charlie-tcayay! alpha3 is out...00:02
Hagg1charlie-tca: that's good :)00:04
Hagg1milos_: I've tried them on my GF6800GT, they worked but was buggy (lots of artifacts on te screen)00:06
Hagg1I didn't filed a bug or investigated it, because I'm gonna switch to ATi any time soon anyway, thier OSS-drivers are almost stable now, I've heard .)00:08
milos_Hagg1: I can't do almost anything00:12
milos_Hagg1: and I have a laptop00:12
milos_Hagg1: http://img103.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snimak1uw8.png00:13
Hagg1milos_: what happens if you try to refresh the window, or minimize and restore it?00:14
Hagg1milos_: my artifacts dissapeard by doing so, but the came back after a fiew seconds again00:16
milos_Hagg1: I can't start any application, because K menu is empty and refresh isn't helping00:16
milos_Hagg1: I start konsole with ALT+F2 and then launch every app from there00:17
Hagg1milos_: a good start might be the nvidia-linux-forum: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?s&forumid=1400:19
milos_Hagg1: thnx00:19
Melikhey hggdh, what did you mean by00:19
Melik<hggdh> Melik, pktcdvd seems to be a kernel module00:19
Melik<hggdh> hum. the module is not present anymore on 2.6.28-400:19
shadowhywindhay all, i was wondering if anyone else got the Incomplete language support after installing jaunty?00:28
Hagg1Alpa3 (LiveCD, amd64) hangs during boot for me :(00:42
shadowhywindHagg1: right after you select an option?00:42
milos_Hagg1: this fixed the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/308410/comments/800:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308410 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "Latest Xorg removes nvidia driver ... conflicting xserver-xorg-video-4" [Medium,Confirmed]00:43
Hagg1shadowhywind: no, I get the boot-menu (select english) and hit enter, then the progressbar goes for and back for some seconds and therefter it freeze00:44
Hagg1milos_: ok, that's good :)00:44
shadowhywindHagg1: i had a simmiler problem, i would get the select english, and then when i hit enter on the menu to either test/install/test for defects it would freeze,00:45
Hagg1shadowhywind: it freeze before the progressbar show a normal loading (increasing value)00:45
shadowhywindby anychance are you using a cd-rw?00:45
Hagg1shadowhywind: yes, I am00:46
shadowhywindjust for curoisty, is it a sony? also do you have a normal cd you could write to?00:47
Hagg1shadowhywind: I can run the "Check CD for defects" and it is working until it is finished  and does not find any errors either00:47
shadowhywindbecause i used a sony cd-rw with my issue, when i burned it to a regular cd i had no issues00:47
shadowhywindHagg1: oh00:48
Hagg1shadowhywind: no, I boycott sony :) My CD-rw is a "Octron 700MB"00:49
shadowhywindHagg1: have you tried a acpi=off command ?00:50
Hagg1shadowhywind: no, I'm trying that now00:51
shadowhywindHagg1: there are times where that sometimes works on my laptop amd64 as well00:52
Hagg1shadowhywind: Ubuntu 8.10 is working just fine with acpi enabled on this hardware00:53
Hagg1so 9.04 should work with acpi enabled as well, if there isn't any new bugs00:54
shadowhywindah, well if that doesn't work I would say try reburning onto a regular cd and see if that works. Maybe the iso doesn't like cd-rw (which would be really werid and odd)00:54
Hagg1acpi=off didn't work.. Alfa3 still hangs (and my keyboard-leds starts flashing)00:54
Hagg1shadowhywind: yes, that would be really odd, 8.10 is installed on the failing hardware with the exact same cd-rw disc00:56
shadowhywindHagg1: hehe same here, after like the 10th install cd, i finally switched to cd-rw's and it worked for intrepid but not for jaunty00:59
Hagg1shadowhywind: hehe, yes, installing OSes is the only thig I use cd's for :) And it's muchh cheaper to use cd-rw for that purpouse01:02
Hagg1I will try Alpa3 in a VM now, to see if it works better01:03
shadowhywindhehe nice01:03
Hagg1shadowhywind: no luch there either :(  Alpa3 hangs in KVM-6201:13
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Hagg1shadowhywind: here is a screendump: http://hagge.intercorner.net/dump/ubuntu-9.04-alpa3_in_kvm-62.png01:18
shadowhywindHagg1: so it actraully looks like it loads01:19
Hagg1shadowhywind: I don't really know... It shouldn't be a prompt like that during boot, not what I can remember at least01:21
shadowhywindHagg1: the onlything that i can think/say would be if you have an extra cd-r give that a try and see whats happen, worst case one less cd-r on the spindle01:22
Hagg1shadowhywind: I have no cd-r, only cd-rw (2 pcs)01:24
shadowhywindHagg1: oh...01:25
Hagg1shadowhywind: on my other KVM-host I got jaunty to boot :D  (KVM-72)01:49
Hagg1and it goes damn fast on a RAM-drive :P01:49
shadowhywindHagg1: nice!01:49
shadowhywindjaunty is very nice, and quick. my boot time has been cut in half01:50
Hagg1shadowhywind: I have nothing to compare to, because I only run the LiveCD in a VM, where the ISO is located on a tmpfs-partition01:52
Hagg1and there is not much hardware that can compare to ttmpfs01:53
Hagg1shadowhywind: it is very handy to have a virtualmachine when testing livecds :)01:57
shadowhywindafter my first install attempt i wish i did (just glad i made backups of my partitions first)01:59
Hagg1hehe, ok02:00
Hagg1backups are good02:01
Andre_Gondimmy pidgin in jaunty just close when I am using02:44
johnjohn101what kernel will ubuntu 9.04 be on when it's released?02:48
JediMasterHey guys, as expected, after a fairly painless upgrade to jaunty, the binary nvidia drivers aren't installed. The instructions said to use the nv drivers for now. Stupid question... how do I actually install them now, it's been so long since I've had to change it lol02:48
JediMasterjohnjohn101: at least 2.6.2802:49
* JediMaster seriously considers converting all his ext3 partitions over to ext4 now..02:49
toresbeJediMaster: It *is* possible, albeit painful, to continue using the nVidia drivers02:49
JediMasterI was considering installing 60GB of X-plane to play on my media center machine with it's 37" screen =) so nvidia binaries would work better02:50
JediMastertoresbe: for now, how do I go about changing it from the generic setup to nv drivers?02:51
JediMasterI don't think I can look at 800x600 on a widescreen 37" screen for much longer ;-)02:51
toresbeJediMaster: Just change the "Driver" entry from "nvidia" to "nv" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:51
