mylistoIs there any kind of program that can record audio (in and out)...00:00
p4_well now not even the owner can access it, i don't know what that 660 did00:00
rodolfojken146: exactly00:00
druntarDoes anyone know if pulseaudio HAS to be used with 8.10? I've been having some problems with it.00:00
mylistothat is similar to total recorder for windows?00:00
krazyfingerz47DasEI: 72mb of archives00:00
krazyfingerz47DasEI: ok?00:00
mandragora22can anyone help me how do i connect to other server?00:00
DasEIkrazyfingerz47: go ahead00:00
druntarAnd if not does anyone know of any alternatives?00:00
rodolfojken146: did u know that?00:00
nukisenmandragora wich irc program u use00:00
jken146rodolfo, that's exactly what I have, and I can change my av00:01
al__jinja-sheep, | hey, are you still there?00:01
Anacranomdruntar, have you tried OSS?00:01
krazyfingerz47DasEI: kk arround 20 mins, you will be here?00:01
jedi06sudo fdisk -l | grep NTFS | awk '{print $1}'  does not return anything?00:01
nukisenwich irc client is best in ubuntu00:01
DasEIkrazyfingerz47: k, slow connection..00:01
mylistonukisen: I'm using chatzilla for firefox00:02
rodolfojken146: do u have static installation of skype, isn't it?00:02
mylistoworks fine for me00:02
DasEI!best | nukisen00:02
ubottunukisen: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:02
ST47nukisen: irssi, xchat00:02
krazyfingerz47DasEI: its coz im in a network (4 pcs downloading)00:02
druntarAnacranom: No, Just been dealing with it.00:02
DasEI nukisen: pidgin, irrsi, xchat are most common00:02
gnutronp4_: chmod 700 or 755 the directory, chmod the files 600 or 660 for owner and group00:02
nukisenok i have it :)00:02
nukisenYes pdgin should be fine thx00:02
jken146rodolfo, no, I am using the package called skype, which uses the system's own qt libraries instead of skype's.  That works for me.00:02
p4_ahhhh thanks gnutron :)00:02
p4_ok i'll try that00:03
bthompsonhey guys i have a SB audigy card that I cannot get the microphone to work....anybody have any ideas..it works fine in windows..00:03
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nukisendidnt thought about it works for irc as well00:03
lstarnesnukisen: pidgin's IRC support is very incomplete00:03
druntarActually, to be honest, I'm not even sure it's pulse. All I know for sure is that nothing seems to recognize my laptops built in microphone.00:03
Anacranomdruntar, i'm using OSS on my main box, my game box, and am very happy with the 5 channel audio and the ossmixer interface00:03
krazyfingerz47DasEI: thanks a lot btw ;)00:03
krazyfingerz47DasEI: ill pm u when ready00:03
rodolfojken146: just works for me in static package..00:03
bthompsonits is an sb009000:03
rodolfojken146: i can change in static package00:03
nukisenOki i find out00:03
mylistodoes anyone know how to record skype calls in ubuntu?00:04
Anacranomdruntar, but i am using 8.04, not sure how it does in 8.1000:04
jken146rodolfo, I thought you said you found a bug in skype static?00:04
MatBoyis there a way to set a new password on the commandline without retyping the password for verification ?00:04
zerwas_There is a process which consumpts 100% cpu and which i cannot even kill with "kill -9". Is there any chance to kill it?00:04
jken146MatBoy, not to my knowledge00:04
SlartMatBoy: I think root can set passwords without having to type the old one00:04
jedi06ActionParsnip I don't have any NTFS partition linux is aware of00:04
SlartMatBoy: check man passwd00:04
gnutronp4_: in octals the read bit = 2  write = 4  execute = 1, just add them up to your liking. three fields user, group, others.00:05
rodolfojken146: sorry.. normal package00:05
MatBoySlart: yes, without the old one, but I don't want to type the new ones twice00:05
MatBoyjken146: I think the same, but I need to integrate it into a bash script :S00:05
rodolfojken146: static skype no problems..00:05
runderwobthompson: could it be related to this?  http://www.mail-archive.com/alsa-user@lists.sourceforge.net/msg23852.html00:05
jken146rodolfo, which package do you have: skype or skype-static?00:05
ActionParsnipjedi06: if you want to access the host fs from the guest, theres options in vbox to allow access00:05
SlartMatBoy: then make a script that enters it twice ... call it lazy_passwd =)00:05
Netham46"[notice caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully"  I'm getting that in my Apache error log, and nothing works. Anyone know how I can fix this?00:06
gnutronp4_: ugo+rwx would be 777  get it?00:06
MatBoySlart: mhh, I can try that it echo's it twice00:06
cplusplushow could i unzip a bz2?00:06
jedi06Wait ActionParsnip that is what I am trying to do access the host from the guest but to use ntfs-3g it wants me to locate NTFS partitions which there are none00:06
rodolfojken146: now i installed skype-static.. and i can change my avatar.. but in skype package i can't change my avatr00:06
runderwocplusplus: tar jxf <bz2>00:06
runderwocplusplus: or bzip2 -d if it's not a tar00:06
kitchecplusplus: bunzip <bz2>00:06
jken146rodolfo, for me it is the other way around! lol00:07
gnutroncplusplus: tar -xvjf file.tar.bz200:07
BCampbellcan I get some help with mounting an ntfs drive please?00:07
rodolfojken146: what's your arch?00:07
runderwocplusplus: j = bz2, x = extract, f = file00:07
jken146rodolfo, sorry, I don't understand you?00:07
bthompsonrunderwo, do i need to restart any service once i edit this file..00:07
gnutroncplusplus: the -v is verbose00:07
kitcherunderwo: just easier to omit the j last typing by one letter really00:07
n8tuserBCampbell -> can we get you started with man mount00:07
rodolfojken146: amd64, x86?00:07
jedi06Action Parsnip the only access vbox i know of is installing guest additions which is apprently hard or impossible from a livecd environment00:08
ActionParsnipjedi06: shutdown the guest and check ALL of the guest options, one option will be local folders which you can add00:08
p4_gnutron, are the numbers due to flag bits being set?00:08
runderwobthompson: it looks like it's a problem in the driver that has recently been fixed.  So you might need to wait for a new kernel release.00:08
bthompsonrunderwo, my card is an audigy1 so i don't know if that matters..00:08
jken146rodolfo, x8600:08
jedi06Ok I'll try that then ActionParsnip00:08
rodolfojken146: so.. mine is amd6400:08
jken146rodolfo, so that's why there are two packages!00:08
BCampbelllooked that over n8tuser...questions is why the ntfs config doesn't tool see it, only the windows drive00:09
gnutronBCampbell: mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1  /media/mountpoint-dir i believe00:09
jedi06how do you tell it to shutdown from in livecd command line?00:09
bthompsonrunderwo, i really don't get any sound at all....it says on this one it is low...but i get nothing at all when trying to record with sound recorder or audacity..00:09
gnutronp4_: exactly if i understand you00:09
jken146jedi06, sudo shutdown -h now00:09
runderwobthompson: I don't know if it matters either.  But assuming you have enabled the mic and the record volume is up, then there seems to be a drivers/hardware problem.00:09
gnutronp4_: a 6 is read/write where a 7 is read/write/execute00:09
StargazerHow do i use 'ssh' to get into my VPS ?00:09
runderwobthompson: you could also try arecord.00:10
n8tuserBCampbell -> what ntfs config tool?  what command have you issued?00:10
cplusplusyasm is not existing in version 0.6.1 for kubuntu 6?00:10
BCampbellapt-get install ntfs-config00:10
n8tuserStargazer -> is your VPS running an sshd server?00:10
p4_i see, thanks alot gnutron00:10
BCampbellgives me a ntfs config tool under apps -> system tools00:10
chanweiyeecheck your fstab file00:10
cplusplusFound yasm 0.4.000:10
cplusplusMinimum version is yasm-0.6.100:10
gnutronBCampbell: you'll finf ntfs-config in your menu after installed.00:10
bthompsonrunderwo, how do i run that...i tried in terminal and i get a bunch of question marks scrolling by..00:11
BCampbellgnutron - I can see it, but it doesn't see all the ntfs drives00:11
StargazerN8tuser, most likely.00:11
Netham46"[notice] caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully"  I'm getting that in my Apache error log, and nothing works. Anyone know how I can fix this?00:11
n8tuserBCampbell -> and did you attempt to configure? and what about mount? did you try to mount the partition?00:11
RediXeIs there a way to host a local repo with ubuntu packages?00:11
gnutronjedi06: sudo shutdown -h now00:11
n8tuserStargazer -> most likely?  you have to be sure, can you not verify?00:12
DarkWolf29New to linux need help! Downloaded Skype for linux and it gives me a .tar.gz file. How do I install this program? I am using Flux as my wm of choice currently.00:12
StargazerN8tuser, how would i verify ?00:12
gnutronBCampbell: sudo fdisk -l  and examine which ones need mounting then add them to fstab00:12
Guest_571nukisennow i will try to install ubuntu on that amilo crap00:12
AceBlade258how do i boot into a command line00:12
bthompsonrunderwo, i don't know what happened but after i ran arecord the mic is working was that supposed to happen..00:12
n8tuserStargazer -> well where is this VPS? did you install it yourself? look at the configs ?00:13
AceBlade258not the grub command line, the actual ubuntu command line00:13
StargazerN8tuser, it's on x10hosting.00:13
unopDarkWolf29,  /msg ubottu skype00:13
rascal999i have a tc1100 and im trying to turn the backlight on it off. The methods described here (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571696&page=2) don't work and ive tried modprobe tc1100-wmi, anymore suggestions?00:13
streenzWhen I power up my PC GRUB loads Ubuntu by default.. is there a way within Ubuntu when I'm restarting to change the default to WinXP, but just for that one time?00:13
runderwobthompson: arecord uses alsa, and those other things may be using OSS, which might be the issue.00:13
rascal999i have Intrepid ibex00:13
n8tuserStargazer -> why not ask them if their VPS is really running an sshd server so you can ssh into it?00:13
runderwobthompson: OSS mode is only an emulation mode in ubuntu.00:13
DarkWolf29thank you00:13
gnutronAceBlade258: its simpler to exit the desktop environment to get to the console, or prevent gdm/kde from launching on boot00:13
bthompsoni am looking for an app like quicksilver for mac and or launchy for pc...what is the best solution for a program like this for ubuntu00:13
StargazerN8tuser, they say i can use ssh into it. :<00:14
AceBlade258streenz: when grub starts to load press escape00:14
n8tuserStargazer -> okay, and what happens when you do ssh in?00:14
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StargazerN8tuser, what's the syntax ? >.<00:14
gnutronstreenz: no, unless you re-edit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:14
AceBlade258the gui dosn't load, i need to boot into a command line to install my graphics card driver00:14
n8tuserAceBlade258 -> boot into single user mode and fix it?00:15
ziggleshi all, i am having problems using vmbuilder -- "domain is undefined and host has no domain set"  could someone point me in the right direction as to how i define a domain?  thx00:15
AceBlade258how so?00:15
streenzAceBlade258 - what I want to do is when Ubuntu is running, do something so that when I click "restart" I can walk away and the PC will log out of Ubuntu and power down, then power up and load windows without any input00:15
Dr_willisstreenz,  ive seen some distros thjat let you sort of do that.. but i think it can cause probvlems. its best to just set a 20-30 sec wait/menu delay on grub and select what you want. Its also possible to have it rember the last os you selected.. and always default to that00:15
n8tuserStargazer -> if you ever get stuck someday, google is your friend, but typically   ssh -l username remotehostipaddress00:15
AceBlade258streenz: sorry, cant help you there, i'm kinda newbish00:15
streenzDr_willis - ah, but there is no sort of option to choose the one I DIDNT load last?00:16
AceBlade258rather how do i get into single user mode00:16
bthompsoni am looking for an app like quicksilver for mac and or launchy for pc...what is the best solution for a program like this for ubuntu00:16
zerwas_There is a process which consumpts 100% cpu and which i cannot even kill with "kill -9". Is there any chance to kill it?00:17
gnutronAceBlade258: do you see a boot menu ? if so just use recovery mode00:17
Dr_willisstreenz,  niot that ive noticed.. You could go to the grub homepage and start reading the docs.. i may ov overlooked somthing like what you are wanting to do.  its possible to set the 'default' line from a script  i imagine. but ive not seen any tools in ubuntu that automate that00:17
runderwozerwas_: probably not, but you can try kill -STOP00:17
gnutronAceBlade258: note your path and stuff may be different00:17
drashstreenz: maybe grub-choose-default could help you out with , never tried it myself .. just an idea00:18
BCampbelln8tuser:   fsdtab should read "/dev/sda1 /home/bruce/storage ntfs default 2,0"?  that will give user the read write permissions?00:18
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Dr_willis!info grub-choose-default00:18
ubottugrub-choose-default (source: grub-choose-default): Control Grub Default through a GUI. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2-6 (intrepid), package size 8 kB, installed size 100 kB00:18
runderwozerwas_: usually, this is a kernel bug that causes it.00:18
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zerwas_runderwo> thank you very much for your hint. it didn't work though00:18
zerwas_runderwo> by the way, the process is "totem"00:19
Dante123I have a zydas zd1211 usb wireless dongle.  I want to use it as an Access Point (software AP).  I think this message here indicates that this is possible under linux:  http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Hardware/ZD1211-Driver-12712.shtml  How do I figure out what version of the driver I am currently running under Ubuntu 8.10????00:19
p4_ok thats fixed, now i need to thoroughly learn what actually happened :D00:19
gnutronBCampbell: like this: /dev/sda1 /media/windows ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 000:19
Claw6zerwas_, totem is the "explorer" of ubuntu00:19
streenzzerwas_, /usr/bin/killall totem     .. that work?00:19
n8tuserBCampbell -> perhaps its   ntfs-3g and defaults   but to confirm, kindly man fstab  sometimes i forget things too00:19
BCampbellgnutron thanks00:19
zerwas_streenz> no00:19
runderwozerwas_: check this bug.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/21305300:19
gnutronBCampbell: two zeros at the end you dont want fsck running on that drive/partition.00:20
BCampbelln8tuser:  thanks also00:20
runderwozerwas_: check your kernel log (dmesg) for oops messages.00:20
Asaranahi everyone00:20
streenzzerwas_,  sorry thats all I know.. haha .. personally I dont use Totem, I use VLC00:20
n8tuserBCampbell -> you're welcome, anyhow, sometimes you have to use man pages to confirm the options00:20
EmacsFanAsarana hi!00:20
hsalemhi all00:20
zigglesVLC rocks00:20
hsalemcan anyone help me please?00:20
jedi06ActionParsnip you cannot access those shared folders without installing guestadditions and you must reboot after installing guest addtions although i found this http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/73400:20
zerwas_runderwo> oh yes, many useful output there about totem00:21
hsalemi am new in here and i need help00:21
zerwas_runderwo> like "INFO: task totem:17042 blocked for more than 120 seconds."00:21
EmacsFanhsalem: what's your problem?00:21
jedi06unfortunately Parsnip they don't say how to do it00:21
hsalemi installed ubuntu 8.10 and i can't play any movies :(00:21
runderwozerwas_: it sounds like you should subscribe to that bug and await a resolution.00:21
Claw6hsalem, you need the codecs00:21
zerwas_runderwo> i will do so, thank you very very much. In the meantime i should switch my media player00:21
runderwozerwas_: VLC is suggested many times here :-)00:22
BCampbellthanks for the help....00:22
EmacsFanhaselm: what kind of software are you using for playing movies?00:22
hsalemClaw I installed the codeces00:22
ActionParsnipjedi06: then install the guest additions00:22
hsalemstill all players shuts down00:22
DasEI EmacsFan:vlc00:22
zerwas_runderwo> i'll stay with mplayer, but vlc is also ok ;)00:22
Claw6hsalem, well you see a black screen get an error msg or what?00:22
streenzanyone else using Pidgin find that it randomly closes with no error given.. nothing.. just all of a sudden its gone?00:23
hsalemClaw no just double clicking on the movie it starts a player and then shuts down00:23
Claw6hsalem, which player you are using ?00:23
Claw6hsalem, may you should give a try to VLC?00:23
drashdisappearing pidgins ?00:23
hsalemVLC, MPlayer, Movie Player all players do the same00:24
Guest_571nukisenhmmm itried to install the ubuntu but my screen was black. Now i have to try in failsafe graph00:24
cweigleMplayer is Movie Player isn't it?00:24
ziggleshsalem: VLC has codecs embedded with it as far as i know00:24
Guest_571nukisenA sort of00:24
zigglescwillu yes00:24
Claw6ziggles, you're right00:24
hsalemziggles i do not think it is a problem of codecs00:24
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streenzanyone have a recommendation for a messenger program for my MSN account, other than Pidgin?00:25
cweigleDoes anyone know if touchscreens work with Ubuntu?00:25
zigglesstreenz do you not like pidgin?00:25
hsalemClaws check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32422100:25
nukisenHmm i prefer pidgin00:25
Claw6hsalem, what videocard do you use?00:25
Claw6cweigle, they do00:25
workingchairHey guys, I'm having a problem viewing flash video like YouTube and stuff.  Nothing is showing up.  It has been working ever since I installed Ubuntu and the flash player a week or two ago, but as of last night it stopped working00:25
kitchecweigle: yes00:25
jedi06ActionParsnip did you hear what i said you have to reboot after installing guest additions i'm tyring to use it in livecd environment00:25
hsalemClaws it says that i have to modify a file called gui.conf00:25
Claw6cweigle, dont know rly how but they will00:25
streenzziggles, I find it randomly closes itself and I cant figure out why.. that, plus im open to any other programs that might be out there00:25
p4_thanks again, i'm off00:26
hsalemClaw but i can't find that file00:26
n8tuserhsalem have you look at some tutorials on how to watch video on ubuntu?00:26
cweigleOk, my cousin is interested in trying and she has a Fujitsu Lifebook, so I wanted to make sure.00:26
hsalemit is an ATI00:26
hsalemClaws it is an ATI VGA on a laptop00:26
Claw6hsalem, sry cant help you00:27
Claw6check the wiki00:27
nukisenlooks like it works in failsafe graph00:27
n8tusercweigle -> dont know, but you can ask her to try the livecd ?00:27
krazyfingerz47DasEI: all done00:28
dsnaikehsalem did u install dvd support00:28
DasEIkrazyfingerz47: beep 5000:28
linxuz3rwhats a good way to backup home folder?00:28
ruhaan_jsliphow do i create a ad hoc network in ubuntu?00:29
linxuz3rwhats a good way to backup home folder??00:29
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:29
DasEIlinxuz3r:to where ?00:29
hsalemdsnaike do i need it for avi movies?00:29
=== capricornnn is now known as capricorn^80
dsnaikedid u try starting avi from player menu00:30
gnutronhsalem: do you have this file if so run it. /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh00:30
linxuz3rDasEI: home folder to another folder Linux/ and then copy home folder from Linux/ to /home00:30
n8tuserlinxuz3r -> usage of tar is adequate00:30
ActionParsnipjedi06: i'd sk in #vbox about that, they may be able to advise00:30
ActionParsnip!backup | linxuz3r00:30
ubottulinxuz3r: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:30
_cbShould I go to Sun to download Java or should I use synaptic? If synaptic what package?00:31
jedi06i have been thank you anyway i may have gotten my usb to work though00:31
franckmaxhola alguien habla español?00:31
DasEIlinxuz3r:sudo cp -r  /home   /path/to-copy-to  (mind it's got enough space)00:31
rww!es | franckmax00:31
RediXeHow to I upgrade from 8.04.1 to 8.1000:31
ubottufranckmax: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:31
rww!upgrade | RediXe00:31
ubottuRediXe: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:31
hsalemgnutron Yes i do have that file00:31
RediXerww: thx00:31
DasEIkrazyfingerz47: heard a beep ?00:31
gnutronhsalem: run it with sudo00:31
kitche_cb: well ubuntu uses openjava by default but if you want the commerical java yu want sun-java-jre or close to that name anyways00:31
gnutronhsalem: sudo  /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh00:32
krazyfingerz47DasEI: no =s00:32
jedi06where do the usb's get mounted ?00:32
gnutronjedi06: in /media/usb typically00:32
nukisenI am beginning to fall in love with Ubuntu00:32
nukisenI have tried xp00:33
DasEIjedi06: /media, unless you specified other00:33
nukisenand win 700:33
nukisenAll failed to install my laptop00:33
Asarananukisen:how was your experience with them00:33
hsalemgnutron and then what?00:33
streenzjedi06, my USB stick shows up in /media/disk00:33
gnutronhsalem: it should play dvd's now00:34
nukisenUbuntu got a blank screen00:34
hsalemgnutron but i need to run avi movies :(00:34
nukisenThen i just put the installation in failsafe graphik mode00:34
DasEIhsalem: install vlc00:34
jedi06does it automatically go to /media/usb/usb00:34
nukisenVoila it worked00:34
hsalemgnutron or dvdrip files00:34
gnutronhsalem: hrm, a few players run avi's i thought.00:34
cweigleWho all uses a laptop in here just wondering00:34
hsalemDasEI it is installed00:34
linxuz3ris this still possible i could not find the program in synaptic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup00:35
kitchenukisen: probably have to configure Xorg up since the autoconfig most likely can not work correctly for your hardware00:35
DasEIhsalem: it plays avi00:35
nukisenI think so to00:35
hsalemDasEI it shuts down00:35
R0b0t1How do I remove the server image? Somehow it got installed and it autoboots to that, but I want to autoboot to generic.00:35
nukisenI have to wait until it is installed00:36
L-argiplexlinxuz3r: US leetz0rz use Gadmin-Rsync00:36
LeventersoYhow can i clearing a dns cache on ubuntu?00:36
LeventersoYplease help me00:36
L-argiplexlinxuz3r: Whats wrong with you son! :=()00:36
jedi06I don't see anything in /media/usb I enabled usb in vbox and it installed some virtual usb driver and its not showing up anywhere00:36
dsnaikehsalem is compiz installed and running00:36
LeventersoYhow can i clear dns cache on ubuntu?00:36
hsalemdsnaike what is compiz?00:37
n8tuserR0b0t1 -> adjust your menu.lst  for whatever the default you wanted00:37
L-argiplexlinxuz3r: Follow the Powertrails my friend00:37
PSiL0!compiz | hsalem00:37
ubottuhsalem: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:37
DasEIhsalem: if you just call vlc, does it shut down ?00:37
gnutronhsalem: got w32codecs installed? could be in that package, proper codecs, then xine, vlc etc should would. you might install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly also.00:37
n8tuserLeventersoY -> you have to ifdown eth0   assuming it is eth0 you're after00:37
streenzL-argiplex, does Gadmin-Rsync work to back up data from a local directory to a samba share? I tried a different program and it didnt register a "smb://directoryname" location as a valid directory00:37
n8tuserLeventersoY -> then ifup eth000:37
dsnaikeyou don't so not the problem00:37
DasEIgnutron: vlc brigs it's own codecs00:37
hsalemi start vlc and starts00:37
linxuz3rL-argiplex: is there a package for gadmin-rsync00:37
Dr_willisstreenz,  what app dident like smb://  ?? that would be most likely only working for gnome apps.00:38
hsalemas soon as i drag the avi over it and drop it it shuts down00:38
Netham46"[notice caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully"  I'm getting that in my Apache error log, and nothing works. Anyone know how I can fix this?00:38
gnutronDasEI: ok, appreciate that.00:38
hsalemi do not have compzi00:38
n8tuserNetham46 -> what triggered this?00:38
R0b0t1n8tuser: is there a way to completely remove it?00:38
streenzDr_willis, I cant remember off the top of my head, I tried it a month or so ago and gave up or got distracted00:38
DasEIhsalem: with vlc open  media>openfile> blabla.avi ?00:38
drashLeventersoY: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-clearflush-dns-cache-in-ubuntu.html00:38
dsnaikehsalem try using the menu in the player to see if that works00:38
Netham46n8tuser, semingly nothing. It was running perfectly for almost a year, then it went down earlier, and this is what I'm getting.00:39
n8tuserR0b0t1 -> easily, refer to your menu.lst of where this kernel and initrd resides, the unreference them and delete afterwards00:39
L-argiplexstreenz: I have some admins running those across continents. They say its rsync, differential backups every day and its also encrypted via ssh/crypto00:39
Dr_willisstreenz,  the thing to rember is the smb:// and other fancy whatever://  stuff is pretty much gnomes speciual way of accesing special files/places :) kde uses kioslaves to do a similer thing. Not sure what gnome calls it.00:39
L-argiplexstreenz: Im confident girl00:39
hsalemdsnaike/DasEI ever from File/Open/filename.avi it shuts down00:39
n8tuserNetham46 -> anyone was hitting your apache when it broke or just out of the blue?00:39
Netham46n8tuser, I was browsing some forums I host when it started.00:40
DasEIhsalem: try a different avi ?00:40
streenzDr_willis, so a smb://sharedfolder  would be in my filesystem under a different name? or should rsync accept "smb://sharedfolder" as a directory?00:40
dsnaikehsalem u said you installed codecs can u specify00:40
hsalemDasEI same problem00:40
apocolyps1i still cant get my grub menu to fit on my widescreen 1366x76800:40
n8tuserNetham46 -> wait a second, browsing some forums?  that is not your apache server, it is someone else at the remote site.. am confused00:40
hsalemthe w32codes and others00:41
Netham46n8tuser, it's my server, I host some forums that I was looking at.00:41
Netham46n8tuser, I'll brb.00:41
L-argiplexhsalem: trolling are we ?00:41
Dr_willisstreenz,  gnome file manager 'browses' shares - it may or may not be 'mounting' them. use the mount command to see.. If its MOUNTED to a local directrory then every program would be able to access the things as if they were a local directrory. If its just browsing - then you canhave issues with non-gnome apps00:41
hsalemL-argiplex what do you mean by trolling?00:41
DasEIhsalem: can it play mp3 ?00:42
hsalemDasEI let me check00:42
DasEIhsalem: ownership of the avi's ?00:42
StargazerI'm trying to enable repos on my VPS, how do i do this via the terminal ?00:42
L-argiplexhsalem: You are on irc so you logged on and joined #ubuntu, right ?00:43
jrib!repos > Stargazer00:43
ubottuStargazer, please see my private message00:43
hsalemL-argiplex yep00:43
n8tuserStargazer -> were you able to ssh in to that remote VPS yet?00:43
throwtare there source packages like srpms?  I want to modify the default kernel but I want it packaged-like not just ad-oc00:43
nukisenhmm the screen is black again00:43
dsnaikehsalem try one more thing install smplayer and try it00:43
nukisenhope it is temporary00:43
streenzDr_willis, okay I dont see it using the mount command, so I will have to mount it first, and then I should have no issues.. thanks, I didnt realize it might not be mounted00:43
ActionParsnipStargazer: you can sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and add whatever you wish, or uncomment what's already in there00:44
StargazerYeah, n8tuser. i just had to restart it.00:44
ZeniturI'm sorry, what is the name of russian language Ubuntu channel?00:44
DasEIkrazyfingerz47: so no further idea then, maybe play around with the preferences, you should have sound00:44
hsalemdsnaike same problem with smplayer00:44
theory_I'd like to isolate the sound streams of several apps .. like Ekiga, Skype .. the goal is to hear Skype in Ekiga ... hear Ekiga in another app ... does someone know how I can do it ?00:44
ActionParsnip!ru | Zenitur00:44
jrib!ru | Zenitur00:44
ubottuZenitur: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:44
gnutronNetham46: its really not wise to browse the web with a web server, thats debateable but sigwinch is signal window change size signal. it may have tripped on something00:44
Dr_willisstreenz,   ages ago there were gui tools that browed/mounted  the shares..  but gnome sort of tries to be smarter :) which works.. unitllyou start using non-gnome stuff00:44
n8tuserStargazer -> umm, you can restart the vps remotely? or you're ssh00:44
n8tuserin to the host?00:44
apocolyps1any1:.......cant get my grub menu to fit on my widescreen 1366x76800:44
L-argiplexhsalem: You downloaded, burned, installed ubuntu but have no clue as to what OlMacDonold had on his farms ? :=)00:44
Zeniturjrub, ty.00:45
Dr_willisstreenz,  there MAY be some .gvfs directroy/path that you could access to get to the  shres.. bt ive never explored it much00:45
StargazerN8tuser, the host has a nice panel i use... it's seperate from the VPS so i can do it from there.00:45
hsalemL-argiplex i do not follow00:45
theory_I tried to configure my ALSA and PulseAudio, but I can't find how to to it :/00:45
DasEIhsalem: avis are broken sometimes, but the vlc won't shut down, but tell you, if the ownership is the prob, do :00:45
n8tuserapocolyps1 -> frb seems to max out at 1280x800 ?  see what vga=795  resolution is00:45
krazyfingerz47DasEI: =[00:45
hsalemDasEI no, the avi works fine on windows00:45
DasEIhsalem: sudo hsalem chown /path/to/avi  , assuming username is hsalem00:46
hsalemDasEI and also work fine on ubuntu under windows00:46
dsnaikehsalem I solved every video & audio problem by installing gstreamer&ffmpeg codecs in synaptic00:46
n8tuserStargazer -> ah okay, sometimes without those additional info, we get confused as how people do things,00:46
DasEIhsalem: sudo chown hsalem /path/to/avi  , assuming username is hsalem  ,sorry00:46
StargazerSorry, n8tuser.00:46
apocolyps1n8tuser: ok, have been trying heaps of vga= options but havent kept a record00:46
theory_please ... can someone help me ?00:46
Dr_willisapocolyps1,  try vga=ask   :) and try them all.00:47
DasEI!ask | theory_00:47
ubottutheory_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:47
ActionParsnip!ask | theory_00:47
n8tuserapocolyps1 -> i dont know the mapping by heart, but if you google for it, you may get your anwer or a hint00:47
gnutrontheory_: click system - preferences - sound  ...test it out00:47
hsalemdsnaike how can i do that?00:47
L-argiplexhsalem: Once you learn. Im guessing in 10 years from now maybe. Ill come back00:47
theory_!ask I'd like to isolate the sound streams of several apps .. like Ekiga, Skype .. the goal is to hear Skype in Ekiga ... hear Ekiga in another app ... does someone know how I can do it ?00:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:47
DasEIhsalem:system > paketmanager,  search for the given packages & install00:48
DasEI!DVD | hsalem00:49
ubottuhsalem: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:49
nukisenAhahahaha lool it was the screen saver that blanked the screen:)00:49
gnutronhsalem: you have a desktop running, open synaptic, use search function, find gstreamer pluhins and ffmpeg ad install them.00:49
n8tuserwhose using vlc to listen to shoutcast? do you find that sometimes you're unable to listen to them? is it the connection that prevents it?00:49
n8tusernukisen -> fooled you eh? lol00:49
nukisenThe installation was ready00:49
DasEIn8tuser: that works ? I use amarok for it00:49
apocolyps1Dr_willis: all my xserver stuff comes up fine its just the grub menu at the start(i need the menu for multiple booting) every vga= settings i try only affect the xserver and splash screens00:49
nukisenI am so stupid sometimees00:50
n8tuserDasEI -> yes, shoutcast works in VLC, its just sometimes my connection i guess is far too slow00:50
n8tuserliek right now00:50
DasEInukisen: let's meet again ;-)00:50
YamanekoHello! I'm with a problem with .rmvb. When I try to execute it via MPlayer it give the message: "mplayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: init_audio_codec". Can someone help me?00:51
DasEIn8tuser: bandwith can be a reason, but also some servers are real weak00:52
nukisensee u inside ubuntu instead00:52
nukisenit is ready00:52
nukisenand steady :)00:52
henriHi everyone, i'm an ubuntu user - I recently thought i'd try and upgrade my nvidia drivers to the latest .run (rather than an apt packaged) version, two hours later and I think apt's managed to remove xserver-xorg which I think i've now reinstalled - i'm now using envy-ng to install my drivers (as i'd just like my desktop back to be honest!) - there are no errors, indeed nvidia stuff seems to load fine - but when gdm starts all the right s00:52
henriso i can't get to a login prompt with the nvidia drivers anymore, despite the configuration being quite similar00:52
henriif not the same before00:52
Billydoes anyone know how to change ownership from root to the user00:52
nukisenlets see if i can get it out in the net00:52
henriBilly: chown user.group file1 file200:52
n8tuserDasEl i introduced this to a friend, and he was elated to find out there practically thousands of channels streaming via shoutcast. now all he has to have is to find time.. lol00:53
Netham46<gnutron> Netham46: its really not wise to browse the web with a web server, thats debateable but sigwinch is signal window change size signal. it may have tripped on something   I wasn't on the webserver, I was at school.00:53
DasEIhenri:8.10 ?00:53
Billyis that the same for a directory00:53
Netham46n8tuser, I'm back, btw.00:53
henriDasEI, yep00:53
henriBilly: yes, yoiu can also do it recursively (chown -R ...)00:53
gnutronhenri: i think you need to run nvidia-settings from terminal but i would check the docs on that.00:53
streenzwhere is the option to stop it showing mounted disks/USB/CDs etc on the desktop as icons?00:54
henrignutron: Interesting, i'm using the same config i've always used00:54
pelegIs this a known bug? I've seen some reports on the web, but I couldn't understand the resolution: evolution send my stuff in plaintext (!), even if I define a SSL/TLS connection, and hence dovecot refuses it.00:54
n8tuserNetham46 -> okay, did you bring snacks? am hungry..lol00:54
henriyou think my xorg.conf needs remaking?00:54
Netham46n8tuser, lol.00:54
StargazerI need to FIX an issue that has been a pain in my side: beeping. like an error, ubuntu beeps ? yeah. instead of using my sound card it uses my speakers/headphones. anyone know how to permanently turn this off ?00:54
Netham46n8tuser, but, know what's going on? =/00:54
gnutronhenri: you could back it up and try that.00:54
DasEIhenri:.. uses xorg 7.4, often nasty to firmware, depends on card (me ati-user), backup xorg.conf and sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:54
pelegThis is what I saw, for example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/25790600:54
henrithat'll just restore default xorg.conf (i.e. minimal, vesa)00:54
henrifrom what i've seen00:55
n8tuserNetham46 -> about that sigwinch?  i think gnutron is correct about that00:55
hsalemguys .... I am much grateful for you trying to help me00:55
henriso that'll work00:55
DasEIhsalem ? mp3 ?00:55
l3dis there a way to back up the teme I have made with out backing up the whole .theme folder?00:55
henribut still no nvidia, and only one screen (DasEl)00:55
hsalemI'll try to install the gstreamer and ffmpeg and see what I can do00:55
boot_loopheya folka00:55
hsalemDasEI i just can find a single mp3 on my laptop to check it out :)00:55
DasEI!dualhead | henri00:55
ubottuhenri: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:55
Netham46n8tuser, I wasn't web browsing on the server, it's headless and CLI only.00:55
Doonzsorry wron gwindow00:56
DasEIhsalem : music.download.com00:56
henriDasEI, As i say it was working before, and i've now got this black screen issue..00:56
Netham46n8tuser, and the error reoccurs every time I try to start my website00:56
Billyit tells me its not permitted00:56
henriBilly: You'll have to use sudo if you're not aleady root..00:56
henrisudo chown ...00:56
n8tuserNetham46 -> umm can you post in pastebin the logs of apache or perhaps ask the nice folks at #apache to help troubleshoot?00:56
kitcheStargazer: you can rmmod pcspkr I believe that is the kernel module for that been a while00:56
dsnaikehsalem did u install ubuntu-restricted -extras00:57
Netham46n8tuser, logs'll be hard right now, but I'll ask in apache.00:57
StargazerKitche, that will stop the beeping from errupting my eardrums ?00:57
n8tuserNetham46 -> okay good luck00:57
Netham46n8tuser, thanks, heh.00:57
yakuzcan someone please explain to me how to add a resolution to ati catalyst control center?00:57
henridoes anyone know the tune2fs command to reset the check number for drives off the top of their head?00:57
kitcheStargazer: should even though windows does the same thing really :) but windows usually stops after you install the sound drivers00:58
Zenituranna, hi! Where are you from and what is your distro?00:59
Billyroot@Ubuntu:/# chown william.william /home/william/BACKUP00:59
Billychown: changing ownership of `/home/william/BACKUP': Operation not permitted00:59
DasEIhenri: you mean auto-check at startup ?01:00
gnutronStargazer: you should be able to toggle that in system/preferences/sound sounds tab01:00
henriDasEI, yep01:00
pelegThis is a serious bug, and its resolution in launchpad is "We are closing this bug report as it lacks the information"... did *anyone* here have this issue? It's not something that shoul be skipped01:00
DasEIhenri: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30047701:00
hsalemdsnaike yes i did install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:00
brianwillis1984hey everyone i have a question01:00
brianwillis1984i have a old system pent II 400mhz with 192mb01:01
kitchepeleg: well add more information hence what that bug report is asking for01:01
brianwillis1984could i use ubuntu or even xubuntu01:01
DasEI!minimal | brianwillis198401:01
hsalemDasEI you want me to try mp3 with vlc?01:01
ubottubrianwillis1984: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:01
tecredrahow can i rename a .desktop file? i can only change its alias from nautilus and terminal doesn't take too kindly to the mu character01:01
DasEIhsalem : yo, just to check installation01:01
Billyim root and it still says operation not permited01:01
pelegkitche, I don't see what other information I can add. it's as simple as that, really. I tell evolution to send my login information using SSL/TLS, but it does it in plaintext; completely ignores me. End of story...01:02
Zeniturbrianwillis1984, use 2 Gb SWAP and you can install Ubuntu on any PC.01:02
StargazerOmg, gnutron, TY.01:02
DasEItecredra: sudo mv file.1  file.2   (including path)01:02
squirt33I just updated to 8.10 and compiz isn't working. Here's the x-session log error. http://pastebin.com/m1e5c4773. WHat do I do?01:02
tecredraDasEI: thanks, i'll try that.01:03
brianwillis1984would i be pulling out my hair about getting this online cause i tried debian and i was pulling out my hair trying to even get to the desktop and try to get online01:03
Krstnsnwhats the most common reason for an app not to open?01:03
graysonZenitur, 2 GB swap! thank you.01:03
YamanekoWhen I try to execute .rmvb on MPlayer it gives me back: "mplayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: init_audio_codec". Can someone help me?01:04
