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binarymutantHi, if anyone has the time to review my updated packages, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm, I would be very grateful. Thanks01:16
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DktrKranzbinarymutant, I'll have a look01:36
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DktrKranzbinarymutant, commented.01:50
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binarymutantthanks DktrKranz01:53
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binarymutantwhich version of dh_make and lintian should I use? whichever that is in their VCS ?02:51
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lidaobinghelp review my packages: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-hangul, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-table-cangjie, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fqterm, thanks03:22
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sukiminnaanybody here?04:36
HarassmentPandaI've written a .net application and ported it to Mono to compile under Ubuntu, could any one point me in the direction of packaging the application such that it can be included in the repositories? My project is here https://sourceforge.net/projects/vscalenotes/04:50
hggdhHarassmentPanda, you may statr by looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/04:52
HarassmentPandaIs there an easy way to find out what dependencies a program requires?04:53
hggdhand may also want to look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/04:53
HarassmentPandaAs in I got my program to run but I don't know what the actual dependencies are04:53
HarassmentPandaThat looks like a lot to read :-)04:54
HarassmentPandaI don't know if I will have time to continue developing the project if I have to read all that to package it04:54
hggdhyou do not need to, but it helps to understand what will happen04:55
HarassmentPandaSo even if I package it, it may not be included in a universe?04:55
hggdhthe packaging guide is a brief introduction to packaging04:55
hggdhif it is not (for example) free software, indeed04:55
HarassmentPandaits released under the GPL04:56
hggdhway to go04:56
HarassmentPandaand the only libraries it relies on are SDL and mono04:56
HarassmentPandanot sure of exactly which ones as I just installed everything to get it to work04:56
hggdhthen for sure SDL and mono<something>04:58
hggdhyou can use pbuilder to find out more -- the build will fail if you are missing depends04:59
HarassmentPandais there any where I could suggest my software to be packaged by some one more experienced?05:00
hggdhI guess here (not sure myself), or the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list, for example05:01
* hggdh is not a motu, so your mileage may vary05:02
ScottKHarassmentPanda: You can file a bug against Ubuntu and tag it 'needs-packaging'.  There are people who look at those for stuff to package.05:03
HarassmentPandaok thanks05:04
HarassmentPandai'll try that first05:05
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hggdhthanks, ScottK05:41
ScottKhggdh: No problem.05:41
jacobquick question: updating a package to a new release fixes/commits all of the quilt patches in debian/patches. should quilt and the patches/ directory be dropped entirely from the new version, or left for future use?05:44
ScottKGenerally dropped.  Is it a KDE package?05:45
jacobScottK: nope, twitux from 0.62 to 0.68.05:46
ScottKThen you can drop it.05:46
jacobScottK: ok, thanks. :)05:46
slytherinis ports.ubuntu.com down? apt-get is giving timeout here.08:24
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jussi01could someone explain to me why the acpi update replaced all the conf files?10:11
jussi01ie. http://paste.ubuntu.com/105835/10:11
RAOFBecause you hadn't modified them, and the maintainer had?10:12
RAOFIt should not be possible for an incoming SMS to lock up my phone.10:15
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directhexRAOF, yay for phones10:30
RainCTjpds: consider catching that extension to hide the traceback10:58
jpdsRainCT: if cred == None: print >> sys.stderr, "Failed." ?11:03
RainCTjpds: nope, that won't work.  try: [cred =....]  except IOError, msg: print >> sys.stderr, msg; sys.exit(1);11:07
jpdsRainCT: That works. :)11:09
lidaobing help review my packages: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-hangul, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ibus-table-cangjie, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fqterm, thanks11:25
didrocksStevenK: Hi, I have an issue you encountered already some days ago on gnome-games package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105881/. Strange as the patch including launchpad-integration.h is there and applied successfully12:28
hyperairwhat should i name a cleaned up tarball? i can't exactly call it package_version.orig.tar.gz can i?13:05
maxbhyperair: You append some string to the end of the upstream version13:32
maxbFor example, in Debian, when the reason for repacking is to comply with the DFSG, they append .dfsg  - for a general removal of junk, .cleaned or .repack might be reasonable tokens to append13:33
hyperairmaxb: i need to do autogen.sh && make dist13:34
maxbwhy do you need to do it?13:34
hyperairmaxb: because the upstream author decided that it was too dificult to use make dist for some reason or other13:34
maxbhmm, odd13:35
hyperairmaxb: build fails otherwise13:35
hyperaira whole lot of missing files or other13:35
maxbAn alternative option might be to use the original upstream tarball, and run those things at build time?13:35
maxbThat might be considered preferable13:35
hyperairconfig.status: error: cannot find input file: src/Makefile.in13:36
hyperairlintian spits out a lot of stuff13:36
