HokI accidentially pressed the Close button... Stupid me.00:00
perilluxrunderwo: this is the only linux system  have.  the others are all windows00:00
HokJack_Sparrow: What did you say?00:00
Jack_SparrowHok, the other will suggest resizing windows partition.. and in your case.. you dont want that one either00:00
HokJack_Sparrow: What does the first one do?00:00
Jack_SparrowHok, Use entire drive is the option you want00:00
runderwoperillux: okay, so smbclient to your localhost doesn't work either?  what's the error?00:00
Jack_SparrowHok, tries to resize your existing (and broken) windows install00:01
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HokJack_Sparrow: What option? All I see is like delete partition and add partition.00:01
perilluxrunderwo: let me try and get the error again so I can see.00:01
Jack_SparrowHok, then you are still in manual or guided00:01
snarksterim really having a heck of a time with installing some applications.. what is that dpkg way of fixing broken packages.00:01
HokJack_Sparrow: Yes, manual. What should I be in? (Sorry about being such a noob with this, thanks for bearing with me)00:01
perilluxrunderwo: I have no users or anything, security = share  and guests are allowed so passwords/permissions shouldn't be a problem00:02
Jack_SparrowHok, Understood, but I have said repeatedly.. not using manual partitiong00:02
jef_untu1Jack_Sparrow: FYI : http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810#Hard%20disks%20potentially%20not%20shown%20when%20installing%20in%20Live%20CD%20mode00:02
HokJack_Sparrow: OK... are there other options other then Manual and Guided?00:02
Jack_Sparrowjef_untu1, Yes, I have seen it..00:02
RapscallionIs there a setting somewhere that I need to actually set to get my s-video port to work?00:02
runderwoperillux: I agree00:02
Jack_SparrowHok, yes, 4 options if I  remember correctly, scroll back as I have described each of them to you00:03
jef_untu1then i have to unmont my HD00:03
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.00:03
perilluxrunderwo: "could not display "smb://keiths/ubuntu-laptop1/shared"00:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about broken00:03
HokJack_Sparrow: Actually my IRC client quit so I missed that... =(00:03
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)00:03
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randalhey does anyone know if there is a program that is like boot camp that lets you run windows in native00:04
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runderwoperillux: is the hostname keiths?00:04
Jack_SparrowHok, when you hit step 4  .. the partitioner.  tell it to use the entire drive00:04
jp_sfsnarkster: you can msg the bot00:04
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jp_sfsnarkster: what is your problem ?00:04
jp_sfsnarkster: with the package manager00:04
runderwoperillux: try smbclient //ubuntu-laptop1/shared00:04
eseven73!nickspam | zc00gii00:04
ubottuzc00gii: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »00:04
perilluxrunderwo: when I go to the workgroup it just shows up empty, if I type the path to "shared" manually I get that error.  However, on my windows machines when I view workgroup computers I can actually see the samba server (just can't connect).  so it's strange that windows can see my server, but this machine that the server is running on can't even see itself.00:04
snarksteri got some conflicts that apt-get -f install wont fix00:05
perilluxrunderwo: the workgroup is keiths00:05
zc00giieseven73: sorry, was grouping my other nick to my accoun00:05
tekstacyCan someone give me a hand with ssh?00:05
HokJack_Sparrow: Hmm00:05
RapscallionDo I have to set something somewhere to get my s-video port to work?00:05
Jack_Sparrowsnarkster, were you trying to install things from outside our supported repos?00:05
mizipzorrubygems still cant compile a gem, have i missunderstood rubygems or failed to install the relevant headers? output of install command: http://pastebin.com/d10e3c4fd00:05
HokJack_Sparrow: So what your saying is that there are two more radio buttons next to Guided and Manual that I'm not seeing?00:05
zc00giitekstacy: sure :D00:05
randalhey does anyone know if there is a program that is like boot camp that lets you run windows in native (so i can play games00:05
eseven73zc00gii: ah you ddid it like 3 times so i was like yeah. :)00:06
snarkstercan you just tell me the dpkg line00:06
Jack_SparrowHok, what version or release of ubuntu are you using or trying to install00:06
runderwoperillux: it sounds like a browse master issue, but we need to know if you can actually connect first00:06
wassy121_randal - wine runs some games, depending on what you need.00:06
tekstacyIt's installed on 2 machines on my lan. I can ssh localhost, but not to the other machine. Port 22 is open00:06
HokJack_Sparrow: Intrepid Ibex00:06
HokJack_Sparrow: See this if you want: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103846200:06
jp_sfsnarkster: what sudo  dpkg -C is giving you00:07
zc00giitekstacy: make sure the ssh daemon is running on the remote machine00:07
wassy121_snarkster: depends on what is broken, and how broken it is.00:07
HokJack_Sparrow: It might explain my problem better.00:07
pwhipphelp - my xwindows is broken after the ubuntu nvidia driver update. how do I get it to start with the default drivers?00:07
randalwassy121 im looking for a vm that can run a os native like boot camp is there even suck a program00:07
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tekstacyum, isn't there an easy cli way to do that?00:07
wassy121_randal: not a good (complete/stable) one, no.  Maybe Xen is what you are looking for?00:07
Jack_SparrowHok, Is this a dell or hp and did you do the self test of the cd for errors00:08
wassy121_randal: maybe virtualbox from Sun?  Maybe vmware?00:08
wassy121_randal: but, I have had decent luck with wine just running the game through a "fake" api.00:08
runderwopwhipp: in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, change Driver 'nvidia' to Driver 'nv'00:08
HokJack_Sparrow: Dell Desktop. Yeah I tested the CD for errors and it was fine.00:08
randalwassy121 wine sucks it never works for me00:08
pwhipprunderwo: thanks I'll try that now00:08
randalwassy121 virtual box does not run native its virtual00:08
perilluxrunderwo: check your private message00:09
eseven73Sun's virtualbox is nice randal try that.00:09
Jack_SparrowHok, Reburn a new cd at the slowest possible speed.. Dells and HP .. I dont know why, but they are fussy about the speed at which the disks are burned00:09
wassy121_randal: boot camp doesn't run it native.00:09
zc00giitekstacy: make sure you state the person you are talking to, anyway, try installin the servr, not just the client on the remoter machine00:09
wassy121_randal: short answer is "what you are looking for doesn't exist, run Windows if you need native Windows"00:09
Jack_SparrowHok, My pizza is ready, time for me to go00:09
randalwassy121 yes it does it runs from hardware not virtualy00:09
HokJack_Sparrow: OK. I'll try that. Will you still be here in like 30-45 mins?00:09
randalwassy121 im going to try vmware00:10
HokJack_Sparrow: OK. I'll download it and burn it.00:10
jp_sfJack_Sparrow: no you mean you leave irc sometimes ? no way00:10
RapscallionIs there something I have to set to get my s-video port to work00:10
tekstacyzcOOgi, the daemon, is that /usr/bin/sshd?00:10
Hokjp_sf: -.-00:10
eseven73haha even the pirate lord must eat (refering to Jack_Sparrow )  :)00:10
Faded0neim making the change to linux i was just wondering if i type a paper with openoffice and save it as a doc will it open correctly in ms word?00:10
dr_willisFaded0ne,  it should.. When in doubt keep the paper 'simple'  no fancy features00:11
eseven73you could save it as a pdf00:11
eseven73all OS's read pdf i think00:12
RapscallionWould saving it as an RTF make a difference?00:12
dr_willisRapscallion,  that  should work. but may lose some formatting.00:12
dr_willisRapscallion,  when in doubt.. keep things simple.00:12
RapscallionTrue :)00:12
tekstacyzc00gii, i have the client/server metapackage.  Should I add something else?00:12
zc00giitekstacy: idk, ask someone else, sorry, got busy :\00:13
tekstacyno prob00:13
tekstacyIt worked until an "update".  Reminds me of Windows00:14
pwhipprunderwo: that resulted in a completely blank screen00:15
KalanI have an interseting question... My ISP turned off my internet the other day because i was connecting to undernet a lot and they submitted an abuse case. I have blocked the IRC ports in iptables so it can't connect out but i can not find what is starting the process that keeps spawning the IRC connections00:16
randalcan you get vm fusion on linux00:16
runderwopwhipp: interesting00:16
Kalani can't find anything in the logs, i have killed every process but SSH00:16
Jack_Sparrowrandal, if you are looking for decent 3d in vm.. not really00:16
pwhipprunderwo: system is in a mess I think. How do I get out of the blank screen without making things worse00:16
dr_willisKalan,  some viruses can do that.. but you are running Linux correct?00:16
Kalanwww-data is the user running them, as far as i'm aware i have no IRC client00:16
Kalanyes ubuntu :)00:17
jp_sfKalan: netstat -a -p00:17
dr_willisKalan,  thats weird..   this is a home lan? or some other setup?00:17
FerramHello #ubuntu00:17
runderwopwhipp: try changing 'nv' to 'vesa' :)00:17
HokJack_Sparrow: Hey, do you know how to set the burn speed in BurnAware professional?00:17
pwhipprunderwo: ok - will have to try to get in first...00:18
runderwopwhipp: ctrl-alt-F1 ?00:18
pwhipprunderwo: does nothing00:18
FerramCan someone tell me how WoW compatability is developing, especially with Compiz?  Wanting to put Ubuntu back on my desktop, and WoW is the -only- thing my GF does on there00:18
BachiirOkay, so, I've made a little progress, but now I've got MORE cryptic errors from cdrecord: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d72c6a990.00:18
BachiirCan anyone shed light on these new developments?00:18
Kalanhttp://www.newbierpg.com/~tschulte/ubuntu.txt for the info00:18
dr_willisFerram,  thats more of a WINE question.. when in doubt.. just turn off compiz.. you game should run faster anyway with it off.00:19
runderwopwhipp: you can reboot into single user mode, too00:19
dr_willis!appds | Ferram00:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about appds00:19
dr_willis!appdb | Ferram00:19
ubottuFerram: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:19
beren_Hey, so, when are you going to release a new Ubuntu?00:19
pwhipprunderwo: what is single user mode?00:19
lolcakesberen_: tomorrow00:19
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases00:19
runderwopwhipp: reboot and choose the recovery option at the boot menu00:20
pwhipprunderwo: I've just used the top recovery mode to get back in00:20
beren_lolcakes: cool00:20
beren_I'll download it00:20
runderwopwhipp: yep00:20
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FerramI was wanting more of anybody's personal experiences with it than Wine help.  I had it working, but not -well-, was wanting to talk to Ubuntu users specifically about it00:20
pwhipprunderwo: i think I know why it was a blank screen - dual monitors00:21
Jack_SparrowFerram, #ubuntu-offtopic is the right channel for discussions etc00:21
runderwoBachiir: OPC failure usually means bad media, but you'll also see that with a worn out burner00:21
runderwopwhipp: that would complicate things00:21
runderwoBachiir: one way you can check what is going on is by trying to burn at a slower speed00:22
dr_willisDoes it seem to other people that dvd-cd-burners these days just dont seem to last very long?00:22
runderwoBachiir: if OPC fails at the higher speed but works at slower speeds, then your burner is on the way out.00:22
dr_willisIm about ready to buy a 3rd one for this machine..  I burn perhaps 100 dvd's a month00:22
Flanneldr_willis: #ubuntu-offtopic for such questions00:22
pwhipprunderwo: indeed. so... I'll try commenting out the twin view and other option under screen00:23
shiv_jHow do I fi synaptic permanently. Why do I have to keep doing sudo update-apt-xapian-index eveytime I add a repo?00:23
shiv_jHow do I fix synaptic permanently. Why do I have to keep doing sudo update-apt-xapian-index eveytime I add a repo?00:23
trippsswhat is a good app to record your screen and create a video file? I want to record a walk through demo of an application but can't find the app to do it.00:23
Jack_Sparrowshiv_j, Please dont repeat00:23
patxcan jsut anyone amke an ubuntu mailing list or do you have to go through some admin member thing?00:23
mib_lb962vim sorry to interrupt but is this the place to ask if I'm having a problem connecting my wireless? It was working then I switched connections and when I went to switch back, it wouldn't work.00:24
Jack_Sparrowshiv_j, If you dont update the list of files after you add a repo how will apt-get / synaptic know what files are there to download00:24
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comicinker1mib_lb962v: this is the right place. you don't interrupt anybody00:25
yaris123456789is there any way to let my VPS server download torrent files, and i can somehow monitor it on ssh ? looking for something light.00:25
eseven73patx: as with any organization i'd assume there's a huge heirarchy to go through lol have fun with that00:25
shiv_jJack_Sparrow: I know but even reload does not workin synaptic. I have to use the xapian command all the time instead of the usual reload00:25
runderwomib_lb962v: try to disable networking and re-enable it.00:25
patxk ty00:25
runderwomib_lb962v: by right-click on network manager00:25
mib_lb962vokay ill try ty00:25
vladhey ppl can somebody tell me how can i in stall flash player on ubuntu 64 bits?00:26
pwhipprunderwo: still black. will try vesa as driver...00:26
dr_willisvlad,  i just install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' and it install sit and java and more00:26
runderwopwhipp: :)00:26
WebcamWonder!flash64 | vlad00:26
ubottuvlad: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava00:26
Jack_Sparrowshiv_j, sounds like those unsupported repos have already started breaking your system00:26
High_Speedanybody know where i can find an online guide that will help me pick out computer parts that are actually ubuntu 8.10 compatible?  i'm considering building a custom box from scratch00:27
runderwoperillux: any luck?00:27
shiv_jJack_Sparrow: I don't think so, this even happens with clean install it was a bug with intrepid to begin with00:27
perilluxrunderwo: just came back up  checking...00:28
space_cadetCymage in ##windows is saying you all are rude.00:28
IkanHey guys, whenever I boot up ubuntu, it gives me this distorted image when it's loading with the orange bar00:28
space_cadeti dont think so.00:28
runderwoperillux: don't forget to check if \\\share can be connected from windows00:28
Ikanis there a way to repair it to the original image?00:28
Jack_Sparrowshiv_j, it isnt a bug ..  Supported repos update just fine00:28
Jack_Sparrowspace_cadet, At least he is in the right room00:29
dr_willis!windows | space_cadet00:29
ubottuspace_cadet: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:29
perilluxrunderwo: exactly how do I do that?  do I just open command prompt and type  \\\shared  ??00:29
shiv_jJack_Sparrow: this is waht I am talking about after a clean install https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-xapian-index/+bug/26142300:29
eseven73patx: here's a hint of just how big said heirarchy is lol i was right: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes00:29
runderwoperillux: use the run dialog00:29
dr_willisspace_cadet,  :) heh.. they removed the funny bot windows responce.. bummer...00:29
Jack_Sparrowshiv_j, Ask someone else I an going to eat00:29
space_cadetdr_willis  you dont need to tell me about windows.00:29
space_cadetdr_willis i didnt ask about windows.00:29
Kangeehi! any second lifers here who use ubuntu?00:29
Ikandoes anyone know how to fix that image? or am I stuck with a distorted ubuntu booting up image?00:30
dr_willisspace_cadet,   read the bug #1 url it gives.  and you will see why they think we are rude00:30
shiv_jJack_Sparrow: nop probs, enjoy00:30
Kalanjp_sf: http://pastebin.com/m1971d7ea00:30
space_cadetdr_willis Timeout error00:31
perilluxrunderwo: it worked!  :)   thank you!00:31
dr_willisspace_cadet,  bummer.. the forums and launchpad have been having issues all week. :(00:31
eseven73dr_willis: are the forums still down?!00:31
dr_willisspace_cadet,  basicailly bug #1 - is 'windows has too much market share' :) its humerous to read00:31
dr_williseseven73,  it seems they are up/down for me..   ive been having issues with otehr forum sites also online00:32
eseven73!bug 1 | dr_willis (i love this factoid)00:32
ubottudr_willis (i love this factoid): For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:32
dr_williseseven73,  i cant find the factod that tells windows users to seek professional help. :)00:33
runderwoperillux: y/w :)00:33
dimmcan somebody help me with installation of flashplayer for firefox 3.0?00:33
eseven73lol dr_willis havent seen that one yet!00:33
space_cadetI personally think that every pc should come blank, then at the register, they should have two piles of cd00:33
dr_willisLauncpad does seem down  for me00:33
perilluxrunderwo: so you think it's just a matter of time before everything shows up properly in network places for example?00:33
space_cadetone (free) ubuntu   and the other (150+) windows00:34
jp_sfKalan: you were suspecting an irc server was running on your computer ?00:34
BachiirRunderwo: Burning at 4x now, just to test it out. It seems to be working. I guess the drive is on the way out, if not already shot. I looked up my particular drive online and it looks like it's an inferior component, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is shot after all.00:34
dr_willisspace_cadet,  at the local BestBUy here they will 'remove' unwanted software/crud for ONLY $5000:34
dr_willisspace_cadet,  talk about a scam. :)00:34
runderwoperillux: that should be the case, but it depends on how the other computers are setup.  samba browsing is sometimes really picky to get right00:34
space_cadeti do it free00:34
CoachGI am testing this IRC chat app00:34
space_cadetincluded in my repair00:34
Kalanjp_sf: no if you look you can see that the proccess that was running was owned by www-data and opening 6 connectinos to different undernet irc servers, not sure what keeps restarting that bash process00:35
click170Can anyone give me advice on items vanishing from my System menu in Gnome on Ubuntu?  They still appear in the Main Menu app although they are italicized and unchecked, and they uncheck themselves if you manually enable them.  Anyone?00:35
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dr_willisperillux,  ive had samba shares not show up for a few min (5-10) then suddenly they all appear...  go figure...00:35
WeeabooHow can I get .config file for 2.6.27 kernel?00:35
perilluxrunderwo: well I could do with out it really.  One final question.  I don't have passwords or any users setup.  Is this insecure?00:35
Kalani have killed all the services but SSH00:35
dr_willisperillux,  samba has some really 'complex' things that goes on in thebackground.  that Using-Samba book. thats in the samba-doc package give some info on it all. A lot of it is way over my head00:36
FlannelFerram: just turn it off (metacity --replace, with compiz --replace to turn it back on)to run WoW (or just disable it on her account in general)00:36
mib_lb962vokay the disabling networking didn't work so i went into the Network Settings, I've got the SSID entered correctly, the Password type is WPA, and all of my connection settings are accurate, but as for the password, I enter it correctly, but once i click OK the Netowkr Settings box becomes deselected for a second and i cant click on it. Once it comes back if I go into the properties for my connection, the password is lon00:36
runderwoperillux: it's only insecure if someone can connect to port 13900:36
td123Weeaboo: type in zcat /proc/config.gz > .config00:36
craigbass1976any postfix experts here? I edited my virtual file in Postfix. What do I need to do besides "postmap /etc/postfix/virtual", "postfix reload", restarting the daemon, and creating a user account on the box with a ~/Maildir?00:36
Weeabootd123: no such file00:36
runderwoperillux: usually, ISPs block that port, but it's worth a check anyway00:36
FerramFlannel:  Thanks, but not exactly the solution I was looking for00:36
perilluxrunderwo: I don't think they can, ok  :)  thanks again!00:36
td123Weeaboo: read the kernel compilation and getting sources tutorial on the ubuntu wiki, it tells you how to get it00:36
jp_sfKalan: when you do a top do you see on the top something that should not be started ?00:37
guiceolinhum.. hello, i need to update my intem 965GM driver, i got de tarball, but i dont know what i have to do now.. can someone help-me?00:37
FlannelFerram: the issue isn't "an issue" it has to do with using OpenGL (and the hardware) for two different things at the same time00:37
thenetduckcan someone point me in the right direction for tomboy support?00:37
craigbass1976thenetduck, is there a #tomboy on freenode?00:37
Kalanjp_sf: nope nothing special running00:38
CoJaBo-DellHas anyone noticed that the "download server edition" link on the Ubuntu site goes to the wrong version?00:38
FlannelCoJaBo-Dell: which wrong version?00:38
craigbass1976Hah!  Whichwrong version....00:38
Kalanjp_sf: other than that one bash shell owned by www-data that is00:38
CoJaBo-DellThe desktop edition.00:38
Flannelcraigbass1976: Eh?00:38
FerramFlannel: I wasn't addressing it as a real issue; I know the software works together, I've done it before, I was just wondering about how people's experiences have been lately compared to, say, a year ago when it was really buggy.  I just want to talk to someone who's had experienced with it lately00:38
TetracommHow can I convert Apple Lossless to FLAC in Ubuntu?00:38
craigbass1976Flannel, I just got a kick out of your reply...00:39
thenetduckI am just confused about syncing my notes with webDAV vs ssh00:39
FlannelCoJaBo-Dell: It just brings you to the regular download page, doesn't it?00:39
jimi_hendrixbest place to get wifi help?00:39
jp_sfKalan: but if you never connect to undernet it doesn't looks good00:40
craigbass1976jimi_hendrix, what are you trying to do?00:40
doug___hey guys...question...if i use the ext4 DEV settings will i get the speed increase from ext400:40
runderwoTetracomm: mencoder can transcode lots of things00:40
doug___or do i actually have to switch to ext400:40
etbwhat's an alt for amarok00:40
jimi_hendrixcraigbass1976, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102715300:40
Kalanjp_sf: i know... that's the issue i think i just found something though00:40
Jack_SparrowFerram, Feel free to /join #Ubuntu-offtopic for discussions.. this is support00:40
dayo_CoJaBo-Dell: yeah. u got to click the server tab00:40
jp_sfKalan: lastime I caught a irc non authorized access I found with nmap som port was open00:40
FlannelFerram: You're more likely to find someone whos knowledgable on that particular issue in #winehq actually00:40
jimi_hendrixbasically having trouble getting a wifi adapter to work00:40
etbany light audio players?00:41
guiceolinhey, someone know how to install intell 965GM driver? (graphic)00:41
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:41
Kalanjp_sf: 2 processes by www-data "./19876" and "ps-x"00:41
runderwoTetracomm: it's possible ffmpeg might have the appropriate plugins too.00:41
CoJaBo-Delldayo_: Try this: Go to Ubunut.com, click "Server Edition", click "Download Ubuntu Server Edition", click "Begin Download", watch what version you end up with.00:41
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Tetracommmencoder won't do it.00:41
CoJaBo-DellIf you click server edition, it should default to the server edition tab.00:41
pwhipprunderwo: tried a default config from http://forums.msiwind.net/default-msiwind/xorg-conf-for-ubuntu-t6963.html - and unplugged second monitor - I have windows!00:42
jp_sfKalan: I don't know any process ps-x00:42
=== mike is now known as Guest58806
dayo_CoJaBo-Dell: i know. u got to switch to Server tab before clicking Download. flaw, i guess00:42
Kalanjp_sf: i think that's it just found the folder buried in temp00:42
runderwopwhipp: slow and steady from here :)00:42
Doonzim trying to copy a folder from one debian box to my ubuntu box at home. each box has different user account for ssh00:42
Kalanjp_sf: course just takes me to ask someone else to find the stuff hehe00:42
jp_sfKalan: you can try pstree to see it as well00:42
FlannelCoJaBo-Dell: That's just the generic download page, however I see what you mean.  You should file a bug report here about it: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website00:43
jp_sfKalan: I wouldn't trust a machine that as been compromised00:43
Kalanjp_sf: yeah that's the command i was looking for and yes those are the proccess00:43
jp_sfKalan: also a better command would be  lsof -i -n -P -l to have a direct overview00:44
recon69any reason that youtube not working with flash 9 player in firefox, ubuntu 8.04?00:45
giacomo_ci just installed 8.04 and it made me do all these updates that took forever... now when i try to log in, it just shows me a white screen with the pointer in the middle00:45
runderwoKalan: remember, a root kit will sometimes replace commands like lsof with versions that hide the malicious programs00:45
runderwoKalan: so you might want to apt-get --reinstall install lsof first00:46
cpluspluswhat is a .la file?00:46
giacomo_cbut the failsafe gnome works, just not my normal gnome session00:46
recon69giacomo_c: try rebooting and getting the boot menu up and selecting recovery mode00:47
wassy121_cplusplus: it is a description of what libraries are statically linked into a .a file IIRC.00:47
jp_sfKalan: doing a lsof -n -P -l look for everything in from /usr/bin/ having a working directory in /tmp00:47
recon69giacomo_c: think it F4 to get the menu up but not sure00:47
giacomo_cokay, ill give it a shot i guess00:47
Kalanjp_sf: thanks doing so now... some how there is a blank folder in my tmp00:47
sidneyI have a pcchip MB wita a LAN - VIA VT6103 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet PHY00:47
Kalanjp_sf: has 2 spaces but unsure how to get in there00:48
recon69giacomo_c: try a lot of f key while its booting, one should work :)00:48
sidneyhow do i setup networking00:48
Claire2009hi. i need some help.00:48
jp_sfKalan: with quotes00:48
cpluspluswassy121, where is the .lib dir in /cxcore/src http://rafb.net/p/rlunBc44.html00:48
runderwosidney: it should be automatic, if the chip is enabled.00:48
wassy121_Claire2009: we all need help :(00:48
runderwosidney: when you lspci, does it show up?00:48
cpluspluswassy121 there should be a ./cxcore/src/.libs/libcxcore.so00:49
giacomo_crecon, i don't this that's a good idea00:49
Kai_wpI'm trying to get dual-moniters working on my Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron installation with an nVidia 8600 GT XXX. I have the latest nVidia binary drivers installed. And I read on the forums that it should be easy to configure with "gksudo nvidia-settings". But when I run it a program starts in the bottom bar with the caption "Starting Administrati..." and then it closes a few seconds later. Does anyone know why it would do this? (Both mon00:49
Kai_wpplugged in through DVI by the way)00:49
jp_sfKalan: ls -a00:49
wassy121_cplusplus: ls -la00:49
Claire2009well, i need help with understanding why after exiting mozilla sometimes, it never loads backup until i restart system, and i can't sometimes logoff without physically holding down power button, and why Pidgin crashes my audio card when i'm watching youtube....00:49
wassy121_cplusplus: dir is for windows, and doesn't include "hidden" files (those that begin with a . )00:49
cplusplusoh lol00:49
Kalanjp_sf: yeah i got it... i was looking in the wrong tmp folder... "Mech-linux" is in here00:50
Claire2009just stressed out!00:50
pwhippClaire2009 & wassy121: the guys are trying to help. Try to state your question (the thing you need help) clearly and be patient please00:50
Claire2009this is my only computer!00:50
Claire2009pwhipp - k00:50
runderwoClaire2009: after exiting mozilla, maybe the process is hanging around00:50
sidneyrunderwo: it shows up00:50
Claire2009runderwo - i try closing all the processes in system monitor, and then even still sometimes it still doesn't wanna load it00:51
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giacomo_cdoes anyone know why my gnome session only gives me a white screen after updating 8.04 from a fresh install?00:51
Claire2009even if it shows up00:51
Claire2009in system monitor00:51
runderwosidney: what does ifconfig eth0 show?00:51
caboosEcan someoen help me with ntfsresize and fdisk ?00:51
Kalanjp_sf: thanks a ton man i got it now i'm sure00:51
Doonzhow do i log into a remote server and through ssh grab a file and transfer a folder to my local machine00:51
runderwoClaire2009: try running it from a terminal and seeing if it gives you any errors.00:51
recon69giacomo_c: would guess vedio card driver trouble00:51
wassy121_Doonz: places -> connect to server, change type to SSH.00:51
jp_sfKalan: use checkrootkit00:51
Claire2009runderwo - i have to physically hold down power button just to log out after modizilla hangs....00:52
giacomo_ci've installed the latest ati drivers, and it worked before the update00:52
Claire2009runderwo - now it works... but how long after i close it?00:52
Doonznm figured it out00:52
caboosEcan someone help me with ntfsresize and fdisk ?00:52
jp_sfKalan: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=%2Fvar%2Ftmp%2F+mech+stealth00:52
gnutronjp_sf: it's chkrootkit00:52
runderwoClaire2009: if you do things from terminal, it will sometimes give you more informative messages about problems the program is having.00:52
sidneyrunderwo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105381/00:52
jp_sfgnutron: true00:52
runderwoClaire2009: so, try that for a while.00:52
recon69giacomo_c: you should get into recover mode so the stock drivers are loaded, see if it a driver issue00:52
DrXhow do you ensure that a specific user read has only permissions to an ext3 volume?00:53
Kalangnutron: thanks00:53
Claire2009runderwo - how to i run modzilla from terminal in 8.04?00:53
runderwoClaire2009: I would also try creating a fresh user account and seeing if the problem still occurs.00:53
Kalanjp_sf: and thank you too00:53
Claire2009i may do that.....00:53
giacomo_crecon69: ill try using the ones under hardware and see if maybe that will fix it00:53
wassy121_Claire2009: you mean firefox, or mozilla?  Usually you can just open a command terminal (under accessories), and type 'mozilla'00:53
Kalanjp_sf: i was blind :P00:53
Claire2009i'm running modzilla firefox00:54
wassy121_Mozilla firefox :)00:54
wassy121_No 'd' ;-)00:54
caboosEi resized a partition with ntfsresize and the device is smaller in windows but i cant figure out how to create a new partition, i still see one partition (using gparted)00:54
jp_sfKalan: well it happens a lot in fact also chkrootkit check rkhunter00:54
_deanhow do i configure intelfb00:54
Kalannothing found00:54
giacomo_ctime to reboot and see if it works00:54
EMPulsehey guys00:54
Claire2009sorry - i'm just having alot of frustration today at computer...00:54
EMPulsei have a prob with evolution'00:54
Claire2009anyhow, onto question #200:54
EMPulsewhen i try to connect to my hotmail account00:54
EMPulsei get "check junk failed"00:55
runderwosidney: it looks like it is working.00:55
Claire2009my second question is this : how do you copy data to 2nd hd and ensure it'll not be lost if you need to reinstall ubuntu?00:55
_deanHow do I fet the framebuffer working uisng intelfb?00:55
EMPulseand it says "Pipe to Bogofilter failed, error code: 3."00:55
Kalanyeah rebooting now :)00:55
axisyswhat is the best way to install qemu+kqemu on ubuntu 8.10 ?00:55
jp_sfKalan: from my experience recovering from a machine exposed is ... well pointless I would do a full back for a later analysis if you want but I would not trust this machine anymore00:55
sidneyrunderwo: i see the other computer but no files00:55
axisysthe /msg ubottu qemu gives the old link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo00:55
Claire2009my 2nd HD Is there, but it says can't write to it00:56
BachiirOkay, so the "burn" completed at 4x. I got these errors: http://debian.pastebin.com/d4e13bf0b and I can't read the disc as per my original nautilus issues.00:56
Claire2009even after i formatted it00:56
Claire2009using ubuntu00:56
WebcamWonderWhat is the best way to mass symlink files in an entire directory? I want to symlink all files inside /foo/ into /bar/00:56
runderwoClaire2009: what is the specific error?00:56
StuckMojohow do you set your locale?00:56
runderwosidney: so you're trying to share files with windows?00:56
dayo_Claire2009 just make sure u don't touch that 2nd drive when u're setting up the partitions for the new install00:56
StuckMojoi've got a fresh 8.04 install that's LANG=en_US, but i've got an in-place upgrade from 6.06 that's LANG=en_US.UTF-800:56
sidneyit's a linux machine00:57
StuckMojohow can i change my fresh one to utf8?00:57
doug___sorry to ask again..but do i have to reformat to get teh perks of ext400:57
wassy121_WebcamWonder: you can use a wildcard (*) like so: 'ln -s /tmp/folder1/*.sh /tmp/folder2/'00:57
sidneyi can see the windows files on this dual boot00:57
recon69WebcamWonder: symlink the folder not the files?00:57
wassy121_WebcamWonder: remember, ln (just like cp or mv) goes source first, destination second.00:57
temppydoug___: look at the wiki, it looks like you don't.   But also, you should ask in +1 I think00:57
wassy121_Claire2009: language.00:58
runderwoaxisys: apt-get install qemu kqemu-source00:58
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:58
caboosEi need some help with partitioning!00:58
dayo_Claire2009: is it mounted?00:58
WebcamWonderwassy121_: hmm hold up. Let me try tha t:)00:58
Claire2009dayo_ it's mounted00:58
Kalanand it's clean00:58
runderwoStuckMojo: dpkg-reconfigure locales ?00:58
doug___what is plus 100:58
Claire2009dayo_ but i can't paste/copy anything.00:58
temppy!jaunty | doug___00:58
ubottudoug___: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.00:58
dayo_Claire2009 can u at least read from the hd?00:59
recon69Claire2009: do you get an error message?00:59
runderwoWebcamWonder: man lndir00:59
StuckMojorunderwo: that just generates them00:59
axisysrunderwo: thnx.. someone should add the to ubottu00:59
WebcamWonderrunderwo: I already have files inside the folder I want to symlink to00:59
Claire2009recon69 - i can't even get an error message as it can't even give me paste option00:59
StuckMojoupdate-locale i think00:59
WebcamWonderrunderwo: And I just want to symlink the files00:59
runderwoaxisys: you'll also have to use module-assistant to build the kqemu module.00:59
ustaJan 16 02:52:05 mail postfix/postdrop[6399]: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/765735.6399: Permission denied00:59
ustacan anyone help me pls01:00
StuckMojoaha /etc/default/locale01:00
recon69Claire2009: have you look at properties to see what permissions are on that drive01:00
biot023Hi -- I've been having loads of trouble with network connections & have seen comments online that this may be an Ibex weakness. Should I go back to Heron until the hardcore have sorted this out?01:00
guestguestnewis it not possible to start more than one instance of gedit?01:00
DrXIs there a way to give a user read only rights to an ext3 volume EXCEPT for the ability to set the archive bit?01:00
runderwoWebcamWonder: I'm not sure exactly what you're doing, but lndir will link a whole directory tree into another "shadow" tree.01:00
jp_sfusta: postfix set-permissions01:01
Claire2009recon69 - how do i check the properties?01:01
WebcamWonderrunderwo: I installed pidgin inside a prefix. Pidgin plugin pack inside another. I now wanted to symlink the plugins into the pidgin's prefix :)01:01
caboosEhow do i get help ????01:01
ustajp_sf, i did01:01
Kalanjp_sf: well yes who knows what they have done or setup and finding it all it way more taxing than re-creating it01:01
wassy121_biot023: what network connections?  I have no problem.  Where are you reading about these problems?01:01
axisysrunderwo: sudo apt-get install kqemu-source did not ask for module-assistant01:01
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:01
Someoneishey guys01:01
jp_sfusta: no complains ?01:01
axisysrunderwo: should I still need to install it?01:02
Someoneisi was wondering if i can run ubuntu off a secondary slave hard drive01:02
runderwoaxisys: did it built the module automatically?01:02
recon69Claire2009: right click on a folder in the drive and select properties01:02
temppyanyone know if its possible to run firefox with root permissions, like maybe this way?: gksu firefox                 will that work without messing up anything in /home?01:02
runderwoaxisys: if it didn't, then you'll need to build it with module-assistant01:02
axisysrunderwo: wait looks like it was laready installed.. doh!01:02