Zeniturbilly, maybe, lets try to use LiveCD to apply your command?01:04
gnutronbrianwillis1984: sure you can, try xubuntu and be patient with that 400 mhz processor01:04
DasEIbrianwillis1984: you want have much fun with x, fluxbox after no software installed from minimal wiould do, better consider dsl01:04
brianwillis1984tried dsl01:04
n8tuserBilly -> what is the current perms for that file or dir you're attempting to chown ?01:04
brianwillis1984cant get online with that either01:05
brianwillis1984ran smoothly but that was the only prob01:05
gnutronbrianwillis1984: i have a 400mhz pII that took 4 hours to compile a debian kernel but it runs it01:05
n8tuserBilly -> list the one liner01:05
Krstnsnanyone? know why an application wouldnt open up unless i reboot.. but if i close it again it wont open01:05
n8tuserBilly -> ls -la  /home/william/BACKUP01:05
gnutronbrianwillis1984: play with ifconfig and ifup ifdown01:06
dsnaikehsalem can u post your system specs01:06
brianwillis1984no luck01:06
Dr_willisKrstnsn,  run it from a terminal - look for error messages01:06
Zeniturgnutron, AMD K6-2 with 64 MiB RAM, Debian Etch and 2 GiB SWAP, and I have a wireless router.01:06
temppyKrstnsn: sounds like what happens when firefox locks up.  The previous instance is locked up, and hidden.  New instances refuse to open, since they detect an already open instance...01:06
brianwillis1984im trying to use  a wireless card thats why i keep failing01:06
Billytotal 34001:06
Billydrwxr-xr-x 11 root    root     16384 2009-01-16 19:19 .01:06
Billydrwxr-xr-x 36 william william   4096 2009-01-16 19:02 ..01:06
Billydrwxr-xr-x  5 root    root     16384 2009-01-13 11:27 Bills computer files01:06
Billydrwxr-xr-x  2 root    root     16384 2009-01-16 19:19 Drop file01:06
FloodBot1Billy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
Billydrwxr-xr-x  2 root    root     16384 2009-01-12 22:31 Games01:06
Krstnsntempy ... i looked at my running processes and theres nothing there01:07
n8tuserBilly ->  chow -R  william:william  /home/william/BACKUP01:07
Zeniturcan somebody compile PCSX2 Playground 1.0.0395?01:08
DasEI Billy ->  chown -R  william:william  /home/william/BACKUP01:08
DasEI Billy ->sudo  chown -R  william:william  /home/william/BACKUP   ,lol01:08
gnutronKrstnsn: firefox loves to crash when certain addons and or extensions are installed, disabled everything you do not need.01:08
brianwillis1984gnutron, couldnt i use this http://www.elivecd.org/01:09
Billyit goes through them but still says  operation not premeditated01:09
||cw2my ff love to crash no matter01:09
Krstnsngnutron, its not firefox though its deluge01:09
=== ___mikem is now known as __mikem
Krstnsnitll only open if i reboot01:09
||cw2only thing it doens't crash on is the default start page01:10
||cw2I don't have this problem on 8.04, just 8.1001:10
gnutronKrstnsn: is that a p2p client?  must be buggy, tail -f your /home/user/.xsession-eror log01:10
Dr_willisive had no problems with Firefox under 8.10  - samba on the other hand......01:10
onexusedI did a clean install of Ubuntu 8.10, and installed kppp from the kubuntu 8.10 CD.   When I try to dial to my ISP with kppp, kppp will get to where the log window says "CONNECT 45333<whatever>" and then restart the dial process.  When I had Ubuntu 8.04 installed, this did not happen.  What can I try to fix this?01:10
DezineI have absolutely no sound, I've tried looking around online and none of the methods get it to work. The sound device is HDA Nvidia if that helps01:11
Billyi will try doing it from a live cd01:11
brianwillis1984hey guys couldnt i use elive linux01:12
Krstnsngnutron, dont know i cant get that command to return anything but an error01:12
=== Friend is now known as Friend|cool_down
gnutronbrianwillis1984: just a ethernet connection problem still or what?01:12
gnutronKrstnsn: whats the error? tried reinstalling deluge?01:13
DezineOk, that's weird, I can hear sound coming out of the speakers but very faint and it's turned up all the way01:13
brianwillis1984yea with the pcmia card is the problem this laptop dont have a onboard ethernet01:13
ZeniturWhen I am using BluetoothDialup with "pon BluetoothDialup" script, FireFox think that I am working offline. "sudo pon BluetoothDialup" fix this. Ubuntu 7.04-8.10. Please, fix this problem.01:13
vertanaDezine try alsa mixer and see if you have all your "different" volumes up.01:13
Anacranompeleg, that does seem to be very serious issue, but is it only on ubuntu? - a ubuntu specific issue? if not, may need to see if there is a #evolution , but thanks for the notice, i am gonna check it out more01:13
jp_sfDezine: I had the same problem on my ubuntu and alsmixer fixed it by tuning the levels01:14
Krstnsngnutron, trying to reinstall as we speaks01:14
MiescoMy sound capture isn't working :/01:14
MiescoWhat should I do?01:14
zuberothow to setup my windows to be shown on te screen center? i use metacity01:14
gnutronbrianwillis1984: arrr, laptop cards can be monsters you need the proper module and config, google the card/chipset01:14
jp_sfDezine: if you don't like alsamixer there is a gui Gnome Alsa Mixer01:15
DezineLooking in volume control everything is turned up01:15
pelegAnacranom, there is no #evolution as far as I know, but I didn't do a long research about it. I don't know if it is ubuntu-specific: I have found in the web mostly about ubuntu, but also one complaint with fedore, something quite similar01:15
jp_sfDezine: I had to put everything in red to start to hear something01:15
abouchershould i upgrade to 8.10 with ubuntu server cd?01:15
vertanaDezine, I had that problem before and the culprit was that while my Alsa volumes were up my OSS ones were not01:15
aboucheror go clean install01:15
vertanaThis shouldn't be as much as a problem these days but you could still be using OSS drivers (which are fed through Alsa, which is why it may affect it)01:16
Anacranompeleg, i'm doing some testing on sled11, will compare to my Ubuntu stats01:16
pelegAnacranom, hey, if you find out anything, let me know :-)01:17
onexusedaboucher: I don't know how it is for others, but I had problems trying to upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10.01:17
DezineAlright, sweet, I got it. I install the gnome alsa mixer and there was some settings that weren't in the other one01:17
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
vertanaonexused: I had no problems doing a software upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 through update-manager, what was your error?01:17
DezineThanks everyone01:17
vertanaNo problem, Dezine.01:17
maxxistquick question for flash 64 bit folks.  which folders do I copy the plugin into for all users to use?01:17
rwwDezine: Yeah, gnome-alsamixer has everything, as far as I can see. I couldn't get any sound at all yesterday because a control that appears to only be in g-am was muted.01:17
vertanaGlad you got it fixed.01:17
DezineAll four speakers are working now :D01:18
=== andrea is now known as Guest74585
onexusedvertana: The first time I booted after upgrade, the screen was black and I couldn't do anything with the keyboard including switching to another terminal.  Also, I couldn't ssh in.01:19
mrpocketswhat the hell happened when I pressed Windows+R01:19
tom0360Do I have to( or can I ) disable SSH root login on a default Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid) install, or is it off by default or something not to be concerned with as it is not a server?01:19
mrpocketsand how the hell do i disable it?01:19
linux_guyI have installed virtualbox-ose and I cannot seem to get it to start under apps>accs>vboxose01:19
vertanaOnexused: Have you tried booting into other kernels/os or otherwise verified it is NOT a hardware issue?01:20
istvan_i need to ssh to a mac, how might I do this?01:20
onexusedvertana: It's not.  When I did a clean install, it was fine.01:20
vertanaOnexused: Another way is to try a usb keyboard (assuming it's either hardware issue or driver issue)01:20
istvan_i'm on the lan, and it's ip is
Dr_willisistvan_,  install a ssh server on the mac01:20
onexusedvertana: A clean install of 8.10 after that, that is.01:20
istvan_so I do need to install a ssh server? does the os come with one?01:20
gnutronmrpockets: it should be off by default unless you enabled root, if sshd is not running its a moot issue, not to worry.01:20
rwwtom0360: Default Ubuntu installs don't have the root account enabled, so you can't login to it over ssh even if PermitRootLogin (or whatever it is) is enabled in sshd_config.01:21
Dr_willisistvan_,  go ask in a mac channel perhaps?01:21
eseven73linux_guy: try typing 'VirtualBox' in a terminal it is case sensitive01:21
vertanaOnexused: I had that happen to me on a 8.04 install and I had to use a usb keyboard because of a driver issue.01:21
mrpocketsgnutron,  what the hell're you talking about?01:21
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tom0360Ok thanks gnutron and rww01:21
onexusedvertana: Well, like I said, it's fine now, after a clean install (all the same hardware).01:21
vertanaMrpockets: Please watch your language sometimes children come in here for help as well.01:22
linux_guyeseven73:  could not find 'VirtualBox'  please reinstall01:22
gnutronmrpockets: um what part didnt  you get? rww was correct answering you also.01:22
rwwgnutron: mrpockets wasn't the one with the ssh problem, tom0360 was.01:22
mrpocketsits like theres a magnification glass01:22
mrpocketsmy SSH works fine thank you :-p01:22
eseven73linux_guy: O.o how did you install it exactly?01:22
gnutronrww: argh, thanks01:23
gnutronmrpockets: sorry01:23
mrpocketsnot a problem01:23
rwwgnutron: no problem, happens to me all the time :)01:23
vertanaOnexused: The only thing that jumps out at me as obvious is that (If I remember right) from 8.04 to 8.10 Ubuntu switched to the evdev driver to improve hotplugging and so your drivers may have not uninstalled for the new one to come in and your X may have gotten "confused" between the two.01:23
linux_guyi tried add/remove, didnt work, then removed it.  then i got the package from virtualbox.org01:23
gnutronrww: i spilled coffee and got side tracked01:23
tom0360rww is there anything in a default install that I might need to disable or change to secure the system.01:24
linux_guyesev, i've tried every way i know how, it shows up in the apps menu01:24
onexusedvertana: I see.  That might be a useful thing to look into if it happens again.01:24
eseven73linux_guy: ah it's best to use the one in the repos...01:24
linux_guyfrom add/remove?01:24
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becksterhey guys, so I hit windows + r and it does a crazy thing to my screen.. how do I undo it?01:24
linux_guyor apt-get?01:24
vertanaOnexused: That's not 100% , just what jumps out at me as an abvious culrpit, so YMMV. BUt next time trydoing an lsmod and seeing if your old driver is still trying to be used.01:24
eseven73linux_guy: i dont think it matters01:25
Dr_willisbeckster,  crazty as in? Sounds like a compiz thing also..01:25
rwwtom0360: Nope, the defaults are pretty secure as they are.01:25
onexusedvertana: okay.  thanks for the info.01:25
vertanaOnexused: No problem. ^^01:25
becksterDr_willis: umm it makes my screen move around with my mouse, and my screen to big for the monitor01:25
tom0360rww, ok thanks. read through some online checklists, but most seemed to be none existant, or already set01:25
vertanaBeckster: I apologize I came in late, what is the problem?01:26
Dr_willisbeckster,  you meant o say it 'zoomed' in on the desktop?01:26
Dr_willisthats a compiz feature. :) try windowshey+mousewheel  to zoom in/out perhaps?01:26
gnutronbeckster: i think Dr_willis is right, sounds like a compiz key-binding01:26
Dr_willisi will say that win+r dont do anything here.. buti do disable a lot of the compiz extras01:27
Dr_williswin+mousewheel does zoom however in and out :)01:27
becksterthanks guys!01:27
Dr_willisthere really need to be a nice tool that reads the compiz settings/conmfigs and shows a  guide to what all keys are bound to what featrues.01:28
gnutroni never use the 'windows' key..... bad mojo01:28
Dr_willisgnutron,  its the only key on this keyboard thats not got all the letters wornm off :)01:28
vertanaThere is dr_willis, it's just no installed by default. CCMS if i remember right.01:28
gnutronDr_willis: no doubt i can understand why.!01:28
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:29
vertanaI never use the Windows key either, supers always lead me jacked up settings :)01:29
Dr_willisvertana,  ccsm dosent give a nice clean 'all the keys being used are ....' type  sheet i could print out /look out to fgure out what bindings are in use. :) ive had to excplore ccsm befor to figure them out. which is not that good a way to do it01:29
vertanarww: Thanks, not ccms, but ccsm.01:29
operahello ,everyone,who can tell me how change the resolusion of monitor?01:30
DasEIhow do I put a letter from ascii tab in terminal ?01:30
vertanaDr_Willis: Ah, I thought were talking more of a compartmented guide to the keys that are assigned. In which case CCSM works, but for a nice list of them, you're right.01:31
InterGalactic010I'd like to know the same information as opera.  Thanks01:31
DasEI!resolution | opera01:31
ubottuopera: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:31
gnutronopera: good place to check out- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#Screen%20Resolution01:31
silentContenderWhat module does a Trendnet wireless usb adapter use ( the chipset is rtl8187b)?01:31
Dr_willisvertana,  yea - a tool that would just print out a html page of  'zoom in/out    mouse+winkey'    and so forth.. would be handy fo these new guys at work01:31
ph8what's xinerama a part of? xserver-xorg01:32
gnutronopera: also in the menu system/preferences/screen resolution.01:32
vertanaDr_Willis: Either that or even a simple inclusion of CCSM so that we could give people a place to start would be nice. As it stands in Ubuntu, while Compiz is enabled by default, there is no default tool to help with Compiz key bindings (just general Gnome bindings).01:32
gnutronph8: thats for multiple monitors i believe.. not xserver01:32
DasEIµ  is 230 is deci and E6h in hex, how to print in trml ?01:33
ph8will i have a xinerama package then?01:33
silentContenderI'm having trouble getting the Trendnet usb adapter to work.  (Have connection, but no internet or pings)01:33
InterGalactic010Hi all, I have to boot into Safe Graphics Mode each time I start the system, I load the Nvidia drivers successfully in Safe Graphics Mode, but after a reboot it will only work if I boot into Safe Graphics Mode again, and this seems to bypass the Nvidia graphics drivers I installed.  Any help really appreciated.  Thanks.01:33
DasEI!xinerama | ph801:33
ubottuph8: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead01:33
operawhen ,i reboot my computer, i find the resolusion has change,and  i can't find the fit resolusion01:33
gnutronph8: in a terminal type dpkg -s xinerama   that will tell you.01:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdopera, System/Prefeneces/Screen Resolution.01:34
vertanasilentcontender: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=linux+module+rtl8187b&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=  << Google is your friend in these situations.01:35
vertanaSilentcontender: Try the instructions on the first hit.01:35
MiescoYo what do I use to scan shit?01:35
rww!scan | Miesco01:35
ubottuMiesco: Scanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR01:36
Dr_willisMiesco,  care to clarify that a bit more and use better language..01:36
rww!ohmy | Miesco01:36
ubottuMiesco: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!01:36
vertanaMiesco: Please watch language here. And what type of stuff?01:36
InterGalactic010opera did you manage to install the graphics drivers in Safe Graphics mode???01:36
operacourps3, I do this ,but can't find the fit .i need 1024*768, but there are only have 800*60001:36
silentContendervertana: I'll try it, but on http://wireless.kernel.org they list my wireless (TEW-424UB) as using zd1211rw01:37
wati got a metallic blue ds lite :D01:37
linxuz3rhow do i copy files and folder with rights owner and permission?01:39
watright click+copy01:39
InterGalactic010Hi everyone, would anyone be free to help on a quick question I have please?01:39
vertanaSilent: I don't know too much about that (as I Have not tried that USB adaptor myself), but I do know zd1211rw is more tailored for another chipset, and the chipset you are trying to use has its own specific driver. In almost all cases it makes more sense to use the driver specifically made for it. Also, the first hit someone had to modify the source so while YMMV it is a good idea to try the instructions first hit and if not just keep a tab on what modul01:39
vertanaes it inserted so you can take them out if they do not work as promised. (keep tabs with lsmod before and after installation)01:39
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InterGalactic010Hi everyone01:41
wathi intergalactic01001:41
vertanaInter: Hi! How may we help you? ^^01:41
InterGalactic010Hi Wat, thought I was talking to myself back then.01:41
squirt33where is the jaunty jackalope source repository?01:41
watwhats the problem01:41
gnutronlinxuz3r: cp -p  preserves permissions01:41
InterGalactic010I have to boot into Safe Graphics Mode each time I start the system, I load the Nvidia drivers successfully in Safe Graphics Mode, but after a reboot it will only work if I boot into Safe Graphics Mode again, and this seems to bypass the Nvidia graphics drivers I installed.  Any help really appreciated.  Thanks.01:41
vertanaInter: I apologize for that; I was helping someone else momentarily :)01:41
wati dont have ubuntu installed so i will help the best i can01:41
InterGalactic010Hi Vertana01:41
silentContendervertana: How would I get the build-essentials download (the wireless is for another computer, no internet connection)01:41
watwhat happens if you dont boot safe graphics01:42
InterGalactic010I'm new to this IRC chat, didn't know if I was coming through.  All good.01:42
linxuz3rgnutron: what about user and owner01:42
InterGalactic010Wat, the computer screen goes black after loading up, I can get to a terminal screen01:42
vertanaSilent: The only thing I can tell you to get packages with no 'net connection would be to go packages.ubuntu.com and find the build-essentials pkg for your architecture and distro version. Then take it back to the original computer.01:42
InterGalactic010by pressing CTRL+ALT+F101:43
kesiCan anyone recommend an alternative bittorrent client to vuze that has a plugin like moblock, safepeer, or peerguardian and that runs on ubuntu?01:43
gnutronlinxuz3r: yeah it should preserve those also01:43
vertanaSilent: the packages on the website are the same ones you can get from official repositories.01:43
silentContenderinter: sorry about interrupting01:43
KetrelHas anyone figured out anything about the problem with blank TTYs with nvidia drivers?01:43
temppykesi: have you tried deluge?  I don't know what those are...01:43
drashkesi: transmission and deluge seems to fit that bill01:43
InterGalactic010I have spent 9hrs so far, getting the drivers installed, and setting up Ubuntu.  Good fun, but not getting very far at present01:43
kesitemppy, drash, I'll look into those thanks01:44
operai always want to know how you type the name whom you talk to ?01:44
vertanaInter: What graphics card do you have? I have a 6150LE and I cannot restart X or even logout (A bug with the actual hardware).01:44
gnutronopera: type the first few letters and hit the tab key01:44
vertanaopera: it's more a custom/courtesy thing to do to avoid confusion.01:45
gnutronvertana: well put01:45
InterGalactic010I have NVidia 8600 GTX - I have downloaded the drivers from the nvidia site, and they install well, and the screen then goes to maximum res.  Only problem is, it doesn't seem to save the config to disk.01:45
operagun_ ,thank you01:45
joe2hi guys been using ubuntu for a week and I love it, but I am having a little trouble with it, I have a intel 64 bit processor so I need help installing the 64 bit swfdec drivers.01:45
jedi06I'm on vbox host:XP guest:ubuntu  I'm trying to make a shared folder on XP that both can access.  I am trying to use ntfs-3g but it has almost non-existent usage docs: http://www.ntfs-3g.org/index.html#usage  Can someone help me set this up?01:46
vertanaInter: Have you tried the drivers in the repo?01:46
tecredrahow do i put a .desktop file to a certain category of the applications menu? i've added Category=AudioVideo; to it but it will not appear there. do i need to somehow refresh it?01:46
vertanagnutron: Thank you.01:46
gnutronInterGalactic010: have you run nvidia-settings, i dont run nvidia but i think its a good thing01:46
InterGalactic010I ought to point out, I'm running of a 4gb usb drive.  It has all the space available on it.01:46
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joe2yeah I cant find though01:46
joe2dont know how to search for them01:46
InterGalactic010vertana, I have.01:46
linux_guywat, you here?01:46
InterGalactic010gnutron, I have.01:46
vertanaInter: Did you have the same issues with that driver?01:46
linux_guydivxjunky is a cool nick01:47
gnutronInterGalactic010: that could be a flash drive issue, i have no experience with that.01:47
Brack10Hi is it possible to set the balance of audio output via the mplayer command?  the man page only tells you how to do it on video capture and after the program starts as far as I can tell01:47
DivXjunkyhi guys01:47
drashInterGalactic010: did you activate the restricted driver applet and checked if something isn't activated ?01:47
CoUrPsE|DeAderm, i feel extreamly newb, folder vnc* is owneed by courpse, yet i cant rm -r it, denied permission.01:47
DasEIhow do I put a letter from ascii tab in terminal ?01:47
InterGalactic010Those drivers, plus the ones under [hardware driver] update do not work at all, even under safe graphics mode.01:47
vertanaInter: Notice we all want to know if you have tried more than one driver (to see if it is a hardware issure)01:47
kesidrash, transmission doesn't seem to support any blocklists01:48
rebelhi, where can I find information about ubuntu-supported monitors? in particular, I need to know if the Samsung Ubisync 7" USB monitor (ships with SyncMaster 2263DX) works01:48
dayo_tecredra: .desktop file would be a hidden file. any file beginning with dot it hidden01:48
drashkesi: it sure does, look under prefs, i believe it's the network tab01:48
DasEI!hardware | rebel01:48
ubotturebel: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:48
gnutronCoUrPsE|DeAd: try rm -rf  or sudo rm -rf01:48
__dean__DasEI: CTRL-SHIFT-U, then asicc code in hex01:48
InterGalactic010drash, what do you mean isn't activated?  The drivers I DL from nvidia are activated in safe graphics mode, just not after a reboot.01:48
CoUrPsE|DeAdyeah, but cant empty it from trash.01:48
CoUrPsE|DeAdhow can i empty trash as root?01:48
tecredradayo_: that's not what i meant. i have a shortcut to my media player in wine, foobar2000.desktop, and i want to put it into the sound & video menu01:48
Brack10man moc01:48
drashInterGalactic010: I meant to ask if they are active in that hardware drivers thingy, on xubuntu here, migth differ somewhat01:49
dayo_CoUrPsE|DeAd: careful with that rm -rf01:49
CoUrPsE|DeAdyeah anno.01:49
gnutronCoUrPsE|DeAd: the trash is buggy usually it will be empty when x restarts, i never use the trash myself01:49
InterGalactic010vertana, don't believe it is a hardware issue.  As in the graphics card works well, under windows, and also in safe graphics mode with nvidia drivers installed.01:49
joe2I need help finding the swfdec drivers from the repo,01:49
CoUrPsE|DeAdahh right, k sorted then.01:49
rebelDasEI: thx, though there's no information about monitors01:49
CoUrPsE|DeAdTheres prob my problem then.01:50
InterGalactic010drash, they seem activated to me.01:50
gnutronCoUrPsE|DeAd: yeah be very careful using sudo, shouldnt need it01:50
SJr|WorkWhy does anyone care about how long it takes Ubuntu to get started, I think either your machine stays on all the time, or it is in standby or hibernate and already fast.01:50
rodolfo_hello there01:50
drashInterGalactic010: any clues in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?01:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdyep, im not that noob, just something that was buging me.01:50
dayo_tecredra: don't have any real experience with wine. sorry01:50
gnu2it2can you use nice  on an already running process ?01:50
lifenovaSJr|Work: some people use laptops and keep their computer on01:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdthanks guys, :)01:50
InterGalactic010drash, interesting, I'll give it another go, and then check the log.01:50
DasEI__dean__:googled that before, doesn't work (E6h) http://users.physik.fu-berlin.de/~goerz/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/ascii.gif01:50
gnutronCoUrPsE|DeAd: its definetly buggy, the trash business that is.01:50
lifenovaSJr|Work: can't* keep their computer on01:50
NodeRazorHi guys =)01:51
vertanaInter: Have you tried running nvidia-xconfig? IF that does not work dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg (as root and only if you're in 8.10 should you use that switch) and then manually insert "nvidia" under driver.01:51
tecredradayo_: well it shouldn't really matter if it's wine or not in regard of adding a .desktop file to the applications menu01:51
SJr|Worklifenova why not standby or hibernate?01:51
bonhofferwhat is the best way to create an iso in gnome?01:51
dayo_lifenova: yes i rarely switch of my laptop01:51
bonhofferwould rather not use command prompt?01:51
CoUrPsE|DeAdRight, didnt know that.01:51
NodeRazorAny one know how to extract rar and zip files in multiple folders ?01:51
NodeRazorI know I need to use something like exec()01:51
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drashInterGalactic010: gdluck, can be quite the log but lok for (WW) and esp. (EE) lines01:51
lifenovaSJr|Work: I'm not sure as I don't have a laptop, but personally using standby/hibernate on my desktop is very buggy01:51
__dean__bonhoffer: dd if=/dev/cdrom0 of=image.iso bs=2k01:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdNodeRazor, trying using `rar` sudo apt-get install rar01:52
vertanalifenova: This is a common problem, especially if you use an NVIDIA card.01:52
__dean__bonhoffer: in terminal01:52
NodeRazor=) Thanks but I already have rar01:52
backenfutterI was wondering, can somebody here explain to me the color codes of the diagrams in htop?01:52
vertanaNodeRazor: Don't forget unrar also.01:52
NodeRazorWhat I am asking is how to extract files from sub-folders01:52
NodeRazorI have unrar01:52
dayo_lifenova: exactly. i don't standy/hibernate. just lock screen and close my lid for transport.01:52
__dean__bohoffer: or use rightclick on icon, copy disk01:53
jedi06Not even one person can help me?01:53
temppydayo_: isnt that bad for HDDs?01:53
InterGalactic010Thanks everyone for your help!  I'm off to try Vertana's advice, and also check the log file Drash mentions.  Thanks again.01:53
NodeRazorso if I write a shell script for example and run like unrar [folder] it will unrar all the files in the folder and sub-folders automaticly.01:53
dayo_temppy: it is? how come?01:53
vertanaNodeRazor: When you say subfolders, are we talking about going into a rar file and extracting sub directory B w/o directory A?01:53
vertanaInterGalactic010: Goodluck!01:53
mib_xmowur6ki am getting this error on  start up "failed to load the nvidia kernel module" anyone know why or how to fix it01:54
NodeRazorIts ok, I'll find it.01:54
NodeRazorI found this small script before, just need to due more digging.01:54
vertanamib_xmowur6k: sudo modprobe nvidia01:54
NodeRazorextract all Folders Recursively01:54
NodeRazorand sub-folders01:55
temppydayo_: well, a HDD has the spinning disc, with the magnetic head.  I thought that if you jostle it (like transporting a running laptop), you risk having the head run into the disk.01:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdusing rar e file.rar01:55
vertanamib_xmowur6k: IF that does not work try reinstalling the nvidia drivers and making sure they are enabled under Restricted Drivers.01:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdit extracts files + subdirs.01:55
dayo_temppy: i hadn't even considered that01:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdassumeing you have 'rar' installed.01:55
NodeRazorit extracts files + files in subfolders yes01:55
watunrar hehe01:55
vertanaCoUrPsE|DeAd: He had rar and unrar installed.01:56
NodeRazor=) thanks wat but I know that much LOL01:56
wati was saying hehe at unrar01:56
mib_xmowur6kvertana: thanks but i get this error "FATAL: Module nvidia not found."01:56
vertanamib_xmowur6k: If that is the case you do not have the NVIDIA drivers properly installed.01:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdthen weird, coz rar e filenzme.rar has always doe it for me.,01:56
dayo_temppy: but i read somewhere recently that laptops now have some kind of anti-fall protection for the hdd. like when there is sudden motion, the head backs off the disk. not sure how it works. i'll see if i can find the article. saw it on reddit.01:57
temppydayo_: I guess just make sure to have backups.  I mean, if it works for you, why not?  But, I think there is some sort of risk.  I don't know at all how big it is.  I think its why SSDs are becoming popular for laptops/netbooks; no moving parts.01:57
NodeRazornot if you want to extract lots of files...01:57
kesidrash, in transmission?01:57
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Have you tried to install them Administration > Hardware Drivers?01:57
temppydayo_: probably an accelerometer.01:57
dayo_temppy: SSDs still have the size issue, tho01:57
lifenovadayo: I've read that before too... problem with that I've heard is that sometimes it's a little sensitive and slows you down when you're legitimately working01:57
dayo_temppy: yeah01:57
kesidrash, nevermind, think I found it.01:57
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Just go under there and it should say Nvidia driver (recommended) and make sure it is activated and it may require a restart.01:57
MiescoI messed up alsa, I deleted .asoundrc.asoundconf01:58
MiescoHow do I get it to work again?01:58
NodeRazorthis will extract rar files in the folder01:58
drashkesi: it's the "peers" tab sorry in transmission prefs01:58
dayo_lifenova: yeah i was wondering about that01:58
NodeRazorbut now I need to be able to extract files in sub-folders too01:58
NodeRazorwithout changing to that folder manually =)01:58
mib_xmowur6kvertana: hmmmm i installed them in synaptic package manager, what else can i do to install or check there installed01:58
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Give me one second and I'll look for you.01:58
gnutronMiesco: run asoundconf from a terminal,  asoundconf --help01:59
illumehi.  how to install realtime-lsm in intrepid?01:59
mib_xmowur6kvertana: thanks alot, this is giving me such a headache01:59
illumerealtime-lsm-source doesn't appear to exist anymore in intrepid?01:59
vertanamib_xmowur6k: The MAIN package you need is nvidia-glx-177 (If you have a newer card, which most do) and it's no problem. SYnaptic should tell you all the other packages you need to make the glx one work.02:00
linux_guyim downloading vmware for linux, should i get tar image or rpm image?02:00
illumehrmm... maybe a reboot will fix it!   brb02:00
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Generally though it's MUCH easier to do under Hardware Drivers (or Restricted Drivers if you have an older Ubuntu)02:00
__dean__linux_guy: get the tarball02:00
n8tuserlinux_guy -> for ubuntu, it is deb, for other linux maybe rpm02:00
lifenovaCan anyone help with usplash troubles? It hasn't worked for me since I install ubuntu hardy... I've now upgraded to 8.10 and it still hasn't worked... I've tried removing the package and reinstalling, and I've changed the theme too to no avail. I remember that the splash did show when I was using the LiveCD. Not a major problem, but something I want to try to fix02:00
__dean__linux_guy: you could get the rpm and convert it with alien also02:01
linux_guyim so confused i know a prog called alien that can convert rpm to deb02:01
lifenovaBy not working, I mean that there is no splash screen, just a black screen while the system boots02:01
NodeRazorFound one for tar.z files, now will recoded it http://paste2.org/p/13104702:01
Cpudan80lifenova: easy fix02:01
ScuniziI'm trying to configure a fax modem.. how do I discover it tty location?02:01
Cpudan80!broken-usplash | lifenova02:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about broken-usplash02:01
__dean__linux_guy: You can use alien or you can use the tarball and compile from source02:01
__dean__linux_guy: either one will work02:01
Cpudan80lifenova: uno momento por favor02:01
linux_guyok thanks02:01
mib_xmowur6kvertana: ok i will have a try, i am using a fresh install of 10.8 (not upgrade) and its a Geforce 8600M GT02:01
linux_guythanks guys02:01
lifenovaCpudan80: sure thing, thanks for your help02:01
Cpudan80lifenova: that used to be the factoid.....02:02
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Yes, 177 is the driver you need.02:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about about02:02
Cpudan80lifenova: I didnt need the -02:02
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:02
Cpudan80!brokenusplash | lifenova02:02
ubottulifenova: Supported screen resolutions are sometimes detected incorrectly, causing the splash screen to not appear and slowing down boot. Edit /etc/usplash.conf and change "xres" and "yres" to a resolution that your graphics system certainly supports, then run « sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu »02:02
annafor a dektop that has 8GB of ram which version of linux kernel is best 64 bit or 32bit with PAE ?02:03
lifenovaCpudan80: hehe, I just found that myself on the factoids page. Thanks for your assistance :)02:03
Cpudan80lifenova: thats my factoid! :-P02:03
Cpudan80That was a pain in the butt to find the answer too02:03
dayo_anna: anything above 4gb is 64bit territory02:03
vertanaanna: to utilize the RAM 64-bit.02:03
varunguys how do you change what interface the system sounds use?02:03
Cpudan80A lot of people with laptops seem to have the usplash prob02:03
dayo_anna: i have that issue on our servers. they're upwards of 8gb ram but on 32bit. need to migrate them to 64bit02:04
lifenovaCpudan80: desktop here, but whatever02:04
vertanaCpudan80: That's weird. That's the only problem I've never had on a laptop lol.02:04
Alex_21Hi, all. Is there a guide for configuring Dansgardian and another server to limit the use of bandwidth for particular computers?02:04
FloodBot1Alex_21: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
varunlike the sound in rythmbox works, but not the sound from the system (eg Login sound) or firefox, any ideas?02:04
Cpudan80lifenova: well that seems to fit your description anyway (the problem that is)02:04
dayo_Alex_21: squid?02:04
annadayo:would a 32 bit enable kernel use all the 8GB of ram ?02:04
linux_guywhen i use apt-get do i ALWAYS need to use 'sudo'?02:04
temppyanna: I thinks both have their problems.  Ive heard pae is buggy, but so is 64bit.  Do you really need all that RAM?  Are you running a server or something?02:04
dayo_anna: not that i know of02:05
vertanavarun: does the sound work on other program even when rhythmbox is not on?02:05
lifenovalinux_guy: you don't need sudo if you type apt-get moo or apt-get --help, if I recall correctly02:05
nickrudlinux_guy, yes02:05
lifenovaHm, the xres and yres parameters in my usplash.conf file match the resolution I'm currently using02:06
gnutronvarun: in the menu system/preferences/sound sound tab and run the tests. also ensure you use alsa in general tab settings.02:06
Alex_21Hey, maybe Squid, but a tutorial is greatly appreciated, or at least suggestions for search keywords would be appreciated02:06
mib_xmowur6kvertana: although it says done at the end, if get this error in the details section02:06
andypls1guys my resolution is screwed02:06
annatemppy:its my brother's gaming PC that he had vista on i am going to use as a desktop for developing apps (postgresql, mysql,etc..)02:06
andypls1can anyone help me fix it?02:06
vertanavarun: Sometimes Gstreamer conflicts with some other sound systems (This happens to me if  I have VLC up and then try to play a song on rhythmbox with VLC still up)02:06
__dean__linux_guy: not for apt-get moo but you for installing stuff because that needs root02:06
vertanamib_xmowur6k:  Which error?02:06
varunvertana: it dosnt work with rythmbox turned off02:07
dayo_Alex_21: hang on, let me give u some of my squid bookmarks02:07
lifenova!ask | andypls102:07
ubottuandypls1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:07
nickrudlinux_guy, a rule of thumb is anything that alters/adds any file outside of your home requires root access, either with sudo or gksu02:07
mib_xmowur6kvertana: error could not locate nvidia.ko for module nvidia in the dkms tree02:07
linxuz3rwhats a good way to copy directories and files while preserving root and permission?02:07
gnutronlifenova: moo  = command not found, my box is broked :(  j/k02:07
varunvertana: i think it is an interface issue,02:07
lifenovagnutron: haha02:07
mib_xmowur6kvertana: then is goes on about running a dkms build for the kernel02:07
andypls1lifenova: my resolution got stuck at 800x600 and there's no way to fix it. i am using Nvidia02:08
vertanamib_xmowur6k: sudo aptitude install dkms02:08
__dean__gnutron: apt-get moo just draws an ASCII art picture of a Ccow02:08
varunvertana: like that is, only one of the interface works, in Soud Preferences in gnome, sound only works if i put it in HDA Intel OSS02:08
varunvertana: on the other interfaces, it makes a clicky noise02:08
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Yes, DKMS is so stuff can be inserted into kernel while it's running. You need this to insert modules dynamically.02:08
gnutron__dean__: i wouldnt be surprised if it actually did!02:08
varunvertana: and thats exactly the same noise i get with ubuntu system sounds such as the login sound02:08
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, HAve you installed nvidia-settings02:09
temppyanna: personally, I would forget about the 5g of ram you loose, and just go with 32bit for starters (I have never used much more and 0.5g.  The rest of my 2g just goes to caching).  If you need more, reinstall.  Anyway, good luck02:09
vertanavarun: So, rhythmbox works fine for sound, but NOTHING else does?02:09
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: yes i did02:09
linxuz3rwhats a good way to copy directories and files while preserving root and permission?02:09
andypls1apt-get install nvidia-glx-new02:09
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, what happened when you ran it02:09
andypls1well at first the resolution was too high02:09
vertanalinuxuz3r: Just use the cp command as root.02:09
andypls1and i didn't like it02:09
varunvertana: oh no most of the applications works with sound like vlc..etc....but sound dosnt work from firefox and system sounds (again such as when i login the noise dosnt work)02:10
usserlinxuz3r: cp -R -p02:10
gnutronlinxuz3r: cp -p  didnt preserve stuff for you?02:10
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, Keep it on one line please, dont break it up02:10
