ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, __mikem said:  !WastePotato is WastePotato dares you to eat him up00:35
Myrttinini folks01:05
Seeker`have a good flight01:07
Seeker`hope you enjoy your time in England01:07
FlannelHi temppy, how can we help you?01:37
temppythe LVM and raid factoids are messed up01:38
ryanakcaCould someone please revert or update the following factoid, aptitude says: ``aptitude: unrecognized option '--disable-columns'''... I've searched the manpage, nothing about it....01:38
temppyIm trying to offer a fix, its coming shortly01:38
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:38
ubottuIn ubottu, temppy said: !no, raid is <reply> Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:39
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:39
temppyand also, !LVM should probably just be an alias to !raid01:40
temppyI remove the "raid is" and the "wto"01:40
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO01:40
temppythe first link of LVM doesn't work01:41
temppyanyway, thats all of it.  Good luck, and thanks01:42
PiciThe first link for !raid is software raid, why is the second one 'for software raid' see 'fakeraid'01:42
root_____why am i redirrected to  ##unavailable   when i join #ubuntu ?03:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:33
Jack_SparrowLet me check03:33
Jack_SparrowWere you in here earlier today03:34
root_____me ?03:34
Jack_SparrowYes.  My thinking is that logging in as root user is your problem.03:35
root_____Jack_Sparrow so root@* is redirrected ?03:36
Jack_SparrowLog off/out and switch to non root user and you should be fine03:36
Jack_SparrowThere are so many bans on root that I am thinking that is the problem you are having.  Surfing as root user is not a good idea03:36
naliothroot_____: don't log in as root03:37
root_____Jack_Sparrow root is not superuser on this box.  but yeah, ok.03:37
root_____nalioth   see above ^03:37
root_____thanks for the info.03:37
Jack_Sparrownalioth, I didnt see a specific ban on his ip, root was the only thing I thought could be his issue03:38
nalioththat is indeed, the issue03:39
naliothextra comma there03:39
nickrudnow nick nazis ;)04:00
|_ockecan i get unbanned from ubuntu ot please? it's been more than like 2 weeks i think04:42
tritiumnickrud: did you just upgrade to 180?04:43
nickrudtritium, yes04:43
tritiumlet me know how it goes...04:43
tritiumNotice any improvement?04:46
nickruda totally non-scientific evaluation is, moving windows seems smoother04:47
tritiumCool.  Perception is everything, at least sometimes.04:47
nickrudsomething I'm going to watch is firefox switching between tabs, there's been a one, two second lag switching between huge pages04:49
tritiumPerhaps I'll also upgrade.04:50
tritiumnickrud: so, what do you suppose was the reason for no auto-upgrade on that package?04:50
nickrudnot totally sure, but if someone had a working 177 and 180 broke something, there would be an uprising04:51
nickrudgah. keep reaching for a cigarette04:52
* genii steals nickrud's smokes and slips him a coffee instead04:52
nickrudtoo late for coffee; but I'll get a root beer. Thanks for the suggestion genii 04:53
nickrudand nibble on some gorp04:53
FlannelHow does one nibble on gorp?04:53
FlannelI mean, unless you're a hamster or something...04:54
nickrudtake a peanut, bite a bit. Take a raisin, bite a bit. Take a m&m, bite a bit. repeat. I'm getting heavy enough already04:54
* tritium sips eggnog with a Jan. 6 expiration date04:54
tritiumNo, really, I'm OK.  Thanks for your concern!04:57
* genii cancels the order of Pepto-Bismol04:57
* nickrud was anticipating, ghoulishly, any repercussions and is disappointed04:58
Flannel|_ocke: Please don't idle here (I know, its a forward)05:14
|_ockei'm trying to find out if i can get unbanned..05:15
|_ockenobody has answered yet05:15
|_ockeit's been a copule weeks and i havent heard anything05:15
genii|_ocke: The op who banned you is not currently here to review the ban. Try again in perhaps 8 hours05:21
Flannel|_ocke: Do you understand why you were banned?05:22
|_ockeyeah i do05:47
|_ockemy conversation was inappropriate05:47
|_ockeit's just hard for me to get here 8 hours from now as i will be at work from then for another long time05:48
Flannel|_ocke: Right, inappropriate conversation, and inappropriate language, etc.05:52
FlannelThis isn't the first time we've discussed this with you either; which compounds the issue a little.05:53
FlannelHowever, I'm willing to go to bat for you if you don't make me look like a fool down the road for having faith in your ability to better yourself.05:54
Flannel(And we're also getting to the point where further bans will be calendar pages at a time, which is something you really don't want to happen)05:55
* nickrud is glad he only uses daily desk calendars06:07
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Lenin_Cat said: ubottu, __mikem is a mac using boy.06:13
geniiWell, time to sleep.06:20
ubottuse7enK called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:12
ubottuse7enK called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:14
ubottulgk called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:14
nickrud!staff | apparently no ops for #kubuntu, can you help out?07:15
ubottuapparently no ops for #kubuntu, can you help out?: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)07:15
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:15
ubottunickrud called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()07:15
FlannelI has no #k07:16
ubottuPSiL0 called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:16
nickrudnor I. Wonder if they set up the emergency access in there07:17
ubottulgk called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:17
FlannelThis is sort of rediculous07:17
nickrud!staff | yo!07:18
ubottuyo!: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)07:18
nickrud!ops | yo!07:18
ubottuyo!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:18
ubottunickrud called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (yo!)07:18
nickrudFlannel, where is everyone?07:24
Flannelnickrud: No idea.07:25
FlannelMaybe the entire world except CA exploded.07:25
nickrudhm. 07:27
