retourRemote Desktop Viewer connects to the machine but instead of its desktop shows me some kinda simplified console!???00:27
cody-somervillenever heard of that00:30
retourcody-somerville: I've installed vnc4server + vnc4viewer00:39
cody-somervilleretour, Try starting xfce4-session from the simplified console?00:40
cody-somervilleWell, what exactly is a "simplified console" anyhow?00:44
antonehenrywhat should i partition my new drive as?00:48
antonehenryi have no idea00:49
antonehenryext2 or fat or what00:49
pkodonI have a variant of Xubuntu called PC/OS, and am having a problem getting new themes to show up in the User Interface part of the Settings Manager.00:50
pkodonI followed the instructions in the docs (create a new .themes directory in my home directory, extract the themes to there, and they should show up in the manager). Only, they don't.00:51
pkodonartonehenry: If you're using it for Linux, use ext2 or ext3.00:53
retourwell exactly what you get doing Ctrl+Alt+F1 etc. Gray background size of desktop with smaller white rectangle of real console with machine name and I can type there , real console!00:53
pkodonantonehenry: Sorry about the name.00:53
antonehenrypkodon, thank you!!!!!00:54
antonehenrywish i could help you00:54
antonehenryi'm a huge newbie00:54
pkodonantonehenry: Well, I'm a newbie to Linux, but I've used computers going back to the TRS-80 Model I, NCR Decision Mate V, Amiga, early PC clones, and even one of those old black and white Macs.00:55
antonehenryyea. linux newbie for sure00:56
pkodonNot sure I like using Pidgin for IRC, I think I'll get something else installed. I can't seem to change the font for this window, and it's way too small for my screen resolution.00:57
pkodonAnyway, I usually seem to come onto IRC when nobody's talking :)00:58
pkodonantonehenry: BTW, ext3 is a journalling file system, which is supposed to help you get back stuff you accidentally deleted, or something like that, though I don't yet know how to access that feature.01:00
antonehenryyea, i just had another friend tell me to go with ext301:00
antonehenryso it's been done01:01
pkodonantonehenry: I have one drive with ntfs on it, but that's because it used to be a WinXP drive, and I still keep most of my Windows stuff on it.01:01
antonehenryyea, i had the same thing with another drive.  i have to mount it every time the server is restarted though01:02
antonehenrythough i don't need it for anything01:02
pkodonantonehenry: It's okay for storage, but it doesn't keep track of all the permissions you have in Linux, that's why ext3 would be best.01:02
pkodonantonehenry: Hmm, there should be a way for you to set it to mount at bootup.01:03
antonehenryit's okay, i'm going to transfer the stuff i need to a new drive, then reformat it01:04
pkodonantonehenry: Under the System menu, I have an NTFS Configuration Tool. If it's not theere, there may be some other way of setting it up (I used to have Kubuntu, and there it was inside the system settings utility).01:05
antonehenrydon't have it =[01:06
antonehenrythere were people working on it in the forums, i was reading.  should be easy to figure out01:07
pkodonantonehenry: Sounds like what I'm going to do with an ext2 drive I have in my Win98SE machine. I want to put my Win98 game installation downloads on it, and of course Win98SE can't see the drive.01:07
pkodonantonehenry:  Which version of Ubuntu do you have installed?01:08
antonehenrylol, win98!01:08
pkodonantonehenry: Well, if I knew which version, I might be able to figgure out what you should look for.01:09
antonehenryooooh.  xubuntu01:10
antonehenrysorry, missed the question01:10
antonehenrythat's the thread i've been following01:11
pkodonHmm, okay (waiting for it to load).01:12
retouranybody has eperience with vnc4server?01:13
antonehenryso i used gparted to partition my new drive, pkodon, do you know how to mount it?01:15
antonehenryretour, i tried to use it once, but it didn't work out for me01:16
pkodonantonehenry: Okay, so, did you find the message from balloooza?01:16
retourwell it works for me but instead of graphical desktop (probably console7) it sends me console 101:16
