oly562none is better than the other00:00
owholy562: No, the problem is that you continued after an error happened.00:00
owholy562: You noticed that there was more than one work-around?00:01
oly562not really owh00:01
oly562no. i havent00:02
hadsdpkg works00:02
oly562i noticed there are errors also with cpan and perl00:03
oly562cant even launch cpan now00:03
oly562wierd, when trying to load alien it synap pointed to cdrom when usually it goes to universe or main00:04
oly562still getting used to sources with ubuntu and synap00:04
oly562by the way, xaos runs fine. its just that now i cant load new progs w/o errors, let along kernel upgrades00:05
oly562when its time to that is00:05
oly562owh:  what did you see as other workround?00:05
hadsMixing packages, rpms, cpan etc. is a good way to break things00:06
oly562you referring to Errno.pm?00:06
oly562yah agrees00:06
oly562i was going to take rpm with alien and convert adobereader.rpm to .deb, since thier site consistantly doesnt let us download the .deb00:07
oly562i knew i should have used a zigzag00:07
oly562so people, if this was your box, with the pastebins i gave out, what you would do first? thanks "_00:08
oly562if you dont know, thats ok, ill figure it out eventually, just thought i would give you guys a shot00:11
owholy562: I'd fix the thing that broke first.00:12
hadsRemove the stuff you installed that isn't from official repositories.00:14
MatBoywow, I have a ubuntu iscsi target on a celeron D laptop with a 250GB sata drive attached using a conceptronic sata=> usb controller :P00:37
MatBoyhow fun00:37
ustaJan 16 02:52:05 mail postfix/postdrop[6399]: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/765735.6399: Permission denied00:54
ustacan anyone help me how can i solve ?00:54
MianoSMusta: change the permissions00:59
oly562im back01:00
oly562hads: what do you mean, offical01:00
oly562how will i be able to tell the difference betw universe and 3rd party01:01
oly562whats the path , ill have a look01:01
oly562 /var/lib/dpkg/info?01:02
xp_prganyone good at httpd.conf config on apache2 here?01:02
oly562yep xp_prg but i have my own issue at present01:02
hadsI mean; Mixing offcial packages, randomly converting rpms, using cpan etc. is a good way to break things01:02
hadsStick to the official repositories if you don't want to break things.01:02
oly562i never mixed packages01:03
oly562i did nothing randomly01:03
oly562cpan was required by other programs01:03
oly562but i do agree, it will break things01:03
oly562also, offical packages didnt support my vid card01:03
oly562nor my wireless card01:03
oly562nor my sound devices01:03
hadsI thought this was a server?01:04
oly562no linux has it all "offically"01:04
oly562dont be a dork hads. im not new to nix k. there is no difference between a server and desktop in linux01:04
oly562maybe to you, but not to me01:04
oly562linux is linux period01:04
oly562its 3% of any distro01:05
oly562where everything is put and packages is all gnu to me01:05
oly562like i said, yum, rpm, dpkg, whatever, it all breaks at some point01:05
oly562i didnt break things, the package managers do01:06
oly562cpan doesnt break things, the programs that call on them do01:06
oly562good grief01:06
oly562server/desktop doesnt matter, you should know that01:07
owholy562: We try very hard not to make apt break *ever*. If you can break it, only using apt, then you have found a bug.01:07
oly562thats that happened then, and typically that is always the case for me01:07
oly562like i said, im new to ubuntu and how it reports things, so forth01:08
oly562i been using apt-get the whole time, and still this happend. i know to use the "preferred" method per distro and flavor01:08
oly562still happend. so im here to try and figure it out01:08
oly562get some clues01:08
oly562i guess synap doesnt report enough information to figure out whats going on, right off the bat, rather, as usual, ill have to dig and dig, deep into the scripts and see whats going on, deal with the set -e stuff, see where ubuntu puts everything. i like it so far, but these problem is pissing me off.01:10
oly562yet again, i see no real reason to switch from distro to distro for just a few things, rather i should stick with what i know, and as for apt, its not that special. i actually prefer yum to it. maybe i was just used to it, but there really isnt much difference01:11
oly562yet another package manager lol01:11
oly562where are things stored on here01:12
oly562like info01:12
oly562 /var/lib...../info01:12
oly562thats a good directory to look in01:12
oly562postinst, and .prerm01:12
oly562so forth01:13
oly562these are what i mean by clues, this is what i mean, where you all look at first....01:13
oly562where does ldconfig fit in here01:13
oly562what the heck does this mean in var/log/message01:15
oly562Jan 15 15:51:14 pluto -- MARK --01:15
oly562Jan 15 16:11:14 pluto -- MARK --01:15
oly562Jan 15 16:31:14 pluto -- MARK --01:15
oly562Jan 15 16:51:14 pluto -- MARK --01:15
oly562Jan 15 17:11:14 pluto -- MARK --01:15
oly562i just found /var/log/crash, looks interesting01:16
jmarsden|workoly562: man syslog and see the -m option01:16
oly562no man syslog01:16
