ziggleshi all, i am having problems using vmbuilder -- "domain is undefined and host has no domain set"  could someone point me in the right direction as to how i define a domain?  thx00:14
agentkziggles: What is the command and options you are trying to use?00:17
zigglesagentk: just following a  tutorial right now, but here is the line:00:18
zigglessudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite intrepid --flavour virtual --arch i386 -o --libvirt qemu:///system --ip
agentkziggles: As your specifying an ip address manually you may need to specify the netmask and domain. For now try adding: --hostname YOURHOSTNAME --domain YOUDOMAIN00:21
agentkziggles: Also you'll find if you dont specify a hostname too vmbuilder will always call the domain ubuntu and you will have to manually rename it each time.00:21
zigglesagentk: thanks i will give it a shot, but according to https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/jeos-and-vmbuilder.html  there are defaults and domain is not required00:22
zigglesah i see00:22
zigglesagentk: It accepted: sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite intrepid --flavour virtual --arch i386 -o --libvirt qemu:///system --ip --hostname HOSTNAME --domain shiz.com00:23
ziggles(just testing)  :)00:24
agentkziggles: Sounds like your on your way now. I have put all my common options into ~/.vmbuilder.cfg and now to create a host use:00:25
agentkziggles: sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --hostname <HOSTNAME> --mem <MEM> --dest /svr/shared/libvirt/<HOSTNAME/00:26
* agentk <3 vmbuilder00:26
zigglesthats so much more pretty :)00:26
zigglesagentk, looking through the docs it looks like you can up with some pretty hairy/long option strings00:27
zigglesso that sounds very nice.00:27
zigglesagentk: one other question.... How do you setup your partitions?  i'm thinking that if i setup another partition or even different drive to house all of the VMs, back up will be a snap (we will only use about 3-4 vms, nothing crazy)00:28
agentkziggles: you'll also find the ubuntu / kvm specific help in vmbuilder by using `vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --help` instead of just `vmbuilder --help`00:28
agentkroot 8000 swap 400000:29
agentkMy vm's are fairly simple. I prefer to keep things consistant and documented.00:30
zigglesagentk, actually i mean non-vm partitions, like for example your /svr/shared/.....00:31
jmedinadont forget to send this comments to the documentation proyect, I think is it worth00:32
jmedinalike the hostname/domain and that ~/.vmbuilder.cfg00:32
agentkjmedina: Yes, I am looking forward to doing that too. Should I send them to the ubuntu-server mailing list00:33
agentkziggles: I basically only have /svr/shared as a nfs mountpoint for keeping my vm images. stored on a one of the vm hosts. and thats about the only change I have made.00:35
zigglesgot u00:38
Netham46"[notice caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully"  I'm getting that in my Apache error log, and nothing works. Anyone know how I can fix this?00:38
zigglesagentk do these perms look right to you?   this is the newly created HOSTNAME.xml (from my test run) in /etc/libvirt/qemu/00:39
ziggles-rw------- 1 root root  828 2009-01-16 16:32 HOSTNAME.xml00:39
agentkziggles: Yes. Same on my system here too. Security first.00:42
zigglesagentk: thank you for checking00:44
agentkziggles: np00:49
MatBoywhen you setup a dir and make it available for nfs, another server connects to that folder as root... you will have a problem I think?01:03
agentkMatBoy: only if you use norootsquash01:05
agentkAnd nfs shares should be restricted by hostname or ip address in exports and iptables if you want to go that far too01:06
alexb2283hi again01:08
alexb2283i'll ask my thing again :P my udev is looking for it's /etc/udev/rules.d directory before dm-crypt asks me for the / password. is there a way to make it wait until after the root partition is decrypted ?01:09
MatBoyagentk: mhh01:09
MatBoycan't write in a strange way01:09
PC_NerdHi,  When ubuntu states that the servers are "compatable" does that imply that other servers arent compatable and will not work with ubuntu?01:15
MatBoyagentk: yep I have them restricted01:16
MatBoyagentk: I thought root was not able to use from external as it's also not with other things from time to time in ubuntu01:20
agentkMatBoy: Your are correct. I cant remember what permission I changed, i think i set the folder setuid with group permissions set for root only to be able to access it.01:34
MatBoyagentk: ok !01:37
