Flannelikonia: You should be able to fix it.  (Or at least, it should be fixable)00:29
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Tm_TMyrtti: whee?02:15
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* genii sips03:49
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* genii hands tritium_ a coffee03:58
tritium_Thanks, genii :)03:59
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geniiAnytime :)03:59
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tritiumnickrud: nvidia-glx-180 didn't work for me, with my GeForce 6150.04:00
nickrudtritium, I use an 8800gt04:10
tritiumnickrud: ah, nice.  I intend to order a new mobo soon that as integrated 9400.04:14
tritiumPerhaps -180 will work with that.04:14
geniinickrud: I have that on my desktop04:14
nickrudgenii, it's nice. tritium integrated? ewww ;)04:14
geniinickrud: The thing is massive :)04:15
tritiumnickrud: I'm building an HTPC.04:15
nickrudand runs oblivion very nicely04:15
tritiumAnd, I'm not a gamer, so an IGP is perfect for my application.04:16
nickrudtritium, ah, makes sense then. I'm not much of a gamer myself, just wanted a card I'd be happy with for a few years04:16
tritiumThat makes sense too.04:16
nickrudmy voodoo3 was good from 1999 to 2005, I'm shooting for the same with this one 04:18
Flannelnickrud: Looking for it to last until 2005?04:56
nickrudFlannel, hahahahah /scowl06:47
Madpilothey nickrud 06:51
nickrudhi Madpilot 06:57
Flannelblargh on -ot08:13
Madpilotmore than usual?08:20
* Madpilot has been AFK08:20
FlannelSo have I... well, away from IRC.  off in vim.  But, just came back to a wall of bashing brainstorm (in rather non-polite terms) and a vulgar link or two.08:21
Madpilotthe only time I go to Ubuntu Brainstorm is when someone says "Lookit stoopid idea #5,325,467! Oh dear", really08:24
bazhangpanarchy was unbanned?08:24
bazhangthe btracker says nay08:24
Madpilotperhaps I have a distorted idea of the actual function of brainstorm...08:25
FlannelHe's using mibbit08:25
FlannelMadpilot: Unfortunately, there are a lot of those.08:25
bazhangstill ban evading though as far as I can tell08:25
FlannelMadpilot: Quite a disconnect between the people that use brainstorm and reality.  "I think you should make Ubuntu work with my hardware!" type things... just... not really connected.08:26
FlannelPanarchy certainly isn't contributing anything except noise.08:26
bazhangwell he/she seems to be using the enter key less, not sure what to do about this08:26
MadpilotI"m a cynic. I figure things like Brainstorm/Ideastorm are 90% crap filter, 10% opinion poll...08:27
FlannelHe's asking about stripping ubuntu bare, to "make his own" distro, which is all well and good, but... he didn't really listen to my answer earlier, but I haven't pressed.08:27
FlannelMadpilot: Yeah, well, as long as the community doesn't start trying to actually cater blindly to brainstorm stuff, nothing bad can come of it.08:27
FlannelOh... Panarchy is a repeat offender.08:31
bazhangand has threatened to do what he is currently doing. seems to be trolling at this point08:31
FlannelSounds good.08:31
FlannelLet the floodbots ban, I'll comment on the BT about it08:32
bazhangoh right08:32
bazhangI forgot about that08:32
FlannelHe'll be here soon.  Mibbit is rejecting him currently.08:33
PanarchyHi! Just wondering, have I been banned from #ubuntu?08:34
bazhangPanarchy, yes.08:34
bazhangyou were before and you ban evaded08:34
bazhangPanarchy, you were banned08:34
bazhangPanarchy, you evaded that ban as you said you might do.08:34
PanarchyHow long ago are you talking about?08:34
PanarchyBecause if I remember correctly, you said come back in 24 hours, so I did, and got my ban removed by asking nicely (actually came 48 hours later)08:35
PanarchyI don't know for sure if you were the moderator that removed the ban from me08:36
