brycetjaalton: btw I've added links to dsc files at http://bryceharrington.org/X/PkgList/versions_current.html03:21
tjaaltonbryce: xorg-server rc1 already has the patches you added/modified, and it's the next version that'll be uploaded :)09:58
brycetjaalton: well maybe 155 but not 15610:07
tjaaltonbryce: yes, you're right10:08
bryceI had to sort out 155 to understand 156, so wasn't a complete waste of time ;-)10:09
tjaaltongood :)10:14
brycebtw, I also looked at 107 some more and reviewed all the comments around it in the upstream tracker10:27
bryceand I'm much less convinced now that we're going to be able to leave it disabled10:27
brycestill, it'll be worth the experiment just in case10:27
bryce(ajax's commentary in particular)10:27
tjaaltonwhat's the upstream bug again?10:37
bryceLP: #254468, http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17046210:41
ubottuKDE bug 170462 in compositing "Video garbage when drawing new object (Comment #54)" [Normal,Reopened]10:41
tjaaltonright, I remember that discussion :)10:41
tseliotyes, the problem is solved by removing a patch11:10
tjaaltontseliot: what you missed was:11:13
tjaalton12:27 < bryce> btw, I also looked at 107 some more and reviewed all the comments around it in the upstream tracker11:13
tjaalton12:27 < bryce> and I'm much less convinced now that we're going to be able to leave it disabled11:13
tjaalton12:27 < bryce> still, it'll be worth the experiment just in case11:13
tjaalton12:28 < bryce> (ajax's commentary in particular)11:13
tseliottjaalton: ah, ok so it's likely that we'll leave the patch in the package, right?11:14
tjaaltontseliot: could be, yes.. the next upload will disable it though11:15
tseliotok, let's experiment a bit then11:15
tjaaltonto see what the performance hit is11:15
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: any chance of those X packages today?13:55
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: not before alpha3 is released13:57
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: ok :)13:58
tjaaltonjcristau: thinking about adding linux-libc-dev to the xserver-xorg-dev Deps, since that's where the drm headers are going in Debian too (sometime)?14:00
tjaaltonbryce: thanks for bumping the importance of the drm header issue .)14:17
tjaaltonheh, so now the intel pageflipping support is being removed from mesa, and AIUI it's closely related to the drm header mess.. I'll try to see if the patch makes mesa build against current headers15:08
tjaaltonand if it really is broken old code, it should be removed from the ddx driver too..15:13
tjaaltonoh, and there's a patch sent to intel-gfx@15:16
superm1bryce, you had an autofire off on bug 315588. i wont be able to get lspci, but all the information you would get from it should be available elsewhere in the bug16:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315588 in xserver-xorg-video-vesa "Hardware w/ 1600x900 LCD does not boot up using vesa" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31558816:37
solarionanyone know where to get the updated synaptics driver to use an elantech touchpad?16:39
solarionseems like a resounding no16:40
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NCommanderhey bryce17:50
solarionanyone familiar with synaptics around here?18:56
BUGabundo1where is the best place to report bugs or odd behaviour on the nvidia-settings program?18:57
tjaaltonBUGabundo1: launchpad18:58
superm1launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-settings likely18:58
tjaaltonsolarion: I've no knowledge, sorry :)18:59
tjaaltondon't have one18:59
solarionI was just saying hey.  :)19:00
solarionthough if you happen to know what version of the synaptics driver supports elantech touchpads, I'd be glad for the knowledge.  :)19:00
solarionah "You will need Xorg Synaptics driver 0.99.1 or newer (0.99.2, 0.99.3) to interoperate with the 2.6.28 kernel Elantech driver! "19:01
tjaaltonoh, jaunty still has 0.1519:01
tjaalton0.15.2 to be precise19:01
solarioncan I has?  :)19:01
* solarion would love to frickin' finally be able to use his touchpad as Asus intended19:02
tjaaltonnot before alpha3 is out19:02
tjaaltonand the backlog is loong19:03
solarionaww.  :(19:03
solariondo you know why the mouse (without synaptics support) would be jerky?19:03
solarionseems to snap to some invisible, non-1-pixel grid19:03