oly562sudo man?01:17
jmarsden|workman syslogd01:17
oly562aw... thats what i though01:17
oly562ic. thanks01:17
oly562i never seen something like that b4 in messages01:17
oly562i like these little .crash files. nifty01:18
oly562has all the progs i was referring to01:18
oly562that errored out01:18
oly562is Package: xaos 3.2-7ubuntu1 an "offical" package?01:19
oly562yesh.... Log started: 2009-01-05  10:54:50 long time ago01:19
oly562bunch of previous "deselected" libs01:20
oly562i had thoughts about loading this file when it asked for them... dammm   gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad01:21
oly562interesting...... check this line out01:21
oly562 Errno architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi- does not match executable architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi-2.6.24-14-server) at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Errno.pm line 11.01:21
oly562 Compilation failed in require at /usr/sbin/install-info line 30401:21
oly562i saw that each time01:21
oly562in synaptic01:21
oly562hmm... interesting, points to a lock file01:23
oly562 300 if (!$nowrite && !link($dirfile, "$dirfile.lock")) {01:23
oly562    301     printf( STDERR _g("%s: failed to lock dir for editing! %s")."\n",01:23
oly562    302             $name, $! );01:23
oly562    303     printf( STDERR _g("try deleting %s?")."\n", "$dirfile.lock")01:23
oly562    304         if $!{EEXIST};01:23
oly562    305     exit 1;01:23
oly562unless im reading that wrong01:23
Deepssomeone posted bug 316013 earlier, did you see that?01:24
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 316013 in util-linux "apt-get dist-upgrade failed - architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi- does not match executable architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi-2.6.24-14-server)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31601301:24
oly562i been doing everything as sudo01:24
oly562i looked at that bug, i dont see it.. any clues?01:24
jmarsden|workoly562: rmadison -s hardy xaos # suggests that xaos 3.2-7ubuntu1 is indeed official.01:25
Deepsdid you read the comments? there are several workarounds listed that may work01:26
oly562Deeps: i saw it01:26
Deepswell, where 'several' is 201:26
oly562and why dont you say what i should do, as im not good at reading about bugs01:26
oly562i dont see the link there01:26
oly562im using Generic kernel01:26
oly562if you just popped in a search for Errno.pm yadda, it points to a lock file, and i commented earlier if i should do that. i dont see how that will have any effect01:27
oly562or error status 901:27
owholy562: What if you actually do what the work-around suggests?01:27
oly562which is.... modify the errno.pm01:28
jmarsden|workNo, it is to get the Errno.pm from under /usr/local/share out the way so Perl uses the real one.01:29
Deepswith a link that explains to an article that explains why you should do the move, and what you did to cause the problem in the first place01:29
oly562i dont see what i did in the first place... sighs01:29
oly562you think i did a an upgrade attempt?01:30
jmarsden|workRead the bug report, and then read http://www.debian-administration.org/users/simonw/weblog/201 which it links to...01:30
Deepshttp://www.debian-administration.org/users/simonw/weblog/201 is linked from the bug report, incase you missed it01:30
hadsThat article has some familiar advice.01:30
oly562Deeps: thanks01:30
oly562yah, i havent worked with bugs that much, prolly time i dove into those things01:30
Deepsoly562: i guess you haven't used forums much either then01:31
Deepsoly562: or mailing lists i guess01:31
oly562not at all01:31
hadsOr reading.01:31
Deepsoly562: have you used the internet before now?01:31
oly562i learned it all by myself01:31
oly562Deeps: go play with some one who is clueless, at least i admited something. cant say that for most people01:31
owholy562: We generally cannot (or will not) fix problems you are having. We can guide you to fixing your own problems. If you come across a specific actual bug, then you can lodge the bug-report and if we can reproduce it, we can attempt to fix them. #ubuntu-server isn't your personal helpdesk - most here are volunteers.01:31
Deepsoly562: i'm doing precisely that, and realised i shouldn't. gl, nn.01:32
oly562owh: right01:32
oly562like i need to hear all that01:32
oly562i bet you think its your personal helpdesk01:32
oly562please, dont anyone be all double standard with me, i can easily prove this01:33
oly562save that shyt for the noobs01:33
oly562ill be reading the links. thanks, but no thanks for the rest of the crap you just said01:35
owholy562: This is a PG channel and you are waaaay out of line IMHO.01:35
oly562both of your opinions are meaningless to me, as you are attacking me. put yourself in my shoes. you wouldnt just sit idle. again, double standard01:41
oly562matter of fact, dont comment to me again, you points have been noted01:42
oly562i dont need "your kinda of help"01:42
owhIs there an "elegant" way to put PHP libraries into a central location, or am I just going to have to chuck them all in /usr/share/php/*01:43
