jelmerdavidstrauss: I think one of the Canonical folks is in charge of it, not sure who. Probably best to mail Martin00:06
davidstraussjelmer: Can I get Martin's email address?00:06
jelmerdavidstrauss, If you're a bzr contributor you should know that already :-)00:07
davidstraussjelmer: I've been posting a bunch about Bazaar and Drupal on my company blog, and I'd like it to find its way into the Planet.00:07
davidstraussjelmer: I'm a Drupal infrastructure team member, and we use Bazaar for a number of projects.00:08
jelmerdavidstrauss, What's the URL of your blog?00:08
davidstraussjelmer: If you only want to see Bazaar-related posts, http://fourkitchens.com/tags/bazaar00:08
davidstraussjelmer: Thanks. I've emailed him.00:16
ledgesvn-to-bzr question00:55
ledgeI have a svn repo that I'd like to import a sub-project into bzr00:56
ledgei.e. I want to import /trunk/project into its own bzr repo, but svn-import seems to only want to pull the entire repo in00:56
ledgeis this possible?00:56
ledgeI've split apart the svn repo with svnadmin dump/load so that I re-import only /trunk/project into a new repo, and import that, but I still wind up with reponame/trunk/project as the bzr structure which is cumbersome00:57
ledgeI'd like to wind up with a bzr branch just called project/ as the root of the new brach00:57
ledge(I could just take an export and import into a new bzr, but I'd like to keep revision history if possible)00:57
jelmerhi ledge01:02
jelmerledge: You can use "bzr branch <url> <bzr-branch-name>"01:02
ledgedoes that bring down revision history with it?01:04
ledge(I'm pretty much a bzr noob right now)01:04
jelmerledge, yes01:04
ledgethat's pretty easy then01:05
ledgethanks.  :)01:05
ledgeI was sure I had to go through svn-import somehow...01:06
ledgethere it goes, it's working.  yay!01:06
KragenSitakerHi.  I have bzr 0.11.0.  How do I bzr branch lp:liveusb?01:54
thumperKragenSitaker: `bzr branch lp:liveusb`01:55
KragenSitakerit complains, "bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: /home/kragen/devel/lp:liveusb/"01:55
thumperKragenSitaker: ah 0.1101:55
thumperyou should upgrade bzr01:55
KragenSitakerI assume "lp:liveusb" is short for some longer URL?01:55
thumperKragenSitaker: it is01:55
thumperKragenSitaker: you have an ancient bzr01:55
KragenSitakerwell, in a way, that's what I'm trying to do --- by virtue of installing a new OS01:56
KragenSitakerwhat URL is it short for?01:56
KragenSitakerpretty much all of my software on Debian Etch is ancient01:56
james_whttp://code.launchpad.net/liveusb should work I believe01:56
thumperjames_w: I'm not so sure01:57
thumperhttps maybe01:57
james_whey thumper01:57
thumperKragenSitaker: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~probono/liveusb/main01:57
thumperKragenSitaker: that is the long name for lp:liveusb for reading01:57
KragenSitakerthumper: awesome, thanks!01:57
thumperhi james_w01:57
thumperKragenSitaker: however01:58
thumperKragenSitaker: you won't be able to read it01:58
thumperKragenSitaker: with 0.11 as the format is packs01:58
thumperKragenSitaker: which needs at least bzr 0.9201:58
thumperKragenSitaker: can you install a later bzr?01:58
KragenSitakerthis is stupid.  why can't probono make tarballs?01:58
KragenSitakerI'm trying to install Ubuntu!01:58
KragenSitakerwhich includes a current bzr01:59
thumperubuntu is easy to install01:59
thumperKragenSitaker: check http://bazaar-vcs.org for Debian debs01:59
KragenSitakerwell, liveusb sounded the easiest of the options on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick01:59
thumperKragenSitaker: http://backports.org/debian/pool/main/b/bzr/ (debian backports)02:01
KragenSitakeroh, that's probably an easy enough solution02:01
thumperKragenSitaker: for my installs I normally just burn a cd02:01
KragenSitakerthumper: yeah, I have a burned CD, but the new machine doesn't have a CD drive02:04
thumperKragenSitaker: ah02:04
KragenSitakerI figured a USB key cost about the same as a CD drive and would be more useful02:07
KragenSitakerI wasn't counting on having to update my backports GPG key ring in order to install an updated version of bzr in order to download a third-party utility to make the USB key bootable02:08
KragenSitakerI thought it was something on the CD, or at least a tarball on the web02:08
KragenSitakersorry for the rant02:08
KragenSitakerand thanks for the help!02:08
thumper:) np02:11