andypls1so then i tried to get to a better resolution by changing some settings, and now it got stuck at 800X60002:10
varunvertana: i hear clicky noises instead02:10
usserlinxuz3r: -p tells cp to preserve permissions -R, tells to copy recursively02:10
vertanavarun: I don't know off the top of my head but give me a few minutes and hopefully the 'net helps us here :)02:10
linxuz3rguys cp: failed to preserve ownership02:11
bthompsoni am looking for an app like quicksilver for mac and or launchy for pc...what is the best solution for a program like this for ubuntu02:11
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
__dean__linxuz3r: cp -rp also works -- you can combine the arguments and the r can be lowercase02:11
linxuz3rguys cp: failed to preserve ownership02:11
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, run nvidia-settings and set the res you want02:11
__dean__linxuz3r: try it as root02:11
mib_xmowur6kvertana: still saying "Module nvidia not found." when i run sudo modprobe nvidia02:12
nickrudlinxuz3r, are you copying to an ntfs/vfat partition?02:12
mib_xmowur6kvertana: should i restart first02:12
usserbthompson: gnome-do i think is what you looking for, for kde3 katapult does it, kde4 has it built in02:12
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Once you have DKMS then try to install Nvidia from Square 1.02:12
varunvertana: i remember reading an article about something similar, it went on about the sound card not supporting a frequency....i'll try to find that link, not sure if i can02:12
linxuz3rnickrud: yes02:12
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: its telling me that i am not using the Nvidia driver, and i have to edit the X cofiguration file02:13
__dean__linxuz3r: then do just cp -r02:13
nickrudlinxuz3r, those don't use unix file permissions, it's normal02:13
linxuz3rim copying to fat3202:13
linxuz3rbut im copying it back to ext302:13
drashvarun: concerning system sounds, there's this interesting bug at launchpad you might have a look at --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcanberra/+bug/27350702:13
nickrudlinxuz3r, using vfat as sort of a backup?02:13
vertanavarun: under Sound preferences make sure all sound tests work. IF not select proper system and then test to make sure all work.02:14
mib_xmowur6kvertana: how can i check if i have the dkms installed properly cus i think it is messing up and that is why i am having so many problems.02:14
gnutronandypls1: grep nv /etc/X11/xorg.conf  see if you get any ouput02:14
__dean__linuxuz3r: use tar instead02:14
joe_-I've using the Partition Editor in the Alternate CD and it's not showing all of my partitions I've previously setup02:14
AtomX1211can someone help me02:14
joe_-Not even all of my disks.02:14
nickrudlinxuz3r, same thing for what we're talking about02:14
AtomX1211my wife set my resolution so low I can't set it back02:14
vertanamib_xmowur6k: lsmod | grep dkms    << that should tell you that dkms is loaded02:14
linxuz3rvfat is fat3202:14
Cpudan80what did she set it to?02:14
AtomX1211I don't have axcess to the ok button and hitting enter isint working02:14
linxuz3ri thought their different02:14
dayo_Alex_21: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105772/02:14
__dean__linxuz3r: tar -xzpf backup.tar files02:14
nickrudlinxuz3r, no, vfat is fat16 or fat32 :)02:14
bthompsonusser, thanks so much02:14
Dr_willisAtomX1211,  to drag a window you cant eget to the titlebar/bottom buttons  hold the ALT KEY and click in the middle of the window. You can then grab/move it around. :) if thats the case02:14
andypls1    Driver         "nv"02:14
gnutronAtomX1211: apt-get remove wife  ok, enough attempted humor, no offense intended02:14
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, reinstall the driver so you get the too high of a res again then run nvidia-settings02:15
mib_xmowur6kvertana: yer i tryed that , but nothing is returned02:15
linxuz3r__dean__:  thanks02:15
andypls1gnutron: yes i do get some output02:15
AtomX1211lol it's cool02:15
AtomX1211ty willis02:15
vertanamib_xmowur6k: One second. I'll look into it.02:15
linxuz3rnickrud: do i need to preserve permission and owners?02:15
varunvertana: yeap they are all working02:15
dayo_Alex_21: the commentary in the main config file /etc/squid/squid.conf is great. u learn a lot from that alone.02:15
vertanavarun: Ok, give me one second to help mib.02:15
AtomX1211you guys are life savers02:15
vertanaWe try :)02:15
AtomX1211Thank you Dr_willis02:15
varuni'am installing libcanberra-gnome as recommended by drash. hope this works =P02:15
nickrudlinxuz3r, it's never a bad idea; if you're just storing the files on the vfat for later return and use in ext3 __dean__ has the best advice02:15
Dr_willisAtomX1211,  that feature has been in Linux for Years. :) i found a tool that adds it to winjdows also. :)02:16
lifenovaCpudan80: well, that didn't solve it unfortunately. ah well02:16
vertanavarun: OK, let me know if that works for you :)02:16
dayo_Alex_21: so far the config files of squid and of BackupPC are the best commented that i've seen02:16
AtomX1211I just started using linux last week02:16
AtomX1211so it's all still really new to me02:16
gnutronandypls1: weird it should load, maybe sudo modprobe nv  i'm not an nvidia expert.02:16
Cpudan80lifenova: yeah sorry - I saw that before my client went on the fritz02:16
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: should i remove it and then install it again?02:16
Cpudan80lifenova: you sure x and y aren't reversed?02:16
varunoh forgot to mention something important, i think this problem arised when i installed KDE package on ubuntu, i'm not sure thou thats just guess, and all the sound works perfectly on KDE but not on gnome02:16
lifenovaCpudan80: Fairly certain... y should be 768 and x should be 1024, correct?02:17
frederikhello! how can i define a script to be run on pressing fn+f5?02:17
grindkingvarun: because it takes some extra work to get sound working properly sometimes in gnome02:17
Cpudan80lifenova: ehhh... that's a good question02:17
lifenovaCpudan80: I even tried lowering it to 800 x 60002:17
grindkingvarun: esd runs sounds properly, but isn't better, and that's what kde uses02:17
Cpudan80lifenova: lemme check02:17
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, if you install and run nvidia-xconfig it will remove stuff that you will need to put back.  I still dont have a handle on all the ways to untangle these02:17
Cpudan80!brokenusplash > Cpudan8002:17
ubottuCpudan80, please see my private message02:17
usserfrederik: u think those are hardwired, they dont rely on operating system02:17
mib_xmowur6kvertana: really appreciate you going to so much trouble. i think this could be the root of the problem. the models not getting loaded into the kernal properly / dkms02:17
Cpudan80lifenova: yeah that's right02:18
Cpudan80lifenova: So -- is it just that the splash screen doesnt show up?02:18
varungrindking: haha yeah nah i dont really like kde, just installed to give it a go, it feels really bloated02:18
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: nvidia-xcofig is installed02:18
lifenovaCpudan80: yeah.02:18
grindkingvarun: i just spent the past two days getting all my sound perfectly setup in gnome02:18
frederikusser: hm, but other applications (aumixer afair) can intercept fn+volume down.02:18
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, runit02:18
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, run it02:18
grindkingvarun: multiple sounds at the same time, sound with flash, dts/ac3, x264, etc02:18
andypls1Jack_Sparrow:: when i run a get too many info i don't make any sense of it02:18
grindking5.1 output of course, with spdif02:18
Cpudan80lifenova: And you're running the default screen? IE. No modifications to it or anything02:18
lifenovaCpudan80: Fairly certain, but I'll verify that02:19
nickrudfrederik, you can write the script, then use  gconf-editor /apps/metacity/global_keybinds and keybinding_commands02:19
lifenova!usplash > lifenova02:19
vertanaDoes anyone here have the "restricted" Nvidia driver installed through Hardware Drivers / Synaptic? Could you please give us a list of  packages that are installed when you search nvidia in Synaptic? (I'm running UBuntu-unsupported drivers so I cannot)02:19
ubottulifenova, please see my private message02:19
varungrindking: yeah sound was working flawlessly on gnome before the kde install i rekon02:19
nickrudfrederik, use xev to determine the 0x??? char for the fn-f5 key (hopefully it registers)02:19
varunguys i might have to purge this install to get it to work haha02:19
Cpudan80lifenova: thats very odd... when I had the usplash problem, it also booted very slow - do you have that problem ?02:19
ygorHello guys...does anyone know how the cedega application works and try to explain me a lilttle bit of it?02:19
vertanamib_xmowur6k: When someone lists those packages make sure that you have them all installed.02:19
linxuz3r__dean__: i get errors on the command that you gave me02:19
grindkingvertana: i have them installed i think02:19
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, it should just rebuild xorg.conf.. so restart X and try nvidia settings again02:20
usserfrederik: i may be wrong02:20
lifenovaCpudan80: From time to time, it seems somewhat slow. I haven't really timed it per se02:20
nickrudygor, a better question for #winehq , cedega is just a version of wine02:20
vertanagrindking: Please provide those packages to mib... he's the one who needs to know if all his packages are installed. I appreciate it :)02:20
frederiknickrud: usser was right, the keystroke is not being registered :(02:20
frederikthanks for the help though.02:20
usserygor: it translates winAPI to unix system calls basically02:20
mib_xmowur6kvertana: sorry u list me02:20
grindkingmib_xmowur6k: do you want me to do dpkg -l | grep nvidia and paste that to you or a screenshot of me searching ffor nvidia in synaptic?02:21
vertanamib_xmowur6k: SHortly grindking should tell you all his packages that he has under nvidia. Make sure they are all installed02:21
Cpudan80lifenova: hrm..... are you sure you did the file right? should be like xres=1024 <enter key> yres=76802:21
linxuz3rnickrud: how do i tar it properly02:21
Cpudan80lifenova: maybe remove the file and see what happens02:21
ygornickrud: yeah i have wine and its similars... but im trying to install and play games with cedega, with no sucess..02:21
Cpudan80lifenova: worst case you have to boot in recovery mode and recreate it02:21
Alex_21Hi, I want to limit bandwidth usage. What kinds of programs will do this?02:21
vertanagrindking: a screenshot would be nice or just list them with txt to save us from uploading/downloading.02:21
backenfutterI was wondering, can somebody here explain to me the color codes of the diagrams in htop?02:22
nickrudlinxuz3r, I cd into the dir I'm saving in and   tar cf <filename>.tar /path/to/dir/to/archive02:22
dayo_Alex_21: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105772/02:22
lifenovaCpudan80: yes, that's the exact text of the file02:22
Cpudan80lifenova: hrm.... thats odd .... no other gfx problems ?02:23
linxuz3rnickrud: whats the difference between .tar and .tar.gz .tar.xy xz and so on?02:23
nickrudfrederik, try ctl-atl-f2, log in and run showkey , then press the fn-5 key, see if you get anything02:23
Jack_Sparrowlinxuz3r, It can be a problem if your *.tar is in the path of your archive as it will try to archive itself --exclude=path/file02:23
grindkingmib_xmowur6k: im uploading the pic now02:23
lifenovaCpudan80: not to my knowledge. I think I may have forgotten to run one command (oops!)02:23
__dean__linxuz3r: tar.gz uses gzip compression02:23
__dean__linxuz3r: tar.bz3 uses bzip2 compression02:23
Rapture2k4I'm having a heck of a time with Samba, Swat, and Windows.. anyone have experience?02:24
__dean__linkuz3r: sorry tar.bz202:24
linxuz3r__dean__: whats a good compression to use?02:24
__dean__linxuz3r: tar.bz2 seems to compress best02:24
Cpudan80lifenova: lol you forgot to run the command to rebuild the file?02:24
linxeh__dean__: 7zip is better02:24
Dr_willisRapture2k4,  samba can be a rather complex topic. :) the 'samba-doc' package has several books on the topic. Tell the channel your specific problem and we can try to help.02:24
linxuz3ri think gz is good02:24
wims!kde > wims02:24
ubottuwims, please see my private message02:24
lifenovaCpudan80: I forgot to run sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu02:24
nickrudlinxeh, tar is an uncompressed archive of the directory tree (Tape ARchive), the others are various types of compression applied to the tar (GZip or BZip)02:24
grindkingmib_xmowur6k: http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/6346/screenshot1za8.png02:24
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linxuz3r7zip is gz?????02:25
__dean__linxuz3r: tar.gz is faster02:25
mib_xmowur6kvertana: ok i will wait to get the list, then i will uninstall all nvidia packages and install the same as him02:25
Cpudan80lifenova: prob dont need it if the file is correct ... but what the hell, can't hurt02:25
linxehlinxuz3r: bz2 is about 20% better than gz. 7zip is about 10-15% better again02:25
lifenovaCpudan80: Alright, let me try it again02:25
runderwogzip -902:25
varunsudo make me coffee02:25
tux9778hello which one of ubuntu should I get for a x64?02:25
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linxeher,, I know what tar is02:25
vertanamib_xmowur6k: ignore the screendimmer and envy entries on that screenshot.02:25
frederiknickrud: no luck, even with no x-server running02:25
vertanagrindking: THank you, very much!02:25
grindkingim glad i was able to upload the pic02:25
grindkingflash sometimes randomly will crash tinypic and other sites :D02:26
nickrudok, you're out of luck it seems02:26
linxehnickrud: many thanks for telling me (I've only been using tars for 15 years :-))02:26
mib_xmowur6kgrindking: thanks alot, i Will try this and reset the computer back in about 5 min02:26
nickrudlinxeh, change your nick for a bit, will you? I've backspaced over and over it all evening :)02:26
vertanagrindking: I know what you mean. between flickr and imageshack... pretty sure we have 70% of all photographic material mankind ahs to offer :p02:26
bthompsonanybody have any recommendations for video editing software for ubuntu?02:26
vertanamib_xmowur6k: Alright, let us know how it works out :)02:26
grindkingvertana: yah i have to wait on this bugfix on flash 10, im running d21, and apparently since i have an older 64bit proc without lahf flag i get random crashes haha02:27
grindkingso all my browsing is an adventure02:27
yimerhey how do i get java to work for online games on ubuntu02:27
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usserbthompson: cinelerra, kino02:27
=== james is now known as james|
gnutrontux9778: which what for x64?  i think you want the amd64 iso02:27
vertanagrindking: Why don't you downgrade to Flash 9? Same bug or just stubborn? Lol.02:27
mib_xmowur6kvertana: ok going to try this and back in 5min THANKS ALOT u guys have been alot of help02:27
yimerhey how do i get java to work for online games on ubuntu02:27
mib_xmowur6kgrindking: BIG HELP, BRB02:28
vertanamib_xmowur6k:  No problem, it's what the channel is here for :)02:28
grindkingwell, im not positive i can get it to work but i guess i COULD do it02:28
Rapture2k4ok... so i've got a simple topology (2 Vista clients, 1 Ubuntu Server 8.10 [no gui]). On this server I have a WD MyBook USB HD fstabed to /media/WD250. All I want to do is allow ANYONE with a valid ip in my subnet (10.0.0.x/30) to see and read/write to it. I thought I had it up and running, but I cannot write to the drive via network. I have set 'chmod -R 777 /media/WD250'02:28
grindkingalso im thinking i can just wait out a fix02:28
tux9778i tried the x64 alternate hardy but seemed like there was alot of stuff missing in it gnutrom02:28
nickrudyimer, install   sun-java6-plugin02:28
grindkingit can't be THAT long i wouldn't think02:28
usserRapture2k4: use nfs02:28
vertanagrindking: Didn't they just come out with a 64-bit flash?02:28
usserRapture2k4: samba is a pain in the neck02:28
grindkingvertana: haha yah like a month ago :/02:28
grindkingbut there's been one release update!02:28
andypls1who's the guy i was talking with?02:28
__dean__linxvertana: yes02:29
yimernickrud where do i type that02:29
grindkingso i mean, would best bet be that wrapper thing with flash 9?02:29
vertanagrindking: Then it shouldn't be too long for at least a beta of that client. Or at least the next Ubuntu release :p02:29
Rapture2k4usser: i am a linux newbie, and everything i've read on NFS goes way over my head (which is odd, considering I do networking for a living)02:29
grindkingi could easily try it now that im familar with where all those libs go02:29
gnutrontux9778: you want the intrepid version of this iso probably- ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso02:29
nickrud!synaptic | yimer (your master control for installing software, ctl-f to search)02:29
ubottuyimer (your master control for installing software, ctl-f to search): synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto02:29
vertanagrindking: Lol, I run 64-bit also. Lemme know how that works out! =p02:29
tux9778u mean gnutrom 8.10 alternate02:29
Rapture2k4usser: do you have any good newbie-friendly sites on NFS?02:29
grindkingif you have a newer proc or if you cat cpuinfo and it shows lahf02:29
grindkingyou won't get the crash02:29
gnutrontux9778: the amd64 works for intel pc's also btw02:29
linux_guyhow can i tell if i have alien or not?02:30
usserRapture2k4: yea sure02:30
grindkingim on an fx5502:30
nickrudyimer, synaptic can be found at system->admin->synaptic package manager02:30
usserRapture2k4: hang on a sec02:30
grindkinglinux_guy: the package?02:30
vertanagrindking: I know I don't get the crash. I've been good ever since Flash 9.02:30
grindkinglinxuz3r: dpkg -l | grep alien02:30
Rapture2k4usser: thanx02:30
andypls1Jack_Sparrow:  are you there?02:30
nickrudlinux_guy, dpkg -l alien , if it is the first two chars will be ii02:30
grindkingvertana: but are you using the native 64bit flash 10, or still with the wrapper?02:30
gnutrontux9778: 8.10 yes if you want intrepid, as for alternative i'm not sure, thats the iso i use02:30
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, yes, one sec02:30
linux_guyyeah i need to convert an rpm to deb02:30
tux9778i have a amd gnutrom just was wondering if 8.10 is up to date and is there devs on the project x64?02:30
nickrud!alien | linux_guy02:30
ubottulinux_guy: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)02:30
vertanagrindking: Still using the wrapper : /02:31
lifenovaCpudan80: that didn't work, but I may have just found out why it's not working02:31
nickrudlinux_guy, are you sure you need the rpm? What are you installing?02:31
grindkingvertana: but it works fine? like not choppy, etc?02:31
usserRapture2k4: take a look at this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=249889 and nfs is supported on windows natively, u just have to install microsoft nfs services or something like that02:31
Cpudan80lifenova: whats that?02:31
Rapture2k4much luv02:31
tux9778ok gnutrom i'll try 8.10 see if that helps with my ipod issuses02:31
vertanagrindking: Works just as well as a native 32-bit Windows version (from what I've seen based on Vista).02:31
linux_guynick: i need to install vmware.. available in tar or rpm02:31
lifenovaCpudan80: I found this link http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-937527.html and one of the posts on it says to use sudo usplash to test it... did that and I got a message about a missing console font02:31
grindkingsigh, i was right about to watch a movie too02:31
grindkingnow im goign to have to try it :D02:31
vertanagrindking: At least for me... as always YMMV.02:31
rww!vmware | linux_guy: use these instructions instead02:32
ubottulinux_guy: use these instructions instead: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:32
nickrudlinux_guy, get the tar!!! the rpm will break02:32
grindkingwell i tihnk the reason i gave up was cuz i was having sound issues02:32
usserRapture2k4: and here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/32405502:32
grindkingbut that was because i didn't have my .asoundrc file setup right02:32
=== five_ is now known as Guest75603
grindkingill go back to the wrapper for sure02:32
grindkingi think tehre's even a walkthrough on the ubuntu forums for it02:32
vertanagrindking: To be honest I just this computer from my girlfriend's house (Haven't used it since 2006) and everything worked Out of the box. EVERYTHING. Except for Nvidia driver of course.02:33
Rapture2k4usser: thanx alot, i'm gonna give it a shot02:33
grindkingim trying to use this as my main machine02:33
grindkinggave up a couple years back, trying again now02:33
bthompsonim in add/remove program how do i tell what version of the software im searching is going to install...example i did a search for kino...how do i tell what version is going to install..02:33
vertanagrindking: I did a clean install of 8.10 (last used was 7.04 I think) and flash worked perfect after a ubuntu-restricted-extras install.02:33
guestguestnewdo u guys know of any pdf reader that has a good bookmarking feature that i can install from the repos?02:33
tux9778is there a a atheros driver availbe for ar5009 wifi?02:33
linxuz3rtar.gz is the same as tgz?02:34
nickrud!hardysources | yimer (good for hardy on up)02:34
ubottuyimer (good for hardy on up): In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).02:34
Cpudan80lifenova: interesting ...02:34
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: things are  better now. the resolutiong is the highest possible, but that's too high for me, it's not like that that it used to be. when i decrease the resolution things get a little better but they are still ugly .when i run "nvidia-settings" it's saying that i am not using Nvidia X driver02:34
vertanatux9778: I believe mad5k would for that, just google. (I am NOT sure on that)02:34
roddI have something weird to ask you02:34
nickrudyimer, do that, then check synaptic again. You'll need to close synaptic temporarily02:34
vertanarodd: Shoot.02:34
gnutronbthompson: apt-cache search [package] will say what version the repo's have.02:34
yimerkk ty02:34
roddDo you know how to develop games for Linux?02:34
linxuz3rcan you append tar files?02:34
linxuz3rappened to tar files?02:35
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, How did you install the driver02:35
tux9778i been googleing it up vertana nothing seems to pop up just posts for it02:35
gnutronbthompson: dpkg -s package will show installed version of same.02:35
roddI've been searching for a while and didn't find anything all over the net....02:35
lifenovaCpudan80: Just tried to get the error message again, and couldn't. What had happened was that the whole screen went black (I assume it was simulating what usplash should look like) and then I saw plain white text that said something about a missing console font and an invalid argument02:35
vertanarodd: Sorry, I do not.02:35
bthompsongnutron,  apt-cache search kino02:35
bthompsonkino - Non-linear editor for Digital Video data02:35
roddvertana: I thought it would be hard to find02:35
vertanatux9778: Sometimes forum posts are the most valuable.02:35
gnutronlinxuz3r: yes you can02:35
bthompsondoesn't show version...i want to make sure that it is the latest version..02:35
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: apt-get install nvidia-glx-new02:35
vertanarodd: Actually you would be surprised try googling something developing games for linux or programming game linux.02:36
vertanasomething ^like02:36
linxuz3rgnutron: thanks02:36
gnutronbthompson: ah, no version info, go into synaptic it will show the version there.02:36
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, Go through the nvidia install tutorial again..02:36
tux9778ok thanks so i should bookmark the ones that people ased for it and see what happens vertana?02:36
Cpudan80lifenova: mine just goes black02:36
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:36
linxuz3ris there a tar viewer that shows you the permission and owner of files and folders?02:36
vertanarodd: You could even do something such as downloading the source for Battle for Wesnoth or Super Maryo Chronicles and take a look for yourself :)02:36
Cpudan80lifenova: I assume it will give some error if its bad02:36
roddvertana: I've already done that...the point is that I can't find the most simple stuff, like what programming language suits best...LOL02:36
vertanarodd: That's the beauty of it all ^^02:36
__dean__linuxuz3r: emacs the tar file02:36
gnutronlinxuz3r: read any tar tutorial, plenty of tricks02:37
nickrudlinxuz3r, right click the file, open with archive manager02:37
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: what do you mean, i just installed it from adept manger?? i don't have any tutorial02:37
lifenovacpudan80: hmmm02:37
andypls1Jack_Sparrow:what did i do wrong?02:37
linxuz3rnickrud: but it does not show owner and permissions02:37
Jack_Sparrow!nvidia > andypls102:37
ubottuandypls1, please see my private message02:37
vertanarodd: Which language is best for what is always a hot topic. It's best to just go with what you already know. At least if you're just starting out. Learn to optimize large projects later :)02:37
roddvertana: I would totally agree if I knew something about programming for linux at all...LOL02:37
lifenovaCpudan80: I'm going to try restarting one more time, then googling around. if not, no biggie, just a minor aesthetics problem02:37
greenskyI recently upgraded to 4gb of ram and got a dvd burner, but my dvd burner wont work in ubuntu...  "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/scd0" any idas?02:37
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: now i don't have the drivers installed?02:38
Cpudan80lifenova: well if you're missing the font -- its easy to get that back02:38
__dean__linuxuz3r: open it with emacs.02:38
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, Just looking to have you install them correctly so we can work from there02:38
roddvertana: I've been programming for windows for too long...LOL...and I'm afraid of using Java for large projects, if you know what I mean...02:38
__dean__linxuz3r: if you don't have emacs, do sudo apt-get install emacs02:38
themindnoob here... i need help getting wow to run in WINE02:38
vertanatux9778: Sorry, I missed your comment earlier. But yes or better, you could go to ubuntuforums.com and search. If nothing comes up post the question yourself. Generally the Ubuntu community if very helpful.02:39
__dean__linuxuz3r: It will list the files in the archive02:39
themindif anyone has done it plz msg me02:39
usserrodd: use C++/qt02:39
Jack_Sparrowthemind, /join #Winehq02:39
lifenovathemind, you might try asking at #winehq02:39
nickrudlinxuz3r, bummer, you're right02:39
__mikemrod, don't use C++/qt, Use C++/wxWidgets02:39
Dr_willisOk.. With the Gnome File manager.. if you are in a List View of a Folder.. How do you make a 'New Folder'  - that entry seems to not be there unless you are in ICON view... or i am totally missing it.02:39
__mikemrodd, ^02:39
tux9778ok vertana what happens if things dont work in x64 intrepid then what?02:39
roddusser: C++ ins an awesome language, but still not the best for programming and testing easily02:40
vertanarodd: Notice, how people have already chimed in on that... told you, hot topic. Whatever is comfortable amiko ^^02:40
guestguestnewdo u guys know of any pdf reader that has a good bookmarking feature that i can install from the repos?02:40
rodd__mikem same as  for usser, sire02:40
__dean__linxuz3r: http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/File-Archives.html02:40
vertanatux9778: What wouldn't work? Usually the solution is the same as 32-bit, but depends on what "breaks" :)02:40
roddvertana: indeed...I dodn't know that Linux was able to support these languages02:40
__mikemrodd, its just qt doesn't even use standard C++, qt has to employ its own special preprocessor02:40
vertanarodd: Sir, Linux supports EVERY language I've heard of.02:41
__mikemvertana, visual basic 6?02:41
tux9778ok thans vertana so 64 bit is up to date with the 32 bit version?02:41
vertanarodd: You just have to sarch the net for good documentation.02:41
roddvertana: That's awesome to here...I just need to get myself ready for programming, then...xD02:41
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: i clicked "enable" in KMenu->System Settings, go to the Advanced tab and click Restricted Drivers.  should i restart to see the changes?02:41
roddvertana: hear*02:41
vertanamikem: Ok, fine anything that MS is not attached to. Better? :p02:41
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, Sure02:42
__dean__Dr_willis: do right click, new folder02:42
__mikemvertana, :)02:42
Dr_willis__dean__,  its not there in the LIST view..  i will look again for the 10th time. :)02:42
greenskydo I need to do something differently to get a sata cd-burner to mount a drive vs. an ata drive?02:42
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: ok02:42
greenskyother than the /dev entry?02:42
linxuz3rthanks guys02:42
__dean__Dr_willis: File -> Create Folder02:43
__dean__Dr_willis: Or C-N02:43
vertanarodd: Ok, Java is cross platform, but C++ is fast (just harder to learn) and python is pretty decent (Once again, subjective everybody has their own opinion).02:43
__dean__Dr_willis: Ctrl-Shift-N02:43
Dr_willis__dean__,   the ISSUE seems to be the right click menu  has to Not be over an icon/item to get that menu..  so you do the right click in the blank spaces in Icon view.. but in List view.. theres no blank spaces.. Or so it seems02:43
vertanagrindking: I know I'm late, but nice Desktop btw :p02:44
roddvertana: Yeah, I'm a bit sick of Java for huge programs with lots of different classes in different source-codes....C++ is fast but needs either to be distributed on source code or recompiled for every system. and Python is almost the same as C++ in this point...02:44
roddvertana: I guess every language has their pros and cons....02:44
__dean__Dr_willis: You can do it in list view if you right click in a blank space02:45
__dean__Dr_willis: but there is only a blank space if there is not many files02:45
Dr_willis__dean__,  what blank space? i right click where it looks like its blank and it select the thing. :) heh  yea...02:45
vertanarodd: As is always the case. I'm partial to Python, but I like Source Code to look all pretty. Java, the only real hit that comes to mind is speed. And unless you plan on going commercial with your software, distributing source code is no big :)02:46
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gnutronguestguestnew: pdf reader du jour= http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/   they have a .deb that works well.02:46
__dean__Dr_willis: If you go to a folder where there isn't enough files to fill the window, then there will be a blonk space athe bottom where you can right click and it will work02:46
guestguestnewgnutron: ok thanks:)02:46
Dr_willis__dean__,  :) sounds like  a  rough edge.  heh02:47
roddvertana: I don't plan on going commercial right now...but I have some source coding I created that I have a special love for it...xD....cant just leave it for everyone to see...xDDD02:47
__dean__Dr_willis: But otherwise, you can create a new folder from the File menu or using the keyboard shortcut.02:47
vertanarodd: I won't lie, that's horrible :p  But to each his own ^^02:47
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: after i did that, xserver couldn't even start, so i had to type "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"02:48
AeonisNew prob w/ firefox.  It is opening larger than my res and java doesnt appear to be working.  I just upgraded to 8.1002:48
Aeonisany ideas?02:48
Dr_willis__dean__,  where in the file menu? let me look again there02:48
andypls1Jack_Sparrow:: so now the card is not "enabled", but it is "in use", whereas previously, when i clicked "enable" it was "not in use". what do i do now?02:49
__dean__Dr_willis: It is below New Tab and New Window02:49
roddvertana: I know it's totally horrible :p...even more in the open source community....But I'm still in love with how lovely a nice programming scheme can be02:49
__dean__Dr_willis: and above Create Document02:49
Rapture2k4what does this mean? "exportfs: /etc/exports [2]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export '10.X.X.X/24:/media/WD250'"?02:49
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, nvidia-settings   tells you what02:50
greenskywhat does this mean? isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=sr0, iso_blknum=16, block=16  get that when trying to mount a dvd02:50
vertanarodd: That's ok. The most infuriating thing to ever happen to me was when I was a student in high school and made some 'decent' (Ok I thought it was awesome...), but the second the school found out I was going to put it on the internet as OSS, they claimed the source for their own! Evil... but since I was in 'student' status, they called it a school project and there she goes... It made me mad at the time, but I'm smarter these days :p02:51
vertanarodd: (Or I"d like to think so anyway) =p02:51
usserRapture2k4: its a warning not an error, thats fine it'll work without it02:51
Dr_willis__dean__,  yea. seems some of the entries in the FILE menu could amost go alongside similer items in the EDIT menu..    Ya move to trash in one.. but empty the trash in the other..02:51
AeonisWait...  java got disabled...but how?02:51
jinja-sheepvertana: What did you create? ;o02:52
Rapture2k4what's the warning mean?02:52
andypls1Jack_Sparrow: that's not helping, i am always getting the same message02:52
__dean__Dr:willis: using the terminal for file manipulation is better02:52
linxuz3ris 9.04 released already?02:52
jinja-sheep!jaunty | linxuz3r02:52
ubottulinxuz3r: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.02:52
__dean__linkuz3r: you can upgrade to it but it is an alpha02:52
Dr_willis__dean__,  shame! turn in your gnome-merit badge! :P02:52
gnutronvertana: that should be under intellectual property, yours not theirs. sue them they'll back off02:52
ardchoillelinxuz3r: no, it isn't 9.04 yet (April 2009)02:52
roddvertana: Interesting thing02:53
__dean__linkuz3r: to upgrade: sed -i 's/intrepid/jaunty/g' /etc/apt/sources.list02:53
__dean__rlinxuz3r; but it is alpha so it might not be a good idea02:53
Jack_Sparrowandypls1, SInce I am not sure what all you have done or tried so far I dont know where to go from here.  I am working on a set of instructions but they are not finished.  If you are not getting an answer and want to continue in PM for a couple minutes I am willing to try02:53
andypls1Using X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".02:53
andypls1VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.02:53
andypls1                  Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver02:53
andypls1                  line.02:53
andypls1Backed up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'02:53
FloodBot1andypls1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
andypls1New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf02:53
jinja-sheep!pastebin | andypls102:54
Rapture2k4anyone know if it is possible to turn the serial port (9-pin joystick COM1) into a 'console' port like on routers?02:54
ubottuandypls1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:54
vertanajinja-sheep: Just some basic calculators, a nice interface, and a friend made them able to communicate through irc (when the school had its own irc channel). Therefore all the teachers could enter their grades into a website download the students grades as spreadsheets and then be able to enter into calcs to find totals, gpa's, etc. and the irc allowed to teachers to talk amongst each other in a passworded room. And it was in Java, so worked just as well02:54
vertanain Windows and Mac (which the school used).02:54
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: hello again, you was just helping me with my nvidia card install02:54
n8tuserRapture2k4 -> am sure it is possible02:55
jinja-sheepvertana: Sounds like a nice app. :o02:55
Rapture2k4i haven't found much on the topic02:55
vertanagnutron: It wasn't too much, just a High School Senior project. If it was more then yes, but as it stands it was no big deal.02:55
Rapture2k4trying to turn my old P4 into a 1U rack mount server02:55
vertanajinja-sheep: I thought it was nice (especially as my first 'big' project with a 'team' (myself and a friend).02:56
gnutronandypls1: so all you should need to do is edit xorg.conf and edit in the device driver 'nv'02:56
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: Hey, did it work yet?02:56
triplchi all02:57
cuonglbyes :D02:57
andypls1gnutron: edit it to what?02:57
gnutronvertana: its a matter of principle, the school doesnt pay you for your ideas, you own those not them.02:57
roddvertana: It's really terrible to be stolen in our code...no matter WHO steals us....02:57
gnutronandypls1: pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:58
vertanagnutron: I understand, but I was 17 at the team and it was mostly for a grade and I proved my principle. Minors aren't useless contrary to what the American education system leads the "children" to believe.02:58
roddvertana: it's funny to think that on an open source community, if someone goes wrong, he/she can steal everyone's code and claim their on or release a commercial software with it....02:58
ardchoille!ot | vertana02:58
ubottuvertana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:58
n8tuserRapture2k4 -> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-Serial-Console-HOWTO/configure-kernel-grub.html  to setup your com1 as console with grub02:58
gnutronvertana: *sigh*02:59
Rapture2k4ooo, ty02:59
vertanaardchoille: I got sidetracked :p02:59
triplcHow to get "run" in Gnome? It is OK to get "run" dialog by pressing "Alt-F2". Now I do not use Gnome desktop environment (as my computer is slow) so I switch to a slimmer Window Manager. However I still want to get that "run". What program I need to call to get it? (I am not quite happy with program like grun,... I prefer the one of Gnome)02:59
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: after the install i checked details a got an error same as before "error could not locate nvidia.ko for modudle nvidiav in the DKMS tree"03:00
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: "you must run a DKMSm bmumild for kernel 2.627-9-generic (i686) first"03:00
joe_-I used the alternate CD to install everything, how do I install Gnome now?03:01
gnutronandypls1: your device driver says nvidia, which i would think would work but 'nv' instead should. anyone know if 'nv' still works?03:01
triplcHow to get "run" in Gnome? It is OK to get "run" dialog by pressing "Alt-F2". Now I do not use Gnome desktop environment (as my computer is slow) so I switch to a slimmer Window Manager. However I still want to get that "run". What program I need to call to get it? (I am not quite happy with program like grun,... I prefer the one of Gnome) (re ask)03:01
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: What version of Ubuntu are you running?03:01
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: "you must run a DKMS build for kernel 2.627-9-generic (i686) first"03:01
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: 10.803:01
