jmljam: if there's better practice for wrapping a bzr command in a plugin I'd love to read about it.00:03
Nghow easy/sane is it to call bzr's api directly from a python app if you just care about really simple add/commit stuff?00:05
beunoNg, pretty easy00:06
beunoNg, http://bazaar-vcs.org/Integrating_with_Bazaar00:07
LarstiQNg: bzrlib is supposed to be usable that way00:07
Ngnice :)00:08
* beuno waves at LarstiQ 00:08
LarstiQhey beuno :)00:08
jmlhey, the new progress bar in the bzr in today's ppa is pretty nice.00:50
LarstiQjml: yup!00:57
LarstiQjml: it not cleaning up properly is a bit suboptimal, but even then I rather like it.00:58
jmlit actually does make bzr feel faster. :)00:58
jmlalthough, who knows, maybe there were performance improvements in the update as well :)00:59
LarstiQnafaik, I think you're right about it subjectively feeling faster01:00
jamjml: well, you could have used "*args, **kwargs" and then pulled out only the ones you actually cared about01:04
jmljam: yeah.01:05
jmljam: I just cargo culted from the way loom handled "switch", which was probably not the wisest thing01:05
enigmaQuick question: Is there any plan to add  "--format" to bzr branch?01:05
enigmaSo I could do: bzr branch --format=1.9 sftp://....01:05
enigmaI've noticed that I'm doing a "branch" and then "upgrade" a lot.01:06
enigmaSince we've been keeping our bzr server using the rich-root-pack format.01:07
enigmaAnd I like having 1.9-rich-root on my workstation.01:07
jmlenigma: I don't know of any.01:07
Nghmm, what about for initialising a repo from a python app - is there a better way than bzrlib::builtins::cmd_init?01:07
LarstiQenigma: I only know of bzr init; bzr pull to accomplish that01:08
LarstiQenigma: interesting idea though01:08
jmlenigma: but it sounds like a good idea. if you start filing a bug at http://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+filebug, Launchpad might show you a bug that's already filed.01:08
jmlNg: umm...01:08
jmlNg: I think I've written public code that does this somewhere.01:09
enigmaOh...I guess I didn't think about using a repo....thanks for the tip.01:09
jmlNg: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jml/+junk/bzr-establish -- it probably either calls cmd_init or copies from it.01:10
enigmaSo, I would do "bzr init-repo --1.9-rich-root" and then any branches I pull into that repo would automatically use 1.9-rich-root?01:10
fullermdThey would automatically use that repo format, yes.01:11
fullermdI think they'd default to the upstream branch format, though.01:11
Ngjml: thanks :)01:11
fullermdSo you'd probably get to sift through a bunch of 'unnamed'.01:11
LarstiQNg: I'd probably use bzrdir.create_repository(shared=True)01:12
LarstiQNg: like cmd_init_repo does as well01:12
jmlI wish looms had better toolchain support01:13
enigmafullermd: "unnamed"?01:13
enigmafullermd: I didn't realize I could run a different branch format than the repo format.01:13
fullermdWell, you'd have to, since the repo format can't store a branch   :)01:14
enigmaWhat does the repo store? Just revisions?01:14
fullermd1.6 introduced a new branch format; I think --1.9-* uses that, instead of branch6.01:14
enigmafullermd: Thanks for the help.01:15
fullermdThere are 3.5 formats involved; the repo, the branch, and the WT, plus a half in the container format.  They can be largely varied independently.01:15
fullermdThe various names like --1.9-rich-root etc are aliases for {repo X, branch Y, WT Z}01:15
enigmaOh...if I'm running the 1.9 branch format on an client and I push back to a 1.0 branch format, is that going to cause problems?01:16
fullermdI don't think so.01:16
fullermdGenerally branch formats don't introduce hitches like that; it's mostly repo formats.01:16
fullermd(like the rich-root vs. poor-root hump)01:16
