FisherPricemrdigital: it looks like there's a lot of problems with the 8.10 live cd00:00
Stalker72yeah :P00:00
FisherPricemrdigital: just a question... you wouldn't have an nvidia card would you?00:00
ActionParsnipStalker72: c966147dda3bd6139db507af054692ee  ./netboot/mini.iso00:01
Stalker72ActionParsnip: What do I do with that?00:01
ActionParsnipStalker72: run md5 <iso file>00:01
FisherPriceActionParsnip: are part of the ubuntu support team?00:02
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Where do I type that?00:02
ActionParsnipmd5sum filename sorry00:02
ActionParsnipin a konsole00:02
Stalker72ActionParsnip: On the PC I'm installing Kubuntu on?00:02
mrdigitalyes i got nvidia00:03
mrdigitalpci express00:03
ActionParsnipStalker72: any system, just need to test the image so yuo know its good00:03
Stalker72ActionParsnip: OOOhh.. :P00:03
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Sorry for being n00b. ;)00:03
FisherPricemrdigital: it looks like many nvidia fans are getting similar problems... i assume u've checked the cd for errors... others have burned the cd iso to dvd...00:04
mrdigitalthe md5 matches00:04
mrdigitaland yes i burned the iso to a dvd00:04
FisherPricemrdigital: I've tried booting the livecd with "Safe Graphics" with mixed success00:04
mrdigitalsafe graphics does nothing00:05
Stalker72ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105749/00:06
ActionParsnipStalker72: md5sum ./mini.iso00:06
ActionParsnipStalker72: no command ni linux starts with "run"00:07
Stalker72ActionParsnip: ok00:07
DasEI mrdigital: ?? did you burn a cd-iso to dvd ??00:07
ActionParsnipStalker72: thats me telling youto "run" the command00:07
mrdigitali did daesi00:07
DasEI!who | mrdigital00:07
ubottumrdigital: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:07
DasEI mrdigital: that won't work00:07
mrdigitaloh ok00:08
mrdigitalsometimes it does00:08
Stalker72ActionParsnip: md5sum: ./mini.iso: No such file or directory00:08
DasEI mrdigital: cd iso for cd,  dvd-iso for dvd00:08
ActionParsnipStalker72: you need to run the command when the terminal path is in the same folder as where you downloaded the iso to00:08
ghostcubehmm alternate cd image works fine for installation on dvd rom00:08
c0debr8keri burned cd iso to  dvd and it worked......... wouldnt install burning it to cd for me00:09
ActionParsnipStalker72: or you can specify the full path to the file00:09
Stalker72ActionParsnip: ok00:09
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cplusplusyasm is not existing in version 0.6.1 for kubuntu 6?00:10
Stalker72ActionParsnip: What if it's on the desktop?00:10
DasEI Stalker72: mdsum ~/Desktop/file-whatever00:10
Dr_williscplusplus,  Kubuntu 6.xx would be getting a bit out of date.00:10
DasEI Stalker72: md5sum ~/Desktop/file-whatever00:10
cplusplusFound yasm 0.4.000:10
cplusplusMinimum version is yasm-0.6.100:10
cplusplus<Dr_willis how could i update?00:11
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:11
cpluspluswill i need a new livecd?00:11
Dr_willissee the instructions.. I always do new clean reinstalls00:11
Dr_willisI rarely 'update/upgrade' to the next release00:11
Stalker72ActionParsnip: c966147dda3bd6139db507af054692ee  /home/mats/Desktop/mini.iso00:11
cplusplusi dont have a cd for burning the livd cd!!!00:12
mrdigitalcplusplus: use network install00:12
Dr_williscplusplus,  I use unetbootin to make bootble thumb drives i install from.00:12
cplusplusis command update not allowed?00:12
Dr_willisYou May bve able to update/upgrade to the next release.. See the Instructions00:13
Dr_willisivce had to many issues with updateing from one release to the next.. I now always try to do clean installs00:13
Stalker72ActionParsnip: c966147dda3bd6139db507af054692ee  /home/mats/Desktop/mini.iso00:14
ActionParsnipStalker72: if you compare that to the code I gave you earlier, yuo wwill see it matches exactly00:14
ActionParsnipStalker72: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105749/00:15
ActionParsnipremember that00:15
ActionParsnipso you know the image is good00:15
Stalker72now I try to boot to it?00:15
ActionParsnipyeah oot the image in a vm or burn to cd and boot to that00:16
Stalker72I have burned it.00:16
ActionParsnipok boot to the cd and off you go00:16
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Do you think that will solve the problem? :P00:16
ActionParsnipStalker72: its just another way to install, it may work00:16
mrdigitali put kubuntu 8.10 live cd in a virtual machine it still does it00:17
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I'll try it right before I go to bed. Cya and thx! :)00:17
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I will report back.00:17
geraldi dont have a System/Administration/Update Mana00:17
geraldto upgrade from kubuntu 6 to 800:17
geraldSystem/Administration/Update Manager00:18
geraldi do a sudo apt-get install update-manager-core00:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:19
Dr_willisSystem/Admin/Update -> isent that the gnome menu sequence? I forget..00:19
mrdigitalaha diff cheksum00:19
DasEIgerald: as Dr_willis said, fresh installs are always safer, but after that, : sudo update-manager-core  ??00:19
ActionParsnipmrdigital: bad image then as  long as you are reading the right md5sum00:20
Dr_willisI never have figured out how you make the cd image boot and be able to checksum itself.. It you put a checksum file on the cd..  How did the checksum get calculated without that file being there in the first place00:20
ActionParsnipmrdigital: if its bad you gotta redownload00:20
geraldi dont want to clear my partition;/00:20
mrdigital24ea1163ea6c9f5dae77de8c49ee7c03 is that the right checksum00:20
DasEImrdigital: you get the correct sum from the place you d/l 'ed the iso from00:21
mrdigitalwhich is kubuntu.org00:21
ActionParsnipmrdigital: thats the ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso00:21
ActionParsnipmrdigital: not kubuntu00:21
mrdigitalcan someone point me to the right checksum00:22
ActionParsnipmrdigital: what filename do you have?00:22
ActionParsnipmrdigital: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes shows it as: 04a2c5c8f394175e6d6579e626995c7a00:24
mrdigitali dont have alternative00:24
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mrdigitalthats the one i hve00:25
mrdigitalthe checksum matches00:25
mrdigitalim trying 8.0400:25
mrdigitalif i dont use safe graphics00:26
mrdigitali get a purple box00:26
geraldwill i need to uninstall kubuntu when i have the new live cd?00:27
geraldDr_willis, i do this way: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades00:28
geraldUpgrading by changing sources and the command line00:28
geraldthats ok?00:28
philsfI don't know what I did, but now every event I create in kontact is a groupware event, with me as atendee and organizer. Disabling groupware in the korganizer preferences doesn't stop this behavior. How can I disable this?00:31
ActionParsnipmrdigital: what video card?00:31
ActionParsnipphilsf: i dont use it myself, good decription though, maybe someone else can help00:32
m_tadeuis it possi ble to get the external ip from my router?00:32
ActionParsnipphilsf: have you tried uninstalling with --purge and also removing all config for kontact (if this will not destroy data)00:33
philsfActionParsnip: I didn't. I assume It's a matter of my personal config, rather than the package's00:34
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: cd ~/; wget -q http://checkip.dyndns.org/; cat ~/index.html00:34
philsfam I m missing something?00:34
ActionParsnipphilsf: then reinstall it if you suspect the package00:34
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: you can use this script but just output the resulting ip: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-373963.html00:35
ruhaan_jsliphow do i create an adhoc network in kubuntu?00:35
mrdigitalGF 620000:35
Dr_willisgerald,  ive never done that task..   so i cant say.  Follow the docs and see I guess.00:36
ActionParsnipmrdigital: that card is hugely supported: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177 nvidia-settings nvidia-177-kernel-source; kdesudo nvidia-settings00:36
FisherPriceActionParsnip: but mrdigital can't get the livecd to boot00:37
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:37
ActionParsnipmrdigital: if you get a message about nvidia-xconfig, close the app and run: sudo nvidia-xconfig and restart x server, then rerun kdesudo nvidia-settings00:37
FisherPricemrdigital: can you get the livecd to boot with the "Safe Graphics" mode?00:37
ActionParsnipmrdigital: check ram for errors00:37
ActionParsnipmrdigital: also try disabling acpi and dma00:38
* cuznt disables himeself... no wait...00:39
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:39
mrdigitali solved graphics00:39
mrdigitalits the nvidia card00:39
mrdigitalworking fine off onboard00:39
m_tadeuActionParsnip: thanks00:40
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: np bro, its not graceful but it works ;)00:41
m_tadeuActionParsnip: I was hopping for a linux command :) but....it does the job00:41
stodgeI can't get sound to work under 8.04 - the correct driver (snd-usb-caiaq) is loaded, but it's not being used. If I select ALSA in system configuration, the sound server crashes. Selecting OSS does nothing. Any ideas?00:42
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: theres the full script which works to remove the extra gumf from the file00:42
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: the linux command will show the ip of the local interfaces00:42
m_tadeuActionParsnip: yup....I was hopping for an unknown harcore linux command, hehe00:44
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: you can use that stuff in the page and write it to a script, then run the script whenever you want to know the ip00:45
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: you could run the script but add a line to cat the file, then rm the file so it's like it never existed00:45
m_tadeuyes :) thanks00:47
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: will teach you some scripting shizz00:48
stodgeWhy is sound so hard to get working under linux and kde00:49
m_tadeuActionParsnip: I never deal very well with bash :P00:50
FisherPricebash is cool... much better than doss00:50
m_tadeuFisherPrice: too used to non-scripting languages, I guess00:51
ActionParsnipdos is pathetic in comparison00:51
FisherPriceI've dabbled in most00:51
ActionParsnipif you use windows and want power, install powershell00:51
ActionParsnippowershell is badass00:51
FisherPriceyeah the only way to get any power in windows dos is by 3rd party add-ons00:52
ActionParsnipwe use powershellat work to ask all our sql servers if their backups passed and rerun whatever hasnt passed00:52
faileaser... windows dos?00:53
ActionParsnipits powershell00:54
m_tadeustodge: what are you finding hard?00:54
ActionParsnippowershell > dos00:54
BluesKajmsdos maybe00:54
faileasFisherPrice: only cause linux is (in one aspect) designed around a terminal...00:54
faileasActionParsnip: i need to learn that at some point00:54
ActionParsnipfaileas: you wont regret it00:54
stodgem_tadeu: trying to get sound working on 8.04.00:54
faileasActionParsnip: i just need to find the time, oh, and to feel like using my windows box ;p00:55
ActionParsnipfaileas: theres a #powershell n freenode :)00:55
FisherPricefaileas: yes, from the ground up it's sorta based around the terminal as a gateway to the kernal00:55
FisherPricei guess00:55
faileasActionParsnip: i still need to use windows ;p00:55
ActionParsnipfaileas: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/powershell00:56
ActionParsnipfaileas: no need for windows :)00:56
faileas.... wha?00:56
m_tadeustodge: maybe you should try the #alsa for better info00:56
stodgemaybe I should00:56
ActionParsnipfaileas: no foolin00:56
faileasActionParsnip: lol. would it work with yakuake? ;p00:57
m_tadeuwhat's all about powershell?00:58
cuzntmy turtle has a powershell00:58
ActionParsnipfaileas: cant see why not, yakuake is the balls00:58
faileasm_tadeu: oh the windows version is a non retarded CLI with an awesome scripting language. apparently someone at ms decided to try catch up ;p00:58
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: its an awesome interface you can use to access and manipulate systems and remote systems too00:59
m_tadeugraphical or console?00:59
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: it can do anything on a system you can do locally, you can write a script to sequentially run through a text file of systems and run a certain command00:59
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: all console based01:00
m_tadeuso it's bash+ssh :D01:00
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: its excellent when you have several hundred thosand servers01:00
faileasActionParsnip: ;). can't live without it. actually its one reason why i prefer KDE over gnome01:00
ActionParsnipfaileas: i just luse cli loads and use kde so yakuake is a natural option01:00
ActionParsnipfaileas: if i used gnome id be all about tilda01:00
m_tadeuinstalling to check it out01:01
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: pretty much, we use it to check uptimes and read event viewer for issues matching a certain filter for a date range01:02
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: we also hit redgate with it to magage sql backups01:02
m_tadeubut you only need that on windows machines....? I mean...under linux it makes no advantage, right?01:03
stodge#alsa is dead01:03
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: it interfaces to windows for sure, not sure for linux servers01:04
m_tadeustodge: the guys might be asleep...or out for friday night fever :) leave the question...it'll probably be answerd latter01:04
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: you could easily script something similar without having to install powershell on the system running the script01:05
m_tadeustodge: have you googled for your sound card and ubuntu?01:05
ActionParsnipstodge: lspci will identify it01:06
stodgeIt's detected according to aplay -l01:06
stodgeand asoundconf list01:06
stodgeIt's the third device01:07
ActionParsnipis it muted?#01:07
m_tadeuahhh I recall that kde has a new sound config app01:08
ActionParsnipkmix ?01:08
ghostcubethis one has face detection biometric01:08
ghostcubeu cant open it withoiut fingerprint and face detection01:08
m_tadeusystemsettings -> multimedia01:08
ghostcubeups wron channel01:08
m_tadeustodge: what version of kde are you using?01:09
stodgeAlsa guys have responded.01:10
m_tadeucool...did it help?01:10
stodgeStill working it through01:11
stodgeThanks :)01:11
wesleyhow can i patch iso´s in linux using ppf patches01:14
cyberponixDoes anyone know why a network card would not work after an install of linux01:14
wesleyAcorrding the local pc seller, that would be because Linux is crap01:14
wesleyAnd under Windows works everthing01:14
wesleyAccording to him01:15
cyberponixwell that local pc deal is a dumbass01:15
cyberponixwinblows lol01:15
wesleyI know, i came there asking for a wlan stick01:15
wesleyMan ive problems patching my iso01:16
cyberponixlinksys work great with linux01:16
cyberponixbelkin works good too01:16
ActionParsnipwesley: your seller is ignorant01:16
wesleySometimes Ubuntu is stubborn, and even when you bug it they dont include the fix ( Talking about athreos 5007eg01:16
cyberponixi dunno what to tell you about the iso01:16
ActionParsnipmost linksys routers actually run a linux based OS01:17
wesleyActionParsnip i didnt buy it01:17
ActionParsnip!hcl | wesley01:17
ubottuwesley: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:17
Dr_williswesley, I would have to ask him why i have several Network cards that dotn work under wiondows... but then again.. hes just proven  that hes knows very little about things.01:17
cyberponixhey action... I finally got it installed!!!!01:17
ActionParsnipwesley: my netgear WG311T works out of the box01:17
wesleyDr_willis i don´t go that far agains old guys01:18
ActionParsnipcyberponix: got what installed?01:18
cyberponixthanx for your help01:18
wesleymy wlan works after installing madwifi 10.5.601:18
ActionParsnipcyberponix: sweet, wtg01:18
cyberponixon the acer you helped earlyier01:18
wesleyagain out of memory01:18
ActionParsnipcyberponix: was it the acpi thing?01:18
Dr_willisabout the onlyu network cards ive had issues with under linux were the 8139cp/8139too  ones. that often got confused and the wrong module got loaded for them..  and this One i got now - has some buggy drivers... of course Windows  couldent fiure out what driver to use either.01:18
* ActionParsnip hates acer greatly01:19
wesleyAcer isnt bad, but they arent great for hacking01:19
m_tadeutalking about athreos....yesterday I couldn't get kubuntu to work with an athreos 500101:19
wesleym_tadeu maby trying installing madwifi trunk 10.5.601:19
cyberponixno actually I had to run it in graphics safe mode 7.10 and still do the f6 and the xforcevesa01:19
cyberponixatheros .... oh yea my toshiba had that01:20
m_tadeuwifi would be the onlyy connection I could get at that moment01:20
cyberponixmadwifi is what you need01:20
wesleyI dont care if i have only wifi01:20
ActionParsnipcyberponix: well as long as you win its awesome01:20
m_tadeuwesley: I would have to get the sources....and I needed build-essentials and gcc to build it01:21
cyberponixI have not won just yet... I have no network connection .... however while winblows was installed it worked01:21
m_tadeuand all dependencies01:21
wesleyMan i hate bugging on the moment, because ive relation problems, i should just look for a hot chick from uk or russiAN01:21
wesleym_tadeu thats right, and then make sudo make install01:21
cyberponixwesley you need madwifi01:22
wesleymadwifi 10.5.6 do you need01:22
cyberponixthat how I got my atheros working01:22
wesleycyberponix, sometimes you need the trunk off madwifu01:22
wesleythats what i did, and i reported and even posted the source, but no still not in kubuntu01:22
PSiL0is there a list of DAPs that synch seamlessly with amarok?01:23
m_tadeuwesley: it was a fresh install....so build tools were not installed....couldn't build and couldn't get madwifi01:23
wesleybuild tools are on the live cd01:23
wesleyjust have to mark live cd as a source01:23
m_tadeuwesley: really? how idiot :S01:24
PSiL0nm http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Devices01:24
wesleym_tadeu, no thats good, if you only have wlan01:24
m_tadeuwesley: I meant....me, idiot....I tought it waas only on the repo and didn't even check the livecd01:25
wesleyi didnt know that always01:26
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wesleyman why does that patching need to be that hard01:28
wesleysomeone knows how it easy to patch iso´s with ppf patches01:30
cyberponixDoes anyone know why a network card would not work after an install of linux01:36
wesleybecause there are no driver included01:36
cyberponixThe devise is not even registering01:36
cyberponixi am getting very frusterated01:37
cyberponixeveryother install I have ever done went great... now this computer is being an ass01:37
HazaEvening again gents. Any recommendations on a GUI tool to convert .ogg to .swf ?01:40
