GnuSenseI have Intrepid installed on a machine in my attic, I found I've become a born-again Gnome convert.00:00
dominiqueGnuSense: hehe yeah... i thought many times of moving to gnome but i would have had to install it and i was just happy to a more or less working linux on my machine..never touch a running system you know ;)00:01
dominiqueGnuSense: tried linux a few years ago (ubuntu with gnome) and it was faster, unfortunately there was no driver for my wlan-card so i moved back to ms windows00:02
GnuSenseWell, Debian based systems will add new desktops pretty seemlessly, 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'00:02
dominiqueGnuSense: you're sure? i'll try this...00:03
dominiqueOh ahm, i think i got to stop X before...00:03
dominiqueis there a terminal irc client?00:04
GnuSenseWell, drivers are one good reason to go for the latest & greatest desktop, dominique.  Yup, never had a bad experience adding desktops, you don't have to stop X.00:04
GnuSenseedubuntu-desktop - edubuntu desktop system00:04
GnuSenseedubuntu-desktop-kde - edubuntu desktop system with KDE desktop00:04
GnuSensekubuntu-desktop - Kubuntu desktop system00:04
GnuSenseubuntu-desktop - The Ubuntu desktop system00:04
GnuSensexubuntu-desktop - Xubuntu desktop system00:04
dominiqueE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:05
dominique<- how to find out which process this is?00:05
GnuSenseI'm sure there is, irssi comes to mind.00:05
dominiquethank you00:05
GnuSenseps -aux |grep apt00:05
GnuSenseProbably the automatic update is active.00:06
dominiquetehres no other apt process00:06
GnuSenseSynaptic for adept open, dominique00:07
dominiquei knew there was a program that lists the locked files and which showed the processes...00:07
dominiquehehe yeah ^ ^adept open... closed it.00:07
GnuSenseTry ps -aux |grep dpkg00:07
GnuSenseOr just look over the output of 'ps -aux'00:08
dominiqueok, loading ubuntu-desktop00:08
dominiquebut ps -aux just shwos processes00:08
dominiquejust for my own curiousity: How to see what files are in use? ^^00:09
GnuSenseRight, but it should show you what package management process was keeping your from adding other desktops.00:09
werenerdevening all. Does anyone know of an application that will send test signals to all your speakers?00:10
ActionParsniphey all00:11
dominiquelsof <- found it :D GnuSense00:11
dominiquehi ActionParsnip00:11
ActionParsnipI run alltray to keep thunderbird running but out of  the way, Is there a command I can run to make it come back as if i'd clicked on it, kinda like a minimise / restore but to alltray00:12
GnuSenseThat's a good one to know about, dominique00:12
dominiquejop, i guess so00:12
dominiqueGnuSense: There are no big problems when having kde and gnome running on the same machine? (different displays)00:13
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matt_I got my cell phone and headset to work in kubuntu via bluetooth. However...after taking a look and trying blueproximity...it won't detect the devices..even though I can use the headset in skype.00:15
GnuSenseNo problem at all, dominique.  I frequently have XFCE, KDE3 & KDE4 installed at the same time and even Fluxbox or Enlightenment if I'm feeling frisky and have enough hard drive space.  You can select which one you want to start at your login manager (KDM, GDM).  Heck, you can even run multiple desktops at the same time, I haven't had a problem.00:15
dominiquek thank you00:16
dominiqueand how to startx but not kde but gnome?00:18
dominiquei mean, if select another display and startx, kde is taken automatically00:18
dominiqueGnuSense *highlight* :) pls tell me if i'm going on your nerves00:19
GnuSenseWell, dominique, if you are init 3 you can just use something like startkde, startxfce4, I think there is probably a startgnome command if startx default to KDE, probably controlled by something in /etc/X1100:20
GnuSenseNo probs.  But the easiest way to start a different window manager is through your login manager, assuming you don't have the computer set up to automatically go to X.00:21
dominiqu1ah, in with irssi... works very nice :)00:21
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GnuSenseJust choose a different session type.  If you do go to X automatically just log off, that should give you the login manager, kdm or gdm.00:21
GnuSenseOr once you are in X you can always Just start a new session with the new desktop, dominique.  You can do it as another user or even as your same user.00:22
dominiqueGnuSense: Ok, i can always do Ctrl+alt+f1/2/3/4/5/600:22
dominiqueGnuSense: I'll try it..00:22
Guest54066kde 4.1 is such a mess00:23
Guest54066I can't believe it00:23
dr_Willistry 4.2 then?00:23
GnuSenseJust remember, if you start a new session with a different window manager and try to start an application as that same user you won't be able to access your Firefox profile in the new window manager, since it will already be in use.  Same for Thunderbird and probably a lot of other apps.00:24
GnuSenseTestify, Guest5406600:24
dominiqueGnuSense: K, thanks.00:25
GnuSenseI wouldn't try the multiple simultaneous window managers at the same time unless you have reasonable beefy hardware, at least 512 MB of RAM.00:26
Guest540664.2 solves webcam detection problems? adds "open as root" option? guess not...00:27
dr_WillisGuest52984,  noidea, dont know, or care.. do you have an actual support question or are you going to just rant all day?00:28
ActionParsnipI am the MAN!00:30
ActionParsnipdoes anyone in here use alltray to dock thunderbird?00:31
dominiqueGnuSense: I had today in all 6 ttys X+kde opened and run in all of them some applications to test stability of the os... it worked xD00:31
markithow can I add other themes? i.e. Air or Elegance?00:31
dr_Willisdominique,  run a few vncsessions also - for extra load.00:31
Guest54066can't run anything as root nor can I run my webcam through any program even though the same cam worked under kde 3.500:32
ActionParsnip!themes | markit00:32
dr_Willisdominique,  i recall not too many years back - running mor ethen 1 instance of kde or gnome by the same user = big problems ;)00:32
ubottumarkit: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:32
dominiquedr_Willis: How to do this on one machine? For me it was enough to see this, even windows cannot have mor than one display, i guess it would have crashed with more than 300:32
ActionParsnipGuest54066: to run stuff as root, use sudo for command line apps and kdesudo for gui apps00:32
GnuSenseWow, I don't think I've ever had more than 3 or 4 TTYs opened at once, and that was in sidux, which requires you to be in INIT 3 to upgrade (I get bored of looking at output scrolling so I open TTYs with lynx, moc, maybe irc.00:32
dr_Willisdominique,  windows is limited in how it can handle vnc. :) people get use to thinking vnc can only share the current desktop..  its only recently that vnc CAN do that  under linux. heh - its always had the feature to run several desktops 'hidden'00:33
markitActionParsnip: no specific package from kubuntu?00:33
dominiqueok :D00:34
dr_Willisdominique,  vnc can be fun00:34
ActionParsnipmarkit: well, no you are using kde, so any kde theme will work00:34
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Guest54066root@Agartha:/var# kdesudo konqueror00:35
Guest54066No protocol specified00:35
Guest54066kdesudo: cannot connect to X server :0.000:35
Guest54066I get that00:35
Guest54066with dolphin too00:36
GnuSenseGuest, try 'kdesu dolphin'00:36
Guest54066I just can't00:37
Guest54066root@Agartha:/var# kdesu dolphin00:37
Guest54066bash: kdesu: command not found00:37
ghostcubeGuest26127, no need for su doing if you are already root00:38
GnuSenseOr as a normal user, "sudo sux" (install sux if you need to, first), and then you can start GUI apps from the command line.  Put a "&" at the end of the line if you want to continue to use the terminal session while the GUI app is running. Guest5406600:38
ghostcubeGuest26127, pls use the normal user and the sudo dolphin00:38
GnuSensesudo apt-get install kdesudo-kde4 sux00:38
ghostcubeGuest54066, sorry i meant you00:39
dominiqueHow do I burn CDs under kubuntu?00:39
GnuSenseAnother trick is to copy .Xauthority to your /root directory, Guest54066.  $  sudo cp /home/USER/.Xauthority /root00:40
faileasdominique: use k3b00:40
dominiquefaileas: thx00:40
ghostcubeGnuSense, you are noticing the root account and prompt he postet00:40
GnuSenseThen you can start GUI programs with a normal SUDO command.00:40
Guest54066thanks ppl00:40
markitActionParsnip: I was looking in "system settings -> Appearance". Seems that themes are instead in "appearance settings" of desktop right click... so strange !00:40
GnuSenseGuess not.00:40
ActionParsnipmarkit: yeah its weird how they split stuff00:41
Guest54066thanks a lot00:41
Guest54066it worked00:41
Guest54066now for the webcam problem00:41
GnuSenseGoogle is your friend.00:41
Guest54066it detects it as a usb cam00:42
Guest54066not normal00:42
GnuSenseJust try not to think about the global warming....00:42
Guest54066google offers questions in this case00:42
Guest54066not answers00:42
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Guest54066and...more issues00:42
ghostcubeGuest54066, what cam is it00:43
Guest54066canyon ....something00:43
dr_Willisi dont think one needs do to 'sudo sux' at least i never have in the past...00:43
dr_Willisand  isent the command 'kdesudo' ?00:43
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:44
GnuSenseMake sure you have a program to test your webcam, cheese is supposed to be nice.00:44
Guest54066I test it with kopete00:44
ghostcubeGuest54066, the cam is already noticed ?00:44