Myrttisorry, don't have powers in K07:27
Myrttido you want me to sms jussi01 or Tm_T?07:27
nickrudno, the problem has parted07:28
* mneptok undulates07:28
MyrttiOMG TODAY TO UK07:28
nickrudMyrtti, did you ever get your laptop?07:28
Myrttinickrud: just getting dressed and going to get it07:28
mneptokAt the moment of the taking our excitement is the same. We are the standard dangers of the fanning of the flame. Desire the hot before it cools. Effect? Ashamed to look away. Our confusion is a cousin of the panic of the brain.07:28
tritiumMyrtti: what are you getting?07:29
mneptokAll the less-men riot as the one who takes the blame for the erection at the hanging and the tearing off of heads. Stand enlisted at the burning. All our murders look the same. We are the thought and the display. The explanation and the side effect.07:29
MyrttiDell D63007:29
* nickrud has doubts about copy/pasters07:30
Myrttisadly I have to return my kickass Dell optiplex 755 away in return07:30
mneptoknickrud: if you can find the lyrics for Shriekback's "Despite Dense Weed" so i can just paste, I KISS YOU07:31
nickrudheh. mneptok you've just guaranteed I'll _never_ find those lyrics ;)07:35
elkbuntuwhat where?07:40
tonyyarussoLame.  Unnecessary highlight.07:43
tonyyarussoSo, who wants to update my resume for me?07:44
nickrudhow much?07:45
tonyyarussouh, the joy of doing it?07:46
nickrud#ubuntu gets all my free labor :)07:46
Myrttitonyyarusso: I can give you my latex sources for my cv :-D07:46
Myrttitonyyarusso: though...07:46
MyrttiIT'S ALL IN PINK07:46
tonyyarussoMyrtti: I don't even need to make it good - I just have to update it to submit for getting internship school credit for work I've already been asked to do.07:47
tritiumLaTeX rocks!07:47
Flanneltritium: Yes indeed!07:47
Myrttitritium: I'd rather do something else for a living tbh. I'm getting fed up with it07:47
tritiumMyrtti: nothing else can typeset mathematics as beautifully.07:48
Myrttion related news07:48
nickrudI've fiddled with latex ... oh, tritium stole my line07:48
tritiumsorry, nickrud07:48
Myrttihttp://maemo.org/maemo_release_documentation/maemo4.1.x/ <-- updated just before Christmas07:48
nickrudtritium, not the first time, not the last. But I will get you07:48
* tritium hides in fear07:49
tritiumMyrtti: I can understand it being frustrating sometimes, but I still love it.07:50
* nickrud goes off to consult nalioth on best methods07:50
Myrttitritium: yup, I don't use openoffice anymore07:50
Myrttiemacs love ♥ 07:50
tritiumGood for you!07:51
Myrttithere should be an IRC bot that does timed reminders07:52
Myrttimy todo tasklist on tonight gets longer and longer07:53
tonyyarussoI think supybot has a todo plugin.07:53
tonyyarussoNot sure how it works.07:53
Myrttigraah, I've misplaced my hairbrush again07:53
tonyyarussoApparently my lack of an RSVP to an event was taken as a "Yes, I'll be there!".  And so now they have me doing part of the ceremony.  Lovely.07:54
tonyyarussoAnd I _just_ got the work schedule all pretty too...07:54
Myrttion related news07:55
Myrttihttp://identi.ca/notice/1839584 <-- made me happy07:55
Myrttitonyyarusso: http://identi.ca/notice/183952007:56
Myrttithat is so ubercute and hip07:56
tonyyarussoKnow what else is cute?  My new tiny camera.07:57
bazhang|_ocke, please dont idle here.08:30
ubottubazhang called the ops in #kubuntu (lgk)08:36
bazhang<holycow> dude just msg me if you are banned i'll help  <--- in #kubuntu (perhaps a reference to ban evading)08:39
ubottulgk called the ops in #kubuntu (OFFTOPIC DISCUSSION)08:39
bazhanglgk> but is it worth the 5 seconds to get around the ban? no :D08:39
bazhang|_ocke, there is no plan to lift your ban in #ubuntu-offtopic any time soon. Please dont idle here.08:41
Myrttiisn't he banned there?08:42
Myrttiholycow I mean08:42
bazhanghe changed his ident and was allowed back in afaik08:43
ikoniaMyrtti: he sent me a pm wih "fuck you" and logged out of freenode08:43
ikoniaclearly he logged back in08:44
bazhang<holycow> ikonia: i can guarantee you one thing08:44
bazhang<holycow> you and all the other ops08:44
bazhangsounds like a threat08:44
ikonia!staff | holycow making threats08:44
ubottuholycow making threats: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)08:44
ikoniaI've just got a pm 08:44
ikonia08:44 <holycow> if i ever meet you or any of the ubuntu ops, you will not be happy to see me08:44
ikonia08:44 <holycow> that is a guarantee08:44
elkbuntuchristel, this is where you do stuff, and i hug you in return08:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu, lgk said: !ops oh noes, is ikonia madddd? Y SO MAD :D08:45
ikoniathe pair of them are trying to troll08:45
elkbuntuone thing we can be sure of, he's easily ban/reroutable08:45
ikoniajust cutting them out of the channels as it;s obvious their intention08:45
bazhangwatch them hit all other #u channels now08:45
elkbuntu!staff 08:45
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)08:45
lgkysomad ikonia?08:46
lgkysoserious lmao08:46
bazhanglgk, stop now08:46
ikoniaanytime your ready08:46
elkbuntuMyrtti, he still ditching braincells?08:47
Myrttiand - you've got to see this08:48
* Myrtti takes her camera08:48
ikoniagetting a nice ammount of abuse in pm 08:48
ikoniamaybe time to head of to the doctors early this morning08:48
bazhangdont wait ikonia 08:48
ikoniacan't go yet - got to wait for appointment 08:48
bazhangespecially if you have a fever08:48
ikoniaI went yesterday08:49
ikoniagot to go back today 08:49
ikoniagot just ove an hour though 08:49
elkbuntubazhang, copy/paste a stack to my pm if you want on the record08:49
elkbuntuer, ikonia^^08:49
bazhangmajor mis-tab :)08:49
ikoniaelkbuntu: couldn't care less, it's obvious his intention08:49
ikoniajust "douchebag" stuff like that08:49
ikoniaeagles is dangerous in #kubuntu08:50
ikoniahe is advising people of nonsense08:50
bazhangthe make apt-build of everything?08:51
elkbuntuyou are permitted to get rid of eagles at whim08:51
elkbuntuhe does nothing but cause problems08:51
ikoniatelling people to copmile google earth from source ????08:51
ikoniaI thought it was a binary only ?08:51
elkbuntuyeah, and if he had the slightest clue he'd know that08:52
ikoniajoin #kubuntu08:52
Myrttihttp://flickr.com/photos/myrtti/3201258768/ :-D08:58