BluesKajHaza, soundkonverter01:47
HazaBlueEagle: Cheers mate. I will check it out01:47
BluesKajHaza , not sure about swf ..what is that01:49
HazaBlueEagle: Its flash mate01:49
HazaMy .ogg's are video tutorials for open source BI01:50
BluesKajoh video?01:50
BluesKajsoundconverter is just audio01:50
HazaI need to convert them into swf to embed into webpages more easily01:50
Hazaaye.. just sound it looks like01:51
BluesKajok, I should have known , but I don't fool with flash or youtube stuff01:51
HazaBlueEagle: Neither do i. But i do create tutorials ;)01:51
cyberponixDoes anyone know why a network card would not work after an install of linux not device eth001:52
cyberponixnot = no01:53
KetrelHas anyone figured out anything about the problem with blank TTYs with nvidia drivers?01:54
wesleyif it not works you dont have the right driver01:54
BluesKajcyberponix, have you tried the knetworkmanager ?01:54
Ketrelwesley: if that was at me, that's not correct01:54
cyberponixits like its not even there01:54
ghostcubecyberponix, what card is this ? marvell based ?01:55
wesleyno was for cyber, ive had it with my wlan, downloading wrong drivers and stuff01:55
ghostcubenforce chipset ?01:55
cyberponixwould ndiswrapper hel?p01:55
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ghostcubewhats the board01:57
cyberponixethernet controller nvida corp unknown device 076001:58
cyberponixluckly I have more than one computer lol01:59
cyberponixNVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 motherboard01:59
m_tadeuhas someone checked what happens to kde4.2rc1 when you run open office writer?02:02
BluesKajcyberponix, lspci | grep Ethernet02:02
m_tadeuplasma goes totally bezerk02:03
cyberponixethernet controller: nvida corp unknown device 076002:04
andypls1guys my resolution is screwed02:04
andypls1and i can't fix it02:04
andypls1can anyone help me02:04
m_tadeudo you have a nvidia card?02:08
andypls1and i messed up something and i don't even know what i did wrong02:08
m_tadeudid you install the nvidia proprietary driver?02:08
stodgeHoly moly Firefox is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow02:08
cyberponixwhere do I get that?02:08
andypls1i installed apt-get install nvidia-glx-new02:09
cyberponixif I cant get the comp online?02:09
m_tadeutry to run nvidia-settings02:09
ghostcubevidia graphics driver for ethernet ?02:10
r2b2hello , im about to buy a tv card for my kubuntu 8.04 box02:11
ghostcubecyberponix, what distrie is this02:11
ghostcubebetter what kernel is this02:11
r2b2and im planning to buy this : http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=18&l2=83&l3=253&model=592&modelmenu=102:12
r2b2is it compatible?02:13
andypls1m_tadeu: its telling me that i am not using the Nvidia driver, and i have to edit the X cofiguration file02:13
m_tadeuandypls1: not yet02:13
m_tadeuwhat version of kubuntu are you using?02:14
m_tadeu7.10? :)02:14
m_tadeuyou should have a hardware driver utility02:15
andypls1yes i know02:15
andypls1and i am choosic nvidia 8 from the list02:15
m_tadeumaybe in the system menu02:15
andypls1its not doing anything02:15
cyberponixwhat do u mean ghost02:15
cyberponixkubuntu 7.10 the onl one I could get to install02:16
m_tadeuwell, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:17
m_tadeusearch for nv and replace with nvidia02:17
andypls1are you sure?02:19
r2b2hello , im about to buy a tv card for my kubuntu 8.04 box  and im planning to buy this : http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=18&l2=83&l3=253&model=592&modelmenu=1 ....my question is it compatible and supported?02:19
m_tadeuandypls1: if it doesn't load X, type sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change it back02:20
Dr_willisr2b2,  i would check the MythTV forums for recies of that card and see what others think of it.02:20
andypls1ok gimme some time02:20
Dr_willisfor reviews. :)02:20
SkEmOhow is it that if i run the kubuntu live cd it DOES detect my wireles car, but if i install it it doesent?02:21
mefisto__Haza: you still there?02:22
Hazamefisto__: Hello sir!02:22
mefisto__Haza: you trying to do video screen capture, right?02:22
HazaIndeed mate. I use Isyanbul02:23
SkEmOanyone has any idea?02:23
mefisto__Haza: you might want to try xvidcap. it can create swf or flv directly, so no need to convert anything02:23
Dr_willisSkEmO,  i would think its just a configurationissue then on theinstalled system02:24
Hazamefisto__: Its funny you say that... I already installed it a while back02:24
HazaI installed a couple of screen capturing software packages02:24
mefisto__me too02:24
* Haza loads it up to remind himself02:24
mefisto__istanbul is nice and easy, but xvidcap is more flexible02:25
HazaAhhh i remember this one. I can't remember why i decided not to use it...02:25
HazaGonna give it a test02:25
Hazaoh wait!02:25
HazaI remember02:25
Hazamefisto__: When i click the record button the application bombs out on me :)02:25
Hazareasons... unknown :)02:25
Hazamefisto__: Any thoughts?02:26
HazaI could even make you a video of what happens using Instanbul :D02:26
SkEmODr_willis: and how can i change it?02:27
mefisto__same problem here too Haza02:27
HighHoHaza: try lanching from konsole and see what it outputs when it crashs02:27
HazaHighHo: Okay mate. I'll give thata shot02:27
Hazamefisto__: You having the same problem?02:27
szrhawaiiDr_willis can you help me with a problem not sure if you ran across this yet02:30
szrhawaiiI downloaded some packages then when i restart my computer it says panel error and runs my stuff in gnome setting instead of kde02:30
HazaHighHo: "Segmentation fault"  <--- error message02:31
HazaYour guess is as good as mine02:31
HazaIm used to large error logs ;)02:31
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:31
=== nicolas is now known as Bou
Dr_willisall i do for wireless on my system is install the b43-fwcutter package and then use the icons in the panel.. enter ssid/password and away i go02:33
mefisto__Haza: do you need audio? if I disable audio capture it works02:34
HighHoHaza: are you using kde4 or kde3?02:34
andypls1m_tadeu: are u there?02:34
HazaHighHo: umm, might seem like a silly question.. but i cannot remember02:35
HazaHow do i find out? :)02:35
HazaI installed this system 6+ months ago at least02:35
m_tadeuandypls1: i'm here02:36
andypls1m_tadeu: i'll tell you in a minute ok02:36
HighHoHaza: its probably kde3, but you can check by opening a kde application, clicking help and then "about kde"02:36
HazaHighHo: 3.5.1002:37
Hazamefisto__: How did you disable sound?02:37
mefisto__Haza: right-click the button on the left to get to preferences02:38
HazaI did that aye02:38
mefisto__Haza: go to multi-frame tab and switch "enable audio" off02:38
mefisto__Haza: also make sure the file you're creating is being saved somewhere in your home dir or desktop (where you have write permission)02:39
mefisto__Haza: and give the file a swf extension if you want swf02:40
Hazamefisto__: Right. Just testing02:40
SkEmOim doing the b43-fwcutter thing02:41
SkEmOwhat after?02:41
Hazamefisto__: Can you play the vidio directly afte you hit the stop button?02:42
mefisto__Haza: yes, it plays it in mplayer02:42
mefisto__not working for you?02:43
HazaMy output test.* files are okb's big =/02:43
HazaI could just do what ive been doing so far of course... tell people to either install linix or download VLC to play my video's02:44
HazaBoth decent suggestions :D02:44
BluesKajwell VLC works on most OS's anyway02:48
HazaBlueEagle: Exactly!02:49
cyberponixOk I have searched and searched... I need help to find and get my ethernet working fresh install brand new computer02:49
cyberponixNVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 motherboard02:50
* Haza waits for the next installment of cyberponix's question...02:51
cyberponixwhat more info do u need?02:51
HazaThats all i need.02:52
HighHocyberponix: are you saying the ethernet port is not detected?02:52
* Haza goes to check his crystal ball02:52
SkEmOi installed the b43-fwcutter02:52
SkEmObut, what icons?02:52
m_tadeuandypls1: how things worked out?02:52
SkEmOwhat screen you talk about Dr_willis?02:52
HighHocyberponix: open a konsole window and type "ifconfig"02:53
SkEmOi open the hardware device manager02:53
SkEmOand the driver for the wireless card is detected02:53
SkEmOnow what do i do to make it appear on my taskbar?02:53
andypls1m_tadeu: i am still trying :(02:53
m_tadeunvidia driver doesn't work?02:55
Dr_willisdid you tell the hardware devief manager to install the driver SkEmO ?02:55
SkEmOno, i did the b43-fwcutter and it got recognized02:55
cyberponixthe paste link?02:55
andypls1when i run nvedia-settings, it's saying that i am not using nvidia x driver , and i should run nvidia-xconfig02:56
andypls1and when i do that, the output i get is:02:56
andypls1Using X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".02:56
andypls1VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.02:56
SkEmODr_willis:  how do i do that?02:56
andypls1                  Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver02:56
andypls1                  line.02:56
andypls1Backed up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'02:56
andypls1New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'02:56
cyberponixthe paste link?02:56
Dr_willisUse that  Hardware Decvice Manager tool and click Install - or somthing like that...02:56
Dr_williskdesudo jockey-kde  , select item.. click activate02:57
HighHoandypls1: you now need to restart the X server02:57
SkEmOwell it only says : component name / enabled / in use02:57
cyberponixHighHo where do I paste the results?02:57
HighHoandypls1: logout and press ctrl + alt + backspace02:58
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:58
SkEmOok done Dr_willis02:58
SkEmOshould i restart?02:59
cyberponixthnx posting shortly02:59
szrhawaiihey does anyone know of a program that converts avi files to playable dvds02:59
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:59
andypls1i have already done that...02:59
alipioszrhawaii: mandvd03:00
szrhawaiialipio does that come with a gui interface or is that through terminal03:00
HighHoandypls1: check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:00
HighHofor some reason it must not be loading the driver03:01
szrhawaiiits not in my repo do you know the source for it or where to go for the repo03:01
andypls1HighHo: http://pastebin.com/m30439a5b03:01
Dr_willisSkEmO,  sure why not.. :)03:01
m_tadeuandypls1: lets try another thing....run sudo nvidia-xconfig03:01
m_tadeuandypls1: but 1st03:01
m_tadeuandypls1: make a backup of /etx/X11/xorg.conf03:02
HighHoandypls1: that all looks fine03:02
SkEmOlets see03:02
cyberponixHighHo http://paste.ubuntu.com/105774/03:02
andypls1i just don't understand how i am getting a high resolution now03:03
andypls1and i am not using the nvidia x driver!03:03
HighHoandypls1:  can you paste the output from this file to pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:04
r2b2hello, how can i make my tv tuner to work03:04
r2b2a friend of mine gave me pixelview tv tuner and i plug it in the pci slot03:04
r2b2this is my first time to such thing03:04
Dr_willisI would google to see if that thing even has any linux support03:05
Dr_willisif it does - then there are tv tuner programs to try with it.03:05
SkEmODr_willis:  i better not, i opened the network settings on my system settings and  under network interfaces it only appears the la, but not the wireless03:05
Dr_willisxawtv perhaps is one/03:05
Dr_willisSkEmO,  you mean 'lo' ?03:05
SkEmOlan, sorry03:05
HighHocyberponix: try running in konsole "sudo lshw -C network"03:05
r2b2Dr_willis : ok - if it is supported, no drivers required?03:05
andypls1it's huge...03:06
SkEmOit says interface Eth003:06
Dr_willisr2b2,  should work..  but some tuners can be tricky. :)   if you are lucky03:06
r2b2Dr_willis , i will try xawtv -it would be amazing if the tuner works out of the box !03:06
Dr_willisr2b2,  mine basicially did.. but i reserached it first03:07
Dr_willisI used MythTV for a long time03:07
r2b2so what is your tv tuner brand?03:07
Dr_willishaupage pvr15003:07
HighHoandypls1: that seems to suggest that the X is not yet using the new config03:08
HighHoit hasent even tryed to call the nvidia driver in the log03:08
andypls1gimme a sec03:08
cyberponixHighHo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105775/03:09
andypls1HighHo: i changed "nvidia" to "nv" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:10
andypls1and i am rebooting now03:10
Dr_willis"Super Linux Powers Activate!"03:11
tweakedehIs their any other spot I can view the history of the commands used on my comptuer other then /home/user/.bash_history03:11
r2b2Dr_willis, here is the output of lspci : http://pastie.org/36307803:11
Dr_willistweakedeh,  not really03:11
tweakedehAny way I can view what was recently downloaded?03:12
Dr_willisr2b2,  so its a   Conexant CX23880/1/2/3 PC03:12
r2b2what are the other things to try?03:12
Dr_willistweakedeh,  downloadd by what?03:12
Dr_willisr2b2,  i just use mythtv..but it may be over kill.03:12
Dr_willisapt sabves its packages in /var/cache/apt03:13
r2b2installing mythv now03:13
cyberponixHighHo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105775/03:13
Dr_willisr2b2,  MythTV is proberly VASTLY over kill for just watching tv.03:13
tweakedehDr_willis: Thanks.03:14
HighHocyberponix: try running "sudo modprobe forcedeth"03:14
Dr_willisr2b2,  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/tv-card-based-on-conexant-cx23880-woes-424552/03:15
HighHocyberponix: then try running "ifconfig" again03:16
r2b2Dr_willis : im looking at it right now03:16
cyberponixFATAL: Model forcedeth not found03:16
HighHocyberponix: what version of kubuntu are you running (this is normally included in the kernel)03:17
cyberponix 7.1003:18
andypls1  in System->Hardware Drivers Manager, the Nvidia Card is not Enabled. When  i enable it and restart, the x server can not start03:18
m_tadeuif I want to snif skype communications what would I use?03:18
cyberponixhowever nvidia-kernel-2.6.18-6-486_1.0.8776+6etch2_i386 is my kernel03:18
HighHothats just for graphics03:19
tweakedehPossable to kick a SSH user off ubuntu?03:19
cyberponixok... but I do need it correct?03:19
HighHocyberponix: if you run apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade, are there any kernel upgrades for you?03:20
HighHocyberponix: if you use nvidia graphics you will want to keep it03:20
=== JulCes_ is now known as JulCes
cyberponixI have no net conection at all I am using to computers this one has net03:20
cyberponixthe one I want to fix has no net I am using a thumb drive to transfer everthing03:21
m_tadeuandypls1: do you need to use 7.10?03:21
The_Ztweakedeh: why not kill the TTY they're on? It will respawn..03:21
m_tadeuI think you could give 8.10 a try ;)03:21
cyberponixEverything almost in the other computer is nvida03:22
andypls1i'll reboot again now!03:22
tweakedehThe_Z: I'm new to Linux and not sure what TTY is.03:23
m_tadeuok....see ya soon03:23
m_tadeuhow can I spy tcp/ip communications?03:23
The_Ztweak.. each user that logs on has a tty, or terminal... you can do a "who" to see who is online, and by what  means they are logged in...03:24
HighHocyberponix: did the issue occur after a fresh install03:24
The_Ztweak: you can also use "finger", etc... check the man pages for those, btu it is easier to just try in a shell/terminal yourself.03:24
tweakedehThe_Z:...he made a new user.. nice03:24
cyberponixyes with vista it worked fine...03:25
tweaki don't want to use finger03:25
The_Ztweak: you also have userdel, or deluser if someone has made a user.. but why did they have permissions to do so?03:25
The_Ztweak: I have he feeling you aren't telling everything... :)03:26
tweakedehI Have a hidden user on my computer, How do I see what it's doing?!03:26
HighHocyberponix: Im not sure why the forcedeth driver is not included in 7.10, but i belive that this is probably the issue. If you can it would be best to upgrade to intrepid or hardy03:27
The_Ztweak: on linux, there isn't any such thing as a "hidden user"..03:27
The_Ztweak: you can see all of them.03:27
The_Ztweak: when you do a "who -u" do you see the user?03:27
* SkEmO sighs03:27
cyberponixIf I can find forcedeth and get it to the other comp what will it do?>03:28
SkEmODr_willis:  nope, the wireless still doesent work03:28
The_Ztweak: you can also look at files where someone logging in is noticed, like "tail -f /var/log/auth.log"03:29
HighHocyberponix: Its the driver that most nvidia network cards use, the module needs to be loaded before the card will work03:29
The_Ztweak: but why not just delete the accounts, reduce their priveleges, or, or, ... How on earth are you just starting on/in linux and have unwanted guests on your server? How did they get in in the first place??03:30
andypls1so how do i update to 8.11 with adept manager?03:32
Administrator_I just upgraded using the auto upgrade... and now I have no KDE, no Gnome... NOTHING03:33
=== Administrator_ is now known as Redsonja
=== Redsonja is now known as Dammit
muylaertfala ai galera03:34
muylaertalgum brasileiro na area03:34
=== Dammit is now known as dammitalltojeck
dammitalltojeckHelp please??????03:35
HighHodammitalltojeck: I assume you have consol access?03:36
tweakwith what?03:37
dammitalltojeckI just upgraded using the auto upgrade... and now I have no KDE, no Gnome... NOTHING\03:37
andypls1dammitalltojeck: are you on irc from you console ;) ?03:38
n3m0dammitalltojeck: well if you have internet the type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:38
dammitalltojeckandypls1, no... Windows03:38
andypls1ok sorry03:38
n3m0dammitalltojeck: what did you upgrade to interpid?03:39
r2b2ok- i've tried tvtime, mythtv, xawtv and its not working03:39
r2b2are there any workaround installing this  : http://pastie.org/36307803:40
dammitalltojeckAnd I tried the whole apt get... failed. Somehow my bro just got it up but of course hes an asshole and wont tell me how03:40
dammitalltojeckSo sorry for wasting your time.03:40
n3m0well if you in a console on that box try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:41
n3m0that is if you have gnome installed03:41
n3m0i cant tell how to help you03:42
r2b2here is output of my lsmod : http://pastie.org/36308403:43
jason_anyone feel that 8.10 is worth it?03:45
dammitalltojeckNo cause when I did it fucked up my entire install03:46
jason_im running 8.4 right now myself pretty happy with it03:47
tweakok i'm running google earth but the graphics are all garbled on the actual earth. the menu's look fine though. i know this pc can run it.... it's works great under XP.. but i'm trying to get rid of xp! help please? ubuntu 8.1003:47
dammitalltojeckWish I would have left it alone and stayed w 8.0403:47
jason_cant you revert back?03:47
dammitalltojeckI suppose, but its taken hours to go to 8.10, and Im freaking pissed because of it.  I thought Linux was "better" than windows.03:48
jason_i did duel booting for a while03:49
dammitalltojeckThats whats on my lappy.03:49
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:50
dammitalltojeckThe reason why I CANT switch to linux is how complicated it is.03:50