toresbe(do you know how to do that?)02:52
JediMasterwell that's what I thought first of all, but it's overwritten the xorg.conf with generic config02:52
x1250"nv" is not the default driver for nvidia guys?02:52
JediMastertoresbe: you'd never guess but I used to configure and compile my own kernels years ago, ubuntu just made my lazy with it's uberness02:53
JediMasterx1250: would it automatically detect it?02:53
x1250JediMaster, it should. At least it works automagically with ati, so I guess it should too with nvidia.02:54
JediMasterit won't let me change the screen above 800x600 on a 37" widescreen02:54
JediMasterI actually can't remember what it should be lol, but it's a lot more than that02:55
JediMaster1280x768 maybe?02:55
JediMasterthere's no driver section at all in xorg.conf now02:56
x1250JediMaster, try checking out /var/log/Xorg.0.log for problems. It should be obvious in there what driver is using Xorg, also.02:56
JediMastervesa I believe02:58
JediMaster(II) VESA: driver for VESA chipsets: vesa02:59
JediMastershall I just try the nvidia-glx-180 package?03:00
x1250JediMaster, add a line that reads: Driver "nv", in section Device (Device, not Screen), just under "Configured Video Device"03:00
JediMasteroh yeah, what's the xorg.conf line to re-enable ctrl-alt-backspace?>03:01
JediMastergot it, dontzap03:01
x1250JediMaster, yep, in Section "ServerFlags"03:01
JediMasteryeah, no serverflags section lol03:02
x1250JediMaster, if driver "nv" does not work, I would guess Xorg has problems detecting your monitor Horizsync and VertRefresh values. Try googling that if you continue to have problems.03:03
JediMasterdidn't work with the nv driver03:03
x1250does not work, means?03:04
JediMastersorry, sec03:04
JediMaster"No devices detected"03:04
JediMasterI'm not in a very good error reporting mood - that's my day job and it's 3am lol03:05
x1250JediMaster, http://www.x.org/wiki/FAQErrorMessages#head-93b1e0b56f76546d61364f789045e9c745b6cfd403:05
JediMastergoing to try the nvidia binary package quickly03:05
x1250JediMaster, I recall reading that it won't work unless you use IgnoreABI option, or something like that.03:07
x1250I could be wrong though, ati guy here :P03:07
JediMasterta, will look it up03:09
JediMasteryes, it just popped up with that solution =)03:09
JediMasteruse the -ignoreABI option to ignore this check03:09
JediMastersweet, that's it, and it's the correct resolution too =)03:11
JediMasterwith the nvidia-glx-180 driver03:11
x1250ok, great to know.03:11
JediMasterthanks for the help03:12
JediMasterhmmf, no /dev/dsp device now03:14
JediMasteraudio definately works though, just jumped out of my skin as the speakers were on full when I logged in lol03:14
JediMasterany idea why /dev/dsp doesn't exist?03:15
ethana2mp3 playback Just Works in Jaunty alpha 303:18
ethana2is that legal?03:18
ethana2have the patents expired?03:19
ethana2..or is it just for the alpha builds, 'cause no one will sue over an alpha?03:19
ethana2aac playback doesn't work though, and it doesn't let me install support03:19
ethana2just said 'internal data flow error'03:19
* JediMaster prefers to use vlc or mplayer which generally Just Works03:21
x1250JediMaster, no idea, I upgraded from intrepid, and I did install the codecs while in intrepid.03:22
JediMasterx1250: wrong person?03:22
ethana2I'm on the alpha 3 LiveCD03:22
x1250JediMaster, yes! sorry03:22
JediMaster=) np03:23
JediMasteranyone tried to upgrade from ext3 to ext4 yet?03:23
ethana2..and that video file I have just segfaults it03:23
JediMasterwith all the features like extends etc03:23
x1250JediMaster, hehe, there are some (un)lucky guys on ubuntuforums.org with data loss03:24
ethana2I've got my hands full just confirming on jaunty all the bugs still in LTS and 8.10..03:24
x1250JediMaster, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104019903:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302202 in oss-compat "[Jaunty] must reconfigure at each reboot, else /dev/dsp is missing" [Undecided,New]03:25
JediMasteryup, that's the one ubottu ;-)03:25
JediMasterx1250: ta, I guess it's not time yet to entrust my 1TB of data to ext403:27
CarlFK1I have GeForce 7150M - but jaunty hardware gizmo isn't giving me a nvida choice03:32
CarlFK1and nv dosn't work with my card either03:32
DBOwhere is the best place to get the latest iso?  I just need to test software I am developing03:33
CarlFK1is there any hope of getting and nvidia to work?03:33
KilleroidDBO: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/03:34
CarlFK1DBO:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/jaunty-desktop-i386.iso03:34
DBOthank you guys =)03:35
CarlFK1i wonder what the diff is03:35
JediMasterCarlFK1: I just installed nvidia-glx-180 and added: 'Option "ignoreABI" "True"' to the serverflags section of xorg.conf and all works fine now03:35
DBOthats a great help03:35
CarlFK1JediMaster: thanks.  was hoping there was something like that03:36
JediMasterall appears to be working fine, the generic xorg config loads vesa *shudder*03:36
CarlFK1when I try to use nv I get EE card not supported03:37
JediMasterthe nvidia-glx-180 driver correctly found the 37" tv's res at 1360x76803:37
JediMasteryeah, I got that too03:37
JediMasterI think I have the same graphics chipset03:38
JediMasteronboard card on the motherboard?03:38
CarlFK1hp 6700 laptop03:38
JediMastersimilar then03:38
JediMasteryeah, 7100 here03:38
JediMasterand the nv driver didn't find it either03:38
JediMasterlmao, only upgraded about 2 hours ago and there's already 37MB of updates, including a new kernel03:41
JediMasterargh, and just noticed more issues with static network interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces03:42
JediMasterit hasn't started up with eth0 up03:42
JediMasteryet I can ifup eth0 and it works03:43
ubottuA schedule of Jaunty Jackelope (9.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule03:55
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CarlFK1JediMaster: thanks - i got nvid again.04:05
JediMasternp, thank x1250 too, he helped04:05
MelikJediMaster, how do i add the ignore ABI thing to my xorg04:06
JediMasterMelik: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-177/+bug/308410 it's about 1/3 of the way down the page04:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308410 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "Latest Xorg removes nvidia driver ... conflicting xserver-xorg-video-4" [Medium,Confirmed]04:07