jp_sfKalan: yeah it's black magic, forget about this one, sorry but I think you cannot recover from a compromised host01:02
biot023Well, I'm struggling with a new laptop's wireless at home, and am stuck in the office with an admittedly old desktop now, not even recognising the ethernet connection.01:02
axisysrunderwo: yes.. all completed.. no complain01:02
WebcamWondertemppy: Don't do that. People have messed up a lot of things by gksu'in firefox01:02
Claire2009recon69 - did that. now what i'm looking for in properties01:03
dano_Hey all, I was trying to compile my own version of VLC to have support for 3g2 files and I forget what I need but somehow I forced synaptic to think vlc 0.9.4 is the newest version always, i think it locked somehow, does anyone know how I can remove that01:03
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biot023The comments were on a number of boards that came up looking into the problems on google.01:03
redvamp128Someis-- depends on what os is on your main drive and if you can install grub or grub4dos01:03
runderwosidney: so you're trying to use the machine with the VIA chip as a file server?01:03
wassy121_Someoneis: Sure you can.  Just have to get it to boot, and it will run off primary/master/whatever.01:03
temppyWebcamWonder: do you have any links? or know any specifics?  (I really want to know a safe way to run ff with root privileges)01:03
jp_sfusta: what version of postfix are your running ?01:03
recon69Claire2009 permissions01:04
WebcamWondertemppy: Why do you want to run it with root priv.?01:04
redvamp128Someoneis: depends n what your main os is on the primary drive and also if you can use grub or grub4dos or a grub boot floppy (or usb drive)01:04
Claire2009recon69 - it says i'm not the owner, can't change permissions01:04
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sidneyrunderwo: i just want it tobe part of my home network01:04
recon69Claire2009: that why you cant paste onto thatr drive01:05
temppyWebcamWonder: http://www.kaspersky.com/kos/eng/partner/us/languages/english/check.html?n=1228622027273              I'm trying to get that site working01:05
Claire2009recon69 - so, how do i fix this????01:05
runderwosidney: have you installed samba?01:05
WebcamWondertemppy: Why do you want to run an antivirus check? You don't need one in Windows01:05
WebcamWonderArggh Linux*01:05
sidneyrunderwo: i think it is installed this is super ubuntu01:06
redvamp128temppy: probably the only way though-- is to install ies4linux and or run through wine using a firefox wine01:06
redvamp128I think that site uses activex01:06
temppyWebcamWonder: to be able to scan a windows partition01:06
sidneyrunderwo: i can see even windows machines01:06
redvamp128temppy:  Though I think in the repository there is clam (antivirus)01:06
WebcamWondertemppy: I know this for sure, that if you gksu your firefox, the permissions on your home folder mess up01:07
runderwosidney: then you need to read about configuring samba.  The network is working, but the server has to be set up and told what shares to make available and who has permission to view them.01:07
biot023Can anyone point me at a guide to help newbies get a fresh install of Ibex's ethernet connection configured/working? I'm floundering, rather.01:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about networking01:07
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:07
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager01:07
temppyredvamp128: no, Im sure about it, it uses java, and running it with root permissions makes it happy.  Thats why I'm trying to figure a safe way to elevate ff's permissions.  At the worst, I'll just create a separate user account01:07
wassy121_biot023: ^01:07
sidneyis the command ls samba? to see if it's installed\01:08
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redvamp128temppy why not run the wine standalone01:08
Gerinychi have some sound delays when i'm playing games, how do i fix this?01:08
redvamp128version of firefox01:08
Claire2009recon69 - how do i make my 2nd HD accessible again?01:08
biot023wassi121_: cheers -- I'll have a look at that later -- is there something equivalent for ethernet, or am I being dumb?01:09
sidneythanks for the links but how can i see if samba is installed01:09
temppyredvamp128: I dunno.  making a separate user account, and gksu firefox seems simpler...01:09
wassy121_sidney: dpkg -s samba01:09
wassy121_sidney: or 'dpkg -l | grep samba'01:10
sidneywassy121 thank you01:10
eseven73 temppy its not good to run things as root usually, especially something that access the internet like firefox01:10
redvamp128temppy:  If you check the repository -- they have Clam antivirus01:10
recon69Claire2009: easy way is to "sudo nautilus" to get root access to the folders and change the owner. probably a better way though, has to do with how you mounted the drive01:10
wassy121_biot023: it is the same thing.  Use network-manager, and all your connections should just work.01:10
temppyeseven73: I know, but its the only apparent way.  Consider me warned01:11
Lamerionokay.. i've a question with resolution... how do i set my resolution to wide screen resolution in ubuntu 6.0601:11
Claire2009recon69 - i just formatted it when i copied all my stuff to main drive.01:11
FlannelClaire2009, recon69: use `gksu nautilus` (don't use sudo with graphical programs); and be extremely careful with that nautilus window, and close it as soon as you're finished.01:11
wassy121_6.06?  wow, that is years ago.  I think you need to edit the X config file.01:11
Lamerionit only has the 4:3 aspect ratio01:11
Flannel!fixres | Lamerion01:11
ubottuLamerion: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:11
Claire2009recon69 - not sure how i mounted it. it was my former ubuntu OS drive before i lost winXP01:12
Lamerionokay thx01:12
redvamp128temppy:  open up symantic do a search for "virus" there should be one that says gui front end for (clam) should do the trick and once installed you can update the virus defiinitions... then there is even a plugin on the same that does it over the network01:12
temppyredvamp128: clam sucks, no offense to them.  Clam only catches old viruses in my experience.  Anyway, thanks for the input01:12
wassy121_Lamerion: http://howto-pages.org/ModeLines/ lays out what modelines are, and the (basic) math behind how to write your own.01:12
talntidif someone is currently connected to a pp2pd tunnel, how can I see it?01:12
redvamp128temppy:  What about F-prot01:12
temppyno idea01:13
Lamerioni'd have to write my own?01:13
bloufhi everybody, i have a gtk theme and i like to change the text color of the apps menu (ex : File, edit ...) where should i go ?01:13
redvamp128temppy:  they have a debian installer --01:13
wassy121_Lamerion: I don't recall how to do it with the older version of ubuntu.  I just remember writing my own.01:13
alexvdhello I upgraded to ubuntu ibex and I can no longer access local servers on my network but the internet works fine.  Has anyone seen this issue01:13
wassy121_Lamerion: multiplication is easy, promise :)01:13
recon69Claire2009: O , in that case just change the permissions on the files, you will find that the all root except for the ones in Home folder01:13
IkanCan someone help me? When I boot up ubuntu, the ubuntu image is not the original color; it looks awkward and it's been skewed. Does anyone know how to either remove it or restore the original image?01:14
Lamerionwokay i'll give it a look.. thanks too wassy121_01:14
wassy121_temppy: kapersky is a good commercial option for linux.01:14
Claire2009recon69 - is there a way to do massive change of permissions?01:14
jeeves_Mosshow do I move the bar that's on the top of the screen BACK to the top of the screen?  for some reason I moved it to the left side now01:14
caboosEcan someone help me01:15
buizehelo efriends01:15
lonelhi,when i am installing a package thru apt-get,its configuratuion file is not coming up,anyways?01:15
redvamp128temppy:  there is avast01:15
alexvdcaboosE: what is the issue01:15
caboosEi resized a partition with ntfsresize and the device is smaller in windows but i cant figure out how to create a new partition, i still see one partition (using gparted)01:15
lonelhi when i am doing apt-get the configurations file is not coming up01:16
redvamp128temppy:  avast! Linux Home Edition Download <http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-for-linux-edition.html>01:16
joe_-I have a hardware RAID setup through my motherboard but when I go to install Ubuntu it sees each drive seperately, I would like to have it see one large drive.01:16
temppyredvamp128: interesting01:16
alexvdcaboosE: sorry I am not an expert in partitions01:16
redvamp128Though you have to register it-- by confirming your email though --01:16
mrwestemppy: avast is good...I use in on my wife's windows machine01:16
BCampbellavast better than clam on linux?01:17
jp_sflonel: you mean you are missing a file ?01:17
caboosEanyone here good with partitioning ?01:17
joe_-So how do I get Ubuntu to see my hardware RAID as one large drive?01:17
StargazerIs there something a little more better looking/functioning than Putty for SSHing ?01:17
redvamp128temppy:  you submit your email then you confirm it -- then they send you the full free key good for one year-- and each year you get a new key .. (home use only)01:17
loneljp_sf: yeah i am trying to install slapd,adnd there is no slapd.conf in /etc/ldap :(01:17
caboosEcan someone help me with ntfsresize?01:17
wassy121_Joe_: it should automatically.  Is it seeing multiple small drives?  Is this a SATA RAID, or SCSI?01:18
recon69Claire2009: the cmd is chown --help01:18
joe_-wassy121: SATA RAID01:18
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:18
wassy121_Stargazer: putty is a windows-only program.  Not sure what else is out there for windows.  How ugly can a command prompt get?01:18
caboosEcan someone help me with ntfsresize?01:18
lockdI installed OSS4 due to PulseAudio crashing too often. Most apps work, but the taskbar volume control doesn't work01:18
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lockdAlso, ossxmix won't appear in the tray01:19
eseven73eyecandy for CLI stuff Stargazer ? Seems oxymoron to me :)01:19
redvamp128caboosE:  have you tried gparted?01:19
joe_-Stargazer: There's a shoot-off of PuTTy called KiTTy that makes it look nicer01:19
wassy121_Joe_: most SATA RAID is really software RAID.  Linux doesn't do SATA RAID well as far as I know.01:19
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alexvdHi can anyone help with network manager issue. I cannot browse local file shares via wireless but it works fine with a wired connection and the internet works as well01:19
loneljp_sf: yeah i am trying to install slapd,adnd there is no slapd.conf in /etc/ldap :(01:19
joe_-wassy121_: I set it up on the board. It is part of the motherboard.01:19
biot023Hi -- it looks like the network manager does not just work in this instance. I don't think the ethernet is even configured.01:19
lockdwassy121_: Stargazer: I am quite sure that PuTTY is not a Windows-only app01:20
StargazerWassy121_, there's a Putty for X.01:20
jp_sflonel: I'm confused I was thinking of slapd.args for the conf01:20
dayo_lonel: sudo dpkg-reconfigure slapd01:20
recon69god, wireless and ubuntu is just flaky , got two computer that crash on large dl's01:20
sidneyupon installing samba i get an error01:20
StargazerEseven73, i was thinking something that i could use in Gnome terminal rather than something that resembles Xterm.01:21
joe_-recon69: Weird. Works perfectly for me and it spends all day downloading from Usenet.01:21
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview01:21
jp_sflonel: the slapd.conf i in /etc/ldap01:21
wassy121_lockd: Stargazer: wow, you are right.  I never even thought to look.  I run 'ssh user@hostname' from gnome-terminal.01:21
wassy121_gnome-terminal is pretty enough for me.01:21
loneljp_sf: yeah,but its not their after doing an apt-get install slapd01:21
joe_-wassy121_: Well I'm using this as a media box and I'd like to have one big drive as opposed to multiple smaller ones.01:21
StargazerSame here wassy121_.01:21
neurotopeinstalling ubuntu for the first time, will 64bit be harder to learn than 32bit?01:21
eseven73Stargazer: i donno, im a minimalist myself. zero eyecandy for me :)01:21
Gerinychi have some sound delays when i'm playing games, how do i fix this?01:22
redvamp128Stargazer:  why not install xterm --should be in the repository01:22
loneldayo_: so a reconfigure will create that file?01:22
dayo_lonel: yes01:22
biot023Are people having more network & wireless problems in Ibex? I've had a couple of happy Heron installs, and not been able to get a single Ibex working fully yet.01:22
recon69joe_-: thought for ages it was just a funky driver for my card, got a new computer and it crashes also. problem must be deeper that wlan driver01:22
loneldayo_: let me try01:22
StargazerRedvamp128, i'm against xterm. can't copy/paste from/to it.01:22
alexvdbiot023: yes01:22
dayo_lonel: i had the same problem once, too01:22
wassy121_Joe_: I read in the past (8-12 months ago) that SATA RAID just wasn't what it is advertised to be, and the "controller card" on the MB just abstracts it out to be software-controlled by windows.01:22
jp_sflonel: I think it is coming from openldap01:22
dr_willisStargazer,  select/ middle click.. to paste..01:22
lockdwassy121_: yes, putty is of limited use on Unix type systems :P01:23
joe_-wassy121_: Huh. That's dumb.01:23
mrwesbiot023: My Intrepid install wireless works fine01:23
loneldayo_: i see,also i got some issues  integrating pam with ldap,did you tried that before?01:23
alexvdbiot023: I have an issue with wireless where I cannot browse local servers or file shares. Wired works and internet works01:23
StargazerDr_willis: and to copy ?01:23
jp_sflonel: don't you have one in /etc/openldap/ ?01:23
BCampbellneurotope:  I see no difference in 32 versus 64 in learning01:23
biot023Right -- I'm gonna try going back to Heron & seeing if those machines are any happier there.01:23
wassy121_Joe_: This is in contrast to a SCSI RAID, which takes the input on one SCSI channel, and the card itself writes the data to both disks.01:23
jp_sflonel: /etc/openldap/slapd.conf.default01:23
dayo_lonel: haven't got that far yet. i'm still new with installing ldap, myself01:23
neurotopeBCampbell: so the 64bit has similar driver / software support?01:23
alexvdbiot023: I am using static addresses which is a a pain01:23
dr_willisStargazer,  once you 'select' it is copied to the 'x selection' buffer..  you then middle click topaste the selection whever.. there are some clipboard tools that can controll how the 'selection' buffer works with the 'clipboard' buffer.01:24
lockdI've managed to fix my OSS problem. I just uninstalled gstreamer-alsa and the Bad and Ugly plugins01:24
loneljp_sf: let em check ,i beleive it is in /etc/ldap01:24
lockderr, installed bad and ugly01:24
loneljp_sf: nothing like that01:24
alexvdanyone seen an issue where you cannot browse local file shares over wireless but wired works01:24
jp_sflonel: you don't use openldap ?01:24
wassy121_neurotope: 64-bit is missing some things like good flash support (though it should be fixed real soon), and some other stuff like proprietary hardware drivers (think nvidia/ati).01:24
wcdlanyone knows how to completely remove photoshop from wine01:24
loneljp_sf: its same ,its known as slapd01:24
BCampbellneurotope:  as far as I can see yes.  I just installed Mythbunutu64 today and everything is running fine. All hardware is working and after running apt-get to install the gnome desktop everything is great.01:24
StargazerWassy121_, epiphany runs YouTube's flash fine... as well as other flash apps.01:25
runderwowassy121_: there are a few good ATA RAID cards, but most of the motherboard stuff is junk.01:25
dr_willisalexvd,  ive noticed that befor inder windows also.. im wondering if some wireless routers/settings block  samba over sireless by default for security01:25
eseven73wcdl: do yo9u have anything else installed in wine?01:25
dayo_jp_sf: slapd is the server in openldap01:25
lockdSpeaking of which, why isn't there a package for OSS in apt? Sometimes alsa support is non-existant or shoddy, and the other way around01:25
Fjsswhat version of warsow is in the ubuntu repo?01:25
jp_sflonel: what I mean is that slapd.conf is coming with the installation of openldap as sldap.conf.default01:25
dr_willis!info warsow01:25
ubottuwarsow (source: warsow): fast paced 3D first person shooter. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.42.dfsg1-1 (intrepid), package size 2083 kB, installed size 3592 kB01:25
wassy121_Stargazer: absolutely on 32-bit.  I have heard horror stories about 64-bit flash support though.01:25
wcdleseven73: no01:26
alexvddr_willis: it is not just samba.  i cant get to any servers via ssh or even http to webpages01:26
loneljp_sf: yeah but its not in .y /etc/ldap01:26
StargazerWassy121_.... i'm ON 64bit.01:26
wassy121_Stargazer: (I don't have a 64-bit system, so I can't speak to experience).01:26
eseven73wcdl: i'd reinstall wine maybe as a last resort01:26
cplusplusis there a package GTK+ for apt-get?01:26
jp_sflonel: have you installed the clients ?01:26
runderwocplusplus: you want the library or you want a GTK frontend to apt-get?01:26
wcdleseven73: there isn't another way?01:27
wassy121_cplusplus: Should be an add/remove programs link in your start bar.01:27
sidneywill someone tak a look http://paste.ubuntu.com/105388/01:27
alexvddr_willis: samba is a whole other issue in ibex. Its broken and i cant fix that either01:27
uberpenguinis there any convenient way to force a driver to load earlier than another on the ubuntu boot disk? I think there's a driver race condition which is causing the system to hang when I attempt to install 8.0401:27
cplusplusGTK frontend01:27
biot02317 mins until the Heron image downloads ...01:27
jp_sflonel: because 'm pretty sure if you install the openldap-servers you have a sldap.conf01:27
runderwocplusplus: Applications->Add/Remove01:27
wassy121_cplusplus: or in system-admin, synaptic package manager.01:27
dick-richardsonwhat is the gui tool to generate ssh keys?01:27
wcdli wanted to unninstall cs2 and install cs301:27
Fjssdr_willis: !info warsow yields "bash: !info: event not found"01:27
dr_willisalexvd,  i find samba works for me  on Ibex.. but you dont want to know the fightinb ive been doing with it on my windows vista -> windws xp systems...01:27
hunterp_anyone installed wikid?01:27
loneljp_sf: oh is it01:27
dr_willisFjss,  read what the BOT said when I used that command in here.01:27
wassy121_dick-richardson: don't know of one.  Use 'ssh-keygen -t dsa'01:27
joe_-Well is there someway in Ubuntu to say "Combine the space of <x> drives/partitions into one" ?01:27
dr_willis!info warsow | Fjss01:28
ubottuwarsow (source: warsow): fast paced 3D first person shooter. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.42.dfsg1-1 (intrepid), package size 2083 kB, installed size 3592 kB01:28
jp_sflonel: well you know this kind of things you do once and after you keep using it01:28
jp_sflonel: I'm pretty sure yes01:28
Fjss!info warsow01:28
ubottuwarsow (source: warsow): fast paced 3D first person shooter. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.42.dfsg1-1 (intrepid), package size 2083 kB, installed size 3592 kB01:28
alexvddr_willis: some update must have fixed it for me because now it is working :)01:28
runderwosidney: Appears to be nothing to worry about.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/2474101:29
alexvdHas anyone had issue with static address and wireless issues with ibex accessing local file shares01:29
sidneyrunderwo: thanks01:29
temppyjoe_-: LVM might be what you are looking for, but Im totally unsure of that01:30
eseven73wcdl: have you looked under your .wine folder? It's hidden Ctrl+h to view it if youre using a GUI file manager, or 'ls -A' your home directory on a terminal01:30
joe_-temppy: Haha, yeah I saw someone post that while Googling for it, helped zilch. I guess I can play with LVM and check it out.01:30
dick-richardsonwassy121, if I specify dsa when generating a key...do i need to do anything when connecting, or will it get figured out automatically?01:30
runderwojoe_-: I think you just want a RAID0.  mdtools can take care of that without LVM.01:30
biot023alexvd: I'm too green to have been messing with static addresses, but the other machine I'm trying to get working with ibex won't read the wireless.01:31
wassy121_dick-richardson: it gets figured out automatically.01:31
temppy!LVM > joe_-01:31
ubottujoe_-, please see my private message01:31
joe_-runderwo: Yes, I do want a RAID0. How would I go about that?01:31
dick-richardsonwassy121, thank you :)01:31
wassy121_dick-richardson: but, you have to be _super_ careful with the file and folder permissions in order to get key-based authentication working between machines.01:31
runderwo!raid | joe_-01:31
ubottujoe_-: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:31
joe_-temppy: "This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates."01:31
joe_-k thanks.01:32
alexvdbiot023:  I understand and for what its worth in Ibex the wireless works for me but I have this very annoying issue01:32
runderwojoe_-: Looks like that first link is messed up.  Should be SoftwareRAIDHowto01:32
temppyjoe_-: look at the LVM page01:32
cpluspluswassy121, i got http://rafb.net/p/J2WpB333.html01:32
dick-richardsonwassy121, authorized_keys should be 600, the .ssh folder itself 700...anything else to be aware of?01:32
cplusplusOpenCV ERROR: Unspecified error (The function is not implemented. Rebuild the library with Windows, GTK+ 2.x or Carbon support)01:32
runderwojoe_-: actually, omit the Howto entirely.01:33
joe_-k. Thanks. Looks like 8.1 says it supports SATA RAIDs now.. may have to redownload that.01:33
cpluspluswhich lib will i need?01:33
runderwojoe_-: Yeah, it depends on your controller, but most of the RAID configurations can be parsed out now.  It's set up as a generic software RAID.01:34
joe_-Well, I'll get 8.10 real quick and check it out.01:34
runderwojoe_-: Check into dmraid for that01:34
loneldayo_: still no luck with slapd.conf01:34
cpluspluswill i need to update gtk?01:34
runderwocplusplus: is this a lib you built manually?01:35
cpluspluswhich lib?01:35
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:35
runderwocplusplus: cxcore01:35
lockddoes anyone know how to make a tray icon of something like ossxmix?01:35
cplusplusits part of opencv01:35
cplusplusi only run .configure and make01:35
runderwocplusplus: which you built manually?01:36
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:36
retouranybody set up succesfuly vnc4server? It works for me but instead of desktop I see raw console!?01:36
runderwocplusplus: right.  So, you need to pass flags to ./configure enabling the GTK support.01:36
runderwocplusplus: ./configure --help01:36
bengoshiHi folks.  I'm running intrepid ibex.  When I enable 3d acceleration on my graphics card with recommended restricted NVDIA restricted driver (graphics card is an evga e-geforce 7200 GS) my wireless will not connect (wireless card is a lynksis 54g).  Any ideas or suggestions?  If I disable the acceleration wireless connection to the internet works fine but I want to be able to play 3d games and use the internet at the same time with the 01:36
dayo_lonel: hmm01:36
=== sheep is now known as lstarnes
dayo_lonel: how did u install openldap?01:36
runderwobengoshi: is the wireless in a pci card or onboard?01:36
loneldayo_: /win 1001:37
lonelsorry lol01:37
bengoshirunderwo its apci card01:37
runderwobengoshi: move it to the next slot over.01:37
cplusplusrunderwo,  --with-gtk              use gtk+ 2.0 windows [automatic]01:37
loneldayo_: apt-get install slapd01:37
cplusplusis enabled by default01:37
bengoshirunderwo: tried that and it didnt work01:37
runderwocplusplus: so do you have the gtk devel libs installed?01:38
dayo_lonel: sudo aptitude install slapd ldap-utils db4.2-util01:38
biot023Before I give up on Ibex & see if going back to Heron fixes things, could anyone point me at any resources that might help me figure out how to get a wireless connection working on one machine, and/or an ethernet connection on another? It's a standard Ibex install.01:38
runderwobengoshi: cat /proc/interrupts01:38
cplusplusrunderwo, aptget install gtk devel libs ?01:38
loneldayo_:let me try01:38
dayo_maybe aptitude purg slapd first01:38
runderwocplusplus: dpkg -l |grep libgtk01:38
NunesHi, I am trying to install passenger on ubuntu with ruby enterprise01:38
Nunescan anyone help me?01:38
dayo_lonel sudo aptitude purge slapd01:38
dayo_lonel: and then install the whole thing01:39
NunesI follow a lot of instructions from the internet but none of them work01:39
cplusplusrunderwo, http://rafb.net/p/JLCqcW30.html01:39
bengoshirunderwo: is cat /proc/interrupts a terminal command?  sorry I'm somewhat of a newbie01:39
partialinfinityHello all. I'm running 7.04 liveCD so I can use testdisk and recover my fakeraid RAID0 structure... I've done this before recently and it worked well... I installed dmraid previously and it worked... but now I get an error when I try to install dmraid:01:39
partialinfinityinvoke-rc.d: initscript dmraid, action "start" failed.01:39
NunesI always get: Ruby on Rails application could not be started01:39
runderwocplusplus: apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev01:39
recon69biot023: I found this very helpfull https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide01:40
partialinfinityso testdisk can't see my raid01:40
runderwocplusplus: then configure and make01:40
biot023Nunes: have you looked at the railscasts podcast on it? I'm no expert, but I got it sort-of going from tthat.01:40
runderwobengoshi: yes01:40
quiksilverhey, i just installed ubuntu for the first time in my life01:40
bengoshirunderwo:  thanks :) I will try now01:40
cplusplusrunderwo, http://rafb.net/p/WBoHMY23.html01:40
wathi quiksilver01:40
quiksilverhow do i transfer things from my windows installation to this01:40
runderwocplusplus: use sudo :/01:40
biot023runderwo: cheers -- I'll have a look, now.01:40
quiksilverand also, is there  a way to disable having to enter my password for everything administrative01:41
Nunesbiot023 I do not have the link for the production screencast01:41
watquiksilver go to system and click on filesystem01:41
cplusplusE: Invalid operation libgtk2.0-dev01:41
wati dont have ubuntu so yeah =/01:41
dr_willisquicksilver a bad idea. learn to use sudo properly and your system will live a long life. ;)01:41
partialinfinityanyone know why dmraid woud fail to install using apt-get?01:42
quiksilvercan i use ubuntu for my music01:42
quiksilveror should i realy only use it for developing?01:42
runderwopartialinfinity: is that all the errors you get?  that's while installing dmraid?01:42
cplusplusrunderwo, its still root01:43
dr_willisquiksilver - 'use' as in what? Play? I play music files all the time  on ubuntu. and videos.. i use it mainly for video/music player stuff. I rarely devlope things01:43
runderwoquiksilver: try out amarok01:43
watquiksilver yes music and no if you want to01:43
bengoshirunderwo: ok I ran cat /proc/interrupts - alot of detail.  What should I be looking for?01:43
watquiksilver linux is for everything but gaming01:43
runderwobengoshi: who is sharing interrupts with the wireless card01:43
=== UdontKnow is now known as e
recon69quiksilver: look in places->network , and share the windows folder you want to comput from01:43
watquiksilver you did install a dual boot right01:43
biot023Nunes: http://railscasts.com/episodes/122-passenger-in-development01:43
* dr_willis games under Linux. :)01:43
jedi06is there a stopwatch utility01:43
partialinfinityI get that message while installing  here is the full: Setting up dmraid (1.0.0.rc13-2ubuntu5) ...01:43
partialinfinity * Setting up DMRAID devices...                                                                          invoke-rc.d: initscript dmraid, action "start" failed.01:43
partialinfinitydpkg: error processing dmraid (--configure):01:43
partialinfinity subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 101:43
partialinfinityErrors were encountered while processing:01:43
partialinfinity dmraid01:43
FloodBot1partialinfinity: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
quiksilveri installed ubntu via wubi01:43
runderwocplusplus: you must be running another apt-get, synaptic or something like that.01:43
watpartialinifnity fpaste.org01:43
runderwocplusplus: ps ax |grep apt01:43
Nunesbiot023 Thanks!01:43
dr_willisquiksilver - is somthing i tend to suggest Avoideing.01:44
dr_willisquiksilver - WUBI is somthing i tend to suggest Avoideing.01:44
watoh quiksilver01:44
quiksilverwhats wrong with wubi?01:44
watyeah one hard reboot that sucker is GONE01:44
Someoneiswtf!? wat i am pm u lol01:44
Someoneissoz for off topic thing01:44
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.01:44
ActionParsnip+1 to avoiding wubi01:44
watquiksilver no hibernate, if you hard reboot like a 70% chance your installation will get hosed01:44
jedi06anyone know of a stopwatch utility01:44
partialinfinityWUBI is why I am here asking about how to fix my RAID-0... AVOID AT ALL COSTS!01:44
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:45
dr_willisquiksilver - I perfer to do 'real/full' installs - or use ubuntui inside virtualbox if i cant..01:45
netsurf3never tried wubi but it seems like a dangerous idea :/01:45
watits good for trying ubuntu but anything but that yeah right01:45
quiksilverso what do i do?01:45
usserjedi06: stopwatch01:45
Someoneishow ever.. it can slow your computer down01:45
watnetsurf3 i have reinstalled wubi countless times till i said "fuck it" and did a partition install01:45
Picijedi06: timer-applet, it sits on a gnome panel01:45
usserjedi06: sudo apt-get install stopwatch01:45
watquiksilver boot a live cd and install it :)01:45
ActionParsnippartialinfinity: if you have a raid card instead of onboard garbage fakeraid its awesome01:45
partialinfinityjust don't use Wubi.01:45
Piciwat, Please watch your language in this channel, thank you.01:45
loneldayo_: still no luck01:45
dayo_lonel: damn :-(01:45
dr_willisquiksilver you could  play with ubuntu a while with wubi and if you like it.. do a real/install and dual boot. later.01:45
netsurf3wat i dont understand why you wouldnt want to do a partition install its so easy to do if you've installed windows xp even once01:46
recon69quiksilver: back everything up before you do though :)01:46
loneldayo_: can you give me your slapd.conf?01:46
watquiksilver hard reboot real quick and tell me what happens :P01:46
bengoshirunderwo: how can I tell who is sharing interrupts?  what letters/numbers on left designate the wireless card?01:46
quiksilverwhere do i get the real thing from01:46
quiksilveron cd01:46
partialinfinityactionparsnip:  yes I know fakeraid sucks... doesn't change the fact that I'm hosed.  :)01:46
dayo_lonel: did u try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer01:46
wat!g UBUNTU LIVE CD01:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:46
dr_willisquiksilver pop in cd.. reboot.. boot from cd..01:46
watubottu <_<01:46
quiksilveryes where do iget the cd01:46
dr_willisquiksilver  how did you install without a cd?01:47
ActionParsnip!getubuntu | quiksilver01:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about getubuntu01:47
watquiksilver i recommend not using linux01:47
loneldayo_: trying the very same01:47
dayo_lonel: hm01:47
watquiksilver for starting i recommend slackware or gentoo :P01:47
Piciwat: Please don't. This is a support channel.01:47
Piciquiksilver: http://www.ubuntu.com/download01:47
watim kidding. just go to ubuntu.com and click on live cd01:47
dayo_lonel: that's what i usually follow, when installing ldap01:47
runderwobengoshi: you'd have to know the name of your wireless driver.01:47
ActionParsnipwat: i got into gentoo quite early, its not hard01:47
runderwobengoshi: /msg me and paste it01:47
ijustamim trying to use network manager to connect to a VPN, but nothing appears to happen.  is there something im missing?01:47
loneldayo_: i see01:47
dayo_lonel: weird that your slapd.conf is not showing up01:48
watactionparsnip he is new to linux01:48
partialinfinitybut anyway, I've already fixed the problems Wubi cause before using dmraid and testdisk... but now in a new livecd session with the same disk and computer, dmraid won't install01:48
recon69wat: gentoo for getting started on linux , you must be mad, 50 page install guide01:48
quiksilverits all point and click though01:48
dayo_lonel: try #ldap01:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:48
WipsI have two monitors and ubuntu 8.10, How can I use them both? It's an Nvidia card01:48
ActionParsnipwat: theres a handbook that guides you through the install if you are new to gentoo installs01:48
loneldayo_: can you gimme ur slapd.conf,so that i can try placing it there?01:48
PiciActionParsnip: Please take the offtopic conversation elsewhere, thanks.01:48
watquiksilver all point in click? what?01:48
sloopydamn kids, we installed by hand back in the day...01:48
dayo_lonel: hang on.01:48
ActionParsnipPici: np man01:48
dr_willisWips,  i normally enable the nvidia drivers then install and run  'sudo nvidia-settings' enable both monitors as i like.. then restrt the X server01:48
wattry installing gentoo via the command line installer01:48
loneldayo_: thanks01:49
quiksilverso should i use virtual box instead/01:49
ActionParsnipdr_willis: gksudo nvidia-settings dude ;)01:49
watquiksilver no01:49
dr_willis<quiksilver> do what you want.    this is linux01:49
wathey guys im going to install gentoo on dial up :D01:49
Pici!ot | wat01:49
ubottuwat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:49
eseven73O.o good luck with that01:49
Piciquiksilver: Lets start over. What are you looking to do.01:49
runderwopartialinfinity: see the last message in this topic:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19543201:49
dr_willis<quiksilver> I reccomend a 'full' normal install. instead of Wubi. you can use WUBI if you want.01:50
bengoshirunderwo: I'm on my laptop because wireless disabled on the desktop!  I will deactivate driver, get on internet on desktop, and then cut/paste to you01:50
ActionParsnipwat: gentoo is made for dialup01:50
partialinfinityrunderwo:  thanks but I've been there, tried that01:50
runderwobengoshi: okay, hope I'm still around when you're back.01:50
watgentoo on dialup would take forever to install01:50
bengoshirunderwo: I hope so too01:51
ecoecoeco@seek Affluenza01:51
ActionParsnipwat: it'd be quicker, source code its quicker to download than binary as source is only text files01:51
Piciwat, ActionParsnip: Please take the offtopic conversation elsewhere, this is the UBUNTU support channel. You may join #ubuntu-offtopic and discuss there if you want.01:51
ActionParsnipok well im done :)01:51
watpici is srs biz01:52
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dayo_lonel: http://pastebin.com/m44a600d601:53
dayo_lonel: u'll need to edit the dn and such01:53
runderwopartialinfinity: the only thing I could suggest is try dpkg --purge dmraid and then install it again.01:54
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
runderwopartialinfinity: otherwise, you'd have to strace -f invoke-rc.d dmraid start and try to figure out why it's failing.01:54
partialinfinityrunderwo: tried that and purge fails too  :/01:54
runderwopartialinfinity: you can force it to work by editing /var/lib/dpkg/info/dmraid.prerm and adding an 'exit 0' line near the top.01:55
IkanIs anyone else multibooting ubuntu?01:55
partialinfinityrunderwo:  did that before and it will purge... but the install just fails again like before01:55
watikan you again :P01:56
watyou fix your problem01:56
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IkanWell yeah but then it got messed up again01:56
ijustamim trying to use network manager to connect to a VPN, but nothing appears to happen.  is there something im missing?01:56
wati dont have any linux installed but i still can help :P, what happened ikan01:56
easotokrhello, everyone, please someone give me a hand, my broadcom disappeared... nothing that I do make I can see it01:56
temppyIkan: I have windows xp, and 2 installs of ubuntu01:56
runderwopartialinfinity: try bash -v /etc/init.d/dmraid start01:56
christozgreetings, does anyone uses the sysmonitor screenlet, i' encountering problems on showing my ip01:57
watwhy 2 installs temppy01:57
IkanIt's more of a W7 and ubuntu ordeal01:57
runderwopartialinfinity: that may at least give you an idea where the problem is.01:57
partialinfinityrunderwo:  what am I looking for?01:57
runderwopartialinfinity: sudo, of course.01:57
eZemy ubuntu sometimes freezes when i'm afk, but i can't find anything in the logs, ideas?01:57
NunesHi, does anyone here have installer passenger with ruby enterprise on ubuntu 8.04?01:57
runderwopartialinfinity: look at what it does last before exiting with error.01:57
temppywat: one is my regular account.  The other is for testing the alphas/betas01:57
Nunesbiot023 That link did not help, but thanks a lot!01:58
NunesHi, does anyone here have installer passenger with ruby enterprise on ubuntu 8.04?01:58