linux_guyhow should i install vmware?  its a tar.gz file03:02
gnutronandypls1: you have nothing to lose, change nvidia to nv if it doesnt work, change it back.03:02
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vertanamib_0hcvon6q: The latest? 8.10.  Go under Administration > Hardware Drivers and see if it tells you the Nvidia 177 driver is disabled. If it is, then try enabling it in that same menu.03:03
lifenova1linux_guy: extract the files into a folder, then tell me the name of that was created03:03
lstarneslinux_guy: there will most likely be a readme or install file contained in it03:03
gnutronandypls1: you should consult your restricted drivers menu also, i'm not up on that subject.03:04
andypls1i don't know....03:04
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: The reason I point you to the HArdware Drivers menu is because it should automatically download software that the drivers depend on.03:04
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: And it should trigger the right scripts (I.e. put everything in the right places and make the correct changes)03:05
* Panarchy says Hi03:05
gnutronandypls1: have you installed proprietary drivers?03:05
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: ok i will try it and reset :D03:06
andypls1gnutron: i don't know what that is03:06
shavinmy compaq 6710b laptop is just six months old and battery is troubling. It wont charge when plugged in. I took it out and plugged in again(did not start the OS yet) and the battery LED came on. I was able to charge it to almost 100%, then i started ubuntu and used it for a while and switched it off. Now again i started ubuntu in the morning the LED will not burn. I guess i might still be...03:06
shavin...able to charge it with laptop off. please help.03:06
linux_guylife:  I extracted it to a folder called vmware-server-distrib03:06
gnutronandypls1: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf   type in nv  instead of nvidia, i bet it'll work.03:07
lifenova1linux_guy: open up a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and type cd vmware-server-distrib03:07
Rapture2k4hmm, I can no longer see my Ubuntu server in my network (Vista) since I removed samba... I have NFS setup on it...03:07
Rapture2k4did i break something?03:07
puneethwill i face hardware compatability issues with a MAC for ubuntu?03:07
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phrostbiteIs there a difference between installing wine through the add/remove programs or using the sudo apt-get?03:07
andypls1gnutron: ok gimme a sec03:07
linux_guyno such file or dir?03:07
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: Ok After reboot, let me know how it works out for you. And if anyone asks you how to install Nvidia drivers in ubuntu it's always safe to tell them to do it through Hardware Drivers menu.03:07
shavinSo i guess what i have to is this 1. switch iff the laptop 2. take the battery out for a few second 3. put it back in and charge offline, 4 then switch on the laptop.03:07
lifenova1linux_guy: is the vmware-server-distrib folder in your home folder?03:08
shavinI am not able to charge online03:08
PanarchyI'm using the server version of ubuntu. I installed the GUI (sudo apt-get GNOME). However the icons aren't the same as Ubuntu's GNOME. How do I make them the same?03:08
rwwphrostbite: nope. Add/Remove is just a front-end for apt-get03:08
vertanaphrostbite: Not to my knowledge, no there is not. The Add/Remove programs is only there to make life easier on people.03:08
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lifenova1linux_guy: What's the location of the vmware-server-distrib folder in relation to your home folder03:08
FlannelPanarchy: install ubuntu-desktop, not gnome03:08
phrostbiteOh ok. And what is the link so i can learn how to use wine? Is it this one?03:08
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help03:08
recon69anyone know what the name of the dbdesigner4 biniary is? I installed it from repos but cant find menu item or bin?03:08
rwwPanarchy: You're missing the package human-icon-theme. Either install ubuntu-desktop to get that and other stuff, or install just the package and change your icon theme in Appearance Preferences.03:09
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: ok i tryed to active version 177, it finished 100% but not sure is its active. there is no green light next to it03:09
vertanaWhen you cannot find something sudo updatedb; locate "whatever you need"03:09
linux_guylifenoval: its in home folder now03:09
cereusHello, I'm trying to install ffmpeg with support for aac and mp3 and darn-it, this time I'm going to learn tricks about how to compile. I downloaded the source fine. Also, ./configure and make went without an obvious error. However, when I install it complains that /usr/local/include/libavdevice is not there (which it isn't). Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks.03:09
andypls1gnutron: should i restart now? what do i do?03:09
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: There should be a blue circle in the top right, click on it and it should ask for you to reboot.03:09
lifenova1linux_guy: are you sure that's the exact name of the folder?03:09
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: its still gray should i just restart anywayw03:10
joe_-I used the alternate CD to install everything, how do I install Gnome now?03:10
Dr_williscereus,  it may want some libavdevice-dev package.03:10
gnutronandypls1: yes reboot it03:10
Dr_willis!find libavdevice03:10
ubottuFound: libavdevice-dev, libavdevice52, libavdevice-unstripped-5203:10
linux_guyyes im in the folder in terminal now03:10
Dr_williscereus,  :) see :)03:10
lifenova1linux_guy: ok, type ./configure03:10
cereusThanks Dr_willis, I'll look in synaptic.03:10
Dr_williscereus,  <ubottu> Found: libavdevice-dev, libavdevice52, libavdevice-unstripped-5203:10
cereus(BTW, first time on IRC)03:10
gnutronandypls1: good luck i hope i didnt steer you wrong03:10
recon69anyone know what the name of the dbdesigner4 biniary is? I installed it from repos but cant find menu item or bin?03:10
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:10
Dr_williscereus,  thats the problem with source.. :) finding all the stuff it might/could use..   There is the ffmpeg on Medibunjtu that may have all the features in it.. but it may not be  as up to date03:11
themindwhat would the path be to get to my NTFS drives via the terminal03:11
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: if you mean the reset thing like after a normal ubuntu update that asks you to reset its not there03:11
linux_guylifenoval:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/105776/03:11
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: Yes, it should've said a reboot may be needed to activate it.03:12
Killeroidthemind: cd /media/name_of_drive03:12
linux_guylifenoval:  sudo?03:12
CoUrPsE|DeAdthemind, Is the drive mounted?03:12
PanarchyFlannel: This is taking a while to remove it all03:12
tweakdoes anyone know the proper way to install google earth?03:12
lifenova1linux_guy: shouldn't need to, as you're only in your home folder.03:12
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: nope it didnt do it03:12
themindyeah drive is mounted but i don't see it in the mnt directory03:12
CoUrPsE|DeAdit wont be.03:12
linux_guyive been trying to get a vm up seriously for 8 hours03:13
cereusHmmm, turns out I had already tried that option, I have libadevice52 and libavdevice-dev installed (trying to install unstripped removes those other two packages). Any other suggestions about what to check out?03:13
gnutrontweak: is it a .bin file?03:13
* linux_guy apparently sucks at linux03:13
Panarchyhow did you do italics CoUrPsE|DeAd03:13
lifenova1linux_guy: type ls and put the result in pastebin for me03:13
gnutrontweak: put it in your home folder first03:13
DarkWolf29Is there a driver for the Logitech Quickcam for Ubuntu?03:13
recon69anyone know what the name of the dbdesigner4 biniary is? I installed it from repos but cant find menu item or bin?03:13
andypls1ok i rebooted03:13
andypls1now what?03:13
tweakis there no apt-get for it?03:13
CoUrPsE|DeAdPanarchy, ? i used /'s. Its not italics.03:13
gnutronandypls1: hows it work, any errors03:14
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: As long as it said everything is 100% done. I think it should be ok to reboot. In case it doesn't come up (Prolly won't happen to you) in a console run sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and under the driver section look for something like "driver" (won't be driver, but whatever is there) change to "nvidia" if that doesn't work then "nv" will.03:14
linux_guylifenoval:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/105777/03:14
gnutrontweak: say when03:14
tweaki just want to be able to uninstall it easily if it doesn't work03:14
jinja-sheeptweak:  Install / uninstall it from the repos.03:15
vertanatweak: If you download from website you can put all the files in one folder and if you don't like or w/e you can just delete that folder and you're done.03:15
gnutrontweak: chmod +x thefilename.bin03:15
lifenova1linux_guy: sudo vmware-install.pl03:15
andypls1gnutron:  i get the same error when i run nvidia-settings03:15
gnutrontweak: type exactly  ./filesname.bin   dot slash filename03:15
PanarchyCoUrPsE|DeAd: Well it shows as italics on mibbit03:16
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: do you think it is a problem with the dkms03:16
linux_guylifenoval:  cmd not found03:16
jinja-sheeptweak: Use the repos.  Do you know how to install things in terminal? apt-get?  aptitude?03:16
CoUrPsE|DeAdPanarchy, Then thats a function of mibbit, i surrounded text by /'s. to show a directory.03:16
gnutronandypls1: did you need to run settings, i dont think the drivers installed properly.03:16
themindshould the terminal be giving me a response after I tell it to copy 3 gigs of files, or will it not respond until they've finished moving?03:16
DarkWolf29Is there an apt-get install for the Logitech quickcams? Or do I need to get it elsewhere?03:16
morghanphoenixHow do you change the permissions of a directory to only allow user 1000 & 1001 to access it, I know how you change the ownership but that doesn't seem to work with two users. Currently I have it set to 777 and I'd like to close it back up to guests but not to the two primary users of this system.03:17
kalosaurusrexhey guys. ugh..been trying to find this. but how do i play mp3 in terminal (only system)?03:17
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: To be honest I think we confused the package manager with the stuff from synaptic and the Hardware Drivers. If you wanna be Extra extra safe I would reboot and then delete Everything nvidia off your computer. THEN use the hardware driver menu to do it.03:17
CoUrPsE|DeAdthemind,  Wont reposnd tell tis finished.03:17
lifenova1themind: if you see username@hostname:$, it's done03:17
andypls1gnutron:  in System->Hardware Drivers Manager, the Nvidia Card is not Enabled. When  i enable it and restart, the x server can not start03:17
themindAlright, so its not freezing up :O03:17
gnutronandypls1: thats gotta be the problem.03:18
raz0o0xhello, can i ask someone for help with 'mount'?03:18
lifenova1linux_guy: I'm a little unsure about how to help you, but you might try http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_feisty_fawn_vmware_server_howto03:18
CoUrPsE|DeAd3GB could take some time thou, so dont get impatient.03:18
lifenova1!ask | raz0o0x03:18
linux_guylifenoval:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/105778/03:18
ubotturaz0o0x: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, You can ask everyone, State your question.03:18
andypls1gnutron:  how do i solve it?03:18
* linux_guy parks at the edge of a cliff03:18
* linux_guy throws laptop over03:18
kristian_is there a terminal command that can tell me what wireless networks (ssid) the machine picks up? if the command gives additional information that would be great. or do i need to get some package?03:19
vertanaandy: running sudo nvidia-xconfig in a console should fix that (perhaps not at best resolution but a temporary fix to get to a gui). if that does not work sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg (only for 8.10).03:19
kalosaurusrexraz0o0x: what's yoru questions about mount?03:19
raz0o0xi was trying to mount one of my external drives through the terminal a few months ago, and then I unmounted it. but I think it did not finish successfully03:19
dayo_* calls environmentalists on linux_guy03:19
raz0o0xso now when I do: "dir /media/"03:19
* linux_guy makes 6:00 news03:19
raz0o0xI see "cdrom  cdrom0  one  System  zero"03:19
* dayo_ messed that up03:19
gnutronandypls1: i wish i knew for sure03:19
andypls1vertana: you mean after the x is not starting, or now?03:19
Claire2009want to thank everyone here for helping me with my reinstall issues earlier!03:19
raz0o0x"zero" was the name of the name of the old drive03:19
Killeroidlinux_guy: the command you tried in that paste should be   sudo ./vmware-install.pl03:19
raz0o0xbut it doesn't exist anymore03:19
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, the folder still stays there unless you delete it.03:19
vertanaandypls1:  the dpkg-reconfigure option WILL change the driver so you'll have to put it back to nvidia later.03:19
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, You would of had to mkdir the folder in the first place.03:20
raz0o0xdo I just say 'rm zero'?03:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdls -l zero03:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdto be sure its empty.03:20
zod21whats up yall03:20
themindk, how about gnome... the theme manager doesn't seem to be installed, its not showing up in System>Preference03:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdthen rm -r zero03:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdif it is.03:20
andypls1vertana: ok so that's what scewed up everything. Now i don't know what to do. what's the first step you said i should do?03:20
jinja-sheepraz0o0x: Look inside.  It's an empty folder.  It's just a place to mount the directory to.03:20
vertanaandypls1: Those commands can be run on any terminal. For instance after x does not work press control + alt + f1, login and then run them.03:20
linux_guykilleroid, that worked thanks03:20
kalosaurusrexanyone? mp3 in terminal?03:20
zod21themind how could your theme manager not be installed03:20
Killeroidthemind: system>preferences> appearance03:20
raz0o0x"total 0"03:21
lifenova1themind: Doesn't theme manager show up as a part of System -> Prefs -> Appearance03:21
linux_guykilleroid, in which dir do i want to install the binaries?03:21
saiyhello everyone03:21
raz0o0xi got that from the ls -l command03:21
raz0o0xso i'll proceed to delete it03:21
andypls1vertana: yeah do i fix it without restarting? i mean, *now* what do i type in the console?03:21
DarkWolf29Anyone know how to get the drivers for the Logitech quickcam?03:21
vertanaandypls1: When mine didn't work i ran sudo nvidia-xconfig (this will replace configuration with nvidia provided ones)03:21
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, then rm -r /media/zero03:21
themindK there it is... but how do I add the GTK theme i downloaded to the list :\03:21
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: ok about to reboot again, and in the xorg03:21
raz0o0xthat worked!03:21
* CoUrPsE|DeAd nods.03:21
raz0o0xI have one more question about the 'man' pages03:22
themindnevermind i'm a nub03:22
lifenova1themind: Click install and find the theme file03:22
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: Ok, did you delete everything nvidia? trying from Sqaure 1? or just restarting?03:22
* CoUrPsE|DeAd hides.03:22
lifenova1themind: hehe03:22
Killeroidlinux_guy: i wasnt really following your convo but its standard to install binaries in /usr/bin03:22
mib_0hcvon6qvertana: ok about to reboot again, and in the xorg.conf the driver is set to nvidia "Driver"nvidia""03:22
raz0o0x"man dir03:22
raz0o0xNo manual entry for dir03:22
raz0o0xSee 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available."03:22
andypls1ok i'll just reboot03:22
raz0o0xwhen I do03:22
raz0o0xunset MANPATH03:22
raz0o0xman starts to work03:22
dude7064how to write a for loop in bash ??03:22
gnutronandypls1: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf   put nvidia back in, then sudo depmod in a terminal03:22
raz0o0xsome guy was messing with my computer a month ago03:22
kristian_is there a terminal command that can tell me what wireless networks (ssid) the machine picks up? if the command gives additional information that would be great. or do i need to get some package?03:23
dude7064for loop that counts from 151 to 35003:23
vertanamib_0hcvon6q: Ok. If that does not work sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg. Make sure you remember that command if it does not work.03:23
raz0o0xto install ROOT51803:23
pentasideWhat's a good program to partition with?03:23
vertanapentaside: gparted.03:23
usservertana: that doesnt work anymore03:23
lifenova1!gparted | pentaside03:23
ubottupentaside: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:23
gnutronandypls1: reboot after the edit then sudo depmod03:23
raz0o0xeyurtsev@Wigner:~$ echo $MANPATH03:23
usservertana: all x config is now done on the fly with xrandr03:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, To make it easier on people trying t o help you, could you please not use enter as puncuiation.03:23
pentasideTried that... didn't like it... any others?03:23
vertanausser: With the switch -phigh it resets driver to VESA so it's a safe backup.03:23
dude7064anybdoy please ?03:23
raz0o0xYes, sorry.03:23
usservertana: oh i see03:24
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, try: set -u MANPATH03:24
Killeroiddude7064: for(blah blah);do blah blah;done;   next time, use google, its way easier to google for stuff like this03:24
vertanausser: I had to break my X to hunt that command down lol. But ultimately it just resets driver to VESA.03:24
andypls1gnutron: after that?03:24
gnutronpentaside: gparted livecd is best03:24
linux_guykilleroid:  you rock dude03:24
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd, that does not work03:24
themind*sigh* i want to make Ubuntu work for me so I don't have to buy windows... but I feel like such a nooob03:24
Killeroidlinux_guy: glad, everything is working out03:25
RaptureAnyone know how to mount an NFS share in Vista? I've installed Servies/Client for NFS...03:25
vertanathemind: It's ok. Just ask questions on the forums, or here, or Google. Between them all you'll have all the help you need.03:25
gnutronandypls1: have you rebooted paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:25
vertanathemind: Or could want for that matter...03:25
andypls1wait i think something good is going on...03:25
themindHow do I install porn on Ubuntu?03:25
Killeroidthemind: everyone is a noob when they are trying something new, you will become proficient as you use it more and more03:25
andypls1ok i'll reboot now03:26
puneethhow can i get KDE?03:26
Killeroidthemind: sudo apt-get install porn    ;)03:26
vertanathemind: Think of the children. Leave that outta here please.03:26
CoUrPsE|DeAddont know.03:26
DarkWolf29Is anyone else using a Logitech quick cam on their linux systems? I need to get the drivers for the Logitech quickcam. Any help is greatly appreciated.03:26
goexplodepuneeth: sudo apt-get install kde03:26
pentasidegnutron: Well, I haven't tried with the Live CD, we'll see what happens.03:26
theminddarkwolf i'll let you know when i get my webcam working03:27
ale1hello all03:27
temppyDarkWolf29: maybe try easycam?03:27
themindits not high on priority list (wow junky without his fix)03:27
vertanaalel: Hi.03:27
gnutronpentaside: gparted is on ubuntu cd's and your hdd but the real deal is sweeter imho03:27
DarkWolf29temppy, easycam? is that in apt-get do you know?03:27
puneethgoesplode; thx03:27
erickarenmush mush making a Ruby cave on Ibex how's evrybdy doin?03:27
ale1i need major help with my cdrom for some reason linux BROKE MY CD ROM it does not even work in vista now dual boot03:27
temppy!webcam | DarkWolf2903:27
ubottuDarkWolf29: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras03:27
ale1it has done this with 2 optical drives03:28
temppy1st link03:28
tweakdon't blame linux03:28
gnutrontweak: you get googleearth loaded up?03:28
ale1well when i bought the new drive from new egg it worked until i booted into linux03:28
tweaki have to wait for synaptic to finish before i can do the apt-get lol03:28
themind=_= i tried to install the GTK theme tar and its not showing up in the list03:28
erickarenanybody here work with RUby?03:28
ale1it worked in vista all day03:28
vertanaalel: An operating system itself cannot damage hardware to the point of being physically useless. This includes Windows as well.03:29
lifenova1themind: Try extracting the tar you downloaded03:29
ale1i thought so too03:29
gnutrontweak: oh i thought you had the binary install file03:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi03:29
tweakWindows should count as a swear!03:29
ale1i have been building machines for 12 years03:29
benhsomebody who understands NetworkMangler around ?03:29
benhie, I used to have my eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces03:29
gnutrontweak: its all good then you dont need any help :)03:29
goexplodevertana: you sure about that? :-p i remember a certain kernel version that was doing some bad things to some types of gigabit ethernet cards recently03:29
ale1and it will not even see disks ...i can not even reinstall ANY OS03:29
benhso NM. basically kept away from it03:29
benhthis had the side effect that various things though I was offline etc...03:30
tweaki tried to download it from the site and save it in my /home/ directory but I clicked save and then the file wasn't there.. did that a few times.. still not there.. can I not write to /home/?03:30
vertanagoexplode: Ok, well not these days...03:30
benhnow I want to put it back under NM. controlk03:30
temppybenh: whats the problem?03:30
benhtemppy: well, I removed it from interfaces03:30
usserRapture: did u install that microsoft package? services for unix or whatnot?03:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdUsing System/prefecences/Sessions How can i tell applictions to get send to a different virtual desktop?03:30
usserRapture: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/windows2000serv/reskit/prork/prci_unx_qnhb.mspx?mfr=true03:30
raz0o0xis there an easy way to just reinstall the man pages if they fail to work?03:30
benhtemppy: but NM still thinks it's "unmanaged"03:30
ale1I am talking about from the bios out ....no disk can be seen03:30
benhtemppy: and won't pick it up03:30
NarcishaHow can I close down gnome/x to access the normal terminal? anything I try lead me to a blinking underscore, and only ctrl+alt+f7 brings me back to gnome03:30
vertanaalel: make sure all cables are connected, etc.03:30
benhtemppy: is there some other remaining bit of setting somewhere I need to ditch ?03:30
gnutrontweak: first you should tell firefox to ask where to save files, its probably on your desktop by default03:31
tweaki have it set to ask me every time03:31
ale1i am thinking it is locked (mounted) with a perm flag  ...like what sometimes happens on USB drives03:31
rwwbenh: Did you restart the computer after doing that? I don't think it'll pick up that it's not in /etc/network/interfaces until you do that, or restart the networking and NetworkManager services.03:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, You COULD try sudo apt-get --reinstall install man03:31
temppybenh: I dunno.  I thought that was what you had to do, remove it from interfaces03:31
andypls1GUYSSS :( :.(03:31
kristian_is there a terminal command that can show me what wireless networks my wireless reciever on my box picks up? aka the ssid, encryption, channel, etc, etc. thanks. :-)03:31
benhrww: I restarted /etc/init.d/networking & NM03:31
gnutrontweak: cant you save it to /home/user/ ?03:31
vertanaalel: If your CD Drive can't even be seen before starting up an OS it is 100% sure a hardware problem. Cables, Damaged Discs, or something otherwise physical.03:31
benhrww: I would have expected not to have to reboot the whole machine :-) man, it's not windows !03:31
benhbut I suppose I can try03:31
temppykristian_: iwscan maybe03:31
Dante123can you set a usb wireless dongle to ad-hoc mode and then bridge the ethernet internet connection so that it is shared with anyone else connecting with the usb wireless dongle?03:31
tweakgnutron: checking.........03:32
andypls1i am still getting the same problem, the sxerver could not start, and i had to run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:32
benhlet me restart hal03:32
benhnah, same03:32
rwwbenh: Hrm. Probably something else you need to restart, then; I'm just not sure what. I happened to need to restart the computer for something else anyway, so I didn't really investigate.03:32
ussertemppy: try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:32
n3m0kristian_ its iwlist <iface> scan03:32
vertanaandypls1: If you're running 8.10 it's dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:32
temppykristian_: no, its iwlist iface scanning03:32
gnutrontweak: open a terminal dont use file-manager03:32
ale1all cables are connected fine ...It first happened with the first drive.....then I ordered a new drive off of new egg ...and i used it all day in vista ...then booted into linux mint (ubuntu) ....now this (drive #2) is broken03:33
n3m0man you guys both got it wrong03:33
andypls1vertana i am on 7.1003:33
vertanaandypls1: Don't forget the -phigh switch. It will boot you into a sort of safe graphics mode.03:33
temppyale1: maybe its your mobo/psu03:33
andypls1vertana: if i update to 8.10 will my problems get fixed?03:33
tweakgnutron: It worked yes03:33
Raptureusser: I can't even see my Ubuntu box from Networks (in vista), is this normal behavior? also, I did mount the NFS share, but it times out when I try to access it03:33
ale1no cuz the drive is seen by both OS03:33
vertanaalel: In the VERY OFF chance that this happened due to software google your cd model and see if anyone has reports.03:33
benhbah, now NM sees eth1 twice :-)03:34
raz0o0xin which file can someone set the PATH variable to some default value each time the terminal is opened?03:34
benhallright, I'll reboot the box03:34
gnutrontweak: define 'worked'? its installed?03:34
benhI need to change something with the kernel anyway03:34
vertanaandypls1: That is always probable, but YMMV as always.03:34
tweakno I got the file lol03:34
themindso i bet u linux guyz r real sad abot steve jobz huh03:34
usserRapture: yes with nfs it will not show up in networks03:34
andypls1what is YMMV?03:34
ale1i have but this happened with TWO diff drives ...two diff manuf.03:34
Dante123can you set a usb wireless dongle to ad-hoc mode and then bridge the ethernet internet connection so that it is shared with anyone else connecting with the usb wireless dongle?03:34
usserRapture: try connecting by ip. name resolutions might not work properly03:34
vertanaandypls1: If you do upgrade, a clean install is best if you can lose files or back them up. YMMV means your mileage may very. Meaning it may be different for you then everybody else.03:35
gnutronandypls1: you got a nvidia glitch is all03:35
gnutronandypls1: have you booted a frsh xorg.conf?03:35
ale1the drive it self works ...opens ...closed ....LED on the front checks and looks at what disk is put in...its like LINUX is blocking the laser inside03:35
linux_guyhow do you start vmware?03:35
andypls1gnutron: i don't know what that is03:35
ale1and yes i am kind of a nub03:35
andypls1vertana: do you suggest a clean install or an upgrade?03:35
benhtemppy / rww : rebooting did it, damn ! looks like we are regressing down to win95 level :-)03:36
benhthanks anyway, bbl03:36
ari_stressmorning all :)03:36
gnutronandypls1: did you edit nvidia back in03:36
CoUrPsE|DeAdkristian_, could look in lshw -C Network03:36
The_Zlinux_guy: point your web browser to port 822203:36
goexplodeari_stress: good evening :-p03:36
vertanaandypls1: if you can help it do a clean install (since xorg changed a lot), but yes you did boot into a fresh xorg.conf.03:36
andypls1gnutron: yes i did03:36
lifenova1linux_guy: type vmware in a terminal :)03:36
The_Zlinux_guy: ..or, ./vmware03:36
mib_9obidclevertana: back again ok, after updating to the  177 nvida driver, i now get an error message and have to run thev gui in low res mode 800*600. the error is failed to load kernal modual03:36
Raptureusser: i did mount -o rsize=32,wsize=32 10.X.X.X:/media/WD250 Z:03:36
gnutronandypls1: open a terminal type lsmod |grep nvidia03:37
DarkWolf29temppy: Thanks for the tip on the webcam, works perfect. Thanks again.03:37
mib_9obidclevertana: module03:37
hnhello... East Timor03:37
andypls1vertana: i am afraid i will screw up wit a clean install , it's easier to upgrade03:37
The_Zlinux_guy: did you install vix?03:37
temppyDarkWolf29: cool, glad it worked out03:37
ale1is there a linux version of Device man. that i can "uninstall" the optical drive then scan for hardware changes03:37
Raptureusser: it just fails to connect to the server03:37
andypls1gnutron: ok03:37
andypls1nvidia               3934028  003:37
andypls1agpgart                34760  2 nvidia,intel_agp03:37
The_Zlinux_guy: like: http://localhost:8222"03:37
usserRapture: hm can u ping it?03:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdkristian_, sudo iwlist will tell you info as well.03:37
hnhave someone hre...03:37
sagredoI upgraded to the latest build and my apache is no longer working, can someone help me troubleshoot?03:38
Raptureand ping both ways03:38
ale1is there a linux version of Device man. that i can "uninstall" the optical drive then scan for hardware changes03:38
raz0o0xis there any other file except for .bashrc where one might set PATH when the terminal loads?03:38
vertanaandypls1: It's better to do a clean install, because you can start from square one and any changes beyond default will be wiped. In other words, anything changed by you or anyone else won't matter and you can just enable the driver via Hardware Drivers.03:38
kristian_temppy & n3m0 : couldn't get any of those commands to work. sorry about the slow response.03:39
vertanamib_9obidcle: What do you mean module?03:39
usserRapture: did u sudo exportfs -a, after modifying your /etc/exports? restart nfs server on ubuntu as well, sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-server restart03:39
Killeroidsagredo: are you using ubuntu 8.10 or ubuntu 9.04?03:39
* The_Z is TheZ03:39
andypls1vertana: so i have to make a bootable cd etc etc03:39
Rapturei believe i did, lemme try again03:39
ttmrichterHow does one add archive types to file-roller: specifically I'd like to be able to compress/decompress/tar/etc. using lzma, not just gzip and bzip2.03:39
gnutronandypls1: well, the module looks ok.03:39
usserRapture: try mounting it from another linux machine, if u have one :)03:39
hnwelcome to my blogsite www.cristalopensource.blogspot.com, i hope just fun 2 u all03:39
Rapturei don't right now :/03:39
andypls1gnutron: what else do you want me to do'?03:39
vertanaandypls1: Yessir. Just download the cd and then right click on the resulting .iso and write cd. I honestly don't think you're current install is beyond repair though.03:40
sagredocan someone help me get my apache server running?03:40
Raptureafk... lemme try rebooting both my server and my box03:40
CoUrPsE|DeAdroxazer, env --unset=MANPATH03:40
Raptureer.. brb that is03:40
temppykristian_: what command?  I forgot03:40
Killeroidttmrichter: sudo apt-get install lzma03:40
=== travis is now known as Guest92610
hnr u all linux members... plase confirm my chat..03:40
andypls1vertana: yes i prefer to repair it than upgrade03:40
gnutronandypls1: run sudo depmod  ..but it looks like its loaded, i need to see your /var/log/Xorg.0.log  to know for sure03:41
ttmrichterKilleroid: lzma is installed.  File-roller knows nothing about it.03:41
ale1is there a linux version of Device man. that i can "uninstall" the optical drive then scan for hardware changes03:41
Guest92610how do you install the movie/music codecs?03:41
kristian_CoUrPsE|DeAd : i am already connected to wlan, so it doesn't give me info on other nearby wireless. :-/ or maybeim doing something wrong.03:41
andypls1gnutron: my /var/log/Xorg.0.log is:03:41
CoUrPsE|DeAdSo what eaxtly are you trying to figure out?03:41
Jack_Sparrowhn, Please stay on topic.. This is Ubuntu-Support03:41
gnutronandypls1: dont paste here03:41
ale1Guest92610 just down load VLC03:41
sagredo can anyone help me with my apache203:41
gnutronandypls1: yes03:41
temppyale1: I don't think there is such a device manager... sorry03:41
vertanaandypls1: Then just provide us with link.03:41
lifenova1!ask | sagredo03:41
ubottusagredo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:41
ale1i do i "reinstall" drivers for my CDROM03:42
usserale1: how do you figure your cdrom doesnt work?03:42
* CoUrPsE|DeAd waits for an answer.03:42
usserale1: whats the error?03:42
temppykristian_: now I remember.  But you were only given a single command.  We both gave the same command03:42
vertanaale1: That shouldn't be needed in Linux. It is NOT a driver issue if your BIOS cannot even see the drive.03:42
sagredoI updated to the latest build of Ubuntu and now my apache2 server config is not servering files: what gives?!?!?!?!?!?03:43
hnhave new version from ubuntu 4 hackers nubuntu... plase downlods in www.nubuntu.org03:43
ale1it does not see ANY Disks  in any OS03:43
ale1vista xp or linux mint03:43
ale1it sees the drive just fine03:43
mib_9obidcleusser: put the ubuntu boot cd in there and see if u can boot ubuntu, :P03:43
CoUrPsE|DeAdUm, it physcially broke?03:43
vertanaale1: I understand that, but seeing as it crosses both OS's and even the BIOS it is a physical problem to be sure.03:43
runderwosagredo: what's the error message?03:43
CoUrPsE|DeAdHow do you know its not if it doesnt work on ny03:43
CoUrPsE|DeAdHow do you know its not if it doesnt work on any OS?03:43
sagredorunderwo:Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost.03:44
albuntuale1: its a physical problem or your bios has a problem. have you tried your cdrom in another pc ?03:44
ale1the bios sees it and so does the drive itself...you can hear the Disks spool up and the LED on the front acts normal03:44
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: typing env --unset=MANPATH does not work. When I echo $MANPATH it remains set to "/home/eyurtsev/root_518/man". Whenever I load a new terminal, that's the default value it gets.03:44
ale1yes ....03:44
Jack_Sparrowale1, Did you just put that drive in yourself03:44
ale1i used a USB to sata cable03:44
ale1yes i did ...both of the drives did the same thing...worked until i booted into linux03:45
Jack_Sparrowale1, that is the problem03:45
kristian_temppy : yeah. let my say it more correctly. i want terminal to print what ssid's it can find. (however i am already connected to my wireless and dont want to drop)03:45
ale1then it made all disk unreadable03:45
andypls1gnutron: i pastebined it03:45
vertanaandypls1: Under hardware Drivers is Nvidia 169 the "recommended" driver?03:45
andypls1vertana: no it's 803:45
tweakok i'm running google earth but the graphics are all garbled on the actual earth. the menu's look fine though. i know this pc can run it.... it's works great under XP.. but i'm trying to get rid of xp! help please?03:45
Genius314How can I install Amarok 2 in Ubuntu? All the guides tell me to add a repository... But when I add it, and reload the repos, I don't see Amarok2 or Amarok-kde4 (or anything related to Amarok 2) in Synaptic.03:45
vertanaandypls1: 8?03:45
ale1haah no its not ..i have been building my own boxes for a very long time03:45
mib_9obidclevertana: ok i have been at this nvida card problem for hours and it like 3am. i am going to bed. thanks for all your help. i will do a fresh install 2mora of 10.8 and 10.4 and see if i get them same problems. and if your about 2mora i will let wyowu wknow howw it going03:45
gnutronandypls1: problem:#03:46
gnutron(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)03:46
vertanamib_9obidcle: Before you go.03:46
hnhow can install wine in Ubuntu 8.1003:46
temppykristian_: did you get anything from the command?03:46
mib_9obidclevertana: yes still here03:46
andypls1vertana: yes nvidia series 803:46
goexplode!wine | hn03:46
tweakhn: synaptic03:46
ubottuhn: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help03:46
albuntu!wine | hn03:46
andypls1gnutron: ?03:46
ale1I booted into linux now both CDROM drives do not read ANY disks03:46
vertanamib_9obidcle: If you do a fresh install, do 8.10 and then just go under Administration > Hardware Drivers and enable Nvidia from there. the 177 driver. It will ask for a reboot. Just reboot and it should work fine.03:46
ale1even trying to reinstall any OS from a CD'03:46
CoUrPsE|DeAdroxazer, Tried setting MANPATH again rather than trying to get rid ofi t.03:46
gnutronandypls1: i'm looking03:47
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd:  what should I set it to?03:47
hnok. thanx 2 all. i have problems with my notebook, webcam no have software, what can i do 2 this problems...03:47
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: I just began using linux, so I'm not really sure what the default values should be03:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, Looking at my env, there is no default variable for MANPATH.03:47
vertanaandypls1: For a series 8 card I believe you need the 177 driver. And in your Xorg file you uploaded it says you have the 169 driver.03:47
ale1you know how if you use a USB drive to quick between windows and linux.....it put certain flags on the drive...thats what my CDROM is acting link03:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, type env03:47
mib_9obidclevertana: ok will do, thanks again :D03:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdis there your man varaible in there?03:47
kristian_temppy : "iwlist iface scanning" gave "iface     Interface doesn't support scanning."03:48
andypls1vertana: that's way too techical for me...03:48
vertanamib_9obidcle:  No problem :)03:48
tweakok i'm running google earth but the graphics are all garbled on the actual earth. the menu's look fine though. i know this pc can run it.... it's works great under XP.. but i'm trying to get rid of xp! help please?03:48
hnmy notebook device toshiba u405 not campatiblity with webcam Chancony software, can somw1 hlp me..03:48
temppykristian_: yes, you need to replace iface with the name of your interface (iface for short)03:48
vertanaandypls1: In the Hardware DRiver menu it should say Nvidia 177. That's the one you should have enabled.03:48
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: yes. "MANPATH=/home/eyurtsev/root_518/man" However, there's a whole bunch of other programs also set to /home/eyurtsev/root_518. For example, "PYTHONPATH=/home/eyurtsev/root_518/lib"03:49
mib_9obidclegrindking: ok i am off its 3am here thanks for the help. i will do a fresh install 2mora and let you know what happends if your about. THANK AGAIN03:49
ale1alex@alex-desktop ~ $ sudo mount /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom003:49
ale1mount: No medium foun03:49
andypls1vertana: there is only *one* option there03:49
hnalbuntu... can u hlp me...03:49