KragenSitakerI'm off to install02:12
cammoblammoDoes anyone know what the hold up with bzr >1.5 is in Debian sid?06:59
Toksyuryelcammoblammo: Debian is the hold up. I thought it was common knowledge how slow Debian updates.07:21
cammoblammoToksyuryel: I know Debian can be slow, but other packages seem to get in within days of upstream release. Every version since 1.6 has been in experimental, but I don't seem to be able to put my finger on why none of them have been moved to sid.07:25
Toksyuryelbzr has been releasing like once a month. they might be waiting for it to settle down a bit07:38
pygiToksyuryel, nothing wrong in once-per-month release cycle07:40
cammoblammoAnd hasn't it been that way a while anyway?07:53
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Toksyuryelpygi: never said there was anything wrong with it. just said that they might be waitinng for it to settle down a bit. I don't know. I don't use Debian.08:18
luksToksyuryel: the intersection between debian developers and bzr developers is not empty, so that's probably not the case :)08:20
Lo-lan-doIf I set up a branch in a repository, but the branch has different permissions than the repo (write access for someone else), will commits to that branch work?11:45
Lo-lan-doApparently not.  I guess that's what stacked branches are for.11:52
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jezdezhow do I programatically get the location of a bzr repository clone?17:05
jelmerjezdez: The location of a clone after it's been made?17:07
jelmernot sure I follow17:07
jezdezjelmer: sorry, I wasn't very clear :) I mean the location of the original repository17:11
jelmerjezdez, generally, repositories are not cloned but branches17:11
jelmerfor the location of the parent branch, see Branch.get_parent()17:11
jezdezright, that's just me confusing the terms in the different dvcs :)17:12
jezdezis there a way to get that information through the bzr command?17:13
Lo-lan-doThere's at least "bzr info | awk"17:14
jezdezLo-lan-do: indeed, that's what I've been using until now17:14
isrWhen I push to a remote server and then use bzr diff on the remote machine to see the difference between the last commit and the working tree, it doesn't return any differences.17:16
isrDoes this sound right?17:17
Lo-lan-doisr: You need a bzr update on the remote machine, I think.17:17
Lo-lan-doisr: Actually, probably not.  I think I read what you want to do backwards.17:18
isrLo-lan-do: I do a bzr update to get the tree up to date, but before that I do a bzr diff to see what was changed, cause the working tree is out of date17:19
Lo-lan-doI see.  Then my answer is the wrong one, sorry.17:19
isrLo-lan-do: I would expect to see the differences of the last commit and the tree, or even a "tree is out of date" text17:20
Lo-lan-doAnd I don't know the right answer, either.17:20
isrLo-lan-do: Thanks anyway17:20
kfogelIf my submitted [MERGE] request is in Bundle Buggy already, should I poke on the list if I don't see any action (either positive or negative), or just wait?  Not sure what the standard procedure is.17:28
kfogelIt's been in there a few days.17:28
james_wkfogel: just wait normally17:28
kfogeljames_w: ok, thanks17:28
james_wthere are plenty of merge requests :-)17:28
kfogelyes, I imagine so :-)17:28
james_wfeel free to poke if it's blocking something, or it's been to long I believe17:29
james_wunfortunately I can't vote, so I can't help I'm afraid17:29
jezdezhow would I get the parent branch of a checkout?17:35
james_wtry "bzr info"17:36
Peng_You could check how "bzr info" is implemented. :D17:38
jelmerjezdez, you mean the master branch of a checkout?17:39
jezdezjelmer: yes17:40
jezdezPeng_: thanks, that's a good pointer17:40
jelmerjezdez: I think it's just Branch.get_master_branch()17:40
jezdezyou mean BzrBranch.get_master_branch()=17:41
jelmerwell, BzrBranch is the implementation17:42
jelmerBranch.get_master_branch() is the interface17:42
jezdezoh, I see17:45
jezdezthe formats17:45
jezdezmaby I should just parse the command line output :P17:46
jezdezin case you wonder what I'm trying to do: I'm adding bzr support to pip17:47
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jelmerjezdez: Branch.open("/path/to/branch").get_master_branch() should do it17:49
jelmerhi davidstrauss17:57
davidstraussjelmer: hi17:57
vadi2Is it possible to search for a string across all files in all of the revisions in a branch?18:24