bazhangnice! :)08:59
Myrttiöhmöm, my tummy starts to ache09:12
MyrttiI guess I'm getting really nervous09:12
topyliMyrtti: don't like fying?09:20
MyrttiI don't mind it that much, atleast I don't have to change planes or travel by train or anything to Helsinki nor do I need that in UK09:20
Myrttibut it's just the anticipation09:21
MyrttiI can coax myself into being more and more nervous09:21
ikoniaDr's time - laters09:39
* elkbuntu cuddles Myrtti09:45
Myrttiwhee, partitioning done09:48
ubottuadalhelm called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:48
christelelkbuntu: sorry for delay (i overslept today!) -- holycow is gone now09:49
adalhelmokay here.09:49
bazhangwhat the heck09:49
elkbuntubanned from where? you were just in #ubuntu. are you breaking freenode policy by evading the ban?09:50
adalhelmbanned from offtopic.09:50
adalhelmfor discussing xorg with someone.09:50
adalhelmI've waited a few days, I'd like it to be removed.09:50
elkbuntu@bansearch adalhelm09:50
ubottuMatch: *!*@d149-67-186-198.try.wideopenwest.com by topyli in #ubuntu-offtopic on Jan 10 2009 21:27:47 (ID: 8913)09:50
* Myrtti doesn't like this at all09:50
adalhelmif you don't believe me, check logs.09:51
elkbuntui am.09:51
adalhelmI was discussing the issues with the level of abstraction separating xorg and the kernel09:51
adalhelmand it'd be better to do a more integrated system.09:51
adalhelmthat being said, I'm on Linux so clearly I don't hate it :P09:51
adalhelmIIRC, I wasn't given a warning either.09:52
elkbuntuadalhelm, you were given several warnings09:52
bazhangyet your way of getting attention is not conventional09:53
elkbuntuincluding someone explicitly saying 'your_nick, stop' and a kick.09:53
adalhelmelkbuntu: I stand corrected.09:53
elkbuntufrom several individual operators09:53
adalhelmeither way, I don't understand what's wrong with discussing the modern Linux desktop on...#ubuntu-offtopic.09:53
bazhangoh him09:53
adalhelmbut I'll heed the warnings in future regardless.09:53
elkbuntuyou also called the finnish language evil09:54
bazhangadalhelm, you were trolling.09:54
adalhelmthat was intended to be humorous, you can't be serious.09:54
bazhangno it was not funny.09:54
adalhelmyou really think calling #insert_language evil is anything but hysterical? the language is notoriously difficult for english speakers.09:54
topylitrue about the language, but trolling is not nice09:54
adalhelmif you don't believe me, google "finnish language difficult english speakers"09:54
bazhangand calling ops in #u to get this resolved adalhelm ??09:55
adalhelmtopyli: okay but how was I trolling?09:55
adalhelmbazhang: I didn't know i wasn't supposed to use it, relax!09:55
bazhangadalhelm, no need for me to relax09:55
Myrttiadalhelm: yet you knew to come here09:55
adalhelmyou told me to.09:55
bazhangadalhelm, I am relaxed.09:55
adalhelmsomeone said to go to #ubuntu-ops09:55
adalhelmand then I did.09:55
elkbunturight, so how i'm reading this log is: you insulted the finnish language twice. you then insulted the british. then discussed which out of britain and france has hotter women (very insulting to women in the channel)......09:55
bazhangadalhelm, dont do that again in #ubuntu09:55
elkbuntuthen insulted the polish09:55
Myrttiadalhelm: ok, I looked at the timestamps and got confused09:55
adalhelmbazhang: I've been notified several times since I did it, thank you.09:56
elkbuntuthen discussed windows 7 beta09:56
adalhelmelkbuntu: insulted? lol.09:56
bazhangadalhelm, or you will two bans for trolling.09:56
bazhangadalhelm, was someone else operating your computer at the time?09:57
adalhelmbazhang: I don't think so, unless my roommate learned how to use linux out of nowhere.09:57
adalhelmbazhang: would you like me to say yes so that I can get unb&?09:58
elkbuntuthen you launched into calling various projects trash09:58
bazhangadalhelm, no09:58
topyliadalhelm: looks like you don't think you've done anything wrong. should that be taken to mean you will continue behaving just like before if unbanned?09:58
bazhangadalhelm, just to make sure it was you who was trolling.09:58
adalhelmtopyli: I've already said I'll heed warnings in future regardless of my own gauging of things.09:58
adalhelmif you guys consider raising discussion subjects in that manner to be trolling, then I won't engage in it. plain and simple. That said, it's just plain irksome to remain banned when I'm willing to cooperate.09:59
elkbuntuadalhelm, it's not the raising of discussions. it's how you did it, and how insulting you were when you did it10:00
bazhangadalhelm, why the hurry to get back in there10:00
adalhelmI'll take your points on the technological errata but humorous commentary on the languages is just baffling.10:00
adalhelmbazhang: I used to know people there. I want to see if they're around.10:00
topyliwarnings in general don't mean "let's discuss the rules." they mean "you will be removed soon"10:00
adalhelmtopyli: I'm now aware of this.10:00
bazhangadalhelm, likely they are not.10:00
adalhelmbazhang: that's nice, but I'd like to see for myself.10:01
elkbuntuadalhelm, i'm not really sure how lining up a heap of languages/cultures and shooting them down in an international channel is humorous.10:01
adalhelmelkbuntu: "shooting them down" isn't an accurate way to frame that.10:01
elkbuntuno, it's quite accurate.10:01
bazhangthis seems like trolling now.10:01
adalhelmit's a funny commentary on how absurd polish consonants look to english speakers. for pete's sake.10:02
adalhelmI'm not trolling, I'm not being inflammatory, I'm explaining my side of it.10:02
adalhelmI can't think it'd hurt to explain to why you guys why I didn't think I was doing any harm.10:02
bazhangthere is no other side to being rude and insulting adalhelm 10:02
adalhelmThe better you understand why I thought I was being harmless, the better you'll understand why I'm willing to play by the rules.10:02
elkbuntuadalhelm, insulting poles in a channel where there are poles isnt inflammatory? i think you fail to understand the meaning of the word.10:02
adalhelmelkbuntu: I wasn't insulting poles. I was commenting on the difficulty of the pronunciation of their langauge from the point of view of an english speaker10:03
