nixternalalternate CD is broken... d-i loses keyboard and you can't do a darn thing00:03
nixternalright after I click Install Kubuntu00:07
nixternalwhen it goes to the first d-i window00:07
nixternalyou can see the keyboard LEDs flash a couple of times and then go boom00:07
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
seeleTonio_: there are some search-related updates to kpackagekit in their dev trunk, when you get time can you update?00:43
vorianRiddell: sorry, my wife pulled me away01:26
vorianlooks like it's too late to report anyway01:27
* claydoh looks up, sees lycoris mentioned and has fond memories of that 'new-user' distro01:34
Tonio_hi there02:09
Tonio_Riddell: when you read this, just to let you know I still try knetworkmanager kde4 regularly and I'm now getting very good results with it ;)02:09
seeleTonio_: wow youre up late :)02:10
Tonio_still a build issue with the openvpn plugin, but I may provide packages soon02:10
Tonio_seele: yeah, 3 am here....02:10
Tonio_seele: I'll bed soon, especially since I have a long day tomorrow :)02:10
Tonio_seele: you may be happy to know that networkmanager now seems to work decently02:10
seeleTonio_: that's always good to hear :)02:11
Tonio_yup :)02:11
Tonio_k3b too on my side.... we'll end up with something good for the release I guess02:12
freeflying_Tonio_: knetworkmanager kde4? is the plasmoids?02:17
Tonio_freeflying_: yup02:20
Tonio_freeflying_: I have a working deb here if you wanna test ;)02:21
freeflying_Tonio_: no problem, I can test it for u :)02:21
Tonio_freeflying_, seele: http://planetemu.net/temp/nm02:25
Tonio_for tests :)02:25
seeleTonio_: set perms.. 403 forbidden02:25
Tonio_seele: I just fixed the directory listing on the webserver :)02:27
Tonio_works now02:27
Tonio_vpn plgins are missing btw, still they break the build02:27
* Tonio_ goes for one last cigarette and then beds....02:28
* seele waves02:28
seelehave a good night02:28
Tonio_seele: thanks :)02:28
freeflying_Tonio_: got it, will test it later :)02:29
Tonio_freeflying_: super, thanks ;)02:29
freeflying_Tonio_: welcome02:29
Tonio_the only thing that annoys me with those applets is that they take a lot of space in the bar....02:29
Tonio_the battery one, the networkmanager, the trash etc...02:30
Tonio_I'd like to have them in the systray, I suspect this is possible somehow, but I don't know how...02:30
freeflying_Tonio_: we can add another panel :)02:30
Tonio_we'll eventually have to patch them....02:30
Tonio_freeflying_: damn no !!!02:30
Tonio_freeflying_: the file copy one is an applet and is in the tray so that's possible.... we may have to patch a bit for that to happen :)02:31
JontheEchidnalmao: http://www.illusionary.com/GNOMEvKDE.html02:51
* JontheEchidna grabs mineral water and fruit juice02:51
* ScottK returns to see that no one has sponsored kde4libs.04:41
* ScottK does04:41
=== ScottK changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Alpha-3 Released | Test Upgrading! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs | Qt: now even more permissive
* ScottK gives nixternal a nudge to make an Alpha 3 release announcent on kubuntu-devel.05:25
* ScottK did the last one and is very tired right now.05:25
ScottKNCommander: I've run out of steam.  I'm going to bed.  Your kde4libs change is test building.06:33
ScottKIf it's not uploaded by someone else tomorrow, I'll upload it.06:33
* Riddell spots why his kde4libs upload didn't take, fixes and uploads09:09
Tonio_Riddell: hi09:50
Tonio_Riddell: I've been testing networkmanager plasma applet hardly since yesterday09:50
Tonio_Riddell: we may consider replacing the kde3 one soon :) it works like a charm (except from the vpn plugins...)09:51
smarterTonio_: cool! what encryption do you use on your network?09:55
jussi01Tonio_: cool. are you using the svn or is there a package somewhere?09:56
jussi01also, could someone explain to me why the acpi update replaced all the conf files?09:57
jussi01ie. http://paste.ubuntu.com/105835/09:57
smarterJontheEchidna: hmm, why did you backported kdeaccessibility 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu2 to 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu3~intrepid1~ppa1?09:59
smarterJontheEchidna: or is the changelog missing the ubuntu3 entry?09:59
Tonio_smarter: wpa+psk10:05
Tonio_jussi01 you can find a quick and dirty package on http://planetemu.net/temp/nm10:06
jussi01Tonio_: Ive got the svn installed :)10:06
smarterTonio_: okay10:07
Tonio_jussi01 did the vpn plugins build for you ?10:07
* smarter svn co the applet10:07
Tonio_jussi01 I had to patch not to build the openvpn plugin10:07
jussi01Tonio_: they did, and seem to work, though ive not tried to connect to a vpn10:08
Tonio_smarter: hum... what revison are you using ?10:08
Tonio_smarter: hard to figure out that my build issue works for you :)10:08
smarterTonio_: just got 91231310:09
Tonio_smarter: it's caused by an outdated ui file...10:09
Tonio_smarter: weird........10:09
Tonio_local or chroot pbuilder build ?10:09
smarterhuh, I didn't build it yet10:09
jussi01Tonio_: Im on the RC1 now, but I built it originally on the beta10:09
Tonio_jussi01 well i'l give it another try...10:09
jussi01Tonio_: good luck :=)10:10
Tonio_jussi01 it's a matter of 5 minutes :)10:10
jussi01so anyone know the answer to my acpi question?10:10
Tonio_k3b also works pretty decently for me =)10:10
smarterfrom svn?10:10
Tonio_smarter: yup10:11
* smarter should give it another try10:11
jussi01ooh, theres a new k3b?10:11
smarterjussi01: it's been WIP since more than a year I think10:11
Tonio_jussi01 what networkmanager applet revision are you using ?10:12
Tonio_cause there was a hudge update 2 days ago on the svn10:12
jussi01Tonio_: dunno how to check, but I updated and built around an hour ago10:13
Tonio_hum so you're up to date....10:13
Tonio_jussi01 maybe you can try to build my source package in a pbuilder chroot, so that you can see my issue...10:13
Tonio_I couldn't fix it yesterday10:13
jussi01Tonio_: just if you are curious, heres a screenshot of mine: http://imagebin.ca/view/DV_uhS.html10:15
Tonio_damn... it really works :)10:16
* Tonio_ goes jalous !10:16
jussi01Tonio_: :D10:17
Tonio_maybe local build works and pbuilder fails....10:17
Tonio_that can happen sometimes10:17
jussi01could be a pbuilder fail10:17
jussi01or could be some package you are missing?10:17
Tonio_jussi01 I don't think so10:18
jussi01Tonio_: I ve  no chroot setup here, maybe a quick pastebin of your errors?10:18
Tonio_it complains something misses in a UI file.... lemme show you10:18
Tonio_the build goes on10:19
* jussi01 tries to remember the cmake options he used10:20
jussi01hrm, wasnt any except prefixing to usr: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ../10:21
Tonio_jussi01 should be the same in my case ;)10:23
jussi01Tonio_: yeah. btw, im at rev 91231710:23
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=912317&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 912317 | CCMAIL: Valter Mura <valtermura@gmail.com>10:23
Tonio_jussi01 same with me10:24
jussi01Tonio_: curious...10:25
Tonio_I know :)10:25
jussi01I still think youre missing a package somewhere :D (really no idea) :P10:26
Tonio_jussi01 don't think so....10:27
Tonio_jussi01 especially looking at the code.... it doesn't make sense...10:27
Tonio_        m_ui.x509PassPassword->setText( password );10:27
Tonio_this line fails...10:27
Tonio_        m_ui.x509PassCert->setPath( dataMap[NM_OPENVPN_KEY_CERT] );10:28
Tonio_        m_ui.x509PassKey->setPath( dataMap[NM_OPENVPN_KEY_KEY] );10:28
Tonio_those work.... same class called..... doesn't make sense10:28
jussi01Tonio_: out of curiousity, what version are you using? the RC1 from experimental repos?10:28
Tonio_jussi01 jaunty up to date10:28
jussi01Tonio_: yeah, maybe theres some change from intrepid -> jaunty10:29
Tonio_possibly, indeed10:31
Tonio_jussi01 trying to build localy, we'll see10:33
Tonio_once we get network-manager and k3b in the only kde3 apps we'll have to replace is konversation.....10:34