pkodonantonehenry: Hmm. Did you set it up with a mountpoint?01:17
antonehenrythe last one?  NOTE, this only works if the filesystem is EXT3, not NTFS. if this is the case, you should post before continuing.01:17
antonehenrythat partition that i need to remount is NTFS01:18
antonehenryand i don't know what a mountpoint is01:18
pkodonantonehenry: Heh, I guess you didn't do a manual partition when you installed Xubuntu, right?01:19
antonehenrydon't think so.  i'm adding another hard drive for mainly storage.  it's brand new.  just finished making it ext3... now i need to be able to find it on the OS01:20
pkodonantonehenry: When I installed PC/OS (an extension of Xubuntu 8.7x), when it asked me how I wanted to partition the drive, I told it I wanted to do a manual partition.01:20
antonehenryokay?   i already partitioned my drive.  i just need to mount it01:22
pkodonantonehenry: I have a 10G partition with the mountpoint set as / (root), a 2G partition set up as a swap partition (saves having a swap file), and a third partition set up with /home as the mountpoint.01:22
pkodonIn the partitioner, you can set it up with a mountpoint, pointing to a directory, usually in /media (since it's a data drive, not part of the normal system).01:23
antonehenryit's not working it seems01:24
pkodonYou may have to reboot, as well.01:24
antonehenryi'll try that brb01:25
pkodonAre we still talking about the NTFS drive, or the reforatted ext3 drive?01:25
pkodonGuess we'll find out when he comes back.01:25
pkodonNow, about my question on themes, is no one else awake in here?01:26
pkodonSo, no one in here can help me figgure out how to install a new theme?01:37
j1mcpkodon: i can help01:39
j1mchave you downloaded the theme?01:39
j1mcthe theme file?01:39
pkodonI downloaded the theme, created a .themes directory in my home directory (/home/me/.themes), extracted the theme there, and it doesn't show up in the User Interface part of the Settings Manager.01:44
pkodonThis was following the instructions in the Xubuntu help. I have PC/OS, an enhanced Xubuntu 8.7x.01:45
j1mcpkodon: that sounds like the right approach.  when you open the folder that contains the theme file ( in /home/me/.themes/name-of-theme/ )  ... what all is included in there?01:45
j1mcpkodon: i wrote those instructions.  :)01:45
j1mcpkodon: also, what is the name of the theme?  (just for my reference)01:46
pkodonOkay, just a minute...01:46
pkodonFirst off, this is actually two themes, downloaded from the forums for PC/OS. It's supposed to be two Amiga-like themes for XFCE.01:47
pkodonI'll get you the exact info...01:47
pkodonami-type-themes.tar.gz is the archive I downloaded, it contains two theme directories: AmiPcOS-default and AmiPcOS-silver, and each containes one directory named xfwm4, which most of the other themes I found have in them.01:51
j1mcok, so is the structure /home/me/.themes/foldername/amipcos-default...  and /home/me/.themes/foldername/amipcos-silver  ?01:52
j1mcif so, you need to move the amipcos-default folder so that it is like /home/me/.themes/amipcos-default/01:53
pkodonNo, it's the latter.01:53
j1mcyou've checked the xfce-settings-manager > user interfaced, right?01:54
pkodonMind you, I found in the already installed themes one for PCOS that doesn't show up in the manager either.01:54
j1mchave you also checked xfce-settings-manager > window manager01:54
pkodonHold on...01:54
j1mcit's probably in there01:55
pkodonUmm, there is an xfce-settings-manager?01:55
pkodonIf so, I can't find it.01:55
j1mcapplications > settings > settings manager01:55
pkodonAhh, okay, that was the missing piece of the puzzle.01:56
j1mcdo you see a button called "window manager" in there?01:57
pkodonI had been using the user interface part, not the window manager part.01:57
j1mcok... yeah, it can be a bit confusing.01:57
pkodonWell, thanks, now I can go look for more themes.01:57
j1mcthere's just one ".themes" folder, but the "themes" are controlled in either the "user interface" section or the "window manager" section.01:58
pkodonAnd I don't need root access to install them.01:58
j1mcno, you don't01:58
pkodonHold on a sec...01:58
j1mcthose themes will only be available to you if you put them in your .themes folder01:58