adalhelmexample: "mandarin is hard to learn"10:03
adalhelmyou know why it's hard? English speakers aren't used to a tonal language.10:03
elkbuntuadalhelm, which is something insulting to poles.10:03
adalhelmsimilarly: "polish lettering is incomprehensible to english speakers"10:03
adalhelmI highly doubt the poles care if their language is difficult for english speakers.10:03
adalhelmor that they have any hurt feelings concerning the matter.10:04
adalhelmI spent some missionary time with a CMA church in Poland. They thought it was great that their consonantation was cryptic to us.10:04
bazhangadalhelm, so by your account, what you did was harmless, and folks are over-reacting?10:05
adalhelmif you want to try to nail me down for trolling, the stuff about language isn't the point to take.10:05
adalhelmif you want to nail me down for trolling, the technical matters are far closer to the mark.10:05
adalhelmthat's more reasonably described as trolling.10:05
adalhelmthe linguistic commentary isn't even close.10:05
bazhangadalhelm, you were nailed already.10:05
bazhangadalhelm, thus the ban.10:05
adalhelmwell, I'd call that the banhammer, but yes. We're discussing getting me unbanned.10:05
adalhelmI'm going to save both parties a lot of time right now10:06
bazhangadalhelm, then please answer my question above.10:06
adalhelmare you going to unban me now that I understand what I did wrong, and am willing to play by the rules, or will you leave it up?10:06
bazhangadalhelm, so by your account, what you did was harmless, and folks are over-reacting?10:06
adalhelmthat's not how I would characterize it10:06
adalhelmI'd say both parties were at fault.10:06
bazhangthen  please do so.10:06
adalhelmthe linguistic parts are just nitpicking.10:07
adalhelmthe technical parts are legitimate complaints.10:07
adalhelmI didn't heed the warnings either, not realizing that I wasn't allowed to discuss such matters.10:07
adalhelmthat being said, I've already agreed to be more adept at heeding ops in future.10:07
bazhangadalhelm, judging by the silence descended here, I would say you wont be unbanned.10:07
adalhelmthen I'll go over your heads. Ta ta.10:07
bazhang!idle | adalhelm 10:08
ubottuadalhelm: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:08
elkbuntui really really hate that 'i thought no means yes' attitude10:08
topylii think the big issue is ignoring the warnings10:08
topyliperhaps the rest will follow10:08
elkbuntutopyli, i agree10:08
topyli(if that's fixed)10:08
bazhangadalhelm, please dont idle here.10:09
adalhelmI already said I would heed future warnings.10:09
adalhelmtopyli: ^^10:09
topylii might be willing to lift the ban based on that, if supported10:10
elkbuntui'm not convinced10:10
adalhelmand I admitted fault on other matters as well.10:11
adalhelmit's not the mere fact of willingness to heed future warnings that is relevant to what I am saying here10:11
Myrttitopyli: are you, by any chance, have had any contact with Vinterbound?10:11
adalhelmtopyli: it's that I genuinely didn't think I was doing wrong.10:11
Myrttior something10:11
topyliMyrtti: doesn't right a bell immediately10:12
elkbuntuadalhelm, i feel sorry for people you know real life who say 'stop' only to have you continue10:12
Myrttijust entered -offtopic10:12
adalhelmelkbuntu: I don't need your pity.10:12
topyliadalhelm: no, the other problem is you think your past conduct was okay10:12
adalhelmelkbuntu: and I'd certainly you rather not be so rude as to suggest that you feel it for me.10:12
elkbuntuadalhelm, i'm not pitying you.10:12
adalhelmtopyli: I didn't say it was okay. I said it was intended innocently10:13
elkbuntuadalhelm, you mgiht want to read what i actually wrote10:13
adalhelmthe fact/consequence of what I did was clearly not okay.10:13
adalhelmelkbuntu: I'm the only subject under discussion. That's the only thing taht could be gleaned from that.10:13
elkbuntuadalhelm, look between the words 'for' and 'who'10:13
adalhelmelkbuntu: You could speak ill in general of the mentally ill or deficient, but in the presence of someone you believe to be mentally ill or deficient, it's clear in that case what your intent is.10:14
adalhelmbut that is besides the point.10:15
elkbuntuadalhelm, no, it's not.10:15
ikoniaadalhelm: 1.) you where warned ignored it multiple times  - just serve out the ban, 2.) arguing and being petty in here makes you look very bad and not ready to enter the channel, so just walk away, serve out the ban and come back with a a better outlook10:15
adalhelmtopyli: like I said, my intent was innocent, but I understand where my actions were at fault. That is compounded by my willingness to heed warnings here on out.10:15
adalhelmikonia: how long is the ban?10:15
ikoniaadalhelm: your digging a hole - your have explained your intentions10:15
ikoniaadalhelm: ask the guy who set it - I assume it's until you can show you can behave (your attitude in here does not show that)10:16
elkbuntuadalhelm, after the threat to 'go above our head', several days now.10:16
adalhelmelkbuntu: thank you ;)10:16
ikoniaadalhelm: just clam down - stop being argumentative, and come back in a few days10:16
ikoniaadalhelm: I'm sure things can be worked out10:16
elkbuntuadalhelm, feel free to try though. it'll be as successful as trying to convince a police officer to force someone let you into their house.10:17
adalhelmelkbuntu: I'm not commenting on that.10:17
adalhelmikonia: hokay. wait it out. Gotcha. Thanks for the advice. Cheers! :D10:17
adalhelmtoodles everyone, you've been sweethearts.10:17
ikoniaadalhelm: great, thanks10:17
ikoniaright laters gusy10:18
elkbuntuthat is... the creepiest farewell from a troll in quite some time10:18
christelelkbuntu: hows the elections going? 10:20
Myrttiagain, I don't know what to do with all my stalkers10:20
Myrttinow that the issue of ASUS-tek is done10:20
bazhangvinterbound is martiini ?10:21
christelMyrtti! <310:21
Myrttibazhang: nope10:22
Myrttivinterbound is from egypt10:22
Myrttimartiini is from estonia10:22
MyrttiI just told VB to back off10:22
bazhangand he listened?10:22
Myrtti"moi. Listen, I don't know why you're so fascinated with me, but I'd rather keep the 'friendship' we have on #ubuntu-offtopic, if even there."10:22