freeflying__Tonio_: seems works well here10:34
Tonio_freeflying__: :'(10:34
Tonio_what the hell happens in my build ?10:35
freeflying__Tonio_: I think remove show plasma dashboard10:35
freeflying__Tonio_: I think we can remove show plasma dashboard10:35
Tonio_freeflying__: what are you talking about ?10:35
Tonio_ho the button.... why not10:36
freeflying__Tonio_: you said we'd patch nm plasmoids10:36
Tonio_that's a proposal, nothing else :)10:37
Tonio_jussi01 got it to build.... I probably corrupted a file while playing in the code.... fresh svn snapshot works :)10:38
Tonio_jussi01 I'll try to make a nice package toonight, so that we can consider replacing it in jaunty10:38
* Tonio_ goes for a couple of hours...10:39
Tonio_jussi01 good point is that we're using openvpn at my company so I can test it deeply ;)10:40
mrvanesCan anybody tell why this patch (http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=171065) didn't make it into RC1 (amd64)? It's quite old?10:45
ubottuKDE bug 171065 in audiocd "audiocd protocol genrate unplayable files" [Normal,New]10:46
jussi01Tonio_: excellent10:52
jussi01Tonio_: and the konversation replacement is quassel! :D10:53
* jussi01 was just putting lunch on10:54
smarterTonio_: we're already working at replacing konversation with quassel11:14
jussi01smarter: whao is responsible for the final decision on whether it makes it in btw? (quassel)11:26
smarternobody I guess11:27
jussi01hehe, so who makes the decision?11:27
smarterif it gets to the point where it has enough feature to replace Konversation and is usable enough, there's no reason for not dropping konv'11:28
jussi01smarter: but what I mean is who decides that it has enough features and is usable enough?11:28
smarterjussi01: I guess that seele will see if it's usable enough ;)11:30
Nightrosedoes one of you know how i can make dolphin and others not start with the documents folder as default?11:30
Nightroseit is annoying me big time11:31
Nightrosehappens since i first tried 4.211:31
mrvanesIt's a setting "About me"11:31
mrvanesbut it's not stored over sessions (bug)11:31
Nightrosethx mrvanes11:32
mrvanesyw, have been hitting my head against the keyboard over it for long time11:32
Nightrose:/ yea11:32
=== quassel231 is now known as mrvanes
Nightroseok i was told this might be a kubuntu patch11:40
NightroseJontheEchidna: apachelogger: *poke*11:40
mrvanesThe patch did make it into 4.1.96, it was just wrongly explained in the solution,11:52
smarterNightrose: I don't see any of your patch that could do that11:53
mrvanesI was referring to an old question I had myself (kio_audiocd ripping noise instead of mp3)11:53
Nightrosesmarter: meh - ok - afair the neon packages don't have this problem11:55
Nightroseso it is not unlikely to be a patch11:55
Nightrosei am on intrepid btw11:55
smartersame, and I see that "bug"11:55
Nightrosehmmm alright11:56
Nightrosesomeone said he is also seing it on suse11:56
Nightrosevery wierd11:56
Nightrose[12:58:05] <gkiagia> ah, I remember now why dolphin ignores its settings11:59
Nightrose[12:58:22] <gkiagia> the starting directory is specified in the .desktop file...11:59
Nightrose[12:58:42] <gkiagia> that is a dolphin bug11:59
Nightrose[12:59:29] <gkiagia> now for other apps/dialogs, they seem to use KGlobalSettings::documentPath() to get the starting directory12:00
Nightrose[13:00:00] <gkiagia> which is patched by kubuntu to return QDesktopServices::storageLocation( QDesktopServices::DocumentsLocation );12:00
Nightroseif anyone can make sense of all this please have a look ;-)12:01
smarterinstead of hardcoding the Desktop to $HOME/Desktop and the Documents dir to $HOME/Documents, we use a class provided by Qt to get the standard xdg location (locale friendly)12:02
smarter(and configurable)12:03
Tm_TRiddell: currently one obstacle in kbluetooth4, doesn't do cmake install dirs properly yet12:04
smarterNightrose: so that shouldn't cause any problem :)12:05
smartersince KDE by default would use ~/Documents too12:05
Tm_Thardcoding is bad12:05
Tm_Treally bad12:05
Tm_Tbefore I did some complaints, Plasma had Dolphin hardcoded as filemanager in many places12:06
JontheEchidnasmarter: yeah, I mashed together the backport and the ubuntu3 changes into one changelog13:09
JontheEchidnaIf nobody complains after that I'll ask apachelogger or somebody to upload ubuntu3 to jaunty13:10
JontheEchidnaI probably should ping the bug to retest13:10
* apachelogger needs to establish some policy about staying up all night -.-13:51
apachelogger~order coffee13:51
* kubotu slides coffee with milk down the bar to apachelogger.13:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: huh? Nightrose: huh?13:51
Nightroseapachelogger: dolphin always opens with the documents folder here even though my home folder is set in the dolphin preferences - i changed it now in systemsettings -> about me and it works ok13:52
Nightrosebut i was told it doesn't save this13:53
Nightroseso next reboot it will be b0rked again13:53
Nightrosesame for file save and open dialogs13:53
apacheloggerall that fuzz about that? Oo13:54
Nightrosevery annoying as i have only a few things in documents13:54
* apachelogger sips his coffee13:54
Nightroseand it is _never_ the folder i need13:54
Nightrosei always have to go up one level and then navigate to the folder i actually need13:54
apacheloggerwell, I am pretty sure we don't patch dolphin that way, so the assumption is that dolphin's setting is broken anyway13:55
Nightrosewell yea that too but defaulting to documents is narf13:56
Nightrosemorning vorian13:56
apacheloggerNightrose: just because it is for you, doesn't mean it is narf in general13:56
apacheloggerhow do I trigger that?13:57
Nightroseopen dolphin in 4.213:57
Nightrosehmmmmmm ok then please check in systemsettings ->about me -> paths13:57
Nightrosewhat is your documents path set to?13:57
vorianare you talking about dolphin always opening in ~/Documents?13:58
Nightrosevorian: jep13:58
Nightroseapachelogger: that was set to documents for me13:58
vorianhmm, that is quite annoying13:58
Nightrosevorian: it is super annoying13:59
apacheloggerNightrose: well, either KDE does this by default, which I find unlikely, or something changed that setting13:59
voriani can confirm that bug13:59
apacheloggerKubuntu certainly uses $HOME by default13:59
voriani think it is a bug, suryly it's no default13:59
apacheloggerso whatever caused the problem, it's not us13:59
mrvanesThe document path is reset to $HOME/Documents after login14:00
Nightroseok let me log out and in again and see if the setting stays here14:00
Nightroseback in a few14:00
apacheloggerthis is our XDG patch14:01
apacheloggerline 110 might be what is causing the setting to be unchangeable14:02
vorian++ on define KDE_DEFAULT_SMOOTHSCROLL true14:03
apacheloggerwhat does the smoothscroll stuff in there anyway14:04
apacheloggerTonio_: ping14:07
Tonio_apachelogger: yup ?14:09
Tonio_I'm half away, but still listening a bit :)14:09
apacheloggerTonio_: you made the xdg_use_dirs patch for kdelibs?14:10
Tonio_for kde3 ? yes, I got it from svn14:10
cbrso there's a new libmsn now.. does kopete need to be rebuilt or smth?14:10
apacheloggerTonio_: for KDE 414:10
Tonio_apachelogger: ah... no then it's not me I think...14:11
Tonio_or maybe....14:11
* apachelogger checks changelog14:11
Tonio_apachelogger: it can be me, but that patch was from svn anyway, so shouldn't be there for 4.214:11
apacheloggerwas you alright14:11
apacheloggerbut the patch does not seem to be in 4.214:11
apacheloggeror maybe it changed from the revision you based it on, to current 4.2 so much that the patch doesn't conflict14:12
* apachelogger greps14:12
Tonio_apachelogger: that's possible indeed14:12
Tonio_apachelogger: I have to go, sorry14:13
Tonio_apachelogger: is the patch causing issues ?14:13
apacheloggerdon't know yet14:13
apacheloggerI'll look into it :)14:13
Tonio_apachelogger: oki ;)14:13