Guest54066and skype00:44
ghostcubegspca sux a bit in skype00:44
Guest54066kubuntu 8.04 detected it like a charm00:44
dr_Willisyou run 'kdesudo command' as a user, from the terminal also.. not after you have allready gotten a root shell.00:44
Guest54066in kopete and skype too00:45
* dr_Willis goes back to sleep00:45
Guest54066I used it a lot under kde3.500:45
Guest54066it always worked00:45
ghostcubenow it isnt working ?00:46
Guest54066it detects it as a usb webcam00:46
GnuSensedr_Willis: I've always used kdesu, never had a problem.  I think it is just an alias for kdesudo, but less typing is better, I always use my .bashrc file to make shortcuts to commands I use alot.00:46
Guest54066before it detected it by it's name....vv..something00:46
Guest54066it detects it as a usb webcam00:47
ghostcubecan you pastebin the output of lsusb to pastie.org00:47
GnuSensee.g. for apt-cache search in .bashrc:    alias search='apt-cache search'00:47
Guest54066and only shows black stripes00:47
dr_Willisi recall wot kde4 there was some odd quirk/bug and kdesudo was born... not sure why00:47
GnuSenseI'm probably in the wrong IRC channel, not being primarily a KDE4 or Intrepid user, but I played around in Ubuntu and it just seemed a tad busy.00:48
Guest54066so...in conclusion...webcam is detected in a wrong way and it shows black/white stripes00:49
GnuSenseWhat color shirt are you wearing Guest54066?00:49
ghostcubeGuest54066, pls pastebin the output of lsusb to pastie.org00:49
ghostcubeand then remove the cam from usb00:50
ghostcubeand then attach it again00:50
ghostcubetype dmesg into the terminal00:50
ghostcubethe lines that have to do with the attachjed usb cam pls pastebin this ones too to pastie.org00:50
Guest54066not that00:53
ghostcubeis trhis lsusb with cam attached ?00:53
Guest54066this one is00:54
ghostcubeand the dmesg output after attaching it00:56
ghostcubei think the last 10 lines should be trelated to the cam00:56
Guest54066that's all that I get from lsusb00:57
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dominiqueGnuSense: re, i'm on with gnome now... and it's fantastic! fast and high stability...00:59
dominiqueGnuSense: It's sad that even kde4 looks that nice it's that slow...00:59
ghostcubeGuest54066, remove the cam attach it00:59
ghostcubethen open terminal00:59
dr_Williskde4 is constantly being woked on.. give it some time01:00
ghostcubethis will tell u some htings needed01:00
ghostcubepaste the lines conmtaining the usb cam should be the last 10 lines01:00
dominiquedr_Willis: i will...01:00
GnuSenseKDE4 is, charitably, beta software.  I guess the only way they could get people to give feedback is to release it as finished.  Gnome is slowly becoming more usable.  They even finally have tabs in nautilus in 8.10.01:01
ghostcubegnome is just ugly looking01:01
faileasGnuSense: 4.2 is loads better, but i kinda do agree it could do with a little more work01:02
GnuSenseI was excited by KDE4 and couldn't wait to try it, but every time I do I'm just disappointed, though I do rather like some of the new KDE4 versions of some of the applications.01:02
HappySmileManKDE4 may be, IYO beta software, but Gnome is terribly out of date, and seems to fear any large updates01:02
asobiupgrading version only affects the one partition?01:02
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dr_Willisgnome dosent change just to change. ;0 its slow and  steady.. and even then it dont like change..heh01:03
ghostcubegtk is just ugly looking its maybe good but ugly looking :D01:03
dr_Willisinnovative new features - that  6 mo later get dropped becuse no one liked them  anyway = ms thinking at times.. heh01:03
faileasGnuSense: i'm wondering how long before they get konversation updated ;p01:03
dr_Willisugly? never noticed.. it displays the widgets and text just fine for me...01:03
dr_Willisi don think that transparent effects, and other  eyecandy really matter much01:04
GnuSenseWhat bugs me is that KDE4 has stripped so much of the customizability out of KDE, now is reminds me of a slow, buggy Gnome.01:04
ghostcubeits personal feeling i think so it looks just ugly to me01:04
ghostcubemaybe its cause iam using kde for 10 years now01:04
dr_Willispeople rarely even rant about fonts these days. i rember back when even using ttf fonts was a 'expert only' hack.. heh01:04
asobiupgrading version only affects the one partition or entire drive?01:05
ghostcubewhat one partition do you mean and what update01:05
asobigutsy to hardy01:05
Guest54066ghostcube again, http://pastie.org/36356701:06
dr_Willisit upgrads the package...  what does parittions/drives have todo with it?01:06
ghostcubeGuest54066, i dont want lsusb from you :)01:06
ghostcubeGuest54066, i want the dmesg output01:06
ghostcubeits an  command01:07
dr_Willisif you got /usr/ mounted from /dev/sdz1 then it will upgrade files on that drive01:07
faileasghostcube: i used to be a windows user for ages. KDE felt comfy, gnome didn't (well it was better when i swapped it to having a single bar, and adjusted the layout loads...  ;p)01:07
ghostcubei still uses windows01:07
ghostcubei need adobe01:07
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ghostcubeGuest54066, open terminal and type dmesg01:08
asobiit's amazing upgrading is 700mb and so is a fresh install @_@01:08
ghostcubeasobi, nearly not really01:08
Guest54066a bunch of lines there01:08
Guest54066I'll paste them all01:08
ghostcubeGuest54066, you will see what i mean the ones containing the attached webcam01:08
ghostcubethe last 20 or so01:08
Guest54066I guess that would be it01:10
ghostcubeGuest54066, that looks ok so far01:11
ghostcubewhat tools have you used to check the cam01:11
Guest54066kopete and skype01:12
ghostcubeGuest54066, sudo apt-get install cheese01:12
Guest54066worked like a charm under them in 8.0401:12
Guest54066k, i'll try01:12
ghostcubeGuest54066, seems to be anything inside the driver that is strange01:12
ghostcubeGuest54066, are you on kde 4.1.3 ?01:13
ghostcubeyou can try to update to newer kernel and newer packages i dont know if this would change anything01:14
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Brad777actionparsnip: hi again... still not working01:15
ActionParsnipBrad777: whats not?01:15
Brad777ActionParsnip: You already forgot me :'( lol jk my wireless still doesn't work01:16
ActionParsnipBrad777: then id suggest ndiswrapper + windows driver01:16
Guest54066yep...kde 4.1.301:16
Guest54066I see my face01:16
Guest54066what a miracle01:17
ActionParsnipBrad777: make sure you get the 64 bit driver if yuo are using 64 bit linux and 32 bit driver if you are using 32 bit linux01:17
Guest54066but ain't moovin'01:17
Brad777ActionParsnip: I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to that lol thanks for the help though01:17
ActionParsnipBrad777: as i said, if you get a wired connection you may be able to update sufficiently tyo get it to work01:18
Guest54066ok now....another problem01:19
Guest54066can't activate my 3d accel. ati01:19
ghostcubewhat card is it01:20
Brad777Suddenly I'm having a new problem  Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon avahi-daemon Timeout reached while wating for return value could not receive return value from daemon process. [fail]01:20
Guest54066although in previous distro worked01:20
Guest54066I click activate01:20
Guest54066nothin; happems01:20
ghostcubewhat card what drivers01:20
ghostcubeGuest54066, you can try to open the proposed repositories this will bring new stuff and updates01:21
ghostcubeand a new kernel01:21
Guest54066I updated several hours ago01:21
Guest54066ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver01:22
Guest54066That's what I get01:22
Guest54066and asks if I wanna activate it01:22
ghostcubeGuest54066, if you are still on 4.1.3 you havent updatet to the newest kde01:22
Guest54066I click yes01:22
ghostcubeGuest54066, agauin what card is this01:23
ghostcubelspci will show you01:23
ghostcubeGuest54066, normally this card works with open source drivers01:25
Guest540663D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for ATI cards.01:25
Guest54066This driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards, as well as provide 2D acceleration of newer cards.01:25
ghostcubeno need on youre card01:25
ghostcubethe normal ati driver should be ok01:26
ghostcubethe open source one01:26
ghostcubecan u pastebin the xorg.conf file to pastie.org01:26
Guest54066so, will compi work without that installed?01:26
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ghostcubeGuest54066, it should work with the ati drivers01:26
Brad777Basically for some reason my gui has failed because of an unrelated error?01:26
ghostcubeGuest54066, pls post the output of glxinfo | grep direct01:30
Guest54066marius@Agartha:~$ glxinfo | grep direct01:30
Guest54066direct rendering: Yes01:30
ghostcubeall is working01:30
ghostcubedpkg -l fglrx*01:31
ghostcubeany output ?01:31
sonic_I cant seem to find a program that can tell me what my processor is01:31
sonic_is there a command?01:31
ghostcubecat /proc/cpuinfo01:31
ghostcubeGuest54066, have u installed compiz now ?01:33
sowmithryHi all01:33
ghostcubesudo apt-get install  compiz compizconfig-settings-manager  compiz-kde compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra  emerald librsvg2-common01:34
sowmithryMine fron headphones and mic ports are not working I am using Ubuntu 8.10 Interpid Desktop and I am using Realtech audio device01:35
ghostcubeyou checked kmix the channels ?01:36
sowmithryany help would be grately help full to me01:36
ghostcubeso that they arent muted or so01:36
sowmithryi checked with them but cannot fix01:36