elkbuntuMyrtti, in PM?10:22
Myrtti"ok" was the response10:22
Myrttielkbuntu: yes. He has a habit of greeting me in pm almost every time he joins -ot10:23
elkbuntuMyrtti, ok, i'll explain the 'why'.10:23
MyrttiI've usually just ignored it, but I'm getting fed up10:23
Myrttielkbuntu: because I'm finnish female.10:23
elkbuntulook down to your lap. see those two bumps in the way.10:23
Myrttihe has a thing for Finland.10:23
bazhangadalhelm reminds me of the fellow who was going to do an audit on this channel10:23
topyliso far his input on -ot consists of a single "for teh win!" today10:23
elkbuntuMyrtti, not necessarily a bad thing in itself10:24
Myrttinope, but I just really dislike the fact he has decided to take me as his ... whatever10:24
elkbuntuMyrtti, yep10:24
Myrtti[12:24] <Vinterbound> well, why you don't wanna be friends10:24
Myrtti[12:24] <Vinterbound> i only like you cause you're cool10:24
Myrtti[12:24] <Vinterbound> i will shut up now, sorry10:24
* Myrtti rolls her eyes10:24
elkbuntuthat's the stabbystabby bit10:24
* elkbuntu hugs Myrtti 10:24
MyrttiI WONDER WHY...10:24
MyrttiI'm the stalker magnet10:25
bazhangstalking horse?10:25
bazhangerr wrong word choice10:25
elkbuntumaybe if you jiggle them enough, he'll be hypnotised enough to tell him to forget how to IRC.10:25
Myrttivinterbound checks what I've listened to in last.fm every week10:26
MyrttiI don't really understand his fascination with me10:26
elkbuntuMyrtti, i understand it. i do not approve of it.10:27
topyliif it's a finland thing, there are big, ugly finns around which surely define the country better10:27
Myrttitopyli: it's llike ASUStek v.210:28
elkbuntutopyli, she's cute, blonde, female and geeky. it's not finland he's obsessed with, it's her, and he tries to impress her by complimenting finland10:28
topylielkbuntu: exactly10:28
bazhangit iz tiny10:29
MyrttiI'll dye my hair black and start listening to norwegian church burning heavy metal music if that riddens me of these people10:29
christelMyrtti: then you'll attract the likes of spb instead!10:30
elkbuntuMyrtti, just tell him topyli is your sister, and you're actually siamese twins joined at the little toe.10:31
elkbuntuchristel, is it can be get rid of the creepy hoomins tiem yet?10:31
christelmm shall i frighten them a bit?10:32
Myrttifrom #elsewhere10:33
Myrtti"I managed to make my own boss suspicious when I just collapsed in laughter when the news broadcast was advertised with 'Kursk still on the bottom of the ocean, news anchors Leena and Urpo"10:34
elkbuntuMyrtti, hahaha10:34
bazhangnot even a denial10:34
bazhang'how did you know'10:35
elkbuntuMyrtti, when was the last PM from him?10:38
Myrtti28 minutes ago10:38
MyrttiI have them all logged10:38
elkbuntuand for the record: http://pastebin.ca/130995010:42
elkbuntuchristel, see above. yes, please scare.10:42
christelthank you! i will glance in a couple of minutes (i just need to convince our ircd devs to completely change the behaviour of stuff, again!)10:43
* elkbuntu wonders if they can completely change the behaviour of people too11:05
Flannelelectro-shock therapy can do anything*11:06
Flannel(* for some values of anything)11:06
amurohello?  how come i cant join #ubuntu?12:06
Myrtti@bansearch amuro12:08
ubottuMatch: *!*@ by bazhang in #ubuntu on Jan 02 2009 08:53:40 (ID: 8570)12:08
* Myrtti pokes bazhang 12:09
amurohow to share files between 2 ubuntu computers on the same network?12:09
Myrttihold on please, this is not the support channel12:12
elkbuntuMyrtti, it's kelvin91112:15
Myrttiwas checking whois first12:15
Myrttiof the ip12:16
elkbuntuhe enjoys calling bazhang a bastard in cantonese12:16
* Tm_T hugggls Myrtti 12:17
Myrttihe's also making support questions at -ot12:17
Tm_TMyrtti: btw if ANYONE here in Finland makes trouble, you know I can help on that12:17
MyrttiTm_T: and you know I've scared them enough not to even try12:17
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/12:17
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:18
Tm_TMyrtti: (:)12:18
elkbuntuamuro, see those links. read them.12:18
Tm_TMyrtti: btw if in those olgs there is something you like me to look at, if nothing else then atleast in education, please send 'em over12:19
elkbuntuamuro, look here. read the links above12:24
jpdsbazhang: ^17:12
bazhangjpds, thanks :)17:13
topylifine then :(17:15
bazhang [it_croud] (n=Whatever@athedsl-4395185.home.otenet.gr): itjohn  sken??17:15
boredandbloggingPici: have you looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSJaunty/Report/Community17:17
Piciboredandblogging: I actually was just reading it.17:17
boredandbloggingsurprised at the lack of IRC notes17:17
Piciboredandblogging: As was I.  Do you know if the rest of the videos were ever uploaded to videos.u.c?17:18
* Pici checks17:18
jpdsNo, there's some missing.17:18
Picijpds: As in we'll never see them?17:18
stdintopyli: we need to get you registered with the bot if you want bantracker access17:19
jpdsOr... I dunno where they are.17:19
boredandbloggingPici: asking Ng in #canonical-sysadmin17:20
topylistdin: not sure if i want it. do i? i ban a few people on -ot, i can keep up with them17:20
topyliat least in theory17:20
Picitopyli: Its useful to see whether someone is a repeat offender.17:21
stdinand to see why someone is banned when they say "HELP! I can't get into <channel>, WHY OH WHY?!!1"17:22
topylii guess it's a system carved to perfection for this purpose, perhaps i should want access17:22
boredandbloggingPici jpds ok, hope he gets them done one of these days17:23
stdintopyli: '/msg ubottu register topyli <password>' the password can be anything, you'll probably never use it17:26
stdinooh, I should make the bot listen first17:26
stdin@supybot.defaultIgnore False17:26
stdin@config supybot.defaultIgnore False17:26
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:26
topylistdin: okay, now to conquer my fear of new technology!17:27
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.17:27
stdinall you need to know is @login, @btlogin and @bansearch, those are the core tools17:28
topylii think chanserv.py even has aliases17:28
stdin@config supybot.defaultIgnore True17:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:28
