ftawell, iirc, you can't lock prefs without obfuscating them00:00
Lnsfta: I did that, according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/19033/comments/2500:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 19033 in firefox "systemwide default startup homepage ignored" [Medium,Confirmed]00:02
Lnswhat the heck is the reason for that, anyway?00:02
ftamaybe hide the locked values from the users, not sure though00:04
Lnsso weird00:04
Lnsi wish there was some sort of control panel for global configuration of firefox00:05
Lnsi would totally pay for that00:05
ftaand remember that even locked, if the user already have set it to something else, your default won't work. you have to trash that from the user's profile00:05
Lnsuhh...so it has to be a new prof. basically?00:06
LnsIt didn't work like that in ff2 iirc00:07
Lnsat least when it worked.. =p00:08
Lns!!!!!!!! http://mit.edu/~firefox/www/maintainers/autoconfig.html00:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:10
fta"Edit all.js" looks wrong to me00:11
ftamozilla bug 44850400:11
ubottuMozilla bug 448504 in Application Update "Upgrade to FF3 and minor upgrades of FF3 cause all.js to be overwritten" [Normal,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44850400:11
fta"A much better way to achieve configuration locking is to create a *new* file in00:12
fta<install_dir>/greprefs/ or <install dir>/default/pref/, so long as the name is00:12
ftadifferent from the files shipped with firefox and ends in .js, then add the00:12
ftapref("general.config.filename",..) line to that. This file won't be touched by00:12
ftathe updater, and Mozilla apps will read all the files in this directory on00:12
Lnsfta: I did that :( no love00:14
Lnsfta: actually i didnt try in .../default/pref, but looking on my system its actually .../defaults/preferences00:19
Lnswhy all of the dir/filename changes?00:19
fta"Slight correction - <install dir>/defaults/pref/ rather than .../default/..."00:19
LnsprefERENCES though00:19
LnsI can see how a lot of this stuff can get real confusing real quick00:20
LnsHeh, even here: http://mit.edu/~firefox/www/maintainers/config.html - prefs.js00:22
Lns    Sets the default homepage (works around a bug where you can't set the default homepage via autoconfig).00:22
Lnswhy was this one pref so mangled...00:23
ftano idea if those stuff are up-to-date00:36
LnsThis is just insaaaaane00:37
LnsI see this in the link so it must be old: [root@b008-02 /usr/lib/firefox-]00:38
ftawe'd better read the sources. but not today, it's 1:40am here00:38
Lnsnp fta, thank you so much for looking into it00:43
Lnsmuch appreciated00:43
Lnsim off to get some food, havent eaten for almost 8 hours00:44
isiahcan i ask a firefox ubuntu question here?04:00
asacjtv1: there?09:08
jtv1asac: hi09:08
asacjtv1: we have http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/tmp/langpacks-c-format-msgfmt-output ... so somehow a bunch of translations have bad strings09:08
jtv1asac: I know, I know!09:09
asacjtv1: what do you think is the easiest way to fix? cant we just remove custom translations09:09
asacjtv1: oh ... sorry for the double check then ;)09:09
jtv1asac: we're discussing this in #distro09:09
asacjtv1: yeah ... you werent there ... at least not with tab ;)09:09
asacjtv1: you are still not in distro ,)09:10
asacanyway ... have to get some food... cu later09:10
jtv1asac: bye09:10
asacif i only had less email traffic in my inbox ... i could get something done09:18
asacfta: wanna sponsor the mozvoikko extension branch merge request? ;)09:33
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BUGabundoasac: ping11:44
BUGabundoNM VPN is not working again11:45
BUGabundowill test with PPA version next11:45
asachmm ... nothing changed ;)12:09
fta[reed], who decided to stop the lp-bugzilla integration?17:20
[reed]fta: I did.17:23
[reed]because I got to thinking... why should Mozilla support a closed source system with custom code when it would be in our interests and the interests of the Open Web to support open source bug systems better17:25
[reed]it doesn't make sense if you think about it17:27
[reed]now, once launchpad is open source, I'll be happy to look into it again17:27
Nafallouser in -se says that seamonkey doesn't remove itself from the alternative x-www-browser after a purge.17:31
* Nafallo told the user to file a bug17:39
asachmm crimsun isnt here17:52
asacmy sound is so silent17:52
asacany clue where i can manage master output for pulseƜ17:52
ftaasac, using the new volume applet17:53
asacfta: thats broken17:53
asacits also 100%17:53
asacbut its soooo silent17:53
asacso i think it remembered one of my alsa stuff beneath17:53
ftasilent or too low?17:54
asacreally loow17:54
asaci hear the sound17:54
asacbut thats basically it17:54
asachow do i turn of pulse?17:54
ftadid you try to open the volume control tool? you have per stream/app volume now17:56
asacfta: where is that?17:56
ftawhen you click on the sound applet, you have a button called "Volume Control...", it opens a "Sound Preferences" app17:59
Nafallodooh. the user says he have /usr/bin/seamonkey left on the system.17:59
NafalloI reckon he might have dreamed about removing it :-P18:00
ftaasac, in there, in the Applications tab, you have one slide per stream18:00
fta(jaunty of course)18:01
asachmmm volume control locks up18:03
asacwill use my laptop for this party then ;)18:03
ftaasac, restart p-a18:04
asacalread restarted whole system :(18:05
ftastart it in a shell and look for the logs18:05
asacthink only way out is to disable it ... but not know how:(18:05
Jazzvafta: thanks for looking into it.18:57
JazzvaI'll dig a bit into this (build-system is new to me), and I'll try to make it work :)18:57
BUGabundo1fta asac ping19:39
BUGabundo1does FF in full screen mess css on this page?19:39
BUGabundo1lp is the same19:40
ftaBUGabundo1, looks fine to me (3.2)19:51
BUGabundo1nasty bug19:54
BUGabundo1could it be and addon?19:54
BUGabundo1in concrete fullerscreen, fta?19:54
ftatry with a fresh profile19:54
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=== fabrice_sp_ is now known as fabrice_sp
BUGabundo1asac: ping21:45
ftaBUGabundo1, did you manage to upgrade gwibber?22:07
BUGabundo1fta: well I already have the latest22:09
BUGabundo1even before your PPA22:09
BUGabundo1so I don't care too much22:09
BUGabundo1it just fails when running apt-get22:09
Lnsfta: Were you able to take another look at the homepage issue since yesterday?22:55
* Lns is wondering if he should just hack a script together to replace everyone's individual prefs.js file instead23:01

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