partialinfinityrunderwo:   * Setting up DMRAID devices...       $EXPR $COLS - 101:58
partialinfinityrunderwo:  I don't see any error messages, it looks like it's printing the script... ?01:58
runderwopartialinfinity: yes, it should print the script up until the point where it exits with error.01:59
partialinfinityrunderwo:  the line I pasted is the last line I see01:59
biot023Nunes: sorry to hear that -- good luck!02:01
Nunesbiot023 np02:01
jhonnyboyhey everyone got a quick theme question. I tried to install Elegant Brit theme on ubuntu and i am getting this error "The theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed" Can anyone please help me?02:01
jhonnyboyi would appreciate any help. I am fairly new to Linux02:02
Area300does anyone have a cheat sheet for ubuntu CLI commands ... i keep forgetting stuff?02:03
Flannel!cli | Area30002:03
ubottuArea300: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:03
jhonnyboyi downloaded the gtk and metacity theme one02:03
dr_willisArea300,  theres doesens of bash quick referance guides listed on google. :)02:03
jhonnyboybut im getting this error :(02:03
dr_willisArea300,  thjey are not 'ubuntu cli commands' they are Linux shell commands.02:03
Area300Flannel: Thank you very much02:03
loneldayo_: hey thanks :)02:04
gofgI am having problems mounting an "in-use" ntfs volume02:04
gofgWhen i attempt to mount it, I get an error: You are not privileged to mount the volume 'GofG's500gb'.02:04
Area300:) sorry for my ignronce ... im trying to ditch my MS thinking lol02:04
dayo_lonel: u're welcome02:04
gofgwhen i -o force it, i get fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/GofG's500gb: No such file or directory02:04
FirestoneJhonnyboy: Try installing the GTK engine from Synaptic package manager in System > Admin. Then, scroll down the list to GTK2-engines02:05
gofgthis was after messing with my /dev/fdisk file02:05
gofgHow do I mount it?02:05
cplusplusok works02:06
gofgOh, and this just popped up:02:06
gofgDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.02:06
temppygofg: that second error is nothing, ignore it02:06
ActionParsnipgofg: run sudo fdisk -l to show partitions02:06
ActionParsnip!mount | gofg02:06
ubottugofg: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:06
gofgthree line paste:02:06
gofggofg@gofgeee:/media$ fdisk -l02:06
gofgCannot open /dev/sda02:06
gofgCannot open /dev/sdb02:06
FloodBot1gofg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
gofg:( sorry floodbot.02:07
||cw2goffio: sudo02:07
jhonnyboyI'm getting this error after installing a theme... "The theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed" Can anyone please help me?02:07
FirestoneJhonnyboy: Try installing the GTK engine from Synaptic package manager in System > Admin. Then, scroll down the list to GTK2-engines02:07
strex-wo1kcan anyone point me in the right direction of downgrading nvidia drivers from 173, to 169?02:08
gofgthis looks like it: /dev/sdb1               1       60802   488386552+   7  HPFS/NTFS02:08
easotokrhelp, please, my broadcom was erased from the map02:08
gofgwhat aught I do now?02:08
gofgis there any way to make this ntfs drive think it's not being used through wine?02:09
gofgmake it, through wine, think that it is not being used.02:09
ActionParsnipgofg: it needs sudo02:10
cwo_lhutugi pa?02:10
The_Rebelanyone good with pulse audio?02:10
gofgActionParsnip, which command? I already got the fdisk.02:10
ActionParsnipgofg: sudo fdisk -l02:10
gofgi pasted the line that describes this drive02:10
gofg/dev/sdb1               1       60802   488386552+   7  HPFS/NTFS02:10
The_Rebeli need to figure out how to set defaults permanently02:11
ActionParsnipgofg: ok cool02:11
ActionParsnip!ntfs3g | gofg02:11
ubottugofg: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:11
FloodBot1cwo_lhutu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:11
goffioThe_Rebel: systemwide pulseaudio files are in /etc/pulse, is that what your'e looking for?02:12
gofgActionParsnip, Already have it installed, attempted to mount with sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/gofg's500gb -o force02:12
The_Rebelwell goffio.. i just want to know how to make my default choices presistant02:13
easotokrhow to check if hw is present if lshw doesn't show anything about it?????02:13
The_Rebelevery time i reboot my default outputs get set back to pulse audio's defaults.02:13
jhonnyboyI'm getting this error after installing a theme... "The theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed" Can anyone please help me?02:13
ActionParsnipgofg: looks ok, what was the output of the command? did you make the folder to mount to?02:13
gofgAnyone? I kind of need access to this drive right now, and being unable to mount it kind of sucks.02:14
ActionParsnipgofg: i wouldnt use ' characters in folder names, it can cause complications02:14
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gofgyeah, but it has worked up until this point02:14
gofgsec, let me get the output02:14
ActionParsnipgofg: use pastebin02:14
gofgone line >.<02:14
The_Rebeluse quotes gofg02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qtstalker02:15
Tyrathwould anyone know where I could go to find out more abou qtstalker and how to set it up properly02:15
grkblood13hello, im currently having issues getting a external usb wifi adapter to work on my desktop using centos and am thinking about switching to ubuntu02:15
wackarnoldsneed some help02:15
sifuschwagerhey all, anyone have any experience with installing with wine?02:15
grkblood13i want to set up a NFS server02:16
ActionParsnipgofg: you havent made the mount point dude. try this instead02:16
grkblood13should i get the desktop or server edition02:16
goffioThe_Rebel: afaict, what you need is to use the config files in /etc/pulse. Perhaps (i'm no expert on this) take a look at /etc/pulse/default.pa, last two lines pray "set-default-source" and "set-default-sink"02:16
Tyrathsifuschwager: sudo apt-get install wine02:16
easotokrsifuschwager, I installed a couple of programs, It´s quite simple02:16
sifuschwagerIm trying to install fallout 302:16
Gnea!info qtstalker02:16
ubottuqtstalker (source: qtstalker): commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.32-3.1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1571 kB, installed size 4992 kB02:16
redvamp128Stargazer: check this out -- but you do have to go to the nvidia site to download the older version of the nvidia driver02:16
The_Rebelalright goffio, i'll check it out02:16
grkblood13any1 havea suggestion?02:16
sifuschwagerwith wine 1.1.12, but it hangs on the install02:16
ActionParsnipgofg: sudo mkdir /media/500gb; sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/500gb -o force,uid=100002:17
TyrathGnea: thanks but I have it installed and it works. I just need help adding extra components02:17
gofgsifuschwager, dx10 trouble i think02:17
Gnea!nfs | grkblood1302:17
ubottugrkblood13: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.02:17
wackarnoldsif i have 2 HD and want both of them to function how will i set them up in the partitioner when i do a fresh insall02:17
temppygrkblood13: I believe the desktop and server edition are basically the same, where the desktop is equal to the server edition plus gnome, etc02:17
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GneaTyrath: aah... haven't used it, i usually use the little gnome applet02:17
runderwogrkblood13: what is the problem under centos?  do you know who made the adapter?02:17
grkblood13i know what it is, im just wondering if i would be better suited with the ubuntu server edition over the desktop edition02:17
TyrathGnea: well this one does have a GUI :)02:17
grkblood13yea, belkin02:17
ActionParsnipgofg: you need to make the folder to mount to BEFORE mounting to it, the error shows this02:18
easotokrhi guys, I'm facing a wierd problem my ubuntu doesn't recognize my bcm4318, at all02:18
gofgActionParsnip, worked marvelously. Since it was telling me the media didn't exist, not the mount point, I didn't think of that.02:18
Gneagrkblood13: doesn't really matter, although you should consider how often you'd be likely to reboot the machine02:18
temppygrkblood13: if you want a GUI, go with the desktop version02:18
TyrathGnea: one thing to note though is that installing qtstalker any other way than adding it to the repositories in ibex will fail02:18
Aggrav8dhi!  I did a apt-get update this morning and was told security.ubuntu.com could not be resolved.  dig seems to have stopped responding to any queries.  Oddly, I'm still able to connect to external sites through the windows box on the same router.  how do i fix this?02:18
runderwogrkblood13: it could need some strange firmware in order to operate02:18
redvamp128Stargazer:  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid#Install_Latest_Nvidia.2FATI_drivers   (what you need is almost the bottom of the page)02:18
grkblood13well, i tried installing wicd02:18
sidneyhow do i make a backup of this file /etc/samba/smb.conf file02:18
GneaTyrath: dude, gnome is all about gui ;) but i'm game for anything that'll help02:19
ActionParsnip!broadcom | easotokr02:19
ubottueasotokr: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:19
grkblood13and that didnt work02:19
grkblood13ithey pointed to to a linux driver page02:19
grkblood13and i found the driver it uses02:19
grkblood13so it must be in the distro i have02:19
grkblood13it just wont work02:19
Gnea!enter | grkblood1302:19
ubottugrkblood13: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:19
grkblood13and i dont care about guis, i like the terminal02:19
easotokrActionParsnip, broadom, yeah, the weird thing is last night i used my notebook perfectly02:19
ActionParsnipgofg: yeah, you mount to a folder, if you specify a mount point that doesnt exist, the mount will fail02:19
easotokrtoday, nothing looks show it up02:19
goffioAggrav8d: have you lost all conectivity to internet or just specific sites?02:19
ActionParsnipeasotokr: reset it up then02:19
easotokreven no lspci02:19
runderwogrkblood13: what's the model number?02:19
redvamp128Stargazer:  NVidia Driver  If you have problems with Nvidia drivers after upgrading, check This guide for common solutions to problems with nvidia.  Please make a backup of xorg.conf before following this method.   Install the nvidia-settings package:   (I KNOW IT IS FOR INTREPID) but commands should work on all ubuntu02:20
easotokrI already tried, nothing02:20
TyrathGnea: if you want it add deb http://www.zwets.com/debs unstable/ to your /etc/apt/sources.list02:20
Gneagrkblood13: then go with server, it works just fine02:20
ActionParsnipeasotokr: is the wifi turned on and enabled in the bios (if its  laptop)02:20
grkblood13oops, F5D905002:20
redvamp128Stargazer:  though you have to download the .run you want from NVIDIA02:20
grkblood13its a desktop, this is external02:20
andy1899sup peeps02:20
GneaTyrath: sec, i'm installing the base from ibex to see how bad it is02:20
StargazerRedvamp128, ever think everything on my machine may be Intel ? :<02:20
easotokrActionParsnip, yes, absolutely even the bluetooth it's working02:20
gofgActionParsnip, ah. That makes more sense now. Here I was thinking I was getting the hang of a non-Fischer-Price OS >.<02:20
TyrathGnea: it will install it just won't get the quotes for you02:21
easotokrActionParsnip, I guess both com ein the same card :S02:21
TyrathGnea: which defeats the purpose of having the program lol02:21
BushGoneJan20thso i cannot set value higher than what ' xrandr ' states as maximum, correct?02:21
runderwogrkblood13: looks like rt73 driver is needed.02:21
redvamp128Stargazer:  that gets to this command (sudo ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.80-pkg1.run )02:21
grkblood13Gnea: other than having a gui is there anything the desktop is better at?02:21
Tyrathanyhow I'm off02:21
ActionParsnipgofg: as long as you learn dude, on a side not you can mount to ANY folder, if the folder contains data it will not be readable as the mount will override it, the data will still be on the partition though02:21
Tyrathhope you like the program Gnea02:21
runderwogrkblood13: --^02:21
redvamp128which just replace with the version of Nvidia you want to run02:21
gofgActionParsnip, when i unmount the drive will the data reappear in nautilus?02:22
TyrathGnea: I would personally like it a lot better if I could set it up the way I like butI don't know how to :/02:22
ActionParsnipredvamp128: most nv cards are supported by the open drivers in repos02:22
Gneatyler_d1: uhm, it updated them02:22
grkblood13im on centos but i will def. check that out, thanks02:22
ActionParsnipgofg: if its unmounted then no, the partition must be mounted to be read02:22
redvamp128Stargazer:  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid#NVidia_Driver02:23
gofgNo, I mean, let's say I mount a CD to my home folder. When I remove the CD, will my home folder be back? >.<02:23
ActionParsnipgofg: if you want it mounting at boot, add a line for it in /etc/fstab02:23
Gneagrkblood13: it all depends what you want to do with it. i can still run a gui without a gui using server.02:23
goffiogofg: yes02:23
redvamp128Stargazer:  though you go to the nvidia site and download the .run of the Nvidia you want to run02:23
dr_willisgofg,  what is in the folder you mount somthing to is 'hidden' while the mount exists02:23
ussergofg: you should not do that mounting into non empty directories can yield unpredictable results02:23
StargazerRedvamp128... my machine is intel not NVidia or AMD.02:23
Aggrav8dgoffio - i haven't lost outbound.  it's still serving pages.02:24
billisnicewhere is 9.04 alpha 3?02:24
AeonisI had to leave earlier ActionParsnip.  Sorry.02:24
ActionParsnipgofg: yes, but its advised to mount stuff to a different folder, like /media/cdrom0 or make a folder for it someplace02:24
Aggrav8dbut i can't seem to resolve anything.  i USED to run a DNS server on this machine but I turned it off.02:24
dr_willisgofg,  i tend to makle a single file in m y mountpoints   that basicially is called "this_device_is_not_Mounted"02:24
redvamp128Stargazer: -- sorry the autocomplete names is messing up02:24
gofgwhy is the standard sdbn?02:24
ActionParsnipgofg: you can mount anywhere in the filesystem you like, just not in /proc02:24
StargazerOh, epic failure, redvamp128.02:24
goffioAggrav8d: what kind of devices are in the middle, routers etc?02:24
ActionParsnipgofg: its just how its being detected, its really not important02:24
dr_willisgofg,  drives are  named 'sdXY' where  X = a b c d e and so on..  Y is  # of he partitionj02:24
jhonnyboyI'm getting this error after installing a theme... "The theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed" Can anyone please help me?02:25
grkblood13im going to go ahead and d/l it. thanks guys, yall were more willing to help with centos than the centos chat was02:25
ActionParsnipgofg: sdb is usually primary slave02:25
redvamp128Stargazer:  that one was supposed to be for the person who wanted to run an earlier nvidia driver02:25
AeonisI need to get my video back to where I can make my resolution better and get desktop effects02:25
Niki_sorry, xubuntu (but network related, and noone on xubuntu could help): i have fresh installation of xubuntu 8.10 from alternative cd. default network config. the machine properly obtains dhcp information, ip is assigned, route is set, dns servers are set. but no network conectivity at all. i can not even ping the gateway. no restrictions on the gateway itself. ifconfig does not report any...02:25
Niki_...transm. errors. what to check next?02:25
goffioAggrav8d: did you have firewalls on your box, netfilter etc?02:25
Niki_also, i used mii-tool to restart and reset the transmitter. after each such restart it renegotiates the link ok, the dhcp log on the router displays the new assigment. dhcpclient runs ok as well, renegotiating properly the ip lease02:26
ActionParsnipgofg: I'd read up on mount points, mounting and what its all about02:26
wackarnoldsif i have 2 HD and want both of them to function how will i set them up in the partitioner when i do a fresh install02:26
Niki_the routing table looks ok (gateway for trough eth0, default to but is unreachable (ping report)02:26
Gnea!resolution | Aeonis02:26
ubottuAeonis: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:26
usserNiki_: install wireshark and capture the whole process of obtaining ip, pinging etc02:26
usserNiki_: should give you some info02:26
gofgso like windows drives are named C:/, F:/, etc, linux just names their drives sda, sdb, etc?02:26
gofgbut really you can "name" them whatever02:26
gofgI think I will02:26
gofgwikipedia/wiki/Mount (computers)?02:26
FloodBot1gofg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:26
Aggrav8dgoffio - no.02:27
ActionParsnipwackarnolds: install to one partitions, you can add the mounting to fstab if it doesnt get added for you so both are accessible02:27
Lamerionlol... just recovered from a misconfiguration in the xorg.conf file.. not messing with that for a while02:27
dr_willisgofg,  linux uses a more logical schemd for he device names.02:27
Gneagofg: not quite02:27
ActionParsnipgofg: man mount is a good start02:27
wackarnoldsdo that after he os install?02:27
rwwLamerion: heh, me too. I hate xorg so much >.>02:27
Niki_usser: is there any commandline tool?02:27
ActionParsnipwackarnolds: you may find it gets added for you, if one is ntfs formatted you will need ntfs-3g to write to it02:28
gofgI'll go ask somewhere else; I hate cluttering up the ubuntu irc channel.02:28
myk_robinsonwhat is the default group in Intrepid for Apache2? The webserver is running, but I do not see a group associated with it. Do i need to reboot?02:28
softdavsomeone know how to change the time tor use to change of ip02:28
Aggrav8dgoffio - apparently a reboot fixed it.  i guess I should have tried flushing my dns cache first.02:28
goffioAggrav8d: lol, yes that helps02:28
Gneagofg: it's pretty simple, actually: C: is not a drive, it's a formatted partition. Windows doesn't see C: until it has formatted it. /dev/sda is the name of the whole first disk. /dev/sda1 is just the first partition. C: can be a partition, but not the whole disk.02:29
usserNiki_: tcpdump02:29
rwwAnyone happen to know how to make that "System restart required" icon go away?02:29
somedrewAnyone have any success getting Windows to access an ext3 filesystem within a luks container using FreeOTFE and ext2ifs - or at all?02:29
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Lamerionugh which channel i can ask about www technology stuff02:30
dr_willisgofg,  windows tends to use the term 'drive' where linux would use the term 'filesystem'02:30
Gnearww: restart the system02:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext202:30
gofgGnea, oh, that's easy. External disks can be mounted to /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc, and they are by default, but that's just for naming convenience. You could mount to anywhere.02:30
lstarnesLamerion: mayve #www02:30
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org02:30
Lamerionits invite only02:30
rwwGnea: well duh. Does anyone know how to make that "System restart required" icon go away without restarting the system?02:30
Gneagofg: wrong, /dev/whatever is just the name of the devices, they aren't mount points02:30
dr_willis<somedrew> http://www.fs-driver.org  works decently well.. but i always disable/unmount the linux volumes befor i exit windows. just to be safe02:30
usserNiki_: something like tcpdump -i eth0 -vv02:30
jhonnyboycan anyone help me install a theme? I am having trouble installing a theme on ubuntu and am getting errors02:31
gofgWhere does it mount, then?02:31
Gneagofg: mount points are an actual directory that the partition of the disk gets mounted to02:31
Gneagofg: wherever.02:31
dr_willisgofg,  can mount anywhere. :) You mount devices TO mountpoints02:31
runderworww: click the 'X' on the baloon.02:31
ActionParsnip!fstab | wackarnolds02:31
ubottuwackarnolds: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:31
Gnearww: what runderwo said02:31
somedrewthankd dr_willis , the problems is with the encryption though. I the driver works great on normal partitions, but can't seem to open a mapped device02:31
goffiosomedrew: i don't know about luks, but i've been able to access LVM/xfs and whatever using colinux under windows02:31
gofgI understand, but I have mounted my devices before now, not knowing this. Where did ubuntu mount them to? /media/[device name]?02:31
goffio(and ubuntu on it)02:31
dr_willissomedrew,  no idea on that.02:31
Gneagofg: as long as it's a directory, not a file.02:31
somedrewgoffio: thanks02:31
Gneagofg: that's usually where the automated ones go, yes. otherwise, they get specified in /etc/fstab02:32
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:32
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:32
runderworww: basically, they want to annoy you until you restart.  Not restarting is _bad_ on laptops that hibernate.02:32
Gnea!partitions > gofg02:33
ubottugofg, please see my private message02:33
rwwrunderwo: I'm aware of why it's there; I'm trying to figure out how to make it go away ;)02:33
Gneagofg: good stuff to read02:33
runderworww: I guess if you kill update-notifier, it shouldn't come back until you update again.02:34
zashiI did a net install on my friend's computer for kubuntu. Is there a meta-package or something to install a more complete desktop system? (sorry for the lame question, long time linux user, just not debian based distros)02:34
outofthemadness hey I'm trying to add syntax highlighting to gedit for another language. I have a pretty good understanding of how it works(have to create an xml file, and put it in some directory), I just don't know where to put it02:34
IkanHas anyone here done a Windows Vista/Windows 7/Ubuntu Multiboot?02:35
rwwzashi: install the kubuntu-desktop package02:35
ActionParsnipzashi: how do you mean "more complete"?02:35
zashirww, thanks02:35
softdavi need someone who use tor02:35
zashicloser to what installing the kubuntu dvd would provide02:35
Gneazashi: 'more complete'?02:35
rwwrunderwo: Yup. Looks like that plus deleting /var/run/reboot-required did it. Thanks :)02:35
Gneazashi: aaah.. well that would probably install everything under the sun02:36
goffiozashi: i can think of ubuntustudio, ubuntu ultimate edition, and other "subdistros" is that what you mean?02:36
AeonisI'm ran that command and my Ubuntu shut down to some kind of screen wit ha lot of >26 or something like that and wouldn't do anything else.02:36
Gneagoffio: no, he's talking about every last piece of software available on the dvd02:36
ActionParsnipzashi: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop gives you the exact same apps / system as the kubuntu dvd, if you log out of gnome, change your session to kde and log in, its identical in every way02:36
AeonisBefore, I just went to tell my computer to see the driver for my video card and then enable it.02:36
ari_stressmorning all :)02:37
Gneazashi: am I correct in what you're asking?02:37
somedrewoutofthemadness: used to be ~/.gnome2/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs/ (gedit was using gtksouceview) should still be current, but not sure02:37
lfaraoneHow can I tell what the model of webcam is build into my lappy? (I'm grepping for drivers atm)02:37
zashiGnea, close, but not quite. not /everything/ on the dvd is required02:38
uberpenguinbleh... how is ubuntu 8.04 setting video mode timing? there's nothing useful in the xorg.conf file02:38
zashiI think installing the *-desktop *-studio packages will do what I want02:38
Gneazashi: you can open up the synaptic package manager and select what you'd like to install that way...02:38
Adam_is there an expressgate equivilant for ubuntu?02:38
runderwolfaraone: try lsusb -v02:38
Gneazashi: those would install other desktop environments that you can choose from the session selector at login02:39
ActionParsnipAdam_: whats it do?02:39
rwwzashi: kubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal will, between them, install everything that would be installed by a regular Kubuntu desktop install.02:39
Adam_it's a quickboot bios option that gets you into internet/skype like 5 seconds after powering on02:39
zashirww, thanks. that about perfectly answers my original question.02:39
Adam_its an option on asus motherboards for linux, just wanted to know if there was an alternative for non asus mobos on ubuntu02:40
AeonisBefore, I just went to tell my computer to see the driver for my video card and then enable it.02:40
ActionParsnipAdam_: theres bios linux which is quite risky but puts the kernel and some modules in bios so your system boots faster02:40
ActionParsnipAdam_: never heard of that02:40
Jack_SparrowAdam_, Are you talking about the new mb's with the onboard chip..  There is no alternative02:41
ActionParsnipAdam_: sounds like its very specific to the hardware02:41
Jack_SparrowAdam_, most new boards in 2009 are supposed to be adding them02:41
Adam_ah okay.02:41
ActionParsnipAdam_: theres magnetic ram (i think its called that) coming soon which will act like an SSD on the mobo so will be really fast for boots and access02:42
jbuncherCan anyone tell me what exactly ubuntu runs (with gnome) that xubuntu doesn't that makes xubuntu/xfce "lighter weight"?  I'm asking about background processes and such, rather than installing abiword/gnumeric instead of openoffice.02:42
Adam_ActionParsnip: im looking forward to it, i saw expressgate in action today, preboot OS, was sexy02:43
outofthemadnesssomedrew: The gtksourceview directory isn't in gnome2.(not anymore, anyway) there is one in /usr/share , and I put it in there, and now it is an option in the syntax highlighting menu, but when I do that there is no highlighting, just plain text. Any ideas?02:43
ActionParsnipAdam_: just dont turn off the pc ;)02:43
myk_robinsonwhat is the user and group for apache in Intrepid?02:44
dr_willisjbuncher,  xubuntu dosent run all the gnome stuff. that whats make it lighter.  install gnome on xubuntu and run gnome - and its the same.02:44
ActionParsnipjbuncher: gnome is just a fatter system, xfce apps are smaller in ram but offer slightly less ease of config in my experience02:44
gecko_I'm getting this error after installing a theme... "The theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed" Can anyone please help me?02:44
goffiojbuncher: i think gnome alone is heavier than xfce coz its underlying libs02:44
jbuncherActionParsnip:  That was the explanation I gave a friend, though I guess I'm asking what specifically is "all the gnome stuff".  A few examples would be sufficient.02:45
Philippe1what's the best free game I can get for linux?02:45
ThePubI've installed fluxbox and xdm, removing gdm, and for some reason now the totem plugin under firefox does not play movies.  I'm assuming something with Gnome, but what?  Any ideas?02:45
ActionParsnipjbuncher: just smaller ram footprint in memory when you run stuff02:45
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:45
itachii have some problem02:45
TokieHello anyone here?02:45
jbuncherActionParsnip:  Would this be a reason for firefox to start a few seconds faster in xfce than in gnome?02:45
dr_willisThePub,  why did you bother removing gdm? that may of removed some other gnome related bits.02:45
itachiTokie: yes02:45
ThePubdr_willis: gdm has no gnome tidbits.02:46
TokieLiterally today02:46
TokieI just bought the Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition02:46
pdelgallegoHello, A question about Pidgin. Where the program store the image/icon associated to an account ?02:46
TokieWhen I pick the option02:46
ActionParsnipjbuncher: if you have enough free ram i wouldnt imagine it loading faster, if you use a lighter firefox clone like firepup or swiftfox it will load faster02:46
Area300!restartx | Area30002:46
ubottuArea300, please see my private message02:46
TokieTry Ubuntu Without Changing Any Software02:46
Tokieor w/e02:46
TokieI pick that02:46
ActionParsnipjbuncher: or have fewer plugins to load02:46
Tokieand it freezes02:46
Tokieafter like 5 mins02:46
FloodBot1Tokie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:46
AeonisBefore, I just went to tell my computer to see the driver for my video card and then enable it.02:46
dr_willisThePub, if you say so. then   following your logic gdm couldent of affected anything.. guess ya could prove it by reinstalling gdm and see.02:46
lasivianI want to play a sound off a usb drive with aplay, but it's taking too long to load it, any ideas?02:47
woody86My Firefox says it's using the en-GB language, does anyone know how to change it to en_us? It doesn't show that en_us is installed?02:47
trojatraI installed gnome-do using the bzr source to install Docky, but I don't know how to get it to run Docky (only Gnome-Do)02:47
BllasaeTokie>I just bought the Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition02:47
goffiopdelgallego: ~/.purple02:47
R1cochethow do i get my internet connection settings to save so i dont have to reconfig after a restart?02:47
Claire2009hi - i have question - can you have 2nd HD In ubuntu storing data, then keep data on it, while you reinstall ubuntu on 1st HD?02:47
jbuncherActionParsnip: the machine he's running on is a 2.66 GHz Celeron with 1 GB ram.  Shouldn't that be enough to not have a big startup time difference?02:47
somedrewoutofthemadness: try just creating the directories if they don't exist, the one in usr/share probably isn't set up for proper parsing02:48
dr_willisClaire2009,  yes. you can. i do that all the time. I even keep /home on its own hd a lot of times02:48
BllasaeTokie: Why did you buy it? It's free02:48
iaindaltonWhy can't I see the nimbus typeface family with xfontsel?  I need the XFLD name of that typeface.02:48
disappearednghey how do I know whether I am using madwifi or atheros?02:48
TokieI meant I received it in the mail... Via free shipping it to my house.02:48
Claire2009dr_willis - so is there any problems transferring data after?02:48
ActionParsnipjbuncher: i run similar but i like fluxbox as its clean and sleek, you could easily run a gnome desktop if you like gnome apps02:48
R1cochetClaire2009: no02:48
Anacranomis there any support here for compiling the latest kernel in 8.04 or 8.10?02:48
Claire2009dr_willis - or any special things i gotta do after reinstalling ubuntu?02:48
ActionParsnip!ntfs3g > wackarnolds02:48
ubottuwackarnolds, please see my private message02:48
temppydisappearedng: you use some variant of lshw I thinks02:49
disappearedngtemppy how do I check ?02:49
dr_willisClaire2009,  why should there be? :)   you may need to keep track of file ownership/permissions   depending on the data02:49
R1cochethow do i get my internet connection settings to save so i dont have to reconfig after a restart?02:49
Claire2009dr_willis - k. well, i just reconfig'd permissions on 2hd to my own username02:49
R1cocheti have ICS setup and on the server the settings revert to automatic after a restart02:49
temppydisappearedng: sudo lshw -c network02:49
jbuncherActionParsnip:  Thanks for hte info.  I prefer gnome myself (my first 2 years of linux were with debian and fluxbox, a great way to learn!), but I've come to enjoy the "featured-ness" of ubuntu/gnome.  I was just curious as to what isn't running in xubuntu/xfce that is in ubuntu/gnome that would make a big difference.02:50
goffioR1cochet: are you getting internet trough windoze ICS?02:50
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide02:50
sinMy wireless has been working and suddenly it stopped now, when I iwlist scan it show's me wlan0 but it say's it doesn't support scanning netowkr down. Can anyone help?02:50
Claire2009dr_willis - thanks for the info. so, basically when reinstalling ubuntu you just format 1st HD?02:50
sinI have 8.1002:50
R1cochetserver is on xubuntu and client is on xubuntu02:50
myk_robinsonhow can I find the username and group the Apache2 webserver belongs to?02:50
runderwosin: try rightclick network manager, disable, then re-enable02:50
ActionParsnipjbuncher: try xfce, see what you think. Its worth a try at least. You may prefer it02:51
pdelgallegogoffio, you are right thanks02:51
runderwosin: if that doesn't work, go to a terminal, type dmesg, and look for possible hardware/driver errors.02:51
AeonisHow can I get my video driver to list as a propietary driver as it did before?02:51
=== uuuuuuuuuuu is now known as syn-fin-fin-ack
whileimhereHi. What version is GIMP supposed to be on?02:51
jbuncherActionParsnip:  Last time I really tried it was with dapper, and found printing to be much harder to set up than with gnome.  I may have to give it another whirl though.  Thanks!02:52
disappearedngtemppy: what card driver is this then? pastebin.com/m783f212c02:52
sinrunderwo: I did that rebooted I even uninstalled  and installed wicd02:52
jbuncherwhileimhere:  depends on which version of ubuntu you have installed02:52
TokieDoes Ubuntu support .m4a audio file formats?02:52
Claire2009recon69 - u here?02:52
R1cochetjbuncher: im on xubuntu and print setup is nice02:52
iaindaltonTokie: I can play them, but I've installed some packages that aren't default02:52
whileimhereI have 2.6 installed for GIMP but for some reason I keep thinking that it should be up to 3.0 now.02:52
goffioR1cochet: lemme get it right,  it's the *server* what's loosing config between reboots?02:53
temppydisappearedng: iwl496502:53
R1cochetgoffio: server and client are on xubuntu02:53
dr_willisClaire2009,  yep02:53
temppyAs far as I can tell...02:53
Claire2009dr_willis - thanks.02:53
R1cochetgoffio: yea its the server02:53
jbuncherR1cochet, thanks for the info.  I just remember there not being a nice "printers" config app for nice gui setup of the printers in xubuntu dapper.  That may well have changed by now.02:53
jbuncherwhileimhere:  I don't think so, 2.6 is the latest version on gimp.org02:54
Claire2009dr_willis - now, final question - will ubuntu remember the nautilis settings on 2nd hd when done reinstall?02:54
R1cochetjbuncher: very nice app now02:54
sinrunderwo: My drivers ath5k has errors gain calibration timeout and can't reset hardware any ideas02:54
Claire2009dr_willis - also, do i need to keep same username?02:54
temppysin: are you using 8.10? have you tried LBM?02:54
disappearedngtemppy thx02:54
TokieI selected the install option after I inserted the Ubuntu live disc, and now it is at a screen with some pretty sweet dark red/orange/black abstract image, and I can see my mouse, and move it around, is it loading all up?02:55
whileimhereThanks jbuncher02:55
sintemppy: Yes I'm using 8.10. What's LBM?02:55
goffioR1cochet: if you have ICS by configuring netfilter/iptables, it should keep your config. But to make sure you can put the iptables stuff on a script and call it from /etc/rc.local , it will run at every boot02:55
temppydisappearedng: np, thats neither atheros, nor madwifi.  Its from intel, and it looks like it has a native driver.  I've heard intel is good about that on linux02:55
runderwosin: that sounds bad.  did this happen after upgrading your kernel?02:56
R1cochetgoffio: the server was setup using firestarter but i dont have it on autostart02:56
temppysin: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid                           that package may contain better drivers for ath5k02:56
Area300can anyone tell me why when i click Detect Displays it dosnt tell me anything ?02:56
sintemppy: I'll try them thanks02:57
Vulcanishas anyone gotten a thinkpad scrollbutton to... scroll, in 7.10?02:57
lfaraonerunderwo: thanks02:57
wackarnolds pastebin.com/m3575920002:57
disappearedngHow do I check if I have a a kernel of 2.6.25 or higher,02:59
runderwodisappearedng: uname -r02:59
biouserconfigure: error: Your intltool is too old.  You need intltool 0.35.0 or later.02:59
lstarnesdisappearedng: uname -r02:59
disappearedngok how do I upgrade it?02:59
sintemppy: I just installed them and I'm still getting the same error03:00
lstarnesdisappearedng: what version of ubuntu are you using?03:00
outofthemadnesssomedrew: I tried that, and it also didn't work. Still had the menu option though03:00
Anacranomis there any support here for compiling the latest kernel in 8.04 or 8.10?03:00
disappearedngI need to do aircrackng03:00
lstarnesdisappearedng: 8.10 has a newer kernel03:00
disappearedngwhat you need: a kernel of 2.6.25 or higher,03:00
goffioR1cochet: i've never used firestarter, but it seems to have an option to add it to start the fw on dialup, dhcp lease, etc03:00
disappearedngi have 2.6.2403:00
Aggrav8dif i want to uninstall my DNS server (which is no longer needed) it might break my ability to resolve domain names.  What do I need to check before I sudo apt-get uninstall bind?03:01
temppysin: you should reboot before you try03:01
Anacranomlstarnes, but 8.04 is still supported, and has 2.6.2403:01
lstarnesAggrav8d: check that you have working nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf03:01
AeonisHow can I get my video driver to list as a propietary driver as it did before?03:01
Aggrav8dlstarnes - nope.  search just has nameserver and search my domain name.03:02
biouserNo package 'gtk+-2.0' found03:02
lstarnesbiouser: look for libgtk2.003:03
lstarnesAggrav8d: add some other nameservers to that. Your local DNS server is likely set to use some external ones that you can use in /etc/resolv.conf03:03