ikoniadid anyone else get a dcc chat/ping from it_croud17:28
PiciNo. I didn't.17:29
ikoniaI think it's sken - hence why he's singled me out17:29
stdintopyli: it has some, but not the features the bot has17:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:29
stdintry @btlogin17:29
stdintritium: have you done @login?17:30
tritiumstdin: I wasn't aware you had to.  At least, I never did before.17:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:30
tritiumstdin: thanks!17:30
topyliooh. irc2.017:30
stdintritium: it lets the bot know who you are17:30
stdinseeing as you can't /msg ubottu identify17:31
tritiumstdin: thanks, I've not kept up with the latest developments17:31
stdinwe got ubottu to ignore everyone by default several months ago ;)17:31
tritiumI use "latest" loosely ;)17:33
* jussi01 waves in greeting17:43
PiciGet the cast off yet?17:43
jussi01Pici: yep!! :D17:48
Picijussi01: Yay17:48
geniiHe'll be scaling Everest again in no time17:52
topylijussi01: are you walking?17:52
jussi01topyli: kinda...17:52
topyliweak of course. does it hurt?17:53
jussi01yeah, muscle hurts. also, its possible that Ill still need an operation on the ACL17:56
bazhang312 mb of ram? will ubuntu intrepid even load?18:04
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu18:04
bazhangbut slowly right?18:05
bazhangarcsighter is saying its slow18:05
ikoniaprobably his video card setup if it's visually slow18:05
geniiI even have an old p2 400 here with 128Mb running 8.10  KDE        altho needed alt install cd as well it uses swap like mad18:05
bazhangahh proving a negative18:06
bazhangand do it now or I will downgrade!18:06
geniiI wonder what combination of ram he has that adds up to 312, it seems an unusual number. PErhaps he has bad ram18:07
bazhangthat is an odd number18:07
bazhangand he says the thread is at ubuntuforums.org18:08
geniiPerhaps he has a 256 and a 64 stick18:08
ikonia8 meg on board video = 31218:09
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
Jack_SparrowGotta run, just found our best friend has Palsy Need to go provide a shoulder for her..18:24
geniiHm. Two separate hostmasks from Italy that just do !list   then leave immediately. I wonder if trying to gather name lists or so18:29
bazhangyou're kidding right18:30
bazhangeveryone from .it does !list18:30
tritiumThey need to intend ircfs.  I need grep, etc. on IRC.18:30
bazhangI would never leave my computer then18:30
nickrudbazhang, I thought that was already the case :)18:32
bazhangnickrud, you found your 'c'!18:33
geniibazhang: Strange with the !list thing. I guess they have some other irc client that maybe uses this syntax then18:33
bazhangdidnt know who that nikrud character was18:33
nickrudbazhang, I do that just for you :) 18:33
bazhang@bansearch nikrud18:33
ubottuNo matches found for nikrud!n=rich@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/nickrud in any channel18:33
jpdstritium: There is an IRC client which works in filesystem mode.18:33
* nickrud needs access to lie in wait for bazhang 18:33
bazhanggenii, could well be; ljl had a funny riff on that some time back aping the .it users habits18:34
jpdstritium: Oh yes, "ii".18:34
PiciGenerally !list is for irc channels that have xdcc bots that serve files. Not that I would ever know anything about that.18:35
tritiumjpds: no kidding?18:38
jpds!info ii18:38
ubottuii (source: ii): minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-1 (intrepid), package size 13 kB, installed size 88 kB18:38
tritiumjpds: thanks, I'll have to check that out!18:38
tritiumIt consists of <= 500 lines of code.  Nice...18:39
Picijpds: Are you suggesting sudo -s over sudo -i now?18:49
jpdsPici: Damn, forgot, I usually use -s cos it uses my neat shell conf.18:50
ScottKI was wondering if I could get some help with adding a factoid to the bot for #ubuntu-motu?19:21
* Pici looks19:21
PiciScottK: You can suggest yourself see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots#Using%20Ubotu19:23
Picii.e: !foo is <reply> bar19:23
ScottKI'll try.  Thaks.19:23
ubottuIn #ubuntu-motu, ScottK said: !because is <reply> Just because you can't get help in #ubuntu does not make this a help channel.19:25
geniiI wonder if there's some way to make gtk apps insist on gksu/gksudo and refuse to run under just regular sudo. This would save a lot of grief19:26
topylior make sudo refuse to run x apps19:29
topyliis there something common to all x apps? do they request display :0 something?19:30
geniitopyli: Not sure. Maybe there's somethig in the ELF eader which is unique19:30
geniibleh typos19:30
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.19:31
geniiPici: Hehe, OK19:31
Picigenii: Actually I'm just showing ScottK 19:31
topylistill :)19:31
Picigenii: I didn't read your comment19:32
ScottKPici: Way too long to type19:32
* ScottK has never seen a developer use that one.19:32
PiciScottK: You just need to type !support in #ubuntu-devel19:32
ScottKOK.  Well mine was probably a bit to snarky anyway.19:33
* ScottK will remember that.19:33
topyligenii: we need a factoid like !development-#ubuntu-ops19:33
PiciScottK: Its also setup for -motu 19:33
ScottKPici: Is it set for #kubuntu-devel too?19:35
Pici!support-#kubuntu-devel is <alias> devsupport19:35
ubottuI'll remember that, Pici19:35
PiciScottK: It is now.19:35
=== djbobo1 is now known as prison_break
bazhangsken^^ ?19:44
bazhangit_croud, how may we help you19:59
it_croudnothing i just was banned out or something from a user at #ubuntu-gr20:01
it_croudmaybe he did'n like my attidude20:01
Piciit_croud: We do not handle bans from loco channels here.  Please join #ubuntu-irc instead.20:01
bazhangit_croud, for #ubuntu-gr issues, please /join #ubuntu-irc20:02
it_croudi have already20:02
it_croudbut there is no problem because is not permanent20:03
bazhangit_croud, okay20:03
bazhangit_croud, please dont idle here.20:03
it_croudbazhang, : can i ask a question here?20:03
Flannelit_croud: Not a support question20:04
bazhangit_croud, you were banned from #ubuntu as well20:04
bazhangit_croud, do you have an alternate nick?20:04
bazhangit_croud, such as eleos2?20:04
Picior sken?20:05
it_croudbazhang, : i just use this from within the irc client it is not registered20:05