Melikthanks =)04:07
JediMasterhmm, why is eth0 in networkmanager read only?04:08
JediMasterI can't change it at all, and I've wiped /etc/network/interfaces now so networkmanager can take over04:08
MelikSection "ServerFlags"04:09
Melik    Option "ignoreABI" "True"04:09
Melikthats what i copy paste in04:09
JediMasteryup, or just add the Option line if you already have the ServerFlags section04:09
Melikthen what do i do after04:09
JediMasterthat should be it if you've installed the nvidia binary driver already04:10
Melikthe thing is04:10
Meliki have this really weird situation04:10
Melikerm.. i have nvidia 180.22 drivers04:11
Melikbut when i go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers04:11
Melikit only shows the Nvidia 96 drivers04:11
Melikand the thing is i dont even have nvidia-glx-9604:11
Meliki have a GeForce 6100 nForce 405, and its supported by the 180.22 :/04:12
JediMasterheh, the hardware drivers doesn't even bring up the nvidia-glx-180 for me, says there's no proprietary drivers in use lol04:13
JediMastercheck the xorg log file to see what's running04:13
JediMasterok must run, it's 4am04:13
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CarlFKraw1394 used to be in the 'disk' group.  now it is in the root group?  crw-rw---- 1 root root 171, 0 2009-01-16 20:09 /dev/raw139404:21
Melikyayyyyyyyy FINALLY, my nvidia drivers work :D04:29
CarlFKnvida for all!04:30
fnf1Is there a way to install Amarok 1.4 on Jaunty?. I haven't seen it in the repo.04:31
fnf1They shouldn't have dropped it as Amarok 2 in its current state is way worse than 1.404:32
x1250fnf1, take it from an old distro repo, it should work04:33
fnf1x1250: I'll give it a shot, hope it doesn't have a bunch of older dependencies04:34
x1250fnf1, aah, yes, it probably has. I don't know if it will work, but try.04:36
x1250if dependencies names haven't changed their names, it should probably work. I guess :)04:37
fnf1x1250: I'm not sure if this is the right place to look for, but I couldn't find amarok any where here http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/amarok/04:37
fnf1the 1.4 version I mean04:38
fnf1it might be in one of the kde* meta packages04:39
mikhmvhggdh: I have installed ubuntu 64 Alternative without any problem. Should I fill anything?04:40
hggdhmikhmv, just look at the QA site, and add in anything you may have found04:41
hggdhotherwise, thank you very much04:41
hggdhthis is a help we need every time we go for a release point04:41
hggdh(alpha, beta, and final)04:41
mikhmvhggdh: thanks04:42
hggdhmikhmv, thank YOU. We really appreciate the help04:42
x1250fnf1, its kind of tricky to get to the binary (deb) packages, but they are there: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok. Navigating is kind of confusing.04:43
x1250fnf1, better follow this link: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/amarok04:46
x1250then click on "i386" for the binary package, and in the next page, click on the "version" link, you'll find the deb package after the last click04:47
fnf1thanks, I'm downloading all packages04:49
fnf1x1250: it's working, thanks a lot :-)04:54
x1250really? great! :D04:54
fnf1x1250: I needed to install amarok, amarok-common and amarok-engines at the least to get it working.04:57
fnf1but what remains is how to specify apt not to upgrade amarok, I haven't figured out how to do it with apt though, although aptitude can sustain a package from upgrading easily04:58
fnf1hope Amarok 1.4 it will be added sooner rather than later :)04:58
x1250fnf1, take a look at section 3.10: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html04:59
Volkodavhow do I format a partition in ext4 for a fresh install ?05:05
ari_stressis true jj will use ext4?05:06
ari_stresshow is it?05:06
x1250Volkodav, don't: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104019905:06
Volkodavext4 is really ext305:08
fnf1x1250: the manual doesn't really help, I tried dselect but it doesn't provide a way to change a package's state (such as not to upgrade). That's not very important though, I'll wait till amarok 1.4 comes along.05:08
Volkodavext3 is really just journalised ext205:08
fnf1Volkodav: odd, ext4's been declared stable for a while. I have no problem using it.05:09
VolkodavI'll give it a shot though - I heard good things about performance05:09
VolkodavI will give it a shot too05:09
fnf1I've been using ext4 since Intrepid, just upgraded to Jaunty this morning and I used ext4 for / as well05:09
Volkodavhow did you format it ?05:09
ari_stressfnf1: what is good about ext4?05:10
Volkodavari_stress nothing bad I assume neither05:10
fnfVolkodav: mkfs.ext405:10
ari_stressdoes it have any defragmenter tool?05:10
fnfusual parameters apply of course05:11
fnfari_stress: it was designed to be online-degramentable, but I haven't seen a tool to do it.05:11
fnfari_stress: although you wouldn't have to concern about it unless the device has less than 5% free space05:12
ari_stressfnf: i know ext3 claims that it's fragmented proof, but i run torrent a lot, so it must be fragmented somehow, right?05:12
fnfari_stress: no, if you tell the torrent client to allocate whole block since since the first packets, not a lot of them do it though05:13
fnfari_stress: ext4 has some feature named lazy allocation that can help with fragmentation05:13
ari_stresscan i do online upgrade from ext3 to ext4?05:14
fnfari_stress: you can05:14
fnfwait a sec, I'll get the link for you05:14
ari_stressthanks fnf05:14
ari_stressi'll backup my /home first tonite and do the upgrade05:15
fnfari_stress: http://buranen.info/?p=345&cpage=105:15
fnfari_stress: having done the steps in that blog, you won't be able to read the new data using the ext3 driver05:15
ari_stresshmm seems like i need kernel 2.6.2805:15
fnfari_stress: I don't remember exactly, but ext4 was declared stable in or something05:16
fnfari_stress: prior to that version, it was named ext4dev05:16
fnfyou wouldn't want to upgrade to ext4 with kernels earlier than 2.6.28 though, the driver might not be very stable05:17
ari_stressrite. i guess i should wait a little longer, just to be safe05:18
fnfext4 is compatible with ext3, but if one uses the new features of ext4, the files created using these features won't be readable using the ext3 driver, that's why it's not recommended to mount an ext4 partition using ext305:19
fnfari_stress: don't worry about upgrading to ext4 though, there weren't any change in the driver for a long while, so it's quite safe to use ext4 in Intrepid's default kernel05:22