dammitalltojeckWell at least SOMETHING is family friendly. Cause linux sure isn't.03:51
jason_ill second that03:51
dammitalltojeckI cant even get my VPN client INSTALLED on Linux03:51
geniidammitalltojeck: Linux is a harsh mistress03:52
jason_very much so03:52
cyberponixis there anyother driver other than forcedeth to get an nvidia ethernet card working03:52
dammitalltojeckgenii, yeah at least Windows is easy03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lan03:53
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:53
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up03:53
dammitalltojeckAnd now my wireless card wont work with linux... AAAAAARRRRRRGHH!03:53
cyberponixSkEmo thnx but done all that already03:53
SkEmOthat was for me03:54
SkEmOi ca make knetworkmanager  detects my wireless card03:54
cyberponixhave u tried madwifi?03:55
geniiSkEmO: Does ifconfig see it?03:55
tweakok i'm running google earth but the graphics are all garbled on the actual earth. the menu's look fine though. i know this pc can run it.... it's works great under XP.. but i'm trying to get rid of xp! help please?03:55
genii!es | tomas__03:56
ubottutomas__: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:56
neoTheCatgood evening EST.  i installed kde4 rc2, and it is really amazing, looks beautiful.  i am running it on a pretty good machine.  the only problem is when i run "Urban Terror", it runs considerably slower than when i run it under other  desktops.03:57
neoTheCatis there anything i can do increase it's performance under kde4 rc2?03:58
SkEmOgenii:  well, it says this :03:59
tweakanother question.... how can I make it so my mounted partitions of hard drive do not appear on the desktop?03:59
geniiSkEmO: If more than a couple lines, use pastebin please03:59
geniiSkEmO: reading04:05
geniiSkEmO: Can you pastebin output of lspci and lsusb please04:06
SkEmOok, sec04:07
SkEmOhttp://pastebin.com/m140c2400 thats Lspci04:07
cyberponixis there anyother driver other than forcedeth to get an nvidia ethernet card working04:07
marcovsk0i, gente. alguem fala português?04:07
genii!pt | marcovsk04:08
ubottumarcovsk: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:08
SkEmOBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000004:08
SkEmOBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000004:08
SkEmOBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000004:08
marcovskhi, genii04:08
geniimarcovsk: eg: /join #ubuntu-pt04:08
geniiSkEmO: Please. Don't paste here but use the pastebin service04:08
marcovski didnt understand, genii04:08
SkEmOoh, sorry04:09
SkEmOwell my wifi card is PCI04:09
SkEmOnot USb04:09
SkEmOhttp://pastebin.com/m140c2400 <-------thats Lspci04:09
geniimarcovsk: Para receber o auxílio no português faça por favor /join #ubuntu-pt04:10
geniiSkEmO: The result above seems to be all vendor:device codes 0000:0000 which is weird04:11
=== snake_ is now known as albuntu
SkEmOgenii:  on usb?04:11
geniimarcovsk:   /join #ubuntu-pt04:11
geniiSkEmO: Reading your lspci paste, 1 minute04:12
geniiSkEmO: does command:  lsmod|grep r8169             produce a result?04:13
SkEmOlemme see04:15
SkEmOr8169                  36612  004:16
SkEmOit produces that genii04:16
cyberponixcan an rpm ever be used with deb?04:17
geniiSkEmO: OK. So add into the file /etc/network/interfaces    2 lines:     auto wlan0             and: iface wlan0 inet dhcp                by: alt-f2     then    kdesu kate /etc/network/interfaces04:18
Name141Is it possible to still download the 8.04 , the LTS versions ?04:19
Name141Or request a shipit04:19
geniiSkEmO: Then:  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up04:19
geniiName141: Certainly04:19
Name141genii: where would I find that04:19
tweakanyone know how to update or tweak video drivers?04:19
Name141I have issues with the newer one04:19
geniiName141: look in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/04:20
Name141All I am seeing is the DVD ISO04:21
SkEmOgenii:  done04:21
SkEmOwhat now?04:21
Name141What's the difference in the (now scratched) CD and the DVD versions?04:22
geniiSkEmO: Does ifconfig report that interface now?04:22
SkEmOit only shows eth0 and lo04:22
tweakanyone know how to update or tweak video drivers?04:23
geniiSkEmO: You did the: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up                   ?04:23
geniiSkEmO: If it did not bring up the interface, what error reported?04:24
SkEmOgenii:  it says this : wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device04:24
geniiSkEmO: OK , thats informative at least04:25
geniiMy battery will die soon04:25
genii~20 mins likely. The charge indicator isn't very accurate04:25
SkEmOok, thanks anyway genii04:26
dpeachIs OpenOffice.org 3.0 part of the official Hardy packages yet?04:30
dpeachOr, where do I go to look and see if OOo 3.0 is part of the official Hardy packages?04:30
darkdelusionsAnyone know if there is a pandora plasmid?04:33
=== ubuntu is now known as darkguy
bazhangdpeach, no its not04:40
dpeachthank you bazhang. I have it installed, but it is being quirky. I will pop it out and get back to the 2.4.04:41
bazhangdpeach, nor for intrepid04:41
bazhangdpeach, though there is a ppa available, ymmv04:41
dpeachreally? Wow! I guess I am glad I am holding out for the next obscure animal coming out in April.04:42
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.04:42
* dpeach hates the names. What was wrong with numbers that made sense? :-)04:43
tweakanyone using ubuntu 8.10? you see the icon beside applications at the top? how do I change it?04:45
tweakanyone good with graphics problems?04:46
bazhangtweak, ubuntu or kubuntu04:46
bazhangtweak, why are you cross-posting? the same helpers are in both channels04:47
tweako. I didn't know that04:47
pkodonOh, the channel finally showed up.04:47
bazhanggnome-look.org for themes tweak04:47
pkodonThis isn't a kubuntu question, per se, but it's an ubuntu question, shouldn't matter which UI I'm using.04:48
pkodonOkay, I have this little 6G drive I want to put some sstuff I downloaded on, so I can put it in my Win98SE machine and have the stuff available to Windows on that machine. I created a FAT32 partition using the entire disk space. I created a /media/PC1 directory as a mountpoint for it, but when I go into a root shell and try to mount it, using "mount -t fat32 /dev/sdc1 /media/PC1", I'm told there's no such file system as "fat32".04:48
darkguytry vfat, fat or msdos04:49
alberto_general shortcuts arent working in kde 4.1. where do i modify them?04:49
pkodondarkguy: Will that recognize the fat32 partition?04:50
darkguypkodon: yeah, as far as I know, for fat32 partitions you should use vfat04:50
darkguyas there's no thing as fat32 if I recall correctly04:50
pkodonOkay, I'll try it, BRB.04:50
darkguyin linux anyways04:50
darkguygood luck04:50
pkodonWell, there's a kernel module called mkfsfat32 or something like that.04:51
SkEmOwhat can i use to compile?04:51
darkguythat must be new :P04:51
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:51
mike1980well no one could help in Ubuntu so I will try here. I can not burn to dvd media faster the 4x the disk is up to 16 times and drive is 32 times. I have tryed cdrecord and growisofs with many brands of disk media with no luck05:00
dpeachmike1980: I have always used K3B with great success. Can you install that and give it a try?05:02
mike1980dpeach: nope I have no desktop(kde etc)05:03
dpeachoh, well then you are way out of my skill set.05:03
pkodondarkguy: Okahy, I got it to mount, but now it is read-only unless you're root.05:03
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!05:04
mike1980ya some people have reported the same problem but no one knows05:04
mike1980https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+bug/31709 I don't want to swtich distro's if I can help it05:05
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems05:05
darkguypkodon: oh sorry, was afk05:07
darkguypkodon: Hmm I don't really know how to solve that, when I used to use NTFS partitions I added -o ro,umask=000, but I assume you can change that for rw05:08
=== wweng is now known as hubar
darkguystill, I don't know if that would work on fat32 or not05:08
hubarHow do you move widgets that are on your bottom panel?05:09
hubarFor KDE 4.105:09
hubarI just installed it from ubuntu repository.05:09
pkodondarkguy: Well, I have an xubuntu offshoot called PC/OS, and there's a tool in the system menu to mount NTFS drives, but nothing for other file systems.05:10
darkguypkodon: :( I'm afraid I don't have experience in that topic, but, did you try the -o line that I suggested ?05:11
p4c0I have a small problem, I installed ubuntu server from cdrom, but I want graphic interface, problem is my net is to slow... i have the non server version of ubuntu, but can't manage to use that cd to install it05:11
pkodonIs there an "unmount" command?05:11
Dr_willisp4c0,  the alterneticve installer cd. you could...05:11
Dr_willispkodon,  theres no N in 'umount' :) for Unmounting stuff05:12
p4c0I have commented all the line in my source.list, I ran apt-cdrom add, but it keep saying package not found05:12
Dr_willisp4c0,  alternative cd - i belive cdn be used.. the live-desktop cd cant be used in such a way05:12
p4c0Dr_willis: i have found others with the same problem, but no good replies on google05:12
darkguypkodon: umount05:12
p4c0Dr_willis: hmmm maybe that's why05:12
p4c0Dr_willis: where can I get the alterneticve installer cd?05:13
Dr_willisALternative cd is same download sites as the normal cd's05:13
p4c0Dr_willis: i only have the ubuntu server and the intrepid05:13
Dr_willisThere are at least '3' cd's that i know of.. the Live/desktop, the Alternative, and the Server.05:14
hubarAnyone knows?05:15
Dr_willisYou would proberly be better off just using  the apt-get stuff to download what you need.05:15
hubarHow do you move widgets that are on your bottom panel? for KDE4.105:15
DasEIp4c0: right side od d/l page, at torrents and so on05:15
Dr_willishubar,  use the cashew to unlock the panel.05:15
Dr_willisthenadjust the gizmos then lock it back05:15
hubarDr_willis: cashew? What is that?05:15
pkodonDr_willis: Thanks, I'm going to look at these mount options and see if there's some way to make it R/W when I use mount.05:15
Dr_willisLittel Cashew shaped icon at the side of the panel05:16
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hubarHow do you configure kde4 to use konqeror as default web browser?05:32
hubarRight now, it is using my GNOME setting, use epiphany as default browser.05:33
PeoplesAdvocateHey im trying to set up a printer in kubuntu using kde 4.105:35
snarksterdoes anyone know anything about atheros chipsets?05:36
PeoplesAdvocatelittle, why?05:37
PeoplesAdvocatesnarkster: what you trying to do?05:38
snarksterPeoplesAdvocate: I bought this new laptop with atheros wifi and I cant seem to get it working05:47
snarksterthis usb thing i have isnt cutting it.05:47
PeoplesAdvocatehave you tried installing the madwifi drivers?05:51
snarksterrestricted stuff is installed05:57
snarksterit finds the device just wont use it05:57
hubarsnarkster: I use ndiswrapper.06:05
hubarThere are some serious breakages with my driver and wifi device. I had to use ndiswrapper.06:05
NGL-Jabrroahi i4dm99 how are you?06:26
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lovrehi all06:37
lovrei cant watch a dvd movie with kaffeine, it  shows this error: This DVD Video is encrypted.  To be able to watch it you will need to install libdvdcss............. I do what it says, but then it just shows the same error again. i cant get it to work. any ideas?06:38
solid_liqlovre: make sure in preferences that it has scanned for libdvdcss and found it06:39
lovre solid_liq:not sure how to check that.06:42
lovresolid_liq: there is an option dvd.css_decryption_method, and its set to "key". is that ok?06:43
lovrenow  i insert DVD, and it doesnt respond, its not recognised in "Devices", and i cant get it out!!!!!06:45
FirefisheI'm using 8.10 & kde 4.2 b2. Having a problem with my dvd drive.  I put a dvd in, try to open it with dolphin, and now I don't have any access whatsoever to the dvd drive from any application.06:59
FirefisheCan't eject it, can't mount it, can't unmount it06:59
Dr_willischeck dmesg commnand.. see if it gives a clue07:01
Dr_willisotherwise.. it may be safest to reboot and eject it07:01
FirefisheDr_willis:  Been there, rebooted already.07:02
Firefishemay have to reboot again ;) *sigh*07:02
Dr_willisreboot hit the eject button as it powers up07:03
Dr_williscould be the drive is stuck07:03
Dr_willisreboot hit the eject button with your shoe as it powers up07:03
Firefishestuck in what way, though?07:03
Dr_willisMechanically stuck07:03
Firefishebrand new dvd07:03
Dr_willischewing gume in the bay.07:03
Dr_willisbrand new disk or drive?07:03
Firefishepractically both07:03
Firefishenothing in the drive bay, it's a laptop.07:03
Dr_willisI have had optical drives with mecahinal issues where they get stuck07:03
Firefisheclean as a whistle07:04
Dr_willislaptop - one of those spring loaded ones then eh.07:04
Firefisheyes, but the eject button won't even work.  Soft-eject won't work07:04
Dr_willisthere is that little paperclip hole also.07:04
Firefisheno paper clips in sight07:04
Dr_willisTime to order one off the internet.07:04
Dr_willisHair pin.07:04
FirefisheI know I'm not being very proactive here.  Every time I think of this, I never remember it.  Paper clip boxes are cheap, too.  Time to hit Staples tomorrow, I'm tired of this.07:05
FirefisheIs there any way to force-soft-eject a drive that's become inactive?07:05
* faileas has gem clips for that07:05
FirefisheWould an encrypted dvd of newer origin have some type of 'anti linux'07:06
Firefishetype of system?07:06
Dr_willisI doubt it07:06
Dr_willisnext time ya pop it in.. use DD to make an image of the dvd disk to the HD.. then play the image..07:07
FirefisheWell, I was using k3b07:07
Dr_willisk3b to do what?07:07
FirefisheI'll have to 'man dd' as I've never used it.07:07
Firefisheor DD07:07
Firefishewhich is it/07:07
Dr_willis!info dvdrip07:07
ubottudvdrip (source: dvdrip): perl front end for transcode. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:0.98.6-0.0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1083 kB, installed size 2588 kB07:07
Firefishedownloading now07:09
Firefisheis there a gui front end?07:09
Dr_willisdvdrip converts the dvd video to a .avi file :) which is fun07:09
Dr_willisit is a front end.07:09
Dr_willisperl front end for transcode.07:09
Firefishehow long does that take?  I really just want to make a dvd .iso and then re-burn it to another dvd07:10
FirefisheI'll raw-copy it if necessary.07:10
Dr_willislike so many things under linux 'it depends'07:10
Dr_willisraw copy may or may not work.. depending on the disk07:10
Dr_willis!info k9copy07:10
ubottuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.0.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1349 kB, installed size 3024 kB07:10
Firefisheblast it, I'm going to have to reboot just to get the dvd out of there.  brb07:14
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FirefisheDr_willis:  hi gain, dr. :)  Well, to get around this--and I'm only guessing this is why it's working here--I set my bios to compatible mode (I've had problems with the dvd drive before due to this), rebooted, and in k3b, set it to ignore read errors.  It's nicely copying to an .iso file as I type this.  Hopefully, with no problems.07:32
Dr_williscompatible mode07:32
Dr_willis Whats that?07:32
FirefisheEnhanced vs Compatible07:33
Dr_williscant say that ive ever heard of those modes befor for optical  media/devices.07:33
Dr_willisonly for Parrellel Ports.. AGES ago. :)07:33
FirefisheThis has to do with some of the newer hard drives.  And perhaps that's true for the dvd drive directly, but the dvd still has to be copied to and read by the hd.  Anyway, it's working.07:34
Firefisheenhanced sata or pata or something like that.07:34
FirefisheI don't really know specifically07:34
FirefisheThe weird part is, I tried to copy it once, and I had to cancel it.  I then--from within the k3b file browser dialog--selected the drive, and it actually read it.  Then I tried the copy command again, and now it's working.  I'm wondering what's telling what that something is mounted or there or what.07:35
FirefisheOr what would cause the drive to just up and not work...it's not jammed.07:36
FirefisheQuite frankly, I"m not overly impressed with the dvd burner in this thing.  I'd like to swap it out for another, but laptops are so specific as to hardware.  It's also lightscribe, but that's not a major thing, I'd rather have something accurate and fast.07:37
Firefisheworks fine on the vista64 side, but that's another story07:37
Dr_willisPlus you dont watn to see the Cost....07:37
Firefishethey're not overly heavy, unless you go to the blu-ray burner07:38
Dr_willisive had dvd videos that refused to play properly on windows.. but they did under linux07:38
Firefishe600 plus for htat beast07:38
FirefisheDr_willis:  Isn't that weird?  Go fig.07:38
Dr_willisIt crashed 3 different windows laptops using Windows Media player at exact same spot...07:38
Dr_willisLinux played it whtouht a hitch07:38
Dr_willisthis was a legal  Starwars  DVD. :)07:39
FirefisheSure is reading the thing slow07:39
FirefisheWell, all I have on vista is windows media player.  Didn't even come with a nice, tight dvd viewer package.  It's a gaming system, anyway.07:39
Dr_willisI use gmplayer and vlc on windows also.07:40
Firefishe9700m gt nvidia..which makes eve online look very nice :)07:40
Dr_willisOr i set up GeeXbox and use it to make a fast-booting-video player system07:40
Firefishewhat is geexbox?07:40
Dr_willisa MediaPlayer MiniDisrto07:40
FirefisheIs there a usb-drive version?07:41
Dr_willisit recantly came out with a feature sort of like Wubi/ubuntu where you can isntall it as an 'application' under windows.. or you can use it on a bootable thimbdrive07:41
Dr_willisor on a cd07:41
Dr_willisor you can install it to HD and make ubuntub oot it - if you wanted07:41
FirefisheWell, I wouldn't mind using it on windows, to see how it integrates with the system while win is running.  I still need a better dvd-decoder.07:41
Firefisheon hd?07:42
Dr_willisIt dosent interfrate with the system while windows is runnng07:42
FirefisheDoes it need a separate partition?07:42
Dr_willisit is its own little mini disrto07:42
Dr_willisYou can install it  like wubi and have it instaleld without a pariottion07:42
Firefisheoh,  you mean you can run it from within a windows sub-directory if you want?07:42
FirefisheI follow now07:42
Dr_willisit boots  to geexbox. or windows. :)07:43
faileaswubi basically gets grub to load a dosk image07:43
Dr_willisYep. exactly faileas  - GeeXbox has that feature now07:43
Dr_willisMediaPlayer Mini Disrto07:43
faileasi mean what's that ;p07:43
FirefisheI'm going to look it up.07:43
Dr_willismini thumb drive with GeexBox + laptop = media player :)07:43
Firefishealthough I do not see why kubuntu shouldn't be able to do the same thing.  I use the laptop regularly between 8.10/kde and vista.  I need vista for some things, ubuntu for others.07:44
faileassounds like something worth messing with ;p07:44
Firefishecsound, for example ;)07:44
FirefisheI've installed the entire ubuntu-studio07:44