PanarchyAll I know is that it was one of the moderators (or administrators?)08:36
Panarchyand that it was about 2 months ago... maybe longer08:36
bazhangPanarchy, do you have logs of this event? I certainly do not recall this nor does the ban list reflect what you are saying08:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:39
Panarchybazhang: No I don't08:42
PanarchySince last time we talked I was running mibbit within firefox on a liveCD08:42
bazhangPanarchy, do you know that you cannot use the enter key like that?08:42
PanarchyIt's what I usually do08:42
PanarchyThat was part of my other sentence08:42
Panarchybazhang: What'd you mean?08:43
bazhangPanarchy, and you have been warned repeatedly about this, as well as the offtopic chatter, and excessive use of punctuation08:43
Panarchyexcessive use of punctuation? Do you mean things like capital letters and apostrophized words 08:44
bazhang<Panarchy> I'd also like to know if there is a program that will remove everything from your ubuntu operating system except for ''''''''''08:44
FlannelPanarchy: As far as ban evasion goes, it appears we've gotten some signals crossed.  We'll be removing it; but this does give us a nice chance to chat with you so that you won't be banned in the near future.08:44
bazhang<Panarchy> !!!08:45
FlannelPanarchy: As far as your particular issue, your best bet is to modify the seed on an alternate CD; which was mentioned to you.  But you need to just calm down on your typing in general. Not everyone types as fast as you do, so you can't expect a response right away from everyone.08:46
bazhang<Panarchy> It's like my first gf, she just keeps wanting more08:46
Panarchyhahahaha, sorry, when I didn't get a reply, I tried some humour08:47
PanarchyThanks Flannel though08:47
bazhangPanarchy, that is what #ubuntu-offtopic is for, and that brand of humour is not particularly welcome in any #ubuntu channels08:47
PanarchyI'll make a not of it08:48
bazhang!coc | Panarchy read this08:48
PanarchyThanks for helping us clear this whole mess up Flannel08:48
ubottuPanarchy read this: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/08:48
FlannelPanarchy: No problem.08:48
bazhang!guidelines | Panarchy and this08:50
ubottuPanarchy and this: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:50
PanarchyI have also attempted limiting and simplifying what I need to say08:51
FlannelPanarchy: Also, that question you just asked isn't really... on topic for #ubuntu.08:51
Panarchyhopefully it has been done in a clear enough fashion08:51
PanarchyIt... wasn't?08:51
bazhangerr not really no.08:51
FlannelPanarchy: Don't expect someone to give you a package list.  You're going to have to manually go through and remove stuff, etc.08:52
PanarchyYes, well I don't want a package list08:52
PanarchyI just want a methodology on how to remove everything except certain programs08:53
PanarchyThem being: GNOME, Ubuntu icons for GNOME, DPKG, Apt-Get, Network Capabilites, Generic Drivers, manpages (unless this can installed via apt-get) & the GNOME Terminal Emulator.08:53
FlannelPanarchy: Right, those aren't packages.  but I'll take this to #u08:53
FlannelPanarchy: I think that covers it for this channel thugh, you're welcome to part.08:55
Flannel!idle | Panarchy 09:01
ubottuPanarchy: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.09:01
PanarchyOkay, well thanks for all the help. See ya09:02
FlannelI'm about to kick him from #u for repeating the same stupid question over again09:02
bazhangat this point Panarchy is just asking for *any* distro with Gnome and apt, dpkg, etc having tried all Ubuntu solutions.10:46
FlannelHe came back?10:48
FlannelMmm... I'd like to take that back and say it another way.  Oh well.10:51
FlannelThat one's sliding.  Next one...... isn't.10:56
ubottuIn ubottu, tavish said: !tavish is eat food10:57
Flannelbazhang: eh?  I hate unleashing him on -ot11:01
