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lamalexhey, when i do bzr ci -m "something" --fixes lp:666, what does that do? does it associate the branch with the bug? seems like it should mark it "fix committed"00:21
LarstiQlamalex: it does associate, but not mark afaik00:23
lamalexeven when that branch get's merged?00:23
wgrantLarstiQ is correct.00:23
wgrantIt just links the bug.00:23
wgrantThe branch scanner should probably do something to the status of the bug if it sees a revision marked like that enter the development focus or another series branch.00:24
wgrantBut it isn't that intelligent now, it seems.00:25
* jml confirms everything wgrant just said00:28
* LarstiQ wouldn't mind trying to fix that00:29
jmlexcept maybe only dev focus branches.00:29
LarstiQbut maybe it's more work than I hope ;)00:29
jmlLarstiQ: most of the work would be in the edge cases00:29
LarstiQjml: I don't know very well what launchpad coding is like, bzrlib I can handle.00:30
jmlLarstiQ: not doing silly things like changing the status from fix released to fix committed, making sure that the scanner and human-entered bug statuses don't end up in a tug of war etc00:30
jmlLarstiQ: actually, tell you what00:30
LarstiQjml: right00:30
jmlLarstiQ: I've been meaning to extend bzrlib to have an actual api for the bug property00:30
LarstiQjml: aha :)00:31
jmlLarstiQ: it would be a pretty simple thing to do, come to think of it00:32
jmlbut I have other bzrlib hacking priorities00:32
LarstiQjml: if you can tell me how you'd like to use it, I'll have a look tomorrow00:33
wgrantjml: Dev focus and series branches both make sense...00:33
wgrantThere's no reason that you can't alter series tasks if the rev appears in a series branch.00:34
* wgrant kicks Launchpad for not letting him delete a branch.00:34
jmlwgrant: LP *should* let you delete a branch00:34
jmlor is it a particular branch?00:35
wgrantIt OOPSes and gives me 7 alerts that it deleted the branch, spread over the next three page loads.00:35
jmlwgrant: :(00:35
* jml deletes branches *all the time*00:35
wgrantOOPS-1113EA5 is the second time I've tried it. You can probably see it by now.00:35
* Nafallo kicks wgrant for not being on jabber00:35
jmldamnit, I haven't set up my smart bookmark for oops on this laptop00:36
* wgrant kicks ext4 for dieing on him, and making him reboot, and forget to start up Gajim.00:36
jmlwgrant: I can't, sadly00:37
wgrantSo, why exactly does it give me a bazillion alerts? Even though it will be retried a few times due to Zopeyness, something must be committing the transaction in the middle of each try...00:37
* jml does not know00:37
lpd79Not sure if I've connected properly, this seems overly quiet. Hate to ask -- but is anybody here?00:46
lpd79Thanks :)00:47
lpd79I have this question: I'm trying to compile a package in my PPA that depends on debhelper >= 700:48
lpd79debhelper 7.0.13 is available via hardy-backports00:48
wgrantAnd your Hardy PPA can't find it?00:48
wgrantYou want https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+archive/+edit-dependencies00:49
lpd79Build fails00:49
lpd79and status is set to MANUALDEPWAIT00:49
wgrantAnd then the fourth radio button from the top, IIRC.00:49
lpd79and then the poor PPA keeps retrying00:49
wgrant5th, of course, I mean.00:49
wgrantYou can then either retry the build manually, or wait a while for it to do it automatically.00:51
lpd79OK, great, I think I got it. This will hopefully work00:52
lpd79The strange thing is the build failed only for i38600:52
lpd79lpia and amd64 either were not tried or didn't fail (they are not shown as failures on the front page)00:52
lpd79So I thought it was some kind of intermittent problem00:52
wgrantIf you expand the package entry, you'll be able to see all of the builds listed.00:52
wgrantIf your package is Architecture: all, only i386 will be built, and the resultant binary will be used on all architectures.00:53
lpd79Ah... again, makes sense.00:53
wgrantjml: Can you see that OOPS yet? I think it's because I have a branch stacked on it.00:57
jmlone sec00:57
wgrantYes, that was it. I removed the stacked branch and it deleted properly.00:58