FirefisheI'm going to turn this into a laptop soft-synth workstation07:44
elwoodgood morning07:44
FirefisheGotta find a usb-to-midi adapter that will work with ubuntu07:45
Firefisheand probably interface with Jack07:45
Firefishethought it's weird.  You can't run everything at once.  Some soft-synths rely on jack, others don't.07:45
faileasnice timing, i hosed my win2k/xp box ;p07:45
FirefisheI've nixxed  my win installations in favor of linux before07:46
FirefisheActually, the g50v has a 2nd hard drive bay.  Asus's online store is out of the brackets, though, and have been since before December.  I'm not overly impressed.07:47
FirefisheI'd much prefer to have ubuntu on a separate h/d altogether.07:47
FirefisheI have been able to boot Slax on a usb stick, though.  Kind of limited.07:47
faileasFirefishe: oh this is an old box, totally used for videos- a disk imaging software caused some wierdness, and i think i blew up the bootloader ;p07:50
Firefishewell, you could reinstall grub, but if it needs repair--and you wont' lose any of your videos, then I'd just re do it07:51
faileas19 MB?07:52
elwoodis konqueror usable without installing firefox?07:52
faileasFirefishe: none of the videos are on the box07:52
Firefishewhat I enjoy about ubuntu, is the way the failsafe-boot works.  I'm able to select fsck from an ncurses type menu during failsafe, and that is nice.07:52
faileaselwood: yes07:52
Firefishekonqueror is kde07:52
Firefishekonqueror is kde's web browser/file manager07:52
faileasFirefishe: oh, this is the unique kinda messup you need experience and stupidity in equal measure to do ;p07:52
Firefishedolphin notwithstanding07:52
Firefishefaileas:  LOL  Been there.07:52
FirefisheI think I had six re-installs in one day one time.  I forget the distro/hardware.07:53
elwoodwell, it seems to be faster and lighter than ffox, hope it works with all sites :)07:53
faileasFirefishe: ironically, it started with me trying to image the system with ping ;p07:53
Firefisheelwood...konqueror is it's own animal.  Flash and Java behave differently with it, so I'd start looking over the forums and all the instructions and options for koqueror if you want it to be your primary browser.  I prefer firefox.07:54
elwoodFirefishe: thanks, i'll give it a try07:55
Firefishenp elwood07:56
Firefishefaileas:  You can image a system with ping??07:56
FirefisheI thought ping was a network specific thing.07:56
faileasFirefishe: Partimage is not ghost07:56
faileasgood documentation, but i don't seem to have luck with disk imaging software XD07:56
Firefisheoh...Ping vs ping ??07:56
Firefishefaileas:  And I don't have any experience with it, either.07:57
Firefisheghosting drives, I mean07:57
FirefisheWell, the dvd is copied as an .iso.  Now let's see if xine will play it07:57
faileasFirefishe: ya ;p. been trying a few.... still haven't gotten one that works for me ;p07:58
Dr_willisI tend to play .iso files in vlc or mplayer07:59
FirefisheDr_willis:  I have vlc.  Still, I find that, overall, xine-ui (slaved to xine, when the xine-ui package is installed), overall.07:59
FirefisheI'll try vlc, however, that's a tight package.08:00
Dr_willisim used to the keybindings and featrues in vlc and gmplayer :)08:00
Dr_willisi even use them under windows.. and Geexbox uses mplayer.. so i am used to it the most08:00
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dominik_gHi, I am looking for a way to use the sesame2 backend for libsoprano4 (I am using KDE 4.2 RC1 right now). Does there exist something prepackaged or do I have to compile it myself (which looks to be a tough task)?08:50
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:51
dominik_gNobody has some ideas on how to get the sesame2 backend in kubuntu?08:58
Dr_willisNo idea what that even is dominik_g08:58
Dr_willis!find sesame08:58
ubottuFound: python-sesame08:58
dominik_gpython-sesame is not the sesame2 backend for libsoprano4 as far as I know09:01
dominik_gsesame2 is a backend for the nepomuk desktop search09:01
dominik_gkubuntu only includes the redland backend, which is free but veeeery slow09:02
dominik_gsesame2 is built on java, anecdotically contains some non-free parts, but is a lot faster than redland.09:03
dominik_gok, nobody seems to be able to help. anyway, thanks09:06
* Dr_willis still has no idea what nepomuk redland or sesame2 is :)09:06
Dr_willissome 'search' thing... :)09:06
boblenyWhere can I find the md5 checksum for kubuntu 8.04?09:10
boblenyIs anybody even here?09:11
Dr_willisSould be a file on the download site/links to it.09:11
boblenyWell, I downloaded it from kubuntu.org, and I couldn't find a link or anything.09:12
Dr_willisi just followed the link to the mirrors and looked :)09:13
Dr_willisi was thinking the md5sum file was on the cd.. but ive NO idea how it managed to get there.. heh09:14
boblenyOk, I got it. Thank you!09:16
Dr_willisIm still nto sure how a disrto cd can boot up and check its own md5sum.. syure it can get its own sum.. but how did they save the md5sum file on the cd.. without changeing the md5sum09:19
bluecodeDoes anybody know of a kdevelop4 alpha6 package or is anybody willing to package it (I have no idea how much work this is)?09:21
yao_ziyuanif there a way to let gtk+ programs use fonts specified in GNOME Menu -> System -> Preferences -> Appearance without running gnome-settings-daemon?09:31
yao_ziyuanor: where can i set fonts for gtk+ (instead of for gnome) so gtk+ programs run in KDE will directly use them?09:33
GoanHi, My Kubuntu Hardy is getting unstable. It keeps on freezing on random times and flashes the caps lock key once frozen. I was reading about this and it is named "Kernel Panic". Do you know what should I look for to correct this problem?09:35
Dr_willis flashes the caps lock key  and kernel panic is the sign of a VERY VERY nasty crash09:38
Dr_willishard to tell since you cant really see the logs/stuff after it crashes...09:38
Dr_willishas it always been unstable? or a recent thing?09:38
GoanStarted two days back. As far as I remember, I plugged in my Apple Ipod touch and kept it plugged for about two hours and after I came back the screen was frozen.09:39
Dr_willismonitor the dmesg commands output.. and see if anything shows up befor it gets unstable/crashes...09:40
Dr_willisbut is it crashing now without theipod plugged in?09:40
Goanyes, I never plugged the ipod back in09:41
faileasGoan: ipod classic 1st generation?09:42
faileasoh my bad09:42
* faileas really should read scrollnack ;p09:42
Dr_willisi would find it hard to belive that plugging in an ipod would  damange anything09:42
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GoanDr_willis, I would think that too.09:43
techbwhi, is there a way for me to log onto another computer kde desktop via ssh.09:43
Dr_willistechbw,  depends on what you want to do.. You could ssh -X to the remote box and run apps and they would appear 'locally'09:44
Dr_willisif you wanted to controll the existing kde desktop ont he remote box. thats another thing entirely. :)09:44
techbwno I would like kde desktop to load, ssh -X works for individual apps09:44
Dr_willisYou can  make all the apps show up locally.. :) start a X session with just a terminal , ssh -X over.. and run 'startkde'09:45
Dr_willisbut that may make for a sluggish desktop09:45
Dr_willisalso  if you dont have to use ssh. theres the xdmcp feature of X. for a remote desktop thats local.09:45
techbwtried that, did not work, I have enabled X tunneling in ssh server on remote pc, but remote computer seems to not respond.  when I enter the startkde command09:46
Dr_willisyou dont want anyting going in X otehr then a simple terminal window. no other window managers at all.  when you do that trick09:47
techbwso I must be in a terminal window not an x when I start this?09:48
Dr_willis I was thinking i saw gdm/kdm somehow had a 'remote X session' or 'secure ssh X session' menu  item once.. but im not sure what put them there.09:48
techbwctrl+alt+f2 for example09:48
Dr_willisstart X with JUST a xterm. No window manager, or anythying09:48
Dr_willisNot a CONSOLE09:48
techbwcan a window manager be active on another screen?09:48
Dr_willisyou can have several X sessions going at the same time.. alt-ctrl-f7 and one on alt-ctrl-f8 and  so forth. yes. you an have one on the other 'screen'09:49
Dr_willisLast i did this was with kde 3.5 ages ago..09:49
Dr_willisAGES and AGES ago  :)09:49
techbwwhen I do go to ctrl+alt+f2 and ssh into the machine and start kde there are alot of failure notices, which go up too fast and can't scroll to see what it is saying09:51
Dr_willisYou DONT startkde from a console09:51
Dr_willis you must start it from a X session09:51
techbwhow do I open an X session without starting to load kde locally?09:51
Dr_willisthats the trick :)09:52
techbwif I press ctrl+alt+f8 then it opens a local kde session09:52
Dr_willis I was thinking i saw gdm/kdm somehow had a 'remote X session' or 'secure ssh X session' menu  item once.. but im not sure what put them there.09:52
techbwi will go through adept and check the repos, maybe there is something in there09:53
Dr_willislook at the kdm login/session items..  or dont use kdm and make a simple .xinitrc that has one line.. 'xterm'09:53
Dr_willisthen use startx from the console after you close out X and stop kdm09:53
yao_ziyuani just googled and found 3 approaches to set fonts for gtk+ programs running in kde: (1) use gtk-qt-engine to "set a font or use my current kde font for gtk+ programs"; (2) edit ~/.gtkrc-2.0; (3) run gnome-settings-daemon at kde startup.  approach #1 actually is equivalent to #2 because gtk-qt-engine writes to ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4, and if i copy this to ~/.gtkrc-2.0, it still doesn't work; so approaches #1 and #2 don't work. only #3 works for me.09:53
Dr_willisOr spawn a 2nd X session that runs .xinitrc with the xterm line in it.09:53
techbwi will try that.09:54
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:27
kaHi Dr_willis10:50
lillyzhey I have a problem on ubuntu 8.10 amd64 on install it gets to after copy files then it updates time from server and just quits and ubiquity seems to be closing unexpectedly just right after that. Can someone give me any ideas on how to fix. (md5sum on cd is fine, burnt twice now low speed, cd check said no errors i have a 64bit cpu)10:50
kaI have no idea, But then I am new to Ubuntu...10:51
Dr_willisi tend to use the alterntive isntaller..  so not sure. either10:55
kaMaybe you 'll have som more luck at teh #ubuntu channel. But It is saturady, and contrary to whjat people belive, Linux users do something else that use their PCs in the weekends...10:58
lillyzhmm time to try that then... it worked before but i put a new pc together with fairly newish parts but seems it just didn't like me :(10:58
lillyzlol yeah i already asked in #ubuntu no response at all10:58
Dr_willisIt can be hard to trouble shoot.10:59
Dr_willissince it works for most everyone else..10:59
Dr_willisI had a problem machine. kubuntu, and buntu both dident install right.. but a Xubuntu install cd did work11:00
kaHey, any of you remember where the trash folder is?11:01
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash11:01
Dr_willisNo :P11:02
Dr_willisbut i can rember the factoid11:02
kathanks, just what I needed11:04
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Guest179Hi everyone,  what's the keyboard shortcut for switching between tabs in Konqueror (like Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl PgDn in Firefox)?11:09
=== blackwaltz is now known as dwidmann
Guest179ka: Thanks!  That shifts to the next tab.  What about shifting to the previous tab?11:15
Dr_willisadd a shift?11:15
Dr_willisif you have enough fingers. :)11:15
Guest179Nope.  Doesn't work11:15
kahm I dont know..11:16
kaBut It cycles around, I konw not optimal. Im sure its there though11:17
Guest179Any other ideas?11:20
Dr_willischeck the keybinding/konqueror settings?11:20
ian_morning - has anyone had any problems with kwin since the 4.2 RC update?11:21
Dr_willisKonwueror menu items I imagine some where? Im not in kde aright now.11:21
tictricI can login into kde4 but don't get the desktop only kdm wallpaper11:21
Guest179Dr_willis: OK got it.  Settings->Configure Shortcuts.  The shortcuts are Ctrl+./Ctrl+,  Thanks everyone!11:22
ian_are you sure your selecting kde4 from the login screen?11:22
tictrician_: yes11:22
tictricI cannot log in only as one specific user: Me11:23
ian_tictric: what version of kde4 are you running? on what system?11:23
tictricthe other users on this machine can just login like before11:23
Dr_willissounds like some messed up kde setting11:23
ian_tictric: can you log into terminal and check that all of your home dir is owned by you and you've not accidently owned some of it by root11:24
katictric: Hm I oftwen experienced this when my home dir was full...11:24
tictricI even moved my home dir to homedir.bak and created a new empty home to see what happens11:24
tictricno change11:24
tictriconly this one user doesn't get a desktop env on this upgraded intrepid11:25
karename your kde folder as root11:25
tictrician_: I checked all of the abovd11:25
ian_the only time i've seen problems like that are either with a full home dir or wrong permissions11:25
kaKde will regenerat a new folder for you, then you can copy back the things you need11:25
tictricI did chown -R user.user /home/user11:25
tictricka, that's what I thought too. But it made no change11:26
kaCrap... That seems strange11:26
kaHm make a new user and copy your files over11:27
ian_while we are on the topic of kde, has anyone had problems with kwin constantly crashing in 4.2 RC?11:27
tictricka I'll try that I think11:27
=== quassel231 is now known as mrvanes
Stalker72When I try to install Kubuntu using the minimal installer, it says "boot:". What do I do?11:36
Dr_willisafter it isntalls it just says boot: ?11:41
Dr_willisor is that the install cd saying it?11:41
=== xander is now known as Guest10261
Guest10261I was a user of the `single-menu-bar' in KDE 3.  CAn anyone tell me how to enable this functionality in KDE 4?11:48
leandroribeiroHi you all! Is there any repo that would allow me to install KDE 4.2 on top of Ubuntu 8.04?11:49
Dekansleandroribeiro: not for Kubuntu 8.0411:51
DekansGuest10261: don't know what you're speaking about11:51
Stalker72Dr_willis: I managed to solve it by hitting enter.11:52
leandroribeiroDarn... I'm having issues with ATI drivers for 8.10 and wanted to go back, but KDE 4.2 is getting adictive :|11:52
Dr_willisStalker72,  amazing eh? :)11:53
jussi01Guest10261: you mean the "mac style" one across the top?11:53
Guest10261jussi01: Yep, that very one.11:54
Dr_willisIts proberly not in kde4 any more.11:54
jussi01Guest10261: dont think it got ported11:54
Stalker72Dr_willis: Hehe :P11:54
Guest10261WHAT! I'm going to GNOME this instant.11:54
ixzelhello.... can some help me... i'm a new Linux&Kubuntu user here11:54
Guest10261ixzeL: Yes?11:55
jussi01Guest10261: *yet* :D11:55
jussi01!ask | ixzel11:55
ubottuixzel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:55
ixzelwhat is this? this error is from adept11:56
ixzelAPT Error. Context:11:56
Guest10261Bye KDE!  Nice being with you...11:56
ixzel    Running dpkg,11:56
ixzel    [ /usr/bin/dpkg, --status-fd, 3, --unpack, /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.16_i386.deb ],11:56
ixzel    Sup-process returned error code 1,11:56
ixzel    Error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.16_i386.deb : unable to make backup link of `./boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-7-generic' before installing new version: Operation not permitted.11:56
jussi01!paste | ixzel11:56
ubottuixzel: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:56
jussi01ixzel: can you open a konsole and type: sudo apt-get install -a11:57
jussi01ixzel: if you dont understand what I mean, just ask :)11:58
ixzelwait.. ill try11:58
jussi01ixzel: make sure adept is closed before that11:58
ixzelOK thanks11:58
jussi01ixzel: oops, im being confused :D use: sudo apt-get install -f11:59
* jussi01 apologises profusely11:59
ixzeli see got an error on "-a" heheh12:00
ixzelsir jussi01: i run the sudo apt-get install -f, it said there is 1 that isnt upgraded12:02
jussi01ixzel: and then it fixed it?12:02
ixzeljussi01: i got a line: zero upgraded, zero installed, zero to remove and 1 not upgraded12:03
jussi01ixzel: did it tell you which one?12:04
ixzelno it didn't12:04
jussi01ok, try this then: sudo dpkg --configure -a12:04
jussi01and yes, that one is supposed to be -a :D12:04
ixzeloK by the way this package generated the error: linux-image-
jussi01ixzel: yeah, thats what I thought. did that last command help?12:07
ixzeli think not... there are no message after i entered the command12:07
albertoWitch is the best driver for one ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400?12:08
=== alberto is now known as Guest26222
peterzGuest26222: what's your definition of best?12:08
Guest26222peterz,  best 3d accelaration12:09
Guest26222I think there are 3 ati drivers12:09
peterzGuest26222: then currently the only choice is the binary junk12:09
Guest26222:S thats what i thought12:10
Guest26222and i also heard it was junk12:10
ixzeljussi01: anyone there????12:12
Tm_Tixzel: no messages usually means no errors12:12
jussi01ixzel: Im unsure now, perhaps try: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:13
=== Guest26222 is now known as WTFisWTF
ixzelumm.. oK... ill try12:13
Tm_TWTFisWTF: please change your nick12:13
=== WTFisWTF is now known as feLiZ_NaVidAD
ixzelit gave an error... here's the link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105875/12:16
=== blackwaltz is now known as dwidmann
ixzeljussio1: how was it?12:22
jussi01ixzel: err, what?12:22
ixzeli got an error message, look it here http://paste.ubuntu.com/105875/12:23
jussi01ixzel: seems there is a bug. Id report it.12:24
jussi01!bug | ixzel12:24
ubottuixzel: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:24
al_anybody else experiencing constant plasma crashes with rc1?12:24
bobek_Can I hawe Kde near Gnome on 1 ubuntu?12:24
* jussi01 goes off to do other things...12:24
=== kb is now known as Guest63719
ixzelOK thank you very much~12:25
ixzeljussi01: thanks ^_^12:25
=== faydriss is now known as cuznt
=== home is now known as Eduardo
donHello, all12:44
=== don is now known as Guest2134
Guest21342 days thare was a kubuntu upgrade. From that time "Show desktop" appication signed as "unknown kde4 application".12:45
Guest2134So I can't use this applet.12:46
Guest2134Is it mine trouble or is it a generaly bug?12:46
RurouniJonesDoes anyone know if there is a way to boost volume?12:46
RurouniJonesI got Amarok maxed and the kubuntu sound slider maxed12:47
RurouniJonesbut the thing I am llistening to is still too quiet12:47
pidusdafter my kubuntu 8.10 stopped responding and the caps light started blinking, I restarted the machine and since then both wired/wireless stopped working on it. Has anybody faced anything similar and knows of some way to recover the network?12:47
pidusdoops..where did the 1st line go ...i had said after my kubuntu 8.10 stopped responding and the caps light started blinking, I restarted the machine12:49