hyperairconfig.log in orig tarball and whatnot13:36
hyperairso i was thinking, since i'm going to have to repack it to make lintian be happy, i must as well do the autogen stuff in the repack process13:37
hyperairand CDBS's autotools thing only runs ./configure,which fails because the author forgot to include src/Makefile.in13:37
hyperairi've emailed him thrice13:38
maxbI'm not sure you should repack at all if it's just to get rid of cruft, unless the amount of cruft is huge13:38
hyperairmaxb: but if i want to get it through revu lintian has to be clean right?13:38
hyperairmaxb: also, i'll add stuff to build-dep if i need to run autogen13:40
maxbHmm, I think it's worth finding a MOTU for a definitive opinion on that. Personally I'd consider a few lintian warnings (which can be overridden) preferable to a repack13:40
maxbI can't see why extra build-deps would be a problem?13:41
hyperairoh right. overriding the errors. i forgot about that13:41
hyperairyeah i think i'll do just that13:41
hyperair thanks13:41
hyperairdirecthex: ping13:41
maxbIf you can avoid the repack, then upgrading to new upstream versions is considerably easier13:41
directhexhyperair, pong13:46
hyperairdirecthex: banshee lyrics plugin has a tarball scattered with config.status, config.log and is missing a Makefile.in. do i autogen.sh before configure, or do i repack the tarball?13:48
hyperairdirecthex: another thing.. the version 0.6 of banshee lyrics plugin is newer than 1.0. how do i convince uscan to not take 1.0 instead?13:48
directhexhyperair, which strikes you as easier to maintain, long term?13:49
hyperairdirecthex: autogen.sh before configure, but then it'll have more build-deps13:49
hyperairdirecthex: specifically automake1.9 or something, and that'll change when automake 1.9 gets deprecated13:49
hyperairno actually i'll just depend on the latest automake and autoconf and see how it goe13:51
directhexbear in mind issues with your "clean" rule not being correct13:52
hyperairdirecthex: what?13:58
directhexhyperair, packages should be buildable twice in a row, which requires your "clean" rule to get the package back to *precisely* how it was when you unpacked. messing with autofoo inside the package increases risks of that not being the case13:59
hyperairdirecthex: what about the whole uscan version thing? how do i prevent it from grabbing 1.0 instead of 0.6? upstream only distributes a bz2, so i suppose i'll have to use get-orig-source for a gz13:59
hyperairdirecthex: i'll see what i can do about clean14:00
directhexhyperair, broken upstream versions? hm................. dunno. sorry.14:00
directhexhyperair, sounds like a pretty hard case for uscan to deal with properly... perhaps something involving dates, if it's in an ftp dir?14:01
hyperairit's a google code site14:01
hyperair0.6 comes after 1.014:01
hyperairbecause the upstream author is a genius like that14:01
lagathen yell at upstream ;)14:01
hyperairlaga: if yelling worked, don't you think i'd have already gotten him to use make dist instead of manually tarring his stuff?14:02
hyperairlaga: i even went out of my way to fix his damn stupid build system and propose a patch to him14:02
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persiaslytherin: ports.ubuntu.com should be back.14:17
hyperairdirecthex: clean removes autom4te.cache which was included in the source tarball, but otherwise second build works fine14:24
hyperairdirecthex: is that okay?14:24
slytherinjames_w: do you mind if I work on azureus?14:37
slytherinI mean the merge14:37
james_wslytherin: not at all14:37
slytherinjames_w: by the way, what is the reason vuze is demoted to suggests?14:37
james_wnot sure, let me look14:38
james_w"Recommend vuze until we find a way to start azureus without the vuze14:39
james_w+    interface."14:39
james_wso I guess that is possible now?14:40
slytherinjames_w: yes, I am seeing some changes in Debian which introduces new wrapper script with appropriate variables to start with/without vuze interface.14:40
hyperairanybody running jaunty here? can someone help me find out which package /usr/bin/csc is in?14:42
hyperairnevermind, i foudn it14:43
slytherinhyperair: I am running jaunty. IIRC it is the part of mono toolchain. You can search on packages.ubuntu.com14:43
hyperairslytherin: mono-devel14:43
hyperairi needed it as a build-dep14:43
slytherinjames_w: IIRC, azureus does not work with gij, right?14:46
james_wslytherin: not sure, sorry14:47
james_wslytherin: check the RC bug that was fixed in the NMU14:47
hyperaircould someone review my package? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin14:59
mok0hyperair, I'll take a look, if you will help me with another package in return ;-)15:05
hyperairmok0: no problem15:05
hyperairmok0: what's the package?15:05
mok0hyperair: lemme find it15:05
mok0hyperair: it's http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gnome-art-ng15:07
mok0Look at my comment, strangely gmcs is missing eventhough the package does pull in mono-gmcs15:08
hyperairmok0: heh. i had that problem too. you need to pull in mono-devel, and then add MCS=/usr/bin/csc to configure flags15:09
mok0hyperair, thanks! Will you write that in a comment to the uploader?15:11
hyperairbut i'll take a look at the package and make sure that works first15:12
mok0hyperair: oh, that's perfect15:12
mok0hyperair: you rock as dholbach would say :-)15:13
hyperairhahah thanks15:13
hyperairi actually just learnt abotu this whole csc thting, because bansheelyricsplugin wouldn't build but there was a banshee binary in jaunty, so i dug that one out and took a look15:14
hyperairhmm this gnome-art-ng thing is a pretty nice app15:23
mok0hyperair: oh, that's good to know15:24
hyperairso yeah it built15:24
