnguinit'd be nifty to have that in jaunty as well03:39
RAOFWhat's keepass?03:39
pwnguinits a cross platform keyring, really03:40
pwnguinyou can put passwords etc in it03:40
pwnguinthe benefit is that unlike say gnome-keyring, i can put credentials in a database and share them with my coworkers03:41
pwnguinright now we have a stupid pgp encrypted file03:41
pwnguinthat lists notes, account names and passwords03:42
pwnguinkeepass basically formalizes this practice03:42
pwnguinanyways, getting it into jaunty would probably help convince my team to adopt it03:43
pwnguinone of my problems is i have no idea how to build mono apps though =/03:45
* pochu didn't get the difference between gnome-keyring and keepass03:45
pwnguinkeepass runs on windows and osx03:45
pochuyeah, I mean the credentials and database you mentioned :)03:46
RAOFpwnguin: Generally pretty simple, depending on how friendly they are.03:47
pochugnome-keyring is just a key manager, but you can encrypt/decrypt/sign/etc files from nautilus03:47
pochuit's well integrated03:47
pwnguinpochu: can i add notes?03:47
nelleryisn't keepass already in Jaunty? http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/keepassx03:47
pwnguinkeepassX is different03:47
pochuto gnome-keyring? no, it's a keyring manager, use tomboy for that ;)03:47
pwnguinits something like a fork of the old, non .net code base03:48
pochupwnguin: oh, I thought you were comparing them as if they were similar apps, and saying which one was better :)03:48
pwnguinpochu: gnome keyring does what it does well03:49
pwnguinit just lacks sync and cross plaformness03:49
pochuI see03:49
pwnguini got a job as a system administrator recently, and we basically do everything03:50
pwnguinin parallel.03:50
pwnguinwindows, osx, solaris, linux03:50
pochuwith gnome-keyring you can synchronise keys with a keyserver, but I guess that's not what you want :)03:51
pwnguinwe need more than rsa encryption keys03:51
pwnguinpochu: in jaunty, there's a gui, that has "passwords"03:53
pwnguinpochu: do you know a way to actually add such a password?03:53
pochuwait, I was confusing seahorse and gnome-keyring!03:53
pwnguinseahorse, the browser?03:54
pochuno, the key manager03:54
pochuactually, the old gnome-keyring has been integrated into seahorse03:55
pochuthat's probably the gui you're talking about03:55
pochuwhich has a passwords tab03:55
pwnguinyes it does03:55
pwnguinthe tab doesn't seem to work though03:55
pochuit does here03:57
pochuand I have a few passwords03:57
pochuthe root password and mail account passwords for evolution03:58
pwnguini cant add new ones though =/04:00
pochuyeah, I don't see how to add new ones from seahorse itself04:02
pochuyou can from applications that use gnome-keyring though04:02
pochue.g. if you create a mail account in Evolution, it will ask you if you want to store it in the keyring04:02
pwnguinpochu: right, but if i wanted to say store a login for a windows box04:03
pochuI see04:03
pwnguinsomeone would have to bother patching tsclient04:04
pochuso your use case is that you don't want gnome-keyring for access some applications that use it, but rather to store securily a set of passwords04:04
pwnguinits a popular use case04:04
pwnguinsomeone was saying keepass is in the top 10 sf projects04:05
pwnguinwell, its in the top 50 right now04:05
pwnguinpochu: but my use case also involves sharing those secrets with a limited set of people, who might not be running linux / ubuntu04:06
pwnguini don't think the guy in charge of admining the windows class servers is about to accept "run GNOME" as a solution04:07
pochupwnguin: looks like there's an API to gnome-keyring to add passwords, so it would be a matter of extending Seahorse to allow that: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeKeyring/StoringPasswords04:07
pochuyet, that wouldn't solve your other problem...04:08
pwnguinpochu: im sure. but unless it uses schnier's format underneath and didnt tell anyone04:08
pwnguinits yet another incompatible tool04:08
pwnguinthere's another program called password safe, started by bruce schnieier, with a documented format. password gorilla uses it04:11
pwnguinbut sync isn't handled04:11