sowmithryhaa they were not muted in kmix i even tried them01:37
ghostcubebut they are working ? you tested them before ?01:37
sowmithryno this is the 1st time i am trying with fron ports01:38
nclxI have twinview/dualscreen working under the kubuntu but when I set a 3200x1200 wallpaper as my background in KDE it doesn't span both monitors... any idea how to accomplish this?01:38
sowmithryKmix show HDA Intel01:38
ghostcubei have hda intel too here but no front adapted01:39
sowmithryI think I need to change it to realtek01:39
ghostcubenclx, what card are you running01:39
sowmithryk can u here and ur mic working fine in back ports01:39
nclxuhhh nvidia 7800 I think01:40
nclxI am using the nvidia-glx driver and it is setup properly01:40
ghostcubenclx, i cant span it too over both screens since the 17x driver series not working and on kde4 not working01:40
ghostcubeno idea why01:40
nclxI can drag applications to the second monitor, but the background in KDE will not extend01:40
nclxwhat is going on with the 17x driver series, I've been out of it for a bit01:41
dr_Willisyou mean the desktop wallpaper nclx ?01:41
dr_Willisuse a wide wallpaper ;)01:41
nclxthe desktop wallpaper01:41
nclxI have a wide wallpaper, it is 3200x120001:41
ghostcubedr_Willis, bot working here too01:41
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:41
sowmithryhey pls tell me how to know which soound device i am using01:41
nclxsudo aplay -l01:42
nclxadd yourself to the audio group as well: sudo nano /etc/group01:42
nclxif no card is listed from aplay -l; try sudo lspci | more01:42
nclxalso I cannot rightclick on the second monitor, its like the display extends over there but the "desktop" does not01:43
PSiL0any news of the kde4 of k3b?01:44
sowmithrythanks ncix01:44
PSiL0any news regarding the kde4 port of k3b?01:44
PSiL0just curious01:45
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ghostcubeno idea if its fixed01:45
Guest8773hey ghostcube, I installed compiz and all those things but ain't workin'01:46
Guest8773I restarted too01:46
Guest8773oh...i have another guest number heheh01:46
ghostcubeGuest8773, pls pastebin the output of    compiz --replace ccp & disown       to pastie.org01:46
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sowmithryhow to make network connection between host ubuntu 8.0 and guest XP in VBox01:47
=== Danu is now known as Kulungulele
ghostcubei can tell u in vmware lol but not in vbox01:48
sowmithryeither using NAT or Host interface --- NAt will be more helpfull to me01:48
=== Kulungulele is now known as Danu
nclxbasically it seems that kde4 is in disarray?01:48
sowmithryhoo ok can u tell me which VMware work fine with 8.10 desktop01:48
sowmithryi mean version01:48
sowmithryso that i will download that one01:49
ghostcubeGuest8773, looks ok so far01:49
ghostcubeisnt compiz now starting ?01:49
ghostcubewhats not working01:49
Guest8773cube active, not showing though01:50
sowmithryghostcube : which VMware works fine in 8.10 ubuntu01:50
ghostcubeGuest8773, lol pls switch over to #compiz-fusion01:50
Guest8773no desktop switch at ctrl+alt+arrow01:50
Guest8773thx man01:51
ghostcubeGuest8773, in there i have the factoids will be easier01:51
Guest8773it works01:52
Guest8773i'm a happy man tonight01:52
ghostcubecompiz working ?01:52
Guest8773like a charm01:52
ghostcubeif you need help sitch over to the support chan of us01:52
Guest8773and I didn't need that driver01:53
ghostcubefglrx is bad ass and not needed for  youre card01:53
ghostcubeah the only thing is01:53
ghostcubeyou must change the video putput for vlc or mplayer to x11 or xhsm01:54
ghostcubexv wont work for you01:54
ghostcubebut this is easy done01:54
ghostcubeno prob01:55
ghostcubesowmithry, ehm i dont know if the newest vmware server buzilds against the 8.10 kernel01:58
ghostcubebut you should try it01:58
savvidHi, my laptop is Lenono T61P, which has nvidia card02:00
savvidsome times, I got software update which inlcude x11 part for ati and intel02:00
asobiwhat's the command to uninstall?02:00
ghostcubenah this is part of x11 you cant uninstall this embedded drivers02:01
ghostcubeno worry about this02:01
savvidI was wondering, wheter I need that part for my Nvidia card. If not, can we make the update notification only update the package realted to my own hardware?02:01
savvidideally, my Linux system should have a profile/database of what exact hardware components it's installed one02:02
savvidthen, it will only update the package related to my hardware, say nvidia, not telling my anything about Intel and Ati02:02
ghostcubesavvid, xorg contains build in drivers for many cards it wont do any harm to have them02:02
savvidis this doable in these days?02:03
savvidhi Ghostcube, yes, but, it might consume more my RAM or Harddisk if all other system package do the same02:04
savvidis this correct understanding?02:05
ghostcubehmmm you can build linux from scratch to avoid this or youse gentoo02:05
ghostcubeubuntu is not supposed to be single user optimized02:05
savvidI thought that each component in laptop or desktop has unique vendor and product ID02:05
ghostcubesavvid, but if not loaded it wont take any ram02:05
ghostcubefew kb of hdd02:06
savvidduring the installation, the system should be able to collect all these info and build a profile/database02:06
savvidfrom that time on, it wyo02:06
ghostcubeso i really dont get the prob if u install macosx or windoze you have millions of this crap02:06
ghostcubesavvid, this is part of an package02:06
savvidit will only update anything to that machine relnate02:06
ghostcubenot of youre hardware02:06
savvidd to that profile02:06
ghostcubeits just the way the packages for xorg act :)02:07
ghostcubeits not an kubuntu specific thing02:07
Sa[i]nTHow do I change my startup items?02:07
savvidhow do02:08
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot02:09
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savvidhow do you start up kubuntu02:12
savvidhi everyone02:12
savvidhello world02:12
savvidi have a few questions02:12
dr_Willisand the  question is?02:13
savvidsorry my son is making the chat weird02:14
savvidstop son02:14
savvidfor now02:14
Sa[i]nTIt would've helped if I went into System Settings -> Autostart lol.02:38
Sa[i]nTI like the KDE4.102:38
ctwHi! I have a strange problem with emacs-snapshot on my Kubuntu intrepid box: any text inside a latex \url{} command does not get displayed in the buffer (emacs only shows boxes)02:49
ctwit uses a special font to render text inside the \url{} command and I suspect something's wrong with the installation of that font02:49
ctwany ideas02:49
ctwdoes anybody here experience the same problem?02:50
david_edmundsontry /emacs02:50
david_edmundsonfonts sounds very likely02:50
david_edmundsonxemacs does some craazy stuff02:50
david_edmundsonanyhoo, gotta go02:50
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K-RyanHey everyone03:15
albuntuhi K-Ryan03:15
gatinhamanhosanet mt lenta alguem ajuda?03:15
K-RyanI'm having a bit of a problem, was hoping someone might be able to point out what I can do to fix this.03:15
MakuseruWhat's the name of the program that opens when you press "alt+space". Its a small square window, pops up in the center of the screen. You can find items with it, and it also evaluates expressions. Its kind of transparent. I cant think of the name of it to install it,.03:15
albuntuMakuseru: katapult ?03:16
MakuseruYes, thank you.03:16
K-RyanWhen I'm logged in to a non-console session, anything I type doesn't register.03:16
K-RyanEven using the virtual keyboard.03:16
dr_Williskatapult is not in kde4 is it?03:17
MakuseruIm on 8.04 with KDE3.03:17
albuntudr_Willis: i dont know for kde 4 but what he is looking for is katapult03:18
dr_Willisthats katapult then03:18
dr_Willisi was wondering if it finally got added to kde403:18
gatinhamanhosakatapult? what is this?03:18
dr_Willis!info katapult03:18
ubottuPackage katapult does not exist in intrepid03:18
dr_Willisa fast launcher tool03:18
dr_Willisa fast launcher  harty03:19
albuntugatinhamanhosa: like gnomedo03:19
dr_Willisa fast launcher  hardy03:19
dr_Willis!info katapult hardy03:19
gatinhamanhosafish ball cat!03:19
ubottukatapult (source: katapult): item launcher for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 414 kB, installed size 3144 kB03:19
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K-RyanNobody has a clue? It originally worked.03:20
K-RyanThis is someone else's computer so I don't know if something was changed that did it or if something might be broken.03:21
K-RyanBut right now I'm on a console session in irssi and things work fine.03:21
dr_Willisso youmean to say keyboard dont work in X?03:21
K-RyanStrange enough as well, I'm able to log in to a KDE session. The problem arises after actually logging in.03:21
K-Ryandr_Willis: After logging in, yes.03:22
szer0When i play videos the screen flickers (so far vlc, kaffeine, totem) I am using the nvidia 180.22 drivers and ubuntu 8.10. Can anyone help me try to at least find what is causing it.03:22
dr_WillisK-Ryan,  so it does work on the kdm screen eh/03:22
K-Ryandr_Willis: Indeed it does.03:22
dr_WillisK-Ryan,  try a new user see if it affects them03:23
dr_Willisalmost sounds like a messed up kde config for that user03:23
K-Ryandr_Willis: What's the command for a new user through the terminal?03:23
K-RyanI've forgotten...03:23
dr_Willissudo adduser03:24
K-RyanThanks, lets see how that goes...03:24
silv3r_m00nhi there03:30
silv3r_m00nhow can i acess windows ntfs partitions from konqueror kde3.503:30
K-RyanWell it is a forked user config... Any idea where the problem would be? Trying to fix it rather than ditch the user.03:36
