fbcwhat is the recommeded note taking app for xubuntu? and how do you load it?03:31
cody-somervillefbc, there is a notes panel applet03:33
cody-somervilleright click the panel and click add03:33
cody-somervilleand select the appropriate applet from the dialogue box03:33
fbcgot it... thanks..03:33
maxamillioncody-somerville: hi hi :)03:51
maxamillioncody-somerville: long time no speak03:51
pkodonOkay, I have this little 6G drive I want to put some sstuff I downloaded on, so I can put it in my Win98SE machine and have the stuff available to Windows on that machine. I created a FAT32 partition using the entire disk space. I created a /media/PC1 directory as a mountpoint for it, but when I go into a root shell and try to mount it, using "mount -t fat32 /dev/sdc1 /media/PC1", I'm told there's no such file system as "fat32".04:35
pkodonAnyone know what's going on there?04:38
pkodonOkay, I have this little 6G drive I want to put some sstuff I downloaded on, so I can put it in my Win98SE machine and have the stuff available to Windows on that machine. I created a FAT32 partition using the entire disk space. I created a /media/PC1 directory as a mountpoint for it, but when I go into a root shell and try to mount it, using "mount -t fat32 /dev/sdc1 /media/PC1", I'm told there's no such file system as "fat32".04:43
pkodon(Second try.)04:43
pkodonThis is weird. I can join this channel, but #kubuntu and #ubuntu seem to be missing or empty.04:46
pkodonOh, there's #kubuntu.04:47
tajlerohow can I use wine with root without changing it to root priviages cause in order to install portable apps with wine on my usb key I have to use root access in order to do it or I get an error05:33
tajleroit says wine is not owned by me05:33
tajleroI know how to change ownership05:33
tajleroso that it is owned by root05:34
tajlerobut I do not think that is very safe to do05:34
tajleroso you any of you guys have an idea of what I could do?05:34
sourcetajlero, sudo wine05:53
tajlerothat is what I do source05:59
tajleroit tells me that I can not because it is not owned by me05:59
sourcetajlero, sudo su06:13
sourcegksu wine06:14
tajleroI Know source06:16
tajleroI used sudo and it told me I cannot because it is not owned by me06:16
sourceanythings works?06:16
|ntegra|How can I restart my sound? I play a song in xmms (etc) and then have no sound in youtube08:48
|ntegra|until I reboot08:49
|ntegra|well, does anyone wanna talk some?09:25
knome|ntegra|, 'sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart' might work, but this situation shouldn't happen in the first place09:27
|ntegra|knome: thanx but that didn't work09:30
|ntegra|I might have to restart x ithink, I've posted on the forums and'll wait as long as it takes09:31
knome|ntegra|, see the second comment; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=274232709:31
|ntegra|shot will do09:32
|ntegra|o i c09:37
|ntegra|I've $lsof | grep /dev/snd  ,,and I get xfce4-mix and controlC009:38
|ntegra|lets kill something09:38
|ntegra|damnit, no luck there, but I've still got xmms so sweet09:44
skymebillhello a good player for mp3?09:44
knomeskymebill, depends on what you want.09:45
knomeskymebill, light player? possibility to connect to ipod? networked listening?09:45
TheSheepxmms is ancient09:47
TheSheepuse audacious :)09:47
|ntegra|trudat, for the library scan09:48
|ntegra|TheSheep: can you skin audacious wikidly yet though?09:48
skymebillto work good with xfce09:49
|ntegra|http://www.linuxr.com/2007/09/changing-skins-for-audacious.html shux you can use winamp skins >cool09:51
|ntegra|TheSheep: do you use winamp 5 skins or what?09:52
skymebilli select mp3's  press "enter" but nothing happen...09:57
|ntegra|ubuntu doesn't come with mp3 playing codecs, you'll have to download them10:00
|ntegra|!mp3 skymebill10:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mp3 skymebill10:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pm310:00
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:00
AraneidaeI've noticed that my xubuntu desktop has the really bad habit of restarting lots of programs that were running the last time I exited.  Can I suppress this behaviour?10:08
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:09
knomeforget that.10:09
knomeAraneidae, when you log out, you see a tickbox to save your session10:09
knomeAraneidae, log out once with no programs running and that box selected10:09