pochupwnguin: aha! http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52583204:12
ubottuGnome bug 525832 in general "allow creation of arbitrary passwords" [Enhancement,New]04:12
trinitronxI'm getting an issue with "debuild -S" where it trys to sign with the original package maintainer's gpg key.  This is even when I have specified mine with -k, and also DEBSIGN_KEYID, DEBEMAIL, & DEBFULLNAME in my ~/.bashrc.  I'm just making a quick source package for personal use, so I don't want to have to edit the debian/control or changelog files... is this possible?04:30
RAOF__You can just leave the package unsigned; pass -us -uc to debuild, and it won't try to sign the source, changes respectively.04:31
pochunice netsplit :)04:31
pochutrinitronx: what did you pass as -k ?04:31
trinitronxmy key id04:31
pochuas in "dpkg-buildpackage -k4A08B2FE" ?04:32
trinitronxdoes debuild pass -k through?04:32
pochuif you put it at the end of the call, it will pass everything to dpkg-buildpackage04:33
pochuSYNOPSIS debuild [debuild options] [dpkg-buildpackage options] [--lintian-opts lintian options]04:33
trinitronxhmm, maybe I should try at the end?04:33
pochutry it :)04:33
pochuand try it before -S too04:34
pochuI've seen dpkg-buildpackage fail sometimes if the arguments were in a certain order04:35
pochue.g. dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa -us -uc would sign things, while -us -uc -S -sa wouldn't04:35
trinitronxwoohoo! it worked at the end :D04:35
trinitronxI think I'll try changing my DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS to have that at the end too04:36
pochubtw as RAOF said, you can just pass -us -uc to not sign it at all04:38
trinitronxyeah, I like signing stuff though just for practice04:38
trinitronxand to make sure it works ok04:38
pwnguinRAOF: i see a lot of .csproj files in this thing. i assume this is visual studio?05:23
RAOF__pwnguin: yah.  But I think mdtool should be able to build it for you.05:26
tritiumHello.  It has been a while since I've built a package.  I used to use pbuilder, but it seems working/testing in a virtual machine, and building with a PPA is valid approach today.  Is that a fair assessment?05:40
tritiumI'm hoping to package the new version of ngspice, as well as hdhomerun_config_gui prior to feature freeze.05:41
pochutritium: PPA is fine, VM not so much05:45
tritiumpochu: not so much for what?  building?  testing?05:45
pochufor testing it's perfectly fine05:45
tritiumFair enough.  I don't intend to use it for building.  Thanks!05:46
pochuwelcome :)05:46
tritiumpochu: well, alpha 3's kernel won't boot as a virtualbox guest, so perhaps I'll consider another approach.05:48
pochutritium: try with alpha 2 ;)05:48
tritiumI see the same caveat for alpha 2: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha2 (bug 243677)05:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243677 in kvm "intrepid kernel 2.6.26-2-generic won't boot as kvm guest" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24367705:50
tritiumSorry, but 24606705:50
tritiumbug 24606705:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246067 in linux "Kernel panic during boot in VirtualBox with kernel 2.6.26.*-generic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24606705:51
pochuI have a jaunty VM, but I think I installed it from alpha105:51
pochuor a daily image, rather05:52
pochubut it won't be available on cdimage.u.c anymore, as it's a bit old ;)05:52
tritiumPerhaps I'll not worry about the VM for now, and just worry about building the packages.05:55
pochuthat's a good start :)05:55
tritiumThanks again!05:55
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pwnguinRAOF__: is mdtool part of a package?06:01
pwnguinmonodevelop nvm06:01
dholbachgood morning06:25
fabrice_spmorning dholbach !06:29
iulianMorning dholbach, fabrice_sp.06:30
fabrice_spHi iulian :-)06:30
iulianHow's it going guys?06:30
dholbachhiya iulian, hi fabrice_sp06:31
dholbachiulian: very good, just waiting for the coffee to be ready :)06:31
fabrice_spiulian, very good too: it's friday! :-) (and waiting for the chocolate :-) )06:32
iulianHeh, that's good.06:33
* pochu waves good morning06:33
iulianHiya pochu.06:33