Tonio_I hope to have policykit, kpackagekit, k3b and networkmanager-kde ready for monday on my side14:14
apacheloggerTonio_: networkmanager?14:14
apacheloggersuse's KDE 4 port?14:14
apacheloggerNightrose, vorian: we don't even apply that patch anymore14:15
* apachelogger wonders whom to blame for bad patch house keeping14:15
Tonio_apachelogger: the plasma applet14:15
apacheloggerTonio_: well, it's of no use anyway, is it? ;-)14:15
Tonio_apachelogger: it works like a charm since major update 2 days ago !!14:16
Tonio_apachelogger: you can test from http://planetemu.nt/temp/nm14:16
apachelogger*svn up* :)14:16
apacheloggereven better14:16
cbrthat address doesnt work14:16
Tonio_quick and dirty package btw, but working :)14:16
Tonio_apachelogger: http://planetemu.nt/temp/nm14:17
Tonio_apachelogger: http://planetemu.net/temp/nm14:17
apacheloggeryeah, I figured, thanks :)14:17
cbrit's the plasma applet?14:17
Tonio_cbr yes14:17
Tonio_apachelogger: you'll miss the vpn plugins with that one, but they'll be back with the next packages14:18
Tonio_apachelogger: I have to test the vpn part tomorrow14:18
Tonio_today I'm away, btw....14:19
Tonio_new appartment, lot of work in there....14:19
cbrthat looks pretty nice14:20
Tonio_I'm surprised k3b works decently here...14:20
Tonio_it's not annouced, even in beta..14:20
apacheloggerNightrose: whatever it is, it is not even partially caused by us because that patch came from upstream and now is in upstream (4.2)14:20
apacheloggerNightrose: it appears to me that they didn't rewrite that directory kcm for XDG paths, so that could be the cause it doesn't remember the settings between reboots14:21
apacheloggerwhile /Documents ended up there in the first place is unclear though14:21
* apachelogger uses the force to find out14:21
apacheloggerNightrose: I recommend you talk to peter and dfaure14:23
* apachelogger notes that jr is to blame for not removing the xdg patch completely, because he and NCommander were the only ones to touch kdelibs before it was imported into bzr :P 14:24
Nightroseargh!!!! quassel didn't let me log in again for the last 15 mins14:25
Nightroseapachelogger: ok will do14:25
mrvanesNightrose: reported the bug some time ago here http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17747414:26
ubottuKDE bug 177474 in kcm_useraccount "Documents path in About me panel is not stored" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:26
Nightrosemrvanes: thx14:26
mrvanesNightrose: Can you reproduce it?14:27
Nightroseyes - i'll leave a comment14:27
Nightroseafter logging in again it is back14:27
mrvanesGood to know I'm not mad ;)14:27
apacheloggermrvanes: please change the bug report to reflect the actual problem ... KDE 4.2 doesn't use the kind of hardcoding approach but queries Qt for the appropriate XDG paths, also it now exposes all XDG user dirs (which are clearily more than the 3 currently supported by the kcm) ;-)14:31
apacheloggerultimately the KCM would be rewritten to fit the new surrounding14:31
apacheloggeri.e. it would have to edit the XDG config and not it's internal one and it woudl have to list all XDG user dirs with appropriate value14:32
mrvanesOuch... that a bit above my head, but I'll copy your remark. Wouldn't it be better if you commented that?14:32
apachelogger*searching password*14:32
cbrthat networkmanager plasmoid14:34
cbrfails for wifi14:34
cbrworks for wired14:34
cbrwith wifi it just claims that "it's connecting" but nothing happens14:34
cbrmaybe because it's wpa2?14:37
cbrworked with nm-applet though14:37
cbryeah, dont use it when you need wireless connections14:46
Tonio_cbr works for me on wifi14:48
Tonio_I'm doing wpa-psk14:48
Tonio_cbr: did you kill the old network-manager-kde ?14:48
cbri have wpa-psk too14:48
cbri didnt have a old one14:48
cbri removed nm-applet and rebooted14:49
Tonio_did you kill the nm-applet ?14:49
Tonio_well then I must say I don't know what happens.... I don't know the app well enough right now to help you14:49
Tonio_cbr : go in konsole and kill plasma14:49
Tonio_then restart it from the console14:49
Tonio_you'll see the debug messages from the applet14:49
Tonio_hey Tm_T14:50
Tm_TI hate this14:50
Tm_Tso much to do, so little time14:50
Tonio_cbr: just tested again to be sure, disconnected and reconnected, no pb on my side14:51
cbrplasma(4342) InterfaceGroup::updateNetworks:14:51
cbrplasma(4342) InterfaceGroup::networksToShow: m_conn empty? false m_userSettings true14:51
cbrQCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver14:51
Tonio_cbr: using jaunty or intrepid ?14:51
Tonio_cbr: go in your connection list and drop them all, then retry14:51
Tonio_could be a cache issue, somehow...14:51
Tonio_I really have to go.... I may not help a lot this time, sorry14:52
cbri did drop them14:52
Tonio_cbr: anyway, that's svn software.... not bugless :)14:52
Tm_TRiddell: I'll spend today with bluetooth and look qt 4.5 packaging tomorrow if I have time14:52
cbrbut there is two of them in the list that the applet shows14:52
cbrthe ones i'm trying to connect to14:52
cbryeah, wireless doesnt work14:59
samppaLure: i couldnt find the new digikam intrepid build from your ppa15:38
jussi01samppa: its in the digikam ppa15:42
Tm_Thi samppa15:42
samppajussi01: ah, ok15:43
jussi01samppa: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main15:43
Tm_Tsamppa: you're our new packager ninja?15:43
samppaTm_T: no, i am not15:43
apacheloggersamppa: that should be fixed then15:44
Tm_Tsamppa: but you could be (;)15:44
samppaheh, right15:45
apacheloggersmarter: btw, suggestions for the launchpad data theft?15:45
samppajussi01: actually that's the ppa what i was referring to15:45
smarterdata theft?15:45
apacheloggersmarter: well, the data raping we are planing to do :P15:45
apacheloggeroh dear .. someone please shoot the autotools devs15:46
Tm_Tapachelogger: go on, son15:46
apacheloggerI can't even manipulate the dir mysql installs it's data to15:46
apacheloggercan only change $main data path15:47
Tm_Tapachelogger: err, nice15:47
apacheloggerand then aclocal ends up in a different path as well15:47
apacheloggerGuillaume Martres (gmartres) is now following your updates on Twitter.15:52
apacheloggerwho is that?15:52
Tm_Tno idea15:53
smarterthat's me :]15:53
Tm_Tsmarter: no you're not, you're smarter15:53
apacheloggersmarter: I must agree with Tm_T15:54
apacheloggersome dude tried to start a thread on the chormium linux dev list about Qt 4.5 being LGPL and thus the better choice :D15:54
Tm_Tapachelogger: and?15:55
apacheloggerit is likely that I filter the mails form that list15:55
apacheloggerso I wonder how that got even through15:55
* apachelogger didn't see a mail form that list in his inbox for months15:55
apacheloggermight also be a dead list15:55
apacheloggerwhy does flashplugin-nonfree suggest firefox* if I already have konqueror installed16:07
Tm_Tapachelogger: because, err, Ubuntu developers are so fond to Firefox?16:07
seaLneapachelogger: do you listen to much ska?  i some times do just wondering if you had found any decent ska streams (assuming you do)16:09
apacheloggerseaLne: no good streams out there, but I am also not listening to a whole lot of streams in general16:10
apachelogger+ ska is best live anyway ;-)16:10
seaLneonly been to see a ska band once, ex bf's sister was in a band16:11
jussi01what the heck is ska?16:13
apachelogger~wp ska music16:14
kubotuno results found for music16:14
apachelogger~wp ska16:14
kubotuResults for ska: 1. Ska: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ska | 2. Ska punk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ska_punk | 3. Ska - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ska16:14
kubotu[1] This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2007)16:14
apacheloggerseaLne: ska bands usually make their gigs unique experiences16:15
claydohska= white college boy reggae-like tunes, sort of :)16:19
apacheloggerska can be many things16:19
apacheloggernixternal: why is JontheEchidna still no motu? :P16:21