fullermdBetween branch5 and branch6 there were some, since branch6 supports tags and b5 didn't.  But the push would still work; it just wouldn't copy any tags.01:17
enigmafullermd: OK.01:17
enigmafullermd: What's the "WT"?01:17
fullermdI don't _think_ the 1.6 branch format made any changes that will hiccup like that.  But I don't really know; I haven't looked much at it.01:17
fullermdWorking tree.01:17
enigmaOh, OK.01:17
jmlare there already Python libs for parsing diffs?01:56
pygihi folks04:44
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dwtHey guys, I'm looking for the current data of the performance testing history in bzr10:35
* dwt indicates that I might find it at10:35
dwtbut unfortunately thats not the case. :/10:35
dwtcould somebody please advise?10:35
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maxbWhy doesn't "bzr branch" remember the source as a saved push location, and can I make it do that?15:32
LarstiQmaxb: you can bzr push :parent15:34
LarstiQmaxb: after that, it will remember the push location15:34
LarstiQmaxb: on why it doesn't do that, in the model of standalone branches, theoretically it is very unlikely you will push to the same place you branch from15:35
LarstiQin practice, I don't know if that is a good decision, although frequently it is true for me15:35
rockyjelmer: hey, i don't suppose you come up with any sort of work around for that bzr corruption bug that was reported a little while ago? (bzr-svn)16:02
jelmerrocky, no sorry, I haven't had time to look at that yet16:03
rockymaxb: any time you want bzr to remember a push/pull/merge location just remember to use --remember when you do it16:03
rockyi can imagine time is limited :)16:04
jelmerrocky, working on other bzr-svn bugs atm16:04
rockyas it is for all of us16:04
rockyi've been working on ClueReleaseManager (pypi server) lately ... to go along with ClueBzrServer (bzr-over-http) and ClueMapper (trac project admin tool)16:05
rockywhich reminds me...16:05
rockyjelmer: has trac-bzr got any love lately?16:05
jelmerrocky, not much news, Alexander was working on a minor bug fix16:06
rockyjelmer: what's the last known versions of trac and bzr it works with?16:07
Jc2kjelmer: the dulwich thing we were talking about; didnt need an api change but there was a buglet that i fixed.16:11
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rysiek|plhi all18:23
rysiek|plguys, does anyone of you use bzr through sftp?18:24
rysiek|pla branch that a few devs use?18:24
rysiek|plI ave run into some problems with permissions. specifically, the whole branch is owned by root:bzr and all the devs are in the bzr group18:25
rysiek|plbut if a dev creates a new file, it gets owned by devuser:bzr and the perms are set so that the group hasn't got write access to it18:26
rysiek|plwhich causes obvious problems here ;)18:26
rysiek|plso my question is: how do you overcome such problems? bzr --serve? some nifty sticky perms with proper umasks for all the devs?18:26
rysiek|plany hints?18:26
kumiI use umasks and setgid on my branch18:37
rysiek|plkumi: I found this helpful bugger: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2008q1/038455.html18:37
rysiek|plkumi: are you using sftp or bzr+ssh?18:37
kumiOh I see, you're using sftp. We use bzr+ssh18:38
rysiek|plright, that makes it clear18:39
rysiek|plI'll switch to bzr+ssh18:39
kumiAre you on linux? you might be able to continue using sftp if you use ACL18:42
rysiek|plyeah, on linux18:42
rysiek|plACL? ACL for what?18:42
rysiek|plah, rigt18:42
rysiek|plI'll investigate into that, thanks18:42
LarstiQrysiek|pl: openssh had a problem with not respecting setgid bits in sftp, that got fixed in http://www.openssh.com/txt/release-5.118:42
LarstiQrysiek|pl: in the meantime, I do like kumi and use acls18:43
rysiek|plLarstiQ: thanks18:43