isiahhey how can I get firefox 2 back on my ubuntu system?03:03
biouserthank you lstarnes lifesaver  (-dev)03:04
Jack_SparrowInteresting problem.  I lost the top bar for Firefox.  I used synaptic to remove completely.  I rebooted.  I click the icon on the taskbar and Firefox came right up without the top bar again.  I had to use sudo and remove .mozilla from my user. Rebooted  click the icon and Firefox is still there but now with the top bar.  FYI - I did not install Firefox manually03:04
Andre_Gondimhow is it the hd with install ubuntu by wubi? My friend receve error 103:04
phunyguyGOOGLE is your friend.03:05
=== five is now known as Guest67734
Anacranomsounds like a bugreport Jack_Sparrow03:05
Jack_SparrowAndre_Gondim, We have seen this before.  Wubi does not install Ubuntu on a partition03:05
whileimhereHi again. I want to rip MP3s for my little mp3 player what is a good program for that?03:06
Andre_GondimJack_Sparrow, yeah i know, but the error is in menu.list03:06
Aggrav8dlstarnes - thanks, that did the trick.03:06
wackarnoldsi need to move a file into my /etc folder but says i cant dont have permissin03:06
AeonisHow can I get my video driver to list as a propietary driver as it did before?03:06
wackarnoldshow do i fix this03:07
jtierhey guys, i am looking for somebody to help me migrate qmail, I am willing to pay on paypal03:07
Aggrav8dwackarnolds - sudo?03:07
Aggrav8dwackarnolds - be careful what you move!03:07
wackarnoldsi dont know how to move a file using the terminal03:07
mrwizardI'm having trouble with the menubar, screenshot is at http://thar.us/view/240403:07
* runderwo introduces sin to SinII03:07
Aggrav8dwackarnolds - sudo mv [from] [to]03:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about proprietary03:08
isiahwackarnolds: sudo mv foo.foo /etc03:08
cokyim having trouble with sound03:08
Jack_SparrowAnacranom, I think one of the sites visited trashed firefox.  Ill look into it more tomorrow.  JUst a fyi in case we see ore of  this. And it was only Firefox that lost the top bar.03:08
Aeonis!hot dudes03:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hot dudes03:08
Aggrav8dwackarnolds - also, google.03:08
cokyno sound after installing Sound Blaster PCI03:08
Aggrav8dis sound blaster still in business?!03:08
runderwocoky: does it show up in lspci?03:08
Charles0hello, i need help connecting to my wireless network on ubuntu :s03:08
biouserNo package 'libxml-2.0' found03:09
biouserare these not in build-essential?03:09
runderwo!wireless | Charles003:09
ubottuCharles0: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:09
Anacranomis there any support here for compiling the latest kernel in 8.04, ?03:09
Jack_SparrowAnacranom, No03:09
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages03:10
runderwobiouser: try libxml2-dev03:10
biouserrunderwo indeed, I was just wondering if there was a fat meta-package of some sort03:10
oholiaboh dear03:11
mrwizardI like avis 's exit message, but it's you're03:11
Jack_SparrowIGOR, Ital?03:11
oholiab"you shouldn't have to compile your own"03:11
cokyrunderwo : what is lspci?03:11
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:11
Jack_SparrowIGOR,  /join #Ubuntu-pt03:11
runderwobiouser: if you're building some package ubuntu knows about, apt-get build-dep <pkg> will fetch its build dependencies03:12
=== e is now known as UdontKnow
Jack_SparrowIGOR, Engles soamente  aqui por favor            /join #Ubuntu-pt03:12
Jack_SparrowWow I am no good at pt03:12
IndyGunFreakJack_Sparrow: maybe you should google an english>pt translator..lol03:13
AeonisI've been going through the release notes and I still cant see how to enable my Proprietary Video driver as I had in 8.04.03:13
biouserrunderwo good call03:13
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak, Be nice.. I think he got it03:13
mrwizardbut seriously, I'm having trouble with the menubar, screenshot is at http://thar.us/view/240403:13
oholiabwhat's ps reader is ubuntu shipped with?03:13
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: whats the problem?03:13
trojatraHow do I uninstall something I installed from source? (I still have the source directory)03:14
mrwizardsee the screenshot03:14
cokyproblem solved after restart03:14
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: i lookedat it, i still don't see a problem03:14
mrwizardthere's a big blank space between the time and the little whatever they're called03:14
oholiabtrojatra: I think "make uninstall" and then the program name03:14
mrwizardwhere update shows up03:14
oholiabtrojatra: I may have made that up though03:14
Jack_Sparrowmrwizard, Looks like another guys after he tried to replace the ubuntu start bar icon03:14
bthompsonhey guys i have a sound blaster sb0090 and I can't seem to get the microphone working...it works in windows...just not ubuntu....any ideas...i can play sound just not record with sound record or audacity03:14
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: beside it you'll sea  little "line".. right click it, unlike it, and move it to where you want it, its called "notification area"03:14
Charles0Alright, thanks for pointing me to the documentation - I don't know whether I should choose 'open' or 'shared' as my authentication type? Does it matter.. ?03:15
mrwizardIndyGunFreak: thanks!03:15
darius__hey folks, getting errors on install - input output error ubuntu, anyone able to assist03:15
oholiabbthompson: have you turned it on in alsamixer?03:15
runderwoCharles0: it's usually 'open'03:15
trojatraoholiab, nah, that's not it, heh.03:15
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: i meant unlock it, not unlike it, but i guess you got the message03:15
mrwizarddoes the update notification area thing only appear when there's updates?03:16
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: yes03:16
Area300ok guys i am almost there .... i have 2 nvidia cards and 4 monitors. one of my monitors is saying its 1024 x 768 but rest are 12xx x 1024 that one monitor dosnt allow me to even manualy set it to 12xx x 1024. they are all the same monitors ... any suggestions03:16
oholiabtrojatra: heh, sorry :P I should really keep guesses to myself03:16
woody86My Firefox says it's using the en-GB language, does anyone know how to change it to en_us? It doesn't show that en_us is installed?03:16
mrwizardIndyGunFreak: thanks!03:16
sintemppy:I'm still getting the same error mesg03:16
IndyGunFreakmrwizard: or you can check manually, by going to system/admin/update manager03:16
Charles0Ok thank you - I'll restart now and follow the instructions here.. hopefully it'll work :D03:16
oholiabtrojatra: it's because I've been coding in perl, where guessing is so frequently rewarded03:16
trojatraHow do I uninstall something I installed from source? (I still have the source directory)03:16
IndyGunFreaktrojatra: most programs, cd into the source directory, sudo make uninstall   when its done, delet ethe source directory03:17
trojatraHeh, forgot sudo for that, thanks.03:18
runderwoAeonis: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers03:18
Area300anyone at all ?03:18
MalI am having serious difficultly installing safesquid :(03:18
oholiabtrojatra: guess guessing works after all :D03:18
oholiabbthompson: did that work?03:18
trojatraoholiab, yeah, just forgot sudo, haha.03:18
oholiabtrojatra: story of my life03:18
bthompsonoholiab, yes i have turned it on03:19
Vulcanisdoes anyone here own a thinkpad, and happen to be running 7.10?03:19
IndyGunFreakVulcanis: just state your question..03:19
bthompsoni have microphone under plaback..and then under recording i have microphone capture...03:20
VulcanisMiddlemouse scroll problems03:20
Area300ok ... one more question ... why cant i get 32bit color out of ubuntu but same hardware does 32bit in win03:20
Vulcanisbut its such an obscure middlemouse03:20
oholiabbthompson: definitely got volume up and not muted then... that's usually the problem with my mic when it doesn't work03:20
Vulcanisalready tried all of the suggested xorg.conf settings google brings up03:20
bthompsonoholiab, which one do you use playback tab or recording tab..03:20
AeonisI did a lspci and see that I have a VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]03:20
oholiabbthompson: in alsamixer?03:21
jbuncherArea300:  The 24 bit color in ubuntu is the same as 32bit in win, I think it's really 24 bits of color with 8 bits of either alpha or b/w, not sure which.03:21
AeonisHow do I enable this if it doesn't show up?03:21
cokyhow to enable middle mouse buttton?03:21
Area300jbuncher: ty03:21
IndyGunFreakcoky: system/pref/mouse ?03:21
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto03:21
VulcanisEr, I meant set it to scroll03:21
Vulcanisnot middlemouse03:21
runderwo!ati | Aeonis03:22
ubottuAeonis: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:22
cokyi use logitech serial mouse w/ 3 button03:22
bthompsonoholiab: im assuming that is what it is called...its when you right click the speaker by the time and go to properties03:22
cokythe midle isnt working03:22
Jack_Sparrowcoky, HAve you read the link above on mouse buttons03:22
oholiabbthompson: try opening a terminal and typing alsamixer03:22
BinaryBoy000Hi.  I'm having an issue with firefox 3.0.5  Flash has stopped working completely.  I cannot watch any youtube videos at all.  I tried uninstalling then reinstalling flash, but it's still not working.  I am using the latest version of firefox and im using 8.10 x64.  What can I do to fix this?03:22
bthompsonoholiab, or i mean right click and go to open volume control03:22
AeonisThank you runderwo03:22
TidusBinaryBoy000: you'll need to install nspluginwrapper before you install flash player03:23
Tidusallows 32 bit plugins to run on 64 bit browser03:23
BinaryBoy000what does the nspluginwrapper do?03:23
bthompsonoholiab, i takes me to screen called pulse audio03:23
MalI'm guessing no one here can help with safesquid?03:23
BinaryBoy000lemme try..i'll brb03:23
Aeonisill work on this for now03:23
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)03:23
jribTidus: nspluginwrapper is automatically installed with flashplugin-nonfree03:23
oholiabbthompson: what, when you type alsamixer? o.o03:23
jribMal: best to just ask the channel your question.  If someone knows the answer, they will try to help you03:24
cokyjack_sparrow: the pages is loading03:24
Tidusjrib: it's been my experience that it doesn't auto-install03:24
cokythanks for the info03:24
jribTidus: it does, for a few versions now03:24
Malty jrib03:24
bthompsonoholiab, it says also mixer v1.0.17 card pulse audio...which is not correct should be audigy sb009003:24
oholiabbthompson: are any of the bars empty with an "MM" at the bottome?03:25
oholiaband if so, which ones?03:25
bthompsonoholiab, no03:25
BinaryBoy000still not working Tidus03:25
BinaryBoy000im using the flashplugin-nonfree03:26
Malhow can I get root permission to install/extract a tar.gz folder for safesquid?03:26
oholiabbthompson: :S I don't really know what the problem is then I'm afraid03:26
CaptainMorganMal, sudo?03:26
oholiabbthompson: you'll have to ask the channel again and see if anyone else can help03:26
Malthe walkthrough  I found says to copy the folder to usr/local/src03:27
Malbut it won't let me03:27
Malnot even sudo03:27
jribMal: pastebin what you are doing and the output03:27
mankashanybody  wifi card with ubunut03:27
bthompsonhey guys i have a sound blaster sb0090 and I can't seem to get the microphone working...it works in windows...just not ubuntu....any ideas...i can play sound just not record with sound record or audacity03:27
jrib!wireless > mankash03:27
ubottumankash, please see my private message03:27
CaptainMorganMal, be sure the path is correct, that doesn't look absolute03:27
Malnot sure what absolute, and I've been guessing all sorts of paths :-P03:27
BinaryBoy000where can I obtain the linux kernel source code?03:27
CaptainMorgannot good to guess03:28
jrib!kernel > BinaryBoy00003:28
ubottuBinaryBoy000, please see my private message03:28
MalI don't understand linux filesystems yet :(03:28
CaptainMorganif you favor system stability...03:28
IndyGunFreakmankash: what wifi card is it?03:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about absolute03:28
biouserchecking for PTLIB... configure: error: Package requirements (ptlib >= 2.4.4) were not met: No package 'ptlib' found03:28
blakbassdes francais sil vous plait03:28
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:28
jribbiouser: what are you compiling?03:29
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:29
biouserjrib the latest ekiga03:29
CaptainMorganMal,  there is difference between: /usr/local/src and usr/local/src , depending on your working directory03:29
jribbiouser: why aren't you using the ekiga from the repositories?-03:29
Malthe step I'm having the most trouble with is using the tar command03:29
CaptainMorgan!tar | Mal03:29
ubottuMal: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression03:29
IndyGunFreakmankash: is it an internal device?03:29
biouserjrib it is old and broken03:29
linux_guyhow can I make 8.10 intrepid connect to my home wireless network automatically?03:29
IndyGunFreakmankash: how does lspci identify the device03:29
CaptainKrungum, I'm not sure if you guys are busy or not03:30
CircsHow would I get my ubuntu running ee to use a higher resolution for my external monitor than its internal one?03:30
CaptainKrungI need some help installing03:30
CaptainMorganMal, if that's your working directory, then use the first path I mentioned above, not the second one which you were using03:30
CaptainKrungis this the right place?03:30
dano_Hey all, I use a lot of gnome themes, whenever I use an application that requires root privileges such as synaptic it uses whatever root theme I have setup.  Is there a way to make my root theme mirror my current user theme without installing the theme for root each time I change my user theme?03:30
jribbiouser: sudo apt-get build-dep ekiga  will /probably/ sort you out.  Otherwise, read:03:30
jrib!compile > biouser03:30
ubottubiouser, please see my private message03:30
Jack_SparrowCircs, Are you running ubuntu or the eee version03:30
CaptainMorgan!ask | CaptainKrung03:30
ubottuCaptainKrung: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:30
=== Monkey__ is now known as porter1
CircsJack_Sparrow: The EEE version03:31
Malchristopher@t-laptop:~$ sudo /home/christopher/Desktop/safesquid (2)/install.sh03:31
Malbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('03:31
Mali dont get that03:31
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC03:31
bthompsonhey guys i have a sound blaster sb0090 and I can't seem to get the microphone working...it works in windows...just not ubuntu....any ideas...i can play sound just not record with sound record or audacity03:31
CaptainKrungI'm trying to install Ubuntu on my usb flash drive, but I can't seem to find a guide03:31
trinitronxso I'm attempting to build a source pkg with debuild, but it keeps failing to sign with my key (I set DEBSIGN_KEYID in my .bashrc, but it keeps looking for the original maintainer's key which fails)03:31
CircsJack_Sparrow: Yeah wasn't any help, I just need to add another resoltuion choice03:31
CaptainKrungall I find is how to install onto your computer with a flash drive03:31
Charles7hey.. I am really unable to connect to wireless :s I tried setting up all the information in the network configuartion box, but then it won't let me enable the connection :s03:32
lfaraoneHey, when I press "fn+f2" (display battery status), notifications overflow on the screen not stopping appearing until I press another key. Any idea why this is, and how I can stop it from happening?03:32
IndyGunFreakCharles7: is your wireless device working"03:32
CarlFK1ibex, how do I blacklist ath_hal ?03:33
linux_guyCaptainKrung:  try this http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar03:33
nicoAMGHi. My dektop system has trouble with suspend. Is there a starter point to troubleshoot this feature?. My OS is Ubuntu 8.1003:33
CarlFK1vim /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist ... yay.03:33
CaptainKrungalright, thanks for that03:33
IndyGunFreakCarlFK1: most of the time you shouldn't have to, what atheros device are you setting up?03:33
Charles7How would I test that? At an earlier stage I told it to connect to my network and it came up with a notification saynig I needed the WEP passphrase.. so I assumed that means its working somewhere? (sorry I can't be more specific - have to reboot to windows to use the net)03:33
CarlFK1IndyGunFreak: AR242x 802.11abg03:34
linux_guyhow do you get 8.10 intrepid to connect to my home wireless network on bootup?03:34
IndyGunFreakCarlFK1: ok, that device is pretty easy to setup... you can do it the way yu're talking about, or just disable it in restricted driver manager, which will disable the module03:34
dano_Hey all, I use a lot of gnome themes, whenever I use an application that requires root privileges such as synaptic it uses whatever root theme I have setup.  Is there a way to make my root theme mirror my current user theme without installing the theme for root each time I change my user theme?03:34
CarlFK1IndyGunFreak: will it then load ath5k?03:35
IndyGunFreakCarlFK1: what have you done to try and make the device work, and are you using 32bit or 64bit03:35
* Mal hits his forehead03:36
Malsudo worked03:36
* linux_guy taps his foot 03:36
Malthe second time03:36
biouserjrib yeah I did that03:36
biouserbuild-dep that is03:36
biouserno luck03:36
* linux_guy has an easy question...03:36
usserdano_: try copyting .gnome from your home folder to /root03:36
jribbiouser: did you try the steps the wiki explains?03:36
biouserjrib I suppose that I will03:36
jribbiouser: what is ptlib?03:36
biouserjrib no idea03:37
dano_usser, I want a perminant solution not have to do it each time I change my user theme03:37
biouserthe ones in the repos are like 1.1 and ekiga want 2.403:37
IndyGunFreakCarlFK1: what have you done to try and get that device to work, ?03:37
runderwolinux_guy: you have to set it up in /etc/network/interfaces03:37
usserdano_: make a symbolic link03:37
jribbiouser: see if the ekiga documentation lists the deps you need.  If it's the same as libpt in the repos, then those versions look to old so you probably have to build that too.03:38
darius__ok, if I have 8 usb's,  how do I know which one to use for boot install?03:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ptlib03:38
usserdano_: from /root to your home but that may screw up your permissions03:38
ChaorainI'm trying to use Compiz but the number of of desktops is grayed out03:38
crdlbChaorain: set horizontal and vertical virtual size instead03:38
rogermuddIs there any reasonable option to create a "Shared Documents" folder where all users on a single machine can read, write and execute. I've had real difficulties doing this.03:39
runderworogermudd: of course.  /tmp is such a folder.03:39
runderwocreate the folder, and chmod 475503:39
runderwo4777 that is03:39
rogermuddIs /tmp cleared with each re-boot?03:39
Brack10I'm trying to make a hold music server.  The idea is to have one process play audio files randomly from the "music" directory and then at a set interval, reduce the volume and launch another process to play audio files from the "announcements" directory on top of the process playing from the "music" directory.  Is this possible, and if so what could I use to accomplish this?03:39
Malwhat was that command someone posted in here to make linux think you were running as root?03:40
neil_dmy computer crashed in the middle of an update, now I get the message "Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2 No such file or directory)"  what do I do?03:40
grkblood13before i switch over to ubuntu i was wondering if ubuntu releases security patches and where i can get them if they do03:40
runderworogermudd: /tmp is.  What I'm saying is that you can create another folder, but using /tmp as an example.03:40
runderwoMal: sudo03:40
jribgrkblood13: update-manager automatically informs you of them and then you click "update"03:40
Malyeah I know that one03:40
zc00giimal: runs it as root03:40
Malgot it03:41
rogermuddrunderwo: I've tried that, but it doesn't apply permissions to files dumped into that folder at a later date. Only to existing files.03:41
grkblood13jrib: cn u install them any other way? like if my PC is connected to a secure network that doesnt have access to the internet03:41
jribrogermudd: ACLs or change everyone's umask to give group write permissions and set setgid on a directory03:41
Mal<Jack_Sparrow> !chroot03:42
Mal<Aeonis> ill work on this for now03:42
Mal<ubottu> chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)03:42
FloodBot1Mal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:42
rogermuddDoes the directory have to be outside /home?03:42
Mal^^what I was looking for03:42
jribrogermudd: no03:42
neil_dwhen I list the file I get "-????????? ? ?    ?          ?                ? status" :( what do I do?03:42
Charles7:s Ok - so on Ubuntu is there no way for it to automatically detect wireless networks in range??03:42
runderwoneil_d: is it on a network volume?03:42
neil_drunderwo: no! local HDD03:43
=== NiHachi is now known as Scunizi_
becksterhey guys so i'm dual booting ubuntu and mac os x, any ideas on how I can get my touchpad to fully sync with Ubuntu?03:43
runderwoneil_d: have you allowed fsck to run?03:43
Chaorainwhen I press<ctrl><alt>down I just get a line of screens but I want the 3d cube03:43
jribgrkblood13: you would probably need to grab them from some other computer that did have internet03:43
jrib!offline | grkblood1303:43
ubottugrkblood13: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ (now with Intrepid support)03:43
rogermuddjrib: any documentation for this?03:43
Andre_Gondimdoes anybody help me with this menu.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/105409/ what is wrong?03:43
runderwoCharles7: NetworkManager will find the networks within range and make them available in the drop-down, unless something is wrong.03:43
IndyGunFreakCharles7: if there's networks in your range, it shoudl see them, assuming your device is working03:43
neil_drunderwo: I haven't stoped it, is there a way to get it to run?03:43
usserrogermudd: the umasks are set in /etc/profile03:43
runderwoneil_d: do you know what disk device /var is on?03:44
jribrogermudd: I don't know of any offhand.  google 'linux acl' or read 'man chmod' I guess03:44
usserrogermudd: umask 022 means default create permissions are 755 it is essentiall reversed03:44
jribrogermudd: 'man setfacl' too03:44
neil_drunderwo: yes03:44
Andre_Gondimdoes anybody help me with this menu.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/105409/ what is wrong? installed by wubi03:44
mankashIndyGunFreak: it is isl389003:44
usserrogermudd: so if u want to give the owner and group all rights set it to 00203:44
Charles7I see, thanks.. So if I'm using Windows now, is there any place I can go to find out what hardware I have exactly and then download files that will install the correct driver on ubuntu?03:45
IndyGunFreakmankash: that tells me nothing.. whats the exact output that lspci gives of your wireless device03:45
victorbrcadoes anyone know if it's safe to 'chmod -R 700 /etc/rc*' on Ubuntu?03:45
rogermuddusser et al: And this will affect all future files too?03:45
winmutti bought one of these http://arduino.cc/03:45
trinitronxanyone know how to get debsign/debuild to pay attention to the DEBSIGN_KEYID environment var?03:45
Chaorainwhen I press<ctrl><alt>down I just get a line of screens but I want the 3d cube03:46
usserrogermudd: yes but it will not be bound to one directory, umask applies to every file a user creates03:46
Aeonishey runderwo - this doesnt cover 8.1003:46
neil_drunderwo: the /var is part of / and that is on a raid 1->lvm03:46
ruffles_chaorain: press ctl+alt+left03:46
rogermuddusser: Not exactly what I was hoping to do, though. I want to keep individual user directories private.03:47
Scunizi_ah hem.. if I did a bone head move and accidently revoked my pgp key on my machine but haven't updated any key servers .. is there a way to reinstate my keys?  I have files for both the public and private keys saved03:47
ChaorainI thought I saw a picture where you could see the top?03:47
ryanhaigh1hi all, just moved my ~/ to a new partition and everything is working EXCEPT for my trash, the icon on the desktop shows empty trash, opening it in nautilus (using gnome btw) shows it as empty, browsing to ~/.local/share/Trash/files shows all my trash. anyone have any ideas what could be going on, im guessing this is a nautilus issue?03:47
ruffles_chaorain: go private03:47
runderwoneil_d: you have to tell it to force a fsck next time you reboot03:48
runderwoneil_d: shutdown -F -r should do it03:48
neil_drunderwo: I figured it would be something like that, but how do you do it.03:48
runderwoneil_d: trying to find out specifically.03:49
usserrogermudd: they will be you only modifying group and owner, not everyone. every user has his own primary group to which all files he creates default, now i dont know about setgid that someone suggested but i think what it does is essentially forces newly created files to certain other group different from user's primary03:49
runderwoneil_d: or, touch /forcefsck03:49
runderwoneil_d: then reboot03:49
IndyGunFreakmankash: did you figure out what chipset you're using?03:50
neil_drunderwo: shutdown doesn't appear to have a -F option03:50
Area300ok i need help ... i am so close ... i have one monitor left that isnt working right... can somone take a look at my xorg.conf file and tell me if you see the problem ? http://pastebin.com/f1f09d99903:50
Area300I have one monitor that is showing up as 1024x 768 and cant change03:50
_MattBWhat is a good program to rip dvds in intrepid? (cmd line only)03:51
AnacranomScunizi, i'd say you're screwed but i'm a n00b, so i'd start new and try a rescue ;-)03:51
IndyGunFreakArea300:  i always just use nvidia-settings to set the resolutions on my monitors, works fine03:51
jrib_MattB: dvdbackup03:51
runderwoneil_d: or, touch /forcefsck03:51
usserrogermudd: that was kinda unclear :)03:51
_MattBjrib, thx, i'll check it out03:51
ruffles_chaorain:look for the private message bellow03:51
Area300<IndyGunFreak> i have 4 monitors03:52
biouserThe following packages are BROKEN: ubuntu-desktop03:52
trinitronxScunizi: I think if you have a backed up ~/.gnupg folder, you can just remove the pubring.gpg/secring.gpg and replace with the old ones03:52
neil_drunderwo: having a hard time find forcecheck file03:52
IndyGunFreakArea300: ok, well, thats irrelevant i would think you can still set the res in nvidia-settings03:52
rogermuddusser: I'll give it a shot. Have you done this? I can't believe it's not baked into the OS. I know it's on the Ideastorm (?) web site.03:52
trinitronxScunizi: if you don't have those backed up... you might be screwd03:53
linxehwhen is the next LTS release due ?03:54
usserrogermudd: theres these permissions on every file in linux: owner - the user that creates the file, group - his primary group, and other - everybody else umask of 002 gives owner and group read/write/execute permissions on every file he creates, and setgid sets the default group id of a directory to a group that you create and of which all users are part of. so that any member of that group has all permissions in that directory03:54
Area300<IndyGunFreak> yes you are right that makes it very easy. the problam i am haveing is this. the resolution 1280x1024 does not show up for this one monitor. it is the same as the others. oddly enouf it is monitor 3.03:54
usserrogermudd: i tried something like that yes03:54
IndyGunFreakArea300: hmm, that is strange03:54
Area300<IndyGunFreak> it dosnt even give me a manual option to change it and only Hz it will run at is 6003:54
Area300<IndyGunFreak> yes very.03:54
usserrogermudd: only i didnt use setgid, i simply set my users primary group to the one they are part of.03:54
LLHow do I know for sure that the recommended video drivers are activated? Using "Hardware Drivers" I'm unable to activate the recommended driver (or so it seems). Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 173) [Recommended]03:55
usserrogermudd: ie user1's and user's primary group is CompUsers for example03:55
IndyGunFreakLL: why can you not activate it?03:55
Area300<IndyGunFreak> i am new to linux. this leads me to bleave i need a second set of eyes looking over my xorg.conf . It very well could be a mestake I have made getting two 8600gt's to work at all lol03:55
usserrogermudd: sorry im not good at explaining stuff03:55
LLI don' tknow why I can't activate it. It doesn't activate...03:56
IndyGunFreakArea300: i wish i was more familiar w/ xorg files, i'd help.. but i'd not be much use to you03:56
SingAlongHI all!03:56
cs70wbdhi.  My name is Hung.  I just have a little question about ubuntu.  I edited the ~/.profile to include two variables that I want whenever I log on.  The variables are basically the path of about 8 folders.  After I changed the file, I logged off, and then logged back on.  When I get back on, the folder's colors changed, and the kde's menu at the top look weird.  Restarting worked, but this keeps happening.  Any ideas?  Thank you for your time.03:56
Area300<IndyGunFreak> ok. thanks for trying03:56
SingAlongI tried install the Aurora GTK Engine from the downloaded pacvkage03:56
dano_Hey all, I installed a new theme on my ubuntu, and whenever i run synaptic it follows my old theme, but all other applications follow my new one.  Does anyone know why this happens?03:56
Area300does anyone else have any ideas that may be of use ?03:57
X-722yo IGF   :)03:57
runderwoneil_d: or, touch /forcefsck <--03:57
IndyGunFreakX-722: ?.. hello03:57
LLclicking the activate button, next it asks for my password, and finally it shows that I still need to activate...03:57
runderwonot forcecheck, and you don't need to find it, because it is created when you issue the command03:57
X-722<- AR-Jim03:57
ryanhaigh1hi all, just moved my ~/ to a new partition and everything is working EXCEPT for my trash, the icon on the desktop shows empty trash, opening it in nautilus (using gnome btw) shows it as empty, browsing to ~/.local/share/Trash/files shows all my trash. anyone have any ideas what could be going on, im guessing this is a nautilus issue?03:57
usserdano_: synaptic uses root theme03:57
SingAlongI did ./configure after untaring Aurora GTK Engine. IT worked. BUt later when I do "sudo make install". The error says "no rule make 'install' "03:57
usserdano_: which is different from yours03:57
rogermuddusser: No. I appreciate the help. I've been trying to get this going for a while. Can never seem to get it going, though. It's a necessity, however, as I share the machine with my wife and she would like to have access to photos and such. No need to have copies in each user's directory. Again, wish it was baked into the OS. Windows and OSX do it out of the box. I think it should be a priority for Ubuntu.03:58
IndyGunFreakLL are you sure its not telling you you need to restart after activating it?03:58
dano_usser, thanks, do you know how i can make my root theme match me user theme03:58
caboose-smcan someone help me with partioning for the installer03:59
LLIGF: it says: This driver not activated on the left and on the right there is a green button. Should I just reboot and see what happens?03:59
SingAlonganyone please?03:59
Joker_-_How do you get the numpad to work in ubuntu?03:59
LLuse your fingers03:59
SingAlongwhat does this error mean "*** No rule to make target `install'  "03:59
Anacranomusser, need to make a common group and add all needed to it, set umask how you like but o dont personally care for 022 on a shared issue, 007 is my pref, then chown the common with user:common-group and then chmod that dir with 77003:59
grendal_primeuse the CORRECT fingers04:00
IndyGunFreakLL: that would be my suggestion, most of the time when you activate a restricted driver, you have to restart04:00
Jack_SparrowJoker_-_, Is this a regular keyboard04:00
LLI am sure I have to restart, but I was expecting more of a helpful hint than absolutely nothing! See you guys in about 5 minutes.04:00
Joker_-_Jack_Sparrow: not your usual keyboard no, it's a USB Logitech G15 (gaming keyboard)04:00
usserrogermudd: thats not going to change anytime soon though, since those are unix permissions and changing that model would break the POSIX compatibility04:00
Jack_SparrowJoker_-_, Ok, then no04:00
Joker_-_Jack_Sparrow: then what no?04:01
Joker_-_Jack_Sparrow: there is no way to get that numpad to work?04:01
usserAnacranom: yea but new files created in that directory would be chowned to the primary group of each user not the common one, aren't they?04:01
rogermuddusser: OSX does it with a UNIX foundation. Should be possible.04:01
Jack_SparrowJoker_-_, Then.. since it is usb logitec,, No, I dont have an answer04:01
danfgmy keyboard layout keeps resetting, i have to install another one and remove it to "snap" it back to work. what's up with that?04:01
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts04:01
Anacranomusser, correct04:01
Joker_-_Jack_Sparrow: k, ill google ont hat, thx for the help, you pointed me in the right direction04:01
ushimitsudokiJoker_-_: I have G15 numpad works fine nothing special is required04:02
ushimitsudokiJoker_-_: sometimes you have to press NumLock on/off even though the light is on ...04:02
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: strange, I've done nothing special... it's a fresh 8.10 install04:02
ushimitsudokiJoker_-_: that's all04:02
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: wow, true04:02
usserrogermudd: osx is one mess of a unix, case insentivity is one big issue04:02
Scunizi_Joker_-_, does the keypad act like a mouse.. does pushing any of the outside numbers and hold them make the mouse move?04:02
trinitronxrogermudd: if you are trying to share files between users, add those users to a group, and then change group permissions to read (or read/write if you need both)04:02
Anacranomusser, thats why you set at the directory level04:02
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: wow... so stupid of me, the numpad was lighted, but still it wasnt working, pressed it twice and poof04:02
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: it just works04:02
usserAnacranom: with setgid?04:02
ushimitsudokiJoker_-_: yeah, it's a bit of a annoyance04:02
sidneywhen i backup a file in the terminal where is it stored04:03
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: I have no prob with a minor annoyance, as long as it works in the end ;)04:03
Joker_-_ushimitsudoki: thanks!04:03
ushimitsudokiJoker_-_: quite welcome04:03
testtesting 123 ...04:03
Joker_-_test: works04:03
Area300ok i need help ... i am so close ... i have one monitor left that isnt working right... can somone take a look at my xorg.conf file and tell me if you see the problem ? http://pastebin.com/f1f09d99904:03
Jack_Sparrowsidney, What comand are you using, and what folder are you in when you run it04:03
sidneysudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.original04:04
Anacranomusser, going beyond me now, i just do for a common share here, ..04:04
testi am stupid in IRC channel ...04:04
rogermuddtrinitronx: The issue then becomes all files created at a future date. They get different permissions applied (more restricitive). Ultimately, I think ACLs are the issue.04:04
Jack_Sparrow!ot > test04:04
ubottutest, please see my private message04:04
sidneyJack_Sparrow: sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.original04:04
danfghow do i set the keyboard layout for the console (as in outside of gnome)?04:04
trinitronxrogermudd: simply use the "chown -R user:group folder" to Recursively change file ownership on all files within the directory04:05
Jack_Sparrowsidney, It should be in /etc/samba04:05
macmananyways guys .. my laptop is dying in 15 mins of being on .. im thinking it is my nvidia card .. there a way to disable it and still have video / regular graphics04:05
testMay i ask a question ??04:05
caboose-smcan anyone help me with partitioning in the installation processs04:05
RDovemacman: is there a secondary graphic card on the box?04:05
Anacranomtrinitronx, does that apply to future saves to that dir?04:05
trinitronxrogermudd: then use "chmod -R g+rw folder" to recursively change group permissions to read/write04:05
sidneyJack_Sparrow: when i edit it just in case it dosent work04:05
trinitronxrogermudd: for future saves, you need to set a umask04:06
RDovetest: you can ask anytime you want04:06
testMay i ask a question ???04:06
testok > RDove04:06
rogermuddtrinitronx: Every time I add files? That would probably work, but it seems to be a bit of hassle. I know that sounds lazy...04:06
sidneyok here goes04:06
testok > Jack_Sparrow04:06
macmanRDove, i don't know04:06
Scunizi_ah hem.. I did a bone head move and accidentally revoked my pgp key on my machine but haven't updated any key servers .. is there a way to reinstate my keys?  I have files for both the public and private keys saved04:06
MrPocketsis there a place for Ubuntu installs on Macs?04:06
caboose-smi am creating a new partition for ubuntu, can someone tell me whether i should use primary or logical ??04:06