pidusdand since then both wired/wireless stopped working on it. Has anybody faced anything similar and knows of some way to recover the network?12:49
pidusddoesn't blinking caps lock light..indicates a crashed kernel?12:50
ixzelis there any websites for downloading plasmoids???12:52
Neremoror kde-apps.org12:55
gabrieleciao a tutti12:56
gabrieleho un problema con l'istallazione di java6 chi mi dà una mano?12:56
ghostcube!it | gabriele13:00
ubottugabriele: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:00
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
pidusddoes anybody know how should i fix wired and wireless network which stopped working after a crash in kubuntu 8.1013:10
hellsingpidusd what have you done?13:11
hellsingtry to purge network manager and reinstall it13:12
pidusdnothing that i know about except that i had loads of application windows opened..when kubuntu stopped responding13:12
pidusdand caps lock light started blinking13:13
vincenzo_ci sono italiani??13:16
pidusdhellsing: i tried looking at the kernel logs, but surprisingly the logs at the time of crash are missing13:16
hellsingwhat have you try to do?13:17
hellsingin order to solve the problem13:17
pidusdi don't know what triggered the problem13:18
astratto!it | vincenzo13:18
ubottuvincenzo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:18
pidusdi tried to look at the logs but couldn't spot anything worthwhile13:18
pidusdi did purge network manager..as u said..but then for reinstalling it i need the cd...which i currently don't have13:19
=== kaddi is now known as myrtille
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:24
raymearshi everyone. i have a question regarding kopete 0.60.4 (intrepid, kde4.1.4): why doesn't it download other user's avatars for the yahoo protocol?13:42
maxbaldwinIf you need to use a substitute, pidgin works, raymears13:45
pidusdis there anyway to repair network manager in kubuntu using live cd13:46
blueophello, first time using linux, went with backtrack, then phlak but ended up using ubuntu13:46
blueopI really like it13:46
pidusdas my network is not working and trying to install it requires d/l of dependencies13:46
raymearsmaxbaldwin: yeah, i know. i'm ok with kopete. http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=177445 it might have something to do with this bug13:46
raymearsi guess i was just hoping there would be some inside information about the issue.13:48
maxbaldwinnot too much. :\13:51
dustrialafter being afk the screen turns black and computer freezes... amoung all the other problems with kde4 i am very disappointed by now :)13:52
dustrialplug and play devices that worked on kde3 like a charm dont work on kde413:53
=== floown_ is now known as floown
KomiaPoikain 8.10 kde4.2 beta i turned off screensaver, yet screensaver starts after 10 min... how do i prevent screensaver from autostart?13:59
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:11
=== kaddi is now known as myrtille
KomiaPoikain kde 4.2 beta how can i make terminals, mail and browser software backgrounds permanently translucent, like how they are when i move the windows?14:17
ixzelhi... is there any command that may reset to defaults all the setting i made in 8.10.... the windows doesn't have title bars14:20
ixzelhi... is there any command that may reset to defaults all the setting i made... this window doesn't have title bars14:22
fidjisomeone use konqueror with kubuntu 8.10 ?14:23
Tm_Tfidji: many of us do14:23
=== floown_ is now known as floown
johnbachi'm using kubuntu14:24
fidjiI can move file in letf column14:24
johnbachwhich file ?14:24
fidjiall the file14:25
fidjipossible with dolphin14:25
johnbachbut what do you mean ?14:25
fidjipossible before 8.1014:26
fidjican't see mouse pointer in screenshot14:27
fidjihave (sens interdit) no way icon14:27
johnbachand now , what do you want ?14:27
fidjiwhant to copy or move file in left folder of my home14:28
fidjinot possible with konqueror, possible with dolphin14:29
johnbachsorry ,may be i don't know14:29
johnbachi know14:30
johnbachi can see it14:30
fidjithe screenshot ?14:30
johnbachwhere are yuo ?14:31
fidjifrom france14:31
johnbachsorry , i don't know how to  help you14:31
johnbachi'm a newbie14:32
fidjiok no problem14:34
ixzelhi... is there any command that may reset to defaults all the setting i made... this window doesn't have title bars14:34
ixzelor any way?14:34
ghostcubefidji, i think there is an french channel too if you prefere it more14:35
ghostcube!fr | fidji14:35
ubottufidji: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr14:35
ghostcubeoh only ubuntu-fr ?14:35
=== kaddi is now known as myrtille
cicciuxso... my computer just automagically shut down.14:41
cicciuxI don't even know where to begin looking...14:41
cicciuxit started to be a bit slow and then puf, began to shutdown.14:41
ghostcubemaybe getting to hot ?14:42
cicciuxghostcube: possible. It was under a bit of stress (an oracle instance up, and a couple of processes running hot on cpu)14:43
cicciuxstill, I'd like to be sure14:43
cicciuxI'm checking /var/log/messages... with no luck.14:44
ghostcubeis there anything inside the syslog14:44
cicciuxchecking now...14:44
johnbachanyone here ?14:45
johnbachi have problem14:45
johnbachi want to use kdevelop for projection with c14:45
johnbachbut i can't debug14:45
cicciuxwhat does this mean? [165371.412055] program nmhs is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO14:46
johnbachi don't know14:47
johnbacherror :  your PATH14:47
cicciuxJan 17 12:28:35 omega kernel: [165669.141219] ACPI: Critical trip point14:47
johnbachbut i don't know how to convert this error14:47
cicciuxwell, that's thelas message...14:47
johnbachnow , what can i do?14:48
cicciuxheating problem it is... pfff14:49
cicciuxI knew I shoul've invested in a liquid cooling system XD14:49
faileascicciux: or a box fan ;p14:52
johnbachhow to up file on the konversation ?14:52
johnbachi want to send to you image14:53
=== johnbach is now known as johnbach_
=== johnbach_ is now known as johnbach
faileasi think its rightclick on a name, then sendfile14:54
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
neoTheCatgood evening EST.  i installed kde4 rc2, and it is really amazing, looks beautiful.  i am running it on a pretty good machine.  the only problem is when i run "Urban Terror", it runs considerably slower than when i run it under other  desktops.15:02
neoTheCatis there anything i can do increase it's performance under kde4 rc2?15:02
ghostcuberc2 oO15:02
neoTheCatuhh..good morning i mean...15:03
=== stephen is now known as Guest84643
=== quassel241 is now known as txwikinger2
cyberponixis there anyother driver other than forcedeth to get an nvidia ethernet card working?15:35
marcus_I'm having problems with my Webcam in Kubuntu 8.1015:38
ruzaimihow to install this program in my PC "AudioCutter_1.2_x86.tar.gz" whit shell15:42
ghostcubeextract the tar gz then compile it normally inside the package there is an howto or an readme or an install file explaining what to do15:43
ruzaimihow to extract15:44
ruzaimii am don't know15:44
ghostcubejust doubleklick the tar gz it should open in ark15:44
ghostcubethen its like zip or rar tools15:44
ghostcubechose the folder and extract it15:44
Xand3rhey ho15:45
Xand3rin gams with fullscreen the desktop mous dont disapear15:45
Xand3rwhat could be the problem?15:45
Xand3rwhat shuld you know to help me?15:46
posingaspopularruzaimi: still here?15:50
posingaspopularopen up a shell and the command is "tar -xjvf AudioCutter_1.2_x86.tar.gz"15:51
andypls1i want to know, when an interrupt occurs, where does the processor find the address of the correct interrupt handler it has to call?15:54
cyberponixOk I have searched and searched... I need help to find and get my ethernet working fresh install on a brand new computer15:54
cyberponixthe network card is not a known card within kubuntu15:55
kalpunable to see orkut pages on konqueror15:56
kalpcan any1 help15:56
[1]felixHello. I'm trying to install Kubuntu 8.10 with unetbotin, but during the installing process (it's Live version of Kubuntu) when I need to select partitions, install script doesnt show any partition(!?!) Any clues on how to overcome this?15:59
cyberponixis your hdd password protected?16:00
[1]felixI could easily install any linux using CD's till now. But now installing from CD (and/or net) isnt an option on this pc16:01
cyberponixdo you have either ubuntu or kubuntu 7.10?16:01
marcus_Does anyone have an URL to how to get the webcam working in 8.10? I'm completely new.16:01
[1]felixI do have kubuntu installed already on other partitions, it's not working since I tried upgrade, so I wanted to use this method of installing new version on those partitioins16:02
[1]felixI'm using unetbotin from windows16:02
cyberponixif you have the 7.10 disk run the live cd and see if the partition can be taken care of thru that then run the new one16:03
Xand3rhey folks why is my intel gfx driver only from 20061102?16:04
Xand3rthats realy old16:04
[1]felixno, I cannot use CD, that's why I'm messing with untbotin, I do have downloaded ISO of kubuntu 8.10, but no CD, I cannot use it anyway16:04
cyberponixburn the iso to disk16:05
[1]felixno cyber, I cannot use CD at all16:05
[1]felixI can only try to install from HD somehow16:06
[1]felixthoght that maybe if I could be presented with an option during the booting with unetbotin to go straight to installation process without starting live session, but I cannot find the way..16:06
armandashas anyone got an idea on how to disable vj compression for PPP connections? knetworkmanager just doesn't save the settings16:09
[1]felixcyberponix, ok thanks for your time cyber :) I'm gonna try to find some other way or get some cd drive fast. cya :)16:09
dstarOkay, what the heck keeps overwriting my resolv.conf? I'm using wicd rather than the piece of shit known as network manager, but it doesn't even have a place for it...16:10
jussi01!ohmy | dstar16:10
ubottudstar: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!16:10
kalorin_dstar: it's likely resolvconf the package16:11
kalorin_it does that to me as wel16:11
stdinthe dhcp client will overwrite it with the information it receives16:11
dstarSorry. I'm stuck using Gnome instead of KDE until I can convince plasma not to segfault as soon as I log in, and it's driving me _NUTS_.16:11
dstarI'm set up for static, and the _nameserver_ info gets stuck in, just not the domain....16:12
kalorin_stdin, yeah but mine keeps getting overwritten with the dns servers from the vpn connection that I have set up16:12
kalorin_adds nameservers and a search domain16:12
kalorin_and then everything gets slow as I have to wait for it to time out when looking for anything16:12
stdinyou'll need to edit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf with "prepend domain-name-servers <IP of a DNS server>;" if you want to force a default16:13
dstarstdin: that should only happen if I'm using dhcp, right?16:13
stdinyes, dhclient only gets run for dhcp setup16:14
dstarHmm. And I don't have the resolveconf package installed.16:15
stdinit's an outdated package, no longer needed16:16
cyberponixOk I have searched and searched... I need help to find and get my ethernet working fresh install on a brand new computer16:17
cyberponixits an nvidia network16:18
cyberponixon an NVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 motherboard16:18
dstarOkay, so it's a static interface, and shouldn't be running dhcp, so that's not likely to be it. It's not resolveconf. What else could be overwriting resolve.conf?16:20
dominiquewhy does kwin crash if i send it a HUP-signal?16:24
kaeferadeptcan anybody help me out please? a friend of mine that uses kubuntu 8.10 screwed up his sources.list. Does anyone has a working one?16:29
dstarkaeferadept: define screwed up?16:30
kaeferadeptbasically he deleted all entrys.16:30
pidusdcan anybody help me with this weird experience that i had with kubuntu..my wired and wirless were working fine on kubuntu 8.10 a couple of hours ago16:31
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
=== rainarrow is now known as Rainarrow
pidusdand then the system crashed after it froze and the caps lock light kept blinking by reasons not known to me16:31
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
pidusdsince then...both my wired and wireless network stopped working and now it refuses to work even on kubuntu 8.10 live cd but works fine on kubuntu 8.04 live cd16:32
RainarrowHello, my Firefox no longer knows how to open downloaded files/directories after I cleared my ~/.kde directory, it asks me use which program to open the file for ANY format I downloaded when I double click on them16:33
pidusdRainarrow: am not sure, but i guess kde lost track of which default applications to use for which formats. for the time being you can search for appropriate applications if you know which one used to open which file extension16:34
=== aa is now known as Guest6624
pidusdmost applications are contained in /usr/bin16:34
treatsmy terminal is stuck behind a proxy... does anyone know how to find the proxy settings?16:35
Rainarrowpidusd: thanks, but strangely, Dolphin still has the default app associations intact16:35
Rainarrowpidusd: and I can't even use the "Open Containing Folder" function in firefox, which still triggers the "Choose the app" dialog16:36
pidusdtreats: go to system settings->network settings and there you should find an option to manually fill in proxy details16:37
dominiquepidusd: file types and default applications are not saved in ~/.kde afaik16:37
dstarkaeferadept: I could let you have mine, but it's got a lot of extra stuff in it....16:37
treatspidusd: it is somewhere else... i changed that but I still recieve an error that my terminal is trying to go through a proxy16:37
Rainarrowdominique: I feel strange too, because I believe Firefox's setting should be in ~/.mozilla16:38
kaeferadeptdstar: That shouldn't be a problem.16:38
Rainarrowdominique: which I didn't touch at all16:38
dominiqueRainarrow: I don't get your problem exactly.16:38
dominiqueRainarrow: Did the file associations once work?16:39
Rainarrowdominique: yes, of course16:39
dstarkaeferadept: http://pastie.org/36330016:39
Rainarrowdominique: and I just noticed it no longer works recently16:40
Rainarrowdominique: and the only thing I can recall is that I deleted my ~/.kde directory, since I accidentally removed the taskbar and didn't know how to get it back16:40
dstarpidusd: when you say your wired and wireless networks won't work, what's happening? Are the interfaces up?16:40
pidusddstar: no, not in 8.1016:40
pidusdthough they automatically do in 8.0416:41
kaeferadeptthanks a lot. dstar16:41
dstarpidusd: What happens if you try to bring them up by hand? Do you get an error?16:41
dstarkaeferadept: no problem16:41
pidusddstar: yeah..give me sec..i'll tell you the exact error16:41
AdolaHey!  I need help installing something using cmake16:43
pidusddstar: ifconfig does show eth0 but when i try to ifup it says - "ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"16:44
dstarpidusd: hmm... what does your interfaces file look like?16:45
amehello ... i'd like to have an information: i've kubuntu 8.04 . If i upgrade this to 8.10 , settings (such as Video Card, Monitor....) that i have, remain or them change and I'll have to adjust them after installation?16:45
pidusddstar: how should i find that out?16:46
pidusddstar: i mean which files would contain interface details16:46
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:46
dstarpidusd: /etc/network/interfaces16:47
shadeslayerhey i just wanted to know if i am right in thinking that .bin files run only in linux16:47
pidusddstar: it has 2 entries auto lo and iface lo inet loopback16:48
dstarpidusd: okay, that's why ifup isn't working. Are you using networkmanager, I assume?16:48
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
pidusddstar: yup16:49
dstarpidusd: Ugh. NM is yet another example of GNOME thinking that Microsoft's 'we know what you want better than you do' attitude is something to be emulated, rather than scorned...16:50
pidusddstar: :-) so what's the right course to fix it?16:51
dstarpidusd: Good luck debugging it. I switched to wicd after spending several hours tracking down a problem, only to find it was a known bug that the NM developers had no intention of fixing because they _wanted_ it to work that way.16:51
dstarpidusd: Use wicd. Wicd is _nice_.16:51
pidusddstar: but isn't wicd yet another clone of NM?16:52
=== kb is now known as Guest16832
dstarpidusd: It has the same functionality, but from what I can see the developers are sane. When the 'scanning for new networks blocks all other activity for 10-15 seconds' problem was pointed out, they changed it to scan only when it needed new networks.16:53
shadeslayerand BTW has anyone used open SUSE withe KDE desktop16:53
shadeslayer*with the16:54
dstarpidusd: NM scans every two minutes. When someone suggested a configuration item to change that, the response was 'the idea behind NM is zero-configuration, so a configuration option is non-sensical'.16:54
pidusddstar: but getting wicd without a internet on that machine will be :-(16:54
dstarpidusd: Keep in mind that the specific problem in that case was an intel wireless chipset that would _drop the association with the AP_ when scanning.....16:55
kaeferadeptjust curious: what packages are needed to get mp3s working?16:55
dstarpidusd: Is NM running?16:55
pidusddstar: yes, but it says eth0 is disconnected.16:56
shadeslayerhey i just wanted to know if i am right in thinking that .bin files run only in linux16:56
pidusddstar: even though it was working perfectly fine when i tried it using kubuntu 8.04 live cd16:56
dstarpidusd: Hmm. Okay, is eth0 dhcp or static?16:56
pidusddstar: static16:57
dstarpidusd: Okay... oh, wait. ISTR that NM kept forgetting the network settings I'd given it. Does NM still have your network settings?16:58
pidusddstar: yes, i think, because when i add a new wired connection to it, it does stay there but selecting it in the window has no effect17:00
pidusddstar: is there a way to manually add the eth0 interface entry?17:00
dstarpidusd: Hrm. It didn't decide your wired connection should be dhcp?17:01
pidusddstar, no.17:01
dstarpidusd: yeah, you can add it to /etc/network/interfaces17:01
dstarpidusd: and then ifup will work.17:01
dstarpidusd: man interfaces should tell you what you need to know17:01
pidusddstar: cool! thanks, i hope it works17:02
dstarpidusd: no problem17:02
dstarhow often are the official packages for the amd proprietary drivers updated?17:03
KomiaPoikadstar: better use drivers directly from nvidia website17:07
dstarKomiaPoika: Is it really? When I did that, plasma started crashing when I logged in, thus forcing me to use Gnome.17:08
dstarKomiaPoika: So I figured that was a mistake.17:10
killermachI have a nvidia 7300 video card, does anyone have the component (RGB) out setup?17:10
cyberponixdstar i am having a very close issue as you.... I can not get my nvidia ethernet working17:11
killermachI have the RGB adapter plugged in and the RGB connected to a tv, but the tv does not find an input17:11
cyberponixluckly I have two computers the new one no net connection and this one witch works just fine..17:11