Picibunson: How can we help you today?20:05
it_croudbazhang, : i think i can make another one nickname pretty easy20:05
bazhangit_croud, so you do have another nick (eleos2 , sken etc)20:06
bunsonim double checkin to make sure the port change saved before i ask20:06
Picibunson: Can you try running the test in the other channel again please?20:06
it_croudbazhang, : no i just can use another nick it does not needs registrations etc...20:06
it_croudbazhang, : i don't own any nickname20:07
bunsonwhen i do the test me thing it says it cant and i should come ask in here for a manual testing 20:07
bazhangit_croud, but you have gone by those nicknames before, correct?20:07
Picibunson: Try it again :)20:07
it_croudbazhang, : NO20:07
Picibunson: I changed something20:07
bunsonoh ok ty20:08
bazhangit_croud, well to be unbanned from #ubuntu-gr you should ask in #ubuntu-irc20:08
it_croudbazhang, : i just have to know how that guy banned me so easily20:08
Piciit_croud: We do not control #ubuntu-gr here20:08
bazhangit_croud, if that is all, please part this channel as the operator who banned is not around and wont be back for a good while20:08
bazhangit_croud, you are referring to the #ubuntu ban correct?20:09
it_croudbazhang, : yes correct20:09
it_croudbazhang, : i just hit the button of the client 2-3 times to find how it works but it stacked , damn gtk for a while 20:10
bazhangit_croud, I will let the operator know you were here, if you could return later to discuss please20:11
it_croudbazhang, : so for a while for some random user i dcc ping anf dcc get user info  at him by mistake20:11
it_croudbazhang, : whatever thanks , i will be here later. yes20:12
bazhangit_croud, please dont idle here.20:12
it_croudbazhang, : please explain me what idle here means exactly does it means to stay connected without doing anythong certain?20:13
ikonia19:56 <it_croud> fuck you mother fucker20:13
ikonia19:56 <it_croud> fuck you mother fucker20:13
ikonia19:56 <it_croud> fuck you mother fucker20:13
it_croudbazhang, : english is not my native languange20:13
PiciHow pleaseant.20:13
it_croudikonia, :20:13
ikoniaonly meant to paste once20:14
bazhangit_croud, that is not okay20:14
Piciit_croud: ikonia was the operator that you were waiting for.20:14
ikoniait_croud: you where ban forwarded here because you where randomly ctcp pinging me, and dcc chat requesting me and refusing to respond to PM 20:14
ikoniaI could see you active but you refused to respond in channel or in pm until we spoke earlier20:15
ikoniathat is why you where forwarded here20:15
ikoniaI've not removed the ban due to your above PM "fuck you" comments20:15
it_croudikonia, : hmmm what to say now?20:15
ikonianothing really20:15
ikoniaI caught you telling me lies also20:15
bazhangit_croud, nothing to say. just depart.20:15
it_croudikonia, : i only know that you are really overreacting20:15
ikoniayou said you did it once, then you admited you did it multiple times20:15
ikoniaoh - am I 20:16
it_croudikonia : are you a lwayer or something20:16
Pici!guidelines | it_croud 20:16
ikoniaI think you telling me lies and your swearing abuse towards me suggests I'm not overreacting20:16
ubottuit_croud: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:16
ikoniathe band forward here was just to clarify why you where sending ctcp requests to people and not responding to why 20:16
ikoniaban forward sorry20:16
ikoniathe reason it stayed after you explained yourself was because I caught you telling lies, and your swearing20:17
it_croudubuttu:Thanks because i was speaking with some lawyer or somehow20:17
it_croudubottu, : i will go to read the quidelines20:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:18
ikoniajust to clarify you are not banned from #ubuntu-gr - you are still active in there20:18
bazhangit_croud, you wont be unbanned in #ubuntu . please /part the channel.20:18
bazhang<it_croud> nothing i just was banned out or something from a user at #ubuntu-gr20:18
bazhangso that was not true.20:19
ikoniait_croud:/ channel apologies for the slow reponse to your query20:19
it_croudikonia: One last thing and i am leaving20:19
ikonia19:57 <it_croud> you are a bastard20:19
ikonia19:57 <it_croud> to HELL20:19
ikoniajust to be clear - it wasn't just one word20:19
ikonia19:58 it_croud [n=Whatever@athedsl-4395185.home.otenet.gr] requested CTCP PING from ikonia: 123208588483675120:19
ikoniathen you ping me again after I've asked you not to 20:20
ikoniajust to %100 clear to the channel20:20
it_croudikonia,: you are the kind of man that tries to find out things with papers,lawyers ,logsetc 20:20
bazhangit_croud, no20:20
it_croudikonia, : i hate this way of acting me20:20
ikoniait_croud: good bye, I won't discuss this futher at this time20:20
it_croudbazhang, : YES20:20
bazhangit_croud, you are in the wrong here, 100%20:20
it_croudbazhang, : wake up20:20
it_croudbazhang, : no i am not20:21
bazhangit_croud, please part now20:21
topyliit_croud: please just go now20:21
ikoniait_croud: please leave the channel and come back in a few days if you wish to re-join #ubuntu20:21
it_croudbazhang, : i was just "[playing with my new install of XCchat!!!!!!!!!!!!20:21
bazhangit_croud, that is not believable at this point.20:21
ikoniayes, you explained that, and I expalined that was not a problem in the end20:21
ikoniaI explained what got you the ban kept in place20:22
it_croudbazhang, maybe not believalble by you here now nut me there yes20:22
ikoniait_croud: please leave the channel and come back in a few days if you wish to re-join #ubuntu20:22
bazhangbye it_croud 20:22
it_croudbazhang, : it is true that i have no experience in IRCes20:22
ikoniait_croud: read the guidelines ubottu gave you they will help20:22
bazhang!coc | it_croud 20:23
ubottuit_croud: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/20:23
bazhangand read that too it_croud 20:23
it_croudbazhang, : i just testing my new XChat client20:23
ikoniait_croud: ok - we understand that20:23
ikoniaI explained that at the time - I understand that, it's not in question20:23
it_croudbazhang, : very restrictive stuff20:23
bazhangit_croud, no its not20:23
ikoniaok - this is going no-where, it_croud I'm trying to help you and explain things to you, but if you chose to continue to ignore them we can go no futher20:24