pkodonThe following instructions came with the file...01:58
j1mcif you want them to be available to all users, you would need to put them in /usr/share/themes (i think)01:59
j1mcwhich does require root access01:59
pkodonTo install copy these into the /usr/share/themes folder. You will have to be a super user so in a terminal type "sudo thunar /usr/share/themes' this will open a root Thunar session in the Themes folder and just copy and paste or drag. AmiPcOs-default changes with you theme colors.01:59
pkodonRight now, they are in both folders.02:00
j1mcthat's right... if you put the theme there, it does require root access, but it will give access to the theme to all users on the system02:00
pkodonBut they only show up once in that listing.02:00
j1mcif you put the theme in your home folder, only you will have access to it, but it doesn't require root access.02:01
pkodonWell, I'm the only user, and don't plan on any others. I live by myself, in a guest house, and don't really want to have anyone else have access.02:01
j1mcputting them in both places won't break anything, but . . .  it's probably better to be consistent02:01
j1mcwell, you'd only be giving another user (if there was one) access to choose the theme you just installed.  :)02:02
j1mcyour home folder should be fine... just like you did here.02:02
j1mc/home/me/.themes/[theme folder]02:02
pkodonAnyway, I have the instructions for both methods now, and know where to look, so thanks.02:02
pkodonBTW, I ended up installing PC/OS over my frankinubuntu installation.02:03
pkodonI had started with Kubuntu, added ubuntu-desktop, xfce-desktop, updated to 8.10, added stuff from Super-Ubuntu, and one other Ubuntu-based distro, and ended up with so many conflicts I couldn't get some stuff to update any more.02:05
pkodonPC/OS gets me up and running with a distro of Xubuntu that I can watch my movie archive with, access online content, and it works on this older PC.02:06
j1mcno worries... whatever works fo ryou02:06
pkodonAnyway, thanks for the help, now I'll go back to tweaking my system...02:07
Niki_hi. i have fresh installation of xubuntu 8.10 from alternative cd. default network config. the machine properly obtains dhcp information, ip is assigned, route is set, dns servers are set. but no network conectivity at all. i can not even ping the gateway. no restrictions on the gateway itself. ifconfig does not report any transm. errors. what to check next?02:08
Niki_also, i used mii-tool to restart and reset the transmitter. after each such restart it renegotiates the link ok, the dhcp log on the router displays the new assigment. dhcpclient runs ok as well, renegotiating properly the ip lease02:10
Niki_the routing table looks ok (gateway for trough eth0, default to but is unreachable (ping report)02:12
j1mcNiki_: what is in your /etc/resolve.conf?02:16
j1mccan you list the contents of that file?02:16
j1mcoops... /etc/resolv.conf  (no "e")02:16
j1mcNiki_: if it isn't in there already, try adding "nameserver" (without the quotes) onto a separate line in that file.02:17
j1mc(if is the ip address of  your router)02:18
Niki_j1mc: it lists the dns servers, assigned from the router. exactly the same servers I see on the other machines on the network02:18
Niki_j1mc: it does not list, but this is not dns problem, i can not ping the router itself, neither any other machine on the network02:18
j1mcNiki_: what are the contents of /etc/network/interfaces  ?02:20
j1mcNiki_: i've got to run... sorry if i'm not being of much help.  it sounds like you have an idea of what you are doing.  i hope you find a solution soon.02:22
pkodonOkay, now that I have themes working, how do I get my default browser changed from Firefox to Opera?02:36
R1cochetsettings>preferred apps02:42
R1cochetim trying to edit my connection settings but when i reboot they get reset and i have to go in and edit them again. how can i get them to saved so i dont have to edit them everytime i restaret?02:44
=== pkodon1 is now known as PKodon
