Ahmuckso i've been looking at this wii remote whiteboard.  i notice there is windows source code, but no linux source code00:08
Ahmuckanyone try this with wine?00:09
Ahmuckwe have a projecter i can set up this evening and try it with00:09
Ahmuckwell, except i don't have the wii remote00:10
Ahmuckfound the whiteboard software01:04
Ahmuckfor linux01:04
Ahmuckhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa9xn-xYQQk - any linux software like this?01:58
Ahmuckah, nm02:00
Ahmuckphun, and there is a linux version02:00
SDuensinAnybody alive tonight?04:46
HedgeMageSDuensin: for some value thereof04:48
SDuensinI'm trying to install iTALC on an LTSP client.  Seems ica-launcher is never run.04:49
SDuensinDo I just need to add ica-launcher to my chroot's rc.local?04:50
HedgeMagesorry, I haven't run LTSP in ages... I'm not very good with it04:50
SDuensinGonna try the rc thing.  Can't get any more broken.  :-)04:51
SDuensinNope.  Nuts.05:04
HedgeMageSorry I can't help :(05:04
HedgeMageFeel free to get me a small LTSP lab and I will get up to speed ;)05:04
HedgeMagehi, LaserJock05:30
LaserJockhi HedgeMage05:30
SDuensinLaserJock, tell me you're an iTALC expert.  :-)05:32
LaserJockSDuensin: sorry, no. I haven't used it yet05:34
* SDuensin thinks the default package for Ubuntu LTSP is borked.05:36
SDuensinThen again, nobody says it has to be used with LTSP.05:36
LaserJockSDuensin: what?05:36
SDuensinThe thinclient side of the thing doesn't start.05:36
SDuensinGot another idea now.05:36
LaserJockit should05:36
SDuensinI just added this to my image:05:37
SDuensinln -s /usr/bin/ica-launcher /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98ica-launcher05:37
* SDuensin thinks ica-launcher is ica-broken05:46
SDuensinOh well.  More arguing tomorrow.05:46
LaserJocksbalneav: around?06:24
faustino333Houston i have a problem11:43
faustino333i've upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and now my thin clients can't login12:57
faustino333in the logs i get the following messages12:58
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:24 ubuntu-servidor sshd[7888]: Failed password for root from 192.1613:01
faustino3338.0.250 port 38048 ssh213:01
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:24 ubuntu-servidor last message repeated 2 times13:01
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:57 ubuntu-servidor sshd[7890]: Invalid user exp from
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:57 ubuntu-servidor sshd[7890]: Failed none for invalid user exp fro13:01
faustino333m port 38049 ssh213:01
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:57 ubuntu-servidor sshd[7890]: Failed password for invalid user exp from port 38049 ssh213:01
faustino333Jan 15 09:43:57 ubuntu-servidor last message repeated 2 times13:01
faustino333is it a problem from edubuntu or from ltsp?13:02
nubaefaustino333: try ltsp-update-sshkeys14:36
nubaeand rebuild image14:36
pem725struggling with openchrome for my clients on ubuntu 8.04.1 and was wondering if anyone could lend a quick hand.16:12
faustino333nubae: i've done ltsp-update-sshkeys, ltsp-update-image and ltsp-update-kernel16:17
faustino333i've even installed everything again16:19
nubaehmmm, from scratch?16:19
faustino333no just ltsp16:24
faustino333i removed even config files16:25
nubaeyeah but this is an ssh issue... the user exp exists?16:29
faustino333i've created to test if i needed to do anything else16:30
faustino333that wasn't made by the update-manager16:31
faustino333when i've upgraded from 8.04.116:31
faustino333should i've removed ssh and installed again16:31
nubaewhere are u getting the ssh failed messages?16:33
nubaethe fact that it says invalid user makes me thing the user wasn't created correctly... try creating anotehr user and login with that16:35
nubaebut I'm not sure if u are getting that on ldm login, or ssh login or what16:35
faustino333it's in the log of the server16:38
faustino333i don't know the exact file16:39
nubaeupon doing what though16:39
faustino333i think it was in auth16:39
nubaeare u trying to login with user exp via ssh?16:39
faustino333if i try to login in the thin clients16:39
faustino333with any user16:39
faustino333it says checking password and after maybe 2 or 3 minutes16:40
faustino333i get the error in log16:40
nubaeok, that does sound like the ssh-update-keys issue... but lets try something else16:40
nubaetry setting the permissions for /tmp to 77516:40
nubaeand for /home too16:41
faustino333now i'm not in the server but when i get there i will try that16:41