dholbachhey pochu06:33
fabrice_spHi pochu ;-)06:33
* iulian yawns06:33
pochuhey iulian, dholbach and fabrice_sp :)06:33
tritiumGood morning, dholbach.06:33
dholbachhey tritium06:34
* pochu just read his motu application again06:34
pochunice memories :)06:35
ScottKGood morning dholbach06:35
dholbachhey scottK06:35
pochuhiya ScottK06:36
pochuiulian: BTW, congrats for your MOTU-ship! :-)06:36
ScottKheya pochu.06:36
iulianpochu: Thanks ;)06:40
slytherinany python gurus here?07:03
liwslytherin, perhaps07:05
liwslytherin, but us non-gurus might be able to help you too07:06
slytherinI want to write a simple python script which downloads files from a site based on certain parameters. Also the site uses http basic authentication. What modules should I look into?07:09
trinitronxi don't know python... but I do know curl should be able to do that.  Look for a python curl module?07:11
liwslytherin, from file:///usr/share/doc/python2.5/html/lib/index.html I would suggest urllib2 as a starting point07:11
slytherinliw: ok. looking into that.07:12
lynxiehow do i cleartext sign the ucoc using a key different of the default one, gpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt automatically uses the default07:26
lynxieam i overlooking it in the man page?07:27
slytherinlynxie: look for an option key-id07:31
=== hyperair1 is now known as hyperair
lynxieslytherin, thanks, it turned out to be gpg --default-key id --etc.07:35
didrocksdholbach: happy birthday :)07:37
quadrisprothank you dholbach ;)07:45
iulianHmm, birthday?07:50
iulianHappy Birthday dholbach!07:51
* iulian has just seen planet ubuntu.07:51
stefanlsddholbach: apparantly, alles gute zum geburtstag!07:55
pochudholbach: happy birthday :)07:59
dholbachdidrocks, iulian, stefanlsd, pochu: THANKS A LOT GUYS08:00
dholbachstefanlsd: good german! :)08:00
stefanlsddholbach: haha. i am taking german lessons.08:00
* dholbach hugs y'all08:00
dholbachstefanlsd: how does it go? :)08:01
* pochu is taking the TOEFL tomorrow08:01
pochuand my English sucks :(08:01
dholbachpochu: no it doesn't - I'm sure it'll work out well!08:02
stefanlsddholbach: umm. brauchbar.  sprechen is leicther as schreiben. my grammer is terrible!08:02
stefanlsdist / als08:02
stefanlsdand spelling for that matter08:02
dholbachstefanlsd: German grammar is a bitch :-/08:02
pochuI hope so :) at least I need to obtain more than 70 out of 120... the requirement could be worse :)08:02
stefanlsddholbach: yeah. i always thought native german speakers are lucky that they just get it, but i was thinking bout learning english, and im not sure i would want to do that either.08:03
stefanlsdsoo, whats the birthday plans??08:03
dholbachstefanlsd: whenever somebody says "hey, I'm learning German" I have to stifle a "you have my sympathies" :)08:04
dholbachstefanlsd: I think this will be the first time where I move my birthday party into summer - I really couldn't get myself to organise a party this time when it's freezing outside :)08:04
dholbachso in summer, I'd like to have a big party with barbecue-ing in one of Berlin's parks ... or something like that08:05
dholbach(that won't keep me from going out tonight though :-))08:05
didrocks<dholbach> stefanlsd: whenever somebody says "hey, I'm learning German" I have to stifle a "you have my sympathies" :) -> that's why, even after 6 years of German learning, my level is so bad :/08:06
stefanlsddidrocks: yeah, gotta practice..08:06
didrocksstefanlsd: thinks it's too late, 5 years without practicing...08:07
stefanlsddholbach: mm. cool. u gotta let us all know. i wanna go visit germany sometime soon again08:07
dholbachdidrocks: ask Seb - he learned it in school for like 23 years (I might be exaggerating), but he does not speak German very well :)08:07
dholbachstefanlsd: let me know when you make it to Berlin :)08:07
* dholbach won't repeat the one sentence Seb liked saying a lot in here :)08:08
stefanlsddholbach: was in nuremberg last time. was awesome. will def visit berlin thou.08:08
dholbachstefanlsd: nice... although both are very different :)08:08
didrocksdholbach: you have to repeat it. you told too much or not enough :)08:08
dholbachdidrocks: ask him about his favorite german sentence08:09