mib_9obidclevertana: THANKS AGAIN, cya     &:-D03:49
vertanamib_9obidcle: No problem and good luck.03:49
oddjobanyone know if a quick howto on migrating from ubuntu to xubuntu?03:49
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
albuntuhn state your problem here. if i cant someone other will03:49
andypls1vertana: Hardware Drivers Manager, that's what i am talking about03:49
kristian_temppy : ok, but that is not what im trying to do. sorry about my bad english. im trying to find other wireless networks.03:49
ale1alex@alex-desktop ~ $ grep cdrom /etc/fstab03:49
ale1/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       003:49
Killeroidttmrichter: if you installed the lzma package and you still cant open lzma archives, someone suggested installed the p7zip package03:50
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: This happened after a guy edited some script on my computer, so that I can load the ROOT518 system by typing "root" from any folder in the desktop03:50
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: I mean from any folder in the terminal03:50
vertanaandypls1: Yes, that's the same one. Just a small name change in the new one.03:50
temppykristian_: use 'iwconfig' to see the name of your wireless interface, then run 'sudo iwlist [the name of your wireless interface] scanning'            that will trigger a scan, and list all networks in range03:50
andypls1it doesnt mention those numbers03:50
albuntuhn whats your problem ?03:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdraz0o0x, Hummm.03:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdDonno sorry.03:50
erossi was trying to run alien arena, but i'm getting this error on 64-bit amd and i've already sudo apt-installed it.  libXxf86dga.so.1: cannot open share03:51
gnutronvertana: can you help andypls1 with his nvidia module not loading properly?03:51
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd:  OK :) Thanks for the help anyway!03:51
erossi tried copying it to /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64, but it doesn't work03:51
CoUrPsE|DeAddoes root518 still exist?03:51
hnok... my notebook TOSHIBA U405, i UZe ubuntu 8.10, cos webcam not detect... webcam software from chincony...03:51
temppy!purexfce | oddjob maybe this works03:51
ubottuoddjob maybe this works: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »03:51
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: Yes. I use it all the time. It's an analysis package for high energy physics03:51
vertanagnutron: I'm thinking myself. But I'm dealing with employer at same time :p03:51
gnutronvertana: thats cool. np03:52
andypls1vertana: i don't have an option to choose between those numbers03:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdSo the man pages arent working?03:52
vertanahn: I had that problem myself. Make sure you have the webcam turned on. (there is no indicator for it) Then use vl2 and load the webcam as a generic usb webcam.03:52
gnutronandypls1: heres the page im looking at, i dont know how comfortable you are with modules. one sec03:52
ale1how do uninstall my CDROM03:52
gnutronandypls1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:53
kristian_temppy : such as "sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning"? well, the only result i get is the wireless network im already connected to, even though i know there are at least 1 more visable network in range. :-/03:53
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd:  they are not working until I do "unset MANPATH" each time I load a new terminal. after I do that they work. It's just annoying and I thought there was a simple way to diagnose where this variable was being set03:53
erossi'm almost ready to go back to 32bit, 64bit doesn't offer me much it seems besides the 4g of ram03:53
rdw200169ale1: unplug the cables?03:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdahh i see.03:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdYes, that is a pain in the ass.03:53
ale1no i mean through software03:53
Killeroidale1: eject a cd or uninstall a cdrom drive?03:53
vertanaandypls1: Where are we at? I'm sorry I keep getting sidetracked, but I need to know what you did so far and the results.03:53
rdw200169ale1: what software?03:53
andypls1gnutron: at the point it's telling you to enable your card, i can't do that, because the xserver will not start on reboot03:53
ale1in terminal how do i uninstall the cdrom03:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdwhoops, sorry bout laung.03:54
tightlineslooking for bitchx for ubuntu 8.10.  can't find it in apt-get search (uncommented universe repos).  bitchx.org flames bitchx.com03:54
rdw200169ale1: you mean pop out the tray?03:54
andypls1vertana: at the point it's telling you to enable your card, i can't do that, because the xserver will not start on reboot <- that's where we are03:54
temppykristian_: I dunno.  Thats the only command I know, and it works for me.  But, for what its worth, you now seem to be using the correct command.03:54
ale1no ..like remove the mount point/drivers03:54
mike1980When Burning DVD media(all makes and brands) I can only record at 4X max when the drive and media can record four times that. Can anyone help please?03:54
ttmrichterKilleroid: p7zip is also installed.  I'm not sure what p7zip has to do with .tar.lzma formats.  More oddity: I can *MAKE* .tar.lzma files with file-roller.  I just can't open them.03:54
rdw200169ale1: you don't want/need to do that... do you?03:54
rdw200169ale1: a lot of work went into making it plug and play!03:55
raz0o0xCoUrPsE|DeAd: OK. Thanks! I'm off to sleep this is not worth the trouble right now.03:55
ale1mike1980 is the disk a DVD-RW or DVD-R  ?03:55
tweakok i'm running google earth but the graphics are all garbled on the actual earth. the menu's look fine though. i know this pc can run it.... it's works great under XP.. but i'm trying to get rid of xp! help please?03:55
vertanaandypls1 / gnutron: and the modules are loaded correct? and does it say the driver is activated in the hardware driver menu?03:55
mike1980ale1: it is a DVD-R03:55
kristian_temppy : alright, thanks. :-) i will look into it. i guess it will only give one wireless network, if your connected to one, and maybe several if your not connected to any. just guessing.03:55
rdw200169ale1: if it's a driver issue, you should google the brand name with 'ubuntu' and see if someone has a fix03:55
andypls1vertana: yes now it does say that03:55
andypls1but the enable box is not clicked03:55
mike1980well using growisofs or anything else03:56
goexplodeale1: have you tried not using it with usb to sata? to me, that seems like it would be a red flag as a possible root cause for it not working03:56
goexplodeale1: without*03:56
linux_guyinstalled vmware successfully, its asking for a username / password on the page03:56
rdw200169ale1: if you want to remove a mount point, just comment out the cd (lines) in /etc/fstab03:56
gnutronandypls1: what card do you have03:56
ale1its not a driver issue ..its a linux OS issue ...it did this with two totally different optial drives03:56
rdw200169ale1: and restart03:56
andypls1gnutron: 8600GT03:57
themindWoW is working for the most part03:57
themindanyone else run wow in ubuntu?03:57
ale1rdw200169: comment out ?  remove that whole line ?03:57
rdw200169themind: if you want it to run better, check out the Config.wtf tweaks for wine03:57
rdw200169themind: yeah, i played it today, runs very very well03:57
gnutronandypls1: its supported...hrm03:58
themindMain problem i see atm is the multisample, it won't let me switch it off 1x03:58
linux_guywhen i put in my system user + pass, it says you do not have permissions to access03:58
ale1goexplode no it doesnt work with usb or sata right to the MOBO03:58
rdw200169themind: the most important tweak is setting the resolution, and whether or not it uses d3d03:58
mike1980When Burning DVD media(all makes and brands) I can only record at 4X max when the drive and media can record four times that. Can anyone help please? I have also tryed "speed=16" in growisofs03:58
rdw200169themind: you're talking about in the config settings while the game is running?03:59
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
ale1if i remove my comment lines in fstab will the drive be automatically reinstalled ?03:59
gnutronandypls1: i don't wanna break your system03:59
ale1after i reboot  ?04:00
rdw200169themind: because that is known to cause problems, really, it's the only problem, most hardware related configurations should be done in Config.wtf for WoW04:00
Flannelale1: you have to run `sudo mount -a` (or reboot, sure)04:00
rdw200169themind: that, and make sure you run winecfg to make sure sound works there first04:00
Killeroidttmrichter: sorry it took me to respond, i was making a sandwich whilst watching the screen. what error do you get when trying to ope n a tar.lzma file with file-roller04:00
rdw200169themind: if sound works in winecfg, it will work w/all wine apps04:00
ale1i will give it a try04:00
goexplodeale1: the drivers are still going to be loaded by the kernel regardless of what is in fstab04:00
kristian_i have installed openssh-server on my ubuntu machine. i can access my machine via ssh/sftp over wlan using my account created on install. is it possible to setup a a sftp (not ssh) that can access a certain dir and all lower dir and download content, but not delete or add content? as a single terminal command?04:00
rdw200169themind: b/c wine is going to trick the application anyway into thinking it's using direct sound04:00
ttmrichterKilleroid: it just plain doesn't recognize the file type.04:00
vertanaandypls1: Neither one of us do, but I have a feeling it's a conflict of packages... I have nothing to back that up except my NVIDIA driver breaking many times back in the day. my advice is to start from square one just so we know it's nothing you did or tried (not to insult you, it's just I broke my own drivers MANY times doing same thing)04:01
andypls1gnutron is there anything else i should do?04:01
ttmrichterKilleroid: I open up a directory with several .lzma and .tar.lzma files.  They're not flagged as archive file types.  Right-clicking on them doesn't give file-roller as an option to open them.04:01
linux_guyhow can i login to vmware?  it says i dont have permissions?04:02
andypls1vertana that's means install a fress distro?04:02
themindhow do I make hidden folders visible04:02
vertanaandypls1: in a terminal run sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change under driver "nvidia" (or whichever driver you're running) to "nv" and under synaptic search nvidia and uninstall everything you see marked and afterwards reboot. This will start us from square one.04:02
Killeroidttmrichter: ah, what version of ubuntu are you using? i know for a fact that there was a problem with file-roller recognzing .lzma files but ti was fixed in ubuntu 8.10(intrepid)04:03
vertanaandypls1: This is the only thing I can think of before a fresh install (trying to avoid that)04:03
andypls1vertana: is the xserver going to start?04:03
jedi06how do you check ip stuff?04:03
vertanaandypls1: Yes, that's why I told you to change that word in paranthesis to "nv". It will load that driver instead of the one in question.04:03
rdw200169themind: ls -a04:03
goexplode!ifconfig | jedi0604:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifconfig04:04
vertanaThat way when you boot it loads up the safe "nv" driver. And after you change that, delete everything nvidia.04:04
ttmrichterKilleroid: 8.04.  8.10 breaks my video card, so upgrading is not an option.  (This is an increasing problem with Ubuntu: later versions break things that worked fine in earlier versions.)  Is there a backport of an unbroken file-roller for 8.04 perhaps?04:04
andypls1vertana:  synaptic search nvidia <- where do i do that? i mean... how?04:04
rdw200169ttmrichter: have you tried restoring your old xorg.conf file?04:04
goexplodejedi06: ifconfig -a ...depends on what you're looking fod04:05
tightlinestry sudo /sbin/ifconfig -a04:05
rdw200169ttmrichter: the biggest problem has to do with the new xorg.conf-less server04:05
ale1my CDROM can still not see the media inside it04:05
vertanago to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and at the top click searh.04:05
gnutronthemind: in nautilus ctrl+h04:05
rdw200169ttmrichter: when xorg can't detect the screen resolutions, it goes with the default 800x60004:05
kattollikisdsomeone here can tell me the channel for Open Offices pleases? And thank you...04:05
gnutronandypls1: run sudo depmod in a terminal04:05
vertanaandypls1: All the packages that are installed and have to do with nvidia will show up. All the ones that are dark are installed. click on them and choose remove.04:06
quiksilverhow do i update my version of python?04:06
ttmrichterrdw200169: The issue isn't resolution.  The issue is that it doubles up the columns with one column of coloured pixels, one column of black.04:06
rwwkattollikisd: /join #openoffice.org04:06
vertanagnutron: I'm starting us from square one. I have him defaulting to nv driver and deleting everything nvidia. afterwards we will reboot and try enabling via hardware driver menu04:06
rdw200169ttmrichter: wow, that's pretty rough04:06
ttmrichterrdw200169: It is the driver that is broken, not the xorg.conf.  Basically SiS support is broken completely in 8.10 -- there's at least a dozen (ignored) bug reports on it already.04:06
rdw200169ttmrichter: in 8.10, there's no xorg.conf file?04:06
gnutronvertana: good idea04:06
vertanagnutron: This is to avoid the user errors that may have happened.04:06
andypls1gnutron i did that. vertana: i am on KDE, i can't find it04:07
quiksilverhow do i get my python to version 2.604:07
rdw200169ttmrichter: ohhh, i didn't know that! i was assuming either fglrx or nvidia...04:07
rdw200169quiksilver: it should already be 2.604:07
=== marsha is now known as mdg
ttmrichterrdw200169: There is, yes.  It's basically empty.  There's no more video modes and all that stuff.04:07
vertanaandypls1: Ok, I'm sorry. I believe it's under System Tools in KDE. (I use Gnome so not too sure) But it's called synaptic.04:07
ale1how do i turn off APCI04:07
quiksilverrdw200169:  it's 2.5.204:07
Killeroidttmrichter: should be fixed since the package shared-mime-info 0.30   but if you prefer to fix on your own , save this file (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/15421448/x-lzma.xml) to /usr/local/share/mime/     and then run     sudo update-mime-database /usr/local/share/mime04:07
andypls1vertana: Do you mean Adept Manager?04:08
ttmrichterKilleroid: I'll give that a shot right now.04:08
chrolsHello, does anyone here know how to load Common Lisp third party packages successfully?04:08
jedi06well geoexplode i got ubuntu in vbox and xp host all i'm trying to do is get some files from ubuntu onto windows so i was going to try winscp, guest additions is out of question and usb is out, so left is network stuff04:08
vertanaandypls1: Can you open a terminal? You can just type sudo synaptic04:08
rdw200169quicksilver_: hm, i thought they went 2.6 in 8.10, i was wrong, i wonder if there is a backport from jaunty...04:08
gnutronandypls1: synaptic would be nice, not sure about kde04:08
vertanagnutron: Will adept provide the search function we need to find nvidia packages?04:09
andypls1verana: sudo: synaptic: command not found04:09
gnutronvertana: ive never used adept04:09
kattollikisdsomeone here can tell me the channel for Open Offices pleases? And thank you...04:09
vertanaandypls1: Ok then just try adept. If it has a search that's all we need. Search for "nvidia" and remove all packages that are marked as install.04:09
ttmrichterKilleroid: no change it seems.04:10
gnutronandypls1: system-administration-synaptic package manager04:10
rdw200169quiksilver: oh, nevermind, there's no 2.6!04:10
rdw200169quiksilver: in the repositories anyway...04:10
jp_sfkattollikisd: openoffice.org04:10
vertanaandypls1: I hate to do this to you but with adept you're slightly on your own for knowing how to search and determine which packages are installed.04:10
kattollikisdthanks jp_sf04:10
andypls1vertana: ok i know how to do that, i use it all the time. but that mean is also remove nvidia-settings?04:10
Narcishahi, i can't close down X and open a normal terminal, all I get is a blinking underscore, any ideas? :/04:10
andypls1ALL of them?04:10
goexplodejedi06: the easiest solution, from my perspective, would be to set up a smb share in ubuntu with everything you need , then just browse to it in the vm and copy everything you need04:10
=== snake_ is now known as albuntu
vertanaandypls1: ONLY the ones that have to do with NVIDIA.04:11
Raptureusser: I've got a nice new problem... when I log into the server (putty) and do ls /media/WD250, it will lock up the drive... any idea why?04:11
vertanaandypls1: The point here is to get nvidia off your computer.04:11
andypls1vertana: nvidia-settings is one of them04:11
vertanaandypls1: Get rid of all of it. (just to be safe)04:11
Raptureusser: i booted my laptop into ubuntu (thumb drive) and I was able to mount the NFS share and do an ls, but once I mounted Vista to it, it locked the drive...04:12
quiksilvercertainly someone has to know how to update my version of python?04:12
andypls1vertana: i am doing it now, but i am not sure if it's going to help us...04:12
goexplodejedi06: although there might be more simple solutions that exist...04:12
jedi06geoexplode might be easier from your perspective but not mine i don't know how to set that up04:12
andypls1vertana: after that?04:13
=== Cymblot is now known as Mimpi_Buruk_Scra
vertanaandypls1: The point here is that we are deleting nvidia off your computer and eliminating the possibility of user error. Not just yourself but what I and gnutron have been telling you as well. If we start from square one we are all on same page :)04:13
Raptureis there a command in linux to see why I cannot access a USB HD?04:13
CoUrPsE|DeAdUsing System/prefecences/Sessions How can i tell applictions to get send to a different virtual desktop?04:13
rdw200169quiksilver: it's not really that simple, python upgrades require all the code to be changed04:13
jedi06usb wont work and file sharing wont work becuase i can't get guest additions so only thing i can do is use some kind of network solution04:13
jp_sfquiksilver: honnestly if I wanted to upgrade to 2. I would take the tar04:13
rdw200169quiksilver: that means all (i mean *all*) the modules have to work w/2.504:13
andypls1vertana: ok now i am nvidia free, starting from page 1. what do i do?04:13
rdw200169quiksilver: i mean 2.604:13
vertanaandypls1: Ok did you put "nv" in your xorg.conf? And saved it? Everything nvidia deleted from adept?04:13
kyleRquestion: i got a program that is only available as source code, how do i compile and run it?04:14
ziroday`!compile | kyleR04:14
ubottukyleR: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:14
ziroday`kyleR: what program is it?04:14
rdw200169quiksilver: personally, i'm waiting for 3.0, then i'll learn all the new wacky stuff they've changed and added04:14
jp_sfkyleR: is there a README in the directory of the program04:14
vertanaandypls1: Ok, reboot and you will be completely nvidia free :)04:14
Rapturewhat does this mean? "exportfs: could not open /var/lib/nfs/etab for locking"04:14
rdw200169quiksilver: like getting rid of my "print test" in favor of print('test')04:14
andypls1vertana: where is xorg.conf located?04:15
usserRapture: try different options on vista side like -o soft04:15
vertanaandypls1: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:15
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
kj-victoryquestion: I installed ubuntu-desktop on an ubuntu server to get the gui. Now I want to uninstal the gui. How do i do this?04:15
gnutronandypls1: /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:15
Raptureusser: how do I fix the locked drive?04:15
Killeroidttmrichter: hmm, i am stumped, because I recall this exact probme, imfact, i am looking at the same exact bug on bugzilla right now, try creating a new test lzma archive and then try again with file-roller, it should work.04:15
sukiminnahello.i want to learn writing a kernel driver module.does anyone know where to start?04:15
vertanaandypls1: It is the line that says Driver "WHATEVER" replace the word inside the quotes with nv so it should look like Driver    "nv"04:15
zirodaykyleR: um there are packages for ktorrent04:15
andypls1Section "InputDevice"04:16
andypls1        Identifier      "Generic Keyboard"04:16
andypls1        Driver          "kbd"04:16
FloodBot1andypls1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
themindthose of you who use wow, have you had any success increasing the multisample above 1x04:16
geniisukiminna: Perhaps visit #ubuntu-motu04:16
Name141Is it possible to still download the 8.04 , the LTS versions ?04:16
CoUrPsE|DeAdUsing System/prefecences/Sessions How can i tell applictions to get send to a different virtual desktop?04:16
vertanaandypls1: Go down further. Section Device.04:16
ttmrichterKilleroid: Making a .tar.lzma from right-clicking a directory, got my .tar.lzma file which has no icon showing it to be an archive and which does not open.04:16
zirodaysukiminna: or #kernelnewbies04:17
andypls1vertana: it doesn't say anything about Driver under Device04:17
Bllasaeis there a dvd player for ubuntu?04:17
vertanaandypls1: My fault, I overlooked that part ;)   It's down in the Section Device, that's where video cards are04:17
andypls1it's not like before04:17
jp_sfCoUrPsE|DeAd: click on the window bar and select send to another workspace ?04:17
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: I believe you can do that with devils pie, however its not easy to configure04:17
ttmrichterKilleroid: same archive can be uncompressed easily using the lzma command line.04:17
andypls1vertana: there's nothing i should modify i think04:17
sukiminnakj-victory: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop?04:17
CoUrPsE|DeAdWell yeah, but im trying to do it via cmd line.04:17
Bllasaeis there a dvd player for ubuntu?04:18
usserRapture: restart nfs-server that should disconnect all the clients04:18
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: right, well devils pie does that for you04:18
vertanaandypls1: Hold on. I'll send you a screenshot of my xorg.conf so you know what it should look like (But for you "nv" instead of "nvidia")04:18
kj-victorysuki: tried that and ubuntu-desktop uninstalled, but I still have the gui04:18
ziroday!dvd | Bllasae the normal video player can play dvd's04:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, Ta, i'll take a look at it.04:18
ubottuBllasae the normal video player can play dvd's: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:18
sukiminnagenii: thanks04:18
Raptureusser: exportfs: could not open /var/lib/nfs/etab for locking04:18
Bllasaeziroday: What's the "Normal04:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, can i stick devils pie cmds into System/prefences/sessions?04:19
Bllasae" dvd player04:19
zirodayBllasae: totem aka Movie Player04:19
sukiminnaziroday: thanks04:19
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: I am not really sure. Install it and find out.04:19
CoUrPsE|DeAdYep, well do, thanks.,04:19
tweakanyone know how to update or tweak video drivers?04:19
vertanaandypls1: This is my screenshot of my terminal. If you'd rather me post it on imageshack that is ok too.04:19
zirodayBllasae: that is the default dvd/video player. However you may need to install dvd codecs to make them play04:19
Bllasaeziroday: where would I find this?04:20
usserRapture: hm, try to force unmount it. sudo umount -f /media/yourdisk04:20
andypls1verdana: i want to pastebi04:20
ziroday!dvd | Bllasae read this04:20
ubottuBllasae read this: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:20
andypls1verdana: i clicked enter on something i didn't see so it failed04:20
jp_sfCoUrPsE|DeAd: you will have basically a configuration file where you set what application start where04:20
zirodayBllasae: visit the first link. It explains how to set it up.04:20
andypls1verdana: i can't even pastbing you my config file because i don't know why, i can't copy and paste it04:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdyeah, i'm trying to figure out how to tell it which desktop to gotto thou.04:21
Raptureusser: umount2: Device or resource busy04:21
jp_sfCoUrPsE|DeAd: devilspie is doing just that04:21
andypls1verdana: there is nothing like 'Device "something" ' in my file04:21
andypls1Section "Screen"04:22
andypls1        Identifier      "Default Screen"04:22
andypls1        Monitor         "Configured Monitor"04:22
andypls1        Device          "Configured Video Device"04:22
FloodBot1andypls1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:22
vertanaandypls1: It's uploading.04:22
usserRapture: hm nice... you disconnected other linux client right? i guess windows tries to mount it still. try restarting windows machine04:22
useruseruseruserhelo everyone04:22
andypls1vertana: is it that that i have to change?04:22
Rapturei tried to umount on the laptop and it is failing to unmount too04:22
jp_sf!ask | useruseruseruser04:22
ubottuuseruseruseruser: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:23
chilli0hello alll04:23
albuntuok i managed to find a file to edit so editing that file i can edit the gnome panels positions etc in the Live CD. dont tell me about gconf-editor because i CANT use guis and i have to edit everything by terminal. the file i edited is in /etc/gconf/schemas/panel-default-setup.entries Now my question is : do i have to do any other thing ? or this is the only file to edit for editing the live cd panels ? please if anyone can help me will do me a favor04:23
albuntubecause its all day reading and reading about this and cant figure it out. thank you anyways04:23
andypls1vertana: did you get my message?04:23
Bllasaeziroday: i tried to install it, but this came up: "This application conflicts with other installed software. To install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' the conflicting software must be removed first."04:23
dmizerhow do i import my ppk key into filezilla on my ubuntu client?04:23
chilli0im planing on installing freebsd , But keep ubuntu Does anyone know if it might screw up grub and not show ubuntu04:23
tweakanyone know how to update or tweak video drivers?04:23
vertanaandypls1: Wrong one. http://img520.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xorgel2.png Look at my terminal.04:23
nickrudalbuntu, my hat's off to you :)04:23
HarassmentPandaAny one know whats required to package a program and get it added to the Ubuntu repositories?04:23
albuntunickrud: lol :)04:24
zirodayBllasae: okay, you are using default ubuntu right. Not a derivative of some sort? What is the conflicting package04:24
Bllasaeno clue04:24
usserRapture: gotta play with the switches on the windows side, dont specify the buffer sizes, try something like that mount -o timeout=100 -o mtype=soft -o anon -o nolock04:24
Bllasaeziroday: I'm using the original ubuntu. 8.10.04:24
vertanaandypls1: Find that section in yours, but instead of "nvidia" it'll be "nv".04:24
zirodayBllasae: err okay. Can you pastebin the exact output of sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras please04:24
DiiPhantom___in synaptic, what java do i install?04:25
andypls1vertana: ok i have done that04:25
vertanaandypls1: Don't forget to make sure it is saved.04:25
andypls1it is04:25
Bllasaeziroday: Never mind, used the terminal and got it04:25
BllasaeThe conflicting this was lib or something04:25
Rapture2k4well, i managed to disconnect the Vista box, and the laptop, but the drive is still busy04:25
goexplode!java | DiiPhantom___04:25
ubottuDiiPhantom___: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:25
vertanaandypls1: Ok, now that you have "nv" driver selected and nothing Nvidia on your computer go ahead and restart. When you come back you'll be nvidia free for a bit.04:26
dmizerhow do i import my keypair into filezilla on my linux client?04:26
Bllasaeziroday: libavcodec5104:26
vertanaandypls1: Just let me and tron know when you're back :)04:26
jp_sfchilli0: I had a problem installing Freebsd after a Ubuntu partition04:26
zirodayBllasae: okay. did you install that from mediabuntu or somewhere?04:26
chilli0jp_sf: did u get it to work?04:26
Bllasaewtf is mediabuntu04:26
runderwo!medibuntu | Bllasae04:27
=== w0ng|towork is now known as w0ng|zzz
ubottuBllasae: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:27
jp_sfchilli0: well in fact I'm not very strong with the bootmanager of freebsd usually I stick to grub04:27
vertanaBllasae: It is an unofficial repository which has some software which Ubuntu cannot provide legally (like Skype).04:27
rdw200169Bllasae: mostly, it's the repositories that store all the stuff the regular ubuntu repos won't, like restricted things04:28
chilli0jp_sf:  ok then04:28
albuntunickrud: i made it . got that to work :)04:28
rohilHi friends. Where should I place the installed jre folder to make jre work through out the system ? Thanks.04:28
Rapture2k4anyone know how to unmount a device that is busy?04:28
jp_sfchilli0: on my laptop dell D620 I had some problems to install it I had the same problem with opensolaris now I usually do is XP then opensolaris then ubuntu the swap04:28
nickrudalbuntu, you should write that up somewhere so it's on the net. I don't remember anyone doing it from the command line04:28
abhayi had problem with my inbuit laptop mic can anybody help me04:29
vertanarohil: Unless you need something special it's usually much safer to use the repositories. (i.e. install java via synaptic)04:29
andypls1vertana: ok i did that04:29
=== cs278|laptop_ is now known as cs278|laptop
dmizerhow do i use my dsa keypair with filezilla in my linux client?04:29
albuntunickrud: its really simple. when you figure it out :)04:29
jp_sfchilli0: if I want freebsd I will put it in second then it works04:29
sukiminnakj-victory: how about sudo apt-get remove gdm04:29
vertanaandypls1: That was actually pretty fast lol. Ok, now just try to enable the driver via Hardware Driver Manager.04:29
ryan_can anyone help me with pidgin? i am trying to connect a gmail account and when i click connect it just hangs on connecting no errors or anything i tried to uninstall pigin and then install again but i still get the same thing04:29
rohilvertana, ok. I downloaded the ,bin from Sun's site and installed on Desktop. I will try Synaptics. Thanks04:29
eno-el_tkHello... Whats the diference between Ubuntu & Kubuntu & Xubuntu & Mythbuntu????04:30
andypls1vertana: every time i do that, xserver doesn't start04:30
Y-TownWhen using terminal server client on ubuntu to view a win xp box in full screen is there a way to toggle back anf forth from one system to the other?04:30
chilli0jp_sf: K thanks, im gonna install it on a VB04:30
BllasaeWhat do I do to watch a DVD? This is too stupid. You have to download like 10 things to get the software to watch a video04:30
HarassmentPandaI've written a .net application and ported it to Mono to compile under Ubuntu, could any one point me in the direction of packaging the application such that it can be included in the repositories? My project is here https://sourceforge.net/projects/vscalenotes/04:30
vertanarohil: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras < Will install lotsa media codecs, flash, java, and a few other things.04:30
usserBllasae: vlc and libdvdcss2 is all you need04:30
Bllasaei have vlc04:30
ramirowhy does gnome-screensaver take so much memory? I don't want any screensaver, how do I disable it?04:30
eyehatesludgehas anyone else had trouble getting zsnes to work in ubuntu04:30
jedi06does ubuntu come with smb?04:30
andypls1vertana: every time i try to do that the x server doesn't start04:30
usserBllasae: for libdvdcss2 look at medibuntu04:30
eyehatesludgesorry if its a dumb question i just installed this today04:30
jp_sfchilli0: VB ?04:31
vertanaandypls1: Ok, do you have a lot of custom programs on your computer?04:31
Bllasaei tried to download dvd or whatever but it wouldn't work04:31
eno-el_tkHello... Whats the diference between Ubuntu & Kubuntu & Xubuntu & Mythbuntu??????04:31
Bllasaewhere else would i get it04:31
usser!medibuntu | Bllasae04:31
dmizerjedi06: the client or the server?04:31
Rapture2k4eno-el_tk: Kubuntu uses KDE as a desktop, Xubuntu uses XFCE, Mythbuntu is usually a media computer OS, and Ubuntu uses Gnome04:31
ubottuBllasae: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:31
vertanaeyehatesludge: Do you use 64-bit?04:31
eyehatesludge32 bit i think04:31
Y-TownWhen using terminal server client on ubuntu to view a win xp box in full screen is there a way to toggle back anf forth from one system to the other?04:31
chilli0jp_sf:  virtual box04:31
gnutronandypls1: does it give you a choice of drivers?04:31
eyehatesludgei installed the i386 version, thats 32 bit, right?04:31
rohilThanks Vertana ! Thanks a lot.04:31
jp_sfchilli0: ah ok, yes sure that a good alternative04:31
kyleRi cant find a package for the latest version of ktorrent04:31
eno-el_tkRapture2k4: im a normal user... i dont know about Linux / Ubuntu Xubuntu or what ever... what should i instal on my machine ?04:31
eyehatesludgei used sudo apt-get install zsnes and it appeared in my list of applications but when i click the icon nothing happens04:31
w8jkcyes i386 or i586 are 32bit04:31
vertanaeyehatesludge: Yes, that is 32-bit. Zsnes is sometimes really buggy... run it in terminal. Then tell us what error you get.04:32
eyehatesludgejust open up terminal and type zsnes?04:32
Bllasaehttp://packages.medibuntu.org/intrepid/libdvdcss2.html okay now what do i do/04:32
vertanarohil: No problem :)04:32
andypls1gnutron: no04:32
Killeroidttmrichter: hmm, thats really weird. i am honestly stumped, my instructions s hould have fixed it. the only last instructions i can give is, open /usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml                seach for <mime-type type="application/x-magicpoint">           and on a new line right before it   add the contents of this  http://pastebin.ca/131061504:32
andypls1vertna: what do you mean?04:32
vertanaeyehatesludge: Yes. The error message will help a LOT.04:32
eyehatesludgealright let me reinstall it, hold on04:32
dmizerhow do i import my dsa.ppk key into filezilla on my linux client?04:32
vertanaandypls1: Do you have a lot of stuff installed on Ubuntu (Besides the stuff it comes with)04:32
andypls1vertana: now it doesn't appear in the least04:33
Killeroidttmrichter: that should work because thats how its done on ubuntu 8.1004:33
Bllasaeusser: http://packages.medibuntu.org/intrepid/libdvdcss2.html okay now what do i do/04:33
andypls1vertana: i have some04:33
vertanaandypls1: Are any of them server software?04:33
Y-TownWhen using terminal server client on ubuntu to view a win xp box in full screen is there a way to toggle back and forth from one system to the other without having to disconnect from the win xp box to go back to ubuntu?04:33
andypls1gnutron: it doesn't appear in the list of the hardware... the list is empty now04:33
ryan_can anyone help me with pidgin? i am trying to connect a gmail account and when i click connect it just hangs on connecting no errors or anything i tried to uninstall pigin and then install again but i still get the same thing04:33
eyehatesludge"buffer overflow detected, zsnes terminated"04:33
gnutronandypls1: try reloading the list04:33
vertanaandypls1: What I'm getting at here is a distro upgrade but through update-manager (so you don't lose all your programs and data)04:33
andypls1vertana: no... i don't understand how that is helping. and why nvidia doesn't appear in the list?04:33
gnutronandypls1: in synaptic that is04:34
=== fuxxy is now known as unimaginative
a_I installed a program, but ubuntu can't find it. How can I get it into the search path?04:34
Bllasaeusser: http://packages.medibuntu.org/intrepid/libdvdcss2.html okay now what do i do/04:34
eyehatesludgeand before that it says "unable to poll blah blah blah, make sure you have permission to it" like 6 times04:34
jedi06i don't know porbably the client so i can access shared folder on my windows os04:34
kj-victorysukiminna: That worked! Thanks!04:34
vertanaandypls1: Go with gnutron for a bit. See what he's got :)04:34
usserBllasae: follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu04:34
sukiminnakj-victory: welcome04:34
eyehatesludgewait i didnt know you can copy from terminal heres to whole thing04:35
eyehatesludgeStarting Mouse detection.04:35
eyehatesludgeUnable to poll /dev/input/event3. Make sure you have read permissions to it.04:35
eyehatesludgeUnable to poll /dev/input/event1. Make sure you have read permissions to it.04:35
eyehatesludgeUnable to poll /dev/input/event2. Make sure you have read permissions to it.04:35
eyehatesludgeUnable to poll /dev/input/event4. Make sure you have read permissions to it.04:35
FloodBot1eyehatesludge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
andypls1guys i don't know what to do04:35
usserBllasae: once done install libdvdcss2 by typing sudo apt-get instal libdvdcss204:35
andypls1gnutron: it doesn't appear in the list. what do i do from there?04:35
vertanaeyehatesludge: I think I remember having this problem... If I remember right (years ago...) run it as root and then disable the polling of 'controllers' in zsnes and it should be fine if that's the only error.04:35
dmizerjedi06: have a look here -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28853404:35
vertanaeyehatesludge: For the future running stuff as root unnecessarily is NEVER a good idea.04:35
eyehatesludgevertana: so just type sudo zsnes?04:36
gnutronandypls1: open a terminal and copy/paste this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:36
eyehatesludgethats what ive heard04:36
ttmrichterKilleroid: once I've got the data in there, do I then have to kill nautilus or something?04:36
Bllasaeusser: sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/intrepid.list --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list where do i put this?04:36
vertanagnutron: for a distro he'll have to gksudo "update-manager -d"04:36
vertanaeyehatesludge: Yes.04:36
andypls1gnutron: ok i did. is it upgrading to 8.10?04:36
gnutronBllasae: the command does the work,keep on truckin'04:36
eyehatesludgedifferent error message now04:37
dmizeranyone at all know how to import dsa.ppk keys into filezilla on a linux client?04:37
Bllasaegnutron: Where do i put it though? in the terminal04:37
usserBllasae: on the terminal, press ALT+F2 type gnome-terminal paste that line in a window that opens04:37
eyehatesludgewas there anything i was supposed to have installed before i installed zsnes04:37
Rapture2k4usser: ok, as soon as I mount the NFS with Ubuntu-LiveCD, I can ls once, do a cd and the next ls locks the drive..04:37
kyleRwhats sidux? cause i get it for ubuntu 8.1004:37
gnutronandypls1: ok, just for kicks see if your restricted drivers show anything04:37
andypls1gnutron: it finised. after that?04:37
vertanaandypls1: after you put in the command gnutron does it only does a 'regular' upgrade. If it STILL does not work then we will upgrade your distribution :)04:37
gnutronBllasae: yes paste it in a terminal04:37
vertanaandypls1: Is it in the list now?04:37
ttmrichterKilleroid: yeah, adding the data changes nothing.  I'll just chalk it up to Yet Another Mysterious Ubuntu Failure and give up at this point.04:37
Bllasaeusser: doesn't work04:38