ScottKapachelogger: Because only having enough votes to get accepted isn't enough.  MC can't make a decision without hearing from everyone.16:28
* ScottK wonders who is waited on.16:28
apacheloggerthe problem is they are not saying anything16:29
apacheloggerlike not anything at all16:29
Luresamppa: did you found new digikam?16:30
ScottKapachelogger: It waits soren and geser to vote.16:30
ScottKSput: You around?16:35
samppaLure: no, i saw only jaunty package there16:52
Luresamppa: uf, my mistake - did not change release name in upload...17:31
* Lure needs intrepid machine for testings17:32
Luresamppa: packages being built now. sorry for this17:39
samppaLure: no problem, good that the fix is coming :)17:42
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
smarterapachelogger/ScottK: I think I found a bug with quassel's packaging17:58
apacheloggerdon't be silly :P17:58
smarterit uses /var/log/quassel/ for logging17:59
smarterexcept /var/log/quassel doesn't exist.17:59
smarterapachelogger: ^ :]18:03
apacheloggersmarter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105987/18:04
apacheloggerthat dir should exist18:04
smarterwhat's the dpkg-configure --lt stuff for?18:06
apacheloggerlower than18:06
smarterif i understand correctly, the whole stuff is only run if version is lower than 0.2?18:06
apacheloggersmarter: nil should be lower 0.218:07
apacheloggerand $2 is nil for initial install18:07
apacheloggersmarter: These treat an empty version as earlier than any version: lt le eq ne ge gt. These treat an empty version as later than any version: lt-nl le-nl ge-nl gt-nl.18:09
LaserJockthat's kind of an interesting way of doing that18:09
LaserJockI don't remember exactly but I'd have thought you could have done that via $1 = install vs upgrade cases18:11
smarterapachelogger: except I already had quassel installed18:13
apacheloggersmarter: good point18:14
smarterapachelogger: you can't expect everyone to have stayed with 0.218:14
apacheloggerwell, logs were introduced later18:14
smarteryou should probably do it the way LaserJock suggested18:14
smarterapachelogger: the 0.3.0 in intrepid doesn't have logs afaik18:15
apacheloggerthe used approach seems to be more common18:15
apacheloggerbut it's flawed18:15
apacheloggersmarter: yeah18:15
LaserJockmore common? I've never seen it that way18:15
apacheloggerLaserJock: take a look at gdm and kdm then :P18:15
jpdsCan't one just put var/log/quassel in debian/dirs?18:15
* LaserJock thinks gdm and kdm aren't great standards to go by ;-)18:16
apacheloggeroh well, they are the most used X11 apps anyway :P18:16
* smarter +1 with jpds18:16
smarterjpds: hi!18:16
apacheloggeranyway, the problem is that logs were introduced later than the dirs and that version check was only introduced recently18:16
jpdssmarter: Hey there.18:17
smarterapachelogger: also, is a whole group and user for quassel really needed?18:17
smarterseem a bit overkill to me18:17
apacheloggersmarter: so you'd rather have it run as root?18:17
apacheloggerjpds: that wouldn't remove the dir18:19
smarterhuh, maybe not ^^"18:20
jpdsapachelogger: I thought you were trying to create on.18:22
apacheloggerjpds: we are creating one, just not in all cases that it would be necessary ;-)18:22
ScottKWhoever fixes it, I mad a boobo on debian/changelog in the last upload.  It's fixed in bzr, so please use that.18:36
ScottK(meaning quassel)18:37
samppaLure: digikam working again with the new build :)18:39
mok0That plasmoid-adjustableclock I uploaded has been a huge embarrassment18:52
NCommanderhey apachelogger18:54
Tm_Tmok0: er?18:55
mok0It FTBFS on every platform except my own (amd64) and hppa :-/18:55
* jussi01 kicks Tm_T, BACK TO WORK, I want qt 4.5! :D18:59
Tm_Tjussi01: I'm not paid developer, so no need to kick me19:00
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
Tm_Tjussi01: or, was that offer to finance me? (;)19:09
jussi01nope.... :P19:10
Tm_Tthen let's see if I won lottery then19:10
jussi01Tm_T: though I hear nokia are hiring...19:10
Tm_Tjussi01: I know they are19:11
Tm_TI afraid they won't hire me though19:11
Tm_TI don't have enough experience I'd say19:11
Tm_Tbut I do have my information in their system19:11
jussi01Tm_T: thats cause you are unwilling to move...19:11
Tm_Tjussi01: well that shouldn't be a problem =)19:12
smarterwhat's preventing a build of qt4.5?19:14
Tm_Tsmarter: my skills in packaging19:14
smartershould only be a matter of dch -i no?19:15
Tm_Tsmarter: no, patches patches patches19:15
Tm_Tsmarter: except, now debian has it packaged, so that part of it is actually done19:15
Tm_Tin their svn, let me get the url for you19:16
Tm_Tsmarter: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-kde/trunk/packages/qt4-x1119:20
* smarter svn co that19:21
Tm_Tsmarter: I think there's packaging info for qt 4.5 too, if not, slap me19:21
smarterwhat kind of infos?19:21
Tm_Tsmarter: well, debian dir mostly should be there19:22
Tm_Tif anything is missing, I'll try to help19:22
smarterhmm, qt4-x11 (4.4.3-2) unstable; urgency=low19:22
Tm_Thmh, so they haven't updated that19:23
smarterfirst line of the changelog19:23
Tm_Tlet me relook19:23
smarterwow, they're already at revision 13418 O_o19:24
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=13418&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 13418 | WABA: Fixed a layout bug with printing19:24
smarterubottu: lulz19:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lulz19:24
Tm_Tsmarter: yeah, whole svn, not only that package19:25
smarteroh :p19:25
Tm_Tsmarter: bah, cannot find19:26
Tm_Tsmarter: anyway, basicly try to remove as much as possible patches19:26
smartermost of the patches come from qt-copy19:27
smarterwhich will soon be updated for 4.519:27
Tm_Tsmarter: yes, and most of those patches are already in 4.519:27
smarterthat should make things easier (:19:27
Tm_Tso they fail19:27
smarter"Please note that it is a violation of intergalactic law to use this parameter under false pretenses, so don't let us catch you at it." (http://docs.google.com:80/?action=unsupported_browser ) these Google guys really have nothing better to do :P19:27
Tm_Tsmarter: nah19:28
Tm_Tsmarter: even better "Huomaa, että on galaksienvälisen lain rikkomista käyttää tätä parametriä vääriin tarkoituksiin, joten älä jää kiinni itse teossa.19:28
Tm_TJa se ei todellakaan toimi hyvin."19:28
Tm_Tsmarter: yes, it's localised19:28
smarternot in French thought19:29
Tm_Taa but nobody speaks french19:29
smarterpff :p19:31
ScottKsmarter: Did you fix quassel?19:53
smarterScottK: nop19:53
smarterbeen doing homeworks19:53
* ScottK considers to speak to smarter about priorities.19:54
smarteris it on bzr?19:54
smarterScottK: url?19:55
ScottKJust a second.19:55
* ScottK hands smarter http://xkcd.com/519/ first19:56
smarterhehe, already read it19:56
ScottKNot that I particulalry recommend Perl, but youget the idea19:56
smarterI actually did some perls for the first time ever two weeks ago, customized and bug fixed a doxygen comment generator I found on the net19:56
ScottKsmarter: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/quassel/ubuntu19:58
ScottKsmarter: Use the debian/changelog in bzr, not in the package.  I slipped up on the last upload19:59
LaserJockis the new network manager plasmoid in Jaunty yet?20:02
vorianhow the heck to you connect a device to the new amarok?20:02
ScottKLaserJock: It's not, but Tonio_ reported success with it and is (IIRC) working on a package.20:05
LaserJockScottK: ok, just wondered if I was looking in the wrong place20:05
ScottKLaserJock: Tonio_ described http://planetemu.net/temp/nm as a quick and dirty, but working package.20:06
nhandlerScottK: DktrKranz thinks that my pbuilder issue might be fixed in debootstrap 1.0.10ubuntu2, but 1.0.10ubuntu1 is the version in intrepid backports. Should I request a backport for it?20:09
ScottKnhandler: Yes.  Please request it for Intrepid and Hardy both.20:11
NCommanderScottK, hola20:11
nhandlerScottK: Will do.20:11
ScottKHola NCommander.20:11