hyperairafter i made the changes i posted in the comments15:24
hyperairmok0: anyway how about that review?15:25
mok0hyperair: thank you. I had a few troubles with your new package, see the comments15:25
hyperairah damnit. .svn folders eh? i didn't see that one.15:26
mok0hyperair: yeah15:26
hyperairmok0: should i cleanup the tarball in get-orig-source or something then?15:26
hyperairmok0: regarding the errors to do with apt-get, could you update your sbuilder or something?15:27
mok0hyperair: some MOTUs think it should be done; I don't care.15:27
hyperairmok0: it doesn't seem to be a problem with my pacakge, but a problem with banshee15:27
mok0hyperair: however, it is sloppy packaging of the tarball15:27
hyperairmok0: i know. it is. i tried to get the author to use "make dist"15:27
hyperairbut he wouldn't listen15:27
mok0hyperair: it's not a spelling mistake in build-depends versions?15:27
hyperairmok0: no it's not. pbuilder works fine15:27
hyperairand my pbuilder's pretty up to date15:27
mok02.24.0 -> 2.24?15:27
hyperairbanshee: Depends: libgconf2.24-cil (>= 2.24.0) but it is not going to be installed15:28
hyperair           Depends: libgnome2.24-cil (>= 2.24.0) but it is not going to be installed15:28
hyperairthat seems to indicate it's a problem with banshee's dependencies15:28
hyperairbut banshee installs just fine on my pbuilder15:28
mok0It could have something to do with the archs15:28
ScottKMaybe even 2.24~15:28
hyperairmok0: what arch are you building on?15:28
mok0I had to specify arch-indep15:29
mok0hyperair: my machine is amd64, and with sbuild, it does not build arch "all" by default15:30
hyperairi see15:30
mok0hyperair: your package only contains arch "all", so I had to pass an "-A" flag15:30
mok0hyperair: pbuilder builds "all" arch by default15:31
hyperairwell mine's an x86 machine15:31
mok0So sometimes, I have discovered packaging bugs that way15:31
hyperairno make that an x86 installation15:31
maxbWould you not always want to use sbuild -A for evaluating whether a prospective package builds?15:31
mok0maxb: if it's purely arch packages, I don't need to15:32
hyperairmok0: regarding the build-deps.. i didn't have any versioned build-deps15:32
hyperair               libgconf2.0-cil,15:32
hyperair               libgtkhtml3.16-cil15:32
hyperairthose are the only -cil packages15:32
mok0hyperair: ah, so it could be a problem with banshee's depends?15:33
hyperairit could be15:33
mok0hyperair: I just now updated my builder from the archive15:33
hyperairif you're running jaunty, could you try installing banshee?15:33
hyperairor perhaps install it in your sbuilder temporarily?15:33
mok0hyperair: I'm not15:33
hyperairin your sbuilder?15:33
mok0hyperair: I only have a jaunty schroot15:33
hyperairif it doesn't work it would be a banshee problem. otherwise i don't know what the error's about15:34
mok0hyperair: I can log on to my schroot at try it15:34
hyperairah. please do.15:35
mok0hyperair: it's takes a while, it has to install a ton of stuff15:38
hyperairoh and by the way, what lintian arguments did you use?15:40
mok0hyperair: -I15:40
mok0hyperair: that's capital i15:40
hyperairi also used lintian -i on the .dsc15:40
hyperairrevu doesn't use it i guses15:40
hyperairrevu's lintian log is clean15:40
mok0ok no problems installing banshee15:41
hyperaircould you try building it again then?15:41
mok0In the chroot I'm in?15:41
hyperairalso what should i do about the build-depends-without-arch-dep lintian error?15:42
mok0hyperair: use -iI it will tell you15:42
hyperairnot necessarily, could be a fresh chroot15:42
mok0I'll try manually in the schroot I'm in right now15:43
mok0hyperair: just running debian/rules build, I get this error:15:46
mok0configure: error: Cannot find "mcs" compiler in your PATH15:46
mok0you need to run autogen.sh?15:47
hyperairhow about debuild -b15:48
hyperairconfigure needs to be run with MCS=/usr/bin/csc15:48
hyperairthat's specified in debian/rules15:48
mok0hyperair: it's not happening in the autogen.sh call15:49
hyperaireh whoos15:49
slytherinIf I am using cdbs to build a package and cdbs already has dependency on debhelper, do I need to add debhelper as build-dep?15:49
hyperairmok0: configure still gets called after autogen.sh gets called15:49
hyperairmok0: because cdbs adds some flags i think15:49
mok0hyperair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105935/15:50
hyperairaah. right. i forgot15:51
hyperairshould i patch configure out of autogen.sh?15:52
hyperairotherwise configure gets called around three times i think15:52
mok0hyperair: how about using autoreconf instead15:52
mok0yeah it's PITA15:52
mok0hyperair: the right thing is to patch configure.ac and regenerate configure using the tools15:53
hyperairpatch configure.ac?15:54
hyperairwhat do i change it to?15:54
mok0hyperair: I need to see what you've done first15:56
mok0hyperair: in the meantime, look at the output of my sbuild http://paste.ubuntu.com/105937/15:56
hyperairmok0: did you install mono-devel on your sbuild?15:58
hyperairmok0: i just tested without the whole DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS line, and it works15:58
mok0hyperair: no15:58
hyperairas long as mono-devel is installed15:58
hyperairmono-devel is a build-dep15:58
hyperairalso, that's intrepid15:59
hyperairin intrepid i suppose it's mono-gmcs15:59
hyperairin jaunty it's mono-devel15:59
mok0hyperair: it won't compile under intrepid15:59
mok0hyperair: but what does it require from banshee?16:00
hyperairmok0: the pkg-config file16:00
mok0hyperair: oh, that's probably in banshee-dev or something16:00
hyperairthere isn't a banshee-dev16:01
mok0hyperair: right, so you builddepend on that?16:01
hyperairbut the problem here is that if it builds in jaunty (build-dep mono-devel) it won't build in intrepid (build-dep mono-gmcs) and vice versa16:01