jmlwgrant: yeah, that's what the oops says.00:58
jmlwgrant: there's an open bug on this one already.00:58
wgrantGreat, thanks.00:58
jmlwgrant: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/27614401:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276144 in launchpad-bazaar "OOPS when trying to delete stacked-on branches." [High,Triaged]01:00
* jml changes the priority to be more honest01:00
* wgrant subscribes.01:00
* wgrant finally gets automatic stacking working.01:06
wgrantIt isn't entirely obvious that one needs to upgrade the shared repo to a stackable format too.01:06
jmlwgrant: yeah.01:16
HarrisonServer's down?01:16
jmlwgrant: I mentioned it a couple of times when I blogged about it.01:17
jmlwgrant: but really, what we need is for bzr to upgrade its default format01:17
jmlwgrant: and that won't be happening for a couple of releases, I think.01:17
wgrantHarrison: bazaar.launchpad.net?01:17
jmlI guess Launchpad could have some text somewhere that suggests the right formats to use...01:18
wgrantI think LH needs kicking; I noticed it myself a few minutes ago and it's still borked.01:18
Harrisonwgrant: Yeah01:18
wgrantjml: I think it should mention when you upgrade or try to upgrade the branch that the repo is out of date.01:18
jmlwgrant: yeah.01:19
wgrantI forgot that I had it in a shared repo, and it didn't bother to tell me.01:19
* wgrant wonders why there isn't an automated Loggerhead kicke.01:30
jmlwgrant: loggerhead is free software. there isn't an auto kicker because no one has proposed or written one yet :)01:36
Nafallowgrant: thanks for voluntering :-)01:37
wgrantThere shouldn't need to be one, but I would have thought the LOSAs would be sick of having to do it manually by now.01:38
jmlwgrant: they are. but we're inclined to spend what time we can fixing the root cause rather than coming up with a band-aid.01:38
wgrantOf course.01:39
jmlwgrant: but maybe we should have something to make life better in the interim.01:39
wgrantGiven that there isn't 24/7 LOSA coverage, yes.01:39
jmlor the community should provide one :)01:39
jmlwow, it's lunch time01:41
wgrantIt is.01:41
jmlI think I might have some lunch.01:41
jmland then knuckle down and get this writing done.01:42
jml(and then do some bzr hacking to make my life better)01:42
* wgrant complains about replication lag.01:43
wgrantAt least I presume that's what this is...01:44
wgrant(I can't see my new team in a branch's +edit yet...)01:44
wgrantAh, there.01:45
HarrisonSo, when can the bazaar server be expected to return?02:10
wgrantHarrison: All that's down is browsing the repositories online; you can still use the bzr client to look at the branches until somebody fixes it.02:10
Harrisonwgrant: On Windows, the Bazaar client isn't really the easiest to use. :P But I can still commit changes and all?02:11
wgrantHarrison: You might consider looking into TortoiseBzr.02:11
Harrisonwgrant: I'm using it.02:11
wgrantBut yes, all that is down is viewing branches nicely in a web browser.02:11
HarrisonStill was a pain setting up right, and you still have to go to the command line to push changes.02:12
wgrantIf the entire branch hosting service went down, I'm sure there'd be sysadmins on it in a moment.02:13
HarrisonAlright, well when it comes back online, is there a link to download the latest revision of a branch, like there is on Sourceforge?02:26
wgrantHarrison: In a tarball? I don't think so.02:30
HarrisonDamn, that made it a whole lot easier to get the files ready for release. =/02:30
wgrantbzr export, tar zcf, done...02:31
wgrantHowever it is probably useful for other things too.02:32
HarrisonLike for users who want the latest revision, instead of waiting for the next release.02:34
wgrantHarrison: Bug #24058002:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 240580 in loggerhead "Ability to download a tarball for a revision" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24058002:39
Harrisonwgrant: Looking at the date, I'm guessing it won't be for a while. =/02:43
wgrantHarrison: bazaar.launchpad.net is working again now.02:51
Harrisonwgrant: Thanks.02:53
wgrantI didn't do anything. I can just complain.02:53
HarrisonI know but I stopped checking.02:54