PKodonNow, here's a tough one. I work and live at a guest house, and we have a wireless internet router (not connected to a computer, just to the DSL, though I can now connect to it via ethernet from another employee's computer, since it's in her apartment). It's using a passcode for security, and everyone who comes here with a Windows laptop gets in just fine. Neither myself, with Xubuntu, nor the other employee with Windows2k, can connec03:14
PKodonR1cochet: Did you fix your problem?03:37
R1cochetfor some reason authentication poped up and asked for password and that did the trick03:38
R1cochettho the other 100xs i tried to save it wouldnt popup for authentication03:38
PKodonWell, I'm glad that works for you, I can't get my Linksys card to connect, with a passcode, to my own employer's wireless router.03:39
R1cochethow do i add more rows to the pager applet?03:39
R1cochetdid u tick enable wireless?03:41
R1cochetbrb and ill try to help u as much as i can, nicotine03:41
PKodonUmm, I'm connected to an open wireless connection right now, so I guess it's enabled.03:42
PKodonI just can't connect to the wireless that's in the building.03:42
PKodonAnd the funny thing is, neither can a fellow worker with the same card, and Windows 2000.03:43
R1cochethmm maybe they dont have it setup right?03:46
R1cochetdid u select the correct wep/wpa pass setting?03:47
PKodonAs far as I know. And I looked at the sticker on the router for the exact passcode (we're using the default one that came with the router).03:51
PKodonR1coch3t: You still there?03:59
roothi, new xubuntu user, having a few problems.  i accidentally logged into root somehow, and i dont know how to log out of root04:00
PKodonI see that, you're logged onto here as root.04:01
PKodonCan you log out?04:01
rootlog out of root?  i dont really know how to...i dont know how i logged into root, to be honeste04:02
PKodonAre you in a command line shell, or in a gui?04:04
rooti think a command line04:05
PKodonTry typing "exit"04:07
rootcloses terminal, still in root04:08
PKodonWell, you'll have to close the IRC session, too, as it's in a root terminal.04:08
PKodonClose all root terminal sessions and you should be out of root.04:09
JintoI'm working with root on her problem.  She that didn't work.04:11
JintoShe's still in root.04:11
R1cochetadded a new font and refreshed the cache but the font still doesnt show04:11
PKodonR1cochet: Tried a reboot? Some things require a reboot, even in Linux.04:13
R1cochetok brb04:15
JintoAny way to log out of root besides Crtl+d or typing exit?04:16
R1cochetcool its there now04:19
=== ThePub1 is now known as ThePub
JintoSeriously?  No other options for logging out of root?04:23
R1cochetPKodon: u still here?04:35
=== wormsxulla_ is now known as wormsxulla
JintoIf the terminal is prompting root@xubuntu:/home/Jinto how can I get back to the normal user account?05:19
majnoonJinto, try "exit"05:32
JintoThat's not working, all that does on root's computer is close terminal.05:32
tawablomen, thanks for the link06:31
tawjarnos, that was what I was trying to do, but could not find where :-)06:32
tawhas anybody tested xubuntu on multi-head config without xinerama?07:25
tawat least KDE about year a go had serious problems07:26
nikolamI have tiny trouble with stucked apt/dpkg.. I have bunch of external repositories added and dpkg --configure -a does not fix it08:41
nikolamI tried to disable external repos but no help. I never installed the package it complains about08:42
nikolamI am on Hardy/64bit08:42
TheSheepnikolam: check your free disk space08:47
TheSheepwhat's eubuntu?08:47
nikolam9 gig free on root, 132M free on boot08:48
TheSheepwell, check the postinstall script for that package and see why it's failing08:49
TheSheepit'd be /var/lib/dpkg/info/initrd-tools.postinst08:51
TheSheepit'd be /var/lib/dpkg/info/initramfs-tools.postinst08:51
R1cocheteubuntu is ubuntu for schools and kids and such08:51
TheSheepwasn't that edubuntu?08:52
R1cochetsorry ur right08:52
nikolami think edubuntu is for schools. This one I think installs enlightment on top of xubuntu08:54
TheSheepand it comes with its own initrd? O.o08:56
nikolamhm. I knew it was risky.. but not that far..08:57
TheSheepjust see what makes that script fail08:59
TheSheepor slap an 'exit' at the top of it08:59