NCommanderScottK, care to sponsor kde4libs?20:11
nhandlerScottK: Should I first verify that the new version really fixes the issue I am having, or should I just request the backport? My internet is going very slow right now, so I the less navigating of LP, the better20:12
ScottKnhandler: Yes20:13
ScottKNCommander: Again?  It built?20:13
NCommanderScottK, it did?20:13
NCommanderScottK, its still showing 0ubuntu1/FTBFS on ARM20:13
NCommanderthe FTBFS page is lagging20:14
NCommanderyeah, I just checked it by hand20:14
NCommanderdid you retry all the failed builds?20:14
ScottKpimlibs will be done in about an hour20:15
ScottKI didn't look past that20:15
* ScottK has been out.20:15
NCommanderOh good, so its not horribly broken like the inital beta port was :-)20:16
ScottKNo idea.20:16
* ScottK heads out for more errands ....20:19
smarterScottK: don't have time to dive in debian doc about postinst nor to test it so this will have to wait unless somebody else does it20:28
apacheloggeryo NCommander20:30
NCommanderapachelogger, core dev app please :-)20:30
apacheloggerbug 316256 do people really think 3000000000000 lines of (no debugging symbols found) is useful?20:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316256 in kdeedu "parley crashes after multi-choice quiz" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31625620:31
apacheloggerNightrose: sounds familiar ^20:31
apacheloggerNCommander: tell me what to write20:31
NCommanderapachelogger, something positive :-P20:31
NCommanderapachelogger, anyway, how are things for you?20:31
apacheloggernice guy, working hard20:31
apacheloggerall I can say :P20:32
NCommanderHow about submitting patches upstream , doesn't break stuff, that sorta thing ;-)20:32
apacheloggerwell, you are being sponsored that implies not breaking things mostly ;-)20:32
apacheloggerNCommander: drunk ... my bf decided we need to visit some friends because he was bored...20:33
* apachelogger hates when he does that20:33
Nightroseapachelogger: yea i had a few crashes there as well - not lately though and no idea if it is filed upstream - you'd need to ask Frederik20:33
Nightroseor dani_l20:33
apacheloggerNightrose: so why is none of those 2 in here? :P20:34
LaserJockbah, why does amarok have to use mysql :(20:39
LaserJockI really dislike having to install postfix20:40
NCommanderRiddell, when you around, I'd like to ask you a favor20:41
nhandlerScottK: Glad I tested. The debootstrap from Jaunty didn't solve my pbuilder problem :( I guess I'll keep searching for a solution20:42
apacheloggerLaserJock: mysql-5.1's packaging needs to be changed20:43
apacheloggerit really just depends on libmysqlclient and the /usr/share/mysql stuff20:44
LaserJockapachelogger: will that drop the MTA dependency?20:44
apacheloggercurrently it drags in the whole server20:44
apacheloggerLaserJock: btw, if you know how to make autotools to use usr/share/mysql-5.1 for pkgdatadir instead of ../mysql I'd really appreciate some help :)20:45
* apachelogger is not able to cope with autotools' way of having its own mind after using cmake for so long :)20:46
nixternal~twitter sitting at the Chicago LUG event preparing to give a presentation for the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam20:47
kubotuincorrect usage, ask for help using 'kubotu: help twitter'20:47
LaserJockapachelogger: well, I'm not sure but what source package do I need to pull to look?20:47
smarterapachelogger: care to fix the quassel postinst stuff? :]20:47
apacheloggerLaserJock: mysql-dfsg-5.120:49
apacheloggersmarter: already have the file open, but being not sober makes that more difficult :P20:49
smarterapachelogger: I'm pretty sure debian docs make sense with the right amount of alcool in your blood20:50
LaserJockhmm, does the new mysql install for anybody?20:53
apacheloggerLaserJock: there are "some" issues20:55
* apachelogger had to wipe all of mysql to get any mysql installed again20:55
owhapachelogger: So, how do I answer your question?20:58
apacheloggeranswered myself ;-)20:58
apacheloggerowh: there is currently another problem really ... taskjuggler is still KDE 3 and thus it's documentation is using a different path than (KDE4's) khelpcenter searches in20:58
apachelogger+ I think it would try to invoke the wrong khelpcenter anyway20:59
owhWonderful :(20:59
owhWe'll see shortly what it does :)21:00
* owh crosses fingers.21:01
owhapachelogger: Hmm, "Could not launch the KDE Help Centre: Could not find service 'khelpcentre'."21:02
apacheloggeryeah, trying to invoke the wrong KHC21:03
owhThat would be a new bug :)21:03
apacheloggeralready reported somewhere21:03
apacheloggeras is the bug that would appear if you start KHC manually and try to read the doc of a KDE 3 app :P21:03
apacheloggerbut one bug at a time21:03
owhSo, meanwhile, back at the ranch, what do I do?21:04
apacheloggersudo cp -rf /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/taskjuggler /usr/share/doc/kde4/HTML/en/21:07
owhln instead?21:07
apacheloggercan try, I wouldn't bet on it though21:07
apacheloggerthat should copy it the right path... then when you start khelpcenter manually you should be able to read the docs without annoying first start dialog21:07
apacheloggersmarter: they are more confusing than ever :P21:08
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
apacheloggerLaserJock: btw, it appears to me only preinst gets called with upgrade as argument21:09
owhapachelogger: We have lift-off, symbolic link worked just fine. No index prompt.21:09
LaserJockapachelogger: ah, interesting21:09
apacheloggerLaserJock: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-maintainerscripts.html#s-mscriptsinstact21:10
owhapachelogger: I'll add a comment to the bug report for others.21:10
apacheloggerowh: k, thx21:10
owhapachelogger: Now that you made it possible to read the help without bombardment, how do we actually go about fixing it, or is this already under-way and I should pull my head in?21:14
apacheloggerowh: someone needs to rewrite khelpcenter21:14
owhROTFL, small task then :)21:15
apacheloggeractually it is21:15
apacheloggerKDE 4 provides file indexer and parser, one just needs to tweak them towards the needs of khelpcenter and redo the GUI21:15
* owh gets ready for bad news.21:15
apacheloggerthat way one can provide indexing out of the box21:15
apacheloggerand doesn't have to rely on all the perl that it uses currently in the backend21:16
apacheloggerthere is just none up to that task21:16
owhnone, or no-one?21:17
owhHmm, just for fun, I launched the documentation URL in Firefox, seems usable :)21:18
apacheloggersmarter: suggestions about that quassel fix? ... I was thinking about introducing a new if configure && version lower $blah21:18
apacheloggerowh: in theory even the gnome helpcenter should be able to use it21:19
apacheloggerthere is just no spec to unify doc search paths21:19
owhapachelogger: Now that's an interesting idea.21:19
apacheloggerI think nixternal is working on something like that21:19
owhapachelogger: No, but I suppose a sym-link might just be enough?21:20
apacheloggerI am not sure how the gnome helpcenter searches for documentation ... KDE's is following a kde-specific path setting in the application's desktop file21:20
apacheloggerbut technically symlinking is enough to expose the documentation to the helpcenter's search path ... getting it listed is a different story ;-)21:21
LaserJockapachelogger: gnome does it quite a bit differently21:21
owhEnlighten us :)21:21
smarterapachelogger: you could check if /var/log/quassel exists (and maybe if the user and group exist too)21:22
LaserJockwell, in gnome you register a doc with scrollkeeper/rarian and the system docs are usually dropped in /usr/share/gnome/help/21:22
apachelogger-(~:$)-> grep 'Doc' /usr/share/applications/kde/taskjuggler.desktop21:22
LaserJockI don't think it uses search paths or .desktop files21:23
apacheloggerI find that approach more sane :P21:23
LaserJockand it doesn't use HTML either21:23