oly562does anyone ELSE know how to remove cpan that was installed by perl?01:44
* owh points out that the libraries are *not* packaged - yuk - but you get that :)01:44
oly562welp, i fixed my issue. good grief. that was easy. all my packages that had issues works now. welp, im out, Njoy01:49
hadsYou're welcome01:52
owhhads: Huh? - Oh you're replying to someone I put on /ignore :)01:55
hadsowh: heh good idea, he's gone now.01:57
owhMore bile?01:57
peepsalotmy server is really screwed up and I don't know why.  i get a segfault when i run sudo01:58
peepsaloti was editing cups config using the web admin pages, and then it stopped serving up the pages.  i tried to restart cups, and segfault, i tried to update repo and segfault... i don't know what is going on01:59
peepsaloti guess i shoulda used LTS02:01
peepsalotanyone alive in here?02:05
peepsalotwould you guys recommend LTS server instead of 8.10?02:06
hadsI would, you shouldn't get segfaults on either though.02:06
peepsaloti found this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/27861702:07
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 278617 in samba "login crashed with SIGSEGV in dump_core() (dup-of: 260687)" [Undecided,New]02:07
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 260687 in samba "Purging samba breaks login (pam_smbpass.so segfaults)" [High,Fix released]02:07
peepsaloti think it's related02:07
hadsSounds like it.02:08
hadsDo you have libpam-smbpass installed?02:09
hadsAre you at the console or remote? Sounds like you need to fix from single user mode.02:10
peepsalotwell the server is in the same room as me, but it's currently headless, and I'm logging in remotely.  i guess I gotta attach a monitor again02:10
hadsFollow the advice in that bug report (bug 260687) and you should be right02:11
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 260687 in samba "Purging samba breaks login (pam_smbpass.so segfaults)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26068702:11
peepsaloti hope this sort of thing is not going to be a common occurance, this server has not even been up a week, and this is the second day I've had a chance to touch it.02:12
peepsalotand it's totally unusable02:12
hadsShouldn't be.02:12
peepsalotgoddamnit it was working, and I go to admin cups and it's broken again02:36
peepsalotthis is the most ridiculous crap i've ever seen02:37
peepsalotas soon as I add a printer everything breaks02:37
peepsalotactually, as soon as I do anything that involves entering my password through the cups web interface.02:38
=== peeps[ur] is now known as peepsalot
peepsalothads, do you know if this bug affects only 810?02:48
peepsalotor am I going to have the same nightmare after i spend another couple hours downgrading OS versions02:49
peeps[ur]agh i keep losing connection02:59
=== peeps[ur] is now known as peepsalot
peepsaloti don't know what I should do, my server is unusable03:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #317740 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31774003:26
owhpeepsalot: Did you read the comments and the work-around in the bug that hads showed you>03:27
peepsalotowh, yes I did the workaround at the end of that bug, and then as soon as I used cups webadmin again, the bug came back03:27
peepsaloti guess i don't need that package though, so I left it uninstalled this time, and I guess it's ok for now03:28
peepsaloti'm not entirely clear what that package is for03:29
owhpeepsalot: Uhm, cups web-admin doesn't install new authentication stuff after it has been installed that I know of. Are you talking about having done this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/278617/comments/203:29
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 278617 in samba "login crashed with SIGSEGV in dump_core() (dup-of: 260687)" [Undecided,New]03:29
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 260687 in samba "Purging samba breaks login (pam_smbpass.so segfaults)" [High,Fix released]03:29
owhpeepsalot: The action in comment # 2.03:29
peepsalotno i did this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/260687/comments/2103:30
owhSo, did that fix it?03:33
* owh has to leave. Later all.03:34
peepsalotdoes ubuntu server automount usb drives?04:07
_Cidpeepsalot:  didnt for me04:13
_Cidpeepsalot:  well..define auto mount I guess ....I had to configure it once, now it looks for it04:14
peepsaloton ubuntu desktop it automatically puts a directory in /media and mounts to it.  does not appear to happen in ubuntu server04:14
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kirklandnijaba: do you think you could add another entry to screen-profiles-helper, that would add/remove a line to the user's ~/.screenrc, that would set the escape sequence?05:09
kirklandnijaba: let them enter one character, and do it for them?05:09
uvirtbot`New bug: #301954 in amavisd-new (universe) "/var/log/mail.log spammed with amavis error messages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30195407:20
zsolty_ Hello, I have a problem with Remote Desktop. From Windows I can't connect to my Ubuntu box. In windows I am using realvnc. Can somebody guide me in the right direction? :)07:28