MrPocketsprimary caboose-sm04:07
Scunizi_MrPockets, the harddrive04:07
caboose-smand what file system should i use ?04:07
MrPocketscaboose-sm, EXT304:07
testcan i [ su root ] in UBUNTU ?04:07
MrPocketsScunizi I got her running, but i'm having touch pad issues, and sound issues04:07
Anacranomtrinitronx, how do you set a umask on a single directory?04:07
MrPocketstest su -04:07
Area300test: yes04:07
darius__can u install linux from another source other than the one you booted in on?  i.e.  an xternal usb hd04:07
RDovemacman: you can use text mode... as long as you just disable to the graphics portion.  if you disable the entire card, your monitor might not display04:07
caboose-smMrPockets: what about mount point04:08
MrPocketscaboose-sm, for the ease of your first install,  use    /04:08
Jack_Sparrowsidney, cp /etc/samba/smb.conf  ~/Desktop/samba.conf.orig.$(date +%m-%d-%Y-%T)04:08
test just type [ su ] right ? > Area300 > MrPockets04:08
pwhipptest: yes but you should use sudo if at all possible04:08
Area300test: su root .... enter password04:08
Jack_Sparrowtest, Not the best choice..04:08
MrPocketstype    su -04:08
danfghow do i set keyboard layout for console?04:08
peepsalotwhat package(s) is responsible for automounting usb connected drives?04:08
trinitronxrogermudd: set in your ~/.bashrc a line "umask 002"04:08
test[su -] ?04:08
Jack_Sparrowtest, Sudo SU:  Instead of sudo su please suggest sudo -i as properly sets up the environment variable in the resulting shell.04:08
caboose-smMrPockets, i have a second OS on my first partition, if i use the / mount point will that run fine ?04:09
Jack_Sparrow!noroot > Area30004:09
ubottuArea300, please see my private message04:09
usserrogermudd: yea gid bit works04:09
caboose-smokay thks04:09
MrPocketswhat you're doing, is telling it to install all of ubuntus directories to this partition04:09
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:09
rogermuddtrinitronx: Won't that affect all files created thereafter?04:09
caboose-smoh okay that explains it better04:09
Jack_Sparrowtest, sudo          or sudo -i to hold it for a session04:09
usserrogermudd: just tested it, so basically create a group, add all your users, change mask to 002 or 00704:09
MrPocketscaboose-sm, when you get more advanced, and want to set /var  or /boot to seperate partitions,  this is what these other options are for04:10
testWhat happen it said [ su: Authentication failure] ???04:10
MakuseruHi, i seem to be having a problem. Im having resolution problems, and in the past ive always used "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to set my resolution. But this time when i tried that command it started up fine, went though a few of the first steps, and then it got to the keyboard setup, after the keyboard setup finished it just closed (instead of going to the next step which is graphics configuration). What would cause it to skip all04:10
Makuseruthese steps and just terminate after the keyboard steup, and how could i go about fixing this?04:10
MrPocketstest you ever set a root password?04:10
trinitronxrogermudd: yes, that should take care of all files created by your user... it will mask off the last bit (the "others" permissions to only r--).  Make sure for security reasons you don't set root's umask to that!04:10
RDovepeepsalot theres a program called automount04:10
Jack_Sparrowtest Please setup root access as I showed you04:10
usserrogermudd: run a file manager with sudo, find your dir go to properties -> permissions, change primary group of that dir to the one common to all users and set gid bit04:10
usserrogermudd: that should do it04:10
caboose-smMrPockets, i am getting an error for not picking a swapspace, whats that about ?04:10
testi do not know :) > MrPockets04:11
testhow? > Jack_Sparrow ?04:11
Jack_Sparrowtest, sudo          or sudo -i to hold it for a session04:11
rogermuddusser and trinitronx: Thanks for the help. I'll give it a shot in the morning. But first, off to sleep ;-)04:11
testOH YES!!! i did it !!! > Jack_Sparrow04:12
darius__if I install 32 bit version04:12
Jack_Sparrowrogermudd, gksudo is required for gui apps like file managers04:12
caboose-smMrPockets, i am getting an error for not picking a swapspace, whats that about ?04:12
Jack_Sparrowrogermudd, gksudo is required for gui apps like file managers   gksudo nautilus etc04:12
testthx :) > Jack_Sparrow04:12
MrPocketscaboose-sm, yes04:12
MrPocketsdo you know what Page Files are (or virtual RAM ) ?04:13
MrPocketsthats what SWAP is04:13
pwhippI'm reinstalling 8.10 - I have the iso I downloaded when it was released. Is it worth downloading a new iso or should I just install the one I have and pull down the updates?04:13
Jack_Sparrowtest, np04:13
MrPocketsso you're going to want to make a 1-2 gig partition for SWAP04:13
caboose-smthe minimum i can do is 8 i thinl04:13
darius__if I install32 bit version, and want to install 64 bit later, can I just install over the 32 bit?04:13
testwhy np? > Jack_Sparrow04:13
AnacranomJack_Sparrow, MrPockets is showing test how to set root password, and to use "su -"04:13
MrPocketssudo passwd root04:13
testthx > MrPockets04:13
MrPocketsenter a root password04:13
maddashthe variables that I put in /etc/environment don't show up in my xterm inside X11 -- how do I fix this?04:14
trinitronxso does anyone know how to build a package with debuild, and actually get it to sign with my key without looking for the original maintainer's key?  (I've tried the -k option, and the DEBSIGN_KEYID environment variable already to no avail)04:14
testic > MrPockets04:14
MrPocketsthen to excilate to root privledges,    ~$su -04:14
testlets try04:14
MrPocketsroot password04:14
caboose-smMrPockets, should i make the swap space ext3 and primary as well ?04:14
MrPocketsmake swap SWAP04:14
caboose-smoh rite04:14
caboose-smbut primary ?04:14
MrPocketsrooby racks04:14
Jack_SparrowMrPockets, STOP04:14
MrPocketsbut yes, primary04:14
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:14
luqmani can not browse my DVR from firefox. it works fine with IE. Can some one help me on this04:15
MrPockets:-X sorry Jack_Sparrow04:15
MrPocketstest disreguard04:15
MrPocketsand yeah, you really should be doing everything as yourself as sudo anyway...04:15
test[passwd: password updated successfully] > MrPockets04:16
testnp :)04:16
MrPocketstest thats good, but like Jack_Sparrow said, you shouldn't be using root really04:16
Jack_Sparrowtest, That is strongly not advised04:16
trinitronxyup, it's considered bad practice to run as root04:17
testok > Jack_Sparrow04:17
MrPocketsinstead, just run the shit you need to run as root by typing sudo before hand..04:17
pentasideIn order to run a 64 bit operating system, i just need a 64 bit processor right?04:18
* trinitronx admits he sometimes does anyway cause sudo gets annoying for long /etc file editing sessions :P04:18
testthank you all 8804:18
Jack_Sparrowpentaside, yes04:18
maddashholy hell04:19
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:19
pentasideServer split?04:19
* trinitronx likes how irssi only shows 3 lines for netsplits :D04:19
citizenhaha wow04:19
MrPocketsIm watching Scooby Doo04:19
Brunersi have an issue with my numpad keys (/,*,-,+) not working when i attach my screen, anyone got some tips ?04:20
=== ThePub1 is now known as ThePub
MrPocketsJack_Sparrow, sorry about that man, I'm not really used to protecting users from themselves04:21
sidneywhen i configure samba do i have to input all of these options?04:22
MrPocketswhich options....04:22
sidneythis site has an entire page04:22
=== Gnea_ is now known as Gnea__
Jack_Sparrownp.. but so many are wrom Windows they feel they need to be able to write anywhere anytime and it just isnt safe04:23
Jack_Sparrowgoodnight all04:23
trinitronxsince my question seems unanswered... is there a channel here for help for developer type questions? (problems with packaging, etc...)04:23
Jack_Sparrowtrinitronx, #ubuntu-motu04:23
trinitronxthanks :D04:23
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:23
sidneywhat is that all about04:24
opera!Intrepid Ibex04:24
citizenthe netsplit?04:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Intrepid Ibex04:24
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:24
rww!intrepid | opera04:25
ubottuopera: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81004:25
=== Gnea__ is now known as Gnea
macman01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G71GL [Quadro FX 3500] (rev a1)04:25
Anacranomweird, i have 4 boxes on, the other 3 got split04:26
Anacranomweird, i have 4 boxes on, the other 3 got split04:26
mattgyver83its like an Aurora Borealis04:27
Anacranomenjoy it04:27
thewayofzenIs there a way to identify my network card chipset04:27
meoblast001woo netsplit04:27
MrPocketslspci -l04:27
IndyGunFreakthewayofzen: lspci04:27
thewayofzeni normally use linux but my gfs computer died.. needed an install of xp.. and the network card isnt recognised and i have NO CLUE how to find it.. figured linux always saved me before (and no she wont let me install it but xubuntu works fine on it.)04:27
RDoveservice network restart04:28
RDovetrying to bring IRC online04:28
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
sidney# ./configure --with-ssl should i get an output?04:28
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
operahow can i know which version i am using?04:28
thewayofzenIndyGunFreak,  i used lscpi but was unable to determin which of the outputs was in fact the NIC04:28
thewayofzen00:14.0 Bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP51 Ethernet Controller (rev a3)04:28
thewayofzenwould that be it?04:28
IndyGunFreakthewayofzen: looks like it.04:29
Anacranomthewayofzen, tried lshw -C network ?04:29
tenangcan someone help me with a problem with wine?04:29
thewayofzenAnacranom, nothing...04:29
Anacranomthewayofzen, add sudo?04:30
tenangsudo su lol04:30
Anacranomthewayofzen, then i agree with IndyGunFreak04:30
LLthewayofzen: right click my computer and select properties, then navigate to device manager04:31
operawho can tell me04:31
_MattBok, dumb question, i've installed dvdbackup but how can I find what device my dvd drive is? :)04:31
thewayofzenLL with no installed network card will that even let me know whats there?04:31
IndyGunFreakthewayofzen: i've read about problems w/ that device before, but I can't remember where.. i'm trying some googleease now.04:31
Area300is this the OS that is going to replace windows ?04:31
rww!version | opera04:31
ubottuopera: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:31
tenanghow do I download only the past version of wine I think its wine version 1.1804:32
thewayofzenit worked fine up until an hour when nothing would boot at all.. a reinstall has fixed the boot but now its got no drivers for it (she bought it second hand)04:32
IndyGunFreakArea300: whats amazing, is how well it works, considering linux gets very little co-operation from vendors04:32
operathank you two04:32
IndyGunFreakArea300: windows sucks, and ther'es not a vendor out there that doesn't make a windows driver.04:33
LLthewayofzen: you mean the card isn't physically connected or no drivers have been installed yet?04:33
tenangwindows was stolen by a damn script kiddie04:33
tritiumIndyGunFreak: aside from pcHDTV04:33
tenangbill gates lmao04:33
IndyGunFreakthewayofzen: is this a PC or a laptop?04:33
Anacranomthewayofzen, did you have to use ndiswrapper or something before?04:34
thewayofzenindustrialbs, pc04:34
Area300IndyGunFreak: I was just wondering becouse for an os that is suposto be on its way up people sure get shut down alot when trying to learn things about this os. Like people are suposto say oh hell linux is better i know it now04:34
tenangso does this mean its impossible to isntall or download wine version 1.18?04:34
=== onyx_ is now known as Guest70988
thewayofzenAnacranom, it never had linux.. linux works outta the box. im on it righ tnow on a livecd.. she wont use linux she refuses to accept anything but XP and the software for school.. thats what they teach her04:35
LLif the card is physically installed, then device manager should still see it even if it doesn't ahve any drivers yet04:35
IndyGunFreakLL: the device shows installed (thus why it shows up in lspci)..04:35
LLjust to make sure here: thewayofzen is trying to use windows??04:35
Area300thewayofzen: i am ok with xp ... what do you need ot know about your nic ?04:35
Anacranomthousands of comedians struggling to make it big and LL is trying to be funny04:36
thewayofzenLL, thewayofzen's GF is.. thewayofzen uses Ubuntu and Arch and knows his way around those fantastically04:36
RDovetenang http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/index.html04:36
tenangall I know is since I switched to linux my graphics are sucking more than usual with my geforce 620004:36
thewayofzenI just needed help using LINUX to fix a WINDOWS problem.. cause face it.. isnt that what you ALWAYS DO to fix a windows problem04:36
tritiumtenang: are you using one of the nvidia-glx packages?04:36
thewayofzenadmit it im right :)04:36
tenangI installed the driver from nvidia site as well =(04:36
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.04:36
tenangty rdove04:37
tritiumtenang: don't do that -- use ubuntu packages04:37
IndyGunFreakthewayofzen: well if the problem is Windows, this is Linux support... just google the driver for the device and download it.04:37
Ikanhey guys04:37
Area300thewayofzen: wish i knew enouf about linux to say yes i am trying to make the leap04:37
=== eric is now known as Guest57716
Area300thewayofzen: if you are trying to find your nic model just read the side of the card04:37
tenangubuntu pakages? but will they be able to hand a fast paced realistic game like nexons combat arms?04:38
ScottG489So i tried to hibernate ubuntu before and it just said it didn't have enough swap then just didn't let me do anything. Just left me with a blinking cursor and a black screen. Its done this before too. I'm guessing I had too many programs open for it to be able to hibernate. The caps lock light was also flashing which is a common problem when my computer seems to freeze up. Anyone know whats up with this? I have about as many04:38
ScottG489freezing problems with ubuntu then I have with my XP PC.04:38
thewayofzenIndyGunFreak, as i am doing.  i just needed help with a command needed to find out what it was.. which you helped me with quickly as i expected you all would :)04:38
LLthewayofzen: have you got to device manager?04:38
thewayofzenLL im on pc livecd now.. im gonna head there and check04:38
tritiumtenang: ubuntu has version 180 packaged.04:38
thewayofzenthanks for the help..04:38
jken146ScottG489, how much swap do you have?04:38
RDoveScottG489: happened to be me when my hard drive died04:38
tenangall I saw was 17704:38
IkanI reinstalled ubuntu earlier, but when I just tried to boot it up it says "checking root file system"... 989 fsck 1.41.3 (12-oct-2008)04:39
tritium!info nvidia-glx-180 | tenang04:39
tenangis there a way to manually execute from terminal?04:39
LLtenang: i've got an Nvidia card too, and can't get Hardware Drivers to use the recommended drivers...04:39
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)04:39
Ikanany idea how to fix that?04:39
ScottG489RDove: i really doubt my hd is about to die. i probably dont have enough swap, i just dont understand why the hell its freezing my keyboard on me once it finds out I dont have enough04:39
jken146Ikan, just let irt run.  It should finish eventually04:39
ScottG489jken146: I think 1.5 gigs?04:39
jken146ScottG489, type 'free' to find out04:40
RDoveit happened to me when my second hard drive, which i mounted, died04:40
nickrudtritium, how long has 180 been packaged ;(04:40
LLSo I'm downloading MythBuntu 9.04. If I don't want to lose anything of my files, how do I install it?04:40
tritiumnickrud: I don't know for certain04:40
sidneyI just found something called new sfs applications. and ntfs configuration tools04:40
ScottG489just kidding :)04:40
jken146ScottG489, in ther terminal04:40
Ikanwell it says after that jken146, Ubuntu: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY (i.e., without -a or -p options) fsck died with exit status 404:40
ScottG489jken146: lol i know :P04:41
tritiumnickrud: do you have intrepid-updates enabled?04:41
jken146ScottG489, phew!04:41
nickrudtritium, yes04:41
AndyIBallrighty, I just updated to 8.10 from 8.04. And now I have no sound. nothing. All I did was update.04:41
ScottG489jken146: Its in bytes I think :/04:41
nickrudtritium, I understand why it wasn't an automatic upgrade, just would have been nice to get a notice of it04:41
AndyIBI'm running an audigy of some kind04:42
tritiumnickrud: I agree04:42
IkanAnyone know what to do?04:42
AnacranomAndyIB, but you have vid and wireless?04:42
RDoveIkan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25694904:42
jken146ScottG489, it's in kB04:42
RDovedoes that help?04:42
ScottG489jken146: yea it looks like around 1.5 gigs though: "Swap:      1494004     518520     975484" total, used, free respecivly04:42
AndyIBwhich just confounds me to no end Anacranom04:42
AndyIBusually it's the wireless that cocks up.04:42
jken146ScottG489, that should be *plenty*04:42
* nickrud goes off to see if his X is now broken04:42
AnacranomAndyIB, me too, i lost all 304:43
LLis there a magic way to get Nvidia drivers running on 8.10?04:43
ScottG489jken146: So...what the hell?04:43
|_ockesup guys04:43
tritiumLL: no, it's pretty straightforward04:43
LLtritium: using Hardware Drivers doesn't work04:44
RDoveIkan: type your error message in google, looks like a lot of people have issues with this04:44
|_ockei have a new ubuntu convert from windows04:44
L3TumI installed some automatic upgrades a few days ago, and ever since a few of my applets including the weather applet will not run. They pop up an error saying "The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_GWeatherApplet"." I have found the list of upgrades that were installed, and went through a few of them that looked promising forcing previous versions, then logged out and back in, but still got the error when I logged back in. I04:44
L3Tum've tried searching google with the error message, and for "panel encountered a problem while loading after update" and found lots of posts about a libbonobo, but that is not one of the things on the list of updates. Any ideas?04:44
IkanA huge string of things came up and said to press y to continue04:44
tenangyay I scammed mc donalds for the first time lol04:44
tritiumLL: yes, it does.04:44
Anacranom|_ocke, hope you set him on 8.0404:44
Ikanbut the thing is that there's literally 100s of them04:44
IkanI guess I'll just format and try again04:45
|_ockei tried to install on his laptop yesterday but i was using the regular 7.10 cd and 6the livecd wouldnt boot into gui live04:45
IndyGunFreakAnacranom: whats it matter?04:45
ScottG489jken146: I'm not sure, but would it matter if I still have VBox open which uses 2GB or my total 4GB of RAM?04:45
jken146Ikan, do you get a root prompt?04:45
tritiumLL: you can also use synaptic, apt-get or aptitude to install them also04:45
Ikanit says root@ak-lt04:45
LLtritium: I mean it doesn't seem to work for me. I have Nvidia card and can't activate the recommended drivers04:45
jken146ScottG489, maybe04:45
tenangso im a former windows person and im new to linux04:45
IkanI guess so, jken?04:45
|_ockei just downloaded 8.10 to 5try that but i'm gonna try it in a little while today04:45
AndyIBI'm gonna go downgrade myself back to 8.04 Anacranom, wish me luck.04:45
tenangbut why does linux start up so slow?04:45
jken146Ikan, I mean after fsck dies.  If you do, try typing 'fsck' and see what happens04:45
jbunchertenang:  what do you mean?04:45
IndyGunFreakAndyIB: you'll need it04:45
IndyGunFreak!downgrade | AndyIB04:46
ubottuAndyIB: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.04:46
AndyIBI know, I know.04:46
|_ockehe's got an athlon x2 64 with a nvidia 8400 or 8600 forget which04:46
tenangI mean the boot up screen where you wood see windows xp logo and you see ubuntu logo takes like 1-2 minutes04:46
AndyIBBut I've got to do something, no sound and sketchy loadtimes all over the place is not for me.04:46
LLSo, what do I do if I can't activate the recommended drivers through Hardware Drivers?04:46
tenangwith windows it took like 10 seconds04:46
IndyGunFreaktenang: 1-2min?.. geez.. mine is usually complete booted in about 30-40sec.. i timed it yesterday out of curiosity04:46
AndyIBso it's back to 8.0404:46
Ikanfsck.ext3: group descriptors look bad... trying backup blocks... Resize inode not valid. Recreate <y>? jken146?04:47
jbunchertenang:  mine is a bit faster than that, about 30-40 seconds before I can log in04:47
RDoveL3Tum: some guy has the same problem, he mentions "Does it happen if you stop bonono-activation-server and evolution-data-server before the new login?".... apparently they killed those processes and it stopped?04:47
tenangyah I mean I no 1 gig isn't much ram but seriously what do I need to change here lol04:47
danfghow do i set a custom keyboard layout for the console?04:47
tritiumtenang: that's not normal.  Boot time is far less than that on the average install.04:47
sidneythis is entirely too much reading to do something that should be simple04:47
IndyGunFreakAndyIB: i would recommend going back the right way, but thats just my opinion04:47
RDoveL3Tum: here is the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/14159304:47
|_ocke7.10 wouldnt even boot into a regular cli, it would be on tty8 but just be some diafnostic mode i couldtn do anyrhinf in04:47
AnacranomIndyGunFreak, ? not sure i'm the one you need to ask that, is 8.04 still supported? if it works from fresh install of 8.04 but doesn't in 8.10, that not a problem?04:47
ScottG489jken146: My system freezes a lot in general though. Like when I open my laptop up after its been closed long enough for the monitor to shut off. And a few times it has just froze randomly and I couldnt do anything,04:47
sidneynow i need to learn french04:47
tritiumsidney: please stay on topic04:48
jbunchertenang:  what system did you install it on?  (how fast is processor, etc.)04:48
L3TumRDove, I'll take a look04:48
tenang32 bit04:48
IndyGunFreakAnacranom: well, you said you hoped he installd 8.04, i asked why should he install 8.04, when 8.10 is available.04:48
tenangI don't have a 64 bit motherboard yet lol04:48
sidneythe topic is french if the program is in french04:48
jken146Ikan, if the data on the partition in question isn't valuable, press y and go with it.  Otherwise, I'm not sure how's best to backup.....04:48
tritiumsidney: no, the topic is ubuntu support04:48
LLIs there a better chat room to ask my question about video driver activation?04:48
jbuncherLL : what was your question again?04:49
LLjbuncher: I can't activate the Nvidia drivers04:49
sidneywell i just did what was instructed and now i jhave a program that will not open04:49
tritiumLL: try the command line, as I suggested, if the gui method has failed for some reason04:49
danfgi made a custom keyboard layout for X11, how do i set it for the console?04:49
IkanI pressed y, jken146 this comes up. /dev/sda3 was not cleanly mounted, check forced. Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes - Group 0's inode table at 4 conflicts with some other fs block. Relocate <y>?04:50
AnacranomIndyGunFreak, sorry, your question wasn't clear, my answer to that would have had to be done in private, for now obvious reasons04:50
jbuncherLL : What exactly happens?04:50
tenangi386 32 bit system processor is an amd athalon  +1100 mhz04:50
sidneysambas icon is a large cube?04:50
tenangim running ubuntu 8.10 intrepid04:51
jbunchertenang:  hmm, that's a bit on the slow side, but 1-2 minutes still seems long04:51
jbunchertenang: have you actually timed it?04:51
tenangI can say I've counted past sixty sixty thousand and then gave up04:52
L3TumRDove, how do I get the list of processes up I can't remember. I tried top but they are not in that list04:52
tenangit stalls at the last 5% a lot04:52
LLUsing Hardware Drivers I get the option to activate Nvidia accellrated graphics driver (173) [Recommended]. I click activate, enter my password, and then nothing seems to happen. I try Hardware Drivers again, and get exactly the same scenario.04:52
RDoveps auxwww04:52
sidneytritium: is the samba icon a large cube?04:52
tritiumsidney: I don't know04:52
jbuncherLL:  then I'd recommend you follow the previous advice given, and try installing them via the command line04:52
sidneyback to xandros04:53
LLSynaptic shows that the files are already on the computer. What is the command to do it through terminal?04:53
tenangdoes anyone know a good noob linux tutorial site by chance?04:53
tenangid like to learn but I sorta need instructions lol04:53
jbuncherLL :  what do you mean by "synaptic shows that hte files are already on the computer"?04:54
trinitronxtenang: there is a lot to learn about linux (I'm still learning :D)04:54
Anacranomtenang, this is old but alot still applies... http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy04:55
tenangI know lol but I mean just the basics installing compiling ect lol04:55
LLI open Synaptic Package Manager and look for the Nvidia files and they are already installed.04:55
jken146tenang, http://psychocats.net/ubuntu04:55
tenangim bookmarking everything =)04:55
RDoveL3Tum: do a kill -9 on the PID of the process you find, if you find something you think needs to be killed.  Also, at the end of that page was some possible fixed with doing something to a home directory.  i don't know how it relates though04:55
jbuncherLL : well, if it says nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new is already installed, you should just need to reboot04:56
LLI tried rebooting already. But I'll give it another shot...04:56
jbuncherLL: run  cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nvidia04:56
Anacranomtenang, that one has everything from running a nintendo emulator to setting up common tasks ;-)04:56
tenangyay just what I need04:57
tenangim well on my way to hacking the dish network for free tv now lmao jk04:57
trinitronxtenang: I find it's always helpful to learn about commands in bash using the manpages, just try any command you're wondering about like "man commandname"04:57
mankashhi indygunfrek: are you there?04:57
jken146tenang, there is also http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid which is more up to date but doesn't seem as full04:58
CarlFK1What does "Tainted GM" mean in:  Pid: 6523, comm: dvswitch Tainted: G   M  2.6.27-11-generic #1  - full dump: http://dpaste.com/109665/04:58
tritiumtenang: careful with the jokes, please04:58
tenanglol thing is the only command I truly understand so far is sudo and sudo su04:58
=== nubuntu is now known as MajedRayan
L3TumRDove, I'm gonna try killing the processes then logging out and back in and see if it works. If it does work then I'll try the home folder thing, but I will have to do some more searching since I don't know how to remove an account without removing the home folder.04:58
RDoveL3Tum: Type "ps auxwww | grep -i bonobo" to find the bono activation server... and "ps auxwww | grep -i evolution" evolution processes.  Then do a kill -9 on those processes04:58
FloodBot1RDove: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:58
gustavoany program to make mp304:58
tenangkk tritium04:58
Rocking-WI am using a GeForce Ti 4200 nvidia graphic card and it works with 8.04 but will it work if I up grade to 8.10?04:59
aaahi everyone anyone know how to extract .bin file or is there any software to do that in ubuntu hardy 8.0404:59
miranda_psitenang: what you want to know about is "sudo passwd"04:59
tritiumaaa: that should be an executable file.  What is it?04:59
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:59
AnacranomRocking-W, try running the 8.10 live cd and see04:59
mankashanybody has exprience with wifi card04:59
Gigaamddoes anyone know if the kernel had release with the ext4???05:00
aaait's bunch of files05:00
Rocking-Wok wii try that  thanks05:00
CapaHQuestion, I ran: apt-get install ntpd   <-- Now, my assumption is that the time will be kept up to date. However, that is not occurring. What other steps do I need to do?05:00
aaaabout cbt vide training05:00
trinitronxtenang: try this one too for an online version of a lot of manpages/tutorials: http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/05:00
Gigaamdmankash what is the problem05:00
mankashI have  his 00:01.0 Network controller: Harris Semiconductor: Unknown device 3890 (rev 01)05:00
tenangsudo password? does that just set my password?05:00
jken146Gigaamd, ext4 will be in Jaunty. see #ubuntu+105:00
=== c_webkit is now known as dragon_flam
FlannelCapaH: You may need to configure it (/etc/ntp.conf)05:00
mankashHow to enable wifi card and do the confufuration05:00
Anacranomtenang, you dont want that05:01
CapaHI did05:01
trinitronxtenang: if you run the "passwd" program in sudo, it will set a root password... this is unsupported05:01
tenanglmao nice05:01
Gigaamdwhat version r u using?05:01
tenangI like my sudo password the way it is lol05:01
jken146tenang, passwd <yourUsername> sets your password.  The other thing sets the root password (don't do that for security's sake)05:01
trinitronx(at least unsupported in Ubuntu)05:01
Flanneltenang: `sudo passwd -l root` to go back.05:01
RDoveaaa: sudo apt-get install ccd2iso; ccd2iso file.bin file.iso; sudo mkdir -p /mnt/disk; sudo mount -o loop file.iso /mnt/file; cd /mnt/file; ls05:02
tenangI don't want to change any passwords so we're good lol05:02
RDoveaaa: take out the sudo if you hsve root access05:02
jken146Gigaamd, Intrepid is the current release05:02
aaaRDove that's the only way?05:02
aaaand there is no way to convert the file as well in iso?05:02
Gigaamdjk: okay...05:03
gustavocan someone tell me what program is good to make mp305:03
jken146gustavo, from what?05:03
RDoveaaa: ccd2iso converts the .bin to .iso05:03
miranda_psigusyavo: you could try audacity05:03
aaais that the only software ubuntu provides? is it gui or command05:03
daverdcan anyone help me to add windows to a second harddrive in my system05:04
L3TumRDove, I killed the processes, logged in and out. When I logged back in and the applet tried to load I get the same error. I deleted the applet from the panel, killed the process again and logged out/in. Same thing again.05:04
|_ockeis it a good idea to install the 64 bit ubuntu 8.10 on a brand new linux user's laptop05:04
BotLobstadoes anyone know what font package I would need to render lucida small caps text?05:04
|_ockei was going to install the 32 bit version05:05
jken146BotLobsta, msttcorefonts could be it05:05
loveless777xhello everyone, can someone help me. i have a dell inspiron 1545 notebook and the webcam won't work could someone please give me a suggestion05:05
RDoveaaa: technically theres multiple ways to do it, but you would have to google it.  there's different software to do it.  for example, someone says http://he.fi/bchunk/ does it05:05
|_ocketo avoid having any problems with getting any software he might want to use05:05
jken146BotLobsta, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=all&keywords=lucida05:06
RDoveL3Tum: thinking05:07
BotLobstajken146, im pretty sure i didnt have any of those packages installed before and it used to work.  but after I reinstalled yesterday it doesnt anymore05:07
[[thufir]]are these good instructions for installing tomcat?05:07
|_ockeis there any reason i should install 8.04 instead of 8.10 on my friend's laptop?05:07
loveless777xcould someone lend me a hand by chance05:07
jken146|_ocke, not unless 8.10 doesn't work for him05:08
darius__why is my ati/amd proprietery driver hanging on install for 3d?05:08
jken146BotLobsta, did you have ubuntu-restricted-extras or Sun's java installed previously?05:08
darius__I even installed the ati envyng core to eliminate the issue05:09
trinitronx|_ocke: sometimes there are problems with 64bit packages (more frequently than with 32-bit)05:09
Anacranom|_ocke, i'd run both live cd's on it first, and see which is preferred05:09
trinitronx|_ocke: however, I have had no real problems with 8.10 x64 on my machines... your mileage may vary05:09
BotLobstajken146, i didnt have -restricted-extras and i dont think i had suns java. and msttcorefonts didnt work05:09
[[thufir]]is sun's java and open-jdk pretty much the same?05:10
RDoveL3Tum might want to think about a full reboot; other than that, im stumped. sorry05:10
jken146BotLobsta, well, then you could google for the font and download it on its own.  Stick the ttf in ~/.fonts05:10
BotLobstajken146, is there a font for just small caps letters?05:11
daverddoes anyone know witch partion contains the boot record on my harddrive05:11
|_ockejken146, well 7.10 livecd wouldnt boot and i couldnt even get a prompt on tty105:11
L3TumRDove, I've done that a couple times. I just put a new fan in tonight and rebooted twice then, also I rebooted last night when switching between Vista, but that made no difference05:11
jken146BotLobsta, reduce the size and use capslock?05:11
|_ockeso i downloaded 8.10 iso and burned it05:12
jken146|_ocke, 7.10??05:12
|_ockehe's gonna bring over the laptop in a little bit and i'll try it05:12
tenangyay installing windows xp on virtualbox lol05:12
L3TumRDove, I'll do some more searching and see if maybe I can find anything else. Thanks05:12
jken146|_ocke, ok I see05:12
BotLobstajken146, no. im trying to view xkcd and only the capital letters and punctuation appear.  but i havent found any bug in firefox for it.05:13
|_ockejken146, i had the iso on my computer already and he didnt have enough time for me to download a newer version at the time so i figured i'd just intall it and upgrade from there05:13
biouseris there any other sip phone besides ekiga?05:13
|_ockebut it didnt work so i'm gonna try 8.10 today05:13
biouserwill ubuntu ever get a new version of ekiga in the repos?05:13
biouserwhy does ubuntu ship with broken software?05:13
|_ockei'm gonna download 8.04 as well now so i have it if i need it05:13
Anacranom|_ocke, may have to edit the kernel line to noacpi acpi=off05:13
tenangso fanboys and the few fangirls in here05:14
jribbiouser: ekiga works for me.  What bug are you referring to exactly?05:14
jken146biouser, yes, in Jaunty it will be 3.0105:14
RDovegood luck05:14
|_ockeAnacranom, but i can't do anything at all since it wont boot to install05:14
=== RDove is now known as RDove|sleep
tenangwhat are the key points as to why linux is better than windows and windows is better than linux facts only please05:14
jrib!away > RDove|sleep05:14
ubottuRDove|sleep, please see my private message05:14
jrib!ot | tenang05:14
|_ockei was thinking of getting the alternate cd05:14
ubottutenang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:14
jken146BotLobsta, xkcd works for me05:15
Anacranom|_ocke, does it get to the screen to choose install?05:15
jken146BotLobsta, and it doesn't seem to need lucida fonts05:15
|_ockeAnacranom, it gets to the boot screen when i can choose 'start to try or install' and check cd and memory and stuff05:16
|_ockethe cd checks out and the laptop is brand new and running vista with no problems05:16
Anacranom|_ocke, hit f6 and edit the kernel line to add noacpi acpi=off05:16
phantomcircuitim getting errors about having to many files open05:16
RDove|sleepjrib: your command line redirect bot thing spams more than someone changing a nick name05:16
phantomcircuithow can i make it so i can have more files open?05:17
|_ockei'm going to resize the partition and give vista and ubuntu 60gb each05:17
Anacranom|_ocke, add to the kernel line05:17
jribRDove|sleep: please just abide by the rules.  They are there to help make the channel more usable05:18
[[thufir]]any pointers on installing tomcat?05:18
|_ockei had him over yesterday and i showed him my ubuntu with compiz running and he was totally blown away and he wants it bad, especially after i told him the benefits and showed him synaptic and the updating system05:18
BotLobstajken146, it does seem to be a bug in firefox after all.  It just didnt come up in my search.  thanks05:18
tenangso who has experience with virtualbox?05:19
jp_sf[[thufir]]: there are tons of Tomcat tutorial05:19
=== distinctblur_ is now known as distinctblur
tenangI need to know how to save the machine after an os is installed05:19
jken146BotLobsta, strange05:19
jken146tenang, what do you mean?05:19
jp_sftenang: you mean backup ? backup the entire system ? if so I use clonezilla05:19
tenangno not backup05:19
tenangI like this game called combat arms05:20
[[thufir]]jp_sf:   right, but when I installed from aptitude it said that java_home had been set, when it hadn't so...05:20
tenangyou can only run it in windows as far as  I no05:20
tenangso instead of duual booting05:20
jp_sf[[thufir]]: did you installed Java first ?05:20
tenangim installing xp to a virtualbox05:20
rww!enter | tenang05:20
ubottutenang: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:20
tenangthen ill install the game05:20
zetherooone of my clients using Ubuntu Hardy went into Users and Groups and changed the name of her Home Directory ... now she can no longer login ...05:20
zetheroowhat to do?>05:20