LaserJockso .. quite a bit different than KDE's system21:23
apacheloggerKDE uses docbook21:23
apacheloggerbut it can handle HTML21:23
LaserJockdoes it now?21:23
smarternow, that's a minimalistic shell prompt21:23
apacheloggerfor quite some time21:23
LaserJockfor KDE4? I was pretty sure KDE 3 couldn't21:24
apacheloggerback in the days it didn't, which the reason KHC expects the docpath to be defined with /index.html21:24
apacheloggerLaserJock: it could at least parse them I think21:24
apacheloggerLaserJock: also, there were no improvements in KHC for KDE4 ;-)21:24
LaserJockGnome's help system is similar, it does docbook but can do HTML as well I believe21:24
LaserJocktoo bad21:24
apacheloggerin general KHC could be a pretty decent app21:24
LaserJockboth Gnome and KDE doc systems could use some real help21:24
apacheloggerit also hooks into scrollkepper, so you get gnome docs in KDE (in theory)21:24
apachelogger+ it parses manpages and whatnot21:25
apacheloggerLaserJock: dockit to the rescue ;-)21:25
apacheloggersmarter: checking for their existance is pointless21:26
LaserJockapachelogger: well, there's supposed be this mythical "Project Mallard" that something like that21:26
apacheloggersmarter: that is why the maintainer scripts get called with the version in the first place21:26
LaserJockbut it's got some interesting features like a new format/language for writing docs21:26
claydohare there any guide/docs for quassel?21:27
apacheloggerLaserJock: what we need is a lib shared amongst all doc viewer apps, handling indexing and parsing and stuff21:27
* claydoh needs to write soem sort of how-to once he learns how-to21:27
LaserJockapachelogger: yeah, I agree21:27
apacheloggerLaserJock: the actually apps should just be guis parsing whatever data the lib spits out21:27
LaserJockapachelogger: it's such a common thing that it really could use a common system for the backend21:28
apacheloggerclaydoh: don't think so... well, other than the stuff on the website anyway21:28
claydohapachelogger: heh not much there, if any :(21:28
LaserJockoh, I've got a question for you experienced KDE4'ers21:28
apacheloggerLaserJock: yeah, KHC is actually just a couple of widgets surrinding a KHTML kpar to view the doc content ;-)21:29
LaserJockwhenever I open Dolphin it doesn't go to ~/21:29
owhapachelogger, LaserJock, it's been fun. Thanks both for your time. It's time for bed.21:29
apacheloggereverything else is done in the backend21:29
apacheloggerowh: good night21:29
apacheloggerLaserJock: does it go to /Documents?21:29
apacheloggerwe talked about that earlier ... Nightrose and vorian have that as well21:30
apacheloggerno clue as to why though21:30
apacheloggernever saw that issue21:30
LaserJockit does but my ~/Documents is actually a symlink somewhere else and it goes there21:30
LaserJockI've seen this both on Intrepid and Jaunty21:30
NightroseLaserJock: you can change it in systemsettings -> about me21:31
apacheloggerall 3 of you must have temperated with some setting :P21:31
Nightrosebut it doesn't stick21:31
Nightroseapachelogger: i definitely have not ;-)21:31
apacheloggerseriously, there must be something you did or installed to trigger that issue21:31
Nightroseany ideas what it could be?21:31
apacheloggernot really21:31
LaserJockit says in the Dolphin preferences that it should go to my home folder21:31
NightroseLaserJock: same here21:31
apacheloggerLaserJock: that is broken I heared21:32
apacheloggerweird as well though21:32
LaserJockNightrose: do you have a bug report for it?21:32
NightroseLaserJock: there is a kde bug for it yes21:33
LaserJockI'm also somewhat confused by "Root"21:33
Nightrosesec - i'll try to find the link21:33
LaserJocknormally I would think of it going to /root21:33
LaserJockand it's a red icon like you would see for a root user21:33
LaserJockkinda confusing21:33
NightroseLaserJock: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17747421:34
ubottuKDE bug 177474 in kcm_useraccount "Documents path in About me panel is not stored" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:34
NightroseLaserJock: what does root do for you?21:34
apacheloggerI blame ubuntu :P21:35
LaserJockNightrose: it takes me to /21:35
apacheloggerLaserJock, Nightrose: please paste your .config/user-dirs.dirs21:35
LaserJockyeah, I wondered about that, I mess with user-dirs.dirs21:35
LaserJockapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106063/21:36
* apachelogger giggles21:36
LaserJockbut for the last 6 years of Linux usage when you say "root" with a big red icon that means /root/21:37
apacheloggermy pension that it will work if you change the documetns path :P21:37
LaserJockwell sure, but why the heck would i want to do that?21:37
Nightroseapachelogger: but won't that get overwritten on next start?21:38
LaserJockNightrose: no21:38
* Nightrose tries21:38
apacheloggerNightrose: xdg defines $USER overrides $SYSTEM21:38
apacheloggerLaserJock: a) snapshot of that root problem21:38
apacheloggerb) multiple options to the problem:21:39
apachelogger* something changed in ubuntu at some point confusing KDE21:39
apacheloggerunlikely ;-)21:39
apachelogger* Qt is returning a wrong path when queried for $HOME21:39
apachelogger* KDE returns a wrong path when queried for $HOME21:39
LaserJockwell, is Dolphin using XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR ?21:40
apachelogger* Dolphin is being smart and uses $DOCUMENTPATH for $HOME21:40
LaserJockI don't think it should21:40
LaserJockI want it to use what I tell it21:40
smarterI think it does21:40
LaserJockand it says that it defaults to $HOME21:40
LaserJockXDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR should certainly be in Places21:41
* apachelogger is wondering why that stupid app uses Qt over KDE :P21:42
apacheloggerLaserJock, Nightrose: if you start dolphin from $terminal ... where does it go21:43
apacheloggermake sure you have all other dolphin windows closed before21:43
LaserJockhuh, it goes to $HOME21:43
apacheloggerExec=dolphin %i -caption "%c" "%u"21:43
Nightroseapachelogger: i already changed XDG_DIRS and it works fine now21:43
apacheloggerhow would that Exec line cause that it goes elsewhere21:44
Nightrosehope it is the same after a restart ;-)21:44
apacheloggerNightrose: honey, don't question me!21:44
Nightroseapachelogger: *g* I never would honey :P21:44
apacheloggeryou just did :P21:44
Nightrosehow could i question the mighty ninja21:44
apacheloggergood question indeed21:45
* apachelogger is wondering why his keyboard is blinking that stupid battery light so often21:45
LaserJockhmm, a lot of KDE apps don't seem to have man pages21:45
apacheloggerdraining my battery like that21:45
apacheloggerLaserJock: most of them only accept KDE default options + maybe a URL anyway21:45
apacheloggerbesides --help21:45
LaserJockapachelogger: yeah, so if I edit the dolphin menu item to be just "dolphin" it works as it should21:49
apacheloggerexecve("/usr/bin/dolphin", ["dolphin", "-icon", "system-file-manager", "-caption", "Dolphin", "", "--nofork"], [/* 34 vars */]) = 021:49
LaserJockapachelogger: in fact, when I do that then the dolphin configuration setting works21:50
apacheloggermost weird21:50
apacheloggerhow does it know what to use?21:50
apacheloggerthat call from $menu doesn't seem to be any different21:51
LaserJockwell, if I call just dolphin it uses .kde/share/config/dolphinrc21:52
apacheloggerLaserJock: and when started from the menu it does not?21:53
LaserJockapachelogger: as long as the menu item is just "dolphin" it does21:54
=== quassel125 is now known as seele_q
LaserJockapachelogger: got it!21:56
LaserJockdolphin %i -caption "%c" "%u" doesn't work, but dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u does ;-)21:56
* apachelogger reads the xdg spec :P21:57
apacheloggerLaserJock: got an strace of that?21:58
apacheloggerthe one I pasted contains an empty ""21:59
apacheloggerexecve("/usr/bin/dolphin", ["dolphin", "-icon", "system-file-manager", "-caption", "Dolphin", "--nofork"], [/* 34 vars */]) = 021:59
