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jontheniceguyImpressive application :) http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f77460db400:04
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hadsAt a guess there's something up with your USB DVB device which is confusing mythbackend and causing it to crash.00:28
jontheniceguyhads: Thanks for taking a look. I'm a bit surprised (but to be fair, I'm pretty new to Myth), as the TV portion isn't active and I've got nothing set for recording... I'd have thought as far as the box is concerned, it's just an inactive device, but I'll try leaving that disconnected for a few hours and see what happens00:30
hadsThat's just a guess really but you're idea to disconnect and test is a good one.00:31
jontheniceguyAlso, while I'm thinking about it, is there still an issue with the packaging of the UPnP?00:34
jontheniceguyAs, everytime I start the remote front-end, it shows "Can't find UPnP backend" (or something like that)00:34
hadsNot sure, it should work fine.00:38
hadsGet the first thing fixed or narrowed down and we can figure that out later :)00:38
jontheniceguylol fair enough. I'll go pull that usb stick out and reboot the box00:42
* hads is a little tired today00:42
hadsAt any rate that will get rid of all the repeated errors in your log so we can see what else is going on.00:44
jontheniceguyIt doesn't help that box is the Syslogd for my router, my web server, AVI-transcoder and file server!00:46
hadsum, huh? I just powered up a 1.5TB Seagate and it says it's 1TB.00:56
* hads raises one eyebrow00:56
jontheniceguymy 320gb shows as 30000:57
hadsNot 1500GB to 1000GB though00:58
rhpot1991my 1T shows up as 932G00:58
jontheniceguynot great loss i'll grant you :)00:58
hadsOh dear.01:00
hadsSomething odd is going on here. http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100046/01:01
hadsOne is a WD 1TB and the other is a Seagate 1.5TB01:01
hadsPerhaps it didn't like being hotplugged.01:02
jontheniceguyLooks like it01:02
jontheniceguyCan you umount both?01:02
hadsNa sda has my / on it01:03
rhpot1991ya it looks like its duplicated01:03
jontheniceguyBounce and come back :D01:03
hadsBah reboot :(01:03
rhpot1991hads hates the reboot01:03
rhpot1991yells at you if you tell someone to do it :)01:03
* hads sure does01:03
rhpot1991hads: maybe you should reboot :P01:03
hadsOh well, at least I have a new kernel to boot into :)01:04
jontheniceguyBut, if your / partition thinks it's somewhere it shouldn't be....01:04
hadsrhpot1991: Smarty ;)01:04
jontheniceguySee, look for the positives :)01:04
jontheniceguySometimes a reboot *is* good for the soul :D01:04
hadsis ok, sdb thinks it's sda I think01:04
hadsStoopid hotplug, reboot fixed it.01:10
hadsShows as 1.4T after format01:11
mycosys1hey once again rhpot and superm1 and all the lovely guys here :) posted this yeaterday but without reply, thought i would repost it so i am not groping round in the dark in this one - if you have any clues i would be so appreciative. If it makes much diff - i do a similar thing to u - tech support forum - but they dont really do myth there which is y im here. hi again guys lol - further to my dramas getting this box running. have t01:12
BCampbellevening all.  questions about mythbuntu 8.10 amd64 and a pvr 150?01:13
* hads starts a long rsync01:13
ZinnPlease don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.01:14
hadsmycosys1: You got cut off01:15
BCampbellthanks...new install with a happauge pvr 150.. signal is crap has green dots all through it..kinda looks like the "matrix" any idea why?01:15
mycosys1hads: dont understand what you mean?01:15
hadsmycosys1: "further to my dramas getting this box running. have t"01:16
mycosys1 have tried running mythfrontend from console, channel used has 97% (DVB-T) signal, all i see is a blue screen, get stuttering sound like poor tuning. Have attatched output from mythfrontend http://pastebin.be/16090 anyone got any clues? machine was ok in knopmyth with my analog tuner (jus didnt keep up well) - moved to support the u3100mini easier and have an easier iface01:16
mycosys1hads: thx :)01:17
hadsBah, looks like I need to firmware upgrade this HDD01:18
hadsGah more reboot to do firmware update.01:32
jontheniceguyTime for this one to go to bed I think. It's only 1:40ish, but I guess I need to be *vaguely* useful to the missus tomorrow :)01:40
jontheniceguyNight all01:40
mycosys1nobody has any clues whatsoever? short of go back to KnoppMyth?01:42
perilousapricotso there's no version of the nvidia-173-glx drivers that are compiled for xorg 7.402:13
perilousapricotI guess it's going to be newegg time :(02:15
EnoxCan anyone help me with my HVR-1600?  Scanning for channels(ATSC) returns nothing useful.  I have an antinnea(HD compatible, UHF) connected to the ATSC port on the back of the card and I'm located in Tampa, FL02:35
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mycosysAnother big hi. Got the video driver working now - so my current issue is pausing of the stream. I see a lot of 'prebuffering live pause' messages from the output of mythfrontend. Any tips on getting rid of these pauses? is only a p3-866 but specs i have read say it should work fine, xvmc is working, it tuned from dvt-t so is just dumping to hdd and playing. anyone got great ideas?05:43