bazhangFlannel, well that or spamming the offtopic questions every ten seconds in #ubuntu ; tough choice11:02
jussi01Flannel: ?11:37
Flanneljust Panarchy.11:37
FlannelFortunately, I don't think there's anything he *hasn't* been warned about.  So his next outburst should be bannable.11:38
jussi01breaking news: banhammer saves Flannel's sanity :P11:40
FlannelActually, the best thing for my sanity right now would be python to stop being idiotic.11:40
FlannelI'm comparing "1[" == "1[" and its not taking.11:41
Flannel(well, the left side is generated from a function, but I print the identical functions output the previous and subsequent lines, and get "1[", so... yeah)11:41
jussi01are you actually making sure the output is correctly fed into the input?11:46
FlannelWhat do you mean?11:46
jussi01well if you are generating one side, then pulling it into the equadsion, atre you making sure thats happening correctly11:47
FlannelOh, its responding to keypresses.  1[ is a keycode, and yeah, I have func(ch) == "1[" and the lines prior and subsequent have print func(ch) and they print "1["11:48
Flannelwell, I'm using curses, but that's effectively what happens.11:48
FlannelI'm just trying to get the stupid thing to work with the alt- modifier11:48
Flannelalt-1 gives the keycode of "1[11:50
Flanneler, yeah.  That, but then I can't match on it.  And the documentation... is lacking.11:50
FlannelI've been shotgun debugging for a day now or so.11:51
ikonia!staff | panarchy user threatening to bring down freenode servers (it's a weak threat) but one none the less13:38
ubottupanarchy user threatening to bring down freenode servers (it's a weak threat) but one none the less: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)13:38
ikonia13:37 <Panarchy> For instanced, I have really checked the setting on the #ubuntu channel, but I could  probably bring it down13:38
ikonia13:37 <Panarchy> But I won't13:38
ikonia13:37 <Panarchy> Because I'm not that kinda guy13:38
ikoniahe was banned after multiple warnings 13:38
ikoniadidn't like being banned so threatened to bring channels down (he has no clue so is not a danger)13:39
Seeker`what setting did he check13:44
ikoniadon't know13:44
ikoniahe talks lies/nonsense13:44
ikoniaaparantly he's going over my head13:44
Seeker`did someone leave the "close the channel if you say 'windows' three times in a row" flag set?13:45
jribSeeker`: ha13:58
jussi01ikonia: *giggle* nice timing...14:03
bazhangcem, how may we help you14:08
cemno one can help me14:09
ikoniajussi01: timing ?14:19
ikoniaoh yes14:20
jussi01ikonia: see the time of panarchy's comments14:20
ikoniajust notice14:20
ikoniawent over my head14:20
ikoniaso fed up with people just telling lies14:32
bazhangdid not see the CE part; had already answered him14:32
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Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu  activebeta  Repeat...repeat... then <activebeta> fuc* it  and /part16:19
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:19
FlareDSSorry about the time thing you guys16:53
FlareDSCan you guys unban me?16:55
Tm_TFlareDS: hmm, where and what did you do?16:55
FlareDSYeah I did the CTCP tme command on accident. I was just messeing around on my DS16:56
FlareDSNintendo DS16:57
Tm_Tthis was on #ubuntu?16:58
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:58
Tm_Tubottu: thanks16:58
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:58
FlareDSI'll get on my laptop for I can explain better16:59
Tm_Thmh, I cannot get to bantracker I see17:00
FlareDSHold on17:02
Jack_SparrowFloodbots got him17:04
Jack_SparrowFlareDS, Can we assume this was a one time thing17:04
Flare183Ok I'm on my laptop17:04
Jack_SparrowFlareDS, Can we assume this was a one time thing17:04
* Flare183 = FlareDS17:04
Jack_Sparrowyea figured that17:05
Jack_SparrowFlareDS, Can we assume this was a one time thing17:05