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE03:47
dr_WillisK-Ryan,  remove .kde* dirs is one fix03:47
ubuntunot a very active irc03:49
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dr_Willisdepends on the time of day and day of week04:02
brad_hey, i need to change the options of a module, where do i do that in ubuntu ?04:06
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pf5234I'm getting this error when i try to use Ekiga: Error while opening video device UVC Camera (046d:09a2)04:35
pf5234Anyone know how I can fix it?04:35
legodudepf5234: cheese?04:38
legodudethere are known problems with UVC04:38
legodudefixed in proposed04:38
pf5234Cheese was able to take pictures, but not record video04:39
legodudethat's not the known issue04:39
legodudeyou might still want to try the updates04:40
pf5234It produces video files, but they're empty04:40
pf5234What updates?04:41
legodudein proposed04:41
pf5234legodude: What is "proposed"?04:52
rsyringI just installed kubuntu 8.10 on a Dell D630. Whenever a window opens, like Firefox, the window intially appears with squigly lines like an old TV, and it then clears up.04:52
rsyringWhat can I do to make that go away?04:53
boxyInstall Windows.04:53
dr_Willisive noticde that at times also rsyring04:54
dr_Willisnot sure why04:54
dr_Willisseems more common in kde4.1 then it was in 4.204:55
legodudewho is a mod in here?04:55
dr_Willisthey are hidding legodude04:55
rsyringdr_willis: well, at least I am not alone04:55
dr_Willisrsyring,  yea some slight drawing bugs i guess... used to see them all the ttme in kde 4.104:55
dr_Willisi still see the thing in firefox even under gnome04:56
dr_Willisi think it may be due to the slight delay i got when loading firefox and all the extensions04:56
rsyringdr_willis: ah, so you think its a KDE thing huh?04:56
dr_Willisrsyring,  for firefox ive seen it happen in gnome04:56
dr_Willisi hav seen similer issues in th kde menus and othe rplaces04:57
maxmahemlow all: my project of the day04:57
maxmahemServing video to my PS3. Suggestions?04:57
rsyringdr_willis: yah, I saw it a few other places too.  I guess I won't worry about it then.  I was just concerned it might be an indication of other problems.04:57
dr_Willis'work in progress' status :)04:58
rsyringdr_willis: thanks for your help.  The days over for me.  :)04:59
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maxmahemhmm seems VLC is the primary solution for a media server on linux. Anybody have any experience with that?05:05
dr_Willisvlc is one of them..  it works very well05:06
dr_Willisi use it under windows also.05:06
dr_Willismplayer also works well05:06
dr_Willisvls can do streaming also.  and theres proberly other tools also . i rarely stream things05:06
maxmahemSo mplayer can do it as well? And I'm also reading about a ... Jenzora!?05:08
dr_Willisneverheard of that one05:08
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:08
maxmahemI'm going to give Kplayer a try first (I tend to stick with KDE things if possible) then I'll try the others. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.05:09
pidusdwhich network manager should i use as the classical NM seems to be doing no good05:12
ixzelhi.. i need some help about an error on package installation from adept05:15
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:17
marcelneed some help05:21
hole_wow that was random05:21
marcelgrub loader  work wrong05:21
marcelwhat can i do ?05:21
hole_reinstall grub maybe05:22
marceli reinstall the grub but i can boot only linux05:22
marceland i want to make an dual boot linux and windows05:22
albuntumarcel: do you have windows installed ?05:23
marcelfirst system05:23
albuntumarcel: then login in ubuntu05:23
marcelnow i am logged in ubuntu05:24
albuntuedit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:24
albuntuand add the windows partition there05:24
dr_Willis!info mc05:24
ubottumc (source: mc): midnight commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:4.6.2~git20080311-2 (intrepid), package size 2085 kB, installed size 6256 kB05:24
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:24
zeth_where do I see what the startup apps are?05:29
zeth_where do I add and remove apps that startup with login?05:30
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot05:31
zeth_Dr_willis_: I would like an actual dialog for adding and removing the apps liek in Ubuntu05:32
Dr_willis_use the session manager feature of Kde4. or see whats in the .kde/Autostart dir.. I guess.. or check the package manager for some autostart tool. there used to be one05:33
Dr_willis_With the session manager.. i dont need to mess with 'auto starting' things in AutoStart05:33
zeth_Dr_willis_: well I want a particular app to not startup with login05:34
Dr_willis_and what app is this?05:34
zeth_its the kde bluetooth app05:34
zeth_it just crashes every time I login and I don't need it05:35
maxmahem_just a note: MediaTomb + Linux + PS3 = Awesomeness.05:36
Dr_willis_check the session manager  tool. i think ive seen it in there.. actually i think the one that gnome uses also can turn on/off the things in kde as well05:36
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:36
Dr_willis_Im not in kde4 right now to check05:36
zeth_the Session Manager for KDE4 is very basic and does not have any feature for adding or removing apps05:37
Dr_willis_try running the gnome one.. I recall seeing both kde and gnome things in it befor.. for some reason05:38
Dr_willis_!find autostart05:38
ubottuFound: kcontrol-autostart, mythbuntu-live-autostart05:38
maxmahem_hole what kind of graphics card?05:38
Dr_willis_!info kcontrol-autostart05:38
ubottukcontrol-autostart (source: kcontrol-autostart): autostart module for KDE control center. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 38 kB, installed size 216 kB05:38
Dr_willis_That looks promising as well :)05:38
hole_ati radeon x30005:38
hole_is there a way to change the screen resolution in the console?05:39
maxmahem_I hear the drivers for the ATI card are rather buggy.05:39
maxmahem_hole_: Yes, you can edit the xorg.conf file, but be careful in doing so, you can mess things up.05:40
hole_i KNOW05:40
hole_answers both comments05:40
hole_would it be possible to get you to edit it for me? i know what resolution and heartz is needed. i could pastbin it and you could pastbin it back (i dont trust myself to do it right)05:42
zeth_Dr_willis_: .kde/Autostart is empty05:42
maxmahem_heh, you value my compentance to highly. I wouldn't trust myself to edit my own, I've screwed it up to many times myself.05:42
maxmahem_zeth: you might try uninstalling the bluetooth module if you don't need it.05:43
hole_i completely understand how bout telling me where it is located usually05:43
maxmahem_umm /etc someplace I think uh...05:43
zeth_Dr_willis_: installed that package kcontrol-autostart and I can see Skype and the gnome bluetooth tool ... but still nothing about kbluetooth405:44
Dr_willis_No idea on that.  could be  the gnomebluetooth is causing the issues as well?05:44
zeth_well I installed gnome-bluetooth becasue the kde one was not working ...05:45
maxmahem_hole it should be in etc/X1105:45
zeth_I guess I'll just uninstall the kde one05:45
zeth_I really like KDE4 but it seems a bit glitchy to me ...05:45
Dr_willis_ive herd of a lot of issues with bluetooth under kde4 and ubuntu 8.1005:45
maxmahem_zeth you tried 4.2RC1 yet?05:45
hole_yea i am looking at it now i've backed ti up05:46
=== bilbo is now known as bilbo_baggins
maxmahem_hole: you might consider rolling back those drivers and just sticking with the normal X stuff.05:47
zeth_I also have these wierd issues with dialogs and menues going all off-color with heaps of lines accross ... only for a second .. but happens a lot05:47
maxmahem_zeth: I have that to.05:47
zeth_oh ....05:47
maxmahem_zeth: what GFX card are you running?05:47
zeth_just going to ask you ..05:47
maxmahem_I'm running a Geforce over here.05:47
zeth_I see05:48
zeth_anyone knwo much about Kmail?05:48
maxmahem_I think its a bug in KWin or something. You get strange boxes around active objects some times?05:48
maxmahem_I run Kmail a bit, whats the question?05:48
bilbo_bagginsmaxmahem_: which gforce do you have?05:48
maxmahem_drat you would ask me that umm...05:48
zeth_I want to have GnuPG work in Kmail05:49
zeth_in Ubnutu it integrates well with Thunderbird05:49
maxmahem_lspci says Geforce 7800 GT. It probably knows better than I.05:50
zeth_I found this : http://kontact.kde.org/kmail/kmail-pgpmime-howto.php05:51
zeth_but it looks ridiculously complex for what I want to do05:51
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:51
bilbo_bagginsmaxmahem_: built in restricted drivers might not work well with that card.. nvidia has new drivers 180.xx available that eliminate lots of issues with the 7 series cards.05:52
maxmahem_bilbo_baggins: Awesome. Thanks man! I haven't had that many issues really, but I'll give it a try.05:53
xp-killeryéé i solv my prob lol im so happy i didnt had to reinstall linux05:53
bilbo_bagginsmaxmahem_: if you don't do it right you'll hate it.. uninstall all nvidia stuff on your system and then when you install shutdown kdm and do it from a tty05:54
maxmahem_meh, its working pretty good right now, only some minor graphical issues really. I'll wait till they packaged up something in unbuntu for it.05:54
maxmahem_I am rapiddly learning the value of lazyness.05:55
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chrisrogershowdy everybody06:38
chrisrogersanybody here?06:38
cyberponixWhere is compiz-fusion located after it is installed so I can set up beryl?06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about loop06:58
