tkamppeterAnyone of the TB or in some other format permitted to grant me upload rights for a package into main? I have upload rights for all printing packages into main, but it did not work for cupsddk and I would like to get it corrected. Thanks.00:05
cjwatsontkamppeter: I suggest mailing technical-board@lists.ubuntu.com - they probably won't be around at this time00:11
cjwatsonnobody else has the authority to do that00:11
cjwatson(I can confirm that you don't have upload access to cupsddk)00:12
tkamppetercjwatson: , thanks.00:18
benhis ports. down ?03:46
benhie, temporary breakage or something more permanent ?03:46
wgrantbenh: It wouldn't be anything permanent. I suspect it's just down and as it's a weekend nobody has noticed yet...03:55
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SingAlongHi all!07:08
SingAlongI'm trying to compile a lib gives me Xrender.h errors. Says Xrender.h isnt found. But I verified the location I specified and the file is present. Has anyone got such errors?07:09
sukiminna_seems like there is nobody here..07:10
SingAlongsukiminna: ?07:11
SingAlongyeah I think I'll go back to #ubuntu07:11
RAOFSingAlong: That doesn't sound like a question about the development of ubuntu, so is likely to be off-topic.07:11
SingAlongRAOF: sorry!07:12
RAOFSingAlong: Plus, the minimum useful information would include a pastebin link containing the full terminal output of whatever's not working.07:12
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karthik_hey anyone please help how to create a new workspace09:41
Mithrandirkarthik_: this channel is not for support, please ask in #ubuntu.09:42
iuliankarthik_: Please join #ubuntu for user support.09:42
karthik_Mithrandir: i asked as a programmers view09:43
karthik_i want it to create using a c prog09:43
iuliankarthik_: And still this is not the right channel to ask.09:44
iuliankarthik_: See /topic.09:44
karthik_iulian: ok could you please tell where to ask09:45
iuliankarthik_: I've no idea, sorry.  You can try google.09:46
karthik_iulian: as workspace is related to development of desktop related thing.. are there channels for desktop development?09:47
Mithrandirkarthik_: assuming you are on gnome, see http://live.gnome.org/GnomeIrcChannels ?09:47
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loolErr "import common" /usr/share/pyshared/common.py in ubuntu-dev-tools10:37
jpdslool: I thought I moved that to /usr/share/ubuntu-dev-tools.10:38
looljpds: I only updated yesterday10:40
* lool updates10:40
looljpds: I created credentials with manage-credentials (which should IMO be lp-manage-credentials), but requestsync still breaks10:41
jpdslool: I just saw the bug report.10:41
looljpds: It's not that bug10:42
loolThe bug I filed is when I didn't have any credentials10:42
loolBut it still doesn't work after creating them10:42
looljpds: It seems I'm up-to-date WRT ubunt-dev-tools10:42
loolI have 0.55 which seems to be the newest10:42
looljpds: Oh I think I'm really stupid10:43
loolI should read man pages til the end10:44
looljpds: Are you aware of the permissions being work readable by default?10:45
jpdslool: Oh, yeah. You need a token with 'ubuntu-dev-tools' as the name. And yes, that's fixed in Bazaar.10:46
looljpds: Ok; thanks10:47
jpdslool: OK; improved error message to show what token name is needed.10:50
looljpds: Thanks :)11:01
DktrKranzlool, intrepid-proposed upload of language-pack-gnome-{de,it}-base make packages conflicting with language-pack-gnome-{de,it} (see bug 317934). Is it fine for you to manually adjust depenencies on correct language-pack-gnome-{de,it} versions available in intrepid-updates?11:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317934 in language-pack-gnome-it-base "Broken dependencies in language-pack-gnome-it-base" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31793411:12
loolDktrKranz: Thanks a lot for the pointer11:19
loolslangasek, cjwatson: what's your preference for fixing this?  Changing the deps for the -base SRUs, or also SRU-ing the non -base langpacks?11:20
loolI would rather do the former11:20
loolUpdated bugs11:29
jpdslool: u-d-t 0.56 uploaded.11:42