faustino333any other options?16:41
nubaeok, sometimes wrong permissions stop u being able to login16:42
faustino333but what is strange is that i can login in the server16:42
faustino333and not in the TC16:42
nubaeyeah, thats normal16:42
nubaeu can also check the .xsession-errors file for a particular user16:43
nubaeand see if anything shows up there16:43
faustino333nobody can login from the TC16:43
nubaeI know16:46
nubaecheck /home/someuser/.xsession-errors16:47
nubaeit will tell u what is going on when someone tries to login16:47
faustino333i will try that16:48
LaserJockmorning all17:41
LaserJockhi nubae17:53
nubaehey there Las18:41
nubaeah hes gone18:42
timmytutuanybody about?19:46
timmytutuhi there19:48
timmytutuI have a few "infrastructure" type questions for moving a school district to more open source tech,,, is this the right place to ask?19:49
sbalneavSure, go ahead19:50
timmytutuI'm taking over a school district shortly,,, they (we) have about a dozen schools, all have previously been run independently, as in each school has its own network, purchasing policies, WAN link, etc19:52
timmytutuMost have DSL links, two have fiber E10's19:53
timmytutuall the desktops are running windows xp19:53
timmytutuall the back end kit is open source,,, mostly ubuntu server LTS, different apps like moodle, postfix as email, a radius server for some sort of psuedo centralized user management19:54
timmytutuI come from an active directory background, with windows clients, and am used to pervasive desktop control and centralized everything19:55
timmytutuIn the last few years open source has made inroads into my data centers,,, web site, mssql box, spam filtering, firewall and threat management, etc, but not core services19:55
timmytutuI can't seem to find a open source equivalent to active directory for pushing out GPO's to secure desktops,,, is there such a non-microsoft platform?19:56
Ahmucki'm here19:56
timmytutuWith the understanding that Microsoft won't dissapear overnight on the desktop, but probably we will get one school migrating as a project to edubuntu19:57
sbalneavSabayon's available, and LDAP.19:58
timmytutuoh yeah, I also want to build our own consolidated network, and get rid of each site link19:58
Ahmuckthere is intergration with AD available19:58
timmytutuwe don't have AD19:58
sbalneavSabayon's got some bugs, but we're hopefully going to be working on upstream to fix those.19:58
timmytutuI'm just googling that now,,, give me a sec to ask some intelligent questions19:59
timmytutuany chance anyone is here from BC in Canada?19:59
AhmuckLDAP is ur answer AD19:59
sbalneavNot from BC, but Manitoba.19:59
sbalneavMost stuff on a gnome desktop can be enforced by global, mandatory gconf entries.20:01
timmytutua quick look and I come to the conclusion Sabayon is just another distro in its infancy (no insult intended at all)20:01
sbalneavYou're looking at the wrong page.20:02
LaserJockoh, you got the wrong thing20:02
timmytutusbalnaev> are you involved with a school district or ministry of education20:02
timmytutucan you point me in the right direction?20:02
sbalneavNope, Legal Aid Manitoba.  We run Linux and thin clients there exclusively20:02
timmytutuahh, ok20:03
* LaserJock dislikes that somebody had to go create a distro with the same name as a Gnome tool :(20:03
timmytutusimilar background20:03
timmytututhx, looking now20:03
timmytutuwhats the traffic like on the mailing list?20:04
LaserJocktimmytutu: on which mailing list?20:05
LaserJockwell, not a lot presently20:05
LaserJockI think the last email was in September or something20:05
LaserJockit's in a bit of a lull, but we're hoping to pick things up20:06
timmytutuplease forgive my open source ignorance,,, but is seems like sabayon is trying to accomplish exactly what the system managability is capable of with GPO's in active directory,,,, does this capability not already exist in major distro's?20:07
LaserJocktimmytutu: forgive my ignorance but what's a GPO?20:08
sbalneavNot knowing what GPO's are, I'm not sure20:08
timmytutugroup policy object,,, a system setting in active directory to be able, for example, to enforce a wallpaper, or restrict access to a control panel in a microsoft operating system20:09
timmytutuit can be assigned to users, groups, or computers20:09
sbalneavThat's equivalent to gconf settings in Gnome.20:09
sbalneavWhere you can enforce themes, wallpapers, proxy settings, etc.20:10
timmytutucan gconf be administered centrally?20:10