PC_NerdHi,  Im about to purchase a server to run 8.10 on, and wanted an opinion if its better to have 1x2GB ram or 4x512 which is more expensive?09:18
ikoniaPC_Nerd: that sounds like home PC09:18
ikoniaPC_Nerd: that's also a hardware question which I suggest you take to #hardware as it will depend on your motherboard09:18
PC_Nerdah ok. thanks ( itll be from dell, and they dont have the greatest explanations on hardware for servers)  Ill ask in #hardware09:19
ikoniaPC_Nerd: why not pickup the phone and talk to dell09:19
ikoniaPC_Nerd: they support their own hardware quite well, especially on the server platform09:20
PC_NerdYup ill do that - wanted an "ubuntu" related opinion first, since the person I was talking to was "distribution? we do offer linux (foudn out it was RH enterprise)09:21
temudjin_...hi guys09:24
ikoniaPC_Nerd: ubuntu opinion doesn't matter as it's hardware specific09:38
PC_NerdOk, understood.  I'm not exactly a hardware person, so I thought that maybe in terms of ubuntu server being built for server use, that an optimised hardware might make a lot of difference.... but aparently not ;)09:41
PC_NerdThe other thing, is if I boot from a USB, cna I format that USB drive back for normal disc usage ( moving files etc?)09:42
frippzI'm going to create a VM with JeOS 8.10 that will only run a proftpd server. would 256MB RAM suffice?13:40
sommerfrippz: I'd think so13:42
frippzsommer: great thanks13:42
Deepsdepends on the type of operations happening on your ftp server13:42
frippzvery few users13:42
Scixhow can i get DHPC3-SERVER to randomly assing a hostname?13:43
frippzin the time we've had a dedicated machine, there's only been two concurrent users logged on :D13:43
Deepscan probably get away with even less then13:43
frippzhmm, now that I think about it. it will be running samba as well13:44
Deepsit's useful to have lots of ram if you have say 30 users all downloading the same batch of files simultaneously - keeps the files in memory instead of reading from the disk13:44
frippzI might be running webmin off it as well to allow other users in the office add customer accounts13:45
frippzbut it will still be very rarely used13:45
uvirtbot`New bug: #317734 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysql initscript fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31773414:04
heath|workhow can I list mounted devices by their UUID?14:14
Scixis there a way get DHCP3-SERVER to automaticly apply a hostname for a computer if nostname is not set14:14
Scixusing preseeding over ethernet, and has to get the system to work totaly of-hands14:14
Scixthinking of a automaticaly randomly generatet hostname14:15
Scixthis whay i dont have to make 200 hostgroups in dhcpd.conf14:15
apacheloggerzul: pling... do you mind if I change mysql-5.1's rules to use cmake instead of autotools? if not:: does it have any known disadvantages?14:47
zulwhy do you want to change it?14:47
apacheloggerzul: because cmake got better structure, is faster and is just fun to work with14:49
apachelogger+ it got progress indication ;-)14:49
zulI do mind actually since either mathiaz or I would be doing the merge but if you want you can submit a patch to debian and see what they have to say about it14:50
Scixhow can i generate a incremental string15:40
ScixI must have something who can genrate a unique string for option host-name in dhcpd.conf15:42
Scixand binary2ascii fails15:42
frippzdamn it! a kvm xml-file got "accidentally" overwritten. is there anyway to generate a new one based on the machine runnning?15:53
sommerfrippz: not sure, but you might look into virsh define15:54
Nafallodumpxml even15:54
sommerfrippz: on second thought, that's probably not going to work15:54
Nafallofrippz: virsh dumpxml <hostname>15:55
sommerfrippz: if the vm is still running you could probably copy the xml file from another vm and update the mac address from the running one15:55
sommerfrippz: and any paths to the image file, etc15:55
sommeror dumpxml :-)15:56
frippzNafallo: you're a damn genius! :D15:56
frippzI was looking in that list, but never saw dumpxml15:56
frippzthanks a million15:56
Nafallonw, but I really wasn't the one implementing dumpxml. credits not due in my direction :-)15:57
frippzwell, you're a damn genius for pointing me in the right direction when my brain farted out :D15:57
Nafallohehe. fair enough :-)15:57
frippzand now to find out why the damn xml-file got written over in the first place. I need an after work beer :)15:59
frippzyup, forgot to change hostname in the cfg... god, I need to leave the office16:00
MatBoyhow is gfs supported on ubuntu ?16:10
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MadChopri have a mobo with two ethernet ports, one should connect to the outside world (like it's doing currently) and the other should never talk t the outside world at all nor should the outside world talk to it.  is this possible?17:59
MadChoprand how would i set thiis up; currently one ethernet port is set to dhcp, and i'd like the other one to be static ( or something)18:00
MadChoprDeeps: can you give me a quick run down on how i'd do this?18:00
