thorwilkwwii: so jaunty alpha3 still has the ibex wallpaper?09:54
socsomeone from the dusttheme team online?10:21
lianimatoranyone use wacom intuos3?12:08
lianimatorneed help configuring12:08
socsomeone from the dusttheme team online?13:06
thorwilsoc: you are looking for rsc. or maybe his nick was rsc- or something like that13:09
socah ok thanks13:10
thorwilsoc: he seems to be rather busy these days, i don't see him here often. you might have more luck with a request on the mailing list13:13
socah ok, thanks13:13
thorwilsoc: his site: http://www.ricostacruz.com/13:15

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