[[thufir]]jp_sf: yup, sun jdk was installed first05:20
tenanghow do I save the virtual machine I create though?05:21
illmortalAnyone know if there's been any new updates in regards to the flash for Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit?05:21
[TiZ]I know it's technically offtopic, but I'm not sure where else to go to ask. I'm trying to find a new hard drive for my laptop, a Gateway MT6452, since mine is starting to die. I need to figure out what to look for when looking for a new hard drive. Can anyone help me, or redirect me to a channel that can?05:21
jp_sf[[thufir]]: sorry I'm a kind of saint thomas when speaking about those issues could do a sudo dpkg -get-selections | grep sun-java05:21
rww[TiZ]: ##hardware, perhaps?05:21
[TiZ]Thank you, rww05:22
[[thufir]]jp_sf: np.  what's saint thomas?  as in a doubter? don't get the reference.05:22
jp_sf[[thufir]]: yes and I made a typo (don't believe all I type)  sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep sun-java05:23
tenangdo I just take a snapshot?05:23
nickrud[TiZ], just about any 2.5" drive will do05:23
BotLobstaillmortal, theres a native working one you can download from the adobe website but its not in the repositories last i saw05:23
chenwhere do you come from?05:24
chenanyone here?05:24
chenhi ,greeland.05:24
nickrudchen, we're from all over; this is the support channel.  #ubuntu-offtopic is the chat one05:25
[TiZ]nickrud: Really? I don't have to look out for like... SATA type? Thickness? Etc?05:25
nickrud[TiZ], is the one you have sata? pata? That's a must of course. 2.5" are standard size (all the ones I've seen)05:25
chenI  use the unbuntu for the firest time. Xchat is interesting05:26
nickrud[TiZ], but rww is right that ##hardware people focus on things like that05:26
nickrudchen, then welcome to #ubuntu. Everything working so far?05:26
[[thufir]]jp_sf: np05:26
[TiZ]The one I have now... actually, this is weird. The website for the MT6452 says it's PATA. But... In hardy, it appeared as /dev/hda. And in intrepid, it appears as /dev/sda.05:26
[TiZ]Isn't hda/sda for IDE/SATA?05:27
nickrud!libata | [TiZ] (for a quick reason why)05:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libata05:27
chenyes, I look better than redhat05:27
nickrudhm, what happened to that?05:27
Scunizi_[TiZ], it's a PATA/ide drive.. in ibex everything is sdX05:27
jp_sf[[thufir]]: could you give the output ?05:27
genii[TiZ]: This is normal05:27
chenit looks better than redhat05:27
charkliiHey guys, I've been trying to get connected to wireless on Ubuntu.. I finally got the drivers working and can select my network - but nothing seems to change when I select it and connect to it?05:27
nickrud[TiZ], the driver now renames all as sda, (exept for some seriously old hardware)05:28
[[thufir]]jp_sf: one sec05:28
jp_sf[[thufir]]: np :-)05:28
[TiZ]Oh, okay. I just thought of that, and it worried me a little bit. *whew.*05:28
[TiZ]Well, thank you, guys! :D05:28
becksterhey guys my audio doesnt work on my Mac install, and it seems as though there are no drivers for the device, where do I start?05:28
darius__Hello, If I'm using an external usb hd on a system that dual boots, and try to use it in another system with only ubuntu, it won't mount, anyone have any ideas?05:28
zetheroohow do I change the permissions of a folder in the failsafe terminal?05:29
Joker_-_How do I automatically reply "n" to any question asked in a bash command (copy files: overwrite? no!) : something like cp somthing somewhere | n05:29
chenbye, everyone05:29
nickrud!uuid | [TiZ] (this was the factoid I was looking for)05:29
ubottu[TiZ] (this was the factoid I was looking for): To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:29
zetherooI need it to be 644 and owned by a user called rachael05:29
[[thufir]]jp_sf:   http://pastebin.com/m272a8a9   for java05:29
charkliiSo does anyone have any ideas why it won't connect to the network properly?05:30
jp_sf[[thufir]]: looks good05:30
jken146zetheroo, chmod05:30
Scunizi_zetheroo, chown rachael:rachael <filename>  ...05:30
biouserjrib so if I installed the svn version of PTLIB, OPAL and EKIGA do I have any chance of going back to the repo versions?05:30
Scunizi_!permissions | zetheroo05:30
ubottuzetheroo: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:30
becksterhey guys my audio doesnt work on my Mac install, and it seems as though there are no drivers for the device, where do I start?05:30
[[thufir]]jp_sf: thanks05:30
Scunizi_!sound | beckster05:31
[TiZ]nickrud: uuid? I guess I'll give it a look-see. Thank you.05:31
ubottubeckster: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:31
nickruddarius__, start by running    tail -f /var/log/syslog    in a terminal, and plugging in the drive. It will spit out some messages about the device05:31
jp_sf[[thufir]]: I need to go but you need to make sure that your .bashrc is having the line export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun05:31
nickrud[TiZ], the link in that factoid explains the device naming change, briefly05:32
AndyIBQuestion, I ran an "aplay -l" to find some answers as to why I'm getting no sound after upgrading to 8.10. everything seems fine, but when I go "alsamixer" the onboard NVidia chipsetsoundcrd pops up as main instead of my Audigy 405:33
AndyIBIRQ issue or what?05:33
zetherooScunizi_: I have a folder called rachel  and it need to be given permission 644 and owned by user "rachael" ... whats the command for that?05:34
TonamelQuestion: I downloaded the 8.10 iso, but it's 2mb too large to burn to a 700mb CD (apparently). Is there a lighter weight version available?05:35
FlannelTonamel: Try the alternate CD instead of the desktop CD05:36
tenangLL IS GONE =(05:36
jken146zetheroo, sudo chown -R rachel:rachel rachel && sudo chmod -R 644 rachel05:36
jken146zetheroo, make that: sudo chown -R rachel:rachel rachel && sudo chmod 644 rachel05:37
charkliiSince noones helping I'll just type what I've done (I seriously am trying :o I'm just so lost) In the network settings I went to the properties and selected my network, typed in the WEP key and chose open (the router settings has both for authentication).. I chose DHCP as the connection mode because my router properties says it assigns IPs automatically.. then I save that, it updates the interface, then I close network properties and 05:38
deaglequick question: how do i get back the office 2007 entry under the wine menu in Applications? I deleted it accidentally but now it won't show up05:38
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest89530
darius__why if I can get 7.28mb/s down speed, when I'm download new packages I get 27.6k/sec?05:39
darius__and yes, I know the server I download from matters05:39
=== ari_stre1s is now known as ari_stress
tehquicknessWhat is the correct way to enable SHMConfig for ubuntu 8.10? I have tried both HAL and xorg.conf but I cant seem to get either to work05:39
jken146darius__, try the thing in Software Sources that finds you the fastest mirror05:40
geniidarius__: There could be quite a few machines between you and the servers, any of which could be a bottleneck05:40
biouserwhat do you prefix a command with to run without pulseaudio?05:40
biouserhello bootcamp91105:41
* deagle waves05:41
darius__kk, thanks05:41
zetheroojken146: ok ... I need to change the users home dir back to the original ... how do i do this in the failsafe terminal?05:41
TonamelHm. Unfortunately, I need to use the disk as a liveCD, so the alternate version isn't going to work.05:41
huwenfengis there any better PDF reader under Ubuntu? i am now using the official release of acroread. but it is really slow!05:41
darius__the first update takes forever to downloadkes forever to k05:41
bootcamp911why i can´t mount my ifp player with USB (IRIVER E100)05:41
jken146zetheroo, I think I just told you05:42
tritiumhuwenfeng: evince is installed by default.  xpdf is also available05:42
zetheroojken146: the original home dir was called rachael ....05:42
jken146huwenfeng, evince05:42
jken146huwenfeng, or xpdf05:42
biouserhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio <-- audactiy and pulse audio work together now?05:43
bootcamp911the system said [can´t mount USB deivce]05:43
jken146zetheroo, rachael?  not rachel?  If so, then: chown -R rachael:rachael /home/rachael && chmod -R 644 /home/rachael05:44
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest9661
huwenfengoh, evince is good with small files, but with big files. it is even slower than acroread05:45
huwenfengand the result is not as good as the official software05:45
ShoopufMy Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop x86 CD... I put it in the computer, boot it up, but it won't let me choose choise 1, 2, and 3.. (livecd, install, test cd) ... I press enter but nothing happens... only thing that works is test memory .. ? :(05:45
Guest9661hi ,05:45
zetheroojken146: the original home dir is being ignored because the user changed it in Users and Groups and can no longer get into it05:46
zetheroocan no longer login05:46
charkliiCould somebody please tell me what it means if underneath Wireless Networks a network has a dark circle (what looks like a select radio box) next to it as opposed to an empty one..05:46
Guest9661maybe your CD wasn't completely downloaded.05:46
Shoopufi use the command line tool on the livecd and i typed umm.. "install" i think it was, and it said "Kernel error"05:46
biouserekiga + ubuntu = pile of bugs05:47
jken146zetheroo, what exactly was changed?05:47
ShoopufGuest9661: Aww heck, that mighta been it. :P I was DLing as a torrent, recently reformatted computer, so very possible :)05:47
zetheroojken146: in user properties the user changed her home directory name from "rachael" to "rachel" ...05:47
zetheroojken146: now she can no longer login05:47
jken146Shoopuf, torrents should be ok.  perhaps it was the burning05:48
Guest9661yeah .maybe.05:48
zetheroojken146: is there a way to revert this back to the original?05:48
charkliihello ? :s05:48
dragon33greetings, are there any recommended CAD programs similar to AutoCAD? thanks :-)05:48
jken146zetheroo, then change it back.  sudo mv /home/rachel /home/rachael05:48
lonelJan 16 06:24:48 core sshd[8537]: pam_mkhomedir(sshd:session): unable to create directory : No such file or directory05:49
zetheroojken146: but /home/rachel does not exist ... only home/rachael05:49
biouserubuntu + audacity = pile of bugs05:49
biouserubuntu + sound = pile of bugs05:49
jken146zetheroo, I know.  Did you type what I gave you?05:49
biouserubuntustudio = bug metapackage05:49
charkliiCould somebody please tell me what it means if underneath Wireless Networks a network has a dark circle (what looks like a select radio box) next to it as opposed to an empty one..05:49
loneli am trying to autocreate homedir for users suing pam_makehomedir.so,its not working?05:49
Jahootyanyone know if the latest ubuntu includes the madwifi patch for the newer atheros cards?05:49
bootcamp911why i cant mount the USB drive ?? but see the Icon05:50
biouserhow do you run something sans pulse audio?05:50
jken146charklii, that is a selected radio button.  That network is the one you're connected to (or trying to connect to)05:50
zetheroojken146: yes and it says /home/rachel does not exist05:50
rshakinhey any good games05:50
biouserrshakin tremulous05:50
rshakinfor ubuntu05:50
zetheroojken146: thats just moving one folder to another ..05:50
biouserit's in the repos05:50
bootcamp911tremulous = OLD Game05:50
biouserwho know, probably doesn't work with default sound config these days though05:51
charkliijken146: ahh thank you - is there any more information on it? like a status or how far it is through connecting..?05:51
tehquicknessWould any help me figure out why the heck I cant get SHMConfig working in Ubuntu 8.10? I am trying to use gsynaptics and am having no luck.05:51
jken146zetheroo, then she can;t have changed her home dir to rachel05:51
zetheroojken146: all it does is change the path ... it does not actually create the folders05:51
biousertehquickness does it have anything to do with sound, if so expect it not to work05:51
jken146charklii, right click -> connection information05:51
loneldayo_: around?05:52
zetherooshe need to change her home dir back to /home/rachael05:52
jken146charklii, there is also Network Connections and the command 'iwconfig'05:52
Shoopufbiouser: i agree on ubuntu + sound :(05:52
tehquicknessbiouser: what would it have to do with sound? It is a configuration for the touchpad05:52
fabzorhi, how to i turn off font smoothing in gnome-terminal under ubuntu hardy ?05:53
biousertehquickness I'm just bitter, I don't actually have any idea of what you are talking about sorry05:53
tehquicknessbiouser: what sound problem are you having?05:53
jken146zetheroo, oh I see.  Sorry for the confusion.  You want usermod then.05:53
zetheroojken146: ok ....05:53
jken146zetheroo, usermod -d /home/rachael rachael05:53
biousertehquickness everything, ekiga, audacity, how do I run without pulse audio... I feel that linux is about to have a break-through but right now just about everything is broken except for watching a flash video05:54
charkliijken146, evertime I right click it just says a passphrase is required.. I'm certain I'm entering the right key too..05:54
biousercan I still do that?05:54
jken146charklii, check you have the right kind of encryption selected05:54
tehquicknessbiouser: hmm pulse has been a little screwy lately. Are you on 8.10? or 8.04?05:54
biouserspeaking of which, how to upgrade to 8.10?05:55
tehquicknessbiouser: sounds like lots of problems. I usually prefer a clean install myself.05:55
jken146biouser, update-manager -d05:56
zetheroojken146: ok ... should I tell her to reboot afte rthat?05:56
biouserjken146 do you like 8.10 better than 8.04? do you think that it might help with some sound problems?05:56
jken146zetheroo, no, just log in again05:56
mike0011hi. I want to install ubuntu, but when I boot the installer CD the display shifts L to R about 10 pixels a couple of times a second.05:57
zetheroojken146: ok she tried and it says that the folder "rachael" does not exist05:57
jken146biouser, hard to say.  Neither has given me any real problems.  Sound is always a bit of a gamble05:57
biousermike0011 all of the good things that you heard are lies leave now while you still have your sanity.. (j/k I think...)05:57
mike0011display works fine under mac or windows. It's a nec 2090uxi05:58
jken146zetheroo, ask her to type: ls /home       and see what her home dir is actually called05:58
mike0011biouser: thanks for that :)05:58
charkliijken146, well my router is set to WEP with a 128 bit cipher and both authentication types.. neither WEP 64/128 hex key or WEP 128 passphrase options work :s05:58
zetheroojken146: she has /home/rachael/ and in the terminal she can get in no problems05:59
jken146mike0011, don't worry about the live CD.  Once you;ve installed it'll be better,.05:59
jken146!wireless | charklii05:59
ubottucharklii: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:59
Gerinychwhile i was in vista, it gave me a bsod. i don't want to boot into vista again because it'll do that again eventually. in ubuntu, i tried to mount the ntfs partition with vista on it, but i couldn't. what can i do to fix the disk?05:59
biouseralright, rolling the dice on update-manager -d05:59
mike0011jken146: really?05:59
a1lenDoes anyone have tor vidalia set up in Intrepid?06:00
jken146mike0011, should be06:00
a1lentor &&06:00
jken146zetheroo, I don't understand.  /home/rachael exists but usermod is saying it doesn't?06:00
mike0011jken146: why would it be rocking around like this, it's har to read?06:00
jken146mike0011, the LiveCd doesn't always display properly, for various reasons to do with your graphics card.  Try installing from the alternate Cd/06:01
zetheroojken146: I think she did the command wrong ..06:01
mike0011jken146: what is the alternate cd?06:01
zetheroojken146: I am getting her to do it again06:01
zetheroojken146: ok she did it again and its worked this time ...06:02
jken146zetheroo, must have mistyped it06:02
dravenhow may i check for data integrity of multiple files, in subdirectories for approximately 500 gigs of data?06:02
mike0011jken146: if you think it will be ok anyway, I'll just continue with this one.06:02
zetheroojken146: thanks so much06:02
jken146!alternate | mike001106:03
ubottumike0011: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent06:03
jken146zetheroo, you're welcome06:03
afallenhopehey I have a small issue. well several hoping someone can help me out.. I keep getting: "printk: 3 messages suppressed" and " wlan0: CTS protection disabled/enabled " messages filling my logs06:03
afallenhopequestion being how to I stop it06:04
jken146mike0011, but if you can install from the live Cd, do so06:04
charkliiahh well thanks for helping06:05
opera!BulletProof X06:05
detrate-hi, my mouse just crashed06:05
mike0011jken146: I've found if I rock my head side to side, I don't notice the display wierdness - brain must be filtering it out that way...06:05
detrate-the pointer disappeared06:05
detrate-how can I restart that in console?06:05
jken146mike0011, lol06:05
surjeetplz...can anyone tell me how to create php file in www root ?06:05
opera!BulletProof X06:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about BulletProof X06:05
jacoberjust create use vi ?06:05
Gerinychhow can i repair a ntfs partition06:05
jken146surjeet, what do you mean?06:05
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afallenhopehey I have a small issue. well several hoping someone can help me out.. I keep getting: "printk: 3 messages suppressed" and " wlan0: CTS protection disabled/enabled " messages filling my logs06:06
afallenhopequestion being how to I stop it06:06
jken146surjeet, /var/www is the default folder for apache06:06
zetheroojken146: do you know where the trash folder is located for user "root"?06:06
jken146zetheroo, no06:07
jken146but why?06:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about blueproof06:08
tritiumopera: please investigate the bot in private06:08
surjeetjken146 i can not create a new php file in www root folder ?06:09
jken146surjeet, do you mean /var/www ?  You;d need to do that with sudo06:09
operasorry, i make a mistake operate06:10
npobajlhey guys, I need to ask something... is there any apt-get search cmd? I remember yum searching in fedora...06:10
Flannelnpobajl: apt-cache search terms06:11
jken146surjeet, see also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual%20Hosts06:11
npobajlFlannel: thanks!06:11
ruhaan_jsliphow do i find out the processes of a specfic name?06:12
jken146ruhaan_jslip, pgrep06:12
Sajuukhey guys I was wondering how I could move my 8.10 Server to a new hard drive06:13
npobajlhow can I run terminal as root? when I do "su" and type my password "su: Authentication failure", when I "sudo cmd" my password is accepted06:13
jken146Sajuuk, you could use gparted to copy the entire partition06:13
Sajuukmy server has no graphics card :\06:13
jken146npobajl, sudo -j06:13
jken146npobajl, sudo -i06:13
ruhaan_jslippgrep lists just the PID numbers06:14
npobajljken146: thanks!06:14
ruhaan_jslipi need somethin that will ist the user name as well06:14
Sajuukgparted won't work, so im using fdisk to do that part of the procedure06:14
jken146Sajuuk, parted may be able to do it06:14
nickrudSajuuk, pull the disk, put both disks in a machine that does06:14
Sajuukmaybe I haven't expressed my question fully06:15
jken146ruhaan_jslip, pgrep -l is it I think06:15
p4_hi is there someone who could give me a quick bit of help with permissions?06:15
p4_i've read the tutorial but can't make sense of 1 thing.06:15
jken146ruhaan_jslip, sorry that's wrong06:15
SajuukI have installed my server, done that a month ago, and I have a 40 gig hdd that is prepared, I htink for, my linux OS to be transferred to the hard drive, but its a bit confusing to go from there06:16
SajuukI rather preserve my settings on my server as well06:16
surjeetjken i have installed php5 already...from terminal it shows done....now i need to create a file i.e php file...but how can i create it....i was in windows ...and dont know any step to follow here..and also i can not paste any file to var/www06:17
Sajuukoh btw, Im doing this all by command line06:17
jken146surjeet, Ok, follow the instructions in that link I gave06:18
jken146surjeet, I mean, under the section Virtual Hosts.  Where it says /home/user use your username instead of user06:19
p4_if i add a user to a group06:21
p4_and then use sudo chown -R :groupName /path06:21
p4_shouldn't the user people able to read/write everything from /path/ downwards?06:21
afallenhopehey I have a small issue. well several hoping someone can help me out.. I keep getting: "printk: 3 messages suppressed" and " wlan0: CTS protection disabled/enabled " messages filling my logs06:22
afallenhopequestion being how to I stop it06:22
james_afallenhope: what exactly do the messages say?06:23
afallenhope[118230.100251] printk: 1 messages suppressed.06:23
afallenhope[118230.100257] wlan0: CTS protection disabled06:23
BobCFCp4_, try setting chmod g+w groupname /path06:23
yadavjken, do i need to run these instruction which are on tat link in terminal command ?06:23
BobCFCp4_, with =R06:24
BobCFCp4_, a group owner could still be set to readonly06:24
james_afallenhope: are there any other messages that seem to be associated?06:25
afallenhopejames_ not that I can see but it's filling up my logs06:25
james_afallenhope: i.e. what's the message that comes directly before the 'printk()' one?06:26
afallenhope[118321.474646] wlan0: CTS protection disabled (BSSID=00:1e:c7:a1:03:21)06:26
afallenhope[118323.323497] printk: 1 messages suppressed.06:26
afallenhope[118323.323505] wlan0: CTS protection disabled (BSSID=00:1e:c7:a1:03:21)06:26
james_afallenhope: okey doke, we've established that something to do with your nic is suppressing kernel log messages06:27
ruhaan_jsliphow do i check disk space usage for a specfic folder?06:27
JohnOTDhey everyone, just started with Ubuntu. have an aspire one and am following this guide here... going to buy a book tomorrow on using ubuntu...i cant seem to get my wireless  card to work using this guide...im just not sure what to do....  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne06:28
yaris123456789how do u tell how much disk space is left ?06:28
ruhaan_jslipi use that command06:28
ruhaan_jslipi wana know for specfic folders06:28
yadavhi james06:28
afallenhopeyaris123456789, du06:28
yadavcan u help me out...i want to run an simple index.php file in localhost06:29
tweakmy graphics card is not configured properly. can anyone help?06:29
afallenhoperuhaan_jslip, du /path/to/folder06:29
yadavi have just installed ubuntu and then php506:29
afallenhopejames_, how do I stop them06:29
=== Charitwo is now known as sorrow
darius__hey folks, after my vista install, my usb hd is not mountable in ubuntu, anyone know a fix?06:30
james_afallenhope: according to google it's a kernel issue, what kernel version / nic do you use06:30
afallenhope2.6.24-23-generic and b43 driver of a broadcom 431106:31
james_afallenhope: `uname -a`06:31
tweakmy graphics card is not configured properly. can anyone help?06:31
sarmisakryanCH: press windows key and scroll the mouse06:33
Sirisianif I have a file with permissions 666 and I want them to be 700 for an executable I should be able to type "chmod 700 a.out" right? It's not setting the permissions though.06:33
p4_thanks alot BobCFC06:34
Sajuukwhat's the "Gnome Desktop" for apt-get again?06:35
zirodaySirisian: try with sudo in front06:35
sarmisakSajuuk: apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:35
zirodaySajuuk: you mean the ubuntu desktop and all its settings or just gnome?06:36
Sirisianziroday, I'm running as root. I even dropped down to admin and tried. Nothing06:36
SajuukI run a server and I want to move it to a new hard drive that I have prepared for it06:36
zirodaySirisian: how are you running as root?06:36
p4_oh hmmm06:36
p4_still didn't work....06:36
Sirisianziroday, sudo su?06:36
Brack10Hi, I need to search my hard drive recursively for a file and gnome search apparently doesn't want to find it....what's the best command for that?  df?06:37
zirodaySirisian: err okay, try doing leaving that and doing sudo chmod ugo=rwx ./file. Does that change it to rwx for everyone?06:37
Sirisianziroday, I'm running ubuntu in a VM and the files in a folder that's shared with windows. Could that be a problem?06:37
Sajuukziroday so yeah, just gnome06:37
zirodaySirisian: err probably. However I am not samba expert06:38
dayo_Brack10: man find06:38
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tweakcan anyone help with my videodriver?06:38
zirodaySajuuk: in that case you want sudo apt-get install gnome. However that is _just_ gnome, nothing else06:39
zirodaytweak: what video card do you have?06:39
Sirisianziroday, nah that didn't affect it. One moment. I'm going to move the files out of the shared folder06:39
zirodaySirisian: sure06:39
ballHow do I find and install the IBM PC Camera driver (0x0545, 0x8080) ?06:39
Brack10Usage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]............jesus H christ06:39
tweak00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82865G/PE/P DRAM Controller/Host-Hub Interface (rev 02)06:39
james_afallenhope: I can't really help from here. Try google and look at: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86060006:40
jacoberhow many are you guys is using ubuntu on real PC ,not on VMware?06:40
zirodaytweak: okay, drivers for that video card should be installed by default. What is not working?06:40
tweakI am06:40
balljacober I am06:40
dayo_Brack10: lol man pages can be a little intimidating. but it's good to get used to them06:40
zirodayjacober: most of us, what is wrong?06:40
jacoberwas that cool? 8.10 seems have so many bugs...06:40
tweaki have no idea06:40
balljacober: I wish I could afford something that could run Xen06:40
james_jacober: I use _NO_ proprietary software at all06:40
tweakit works, but the 3d acceleration doesn't?06:40
balljacober: It seems to work for me.06:41
Sirisianziroday, thanks for you help. Must be something with how virtualbox handles the shared folders. It worked when I took it out. :/06:41
zirodaytweak: err your card is quite old. How do you know 3D acceleration doesn't work?06:41
dayo_Brack10: scroll way down to the examples.06:41
Sajuukziroday I saw what i did wrong... i didn't have install lol, I have a new problem, the only PC in the house that has a graphis card is my AMD comp... I dont think it will boot up on that processor, and if it gets past that, I have to figure out how to get linux to like my Nvidia 9800gt, unless someone here knows how to transfer my OS to another hdd via command line06:41
Brack10dayo_ It's cool that find is so incredibly powerful, but I wish there was an "idiot" section for people who want to do simple stuff06:41
tweakwhen i try to run google earth it tells me my video card is not configured properly06:41
zirodaySajuuk: erm, it should boot up fine on that processor. And then you can install the nvidia drivers06:42
ballIs Google Earth released in source form?06:42
ball...or just a binary for Linux?06:42
zirodayball: no, its propriatery software06:42
dayo_Brack10: that would be the examples at the bottom06:42
ballAh okay.06:42
jacobermaybe ...not..it's not open source06:42
zirodaytweak: okay, it could be that your video card is too old. One sec06:42
Brack10dayo_ ok finally found it, line 1300 ;)06:42
dayo_Brack10: lol06:43
Sajuukziroday where do i find the 9800gt drivers?06:43
\Kirawould mounting a encrypted volume more often cause a bigger chance of a security problem?06:43
tweakziroday : GoogleEarth will run on the same PC running Windowsxp06:43
ballWhere should I look for webcam drivers?06:43
zirodaytweak: actually could you please paste the output of lspci | grep VGA06:43
sarmisak\Kira: why should it?06:43
zirodaySajuuk: the same place you find other graphics drivers. In System > Administration > Hardware Drivers06:43
tweak00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)06:44
\Kirasarmisak: I remember reading somewere that mounting your hidden volume can cause it to be noticed, therfore removing the purpose of the hidden volume06:44
Brack10wow this is by far the most mature find command in the history of software06:44
Brack10without a doubt06:44
CITguy-Artemisanybody know where I can find information about developing a gnome lock dialog?06:44
zirodaytweak: okay one sec06:44
\Kirasarmisak: or, mounting your hidden volume more often06:44
Sajuukziroday if I could do that, I would... im running on command line at the moment until I have gnome installed on my server, why im asking to do it on command line is that I tried booting up with a live session on the 9800gt and it didn't work06:45
zirodaySajuuk: okay, to install the nvidia drivers from the command line do sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177 and then restart X06:46
Brack10does this do what I want? find / | grep myfile.txt06:46
jacoberhow many of you have bought Windows XP or Vista?06:46
zirodaytweak: what does glxinfo | grep rendering output?06:47
garrettheelcan someone tell me if there's an easy way to have root access in the graphical file browser? i keep getting permission denied errors06:47
distinctblurcame with the pc06:47
zirodaygarrettheel: try the command gksudo nautilus06:47
Sajuukziroday I should also add, that the two comps have 2 diff processors, are you sure that it will be fine?06:47
theshadowwhat would be the best way to run diagnostics on an hdd. I feels like my system is either slow at the seeking or paging like mad which is causing moments of lag/lock up06:47
tweakglxinfo | grep rendering06:48
zirodaySajuuk: erm you should be doing a fresh install, why don't you just backup your old data and copy it across06:48
tweakX Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)06:48
tweak  Major opcode of failed request:  143 (GLX)06:48
garrettheelthanks ziroday06:48
tweak  Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)06:48
tweak  Serial number of failed request:  1006:48
FloodBot1tweak: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
tweak  Current serial number in output stream:  1006:48
ziroday!pastebin | tweak06:48
ubottutweak: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:48
Sajuukziroday its running samba stuff and print server that took ages to configure, I don't want to do it again06:48
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zirodaySajuuk: you can copy across the samba.conf files...06:48
ziroday!pastebin | tweak paste the output here.06:49
ubottutweak paste the output here.: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:49
zirodaytweak: also can you verify that you have the xserver-xorg-video-intel package installed06:50
tweakziroday: How?06:50
everettzWhat is the best way to share files from a linux box with Mac and Windows clients?06:51
sdfaah finally06:51
jacoberusing QQ06:51
jacobercan share06:51
sdfathere hundreds of #ubuntu rooms06:51
yadavziroday can u help me out...i can not create a new php file in var/www06:51
Sajuukziroday well live disc boot I can't do cos I will have to do it via my amd machine, although the install is going to be run on the intel machine, and the amd machine is the only one with a graphics card06:51
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
sdfahow is networking between a vista ubuntu computer?06:51
zirodaytweak: the command apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-intel will tell you.06:52
LunatikBtikBunnihow do i upgrade my current Kernel in ubuntu?06:52
zirodaySajuuk: why can't you do live install on the amd machine?06:52
zirodayLunatikBtikBunni: as long as you keep with the updates its done automatically06:52
Sajuukziroday it wouldn't load, it complained about the VGA card (9800gt) and then went black then the CD idled and didn't do anything for 15 min06:53
deaglehelp! i typed sudo chown -hR deagle /usr and now i can't sudo anything :(06:53
zirodaySajuuk: right, try in safe graphics mode06:53
sdfahow easy is networking ubuntu and vista computer06:53
Sajuukziroday I think I set that but still no luck06:54
tweakziroday: xserver-xorg-video-intel:  Installed: 2:2.4.1-1ubuntu10.106:54
Solverdeagle: you've changed the permissions on potentially hundreds of files.   the quicker you hit ^C the better06:54
jacoberxserver...emmm....why that?06:54
zirodaytweak: okay06:54
madhuProbelm with ettercap06:54
deagleSolver: already happened :(06:54
madhuis not taking the lines06:54
Solverdeagle: you may need to use su, login as root or force your way in to get root back06:54
LunatikBtikBunnii need to update it because my built-in webcam isnt working like how its supposed to be06:55
madhu#redir_command_on = "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i%iface -p tcp –dport%port -j06:55
Solverdeagle: su or login as root assumes you set a root password of course06:55
madhuettercap problem06:55
LunatikBtikBunnican someone kindly assist me?06:55
FloodBot1sdfa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:55
deagleSolver: sudo: must be setuid root06:55
Solverdeagle: if you have backups you may wish to invoke a DR06:55
sdfavista froze again06:55
Brack10I'm trying to find a file using find, and supposedly redirecting the output to /dev/null supresses "permission denied" errors, but they still show up.  Anyone know how to fix this?06:55
Solverdeagle: disaster recovery.  that constitutes a "disaster"06:55
sdfavista sucks06:56
deagledamnit and i just installed06:56
madhudoes any one well with ettercap ?06:56
deagleso there's no workaround?06:56
Solverdeagle: well if you just installed you are better off06:56
deagleboot up argument?06:56
Sajuukmadhu wots wrong with ettercap?06:56
sdfacan anyone hear me>06:56
LunatikBtikBunniSomoene assist me in updating my kernel D:06:56
deagledon't feel like going through this all over again :S06:56
Solverdeagle: you changed a lot of permissions, you'd need to set them back as they were - alot of work06:56
madhuit's not taking the etter.conf with two lines i added06:57
herohelo everybody06:57
deaglechown -hR root /usr? :D06:57
Solverdeagle: an ubuntu install is usually fairly painless06:57
jskrollWhere would I look on my computer to find applications? Ubuntu 8.1006:57
madhuredir_command_on = "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i%iface -p tcp –dport%port -j REDIRECT –to-port%rport"06:57
Solverdeagle: you know what that command does right06:57
Solverdeagle: recursively change ownership on /usr all the way down06:57
madhu<Sajuuk> r u der ?06:57
deaglebring it back to how it was?06:58
Solverdeagle: in effect it breaks a lot of apps06:58
Solverdeagle: former file ownership is not recorded in the FS06:58
jskrollWhat folder are my applications stored in on Ubuntu 8.10?06:58
Solverdeagle: so the options include reinstall, recover from backup06:58
nickruddeagle, no, some stuff under /usr are owned by users other than root.06:59
deaglebut... wait a minute06:59
Solverdeagle: you could chown back as root - that would get alot of it06:59
deaglei can still launch apps06:59
Solverdeagle: but stuff would be broken06:59
Solverdeagle: yeah some stuff will still work06:59
madhuSajuuk r u der ?06:59
nickruddeagle, yeah, but there's some subtle bugs that will crop up06:59
Sajuukyou have my attention now06:59
Solverexactly as nickrud says06:59
Solverlot of stuff would be broken07:00
sdfais ubuntu 9.04 stable?07:00
Sajuukmadhu yes, but i do not know ettercap to that extent07:00
=== Sajuuk is now known as Sajuuk|afk
nickruddeagle, may be an interesting environment to work in. As bugs pop up, figure them out and learn more about the system :)07:00
Solvernickrud: :)07:00
madhumeans ,,,is it used for ARP Poisng ?07:00
sdfais ubuntu 9.04 stable?07:00
nickrud!jaunty | sdfa07:01
deaglelemme restart X07:01
ubottusdfa: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.07:01
madhuit's okay07:01
Solverdeagle: since you are just this side of an install - a reinstall may be the least painful option07:01
=== rob is now known as Guest49788
yaris123456789how to check which distro im running ?07:01
madhuSajuuk, How much you know atleast let me know,,, it helps me better ?07:01
deagleheh... and all of this just to be able to copy a Skin to /usr/share/audacious/Skins07:01
Brack10please someone help me find this god damn file07:01
Solverdeagle: yeah sorry there is no better option07:01
AstronautBBI installed openoffice 3 from the openoffice.org installer but I cant seem to find a way to run it. Any suggestions?07:02
jskrollWhat folder are my applications stored in on Ubuntu 8.10? <or> How do I tell my computer what programs to launch at logon?07:02
deaglewell... guess i better pop in the cd07:02
Solverdeagle: take it as a learning experience.  i first install linux in 1994 and I broke it total within 24 hours in a situation much like yours07:02
sdfai have a wacom tablet, should i use 8.10 or 9.04 or vista07:02
Solverdeagle: in my case I buggered up /dev07:02
sdfathe buttons dont work in ubuntu ;(07:02
yadavcan anyone tell me how to set permission to paste file to var/www ?07:02
deaglemeh... last time it was a program that needed gcc and other important stuff to be removed prior to install07:02
yaris123456789how do i get yum ?07:02
deagle(debian system in 2002)07:02