Deepslets start with the interfaces file18:00
MadChopr/etc/if ?or somehing18:00
Deepsopen /etc/network/interfaces in your favourite text editor (nano, pico, vim, gvim, emacs, whatever)18:01
MadChoprah okay18:01
Deepspastebin what you see18:01
MadChoprrad, 2secs18:01
MadChoprthe bridge is for my virtual machines18:02
Deepsah ok18:02
MadChopri want some virtual machines on the internal ethernet and some on the extgernal18:02
MadChoprbut i'll deal with those later18:03
Deepscurrently they're on internal or external?18:03
Deepsexternal i guess based on what you've said earlier?18:03
MadChoprthe second ethernet port isn't configured at all from what i can tell.. and the primary one is currently on the internet (which is fine)18:03
Deepspresumably your second interface is eth1, you can confirm this with ifconfig -a | grep Ethernet18:05
MadChoprlooks like it, i can paste what the output is if you like.18:06
MadChoprer,, i mean it looks like eth1 is the second interface18:07
_rubenok .. this is weird .. my usenet downlaoads slowed to a crawl and when looking with tcpdump i see all packets are ~100 bytes and a tcp win of  50-15018:09
MadChoprno gateway needed, small network.. 8 computers..18:09
MadChoprDeeps: pasted that all into my /etc/network/interfaces file18:10
MadChoprhow do i restart network?  like... xinetd ihup or osmething?18:11
Deepsyou can simply ifup eth118:11
MadChoprhow do i get it so that there is not possible for one to talk to the other.. i don't want any pesky hasks0rs on my computers18:12
Deepsor ufw18:12
Deepsufw may be better18:12
Deeps!ufw | MadChopr18:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw18:12
MadChopryea, i been using this ufw thing18:12
Deepsblock input from your lan ip range on eth0, block input from anything but your lan ip range on eth118:13
MadChoprawesome that makes sense, i don't know why my brain couldn't conceive of that on it's own.18:13
MadChoprso if i got peoples socials and credit cards n the other side.... i should be alright as long as i keep the system updated, correct?18:14
Deepswell you shouldn't keep any of that in plain text18:15
Deepsas there's always the risk that your internet facing machine can get compromised18:15
Deepsthen leading the way into your lan18:15
Deepsnever store sensitive data in plain text18:16
Deepsthe iptables stuff simply reduces the risk of ip spoofing based attacks18:17
Deepsi.e. someone on the internet attempting to spoof their ip to appear in your lan ip range to bypass any potential firewalling18:17
Deepsideally, you'd store this data on a machine that has no direct route to the internet18:18
geniissh hopscotch in or so18:18
Deepsbetter would be offline entirely, but thats a bit impractical18:18
MadChoprDeeps: i see i see... interesting18:19
MadChoprssh hopscotch... like reverse forwarding or somesuch?18:19
Deepsas in, if you need to access the system from remote18:19
Deepsssh into another machine that is internet facing18:20
Deepsand then from there access the target system with your socials and cc's18:20
Deepsvia ssh or however18:20
MadChoprDeeps: the machines are all offline right now -- i don't want them to have access online, or have online to access them.... i was hoping the ufw would handle my worries.  i'm not sure the data is in plaintext, nor am i sure if it's encrypted at all... we run peachtree accounting18:20
Deepsthe harder it is for you to access the machine, the harder it is for someone else to find their way in18:20
MadChoprokay, i think you what you said makes sense.18:21
Deepsby 'offline' i mean completely detached from any network18:21
Deepsby 'no direct route to the internet', i mean you cant access the internet at all from it, nor can anyone on the internet connect to the machine18:21
MadChopryea, that's how they are now.... (well they are networked together, but not connected to the internet physically... i wuold like change that to make back-ups easier.18:22
jdstranddoing 'ufw enable' will deny incoming connections. it does not do egress filtering atm (but it's easily added to /etc/ufw/*.rules (see the NOTES section in the ufw man page)18:22
Deepsinstead having an intermediary machine that is connected to both the sensitive machines and the internet, and doing the work from there18:22
Deepsofc if that's all fully scripted and automated, then you're still at risk if the intermediary gets compromised18:23
MadChoprDeeps: .. understand... maybe something like that demilitarized zone i've read about?18:23
Deepsalternatively, have a proxy server running on the intermediary that the lan machines can connect through for internet access18:23
Deepsno, DMZ means all inbound ports allowed to that ip18:23
MadChoprah okay18:24
MadChoprDeeps: i need to take a minute and go help someone out; bbiab18:24
Deepsa proxy server on your intermediary is probably the 'best' solution, balancing security with usability18:24
Deepslan clients are fully shielded from the internet, and can only access what you allow in your proxy configuration18:25
MadChoprDeeps: rad, thank you for the insight.18:36
MadChopri do have a spare  box i can turn into an intermediatary18:37