mycosyshow do i check cpu usage levels?06:20
MythbuntuGuest49question for someone with knwlege of mythbuntue-diskless client mine wont reconize the audio card in one pc it has an onboard ALC85006:38
MythbuntuGuest49question for someone with knwlege of mythbuntue-diskless client mine wont reconize the audio card in one pc it has an onboard ALC85006:43
tritium_Yeah!  I finally got my remote control working!09:06
tritiumI had to manually edit /usr/share/hal/fdi/preprobe/20thirdparty/lirc.fdi to do it.09:07
tritiumThat took some digging.09:08
rudderducki'm rather new to irc, i'm having problems with commercial flagging, it seems not to work for me14:23
rudderduckif i set it not to be strict it occasionally sets a marker, say 1 marker for an hours worth of recording14:23
rudderduckif i set it to strict there are no markers at all14:24
whoDatSorry, failed to fetch http://localhost:6544/xml <- any ideas on this error when running mythtv-status?15:00
styelzwhoDat: is your backend running on localhost ?15:49
styelzor on another ip15:49
styelzcheck your /etc/default/mythtv-status file15:51
styelzthe HOST=  line15:51
styelzto change it15:52
rudderduckthink he left15:57
MythbuntuGuest49question for someone with knwlege of mythbuntue-diskless client mine wont reconize the audio card in one pc it has an onboard ALC85016:46
styelzi just upgraded the acpi package via updates and when i rebooted later on my gdm fails to start and sits there at 99.6% usage16:57
styelzadding apci=off to boot options fixed it17:12
styelzhm its ok when i rebooted again with it enabled17:16
styelzglitch in muh matrix17:16
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MythbuntuGuest80quick(?) question.. how t f does allow channel jumping in guide work ;)17:56
MythbuntuGuest80i.e. i push numbers and it seems to jump nowhere even though the checkbox is on17:56
MythbuntuGuest80ideally,i'd like to be able to type 45 and have it go to channel 45 in the guide so i can see what's on17:57
MythbuntuGuest80which is how i've interpreted that feature17:57
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EnoxAnyone able to assist with a HVR-1600 problem?  I can't seem to scan the digital side for channels.19:25
tmetro1Is there an easy way to get a front-end package installed on 8.10 that is compatible with the back-end on 8.04? Given that they're both 0.21.0+fixes (though with a different number following that of course), I'm surprised there is a schema mismatch, but running the 8.10 front-end results in "Please run mythtv-setup or mythbackend to update your database."19:32
tgm4883tmetro1, are you running the weekly builds?19:34
tmetro1no. stock stuff from the Ubuntu repositories.19:34
tgm4883i'd activate the weekly -fixes repo, then they should be fine19:35
tmetro1(It'd be 0.22 if I was running wekly builds, no?)19:35
tgm4883i've got an 8.10 frontend and a 8.04 backend and it works good here19:35
tgm4883tmetro1, no, there is weekly builds for -fixes and for trunk19:35
tgm48832 different repos19:35
ZinnWeekly builds are available for MythTV 0.21 (Stable) and MythTV Trunk 0.22 (Unstable, use at your own RISK) for Hardy and Intrepid.  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.19:35
tmetro1OK, so that necessitates updating my 8.10 back-end to a slightly newer version of 0.21-fixes then?19:36
tgm4883tmetro1, yes, you will get a slightly newer version of 0.21-fixes19:38
tmetro1That would be worth while, but at this time I'd prefer downgrading the 8.10 front-end to match. Should I just surf through launchpad to find an old package? (Assuming one was built for 8.10.) Or is there a mythbuntu.org archive?19:39
tgm4883the mythbuntu archive will contain newer builds19:42
tmetro1looks like there is a matching 18207 build for 8.10:19:43
tgm4883well you can try that if you like19:48
tmetro1Maybe that one work...I can't find a download link. I see "Removed from disk on 2008-08-28" so it seems it has been purged, even from Launchpad.19:52
acloseXanyone interested in working on audio issues? :)22:41
Ahmuckhi.  anyone seen this ?23:28
Ahmucki would love to have mythtv with this netflix tv23:28
Ahmuckno more cable bill, no more satellite bill, no more news, just custom weather, and my netflix23:28
tgm4883Ahmuck, yes we've seen it23:32
Ahmucki figured you had.  i wondered how mythtv would intergrate?23:34
tgm4883Not sure, I haven't read much on the specs of it yet.23:35
tgm4883I haven't played with the HP mediasmart TV's yet, but I think they would work OK via UPNP23:35
Ahmucki assume you pick your movies and netflix downloads them in the background when it's idle so it's there for the next time you turn it on23:36
tgm4883if these new TV's have UPNP clients and mpeg2 support I think they would work well too23:37
tgm4883Ahmuck, No, it would be a streaming solution23:37
tgm4883Most likely, you would add stuff to your "Instant Watch" queue via your computer, then you would go to your TV and you can select which item to watch in your queue23:38
tgm4883then it starts streaming instantly23:38
tgm4883quality of the material would be based on your internet connection speed23:38
Ahmucksurely it has a hard drive?!23:41
tgm4883Ahmuck, probably a small amount of RAM23:41
tgm4883doubt it has a hard drive23:41
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