knomeAraneidae, after that, uncheck the box10:10
AraneidaeThanks, I'd never noticed that10:10
AraneidaeDo you know where that information is actually stored?  In a hidden file somewhere, I guess...10:11
knomeAraneidae, i'm not sure.10:12
AraneidaeI've got far too many . files in my root -- I've tried gnome (ubuntu), kde, and now xfce.  Finding Ubuntu a bit too bloated for my taste now... can't find anything!10:13
knomeyou mean your home?10:13
AraneidaeYes, I mean `ls -A ~`10:14
Araneidaehttp://www.xfce.org/documentation/4.2/ looks like a good starting place, I guess10:14
AraneidaeAre there any howtos for getting rid of all the unnecessary gnome and kde residue on my system?  (I started with Ubuntu, installed kde-desktop and then xfce-desktop, now I guess I'm running a hybrid xubunut!)10:17
knome!purexfce | Araneidae10:17
ubottuAraneidae: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »10:17
armadillioanyone know how to do a shared internet connection between a wireless and ethernet?13:05
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simo_hello all, can any1 plz help me with xubuntu panel problem?14:24
knome!ask | simo_14:26
ubottusimo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:26
simo_sorry about that14:26
simo_I tried to customize my Xubuntu panel so i tried to move around my icons, the prob is that I cannot place my icons wherever I want, they all stack up on the left side one by one14:27
simo_I am quite a newb so please help me out14:28
knomesimo_, add a new "Separator or Spacing" item to panel and select "Expand" in the opening window. you can unselect "Draw Separator" if you don't want it.14:30
knomesimo_, after you have that, the icons can be on both sides of the separator14:33
simo_knome, I think its working14:35
simo_let me try it out some more and I'll let you know.14:35
simo_knome, thanx a lot man it does exactly what I was looking for14:36
simo_Have a great day14:37
tajleroinna nigga15:47
tajlerofor real15:47
cody-somervilletajlero, thats not appropriate15:51
tajlerohow so15:59
tajlerodo you not respect ah brother cody-somerville ?15:59
tajleroare you racist ?15:59
tajlerois it because I am BLACK15:59
cody-somervilleThis channel is for support tajlero16:06
tajleroI see16:10
tajleroyou be haten the black man16:10
knometajlero, #xubuntu-offtopic for other than support discussions.16:10
knometajlero, this is nothing about your race, gender or anything.16:10
flammenwurferIs there a reason that "cat cpuinfo" says my cpu is running at 1000 Mhz when it's supposed to be a 2.5 Ghz cpu?16:39
cody-somervilleflammenwurfer, is it a laptop?16:42
cody-somervilleor dual core?16:42
flammenwurferit's a desktop, yes, it's a dual core amd athlon 4850e16:46
flammenwurfer2.5 Ghz dual core16:46
flammenwurferwhen I do cat cpuinfo it says both cores are 1000 Mhz16:46
knomeflammenwurfer, cat just prints the contents of cpuinfo.16:50
cody-somervilleflammenwurfer, probably has to do with something regarding its energy efficiency16:51
flammenwurferyeah, that makes sense16:51
flammenwurferis there any other way in xubuntu that I can see more detailed info abut my processor?16:51
cody-somervilleYou might also look at the sysstat package16:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysstat16:54
cody-somerville!info sysstat16:54
ubottusysstat (source: sysstat): sar, iostat and mpstat - system performance tools for Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 8.1.2-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 177 kB, installed size 808 kB16:54
flammenwurferi just installed sysinfo and it shows me some info16:57
flammenwurferabout the cpu and memory and mobo etc..16:57
flammenwurferSo, I'm guessing it must be a setting I need to change in the BIOS16:58
spasticteapotI have a very strange problem: While my PC will recognize everything from my Unreal Tournament Deluxe DVD to my burned CD of Terry Pratchett PDFs, it won't mount my Ben Folds CD.17:07
pkodonOkay, now that I'm back online, let me try this question again.17:07
spasticteapotHmm...that's odd.17:08
spasticteapotI can play my CD through the default XFCE music player, but I can't find it via Nautilus or import them via Rythmbox.17:08
knomespasticteapot, maybe it has some kind of copy protection?17:09
pkodonI noticed the question about "cat cpuspeed" or something like that, (if someone can tell me what it was, I'd apreciate it...17:09