fnfmake your choice ;^)05:22
ari_stressi'll do the upgrade tonite, better yet, i'll reformat /home with ext4 :)05:23
ari_stressthanks fnf05:23
ari_stressi'll run bonnie++ first for performance comparison05:23
x1250well, there are cases of some people getting 0 bytes files after crashes in EXT4. There is a bug report about that in here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31778105:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317781 in linux "Ext4 data loss" [High,Triaged]05:24
ari_stressnot tonite then :)05:27
ari_stressmany thanks x1205:27
ari_stressmany thanks x125005:27
fnf;) guess I was just having dumb luck05:27
x1250ari_stress, np, I saved your music collection :)05:28
CarlFKi wanted to try nouveau, but get "Package linux-nouveau-modules is not available, but is referred to by another package."05:28
CarlFKthat anything easy to work around?05:29
x1250CarlFK, maybe the "another package" ?05:29
Volkodavwill my existing grub boot new ext4 or I will need the newer grub that comes with jaunty ?05:29
CarlFKx1250: its a dep of xserver-xorg-video-nouveau -05:30
fnfCarlFK: please report back if you're to try it, the package says I need to install some DRM kernel modules, but I'm not sure if it works with custom kernels.05:31
fnfVolkodav: Jaunty's GRUB was patched with the new ext4 patches, it wouldn't work with older GRUBs05:32
Volkodavthat's fine - I will override the existing then - it will boot my other stuff too05:33
CarlFKfnf: report what where? (currently figured I would wait for it to appear in the repo)05:33
x1250maybe this is why alpha3 is delayed? :O Speculation time!05:33
fnfCarlFK: as yes, it is not installable, sorry05:35
fnfCarlFK: module-assistant auto-install drm failed with my custom kernel05:36
fnfdrm, what is drm? :^)05:36
Volkodavanybody tried to use 2 grubs in MBRs on sda and sdb ?05:42
fnfVolkodav: yep05:42
CarlFKfnf: thanks - I won't dig into this for a few days05:43
Volkodavhow do you toggle between the 2 ?05:43
Volkodavchainload ?05:43
fnfCarlFK: I'm going to test nouveau for myself05:43
fnfVolkodav: why do you need one? are you trying to boot Windows?05:44
fnfso what's the situation?05:44
VolkodavI have my existing grub on sda booting 5 OS's and I am about to install jaunty on sdb so I figured I may as well install it to sdb's MBR05:45
Volkodavjust to play safe - and then I can either use both or get rid of the one I do not need and have all in ome05:46
Volkodavmakes sense ?05:46
fnfVolkodav: it may be better to copy the entries in older GRUB then make your computer boot to /dev/sdb directly05:46
Volkodavyeah but I intend to use ext4 and it will need the jaunty's patched grub05:47
Volkodavyou mean "from old grub"05:47
VolkodavI was thinking of just overwriting with the new and then copy all from old05:48
Volkodavand then though what if I install another one instead ?05:49
fnfthat'll work, the GRUB used by Jaunty isn't much different except the ext4 patches05:49
Volkodavis it still ugly plain console ?05:49
fnfVolkodav: yeah, it's GRUB 105:50
Volkodavso if I choose to install it to MBR on sdb I will need to change the sequence in BIOS ?05:51
Volkodavis't it about time to do some splash screen for it ?05:51
fnfVolkodav: no idea, you may experiment with grub2 in the repo, but I wasn't able to make a config file that runs05:54
Volkodavwhat failed ?05:54
fnfVolkodav: yeah, it should boot from the 2nd HDD instead05:54
Volkodavwell - I'd rather have 2 grubs then05:54
Volkodavfor the heck of it05:55
fnfVolkodav: try the Windows chainloader if you want05:55
fnftitle           Windbloze X-P05:55
fnfrootnoverify    (hd0,0)05:55
fnfchainloader     +105:55
VolkodavI may as well get into bios at boot and get a choice what to boot05:56
Volkodavchainloader will work too05:56
Volkodavwell - I am about to hit the sack - will do install and all tomorrow - see ya all guys laterrz05:57
fnfVolkodav: see ya05:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]07:00
DanaGhmm, the "fix" for that... entirely REMOVED my ability to change brightness.07:00
DanaGShould I file a separate bug on that?07:00
lucentthis, again?07:01
DanaGIt's the same issue I've mentioned before, yes.07:01
lucentbug in your hardware potentially07:02
lucentI suggest filing a bug but not insisting it's the  userspace07:02
lucentmight be hardware issue that needs a kernel space quirk07:03
DanaGWas fine before the fix for that bug.07:04
DanaGNow there's nothing at all in  /sys/class/backlight.07:04
DanaGBefore, there was an acpi_video0 that worked just fine.07:04
DanaGHere's how I interpret the changelog: "this method is buggy on some systems... so don't use it."07:05
DanaGOkay... then what about the systems where it's NOT buggy?07:05
DanaGAnd now /proc/acpi/video/DGFX/LCD/brightness returns <not supported>07:06
DanaGHold on while I boot to Ubuntu, so I can see what it was in the older kernel, which I rolled back to.07:07
DanaGOld kernel gives07:13
DanaGlevels:  100 51 30 37 44 51 58 65 72 79 86 93 10007:14
DanaGcurrent: 10007:14
DanaGSure beats <not supported>!07:14
lucentDanaG: anyways, it's not an Ubuntu bug07:21
lucentit's a kernel thing07:21
DanaGLooks like it IS an ubuntu thing.07:30
DanaGHmm, perhaps I really should file a bug report on it, then.07:31
DanaG"Risks: as we are supressing ACPI brightness support we may suppress it where it is required" -- damn straight!07:43
DanaGI commented that this did break my system... and nobody seemed to notice my comment.07:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]07:46
lucenthm... one of the websites I frequently download videos from has moved to RTMP streaming07:52
lucentno more easy saved flv files from cache07:52
DanaGIs it better to comment in that bug report about the breakage... or to file a new bug?07:53
lucentnew bug, it clearly says that breakage will occur for broken hardware07:54
lucentyour hardware is broken, or kernel does not support it07:54
lucentthat is the bug07:54
lucentuserland software is corrected07:54
lucenthttp://sourceforge.net/projects/rtmpdump wheeeeee07:55
DanaGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/313231 --- marked a duplicate... of the bug whose fix BROKE it?  wtf?07:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313231 in linux "Backlight control doesn't work anymore on thinkpad" [Low,In progress]07:58