hyperairso how would i fix that?16:02
mok0hyperair: your package should be for jaunty16:02
hyperairalright, so i just don't care?16:02
hyperairor should i put mono-devel | mono-gmcs?16:02
mok0hyperair: it can be changed if there's ever a backport16:02
hyperairperhaps mono-gmcs (<something)16:02
hyperairi'll make my next upload then16:03
* mok0 goes to get some coffee...16:04
hyperairmok0: new upload. could you review that please?16:16
mok0hyperair: is it correct that  banshee-extension-lyrics16:26
mok0has arch "all" and not "any" ?16:26
hyperair-cil generally has arch all16:26
hyperairi tink16:26
hyperairmok0: there's actually a deb for amd64 that works on intrepid..16:26
hyperairarch all16:26
mok0hyperair: ... because mono creates bytecode for all archs?16:27
mok0ok, so it's like java16:27
hyperairin fact, you can take bytecode compiled on windows and run it on linux16:27
hyperairalso gnome-sharp2 has arch=all16:28
mok0yes I know it's pretty cool16:28
hyperairnot that i like mono =p16:28
hyperairor C#16:28
mok0I'm a sceptic too16:28
hyperairi just keep my mouth shut about it. let both sides argue it out. but you won't see me programming in C# anytime soon16:29
mok0hyperair: I still get those missing dependencies of banshee16:30
hyperairmeh damnit16:31
hyperairpbuilder doesn't have any trouble16:31
hyperairthere has to be some conflict or other16:33
hyperairotherwise it would be installed16:33
mok0hyperair: could be that jaunty is broken somehow at the moment16:34
hyperairi think i might have a clue..16:34
hyperairi made it depend on libgconf2.0-cil16:34
hyperairbut why did it work on my pbuilder?16:35
mok0hyperair: I'll get rid of it16:35
mok0and try again16:35
mok0hyperair: probably the package set evolved since you last updated it16:36
mok0hyperair, here goes, it's doing something more16:37
hyperairactually, should i include libgconf2.24-cil or not? since banshee includes the dependency16:38
mok0hyperair: leave that dep to banshee16:39
mok0ah, crashed16:39
mok0with a stacktrace16:39
mok0that's weird, it's trying to open a file in my home directory16:40
mok0hyperair: I'll pastebin it16:41
hyperairno actually are you sure it's trying to open a file in your home directory and not the upstream author's home directory?16:42
mok0no mine, look here16:42
mok0lines 4 and 616:42
mok0and it's spooky, my cwd is /tmp16:43
hyperairyour /home is /u?16:44
mok0hyperair: yes16:44
hyperairto save typing or what16:44
mok0 /u/mok16:44
hyperairi think you might have some stray env variable16:44
hyperairto do with .wapi16:45
mok0hyperair: I don't even know what that is16:45
hyperairwait, i've dealt with .wapi stuff before.. when packaging for archlinux16:45
hyperairyou have a MONO_SHARED_DIR env variable set?16:46
hyperairarchlinux packages generally have export MONO_SHARED_DIR=$(srcdir)/.wapi somewhere, and then rm -rf it after the build16:46
hyperairmeh strange16:47
hyperaircan you grep your env for .wapi then?16:47
mok0The only thing is HOME16:47
hyperairthat refers to /u/mok you mean?16:47
mok0there's nothing with .wapi in my env16:48
hyperairwait, i thought it didn't build in intrepid16:48
hyperairor do you have a home directory in sbuild16:48
mok0Well, the sbuild enviroment doesn't know about /u16:49
hyperairsomething about .wapi16:50
mok0which is nice because I don't want it to fool around with my personal stuff16:50
hyperairokay then16:50
hyperairit seems that i need to export MONO_SHARED_DIR16:50
hyperairand then remove it16:50
mok0I have a dir ~/.wapi but it's empty16:51
mok0Created 2008-08-1916:51
mok0In fact I'll get rid of it16:52
hyperairhmm i think i'll create one just to test16:52
hyperairhey wait there are files in mine16:53
hyperairi think i'll just clear it and leave it empty then try building in a non-chroot env16:53
hyperairuh damn that doesn't work.16:54
hyperairi'm on intrpied16:54
hyperairhow very strange. i don't get errors16:55
* mok0 is even more convinced that mono is evil16:55
hyperairstill no errors16:57
mok0I'm getting a stacktrace from the _compiler_ because it can't open a semaphore file in a hidden directory in my root??? WTF?16:57
hyperairi'm uploading another one with the whole .wapi thing fixed16:58
mok0hyperair: what did you do?16:58
hyperairexport MONO_SHARED_DIR=$(CURDIR)16:58
hyperairnear the top of debian/rules16:58
* mok0 , your friendly neighborhood buildd16:58
mok0hyperair: you have a ppa?16:59
hyperairmok0: yes i do17:00
hyperairunder different teams of course17:00
mok0you might try to upload it there to test build... just add ~ppa1 to the version17:00
hyperairyeah i could17:02
hyperairit'd have reached ppa20 by now =p17:02
mok0hyperair: ah. remember to remove that libgconf-cil dep next upload17:02
mok0The build succeeded now!17:10
mok0although, you may need to add "libtool" to the build deps17:10
cody-somervillemok0, don't we have pbuilder for test building? ;]17:12
mok0cody-somerville: heh, well pbuilder is more tolerant that buildd17:13
mok0cody-somerville: and in this instance, the build succeeds in pbuilder but fails in sbuild17:13
mok0hyperair, are you in contact with upstream of this plugin?17:16
nelleryif an application has been packaged upstream, is it possible to have it copied over with the authors permission, rather than packaging it again?17:17
mok0nellery: no17:18
nellerymok0: so it should be completely repackaged from scratch17:19
mok0nellery: of course you can take over the files in debian/17:19
mok0nellery: ... and upstream should be persuaded not to ship the debian/ dir17:19
nellerymok0: okay17:20
cody-somervillemok0, neat :)17:20
cody-somervillemok0, We should document those cases17:20
mok0cody-somerville: yes I guess17:20
hyperairmok0: if upstream actually listened, i wouldn't have put in autoreconf17:20