spasticteapotIt says "recorded in 1996".17:09
spasticteapotCD-RWs cost maybe $25.17:09
knomespasticteapot, that doesn't justify anything, but ok.17:10
pkodonAnyway, whatever it was, I tried it in a shell, and got back a response that there was no such directory as "cpu...".17:10
spasticteapotknome: What do you mean "That doesn't justify anything?"17:10
spasticteapotI paid for the CD, fair and square.17:10
pkodonThe help in the shell for "cat" says it's for joining files.17:10
knomespasticteapot, well even if it was recorded in 1996, it doesn't mean it couldn't have a copy protection :)17:10
pkodonSo, what was this person using to find out his CPU info?17:10
spasticteapotknome: Weird.17:11
flammenwurferthat was me17:11
pkodonflammenwurfer: Ahh, yes, now I remember the nick.17:11
flammenwurferpkodon, I have an AMD 4850e that is supposed to be 2.5 Ghz but is reporting as 1000 Mhz17:11
charlie-tcapkodon: | !info sysstat17:11
spasticteapotflammenwurfer: Don't those have CPU throttling?17:12
charlie-tca!info sysstat | pkodon17:12
ubottusysstat (source: sysstat): sar, iostat and mpstat - system performance tools for Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 8.1.2-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 177 kB, installed size 808 kB17:12
spasticteapotClock speed varies with load, IIRC.17:12
flammenwurferI think so, but I'm encoding a video and both cores are at 90-100% load and it's still saying 1000Mhz17:12
pkodoncharlie-tca: Thanks.17:12
spasticteapotDoes anyone know where Ubuntu puts CDs in the filesystem?17:13
charlie-tcano problem.17:13
pkodonspasticteapot: Have you looked in /media?17:13
knomespasticteapot, /media/cdrom is the default place.17:14
spasticteapotIt's empty.17:14
flammenwurferdid you try mounting it manually?17:17
pkodon!info atsar17:20
ubottuatsar (source: atsar): system activity reporter. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2 (intrepid), package size 39 kB, installed size 176 kB17:20
Kiptionit's an audio cd?17:20
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know anything about the Listen music player?17:22
spasticteapotWhenever I insert a CD I can't find it in the filesystem, and Rythmbox can't find it either, but the Listen player (the default for Xubuntu) pops up and offers to play or rip it.17:23
charlie-tcaListen is the default player in Xubuntu17:23
pkodon!info catfish17:23
ubottucatfish (source: catfish): file search tool that support several different engines. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-2 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 304 kB17:23
cody-somervillespasticteapot, is that nice? :)17:24
pkodonspasticteapot: You can probably change which program pops up in the default programs section of the Settings Manager.17:26
knomemy default app for audio cds is grip ;)17:27
flammenwurfernope, that only gives you options to change the default browser, mail app and terminal emulator17:28
pkodonspasticteapot: Oops, try the Multimedia tab under removeable media in the Settings Manager.17:28
pkodonflammenwurfer: Yeah, I went to look, then checked the removable media section.17:30
flammenwurferhey, thanks pkodon, I've been wondering where those options were17:30
pkodonflammenwurfer: Well, I just keep poking my nose around and eventually I find things.17:31
knomepkodon, nose? ouch.17:31
knomepkodon, and eww. ;P17:31
pkodonknome: You know what I mean.17:31
flammenwurferyeah, I usually do to, I just hadn't thought to look there yet17:31
spasticteapotRhythmbox seems to be broken.17:31
knomepkodon, O;)17:32
flammenwurferI use Amarok for all my music playing.  I've tried many other programs but Amarok is still the only one that will let me setup my podcasts the way I want to17:32
spasticteapot(rhythmbox:6907): Gtk-WARNING **: AudioCdSourcePopupCopyCd: missing action MusicAudioCDDuplicate17:32
pkodonknome: You know, I installed this fancy set of animated emoticons in Kopete, but you just sent me two that it doesn17:34
knomepkodon, aww ;> even my irssi supports those ;)17:34
pkodonknome: Er, doesn't recognize as such.17:34
knomepkodon, not animated though but...17:35
pkodonWell, I'm going to have to find out some more about IM/IRC programs. I don't like Pidgin because it doesn't support "buzz" in IM, but Kopete seems to open every conversation in a new window, instead of a new tab in the main window.17:36