DanaGer, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31411907:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314119 in linux "[intrepid] proposed 2.6.27-11.22 kernel breaks t61 lcd brightness (dup-of: 311716)" [High,In progress]07:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]07:58
lucentDanaG: I tell you again and again, it's a problem with your hardware and that kernel07:58
lucentreport it as such.07:59
DanaGLemme try it on another laptop, then.07:59
DanaGIf it's also broken there, where it's worked in all other versions, then it IS a regression.07:59
DanaGI read the fix as this: "Don't use this method to control backlights, because it can be buggy."07:59
DanaGFix should be: don't use it where it's buggy.07:59
DanaGWhat it seems to do now: NEVER use it.07:59
DanaGBut I will file a new bug on it, then.08:00
lucentbe nice, people are trying to help08:00
DanaGMost of those seem to be about Intrepid-Proposed.08:00
lucentbug #313231 has instructions to be followed and report back with more info08:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313231 in linux "Backlight control doesn't work anymore on thinkpad" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31323108:00
* DanaG does not have a thinkpad, though.08:01
DanaGWhat he said in that post: "                      @Sebastian -- I think this is very likely duplicate of bug #314119, which was fixed by (and now duplicate of) bug#311716.  Could you test the kernels at the URL below:"08:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314119 in linux "[intrepid] proposed 2.6.27-11.22 kernel breaks t61 lcd brightness (dup-of: 311716)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31411908:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31171608:02
DanaG... but for me, the "fixed by" is what broke it!08:02
DanaGI guess my case is different enough to warrant a new bug report, then.08:03
DanaGYeah.  anyway, I'll do that tomorrow.08:06
DanaGBedtime for me right now, though.08:06
DanaGSat Jan 17 00:06:15 PST 200908:06
DanaGAh, a more relevant bug.08:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315922 in linux "2.6.27-11 makes brightness not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:10
DanaGOh yeah, I was going to go to bed.  Right.08:11
DanaGAnyway, now I know where I'll comment.08:11
schmidtmAny chanches that kernel 2.6.29 will make it into Jaunty09:23
RAOFIt's possible, but why?09:26
RAOFI'm not aware of any active discussion about it, but it's not yet FF, and maybe there'll be a lot of difficult-to-backport fixes in .29.09:28
=== acuster is now known as avc_work
shirishhi guys, can anybody tell me under which package should I file for sound is not working.12:36
Volkodavanybody installed skype on 64 bit box? is it any different from ibex ?13:18
JediMasterhey guys, I'm still having issues with NetworkManager, similar to the ones I reported back in intrepid beta =(13:34
JediMasterlittle different now, I can't edit auto eth0, it's telling me it's read-only13:34
JediMasterI used to have /etc/network/interfaces setup for a static ip, and after upgrading to jaunty alpha 3, eth0 doesn't start on boot (oddly eth3 does, which isn't even plugged in)13:35
JediMasterso, I've wiped the interfaces file and tried to edit it through networkmanager, and it won't let me change it13:35
JediMasterI can however enable eth0, but it then goes on dhcp, and unfortunately I can't assign the correct IP to it via a mac address on the dhcp server (my adsl router)13:36
JediMasterso, how the heck do you a) enable eth0 to start on boot b) set a static ip?13:37
JediMasteralso, I tried with networkmanager --purge remove'd and eth0 didn't start either13:37
JediMasterifup eth0 however works13:37
JediMasterso I have a feeling this issue is grater than just networkmanager13:37
lucentholy crap, I just got bit by a bug in ext413:51
lucentmassive data loss :(13:52
JediMasteryes, I had heard about it yesterday13:53
JediMaster0 byte files etc13:53
ikonianot good13:54
JediMasterI decided not to convert my 1.5TB of drives over yet!13:54
ikoniaI won't be touching ext4 for a while as it's only just made it into the kernel13:54
JediMasterreport it ASAP13:54
ikoniaI personally don't think it should be in 9.04 yet13:54
JediMasternot until it's stable13:55
lucentI don13:55
lucentI don't have anything to report13:55
JediMasterjust report what happened13:55
lucentit bit, and it's too late to get an idea of what happened13:55
lucentI don't even know13:55
JediMastersay what errors you got, how files are corrupted etc.13:55
JediMasterand what you did13:55
lucentJediMaster: look, I just don't know13:55
JediMasteris this an upgrade or a new partition?13:56
lucentit was a fresh install from jaunty alpha2, non-standard install13:57
JediMasterdid the machine crash, or loose power?13:57
lucentI don't think so13:57
lucentI can't be sure13:57
lucentit's on all the time13:58
JediMasterweirdness, what makes you think you've got data corruption?13:58
lucentapt-get segmentation faults as of this last boot, and I ran memtest86, no errors13:58
lucentran e2fsck and it basically comes up with hundreds of errors13:58
lucent"missing ."  "missing .."13:59
JediMasterah ok, that's what you want to report then =)13:59
lucenthm, maybe I'll just run ext2 again13:59
JediMasterjust explain, fresh install of jaunty alpha 2, using ext4 lvm on the root, working ok to start with then after a reboot apt-get segfaults and e2fsck says "missing ." etc...14:00
lucentoh that's useless though14:00
lucentwho would want that14:00
JediMastereven if it's not more detailed than that, they need to know that there's an issue14:00
lucentit doesn't say anything about why it happened though14:00
lucentI appreciate you trying to help here14:00
JediMasterI'm a developer (PHP) myself, and even something like that is helpful to at least know there's a major issue there14:01
lucentit's just annoying because I really don't have a clue what triggered this or how to reproduce the circumstances14:01
JediMasterthat in itself doesn't matter too much14:01
lucentat the moment I can't run firefox or anything either14:01
JediMasterin the bug report they may ask you to run commands to debug things and give more info14:01
JediMasterugh, nasty, definately worth reporting then14:02
lucentwhat's the URL for a deb of apt-get ?14:02
JediMasterno chance it's a hardware error though?14:02
JediMasterlike a failed hdd14:02
lucenthdd is fine14:02
JediMasterlet me look it up14:02
lucentI think dpkg kind of works, it's worth a try to get apt-get rolling again14:03