vadi2(need to locate if the string ever existed)18:24
Peng_vadi2: Maybe use bzr-search?18:24
jezdezjelmer: awesome, that works.18:24
vadi2Peng_: I don't have such a command18:25
Peng_vadi2: It's a plugin.18:25
Peng_Anyway, yeah, bzr-search can totally do that.18:27
vadi2it seems 8.10 does not has a package for it. I'll try the bzr stable ppa18:29
vadi2(it does appear in 9.04 repository though)18:29
Peng_It's not in the PPAs.18:30
Peng_That's cool that it'll be in Jaunty though. :)18:30
vadi2Oh. that's dissapointing18:30
Peng_You can just "bzr branch lp:bzr-search ~/.bazaar/plugins/search" or something.18:32
vadi2heh: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100279/18:35
vadi2Peng_: I branched, but it says the following: "Unable to load plugin 'search' from '/home/vadi/.bazaar/plugins'"18:37
* Peng_ dies18:40
Peng_I guess this is why they invented apt. :P18:41
vadi2Guess so. What to do?18:41
Peng_You may have put the plugin itself in ~/.bazaar/plugins/search/trunk or ~/.bazaar/plugins/search/search or something, instead of ~/.bazaar/plugins/search.18:42
vadi2No, it is proper18:42
Peng_Oh, 100,000 pasts. Congrats pocoo. :)18:42
vadi2Yeah, I like their pastebin.18:43
Peng_Is there a traceback? Perhaps in ~/.bzr.log?18:43
* Peng_ doesn't understand why bzr-search wouldn't work. Old bzr version maybe?18:43
vadi2That file is huge18:44
vadi2I'll delete it and try the command again18:44
vadi2this is a debug log for diagnosing/reporting problems in bzr18:45
vadi2you can delete or truncate this file, or include sections in18:45
vadi2bug reports to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+filebug18:45
vadi20.597  encoding stdout as sys.stdout encoding 'UTF-8'18:45
vadi20.614  bzr arguments: [u'search']18:45
vadi2http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100284/ is what I meant to paste18:46
vadi2maybe getting the latest version of the plugin against not the latest version of bzr wasn't a good idae18:46
Peng_Yeah, your bzr is too old. What version is it?18:47
vadi2whichever 8.10 comes with..18:47
vadi2er, 1.6.118:47
Peng_Yeah, it requires something newer than that.18:48
Peng_Um, sorry this is such a pain.18:48
Peng_I think it might have been quicker to just start grepping. :P18:48
vadi2Would that cover past revisions however?18:49
Peng_No, but "grep foo; bzr revert -r -2; grep foo; bzr revert -r -3; ..." doesn't take *forever*. :P18:49
vadi2Uh. Heh18:49
Peng_I guess you could use the PPA bzr.18:50
LarstiQhow about using bzr-bisect?18:50
vadi2what's that do?18:50
LarstiQvadi2: bisect! :)18:51
LarstiQvadi2: it is used to find when a bug was introduced for example18:51
* LarstiQ missed some context so maybe this is not a suitable solution18:51
vadi2Thanks for the tip, I'll need it for another problem18:51
vadi2right now I need to search for a string across all files in bzr across all of their revisions18:51
LarstiQvadi2: you give it a range of revisions, and then it will start to do a binary bisection to find the revision you're looking for18:52
LarstiQvadi2: ah18:52
LarstiQvadi2: I don't think there is a ready answer for that18:52
garyvdmvadi2: try revert search to rev 6118:52
vadi2It's the 'I'm definitely positive it I did this, but I cannot find it' type of moment18:52
LarstiQvadi2: right18:52
vadi2garyvdm: not 52?18:52
Peng_Or upgrade bzr.18:53
Peng_vadi2: Well, it wouldn't take long to try them and find out. :D18:54
vadi2r52 seems to have worked, thanks much18:56
Peng_61 didn't?18:56
vadi2would be nice if there was a bzr-plugins ppa or something18:57
vadi2I didn't test 61 :\18:57
vadi252 just says added support for 1.6 so I'm happy18:57
amanica_Peng_ thanks for the tip, but sadly bundlebuggy still ignores me. I think I should wait for aaron to set me straight. Hopefully this doesn't block reviews..19:07
Peng_Maybe BB just doesn't like you.19:09
amanica_my thoughts exactly :)19:09
Peng_Ohh. Maybe BB doesn't like using bzr+ssh?19:10
amanica_I want to refraigh from sending more spam untill aaron can tell me what goes for what19:11
amanica_is he on holiday?19:11
Peng_I dunno.19:13
Peng_I vote for sending one more message, but I'm not the one sending it, soo. :P19:13
amanica_it looks like my full bundle went trough on the list, but BB ignored that too19:14
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vilagaryvdm: ping19:47
garyvdmHi vila19:47
vilahey :)19:47
vilaI just finished reviewing your patch for bzr-upload19:48