cjwatsonlool: adjust the deps for -base, I think12:01
DktrKranzlool, I just noticed language-pack-gnome-{de,it}-base have Conflicts/Replaces field which do use of (<< ${Source-Version}), so they need mangling too.12:05
cjwatsonisn't that what lool basically already said?12:07
cjwatsonthe only reason I'm at all uncomfortable with mangling -base is that the mangling is going to be messy at the source level12:07
cjwatsonalthough I suppose you could just hardcode the versions for now12:07
ograhmm, is it me or has ports.u.c a problem ?12:34
looljpds: Thanks; however I think you mixed the issue I reported on IRC with the one I reported in LP: I still think it's a bug to require lp credentials by default, at least it's inconsistent with having a --lp flag14:05
looljpds: Albeit not my preference, I wouldn't mind a requirement to use LP for this tool14:05
loolJust not the situation where it's needed while it seems it's not ;)14:06
jpdslool: Hmm, no credentials found, and skip LP bug check?14:06
looljpds: Yes14:08
jpdslool: OK, I can do that.14:08
loolThanks a lot14:08
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loolErf language-pack-gnome-$l-base Replaces itself; I guess it's due to some common template and simplifications14:12
jpdslool: Commited to bzr.14:30
fbondHi.  NetworkManager failed to add a route to the gateway and a default route.  I'm at a hotel.  How can I quickly grab enough info for someone to debug (I'll upload to launchpad)?14:41
fbond(Windows machines work correctly.)14:41
fbond(NM reported the gateway correctly when I clicked "Connection Information".)14:42
directhexfbond, i've occasionally had strangely windows-only wifi. what driver are you using?14:53
fbonddirecthex: b43.  It works after I added the routes correctly.14:58
fbonddirecthex: Although the captive portal seemed to be a little confused by me.14:58
loolcjwatson, slangasek: Pushed -it and -de base langpacks again (intrepid2); I've test installed these in a new intrepid virtual machine from my ppa (after reproducing the installation issue with -proposed)16:05
lool(and these are in unapproved)16:07
ramviHow do I customize the UNR iso?There's no casper directory like here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization17:26
spod-hi does anybody know if there is a gdb package with thread debugging enabled?17:40
spod-or do i have to compile it myself?17:41
hyperairspod-: http://pastebin.com/d103e4f97 <-- see, gdb has threading support by default18:14
i-pinkhi i have a problem in the time applet (gnome)20:02
i-pinki think is bug20:03
i-pinklook a this screensot http://www1.speedyshare.com/data/488896368/14740217/4014211/Screenshot-1.png20:04
cjwatsonplease use the bug tracking system: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu - bug reports on IRC are usually lost20:06
i-pinkhow to that?20:07
i-pinkyou can help me with this?20:08
cjwatsonthis is a development channel; please go elsewhere for support, e.g. #ubuntu20:08
i-pinkok :S20:08
cjwatsonlool: language-pack-gnome-{de,it}-base accepted, thanks20:09
i-pinkis for the development20:09
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tvakahis there any particular reason that ubuntu's shipping php with magic quotes on by default?21:56
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ScottKtvakah: I'd ask in #ubuntu-server22:19
tvakahScottK: ehh I see there's been a bug since march about it, and it's still not been addressed in jaunty, oh well22:19
ScottKtvakah: I'm just saying you're more likely to get an answer there.22:20
* ScottK has no idea about php.22:20
* calc still looking for bugs not already fixed to put on his pet bugs list, heh22:23
calclots of bugs fixed for 3.0 :)22:23
savvastvakah: they're off by default I think22:23
tvakahsavvas: negative, I just got bit by it, spent many hours trying to find out why my code wasn't working until I finally went "d'oh"22:24
tvakahlatest php5 from jaunty22:24
tvakahfreshly reinstalled due to doing the jaunty upgrade ( I reintalled from scratch )22:24
tvakahwhich is why it bit me since I'd turned them off long ago in intrepid22:24
savvaswhat's the bug report number?22:25