JediMastertry: wget http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apt/apt_0.7.19ubuntu1_i386.deb; dpkg -i apt_0.7.19ubuntu1_i386.deb14:05
JediMasterthat's the jaunty one14:05
lucentthanks, will try14:05
JediMasterdon't suppose you could show me the contents of your /etc/network/interfaces please? I'm having some upgrade issues and a fresh copy would be good to see =)14:07
Volkodavwhere did the shared folders go from jaunty ?14:08
* JediMaster sighs as 3 cockateils fly on his head/shoulders14:08
lucentinterfaces? there's nothing supposed to be there14:09
JediMasterI know, just want to see what is in it14:09
JediMasterdoes it even exist?14:09
Volkodavno nvidia yet ?14:09
JediMasteryes, I got nvidia working14:09
lucenteshattow@zontar:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces14:09
lucentauto lo14:09
lucentiface lo inet loopback14:09
lucentthat's it.14:09
JediMasterno iface for eth0?14:09
VolkodavJediMaster how ? I do not see it hardware drivers - did you install manually ?14:10
Volkodavwhich ones ?14:10
JediMasterapt-get install nvidia-glx-18014:10
* lucent swears shortly14:10
lucentJediMaster: the dpkg worked, apt does not14:10
lucentapt goes boom14:10
lucentcore dumped14:10
JediMasterthen restart X and you'll probably get a message about adding an option to the drivers14:11
JediMasterlet me look it up14:11
JediMasterlucent: bugger, probably a library corrupt somewhere14:11
Volkodav anybody installed skype on 64 bit box? is it any different from ibex ?14:11
lucentJediMaster: thanks again for the help and advice14:11
lucentJediMaster: I'm getting some sleep, this @$#@%%@ thing can wait14:11
JediMastertell me about it14:12
JediMasterI was up until 4:30am this morning14:12
JediMaster(it's 14:12 now)14:12
JediMasteronly got up an hour ago lol14:12
Teknois there how to for ext3->ext4?14:13
Teknofor existing installation14:14
JediMasterlucent: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104019914:15
JediMasteroh and for that matter, Tekno: look at that too14:15
JediMasterthere's been a lot of data corruption issues14:15
JediMasterlucent's fresh install has just blown up with ext4 corruption problems and without any unclean shutdowns/power failiures14:16
JediMasterby all means, try it, but expect issues14:17
JediMasterin other words, back up everything before moving over to ext4 =)14:17
AkariChannice, jackalope is out14:17
* AkariChan proceeds to download and try14:17
JediMastersuprisingly I've had less issues with jaunty alpha than I had with intrepid beta heh14:18
AkariChanI’ll try it on sun vm first14:18
Tekno"perhaps ext4 decides that a zeroed file is more "consistent"."14:19
Teknoafter intrepid->jaunty upgrade14:21
Teknoi have this text during boot process: init: unable to execute /usr/sbin/kernel-helper for last-good-boot14:21
Teknowhat does it mean?14:21
JediMasterI think that's the program that says that the last boot loaded and shutdown ok without issues, like windows' last known good configuration14:22
TeknoI want to disable it14:23
AkariChanedit your /boot/grub/menu.lst14:23
AkariChanand disable that option.14:24
Teknothere is no such option14:24
Teknoand neither anything in /boot/last-good-boot14:24
ryanakcaWhile installing Jaunty, I get errors that some .debs are corrupt, and that it fails to download them. Is it trying to ``download'' them from the CD? If so, can I have it download the corrupt ones from the web, since I have the network setup?14:25
JediMasteranyone else having this read-only issue with network manager?14:25
volkodavhmm - it tells me nvidia drivers installed but nvidia-settings does not see them14:40
volkodavglxinfo crashes too ?14:40
volkodavis this a diff version of nvidia-settings maybe14:40
volkodavwell it looks like it installed 180 but nvidia-settings is 177.7814:42
JediMasterhave you rebooted?14:45
* JediMaster gives up with network-manager and --purge remove's it14:46
volkodavI even tried my conf from ibex14:46
volkodavstill no go14:46
volkodavI'll try another reboot though14:46
JediMasterpfft, I've had major issues with getting network-manager to set a static ip address ever since intrepid beta, and it still doesn't work. So, back to /etc/network/interfaces it is14:47
JediMastermy bug report from august has nearly 100 comments on it, and it's still not sorted14:47
volkodavstill same shit14:49
volkodavgnome will not remember session14:49
JediMasterbug reports =)14:49
volkodavnvidia-setting does not see the drivers asks to nvidia-xconfig14:49
volkodavwill post a couple14:50
JediMastergood good =)14:50
volkodavthink will get more thyen that by the end of the day14:50
volkodavcompiz won't kick in- it has all to do with nvidia I think14:51
JediMasterI've had no issues after installing nvidia-glx-180 and adding the config line to xorg to get it to actually load14:51
JediMastereven auto-detected my 37" TV's 1360x768 res14:52
volkodavyou mean the line nvidia ?14:52
JediMasterno, there's a line you need to add to get it to start at all for me14:52
volkodavI have same res matter of fact on 32"14:52
volkodavwhich one ?14:52
JediMasterOption "ignoreABI" "True"14:53
JediMasterin the "ServerFlags" section14:53
volkodavlemme check mine see what's up14:53
JediMastermake sure the driver is set to nvidia of course14:54
volkodavit is14:54
JediMastervolkodav: http://pastebin.com/d52aee10514:55
JediMasterthat's all I have14:55
JediMaster"dontzap" is to allow the ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X14:55
volkodavI'll try yours now - do you have nvidia-settings working toio ?14:56
JediMasternot tried, let me have a go14:56
JediMasterit says 180.2214:56
volkodavmine says 177.814:57
volkodavyou mean the driver or nvidia-settings version ?14:58
JediMasterfirst page that opens in nvidia-settings14:58
JediMasterNVIDIA Driver Version: 180.2214:58
volkodavyeah I have same driver14:58
volkodavwhat is the version of nvidia-settings you have ?14:59
JediMasterwhere does it say?14:59
JediMasterapt-cache show nvidia-settings says 177.7815:00
volkodavsame here15:01
volkodavwell i put your config in - reboot15:01
JediMasterbut does it really matter? the driver appears to be working fine as does nvidia-settings15:01
volkodavwell not mine yet15:01
volkodavnow it works all good with your config15:05
JediMasteryay =)15:05
volkodavvolkodav@Jaunty-64:~$ glxinfo |grep direct15:05
volkodavdirect rendering: Yes15:05
volkodav    GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test, GL_EXT_direct_state_access,15:05