hyperairand we'd have a clean tarball17:21
mok0upstream authors rarely know what is required to distribute software17:21
savvasthat's easy, a maintainer!17:22
anakronhi all!17:22
hyperairmok0: well... banshee did a pretty good job17:22
mok0savvas: heh, exactly, but they should listen to that maintainer17:22
mok0Of course some upstreams also maintain their software in Debian/Ubuntu17:23
mok0hyperair: Banshee package is maintained by upstream?17:24
mok0heya ScottK17:24
ScottKThat was me raising my hand about being an upstream who maintains stuff in Debian/Ubuntu17:24
hyperairmok0: what?17:25
mok0hyperair: you said banshee did a pretty good job17:25
hyperairsebastian droge packaged it17:25
mok0I see17:25
ScottKWhat Java thing do I need to install for Firefox to believe it has Java support?17:25
hyperairi think he's got commit rights to banshee heh17:25
* ScottK never needed Java for anything before today.17:26
hyperairScottK: sun-java6-plugin i think17:26
mok0ScottK: isn't that handled by depends?17:26
* ScottK tries17:26
ScottKmok0: No, Firefox works great with no Java.17:26
ScottKIt's not a depends.17:26
hyperairyeah it does17:26
hyperairi use it because my bank requires java in order to log into their web interface17:27
hyperairmok0: uploaded another time, this time with libtool17:27
Chris`I use Java for FireGPG :-/, any reviewers free today btw? :)17:27
hyperairChris`: firegpg needs java?17:28
Chris`hyperair: Yeah to clearsign messages17:28
hyperairstrange i thought it didn't need anything17:28
hyperairother than gpg of course17:28
ScottKhyperair: That was it.  Thanks.17:28
hyperairwell firegpg sucks anyway. it failed verification of about every clearsigned message on launchpad.net17:29
Chris`I've only just got into using it17:29
hyperairheh. have fun17:29
hyperairScottK: you're welcome17:29
mok0hyperair: you think you could persuade upstream to put gpg clauses in the source files?17:30
hyperairmok0: i wouldn't bet on it.17:30
mok0hyperair: it's no blocker, but FSF recommends it17:30
hyperairmok0: i came up with a patch to fix the build system, but upstream didn't reply17:30
mok0hyperair: It's pretty fast to do with a script, perhaps you can send upstream a patch?17:31
hyperairmok0: got an example of a script? i've never managed to script something like that17:32
mok0hyperair: Hmm. I think somewhere, I'd have to browse around17:32
hyperairunless you mean ( echo "copyright header"; cat file; ) > file.tmp; mv file{.tmp,}?17:32
mok0hyperair: that's what I had in mind, yes, something like that17:33
hyperairit seems he's got his own headers17:33
hyperairi wonder if the copyright clause should go above or below17:33
mok0hyperair: that depends on how anal upstream is about his code :-)17:33
hyperairi wonder.17:34
mok0hyperair: I used to have an $Id: line at the very top, but I don't use it anymore because I've converted to git for VCS17:34
mok0hyperair: however, it is actually meaningful to have it in every file, given that people can grab just one source file and use it in their own project17:35
hyperairwhat's $Id for?17:35
mok0hyperair: oh, it's a macro that gets expanded by svn and CVS17:36
mok0hyperair: with version, file path and stuff like that17:36
hyperairinto what?17:36
hyperairi see17:36
hyperairso why doesn't git need something like that?17:37
mok0hyperair: but it works poorly with merges17:37
hyperairheheh. svn sucks for merging17:37
hyperairi like bzr17:37
Nafallo\o/ BAZAAR \o/17:37
mok0hyperair: because git is designed to work with any type of file, and it does not touch them.17:37
mok0Nafallo: Hm, I prefer git, bzr is pretty clunky in comparison IMHO17:38
hyperairmok0: but if you don't put the macro then svn won't touch the files will it?17:38
hyperairmok0: what's wrong with bzr?17:38
hyperairi should go learn git heh17:38
mok0hyperair: yes, that's right. In fact, you have to specifically turn on the feature in svn, on a per-file basis17:38
mok0but CVS would just go ahead and replace every $Id: it finds17:39
Nafallomok0: to be fair, I don't really care what others use. I love bazaar myself :-)17:39
hyperairNafallo: hear hear17:39
hyperairNafallo: it's a little hard to find a bazaar hosting server though17:39
hyperairapart from launchpad17:39
hyperairand launchpad sucks if you're in asia17:39
hyperairslow as hell, and connection keeps breaking17:40
Nafallohyperair: I was about to say launchpad.net is quite easy to find... ;-)17:40
hyperairlast time i pushed something, i had to keep running break-lock17:40
hyperairNafallo: you see a few for svn and cvs and git, but none for bzr other than launchpad17:40
Nafallohyperair: not that hard to set up your own bazaar box either.17:40
Nafallotrac works with bazaar... what's the issue? :-)17:41
hyperairNafallo: but i'd like to have it hosted so that others can branch it17:41
hyperairand work on it17:41
hyperairand so on17:41
Nafallohyperair: yes?17:41
hyperairtrac? isn't that something you install on some server?17:41
hyperairas in not hosted elsewhere?17:41
spod-hi, is there a gdb package which is compiled with thread debugging enabled?17:41
hyperairspod-: i thought gdb has thread debugging enabled by default17:42
Nafallohyperair: as I said. not hard to put up your own servers...17:42
hyperairNafallo: i don't have any computer i can leave on 24/717:43
Nafalloanyway. shower.17:43
hyperairno wait, actually i'm supposed to be setting up a project management server for a club i'm in, but besides port 80 i don't have anything else, and getting a subdomain seems to be hell17:44
spod-excuse the multiline - i get:17:44
spod-(gdb) info threads17:44
spod-(gdb) thread 117:44
spod-Thread ID 1 not known.17:44
mok0hyperair: I think most stuff runs on port 80 just fine17:45
mok0hyperair: I know git works fine17:46
hyperairmok0: i haven't heard of pushing bzr through port 8017:46