nikolamThis is it: http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/09:06
TheSheepmaybe ask them...09:07
nikolamyes. That would be proper action. I see now.09:07
nikolamThis is their howto, if you see it happening again: http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/content/how-install-ozos-desktop-existing-os09:08
nikolamI was into remove it anyway, I was thinking only to see how it works a bit. etc.09:11
nikolam"on top of xubuntu" sounded promising..09:11
R1cochetTheSheep: when u run sudo thunar from terminal i get: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks",09:12
TheSheepR1cochet: either install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks  or use a different theme09:13
R1cocheti only get that message when u do sudo09:14
R1cochetcool thank you09:15
R1cochetjust dont understand y i would that error only when i ran it sudo09:16
TheSheepi suppose root's default theme uses ubuntulooks09:16
nikolammaybe sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks  ?09:18
nikolamR1cochet, U use xubuntu?09:20
R1cocheti did install it and no more message: ~{R1cochet}~ cool thank you09:21
R1cochetyes im on xubuntu09:21
R1cocheti must say that eubuntu looks dope09:21
R1cocheti mean ozos09:22
nikolamI don`t recomment it. I am having trouble with it I was just testing enlightment a bit. Xfce is my choice.09:23
nikolamMaybe livecd is better way to see it a bit or something.09:23
R1cocheti dont think ill change from xfce but wouldnt mind having a look at what ozos can do09:25
R1cochetnikolam: did u get the old cvs pack?09:26
nikolamI am trying to get rid of it right now.. i think not.09:27
TheSheepnikolam: maybe this would help: sudo apt-get --reinstall install initramfs-tools09:36
nikolamnope wining about dpkg --configure -a09:37
nikolamI am registering to their forum. I should get them in the first place, anyway09:37
TheSheeprun dpkg --clear-selections  and try again09:38
TheSheepnikolam: do it again, but remove their repository first and do update09:40
nikolami removed it all.09:41
TheSheepdid you update?09:41
nikolamTheSheep, I think that it would be best to post on their forum and ask for that kind of help09:41
nikolamyes i did suto apt-get update09:41
TheSheepbut after doing clear-selections09:41
TheSheepbecause the previous update didn't work...09:42
nikolamdpkg --configure -a get no output now09:43
TheSheepbut your initramfs-tools package is still broken, you want to replace it with the original ubuntu one09:43
nikolam:) i will see to it now to uninstall d. thing. it says sudo aptitude remove oz-desktop sudo apt-get autoremove09:44
TheSheepmaybe use synaptic and 'force version' from the menu09:44
nikolamsince i diched their repository, i think it will go to default09:45
R1cochetdefaukt is e1609:45
R1cocheti checked synaptic earlier09:45
nikolamit is funny it always removes my seamonkey-mailnews, like i don`t use it every day :)09:46
nikolamMaybe because i mabe 1.1.13 myself..09:47
nikolamstill that d* 2.6.28 thing aargh09:49
TheSheepsynaptic has an option of forcing the version of package to install09:50
nikolami only have hardy and hardy-updates now09:50
R1cochetas in all packs got uninstalled?09:57
nikolami just did update09:58
nikolamic only complains about taht 2.6.28 but it did it09:59
TheSheepyeah, that was the version you got from that OzOs10:02
nikolamso next time, i use some kind of protection :))10:06
jarnosHow do you know the name of the output or the XID of your monitor?11:03
jarnosI need that when I run xrandr.11:06
jarnos"default" seemed to work; I got it from grandr interface.11:10
tawMy xubuntu doesn't lock screen when I suspend11:49
tawis there some setting for it?11:49
tawand same with hibernate, session is not locked11:51
tawblaah, text config file & comprehensive manual page is much better than some UI11:52
nikolamtaw I think you can set it in Settings>Settings Manager>Screensaver > activate screen saver and Lock screeen when screensaver is active11:59
nikolamtaw I had problems myself with some scripts for intalling drivers on asus eeepc that are disabling screen lock without question12:00
tawbut I don't want atomatic locking with screensaver12:03