MatBoyagentk: maybe it's easier to use debian for nfs :S01:39
luckyoneanyone know how to set up a streaming media server?01:39
luckyoneI want to be able to stream media, videos as flash, music to my wii01:39
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zigglesagentk: thanks for the help earlier01:58
zigglesi had to rush out, but wanted to say thanks01:59
agentkziggles: Not a prob. I was having the same trouble as you when I started too.02:24
zigglesagentk: sorry, one more question... do you normally run virsh as root?02:24
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zigglesusing sudo was the only way i was able to define02:24
agentkNope. As unprivliged user.02:25
zigglesReally?  when i was doing this as an unpriv user, i got this error: Failed to open file 'HOSTNAME.xml': Permission denied02:25
zigglesI also double checked that i was added to the correct groups02:25
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agentkadd yourself to the libvirtd group and logout and back in02:26
agentkHmmm. and make sure your connecting to qemu:///system02:26
agentkvirsh -c qemu:///system start HOSTNAME02:27
zigglesoh shit, worked02:28
zigglesi also added myself to the KVM group02:28
zigglesshould have tried one thing at a time02:28
hadsLanguage please :)02:30
ziggleshads, sorry! sometimes the s word comes out in periods of sheer joy02:31
zigglesdoes vmbuilder have a default user/pw when it creates a virtual vm?02:37
agentkziggles: default/default02:38
zigglesagentk: hmmm tried that one, and ubuntu/ubuntu but no luck.   ubuntu/ubuntu is what is listed in the docs02:38
agentkI added passwd to my first login script and specified --username myname when building02:39
agentkziggles: try ubuntu/default02:39
zigglesnope, lol02:39
zigglesi can ssh to it... so close :)02:40
agentkthen when i first login i login with password=default and get prompted to change it02:40
agentkin my ~/.vmbuilder.cfg: user = kbowden\n name = Karl Bowden\n pass = default02:41
agentkziggles: maybe you should specify a username and rebuild it02:43
zigglesagentk, that's a great idea.  I will do so now.02:43
zigglesits a good thing this server has sata and a quadcore xeon.  my personal PC would be dieing. :)02:44
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agentkziggles: LOL. I bought 2cpu quadcore amd servers just because my laptop was amd and I wanted to make sure I could migrate the images between my laptop and the servers live.02:47
agentkand now I dont even use live migration02:47
ziggleshahaha  that's great.02:47
zigglesagentk: so, are you using virtualization for your own personal stuff or for biz purposes?02:48
agentkziggles: both. A couple of windows and linux vms at work and at home. mainly for application isolation at work. at home for testing and playing around02:50
zigglesagentk: are you happy using kvm?02:52
agentkMore than. It's great for the servers. I still use virtual box for using windows guests for upgrading phone firmware via usb though.02:54
* hads likes KVM02:54
agentkJust because I know it works and i've never tried it in kvm. Anybody done this with KVM successfully yet?02:55
* agentk high fives hads02:55
agentkziggles: home or work use?02:57
zigglesagentk: well, i lost my job recently, so im working on it @ home lol... but its for a client02:58
zigglessetting up a few VMs for him to work in02:58
agentkziggles: Yip keep your mind learning new things. Life can be an intense expletive at times.02:59
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kj-victoryhow do I uninstall the gui on Ubuntu server? I installed ubuntu-desktop, but an uninstall of that does not rid me of the gui.04:24
uzairhey all. quick question in regards to running some windows-only apps w/ a linux server05:38
uzairis it possible to just have a dedicated client that the server will allow access to somehow for the use of those apps while the linux server takes care of everything else (PDC, mail, etc)05:39
uzair_sorry back05:42
uzair_anyone happen to reply to that?05:42
PupenoHow do I get the Bacula MySQL database created on Ubuntu?10:50
nijabakirkland: https://code.launchpad.net/~nijaba/screen-profiles/configure-keybindings proposed for merging11:54
zhaozhouHey guys.12:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #318154 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "Cannot install mysql-server-5.1 on PPC 'cause service won't start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31815413:40
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lwizardlis there anyway to keep my hostname just a local name only? example "compaq" not "compaq.ispname.tld"15:18