apacheloggerLaserJock: I think we have found ourselfs a bug ;-)22:00
LaserJockapachelogger: well, that's good at least :-)22:02
apacheloggerit's flawed22:02
apacheloggerthe "" is unecessary22:02
apacheloggerjust tired with xdg-open, they get added automagically22:02
apacheloggeralso grepping the other KDE apps shows that they also use %u/%U without quotation marks22:05
apacheloggerNightrose: pling22:05
LaserJockapachelogger: so is it just a bug with the dolphin .desktop?22:06
apacheloggerwell, yes, and no22:06
Nightroseapachelogger: plong22:06
apacheloggerLaserJock: the question is really why dolphin goes to documentsdir if it is called with an empty URL22:06
apacheloggerNightrose: didn't you say some other component was affected as well?22:06
Nightroseapachelogger: file open and save was acting up as well iirc22:07
Nightroseand the file browser in kate22:07
Nightrosethat one definitely also used documents as starting folder22:07
LaserJockapachelogger: well, if they're trying to be smart the fallback to XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR if it can't open the URL22:08
LaserJockapachelogger: is it an empty or a bad URL?22:08
apacheloggerempty... see the first execve line I pasted22:08
apacheloggerLaserJock: also, it makes sense for most documents, certainly not for dolphin22:08
LaserJockon the CLI if I do dolphin "" I get the right directory anyway :/22:09
apacheloggerNightrose: is peter on IRC?22:09
Nightroseapachelogger: rarely22:10
apacheloggerLaserJock: maybe it is the combination of those settings?22:10
apacheloggerdoesn't seem so22:11
apacheloggerspec sezs:22:13
apachelogger 22:13
apachelogger Implementations must take care not to expand field codes into multiple arguments unless explicitly instructed by this specification. This means that name fields, filenames and other replacements that can contain spaces must be passed as a single argument to the executable program after expansion.22:13
apacheloggermeans we must not care why dolphin falls back to documents since the desktop file is flawed anyway :P22:13
apacheloggerI am wondering why all the KDE apps quote %c though22:14
apacheloggerLaserJock: can you check if any GNOME apps do that?22:15
LaserJockapachelogger: do what specifically?22:15
LaserJockthe fallback or handle quoting the same?22:16
apacheloggerLaserJock: have -capation "%c" in their exec line22:16
apacheloggermost of the KDE apps do that, even though the spec suggests it's unnecessary22:16
LaserJockapachelogger: heh, *no* apps other KDE4 ones do that on my Intrepid Ubuntu system22:19
LaserJock*other than22:20
ScottKapachelogger: I wonder if it got copied from old KDE3 packages and not corrected.22:21
apacheloggerdoesn't do any harm22:21
apacheloggereither way worth sending a mail to kde-devel22:21
apacheloggeranyone wanna do that?22:21
* ScottK looks around for someone subscribed to kde-devel?22:21
apacheloggerNightrose: ^22:21
NightroseScottK: yea22:22
* ScottK goes to pick up $ELDEST_CHILD from work.22:22
Nightrosewhat do you need?22:22
ScottKNightrose: Just read farther  back.22:22
Nightroseah i can send it but no time to write it sorry22:23
apacheloggerNightrose: ScottK will write a mail you have to forward to kde-devel, since you are lazy and ScottKis not :P22:23
ScottKNo.  I'm leaving and my old tired brain will have forgotten by the time I get back.22:23
* ScottK waves bye-bye.22:23
apacheloggerNightrose: do you have time to lure  kevin_kofler in?22:36
* apachelogger is wondering if that highlighted Lure :P22:36
Nightrosehmmm let me try22:37
Nightroseapachelogger: asked22:38
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: heya22:38
Kevin_KoflerHi! So why did I get summoned here? :-)22:39
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: first of all: I am working on a fix for https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=466266 ... secondly we are low on hackers right now and need to deploy a mail to kde-devel, and would know if you have time to write that mail ;-)22:39
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 466266 in kdebase "Dolphin opens $HOME/Documents by default, ignoring the home folder setting" [Medium,Assigned]22:39
Kevin_Kofler@first: Great! @second: Well, I'm fairly busy as well... What should the mail be about?22:40
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: we basically just want to inform everyone that the quotation -caption "%c"  in desktop files is not necessary according to spec and not common in gnomeland, so we should drop it22:41
apacheloggerthe dolphin issue is caused by quotating %u, so in general everyone should refrain from using quotes on the replacement codes22:41
Kevin_KoflerWhat should it use then? -caption %c? Or nothing at all?22:41
apachelogger-caption %c22:42
apacheloggerImplementations must take care not to expand field codes into multiple arguments unless explicitly instructed by this specification. This means that name fields, filenames and other replacements that can contain spaces must be passed as a single argument to the executable program after expansion.22:42
LaserJockapachelogger: Gnomeland doesn't use -caption period that I can see, I'm not sure whether they'd quote it or not22:43
apacheloggerLaserJock: did you grep for %c or -caption?22:45
* apachelogger thinks -caption is a Qt/KDE option really22:45
Kevin_KoflerHow does the following sound? I mostly just used your information and brought it into a coherent form. (Sorry, long paste coming.)22:48
Kevin_KoflerSubject: Unnecessary quoting in .desktop files22:48
Kevin_KoflerWe noticed that several KDE .desktop files are quoting their substitutions,22:48
Kevin_Kofler-caption "%c"22:48
Kevin_KoflerAccording to the desktop-entry-spec:22:48
Kevin_Koflerthis is not necessary:22:48
Kevin_Kofler> Implementations must take care not to expand field codes into multiple22:48
Kevin_Kofler> arguments unless explicitly instructed by this specification. This means that22:48
Kevin_Kofler> name fields, filenames and other replacements that can contain spaces must be22:48
Kevin_Kofler> passed as a single argument to the executable program after expansion.22:48
Kevin_KoflerInstead, the substitution should not be quoted:22:48
Kevin_Kofler-caption %c22:48
Kevin_KoflerIn some cases, this actually causes bugs. For example, "%u" does not work,22:48
Kevin_Koflercausing https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=46626622:48
Kevin_KoflerAlso note that GNOME does not use this type of quoting in their .desktop files.22:48
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 466266 in kdebase "Dolphin opens $HOME/Documents by default, ignoring the home folder setting" [Medium,Assigned]22:48
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: sounds good to me :)22:49
* apachelogger just noticed that dolphin doesn't even follow the caption argument22:50
apacheloggerchoqok does ... hooray for choqok :D22:50
Kevin_KoflerIt's interesting that ubottu actually handles foreign bug trackers currently. The bot which runs in some Fedora channels (e.g. #fedora-meeting) always thinks every bug URL is from bugzilla.redhat.com, if we post about a KDE bug, it'll look up the unrelated RH one which happens to have the same number. :-/22:51
LaserJockapachelogger: I grepped for caption and I tried to grep for %c but I'm not sure if my grep foo was right22:52
apacheloggergrep -r -i "%c" /usr/share/applications/22:52
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: all thanks to our very own stdin :)22:53
LaserJockapachelogger: yep, just KDE22:53
apacheloggerfilling up the bot with python love22:53
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: any clue what software your bot is running?22:54
Kevin_KoflerI think it's the same old bugbot software also running on some KDE chans, just tuned to use bugzilla.redhat.com instead of bugs.kde.org.22:55