usserRapture2k4: that is weird. maybe it has something to do with nfs share being a mounted drive, try sharing a different directory see if that changes anything04:38
usser!doesn't work04:38
Barridushey all, is there a good place to get scripts for xchat?  i'm having trouble finding one with an autorejoin in the event of a prank kick from a devious op XD04:38
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:38
andypls1vertana gnutron: no it's not in the list04:38
Killeroidttmrichter:sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime/packages/   run that after you edit that xml file04:38
eyehatesludgevertana: heres the error now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105791/04:38
usserBllasae: whats the error?04:38
gnutronvertana: we dist-upgrade him nd  50/50 chance it will break something04:38
* nickrud lies in wait for Barridus ;)04:38
vertanaandypls1: Ok, copy/paste into your terminal.   gksudo "update-manager -d"  That will do a distro upgrade.04:39
Killeroidttmrichter: and then kill all instances of file-roller and nautilus, that should work04:39
Bllasaeusser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105792/04:39
sukiminnaGenii: #ubuntu-motu is so silent..04:39
Barridusnickrud, lies in wait?  XD04:39
vertanagnutron: CHances are low. Only thing outside of default he had was that nvidia driver. Now he's on NV it should be fine.04:39
jmspeexAnyone knows why the Load_Cycle_Count of my disk keeps increasing (several times per minute) despite the fact that I did an "hdparm -B 255" on my disk?04:39
ttmrichterKilleroid: "sudo update-mime-database -V /usr/share/mime/packages/" "Directory '/usr/share/mime/packages/packages' does not exist!"  Should I get rid of "packages" at the end?04:39
andypls1vertana: ok i did04:39
vertanagnutron: Earlier I asked if he had custom programs: a few. Server software? no. IT'll be ok, I think.04:40
Y-TownWhen using terminal server client on ubuntu to view a win xp box in full screen is there a way to toggle back and forth from one system to the other without having to disconnect from the win xp box to go back to ubuntu?04:40
andypls1vertana: after that?04:40
usserBllasae: that was fine, not paste this line sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update04:40
vertanaandypls1: Update manager should come up with a button to upgrade to 8.10 :)04:40
usserBllasae: after this one is done, paste sudo apt-get install libdvdcss204:40
andypls1vertana : it didn't!04:40
Killeroidttmrichter: oops, i added one last slash it should be                    sudo update-mime-databse /usr/share/mime/packages04:40
andypls1it didn't come, i am on KDE04:40
gnutronvertana: just my opinion but i've had best performance with default drivers and ive tried them all. but they are all ATI.04:40
usserRapture2k4: i'm sorry, im running out of ideas, it used to just work for me back in the day04:40
ttmrichterKilleroid: When I try it without "/packages/" at the end, I get an error on all three added types (x-lzma, x-lzma-compressed-tar, x-lzop) complaining about unknown freedesktop.org field 'generic-icon'.04:40
jp_sfdmizer: have you imported your jeys ?04:40
usserRapture2k4: the only difference being i didnt use external hdd04:41
Rapture2k4usser: it's all good... this is a wonderful learning experience04:41
jp_sfdmizer: have you imported your keys ?04:41
vertanagnutron: With Nvidia, sad to say but the best performance is with Nvidia Proprietary :(04:41
CoUrPsE|DeAdHow do i find the xid of a window?04:41
BllasaeE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)04:41
BllasaeE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:41
vertanaeyehatesludge: Only thing I can think of is using one mouse : /04:41
Bllasaeblakegoodwin@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring04:41
FloodBot1Bllasae: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
BllasaeE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)04:41
BllasaeE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:41
dmizerjp_sf ... i don't know how to import them,or where to put them to make it work. this is the core of my problem.04:41
gnutronandypls1: go to software sources in your system/admin menu04:41
usserBllasae: do you have package manager open? synaptic, add/remove software program?04:41
andypls1gnutron: i don't have that, i am on KDE04:41
Bllasaethat's not even the right name04:42
zivanyone here?04:42
nickrudjmspeex, maybe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969504:42
vertanaandypls1: In a terminal copy and paste sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list04:42
Killeroidttmrichter: one sec, whilst i ask someone else exactly why this isnt working04:42
jp_sfdmizer: filezilla ? edit settings connection ftp sftp04:42
gnutronandypls1: one sec04:42
vertanaandypls1: That is what he means when he says "sources"04:42
Bllasaeusser: no04:42
andypls1vertana: i did after that...?04:42
dmizerjp_sf ... okay, that's how to connect, but how to i make it use the keys?04:42
Barridusis there a channel for xchat help?  i have little idea of what i am doing here04:42
zivi cann't play rmvb vedio  anyone could help?04:42
usserBllasae: hm are u sure?04:42
CoUrPsE|DeAdHow exactly do i trigger this devilspie?04:42
jedi06dmizer it doesn't look like they are on the same subnet?? XP: 192.168... Vbox Ubuntu:
CoUrPsE|DeAdI have it configured.04:43
Bllasaeusser: yes04:43
CoUrPsE|DeAdam i surpose to use devilspie app name?04:43
CoUrPsE|DeAdor just open the window?04:43
vertanaandypls1: That is just a list of servers where you magically download software to install :)   Next he'll probably tell you replace the words Hardy with intrepid.04:43
jmspeexnickrud: Still doesn't explain why -B 255 doesn't prevent load/unload04:43
usserBllasae: try this sudo apt-get update04:43
vertanagnutron: That what you were going for?04:43
dmizerjedi06, that's going to be a problem for any client windows or ubuntu. is there no way for you to get on the same subnet?04:43
zivjuxis~  no one can help?04:43
bullgard4What files are to be stored in /etc/default/?04:44
ziv- -'04:44
tweakanyone using ubuntu 8.10? you see the icon beside applications at the top? how do I change it?04:44
bazhangziv, with realplayer?04:44
zivi am using04:44
themindHow do I go about turning on digital vibrance/adjusting the saturation on my screen?04:44
jedi06well they are on the same computer dmizer they use the same internet ... I'm just confused04:44
Bllasaeusser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105793/04:44
jp_sfdmizer: you will have to connect via sftp with the port that you are supposed to use04:44
themindthey still update realplayer?04:44
zivfor linux?04:44
kyleRplease help, im dumb and need the latest version of ktorrent on my machine!04:44
bazhangziv, yes04:44
zivi havn't heard that04:44
usserthemind: still at version 10 as 2 years before04:44
zivthx so much04:45
kyleRthe pakcage manager has an older version04:45
nickrudbullgard4, that dir's purpose is to be a central location for setting system variables; see rcS for an example04:45
bazhangkyleR, why do you need the latest04:45
zivdoes anyone speak chinese04:45
Bllasaeusser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105793/04:45
ziv- -'04:45
usserBllasae: you have another instance of package manager running, does ps -Al | grep apt list anything04:45
bazhangziv, in #ubuntu-cn04:45
Rapture2k4usser: if I mount /home/server via NFS, everything is all goodf04:45
dmizerjp_sf ... okay, i can't connect. i can't connect because filezilla is not using my dsa.ppk key.  it's not using my keys because i don't know where to put the key to make it work with filezilla. i se no option anywhere at all for importing the key.]04:46
kyleRcause one of my trackers sees it as outdated, therefore wont allow it04:46
themindomg my idiot roommates had the heat turned down04:46
Bllasaeusser: 4 S     0  6213     1  0  80   0 -  5353 select ?        00:00:01 apt-get04:46
jedi06dmizer have you use vbox?04:46
zivdifficult 4 me  2 speak eng04:46
themindits 25 degrees outside :\04:46
usserRapture2k4: its an external drive issue then04:46
andypls1vertana, gnutron: what am i supposed to do?04:46
dayo_!hk | ziv04:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hk04:46
dmizerjedi06: are you using a virtual machine?04:46
rdw200169themind: wow, you have control of the heat!04:46
tweakanone good with graphics problems?04:46
dayo_!cn | ziv04:46
ubottuziv: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:46
zivi am hk  2~~04:46
=== alberto is now known as Guest9823
tweakanyone good with graphics problems?04:46
ttmrichterKilleroid: When I get rid of the "generic-icon" stuff it works.  I don't get the archive icons, but I do get at least the ability to open .LZMA files.04:46
jp_sfdmizer: you have put your private key in the import right ? then after you connect vi sftp via the manager04:46
Bllasaeusser: 4 S     0  6213     1  0  80   0 -  5353 select ?        00:00:01 apt-get That's what showed up04:46
jedi06dmizer yes04:46
rdw200169themind: i live in a prewar walkup in upper manhattan where the heat is the whim of the super, coming out of ancient steam radiators!04:47
bullgard4nickrud: But my Ubuntu 8.04.1 includes there two executable files also: klogd and syslogd. How does this fit into your general picture?04:47
gnutronandypls1: alt+f2 and paste this: kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel04:47
mike1980I get write a iso to a dvd faster then 4x can anyone help please I am stuck?04:47
ziv- -04:47
vertanaandypls1: Since gnutron isn't responding, I'm giving the go ahead. IN that sources file replace every hardy with intrepid but MAKE SURE you don't touch anything else and all the spaces remain intact.04:47
gnutronandypls1: thats the directions but the -devel bothers me04:47
ziv没人哦 ?04:47
dmizerjp_sf what do you mean by "in the import"?04:47
ziv- -04:47
dayo_ziv: join #ubuntu-hk04:47
dayo_!cn | ziv04:47
mca2hai nama saya ali04:47
gnutronandypls1: no quotes by the way04:48
Killeroidttmrichter: yeah, i am trying to figure out why it doesnt allow you to assign a generic icon to lzma packages. cant figure it out yet but i guess you can manually assign an icon to lzma packages04:48
sukiminnamca2: hello04:48
dmizerjedi06: then both your virtual client and your host ARE on the same subnet.04:48
vertanagnutron: Are you advising the same thing?04:48
bazhang!themes | tweak04:48
ubottutweak: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:48
andypls1gnutron: i did it04:48
ttmrichterKilleroid: Which I will do now.  Thanks for the help and the patience!04:48
sukiminnamca2: u from malaysia?04:48
andypls1gnutron and nothing happens04:48
mca2kamu mau jadi pacar aku04:48
vertanaandypls1: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:48
jedi06dmize that is what i thought bout one ip is 192.168... and other is 10.0.2...04:48
sukiminnamca2: err...04:48
vertanaandypls1: Copy/paste that into a terminal.04:48
jedi06dmizer ^04:48
bazhangmca2, indonesia?04:49
mike1980anyone here having write speed problems04:49
andypls1vertana: i have done that before04:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about changetheme04:49
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes04:49
gnutronvertana: whatcha mean, we did update/upgrade, but whats with the dist-upgrade-devel business i wonder04:49
bazhangtweak, gnome-look.org04:49
CoUrPsE|DeAdCan i set which monitor i send the an appliction to with devilspie? (I have dual heads)04:49
Killeroidttmrichter: well, i'm gla at least we got one of your problems fixed, i hope your video card driver problems gets fixed04:49
vertanagnutron: What are you advising? Are we on different pages here?04:49
vertanagnutron: I was in the middle of a distro-upgrade...04:50
dmizerjedi06: trust me, your host and virtual guest are on a shared subnet.04:50
Rapture2k4guess i'm gonna have to rip this HD out of its case and slap it on an IDE port04:50
ttmrichterKilleroid: the video card problem will never be fixed.  Much like the audio card problem I've had (SiS again) hasn't been fixed since Dapper Drake.  8.04 is the last version of Ubuntu I'll be able to use on this computer.04:50
zivjoin #ubuntu-hk04:50
ttmrichterAfter that, I'll probably have to switch distributions.04:50
Rapture2k4i've never heard of this... i'm gonna put it up on the bugs04:51
bazhangziv, /join #channel04:51
gnutronandypls1: the intrepid upgrade says do this, press alt+f2 then  kdesu adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel04:51
Killeroidttmrichter: file a bug on bugzilla and keep updating the bug and sooner or later someone will notice04:51
gnutronvertana: does that command look right?04:51
LakesProseOk I know this is like talking about morality in #lawyer but I need some help: I forgot my root/sudo passwd. When I boot into recovery mode, the system still asks for the password as in "Enter password to perform maintenance"04:51
dmizerjedi06: if your guest and host did not have a shared subnet, then the guest would be unable to access the internet.04:51
LakesProsewhat else can I do ?04:51
vertanagnutron: Ah, I was telling him to do it via sources.list.  Ok, we're on same page just confusing each other lol.04:51
dayo_ziv nobobdy is in #ubuntu-hk at the momen. try #ubuntu-cn or #ubuntu-tw04:51
ziv- - thx04:52
vertanagnutron: I think devel will send him to 9.04...04:52
dayo_u're welcome04:52
gnutronvertana: agreed sorry,i dont know kde04:52
gnutronandypls1: stop04:52
jedi06yes i know dmizer but their ip addresses are not from the same subnet it doing something to solve that04:52
Barridusargh, i need some script help - namely getting some basic ones.  where can i go?04:52
andypls1gnutron: i am listening04:52
=== gregory is now known as Guest35698
ttmrichterKilleroid: they "noticed" the bug on the audio card by marking it fixed a half-dozen times before I finally gave up in disgust.  The bug with the video card is mentioned a dozen different ways now on launchpad and isn't even marked as accepted yet -- apparently having many people say "yes, I'm seeing problems with SiS video" isn't proof enough that there's actually a problem.04:52
rdw200169\msg quiksilver dangit, i closed the window, you still there?04:53
vertanaandypls1:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:53
ttmrichterI'm just basically sticking with 8.04 until it doesn't do the job anymore and then switching to whichever distro is more responsive thereafter.04:53
zivnot one here04:53
vertanagnutron: That will get the job done.04:53
dmizerjedi06: you can still transfer files between your guest and host. if you need them to be on the same subnet, you'll need to configure virtualbox for bridged networking.04:53
andypls1vertana: ok04:53
tweakanyone good with graphics problems?04:53
zivdoes any one can tell me   what difference between dist-upgrade and upgrade?04:54
Killeroidttmrichter: do you have a link for the video car bug on bugzilla04:54
gnutronandypls1: i'm looking at 8.04 to 8.10 upgrade for kde, it says type that command, so go ahead.04:54
Flannelziv: dist-upgrade will bring in new dependencies, upgrade won't.04:54
tweakmy videocard is bugzilla lol04:54
vertanaandypls1: Type that in a terminal and it should upgrade you to 8.10. It will take a while though and you'll have to restart afterwards. I have cable internet and it took about an hour and 20 minutes.04:54
bullgard4ziv: dist-upgrade is via the Internet. upgrade is via a CD locally.04:54
ttmrichterKilleroid: Hang on.  Let me look again.  (And it was launchpad I was searching, not bugzilla.  What's bugzilla?)04:54
andypls1vertana: maybe i should do it when i have more time?04:55
Flannelziv: Most of the time, you'll only experience this with kernel versions.  Since the kernel packages will change names (linux-image-version1 to linux-image-version2) with just "upgrade" your metapackages will be held back, because it won't automatically install -version2, dist-upgrade will.04:55
vertanagnutron: apt-get is desktop independent which is why I said that one. your command would work too but without the devel option.04:55
gnutronandypls1: it will probably prompt you a few times, one may say delete obsolete packages, could be triple digits, go ahead and do it.04:55
vertanaandypls1: It's fine, you can just let it run :)04:55
zivoh  i  used  upgrade last second...04:55
linux_guyinstalled vmware successfully (thanks you guys) and i would like to install my guest OS which is an ISO file on the desktop ATM.... how can i mount the ISO rather than burn it?04:55
Killeroidttmrichter: dammit, i really suck a multitasking. yes, i meant launchpad,  bugzilla is a bug tracker tool a  lot of otehr projects use04:55
ttmrichterKilleroid: Here is one of many: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-sis/+bug/29129404:56
vertanaandypls1: I think I had to download 1025 packages... it'll be a minute :)   (I did this last week myself and had no problems)04:56
andypls1thanks for ALL the help04:56
gnutronvertana: i dont know why nor never seen the -devel option for normal dist-upgrades before04:56
andypls1! :)04:56
ttmrichterKilleroid: just search for 8.10 or Intrepid and SiS and look for the list of complaints.04:56
zivam i supports to using dist-upgrade 2 upgrade once??04:56
tweakhm.. so I can't fix my graphics card..04:56
kyleRhow do i know the path to prefix of kde4 installation?04:56
vertanagnutron: That's how you upgrade to the latest... the betas or alphas lol. The development versions :D04:56
tweakback to windows i guess04:56
gnutrontweak: i dont think theres much you can do, googleearth is really intensive04:57
ttmrichterKilleroid: Ooh!  Change since I last checked: they finally acknowledged it as "confirmed".  They haven't decided if a show-stopper video bug is important or not, though....04:57
vertanatweak: what graphics card you have?04:57
ttmrichterAnd haven't assigned it to anybody.04:57
tweak00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)04:57
linux_guyanybody know vmware?04:58
gnutronvertana: the update notes dont say thats the recommended way for desktops.... hrm.04:58
dmizerlinux_guy, all you have to do is add the iso file to the guest settings after you create the initial disk.04:58
vertanatweak: With just a built in card google earth will be SLOW (Which I assume is your problem?), but that is OS independent. Just need a better card :)04:58
usserRapture2k4: does nfs client for windows work with that other directory that u exported?04:58
kyleRhow do i know the path to prefix of kde4 installation?04:58
gnutronvertana: damnit, rather they do say, do it that way.04:59
rwwkyleR: what do you need it for?04:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdWho ever susgested devilspie to me is a legand, works exactly what i wanted, thanks alot.04:59
zivi just done that~~04:59
Killeroidttmrichter: yeah, that sucks, well, i hope its gets fixed soon04:59
kyleRi need to do this in order to install ktorrent: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`..04:59
vertanagnutron: I'm telling you he woulda been at 9.04 then REALLY confused as why it's broken :p04:59
linux_guydmizer, i'm a first timer with vmware04:59
tweakvertana : nope it's not slow at all.. the earth just appears all garbled04:59
crdlbtweak: if you're still trying to run google earth, make sure compiz is disabled04:59
linux_guydmizer:  i created a guest os in vmware04:59
Rapture2k4usser: give me just a second04:59
ttmrichterKilleroid: I'm not exactly holding my breath on this.  ;)  I'm investigating Slackware as an alternative instead.  (They don't break my video card.:D)04:59
gnutrontweak: its the program not your machine05:00
dmizerlinux_guy: then click on the settings for cdrom and tell it to use the iso instead of the actual disk.05:00
vertanatweak: Once again still graphics card. It's not driver because intel generally speaking has very good drivers for their products. I'm inclined to say that it's the low VRAM on that graphics chip.05:00
gnutronvertana: oh i see, no it says 8.04 to 8.1005:00
tweakcrdlb : how do I disable/enable  it?05:00
Rapture2k4usser: Yep, works just fine05:00
zivhow 2 install w32codecs?05:00
tweakvertana : it works under xp05:00
vertanagnutron: You sure about that? I had that problem with a built-in nvidia card. It was just a low vram problem05:01
Rapture2k4well, actually, i can't write to the drive05:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atipi05:01
Rapture2k4access denied05:01
crdlbtweak: system > preferences > appearance > visual effects > none05:01
vertanatweak: If that's the case... does compiz work?05:01
vertanacrdlb: Thanks, beat me to it :)05:01
gnutronvertana: at this juncture im not sure of anything!05:01
binarymu1antdoes anyone know an alternative to dzen2?05:01
tweakvertana: I have desktop effects.... i could give you my compiz output?05:01
usserRapture2k4: try specifying your username with mount command on windows, i believe the switch is -o username05:02
vertanagnutron: We seem to have hit that point quite a few times tonight :)05:02
linux_guydmizer: for vmware 2.0?05:02
jedi06dmizer i don't think i can do that tutorial becuase i can't reboot i'm using livecd05:02
vertanatweak: Just turn off effects and then retry google earth.05:02
gnutrontweak: disable compiz! i didnt think of that05:02
usserRapture2k4: so the issue is nfs export on external harddrive then05:02
linux_guydmizer: when I run vmware from terminal, it takes me to port 822205:02
* eno-el_tk UBUNTU FTW!!!!!05:02
dmizerjedi06: try places > connect to server, if that doesn't work i'm not sure what to tell you.05:03
linux_guydmizer: vmware infrastructure web access05:03
gnutronvertana: this stuff is easy to do, just hard to teach/coach.05:03
tweakI LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:03
vertanagnutron: Yeah, it was kind of hard even telling andy basic stuff that we just assume people know :p05:03
jedi06dmizer i'm using ubuntu_recovery_remix it is only command line05:03
vertanatweak: Glad we could all help :)05:04
tweakbeen working on this for two days and all I had to do was take off my vidual effects!05:04
gnutronvertana: exactly05:04
dmizerlinux_guy, there is a web interface for all the settings. use the web interface to change the settings for the cdrom.05:04
eno-el_tkGuys... Ubuntu when been instaled have IRC Client & Messengers??? i need download anything ????05:04
eno-el_tkGuys... Ubuntu when been instaled have IRC Client & Messengers??? i need download anything ????05:04
tweaki can hardly wait to format my windows partition mwhah05:04
Killeroidttmrichter: someone recommended this:    http://www.winischhofer.eu/linuxsisvga.shtml05:04
vertanagnutron: Oh well, next time we'll know a bit better :)05:04
ari_stresshi guys, i heart that the next ubuntu will use EXT4?05:05
gnutronvertana: live and learn, roger that05:05
Flannelari_stress: Perhaps.  You should ask in #ubuntu+105:05
=== HarassmentPanda is now known as HarassmentPanda|
vertanagnutron: And actually andy had a lot of patience with us... and asked the right questions too!05:05
tweakeno-el_tk it doesn't come with irc, you have to download it. but it has pidgeon instant messenger.. i don't like it though, so I installed Kopete05:05
Killeroidttmrichter: something about blacklisting the old driver an using sisfb driver05:05
ari_stressthanks Flannel05:05
gnutronari_stress: thats the word yup, ext4 i hear it smokes05:05
tweakNOW. I have a very interesting question.... how do you patch a kernel?05:06
dmizerjedi06, you'll have to configure the host for bridged networking. if once you do that, then you should be able to follow the howto without rebooting.05:06
ttmrichterKilleroid: interesting.  I'll flag that and when I'm next in a position to test I'll give it a shot.  Thanks.05:06
Rapture2k4usser: same issue05:06
sukiminnais there any way that i can play games like ra3 on ubuntu05:06
linux_guydmizer:  i have the virtual machines tab selected, and my options for the selected vm are:  remove vm, power off, suspend, reset, shut down, restart, etc05:07
vertanasukiminna: ra3?05:07
usserRapture2k4: im sorry, im lost here...05:07
gnutrontweak: you dont wanna do that, stick with the rpeo's05:07
dmizerlinux_guy: i don't recall the web access client very well. i only used it briefly. but it's easy enough to do just by clicking in the settings of the guess.]05:07
Rapture2k4me too05:07
linux_guydmizer: so far i have named and identified it but not installed05:07
Rapture2k4gonna post on the forums05:07
sukiminnavertana: red alert 305:07
gnutrontweak: repositories05:07
vertanasukiminna: I'll assume that's windows only. Best bet is wine or www.playonlinux.com05:07
usserRapture2k4: they gonna suggest samba :)05:07
dmizerlinux_guy: even if you're not installed yet, you can still change the settings for the virtual guest in the web interface unless you didn't configure the base drive correctly.05:08
tweaki'm trying to get Ubuntu to read a fatx filesystem from an xbox, and everything i look up points to patching the kernel?05:08
rdw200169sukiminna: have you checked the wine appdb?05:08
mike1980anyone know anything about this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+bug/3170905:08
chrisbdaemonhey, i have a question.. i'm wanting to use ubuntu to learn x86 assembler and i'm told that theres probably some protections in place that would make reading disassembled apps overly complex.. what kind of protections would that be05:08
vertanatweak: I won't lie, that'll probably take skills. MS Secrets and Linux don't work so well together...05:08
sukiminnavertana: tried wine before..even old games rise of nation doesnt really work05:08
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: if i'm not mistaken, protected memory makes assembly difficult05:08
vertanasukiminna: Also depends on your graphics card and which drivers you need and such.05:09
dmizerlinux_guy jedi06: sorry i have to cut out.05:09
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: it's both a processor and a software feature working together05:09
tweakdunno bout that, I had my fatx partition mounted on gentoox (xbox linux)05:09
linux_guydmizer: thanks05:09
jedi06dmizer thanks05:09
sukiminnavertana: it runs on xp.05:09
chrisbdaemonrdw200169: is there a way to disable it?05:09
Rapture2k4usser: figured it out... forgot to do chmod -R 777 /directory05:09
sukiminnavertana: still need dual booting for gaming i guess. :(05:10
Rapture2k4lemme try it on the USB drive...05:10
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: hah, no, if you had full access with assembler code, who's to say that hackers don't also have that access?05:10
gnutrontweak: you can mount fat filesystems but i know nothing about xboxes, ps2's etc.05:10
vertanasukiminna: Unfortunately, thats more common than you think : /05:10
tweakyou want gaming go get an Xbox 36005:10
hellhound_i just downgraded my flash player to version 9 and everything works fine except sound .. i found that I need "flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound" installed but when I try to do that it wants to reinstall flash 10, is there anywhere I can find the old version of this plugin?05:10
tweakit's fatx... a modification of fat32...05:10
=== gizmo is now known as clark
superkuhOn 8.04.1 64bit I encountered an error (seemingly a architecture sub-naming triviality) that does not allow the recommended update for 'util-linux' to install. I think a fix can be had by editing a perl, Errno.pl, but I am not sure if this will influence other things. In detail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105079/ Regardless, I can't install any updates with util-linux causing a failure. So, can I manually edit this file? Is there another way aroun05:10
superkuhd this?05:10
tweakjust a different filesystem05:11
Cpudan80Does anyone know when OO 3 is going to be pushed to Intrepid?05:11
sukiminnavertana: is there any commercial games build for linux platform?05:11
On0bihellhound: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77673905:11
chrisbdaemonrdw200169: even as root?05:11
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: the only real uses for assembly these days is for extremely low level work that requires ultra high speed05:11
=== clark is now known as gizmo
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: yes, even as root05:11
=== gizmo is now known as clarks
tweakfor a .bin file, why use chmod instead of sh?05:11
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: trust me, the linux kernel is not gonna let you go in there and screw around with the interrupts05:12
chrisbdaemonrdw200169: and for security work like malcode analysis05:12
chrisbdaemonrdw200169: i just meant looking at the code, not changing a bunch of stuff05:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:13
gnutrontweak: chmod sets permission bits, sh invokes shell interpretation05:13
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: well then, you have a stronger constitution than I... I would puke after trying to decifer one billion pushes and pulls...05:13
gnutrontweak: my best definition anyway05:13
tweaksgnutron: oooh. ok I gotcha05:13
tweakwhat's the command chmod+ ?05:14
rdw200169chrisbdaemon: then again, i hate trying to figure out obscure C pointers...05:14
Rapture2k4usser: WOOT! Partial success!05:14
gnutrontweak: thing to know is 99 per cent of this stuff is the same in all distro's some things are done differently tho'05:14
chrisbdaemonrdw200169: from what i've learned so far you don't have to read the whole thing, just be able to use other methods to find the interesting bits and decipher those05:15
tweakwell thank you all very much. I'm sure i will return for one reason or another :)05:16
gnutrontweak: chmod can use octal format or ascii characters e.g., chmod 777  =  chmod ugo+rwx  same thing.05:16
tweakfor the google earth launch icon, could I use a command line compiz cin from of it to turn compiz off?05:17
Rapture2k4ok, I fixed one problem... Windows no longer locks the USB HD, but I still can't create files on the NFS share... i set chmod -R 777 /media/WD250 (on the server)05:17
gnutrontweak: not to mention the sticky bit +t or chmod 177705:17
Rapture2k4i can create files from Ubuntu-LiveCD05:17
tweakinstead of chmod why not sudo ./file.bin?05:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scsi05:18
tweakmy old amiga used scsi lol05:18
themind_WoW is working but its not 100% yet :(05:18
rokr1hello all05:19
gnutrontweak: the file needs to executable first05:19
tweakrokr1: Hello05:19
clarksi need help...my laptop not detech wireless again..anyone can help me to solve this?05:19
tweakso to make it executeable I do chmod +x file.bin?05:19
gnutrontweak: sudo isnt needed at all unless the install is system wide or needs that permission.05:19
rokr13945 is a problem in UBUNTU i dono y i used ndiswrapper05:19
gnutrontweak: correct05:20
tweakgnutron: Got it :p05:20
rdw200169themind_: what are you having problems with?05:20
tweakI havn't had to use comman line since unix in the 90's lol05:20
vertanarokr1: It's a kernel problem (At least when 8.10 first came out it was).05:20
cexiwhoi whats up/05:20
rokr1still problem i cant create a connection nor can get connected05:20
vertanarokr1: Give me a second... I remember seeing a fix for this somewhere...05:21
tweaki remember diakup telnetting and using the internet purely by text on an amiga lmao05:21
rokr1i use UBUNTU 8.10 intrepid05:21
rokr1latest kernel05:21
themind_What do you guys suggest as a music/video player?05:21
rokr1themind_ go for VLC05:21
histo!best | themind05:21
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.05:21
ubottuthemind: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:21
rdw200169themind_: foobar2000 or songbird05:22
jrolland-MacBookIs something wrong with ports.ubuntu.com?05:22
gnutrontweak: xmms is audacious now, but you can get xmms2 i think05:22
Shangrilahello i'm looking for configurations files like .bashrc, screenrc and such, i'm willing to share mine of course, but i'm curious to see what peoples do with those05:22
clarksjrolland-MacBook, use port :800005:22
tweakgnutron: that's why I couldn't find it.. lmao.. used to use it in gentoox05:22
Rapture2k4ARG! it's brokeded again :(05:22
Dr_willistweak,  you can compile xmms if you want from source.05:22
jrolland-MacBookclarks: that's worse05:22
jrolland-MacBookThanks tho05:23
w0ng|zzzthemind_ kmplayer if you're on windows05:23
vertanarokr1: Go to the webpage and install the package listed under other known issues (first paragraph). Might work. http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81005:23
tweakdr_willis: good point!05:23
=== eric is now known as talntid
Dr_willistweak,  but you may as well explore the other players.. Compileing it wasent hard.. but it was an annoyance05:23
rokr1using ndiswrapper i have solved the kill switch problem05:24
tweaki'm so used to compiling from source that I didn't know how to use a bin lmao05:24
clarkscan anyone help me?my wireless not detech after i shut down my laptop this morning..05:24
tweakused portage for the longest time...05:24
vertanarokr1: I was actually talking about that backport package. There might be one for your chipset as well.05:24
tweakvertana is a genius!05:25
clarksvertana, can u help me?05:25
rokr1man i use restricted kernel package of UBUNTU vertana05:25
vertanatweak: Thank you? I'm not sure what I did but eh... no problem!!! Lol.05:25
vertanaclarks: What's the problem?05:25
clarksvertana, my wireless not detech after i shut down my laptop lastnite...05:25
clarkscan you help me to solve it?05:25
tweakquestion : why does everything look so much nicer in linux compared to windows?05:26
Dr_willistweak,  thats the 'joy of freedom'05:26
vertanaclarks: What chipset do you have?05:26
zgoldHi!  I just did a fresh install of 8.10 and am attempting to enable the nvidia restricted driver.  I click the activate button, type my password and it thinks for maybe half a second then does nothing.  (The text still says the driver is inactive)05:26
clarksi think so..05:26
vertanatweak: Not everything crashes at once? Objects may appear to work :p05:26
vertanaclarks: visit that page I posted above and see if the same thing will work for you :)05:27
tweakanyone know what the art of plastic canvas is? I got my girlfriend to make me a 3d penguin with a red hat and linux across his belly lol05:27
tweakvertana: hahah yeah why does linux work? I thought operating systems were built for agitation?05:28
vertanatweak: Take a picture and imageshack it! :p05:28
tweakVertana: Will do, I'll letcha know!05:28
eyehatesludgehas anyone else had trouble installing zsnes05:28
Ahadielzgold, Make sure you're up to date and try again.05:28
jrolland-MacBookIs something wrong with ports.ubuntu.com?05:28
vertanatweak: Apparantly you've never tried to install an nvidia driver by hand (easier these days) or had a broken Xorg... those are the best!05:28
Ahadielzgold, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:28
clarksvertana, i dont get it..05:28
rdw200169vertana: oh yes,05:29
vertanaeyehatesludge: To be honest, zsnes is cool, but it's ALWAYS had problems, even on Windows.05:29
vertanardw200169: Hm?05:29
rdw200169vertana: it is *much* better nowdays05:29
clarksvertana can you help me how?05:29
eyehatesludgeoh, vertana: dto leave did you see the error message i got when i ran it as root05:29
zgoldAhadiel: aha, that seemed to have done something.  Now its "Downloading and installing driver..." (sitting at 0%...)05:29
eyehatesludgei had to leave*05:29
rdw200169vertana: i remember trying to get fglrx working on 5.10...05:29
clarkshow to check my chipset in terminal?05:29
zgoldAhadiel: there it goes. Thanks!05:29
vertanaclarks: Go to the webpage and install the package listed under other known issues (first paragraph). Might work. http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81005:29
Ahadielzgold, No problem.05:29
eyehatesludgeare there any other good snes emulators for linux05:29
rdw200169vertana: and 5.0405:29
vertanardw200169: I remember installing nvidia by hand before Driver Manager... And that was only 2 years ago! (or roundabout)05:30
rdw200169vertana: ah, those were the days... many hours trying to get wireless working when there were no drivers05:30
kyleRanyone run vuze?05:30
gnutronclarks: lspci in a terminal05:30
tweakvertana: I tried installing an intel driver by hand earlier and ended up spending 3 hours re-installing and updating. :p05:30
rdw200169vertana: i learned a lot about linux then just trying to get it to work!05:30
Brack10How can I send f10 to the Ubuntu terminal without it activating the file menu?05:30
tweakrdw200169: Me too!05:31
rokr1man how to reduce authentication for each and ever program05:31
rokr1like firestarter05:31
rdw200169Brack10: Pun following: Ctrl + Alt + F105:31
vertanardw200169: And now it's paying off... I get to help in here :)05:31
rokr1man how to reduce authentication for each and every program05:32
vertanatweak: Now imagine that but with *gulp* wireless drivers...05:32
tweakVertana: omg lo thanks lmao05:32
rdw200169vertana: yeah, my trials and tribulations with the nvidia drivers make me weary about upgrading... once i got dual monitors working with 3D acceleration and compiz on only one monitor...05:32
tweakno thanks rather05:32
FlareDS!language | tweak05:33
ubottutweak: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:33
FlareDS!omg > tweak05:33
ubottutweak, please see my private message05:33
vertanardw200169: I have my laptop with nvidia drivers and three monitors one of which is an hdtv all at different resolutions... worked almost out of the box (installed driver via manager and did settings via nvidia-settings... worked perfectly).05:33
gnutronintel earnings dropped 90 per cent this year, i wonder why05:34
tweaki remember compiling wine from source on a 733mhz xbox..... 8 hours!05:34
rdw200169vertana: ah, but, do you have compiz working, with different screens, i.e. none of that 'stretched desktop' stuff?05:34
rokr1ru sure gnutron05:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:34
rdw200169vertana: i found that compiz only runs reliably one one of the screens, so i run metacity on the other05:34
zivany girls here?05:34
ziv- -'05:34
sukiminna_sory for posting this again. how to check wat version is my ubuntu kernel?05:34
tritiumziv: stay on topic05:34
rdw200169vertana: good for me: no loss in performance05:34
gnutronrokr1: thats what cnn said, and it was expected said wall street05:35
rokr1haha ziv]05:35
ziv= ='05:35
tweakziv: what does it matter this is a help channel!05:35
rokr1ziv have u ever used UBUNTU05:35
zivi need a girl05:35
bazhangziv, please stop.05:35
gnutronI'm offtopic sorry.05:35
rokr1go find some where else05:35
vertanardw200169: Compiz worked fine too! (although I no longer use it... I've grown out of eyecandy and like performance)05:35
FlareDSziv: don't make me get the ops (hehe)05:35
vertanaCan anyone here speak Malay?05:35
Madpilotsukiminna, "uname -r" in a terminal05:36
ubottubantuan bahasa melayu? sila join #ubuntu-my05:36
rdw200169vertana: yeah, i like cairo-dock05:36
Jack_SparrowFlareDS, He is   gone05:36
sukiminna_vertana : i can05:36
MadpilotFlareDS, too late, ops happened :)05:36
rdw200169vertana: it's a sick addiction i have, i need that mac-ness05:36
bazhangvertana, #ubuntu-my05:36
tweakFlareDS do it! i got in trouble for using the acronym laugh out loud05:36
zivsorry  i don't no that05:36
vertanasukiminna: Can you please help clarks.05:36
lonelhey any one played with openldap here,looks like ldap users cannot chdir to their home,and the home directory still exists05:36
rohil@rdw200169 , did you try Mac4Lin ?05:36
zivi don't no that05:36
bazhangziv, dont chat here. It is support ONLY05:36
vertanaHe has a problem with wireless card but not so well with English.05:36