savvasI think someone should report this to the ubuntu-hardened team22:27
savvasjust found a discussion about it: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-hardened/2008-September/000416.html22:27
savvastvakah: what's the bug report number?22:31
tvakahsavvas: #20447922:34
tvakahit's a "wishlist" importance for some reason22:34
savvasbug #20447922:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204479 in php5 "PHP should be shipped with magic_quotes_gpc = Off in php.ini" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20447922:36
savvasthe patch comes directly from debian22:38
savvastvakah: I'll try report this to debian first, we'll see if they'll fix it :)22:41
tvakahsavvas: heh you're saying a patch called "paranoid" turns it _on_?22:42
tvakahseems a tad messed up22:42
savvastvakah: hold a sec, it's a bit messy with all those patches, let me read it once more :)22:50
savvastvakah: I can't do this, the package is just too big for my knowledge :(23:05
tvakahahh, well at this rate may as well wait for php6 then since the "feature" is finally being put down23:06
cjwatsonI've linked the PHP bug to the corresponding Debian bug23:06
cjwatson"Although I agree that magic_quotes_* suck (and IMHO they should not even23:06
cjwatsonexist) I don't know how good it will make (besides most likely breaking lots23:06
cjwatsonof poorly designed scripts) as long as upstream provide a php.ini with _gpg =23:06
tvakahcjwatson: actually most php projects of size have automatic checks to disable magic quotes if the server has them on23:07
cjwatsonI know nothing about PHP and want to know less23:07
savvastvakah: actually php 5.3.0 :)23:07
cjwatsonjust quoting the Debian bug23:07
tvakahit more affects individual developers such as myself who start a simple standalone script assuming a sane setup ;)23:07
savvasthey'll deprecate it in that version as well23:08
cjwatsonactually, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=512037 has more helpful discussion23:08
ubottuDebian bug 512037 in php5-cgi "php5-cgi: magic_quotes_gpc = On" [Important,Open]23:08
savvasso that's why I couldn't find it :P23:10
cjwatsonanyway, looks like the reason Debian and Ubuntu both ship it that way is (ultimately) that: that's the upstream default too; some of the Debian maintainers are reluctant to change it right before the release of Lenny; and Ubuntu is just following along here23:11
tvakah*nod* just got done reading that too, ahh well, not a world stopping thing by far, just caused a raised eyebrow here and a bit of face+palming ;)23:12
cjwatsonPHP isn't something we put a lot of direct maintenance effort into beyond necessary adjustments for Ubuntu's structure and other related packages, I think23:12
cjwatsoncertainly it seems extremely probable that both Debian and Ubuntu would follow the upstream change in php623:13
tvakahheh fortunately there's no choice in v6, they're finally axing the bugger23:14
savvashm.. cjwatson's right, php.ini-recommended is the one that has magic_quotes "off" heh23:14
tvakahsee it's this thing where by it causes all incoming strings ( like post, get , and cookie variables ) to have _al_ quotes have a literal "\" prepended so as to make them escaped for easy use inside say a sql insert statement23:15
tvakahthat's what's magic about it, it lets lesser programmers write sql statements... with disasterous magic sideeffects23:16
cjwatsonoh, yeah, I've heard enough about it to know it's entirely braindead23:16
cjwatsonclassic case of why it's important to have clearly defined quoting rules that you violate at your peril23:16
tvakahand if you don't work in php every day and just incidentally try to write a php script to "Get something done", you'll end up not noticing it at first until it bites you ;)23:16
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directhexwhen i see NCommander doing things, i can't help but think of the electric six song "dance commander"23:25
NCommanderGet up, get up, get up AND DANCE!23:26
LaserJockanybody happen to know what the difference between gitpkg and git-buildpackage is?23:29

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