wgrantWow. Some of the fonts and padding utterly suck, but the new / is an enormous improvement!05:22
beunowgrant, :)05:25
beunoI could of spent *more* time on it, but you know how it is, so many things to do, so little time...05:25
wgrantbeuno: People can now register projects and teams! Even that addition would be enough.05:25
beunoI quite like the font  :)05:26
beunowgrant, suprisingly, they could before as well!05:26
beunowhich is kinda what made me think I should change it05:26
wgrantOnly if you knew just where to look.05:26
beunolinks are the same05:26
beunoyeah, now it should be more obvious05:27
wgrantOh. I hadn't seen that text under 'Start Here' before.05:27
wgrantAnd it's not on prod.05:27
wgrantSo it is, for most users, entirely unobvious now.05:27
beunowhat do you mean it's not on production?05:28
wgrantThe 'Launchpad is a unique collaboration and bazaar  code hosting platform for software projects.' font looks awful here (firefox-3.1, jaunty), 'Bazaar' should be capitalised, and it seems odd to single out lp-bzr.05:28
wgrantI mean the 'Are you looking for something, or do you want to register a new project, distribution, person, or team? ' text on staging isn't on production.05:29
wgrantSo from the home page on production it looks like you can't register anything ne.05:29
beunowgrant, can you send me a screenshot on how you see the font?05:29
wgrantbeuno: Sure.05:29
wgrantAlso, the 'Featured projects', 'What’s new?' and 'Get started' heading styles look like they are normal body text with a colour and underline applied. It doesn't look too great.05:30
wgrantAnd the announcements need bullets. But the layout is muuuch better.05:30
* ScottK waves hello at wgrant.05:31
beunoI hate bullets!05:31
beunoI killed those stars as soon as I got a chance05:31
ScottKAll depends on which way they're going.05:31
wgrantHi ScottK.05:31
wgrantbeuno: Oh, the stars weren't great, but it needs something.05:32
beunoScottK, indeed it does05:32
beunowgrant, there's going to be another stab at the home page before the 3.0 release, much more drasting and with actual designers involved, so I didn't want to dig too deep05:33
beuno"make it easy for people to register things, show stats, and make it a little bit prettier"05:33
wgrantbeuno: http://www.qeuni.net/f/1/2009/new-lp-home.png05:35
wgrantIMO the column headings need changing, the middle column needs some kind of bullets, some space is needed immediately under the central search widget, the capitalisation of Bazaar needs to be fixed, and the font of that sentence needs alteration.05:36
beunowgrant, good, it looks exactly like it does here   ;)05:36
wgrantThe antialiasing is awful, which might be partly Firefox 3.1's fault, but it's not that bad on other sites.05:37
beunosounds reasonable. I may take a stab at it as soon as I finish fixing all the tests I broke for blueprints.05:37
wgrantHow's the [23].0ish UI for them coming along?05:37
beunofor blueprints?05:38
beunoI'm barely making them look 2.0ish, haven't found any volunteers for 3.0 stuff yet  :)05:38
beunoI may end up adding some of the ajax myself, but don't tell anyone I'm willing to do so. It will remove my advantage05:39
* ScottK liked about 0.5 I think it was.05:39
wgrantScottK: 0.5?05:39
ScottKWhatever the last LP version before it went beta was.05:40
ScottKThe one with all the tables.05:40
wgrantIt had no version.05:40
ScottKNasty design wise, but as  user it was quite nice.05:40
wgrantThat was... different.05:40
ScottKYes, usable.05:40
wgrantOnce the 3.0 UI is deployed properly across everything, I think it'll all be a lot more usable and look damn nice.05:41
beunousable is overrated05:42
ScottKLet me guess, LP developer?05:42
beunoonly by day05:43
wgrantI never was able to work out which team you belonged to.05:43
beunoUser Experience05:44
wgrantI didn't even know that existed.05:44
beunoit's been forming for a few months now05:44
beunowe should be taking over the world in a year or so05:45
beunonot sure what the schedule is05:45
wgrantIs it like DX but without the desktop, and working on more than some less functional notifications?05:45
beunowell, DX would be like a sub-team, in a way05:46