=== rar is now known as Guest93528
vertanaThanks baz.05:36
Madpilotziv, #ubuntu-offtopic for just chatting05:37
rdw200169rohil: no, i just want it to 'feel' a bit like a mac, with the bottom toolbar ;)05:37
zivOK  thx~05:37
sukiminna_vertana : ic what i can do05:37
vertanaThanks suki.05:37
rokr1man any one with solution for 394505:37
rdw200169lonel: it seems like there's something missing in pam05:37
Jack_Sparrowrdw200169, cairo-dock gives you decent mac bottom bar05:37
rdw200169Jack_Sparrow: yes, and it doesn't ever crash, unlike awn05:38
rokr1will 3945 issue be solved in UBUNTU 9.0405:38
lonelrdw200169: good point,can you point me to something exactly? :)05:38
rdw200169lonel: lemme look it up real quick05:39
rdw200169lonel: it's on the tip of my tongue05:39
Jack_Sparrowsudo apt-get install cairo-dock05:39
razaccourhow do i stream from my tv to my laptop? my tv has the white, yellow, and red plug holes and my laptop had the normal hdmi prong port05:39
lonelrdw200169: thanks :)05:39
PeoplesAdvocateI was wondering if anyone knows how to install a printer on Kubuntu KDE 4.105:40
jedi06is pine available?05:40
PeoplesAdvocatenoone seems to be talking in #kubuntu irc05:40
hubarHow do you configure kde4 to use konqeror as default web browser? under intrepid.05:40
razaccouri tried kde and hated it, i'm a gnome guy05:40
hubarlol, people, we meet again. :)05:40
rdw200169lonel: i'm assuming that linux is not creating the user directories the first time they log in05:41
rdw200169lonel: that's what this is for:05:41
gnutronhubar: in your menu find preferred applications05:41
rdw200169lonel: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/Linux-PAM-html/sag-pam_mkhomedir.html05:41
razaccourhow do i stream from my tv to my laptop? my tv has the white, yellow, and red plug holes and my laptop has the normal hdmi prong port05:41
grindkingit's hilarous since i can't use flash10 64bit smoothly fullscreen, i can just use zoom desktop in compiz and it works just as good05:41
gnutronhubar: but that could be a gnome thing.05:41
rdw200169lonel: that should go in /etc/pam.d/common-session05:42
vertanagrindking: Good results from flash?05:42
rdw200169lonel: session required pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/etc/skel/ umask=002205:42
lonelrdw200169: i agree,there is a pam module to do that05:42
rdw200169lonel: that should do it05:42
rdw200169lonel: that's what the link pasted points to05:43
lonelrdw200169: yeah right,but i have the same issue even if i have the home directory created manually..looks like ldap users home directory is not visible to sshd or something05:43
lonelrdw200169: Could not chdir to home directory : No such file or directory05:43
grindkingvertana: i didn't try that much, i followed the ubuntu steps on the main page, and installed what i think was 32bit ff and flash plugin05:43
bret-when I orig installed ubuntu, my bluetooth adapter on my laptop worked perfectly05:43
lonelrdw200169: but the directory exists05:44
rdw200169lonel: you're using pam_ldap and pam_nss?05:44
bret-now I updated to 8.10 and she's no longer agreeing with me!05:44
vertanagrindking: These days you shouldn't even need 32-bit FF.05:44
grindkingvertana: and although pages do load that normally would crash in ff 64bit, if i try full screen it crashes05:44
vertanagrindking: Hm... so 80% victory? :p05:44
rdw200169lonel: this might help: http://www.saas.nsw.edu.au/solutions/ldap-auth-pam.html05:44
vertanagnutron: I assume andy just restarted lol.05:44
lonelrdw200169: let me check05:44
bazhangjigglypuff_, please stop05:45
grindkingvertana: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-102605:45
gnutronvertana: on a fast box....maybe05:45
grindkingvertana: you said it pretty much perfectly, 80%05:45
chiehhello, i recently upgrade to 8.1 from 8.04, and all of the sudden my programs won't compile05:45
grindkingif im scared of browsing pages that might crash, i can use ff3205:45
rdw200169lonel: that, and you still need all the pam_unix.so stuff, even if you're using ldap05:45
grindkingif not, 64bit all the awy05:45
grindkingeither way im so happy vertana05:45
chiehit says that system is undeclared? has anyone run into this problem?05:45
grindkingi just watched step brothers, x264, dts, 1080p, perfectly quality05:45
vertanagrindking: Ah, I see. At least it's reported and all.05:45
grindkingno vsync issues, video quality phenomenal05:45
grindkingdrank the whole movie, so i shouldn't even be irciing05:46
rdw200169lonel: like the example in section of that last link i pasted05:46
grindkingvertana: it's just funny cuz you have an 'older' 64bit proc too05:46
Ace2016_-hi all05:46
PeoplesAdvocategrindking: from a torrent even though i do not condone illegal file sharing?05:46
grindkingvertana: but dont have the problem05:46
rdw200169lonel: b/c pam_unix sets up all the session variables for the shell (etc...)05:46
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: yes. do you really have to say that afterwards in here?05:46
rhonda_NVIDIA OpenGL Driver requires CPUs with SSE to run.05:46
rhonda_The current CPU does not support SSE.05:46
rhonda_can ne one tell me what that error means05:47
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: i mean seriously, if the movie's worth it, ill buy it on bd05:47
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: but watching it in a shit theater, with shit quality video, and not proper sound?05:47
PeoplesAdvocateme too05:47
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: no thanks.05:47
grindkingso ill gladly watch it on my setup05:47
bsusahello all05:47
grindkingit's better than a theater05:47
FloodBot1grindking: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:47
eyehatesludgealright i have an extremely nooby question, i downloaded the source for a program, how on earth do i compile it05:47
rdw200169lonel: just make sure you have a backup account available in the normal files, i.e. /etc/password /etc/shadow etc.. just in case the ldap server is inaccesible05:47
zivdoes any one knew gnomelooks?05:47
grindkingi guess i type faster than normal humans05:47
PeoplesAdvocateI like streaming my movie to my 3605:47
PeoplesAdvocatexbox 36005:48
Ace2016_-i need a simple image viewer, very simple, something that can open lots of image formats but loads fast, doesn't need to rotate images, just open them and zoom them05:48
grindkingi triggerd the flood bot05:48
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: yah but see05:48
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: streaming to 360 is only good for wmvhd05:48
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:48
rdw200169lonel: and make sure you don't *disable* logging in the old-school way; this also applies to the hosts file05:48
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: i have a wii, ps3, and n36005:48
Jack_Sparrowgrindking, Please keep it on one line and On-Topic05:48
rdw200169lonel: follow the warning about the hosts file, i burned myself on that one once05:48
PeoplesAdvocatei know but i rather watch them on my tv than theaters like you05:48
grindkingjack_sparrow: im sorry, my irssi isn't showing how many people are in here, and usually i accomodate for that stuff05:48
rdw200169lonel: if linux can't find localhost, it will NOT boot05:48
Jack_Sparrowgrindking, 127905:49
grindkingjack_sparrow: you probably aren't even on efnet, but it's become sort of a common day occurence to type massive amounts of lines for one topic,05:49
ubottuWEP is totally insecure, don't use it, the full Wireless Documentation for Ubuntu can be found at:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:49
lonelrdw200169: sure,i guess my issue is ldap+pam+ssh can see the ldap user's home directory05:49
rhonda_can someone help me zsnes05:49
grindkingjack_sparrow: what's 127905:49
PeoplesAdvocatethe people in room05:49
lonelrdw200169: it says no such file or directory05:49
Jack_Sparrowgrindking, This issnt efnet. so please keep it on topic05:49
bsusaim having abit of an issue when playing videos in ubuntu when compiz  effects are enabled in window mode. when i play the video in window mode its just black with sound, then when i make the video fullscreen i can see the video fine. I dont understand why it wont show the video in window mode only sound.05:49
gnutronPeoplesAdvocate: channel not room, thats too 'aol'ish' ;)05:50
gnutronPeoplesAdvocate: i'm kidding dude.05:50
tweakanyone know how the progress bar moves like a barbers pole? my system did that during install, and doesn't do it anymore.05:50
rhonda_my comp won't launch zsnes can someone help me05:51
grindkingpeoplesadvocate: anyway, im so happy that everything works perfectly, except for flash, but im patiently waiting on adobe for that fix05:51
grindkingand everything i've typed has been ON TOPIC05:51
rdw200169lonel: but it lets you log in via ssh?05:51
caveman26how to I turn on vsync on an ATi video card?05:51
rdw200169lonel: i.e. you get a bash prompt?05:51
lonelrdw200169: exactly05:51
Jack_Sparrow<grindking> peoplesadvocate: streaming to 360 is only good for wmvhd             is not ontopic05:51
lonelrdw200169: Could not chdir to home directory : No such file or directory05:51
caveman26I have screen tearing, and cant find a vsync setting for my card05:52
rdw200169lonel: i bet it's chrooting to the home directory, i.e. / is actually /home/user05:52
grindkingjack_sparrow: he mentioned it first, call him out not me05:52
rdw200169lonel: and locking the user out of /05:52
lonelrdw200169: looks like what you said is right05:52
Jack_SparrowTelling you both to stop it05:52
rdw200169rdw200169: you should check the sshd configuration05:52
usserrhonda_: zsnes is broken, in intrepid, some nasty bug, try a .deb from hardy or compile it from source05:53
lonelrdw200169: alright05:53
=== tome is now known as Guest17752
lonelrdw200169: UsePrivilegeSeparation yes05:53
rhonda_how can i get a .deb from hardy05:53
rdw200169lonel: i'm looking it up right now in man sshd_config05:53
=== dubi is now known as spongebobsquarep
=== spongebobsquarep is now known as spongebob
rdw200169lonel: do you have UsePAM set to yes?05:54
rdw200169lonel: in sshd_config?05:54
caveman26How do I turn on vsync for an ati card?05:55
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/05:55
lonelrdw200169: yes it is05:55
CaneToadI find that copying files from DVD to hard drive with nautilus in Ubuntu 8.10 consistently uses 90% CPU and makes the system perform really lousy.  That seems weird.  Copying files shouldn't be CPU intensive, but I/O intensive.    Any ideas?05:55
rdw200169lonel: ah, right, that's the ubuntu default05:56
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:56
=== c is now known as sorrow
lonelrdw200169: need to change it?05:56
lonelJack_Sparrow: hey thats pointing towards us?05:56
tweakyou know the ubuntu symbol in the top left corner? I just want it to be blue. does anyone know where the image is stored so I can edit it?05:56
gnutronCaneToad: use the command line, its thee fastest method possible.05:57
rdw200169lonel: nope05:57
bret-anyone know why when I go to setup my bluetooth, it shows no adpaters?05:57
Jack_Sparrowlonel, No, for another user05:57
anuhi, i am writing in C++ . ? any tool can record all the behaviors of variables , function , objects ; and ... output a record-file for that ?05:57
lonelrdw200169: i am pretty sure users home directory is set in ldap,and this ssh+pam is doing something weird05:58
lonelrdw200169: it even cat se the user's home dir05:58
rdw200169lonel: the home directory is just like the home directory thing in /etc/passwords05:58
clarksJack_Sparrow, i need help about my wireless...last night before i shut down my laptop my wireless is detech..when i open my wireless this morning its not detech..can anyone help me?05:58
gompadoes one of you have expiriance installing ubuntu on asus m2m-e sli? (on a sata hardive)05:59
lonelrdw200169: yeah like /home/alex etc05:59
clarksJack_Sparrow, someone said you know how to fixed it..05:59
rhonda_how can i get a .deb from hardy05:59
Jack_Sparrowclarks I am off duty for the night and not up to handling much...05:59
Jack_Sparrowrhonda_, What are you trying to get?06:00
rhonda_im tryin to get zsnes to work on interpid06:00
tweakanyone experienced with costomizing the look of ubuntu? please /msg me06:00
rdw200169lonel: right06:00
clarksJack_Sparrow, so you dont want to help me on this?06:00
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:00
tweakyes I know where to get them06:01
Jack_Sparrowclarks, Not tonight.. Ask a good question with the info they need like hardware setup, version of Ubuntu etc and you will get an answer06:01
AnacranomJack_Sparrow, take a leave bro, g'night, you were here when i came in this morning, get rest06:02
Jack_SparrowAnacranom, Yea, still need to keep an eye on things... even if not answering tech issues06:02
gnutronrhonda_: try http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/allpackages06:03
clarksJack_Sparrow, Im using ubuntu 8.10 and my chipset is  Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02). My problem is my wireless is not detech...this is the most problem is have since i use ubuntu...06:03
tweakyou know the loading p[rogress bar when you start ubuntu? I'd like to change it. i'm not sure what it's even called?06:03
rww!usplash | tweak06:03
ubottutweak: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork06:03
gompai installed ubuntu 8.10 on my m2n e sli but i get a  ata1 comreset faild end drop to buzy box can some one help me boot ubuntu ?06:04
Jack_Sparrowgompa, Are you runnind two video cards sli mode.. as that wisnt supported and  may be your issue06:05
gompajack_Sparrow nope only one 8800gt06:05
gompacheckt the bios and its in singel card mode06:05
gompahad the same issu on installing to but changed a not used ata port to raid and where able to boot06:06
Guest62899I'm trying to install ubuntu, i just deleted windows and formatted my hdd, when i try the live cd it won't run as live or install, it just gives me a blank screen. when i try the alternate installer disk, it gives me a {aperture beyond 4gb. ignoring... error. anyone know the problem?06:06
superkuhThere is a package (util-linux) that failed to install as part of an auto update. It prevents me from installing/removing/etc any other packages since it's added/prepended to the list of changes. How do I remove a package update from the queue of actions performed when using apt-get?06:06
NarcishaHi, I installed the latest nvidia drivers, and they wont stick after a reboot, newbie here, any suggestions on what to do? :/06:06
hubarGuest62899: try burning the image on a dvd?06:06
hubarGuest62899: I had a lot of problems with a cdrom copy, so I had to use dvd, and it worked perfectly.06:07
AnacranomCanonical updates Ubuntu every 6 months, because there has to be cycles of growth and reflection, fix whats broke, etc., but there must be rest, i have watched today for 16 hours, you were here then, and are here now, i only have to watch, you have DONE, get rest Jack_Sparrow06:07
tweakI like my Usplash i just want it to be blue!06:08
histo!splash > tweak06:08
ubottutweak, please see my private message06:08
StargazerHow do i extract a '*.BZ2' not "*.tar.bz2' ?06:08
histoStargazer, -j06:08
=== zkinion is now known as thebleh
histoStargazer, man tar06:09
Jack_SparrowAnacranom, I have spent as much as 20 hrs in a day and averaged over 1000 responses / lines a day every day for months at a time06:09
AnacranomStargazer, add -j06:09
=== thebleh is now known as zkinion
histoStargazer, will show you all the switches06:09
w8jkcStargazer "tar -xvfj <filename>"06:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gconf-editor06:09
AnacranomStargazer, add -j and not -z06:09
gnutrontweak: the xubuntu splash is 'blue-ish'06:09
rohil1Hi all, is there a good web dev IDE for linux equivalent to Aptana or Dreamweaver. I am having troubles installing Aptana on Ubuntu. Thanks.06:09
Dr_willisStargazer,   the extension should be .bz2  i would change it06:10
robert__Narcisha! | is it when you adjust the settings they wont stick correct06:10
infernal_jesusIs it possible to add another item to the menu in gnome panel?06:10
chilli0Hello all , Is there away to see peoples ips that im connected to with pidgen?06:10
Dr_willis`bunzip2 --help'.06:10
DasEIcan I bind the interface to a certain nic (ip or mac-address) when setting up a vsFTPd  ?06:10
Narcisharobert__: i installed the 180 version, it worked perfectly, then i rebooted, and i cant even get into the desktop06:10
infernal_jesusSo: Applications, Places, System, Foo, Bar06:10
Narcishai'm on the livecd now06:10
gompainfernal jesus06:11
Jack_SparrowAnacranom, You are right.. I need some rest...  Everyone play nice...  I review the logs too.. :)             Goodnight06:11
gompatry right clicking the pannel06:11
infernal_jesusgompa, yeah, I've exhausted that option. :P06:11
gompaad to pannel06:11
infernal_jesusAlacarte doesn't do it.06:11
infernal_jesusYou can add another menu.06:11
gompaoh :P06:11
infernal_jesusBut not another item to the menu.06:12
tweaki just can't figure out how to edit the splash...06:12
AnacranomJack_Sparrow, g'night bro, just remember,,, !patience06:12
robert__It sounds like a the settings in X are messed up i had issues with this a little too, i'll see if i can find the solution i used06:12
jedi06is there a pine?06:12
jedi06sudo aptitude install pine06:12
albuntuinfernal_jesus: when you right click the menus you have an option Edit Menus06:13
albuntuthat would do what you want06:13
Narcisharobert__: first problem is that i need somewhere to get into the system, all i an do is some bogus radiobutton selections, which all leads to a lightblack screen and no further access except rebooting, its like the system cant find the updated things :/06:13
robert__So on boot do you get the Verbose messages - These are the list of things as they start06:14
Jack_SparrowNarcisha, at the black screen ctrl-alt F1 and see if you get a term06:14
ZemusHey, I've done this many times in the past, but I forgot the command to display a list of running processes?06:14
gnutronjedi06: pine isn't i the repo's but mutt is similiar. or you could build pine06:14
* clarks headache..dont know how to find the wireless problem..06:14
NarcishaJack_Sparrow: nothing worse on those06:14
robert__yes Jack_Sparrow06:14
gompatop htop06:14
rwwjedi06: pine isn't under active development any more. Consider using its direct successor, alpine.06:14
robert__that was my next steps06:15
n8tuserZemus-> ps06:15
Narcisharobert__: i get the splash screen, then it dissapears, i see the tty thingy, it flashes and stuff, and after 1'2 flashes it goes to the checkbox thingy which i cant get out from06:15
n8tuserZemus-> ps -aux06:15
Zemusn8tuser: that's what I was looking for, thanks06:15
infernal_jesusn8tuser, without -.06:15
raylun8tuser: ps -e06:15
robert__as jack said do u get the terminal when you press Ctrl+alt+F106:15
Narcishano, i dont06:16
tweakDoes anyone know how to edit usplash?06:16
Narcishahence my problem06:16
n8tuserinfernal_jesus-> try it with a dash and see if it makes a difference on ubuntu06:16
robert__bugger it's really sick06:16
infernal_jesusn8tuser, oh right. Ubuntu.. oops. :D06:16
gnutronNarcisha: your usplash is broken06:16
gnutronNarcisha: try re-installing - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplash06:17
Narcishai've reinstalled 4 times, this time it finally worked, until a reboot, which is when the gfx drivers stop working :/06:17
n8tuserinfernal_jesus-> btw, as unix based system, all commands ought to have -  for opt06:17
infernal_jesusn8tuser, Warning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See /usr/share/doc/procps-3.2.7/FAQ06:18
gnutrontweak: thats wouldn't be easy, i surely don't know how, never tried.06:18
robert__gnutron how would this be done if the only access is via live disk is there an easy way to fix these things running from a live disk??? just as a currious side note06:18
tweakgnutron: Couldn't I just open the images and paint them different colours?06:18
Dr_willisI was thinkign the use of - was clarified  a few years back - i recall ps, and tar, no longer needing - for  the 'commands' to the command.   but just for the 'arguments' to the commands... (or so i recall reading at the time)06:18
supravatcan I see other user's pwd using shell script ?06:18
SamIAManyone know how I might be able to fix a stuttering mouse06:18
infernal_jesusSamIAM, speech therapist?06:19
n8tuserinfernal_jesus-> no, try to write a program without using - for opt,  look to optargs as a hint06:19
infernal_jesusOh, write a program.. :P06:19
SamIAMWho didn't know I'd get a smart remark :)06:19
On0biSamIAM: stop jerking06:19
SamIAMok, laggy mouse06:19
gnutronrobert__: ive never used a livecd but some things can be fixed but the hdd must be mounted because youre running off the cd not the hdd. unless your using gparted or something.06:19
infernal_jesusSamIAM, you sure it's a software issue?06:19
robert__ok i'll play with it at some time06:20
gnutrontweak: i dont think its that easy but maybe06:20
SamIAMruns fine on 2 other machines06:20
SamIAMrunning ubuntu06:20
robert__something i just thought maybe worth looking at and since we were near the topic i thought i'd through it up06:20
circuitanybody there ?06:20
gnutronrobert__: what are you trying to fix?06:20
circuithi all06:21
QubitsHey guys06:21
circuithi guys06:21
QubitsHi circuit06:21
jedi06how would i scp to a computer on the same subnet?06:21
QubitsCan someone help me with a problem I'm having with gettin ggrub installed06:21
=== Zarek is now known as Zarek1
circuithey can any on help me regardin ubuntu8.1006:21
gompastill no one who can help booting 8.10 on m2n sli ?06:21
QubitsI am using the livecd06:21
On0bicircuit: what kind of help06:22
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:22
robert__anything - ie the usplash that Narcisha is trying to fix i guess things like this should be easy enough to fix from the live disk once you mount the hard disk06:22
gnutronjedi06: scp /path/to/file   user@ip-address:  smash enter06:22
supravatcan any body tell me how can I see the working shell of other loged in user in Linux ?06:22
QubitsIs there a list of options06:22
* Qubits anticipated !anyone06:22
QubitsIs there list of boot options06:22
albuntudoes anyone knows if there is any problem when you write a how to in the forums ? because i just wrote one now and it didnt showed up. or the moderators have to check that before ?06:22
robert__as i said i had similar issue before and the way i fixed it probably wasn't the best06:22
Narcisharobert__: the thing id like fixed is so the nvidia driver sticks after a reboot :D06:22
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
jedi06gnutron what is the user?06:22
squirrel75gparted won't let me resize an ntfs partition with over 50 GB free,  any ideas?06:22
Narcishaive tried the 177 one, and all that got me was a reinstall :p06:22
torrancewhi all, having audio trouble with a newly built machine running intrepid x64 - can provide further specs as needed06:22
rwwalbuntu: ask in #ubuntuforums06:23
albunturww: ok thanks06:23
gnutronjedi06: you need to know that ahead of time06:23
histo!sound | torrancew06:23
ubottutorrancew: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:23
Dr_willisalbuntu,  you may also want to do a wiki page on it. the forums have had some issues lately06:23
jedi06well at the command prompt it says ubuntu@ubuntu06:23
QubitsHey rww, it would be easier to boot off the HD install of ubuntu and run grub-install from there06:23
jedi06can i just use ubuntu as the user?06:23
jedi06gnutron ^06:23
histoalbuntu, I believe the howtos have to be approved but #ubuntuforums would know for sure06:23
histojedi06, yes06:23
gompawhent trying to boot to ubuntu 8.10 i drop to buzy box becouse ata1 comreset faild what to do ?06:23
robert__Narcisha - my problems with nvidia drivers comes after that where by it's application doesn't have the rights to write changes out to the config file thus06:24
histo!sudo | jedi0606:24
ubottujedi06: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:24
albuntuhisto: ok thanks :)06:24
gnutronrobert__: boot to recovery mode to fix most things06:24
un_davehey all. i just realised my sources.list in /etc/apt references hardy everywhere06:24
torrancewwhen i click the volume control, i get the following error - "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." audio worked fine after install, then i upgraded to the nvidia restricted driver 17306:24
un_daveand i'm running intrepid06:24
cuddlefishanyone know how to make a blank package?06:24
histoun_dave, is intrepid in there at all?06:24
un_daveshould i change it all to reference intrepid, and update?06:24
histo!easysource | un_dave06:24
rwwun_dave: copy your sources.list to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link here.06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about easysource06:24
robert__the resolution given to the monitor i use ends up making the thing not work so i had to manually reconfigure these settings so they are more appropriate06:25
jedi06ok histo i tried that didn't work i'm going from windows to ubuntu06:25
=== clarks is now known as gizmo
QubitsAlright  does anyone know the boot params one can use to have the cd boot to the HD install06:25
gnutronjedi06: ubuntu@ubuntu is your machine right? you need to know the username and password of the remote06:25
histojedi06, what are you trying to do?06:25
Qubitsfor instance on /dev/sda306:25
jedi06scp from windows to ubuntu06:25
un_daverww: ok06:25
histoQubits, the install cd boots to desktop and you have to run the GUI installer.06:25
=== gizmo is now known as clarks
robert__i believe though that ur issue is similar which card is it in the nvidia's06:25
cuddlefishanyone know how to make a metapackage?06:25
transporterhey can somebody recommend me a good personal diary06:25
histoQubits, there is no text install on the default cd you need the alternate iso or the net cd06:25
histo!install > Qubits06:26
ubottuQubits, please see my private message06:26
un_davehisto: doesnt seem to mention intrepid, except where i've added a custom source06:26
robert__i know mine is the 8600GT06:26
histoun_dave, can you pastebin your sources.list and the output of uname -r06:26
gnutronjedi06: get putty on the windows box and i'll walk you through it06:26
histoun_dave, err. cat /etc/issue   sry06:26
jedi06i have putty06:26
un_davehisto: doesnt seem to mention intrepid, except where i've added a custom source06:26
histoun_dave, paste sources.list to paste bin and paste cat /etc/issue in here06:26
un_davehisto, rww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105811/06:27
histojedi06, ahh you are trying to log in remotely?06:27
gnutronjedi06: pscp.exe will do, its part of the putty package for windows06:27
rwwun_dave: what's the output of "lsb_release -a"? hardy or intrepid?06:27
torrancewdoes anyone know if there's a known bug with the nvidia 173 driver that breaks realtek audio?06:27
histoun_dave, what is the output of cat /etc/issue06:27
sukiminna_how to disable kill-switch in ubuntu 8.1006:27
histojedi06, is your ubuntu machine set to answer? did you install ssh?06:27
un_davehisto, rww: cat /etc/issue says 8.04 :S06:27
jedi06doing that now histo06:28
histoun_dave, isn't that hardy?06:28
gnutronjedi06: ok get into the windows directory where the files are you want to transfer06:28
histoun_dave, yes you are running hardy06:28
un_davedamn. i guess it is... but i thought i updated!06:28
histo!upgrade | un_dave06:28
ubottuun_dave: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:28
gnutronjedi06: or do you want to recurse the whole dir06:28
rwwun_dave: Doesn't look like it. Try following the upgrade instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades06:29
histojedi06, after you install ssh you can then use putty and connect using your regular user06:29
Qubitsrww can I pm you06:29
un_davehisto. rww: thanks06:29
un_davewill do06:29
QubitsIt's hard to read06:29
histojedi06, I would change the default port by editing the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file   So you don't get ppl trying to break in.06:29
chrisinajar_dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 26039 package `ghostscript-x': `Depends' field, syntax error after reference to package `libice6'06:29
gnutronjedi06: histo is right, you need ssh-server running on the ubuntu box06:29
rwwQubits: I'm useless at GRUB issues, if that's what your problem is.06:29
chrisinajar_i can't install or remove any packages06:29
chrisinajar_i get that error06:30
histognu2it2, install the ssh package will get it going06:30
QubitsIt's just that I need to access my installation then I can get grub to install frmo there rww06:30
QubitsDo you know how I can boot into my linux install from the cd options06:30
powneris it me, or does networkmanager have a bug that prevents me from using the MAC text field on my interface.. google is failing me.06:30
rwwQubits: no. Ask the channel in general.06:30
histoQubits, ahh well boot the live cd then you can chroot and reinstall grub06:30
histo!grub | Qubits06:30
ubottuQubits: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:30
pownerwhen I put a new mac, the network doesn't start at all - when i remove it, it connects06:30
gompaok becouse i cant install natively does someone know the best supported virtual macine ?06:31
pownerbut it's fine if i use ip, ifconfig or macchanger06:31
gnutronhisto: she mentioned subnet so i dont think tcp 22 is open to the WAN06:31
rwwpowner: it's possible that your hardware or the kernel module/driver doesn't support using a custom MAC address.06:31
rwwpowner: ah. nvm then.06:31
histognutron, tru dat06:31
ThreetimesHi, I formatted  usb-drive. How can I restore the data?06:31
rww!recover | Threetimes06:32
ubottuThreetimes: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:32
tweakwhat is a gtk 2.x theme?06:32
QubitsThreetimes try GetDataBack06:32
Qubitsor @active partition recovery06:32
ydnhtuyrnsnot good06:32
Threetimesok, btw is was fat3206:32
torrancewsorry if i'm being a bother, but this is a rather odd problem - i have sound modules loaded, lspci returns my proper sound card, but alsa just isn't seeing it06:32
quiksilverbash: django-admin.py: command not found06:32
Qubitstorrancew did you try running alsaconfig06:32
quiksilverim certain that i symlinked everything correctly06:33
quiksilvercan someone please help me?06:33
gnutrontweak: I assume theme for gtk version 2.x06:33
torrancewqubits - command not found, and couldn't find it with apt either06:33
QubitsOk guys I mounted my install in /media, I need to install grub, is there a way to change into my installation with some commands like chroot and more06:33
Qubitstorrancew google what package its in06:33
QubitsIt's really handy06:33
QubitsSets it all up06:33
tweak<---- idiot. am I using that? I have no idea? Ubuntu8.1006:34
bamhm182hey, I was running Ubuntu a while back, and it was really good, however, every time I turned on my computer, I'd have to disconnect and reconnect my bluetooth keyboard/mouse, does anyone know if that has been fixed yet?06:34
rwwtweak: Most programs in Ubuntu 8.10 use GTK 2, yes.06:34
QubitsOk heres my issue! ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ grub-install --root-directory=/media /dev/sda206:34
vertanatweak: We know :p   I just got back, what's the problem?06:34
Qubits /dev/sda2 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.06:34
powneris 8.10 "bleeding-edge" or is there a devel repository i can put somewhere?06:34
tweakwhat is a gtk 2.x theme?06:34
gompatweak its for gtk apps06:35
gnutrontorrancew: use asoundconf in a terminal and set default sound card, should be in your menu also06:35
vertanapowner: 8.10 is not 'bleeding edge', but 9.04 is.06:35
gompalike vlc06:35
tweakwhat's a gtk app?06:35
QubitsDoes anyone know another way to get grub installed? What about something even like fdisk -B? I'll take any bootloader06:35
gompavlc ?06:35
pownerthanks vertana06:35
Qubitstweak just about any desktop app06:35
torrancewgnutron - what's the parameter for the card?06:35
Qubitsgompa: the videolan media player06:35
vertanatweak: GTK is what QT is to KDE. Just the toolset used to make the apps (Over simplified MUCH).06:36
rww!gtk | tweak06:36
ubottutweak: GTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI06:36
FibonacciHello. I have an Epson Stylus C67 which up until now had been working perfectly under Ubuntu. Now I've got no cyan ink, but the darned machine refuses to print even in greyscale. What can I do?06:36
gnutrontorrancew: try asoundconf -list06:36
vertanapowner: No problem, gksudo "update-manager -d" to get 9.04 (in ubuntu, not kubuntu).06:36
infernal_jesusFibonacci, I love your work! The sequence, genius!06:36
infernal_jesusWait a second! The _real_ Fibonacci is dead!06:37
infernal_jesusYou're a phony!06:37
Fibonacciinfernal_jesus: why no, I'm not, I'm immortal!06:37
tweakon the gnome-look site there's all kinds of links to themes and stuff on the left, but I understand none of it lol06:37
bamhm182Does anyone know?06:37
torrancewgnutron - done that - the command is "asoundconf set-default-card PARAMETER"06:37
torrancewscanning the man pages to try to find the format of PARAMETER06:37
infernal_jesusFibonacci, lol.06:37
gnutrontorrancew: try system/preferences/set default sound card, its easier06:37
Fibonacciinfernal_jesus: I might be immortal, but I can't get a damn printer to work again.06:37
vertanatweak: On the newer distro's you want GTK 2.x themes (not 1.x).06:37
Madpilottweak, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy will explain much06:38
DezineWhat is the best way to move from Ubuntu 32 to 64? Am I stuck reinstalling completely or will it allow me to move things over with an upgrade of sorts?06:38
torrancewgnutron: there is no "set default sound card", but the sound menu only lets me select the software backend (alsa/pulse/oss/etc)06:38
bamhm182Does anyone here use a bluetooth keyboard?06:39
gnutrontorrancew: try asoundconf list   drop the hyphen you'll see the devices06:39
torrancewgnutron - returns none06:39
binskipy2uhey guys.. anyone in here using 8.04 INSTEAD of 8.10 ? since  its supported a year longer, its not so bleeding edge, and if you do, do you think its more "stable" and "tested" then 8.10 and the latest?06:39
tweakwhat's a Metacity?06:39
torrancewwhich is odd.06:39
gompawhat  does ubuntu 9.04 alpha add ?06:39
QubitsSomeone could have told me about super-grub-disk06:39
gnutrontorrancew:  lspci   does it show up06:39
torrancewgnutron: sure does06:39
vertanaDezine: The best thing to do would be complete reinstall (So that all the apps are 64-bit also), but you can also just get the 64-bit kernel. (But the kernel way won't be fastest as the apps are still only 32-bit).06:39
inktrihey guys i've got a Switch and i'd like to set up a small network of computers. the switch doesn't have DHCP. how would i set up the static ip's for the computers? thanks06:40
bamhm182Alright, I'll just go ask on the forums06:40
Madpilotgompa, the chance to test an alpha release and keep all the bits if/when it breaks?06:40
pownerheh i just looked up update-manager -d on google and then read your response XD  hate when i do that06:40
torrancewgnutron: it was working after install, but it disappeared after i upgraded video drivers06:40
DezineAlright, this may seem backwards but could I just install the kernal.. remove all the old programs and then install the 64bit?06:40
gnutrontorrancew: asoundconf list  shows nothing!?06:40
arvind_khadribinskipy2u,  i do, but take this to #ubuntu-offtopic06:40
DezineI ask because I installed with unetbootin and would rather do it that way06:40
vertanainktri: right click on networkmanager and select edit connections and then make a static wired.06:40
dayo_j ]06:41
Robert_Surcoufbinskipy2u: on desktop I usually go for the latest version06:41
torrancew"torrancew@tray-desktop:~$ asoundconf list06:41
torrancewNames of available sound cards:06:41
torrancewtorrancew@tray-desktop:~$ "06:41
gnutrontorrancew: dmesg |less  look for it there or reboot06:41
FloodBot1torrancew: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:41
dayo_inktri: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts-p306:41
gompamadpilot do you know if they changed the kernal or some ting ? (ps having truble booting 8.10 becouse of ata comresetfaild so i hoped that install might fix it )06:41
pownerdoes 9.04 really boot in ~20 seconds or do i need to change something or is it environmental06:41
torrancewreboot hasn't solved anything06:41
vertanaDezine: That way is a LOT of unnecessary work. Theoretically it could work, but reinstalling is much easier.06:41
shearok, very quick question. Does pretty much everything work on amd64 now? I'm talking flash, win32 codecs, etc. I remember the last time I tried it, I had to spend hours trying (and failing) to get some basic stuff to work.06:41
Madpilotgompa, no idea, actually06:41
Dezinelol ok, I'll just switch over and download the 64bit with unetbootin06:41
gnutrontorrancew: freaking video drivers!!  [expletives galore here]06:42
Robert_Surcoufshear: being on amd64 everything is just fine at least for my usage06:42
torrancewgnutron: indeed06:42
DezineI don't have a cd drive or usb so it's the only way.. works well anyway06:42
arvind_khadrigompa, the kernel changed from 8.04 to 8.1006:42
vertanapowner: The 9.04 stats about the 20 second bootup you've heard of is due to increased r/w speeds from ext4 (as opposed to ext3 in use now).06:42
rwwshear: in my experience, yeah06:42
bamhm182you guys can see my messages, right?06:42
* dayo_ ears are bleeding06:42
Madpilotgompa, #ubuntu+1 is the channel for the alpha release discussions06:42
FibonacciAlso, ever since the upgrade to Intrepid, escputil segfaults no matter what I'm trying to do with the printer - even reading the ink levels.06:42
pownerahh i see06:42
gompaah thanks madpilot06:42
Dezinethank for the help06:42
Robert_Surcoufbamhm182: what is your message sorry I joined late06:42
pownerim trying to stay away from journaling as i'm using flash06:42
pownerstill ext206:42
torrancewgnutron: i've found that others have had similar problems, but haven't found a solution that works for me. on a side note, 64 bit intrepid is much.... wonkier than 3206:42
shearok, thanks, I'll give it a shot here. It *was* admittedly close to 4 years ago that I last tried amd64. I expect things have changed.06:43
bamhm182alright, cool, I was just wondering if I was actually posting because nobody was acknowledging me06:43
vertanapowner: To be honest, if all you're looking for is a way to boot faster, wait until 9.04 is in beta at least so not as much stuff breaks. (or now if you like to submit bug reports and such)06:43
Robert_Surcoufbamhm182: and your question/problem is ?06:43
gompaarvind_khadri if i recall corectly 8.04 wouldt boot either06:43
gnutrontorrancew: i wont put 8.10 on my 64 bit box anytime soon it works too good to break.06:43
arvind_khadrigompa, boot where?? on a desktop?06:44
maxxisttorrancew  loving 64bit here...06:44
torrancewgnutron: what version are you running?06:44
vertanagnutron: I did an update manager upgrade and it worked flawlessly.06:44
bamhm182Robert_Surcouf: I have a bluetooth keyboard, last time I was on Ubuntu, EVERY time I turned on my computer, I would have to disconnect it and plug it back in, which really isn't that big of a problem, but it is annoying, does anyone know if this has been fixed yet?06:44
vertanagnutron: To 8.10 I should clarify.06:44
Guest62899trying to mount cd-rom to install ubuntu. Nothing lets it detect my drive. im trying to use the alternate instller06:44