slicslakanyone here with any fiber optics experience (or knowledge)?  I have a stupid question.  is there any speed difference between 10-gigabit copper ethernet and 10-gigabit fiber optic ethernet?18:58
slicslakrelated to that, for those of you using nfs storage arrays, generally speaking, have you found gigabit ethernet to be fast enough?  or have you found a situation where you wanted/needed to go 10-gigabit19:01
Nafallofiber optics yes, cx4 no :-)19:01
slicslakheh, any reasons why?19:06
simplexiodepends how big raid array you have behind ethernet19:10
Nafalloslicslak: any reasons why what? :-)19:11
slicslakthis is for a web cluster.  10GB of data is being stored on a sun ZFS storrage array for some 150 websites.19:12
slicslakI'm thinking about also storing the database files on the storage array as well.  so it would be both web and db servers access the array.  so i'm wondering if gigabit ethernet is enough, and if not, do i go copper or fiber with the 10GbE?19:13
slicslakNafallo, reasons why you prefer the fiber over cx4?  is it because of copper vs fiber, or is it just the cx4 standard you don't like?19:14
Nafalloslicslak: cx4 is quite new and the lengths you can use it isn't that good.19:15
* slicslak nods19:16
slicslaki'm not going to need anything over 10m19:16
geniicopper transmission quality degrades substantially the further it has to go. Also it's prone to emf interference19:16
Nafalloare you sure you'll need 10Gbps for what you're doing?19:17
chmacWhat's the best way to set the noop scheduler as the default? /etc/sysfs.conf? Add elevator=noop to grub?19:17
slicslakNafallo, no, I'm not sure at all.  In fact I suspect that gigabit will be enough.  But I have been asked about faster options, and so am researching.  Unfortunately there is not published on the topic, especially for real world situations.19:21
slicslakso if anyone has expereince with heavy traffic NFS solutions I'm interested!19:21
Nafalloslicslak: not that I know how your network is cobbled together, but might bonding be an option?19:23
slicslakNafallo, this is a new expansion, so we can go in any direction19:24
Nafalloslicslak: right. so you're not having a set list of hardware at all then?19:24
Nafallocause of course... that /would/ play a part in the whole.19:25
slicslak:)  ya.  http://www.sun.com/storage/disk_systems/unified_storage/7110/  is the only confirmed purchase so far19:26
slicslakit's their new zfs based storage array.19:26
slicslakgood point about bonding.  we should do that anyway.  all the servers will at least have two gigabit NICs on them.19:27
Nafallohmm. 2TB and you're going to use 10GB? :-)19:27
slicslakroom for expansion.  and iterative backups.  :)19:28
slicslakincremental that is19:28
Nafallocould say that... :-P19:28
Nafallo1.990TB for backups ;-)19:28
Nafallohow many servers?19:29
Nafallocause if that one have 4x1Gbps... would it be worth trying cross connections from each server? :-)19:30
slicslaknot sure yet.  the more we have the more requests will be split up among them so the less each has to serve.  until one of the sites get's slashdotted (or similar).19:30
slicslaki think we'll build this cluster with the default gigabit ethernet and then profile it and make further decisions from there.  can always add cards later.19:32
slicslakthanks for the help!19:32
Nafalloyea. that sounds like a good plan :-)19:33
Nafallono worries. was just about to say that I've ran out of ideas based on the information anyway ;-)19:33
Nafallowebsites are usually not very heavy though :-)19:33
Nafallounless they are "spetial" ;-)19:33
chmacI'm trying `cryptsetup luksClose blah` and getting device busy. lsof /dev/mapper/blah reveals nothing. Any other things I can try?19:36
simplexioall 4 ether port bonded to on 48 port gigbit ether switch + few webserver to handle all 150 websites19:36
chmacI've deactivated all the lvm volumes within the luks partition19:36
chmacDarn, I was trying to unmount my running system's encrypted wrapper! Working now that I use the correct device. :)19:37
simplexiochmac: you using encrypted stuff, any experince from software raid5 plus dm_crypt ?19:38
chmacsimplexio: Alas not. I use dm_crypt on my laptop. It's supported in the installer, so I know virtually nothing about it :)19:38
simplexiook.. i have allready decited to buy 4x1.5T seagate hdd, im just pondering which is "optimal" configuration19:39
simplexiois it 3 hdd in raid5 or 4 in raid519:40
Nafallosimplexio: how much storage do you need and for what purpose?19:40
simplexioNafallo: backup and "Family videos"19:41
simplexioi was thinking at one point that i would use those disk as shared /home/ on all linux computers what i have in lan19:42
Nafallosimplexio: so maximum storage. that would be RAID5 indeed. now the next question would be, what would you do if one breaks? :-)19:43
Nafallosimplexio: having a cold spare sitting, or using one of them as a hot spare, which means loosing 1.5TB on the volume :-)19:43
simplexioNafallo: i hope that i dont loose more disks19:43
simplexiothat is my problem, i mean with 4 disk its allmous same to go raid10 if i left one spare19:44
_rubenhaving one box for both storage and backups .. sounds, well, odd .. yet "common" :)19:45
