xivulon_I am asked for the pwd although that is preseeded d-i passwd/user/password/crypted password xxx00:21
xivulon_was there any change there?00:22
xivulon_that is passwd/user-password-crypted00:23
xivulon_and I get "ClockSetup failed with code 1" (d-i clock-setup/utc boolean false)00:50
tjaaltonhmmh, grub2 doesn't support password locking yet, so it's a no-go here.. therefore no porting effort by me :/13:02
xivulon_other than the above, I managed to boot for the first time :)15:14
xivulon_woo just did apt-cache search grub15:15
xivulon_there are things like grub-invaders15:17
xivulon_that would be cool15:20
superm1did something change w/ CIA?  I just merged another revision and it's just hanging at "Submitting revision to CIA."17:57
xivulon_I managed to boot using grub2 from a loopmounted filesystem using the loopback and ntfs modules18:01
superm1cool :)18:01
xivulon_yeah that would simplify things quite a bit on my side, and we would no longer need a bindmounted /boot18:02
xivulon_and there would be no need for grub4dos18:03

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