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler: if you have some kind of bot maintainer I recommend poking stdin some time. ubottu got loads of fine features, e.g. a factoids feature, which proofs very useful in our support channels :)23:00
apacheloggersebas: it just hit me ... we could make automatic commit parsing a lot easier if we establish a policy to just reference the original commit for a backport... then the script could grab the description from that commit and the whole message will make more sense in most cases23:10
apacheloggera max. message length would be useful I guess :)23:10
apacheloggerKevin_Kofler, Nightrose, vorian, LaserJock: dolphin's %u fix commited for 4.2 and 4.323:12
Nightroseapachelogger: *hug*23:12
* apachelogger is wondering if we even have an ubuntu bug for that23:12
=== astromme_ is now known as astromme
apacheloggeranyway .. back to NCommander's core dev app23:14
ScottKapachelogger: We fix the bugs before they can even become bugs ....23:14
apacheloggerScottK: the changes to bug triage must have been better than I thought ;-)23:15
apacheloggerNCommander: mine was better integrated in the desktop btw :P23:16
apacheloggereven had a desktop file ^_^23:16
LaserJockapachelogger ++23:18
LaserJockhmm, messed it up, was gonna give apachelogger some karma23:18
* apachelogger can hack the database and give himself more karma anyway :P23:18
LaserJock~karma apachelogger23:18
kubotukarma for apachelogger: 723:18
LaserJock~karma apachelogger ++23:19
kubotuincorrect usage, ask for help using 'kubotu: help karma'23:19
apacheloggerwasn't that like at 4 at only some days ago?23:19
NCommander~karma ncommander23:19
kubotukarma for ncommander: 223:19
apachelogger~karma JontheEchidna23:19
kubotukarma for JontheEchidna: 823:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: gaining :P23:19
=== NCommander is now known as mcasadevall
mcasadevall~karma help23:19
kubotukarma for help: -323:19
mcasadevall~karma NCommander23:19
kubotukarma for NCommander: 423:19
LaserJock~karma apachelogger23:19
kubotukarma for apachelogger: 923:19
mcasadevallOh wait23:19
mcasadevallits working!23:20
mcasadevall~karma NCommander23:20
kubotukarma for NCommander: 623:20
LaserJockgeeze, somebodies really pleased with themselves ;-)23:20
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
apachelogger~karma NCommander23:21
kubotukarma for NCommander: 623:21
NCommander~karma NCommander23:21
kubotukarma for NCommander: 623:21
NCommanderI *think* I broke the bot23:21
* apachelogger can't haxx0r the dtabase anymore23:21
NCommanderPMing the bot doesn't work23:21
apacheloggerNCommander: that would be lame anyway23:21
kubotu248 items. Best: C (77); Worst: > (-24)23:21
NCommanderWhat? I'm just correcting my karma for the US inflation rate.23:22
apacheloggerI still wonder what >-- is23:22
kubotu248 items. Best: C (77); Worst: > (-25)23:22
LaserJockNCommander: heh23:22
NCommander~karma Python23:22
kubotukarma for Python: 123:22
apachelogger~karmaa NCommander23:22
NCommander~karma NCommander23:22
LaserJock~karma Ruby23:22
kubotuRuby has neutral karma23:22
kubotuNCommander has neutral karma23:22
NCommanderapachelogger, no, you can't spell23:22
NCommander(this is abuse of the bot and I know it23:23
apacheloggerthat does it23:23
NCommanderI know how C is getting so high23:23
apacheloggerno core dev recommendation for you23:23
NCommanderC++ is a fun programming language :-)23:23
NCommander~karma NCommander23:23
kubotuNCommander has neutral karma23:23
NCommander~karma C23:23
kubotukarma for C: 7823:23
NCommanderC++ has been said 79 times in this channel23:23
apacheloggerI said C-- at least once23:24
NCommanderapachelogger++ && apachelogger++23:24
NCommanderthere, your karma is fixed23:24
* apachelogger adds that to the mail23:24
NCommanderwait, what?!23:24
* NCommander begs apachelogger to ++ my application23:25
NCommanderhrm ...23:25
NCommander~karma to23:25
kubotukarma for to: 123:25
* NCommander finds he can be amused by simple things23:25
apacheloggerNCommander: if that karma would reflect your core dev application....23:27
NCommanderwait, what?23:27
apacheloggerNCommander: what I did sponsor?23:28
apacheloggerdid I sponsor?23:29
NCommanderA bunch of KDE portability fixes23:29
* apachelogger thinks he doesn't sponsor because NCommander usually pings when apachelogger is in bed cuddeling with the laptop23:29
apacheloggerno, hold on23:29
apacheloggercuddeling in bed, with laptop23:29
apacheloggerno, also weird23:29
apacheloggerscratch that23:29
apacheloggerNCommander: more precise please :P23:30
NCommanderapachelogger, how about "falling asleep with my laptop on my chest for heat.23:31
apacheloggerthat doesn't fit the situation, much more weird than that23:31
apacheloggerwhat did I sponsor?23:31
apacheloggerNCommander: I am not going to take that release packaging into account because that was quite flawed IIRC23:32
apacheloggertell you what23:34
apacheloggerNCommander: KDE 4.2.0 is soon going to be released soonish ... how would you like coordinating and doing the reviewing for that?23:35
apacheloggersoon soonish23:36
* apachelogger should go to bed23:36
NCommanderI'll think about it23:36
apacheloggerNCommander: if that goes well I will even throw everyone in a well who claims you are not ready :P23:36
apacheloggerNCommander: just tell me if you want to do it, then I'll drop a mail about it ... otherwise I will send what I have now, which I think doesn't help too much as it is no hard evidence of your qualification23:39
NCommanderapachelogger, let me sleep on it23:39
* NCommander has to make sure he will have the time to do it23:40
NCommanderI'm doing a Xfce release this weekend/week so it might be a bit before we get that far23:40
apacheloggervorian: btw, we should start working on our talk :P23:41
apacheloggerThe current issue in workspace vs bindings is mostly a runtime vs buildtime23:46
apacheloggerissue though.23:46
apacheloggerworkspace needs bindings at runtime, but actually not at build time. CMake23:46
apacheloggerchecks at build time.23:46
apacheloggerScottK: ^23:46
ScottKFYI, kde4libs and pimlibs are built on armel.  -runtime should finish in a bit and bindings sometime before the heat death of the universe.23:46
apacheloggerwhat happened to rgreening?23:46
ScottKBusy w/ $WORK last I heard23:47
ScottKapachelogger: Since upstream dumped all the nepomuk bindings anyway, not sure it matters for right now.23:47
apacheloggerthey did?23:48
apacheloggerpoor nepomuk23:48
ScottKLook at the first post-rc svn commit for bindings23:48
* ScottK saved a copy.23:49
apacheloggerit would be interesting if they came to conclusion what to do with the plasma bindings though23:49
apacheloggerthere was a discussion about that dep conflict at the packager list23:49
* apachelogger notes that the packager list is not often leading to results from what he noticed :P23:50
apacheloggerScottK: you have 4.1.4?23:51
ScottKapachelogger: Yes23:51
ScottKSo far so good here.23:52
apacheloggerScottK: can you please test http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17992123:52
ubottuKDE bug 179921 in general "KDE 4 1 4, context menu - paste file option is always grayed out" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:52
* ScottK looks23:52
apacheloggerI am not sure if I exchanged the tarball23:52
ScottKIIRC that fix it patched in23:53
ScottKI can certainly paste23:53
apacheloggeryeah, jr fixed it23:55
apacheloggerScottK: thx23:55
ScottKThere was some kind of OMG you must add this patch message.23:55
* ScottK brain dumped the details after seeing the patch was in our package23:55
apacheloggeryeah, dfaure sent it to kde-packager very close to release day and I didn't exchange the tarball right away because I was @work23:57
apacheloggeranyway, all good :)23:57
* ScottK considers the post-release point updates are going pretty good and maybe we ought to get formal permission from the tech board.23:57
* ScottK and kees just did one for clamav.23:58
* ScottK dinners23:59

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