Flare183Yes, you can17:05
jpdsMSN working again?17:05
Flare183I even delete the preset command altogether17:05
Jack_SparrowDone, thanks for understanding17:06
Flare183Jack_Sparrow: Thank You17:06
Jack_Sparrowno problem17:06
Jack_Sparrowenjoy your day17:06
Flare183Jack_Sparrow: You too17:06
Jack_SparrowTm_T, I assume you would have spoken if you had a reason to not lift the ban17:07
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: yes I would17:09
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: I was about to ask you to deal it anyway17:10
Jack_SparrowI am going on morning walk..  see you in an hour or so..  4 miles sheesh..17:10
nbeebocan i finally be unbanned from #ubuntu?17:46
bazhangnbeebo, you know why you were banned?17:47
Seeker`who banned you?17:50
nbeebodo not remember17:51
bazhangnbeebo, what message do you get when you try to join? just 'you are banned' ?17:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:53
Seeker`nbeebo: seems you were banned for being offtopic in #ubuntu, after being banned from -offtopic17:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:57
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow banned you17:57
nbeeboyes, it wasnt offensive, only off topic chit chat.. lol17:57
Seeker`off topic chit chat doesn't belong in #ubuntu17:58
Seeker`thats what -offtopic is for17:58
nbeeboyes i know17:58
Seeker`you will have to speak to Jack_Sparrow about being unbanned, he'll be back in 20 mins or so17:59
nbeebook can i stay here?17:59
Seeker`nbeebo: come back in 20 mins17:59
nbeebook bye bye17:59
nbeebojack_sparrow, can you unban me?18:14
Nafallothat's 14 minutes :-)18:21
jpdsNafallo: Harsh.18:23
Jack_Sparrownbeebo, Just got back, but you were on a rant in several channels18:23
Jack_SparrowI see we have had to deal with you 14 times so far.18:24
Jack_SparrowAt some point the ban will just become perm.18:25
nbeebodeal? i have copy pasted several lines, aka flood, maybe 2-3 times18:25
Jack_SparrowYou have been way out of line more than just a couple of floods18:25
nbeebogot warned and kicked while other doesnt, maybe out of question18:25
nbeebobut anyway, i have never been offensive, and even if i report them in here they only get verbal warning18:26
Jack_SparrowHold on. I am confering with another op18:28
Jack_SparrowFive different ops have taken issue with you over the last two months18:30
nbeebook thank you very much18:31
nbeebobut i only need unban for #ubuntu, not offtopic18:31
Jack_SparrowWe are still reviewing your bans and behavior18:32
Jack_SparrowAgainst my better judgement and to give you the benefit of the doubt. I will lift the ban.  However, no more warnings.  Any more offtopic, flooding or rude behavior and I wont hesitate to pull the plug.  Please tell me you understand what I am saying18:39
nbeeboi do, im no longer addicted to #ubuntu channels lol.. only support18:40
topylimy two cents is, nbeebo, you have been a long time problem18:40
Jack_SparrowIf someone says something you dont like, Do not retaliate, let us know so we can look at the issue18:40
nbeeboi love u too18:40
nbeebook thanks 18:40
topylii personally don't like people deliberately testing "limits" just for fun18:40
topyliit's bad behavior to begin with18:40
Jack_Sparrowtopyli, If you think I should leave it for a bit It would not take much for me to agree18:41
nbeebojack_sparrow, i cant join #ubuntu just offtopi18:41
Jack_SparrowI have not lifted it yet.18:41
nbeebooh ok18:41
topyliJack_Sparrow: you can lift the ban and see how long this lasts18:41
topylii'm not going to be very tolerant in the future though18:41
nbeeboread what i wrote, only there for my own support18:42
Jack_SparrowFair enough.. nbeebo Please behave.. 18:42
nbeebothank you very much and bye..18:42
nickspoonBets on how long it'll be before he gets himself banned from #u-o again?18:42
Jack_SparrowA day perhaps18:43