tawwell, I'll try that anyway12:03
tawdoesn't help either12:04
tawand reboot from xfce doesn't work12:06
tawfrom gdm works12:07
tawhmm, doesn't solve12:15
nikolamhm, i don`t know, i use gdm...12:20
nikolamgot to go now.12:20
tawannoying to have to separately log out, and then say reboot12:21
sharonHello I have a wireless question.18:05
sharonAnyone here who can help?18:06
charlie-tca!question | sharon18:06
ubottusharon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:06
knomei wonder how a question can be wireless or wired.18:12
sharonok then. here it is.18:14
sharonI am setting up an old laptop with xubuntu. The laptop is wireless capable but it is not recognised by xubuntu. The networking application mentioned in the online help sems to be mising from the applications menu so I don't know how to get any further.18:15
sharonSo how do I find the network manager from the command line?18:22
likemindeadCan anyone help me setup an external serial 56k modem in Xubuntu 8.10? (Please!)18:23
sharonHow do I run a diagnostic so that I can find out exactly what sort of Wireless card is present in this laptop?18:23
charlie-tcasharon: lspci or sudo lshw will give you the card information18:24
charlie-tcaWhat version of Xubuntu are you using?18:24
sharonok excellent. I will give it a try right now.18:25
sharonI am using the latest 8.10 version.18:25
charlie-tcanetwork manager should be two computers on the top panel18:25
sharonYes I tried clicking on the 2 computers at the top. It identified my wired conection but not the wireless capability.18:27
sharonI have tried both lspci or sudo lshw and there is a lot of information on both. What should I be looking for?18:29
Pres-GasWhat is the model of laptop, sharon and are you using a removable pcmcia card for it?18:30
sharonThe Laptop is an E-system from PC world.18:30
sharonIt has an Intel Celeron M410 1.46GHz processor.18:31
sharonIt claims Intel Pro Wireless3945abg on a sticker on the front.18:31
sharonWireless has worked previously with Windows XP.18:32
sharonThe Wireless is in built as far as I can see.18:32
sharonIt only has 256MiB of main memory.18:33
Pres-GasWhich E-system is it?  Model number.18:35
sharonI think the model number is 308518:36
sharonI have looked carefully through the output of the lspci coand and I can't find anything wireless. The nearest is the ethernet adaptor as follows.18:39
sharonEthernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 01)18:40
sharonEverything else is either USB, IDE SMBuS or PCI.18:41
sharonAny morethoughts from anyone?18:44
sharonAm I asking the impossible here? Will I have to write my own device driver?18:46
sharonPerhaps I will go back to XP in this case.19:00
likemindeadCan anyone help me with dial up? I've connected to my ISP via gnome-ppp and an external serial 56k modem. Now how to I "get online" with FireFox?19:30
charlie-tcain firefox, click file and make sure "work offline" is unchecked?19:31
likemindeadHahaha... That's it!?19:32
likemindeadThank you!!!19:32
* likemindead turns red. ::)19:32
charlie-tcaYou're welcome. :-)19:33
Pres-Gaslikemindead, well if you started it before you dialed in, it may tend to stay offline.19:33
Pres-GasSo it is easy to miss19:33
MisterFlibbleIs there a way to make epiphany's extensions work with Epiphany-Webkit?20:28
RattyHas anyone ran into the problem fter upgrading the kernel you get at bootup: ALERT: /dev/disk/by-uuid/....20:43
RattyDoes not exist20:44
RattyDropping to shell....20:44
timriRatty: Yes, when I'am messing with my partitions. Use vol_id to find the correct uuid and modify fstab accordingly20:45
RattyTimri: ok thanks, will check that out20:47
timriRatty: Oh, and you should modify /boot/grub/menu.lst as well20:48
timriHas anyone experience with CalDav/iCal/... servers in *buntu ?20:50
my_keytimri: http://rscds.sourceforge.net/installation.php20:54
my_keyvery easy20:54
my_keythere's an ubuntu wiki article on caldav, but as you can read here (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CalendarServer)  it won't be as easy as davical is20:55
timrimy_key: Thanks. I read the ubuntu wiki entry, but the "Alpha" warning threw me off.20:56