JediMasterwhen I started X up after the upgrade it had uninstalled nvidia-glx from intrepid15:06
volkodavcompiz kikcked in too15:06
volkodavwell I did a fresh install15:06
JediMasterit came up saying do I want the generic config, so I said yes, then just installed nvidia-glx-180, added the driver "nvidia" line and that abi line and restarted X15:06
volkodavcould not upgrade from ibex15:06
JediMasterhowever, the generic config didn't even try to load nv15:07
JediMasterit loaded the vesa driver15:07
volkodavI heard nv is not that great on 10.6 xorg yet15:07
volkodavwill try to install skype15:08
volkodavsee what's up with all these 32 bit libs15:08
JediMasteryou running 64bit version of jaunty then?15:08
JediMasterany reason?15:10
volkodavcan not see medibuntu for jaunty yet15:10
JediMasterI got 2GB ram in this machine, so have no use for 64bit version yet15:10
volkodavreason is as simple as it may get - I run 64 bit OS on a 64 bit box15:11
* JediMaster ponders why snort is running15:11
volkodavskype is the only POS that still in 32 bit world15:11
volkodavthe rest works great15:11
volkodavI even got the barry to work on 64 bit15:12
volkodavno jaunty here yet15:13
volkodavI guess15:13
JediMasterI just compile my own mplayer15:17
JediMasterdoesn't take long15:17
volkodavthe one in repos crashes big time15:17
volkodavI use xine-ui15:17
JediMastertried XBMC?15:18
volkodavany good ?15:18
JediMasterbest interface I've ever found for a media center15:18
JediMasterI used to run it on my chipped Xbox original =)15:18
JediMasterand now they have an ubuntu version15:18
zniavrehello im looking for someone who experienced libv4/2.6.27l issues with hardware as tunertv (annalogic) and xawtv ?it is now ok ?15:18
JediMasternot tried it in jaunty yet though15:19
volkodavapt-cache search does not bring any15:19
JediMasteryeah, it's an external one15:19
volkodavlink ?15:20
JediMastertry: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XBMC15:20
volkodavwell skype crashes   Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so15:20
JediMastersweet, it works nicely in jaunty15:20
JediMasterplaying 720p x264 files with AAC audio15:21
JediMasterwant the repos for sources.list?15:21
volkodavyeah - why not15:22
JediMasterit's a hardy one, but appears to work in jaunty lol: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc-hardy/ubuntu hardy main15:24
JediMastervolkodav: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc-intrepid/ubuntu intrepid main15:27
JediMasterthat's the intrepid one15:27
JediMasterjust upgrading to that =)15:28
volkodavgpg error though15:32
volkodavhave the key ?15:32
volkodavintrepid medibuntu works too15:33
volkodavtrying skype from their repo15:35
volkodavsame crash15:36
* volkodav installing xbmc15:37
volkodavit is nice \15:39
=== aryixb is now known as aryix
maverick340cant seem to find instruction to upgrade from ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04alpha3 ?16:40
maverick340any help ?16:41
volkodavhttp://pastie.org/363301 <== I am getting this on skype on 64 bit jaunty ? any success with this sucker anybody ?16:43
maverick340sorry got it16:43
maverick340update-manager -d16:43
volkodavnvidia runs hotter under new drivers too16:44
volkodav5-7 degrees higher16:44
mnemowill jaunty ship with .28 or .19 kernel??16:48
mnemo.29 I mean16:49
Teknowho knows16:51
Tekno.29 is not stable yet16:51
charlie-tcaI'm showing in .28-4 in 64-bit16:52
mnemoyeah jaunty currently has 2.6.28-4-generic16:52
mnemobut I wonder if they will change it again before shipping16:53
mnemoi mean .29 is rc2 right now16:53
volkodavwhere is shared Folders in jaunty ?17:23
volkodavwith the wind ?17:23
volkodav /etc/init.d/samba restart does not work in jaunty ?17:34
charlie-tcaIs gedit preference setup date & time plugin broken in jaunty?17:39
Sloshyi know that there's kdenlive 0.7 packages for Jaunty, but will they be upgraded to 0.7.1 before jaunty is launched?18:00
Sloshyi mean it fixes some bugs and adds a feature or two, so i don't really know why not18:01
DanaGAah, added my comments on a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31592218:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315922 in linux "2.6.27-11 makes brightness not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:12
bsdgrouphello I have question about partitioning disk, every time when I chose ext4 (ubuntu 9.04) and when I partition disk, after reading it again it says ext3, so is this a bug or??? what can be the problem?18:24
ToHellWithGAis alpha 3 a little better than alpha 2?19:04
ToHellWithGAi tried to install alpha 2 on two machines and neither made it past the login screen (graphically at least)19:04
hggdhToHellWithGA, it should be more stable19:10
hggdhor not... lots of updates from A2 to A319:11
ToHellWithGAif i can log in i'll use is :)19:11
ToHellWithGAstability isn't so important to me as the ability to use the thing enough to report bugs19:11
derekShey guys. i am using latest jaunty and it seems pulse audio volumes are really low, lower than when I used alsa. I checked the volume controls and everything seems maxed19:14
DanaGdamn gnome-panel.... changing screen resolution royally breaks my panel layout.19:30
DanaGargh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gnome-panel/+bug/3618919:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 36189 in gnome-panel "Applets do not scale well with changing resolution" [Unknown,Confirmed]19:34
user___hi, i cant seem to find a gui way to modify network settings. fields are greyed out and there is no unlock button. what am i missing?19:55
charlie-tcaIs that the current jaunty?19:58
user___yes a319:58
charlie-tcaI use static ip's and had to hit add instead of edit in the network manager19:59
user___its a vbox guest, and i'd like to modify the ipv4 settings19:59
user___ok, testing19:59
charlie-tcaYeah, I could not change eth0, so I added a new connections19:59
charlie-tcaIt connected really slow a few times, but now seems to be working20:00
nbeebowhen about will jaunty be stable?20:24
gompahi i just installed ubuntu 9.04 it worked ok but i keep getting ata1 comreset faild it boots after a wile but my sata disk is not visible20:25
user___nbeebo: google: jaunty release schedule20:27
SplexI have many source directories i want to run 'make clean' in, any idea how i would go about this with one command?20:28
nbeeboabout february 20 i guess20:29