rysiek|plLarstiQ: don't acls work only on XFS?18:45
LarstiQrysiek|pl: I use them on ext3, I'm sure they work on reiser too.18:47
rysiek|plright, thanks18:47
LarstiQand probably ext4 and btrfs18:47
kumiI think you have to mount the fs with the acl option though18:47
mxpxpoddoes bzr-svn support making svn tags?19:51
jelmermxpxpod: yes19:59
mxpxpodjelmer: just use bzr tag, right?19:59
jelmermxpxpod: yep20:00
mxpxpodjelmer: thanks20:00
mxpxpodjelmer: how does it know where to store the svn copy it makes?20:01
jelmermxpxpod: if you have a standard svn layout (trunk, branches, tags), it will create a new directory in tags/20:02
mxpxpodjelmer: even if I've just pulled directly from trunk, right?20:02
jelmermxpxpod: yes20:03
* jelmer back in ~15 minutes20:03
mxpxpodjelmer: thanks a ton, that's great20:03
luksjelmer: if I do a nasty thing like svn mv foo/trunk foo/branches/old-trunk; svn mv foo/branches/new-trunk foo/trunk, how much will it break bzr-svn?20:12
jelmerluks: depends on what you mean by how much20:14
jelmerluks: bzr-svn will most likely give you a divergedbranches error (unless new-trunk is a direct ancestor of old-trunk)20:14
luksjelmer: I mean if do a clean branch from foo/trunk, will it stop on the move, follow the move, follow the move but using a giant delete + add?20:15
jelmerluks: it will follow the move20:16
jelmerluks: no delete + add involved20:16
luksI wasn't sure if it works cross-branch as well20:16
jelmerit only works if the old location is recognized as a branch location20:17
rysiek|plI jost got a crazy idea21:03
rysiek|plwould it be possible to version a single dir21:03
rysiek|plwithin two branches?21:03
rysiek|plusing mount --bind?21:03
* rysiek|pl 's gotta test it, although it probably will fail spectacularly21:04
chaynesinNeed help setting up server repo with trees21:16
davidstrausschaynesin: ok21:20
davidstrausschaynesin: what's the problem you're trying to solve that the docs don't clearly address?21:22
davidstrausschaynesin: (re: PMed question) "no trees" = "no working copy"21:24
davidstrausschaynesin: oh wait, *without* using no tree21:25
davidstrausschaynesin: by default, pushing and committing to the server tree will not update the server's working copy21:26
davidstrausschaynesin: regardless of whether the server has tree or no tree set21:26
chaynesinis there any way to maintain a server repos with working files that updates automatically with push or commit or anything else that can be done via ftp?21:28
davidstrausschaynesin: yes, with a bzr plugin21:28
chaynesinso bzr has to be installed with that plugin on the server? what's the pluging?21:29
davidstrausschaynesin: https://launchpad.net/bzr-push-and-update/21:29
davidstrausschaynesin: not sure how well it will work with sftp, though21:29
davidstrausschaynesin: ssh is generally a better solution for server repo access21:30
rysiek|plI have a python script that runs in a screen session, watching certain changes with inotify21:30
rysiek|pland running a bash script that updates the tree21:30
davidstraussrysiek|pl: why don't you just run the plugin i linked to?21:30
rysiek|pldavidstrauss: I didn't know of that plugin when I needed that21:31
rysiek|pldavidstrauss: besides, this plugin (as a bzr plugin) will *not* work with ftp/sftp21:31
chaynesinso the plugin is clientside but requires ssh access. i think that will work for me.21:31
davidstraussrysiek|pl: neither will your approach work with ftp/sftp21:31
beunochaynesin, or bzr-upload21:32
rysiek|pldavidstrauss: oh, but it does :)21:32
beunowhich will work with ftp21:32
Peng_The bzr-push-and-update plugin simply makes bzr automatically run "ssh foo@bar bzr update /path/to/branch" after pushing, so you need bzr installed remotely.21:32
beunobut it won't keep a repository on the remote side21:32
beunojust the working tree21:32