solarionthe xorg backlog in ubuntu, or jaunty backlog in general?19:04
tjaaltonwe have a few packages to update19:04
tjaaltonlibdrm, mesa, intel, xserver ...19:04
* solarion looks forward to the updates19:04
solarionis this related to the new intel modesetting(?) code drop in the kernel?19:05
tjaaltonno, jaunty won't have that19:05
solarionwhat's holding things up?19:05
tjaaltonit needs 2.6.2919:05
solarionah, and jaunty is 2.6.28?19:05
tjaaltonand will be19:06
solarionaww.  Even though .29 should be released before 9.04?19:06
tjaaltonstill way too late19:06
solarionyeah, I was 'fraid of that19:06
solarionwhat's the holdup on the packages?19:06
solarion(i.e. the cause of the aforementioned backlog)19:07
tjaaltonthe drm headers are now provided by the kernel (linux-libc-dev), but the userspace expects to see the latest goo19:08
tjaaltonso -intel and mesa fail to build19:08
solarioncoding stuff then, not testing19:08
tjaaltonbut in fact the reason seems to be that they both contain stale code that never got in the kernel drm19:08
* solarion has time to maybe do minor testing, but not any coding19:09
* solarion heads to lunch19:09
tjaaltonwell, these will hopefully fix a few problems19:09
jcristautjaalton: what does xserver-xorg-dev need that's moving to the kernel?19:11
tjaaltonjcristau: the drm headers, ie. linux-libc-dev. otherwise the drivers should depend on it19:11
jcristauthe drivers that include drm headers should build-dep on it, yeah19:12
tjaaltonok, the description is a bit misleading then :) "Unless you are developing or building a driver.."19:12
tjaaltonI mean, does it hurt to have the drm headers installed, compared to adding the dep to the ones that need them=19:13
tjaaltonI'm fine with either approach, it's a one-time change anyway.. (hopefully)19:13
jcristauit doesn't hurt, no. i just find it ugly :)19:16
tjaaltonugly to put in x-x-dev?-)19:17
tjaaltonah, yes19:17
tjaaltonor maybe libdrm-dev should depend on it19:19
tjaaltonsince it #includes drm.h19:20
tjaaltonthat would be Clean :)19:20
tjaaltonhey bryce_ 19:30
tjaaltonjbarnes confirmed that the correct approach to make intel & mesa to build again is to drop the pageflipping code from both19:31
bryce_yeah I saw th ebug.  I assume you know the patch or change he's referring to?19:31
tjaaltonit was on intel-gfx@19:32
bryce_ok cool19:33
tjaaltonand the mesa patch on mesa3d-dev@19:33
tormodhi guys19:36
tormodare we getting libdrm 2.4.3 in jaunty soon?19:37
tjaaltonno, but maybe 2.4.4 :)19:37
tjaaltonwhen alpha3 is released19:37
tormodcool :)19:37
tormodalpha3? today?19:37
bryce_btw, today I'm heya tormod19:38
tormodbryce_: grammar? :P19:39
tormodI guess after libdrm 2.4.4, there will be intel 2.6.0 ?19:40
tjaaltonbecause the new libdrm basically breaks the current intel19:41
tormodhorse and carriage19:41
tjaaltonlove and marriage19:41
bryce_tormod: sorry was in the middle of saying something else19:44
bryce_today I'm downtown with some canonical/community folks.  pdx conclave sort of thing19:44
tormodbryce_: np, I got that19:44
bryce_so will be focusing on hotkey stuff today19:45
bryce_next week, my dad is unfortunately going to be in the hospital for surgery, so I'm going to be taking some time off19:45
bryce_anyway, so to say I may be semi-AWOL for about the next week or so19:46
tjaaltonoh, take care..19:47
tormodbest wishes19:48
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tjaaltonwgrant: hey, I've merged synaptics in git.. could you check if the modifications in the fdi file were ok? synced that with upstream..22:18
wgranttjaalton: Sure, looking now... I'd been meaning to do that myself, but I've been rather tied up with work :(22:19
wgrantI think we'll need to alter the defaults a bit, as they're changed significantly from what we have always had.22:21
tjaaltonok.. upstream dropped the "match vendor" bits completely, so it'll need some work if you still want to do that22:22
wgrantThat fdi file looks good.22:22
wgrantI mean defaults like disabling edge-scrolling if we can detect multi-finger taps.22:23
tjaaltonah, ok22:23
tjaaltonhrm, mesa build still fails even with the no-pageflipping patch22:25
bryce_btw I spoke with slangasek about hotkey bugs and a default place to put them if we don't know where they actually belong... he suggests filing them against hal23:42
bryce_slangasek says alpha3 is now released23:48

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