flammenwurferwhat do you mean "buzz?17:37
knomepkodon, you shouldn't. irssi is for major geeks who like text-based software ;)17:37
knomeflammenwurfer, wake up? prod?17:37
pkodonHmm. I installed that sysstat package with apt-get, and now bash says there is no such command.17:58
knomepackage doesn't necessarily install executable named $[PACKAGE_NAME]17:59
pkodonknome: Oh. That doesn't help when it doesn't put an icon anywhere in the menus.18:00
tajlerokiel ciuj fartas?18:01
spasticteapotI wonder if Exaile will work?18:02
tajlerono go18:02
tajleroit will FAIL18:02
knometajlero, please, stop now.18:02
knomespasticteapot, it works.18:02
pkodon!info sysstat18:02
ubottusysstat (source: sysstat): sar, iostat and mpstat - system performance tools for Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 8.1.2-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 177 kB, installed size 808 kB18:02
knomespasticteapot, i don't know whether it can access the cd you're trying to.18:02
spasticteapotThe problem seems primarily to be with Rythmbox.18:03
spasticteapotWhenever I run Rhythmbox under Ubuntu, I get this error message:  Gtk-WARNING **: AudioCdSourcePopupCopyCd: missing action MusicAudioCDDuplicate18:03
pkodonknome: I take it those three names are the actual programs (sar, iostat and mpstat)?18:03
spasticteapotApparently it's a registered bug.18:03
knomepkodon, yes18:03
pkodonknome: Hmm, sar returns: Cannot open /var/log/sysstat/sa17: No such file or directory18:06
knomepkodon, you might need to run with sudo18:06
pkodonI get the same thing.18:07
knomepkodon, oh... i don't know sar/sysstat, sorry :(18:07
pkodonknome: That's okay. :(18:08
knomepkodon, maybe ask #ubuntu, because individual packages are never xubuntu-specific18:08
j4nh12ranyone using xubuntu on a thinkpad x23 ?18:08
pkodonknome: Yeah, I've noticed that, even though I have Xfce as my UI, shell-based programs are UI independend, and even the ones that use KDE/Gnome can be run in Xfce.18:10
knomepkodon, that concerns also gui programs. any program in *buntu* repository can be run in xfce, kde or gnome18:10
pkodonI had installed a desktop called openGUE or something like that, which claimed to be more efficient than Xfce, but was some combination of Gnome and Enlightenment.18:12
pkodonopenGEU, that is.18:12
knomepkodon, the problem with many "light" window managers are that they miss functionality, are somewhat fuzzy if you're not familiar with them and that they can have a very small dev group (even one person) which makes the progress really slow.18:13
knomepkodon, and slow progress many times get people copying code from other projects and that becomes really soon a big mess.18:14
knomepkodon, not that you always should reinvent the wheel :)18:15
knomepkodon, and efficiency is not (only) cpu and/or memory efficiency18:15
spasticteapotDoes anyone here use Rhythmbox with Xubuntu?18:39
spasticteapotIt worked before, and now it just stopped!18:39
cody-somervillespasticteapot, Lets avoid that acronym :)18:52
tajlerohelp http://pastebin.ca/raw/131102219:11
Pres-Gas*sigh* My delicious bookmarks are getting out of hand19:35
fbchow do you unmout a volume with having remount again automatically?19:38
charlie-tcafbc: It is probably in /etc/fstab if it mounts at boot. just comment it in fstab if it is not needed to boot19:52
paulievoxHi there,20:04
paulievoxquick question about routing20:04
paulievoxI'm running Zoneminder (linux security camera platform) on an Intrepid 8.1 PC (xubuntu)20:05
paulievoxwith two NIC cards. I have 6 "IP" security cameras, which i placed20:05
paulievoxon their own network (10.0.1.x) with its own router.20:05
paulievoxThe "Front Of House" connection lives on a 192.168.1.x network20:05
paulievoxwith its own router.20:05
paulievoxCurrently i'm bridging the connections on the Linux PC,20:05
paulievoxby setting the secondary NIC card up with a 10.0.1.x address,20:05
paulievoxbut entering for the gateway (the only way it seems20:05
paulievoxto work).20:05
paulievoxI found that by separating the cameras from my FOH connection,20:05
paulievoxi don't run into bandwidth problems (they're greedy devils).20:05
paulievoxPardon my ignorance, but is there a more streamlined way to20:05
paulievoxset this up? Should I include a static route on the gateway20:05
paulievoxto the 10.0.1.x subnet?20:05
paulievox((the PC needs to live on the FOH network so Apache can be accessed20:05
