boredandbloggingnixternal: ping23:17
nixternalboredandblogging: pong?23:18
boredandbloggingnixternal: anything happen with the LoCo db yet?23:18
nixternalworking on it23:18
nixternalbeen to busy at work to dedicate a lot of coding hours on it and was planning on getting it done this weekend, but today at work a huge wrench got thrown in to the wheel23:19
boredandbloggingnixternal: no biggie, someone else asked me about it, got me curious23:20
nixternalya, I have the LP wrapper done, but we were trying to figure out the most efficient way with it23:20
nixternalmy models got cut in half as we aren't going to have user accounts on it, everything will be through LP with a wrapper back creating classes and db tables for events23:21
nixternalthen the events will connect back to the LP team23:21
boredandbloggingsweet, so its gonna be pretty light and fast23:22
nixternallight yes, fast no, because LP doesn't know the meaning of fast23:22
boredandblogginglol, fair enough23:22
nixternalit's as strong as its weakest link :)23:22
boredandbloggingawesome, looking forward to it23:23

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