my_keyunderstandable :)20:58
my_keyalthoug davical isn't 1.x yet, but 0.x i find it working fine for me21:01
my_keybare in mind: I only run this in a home network environment, so I don't know how well it scales21:02
RattyTimri: it still does not seem to work after going over it twice. I know it is the correct uuid.21:02
timriRatty: you could always use "normal" partition syntax like /dev/sda6 etc21:03
RattyTryed that also21:03
timrimy_key: I Think I'll try out davical, thanks.21:04
timriRatty: ouch.21:04
my_keytimri: no problem21:06
RediXeAnyone use xmonad with xubuntu?21:30
Odd-rationaleRediXe: i use xmonad with gnome...21:35
Odd-rationaleand i have used xmonad standalone.21:35
RediXeI tried to use it standalone but I just get a blank screen :/21:36
RediXeused the deb package21:36
RediXealso tried apt-get both give same result21:36
RediXeWhen running inside xfce I get http://pastie.org/36284021:38
RediXeI believe second error is from me running xfce but I can't figure out the first one21:38
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RediXeOdd-rationale: I found a guide for running xmonad with xfce :) bad news is that it's still having issue's with that first error22:00
BattleStarJesusI am trying to configure a desktop to preform as a wireless access point.  I am having trouble finging a proper tutorial that I can follow.  What method should I use?22:47
Odd-rationaleBattleStarJesus: i know firestarter has a way to do something like that easily... i'm not sure whether it can work for wireless AP, though. http://www.fs-security.com/23:06
brian17i installed xubuntu23:21
brian17i have 2 hard drives23:22
brian17but i only see one23:22
brian17how do i see both23:22
rdehleri'm on intrepid, cannot get flash 10 to work with firefox. about:plugins in forefox shows Shockwave Flash 10.0 r15 enabled, but flash won't show up on pages I visit23:22
brian17mepis linux and puppy linux see both, so this is xubuntu problem23:22
Odd-rationalebrian17: can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" (lowercase L) in a terminal.23:23
Odd-rationalerdehler: how did you install flash?23:23
Odd-rationale!pastebin | brian1723:23
rdehlerOdd-rationale: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-install-flash-player-10.html23:23
ubottubrian17: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)23:23
rdehlerneither first nor second method worked23:23
Odd-rationalehere;s the link ^23:23
Odd-rationale!info flashplugin-nonfree23:24
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 18 kB, installed size 164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)23:24
Odd-rationalerdehler: what version of xubuntu you got?23:25
rdehlerOdd-rationale: 8.1023:25
brian17is there anything special i need to do to see multiple hard drives?23:25
brian17if it is working where should i see the second one?23:26
rdehlerfully updated...23:26
Odd-rationalerdehler: ok. well apearently flash 10 is already in the official repos... let's first undo what that link tells you to do...23:26
Odd-rationalebrian17: no you shouldn't have to do anything special... what are the drives formatted as? ntfs? fat32?23:27
rdehlersudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree: Download done. Flash Plugin installed.23:27
rdehleralas, nada23:28
Odd-rationalerdehler: did you undo what that linke told you do to first?23:28
Odd-rationalerdehler: how?23:29
rdehlerdeleted the .so in ~/.mozilla/plugins and did apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree23:29
Odd-rationalerdehler: check synaptics for "install_flash_player_10_linux"23:30
rdehlerby synaptics you mean...?23:30
Odd-rationaleApplications --> system --> synaptic package manager23:31
rdehlerhaven't used this in forever :)23:31
brian17i have /dev/sdb1 as ext323:32
rdehlerno results23:32
brian17i dont see it on destkop23:32
brian17what gives23:32
brian17how do i mount it23:32
Odd-rationalerdehler: actually, look for "adobe-flashplugin"23:32
rdehlerit was installed23:33
Odd-rationalebrian17: so sudo fdisk -l give both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb ?23:33
Odd-rationalerdehler: ok. competely remove it. and completely remobe flashplugin-nonfree23:33