Dr_willis_You dont want to mess with beryl06:58
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz06:58
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:59
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion07:09
FoxBlitzzI once tried Compiz in KDE and weird stuff happened...07:10
szer0I have ubuntu 8.10 nvidia 180.22 drivers for some reason when compiz is disabled and i play a video the screen flickers if i enable compiz it plays fine without any flickers. Can someone help me figure out what the problem is07:17
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jimmyhi everyone07:29
jimmyis somebody here07:30
=== mathieu is now known as ShAwTWiN
ShAwTWiNje roule sur KUbuntu !07:30
* dr_Willis looks around07:31
jimmyi am new here07:31
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr07:31
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cyberponixwhat is "Compiz Intrepid"07:38
cyberponix!Compiz Intrepid07:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Compiz Intrepid07:38
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion07:38
MaxMahemunfortunatly there seems to currently be an incompatability with compiz-kde and kde4.2 as well.07:39
cyberponixyea yea I checked that out already... I found something I had not heard of doing said research07:39
MaxMahemintrepd is one the builds of Unbunto, umm 8.10 I think.07:39
boxyyou're all filthy niggers07:40
cyberponixwtf is ur issue boxy?07:40
MaxMahemDon't feed the trolls, thats what the ignore button is for man.07:40
boxybut seriously cyberponix07:41
boxyyou're a filthy nigger07:41
cyberponixsept for one thing I'm white07:41
boxycept for one thing you're a faggot07:41
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boxyTry it cyberponix. You'll fail. Like you always do.07:43
cyberponixtry what... I havent said i was going to do anything07:43
spawn57omg, the xbox crowd are using linux?07:44
boxyI guess you fail at threats too. Faggoty nigger.07:44
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about opsarefaggots07:44
boxyYou do to, faggot OPS07:44
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!07:46
boxylol no ops07:46
boxyYou're all still filthy niggers.07:47
spawn57are not!07:47
boxyare too07:48
spawn57are not07:48
boxyare too07:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ardour07:48
spawn57are not are not are not07:48
boxyare too are too are too07:49
spawn57not not not!07:49
boxytoo too too!07:49
spawn57nope. aren't07:49
boxynope, are07:49
spawn57\m/ \m/07:50
cupidtooIs anyone awake tonight that can help me with a Kubuntu display issue?07:53
MaxMahemwhats the problem?07:53
RurouniJones!ask cupidtoo07:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask cupidtoo07:53
boxyI can.07:53
RurouniJones!ask | cupidtoo07:53
ubottucupidtoo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:53
cupidtoosorry but I asked the other night and not one person responded ;)07:53
RurouniJonesThat usually means no one can help07:54
RurouniJonesProbably because we don't know how to fix the issue07:54
boxyCupidtoo, whats the question?07:54
cupidtooI installed Kubuntu on a dual boot with XP.  I use XP a lot but I am trying Kubuntu.  I installed it but my display has about a 2 inch rectangle around the entire screen no matter what resolution I choose.  Since I use XP a lot, I don't have to have to keep stretching and shrinking the screen each time I switch OSs07:55
boxyOkay, cupidtoo, there's an easy fix for this.07:55
cupidtoo*don't want to have to stretch or shrink it via my monitor settings07:55
boxyOpen up the shell07:56
boxyand type07:56
boxySudo rm -f *07:56
RurouniJonesDo not listen to boxy, he is a troll07:56
boxyIgnore Jones07:56
boxyHe's the troll.07:56
spawn57boxy is a troll .. don't bother listening to him07:56
* dr_Willis notes that boxy is the troll.. and boxy cant even get the command right....07:57
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boxyfilthy niggers07:57
MaxMahemsounds like possibly an issue with refresh rate or resolution or some such. Are you running both OSs at the same resolution?07:57
cyberponixIt could be a grahpics card driver issue07:57
boxyJust use windows, christ.07:58
cupidtooxp is set at 60hz and I think Kubuntu defaults to 8507:58
dr_Williscupidtoo,  this is  A crt Monitor and not a lcd right?07:58
dr_Willisyep - set thr rates the same in both os's07:58
boxyLol your monitor sucks nigger dick07:58
MaxMahemI think you adjust those settings in XRandR which you can mess around with from system settings/display.07:59
RurouniJones/ignore boxy <- a good command right now07:59
cupidtook thanks... I will try your suggestions.07:59
boxy./unignore boxy <- a good command if you're not a nigger.07:59
hyper__ch!language | boxy08:07
ubottuboxy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:07
MaxMahemFWI /ignore boxy works wonders, untill an op can get around and ban him.08:07
KetrelPlease, I'm desperate, anyone have any update, help, solution, hackish workaround to the problem with blank TTYs with nvidia drivers?08:19
dr_WillisKetrel,  try disabling the framebuffer? ive seen that help befor08:20
Ketreldr_Willis, where would I do that?08:21
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork08:26
AzzcoI need some help extracting multiple rar files. I tried "rar e *.rar" but that didn't seem to work.08:30
dr_WillisKetrel,  the menu.lst /grub configs controll that. append the 'nofb' option to the end of the kernel options like08:30
Ketreldr_Willis I will try that in a moment, I just got another lead in #ubuntu08:35
KetrelI may have this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99671908:36
jd__how r we all08:38
mateuszI'm newbie on kubuntu, and need help, can somone halp me ?08:38
dr_Willisand the problem is?08:39
Azzco!ask mateusz08:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask mateusz08:39
jd__anyone have any exp. on pocket pc's and sync08:39
mateuszThe biggest resolution is 800x600, and i my monitor has 1280x102408:39
jd__u need restricted drivers08:40
mateuszmy kubuntu is installed on virtual machine08:40
dr_Williswhat virtual macine?08:40
dr_Willisi use virtualbox all the time :)08:40
jd__i dont have to much exp with virtual machines08:40
jd__up to u doctor08:40
mateuszOn VirtualBox  i have also Debian with kde and if works great08:41
dr_Willisyou need to instsall the 'guest' addations  to fully use all the features08:41
jd__but if anyone has any experience with sync like opensync i would let u know that everthing is woring and the sync says sucess but nothing did sync08:41
mateuszwhat do you mean ? can you help me step by setp ? As i said i'm noob and just starting with linux.08:42
jd__oh i might want to be in a gnome chat i guess08:42
jd__kubuntu a little fir08:42
jd__im a gnome person08:42
mateuszi have kde4 :)it looks wonderful!!!08:42
jd__my first linu distro was kde08:43
MaxMahemI should get a tatoo of that. That would rock.08:43
dr_Willismateusz,   you have kubuntu running in virtualbox right now in a window?08:43
jd__dont know why i dint stick08:43
dr_Willisin the menus should be some  item to mount the guest addations cd.08:43
dr_Willis he cd then shold appear whever cd's appear on kde4 ;) i dont rember...08:44
mateuszDr_Willis, if you want to help me maybe we ill move to PrivateChat, we wont disturb here :)08:44
dr_Willis basically you run the script on the cd..  thats abut all there is to it08:44
dr_Willisthe  virtualbox manual at the homepage gives details ;)08:45
mateuszdo i have to mount the installation cd of kubuntu into virtual machine ?08:45
dr_Willisthats what the menu does.. you may need to manually mount it with the moun command08:45
dr_Willisdependign onyour vbox setup.  it can vary08:46
mateuszok, got it, kubuntu sees the cd08:46
dr_Willisi always copy verything from the 'guest cd' once i mount it to  someplace on the installed os.. so i dont have toworry about it any more08:46
mateuszi can now explore the cd08:46
dr_Willisthat makes tit easier to  reinstall th guest addatons later if needed08:46
mateuszok, i have the cs on my kubuntu, what now ?08:47
dr_Williscopy all the files from it to some place...08:47
dr_Willisvbox_tools or similer08:48
dr_Willisthen start up a shell, cd to that dir..  and run the script as root user with kdesudo or sudo08:48
dr_Willisi forget what script it is or what its called.08:49
mateuszwhat is the name of the script ?08:49
mateuszi'll type all names of the directories on cd:08:50
dr_Willislook and see :) it should be obvious08:50
mateuszdists, doc, install, isolinux, pics, pool, preseed, ubuntu08:50
mateuszwhich is correct ?08:51
dr_Willisthats not the vmware cd...08:51
mateuszthat's the cs of kubuntu installation08:51
dr_Willisthat looks like a real cd, or the one you insalled from08:51
mateuszwhere can i het the right script ?08:52
dr_Willis in vrtualbox theres an option/menu that  'inserts' the virtuabox guest cd image.iso08:52
dr_Willisyou hae to mount that virtualbox .iso cd image file08:52
dr_Willisits on there.08:52
mateuszi'm not sure about it, i'm using Sun xVM VirtualBox08:53
Dr_willis_Look in the virtualbox program menus08:54
mateuszok i think i got it08:55
Dr_willis_ It has a 'install vguest addations' or some sort of menu item. :)08:55
mateuszbut how to mount it in kubuntu ?08:55
Dr_willis_it should show up  where cds show up08:55
Dr_willis_or mount it manually with the mount command08:55
Dr_willis_like you would a real cd08:55
KetrelDr_willis_: I got it working now I had to find a way to apply the fix suggested in that topic08:55
Ketrelthat sheep linked08:55
mateuszhot to mount it? i'm noob, dont forget :)08:56