vilaI think we started on the wrong foot :-/19:48
vilaTake a look at lp:~bzr-upload-devs/bzr-upload/upload-from-remote-branch (built on top of your patch), read my review, and tell me what you think19:48
vilaI won't stay there long, so take your time :-) Just wanting to "talk" a bit as a review may sounds more rude than it is19:49
vilagaryvdm: on another subject, you said you'll work on qbzr regarding the new UI, I had to too19:50
vila 19:51
vila 19:51
vila-class SubprocessGUIFactory(ui.text.TextUIFactory):19:51
vila+class SubprocessGUIFactory(ui.CLIUIFactory):19:51
vila 19:51
vilaseems to be enough (and simpler because there are circular dependencies otherwise (simplifying)) do you know why qbzr was using a TextUIFactory ?19:52
garyvdmRe:review - that cool.19:53
garyvdmI'm not sure why it was using TextUIFactory, but I can tell you why it is now.19:53
jelmerhas anybody else seen problems with the new progress code19:53
jelmerjust hit the recursion limit :-(19:53
garyvdmP.S. I've pushed new revisions to lp:qbzr19:54
vilagaryvdm: why is it now ?19:54
vilajelmer: file a bug19:54
garyvdmqbzr now displays the transport activity19:54
vilahmmm, that's a very good reason...19:55
garyvdmI reuse some of the TextUIFactory code to generate the transport activity string.19:55
luksvila: it used TextUIFactory, because it implemented methods I didn't have to implement on my own19:55
vilathen I think qbzr should define that class in a lower package that it can lazy import :-/19:56
vilaluks, garyvdm : I tried to play a bit *without* pushing down the class definition but I went nowhere19:56
garyvdmYes- I've moved the class and import to lib/subprocess.py19:57
vilaso if qbzr *needs* textUI *and* you want to lazy import (which are both valid wishes :-)...19:57
vilagaryvdm: great, I should pull :-)19:57
vilaI'm off, have fun19:58
garyvdmSome of the methods that I'm using fro TextUI are _private. I'm going to document what we could use and maybe submit a patch.19:59
vilagaryvdm: excellent idea19:59
vilaTry to do that sooner than later (i.e. before 1.12 is out), there is a window here before the API is freezed19:59
vilaIdeally bzr-gtk should do the same... I may give it a try if a find the time :-/20:00
jelmerhey lifeless20:10
amanica_I suspect that BB is not processing mail (maybe I upset it. sorry), or maybe it just hates & ignores me now...20:12
lifelessjelmer: some issues were reported on the list20:20
jelmerlifeless, thanks, I'll have a look there20:33
jelmerlifeless, so I've pondered a bit more over rebase20:33
jelmerlifeless: what about just adding these sorts of options to a "bzr rewrite" command (copying, or perhaps replacing replay) ?20:33
jelmerThat could be the primary interface possibly, and rebase could just be there for git refugees20:34
lifelessjelmer: something like that, sure. But replay can't do all rebase does atm; seems to me there are three branches needed:20:36
lifelesssource to pull --overwrite from20:36
lifelesssource to replay onto the new tip20:37
lifelessin rebase working is ., source to replay is ., and source to pull from is 'parent'20:37
lifelessthe ability to plan out an operation and save it is something that would be useful for replay too, IMO20:44
jelmerYes, I agree20:45
matthewlmcclureI'm seeing some strange behavior with coverage tracing in bzrlib.tests.make_bzrdir and bzrlib.transport.get_transport.  The tracer stops tracing when the latter returns control to the former.  Anyone here who can help?20:53
lifelessI don't have a canned answer sorry20:56
thumpermorning lifeless20:58
lifelesshi thumper21:07
jelmerwhoa, the bzr-svn cache seems to actually be slowing it down significantly these days21:19
matthewlmcclureWhen I run bzr --coverage cover selftest -v test_push_onto_just_bzrdir , the coverage results look wrong.21:21
matthewlmcclurecover/bzrlib.tests.__init__.cover indicates that the first several lines of make_bzrdir were covered, but the lines after get_transport were not.21:22
sohaildo you guys advocate multiple bzr repositories or one repository? for example, I have one gigantic repository with projects and config files21:24
lifelessmatthewlmcclure: I don't have any experience using cov sorry21:26
lifelesssohail: we advocate what works for the individual21:26
matthewlmcclurethanks lifeless.  anyone else here who does use coverage?21:27
sohaillifeless, yeah I'm not sure if that is working for me21:27