dstarcyberponix: pidusd was the one having the network problem....17:11
cyberponixoh sorry17:12
killermachso I must not have the video card outputing to the RGB port17:12
cyberponixpidusd anyluck?17:12
pidusdcyberponix: not yet, will get back as soon as i do have any luck17:13
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
cyberponixHow long have u been working at this?17:13
pidusdbefore 5 hours i had no problems it was working fine, then kubuntu crashed and since then it has refused to budge17:13
=== caveman is now known as Guest28661
cyberponixI have not had a connection sence the install17:14
cyberponix yesterday17:14
ghostcubepidusd, you can set all networks static in interfaces in /etc/network afaik17:20
ghostcubethen just restart network from /etc/init.d/17:20
ghostcubeand dont forget to set an nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf17:21
pidusdghostcube: but i don't have an existing /etc/resolv.conf, should i create one?17:21
analida program to edit grub ubuntu?17:21
ghostcubeanalid, grub editor in systemsettings ?17:22
ThomasDanalid: grub17:22
=== Guest28661 is now known as caveman
ThomasDanalid: kate /boot/grub/menu.lst17:22
=== caveman is now known as Guest30946
ghostcubepidusd, you uninstalled network-mamanger ?17:23
ghostcubemaybe it removed the files17:23
pidusdghostcube: no17:23
ghostcubebut this shouldnt happen17:23
ghostcubeyou need an resolv.conf to get  network for inet working17:24
pidusdghostcube: can i manually make one?17:24
analida graphic editor for grub17:24
ghostcubeanalid, system,settings advanced grub17:25
pidusdghostcube: i did remove NM earlier, but then i reinstalled kubuntu. so, i guess the Knetworkmanager entry its showing is a fresh one17:25
ghostcubehave u edited the network inside the manager till now?17:26
ghostcubeif there isnt a resolv.conf just create one17:26
pidusdghostcube: yes, but to no good.17:26
analidim have hardy17:26
ghostcubeanalid, hmmm17:26
ghostcubeok then no kde417:26
KomiaPoikadstar: the resulting xorg.conf may need a little tweaking, but overall, the driver is more stable and performant17:26
KomiaPoikadstar: always shutdown gdm/kdm before installing it17:27
dstarKomiaPoika: okay17:27
KomiaPoikaps ax|grep gdm17:27
KomiaPoikakill the pid's17:27
KomiaPoikathen sh NVIDA-...... .run17:27
KomiaPoikaas root17:27
dstarKomiaPoika: maybe the next driver version will help.17:27
KomiaPoikathe latest one even works on xen kernel17:28
analidsee u thanx17:28
ghostcubepidusd, you know what to put into the resdolv.conf ?17:28
pidusdghostcube: no, i was about to ask that.17:28
pidusdi did try adding an entry through NM, but that had no effect17:28
ghostcubenameserver ipoftheserver17:28
pidusdin the same format as interfaces?17:29
ghostcubefor example17:29
ghostcubenot more17:29
ghostcubeyou need to get the nam3eserver if not youre router does dns you need th eone from isp17:30
pidusdam on lan...i know my static ip17:30
ghostcubehmm nah the dns server of youre ispo is needed inside resolv.conf17:30
ghostcubenot related to local lan17:31
pidusdi know that as well17:31
pidusdwhat should i do after that?17:32
pidusdmy /etc/network doesn't contain anything17:33
vincenzo_pls who send me link ubuntu it??17:34
vincenzo_ubuntu it link17:34
pidusdi tried to ifup after adding entries to /etc/interface and adding dns entry in resolv.conf17:35
pidusdbut that returned SIOCADDRT: File exists17:35
pidusdFailes to bring up eth017:35
Tm_T!it | vincenzo_17:36
ubottuvincenzo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:36
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
qcjnhi, how, or what to use to rename multiple files ?17:38
webaskacan anyone tell me the program to record screen? ive tried instanbul recorded but it makes pc very laggy..17:39
pidusdqcjn: write a shell/perl script17:40
MysteriousI cant eject my dvd @_@17:40
qcjni don't know how17:40
qcjnhave an exemple17:40
pidusdgoogle you'll find one easily17:40
webaskalol mysterious haha :D try eject via konqueror.. on icon right click..17:40
qcjnpidusd: ok, i ll look17:41
Mysteriouswebaska: I tried @_@'17:41
pidusdghostcube: are you still around?17:41
webaskayou will take your cd after pc restart.. just after pc restarts push eject..it must work :) the last chance17:42
pidusdMysterious: you can use eject17:42
pidusdon konsole17:42
Mysteriouspidusd: umount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy.17:43
ghostcubepidusd, yes17:43
pidusdi tried doing what you said but ifup still returns SIOCADDRT: File exists17:44
pidusdhaving added appropriate entries to /etc/network/interfaces17:45
pidusdMysterious: are you doing this after close all instances where cd rom might be getting used?17:46
pidusdtry doing sudo /dev/cdrom17:47
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
pidusderr sudo eject /dev/cdrom17:48
Mysteriouspidusd same17:48
pidusdMysterious: you can kill the process that might be using cdrom..but then i don't know how to help you in identifying that process17:49
ghostcubepidusd, sudo /etc/init.d/network restart17:51
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go17:52
pidusdghostcube i don't have a network file, in there i have a networking file in there..though i did restart it and it reconfigured Network interfaces17:52
ghostcubeyeah this one17:53
xp-killeri want to do an upgrade.i wont to know if im going to loose what i store and my configuration17:53
pidusdi did that, it said reconfiguring network interfaces but nothing worked....ahh maybe something did..just a sec17:54
xp-killerthe heck with it im going to upgrade17:55
ghostcubexp-killer, ehm what ?17:55
pidusdghostcube: hey it did work :-)17:56
pidusdsorry for bugging you so bad...but just wanted to ask one last (set) of questions :P17:57
xp-killerghostcube: it buggy on kubuntu so i want to upgrade,if i do will i still  have my configurations ,bookmarks,and save data on my pc17:57
markitI've kubuntu with 4.1-96 in 2 laptops. One works fine, the second one, as soon as I try to logout, instead of presenting me the log screen, makes the screen go crazy (lot of strange character mode symbols). Is it a known issue?17:58
ghostcubexp-killer, this wont be deleted17:59
pidusdNM worked perfectly fine on my machine before kubuntu crashed a couple of hours ago and then NM stopped working...but can you think of why it didn't work perfectly, once again when i installed a fresh copy of kubuntu?17:59
xp-killerghostcube: and for my graphic card?17:59
ghostcubepidusd, hmm have u done all upgrades17:59
ghostcubexp-killer, xorg.conf wont be touched but you can macke a backup of it17:59
pidusdand even the live cd won't let me connect to the network. How could i have removed the past traces beyond formatting /18:00
ghostcubeso if its not working after just use the backup of the file18:00
xp-killerthen UPGRADE HERE WE GO18:00
ghostcubepidusd, my card on my board isnt recognized by kernel on 8.10 install cd18:00
ghostcubei need to put in an pci then update kernel then it works18:00
pidusdbut mine was...atleast the ethernet card used to, when i installed kubuntu from the same disk..maybe a month ago18:01
ghostcubeand networlkmanager deletes sometimes the things inside the resolv.conf dont know if this is fixed till now18:01
ghostcubepidusd, not big trouble its better to set manually then it most times work18:01
ghostcubebut pidusd you can try opening the proposed repos and catching the newest stuff18:01
pidusdghostcube: :-) thanks a ton18:02
pidusdyeah am doing exactly that...but i don't like adept..d/ling synaptic to do that18:02
ghostcubeehm just put the repo in it like on kubuntu.org described for update to 4..418:02
ghostcubeehm just put the repo in it like on kubuntu.org described for update to 4.1.418:02
ghostcubethen sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:03
webaskahow to check or modify xorg.conf ? i forgot18:03
pidusdghostcube: doing exactly that...but my net is slow...and it'd probably through the night18:04
ghostcubeTm_T, wth lol18:05
ghostcubewebaska, vi or nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:05
Tm_Tghostcube: watch that language of yours18:06
ghostcubeTm_T, sure :)18:06
webaskaah yes..thanks18:06
pkodonOkay, is Kopete locked up again?18:15
pkodonHello? Can anyone see me?18:15
alexandremrjhello everyone18:19
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
=== faydriss is now known as cuznt
alexandremrjhello, can anyone tell until when will kubuntu hardy be supported?18:23
=== gotaro is now known as Gotaro
GotaroWould anyone like to help a newbie (me) out? :P18:25
xp-killerghostcube: ok i do full upgrade what do i have to do now cause nothing happen after the upgrade18:25
pidusd3 years from 2008-04-24 for desktop ed and 5 years for server ed18:25
xp-killerGotaro: just ask question and people will try to help u18:26
ghostcubexp-killer, btw what have u updated and why :)18:26
alexandremrjpidusd: thanks, event with KDE 3.5 it will be supported right? I didn't know if it was LTS or not18:27
xp-killerghostcube: i upgraded cause i was having to mutch problems, do i have to restart the pc for the upgrade to take effects?18:27
alexandremrjpidusd: Because I already saw in some places that would only be supported thru October 200918:27
GotaroWell..  I screwed up my KDE somehow.  The last thing I did was install some C++ compiler to attempt to get cmake to work to attempt to get the latest ver. of QtCurve installed. :)  How do I undo? :P18:28
ghostcubebah brb18:28
pidusdhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron states its LTS18:28
xp-killerGotaro: lol the way u talking u dont sound like a newb to me i aint understand not one word u said there18:28
xp-killerrestarting his machine18:29
ghostcubexp-killer, if there was an new kernel u need to restart18:29
GotaroIs there a way to view everything installed from apt-get by date installed?18:30
cuznti have a nfts that i want to force mount. dolphins warning stated  mount -t nfts -3g/dev/sdb1/media/cuznt -o force   is there an error with my spacing or use of o vs 0 >?18:30
alexandremrjpidusd: But according to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2007-December/002069.html then Kubuntu 8.04 will not be LTS, althoug Ubuntu is18:32
alexandremrji really don't know18:32
pidusdthen it won't be :P18:33
cyberponixpidusd anyluck yet?18:33
pidusdare you planning to use it for some commercial, high end use18:33
pkodonKopete keeps going into some sort of 80%+ cpu useage, and I don't know why!18:33
pidusdcyberponix: yeah...my network is now working18:33
alexandremrjpidusd: Low life computer and simply can't handle updates so I would like to see when will I need to buy pc18:34
cyberponixI switch my new computer over to the new opensuse it booted loaded everything no issues18:34
cyberponixwhen/if kubuntu comeout with more nvida based motherboard help i'll put it onto the new compu18:36
pidusdcyberponix: i don't think i can help you much..as i know little.but tell me what troubles are you facing..and if they are similar to mine i might be able to help18:36
GotaroDoes anyone know a good forums website to post questions about Linux/Kubuntu?18:37
=== Tscheesy is now known as Tscheesy__
pidusdGotaro: http://www.kubuntu.org/support18:39
cyberponixI bought a new computer yesterday. I spent the night and most of today working on getting the driver needed for the nvidia network card to no avail.... opensuse had it all there install went smooth everything is working with opensuse18:41
=== karina is now known as Guest26127
pidusdcyberponix: wirless card?18:43
cuznti have a nfts that i want to force mount. dolphins warning stated  mount -t nfts -3g/dev/sdb1/media/cuznt -o force   it does not work not even with sudo18:44
cyberponixno ethernet18:46
pidusddo you still have kubuntu installed on the machine?18:46
ghostcubecyberponix, hmm you need to get a newer kernel18:53
ghostcubewith the driver inluded18:53
ghostcubemybe try an daily live cd for kubuntu witrh updated packages18:53
pidusdghostcube: will i need to sudo /etc/init.d/network restart every time i restart my machine?18:55
ghostcubepidusd, should work out of th ebox if u set all inside the files18:55
jussi01Army_Man: you need some help?18:55
Army_Manumm nop i was in the ubunto offical site i wanted to see the help server they have .. maybe i could learn something here :)18:56
=== Army_Man is now known as Mohammad
=== Mohammad is now known as Mohd
Mohdtell me .. ubunto server only in command line ! no GUI support right ?18:58
ghostcubedepends but normally defaulet with no guy18:58
Mohdi installed ubunto server eddition it didnt give me any choice for GUI18:59
jussi01Mohd: thats right. servers shouldnt have guis19:00
Mohdjussi01 :) thx i wanted to hear that answer19:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about parted19:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kparted19:00
Mohdits hard to work under shell command :S19:00
jussi01!info parted19:00
ubottuparted (source: parted): The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 1.8.8.git.2008.03.24-7ubuntu7 (intrepid), package size 64 kB, installed size 176 kB19:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qparted19:01
cuzntit says i have it installed19:01
cuzntbut it aint there19:01
=== carlo is now known as Guest8157
jussi01cuznt: you have qtparted installed?19:01
cuzntno it shows just parted19:02
cuzntbut i can not find it19:02
jussi01cuznt: Parted is just the cli / backend19:02
jussi01you need qtparted19:02
cuznti actually have a ntfs i cant mount either19:02
cuznti thought so19:02
jussi01!info qtparted19:02
ubottuqtparted (source: qtparted): A parted frontend using Qt. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.5-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 204 kB, installed size 704 kB19:02
cuznti will find it19:02
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
linduxed_ive just changed colour style, but my konversation is unchanged19:08
matt___I bought a bluetooth adapter...not sure if it works with linux. Never tried anything like this before...so not sure where to start. Any suggestions?19:08
shadeslayermatt__:bluetooth is broken in kubuntu 8.1019:08
shadeslayerread the release notes19:09
matt___shadeslayer: surely not? why? Well is there someone to fix it? how about ubuntu 8.10?19:09
matt___shadeslayer: and by the way..i'm using kubuntu 11.519:09
shadeslayerno idea about ubuntu but my inbuilt bluetooth does not function under Kubuntu 8.1019:10
cuzntqtparted shows not up in adept.19:10
linduxed_any idea why and what i have to conf to get it to change from all gray to black?19:10
shadeslayer11.5 :O19:10
cuzntnor can i find synaptic19:10
cuzntpackage manager19:10
matt___shadeslayer: wel I don't know where to start...19:10
shadeslayerwell ill be updating to open SUSE tommorow19:10
matt___All I'd like to do is to find out if this thing right here is compatible with linux.19:11
matt___shadeslayer: does the newest suse 11.1 work right with it?19:11
Knysliux001cuznt: Kubuntu default preinstalled package manager is adept19:11
shadeslayeri dont think so19:11
shadeslayerasking the same thing in #suse19:11
shadeslayerthey dont have a answer as of now19:12
matt___shadeslayer: Well bluetooth used to work in these things, right? I wouldn't have bought the thing if I knew I wouldn't possibly get it to working quickly.19:12
shadeslayerit used to in previous versions19:13
shadeslayerill see if it works in SUSE tomorrow19:14
shadeslayerkeeps his fingers crossed19:14
matt___shadeslayer: Well...what happens if you do:19:15
matt___lsusb | grep Blu19:15
=== nbalazs is now known as balazs7
matt___in terminal...supposedly tells you if it is detected. For me...I can't even detect my device.19:15
shadeslayeroh im in windows right now19:15
matt___shadeslayer: Oh. ;{}19:16
shadeslayerwas playing crysis for the past half an hour19:16
matt___Does it run Crysis?19:16
shadeslayerthere are some apps wine doesnt do a good job of executing19:17
shadeslayerfor eg:gtalk,crysis19:17
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:18
matt___shadeslayer: I don't really like wine...just don't have time to fiddle with it.19:18
ISFcan someone help me? i'm having problems booting kubuntu live cd19:18
shadeslayeryeah,it runs some apps while others dont work19:18
shadeslayerISF:state your problem well try to help19:19
ISFafter language select and  loading logo, my screen turns pink and fuzzy black19:19
shadeslayerdid you try it in the safe graphics mode???19:20
shadeslayerpressing F4 brings up various modes19:20
ISFi will try that19:21
ISFthanks for the hepl19:21
shadeslayerglad to be of help19:21
ISF=) cya19:21
christopherHello people :P19:22
shadeslayermatt__:will you be here this time tomorrow,ill tell you if the BT worked or not19:22
nashkHi, is there a programt I can use to record using my latop camera and take snapshots?19:24
setuid_w00tThe kubuntu DVD is a liveCD right?19:25
setuid_w00twell not CD really I guess19:26
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:26
HighHook thats not help, i assume it is but never used it19:26
shadeslayer setuid_w00t:yes i can confirm that19:27
setuid_w00tDoes the kubuntu DVD have kparted on it>?19:27
setuid_w00tI want to boot and then do some partition resizing/moving19:27
setuid_w00tor gparted19:27
shadeslayersetuid_w00t:yes it allows you to resize the partitions during install19:28
p_quarlessetuid_w00t: yes, it has gparted, I believe; hard to install without a partition editor19:28
KomiaPoikacan someone accept a dcc transfer from me for testing purposes?19:28
setuid_w00tI don't want to do an install.  I already have one.  I just want to move data around due to buying a new hard drive19:28
shadeslayersetuid_w00t:dunno if it has that facility19:29
p_quarlessetuid_w00t: my point is that an installation disk *has* to have a partition editor on it19:30
p_quarlessetuid_w00t: so if you have a disk that can install Kubuntu, you know by logical deduction that it has a partition editor on it as well19:31
KomiaPoikacan someone accept a dcc transfer from me for testing purposes?19:35
MamarokKomiaPoika: please use pastebin19:37
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:37
KomiaPoikaMamarok: i'm trying to test my dcc forwarding19:38
MamarokKomiaPoika: we don't use dcc here, sry19:38
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=== mib_2al3xw is now known as Lazers
LazersKubuntu died on me!19:48
=== Guest41755 is now known as maxbaldwin
LazersCan't log in, sometimes i just go back to the login page, once i got an 'X-emulator' error.19:49
wizardslovaki am bored as hell , what interesting i can do on kubuntu?19:50
LazersDon't do anything.19:50
LazersThat way it mghit actually stay *working* .19:50
wizardslovaki know19:51
wizardslovakwhats is the command to update system?19:51
maxbaldwinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:51
maxbaldwintry installing the package "lightyears" and play it, wizardslovak19:52
=== SolidLiq_ is now known as SolidLiq
wizardslovakmaxbaldwin:  thank you19:52
wizardslovakwhat is that? game?19:52
wizardslovakbtw how are you people19:52
LazersCan I fix Kubuntu?19:53
LazersOr is it screwed and requires a fresh install?19:53
maxbaldwinwhat's your problem again Lazers?19:54
LazersCan't log in, sometimes i just go back to the login page, once i got an 'X-emulator' error.19:54