simplexioif i dont , there is change that i lost all data on raid is little bit bigger19:45
_rubenraid10 has far better write performance compared to raid519:45
geniiI may be nostalgic but still like raid519:46
* Nafallo would probably have made a 4 disk RAID5 to get extra space :-)19:46
_rubeni have 2 6 disk raid4's here at home :)19:46
Nafalloand then a cold spare :-)19:46
_ruben6x200G pata .. 6x250G sata19:46
_rubenneoughta consolidate those into some 1 or 1.5TB disks based array :p19:47
genii_ruben: My desktop has two raid1 and a 4 disk raid5   (all crappy WD 1Tb)19:47
simplexioi have 6 hdd in my desktop, none in raid19:48
slicslakNafallo, simplexio, cool, thansk.19:48
simplexioi have notices that it much nicer to have dev databse in two hardisk, one home disk etc than one big raid019:49
_rubenraid0 isnt raid19:50
henkjanthe 0 in raid0 stays for the number of files you get back if one of your disks failes19:50
simplexioyeah.. it dosnt give any redundancy19:51
_rubenhehe, yeah19:51
_rubenand the r in raid is well .. redundant :p19:51
simplexiohenkjan: thats what i use when i think which one was stripping and which one was mirrored19:51
Nafalloit is raid.19:51
_rubenNafallo: how?19:52
simplexiowhich remind me to test 4disk raid0 when i get disks19:52
Nafallonot redundant, but raid :-)19:52
_rubenerr even19:52
Nafallowell. redundant amount of disks :-)19:52
_rubenstill doesnt compute very well here :)19:53
* Nafallo wonders how he actually got that one together and decides he didn't.19:53
* Nafallo shrugs19:53
Nafalloit's still called raid0 ;-)19:54
simplexioits was fun to have 2x120G raid0 in windows. it was fast but i lost 3 times files when another hd started to loose data19:55
* _ruben loves his 4G scsi disk in his P-233MHz .. that thing was blazing fast19:56
ivokszul: sorry about that bacula md5 mismatch19:56
zulivoks: no big deal19:56
ivokszul: i uploaded new version19:57
zulivoks: getting it now19:57
zulivoks: uploaded20:02
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
uvirtbot`New bug: #308903 in bacula (universe) "The bacula-dir.conf file is not present when installing Bacula (dup-of: 269251)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30890320:15
uvirtbot`New bug: #314746 in bacula (universe) "package bacula-console-qt does not install desktop entry" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31474620:15
ivokszul: our diff against debian is getting really big for bacula20:17
ivoksi'll try pushing some changes to debian20:17
luckyoneis there a way to upgrade from feisty to intrepid from the cmd line?20:26
ScottKBut not all at once (not a supported way anyway)20:28
ivoksupgrade to gutsy, then to hardy and then to intrepid20:28
luckyonesay I went into /etc/apt/sources.list and :%s/feisty/intrepid and then ran an apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade20:28
ivoksbut, use do-release-upgrade20:28
ScottKluckyone: If you were lucky you'd end up with a running system.  You might not.20:28
ScottKas ivoks says.20:28
luckyonecannot ssh to box yet...20:29
ivoksyou did dist-upgrade to intrepid?20:29
luckyonestill can't ssh to box... fuck20:30
ivoksyou dist upgraded from feisty to intrepid?20:30
luckyonethat was dumb20:30
ivoksyes :)20:30
luckyonesorry for swearing in this channel20:31
luckyoneI thought I was in another one!20:31
luckyoneand we have connected, wheew20:31
hadsYour nick suits you today20:32
luckyoneit does everyday - you should see my wife!!!!20:32
luckyoneto gutsy we go!20:33
luckyonethank you fellow server admins!20:35
luckyoneagain, I apologize for swearing in the channel, I thought I was in another one - honestly20:36
luckyoneI was like, ivoks what are you doing in #freehat?20:36
luckyoneSouthron: it is a realy channel that I am in20:37
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Nafallosimplexio: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=207931 <-- you might want to check up on your 1.5TB drives mate...21:55
alexb2283i just asked in the main channel, but maybe someone here knows:21:56
alexb2283 is there any reason for me to keep consolekit & dbus on my console only jaunty server install? consolekit keeps segfaulting (there's tons of bugreports for this, but no fix yet)21:56
alexb2283i'm merely asking if i would break anything important by purging them21:57
simplexioNafallo: yeah. googled it. friend friend has same 4x setup and no problems22:00
Nafallosimplexio: still worth checking up on it IMHO :-)22:00
simplexiohmm google 'ST31500341AS firmware' gives many .torrents files22:03
simplexiohave to check current status again22:04
stormblueGood Afternoon all!22:15
Jeeves_Evening :)22:28
stormblueYeah, it now is evening!22:29
Jeeves_Well, it was before :)22:29
stormblueWe must be in a different time zones :)22:33
Jeeves_I guess so22:33
luckyonehello all22:47
luckyoneI have just gone through several upgrades, one release at a time22:47
luckyonein the final one, from hardy to intrepid, I am having some problems getting ubuntu-standard processed22:48
luckyoneit seems that atd isn't starting or staying up when I manually start it, so that is preventing the upgrade from totally completing22:49