bazhangit_croud, there is never a reason to curse at someone like you did20:24
ikoniait_croud: please leave the channel and come back in a few days if you wish to re-join #ubuntu20:25
it_croudbazhang, :  yes but i thought is just "IRC fun" and i tested my new app20:25
bazhangit_croud, 'fun' NEVER involves swearing like you did.20:25
it_croudbazhang,: i have not  joined IRC channels since 200320:25
bazhangit_croud, so please part now.20:25
it_croudbazhang, : how could i know so well20:26
it_croudbazhang, : i only entered second time in my life in ubuntu !!20:26
stdinswearing at someone was no more acceptable in 2003 than it is now20:26
bazhangread the guidelines and the code of conduct it_croud 20:26
bazhangit_croud, understand them, then come back here.20:27
PiciI think we've taken this discussion as far as it should go today. it_croud Please review the documentation that you have been provided and then return in a day or two if you still wish to be unbanned.20:27
bazhangit_croud, arguing about it will only make the situation worse for you.20:27
it_croudbazhang, : why am i in any kind of court without my knowledge?20:27
it_croudbazhang, : i WILL read them ok don't worry20:28
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
it_croudbazhang, : just don't ban people so easily because of some pings or some dcc requests20:29
topyliit_croud: wasting too much operator time here is not good. pointless arguments here can only make it longer. please part the channel20:29
bazhangwhat the heck20:29
bazhangI suspect that he is working together with eleos2/sken/etc20:30
ikoniaI thought that at first as it turns out he was only hittng me, but I don't think that now20:31
topylisuccessfully grabbed 30min of op time here20:31
naliothairlock all of them  :p20:34
ikoniahe's ranting about it in #ubuntu-gr20:40
bazhanghe said he was banned there20:40
jussi01and hes in -irc20:40
bazhangso sken does have a cousin after all20:41
ikoniabazhang: he's not20:41
bazhangerr roommate20:41
ikonianah, I don't think this is a "sken" thing just a silly chap20:41
jussi01ikonia: got a moment for pm?20:42
ikoniaalready there20:42
CaptainMorgananyone want to take a look at #ubuntu ? Xae8koo isn't very nice and called not just me, but the rest of "lying ****s" when trying to assist him/her21:03
ikoniaCaptainMorgan: got it - dont worry21:04
ikoniathanks though21:04
CaptainMorganthank you21:04
jussi01CaptainMorgan: anything else you need?21:09
CaptainMorganjussi01, nope, why? should I leave? 21:10
jussi01!idle | CaptainMorgan21:10
ubottuCaptainMorgan: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.21:10
CaptainMorganwas just keeping the window open.. with no real reason other than convenience21:10
CaptainMorganah, Ic21:10
bazhang* [Xae8koo] (n=debian@unaffiliated/energy): debian User21:11
Seeker`bazhang: ?21:11
ikoniaI remember him actually21:11
ikoniahe's been in before21:12
tritiumOh yeah?21:12
tritiumIs he a repeat troll?21:12
ikoniayes, ages ago, he had asked a question in debian but not answered the question so got booted, then he came in here21:13
bazhangrepeat offender21:13
ikoniadon't know him21:14
tritiumHe's probably not even on ubuntu.  I suspect he's running debian.21:14
ikoniahe's not21:14
ikoniaas I recall it's debian21:14
tritiumThat's my guess, based on /wii Xae8koo21:14
ikoniano dig deal, his hardware is neither ubuntu or debians issue21:15
jussi01ikonia: pm for a sec?21:16
CaptainMorganwhat a fine start to a day... only trying to help and I get attacked... Xae8koo not only had channel issues, but had private issues with me too21:18
tritiumCaptainMorgan: what did he say?>21:18
CaptainMorgancan I post it here? it's about ten lines..21:18
FlannelCaptainMorgan: pastebin is easier21:18
CaptainMorgannot much, but I don't need it... nickrud you here? I tried /ignore but can you provide me the syntax?21:20
CaptainMorganthe channel spit it back but I'm still unclear...21:20
nickrudCaptainMorgan, /ignore nick should do the trick21:20
CaptainMorgannickrud, doing simply that... returns "Usage: IGNORE <mask> <types..> <options..> .... etc as if I did it wrong... no?21:21
tritiumI think I'll remove him.21:21
FlannelIf you don't, I will21:21
CaptainMorganthank you tritium 21:21
tritiumSure, CaptainMorgan21:21
tritiumI kicked. If he comes back, a ban might be in order.21:22
CaptainMorgannickrud, I'll continue that ignore question privately, thanks tritium Flannel 21:23
* genii hands bazhang a large coffee21:52
ikoniait is impossible to buy a USA snes in the UK, my famicon has died21:54
geniiTm_T: Heh, you're on a roll in #k !21:57
Tm_Tbit angry I a21:57
Seeker`speak like yoda you do21:57
ikoniaSeeker`: £250 !!!!22:03
ikoniaSeeker`: UK = £18 - 25, USA = £25022:03
ikonia(there is only one and he's selling it for a stupid price)22:03
Seeker`ikonia: welcome to the world of "I want an ancient, imported computer gaming system"22:04
ikoniaI know I know22:04
ikoniaI'll get a part tommorow to try to repair the famicon 22:04
ikoniaI've got a UK one too, but they are crap compared to the USA/Jap version22:04
ikoniaso I can play in the mean time22:04
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ikoniaI'm going to play COD4 as I'm bored22:06
Seeker`because an emulator wont do for a few days? :P22:06
ikoniaSeeker`: I'll deal with the UK version for a few days22:06
ikoniaemulators just aren't the same without the snes pad22:06
ikoniathe sned pad is the best gaming pad ever22:07
nickrudgamers. sheesh. 22:28
Seeker`nickrud. sheesh.22:31
nickrudSeeker`, shush ;)22:31
Seeker`you misspelled sheesh22:36
nickrudSeeker`, may be a us-ism, sheesh spelt like that is from Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. A powerful childhood memory :)22:41
Seeker`nickrud: I meant you typed "shush" instead of "sheesh"22:41
nickrudoh. gosh, I am dense today22:42
naliothSeeker`: shush22:43
Seeker`nalioth: you too22:43
naliothit's impolite to correct your elders22:43
nalioth'shush' means 'shut yo mouf, chile!'22:43
nickspoonWhat do you have against Chile?22:44
nickrudaww, Jack_Sparrow 23:31
Jack_Sparrow5 minute time out for the kiddie23:31

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