sohailbzr push takes forever21:27
lifelessof a new branch or of a single commit?21:28
sohaillifeless, single commit21:29
lifelessthats odd21:29
lifelessit shouldn21:29
lifeless't really be related to tree size21:29
sohailyep... pretty repeatable too21:29
lifelesswhat protocol are you pushing over?21:29
sohailI do bzr push <wait> CTRL-C bzr break-lock $LOCATION bzr push <done immediately>21:30
sohailversion 2 it seems to say21:30
sohailwell it says "upgrade server" and then reconnects using version 221:30
lifelesssohail: sftp | bzr+ssh | bzr+http | ftp | webdav21:30
lifelesssohail: which of those are you using?21:31
sohailbzr+ssh lifeless21:31
lifelesswhat is your bzr version?21:32
sohailon push target, 1.3.1, source 1.921:33
lifelessupgrade the target21:33
sohaillifeless, ok I'll do that21:35
lifelessthe last change to WhoUsesBzr is ...odd21:48
jelmeryou mean the adding the references to other DVCSes?21:49
jelmerThat one didn't make much sense to me either21:49
lifelesssame guy21:50
lifelesssame on darvs21:51
lifelesssame on darcs21:51
lifelessthis person has whipped around a bunch of wikis cross linking21:51
pooliegood morning21:57
jelmerhi poolie21:59
pooliehello jelmer, lifeless22:00
poolielifeless, do you want to meet up today?22:00
lifelessI need to be back here not much after 3, or at 3 ideally22:01
pooliei could come there22:02
lifelessjelmer: have you written a VersionedFiles interface to dulwich?22:11
jelmerlifeless, not yet22:12
jelmerit's in the pipeline though22:12
lifelesswhere would it go22:13
lifelessbzr-git? dulwich? somewhere else?22:13
jelmerdulwich is just a Python implementation of the git file formats/protocols, independent of bzr22:13
lifelessjelmer: have you upgraded bzr-git to rich roots or subtrees?22:23
jelmerlifeless, yes, it writes rich roots22:23
lifelessjelmer: trying to sync my branch and it barfs :P22:23
lifelessno the repo22:23
jelmerlifeless, oh, the repo is rich root as well22:23
jelmerso we could "bzr join" dulwich22:23
jelmerthe two are developed in lockstep at the moment, we'll remove dulwich again once the dulwich API is more stable22:24
Peng_jelmer: You marked bug 308353 as fixed. Are you sure? I still get the error. I tried nuking bzr-svn's cache; I'm trying a new repo now.22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308353 in bzr-svn "[0.5] KeyError in old_inventory when branching Lighttpd 1.4" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30835322:28
jelmerPeng_, The fix hasn't actually been pushed yet, will do that in a minute22:28
jelmerPeng_, pushed now22:30
Peng_Heh, okay.22:30
Peng_You shoulda said "Fix Committed" then. ;P22:30
Peng_jelmer: Still got the error. Do I need to delete the cache or anything?22:35
jelmerPeng_, where did you pull from?22:49
jelmerrevision-id: jelmer@samba.org-20090118223431-v2g3dql9rv2ikjpa ?22:49
Peng_jelmer: 1.) http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.5/ 2.) Nope. The tip is, uh, jelmer@samba.org-20090118221826-68xux6yq6a482k2f .22:51
jelmerPeng_, that should be sufficient; can you remove the cache and try again?22:51
jelmerah, crap - it may not actually be fixed22:53
jelmerPeng_, I only checked --stacked and lightweight co for some reason22:53
Peng_jelmer: Ah. I'm using regular branches..22:53
* jelmer tries with regular22:53
jelmerPeng_, ok, it's still there23:05
jelmerPeng_, Sorry23:05
Peng_jelmer: Is this a one-line change to make it apply to regular branches too, or more complicated?23:08
igc1poolie: sorry I missed the call23:16
igc1my plan for today ...23:16
igc1release updated log benchmarking numbers; package usertest wrappers so others can more easily use it; reviews; reply to kfogel re doc; log --merge-revisions (i.e. make it orthogonal to formatters while keeping current behaviour)23:19
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kfogeligc: I'm not sure I ever saw that reply "re doc" -- what was the subject?23:23
kfogelWas it in the "Short, task-based bzr doclets for real-world use cases." thread?23:24
jelmerPeng_, no, it's not a one-line change23:32
jelmerPeng_, just added bzrlib.plugins.svn.tests.test_fetch.TestFetchWorks.test_fetch_replace_self_open that demonstrates the problem23:32
igckfogel: shrt, task-based bzr doclets23:39
igcreply coming ...23:39
Peng_jelmer: Alright. Thanks for your work. :)23:41
* igc food23:47

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