user___Splex: maybe (!) find? | man find has good examples at the end of the man page20:30
Splexuser___, i tried this: 'find -maxdepth 1 -type d | while read dir; do cd $dir; make clean; cd ..; done' but it didn't work... i will take a look at the man as you suggest20:31
DanaGfind has a -exec parameter you fcan use.20:36
DanaGcan use.20:36
gompaare there jaunty nvidea drivers already ?20:40
user___gompa: the release notes of a3 might have info on this20:42
gompawhere do i find them ?(could only find aplha 2 on some unoficial servers)20:43
user___gompa: no patronizing intended, but i am sure you can find them on your own, google? :-)20:44
gompayeah only unofficial ?20:45
gompaah no srry some pages further20:45
user___gompa: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=jaunty+alpha+3+release+notes , first hit 16 hours ago20:46
gompahmm :P20:46
gompai searched on ubuntu 9.04 alpha 320:46
user___gompa: dont take it personal, please, i am nonnative ;-)20:46
Volkodavevolution will only run one message at a time on filter rules ?20:46
Volkodavhad to highlight them all to run the filter - sucker it is20:50
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
Volkodavhow do I restart samba darn it /etc/init.d/samba restart does not work ?21:19
marijushello, i compiled 2.6.29-rc2 kernel with kms support and use latest xorg and intel on jaunty a.t.m. But i get a corrupted screen instead of GDM. KMS seems to work tho... anyone want to help?21:20
phzeromarijus, i read soemthing in the release notes about the flgrx and nvidia drivers not working... you have to use ati or nv in the meantime instead... if youre using flgrx or nvidia that is21:21
phzeroand there are issues the the intel 845 too i think21:21
marijusphzero: i use intel i91521:22
phzeroah i dunno then21:23
phzeroive got an intel 945gm here21:23
marijusdid you try KMS?21:23
phzeroi mean gdm works for me... i dont even know what kms is xD21:24
marijuskms  = kernelmodesetting21:25
phzerostill dunno what that is :S im a bit of a noob as far as pre-release testers go21:25
phzerooh btw, is anyone here using xubuntu jaunty and getting an ubuntu splash screen even without ubuntu-desktop installed?21:27
charlie-tcaphzero: Do you mean you usplash is orange instead of blue?21:28
phzeroand says ubuntu instead of xubuntu etc21:29
=== phzero is now known as pHzero
charlie-tcaweird! I had that until last week. It should be fixed in alpha321:29
pHzerooh right... i only just installed21:29
pHzeroabout 20 mins ago21:29
charlie-tcaso it isn't fixed?21:30
pHzeroapparently not :(21:30
charlie-tcaWhich image did you install from?21:30
pHzerocurrent daily21:30
charlie-tcalive alternate?21:30
pHzeroits complicated21:30
charlie-tcadesktop or alternate?21:30
pHzeroalternate... sorta21:31
charlie-tcamaybe the "sorta" is why the usplash is wrong21:31
charlie-tcaI ran all the images and did not see it21:31
pHzerothis computer doesnt boot from cd so i put the cd image on my web server and ran the net install, using my web server as the mirror to download from21:31
pHzero*extracted the cd image to my web server21:31
charlie-tcastill should have been right, then, unless it installed gnome first21:32
pHzeronope, i installed basic command line, then sudo aptitude installed xubuntu-desktop21:32
pHzerooooh wait... theres a kernel upgrade21:33
pHzeromaybe thatll fix it21:33
charlie-tcaokay, I'll see if I can find what is wrong, then. Must be the net install doing it.21:33
pHzerowait a min... i'll see if the kernel upgrade fixes it21:34
charlie-tcaOkay, but I don't think it will. More likely, we don't have that package updated21:34
pHzeroactually it doesnt really matter anyway - i just wanted to know so i knew whether to file a bug report. i dont reallly care what splash screen i have21:35
charlie-tcaI care about it being wrong. I'll have to check the package and find out what happened.21:36
pHzeronah dont worry - as you said, its probably my fault for doing a really complex install xD21:36
charlie-tcaWell, thanks for letting me know!21:37
Volkodavis there a repo for xfce 4.6 beta ?21:44
charlie-tcaI think beta1 is in ppa21:45
Volkodavbeta 2 is out for a while21:45
Volkodavcharlie-tca have a link to ppa by any chance ?21:46
charlie-tcaYes, and beta 3 just came out21:46
Volkodavgetting close enough21:46
charlie-tcaLet me see21:46
charlie-tcaYeah, hopefully beta3 will be in Jaunty soon21:47
charlie-tcabeta 1 is in  ~xubuntu-dev21:48
charlie-tcaon launchpad21:48
Volkodavok thanks21:48
Volkodavwill the itrepid repo for xfce 4.6 work for jaunty you think ?22:11
ubottuNouveau is an experimental open-source nVidia driver, aiming for full 3d support.  Homepage at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/ - EXPERIMENTAL packages at https://launchpad.net/~raof/+archive22:13
zniavrecan i try nouveau driver for nvidia fx5500 and hope for 3d?22:15
zniavreAny 3D functionality that might exist is still unsupported, do not ask for instructions to try it.>< sorry i will do not ask anymore22:19
DanaGMy biggest-deal bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31592222:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315922 in linux "2.6.27-11 makes brightness not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:26
lymecaSo I've got everything updated and I'm trying to run fglrx with my Mobility HD 260022:35
lymecabut it fails with this error:22:39
DanaGI've been having fglrx issues myself.   I had to lock the X server and libdrm2 at the Intrepid versions, but even then, I can only use fglrx 8.543.  All newer ones give kernel panic.22:39
lymecaDanaG: I don't get kernel panics thank heavens22:39
DanaGHD2600 is R500, right?  You may be able to use the 'radeon' or 'radeonhd' drivers.22:39
lymeca(EE) module ABI major version (1) doesn't match the server's version (2)22:39
lymecaNope, anything "HD" is either r600 or r70022:40
lymecano 3-D support yet unless I use fglrx22:40
DanaGI have HD3650; that's RV635.22:40
DanaGI had to downgrade xserver-xorg-core and libdrm2.22:40
lymecaHD 2xxx and HD 3xxx are r60022:40
DanaG... and other stuff.  It was a bit of a pain.22:40
DanaGI essentially have both Intrepid and Jaunty repos defined for everything.22:41
* lymeca vibes on thoughts of a world with libre ATI drivers22:41
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VolkodavI can't get samba shares to be senn on the network23:19
Volkodavhardy is all good but jaunty and ibex are a bitch23:19
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