didrocksdholbach: ok, I will ^^08:09
dholbachstefanlsd: do you know of any plans of the ZA loco participating in the Global Bug Jam?08:23
stefanlsddholbach: no fixed plans atm, but i did bring it up in the channel yesterday about holding one in johannesburg.  i'll get something going08:24
dholbachstefanlsd: you ROCK08:25
dholbachthat's awesome!08:25
DktrKranzdholbach: we had a "demo" one in december, just to see how to organize a wider one, we plan to have another one soon, probably we can partecipate in the global bug jam too08:26
dholbachDktrKranz: that's excellent!08:27
dholbachDktrKranz: where are you going to have it?08:28
siretartmr_pouit: fixed avidemux uploaded, current dep-waited on your x264 upload (which is in NEW)08:28
siretarthi dholbach!08:28
dholbachhi siretart08:28
DktrKranzdholbach: probably at University of Boulogne08:28
DktrKranzthere are some DDs living there, they could lend a hand too08:29
DktrKranzso, we can squash some RCs too :)08:29
slytherinliw: any idea how can I download a certain file using urllib2? I could not find any method that talks about saving data form the url.08:50
dholbachslytherin: urllib.urlretrieve?08:50
slytherindholbach: is that method present in urllib2 as well?08:51
dholbachoh, it's not08:51
liwslytherin, urlopen gives you a file-like object, so you can use its read method to read the entire contents of the page08:52
liwslytherin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/105464/08:52
slytherinliw: right, but then I will need another handler to save it to a local file.08:53
liwthat's easy, though08:53
dholbachimport urllib2; f = open("content", "w"); f.write(urllib2.urlopen("http://www.ubuntu.com").read()); f.close()08:53
dholbachor some such08:54
slytherindholbach: hmm , let me try.08:54
liwthat's one way of doing it, though I prefer to split stuff into simpler statements, so that _when_ there is a problem, it's clear what part causes it08:55
dholbachslytherin: listen to liw - he has clearly debugged more code than I did :)08:55
directhexdholbach, is there anywhere i should be telling people what they'll need for me & meebey's session next week?08:57
dholbachdirecthex: what do you mean? like preparation the audience needs to do?08:58
dholbachdirecthex: or a mail from me explaining what's going to be going on?08:58
dholbach(for the presenters)08:58
directhexdholbach, in terms of "have a jaunty chroot with mono-devel" so no time is wasted installing it08:58
dholbachdirecthex: if you could create a small page with instructions at UbuntuDeveloperWeek/MonoPreparation I'll link to it from various places and announce it09:00
slytherinliw: that worked for text file at least. Now I have to check if t works for binary files.09:02
stefanlsddholbach: http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/GlobalBugJam   - i also posted to the list09:05
dholbachstefanlsd: nice09:06
dholbachnow you just need to add yourself to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam too :)09:06
stefanlsdkk :)09:07
highvoltagestefanlsd ftw09:12
stefanlsdhighvoltage: heys! you gonna be around for the jam?09:17
highvoltagestefanlsd: I'm not sure. I'd like to be there, I'm in Cape Town for most of feb09:17
stefanlsdhighvoltage: ooh. then we have a cape town one also :P09:17
mok0Today is REVU day!09:17
mok0We have > 100 packages waiting for review!09:18
highvoltagestefanlsd: not a bad idea... I'm not sure how to host one though09:18
stefanlsdhighvoltage: there's a wiki page on it, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam09:18
stefanlsdhighvoltage: also, check out the bugsquad pages. it doesnt need to be technical at all09:19
stefanlsdhighvoltage: ordinary people reporting bugs, confirming bugs, traiging bugs, finding out more information bout bugs09:19
highvoltagestefanlsd: awesome. perhaps I can do it as part of a clug meeting. I'll see where I am at that stage and then we can do it close to the same time09:20
stefanlsdhighvoltage: kk. is sometime between the 20-22 feb09:21
=== mok0 changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Today is REVU Day, go review! :)
