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* johnc4510-laptop waves16:50
johnc4510-laptoptyche: are you working on any of the links?16:56
johnc4510-laptopif not, i'll start at the top16:56
tycheNot right now.  Later.  When my head un-fogs a bit better.  I'll get them, though.  You don't have to.16:57
johnc4510-laptopi can start on some of them16:57
tycheUp to you.  But I usually don't start on them until mid-afternoon, and into the evening.16:57
johnc4510-laptopawn is strange, occasionally when i reboot it loses an icon16:58
myrtlebeachbumsSo I hand over ITB to kennymc0 and you make up for it by giving me more ITP links than usual. I see how you are. ;)16:58
johnc4510-laptoplol, just the luck of the draw this wk16:59
tycheYep.  He wants to keep you active and happy16:59
myrtlebeachbumsNP. I'll have them done before the day is out because I'm off to Charlotte tomorrow morning.16:59
johnc4510-laptopi hope lizra shows up16:59
tycheIf he doesn't, I'll cover it.17:00
myrtlebeachbumsYeah me too.17:01
myrtlebeachbumstyche I think kennymc0 was going to prepare them just in case too.17:01
tycheYou're right, myrtlebeachbums.  But better to be prepared than to have to scramble at the last minute.17:01
myrtlebeachbumsWith me unavailable tomorrow I can't help either.17:02
kennymc0yeah i'm planning on getting everything together which expecially with that script will be really fast and easy :)17:12
johnc4510-laptoptyche: i got the GCN section all done now18:12
johnc4510-laptopi'm going to move down to the Meeting summaries and fill those in18:12
johnc4510-laptopok guys, i'm out for lunch bb soon18:31

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