hyperairmok0: also, that particular port 80 doesn't really belong to me either.17:46
hyperairmok0: there's a server set up... and i just hooked up my two servers behind that one17:47
mok0hyperair: you don't control the server?17:47
hyperairone is an ubuntu mirror17:47
hyperairarchives mirror17:47
hyperairi don't control the main one17:47
hyperairthat one belongs to the lab17:47
hyperairone more is the project management server i'm supposed to be setting up17:48
hyperairbasically if you connect to the main server using a certain hostname, the request is forwarded to one of the servers bhind it17:48
hyperairso you can't access it without modifying your /etc/hosts file17:48
mok0hyperair: isn't that good enough?17:49
hyperairmok0: do you want everybody who wants to access the website of your project to have to modify their /etc/hosts file?17:49
mok0hyperair: it means the client from the outside speaks directly to a web server you control, it sounds like17:49
mok0hyperair: so the hostname is not in DNS?17:50
hyperairclient -> main server (i don't control this) port 80 -> one of the server's port 80 depending on hostname17:50
hyperairno the hostname isn't in dns17:50
hyperairmeaning i can't register the archives mirror yet either17:51
mok0hyperair: looks like that sysadm's got you by the balls17:51
hyperairand it requires very specific configuration to get working17:51
hyperairmok0: it's a campus thing.17:51
mok0hyperair: if the project is official then you need to get that fixed17:51
hyperairmok0: the lab owns the server, and they have a domain name.17:51
hyperairmok0: i need to get a domain name from the centre for it services17:52
hyperairand they're idiots who love microsoft17:52
hyperairbasically i just need an alias17:52
hyperairalias for the domain name that's already there17:52
hyperairi could of course.. sign up for some dynamic dns service17:52
mok0hyperair: so they forward traffic for your domain17:52
hyperairi did the configuration for the main server regarding that17:53
mok0hyperair: your server is behind a firewall I guess17:53
hyperairmy server accesses the internet from behind the main server17:54
mok0hyperair: but through a firewall or dmz that you don't control?17:54
hyperairthe main server acts as that particular lab's server, as well as a NAT-enabled router (i added this), and i modified their apache configuration to forward requests made to certain hostnames17:55
hyperairthe main server is behind a firewall i don't control17:55
mok0hyperair: It sounds like you know much more about this than I do17:55
hyperairbasically i made the configuration in that manner (forward requests based on hostname) so that i don't have to attempt to convince the sysadmins to modify their firewall17:56
mok0hyperair: I only know that not being directly on the internet sucks :-)17:56
hyperairmok0: all that i know comes from google-fu17:56
mok0hyperair: perhaps you could get server space somewhere else for your project17:57
hyperairnowhere else hosts bzr17:57
hyperairother than launchpad17:57
hyperairso i was actually looking into using bzr-svn17:57
hyperairand then using sourceforge or google code17:57
broonieDebian's alioth service hosts bzr too.17:57
hyperairalioth eh?17:58
hyperairi'll take a look into that one17:58
hyperairdoes it have a server anywhere remotely near asia?17:58
Nafallobzr.gnome.org :-)17:58
broonienot particularly17:59
mok0couldn't you set up a bzr hosting locally?18:00
hyperairmok0: yes of course. but i don't have a computer that i can leave on 24/718:01
hyperairmok0: and my home internet connection sucks.18:02
hyperairthink 30kB/s maximum upstream rate (from the server's point of view), and that's in-country.18:03
hyperairNafallo: then i'd have to register as a gnome project =p18:04
Nafallohyperair: ...and the server is in London18:05
hyperairyes i've got issues checking out files from svn.gnome.org18:06
Nafallothat one is hosted in north sweden iirc18:06
Nafallolol! faik18:07
Nafalloit's in London as well ;-)18:07
Nafallocvs.g.o was in Sweden I'm pretty sure :-)18:07
Nafallomeeh. I don't get anything right today :-)18:08
Nafallocvs.g.o is not in Sweden :-)18:08
Nafalloah! ftp.gnome.org is in Sweden :-)18:08
hyperairmok0: regarding bansheelyricsplugin, other than the license clause, is there anything else before it can get approved?18:10
nhandlerAnyone feel like helping me debug a pbuilder problem in intrepid?18:20
DktrKranznhandler, which kind of problem?18:22
nhandlerDktrKranz: I can create a sid and intrepid pbuilder in intrepid (with backports enabled), but I can't create a jaunty pbuilder. It always says can't resolve archive.ubuntu.com (I have tried with other mirrors and gotten the same type of error)18:23
DktrKranznhandler, is debootstrap up-to-date with latest jaunty?18:23
mok0hyperair: look at my comments. Almost ready18:23
hyperairmok0: thanks for the review. actually the tarball was repackaged using uscan --repackage18:24
hyperairmok0: also, the latest version matches 1.018:24
hyperairnot 0.618:24
hyperairhow do i fix that?18:24
DktrKranzI've seen some problems if just symlinked with i.e. intrepid18:24
hyperair0.6 is after 1.0, as stupid as that sounds18:24
mok0hyperair: I get "Bin"18:24
hyperairah right18:24
hyperairi forgot to make that change18:24
hyperairbut assuming i make it match only numbers and dots18:24
hyperairthen i'd get 1.018:24
nhandlerDktrKranz: 1.0.10ubuntu1~intrepid118:25
lfaraoneHi, I'm trying to get into MOTU and I'm wondering if there is any low-hanging fruit to be fixed.18:25
nhandlerDktrKranz: 1.0.10ubuntu2 is in jaunty18:25
mok0hyperair: perhaps you can use some of the mangling rules?18:25
mok0hyperair: what is the version system this upstream is using? Is he counting backwards from 1.0 :-P18:25