gompaarvind_khadri yeah on a asus m2n e sli with one ide drive and one sata drive to be exact06:44
yo_linuxhi, how do I install a minimal but working X server on ubuntu-server 8.1. I have xserver-xorg, but I think I need some sort of display manager?06:44
gnutrontorrancew: on this box, 8.10, been dist upgrading it since buntu was invented06:44
gompaand a ide dvd drive06:45
pownernaw the boot time was just something i noticed now - i actually want to test for bugs in packages using newer upstream sources06:45
arvind_khadrigompa, oh ... no idea06:45
gnutronvertana: i'll keep that in mind, thanks.06:45
torrancewgnutron: and your 64 bit?06:45
gompaarvind_khadri ahw to baad06:45
Robert_Surcoufbamhm182: I would assume it because Linux send a message to shut it down, a quick but not nice things to do would be to avoid to shutdown the bluetooth in rc.d06:45
pownerto see if an upstream fix has made it down already06:45
vertanapowner: Well, I'm not sure if Alpha2 is out yet, but that's the one with ext4 included in it.06:45
ThreetimesQubits: GetDataBack is a windows app?06:46
tweakhey when I try to install a gtk theme it says that it will not look proper because the theme "Default" is not installed06:46
torrancewwhat's even stranger is that all the sound modules for the kernel are loaded, and i believe they are the correct modules06:46
gnutrontorrancew: the 64 bit is still 8.04 hardy and java/flash ff-64 work great with sound, dvd et al06:46
vertanatorrancew: I'm on 8.10 (distro upgraded from 8.04) and I'm on 64 bit and all my applications work flawlessly, but as always YMMV depending on all the extra programs you have installed.06:46
bamhm182what would that do?06:46
bamhm182just have my keyboard on 24/7?06:46
maxxisttorrancew you are having issues with 64bit 8.10?06:46
torrancewmaxxist: mainly this sound problem, other than that i've overcome everything else06:47
torrancewi've just noticed that it requires many restarts to get installs to "take", if you will06:47
maxxisttorrancew  what is the sound problem?  what sound chipset are you using?06:47
gompavertana powner  apha 2 is out06:47
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: you tried to fixed it with alsamixer ?06:47
vertanagompa: Thank you, very much. There ya go powner. Ext4 at your fingertips ^^06:47
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: there is no device to configure anymore06:48
pownertx guys =)06:48
powneror girls06:48
vertanatorrancew: I had to restart twice. Once after upgrade. Once after Nvidia drivers. That was it ^^06:48
torrancewmaxxist: Realtek integrated - it was working fine until i upgraded video drivers06:48
torrancewvertana: that makes me sad.06:48
jedi06gnutron i installed dropbear still can't get it06:48
maxxisttorrancew  using pulseaudio or alsa?06:49
torrancewdropbox wouldn't initialize without one, and i believe that on my 32 bit machine it picked up fine06:49
vertanatorrancew: If you don't use proprietary drivers then it's only one restart, due to kernel upgrade.06:49
torrancewmaxxist: tried both06:49
torrancewvertana: yeah, the nvidia proprietary driver is (i believe) what broke my sound06:49
QubitsThere is informations about how to restore grub from a livecd here :06:49
QubitsI also found something showing how to install grub frmo the grub command line06:49
vertanatorrancew: There is no way a video driver broke your sound. What makes you think that?06:49
gnutronjedi06: dropbear?  you need sshd running on ubuntu and puTTy on windows. dropbear im not familiar with.06:50
maxxisttorrancew  you did just a video driver upgrade and it went away?06:50
Qubitsroot (hd0,1)06:50
=== binarymutt_ is now known as binarymutt
torrancewmaxxist: yes06:50
Qubitssetup (hd0)06:50
QubitsThat did it I think FYI06:50
jedi06dropbear is a lightweight SSH2 server06:50
QubitsPlease try to actually help people with grub problems now06:50
vertanatorrancew: Interesting... And it stayed that way even after x/computer restarted?06:50
torrancewthe volume control, when clicked, gives this error: "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found."06:50
rdw200169gnutron: wow, last time i saw dropbear was on openwert06:50
jedi06how do i install sshd then gnutron?06:50
torrancewit worked until the restart06:50
rdw200169gnutron: openwrt06:50
torrancewbut all the modules are loaded06:50
gnutronjedi06: on the ubuntu box? is it running?06:50
vertanajedi06: sudo aptitude install opensshd (I believe)06:51
torrancewit just doesn't see my card anymore. in certain places06:51
maxxisttorrancew  can you open sound in preferences?06:51
jedi06yes on ubuntu06:51
vertanatorrancew: Make sure all those sound tests work.06:51
torrancewthey freeze the machine06:51
gnutronjedi06: openssh-server is the package im pretty sure but we can try dropbear if your ready06:51
torrancewmaxxist: yes06:51
jedi06ok i have both now06:52
maxxisttorrancew  is there any sound chips listed in there?06:52
gnutronjedi06: how many files do you wanna transfer to the buntu box06:52
vertanatorrancew: Do they freeze up even when you select other options? Try pulseaudio or alsa (two most likely to work).06:52
jedi06actually i want to save some to windows06:52
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: aplay -ILv will give you the configuration you could post also you can dmesg | grep -i alsa and dmesg | grep -i snd06:53
torrancewvertana: tried alsa, switched to pulseaudio, but didn't run the tests. still nothing though06:53
gnutronjedi06: open a dos box06:53
torrancewmaxxist: no06:53
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: aplay returns absolutely nothing06:53
gnutronjedi06: type pscp  does it show help info?06:53
torrancewnor does dmesg | grep -i alsa06:54
jedi06nope i have putty and winscp06:54
maxxisttorrancew what are the chances you want to do a reinstall?  unless someone knows how to do an audio hardware reconfigure.....06:54
Guest62899ubuntu really doesnt want to install on my computer. Does anyone know of any other linux variations that support dual monitors?06:54
torrancewmaxxist: i'm not keen on it, esp. given i'm 99% certain that when i re-upgrade my video drivers, this will happen all over again06:54
maxxisttorrancew  i dont see how a video driver would do this...06:54
gnutronjedi06: the putty package should include pscp.exe, you can grab it in seconds, want the url?06:55
mrpocketsis there no way to send CTRL+ALT+DEL in VNC through terminal server ?06:55
torrancewmaxxist: it doesn't make sense to me either, but i've found that others have had the same problem, just haven't found a solution that works fo rme06:55
jedi06ok gnutron sure06:55
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: you don't see it in the lscpi as well ?06:55
torrancewmaxxist: also, given that this is my first go-round with a 64 bit, i was very careful, and restarted after nearly every upgrade06:56
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: lspci06:56
jedi06gnutron but i already have putty.exe06:56
gnutronjedi06: sec06:56
maxxisttorrancew  i would honestly think a reinstall would be a great idea.  if you can reproduce the issue I would say it would be a bug to be submitted.06:56
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: lspci | grep -i snd returns nothing06:56
gnutronjedi06: that just opens a session06:56
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: you have a nvidia as sound and graphic card ?06:56
torrancewmaxxist: if it is the driver, it's a bug for nvidia06:56
jedi06well i got winscp probably the same thing06:56
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: nVidia nForce chipset on mobo (integrated sound), and nVidia geForce 8 card06:57
maxxisttorrancew  reboot after every upgrade is excessive.  you should really only need to when a kernel gets upgraded.  but i just installed 64 bit.  and did an nvidia driver install 180.  no probs here06:57
gnutronjedi06: download pscp.exe and put it in your path \windows will do. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html06:57
torrancewmaxxist: where can i get 180? the distro only recognized up to 17306:58
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: I do too on a hpslim box what is the version of your graphic driver ?06:58
NarcishaHow can I check which graphics drivers I'm using? I *think* I managed to roll back the updates, just need to be sure06:58
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: dmesg | grep NVRM06:58
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: if i do a straight lspci, i can dig through and find it06:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssid06:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about SSID06:58
maxxisttorrancew and my system is integrated audio also.  my nvidia card is a 9600gt.  I found 180 in synaptic...06:58
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: nVidia proprietary 17306:59
gnutronNarcisha: lsmod in a terminal06:59
jedi06ok done gnutron06:59
ItaciousCan someone please direct me in how to set up internet connection sharing in (x)ubuntu using Firestarter? I want to have a computer (namely and Xbox 360) connect through eth0 (ethernet) to the internet via eth1 (wifi). Any ideas? Thanks.06:59
maxxisttorrancew   do a search for nvidia in synaptic.  there should be an 180 driver in there...07:00
Itacious*name an07:00
Itacious**namely an Xbox 36007:00
Melikhow can i see hidden folders in bash?07:00
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: as maxxist pointed out the last one on synaptic is 180 on the nvidia website they have the 180.22 both of them works well07:00
Dr_willis!ics | Itacious07:00
ubottuItacious: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php07:00
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: "00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation Realtek ALC1200 8-Channel High Definition Audio Codec (rev a1)" turns up with a plain lspci07:00
gnutronjedi06: so what dir or file do you want from the ubnutu box, it needs to be in the user /home/user/ dir07:00
torrancewwill look into it07:00
jedi06say foo.txt gnutron for now07:01
gnutronjedi06: open a dos box, then mkdir \temp07:01
Brack10anyone know if it's possible to stream pandora, last.fm, xm radio or any similar service with mplayer?07:01
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: mine is a MCP7307:01
gnutronjedi06: pscp wont copy to your personal dir07:01
Dr_willisBrack10,  you want to stream a stream?07:01
torrancewBrack10: pandora and last.fm both use proprietary flash streams, i believe07:01
gnutronjedi06: cd \temp07:02
FirefisheI'm using ubuntu 8.10 on an Asus G50v-X1 laptop.  Have a dvd burner that I can't access.  When I put a dvd movie in the drive, it initially will show it as being mounted and available.  After a while, though--usually after the first attempt at accessing it through whatever file manager I'm using (doesn't matter which), the drive locks up and the system stops recognizing it.07:02
jedi06ok gnutron07:02
MHz128Hello! Is there a modifiable setting that defines the mouse over gnome-panel-menu delay?07:02
maxxisttorrancew I would say try the 180 nvidia driver.  if that doesnt work.  a reinstall would be best.  if you can reproduce the problem it would be a good bug report to submit.07:02
torrancewmaxxist: which package(s) should i use?07:02
gnutronjedi06: then pscp ubuntu@ubuntu:foo.txt .   smash enter  [dont forget the dot or colon07:03
maxxisttorrancew   sec07:03
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: seems that there is a workaround for your problem07:03
jedi06do i need to start the ssh deamon on ubuntu?07:03
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: what would that be?07:04
gnutronjedi06: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start07:04
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: adding a line in /etc/modprobe.d/asla-base adding options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=107:04
maxxisttorrancew  nvidia-glx-180 should be the one.07:04
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: did you tried it ?07:04
torrancewmaxxist thanks07:04
maxxisttorrancew  nvidia-glx-180 should be the one.    should autoremove the old one.07:04
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: not yet07:04
maxxisttorrancew   you may have to restart after that one though.07:05
gnutronjedi06: then pscp ubuntu@192.168.1.x:foo.txt .   smash enter  use the ip address unless you hosts file has ubuntu in it07:05
torrancewmaxxist: i'm sure i will07:05
maxxisttorrancew  come back and let us know07:05
gnutronjedi06: where 'x' is the last address bit07:05
jedi06we are not on the same subnet07:06
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: also you could check you /var/log/messages to see if you can find something complaining about the ALSA07:06
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: does it matter where i add it?07:06
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: no07:06
gnutronjedi06: then pscp ubuntu@ip-address:foo.txt  .  [enter]  firewall dependant07:07
jedi06my address is 192.168... ubuntu is 10.0.2...07:07
SingAlongHi all!07:07
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: can i reload those modules without a reboot?07:07
=== nancy is now known as eeble
jedi06they use the same network interfce though ubuntu is virtual uses nat07:08
SingAlongI trying to compiling a lib gives me Xrender.h errors. Says Xrender.h isnt found. But I verified the location I specified and the file is there07:08
=== mans is now known as Guest89646
Some_uxHi, is there a way to update/upgrade only a single (as in only that specific) package using apt-get ?07:08
gnutronjedi06: i dont think it'll work without routing/port forwardinh07:08
SingAlongoh sorry! seems like my question is meant for #ubuntu-dev07:08
gnutrontorrancew: yes you can modprobe module  good to go07:09
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: /etc/rc.d/init/alsa start07:09
jedi06i can get on the same subnet but for some reason i can't get outside the subnet so i couldn't install all that crap i need07:09
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: sorry07:09
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: /etc/rc.d/init/alsa stop07:09
eebleHi, I just updated my girlfriends laptop to ubuntu and tried to copy over her firefox bookmarks.html file, but firefox under ubuntu isn't loading the bookmarks.html file. what gives? am I doing something wrong?07:09
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: modprobe -r snd-something I'm not sure07:09
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: command not found07:10
jedi06the ssh-server07:10
Some_uxIt seems that-> apt-get update && apt-get upgrade , is a potentially fatal thing to do, as it upgrade way more than one bargains for07:10
gnutronjedi06: can you temporarily open port 22 to the net and use the internet address?07:10
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: /etc/init.d07:10
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: already tried that one too07:11
jedi06how do i do that07:11
vertanaSome_ux: You can upgrade pakcages selectively through Synaptic.07:11
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: we may have something here07:11
SingAlongI'm trying to compile a lib gives me Xrender.h errors. Says Xrender.h isnt found. But I verified the location I specified and the file is present. Has anyone got such errors?07:11
Some_uxvertana: I don't have GUI only commandline07:11
bashcahi there all07:11
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base ?07:12
gnutronjedi06: you would need to access the router07:12
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: found it at /etc/init.d/alsa-utils, and the work-around worked07:12
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: I don't know07:12
torrancewthanks a million07:12
gompasome_ux hoe did you install ?07:12
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: cool07:12
vertanaSome_ux: Ok, use apt-get. If I remember right it will say some recommendations but you can ignore those (I may be confusing this with aptitude).07:12
jedi06you mean port forward 22 to ubuntu07:12
torrancewmaxxist: thanks also for your help07:12
Some_uxgompa: via the CD07:12
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: I don't know if when you reboot how it's gonna hold up07:13
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: so you have sound now ?07:13
gompalive disk07:13
gompaor install disk ?07:13
maxxisttorrancew  I think Robert helped more07:13
jedi06and then use my router ip address?07:13
Some_uxI think the install CD07:13
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: i do, when you found it, did you find anything about what caused it?07:13
gnutronjedi06: well, if ubuntu listens on port 22 to the world, then use its i-net address07:13
torrancewmaxxist: all the same, you dedicated time to helping me07:13
vertanaSome_ux: sudo dpkg --install --force-all <packagename>   << I found this on the forums.07:13
zmanning_can someone point me towards the mono .net package?07:13
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: but I would agree with maxxist 180 are stable enough (ok ok I run 172 but still)07:13
gompadid you select the could tou try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:14
gnutronjedi06: but yeah you'd need to forwrd the traffic on 22 to that box07:14
gnutronjedi06: i thought you were on the same subnet07:14
jedi06the problem is that its not on the same subet as the router07:14
jedi06its using nat07:14
gompadid you sellect the ubutu desktop pakage ? if not you can install it by doing sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:14
Ace2016_-Hi all07:15
torrancewwhile i'm here, i may as well ask if everyone finds linux flash drivers are nearly incapable of displaying fullscreen videos that are watchable?07:15
Some_uxvertana : where do i get the debian installation file from ?07:15
Ace2016_-anyone know a gimp alternative, can't force it to behave like i want07:15
mrpocketsAce2016_-, Photoshop07:15
torrancewi've only used ubuntu for the past year or so, and i know it's not their fault - it's adobe's, but has anyone found a way to fix that?07:15
SingAlongI'm trying to compile a lib and it gives me Xrender.h errors. Says Xrender.h isnt found. But I verified the location I specified and the file is present. Has anyone got such errors?07:16
vertanaSome_ux: repository. To find package name you can do aptitude search "keyword in package", but aptitude only searches package names, NOT description.07:16
Ace2016_-mrpockets: one that runs on linux if possible without using wine or a vm07:16
gnutronjedi06: are you connected to the same router?07:16
mrpockets'heh Ace2016_- nah i don't07:16
Some_uxSurely there must be a way to download the latest update of a single package using the commandline ?07:17
jedi06yes they are on the same machine07:17
jedi06but the vbox network is private and is invisible to the host07:17
gnutronjedi06: can you ping the remote box07:17
vertanaSome_ux: I just told you how. dpkg force install. You just need to know the package name. dpkg and aptitude are command line programs.07:17
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: flash is proprietary it is bad but widely used until now, so you are at the mercy of their willing07:17
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: Until now?07:18
Some_uxvertana: afaik dpkg requires a .deb file ?07:18
Robert_Surcoufvertana: things to come and go isn't it ?07:18
Robert_Surcoufvertana: things tend to come and go isn't it ?07:18
torrancewRobert_Surcouf: yeah, i knew about the whole proprietary business, just wondering if everyone has the same crappy framerates as me - i don't know any other linux users irl07:18
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: Yes, but flash is by no means gone right now. Maybe in a few years or so, but not right now.07:18
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
jedi06no gnutron07:19
vertanaSome_ux: Are you trying to get the source code? Or are you trying to install a "package" like in synaptic?07:19
Robert_Surcouftorrancew: while I don't measure the framerate I think it is pretty good with the latest one from their website maybe it is me07:19
=== tome is now known as Guest91081
torranceweverything is watchable until fullscreen07:19
zmanning_anyone know how to fix this: install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables07:19
gnutronjedi06: then without fancy routing youre d00med07:19
jedi06they don't use the same router ubuntu uses the vbox router07:19
torrancewat that point it lags firefox and just generally performs terribly07:20
jedi06i can port forward vbox to make services available in the private netword07:20
jedi06let me try that07:20
tweakthe window manager theme 'default' is not installed. does this mean anything to anyone?07:20
Some_uxVertana: I have not yet installed this package, but i did notice that the Update page contains a newer version of the package. I am afraid that if i use: sudo apt-get, I will get the old dated package07:20
Robert_Surcoufvertana: it will die... it will die (maybe Adobe will close before it dies :-) )07:20
gnutronjedi06: if you can, it may work07:21
Bikeguyi'm having a lot of problems with sound, for amarok i get the message that xine was unable to initialize audio drivers. Could it be a pulseaudio issue?07:21
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: I believe it will die (As there is now silverlight, javascript is increasing speed, etc.), but the time is not here yet sir... but yes, one day...07:21
gompahmpf my only bet is booting ubuntu on vmware :/07:22
torrancewwell, thanks all, and goodnight07:22
vertanaSome_ux: When it says newer packages it is according to the database, so unless you installed via source code compiling it is guaranteed to be newer.07:22
Some_uxvertana: It does not say that there is a newer version, It is implied, since the packages is listed in the Hardy-update section07:23
Robert_Surcoufvertana: this kind of proprietary will die and maybe sooner that one would believe, imagine that somebody would have said you know what HTML is a proprietary language you can use it only with mosaic, you might laugh now but at the end of the 80's a university copyrighted Gopher a widely used means to search the information do you use often gopher ?07:23
maxxistRobert_Surcouf  I was just gonna ask him if he was using the 64 bit flash 10.  its pretty much flawless on my system.07:23
vertanaSome_ux: Not necessarily, it may just be a bump in the version but not in the source code.07:23
Robert_Surcoufmaxxist: can you use a 32bits flash ? on 64 ?07:24
Some_uxvertana: it is listed as a critical security flaw update07:24
vertanaSome_ux: I advise you install security updates, but that's just me...07:24
maxxistRobert_Surcouf  yeah you can use the nspluginwrapper thingy...  it installs when you install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:24
Robert_Surcoufmaxxist: ouch I see well I use the proprietary one and I agree with you it works well07:25
maxxistRobert_Surcouf  but i find the new adobe 64 bit flash is just fine.07:25
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: While yes, it is propietary; the fact of the matter is, it's used widely and available on all OS's. For the general public to move away, it would require a utility just as easy to use and fast. The general public doesn't care if it's open or closed.07:25
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: Think about Windows... it has to "just work"(TM). :p07:26
Robert_Surcoufvertana: because it is closed it will die, I know seems hard to believe but it will, if somebody would have said in 1989 gopher will die in 10 years everybody would have laugh at it07:26
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maxxistRobert_Surcouf  usually i love the ubuntu-restricted-extras meta package.  but I am finding it needs some love on 64 bit now.  It also installs 32 bit libraries so you can run 32 bit apps on 64bit kernel.  it works well.  but i didnt want that.   but i did want all the codecs and such,  so i had to do manual install on those.07:27
kingsleyWhat's your favorite audio player?07:27
maxxistkingsley Audacious07:27
Robert_Surcoufmaxxist: yes you might loose some performance using 32 bits code, I haven't looked in details but the 64 applications seems to me a little bit faster07:28
vertanaRobert_Surcouf: That's true of anything. Evolve as the times and people evolve or die. So either, Flash will have to be open source (eventually) or Linux support will have to evolve greatly. Or something open source and multiplatform will outseat it as a de facto 'net video player.07:28
maxxistRobert_Surcouf  Handbrake on 64bit linux is waaaay faster at transcoding dvds07:28
vertanakingsley: Rhythmbox or Amarok. Depends on your needs/wants and cpu.07:29
Robert_Surcoufkingsley: try songbird you might like it07:29
tux9778is there a 64bit ver. of skype?07:29
kingsleymaxxist, vertana, Robert_Surcouf; Do they support jack?07:29
Some_uxwhat is the purpose of http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy-updates ? is it a new distribution ? or is it enough to apt-get install - to use these updates ?07:30
maxxistkingsley i think audacious is pulseaudio only07:30
vertanakingsley: Songbird is also a good one, although early to say if it meets all your needs. And I believe Amarok does, not sure about rhythmbox.07:30
maxxistSome_ux hardy is older.07:30
Some_uxmaxxist: afaik Hardy is still a tad bit more stable than intrepid07:32
kingsleyvertana: Which engine do you use in amarok?07:32
gnutronmaxxist: no its not pulse only07:32
maxxistSome_ux yes.07:32
maxxistgnutron really?07:32
vertanakingsley: I haven't used it in a long time, but I used the xine engine it came with and for audio output Alsa, suited me just fine.07:33
jedi06gnutron forget i'll just email them to myself it is possible to port forward but docs aren't that good07:33
kingsleyvertana: FWIW, mine warns me that xine-engine doesn't support mp3, which is what I need.07:34
gnutronmaxxist: i have pulseaudio uninstalled and use vlc, amarok, audacious everything all works, two sources at once using esound and alsa on intrepid07:34
maxxistgnutron good to know.  I had pulse installed on my hardy install.  and when I tried to install audacious it wanted to install pulse again...  so i just assumed.07:35
gnutronjedi06: yeah, tarball them and mail.  separate subnets complicate things07:35
Some_uxThe thing is, I labored very hard to config Hardy, and i am now mortified by the prospect of a command which will update/upgrade indiscriminately. I only want very specific updates.07:35
maxxistgnutron i meant pulse was uninstalled.07:35
gnutronmaxxist: intrepid whacked my sound totally, thats how i fixed it.07:35
vertanakingsley: You'll need to install restricted codecs. That's all. I think the package is xine-extras or alternatively ubuntu-restricted-extras will download all restricted stuff you'll most likely need.07:36
maxxistgnutron  pulse buggared my hardy and wine install.  when i removed it everything was glorious.07:36
gnutronmaxxist: pulse needs a defibrillater07:37
gnutronmaxxist: joke07:37
maxxistgnutron lol.  seems to be working for me right now.  hehe.07:37
vertanakingsley: libxine1-ffmpeg I think is your package. (Just looked at a list real quick.)07:37
gnutronmaxxist: i'll try it again when they fix something or other07:38
Bikeguyi have no sound, under preferences:sound when i click test on any of the buttons i get this message : audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection refused07:38
vertanaBikeguy: Try moving your options from auto to pulse or alsa or oss (whichever will work for you)07:39
vertanaThat's the only thing that really bothers me personally about Linux. I can live with a lot of stuff... but 3 audio systems on almost every install crossing all distros? Come on *offtopic I know, sorry*07:40
Bikeguyvertana: none of them are outputting sound07:40
vertanaBikeguy: Do you know what sound card you have?07:40
Bikeguyvertana: i have an onboard sound card that came on my evga 780i board, intel07:41
vertanaBikeguy: It's intel and still not working? Hm... google your soundcard and make sure it's not a general linux or hardware problem (Should always be the first thing you try)07:42
Bikeguyvertana: sounds good, i'm new to linux, still trying to figure out the ropes07:42
rohilHi Guys..is there a way I could create a common kinda folder in both windows and Linux partitions ? So, that I don't have to maintain two copies ... thanks07:43
vertanaBikeguy: I understand. Ubuntu community is really good for support. After google try ubuntuforums.com and always search forums before possibly making a duplicate thread. But if you ask in here or on forums people will really try to help you.07:43
Boohbahrohil: you could mount your ntfs partition in linux07:43
rohilB.oohbah, I did that but there is a wamp folder in windows and a xampp one in Linux. Both need their folder (namely www and htdocs) where the files are put. I want same files in both these installations. So, incase if I ever have to access them from Windows, I can do so07:45
Bikeguyvertana: so, nothing came up as far as my board goes, there aren't any sound issues reported. sound has been working, but there have been a few odd things going on, for one mplayer takes a really long time to boot up07:45
=== nancy is now known as eeble
vertanaBikeguy: This makes me think that it MIGHT be hardware problem??  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67488207:46
vertanaBikeguy: Unless I'm mistaken, is that not the same board?07:46
Bikeguyvertana: it is, i just read that thread07:46
=== Dompie is now known as Do-m-pie
eebleHi, in evolution i have a gmail imap account set up, is there any way to make that show up first in the folder list?07:46
vertanaBikeguy: Weird... Does it work in another OS? Is this a fresh install or did it "just stop working"?07:46
Bikeguyit works in windows, it is a relatively new install, but sound just stopped working today07:47
Bikeguyvertana: i was having mplayer issues, and system halt issues from the start though07:47
humadoes 8.10 live cd support ntfs?07:47
YankDownUnderhuma, Yes.07:48
Boohbahrohil: so what is the problem?07:48
humaYankDownUnder, ok. thanks. want to recover one broken windows box.07:48
vertanaIf anybody knows more about ALSA and soundsystems could you please help bikeguy? I don't know too much about those.07:48
YankDownUnderhuma, ntfs-3g is a read/write driver07:49
rohilSuppose there is an index.php file in C:/wamp/www/ and I want my xampp to read it in linux. So, I will have to create a copy of it in my lampp folder in linux.07:49
rohilso there are two copies of same file07:49
rockyrockguys, how to see what ports are open in a wireless network?? Torrent isn't avaialbe in my university, all ports are closed. How can i see what ports are open so  i can use them?Is there any tool in Ubuntu to do that?07:49
Bikeguyvertana: thanks, i appreciate it. I have a good buddy who had some suspicions that pulseaudio might be causing some issues07:49
Some_uxOk, so apparently synaptic can install/upgrade a single package. and since synaptic is only a gui interface for apt-get, I suppose there is a way to upgrade only a single package. The problem is how ?07:50
vertanaBikeguy: That did it to me on this at first. I had to switch from OSS to ALSA so it could be piped through Pulseaudio... but Linux sound systems are my Achilles's Heel.. never could get them. Sorry, I couldn't be of much help.07:50
MckitrickHi guys07:50
maxxistrockyrock network tools under admin would be a good place to start...07:50
Bikeguyvertana: no, you've been of help, at least we might be narrowing down the problem07:51
MckitrickAnyone have any idea why my drive is mounting read only?  I've rebooted and it's done an fsck but it's still coming up read only.07:51
Melikwhat is a good lightweight window manager that you guys would recommend??07:51
vertanaBikeguy: If I can think of anything I'll let you know ^^07:51
Meliki'm getting sick of gnome's bloatware.07:51
Bikeguyvertana: k thanks07:51
maxxistMelik Fluxbox07:51
rockyrockmaxxist: can you please tell me what should i put in the "Network address" field in the Port Scan tap in Network tools?07:52
YankDownUnderMckitrick, Have you tried to modify the /etc/fstab in relation to the drive?07:53
Bikeguyvertana: i'm going to try and do a full restart, see if that does the trick07:53
maxxistrockyrock  i have no idea man.  I just knew network tools has a port scanner and such...07:53
* Panarchy says Hi07:53
Robert_Surcoufrockyrock: are you on your own network or somewhere else ?07:53
ThreetimesHi, I accidently formstted a usb-drive, how do I get my information back?07:54
ThreetimesI did cat /dev/sdb > sdb07:54
Threetimeswith grep -a something sdb I can see my data07:54
Threetimeshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery diesn't help me07:54
FloodBot1Threetimes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:54
gnutronrockyrock left07:54
maxxistRobert_Surcouf wouldnt he need to port scan his own ip from outside the universtiy network?07:54
ThreetimesIt was a fat32 drive07:55
Robert_Surcoufmaxxist: yeah, without asking the administrator, and even they will not open a port just like that but yes and nmap on the ip of the university would have been a good start but without propr authorization ...07:55
Bikeguyvertana: yeah....sound works now....this is so odd07:55
ThreetimesFloodBot1: sorry (why do I talk to a bot)07:56
Some_uxHmm, If i understand apt-get correctly, To get a package which has updates all you need to do is>  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install <package-name> ?07:56
vertanaBikeguy: Could be any number of things if a restart fixed it. Coulda been a program that didn't agree with your audio.. lotsa stuff : /07:56
* Panarchy says Hi07:57
* YankDownUnder thinks that talking to bots is good for one's mental instability07:57
* Threetimes says hi too :p07:57
PanarchyDoes anyone know which command properly list all installed software?07:57
Bikeguyvertana: grrr, i hate sound issues07:57
PanarchyI know of dpkg -l07:57
PanarchyAre there others?07:57
vertanaBikeguy: I ranted earlier myself :p07:57
MckitrickIs anyone here familiar with 3ware raid controllers?07:58
* Threetimes questions himself what "mental instability" should mean...07:58
tux9778how do i fix my audio playback?07:58
YankDownUnderDon't play audio.07:58
PanarchyWhat's the command to list dpkg -l at 1 'page' at a time07:58
Threetimestux9778: depends on the problem, what's wrong07:58
YankDownUnderPanarchy, dpkg -l | less07:59
gnutronPanarchy: dpkg =l |less07:59
gnutronPanarchy: dpkg -l |less07:59
tux9778skype says probleam with audio playback07:59
Bikeguyvertana: hahah07:59
YankDownUnderYeah, that.07:59
Panarchythanks guys07:59
quiksilvercan i Install apache, mysql-server from the synaptic package manager?07:59
Threetimestux9778: ah, dou you use pulseaudio?07:59
tux9778and i have intrepid 6407:59
quiksilveris that the best way to install the software i need?07:59
tux9778just the default threetimes07:59
YankDownUnderquicksilver, Ya.07:59
quiksilverhow do i do it?08:00
Flannelquiksilver: tasksel is the easest.  but see the following wiki page:08:00
Flannel!lamp | quiksilver08:00
ubottuquiksilver: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:00
Fuzzyguys how to install beryl?08:00
PanarchyIs there a command to install just GNOME with the ubuntu icons and nothing extra?08:00
WIGGMPkhow can I create a shortcut in my applications menu that will open the program in a terminal?? I am trying to make a quick launch shortcut for "kismet" which has no GUI frontend, and I Need it to open in a terminal and stay open..08:00
WIGGMPkhow can I create a shortcut in my applications menu that will open the program in a terminal?? I am trying to make a quick launch shortcut for "kismet" which has no GUI frontend, and I Need it to open in a terminal and stay open..08:00
FloodBot1WIGGMPk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:00
quiksilverFlannel: thanks,  i dont need that though08:00
quiksilverim using python instead of php08:00
Panarchyquicksilver: XAMPP08:01
Flannelquiksilver: Alright, then you won't use the PHP part, but the other stuff is all the same.08:01
FlannelPanarchy: No, that's a horrible idea.08:01
Threetimestux9778: Go to skype's options, choose sound devices and tell me what you see08:01
quiksilveri need all of this08:01
quiksilverInstall apache, mysql-server, mysql-client08:01
PanarchyFlannel: I'm trying to remove everything from ubuntu except network capabilites, apt, terminal and GNOME with ubuntu icons08:02
YankDownUnderapt-get install apache mysql mysql-client08:02
Dr_willis<quiksilver> so fire up the package manager and install them...08:02
FlannelPanarchy: It might be easier to go the other way around.  Start with a terminal only install, etc.08:02
PanarchyHI! I'm trying to remove everything from ubuntu except network capabilites, apt, terminal and GNOME with ubuntu icons. Does anyone know how I can do this?08:02
quiksilverthis is my first day usng linxus08:02
PanarchyRemember someone saying something about debootstrap08:02
Flannel!synaptic | quiksilver08:02
ubottuquiksilver: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto08:02
PanarchyFlannel: Currently in a server install08:03
baizhiweihello everyone08:03
YankDownUnderPanarchy, Patience. Wait for an answer before BLASTING away with the same question and/or statement over and over08:03
tux9778sound in sound out and ringing make a test call make a test sound check mark in allow skype to adjust my mixer levels threetimes08:03
quiksilverFlannel:  what's the difference between the installs08:03
quiksilverif i do it terminally08:03
YankDownUnderbaizhiwei, Very helpful to speak in English and write in English mate.08:03
quiksilveror with the gui?08:03
Threetimestux9778: what is in the first three drop-down boxes?08:04
Flannelquiksilver: Which installs?08:04
tux9778default choiches threetimes08:04
PanarchyYankDownUnder: I have a better statement written nicer, I'll log of now then come back with it08:04
vertanaHey, does anybody know where the icon next to the applications menu in top left can be located (so we can change it and/or point it to another icon)?08:04
YankDownUnderOh joy.08:04
quiksilverthe methods of installing08:04
Dr_willisvertana,  dont like the little ubuntu circle of friends?08:04
quiksilverif i use apt-get08:04
Threetimestux9778: what are all the options in the box?08:04
quiksilveror use synaptic08:04
tweakno it's me lmao08:04
quiksilverapt-get accesses from synaptic right?08:05
rwwbaizhiwei: #ubuntu is English language only. If you'd like help or discussion in another language, let us know which one and we can point you towards another channel :)08:05
Flannelquiksilver: Oh, they're all front ends to the same thing.  So use whichever is most comfortable for you.08:05
Dr_willisquiksilver apt-get and synaptic do the same thing.. they just are different front ends08:05
vertanaDr_willis: Actually, we love it. There was another theme but it changed that icon from Ubuntu to a Play Button :p08:05
Fuzzyanyone wil answer my question???08:05
Flannelquiksilver: You can switch at will, etc.08:05
YankDownUnderFuzzy, What was the question?08:05
gnutronquiksilver: they both use APT sources.list08:05
FuzzyYankDownUnder, how to install beryl08:05
FlynsarmyIs there any diff between the open source and proprietry nvidia driver? Is one better than the other?08:05
tux9778pulse  hda hdmI and headset threetimes