rysiek|pldavidstrauss: it just sits in a screen session monitoring the .bzr directory for changes that occur upon commits, pushes, merges, etc, and runs the bash script21:33
rysiek|planywhoo, just my $.0221:33
amanica_is it ok for me to send a merge-directive to the list without a bundle (just a public branch location)?21:33
beunoamanica_, yeap21:33
davidstraussamanica_: should be fine21:33
beunoamanica_, but sending in the actual patch makes it a lot easier to review21:33
amanica_the bundle is 1.1MB21:33
chaynesinis bzr-upload another pluggin  that runs on the client?21:33
beunochaynesin, yes21:34
Peng_Heheh. I think someone sent a bundle that large a while ago; I don't remember what the reaction was.21:34
beunoamanica_, I've sent bigger ones21:34
Peng_amanica_: Just out of curiosity, what's your patch about? How'd it get that large? :D21:34
rysiek|plchaynesin: from what I understand, there is no way to have a "server-side" bzr plugins, unless you are using bzr --serve and bzr://21:34
beunoSVGs and PNGs  :)21:34
amanica_:) last time I did that it got stuch so I had to zip it21:34
davidstraussrysiek|pl: bzr+ssh uses server-side bzr binaries and plugsin21:35
rysiek|pldavidstrauss: yeah, sorry for the omittance21:35
chaynesinhow do bzr-upload and bzr-push-and-update different, just in the command they ask via ssh the server bzr to run?21:36
davidstrausschaynesin: bzr-upload is not designed to work in tandem with a server-side repository+tree21:37
beunoright, it just uploads the working tree21:37
davidstraussbzr-upload is designed to publish the working tree21:37
beunoand keeps a reference of what you uploaded last21:37
beunoso iy just uploads the changed files21:37
beunoit's mostly targeted at web development21:37
chaynesinlooks like bzr-push-and-update is what I want, so I have to install bzr on the server, but can that be done w/o root?21:38
davidstrausschaynesin: yes, but you'll have to make sure the bzr binary is in PATH or manually specified in the client commands21:39
chaynesinthanks a lot, i guess that's it for now.21:43
amanica_:( without the bundle it it still 994K  so I'm considering it with --no-patch as well. (I'll attach useful diffs for reviewing)21:44
amanica_Peng_ sorry I only saw your question now. it removes all the trailing white space from the code (about 3000 lines)21:46
amanica_(and yes, martin requested it)21:46
amanica_(aka poolie)21:46
amanica_beuno: do you think I can send it with --no-bundle and --no-patch ?  or do you think I should just send the big file?21:48
Peng_amanica_: Ah, that. Cool. :)21:49
sjokkishi i've fucked up and commited an empty revision. how do i check out a previous one?21:51
amanica_beuno: it compresses to 285K, so maybe I can attach that also...21:52
amanica_sjokkis do you want to uncommit it?21:53
sjokkisi guess so21:58
sjokkisoh right, that's a command21:58
sohailis there an equivalent of svn cp?22:13
Peng_sohail: No22:14
sohailPeng_, then how do I record that I copied a file22:15
Peng_sohail: You can't.22:18
Peng_sohail: Bzr's nifty rename support comes at the price of making copies more difficult, and nobody's done the work yet.22:19
sohailPeng_, so I use double the space...22:21
Peng_sohail: I guess so.22:22
sohailPeng_, in a way I guess it is good... It made me do some overdue refactoring :-)22:30
jelmerPeng_: I don't think the rename support makes copies more difficult22:31
jelmerPeng_: it's just that the developers seem to not want to implement copy support that works worse (in terms of merge) than rename support22:32
Jc2kjelmer: around?23:34
Jc2kjelmer: im adding SSH support to dulwich (should be easy..) but i really should change the API here..23:35
davidstraussHow can I get my blog added to Bazaar Planet?23:59
davidstraussI mean Planet Bazaar.23:59

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