nhandler!harvest | lfaraone18:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about harvest18:26
hyperairmok0: god knows. at first he was following banshee's version, then he suddenly came up with a release "0.6"18:26
DktrKranznhandler, have you full pbuilder log available?18:26
nhandlerlfaraone: I would check out harvest. It has a lot of low hanging fruit18:26
lfaraonenhandler: hm?18:26
mok0ubottu: beer > mok018:26
lfaraonenhandler: ok, thanks.18:26
ubottumok0, please see my private message18:26
nhandlerlfaraone: Maybe someone can get you a link, my internet is slow right now18:26
lfaraonenhandler: python-low-hanging-fruit? :)18:26
nhandlerDktrKranz: Yeah, one second18:26
lfaraonenhandler: understood18:26
DktrKranznhandler, moving to dinner, back in twenty minutes18:28
nhandlerThanks james_w18:28
mok0Hm. Anyone here knows howto scroll from with screen?18:29
hyperairmok0: what mangling rules can i use?18:29
nhandlermok0: Easiest way is to enter copy mode18:30
nhandlermok0: Ctrl+a [18:30
mok0hyperair: you can run some substitutions etc. on the string that's fetched from the url, so I thought you could mangle 1.0 into something < 0.618:30
hyperairmok0: that won't be very maintainable in the long term would it18:31
hyperairand how should i mangle 1.0 into lesst han 0.6?18:31
mok0hyperair: s/1.0/0.01/ ?18:31
mok0hyperair: I know, it's a hack, but what systematics is upstream using?18:32
hyperairdoesn't look like he's using any systematics18:32
hyperairhe just dishes out a version when he feels like it18:32
hyperairor something18:32
mok0hyperair: can we trust his code I wonder :-O18:32
hyperairi'm using it, and there doesn't seem to be many bugs18:33
hyperairit's just an extension for banshee18:33
hyperairdownloads stuff from lyricswiki and whatnot18:33
nhandlerDktrKranz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105996/18:33
mok0hyperair: Perhaps you persuade upstream to be systematic about versions, now that his software is going into Ubuntu. He must be kinda pleased with that18:34
savvasanyone good with copyrights? what are my limits if I want to make a package with the atheros madwifi-hal license? http://svn.madwifi.org/madwifi/trunk/hal/COPYRIGHT18:35
hyperairmok0: i daresay that with 0.6 signifies that he's going to be using his own versions (probably incrementing?) as opposed to hooking onto banshee's versions18:36
mok0savvas: it looks like clause 1 prevents us from distributing18:37
nhandlerDktrKranz: ~/.pbuilderrc http://paste.ubuntu.com/105998/18:38
mok0hyperair: I suggest you assume that, and just mangle the one file that doesn't fit that scheme... hopefully he wont re-use version 1.018:38
hyperairheh yeah18:38
mok0hyperair: document it carefull in the watch file, because anyone looking at it will wonder18:39
savvasmok0: so I'm not allowed to compile and package it as a binary?18:39
Laneymok0: Wouldn't it be ok for multiverse? http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/licensing18:40
mok0savvas: well, for your own use, but otherwise not IMHO18:40
hyperairmok0: okay18:40
mok0savvas: that license basically says, if you find a bug, you're not allowed to fix it18:40
savvasok thanks :)18:41
mok0savvas: sorry :-(18:41
savvaslooks like it's going to be an .sh script then :P18:41
hyperairmok0: okay, now i need to use get-orig-source to repack the tarball?18:42
hyperairmok0: can i just make get-orig-source do uscan --force-download --repack?18:42
mok0hyperair: yes, the idea is that you fetch the tarball with uscan and then run debian/rules get-orig-source to repackage it18:42
hyperairmok0: wait, that means that get-orig-source doesn't automatically download the tarball?18:43
mok0hyperair: right, the rule expects the downloaded bz2 thing to be there18:43
mok0hyperair: you might even provide a check :-P18:44
hyperairis there any documentation about this rule? i found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Examples/ChangingTheOrigTarball and it seems to imply that get-orig-source downloads the tarball18:44
* mok0 looks forward to source package format 3.0 where orig.tar.bz2 is allowed...18:44
fabrice_sp_Hi. I've been disconnected, so I don't know if my request for review of dvdstyler has been received or not. Can someone tell me if it has been received or not?18:46
fabrice_sp_(in the channel)18:46
mok0fabrice_sp: I didn't see anything18:50
fabrice_sp_ok. So I'll repost it :-) Thanks18:51
fabrice_sp_Is there some reviewer willing to review dvdstyler? (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler). It has already been advocated by mok0. Thanks!18:52
DktrKranznhandler, I think that has been fixed in 1.0.10ubuntu218:52
DktrKranzor at least it's a very similar issue18:53
QuintasanHello, can I ask some questions regarding debuild here or in #ubuntu?19:01
mok0!ask | Quintasan19:04
ubottuQuintasan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:04
mok0Quintasan: go ahead19:07
QuintasanAfter reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic I've tried to do the same for my program which is pretty simple (1 source file + Makefile) and upload it to ppa, however when using dput I get: "Checksum doesn't match for /home/quintasan/src/converter_1.0-1.dsc"19:15
nelleryif a package does not contain a license, but mentions in the README that the package is released into the public domain, does that mean that it can be packaged?19:17
hyperairafter removing .svn files from a source tarball, do i mangle the version to contain .repack or do i just leave it as .orig.tar.gz  (original was .tar.bz2)19:32
=== mok0 changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Go review! :)
Chris`If upstream has released a tarball named 0.9.9 but they intend on making a 0.9.10 tarball next, should I rename to 0.9.09 in the control file?20:02