beunoUX participates everywhere, makes sure the result for the end user is awesome05:46
beunobe that with design, changing workflows, text, whatever05:47
beunoso we're abstracted from the implementation details as much as possible, so we can deliver closer to "amazing" rather than "what's possible"05:48
beunoit'll take a while to get everything in motion, but we've got great people, so I've got high hopes05:49
nijabahello.  While going to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nijaba/screen-profiles/configure-keybindings/revision/60, I get "Sorry, there was an error connecting to the launcpad server".  Just FYI...11:35
Praveendoes this work for anyone?11:55
rjversluisTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.12:28
rjversluisHi, I'm trying to load: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~r.j.versluis/rocrail/Rocrail/revision/912:28
rjversluisI did wait more then an hour12:29
rjversluisIs there a server problem?12:29
codestr0mI'm trying to see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~proyvind/pyliblzma/trunk/files and it's not been viewable for days.. am I doing something wrong?12:44
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cumulus007hey guys, this link doesn't work:16:04
james_wcumulus007: where did you get that link from?16:09
cumulus007From this:16:10
james_wit looks like an old loggerhead URL16:12
james_wit might need changing to the new scheme16:13
james_wI'd give you and updated link, but loggerhead on bazaar.launchpad.net seems to have fallen over16:13
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FlimmCan I ask someone to change the version string of a release here?21:06
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brmassaguys, i created a branch that imports a SVN from google code... however, it fails EVERYTIME on import. what should i do?21:37
ddaabrmassa: figure out why it's failing. Up to last year, when I was still working this stuff, google code had poor svn service reliability, and cscvs (the code import back end) set some pretty outlandish demands on this.21:43
ddaaLike, svn requests on google code tended to fail randomly about once every 10000th time.21:44
LarstiQddaa: nice to see you again :)21:44
ddaabrmassa: but you'd need to give a url to the code import page on launchpad to be able to tell.21:44
brmassaddaa: the log is very confusing. i registered november last year and is it never gets completed. take a look: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/nebula-device/trunk21:45
ddaaLarstiQ: just passing by. kiko-afk said something on my facebook wall that grabbed my attention, and I'm trying to get back to hime.21:45
ddaabrmassa: yeah, that looks like a typical "googlecode and cscvs do no go along well" problem.21:46
LarstiQddaa: k, you doing ok?21:46
brmassaddaa: so no hope?21:47
ddaaLarstiQ: fine. Been working for nearly one year in an investment bank, building a system to model exotic derivatives. Sent resignation last week. Should start working on a start up project after that.21:48
ddaabrmassa: I could tell you what need to be done to the (released) code of cscvs. That involves changing the underlying python bindings, so it's something like one month worth of work.21:49
ddaabrmassa: or you can try fixing googlecode...21:49
ddaathe third option is giving up on this particular combination.21:50
brmassaddaa: i was thinking about to register it again, but it would be better to delete this branch first. but that is another thing that i dont know how to do... launchpad is sometimes very confusing...21:50
ddaabrmassa: I have not followed this stuff in the past year, but last year a simple user could not readily delete a code import branch.21:51
LarstiQbrmassa: there should be a delete buttoon on that page21:51
LarstiQddaa: oh hmm, that might be true21:51
LarstiQas vcs-imports is the owner21:51
ddaathere an old bug out there about giving owners of product the ownership privileges to the associated code import branches.21:52
brmassaddaa: im not responsible for the google code's project. i was thinking to mirror the SVN and work on from there (but always getting the code com Google's).21:53