stormblueluckyone: what seems to be the issue?22:49
stormblueWhat's atd?22:51
alexb2283i'd say that's an awkward moment22:52
stormblueAnyone know why I'd get ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused sometimes when I try to connect.  It seems like when I restart the client meachine it goes away for a while.22:53
alexb2283luckyone: have you tried a) checking your logs and b) stracing atd ?22:53
luckyonewhere does atd log?22:57
* hads assumes syslog22:57
alexb2283luckyone: syslog22:57
alexb2283luckyone: apt-get install strace && man strace22:57
luckyonealexb2283: I can't install anything until apt finishes processing my upgrade22:58
luckyoneluckily it is installed22:58
alexb2283i forgot, sorry22:59
luckyoneI have it, I have run it on atd22:59
alexb2283it might also help if you pastebinned the output you get when you try dist-upgrading22:59
luckyonealexb2283: I was hoping someone would offer to look at that :)23:00
alexb2283there's no promise i can help, but i can try23:00
stormblueHave you tried ubuntuform.org or google.com for the text output of dist-upgrading?23:01
luckyonehehe, 2 sets of eyes are better than one23:01
stormblueCan someone take a peek at http://pastebin.com/m8754c1c it's my sshd output.  Wondering if anyone has any ideas?23:01
alexb2283luckyone: have you tried purging at just to get a fresh start ?23:03
stormbluehttp://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg1056692.html is this related?23:03
luckyonealexb2283: what do you think I should purge?23:04
alexb2283try: dpkg --purge --force-depends at23:04
luckyonedone, then apt-get install it?23:05
alexb2283stormblue: aside from some possibly low level network network issues, your log looks good23:05
alexb2283stormblue: how are the two involved machines connected ?23:06
luckyonealexb2283: wow, that worked, I reinstalled it and now life seems to be good23:06
luckyoneCalculating upgrade... Done23:07
luckyone0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.23:07
stormblueClient -[wifi] - Router -[ethernet] - switch - [ethernet] - server23:07
alexb2283luckyone: if you try to dist upgrade it should automatically reinstall and also finish your distupgrade23:07
luckyoneI feel all current and what not!23:07
alexb2283luckyone: good :D23:07
alexb2283another happy customer i guess ;)23:07
luckyoneyeah, thanks for the tips!23:07
luckyoneI was happy when it was broken23:07
luckyoneubuntu and ubuntu-ers rock!23:08
luckyoneprobably my favorite people on the planet23:08
* luckyone bought his hot wife the ubuntu thong off of cafe press =)23:08
stormblueluckyone: Prove it!23:08
alexb2283stormblue: maybe some sort of powersaving kicking in or wifi issues ? i'd make sure it's not a hardware fault in between the machines by using a crossover cable just for testing (if possible at all)23:09
alexb2283stormblue / luckyone : that was unexpected... but good. i'd like proof as well :P23:09
alexb2283powersaving on the wifi that is23:09
alexb2283but it's just a random guess23:09
stormblueYeah, I don't think it's power saving.  I'm plugged it and It messes up over etherent too.  It's weird...It works sometimes, but other times not.23:10
alexb2283stormblue: also, if i can't help you, the #ubuntu channel might be of more help to you, this isn't necessarily -server related23:10
luckyonestormblue: I will foward you the reciept23:10
Deepsproof that it's for your wife23:11
Deepsand not for you23:11
Deepsis what he meant to say23:11
alexb2283over ethernet... is that with all the hardware in between as well ? (router/switch)23:11
luckyoneit wouldn't fit me...23:11
stormblueWhat does this line: Read error from remote host Connection reset by peer specificaly mean?  That means it's a client issue right?23:11
stormbluelucky, actually, I meant to focus on the hot part.23:11
stormblueYeah, alexb2283, router and switch still between.23:12
Deepsunfortunately when it comes to wives, hot is very subjective23:12
luckyoneahhh, http://www.jenniandjordan.com/v/wedding/ceremony/DSC_0243.JPG.html23:12
luckyonethat's us23:12
Deepsthis is a PG channel23:13
alexb2283stormblue: that error could be anything on osi layer 3 and down. i would try to establish a connection as direct as possible23:13
Deepsunfortunately that prevents me from reacting23:13
Deepslets just say 'bravo'23:13
luckyone(and the server dishing that out is *very* recently upgraded to intrepid!!!)23:13
stormbluealexb2283: 10-4.23:13
luckyoneyeah, in the US we call that 'out punting your coverage'23:13
alexb2283stormblue: 1-323:13
alexb2283luckyone: beautiful, in a G-sort of way :)23:14
luckyoneyeah, wedding days are that way23:14
alexb2283luckyone: that kind of g: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Association_of_America_film_rating_system#Ratings23:14
stormblueluckyone: are you  rocking the lamp stack?23:17
stormblueWedding pictures are lies anyway.  You know she doesn't look like that when she wakes up first thing!23:17
luckyonestormblue: haha - yeah, LAMP23:17
stormblueNice.  I used to run a LAMP server, but then I didn't have the time to maintain it.23:17

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