highvoltagestefanlsd: ok, that won't work for a clug talk, but I'll get them involved anyway. I think the saturday will work best there09:23
stefanlsdhighvoltage: cool. see who u can grab, and maybe see if CT has any interest. can be as simple as meeting at a coffee shop and just hacking away09:24
highvoltagestefanlsd: ok, cool09:24
ElbrusDoes anybody know a simple way of telling which files are loaded by an application? I think I am missing a dependency in my package winff (BTS 511505) but don't know how to find it. (winff is needs X11, I don't know how to use a chroot to test it) Any ideas?10:06
persiaElbrus, lsof can tell you which files a process has open, and strace can tell you which files are opened during a run.10:09
Elbruspersia: thanks10:10
persiaElbrus, http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/566 describes how to run an X program in a schroot.10:10
persiaHrm.  xhost + doesn't seem best though :(10:11
directhexi resort to Xnest10:32
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* mok0 reviews bcv410:52
dholbachsebner, apachelogger: do you know of any plans of the Austrian mafia to participate in the Global Bug Jam?11:06
mok0Is the mafia going to the bug jam?11:08
dholbachmok0: there's nothing about "making offers that you can not refuse" in the CoC ;-)11:09
mok0:-) hehe11:09
mok0"This bug.... it's business. Not personal"11:10
dholbachhehe, exactly11:10
dholbachnot sure what our Italian friends in the channel think about it :)11:11
mok0They're busy skateboarding around the sewers...11:11
* mok0 reviews ultrastardx11:22
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shankhsI am new to all this developing stuff Can you please suggest me some tutorial or something to begin with...(i know c/c++)11:46
liwshankhs, have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu ?11:48
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james_wurgh, using "locate" in configure to find the headers it needs17:28
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Chris`When someone has the time, can you please review my first 2 packages to REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome & http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc17:32
Chris`Hello are there any MOTUs available for a review of my packages?17:52
fabrice_spHi Chris. I'm not a MOTU, but I can have a look at your package17:54
Chris`You are able to review or just give out pointers? :)17:54
fabrice_spI'm able to review17:54
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome & http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc17:54
fabrice_spjust give me the url17:54
Chris`One is reliant on the other one17:55
fabrice_spwhich one is first?17:55
Chris`grdc is the first17:55
fabrice_spI'll begin with this one17:55
Chris`goodluck :)17:56
* Chris` knows when he is in the company of geeks, most of us insist on using the -'s :P17:57
jreinhardtHi everybody. Can someone please review my package of pgfplots:18:17
jreinhardtI addressed all mentioned issues. But if someone could check whether I got the watch file and the tex stuff right, I would be thankful.18:17
fabrice_sp_Chris`, I've been able to have a look before I left (compiles fast! :-) ) to grdc: it looks very good!. I just put some comments18:18
fabrice_sp_Chris`, nice job! I'll have a look at the other one when back. CU18:19
Chris`fabrice_sp: Great thanks :)18:19
Chris`See ya18:19
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RainCTbobbo: REVU has a ubiquity command (which is broken right now, but well :P). perhaps you want to add to the ubuntu/LP thing you say you're working on18:51
bobboRainCT: have you got a link?18:51
RainCTbobbo: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/ubiquity-plugin.py18:52
bobboRainCT: I'm yet to talk to Jorge about getting it properly "started", but something should be happening "properly" soonish18:52
bobboRainCT: having a look now :)18:54
albuntuhello to all19:11
albuntuhello to all19:11
albuntui wanted to ask if someone can help me on how to edit the gnome panel via terminal19:12
Chris`albuntu: I think you're more likely to get answers over in #ubuntu rather than #ubuntu-motu19:13
albuntuChris`: ok sorry. i tried there but i got no response19:14