ddaabrmassa: I meant fixing googlecode's hosting. Not the googlecode project :) Do not read me literally. I did intend to convey the notion that there was no way you could fix the problem.21:54
brmassaddaa: also, i dont have the "delete" button. i think its because im not the owner. It was automatically given to "VCS Import"21:54
brmassaddaa: sorry :P21:55
LarstiQbrmassa: you can put in an admin request via https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion21:56
ddaabrmassa: re ownership: that is normal, it has something to do with how code import branches are specially handled internally.21:56
ddaabrmassa: what LarstiQ says. Admins can delete the branch for you.21:56
LarstiQddaa: is investment banking any fun?21:56
ddaaKind of.21:56
brmassaddaa: thanks. so i will try to do so. regards.21:56
ddaaLarstiQ: the whole "working at a big company" concept makes me sick.21:57
ddaaCompounding it with the "working at a company that has no values" makes it worse.21:58
LarstiQno values?21:58
LarstiQlike, no scruples?21:58
ddaaHey, it's bank. It's about making buck ya know? :)21:58
LarstiQddaa: well, that's a value ;)21:58
ddaaIt's also a lot about "covering one's position". That's what traders in derivatives do.21:59
ddaaSo the culture of ass-covering ends up suffusing the whole company.21:59
LarstiQah, yes.22:00
ddaaI think I can be accurately said that this experience helped me graduate from "tought that banks were bad in principle" to "informed and intestinal hatred of the whole banking system"22:00
ddaaWell... so this job is getting a bit on my nerves. But I must say I am working with nice people.22:01
ddaameh... I did not mean to get started.22:01
LarstiQddaa: I'm sorry :/22:02
ddaaHey nothing to be sorry about. It was a formative experience.22:02
LarstiQddaa: the startup project is with a startup company, ie, small?22:02
ddaai.e. not founded yet22:02
LarstiQsmall enough I guess :)22:02
ddaathere's this one domain guy, and this one marketing guy, and they need a technical guy associate.22:03
ddaaStill 3 months to go with my current job though.22:03
brmassaddaa: i forgot to ask: where can i contact the LP admin (about my problem with Google Code)?22:22
beunobrmassa, file a question here:  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchoad22:24
brmassabeuno: thanks22:25
detDo repo updates still happen every 20 minutes?22:26
detSeems to have skipped an update 6 minutes ago :-)22:26
beunodet, scanner is running every 5 minutes I think22:27
beunoand it should drop down to almost instant scanning in the next few weeks22:27
detmy package has been build for 20 minutes now22:29
detdidnt appear at :2022:29
beunoah, you mean packagess22:29
detPPA, sorry22:29
beunoI don't think anything has changed22:29
spitfireHow to upload .orig file to PPA using dput?22:32
spitfireHow to upload .orig file to PPA using dput?23:13
Davieyspitfire: you tend to upload .changes files :)23:17
spitfireDaviey: but I'm backporting from debian.23:18
spitfireThere is no libmtp_0.3.5.orig.tar.gz on launchpad/in ubuntu23:19
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Davieyspitfire: then you need to package, backport libmtp_0.3.5.orig.tar.gz also23:19
spitfireDaviey: but what command do I issue to send that damn orig?23:20
spitfiredput accepts only changes23:20
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DavieyIf you dput a orig.tar.gz.. what are the build daemons going to do with it?23:21
savvastry it23:22
Davieysavvas: there is no point.23:26
detMy package was built over an hour ago: https://edge.launchpad.net/~spring/+archive/ppa/+build/84070023:27
Davieysavvas: When you push a .changes , dput will upload the orig.tar.gz if it is needed23:27
detBut still hasnt been published: http://ppa.launchpad.net/spring/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/s/spring/23:27
Davieysavvas: What package are you trying to packport?23:27
savvasDaviey: it's not me, but spitfire. we got this sorted out in #ubuntu-motu - he didn't do debuild -S -sa to include the orig.tar.gz with the upload :)23:28
spitfirethanks again;)23:28
Davieysavvas: sorry :)23:29

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