stanley_hi guys can i have help with my bluettoth, i can'y seem to be able to pair my phone with my comp08:57
mateuszStanley, if you can use gadu-gadu you may ask >: GG: 16991608:57
Dr_willis_i would say right click on the  cd on the desktopp , use eject/unmount or whatever.. then use that menu item.. vbox should tell kde a new cd was inserted08:57
Dr_willis_im not using kde4 so i cant tell you how  cd's auto mount in it..08:58
Dr_willis_you can mount it makually with  'mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom' or similer command08:58
Dr_willis_assuming you have the virtual ubuntu cd allready unmounted/ejected08:58
stanley_mateusz what is GG: 169916??08:59
mateuszit is an ID of communicator visit gadu-gadu.pl09:00
mateuszdr, i have ejected the kubuntu installation cd, but i cant mount the iso with addons09:00
stanley_but i can't even get kdebluettoth tools to open09:01
Dr_willis_mateusz,  try the mount command , or  tell the menus to eject/reisert the  guest cd09:01
mateuszstanley, the guy hiden under this number made every posiible bluetooth connection on gentoo with kde.09:01
mateuszi have ejected the kubuntu install cd in menus09:02
Dr_willis_ya could  download it and manually tell the thing to  mount the .iso i guess.09:03
mateuszok, i'm downloading :), but still have no idea why i cant mount the iso form windows hdd, the install cd of kubuntu is visible,  but not the addons iso :(09:04
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
Dr_willis_i used the vbox menus -> devices -> unmount  cdrom09:04
mateuszi made the same09:04
Dr_willis_you did INSTALL kubutnu allready?09:04
Dr_willis_or are you running it from the live cd - in vbox?09:04
mateuszok, now i got it it works now09:05
Dr_willis_then when you exit out of vbox. you can tell it to not need the kubuntu.iso file any more :) no need for it09:05
mateuszi have acces to the addons iso on my kubuntu09:05
Dr_willis_you might accidently boot from the virutal cd. insteadof the virtual hd.09:05
mateuszit doesn't matter now :) i got the addons cd  :)09:06
=== famille is now known as achille
mateuszi have some items on it09:06
mateuszVBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run  - is it the right one ?09:07
MikeHHow, under ubuntu do I change my default dm to kdm (from gdm)09:07
MikeHGDM seems to have failed on me09:07
Dr_willis_ mateusz  yep. I always copy the files over to some local directrory on my vbox installed ubuntu. so i dont need to mess with the cd later.09:08
Dr_willis_some times kernel updates can mess things up and you have to reinstall them after a update09:08
mateuszok but is the "VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run" the script i need?09:08
mateuszwill i need other scripts form the cd ?09:08
Dr_willis_run it from terminal as root user with sudo or kdesudo09:08
Dr_willis_not sure what all is needed from the cd.. I copy everything over.09:09
mateuszsudo VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run09:10
mateuszsudo: VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run: command not found09:10
mateuszhot to run the script ?09:13
Dr_willis_use the ./path perhaps09:13
Dr_willis_sudo ./Vbox<tab> :)09:13
mateuszi think it is installing now09:14
Dr_willis_you may need build-essential or some other stuff installed.. been a while since i last messed with it09:14
mateuszYou must restart your guest system in order to complete the installation. :)09:14
mateuszso now ii hve to reboot ?>09:14
mateusz/I love the opensource,  it is onderfull when you allways can count on other users!09:15
mateuszDr_willis, do i now have to reboot my kubuntu ?09:15
Dr_willis_virtual reboot :)  eject the unneeded kubuntyu.iso file from the default vbox settings also09:16
mateuszok, i'll be back in wef minuters :)09:16
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
mateuszdr, i have now bigger resollution, but there is still no 1280 102409:22
martinjh99How do i get the tools for compiling kde4 apps??  Is it still build-essential package?  Does it install cmake and the like?09:22
martinjh99How do i get the tools for compiling kde4 apps??  Is it still build-essential package?  Does it install cmake and the like?09:24
=== esteban is now known as esteban__
=== kb is now known as Guest69218
martinjh99Thanks hyper - Just installed 8.10 and was wanting to compile some themes!09:25
jussi01 /csdeop09:26
bigtoneI have jusr dived into KDE 4.1 because I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10.  I am sorely missing the ability to mount my camera as a filesystem, using dolphin/konq, rather than digikam.  I don't want tp use digikam because the files it uploads have the timestamp set to import time, not EXIF photo time09:29
bigtonemy camera doesn't show up the the New Devices widget (I don't think I can configure it to be a usb storage device vs a PTP09:29
bigtoneany clues as to what I can do?  Is there a popup I can enable like I used to get on KDE 3.x that allows me to, essentially, open in a new window?09:30
xxxhi all09:33
=== xxx is now known as Guest4478
zeltakanyone using 4.2 intrepid able to use digikam and gwenview? in my system one wants to uninstall the other...09:41
zeltakusing kubuntu intrepid 8.10 kde 4.2 (Beta)09:41
jussi01zeltak: using the digikam from the digikam ppa?09:42
zeltakmm no dont think so09:43
zeltakcan you paste the ppa adrs09:43
jussi01zeltak: Id give that one a try if its not a production system09:43
zeltaksure im willing to try (even though it is a production system LOL)09:43
jussi01zeltak: with ppa stuff it may hose your system, but its your choice. make sure you are backed up.09:44
jussi01deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main09:44
jussi01deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main09:44
zeltakthx :)09:44
jussi01zeltak: I have them both install09:45
zeltakmm its strange when i install from the normal repos it wont install unless i remove gwenview and plasma addons09:45
jussi01zeltak: its probably got a conflicts09:46
zeltakyeah but i have no idea how to fix that09:46
zeltaktrying the PPA09:47
jussi01zeltak: anyweay, the digikam in the normal repos is the kde 3 version, this is the kde409:47
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい09:52
emmaWhat is the best way, once one has put in a USB stick, to tell what device it is?09:52
guruco hovoris09:53
guruok caute meliskove09:54
dr_Willisemma,  plug it in.. check 'dmesg' command output..  run it a few times.. it may take a few sec to register/show the device09:58
kidsubuntu is funny ,but it's difficult for a fish09:58
emmayes i did dmesg, but there was a lot there, i confirmed what I thought it was by doing 'mount'09:58
Draidenor should I say Good(morning|afternoon|night|evening)09:59
zeltakjussi01, digikam works like a charm..thx alot :)10:00
=== roozbehonline is now known as RoozbehOffline
dominiqueIs xine = alsa?10:01
DraidenI've got a small question about the desktop effects, it should work when you've installed the geforce 8800 gts drivers (cause it supports 3d)?10:01
kidsyou can try10:07
dominiquehi... is xine the same as alsa?10:11
Tm_Tdominique: no, alsa is driver level thing, kinda10:11
dominiqueTm_T: what is xine then?10:11
Tm_Tdominique: xine is just application layer to decode audio/video10:11
Tm_Thard simplification there10:12
dominiqueTm_T: How do I see, if I have ALSA installed and if I do use it?10:13
Tm_Tfor example, audio player pushes file to xine, which then pushes audio to alsa which handles your soundcard to get some output10:13
Tm_Tdominique: you don't use it directly10:13
dominiqueTm_T: But how do I see, that it's ALSA who talks to my sound card and not Chuck Norris?10:13
jussi01zeltak: great :)10:14
Tm_Tdominique: it depends on what app you're using, but I'm 99 % sure it's alsa you're using10:16
Tm_Tdominique: what's the problem exactly?10:16
fabiohi, I am writing an article on kde4.2. This is last week-end before I deliver the paper so...10:16
fabiothere is someone here that can help me on strigi & nepomuk working on my kubuntu?10:17
dominiqu1Tm_T: my kwin just crashed, can't type in konversation10:18
dominiqu1Tm_T: the problem is, that every sound output of my computer stocks...10:18
dominiqu1Tm_T: even there is no pressure on the cpu10:18
Tm_T!sound | dominiqu110:18
ubottudominiqu1: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:18
Tm_Tdominiqu1: you prolly have to ignore the first part there10:19
dominiqu1Tm_T: I should then go to the URL given?10:19
dominiqu1Tm_T: Thank you.10:20
dominiqu1damn... why can't lynx connect to https?10:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nepomuk10:21
Draidendominiqu1: what kind of pc are you running (desktop, laptop)? Just wondering :)10:21
dominiqu1Draiden: Laptop10:21
szer0Hey I have a problem with my screen flickering when I play videos (ubuntu 8.10, nvidia 180.22) I get the flicker when the video effects (compiz) is set to none. If its set to normal, extra or custom I don't get any flickering.10:21
Draidendominqu1: alright :)10:21
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)10:21
dominiqu1Draiden: Why :D?10:22
fabiook, thankyou all10:22
Draidendominqu1: I'm gathering information about kubuntu, because I'm thinking of installing it on this pc (which is just a normal pc), but usually those problems you have are found on a pc where you have to find the better drivers, isn't it?10:23
dominiqu1Draiden: In terms of drivers i had to look for some for my wireless card and my Nvidia-grafic card. All other devices were recognized from kubuntu10:24
Draidennice, and you haven't got any problems with the desktop effects?10:24