albuntuanyways thank you19:14
Chris`albuntu: What are you trying to alter anyway?19:14
albuntuthe gnome-panel19:15
Chris`What part of it?19:15
lagai just said "rotfl" out loud. help19:15
albuntui am looking i want to edit its position19:15
albuntuand some things inside19:15
albuntulike putting menus plasces and system in applications19:16
quadrisproRainCT: hi! http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=451619:16
quadrisprogoing away, bye :)19:16
Chris`albuntu: I'm not sure about the terminal command however you could try System > Preferences > Main Menu19:16
albuntui know that but i wanted to edit it from terminal. thank you anyways :)19:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about because19:17
ScottKAnyone around who can teach the bot?19:17
RainCTScottK: I guess you'll find someone in #ubuntu-ops19:20
ScottKThanks.  Trying.19:21
Chris`Any reviewers out there? :)19:21
* ScottK tosses RainCT in Chris`s direction.19:22
Chris`Diolch ScottK19:22
* RainCT tells ScottK that mok0 is about to beat him in the Top Commenters :P19:22
* ScottK is trying to get $WORK done.19:23
Chris`Well, when a reviewer is free, I've got two packages that I'd really like reviewed :) (My first ones)19:25
RainCTChris`: if you point to them you may get someone interested (/me is also about to start getting some work done, btw :P)19:25
ScottK!because is <reply> Just because you can't get help in #ubuntu does not make this a help channel.19:25
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc && http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome19:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about because19:26
* RainCT watches ScottK fight with ubottu 19:26
* ScottK needs to wait to get it approved.19:27
RainCTman that uck thing has a really ugly interface :P19:27
* RainCT advocates it nevertheless, and now goes to do some coding19:29
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Chris`Excuse me but can beta software be included in the repos?19:59
RainCTChris`: yes, of course. but don't package something which crashes all the time :P20:01
Chris`Ok cool20:01
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fabrice_spHi. Is there some reviewer to have a look at dvdstyler (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler). It only miss another advocate :-)20:06
Chris`How do I label an archave called 1.0.0-BETA1b?20:07
maxbmessy, but I think acceptable as is20:08
RainCT1.0.0~beta1 (or ~b1 or whatever)20:08
Chris`RainCT: Thanks ;)20:08
RainCTthe "~" means "less than, before"20:08
Chris`Ah ok20:08
RainCTif you used "-" then the package wouldn't be updated once the final version is out20:09
maxbugh, I was so busy about thinking... yes you can have an - in the version, release is split on the final - character, that I missed that20:09
Chris`partitionmanager (1.0.0~beta1a-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low <---- Is that acceptable?20:21
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directhexChris`, looks good to me21:07
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Chris`Any reviewers about that could review this for me please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc22:35
binarymutantHi, if anyone has the time to review my updated packages, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm, I would be very grateful. Thanks23:03
RainCTwoho, my python bindings for espeak are working \o/23:03
binarymutanthow many advocations are needed before upload? 3? also does the advocation count restart for every different version?23:26
jpdsbinarymutant: 2. Yes.23:27
* jpds => bed. Night all.23:28
binarymutantnight thanks23:28
RainCTgood night jpds23:28
RainCTbinarymutant: yes, it is reset whenever you upload a new revision or you get a negative advocate23:28
binarymutantthanks for the info RainCT23:30
Andre_Gondim https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/deluge-torrent/+bug/31630523:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316305 in deluge-torrent "please sync to deluge 1.1.0" [Undecided,In progress]23:33
Chris`mok0: Hello, how are you today?23:53

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