LazersKDE's basically gone19:54
LazersLOL FUCK U19:54
Tm_TLazers: stop cursing19:55
maxbaldwinthere isn't a need for that kind of language, Lazers19:55
LazersIt worked fine.19:55
Lazersi shut it down, about 6 hours ago.19:55
LazersNow it doesn't work.19:55
xevix4.2 rc1 konsole's terminal is no longer pure black, it seems to have a fuzzy slightly white layer on it.  anyone know how to make it full black again?19:55
wizardslovakmaxbaldwin:  what kind of game is it? lightyears19:56
GoanHi, I am trying to install TPTP (Profiler Plugin) for Eclipse Java. Has anyone installed it before on Kubuntu?19:56
=== nbalazs is now known as balazs7
maxbaldwinwizardslovak: fun one to keep you busy.19:57
LazersWell, I';m screwed then.19:57
wizardslovakarent all games for that hehehe , i mean what kind is it? strategy?shooter?19:58
maxbaldwinLazers: just use the ole' CLI19:58
maxbaldwinthat's fun19:58
d0htemhi ive install minimal 8.04 install ive got knetworkmanager installed but it not showing any active devices19:58
maxbaldwinwizardslovak: strategy.19:58
d0htemwhen i reboot network manager shuts down the wlan iface but..19:58
wizardslovaki love strategies19:58
maxbaldwind0htem: how about "lsusb | pastebinit" (I think)19:58
maxbaldwinCommand Line Interface instead of a Graphical User Interface19:59
LazersCan't run graphical programs then.19:59
maxbaldwinyeah, I believe lsusb is the command...19:59
maxbaldwinah, that's the one.19:59
HighHoxevix: its either desktop effects or the apperance settings in konsole.19:59
d0htemi have the driver installed that the the issue19:59
d0htemive built a minimal kde install from scratch19:59
LazersSo I need to reinstall from the CD?20:00
LazersThat sucks.20:00
xevixHighHo, this happened on change from 4.1 to 4.2, i changed no settings.  this is on both of my kubuntu machines.20:00
d0htemi need to get knetwork manager gui to see the ifaces.20:00
maxbaldwinLazers: can you boot into the terminal? if so, you may need to reinstall kubuntu-desktop20:01
xevixi have no desktop effects enabled20:01
LazersI can boot into terminal20:01
LazersHow do I do that?20:01
LazersI had KDE 4.2 rc20:01
maxbaldwind0htem: you need the little applet thing?20:01
HighHoxevix: in konsole click the Settings menu > Edit current profile > and select apperince tab20:01
d0htemi have it, but its says no active devices... but when i restart network manager shutsdown wlan020:01
xevixHighHo, it still says "green on black"20:02
d0htemso something small is wrong here20:02
d0htemlike a config or something?20:02
LazersSo thats..20:02
Lazerssudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop?20:02
maxbaldwinno idea d0htem, maybe #ubuntuforums knows20:02
xevixHighHo, oh no it doesn't, it says dark pastels, hah haaaaaaaaaaaa, thank you =)20:02
maxbaldwinno Lazers20:02
maxbaldwinone second, I don't want to screw your computer up20:03
HighHoxevix: Your welcome20:03
LazersKubuntus already screwed up.20:03
maxbaldwinI'm looking for the way to do it, one sec.20:03
maxbaldwinone second, I don't want to screw your computer up *more*20:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mimelnk20:04
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde420:04
ActionParsnipyo yo yo20:04
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:04
xevix4.2 sure is pretty20:04
Lazersi get an 'unable to launch failsafe x terminal '20:05
maxbaldwinare you in a terminal now, Lazers20:06
ActionParsnipLazers: try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg in a failsafe root console20:07
dominiqueDoes anyone know what formats the files in mimelnk have to be?20:07
maxbaldwinso, in the terminal, you want to run...20:07
maxbaldwinsudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop kde-core kdm && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get purge && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop kde-core kdm20:07
LazersHold on.20:07
maxbaldwinwould reinstall everything for you.20:07
maxbaldwinbut ActionParsnip probably has a better idea, so do that first20:07
d0htemi woudl remove kde-core kdm from the end20:08
d0htemjust sudo apt-get INSTALL kubuntu-desktop20:08
maxbaldwinisn't that what;s messing him up, d0htem20:08
maxbaldwinhe can't login via KDE login screen?20:08
d0htemwell thats just kdm then20:08
dominiquekde login screen? .20:08
dominiquethere is no kde login screen20:08
ActionParsnipdominique: find one that works and run the file command with it, it will tell you20:09
maxbaldwin:\ I don't know what I'm doing then.20:09
dominiqueActionParsnip: Unfortunately there is no file in mimelnk20:09
HighHoLazers: From the console what happens if you just try and run "X"?20:09
ActionParsnipLazers: unless you have uninstalled kdm it wil possibly be a bad xorg.conf20:09
ActionParsnipLazers: try the startx command20:10
dominiqueLazers: alternately try startx or initx20:10
d0htemdominique: are u serious?20:10
dominiqued0htem: I am.20:10
d0htemno kde login screen?20:10
dominiquei thaught it's X who creates the login screen20:10
dominiquekde is started after the login, or not?20:10
Lazersinitx gives error20:10
d0htemlazers how did this all occur?20:11
LazersX fails20:11
HighHoLazers: If you can access /var/log/kdm.log can you place it on pastebin?20:11
LazersI don't know20:11
Lazersnot from the console20:11
Lazersrebooting to try that thing20:11
blockyhi all20:11
dominiqueLazers: What error?20:11
blockyjust installed 8.10 and im liking the kde4 look but im looking for ways to make the desktop "feel" a bit more responsive20:11
Lazersfrom kubuntu log in:20:11
Lazersunable to launch failsafe x terminal '20:12
blockygot any tips for a dual core laptop with a geforce 7300 go20:12
ActionParsnipblocky: how do you mean tips?20:12
ActionParsnipblocky: have you installed your video card drivers?20:12
maxbaldwincan you press CTRL+ALT+F1 and login from a console??20:12
blockydirect rendering is enabled20:12
LazersAway i go20:13
blockyi tried renicing plasma and xorg20:13
d0htemLazers: maybe try to reinstall xorg?20:13
dominiqueCan you login there Lazesr?20:13
LazersHow do I do that?20:13
LazersI think that 'might' work.20:13
d0htemsudo apt-get remove xorg; sudo apt-get install xorg20:13
d0htemu might need to sudo apt-get autoremove but i dooubt it20:13
ActionParsnipblocky: get full updates and check settings in system settings20:13
ActionParsnipblocky: how much ram do you have?20:13
blocky1 gb20:13
blockyi updated last night after i installed20:14
maxbaldwinuh.. bye.20:14
dagfunnywhere are the german kubuntu chan ?20:14
blockyi just installed compiz settings manager to see if theres anything in there20:14
AdolaHey!  I have two harddrives, I dual-boot.  I'm on Kubuntu right now. (KDE 4.2RC1)  And I can't find...Nor have I EVER been able to find the other partition.20:14
dominiquedagfunny: #kubuntu-de20:14
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap20:15
dominiqueAdola: Check your /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab20:15
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:15
ActionParsnipblocky: which version of kde are you using?20:16
blockyhow can i find out where the bottleneck is, performance wise20:16
ActionParsnipblocky: and please type (and tab complete) my name at the start of sentences20:16
dominiqueblocky: Maybe top gives you information about what consumes your cpu time20:16
ActionParsnipblocky: so my name highlights like I am yours20:16
blockyActionParsnip: will do20:17
blockyActionParsnip: im checking the kde version but i think its 4.120:17
ActionParsnipblocky: better :), makes it easier to read in a room of 316 people20:17
ActionParsnipblocky: what model, speed cpu do you have, the more info the better]20:18
* ActionParsnip prays its not a smelleron20:18
blockyActionParsnip: it's an intel something duo20:19
blockyActionParsnip: where can i get a good summary of all that info cause i dont know offhand :P20:19
AdolaAlso, I'm getting an error with VLC it says "VLC doesn not support the audio or video format "undf" Unfortuantely there is no way for you to fix this.  (It's a flv. file20:20
LazersMTried reinstalling Xorg20:20
treats1somehow I set a proxy for terminal ONLY and I can't figure out how to disable this..  any idea anyone?20:21
LazersMTrying to reinstall kde20:21
ActionParsnipblocky: cat /proc/cpuinfo20:21
treats1LazersM: what is the command for that?20:22
bukharinAdola: yo, hi, did you mange to solve your libmsn problem?20:22
ActionParsnipAdola: does it have a file extension?20:22
blockyActionParsnip: okay its a 2mb cache what else do you want to know20:22
LazersMWhats the command to init k?20:22
bukharinAdola: i'm curious as to what it was in the end...20:22
blockyIntel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T5500  @ 1.66GHz20:23
Adolabukharin: No, I updated to beta 3 and no, I'm still unable to connect.  (I can connect just fine on Highspeed)20:23
ActionParsnipblocky: should be fine then20:23
blockyActionParsnip: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T5500  @ 1.66GHz20:23
AdolaActionParsnip: Yeah, it's a flv.  I can play other flv's on it.20:23
blockyyea thats what i thought20:23
ActionParsnipAdola: what is the output of: file <flv file here>20:23
ActionParsnipblocky: i'd run top for a while, see whats going on20:24
LazersMHow to init K?20:24
ActionParsnipLazersM: kwin --replace20:24
blockyActionParsnip: ive had system monitor open for about 15 minutes20:24
LazersM$display not set20:24
LazersMScrew it20:25
blockyActionParsnip: xorg is idling between 3 and 6% cpu usage20:25
AdolaActionParsnip: What do you mean?20:25
blockyActionParsnip: or as high as 10%20:26
AdolaActionParsnip: "Marcomedia Flash Video20:26
HighHoLazersM: run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:26
ActionParsnipAdola: you have an flv file, for example, if the file was in your home directory and called tattoo.flv, you can run the command: file ~/tattoo.flv20:26
ActionParsnipAdola: and it will tell you what it is, file extensions mean very little in linux20:27
HighHoLazersM: you should probably also run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm20:27
ActionParsnipAdola: file will tell you exactly what it is20:27
christozhello, i'm not familiar with kde, so i would like some help on installing a theme packet, the problem is that the kde's manager doesn't recognize the packet as a theme one20:27
AdolaActionParsnip: It said "Macromedia Flash Video"...Will VLC not play that?20:27
christozwhat type of file is a theme file?20:28
ActionParsnipAdola: if you can play other flv files but not this one its possibly corrupted20:28
AdolaActionParsnip: However, I did that to another .flv that works.  And it too came up "Macromedia Flash Video"20:28
ActionParsnipAdola: you could try playing it in mplayer or another player app20:29
bukharinis anyone here experienceing a weird bug where the system slows down to a crawl erratically and the cpu LED reports a lot a hd activity?20:29
bukharini'm sicken tired of it...20:29
ActionParsnipbukharin: i get that when i run kde desktop on my system. i dont get it in fluxbox and i havent diagnosed it20:30
bukharinActionParrsnip: well, me a nd my brother have both experienced it... but we don't know where to ebgin diagnosing...20:31
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic20:31
bukharinActionParrsnip: seems to be related to firefox, though20:32
ActionParsnipbukharin: dmesg | tail right after it occurs20:32
ActionParsnipbukharin: if you suspect firefox, create a new user and log in as that and run the system an hour or so20:33
=== freddy__ is now known as Admiral_Chicago
ActionParsnipbukharin: you will have stock settings then, you can also reinstall firefox to see if that helps20:33
bukharinActionParsnip: i'll look into that... i had the hope it was a little more common...20:34
bukharinActionParsnip: thanks for the tips20:34
AdolaCould someone please help me set up my my system to recognize my secondary harddrive?  (I read teh pages sent..But, I got kinda lost...)20:34
markushi all,  i wonder if there's anyone here who can help me with K3b, problem with iso image burning20:35
ghostcubemarkus, afaik its a known problem20:36
ghostcubeno idea how far the fix is20:36
markusok, then just wonder why K3b is included in distros, when it cannot do what its supposed to do?20:37
markusany other way to burn iso?20:38
ActionParsnipmarkus: works flawlessly here20:38
ActionParsnip!burning | markus20:38
ubottumarkus: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto20:38
markusthanx ubottu, i'll have a look20:39
ActionParsnipmarkus: if you wanna burn the iso with k3b, right click the iso and select open with, then select k3b20:40
ActionParsnipmarkus: or from command line: k3b /path/to/file.iso20:40
WDCI am trying to install Amarok on Ubuntu with XFCE (not Xubuntu) and I can't figure it out.20:40
WDCAmarok 2*20:40
blueophi I have a question?20:40
ActionParsnip!ask | blueop20:41
WDCCan someone please help?20:41
ubottublueop: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:41
bukharinhow can i leave shell running following dmesg?20:41
ActionParsnipWDC: sudo apt-get install amarok20:41
WDCActionParsnip: That's the older version, not 220:41
ActionParsnipWDC: amarok2 is on a 3rd party repo which you will need to add yourself20:41
WDCActionParsnip: Ah. do you have that?20:41
christozin order to install a kde theme what should i do first?20:41
bukharinWDC: you have to add the ppa, and sudo apt-get update20:41
markusi've tried K3b in hardy and the one before that, in both it kind of starts (says its burning) but nothing actually happens.20:41
blueopIm getting into ethical hacking and was wondering if the edimax ew7318 was a good choice for easy configurement in ubuntu20:41
bukharinWDC: sudo apt-get install amarok-kde420:42
WDCbukharin: Is that amarok 2?20:42
ActionParsnipWDC: add: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main universe multiverse restricted20:42
bukharinWDC: yes. give me a sec.20:42
WDCdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu hardy main20:42
WDCIs that it?20:42
bukharindamn, beat me to it...20:42
bukharinyeah, that's it20:42
ActionParsnipWDC: add both to /etc/apt/sources.list20:42
bukharinWDC amarok-kde4 contains amarok 2, and it conflicts with amarok plain, so it wil replace it. just did it myself a couple of days ago.20:43
blueopthere is no support for this in here20:43
bukharinWDC: mmm, i only added the kubuntu-members one20:43
blueopnp, thanks anways20:43
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
markusActionParsnip, i'll try once more, now from cmd line, thanx20:43
WDChaha! It worked!20:43
WDCDownloading. Thanks very much20:44
ActionParsnipWDC: simple websearching dude, you should try it20:44
WDCActionParsnip: No I did20:44
AdolaSo, can anyone help me with setting up to show my second harddrive on Kubuntu?20:44
WDCActionParsnip: But I kept finding development thigns, and not the actual release info20:44
ActionParsnipWDC: i websearched for: ubuntu intrepid install amarok220:45
WDCActionParsnip: Well thank you20:45
ActionParsnipWDC: np man20:45
ActionParsniphow do people websearch these days? do they type huge strings now? Keep it simple and you win20:46
=== luigi44000 is now known as KIKOKO
Guest99372hola alquien ha instalado smartcam???20:50
ActionParsnipGuest99372: you're in ~kubuntu dude]20:50
PSiL0!es | Guest9937220:51
ubottuGuest99372: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:51
Bradley_FogleHi can someone help me out please?20:51
ActionParsnip!ask | Bradley_Fogle20:51
ubottuBradley_Fogle: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:51
markuscmd line "k3b name.iso" just starts the graphical interface to K3b and from then on all  as b4, starts burning but stays at 0% on and on20:52
=== pc_ is now known as Fred95
=== Bradley_Fogle is now known as Brad777
ActionParsnipmarkus: try it with no disk in the drive at first, see if it detects that20:54
Brad777My problem is that I have no wired internet for my computers I am on a laptop that has windows xp on it but my Kubuntu computer won't work with wireless and I do not have any way to hook it up to a wired connection. I did the steps to install rt73 and i am using a belkin wireless usb adapter. I was wondering if someone can help me fix it or if there is a way to install the latest kernel with...20:56
Brad777...the built in support without using the package manager.20:56
=== aa is now known as Guest73211
ActionParsnipBrad777: i'd strongly suggest using a wired connection til you get on your feet21:00
floydhi all21:00
ActionParsnipBrad777: or you can use aptoncd21:01
ActionParsnip!hi | floyd21:01
ubottufloyd: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!21:01
ActionParsnip!aptoncd | Brad77721:01
ubottuBrad777: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers21:01
markusActionParsnip, still does not work, i guess i'll just try some other program.21:02
markushi floyd21:02
floyd=) can somebody say me how i should set ipv4. It displays as ipv6 permanently =(21:03
Brad777Is there a way to get the package without using a package manager? I am using windows xp atm so I can't use aptitude to download anything.21:03
Dr_willisBrad777,  go to the fileserver and download it.. is one way.. but you may need to get other dependencies also.21:04
floydhi markus21:04
ActionParsnipBrad777: you can access the repos via http and download the debs manually21:04
Dr_willisBrad777,  like ActionParsnip  said.. its proberly best to go wired till you can get wireless tested21:04
Brad777I just recently moved and at the moment I have no way of using a wired connection. I had the wireless working for a few minutes then without thinking about it I updated kubuntu and it did something to mess up the drivers I guess because I no longer can detect the wireless network.21:06
ActionParsnipBrad777: try: sudo mv /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces_old21:08
ActionParsnipBrad777: then reboot21:08
Brad777I rebooted and Wicd still says that no wireless network are found21:12
Brad777I have the blacklist set up correctly as in lsmod | grep rt73 shows only rt73 and usbcore21:13
treatsgedit equivilant?21:15
AdolaOk, I've looked all over, I just can't grasp this concept.  Can someone PLEASE help me mount my 2nd harddrive?  (It's my Windows harddrive)21:15
ActionParsniptreats: kwrite, kate21:16
Dr_willis Adola  you either use the ntfs-3g tools, and set it to mount on the fly, or moutn it automatically from the fstab file21:16
Dr_willisAdola,  example of mounting it one time.. 'sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1  /media/WindowsStuff'21:16
Dr_willisYour 'sda1' may differ.. and the mountpoint directrory MUST MUST MUST exist beforhand.21:17
treatsi am running kubuntu trying to switch to ubuntu, could i get some pointers21:17
AdolaOk, i've seen alot of "fstab" stuff.  But, it's scary, I needsomeone to guide me.21:17
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
Dr_willisread about fstab.. and learn whats going on.. backup your original...  its not scary its rather straight forward21:17
Dr_williswhen in doubt read/look for examples... such as this one21:18
Dr_willis /dev/sda2 /media/VistaStorage ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 021:18
Dr_willisthat mounts my 2nd window drive to /media/VistaStorage21:18