topylione can hope he's fully recovered. one can doubt as well :)18:43
Nafalloplease never tell him about -se ;-)18:45
* Nafallo did some googling and... well, yea. no.18:46
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:19
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:30
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu  Blaay  Blaay is now known as bigga-nigga...    * bigga-nigga is now known as Blaay21:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:32
nickrudk k k k k k k k k Jack_Sparrow it doesn't work for me :(21:42
* jussi01 wonders what nickrud is on about21:42
nickrudjack left #u for lunch, mentioning the only key he can reach is k (line ;)21:43
Jack_Sparrowwhats up21:55
Jack_Sparrowprofxvia aka jezus was a bit of a pain earlier and I dint see any of you around..21:56
Jack_SparrowSO waanted to keep myself in channel21:56
Jack_SparrowI really cant type while I am eating21:56
Flannelnom clack nom clack nom clack21:56
Flannelright, it'd go very slowly.21:56
Jack_SparrowHe is gone now anyhow21:57
nickrudJack_Sparrow, yeah, I dropped in at the end. I'm going to be in the office over the evening, with little to do. 21:57
Jack_SparrowI did all of my office work yesterday21:57
nickrudvacaction coverage21:58
Jack_SparrowNEed anything from Vegas, I will be running over there mon night21:58
nickrudyeah, your winnings21:58
Jack_SparrowBack wed am21:58
Jack_SparrowI dont gamble..  I do have a house over there..21:58
Flannelnickrud: Who goes to vegas to gamble?21:58
nickrudnot me, I just get out of bed each day :)21:58
Jack_SparrowI only gamble enough to keep my room discount at the Trop21:59
FlannelWhy do you need a room discount if you have a house?22:00
Jack_SparrowIt is rented..22:00
Jack_SparrowI get two deductible trips a year by owning it22:01
Jack_SparrowHave a good weekend guys. I expect to be offline most of the rest of it..  22:03
elkbuntusomeone want to help out in #u?23:13
elkbuntui'm supposed to be packing for a conf23:13
FlannelWhat's up?23:13
ubottujinja-sheep called the ops in #ubuntu (Jenk)23:17
* DBO looks at elkbuntu kind of funny23:22
elkbuntuauto-rejoin on kic off it seems23:22
elkbuntuDBO, it was not going to end well there23:23
DBOI agree23:23
DBOi was just hoping to find his native language23:23
DBOmaybe he would have done better without the language barrier23:23
DBOclearly he was using some kind of translator23:23
elkbuntui think he's faking23:23
DBOthats possible too23:24
DBOfair enough =)23:24
DBOjust wanted to know what you was thinkin =)23:24
elkbuntuhe wasnt responding to pms23:29
bazhangJenk, how may we help you23:37
Jenkbazhang, I'd like to communicate to elkbuntu, could you instruct me ?23:39
FlannelJenk: You're welcome to leave a message here, elkbuntu will get it.23:40
JenkFlannel, Thank You . 23:46
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bazhangJenk, is there something else we can help you with? if not, then please do not idle here as per the channel /topic23:48
elkbuntubazhang, i've forwarded him here from ubuntu23:50
elkbuntuJenk, you were not listening to me. I was telling you that you were talking about the wrong things in there. it is for support questions only23:50
elkbuntuJenk, what language can you speak?23:51
Jenkelkbuntu, I Apologise.23:52
elkbuntuJenk, what other languages?23:53
elkbuntuwhat language did you know first?23:53
JenkEnglish is the only one that i am proficient in.23:53
elkbuntuyou seem to be struggling to understand me when i speak it23:54
elkbuntuwhat country are you from?23:54
JenkI apologise my misbehaviour.23:56
Jenksorry,correction,I apologise for my misbehaviour.23:56
elkbuntuJenk, i'm trying to find you people who you are near, so they can understand you23:56
JenkThank you for your concern.23:57
elkbuntuJenk, go to that link23:58

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