paulievoxby other FOH machines)).20:05
fbchow do you unmount a volume with having remount again automatically?20:07
fbcI have an external drive I would like to format and I can't because it remount automatically.20:07
paulievox((sorry for the wrong text encoding spam))20:08
knomefbc, if it mounts automagically from fstab, you can unmount it and it will mount again on boot20:11
knomepaulievox, #ubuntu might be better place to ask. as this is a general linux/routing question, also other channels/forums might be helpful20:14
fbcknome, no it's an external drive that has no entry in fstab20:14
knomefbc, so how is it automatically mounted?20:14
paulievoxok.  thanks knome20:14
knomepaulievox, np. sorry i'm not able to help myself. :)20:14
knomepaulievox, for your convenience you might post that info into forums (ubuntuforums.org for example) and just give link there20:15
chardingIs there no firewall enabled by default in xubuntu? running iptables -L gives all ACCEPTS20:19
knomecharding, correct.20:34
Ahmuckwhat are the min mem requirments for xubuntu now21:01
gabkdllyAhmuck: i think 256 for the live CD21:02
charlie-tcaAhmuck: There here: http://xubuntu.org/get ; 128MB ram, 1.5GB hard drive space21:03
charlie-tcaoops, looks like 128MB ram to run it21:03
charlie-tcaNo, 192MB to run it21:04
Ahmuckdoes it run well at 192?21:14
knomeAhmuck, not really.21:15
Ahmuckwe have someone that wants to switch, however, i don't want to put on something that won't run as quickly as windows xp would.  i've found lately that the *untu and linux in general is getting processor usage heavy21:15
Ahmucki did try crunchbang ealier, but it still needs some work imho to be a user distro.  very nice, and polished, but i don't want to support another user forever21:16
knomeAhmuck, i think it depends on what you are running if you compare xp to xubuntu with 192 ram21:17
knomeAhmuck, if the user wants to make the change, then i'd go for it.21:17
Ahmuckthe user is forced into the change.  being the local helpful tech person, when thier xp computer went down i volunteered to assist.  however, it appears it's a "pirated" copy from another helpful tech person, which i won't fix21:18
Ahmucknot wanting to purchase, or buy into a new computer, the only choice left was linux21:19
* Ahmuck loves it when i run across these situations21:19
Ahmucknm, the drive bad21:23
retourHow under XFCE change color depth? I only see some basic options for resolution and referesh rate22:16
sellyoursoulnew to xubuntu.  i'm trying to turn off of 'tap to click' for my synaptics touch pad.  i installed gsynaptic, but i didn't see any gui afterward for configuring the touch pad.  any ideas?22:30
spastic_teapotI just created a partition on some unused hard drive space. How can I make Xubuntu mount it?22:43
spastic_teapotI'm trying the manual method - editng /etc/fstab - and I'm confused as to what my UUID should be.22:44
yertosaurusHello. What is the default browser for Xubuntu 8.10?23:26
Look4HelpHi guys... I am thinking of trying xubuntu but in the download there are two i86 isos.... "Alternate" and "Desktop" witch one of these do i want for a leaptop?23:26
yertosaurusNobody here imo23:29
yertosaurusDo you know what the default browser of Xbuntu is?23:29
Look4Helpyertosaurus: do you know the diffrence between Alternate and Desktop?23:29
Look4Helpno idea.. .I havn't ever used it... I am tyreyingto find out what iso to download to try it out for 1st time23:29
yertosaurusnot really, but I think desktop would proabably be better23:29
yertosaurusidk tho... never eitehr23:30
yertosaurusJust doing browser research for an article23:30
yertosaurusMight have to omit Xubuntu from the list23:30
antonehammershey all.  i'm very close to being able to use my file server.  but i cannot get permission to copy files onto my hard drive.  i'm lost23:31
antonehammersanyone know a bit about this?  seems like it'd be pretty easy to do23:31
yertosaurusnvm.. got it from the site... Firefox23:32
Look4Helpno one seams to be in channel ant23:32
antonehammersoh, that's too bad23:32
fbcHow do I stop a volume from remounting immediately after I right click on it and click unmount?23:45
charlie-tcaLook4Help: Desktop has a GUI interface and gives a chance to try Xubuntu before installing. Alternate is text interface23:50

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