maxblwizardl: define what you mean by hostname. The output of the 'hostname' command is or should be just the local name15:24
uvirtbot`New bug: #318179 in apache2 (main) "Please merge apache2(2.2.11-2)(main) from debian unstable(main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31817915:25
lwizardlmaxb, ok last time i did a server install and configure the hostname of my server i entered compaq and after the install it seemed to become compaq.gateway.2wire.net15:27
lwizardl2wire was used by my ISP (AT&T U-Verse used 2wire modem/router)15:28
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maxbAgain, I have to ask: define what you mean by hostname?15:30
lwizardlwhen i get the logon prompt its compaq.gateway.2wire.net, inside my hosts file its compaq.gateway.2wire.net15:31
dinsdale07I have a security problem on my server, I find rogue perl processes and I find the following in my apache access log which is unusual.18:10
dinsdale07http://paste.org/4881  Can someone assist me please in deciphering what's going on?18:10
dinsdale07the SRC is actually given as which means my server makes these weired requests. Is it possible that it scans other servers for vulnerabilities.18:13
dinsdale07which is a good channel to attend on freenode to learn about webserver security - people who know about php, perl, apache exploits.20:10
_Ciddinsdale07:  ther eis a #security20:18
dinsdale07Thank you very much _Cid20:19
_Ciddinsdale07:  dont get your hope up though, its pretty inactive :/20:19
dinsdale07well, you're in it :-)20:20
_Ciddinsdale07:  hehe20:30
owhapachelogger, did you just comment on bug #238444? I'm Onno.20:44
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 238444 in kdebase-runtime "Index building for initial launch is overly complex" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23844420:44
apacheloggerowh: I did20:46
owhSo, I've been thinking about this. Wouldn't it mean that khelpcentre should depend on kubuntu-default-settings?20:47
apacheloggerowh: you get a vanilla KDE without k-d-s, which is pretty much the idea of that package (+ of course it is more maintainable to everything in one place)20:48
owhapachelogger: I don't understand your point. I just installed task-juggler and got bombarded with index requests from khelpcentre.20:49
apacheloggerowh: when opening taskjuggler itself?20:49
owhapachelogger: I was running task-juggler, selected help and all hell broke loose.20:50
owhI just wanted to RTFM :)20:50
apacheloggerowh: well the design flaw is in upstream khelpcenter and is supressed in kubuntu setups20:51
owhapachelogger: I'm not running kubuntu, so khelpcentre had never been run.20:51
apacheloggeryeah, figured20:51
apacheloggerI actually consider deactivating the whole indexing upstream because it is only working in 0.1% of setups20:51
owhapachelogger: So, what happens if a ubuntu user installs k-d-s?20:52
apacheloggerowh: the popup ought to be supressed20:52
owhapachelogger: So, would there be other side-effects?20:52
apacheloggerdoesn't even have extra deps20:53
owhapachelogger: I'm suspecting that it also changes icons and templates, or does it not?20:53
owhapachelogger: Or is k-d-s, specifically for khelpcentre only?20:53
apacheloggerthat depends if taskjuggler is KDE 3 or KDE 4 ;-)20:53
owhOne mo.20:53
apacheloggerin genearl it is kubuntu branding + kubuntu settings ... less of the former really20:54
owhCrap, it appears that I installed this when I was running gutsy - since upgraded to intrepid.20:54
owhUhm, that should be "freshly installed"20:54
owhI should try this again - needed to look at task-juggler anyway. BRB20:55
sektor1952I keep getting a tsig error when I start my dhcp server I have verified the keys20:57
owhapachelogger: I'm about to install it again and it's installing khelpcentre and khelpcentre4 - does that answer your question?20:57
apacheloggerowh: we should move this to #kubuntu-devel20:57
sektor1952I can't figure out why I keep getting the error related to the rndckey21:10
Zombie_GazHaving trouble getting identd to work... I've tried every package I can find with no luck. At one point (last weekish) oidentd worked on and off (mostly on). Any ideas (I have 113 open).21:23
sektor1952This is the error I keep getting when I try to start my dhcp server21:39
sektor1952unknown key rndckeykey21:39
sektor1952anubody have any suggestions?21:46
Bizzehhas anyone had any experiance setting up pureftpd with mysql as an auth-method?21:53
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