nickruddeagle, so, that taught you the most important thing: sudo. And like Solver I borked mine within a day also. I think I borked at least a half dozen in the first month, mucking about. Learned a lot, though07:02
Solverdeagle: in general reinstallation is not a good solution for unix07:03
deagleit shouldn't be07:03
cweigleHas anyone solved the Intrepid flash bug yet07:03
* cweigle kicks sdfa07:03
nickruddeagle, if something wants to remove something, understand why first.07:03
Solverdeagle: also, get regular backups going (if you don't already). it is worth its weight in gold07:03
* nickrud kicks sdfa to prevent contamination07:03
deagleyeh... already learned that the hard way07:03
jskrollHow do I get KAlarm to launch automatically in Ubuntu 8.10?07:04
sdfaive tried ubuntu, but it never worked07:04
nickrudsdfa, jk07:04
deagleanyways... wish me luck!07:04
* shivamib kicks sdfa for no apparent reason too07:04
sdfaI want it to work07:04
Solverdeagle: goodluck :)07:04
sdfabut things just dont07:04
cweiglesdfa ubuntu works great about 99.999999999999% of the time07:04
cweigleCompared to windows working 71%07:04
nickrudsdfa, heh. I've always had at least one thing that took stroking. But, every scratch install of windows has also07:04
Solverall softwae sux - it's just a matter of degrees :)07:04
sdfai just dont get how to install stuff07:05
sdfawhere are the .exe?07:05
insertnickherewhy must you compare it to windows. is it not enough to say that ubuntu works great most of the time? windows need not be a qualifier.07:05
nickrud!synaptic | sdfa07:05
ubottusdfa: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto07:05
shivamibsdfa: synaptic07:05
cweigleyou don't use exe in linux07:05
Solversdfa: in linux we don't use extensions to signify file types much07:05
cweigleyou use .tar.gz, .sh, .so etc07:05
nickrudsdfa, start with that link. No exe's, no going out to the net to get random software07:05
insertnickherethat's for the user07:05
Solversdfa: executables are in /bin, /usr/bin, /sbin & /usr/sbin and even other places07:05
insertnickherenot the operating system07:05
sdfaI like random software though07:05
sdfaclick .exe and magical things happen07:06
insertnickhereif you are having trouble running software that you downloaded, try setting it's permissions +x07:06
jskrollHello, is this thing on? Can anyone help me? I am trying to use KAlarm to remind me to do things throughout my day, but I can't get it to auto-launch when I log in. Please help me.07:06
insertnickhereer its*07:06
dardime /j grind07:06
nickrudsfda it's in synaptic, 98% of the time. All wrapped up nicely to work with ubuntu, two click install07:06
cweigleI just use alarm in Exaile jksroll07:06
Solvercweigle: true but the system uses the magic number to figure out filetype.  good point though - they are used in some cases07:06
sdfaim getting a new harddrive, so I will set up a virtual machine and try ubuntu again07:06
dardimei have a problem connecting to wireless internet07:07
dardimeim using broadcom07:07
sonoblaiseI'm trying to install GSynaptics to configure my laptop's touch pad...  the thing is that it tells me to turn SHMConfig to TRUE in xorg.conf or in XF86Config...  I found xorg.conf, but I don't know where to put the option...  anyone ould give me a cue?  thanks!07:07
sdfait is odd when vista just decides to be slow, and mouse gets parkinsons07:07
dardimeanyone can help07:07
Solversdfa: the key to remember with ubuntu or debian is to look to the repository first07:07
nickrudsonoblaise, in the mouse section07:07
cweiglebrb, im seeing if there is a bios update for my old old laptop07:07
insertnickheresonoblaise, if you are using nano to edit xorg.conf, hit ctrl+w, and search for shmconfig07:07
Solversdfa: a lot of stuff is there and if you use it you can get security updates more easily\07:07
nickrudsonoblaise, doh, in the touchpad section :)07:07
cweiglehaha, its about 3 years old, i haven't updated the bios once07:07
sdfaanyone know if i can use eyecandy in vmware?07:07
shoaibiI rebooted the system and grub isn't working, this is my hard disk layout : http://pastebin.com/m47ca65f607:08
nickrudsdfa, no07:08
shivamibsdfa: really, you're doing it wrong07:08
sdfai am.07:08
jskrollI just need to know how to auto-launch a program. I have this "Session" thing where I can specify a program to auto-launch, but I don't know how to set the command or find the program on the harddrive.07:08
nickrudsdfa, no, you're fine, putting it in a vm to start with. No eye candy, but easily cloned and mucked about with.07:08
cweigleoh its 5 years old07:08
cweiglelol i just know i got it at a garage sale for 10007:09
atom^xjskroll: whereis kalarm07:09
nickrudjskroll, what program?07:09
nickrudwhich kalarm is clearer07:09
jskrollKAlarm is a great program for using mp3's as alarms, just can't get it to auto-launch07:09
sonoblaisenickrud:  the thing is that my xorg.conf is pretty empty...  I'll go check again to be sure07:09
nickrudjskroll, type which kalarm in a terminal, that will give you the command07:09
jskrollatom: tthat's the problem07:09
jacobershoaibi: hi07:09
sdfano eye candy?07:10
nickrudsonoblaise, if there's no synaptic touchpad section (I don't have my laptop handy) it's easy to create one07:10
jskrollcweigle: yes?07:10
cweiglejust use exaile or amarok, they have an alarm plugin07:10
atom^xjskroll: no, that was a  command for you to try07:10
cweigleif you configure it right ( i did) it will autostart at the assigned time07:10
cweiglewithout having to leave it open07:10
jskrollcweigle: why the bulky program when I use gmail and only need the alarm?07:10
cweiglewell its also a great media organizer07:10
sdfano eye candy in vmware?07:11
tweakcan anyone help me? I have an intel graphics card and can't get it working properly07:11
kshlmstercan some1 help me with vlc??07:11
yadavcan anyone help me....i can not copy n paste any file to var/www  .....i am new to ubuntu07:11
yadavcan anyone help me....i can not copy n paste any file to var/www  .....i am new to ubuntu07:11
FloodBot1yadav: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:11
insertnickheresdfa, google vmware-tools07:11
sonoblaisenickrud:  where is xorg.conf supposed to be already.é..  i forgot (sorry!)07:11
nickrudsonoblaise, /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:11
cweigleok i have the ultimate question07:11
jskrollnickrud: thanks!07:11
cweiglehow can you update a bios in ubuntu07:11
kshlmsterwhen i play hd videos, 720p, i get blue bars on the right sides...07:12
nightrid3ryadav: you have write permissions to /var/www07:12
kshlmsterwhy is this ??07:12
sdfaall i want to do is click .exe and have it install07:12
nightrid3ryadav: don't *07:12
sdfabut i have to compile vmware install?07:12
insertnickherelinux is _not_ like that07:13
sdfawhat is that bs?07:13
nickrudsdfa, won't happen. this is not Windows. And no, there's a deb available from vmware07:13
cweiglecan anyone tell me how to run a bios update in ubuntu?07:13
jtimbermansdfa: vmware needs to be compiled so the proprietary network drivers can work with your specific kernel07:13
cweiglemy bios is 5 years old and needs updating bad07:13
yadavcan anyone help me....i can not copy n paste any file to var/www  .....i am new to ubuntu07:13
sonoblaisenickrud: thanks... I'm always looking in /usr/...  so now im in it, there is nothing about touchpad or mouse07:13
sdfathat is why I stick with windows07:13
sdfathank you, goodbye07:13
jtimbermancweigle depends on your motherboard/bios maker, see the motherboard manufacturer's web site.07:13
nickrudsonoblaise, ok, put a copy on http://paste.ubuntu.com07:13
jken146yadav, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual%20Hosts07:13
nickrudsdfa, no pain, no gain. See you later07:14
cweigleits dell07:14
cweigletheirs is windows files though07:14
sonoblaisenickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105441/07:14
tweakcan anyone help me? I have an intel graphics card and can't get it working properly07:16
KEtrelQuestion, has anyone figured out anything about the problem with blank TTYs with nvidia drivers?07:16
jacobertweak: you should find some driver install on Intel's website07:16
dmanUnable to mount the volume 'External'. -  Tried running /f command twice and still can't mount my external hd, had no problems until today07:17
dmananyone have any ideas?07:17
tweakok will check07:17
nickrudsonoblaise, a sec07:17
sonoblaisenickrud:  no prob!  thanks!07:17
dmanI did a complete install of ubuntu on another system and this hd was connected at themt time as well07:17
deagleSolver: I know you didn't mean ill, but linux will always be better than windows: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21976707:17
deaglereinstall, therefore, isn't the easiest way all the time :P07:18
cweigledoes anyone knwo how to check which bios verion you have07:18
yadavsorry for this guys......but how do i set to write permission ?07:18
dmango to bios on startup07:18
n8tusercweigle -> try  sudo dmidecode07:18
drkophow i can add drivers of IDE controller at ubuntu bootup?07:18
nightrid3ryadav: chmod +r07:18
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
=== KEtrel is now known as Ketrel
KetrelIf there's no solution, is there a workaround?07:19
Mayankhow to wifi internet in ubuntu?07:19
jken146yadav: chmod +w07:19
dmancan't mount external hd, anyone have any ideas?07:19
cweigleya, im at version a06 and version a32 for my system has been released07:19
n8tuserMayank -> come again?07:19
jken146yadav: specifically, sudo chmod o+w /var/www07:20
n8tuserdman -> is it on a usb adapter?07:20
tweaknaw intel's site is useless07:20
yadavpermission to var/www folder is disabled...i can not change to read or write....what can i do ?07:20
Mayankn8tuser, i am using wifi...what setting do i have to do yo use internet on my ubuntu?07:20
trinitronxMayank: did you try clicking on the network manager icon in the upper right, selecting "Edit connections..." and then adding your wireless info in the wireless tab?07:21
dmanweird thing is that I installed ubuntu on another system with this hd attached, so did it switch something?  And vista was also installed w/this hd attached ???07:22
n8tuserMayank -> is the AP connected to the internet? does your box gets an ip address? perhaps you can tell us your network layout?07:22
jken146yadav, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual Hosts07:23
tweakcan anyone help me get my intel graphics card working properly?07:23
dmanIt was originally attached to a system that had xp/ubuntu, got a new system - attached it to that and installed vista/ubuntu07:23
jken146yadav, that is the Virtual Hosts section.  xchat won't link the url properly07:23
etsmI have install Ubuntu 8.10 in compaq presario C751NR but my wireless card does not work. I'm a beginner, could you help me in this.07:23
n8tuserdman -> you have a hd in one of those usb adapters?  is it detected? check dmesg07:23
nickrudsonoblaise, http://paste.ubuntu.com/105444/ . Got distracted by an admin issue in another channel, sorry. This should do the job07:24
cweiglefor anyone else interested i found instructions on updateing a dell bios on linux07:24
yadavyes now can change the file permission with sudo chmod o+w /var/www07:24
yadavthanks jken07:24
jken146yadav, ok that will work too07:24
n8tusercweigle -> does your dell happen to do spanish language in bios?07:24
drkophow i can add drivers at bootup?07:24
cweiglei don't know07:24
yadavnow shud i paste my whole project to tat folder...and run localhost ?07:24
jken146yadav, be aware that that command allows any user on your machine to write to /var/www07:24
yadavi'll jken07:25
jken146yadav, yes, you can put the files you want to serve there and direct your browser to http://localhost07:25
n8tuserdrkop -> you can add to /etc/modprobe.d/aliases ?07:25
sonoblaisenickrud:  Thanks a lot!  I'm still learning the tircks of linux slowly but surely07:25
zsolty_Hello, I have a problem with Remote Desktop. From Windows I can't connect to my Ubuntu box. In windows I am using realvnc. Can somebody guide me in the right direction? :)07:25
nickrudsonoblaise, enjoy. With ubuntu, you should only need to learn as you go. If you lose your mouse (not likely, but I couldn't actually test that xorg.conf) let me kno0w07:26
cweigleok that didn't work07:27
dmann8t, just pasted07:27
cweigleit said could not instantiate smbios table07:27
n8tuserdman -> if that was for me, complete my whole nick so i can detect it07:27
etsmbut i think it's a drivers issues.  The card is Artheros 5007. I have search over the internet but i didn't get any driver compatible with this card. May be if you know any link that i can download drivers to figure out this issue.07:28
sonoblaisenickrud, that wont be right now: I'm running low on battery and my AC adapter is at home and downloads ar on the way... but if you can tell me what the device and protocol options represent it would help me really understand :)07:28
cweigledoes anyone know anything about fixing an smbios error07:29
LunatikBtikBunnihow can i update my ubuntu kernel?07:29
nickrudok, the device is where the mouse presents it's raw output. The protocol is detected automatically07:29
drkopn8tuser: ow - wrong explain =( im need add drivers of IDE controller at ubuntu install cd boot =)07:29
dmann8tuser  http://pastebin.ca/130989107:30
n8tuserdman -> and what that should tell me?07:30
cweiglehold on07:30
nickrudsonoblaise, man xorg.conf goes into some detail07:30
cweigledidn't they just release an acpi update 2 days ago07:31
cweigleif that?07:31
n8tuserdrkop -> oh i have not done those where you require an additional driver during livecd booting07:31
cweiglethe new update annoys me07:31
cweigleI can't wait for 9.0407:31
biouserplease god, let this update-manager -d work and not break my whole system...07:32
Guest49788Has anyone synced an iphone with ubuntu07:32
cweigleI did for my friend07:32
dmann8tuser - try again - sorry http://pastebin.ca/130989207:32
sonoblaisenickrud: ok, i'll read it.. i already redirected the man output to a textfile for later reading07:32
cweigleall i did was install it on their simcard07:32
n8tuserdman again what should that tell me?07:32
dman:) - I thought you could tell me07:33
nickrudsonoblaise, all man is doing is formatting files in /usr/share/man07:33
sonoblaisehave to go...  if something go wrong with my mouse I'll just comment the lines and restart to get it right?07:33
datarecalI am trying to set up my smtp to send using my gmail account but I keep getting nd_via_gmail T=gmail_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host07:33
nickrudsonoblaise, another interesting place for docs is /usr/share/doc/<packagename>. Some have more than others, all have the changelogs07:33
sonoblaisenickrud: yeah I knonw, but man xorg.conf > something.txt still works ;)07:34
sonoblaiseok, I'll take a look!07:34
n8tuserdman -> thats bunch of lines from dmesg,  so look for the entry when you plugged in your usb device(hd)07:34
Ketrelanyone? :(07:34
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:34
jken146datarecal, go on your gmail settings and look for the pop forwarding section.  There are instructions there.07:34
nightrid3rdatarecal: gmail smtp use ssl so difrent port07:34
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:35
tritiumcweigle: please stop playing with the bot07:35
jken146or do it in private07:35
datarecalim configing it with exim07:35
datarecalnot a mail client07:35
cweiglei just thought that was a funny reply07:35
sonoblaiseso thanks for everything!!  good evening/morning/night all!07:36
biousershould I let /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf be replaced by the ditribution upgrade?07:36
jken146datarecal, I see.  I take it you have got the settings right as described on the gmail site?07:36
tritiumbiouser: did you modify it yourself?07:36
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:36
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages07:36
yaris123456789when i have multiple "screens", how do  i navigate between them? ctrl+a ?07:36
cweiglecan somoene help me real quick07:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bios07:37
cweiglewell i was hoping for some help there07:37
tritiumcweigle: I asked you to stop playing with the bot07:37
jken146yaris123456789, ctrl+alt+left/right arrows07:37
biousertritium pretty sure that I didn't, I did set up a static IP on this box.. but that is like /etc/network/interfaces I think...07:37
cweigleI was just asking it about bios07:37
yaris123456789jken146: thanks07:37
cweiglehow is that playing with it07:37
yadavjken, i was using dreamweaver in windows....is it possible to run dreamweaver in  linux ?if not any best editor...actually i m php developer07:37
tritiumbiouser: that's correct.  If you've not modified it, you're safe letting it be replaced.07:37
tritium!botabuse | cweigle07:37
ubottucweigle: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:37
datarecalyup port 587 with tls auth07:38
biousertritium thanks, here goes nothing :)07:38
kshlmsteri'm having a problem with vlc07:38
formikohelp join07:39
miranda_psikshlmster: whats the problem?07:39
kshlmsterwhen i play  hd videos on vlc ( 720p) i have a blue bar covering part of the video on the right side07:39
dmanafter a new vista install, if I installed ubuntu over it, would it unmount my usb drive in some way - does vista change the usb partition in some way on install07:40
dmanb/c 2 computers can't mount the same usb external drive07:40
miranda_psikshlmster: does that happen when you play it in other media players?07:40
kshlmstermiranda_psi, yes07:41
kshlmsterthis happens when i use xvideo output07:41
miranda_psikshlmster: have you tried using direct rendering?07:41
yadavi have put test.php in var/www folder....but on http://localhost  this error is coming out.......Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 007:41
yadavFatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/var/www/test.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in Unknown on line 007:41
FloodBot1yadav: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:42
kshlmstermiranda_psi, if i use x11 out the bar disappears but the video bcoms choppy07:42
yadavi m not flooding ....i havent...i m put one question at a time07:42
jken146yadav, you need to give that file read permissions for all... sudo chmod a+r /var/www/test.php07:42
kshlmstermiranda_psi, how do i set direct rendering07:43
n8tusersomething I learned,  darn Sony laptop is not easy to resize with gparted it fouled it up, so i have to spend extra 4 hours to recover windows on it, grrrr07:43
miranda_psikshlmster: just a sec - I'll see how to do it in vlc...07:43
kshlmstermiranda_psi, ok :)07:43
tenangcan I dl vlc movie player on linux?07:44
jken146tenang, it's in the repositories.  type 'sudo apt-get install vlc'07:44
tenanghow do I find out what's in the repositories?07:44
yadavjken it runs...yahoooo07:44
jken146yadav, a better solution is to create your own site: "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual Hosts"07:44
tenangis there a list command07:44
yadavthanks jken...i realy appreciate your help07:45
jken146tenang, use Synaptic or Applications -> Add/Remove for the graphical way.. Otherwise, type 'apt-cache search somethingYouWant'07:45
Muhammad_SaadWhat is /dev/sda6 called in GRUB's language?07:46
Rocking-W I downloaded ubuntu  8.10 i386 instead of i686 but it seems to be doing great and graphics are good also for a GeForce Ti 4200 nvidiacard07:46
jken146Muhammad_Saad, (hd0,5) probably07:46
tenangha ty jken07:46
Rocking-Wis the live cd running off the 8.04 graphics?07:47
LunatikBtikBunnii need someone to assist me in updating my linux kernel, because im using a netbook, i cant seem to use the webcam with my current kernel07:47
jken146Rocking-W, there is only one 23 bit release07:47
tenangbtw is there a way to make my resolution bigger like forcibly? and if not does anyone know a good icon pack to download that has smaller icons?07:47
Rocking-W32 you mean?07:47
miranda_psijken146: its relative to the drive that it is installed on - the drive it is installed on is hd0,* and then they are in alphabetical order07:47
tenangI feel retarded lookn at giant folders and boxes lol07:47
calamaro2357buongiorno gente!07:48
yadavjken is it possible to run dreamweaver in linux ?07:48
jken146miranda_psi, thanks, that solves a mystery for me!07:48
tweaknope glxgears doesn't work :(07:48
miranda_psijken146: that caused me a lot of problems until i figured out what was going on by trial and error...07:49
jken146yadav, I'm not sure.  I hear that nvu and bluefish are similar though. I would recommend learning html though07:49
Rocking-WI have the amd 64 cpu and I thought that the 8.04 was 64 bit07:49
jken146Rocking-W, there is a 32 bit (i386) and a 64 bit (amd-64) version.  either should work07:50
Rocking-W thanks07:50
yadavo.k i'll learn both nvu and bluefish...i think these are the best one for linux ?07:50
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
jken146tenang, you can change the size of folder icons in nautilus (the file manager) in the View menu.  http://gnome-look.org has icons etc07:51
miranda_psikshlmster: try the openGL output - should work nicely if your gpu supports it...07:51
jken146yadav, I don't know.  Search in Add/Remove or Synaptic for programs you want07:51
yadavo.k jken07:52
kshlmstermiranda_psi, tried it but its choppy too, only xvideo gives unchoppy video but its got those bars07:52
kshlmstermiranda_psi, guess i'll ask on the vlc forums07:52
miranda_psikshlmster: what video card do you have?07:53
kshlmstermiranda_psi, thanks fr the help :)07:53
biousermodified config file Renviron... what is renviron?07:53
kshlmstermiranda_psi, onboard intel 845 gv07:53
jken146biouser, if you don't know what it is, chances are you haven't modified it yourself, so just say yes.07:53
miranda_psikshlmster: that would be why the openGL is slow - no gpu support for opengl...07:54
kshlmstermiranda_psi, i've gotta fast enuff processor for xvideo to run without choppiness07:54
kshlmstermiranda_psi, but those bars are only the problem07:55
miranda_psikshlmster: try mplayer and see if you get the same problem, could be something to do with vlc...07:55
kshlmstermiranda_psi, mplayer doesn't even open hd files07:56
miranda_psikshlmster: what do you mean? I use it to watch full 1080p 20MB/s videos...07:56
tenangim getting this error because of the theme I have on right now, how do I get asnd install?won't look right because you don't currently have GTK + Themes Engine ubuntulooks installed07:57
KetrelSorry for repeating (accidently cleared): Question, has anyone figured out anything about the problem with blank TTYs with nvidia drivers?07:57
kshlmstermiranda_psi, mplayer says max resolution is some x*y and cant play video07:57
jken146tenang, it sounds like you need to install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks07:58
miranda_psikshlmster: that is strange... is that through the gui or from the shell/07:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdHUmm, when i try to turn on desktop effects, it says dekstop effects can not be enabled.07:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdsuggestions anyone?07:59
jacoberTOO MANY LOGIN AND LOGOUT,why ....07:59
miranda_psiCoUrPsE|DeAd: what video card do you have?07:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdradeon 9700 pro.07:59
kshlmstermiranda_psi, i get that error when mplayer i run frm the shell, thru the gui mplayer just quits07:59
miranda_psiCoUrPsE|DeAd: installed the propreitary ati drivers?08:00
jken146jacober, please don't shout.  What do you mean?08:00
tenangso jken would I type in sudo apt -get instal gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks    ?08:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdna, they wont install, i cant find em.08:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdi have radeon drivers installed thou.08:00
miranda_psikshlmster: can you run it and put the mplayer output up on pastebin?08:00
jken146tenang, yes but apt-get has no space.08:01
arvind_khadrihi, i have a intex night vision cam, i tried easy cam and kopete, they dont detect it, can windows drivers be somehow used to make it work?08:01
tenanglearning slowly thank you very much jken08:01
jken146tenang, you're welcome08:01
kshlmstermiranda_psi, right now i'vent got mplayer installed...08:01
BikeguyFor some odd reason mplayer is taking exceedingly long to load, also all across the board .wmv's have very bad support with no audio08:02
Bikeguyany idea?08:02
jacoberis there any game irc or chat irc ?08:02
ChrisDavazI am using Xinerama on Ubuntu 8.10. Recently after working for about an hour or so my mouse goes on the fritz. I can move the pointer around but clicking doesn't work and sometimes I get the finger cursor. It seems like the mouse is mapped to a different area than what is being displayed. If I enter a full-screen RDP session the mouse is mapped correctly, but only on fullscreen.08:02
arvind_khadriany ideas?08:02
miranda_psikshlmster: ok, well good luck with the vlc08:02
kshlmstermiranda_psi, thanks fr the help :)08:03
jken146jacober, #ubuntu-off-topic08:04
tweakanyone around here know how to configure 3d graphics accelerator for intel chipsets?08:04
miranda_psiBikeguy: what does mplayer output about the sound in the wmv files?08:04
Bikeguymiranda_psi:  let me get that error message for you, also mplayer with any media file takes a really long time to load08:05
JubHey, I've stumbled upon quite a predicament!08:06
jestinjoyhow could i change the first screen during the booting of live cd?08:06
Bikeguymiranda_psi:  cannot find codec for audio format 0x16208:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdmiranda_psi, In hardware drivers, it says no device is using propriety drivers.08:07
JubI can't access the edit users and groups thing with my normal user08:07
Jubit says i'm not allowed :(08:07
Jubbut im in the admin group08:07
miranda_psiJub: click on unlock08:08
Jubi cant even get to that screen08:08
JubI can't even access system configurations08:08
miranda_psiJub: use the menu editor to find the program name and launch with sudo08:08
miranda_psiCoUrPsE|DeAd: try searching for ati in synaptic and see if you can find a 3D driver for your card there - you might only be using a generic driver right now...08:10
jestinjoyhow could i edit a linux live cd08:10
miranda_psiBikeguy: can you play those files in other media players?08:10
Zero_FeniXI'm trying to install ubuntu with VirtualBox on a windows machine just to play around with. I got it all set up and it loads the image just fine but when I try to install, try it, or check to see if the download was good it just freezes and doesn't do anything. Any suggestions. I've tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions and there are no other virtual machines using the same disk image.08:12
Bikeguyyes, but with no sound08:12
Bikeguymiranda_psi: yes but with no sound, could it be the w32codecs package needs to be installed?08:12
syn-findoes ultimate ubuntu 2.0 has full disk encryption?08:12
tritiumZero_FeniX: you're not using alpha releases of jaunty (9.04), are you?08:13
mespejelhi, does anyone know where can i get the last ubuntu release iso in bittorent?08:13
tritiumsyn-fin: this channel is not for ultimate ubuntu08:13
Zero_FeniXtritium: I'm using 8.1008:13
Sorcererbobmespejel: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ ?08:13
syn-finmespejel, http://www.tuxdistro.com/08:13
syn-finshivamib, yeah08:13
tritiumZero_FeniX: just checking, as the release notes state that the kernel used in the jaunty alphas won't boot as a virtualbox guest08:14
mespejeldapper is 8.10??08:14
Zero_FeniXYea, it boots up I just can't get it to install or anything unfortunately.08:14
tritiummespejel: no, intrepid is 8.1008:14
jken146mespejel, http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/08:14
nickrudmespejel, releases.ubuntu.com/8.10 , there's a torrent there08:14
Bikeguymiranda_psi: hey, that worked08:15
Bikeguymiranda_psi: thanks for the help08:15
tenangone last question and I'll leave you guys alone how do I install the gtk + themes engine for overglossed?08:15
Bikeguymiranda_psi: any idea on why mplayer is opening so slow though/08:15
jken146tenang, Usually you just download a theme from gnome-look.org, then drag the archive to the Themes tab in System -> Preferences -> Appearance08:16
miranda_psiBikeguy: are you using the default mplayer from the repository? 1rc2?08:17
scienteshow do i prevent X from recovering me back to my X terminal everytime i try to go to a text terminal?08:18
jken146scientes, if I understand you correctly, you'd have to stop the x server: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:18
scientesi do ctrtl-alt-f108:19
scientesbut X grabs me back08:19
scientestill i hit it a second time08:19
bootcamp911hello, what is the meaning of the UBUNTU ?08:19
=== hij is now known as detnuomnu
scientessomething is thinking it knows what i want more than me08:19
jken146scientes, I just tried it.  You're right!  it does do that, the first time.  then it's normal again.  how weird.08:20
jken146that is annoying08:20
biouserrestart the system to complete the upgrade, wish me luck! here goes nothing....08:20
jken146biouser, luck!08:20
tenangI did what you said but its still saying I need to install it08:21
bootcamp911tenng: :)08:21
jken146tenang, try to install it then, whatever it is.  Go to System > Administration > Synaptic and search for it.08:21
Tim__Reichhartcould anybody tell me how to get getimagesize  for php508:25
biouserwell, looks like the system is not completely broken :)08:25
kavonsnuxoll: oh hay08:26
kavonsnuxoll: you're already here08:26
snuxollTim__Reichhart: #php is >> thataway08:26
tenangkk im tryn to install community themes08:26
biouserTim__Reichhart #php is probably pretty active, but you should use a python framewerk08:26
yadavhow to install ftp08:26
tenangI believe that's where I got the theme lol08:26
rwwyadav: an ftp server (so that other people can connect to you) or an ftp client (so that you can connect to a server)?08:27
yadavjust i want install ftp08:29
snuxollyadav: we can't help you unless we know what you want, 'ftp' does not give us enough information to do that08:29
snuxollyadav: are you trying to serve files over FTP or download them08:30
toaderHI, how to mount a ISO file? thanks08:30
rww!iso | toader08:30
ubottutoader: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about f-spot08:30
kavonyadav: google FireFTP and get the plugin for firefox, great FTP client08:30
snuxoll!msgthebot > opera08:30
ubottuopera, please see my private message08:30
demizerfireftp is very nice08:30
rwwPlaces > Connect to Server... seems to work fine for most people, though.08:30
tommiHi! I have a problem with suspending my system. When I try to suspend it, it shuts down completely, and when I turn it on again it boots straight to my desktop with an error messages that says there was a problem suspending the system, nothing else. Any ideas? How can I found out what's wrong?08:31
PeoplesAdvocateAnyone know of a great book to learn about Linux in general, mainly on how everything works? I already purchased the Ubuntu Linux Bible from amazon.08:31
snuxolltommi: is this on a laptop or desktop computer?  what is the make and model (assuming it's an OEM machine)08:32
jken146PeoplesAdvocate, learn as you go.  google is your friend.  Find something you don't know how to do and learn it.08:32
tenanghey jken maybe this might help you help me here's where it came from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Overglossed?content=7481308:32
rww!documentation | PeoplesAdvocate: not sure about books, but these sites are useful to me08:32
ubottuPeoplesAdvocate: not sure about books, but these sites are useful to me: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com08:32
jken146tenang, did you follow the instructions on that page?08:33
PeoplesAdvocateYeah, I have many great sites but I wanted books for my library08:33
demizerth ubuntu bible is very good in itself08:34
PeoplesAdvocateI appreciate your answers though I will list those sites for reference.08:34
demizerI have not read any books myself, I have learned everything from google08:35
PeoplesAdvocateYeah I like the book, Im tryna convert my friends so I try to through material at them that will help them learn with more ease08:35
demizerwell, i have reade the ubuntu bible08:35
snuxollsince he's not resaying it here08:36
snuxoll<tommi> It's HP Pavilion dv6615eo laptop computer08:36
snuxollI've always had bad experiences with HP desktops, anyone else got some info on his suspend issues?08:36
demizergive your friends some live cds08:36
PeoplesAdvocateI did08:36
demizerI have suspend issues with my dell08:36
demizeryou're awesome08:37
demizerhow do they like it?08:37
snuxollsuspend works quite well on my machine, video drivers are the most probable cause of issues and since I run the open source ATI drivers...08:37
PeoplesAdvocatethey like it but have trouble learning where everything is at.08:37
snuxollbut mine's an older dell, so :/08:37
tenangyep followed the directions 1-408:37
PeoplesAdvocateits really easy but they are not to computer literate08:37
demizeryeah, finding everything was hard for me at first too, but you'll get used to it08:38
demizeror they08:38
biouserYAY!  I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and my PulseAudio + ekiga problems are VERY MUCH better!  Nice, ubuntu can come back out of the doghouse and go back to being the greatest thing ever!08:38
dayo_PeoplesAdvocate: http://www.linuxhaxor.net/2007/09/05/68-linux-related-free-e-books/08:38
tommiI use the latest nVidia driver.08:38
PeoplesAdvocatecool, thanks dayo_08:38
dayo_ PeoplesAdvocate: u're welcome :-)08:38
biouserI think that the newer Pulse Audio is way better from what I see already :)08:39
demizerI have tried all the distros, and ubuntu worked the best, so they are off to a good start08:39
tommiBut suspending has worked on this very same laptop the last time I had Ubuntu installed on it, about 2 months ago...08:39
biouserpeople might suggest that audio problems might be improved by moving toward the bleeding edge?08:39
bootcamp911ogg audio format good or not ?08:39
snuxollbiouser: pulseaudio itself hasn't changed.  Ubuntu just configured it better (aka: not horribly wrong)08:39
demizerogg is better than mp308:39
snuxollbootcamp911: better than MP3, but the lack of standalone portable media players that support it is a downer08:39
demizerthe only problem is very little player support08:40
MartianWI have a pdf music score which has two pages per A4. Is there any way to split and rotate them so that each page is on it's own A4 page?08:40
demizerit does work with rockbox, however08:40
bootcamp911how about Iriver? > snuxoll08:40
snuxollbootcamp911: I keep most of my music in MP3's encoded with LAME -V008:40
biousersnuxoll seems to be a lot of potential but that doesn't mean that I can put up with TOO much flat-out brokenness08:40
bootcamp911ic > demizer08:40
bootcamp911i am a newbie in portable audio08:41
snuxollI'd rather use AAC personally, but it's too painful to rip to it under linux08:41
demizertrue that08:41
snuxollsince my phone, iPod, wii, etc all play MP308:41
VieQhi all, I am here (http://kubuntuway.net/forum/showthread.php?t=241) and Still Can't figure out how to use the repos. because the "deb" command was not Found :)08:41
bootcamp911how about FFFFFFFFLLLLLAAAAACCCCC ?08:41
snuxollbootcamp911: flac is good for archival, not playback08:41
demizeryeah, I didn't like rockbox much over the original ipod firmware08:41
snuxolldemizer: rockbox doesn't even run on my classic08:41
demizerflac is very high quality, large filesizes08:42
demizeric, I have 5th gen08:42
snuxolldemizer: I see no need to bother with it though, I really could care less about OGG support myself08:42
bootcamp911MP3 good for u > snuxoll08:42
VieQany suggestions?08:42
demizeryes, mp3 work just fine. :)08:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-pilot08:43
bootcamp911but i will obtain Ubuntu default OGG08:43
nikolamHello, what should I do if apt/dpkg is stuck like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105072/08:43
snuxollbootcamp911: like I said, I use mp3's encoded with lame -v0, the audio quality is as good as it gets for MP3 while being about the size of a 256Kbps VBR MP308:43
rwwVieQ: Those aren't commands that you run. They're lines that you put into your /etc/apt/sources.list file08:43
joerackHello, can you help me? My pc speakers aren't working anymore08:43
demizerare they plugged in08:43
VieQrww, thanks for the tip08:44
bootcamp911ogg = less support or = no support in future ?08:44
demizerI could'nt resist08:44
VieQbut will that work without the GPG key?08:44
snuxollbootcamp911: I wouldn't say no support in the future, but for now not much supports it08:44
snuxollbootcamp911: I mean, there *are* devices that support it, and if they appeal to you then OGG is by far the best choice08:44
lonelhi,any one here using a webmin can share their webmin,pam.d file?08:44
lgk!ops oh noes, is ikonia madddd? Y SO MAD :D08:45
snuxollbootcamp911: I know that cowon players are ok, I don't like them myself but I know a lot of people that do08:45
snuxoll!webmin | LoneWlf08:45