brian17actually i saw sdb1 in gparted23:33
rdehlerk done23:33
Odd-rationalebrian17: hmm... ok well then try "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" then browse to mount. see if that works...23:34
brian17its also in fdisk23:34
Odd-rationalerdehler: close firefox. and do you have any important bookmarks, etc. in firefox? if not, i would remove your ~/.mozilla directory for good measures...23:35
rdehleri'll back it up23:35
Odd-rationalebrian17: sorry meant to say, try "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" then browse to /mnt23:35
brian17is the space needed in the mount command23:36
Odd-rationalebrian17: you mean disk space on /mnt ? no.23:36
brian17you have a space:23:37
brian17sdb1 SPACE /mnt23:37
Odd-rationalebrian17: oh. yes. :)23:37
Odd-rationalesudo mount <device> <mount_point>23:37
Odd-rationale/dev/sdb1 is our device. /mnt is our mount point23:38
brian17dev/sdb1 does not exist23:38
Odd-rationalenot dev/sdb123:38
brian17ok that worked23:40
brian17but how do i access drive23:40
rdehlerhmm remove --purge'd all flash plugins, removed .mozilla and started firefox, it says flash 9 is installed =\23:40
Odd-rationalebrian17: browse to /mnt in your file browser23:40
brian17is only thing in mnt23:40
brian17sorry for saying wtf23:41
Odd-rationalebrian17: is the drive empty?23:41
brian17my irc client was not sending message - i was testing23:41
Odd-rationalebrian17: ok. lost+found is always on all ext3 partitoins23:41
brian17why doesnt hard drive appear on desktop23:41
brian17like most distros23:41
Odd-rationalerdehler: try installing xubuntu-restricted-extras23:42
Odd-rationalebrian17: idk...23:42
Odd-rationalebrian17: you probably don't have write access to the drive right now as user... you will have to write as root...23:43
Odd-rationaleyou will have to add an entry in you /etc/fstab file so that it get's mounted at boot time. and you can get write access.23:43
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions23:44
Odd-rationalethat will tell you how it is done...23:44
Odd-rationaleif i had the time, i would walk you through it...23:44
rdehlersame issue, flash 9 installed23:46
rdehlernow that i have a "fresh" mozilla, let me try that link i had again23:47
Odd-rationale!info flashplugin-nonfree23:47
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 18 kB, installed size 164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)23:47
Odd-rationalehmm... it says version 10...23:47
rdehlerflashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version.23:47
Odd-rationalerdehler: does the flash 9 at least show flash content?23:48
rdehleryes, but its' REALLY laggy23:48
rdehleri don't think it's really flash 9, i think it's some open source derivative23:48
rdehleri have to press a grey play button on each embedded flash before it will "play" and it is very laggy and gets my cpu to 100%23:49
Odd-rationaleok... well the one in the link you gave is probably not officially supported here...23:50
rdehlerok i didn't do it23:50
rdehleri'm just trying to get it to work23:50
rdehlerdo you have more things to try? :)23:50
rdehleri remember at first with firefox i went to a flash plugin and mozilla  had me choose from a few flash plugins23:51
rdehlerbut i don't see any of these to remove23:51
Odd-rationaleidk... sometimes i get lagging flash when i had the mplayer-plugin installed... i don't know whether you do. or whether that may be the issue...23:51
rdehlerone was like gnash one was openswf or something23:52
rdehleryes perhaps23:52
rdehlerhonestly don't remember23:52
Odd-rationalegnash is proabaly not very stable... i haven't tried swfdec...23:52
rdehleri   swfdec-mozilla23:53
rdehlerthat's gotta be it23:53
Odd-rationaleyou might want to remove it if you do have it installed... i find that things don't work too well if you have more than one type of flash installed...23:54
rdehlerthat was it!23:55
rdehlerplays like a charm now, fast as heck23:55
rdehlerthanks Odd-rationale23:55
rdehlerjust had to remove swfdec and reinstall23:55
Odd-rationalethat's what we're here for :D23:55

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