Dr_willisnote the format for the mountcommand line and fstab are SIMILER.. but not IDENTICAL21:18
Dr_willissudo ntfs-3g  /dev/sda2 /media/VistaStorage -o defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-821:19
Dr_williswould be the same as that fstab line.21:19
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=== mircsa is now known as mircsa_
blockyActionParsnip: dunno if you're still here but I may have solved the issue21:20
blockyActionParsnip: i went into Settings > NVidia X Server Settings and changed the refresh rate from 50hz to 60hz21:20
blockyActionParsnip: im gonna reboot but if i don't return that was the solution21:20
=== quassel148 is now known as claydoh
HighHoAdola: If you still have problems use a gui to do it for you: "sudo apt-get install disk-manager" then run: sudo disk-manager21:22
ActionParsnipHighHo: if disk-manager is a gui app you need to run: kdesudo disk-manager21:23
Dr_willisAdola,  install and use the 'pastebinit' command to paste large texts to a web site we can all see21:24
Dr_willissudo apt-get install pastebinit21:24
Dr_willispastebinit /etc/fstab21:24
Dr_willispaste url here. :)21:24
cuzntcan i not get synaptic with 4.1?21:25
HighHoActionParsnip:  no real diffrence when starting from a konsole window21:25
ActionParsnipHighHo: it sets up the environment correctly, sudo doesnt do that21:26
cuzntsynaptic package manager that is21:26
markusHi again, new developmnet with K3b. Started with option "DAO" instead of Auto and voila, Burn Baby Burn, 31% now21:26
Brad777I did iwconfig and it detects the usb adapter and everything seems to be working right but it won't detect wireless networks I google'd and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere21:26
Dr_willisI install synaptic all the time on Kubuntu21:27
Dr_willissudo apt-get install synaptic21:27
ActionParsnipBrad777: does sudo iwlist scan            show access points21:27
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Busy
markusi was ready to uninstall K3b, just shows once again one should not give up so easily21:29
Brad777no scan results :'(21:29
ActionParsnipmarkus: smooth move21:29
Brad777ActionParsnip: no scan results :'(21:30
Dr_willismarkus,  spoken like a true-soonto-be-ex-windows-user!21:30
cuznti am21:30
ActionParsnipBrad777: does it say it supports scanning?21:30
cuznti took apart a 500 gig usb drive that the power kicked out on and am now running off of it,21:31
cuzntwhats a win-dow?21:31
AdolaOk, I don't know what's wrong with pastebinit command.  But, it's not giving me...Anything.  No error.  No nothing.21:31
Dr_willisMicroSoft WinDOH!s21:31
Brad777ActionParsnip: it doesn't say the Interface does not support scannong. It just says wlan0    No scan reasults21:32
AdolaSo, I'll just use the website21:32
Dr_williswillis@cow:~/Desktop$ pastebinit  /etc/fstab21:32
ActionParsnipBrad777: ok is the access point powered on?21:32
Brad777Yes my windows xp laptop is sitting next to the usb adapter and I can detect it21:32
markuswindows still on the hard drive, for some games only. Also at work windows but also there most of the time OpenOffice21:33
cuzntgive it up markis21:34
cuzntscuse markus21:34
cuzntlet it rest21:34
cuzntKILL IT!21:34
cuzntbill gates hates you21:34
ActionParsnipmarkus: tool for the job is what i say21:34
markusi have tried "only linux" at work but it was too hard, i'm sorry to say21:35
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
Dr_willisBill Gates goes to the North Pole and  Hunts for Baby Pengins he can Stomp on... (not that hes found any yet)21:35
ActionParsnipeven that stupid paperclip can't help21:35
Dr_willisGiven the hard time ive had trying to go 'only windows' :)  I find linux too handy to not have.21:35
ActionParsnipBrad777: what does lsusb output? one line will identify the adapter21:36
markuscuznt, i have a game i like a lot (Conquest: Frontier Wars) and still play now and then. Does not run on wine. That's why windows still stays21:36
* cuznt only teases..21:37
* cuznt is bitter that windowz put it too him hard21:37
Brad777ActionParsnip: Bus 003 Device 003  ID 050d:7050 Belkin Components F5D7050 ver 1000 WiFi21:37
ActionParsnipDr_willis: im pure linux as windows doesnt do anything my linux systems dont (chat and web browse) so i have zero need for it21:37
ActionParsnipBrad777: ok thats great21:37
* Dr_willis runs wine utorrent.exe21:38
ActionParsnipBrad777: have you done this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Belkin_F5D7050_ver_3000_(Ralink_rt73_driver)21:38
AdolaYes, sorry, I got Sorry, I got dissconnected21:38
ActionParsnipDr_willis: i dont sit on my pc much so my pc use is minimal21:38
cuznti dig utorrent but ktorrent is pretty close i must say21:39
AdolaDr_willis: http://pastebin.com/f7c74d57a21:39
markitkde 4.1.96, any idea why I can login but if I want to logout, the screen switches to text mode with a full of strange characters on it?21:40
AdolaDr_willis: What should I go about doing please?21:40
Adola(Also, I used to beable to get to my otherharddrive through Dolphin.  But, now that's broken..[since the upgrade to 4.2RC1])21:41
Dr_willisits possible the reason you cant eget to it - is that IF windows crashes or otehr wise fails to properly 'unmount' the drive. Linux sees it  as beeing flagged 'dirty' by windows, and refuses to mountit - to keep it safe21:42
Dr_willisboot to windows.  and scan the drive.. properly shut down windows.. do NOT hibernate/suspend.. and see if linux can access it21:43
Brad777ActionParsnip: no I haven't21:43
Dr_willisas for the fstab entry Adola  just add a proper line to the end of that file.21:43
Dr_willisAdola,  the tool 'ntfs-config' might be able to automate it for you. sudo apt-get install ntfs-config, kdesudo ntfs-config21:44
ActionParsnipBrad777: looks like you got something to do21:44
ActionParsnipBrad777: you cann install build-essential from your install cd21:44
Brad777ActionParsnip:ok i guess I'll just let you know when I get done21:44
Dr_willisYou can install a lot of stuff from the live cd.. :) if you got tha ram21:45
ActionParsnipBrad777: seems pretty complete21:45
ActionParsnipDr_willis: i meant as a repo21:45
cuzntwhen they refer to the jaunty jaundice, is that the ubuntu version?21:45
ActionParsnip!jaunty | cuznt21:45
ubottucuznt: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.21:45
AdolaDr_willis: "Add a name for mount point"21:46
AdolaIs this anything specific?  Or can I just name it "windows"?21:46
Brad777ActionParsnip: does it matter that my usb adapter is a different version?21:46
Dr_williswhatever you want21:46
ActionParsnipBrad777: i dont think so, as long as its the same chip it should be ok21:47
Dr_willis'linux - your computer your way' :)21:47
=== GameManager is now known as maxbaldwin
ActionParsnipyour computer - your way, as long as your hardwrae is supported in some way21:47
=== maxbaldwin is now known as Guest5601
AdolaAhh, and of course, something went wrong21:48
Dr_willis-> ount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:21:49
Dr_willisits possible the reason you cant eget to it - is that IF windows crashes or otehr wise fails to properly 'unmount' the drive. Linux sees it  as beeing flagged 'dirty' by windows, and refuses to mountit - to keep it safe21:49
Dr_willisas i said earluier. :)21:49
Dr_willisboot to windows.  and scan the drive.. properly shut down windows.. do NOT hibernate/suspend.. and see if linux can access it21:49
Dr_willisor be brave and 'force' the mount...21:49
Dr_willisand risk possible data loss.21:50
AdolaOh, I'm sorry, Ididn't know you were directing that to me.21:50
=== Guest5601 is now known as maxbaldwin
AdolaDr_willis: Do you think forcing it is a ok idea?21:51
HighHoAdola: As Dr_willis: says its probably from where windows was not shut down correctly, forcing is probably safe, but to be sure boot into windows and shut down fully21:51
=== maxbaldwin is now known as GameManager
AdolaThat's all?  He said scan the drive.21:52
AdolaBut, I'll try.  I'l BRB21:52
Adola:)  Thanks you guys21:52
HighHoAdola: Scan the drive if you still get that message after a proper shut down.21:52
Dr_willisAdola,  how imporntant is your data. :)21:53
Dr_willisAdola,  do NOT use hibernate/suspend under windows21:53
Dr_willis'shut down fully'21:53
=== quassel125 is now known as seele_q
markitis it normal that kde 4.1.96 shutdown brings you again at login screen? or I have something misconfigured?21:56
=== GameManager is now known as maxbaldwin
=== maxbaldwin is now known as GameManager
Admiral_Chicagomarkit: it shouldn't21:57
markitAdmiral_Chicago: any clue why it does? :) did not with previous version (4.1 etc.)21:58
alexandergaetaHey, quick question: does Kubuntu come with the same applications (firefox, openoffice, etc) as Ubuntu?21:58
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HighHoalexandergaeta: yes,21:59
Admiral_Chicagoalexandergaeta: depends on the applications...Fx and OOo do but not the desktop environment21:59
markusalexandergaeta, same or corresponding applications21:59
Admiral_Chicagono idea markit22:00
alexandergaetaSo what is the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu? Does Kubuntu just have the KDE environment?22:00
Admiral_Chicagomore or less.22:00
markitalso, recently if I enter nano editor (or vi), numeric keypad does not work anymore, but works in simple shell... any idea?22:00
adam_Ok, I rebooted into Windows, and shut down as normal.  Yet, ntfs-config still has the same error22:01
HighHoalexandergaeta: You can install anything missing through the repos if you find something missing22:01
alexandergaetaIn kubuntu, can i do file management, application installation, etc. like I do in Ubuntu?22:02
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adam_Ok, no worries, I just "forced" it and it works :)22:03
* adam_ hopes nothings gone now :P22:03
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HighHoAdola: Im sure it will be fine :)22:04
Dr_willisI hsd to force  One of my windows drives.. to get to the data to back it up.. but that drive iw making nasty CLICKING noises... :) so it may be due for the trash soon22:04
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markusalexandergaeta, file mgment not too far from ubuntu, installation as in ubuntu if using cmd line, graphic installation tool a bit different22:07
alexandergaetaThanks everyone!22:07
usuarioke tal22:08
markusr u unhappy with ubuntu, if not, no use to change ti kubuntu (my  humble opinion)22:08
markusti --> to22:09
Dr_willisUse what you like. try it all out22:10
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wakoohola ke tal22:11
* fidji ne joue plus au Go22:13
wakooalguien ke hable español en este canal22:16
wakoo hahaha22:16
cuznthey if you are not satisfied with your kubuntu... why... I will take it off your hands22:16
cuzntno charge22:16
wakooesta mamada da asco22:18
markusi originally changed to kubuntu due to some details in file manager  (i liked konqueror and the idea of using one program for many tasks). Now using kubuntu basicly because I've used to it. No new desktos for me ;-)22:19
Brad777anyone know what it means when make says make: *** [all] Error 222:19
p_quarles!es | wakoo22:19
ubottuwakoo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:19
cuzntslow to draw and wrong22:19
tezcatlipoca!de | wakoo22:19
ubottuwakoo: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:19
markusbye all, and thanx for the help22:19
wakooaim mexican   hello22:20
markitI've created a new user, logged in, and I have the problem of the screen that is in text mode and with strange characters blinking.. any clue?22:26
markit(with old users it happens only logging off)22:26
markitworked fine before I upgraded to 4.1.96 from previous 4.1.something22:27
dominiqueDoes anyone know where file associations are saved?22:31
dr_Willisif im useing dd to  try to rescue a messed up parittion should i dd /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 to a file to try to reover from tha tfile?22:32
tezcatlipocahi guys. i apologize for my bad english. i have probs with sound on kubuntu 7.10... hardware is ok, "aplay" works, kmix is allright, but no sound. plz help22:32
ghostcubetezcatlipoca, komm in den deutschen channel22:34
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:34
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい22:44
setuidHow do I configure kdm? It's coming up in what looks like 640x480 with a huge black region around it, instead of 1920x120022:44
setuidAnd when I log into KDE, it's stuck at 1024x768, until I go to System Settings and click on Display (changing nothing), then it pops to 1920x120022:44
setuidIs there a way to make that resolution "stick"?22:45
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setuid301 muted users?22:47
p_quarlessetuid: 301 *idling* users22:48
Brad777you could play around in ur xorg file22:48
Brad777i wouldn't recommend that though22:48
setuidmy xorg.conf is about 7 lines long22:49
Brad777what is ur video card setuid22:49
setuidDefault one... only has "Section InputDevice"22:49
setuid01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Quadro FX 570M (rev a1)22:49
ghostcubesetuid, try nvidia-settings22:49
ghostcubesave the xorg.conf to desktop if u enabled all u want22:49
ghostcubeedit the xorg.conf u have the waythe settings do it22:49
Brad777setuid: do u have nvidia x server settings?22:50
setuidI"m not running the nvidia driver, don't want to do that at the moment22:50
setuidThat's my entire config22:50
Brad777setuid: i was having the problem u are having and i fixed it using the nvidia driver that's the only thing i could figure out22:50
setuidIt's whatever Intrepid put on the system when it installed22:50
setuidSomething tells me that the problem is the Intrepid installer never actually created a working xorg.conf22:51
ghostcubesetuid, install nvidia-glx-180 should work fine for this card22:52
ghostcubethen let nvidia-xconfig set an new xorg.conf22:52
setuidI'm not going to use the nvidia driver right now... so I'm going to use vesafb for the moment22:53
setuidI don't need the full-speed, proprietary driver22:53
setuidSeems like the only way to "fix" the resolution is to go into System Properties -> Display and then exit immediately.22:58
setuidChanges in the "Display" applet aren't persistent22:58
Brad777setuid: that's because the nvidia driver saves changes to the xorg file for u23:03
setuidAnd since I'm not going to use that, I don't care. I highly doubt that a user-level change to the resolution writes to a root-owned, read-only flle.23:04
setuidDefinitely looks like a bug in the systemsettings implementation23:05
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setuidDoes the same exact thing inside a vmware guest23:06
setuidSo it's not the nvidia driver or lack of that driver23:06
Brad777setuid: just telling you how I fixed it23:08
setuidThat may work for you and the nvidia drivers may correct the discrepancy/bug in KDE, but the bug is consistent across two physically different platforms and drivers, so it is not hardware or driver-specific.23:09
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yertosaurusokay, what is the default browser of kubuntu?23:23
yertosaurusThe website is less then clear23:23
yertosaurusthank you23:23
yertosauruswhat version?23:23
GnuSenseDepends which version of kubuntu you are running.23:23
yertosaurus8.10 iirc23:23
GnuSenseDon't know, I'm running Hardy.23:24
yertosauruseh... thanks anyways23:24
artur__How to really effectively remove a program? I could note that --purge isn't enough.23:27
dominiqueartur_: apt-get remove?23:28
dominiqueWhat you mean with not enough?23:29
Brad777yertosaurus: 4.1.323:35
artur__dominique: when you see the 'man apt-get' there's a part that tell that to effectively remove you must use --purge, but I tried this to uninstall skype, but when i re-installed it, I didn't have to login. So everything was like before the uninstall. Cause before it i used to be automatically logged without typing password and username. It's a example.23:36
dominiqueartur_: Check your ~/ for files according to pidgin (locate)23:37
artur__So, you that if I uninstall the amarok (for example) after this I should check if there is some amarok folder in my /~/  ?   Right?23:39
artur__you mean*23:39
dominiqueartur_: yeah23:39
artur__ok! I'll try! Thnx!23:39
dominiqueartur_: But i'm not the linux god, so i could be wrong23:40
setuidYou rang?23:41
* setuid is the Linux god23:41
* dominique says: God is dead.23:41
setuidIf you believe he was ever alive, yes...23:41
setuidI don't subscribe to the bearded-man-in-the-clouds religions23:42
dominiqueNo, it's just was Nietzsche said.23:42
dominiquesetuid: hehe, funny that they all forbid to make pictures of their gods (like bearded-men-in-the-clouds)23:42
setuiddominique, All part of  the cult^Wreligion23:44
setuidmd5sum'ing 4.7M files is really a pain in the ass23:44
setuid# find . -type f | wc -l23:44
dominique? Why?23:45
setuidAnyone play with filelight yet?23:45
setuiddominique, I'm doing some heavy testing on my Drobo23:45
dominiqueAh k :)23:45
setuidPut 2 3.5" (desktop drives and 2 2.5" (laptop) drives into it, filled it with about 680GB of data, and am going to pull a drive... but I want to checksum everything before, let the Drobo relevel all the data, then checksum after, and see if it "breaks" anything23:45
setuidIf it doesn't, I'm going to put a 750G drive into the open slot, and see what happens after that23:46
dominiqueAnd wheres the problem?23:46
setuidI happen to have 2 of those faulty 1TB Seagate drives, so I want to be sure nothing goes wrong while I'm pulling them to RMA them23:46
dominiqueYou don't have enough space for the hashes? xD23:46
setuiddominique, No problem yet... I just don't quite buy their claim that I can pull a drive while it's running, plugged into Linux, and it will just magically do the right thing with the data.23:47
setuid/dev/sdc1             925G  922G  3.2G 100% /usr/local/array23:47
setuid/dev/sdd1             8.0T  680G  7.4T   9% /mnt/external23:47
setuidPushing lots of data around on my server here at home23:47
setuidInstall filelight and play with it, it's pretty slick... here's a screenshot I took earlier today of it:23:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about filelight23:49
dominiqueWhat does it do?23:49
dominiqueRemember: I'm not the linux god :D23:49
dominiquejuhu...damn fuckin k-applications. Kate crashes all the times!23:50
GnuSenseMust be using KDE4/Intrepid, kate is great on my Hardy KDE3 install.23:51
GnuSensePlenty of other broken applications, though.23:52
markitas soon as I login, screen becomes a mess. .xsession-errors has a line stating x-terminal-emulator: Fatal IO error: client killed. Any clue?23:54
dominiqueGnuSense: Yeah, i'm using kde4/intrepid... there a few other k-apps that have quite a lot problems (kftpgrabber, klipper, kmix...)23:56
GnuSensedominique: KDE4 is slow and buggy, the last time I checked, which is why I'm sticking with Hardy.  Hopefully by the next LTS version KDE4 will be up to snuff.23:57
dominiqueGnuSense: You're rgight with the slow and buggy, i hope everytime i turn on my computer that some update notifier wants to update something...23:59

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