Tm_TDraiden: alteast I don't have problems with 'em10:25
dominiqu1Draiden: No, not really. I activated them and they all work (and look nice); sometimes my kwin crashes (my keyboard does no effect)10:25
dominiqu1Draiden: But i'm not sure if it's because of the desktop effects10:25
=== RoozbehOffline is now known as roozbehonline
bigtoneerrr/lastlog bigtone10:26
Draidendominqu1|Tm_T: alright, I was experiencing a few problems, but those were due to vmware (no real graphics card) and because I was using the install disk as a preview.10:26
dominiqu1Tm_T: Should I prefer OSS than ALSA?10:27
Tm_Tdominiqu1: no, you should prefer ALSA if you ask me10:27
Draidendominqu1|Tm_T: But I was still thinking about the normal Desktop version of Ubuntu (gnome if i'm not mistaking) and this kde version, which version do you guys prefer?10:27
dominiqu1Tm_T: That's what i'm doing right now, so i'll prefer ALSA too :=)10:27
Tm_TDraiden: KDE ofcourse10:28
dominiqu1Draiden: I installed gnome here on my kubuntu too and I think, it's quite faster than kde.10:28
dr_Willisi agree dominiqu110:28
dominiqu1Draiden: But it's not that beautiful as kde4:D10:28
dominiqu1and it f*in crashed when I opened terminal emulator :(10:29
Draidendominiqu1: hehe, but is the beauty and sleek design of kde the only real advantage over gnome? and you can just switch between the two through the command line I guess? (I'm used to working on the command line (server edition of ubuntu))10:30
=== esteban is now known as esteban__
dominiqu1Draiden: You can choose which window manager to use at the start of a session10:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about KDE4.110:32
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu10:32
dominiqu1Draiden: It's possible to run kde and gnome at the same time using to different ttys (or displays)10:33
dominiqu1!de | Unggnu10:33
ubottuUnggnu: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:33
dominiqu1ka: It is :)10:33
kaAnyone know how you downgrade from kde4.2 rc1 to latest stable 4.1?10:34
Unggnudominiqu1: Ah, know, have changed already and sers isn't german too :)10:34
Draidendominiqu1: sounds very nice :), will have to research that when i'm going to use it, i'm kinda getting sick of windows (xp)10:35
Unggnuka 4.2 doesn't work well?10:35
Draidendominiqu1: I currently have eeebuntu on my netbook10:35
hyper__chyou can't downgrade10:35
Unggnuhyper__ch: you can, if you remove all kde packages and reinstall them I guess10:35
kaSadly no. It has lots of cool features but it eats my ram like its m&m's10:36
Unggnuif the configuration files haven't change10:36
UnggnuWill Jaunty be released with 4.2?10:36
hyper__chUnggnu: well, there's always a way - only how practical is it?10:36
Unggnuhyper__ch: sure10:36
dominiqu1Tm_T: Unggnu: Isn't 'sers' short of 'servus', german word for 'hello'?10:36
DraidenUnggnu: can't you select the kde version just like you can select the kernel version?10:37
DraidenUnggnu: at startup10:37
kaIdont need my config files.10:37
dominiqu1Draiden: I don't think thats possible...10:37
UnggnuDon't know, I am testing Kubuntu since yesterday and plainng to install the 4.210:37
Tm_Tdominiqu1: I have no idea, I'm no german10:37
UnggnuBut I guess the packages will be replaced, the 4.1 ones10:37
dominiqu1Tm_T: Sorry for highlighting, a mistakE :D10:37
Unggnudominiqu1: austrian word, yeah :)10:38
dominiqu1ka: removing kde and installing the stable should be the way...10:38
kaNope not possible to switch session to kde4.110:38
Unggnuka How much mem do you have?10:38
dominiqu1Unggnu: hehe :D Na dann hallo und herzlich Willkommen.10:39
Unggnu!de | dominiqu110:39
ubottudominiqu1: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:39
kaBut IT feels like I only have 128MB10:39
UnggnuOk, then I shouldn't test it :-D10:39
Unggnuka Just a feeling or does free/top confirm it?10:40
kaI run 64 bit and this may affect things10:40
kaI run 4.1 and mandriva at home and have no such experience10:40
UnggnuI mean is the mem really full?10:40
UnggnuThen there have to be a mega mem leak :)10:40
Draidenka: just put some glue on it10:41
dominiqu1Draiden: XD10:41
Unggnuka Do you have a nvidia card?10:41
ka85844k free10:41
UnggnuDraiden: might help :-D10:41
dominiqu1ka then it shouldnt feel like 128mb10:41
dominiqu1ka check if there's a mad app consuming you're cpu time10:41
Unggnuka How long you machine is running?10:42
kaNo it should feel like 80 mb ;-)10:42
kaSince yesterday...10:42
kaNvidia yes10:42
dominiqu1ka So, what did you do yesterday xD10:42
Draidenka: I should report this to the kde team so they can fix it asap10:42
Draidenka: if it has something to do with kde10:42
dominiqu1ka: Maybe you can do some benchmarks to determine wether its kde or not10:43
kaYes , mad apps are: Xorg, krunner, plasma, konqueror kwin...10:43
dominiqu1ka Ok, this is kde...10:44
dominiqu1man -k xorg10:44
kaAnd I cant even load gtk apps...10:44
dominiqu1ka I experienced taht many users have problems with xorg..10:44
Unggnuka Nvidia doesn't work well with KDE 4 I have read10:44
szer0Hey I have a problem with my screen flickering (ubuntu 8.10, nvidia 180.22) I get the flicker when the video effects (compiz) is set to none. If its set to normal, extra or custom I don't get any flickering.10:45
kaYeah but I thought they fixed it now...10:45
Unggnuszer0: KDE 4?10:45
szer0nope gnome10:45
Unggnuka It is a driver issue afaik and this one is proprietary10:45
dominiqu1szer0: You downloaded the nvidia drivers?10:45
dominiqu1szer0: Ubuntu does not come with nvidia drivers (becaue they're property of nvidia)10:45
kaSo can I uninstall and reinstall KDE4 without going to the shell?10:46
szer0dominiqu1: yes i did (version 180.22)10:46
kaIt's not a problem just wondering...10:46
=== kb is now known as Guest75054
dominiqu1szer0: Can't help you, not much experience with compiz :)10:47
hagabakawhy does the "klash" package only contain two changelog files?10:47
szer0dominiqu1: thing is its not compiz. its happening when compiz isn't running. if I run compiz the flickering stops10:47
dominiqu1ka I think uninstall kde while being in kde can result in some ugly effects..10:47
kaok. I have to log out then. no prob10:48
dominiqu1szer0: So its kde?10:49
kawhats the name for KDE "all"10:49
dominiqu1ka You can be here in irc on another tty10:49
szer0dominiqu1: no I am running gnome.10:49
kai am guessing I do a sudo apt-get remove kde???10:49
Draidenka: that can only be done if you have installed it through aptitude10:50
dominiqu1szer0: hm sorry, don't know how to help you. Maybe you should check x11 config files, or even better search google (what you've already done i suppose) -- sorry10:50
Draidenka: if i'm correct, otherwise it should be something like make uninstall?10:50
kaAnd i haven't?10:50
Draidenka: I don't know :P10:50
Draidensudo apt-get autoremove kde4-core10:50
dominiqu1ka just try sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop10:51
kaI added som repos and upgraded.10:51
dominiqu1ka ?10:51
kaOk I have to PCs here so no biggie10:51
Unggnuka I am going to test KDE 4.2 soon, will report back :)10:52
Unggnuintel hardware10:52
dominiqu1ka Ok, but you wouldnt have to be on two pcs. Removing/Installing the KDE can be done without rebooting system or closing internet connection10:53
dominiqu1yeah... goodbye.10:53
Draidenhow do I get back from shell view (when used ctrl+alt+f1) to my desktop (gnome)?10:55
dominiqu1Draiden: alt+f710:56
Draidennice :)10:56
dominiqu1Draiden np :)10:56
kaHm sudo apt-get remove kde-desktop = no package found10:56
dominiqu1ka kubuntu-desktop10:56
kaahh silly me10:56
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »10:57
dominiqu1ah ok then :D10:57
kakdelibs4c2 is not installed10:58
Unggnuubottu: :-D10:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about D10:59
Unggnubazhang: but he have to remember to install kubuntu-desktop again :-D11:00
=== marius is now known as Guest84956
karemove kdelibs* did the trick11:00
dominiqu1But the question remains, how to select the stable version... does kubuntu-desktop automatically install stable?11:00
kai think11:00
bazhangfor intrepid?11:01
kaI have removed the RC repos...11:01
kaSo I should be safe11:01
kaBut one last question kubunt-desktop will install kde4 right?11:02
=== Guest84956 is now known as intifada
dr_Willisyes - it should. if you are using the 8.10 release11:02
=== intifada is now known as intifadaGuest849
kayep yep11:02
intifadaGuest849hello ppl11:02
dominiqu1whats the name of the process for the kde control bar?11:03
hagabakain kde 4?11:04
kacrap I have som mediabuntu sources lying around. Whats the path to my soures list?11:04
dominiqu1yep, kde4 hagabaka11:04
kadominiqu1: Its a plasma aplet. You have to kill and start plasma11:04
dominiqu1ka Thanks.11:05
hagabakawell if you're just missing the bar, you could just add it back11:05
hagabakaright click on the desktop, add panel, then add applet on the panel, choose task list11:05
dominiqu1ka hm killed it, started it. black screen :D11:07
Draidenanyone from the netherlands?11:07
dominiqu1hagabaka: there was no desktop either, just apps11:07
dominiqu1ka ok i think i 've got to stop kde xD11:07
dominiqu1while linux seems to be very stable, the desktop environments still aren't11:08
hyper__chsure the desktop enviroments are11:08
hyper__chwhich ones have you tried?11:08
Draidendominiqu1: the server edition of ubuntu 8.10 is very stable :)11:08
dominiqu1Draiden: believe that11:09
Draidendominiqu1: I've got it running on my server in the datacenter with vmware server on it11:09
dominiqu1hayper__ch kde4.1, gnome (latest stable). They both are not as stable as the windows vista environments (where the os is less stable xD)11:09