sbalneavPer server, yes.20:10
timmytutuwhat about "per domain" (not sure what the linux equivalent naming would be)20:10
sbalneavGconf does not currently support a centralized server model, say with LDAP20:10
timmytutuahh, ok, that answeres that20:11
sbalneavSo it would be per machine.  So, if you had 15 LTSP servers, each handling 30 users, you'd only have to administer 15 sets of settings.20:11
sbalneavWith sabayon, you could create the profiles on a central machine, then simply distribute them to the 15.20:11
timmytutuI guess then, are there LDAP environments with system management capabilities that would span multiple servers, in a similar fashion to gconf?20:12
Ahmuckset up a script that would replicate the settings?20:12
Ahmuckload balancing doesn't keep servers in sync?20:12
sbalneavtimmytutu: No, there are not.20:13
timmytutuThe staff I am inheriting is not comfortable at the command line at all, and I would consider myself a novice20:13
timmytutuso scripting is not an immediate solution20:13
sbalneavAlthough, sabayon DOES has an LDAP interface, currently it's not packaged with Ubuntu's sabayon.20:13
sbalneavSo you'd need to do some work to get it set up.20:14
timmytutusbalnaev> in your LTSP deployments, how many thin clients can be supported by on decent server (say several 2+ghz cores, 4gb ram, a handful of disks in raid 5), for clients running more or less a full edubuntu environment?20:14
sbalneavI'll give you a representative server.20:15
timmytutugoing to try to shorten my nick...20:15
=== timmytutu is now known as timd
timdI'm now timd20:15
sbalneav2 dual core Xenon 2.5 ghz, with 8 gig of ram, comfortably supports 40 users.20:15
sbalneavFull desktop.20:15
timdhmmm, not bad20:16
timdcan ltsp "publish" a single application in a similar fashion to citrix?20:16
sbalneavAny application you install on the server is simply available to all users.20:16
sbalneavLTSP and citrix are two different technologies.20:17
timdand then you would control access to the UI using gconf?20:17
sbalneavLTSP is much closer to the idea of the idea of X terminals.20:17
timdwhat kind of disk subsystem on that 40 users terminal server?20:18
sbalneav2 scsi disks, mirrored.  Home directories are NFS mounted from a central server.20:19
timdwhere does no machine (NX) fit into this? I use NX on my home ubuntu box to essentially remote in it over the internet,,, is there a preference over NX or LTSP?20:20
sbalneavYou wouldn't use NX on a local LTSP setup, usually.  NX conserves network bandwidth, at the expnse of increased CPU usage.20:21
sbalneavOn a local network, bandwidth with regular X usually isn't a problem.20:22
sbalneavI support 40+ users on simply 2 cheap dlink switches daisy-chained, and it works fine.20:22
timdin your org, was there any "vision" to push to open source, or was there some other driver?20:23
sbalneavWe realized that Microsoft was an unsustainable model for our organization after 1998, and began working on linux desktops shortly after.  We've been running Linux LTSP thin clients since year 2000.20:25
sbalneavI have a total of 6 locations around the province, and support 185 users.20:26
sbalneavAll Ubuntu GNU/Linux and LTSP.20:26
sbalneavI have to go shortly.  Any other questions before I go?20:28
sbalneavI'll be gone for 1/2 hour or so while I drop my son off at swimming.  I'll be back in a bit.20:31
timdthanks very much sbalneav,,, I'm convinced I need to trade in my Microsoft and VMWare tshirts for Penguins and Zen,,,, I just need more time to do research on how to get there :)20:41
LaserJocktimd: the edubuntu-users mailing can be lots of help if you're not already subscribed20:42
LaserJockheah sbalneav21:10
AhmuckLaserJock: is it ok to create a ppa on my personal site and call it that?22:25
LaserJockAhmuck: what do you mean?22:25
Ahmuckwell, i'm building debs for a number of software we use, and the software works well, svn.  so i thought i would create a web page called Ahmucks Personal Package Archive22:25
Ahmuckubuntu compatible22:26
LaserJockwell, I guess you could, but it might be kind of confusing for us22:26
LaserJockI expect a PPA to be on Launchpad :-)22:27
LaserJockbut there's no reason why you can't put that on your webpage22:27
Ahmuckheh, i guess.  i hate wading through tons of red tape just to get good packages out22:27
LaserJockjust try to remember when you're talking to me to be clear on where it is22:27
LaserJockthere isn't a lot of red tape on good packages22:28

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