stgraberogasawara: nand found what's wrong with the package status pages00:17
ogasawarastgraber: great00:17
stgraberogasawara: looks like the data directory containing the .xml wasn't synced after the server was reinstalled00:17
ogasawarastgraber: ahh00:17
stgraberogasawara: so nand will poke Ng tomorrow to have him turn the sync on again, so we'll get the .xml back and everything should work again :)00:17
ogasawarastgraber: awesome, thanks!00:18
ogasawarabdmurray: ^^00:18
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lfaraoneogasawara: hi, I have a Dell XPS M1330 and S/R fails on it, but with a different hash match than the one reported in bug 160319. After retesting on Jaunty, should I open a new bug since the hash matches a different component, or should I update the description of the existing bug?02:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 160319 in linux-source-2.6.22 "resume fails on Dell XPS M1330" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16031902:21
ogasawaralfaraone: if you can just update the existing bug to contain the more up to date information that would be great02:22
lfaraoneogasawara: ok, thanks. are fails on hibernate and suspend different problems?02:23
ogasawaralfaraone: yes, do both fail for you?02:23
lfaraoneogasawara: yes, hibernate doens't even turn off, just freezes the x process, drops to a tty, then "resumes" back to a lock screen.02:24
ogasawaralfaraone: if you can open a separate bug for that it would be great02:25
lfaraoneogasawara: Ok. Just got the new lappy and am playing with all the functionality.02:26
TheMusoslangasek: we have completed studio testing, so unless you think we really need some of these more recent changes, I think we are good to go with what we have.02:34
slangasekTheMuso: the more recent changes are either things that shouldn't impact ubuntustudio, or uploads that were done without talking to me, so I think we're good. :)02:35
TheMusoslangasek: ok thanks.02:35
slangasekubuntu desktop images up for testing, finally (whee)04:14
RAOFAha.  I'll test those then now :)04:16
RAOFOh, dear lord. nv really, really doesn't like OO Impress slideshows10:12
RAOFIs universe meant to be enabled by default?10:28
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RAOFLet's install this sucker.10:51
mrvanesdoes anybody know when the circular dependancy on mysql-server-5.0/1 is going to be resolved? Or the downgrade to be fixed?11:12
mrvanesin jaunty btw11:12
davmor2nope even11:12
mrvanesis it a known problem?11:13
mrvanesI mean: should I file a bug?11:13
davmor2if there isn't one then yes11:13
mrvanesIt's a known problem with the kubuntu developers...11:27
RAOFAnd the Ubuntu developers, too.11:27
cgreganbdmurray: ping18:10
bdmurraycgregan: hello18:14
cgregan´╗┐bdmurray: Has a change been made to LP?...our buttontags script stopped working18:15
bdmurraycgregan: edge or main18:16
cgregan´╗┐bdmurray: main18:16
bdmurraycgregan: this is the first I've heard of it I'll let you know18:17
bdmurrayer, I'm looking into it18:18
cgregan´╗┐bdmurray: thanks18:18
sridI'm just curious if folks are working on automated testing, or have they dropped it already? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/automated-testing18:34
sridI'd be interested in contributing to it as I am working on similar efforts at my job18:34
slangasekdavmor2: hi, how goes alpha-3 ISO testing?19:53
davmor2slangasek: now I've fixed my hd with a low-level format a lot better :) still loads to do cause of all the re-spins but starting to get to get down them now19:55
slangasekdavmor2: do you think we'll be through them all tonight?19:55
davmor2slangasek: well I'm staggering them as much as possible so I don't see why most things want have at least one test19:56
davmor2slangasek: ubuntu mid is the only one I won't be testing so I don't know if you want to get onto someone on the mobile team to nail that one20:02
slangasekyes, we ought to get someone from mobile to test that20:02
davmor2slangasek: if you want you could test pidgin and ekiga they're the only 2 apps I've not really looked at all the others start up with much-a-do20:10
charlie-tcaxubuntu alternate worked!20:15
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davmor2charlie-tca: have you done xubuntu-alt-64bit?20:19
charlie-tcanot yet20:19
slangasekdavmor2: mm, I probably won't get a chance to do any app testing there - not really mandatory either, though20:20
charlie-tcasorry, that was alternate 32-bit that worked.20:20
davmor2charlie-tca: if you get chance too that would be great then it frees me up to concentrate on ubuntu and edubuntu20:20
charlie-tcano problem that is20:21
charlie-tcaDo you want me to run some on ubuntu i386, too20:21
davmor2slangasek: np's like I say they are the only 2 I haven't really looked at and that's only cause of the setup wizard etc20:22
davmor2charlie-tca: I'm just starting on them now but thanks20:22
charlie-tcaokay, going do the xubuntu 64-bit then20:22
davmor2charlie-tca: Ta20:23
sbeattiecharlie-tca: which xubuntu-amd64 are you doing?20:41
charlie-tcaalternate install; manual partition20:42
sbeattieokay, I'll do a entire disk install20:44
mikhmvwhere can i download ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 3?20:54
davmor2you can't it isn't released yet20:58
mikhmvhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/TechnicalOverview published it to early?20:58
davmor2mikhmv: that's isn't the release announcement though we are still test the candidate images till there is enough coverage it isn't released21:01
slangaseksmb_tp_: it confuses me that you're the only one to report bug #31798321:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 317983 in meta-kde "ksmserver crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31798321:07
smb_tp_slangasek, Well it seems strange. Either this is my external usbdrive install, special hw or (better check that now) the cd is subtle defect.21:09
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smb_tp_slangasek, Do you know where apport would store the collected data?21:13
slangasekbdmurray: ^^ ?21:16
davmor2smb_tp_: /var/crash normally21:18
smb_tp_davmor2, Ok, thanks.21:18
smb_tp_CD passed test21:18
charlie-tcaxubuntu 64-bit manual install passes21:19
smb_tp_I do a memory test to be on the safe side21:19
davmor2Yay :)21:19
davmor2nice one charlie-tca21:19
charlie-tcaI'm trying :-)21:20
* davmor2 thinks it's too tempting to say very ;)21:20
charlie-tcai know, i know21:22
davmor2smb_tp_: anyjoy?21:24
davmor2any joy even21:24
smb_tp_davmor2, mem test is running without problems so far. I'll give it at leastone full run and then go for the live boot again21:25
smb_tp_ubuntu-alternate look well so far (if you take out that I don't like the new volume control)21:26
charlie-tcaI'm going for 64-bit alternate with full encryption21:35
davmor2charlie-tca: good work I'm off to bed now nn22:07
charlie-tcagood night22:08
mikhmvCan I participate in testing iso alfa322:10
mikhmvhggdh: you mention: help with testing the ISOs is needed22:18
mikhmvhggdh: How can I help in this? Where can I download ISO ubuntu Alpha3?22:19
hggdhmikhmv, you can get them from http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/22:28
hggdhplease try to follow the test procedures22:28
hggdhmikhmv, also, please keep in mind these are *NOT* necessarily the final ISO images for Alpha3: a bad bug will have to be corrected...22:29
mikhmvit is ok. I have now one not working comp....22:35
mikhmvand it doesn't matter what i will test on it. With Alpha2 it is freeze once per hour or even often22:36
cjwatsonhave you reported the problem? it's relatively unlikely (although possible) that it has been magically fixed22:39
mikhmvcjwatson: bug 31656622:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 316566 in xorg "xorg freeze randomly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31656622:40
cjwatsonmikhmv: ok, good, doesn't obviously look like it's been fixed yet though. It's worth checking of course22:41
mikhmvcjwatson: I will check22:43
charlie-tcaxubuntu looks good now22:50

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