ubottuLoneWlf: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.08:45
bootcamp911well, how about WMA vs AAC ?08:45
snuxoller, lonel ^^^08:45
snuxollbad tab complete08:45
lonelhi,i cant login after i configured webmin08:45
snuxollbootcamp911: WMA is absolute garbage08:45
demizerbootcamp911: AAC08:45
demizersnuxoll: YES08:45
demizerbootcamp911: don't ever use wma08:46
snuxollbootcamp911: AAC is by far my personal favorite, but it's a pain to rip under linux without dipping down to the shell or using some obscure app to do it (because gstreamer can't mux a MP4 container to save its life)08:46
Kuroneko-chanum. can someone help me?08:46
* snuxoll kicks gstreamer in the shins08:46
snuxollKuroneko-chan: I'm sure we can, what's your problem08:46
bootcamp911absolute garbage ???08:46
=== tweak is now known as totallystumped
demizerbootcamp911: proprietary08:46
rwwnikolam: Looks like update-initramfs isn't happy about the "2.6.28-rc1-custom" kernel you appear to be using. Considering that's an unofficial kernel, you'll need to go to wherever you got it from to get support.08:46
joerackHello, can you help me? My notebook speakers aren't working anymore08:46
snuxolljoerack: did you check your volume levels in the mixer?08:47
nikolamrww i never installed that kernel08:47
bootcamp911ACC only support iPOD???08:47
demizerjoerack: are you trying to hear flash movies?08:47
snuxollbootcamp911: AAC is supported on a lot of devices08:47
Kuroneko-chanI can't install ubuntu.....my system meets recomended requirements...but it always gets an error in the partitioning...I have winXP professional and I dont want to get rid of it.....08:47
snuxollbootcamp911: my N75, iPod classic, wii, etc can all play it08:47
Kuroneko-chanwell. want to. but cant08:47
demizerKuroneko-chan: try the wubi installer08:48
joeracksnuxoll: Yes ... my headphones are working and I'm using mp308:48
bootcamp911but i never seeing this format in Linux...08:48
dayo_Kuroneko-chan: what is the exact Error?08:48
snuxolljoerack: maybe you're having pulseaudio conflicts, have you tried rebooting the machine?08:48
demizerrestart the sound system08:48
Kuroneko-chanAn error has occurred during partioning.....nothing fancy lol08:48
demizersudo /etc/init.d/alsa restart08:49
rwwnikolam: Well, something thinks that you have, since initramfs is looking for it. I'd probably start by removing some of the unofficial repositories you have installed and seeing if that helps. Considering that at least two of them are repositories for a different (albeit Xubuntu-based) distribution, though, I doubt we'll be able to help you much.08:49
bootcamp911Sound Juicer can´t conv Mp3 ??????????08:49
demizerKuroneko-chan: I would recommend a second hard drive08:49
Kuroneko-chanwhen I reboot in windows I have to go through the whole chkdsk thing....I was so worried I had accidently formatted the drive...08:49
demizerits a lot easier08:49
cweigleI need help08:49
snuxollbootcamp911: sound juicer can rip MP308:49
joeracksnuxoll: This problem started when I installed the plantronics usb sound card08:49
bootcamp911??? > snuxoll08:49
demizerKuroneko-chan: BACKUP YOUR DATA08:49
horuxquiero expresar mi enorme alegria de que pude usar la tarjeta Wi-fi en mi ubuntu 8.1008:50
cweigleMplayer works fine when playing files from my desktop, but it wont play them from the videos folder08:50
Kuroneko-chanmeh. I dont wanna use an external harddrive and Im using a laptop with no slots left...08:50
demizerKuroneko-chan: don't mess around, especially with formatting08:50
demizeroh I see08:50
nikolamrww ok. I removed other repos temporarely but I realize i need to contact the repo where it is coming from08:50
bootcamp911i do not found MP308:50
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat08:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:50
snuxollbootcamp911: do you have the ubuntu-restricted-extras package installed?08:50
demizeruse virtualization from window08:50
demizerand install ubuntu that way08:51
bootcamp911i do not know ... > snuxoll08:51
Kuroneko-chanyea. Im going to make a bootdisk for windows sp3......but Ill try the one installer thing....08:51
bootcamp911i am using 8.04 version > snuxoll08:51
snuxollbootcamp911: open a terminal and type the following in: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' (without the quotes)08:51
horuxbuenos días! quiero expresar mi enorme alegria de que pude usar la tarjeta Wi-fi en mi ubuntu 8.1008:51
demizerdamn I need to go to bed. See you all later!08:51
snuxoll!es | horux08:51
ubottuhorux: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:51
dayo_!es | horux08:52
bootcamp911sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras <<< whats that > snuxoll08:52
toaderHi, how to use the 7zip to comprese a directory to a specificed file name?08:52
toaderI have trid many ways but it failed08:53
totallystumpedhas anyone tried google earth on ubuntu?08:53
koshar2totallystumped yes08:53
rwwtotallystumped: yes. I got it from Medibuntu's repositories.08:53
cweigleI need help please08:53
snuxolltoader: any reason you need to use 7zip and why tar won't work?08:53
snuxollcweigle: ask your question and we might be able to help you with it :)08:53
koshar2totallystumped i think he means medibuntu08:54
snuxollbootcamp911: that will install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package on your machine08:54
snuxollbootcamp911: which installs the gstreamer MP3 support needed by sound juicer to rip audio CD's to MP308:54
cweigleomg my videos wont work08:54
bootcamp911ok, trying that > snuxoll08:54
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:54
rww!medibuntu | totallystumped08:54
ubottutotallystumped: please see above08:54
cweiglecan someone help me08:54
cweigleim gonna try a reboot08:54
FloodBot1cweigle: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
cweigle... i didnt flood08:55
rwwcweigle: consider the "don't use Enter as punctuation" part ;)08:55
carreracan anyone tell me why the Update Mangaer (under Proposed updates) wants to update my kernel to linux-image-2.6.27-11 when I have2.6.27-11 already installed?08:56
carreraI've noticed this a few times now08:56
totallystumpedhow do I install a .deb in ubuntu?08:56
snuxolltotallystumped: any reason you are trying to manually install a .deb file?08:56
bazhangtotallystumped, gdebi or dkpg -i file.deb08:57
Roqdpkg -i *.deb08:57
dayo_totallystumped: man dpkg08:57
bazhangtotallystumped, best to find in repos first though08:57
rwwtotallystumped: or double-click it if you're in GNOME.08:57
dayo_totallystumped: sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb08:57
ruhaan_jslipi installed my wifi drivers with NDIS in ubuntu 8.1008:57
ruhaan_jslipi can find the wireless networks but i cant connect to em08:58
ruhaan_jslipwhat cud the problem be?08:58
bullgard4What is the executable file of Take_Screenshot?08:59
kiskool_Kbarcode help me please08:59
kiskool_Kbarcode help me please08:59
ruhaan_jslipplz help08:59
ruhaan_jslip i installed my wifi drivers with NDIS in ubuntu 8.1009:00
ruhaan_jslip i can find the wireless networks but i cant connect to em09:00
rwwbullgard4: gnome-screenshot, perhaps?09:00
ruhaan_jslipwhat cud the problem be?09:00
snuxollbullgard4: in gnome screenshots are taken with gnome-screenshot09:00
snuxoll!repeat | ruhaan_jslip09:00
ubotturuhaan_jslip: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:00
bullgard4rww: Your answer is wrong. Test it.09:02
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs ruhaan_jslip09:02
DelvienGnome-Do question. I installed gnome-do (metapackage) but i cant seem to bring up the dock09:02
rwwbullgard4: I did. Works for me.09:02
bullgard4snuxoll: hm09:02
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia09:03
rwwbullgard4: If your question is something other than "what's the name of the GNOME program that lets you take screenshots", you might want to rephrase it.09:03
bazhangbakabon, #ubuntu-id09:03
predderI'm trying to do a fresh install of kubuntu on my lappy. Everything is fine after the installation but the first set of updates always has a bunch of corrupted deb files that either don't install or mess up the system09:03
snuxollDelvien: docky is a new feature in the gnome-do development build09:03
snuxollDelvien: it is not currently in the version in the repositories, and likely won't be until 9.1009:03
snuxollDelvien: since docky is still very much alpha, says the lead developer for Do09:04
Delviensnuxoll its in repos :p09:04
snuxollDelvien: yes, gnome-do is in the repos, but the specific feature you are looking for is not in the version we have09:04
bazhangDelvien, which repos09:04
bazhangoh gnome-do09:04
Delvienshrug, :p09:04
bazhanglooked for docky09:05
PC_NerdHi - is it easy/possible to install ubuntu (server) from a remote computer....  Im about to purchase a server( for personal home use) and wanted to avoid having to purchase a CD drive in it.  I would connect to it via ethernet via my computer09:05
ruhaan_jslipi tried everythin in the docs page09:05
ruhaan_jslipnothin works09:05
DelvienWell i keep seeing things about docky, but have yet to find how to get it.09:05
snuxollPC_Nerd: you should be able to install it via unetbootin, but I don't see why you couldn't just borrow a CDROM drive from another machine09:05
toaderHi, in Ubuntu, is there any good GUI ftp tools for recommended?09:05
koshar2PC_Nerd why dont you install from a usb key09:05
stix_Hi guys. When I look at the output from the command free, I can see some bytes from cached/buffer. What is this?09:05
rwwPC_Nerd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installation%20without%20a%20CD09:05
snuxollDelvien: because docky is a new feature in the development build of gnome-do09:05
SlartPC_Nerd: you could use an usb stick to install from... you might be able to conjure up some voodoo with tftp and boot over ethernet but I doubt it will save you any time09:06
bullgard4rww: Yes. Thank you.09:06
Delviensnuxoll: i see, guess ill be building it from tarball then09:06
snuxollDelvien: the only way to get it is to manually get the sources for Do from launchpad and compile it yourself, which is something I don't reccomend, especially since docky is still alpha09:06
PC_Nerdkoshar2: so would that mean taking the ubuntu~.iso and simpyl making the usb bootable? (in which case it is possible to remove the "bootable" from teh usb for storage again yes?)09:06
scienteshow can i boot without nvidia without uninstalling it09:07
koshar2PC_Nerd or pop the hdd into another machine and install OS and retern to server09:07
snuxollDelvien: and when I say alpha I mean 'buggier than all hell and it will crash and leave nasty stack traces that you don't want to look at'09:07
PC_Nerdah ok ( except I dont want to have to be playing with HDD's)  Ill read through the usb section on that page - thanks!09:07
snuxollDelvien: so really, don't :)09:07
cweigleOk, just so whoever cares, I just restarted and now videos are working fine09:07
Delviensnuxoll but the curious cat inside me wants to play with it09:07
cweigleNew question: does anyone know how to build a deb package?09:07
koshar2PC_Nerd you can make a live usb key with a live cd but iam not sure about server edition,09:08
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koshar2PC_Nerd as suggested earlier you may be able to with netbootin09:08
snuxollDelvien: even *I* won't play with it, and I'm running the Win7 beta right now -_-09:08
rww!packaging | cweigle09:08
ubottucweigle: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports09:08
cweiglethank you rww09:08
PC_Nerdkoshar2: thanks - ill look at netbootin as well!09:08
Delviensnuxoll win7.. laf09:08
toaderHi, in Ubuntu, is there any good GUI ftp tools for recommended?09:08
ikoniatoader: gftp09:08
Slart!ftp | toader09:08
ubottutoader: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd09:08
cweigleI just want to compile a songbird package, for simpler install09:09
koshar2PC_Nerd unetbootin sorry my09:09
rwwtoader: Nautilus's "Connect to Server..." option (in the Places menu) works for me09:09
snuxolltoader: nautilus' build in FTP support does nicely for file downloads, for uploading I tend to use gFTP or FileZilla09:09
simplexioPC_Nerd: if you can someway to boot into livecd enviroment, yes. using usb, boot over ethernet, etc..09:09
ruhaan_jslipi can see the wireless netwok in ubuntu 8.10 but i cant connect to em09:09
ruhaan_jslipis there a solution?09:09
simplexioPC_Nerd: found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:09
snuxollruhaan_jslip: please stop repeating your question so frequently09:10
ruhaan_jslipthe network manager gets stuck at attempting to connect09:10
yadavhi,i have installed vsftpd from terminal....can anyone tell me how run ftp ?09:10
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PC_Nerdwith "boot over ethernet" do there have to be specific bios settings to allow it ( because of the TCP stack etc for network?)09:10
snuxollyadav: we still don't have enough information to help you09:10
ruhaan_jslipsorry but i really need a solution09:10
yadavwat information u need frm me09:10
yadavi can give u whatever i have done09:10
Garawakjoin kubuntu09:11
snuxollyadav: I still don't know whether you are trying to host an FTP server or connect to one09:11
yadavi m trying to host n then connect as well09:11
yadavbut first need to host09:11
ruhaan_jslipis there a way to connect to a wifi network via terminal?09:12
cweigleWhen I finish building the package, would anyone like to test it? I've had times where something worked on the computer it was built/burned and not worked anywhere else09:12
ruhaan_jslipso i can see what the problem is09:12
snuxollyadav: unfortunately I haven't done much with FTP servers due to their general insecurities09:12
yadavi m trying to upload files to client's server ....09:12
snuxollcweigle: to avoid bad packaging you might want to attempt to build it with pbuilder09:12
yadavso how can i upload files to client server ?09:12
yadavany solution ?09:12
snuxollcweigle: since pubilder will throw errors if your build dependencies are bad09:12
cweiglewell i was gonna follow the guide on the website but ok09:12
snuxollyadav: if you just want to upload files to a client server why not use SFTP?09:12
acidicbaselol did anyone see this?  http://www.hardocp.com/news.html?news=MzcyOTgsLCxoZW50aHVzaWFzdCwsLDE=09:12
nightrid3ryadav: use gftp09:13
acidicbaseUbuntu Makes You Drop Out Of School09:13
snuxollyadav: if you already have SSH installed (I assume you do) you can just use SFTP09:13
snuxollacidicbase: not in here please09:13
yadavo.k sftp....how ?09:13
Delvienacidicbase dont start with that article please.09:13
yadavwhat shud i do first to install these09:13
snuxollyadav: do you have SSH installed on you clients machine?09:13
yadavi dont know...09:13
snuxollyadav: ok, what OS/distro is your clients server running first and foremost09:13
yadavfrm where do i confirm SSH  ?09:14
Delvienyadav you know, ubuntuforums.org is a great place for information09:14
ruhaan_jslipyadav: tpye this ssh username@ip address09:14
acidicbasefrom where do you confirm ssh?09:14
acidicbasessh --help09:14
Delvienyadav read this https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html09:15
DelvienI know it says 6.06 :P ignore that, most of the info is still good09:15
temudjin_hi folks!09:16
snuxoll!hi | temudjin_09:16
ubottutemudjin_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:16
Delvienhere we are https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html09:16
rww!in | yadav09:16
ubottuyadav: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India09:16
rwwyadav: in case you need non-English help.09:16
temudjin_ubottu:  thks09:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thks09:16
temudjin_thks for all09:17
PC_Nerdis there a ubuntu channel discussing specifically ubuntu server and server setup?09:17
ikoniaPC_Nerd: #ubuntu-server09:17
yadavwell i don't know about all above stuff...but i will first go to the link what Delvien gave me09:17
PC_Nerdikonia: thanks!09:17
boumawhat software should i use with my itouch ?09:17
ikoniaPC_Nerd: be aware that ubuntu desktop makes an excellent server09:17
yadavcoz i m totally new to ubuntu...BUT really want to learn asap09:17
boumai want to access it as a filesystem09:17
temudjin_but...a question, to add support a log in other file, I need add a line in the syslog.conf....yes?09:18
ikoniayadav: you can't rush it09:18
predderI keep getting corrupted debs when I update. Tested memory and hard drive with no errors, network seems fine too. Any ideas?09:18
maxagazhow to get rid of the grub of open suse installed over the grub of ubuntu ?09:18
Slartpredder: tried another mirror?09:18
boumacan someone help me mount my itouch ?09:18
snuxoll!repeat | bouma09:19
ubottubouma: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:19
acidicbasemaxagaz: in console type grub09:19
Delvienbouma itouch has next to no support in linux.09:19
snuxollbouma: all I can tell you is to jailbreak it at which point you can access the filesystem via SFTP, from what I've heard09:19
acidicbasemaxagaz: find the desired root u want to use09:19
snuxollbouma: this is not a practice I, nor Ubuntu support, however09:19
Slartbouma: try typing !ipod here in the channel.. not sure if that can be used for an itouch too but perhaps09:19
acidicbasemaxagaz: set the grub to use that09:19
Delvienbouma blame apple and their crappy way of business.09:19
maxagazacidicbase: but i have two grubs09:19
snuxollDelvien: that's a little harsh ;(09:20
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod09:20
acidicbasemaxagaz: sudo grub09:20
PC_Nerdikonia: Ive been playing with ubuntu for a while, and ive got a VPS running ubuntu server. I'm partially looking to have a duplicate install ( mmight even run the VM)09:20
Delviensnuxoll well, yes, but its the truth.09:20
acidicbasemaxagaz: find /boot/grub/stage109:20
acidicbasemaxagaz: should return 2 places09:20
predderSlart: I'll try a new repo when my reinstall finishes09:20
acidicbasemaxagaz: then root (hd?, ?)09:20
snuxollDelvien: you can't go blaming apple because thier product only works as advertised09:20
acidicbasemaxagaz: depending on which grub u want09:20
ikoniaPC_Nerd: how is that relevant ?09:20
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acidicbasemaxagaz: finally setup (hd0)09:21
snuxollDelvien: they never advertised linux support on their box, if you bought one assuming otherwise you're a fool09:21
acidicbasemaxagaz: and quit + restart09:21
predderit'd be really nice to force apt to perform an md5sum on all downloaded packages09:21
Delviensnuxoll I never said such a thing.09:21
ubotturockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!09:21
temudjin_snuxoll:  to add support a log in other file, I need add a line in the syslog.conf....yes?09:21
Delviendo NOT install rockbox09:21
maxagazacidicbase: find returns: (hd0,1) and (hd0,4)09:21
ikoniaDelvien: please don't make such a general comment09:21
boumaok thanks09:21
ikoniaDelvien: rockbox works for many people09:21
snuxolldelcoyote: I'm simply saying that Apple's business practices are just fine, people's expecations aren't :)09:21
acidicbasemaxagaz: correct one is suse and one is wtvr other OS u installed09:21
boumawell i wouldnt mind09:21
snuxollikonia: rockbox doesn't work an an iPod touch09:21
boumai mean i cant find the firmware images to patch09:22
ikoniasnuxoll: no, but rockbox is fine09:22
Delvienikonia what snux said, and "works" is barely the word i would describe it as.09:22
snuxollbouma: again, I don't condone it, but jailbreak it, that's the only way you'll be able to do anything09:22
Guest38066rww i didnt meant to english ....i meant to SSH,OS/distro...09:22
boumaDelvien: thanks, well so can i dd to it ?09:22
ikoniaDelvien: for you, others find it fine09:22
DelvienDoesnt GTKpod work with a jailbroken itouch?09:22
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snuxollDelvien: I believe libgpod does, yes09:23
maxagazacidicbase, i first installed ubuntu, then i installed suse on a different partition, and suse installed a grub which runs before the grub of ubuntu09:23
Delviensnuxoll Well thats good. *pats his Android phone*09:23
PC_Nerdikonia: basically explaining why I wanted to run ubuntu serve rnot desktop ( since you said "ubuntu desktop makes a great server" - which  im not disputing, jsut personal preference)09:23
snuxollDelvien: android, yuck -_-09:23
koshar2bouma you need to look up jailbreakl09:23
GianponHi everyone. I know it is not the right place to ask but I did'nt find a better one. How can I fit an html cell in a table with the content? My problem is not weight but height. Thanks.09:24
acidicbasemaxagaz: Suse's grub should auto detect ubuntu09:24
Delviensnuxoll It's nice09:24
maxagazacidicbase, it did09:24
snuxollDelvien: am quite happy with Symbian S60, kthnx :)09:24
boumaikonia: so can i install rockbox on my itouch ?09:24
ikoniaPC_Nerd: ahh I see09:24
acidicbasemaxagaz: so whats the problem?09:24
snuxollbouma: no, you can't09:24
maxagazacidicbase, but it detects the grub of ubuntu actually09:24
rwwGianpon: Ask in #html. This channel is for Ubuntu Linux support only.09:24
ikoniabouma: I don't know, snuxoll suggest it doesn't work09:24
Delviensnuxoll to each their own, personally i think symbian is a piece :p09:24
ikoniaDelvien: I'd advise you to listen to someone who has done it or knows it won't work09:24
ikoniaDelvien: sorry - not you09:24
ikoniaDelvien: typo09:24
acidicbasemaxagaz: so you just select ubuntu -> ubuntu grub -> ubuntu? Its just one extra step09:25
ikoniabouma: that was for you09:25
acidicbasemaxagaz: if you want to change that behavior you would need to look into your /boot/grub/menu.lst in suse09:25
Gianponrwat rww: thak you09:25
Delviensnuxoll hmm i must be missing something, compiled alpha2 of gnome-do. No docky09:25
maxagazacidicbase, the problem is that when i run my laptop, i have to choose ubuntu, then it goes to the grub of ubuntu where i have to choose ubuntu again09:25
boumasnuxoll: i may just try rtfm, for a bit, but i you know, have you tried to install roxbox on a itouch ?09:25
maxagazacidicbase, i want to get rid of suse09:26
snuxollbouma: the rockbox website doesn't list compatibility for the iPod touch, so I assume it's not possible09:26
maxagazacidicbase, and its grub09:26
rwwsnuxoll, bouma: It's not.09:26
acidicbasemaxagaz: so you don't want suse at all? Then just reinstall grub again09:26
snuxollbouma: I haven't dealt with jailbreaking them either, but there are quite a few guides a quick google away09:26
acidicbasemaxagaz: find out which partition you setup ubuntu09:26
Delvienbouma The itouch firmware is good stuff, you will not want to install rockbox, first rockbox doesnt support touch input on the itouch, and is meant for older (only older be generations) ipods.09:26
sajuukhey guys im trying to migrate my ubuntu 8.10 server to a brand new hdd, I have geparted up and linux sees the destination hdd, how do I do what I want to do?09:26
acidicbasemaxagaz: i'm guessing you probably did it on hd109:27
snuxollsajuuk: are you just trying to clone the disk?09:27
ikoniasajuuk: I'd advise you to install ubuntu server onto your new disk, then migrate your data across09:27
SourceCan I boot with grub if I'm using XFS?09:27
Delvienbouma secondly, look up jailbreaking your itouch and using it with libgpod (as stated by someone in this channel) or GTKpod09:27
snuxollSource: only if your /boot is on a non-xfs partition09:27
Delvienbouma when I had an ipod i used GTKpod, it worked well.09:27
acidicbasemaxagaz: so just follow the step above: sudo grub , root(hd0, 1), setup (hd0), quit09:27
Sourcecan I reiserfs in my /boot?09:27
ikoniaSource: I would suggest ext3 for compatability09:28
snuxollSource: yes, but I don't see why you'd want to do that, just use ext3 for it09:28
acidicbasemaxagaz: you will now default to ubuntu's grub09:28
sajuuksnuxoll: pretty much, just copying the partitions over09:28
ikoniaSource: it should only be 50meg - so not a waste09:28
sarmisakis anyone running a server from a CF card?09:28
snuxollsajuuk: dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdX09:28
cweiglesnuxoll, what was that file you told me for package building?09:28
ikoniasnuxoll: can't do that if the disk sizes are different09:28
snuxollsajuuk: where the former is the drive that want to clone from, and the latter is the destination09:28
cweiglei had to put more wood on the fireplace09:28
Sourcejust a question09:28
snuxollikonia: if the drive is larger it will work fine09:28
Delviencweigle: pbuilder09:29
snuxollikonia: I suppose I should have checked that first09:29
cweigleThank you delvien09:29
ikoniasnuxoll: but cause problems with the spare space when you try to add partitions09:29
cweigleIs it available through terminal download?09:29
snuxollikonia: eh?  no problems caused, just expand the partitions, I've done it many times09:29
Delviencweigle: good way to check "sudo apt-cache search package"09:29
Delviencweigle: replace "package" with the name of the package09:29
snuxollDelvien: apt-cache policy is more useful for checking a specific package09:30
Sourceext3 in my /boot and everything is gonna be alright09:30
ikoniasnuxoll: ahhh, yes, I suppose gparted could work, fdisk throws errors as the geomirty is off09:30
ikoniasnuxoll: good point09:30
snuxollikonia: parted is a little smarter than fdisk :)09:30
cweiglei havent slept in 48 hours09:30
sajuuksnuxoll: so 'dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb' is the command?09:30
cweigleand ive never felt better09:30
Delviensnuxoll for all intensive purposes, its exactly what he needs09:30
snuxollsajuuk: yes, just make sure /dev/sdb is as large or larger09:30
sajuuksnuxoll: I have made sure of that heheh :)09:30
cweiglehuh weird09:31
snuxollsajuuk: trying to clone drives to a smaller disk generally results in uber failure, but yeah, that's it (double check to make sure you put the right drives in though)09:31
cweiglemy terminal froze at building dependency tree09:31
snuxollsajuuk: since cloning a blank disk to your disk full of data would be a bad thing to do09:31
Delviencweigle: that feeling will end. Its how your body reacts to lack of sleep.09:31
sajuuksnuxoll: yeah Im very confident this is gonna pull off alright09:31
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:31
snuxollsajuuk: well, have fun then09:32
sajuukim just gonna free up this 160 gig hdd for my windows comp09:32
cweigleI was kidding delvien, I slept 3 hours09:32
sajuuksnuxoll: you will be on for the next hour at most?09:32
Delviencweigle: Well... its 4:30 am here and I havent slept yet. Pardon my inability to pick up jokes/sarcasm.09:32
ActionParsnipcweigle: its quality not quantity that counts09:32
qweryanyone has any experience with tv tuners???...09:32
cweiglewell i dreamt of my fiancee so i think it was good quality09:33
joerackMY notebook speakers aren't working: I've tested in windows and they work09:33
DelvienActionParsnip: actually, quantity, when it comes to sleep09:33
snuxollsajuuk: it's 02:32 and I'm trying to get up before 12:00, but since I still have some cleaning to do I'd say it's a pretty safe bet I wil be09:33
qweryI get lots of bttv0: timeout: drop=281 irq=80360/80360, risc=345eb5ac, bits: VSYNC HSYNC OFLOW ...is that harmfull??09:33
Digital7Does sudo have a variable for passwords?09:33
DelvienActionParsnip: REM cycle.09:33
DelvienDigital7: define variable09:33
snuxollDigital7: no, it does not09:33
Digital7e.g. sudo -u somename -p password09:33
tremmolowcweigle too much REM might be bad :)09:33
ActionParsnipDelvien: you could sleep 8 hours but if you never hit deep sleep you wont be overly rested09:33
ikoniaDigital7: you can do thatif -p is a valid argument09:34
snuxollikonia: which it's not09:34
cweigleLol this is a computer room and we are talking about sleeping09:34
tremmolowActionParsnip that was probably a better way of saying what I meant :)09:34
ikoniasnuxoll: not checked09:34
snuxollikonia: neither sudo nor su accept passwords as arguments to prevent people from putting them in scripts09:34
joerackMy notebook speakers aren't working with ubuntu : I've tested in windows and they work   Please help09:34
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DelvienActionParsnip: On behalf of comparisons. 8 hours of craptacular sleep > 2 hours of solid sleep09:34
cweigledouble click the speaker and check to make sure absolutely nohting is muted09:35
ikonia-p is to use a custom password prompt09:35
DelvienPlus, you dont hit deep sleep for some time after you "fall" to sleep09:35
sajuuksnuxoll: ok my destination drive is sdb2 and my drive that im cloning from is sda5, so all i have to do is simply sub in?09:35
cweiglewell the mic if you have one09:35
tremmolowI had the best nights sleep I've had this week if anyone want s to know :)09:35
kiskool_someone can use a bar code software09:35
ikoniatremmolow: no thanks09:35
snuxollsajuuk: erm, using partitions isn't probably what you want, unless you really only want to clone the partition09:35
ActionParsnipDelvien: id rather have a short but hugely dep sleep, makes me feel awesome09:35
Delvienkiskool_: Wut?09:35
Kartagishow can i find out why a certain program is giving me segmentation fault?09:35
snuxollsajuuk: in which case, make sure the size of both partitions are *exactly* the same size (to the byte)09:35
DelvienActionParsnip: naps make me feel sick, so :p09:36
ActionParsnipDelvien: if im up half the night and have many catnaps I feel nasty09:36
shivamibsleeping sucks09:36
cweigleI am watching a weird movie09:36
ikoniaKartagis: when you launch it - it will segfault09:36
snuxollKartagis: by installing gdb and debugging it09:36
cweigleits called 120109:36
sajuuksnuxoll: i dont want to copy the whole hdd, just the OS09:36
rxbanditdoes anyone know if you can run Hardware Drivers (restricted drivers) from the command line? Or how to search for the available commands like that?09:36
ikoniaKartagis: report the output to the developers09:36
bullgard4I produced an applet on my upper panel by right-click to Panel > Add to Panel > Invest. But click or right-click on it has no effect. How can I get rid of this Invest applet?09:36
snuxollsajuuk: all, well, amke sure the partitions are the same size then09:36
snuxollsajuuk: that command will work just fine in that case09:36
ikoniarxbandit: it's a gui09:36
Digital7ikonia: can you ascertain as to what that prompt does? it does not function in a manner that is helpful in this situation, no?09:36
kiskool_someone can use a bar code software09:36
Kartagisthanks snuxoll and ikonia09:36
rxbanditikonia: yeah but i need to launch it over SSH forwarding X09:37
ikoniaDigital7: it's just different ways of "asking" you to input a password09:37
Digital7ikonia: perhaps i just answered my own question09:37
tremmolowrxbandit I can't remember the cli but there are linux restricted modules in the the package manager09:37
snuxollrxbandit: Hardware Drivers is also known as jockey, to run the GTK interface from the command line use jockey-gtk09:37
ikoniarxbandit: just install the package you want09:37
sajuuksnuxoll: alright, but how would I be able to make them bigger apart from formatting the drive to get a bigger space?09:37
ikoniarxbandit: rather than using the gui is your trying to use ssh09:37
Delvienikonia rxbandit "/usr/bin/jockey-gtk"09:37
ActionParsniprxbandit: tremmolow: apt-cache search restricted09:37
snuxollsajuuk: most linux filesystems have the ability to grow09:37
tremmolowActionParsnip ah cheers09:37
snuxollsajuuk: just copy the partition then use gparted to expand it09:37
kiskool_someone  use a bar code software09:38
snuxollsajuuk: you'll need to remember to set the partition type to 0x80 (linux) if you haven't already though09:38
Delvienkiskool_: We have no idea what you are saying....09:38
carreracan anyone tell me why the Update Mangaer (under Proposed updates) wants to update my kernel to linux-image-2.6.27-11 when I have 2.6.27-11 already installed?09:38
maxagazacidicbase, yes, i don't want suse at all, i just reinstalled grub using synaptics, after trying your command "root(hd0, 1)" which didn't work09:38
sajuuksnuxoll: i find the exact size through terminal yeah?09:38
ActionParsnipcarrera: i had that a few times a while back, i just rolled with it09:38
snuxollsajuuk: yeah, fdisk /dev/sda and entering 'm' to print the partition map will tell you09:39
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acidicbasemaxagaz: you must do it after typing: sudo grub09:39
bazhangkiskool_, you want to generate barcode, read it, or other09:39
carrerathanks ActionParsnip, I've seen it a few times too and I'm on a slow connection - 128 Kb/s09:39
maxagazacidicbase, that's what i did09:40
sajuuksnuxoll: ok i got into it and press p for print, im reading blocks, that useful?09:40
acidicbasemaxagaz: did you do setup(hd0)09:40
maxagazacidicbase, i typed it in the grub09:40
carreraActionParsnip, that's what I decided to do after I didn't get a reply the first time I asked09:40
ActionParsnipcarrera: after about twice mine went away, do updates manually overnight (you could cron a job for 6am say)09:40
tremmolowI was curious about Suse but of all the distros it's the hardest to make work with my broadcom wifi :(09:40
acidicbasemaxagaz: you must type setup(hd0) after09:40
rxbandithmmm well i guess the real problem is i need to install the CX18 (IVTV) driver and I know i've seen it under restricted drivers before...can't seem to find what its called to install it will apt....09:40
maxagazacidicbase, Error 27: Unrecognized command09:40
acidicbasemaxagaz: inside grub09:40
tremmolowWell of all the ones I tried I ought to add09:40
Digital7is there a better wireless manager for gnome/kde than wifi-radar?09:41
maxagazacidicbase, grub> setup(hd0)09:41
snuxollrxbandit: like I said, jockey-gtk will lauch the restricted drivers manager09:41
acidicbasemaxagaz: add a space prolly setup (hd0)09:41
kiskool_ <bazhang> i want generated barcode09:41
carreraActionParsnip, good idea, but I thought I had to wait to be informed of updates, otherwise there's no point to update09:41
maxagazacidicbase, Error 12: Invalid device requested09:41
bazhang!info barcode | kiskool_09:41
ubottubarcode (source: barcode): Utility and library for barcode generation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.98+debian-6 (intrepid), package size 71 kB, installed size 204 kB09:41
rxbanditsnuxoll: thanks09:41
tremmolowDigital7 people seem to recommend mad wifi and wicd09:42
kiskool_!info barcode09:42
ubottubarcode (source: barcode): Utility and library for barcode generation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.98+debian-6 (intrepid), package size 71 kB, installed size 204 kB09:42
ActionParsnipcarrera: you can run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade at any time to check for full updates09:42
tremmolowI haven't tried them though09:42
bazhangkiskool_, install that package09:42
snuxollActionParsnip: should be using && instead of ;09:42
maxagazacidicbase, i tried setup (sd0), it returned: grub> 23: Error while parsing number09:42
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Digital7tremmolow: thanks09:43
snuxollActionParsnip: running the next command in that chain is not generally a good idea if the last one failed :)09:43
cweiglenever mind on me building that package, the work is already in progress09:43
acidicbasemaxagaz: try doing root (hd0, 1)09:43
kiskool_i use Kbarcode09:43
cweigleI have a live cd question09:43
acidicbasemaxagaz: then setup again09:43
cweiglewhat is read error 10?09:43
tremmolowDigital7 wicd works on all the major desktops cos it only uses GTK09:43
carrerathanks ActionParsnip, I pretty much know what update does, but what's the diff between upgrade and dist-upgrade please?09:43
sajuuksnuxoll: on top of getting exact numbers for my partitions, how do I partition to those exact sizes with fdisk?09:43
boumabouma: anabuddy anabuddy hashishi09:43
maxagazacidicbase, grub> 11: Unrecognized device string09:43
snuxollsajuuk: ah crap, I can't remember what the fdisk partition table looks like right now, mind pastebinning it for me?09:44
Digital7tremmolow: does it support auto connection at boot level? or does it require a custom script09:44
benjick_Can i install windows from ubuntu? Like, not virtual but for dual boot09:44
snuxollbenjick_: no09:44
cweigleyes ben09:44
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cweigleyes you can snux09:44
cweiglethere are like 60 tutorials online about it09:44
acidicbasemaxagaz: Well I don't know, but heres a pretty good thread on a how-to that should help you09:44
acidicbasemaxagaz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435109:44
tremmolowDigital7 http://wicd.sourceforge.net/features.php09:44
sarmisakbenjick_: yes, very simple09:44
farrisIs it a know bug on AMD64 that the server instalation stops and rerequests the 20081028.1 cdrom?09:44
snuxollcweigle: no you can't.  Windows can't be booted from a loopmount09:44
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snuxollcweigle: I think you got the order mixed up09:45
benjick_cweigle: I've googled for like "install windows from linux/ubuntu" etc09:45
sarmisakbenjick_: or use virtualbox if you are not going to game, etc.09:45
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ActionParsnipcarrera: dist-upgrade updates stuff like gcc and kernels, upgrade just upgrades the apps inst