CShadowRunogasawara no, but i can show you the mail i got from the webcam dev00:28
ogasawaraCShadowRun: sure, pastebin it and I'll take a look00:29
CShadowRunto use my webcam i either have to use usb passthrough to windows in virtualbox or use a hardy livecd :(00:31
ogasawaraCShadowRun: can you also open a bug report about it (if you haven't already) - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug00:33
CShadowRunshould i call it webcam regression?00:33
CShadowRunogasawara that ok? :)00:36
ogasawaraCShadowRun: if you can make it a bit more descriptive that would be great - ie specify which webcam00:37
CShadowRunis there an edit button?00:37
CShadowRunaha, update description button00:38
CShadowRunogasawara there, added that information00:39
ogasawaraCShadowRun: what's the bug #?00:39
ubot3Malone bug 318061 in linux "Webcam regression" [Undecided,New] 00:39
CShadowRunogasawara so what's the word on that bug?01:11
CShadowRuni've been considering just going out and buying a new webcam :(01:11
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mnemowill jaunty ship with .28 or .29 kernel??16:51
nokia3510hello everyone18:16
nokia3510after updating from hardy to intrepid (via ssh) the upgraded machine cannot boot intrepid's kernel because of a grub error: something with a cylinder exceeding... hardy's remnant kernel boots fine18:19
nokia3510perhaps a rebuild of initramfs for the intrepid kernel could help ?18:20
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