nhandlerDktrKranz: So should I prepare a backport for 1.0.10ubuntu?20:04
pmjdebruijnChris`: no20:04
Chris`pmjdebruijn: How will the updates work properly then?20:05
pmjdebruijnChris`: huh20:05
pmjdebruijnChris`: last time I checked 10 is bigger than 920:05
pmjdebruijnChris`: 9 isn't 9020:05
Chris`pmjdebruijn: Kinda messed up numerics but that is what apt recognises?20:05
pmjdebruijnChris`: huh?20:06
pmjdebruijnChris`: why would that be messed up20:06
Chris`0.9 is bigger than 0.120:06
pmjdebruijnChris`: version numbers aren't floats20:06
pmjdebruijnChris`: major.minor20:06
pmjdebruijnChris`: the dot a seperator... not a numeric dot20:06
pmjdebruijnis a*20:07
pmjdebruijnChris`: you fundamentally misunderstand version numbers :p20:07
Chris`Ah OK then, basically the same as a comma then?20:07
pmjdebruijnChris`: first major is checked, then minor20:07
Chris`Cool well that makes sense20:07
pmjdebruijni've almost never found the need to renumber tarballs20:08
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slytherinScottK: on i386/amd64, icedtea6-plugin should work just fine if you are already using openjdk. For sun jdk use the respective plugins.21:23
hyperaircould someone review my package please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin22:10
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spitfireHow to upload .orig file to PPA using dput?23:15
spitfireOr anything else?23:15
nelleryspitfire: see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA23:16
spitfirenellery: There is no explanation how to do it.23:19
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spitfireI've read it.23:19
spitfireAnd they only mentioned it is possible.23:19
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
nelleryspitfire: you don't upload the .orig23:22
nelleryyou must package it first23:22
spitfirenellery: but it isn't available in ubuntu23:23
spitfireI'm backporting it from debian.23:23
spitfirefile libmtp_0.3.5.orig.tar.gz isn't available in ubuntu, nor launchpad.23:23
nellerydo you mean using -sa when you build the package?23:24
spitfireAnd it is pinted, that i *CAN* upload it.23:24
spitfirenellery: here's what i did:23:24
spitfireapt-get source libmtp23:24
spitfire(got it from debian)23:24
spitfiredch -i -l ~ppa23:24
spitfire(added suffix)23:25
spitfireand dpkg-buildpackage -S23:25
spitfireand that's all.23:25
nelleryuse dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa23:25
savvasspitfire: debuild -S -sa23:25
savvasor that :p23:25
spitfirewhat does -sa?23:25
savvasalternative version of an existing package: debuild -S -sd23:25
savvasbrand new package with no existing version in Ubuntu's repositories: debuild -S -sa23:25
savvasquoted from https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA23:26
spitfiresavvas: sorry, didn't understood/noticed23:26
nelleryfrom the manpage23:26
nellery-sa    Forces the inclusion of the original source.23:26
savvasthat's much clearer heh23:26
nellerysorry, misunderstood your question at first ;)23:27
savvasspitfire: if it has important changes and fixes, you could ask for a sync to update the package from debian for jaunty :)23:35
spitfiresavvas: it has soem improvements, and is lot faster.23:35
spitfireBut I don't think there are security issues.23:36
spitfireSo isn't it hard to do such a bump after debianimportfreeze?23:36
savvasIf you can give good reasons to do it, then I believe no-one would object to include it :)23:37
spitfiresavvas: will do.23:37
spitfirewhat do I have to write in the topic for a version bump?23:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315679 in libmtp "libmtp version bump request" [Undecided,New]23:38
savvasI see that you already have :)23:38
spitfiresavvas: oh, I forgot:P23:38
savvashold a sec23:39
spitfiresavvas: I've just included link to debian.23:40
savvasspitfire: change the bug subject to this: Please sync libmtp 0.3.0-1ubuntu3 (main) to 0.3.5-1 from Debian (experimental)23:42
savvasnellery: do you know if we have to subscribe someone else for a package sync?23:43
savvasspitfire: also change the description or add in a comment why do you believe it should be updated23:44
nellerysubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors23:44
nelleryonce they confirm it23:44
nellerythey will subscribe ubuntu-archive23:44
savvaser.. it's in main23:44
savvasubuntu-main-sponsors then?23:44
nelleryah, yes23:45
savvasthanks :)23:45
spitfiresavvas: I corrected one more, it is associated to the previous one: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mtpfs/+bug/30164523:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301645 in mtpfs "Please sync mtpfs 0.8+svn11-1ubuntu1 to 0.9-1 from Debian (experimental)" [Undecided,New]23:48
spitfireBut I bet both will get into in the next release cycle:/23:51
savvasspitfire: the dependencies are satisfied, I'll confirm it23:53
spitfiresavvas: ?23:53
savvasand it looks that they've gone a long way with fixes and device support23:53
savvasspitfire: confirming means "someone else is interested in this too" :)23:53
spitfireI don't think I'll use jaunty anyway.23:53
savvasI'll subscribe the sponsors team and let's hope it gets fixed :)23:54
spitfireNot until intel graphics drivers get fixed/use GEM properly.23:54
spitfireNow I'm backporting everything possible to jaunty.23:54
spitfirefrom jaunty/intrepid/deb-experimental.23:55
savvaswell actually, if this gets in jaunty, after a while usually gets backported to the LTS release (hardy)23:56
savvasok, sponsors added, have a good night!23:57
copproOO.o 3 isn't in jaunty yet? :(23:58
spitfiresavvas: could you also look at the second bug/bump request?23:59
spitfireIt's associated with libmtp;)23:59
spitfireAnd it's transiston from SVN snapshot to a stable version.23:59

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