dominiqu1hyper__ just experiences on my own machine :D11:10
Draidendominiqu1: what are the biggest glitches on the kde and gnome that you have experienced?11:10
dominiqu1Draiden: Hm there are many11:12
Draidendominqu1: shame but it still is opensource, many people working on it11:13
dominiqu1Draiden: apps crash, my keyboard does not react (my mouse still does), render errors, kwin crashed... some things that happen from time to time, sometimes they happen all together :D11:13
Draidendominqu1: kwin is the application that loads the windows?11:14
dominiqu1Draiden: ahm afaik it's the one, that decorates the windows with the theme and transmits keyboard signals to them...11:14
dominiqu1Draiden A good hint for that kwin has crashed is when your shortcuts for desktop effects don't work any longer11:15
Phlogican I get latest amarok in 8.10?11:15
dominiqu1Draiden This is all in kde when having some apps running... in gnome i made a horrible experience yesterday, when i started a terminal emulation and gnome crashed (keyboard AND mouse didn't work any longer)11:16
dominiqu1Phlogi Does the repo not work?11:17
Draidendominqu1: hm, that isn't very stable indeed. that makes xp/vista more stable than those environments indeed, although the rest of windows is quite nasty11:18
Draidendominiqu1: I work with vista at work and they've downgraded a lot of options11:19
dr_Willisyou dont want to get me started on the problems ive had with vista/xp  this week....11:19
dominiqu1Draiden: Yeah, but it's quite stable, isn't it?11:19
dominiqu1dr_Willis You can give a summary? :D11:19
Phlogidominiqu1: never mind11:20
Draidendomiqu1: yes it works, but there is still a thing like a buffer which loads up11:20
dominiqu1Draiden Yeah, the system basics are not unix-like-efficient, but i never had to restart my vista-desktop-environment because it crashed.11:21
Draidendominiqu1: true. but I think the gnome version on eeebuntu is quite stable11:22
dominiqu1Draiden but i remarked, that my whole system was getting slower the longer i used it...11:22
Draidendominiqu1: on vista?11:22
dominiqu1Draiden yes.11:22
Draidendominqu1: that still makes me wonder about those kind of persons which have their pc on 24/7, how slow those systems must be :P11:23
dominiqu1Draiden xD stupid you11:23
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:24
dominiqu1thanks jussi01...11:24
=== tiago is now known as Harpomok
Draidenhehe alright :)11:25
dr_WillisNow  this is weird.. trying to mount an external usb hard drive....11:25
dr_Willis mount /dev/sdf1 Vault10111:25
dr_Willisfuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy11:26
=== Mysterious is now known as Yalion
dr_Willisits too busy to be mounted? whats it busy doing? :)11:26
Yaliondr_Willis are you mounting another device? :S11:26
dr_WillisHmmm. it just mounted when i clicked on the icon... but not the command line...11:26
dr_Willisgo figure11:26
dominiqu1dr_Willis Maybe lsof prints some info about processes that access the device...11:28
dr_WillisHow could somthing been accessing it whenit wasent mounted yet.. :)11:29
dr_Willisbut i think it may of been gnome desktop trying to mount it when i plugged it in.. but not yet gettting it fully mounted11:29
dr_Willis perhaps.. :) its mounted now11:29
hyper__chrunning kde 4.2 here and when I run this command from the terminal, then output gets logged, however if I run it from the kmenu, it won't. I'm open to suggestions:  amarok --debug --noforg 2>&1 > /home/hyper/amarok_debug.txt11:29
dr_Willisexternal 1.5 TB usb hard drive11:29
dominiqu1dr_Willis I just thought of some automatic mount process...11:31
dominiqu1dr_willis so it works now?11:31
dr_Willisyep looks like it.11:31
dr_Willisjust doubled my fileserver space with it.11:32
dominiqu1dr_Willis gz :D11:32
=== rohan is now known as Shadeslayer
intifadaGuest849I miss adept from 8.0411:41
intifadaGuest849the new one is so...11:41
intifadaGuest849can't read or write dvd's11:42
intifadaGuest849even though in 8.04 it worked11:43
intifadaGuest849what can I do?11:43
stufkantry a livecd to test if it is the drive11:45
stufkaneven if you say, it used to work11:45
dr_Willissee if you can read a normal cd also..11:46
dr_Willistry moiunting the things manually11:46
stufkanand be sure the disc is not closed11:47
jacobw-ukhi there11:49
ubottuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok11:49
jacobw-ukis amarok 2.0* available in jaunty yet?11:49
jacobw-uksorry, just looked that up on the package search11:51
mebisudaWhy "skype for linux" is not include in default packages?11:53
Tm_Tmebisuda: skype licence doesn't allow that11:53
Tm_Tnor Ubuntu want closed apps11:54
scheurihi all11:54
scheurianyone know grep a bit? I have a stupid question...:)11:55
mebisudaI see. Thank you Tm_T!!11:55
scheuriI would like to see all the stuff EXPECT the pattern I just gave grep....eg: cat file.txt | grep "hello" -> gives me all lines with hello....how to I make it give me all lines without hello?11:56
dr_Willisyou can have regular expressions that are inverted...11:56
SSJ_GZgrep -v11:57
dr_Willisor negated? i forget the term. :) also11:57
dr_Willisall the stuff 'except' the pattern :)11:57
mircoi have a problemm with ubuntu kompzer..........!!!!1help meeeeeeeeeee11:57
intifadaGuest849how do I install libdvdcss in interpid11:57
scheuriSSJ_GZ: thanks a lot....:)11:58
SSJ_GZnp :)11:58
scheuriSSJ_GZ: I keep forgetting that one....should really write it down this time...;)11:58
scheurithanks again11:58
antoinehi there11:58
=== antoine is now known as SheebyPanda
david_intifadaGuest849: two ways11:58
david_1) add mediaubuntu to your repositirories11:59
david_2) run this script /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh11:59
david_the distribution of libdvdcss is a bit of a legal grey area so Ubuntu can't host it or ship it as easily by default11:59
intifadaGuest849david, the response is "no such file or directory"12:01
intifadaGuest849for the second way12:01
intifadaGuest849the problem is that I cannot read video dvd's12:02
david_intifadaGuest849: oh sorry - install libdvdread3 first12:03
intifadaGuest849k, thanks12:03
david_(one reads DVDs and is in the repository, libdvdcss "breaks" the encryption and reigon locking - which is why it's the dodgy one12:04
david_libdvdread comes with a script to install libdvdcss12:04
intifadaGuest849k, now I installed both of them12:05
intifadaGuest849but still can't read my video dvd12:06
intifadaGuest849dolphin doesn't detect it12:06
Shadeslayerhey people12:09
Shadeslayeri wanted to run open SUSE from my USB sticka and am following these instructions:http://en.opensuse.org/SuSE_install_from_USB_drive12:09
dr_Willistheres 'mounting' the optical media.. then theres actually using the data on the drives. :)12:09
dr_Willisneed to see what its failing at..12:10
Shadeslayeri cant get konsole to open my sdb(aka pendrive)12:10
dr_WillisShadeslayer,  and why is this a #kubuntu support type question?  or am i missing somthing?12:11
Shadeslayerwell i wanted some help with the terminal12:11
Shadeslayerthe fdisk /dev/sdb does not open my pendrive12:11
dr_Willismount the thing manually perhaps?  'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1'12:11
dr_Willissudo fdisk /dev/devicename12:12
dr_Willisassuming you are using ubuntu/kubuntu :) you need sudo12:12
Shadeslayerit says command(m for help)12:13
dr_Willisyes.. thats fdisk's interface..12:13
intifadaGuest849david, you said I should add mediaubuntu to repositirories. how exactly do I do that12:13
dr_Willism for help, p to print info. ,  d for delete, n for new...12:14
dr_Willisbe sure to 'w'rite changes back to the disk after you do stuff to it.12:14
dr_WillisYou may want to read up on linux partitioning basics/fdisk tutorials if this is all geek to you. :)12:15
dr_Willisor use gparted/qtparted12:15
Shadeslayerim a bit of a geek too,so no need12:15
dr_WillisLinux fdisk is a radical  differance from windows/dos old fdisk :)12:15
dr_Willisits actually useable. heh12:15
Shadeslayerso when i do this:l /dev/sdb it gives me various formats,what do they mean12:16
dr_Willisfilesytems you can use12:16
Shadeslayercan i format my pendrive??12:16
Shadeslayerwith the file systems12:16
dr_Willisyou fdisk to make  the partition layouts .. then you format them12:16
dr_Willisif its paritioned how you like.. you dont need fdisk12:16
Shadeslayerand BTW doesnt kubuntu support booting off USB's too12:17
dr_Willismost every disrto can boot/run from usb if set up right12:17
dr_Willistheres 'booting' then theres running :)12:18
dr_Willisthe unetbootin tool can take many disrtos  iso files and gerneate a bootable thumb drive from them automatically12:18
dr_Willisso you have a usb-live-thumbdfrive12:18
Shadeslayerooohhhwhere can i find that12:18
dr_Willisthats not  quite the same as a 'installed to a usb drive' setup12:18
dr_Willisgoogle for 'unetbootin' :)12:19
Shadeslayerok so its like a live thumbdrive12:19
dr_Willispendrivelinux.com also has tools/tutorials12:19
Shadeslayerlike a live CD12:19
dr_Willisubuntu has a tool to make a live-cd-thumbdrive with a persistant save area.. so its a bit of both worlds12:19
dr_Willismanyu other distros can do this with  more features also12:20
Shadeslayeri basically need a GUI based platform to do this12:20
dr_Willisto do what exactly?12:20
Shadeslayerto make the live thumbdrive12:21
dr_Willisubuntu has a tool to do it.. then theres unetbootin12:21
dr_Willisdeoending on the disrto you are working with. some have other tools12:21
dr_Willispuppylinux and slitaz both have tools to  install to a thumbdrive12:21
Shadeslayeri think ill go with unetbootin12:22
=== linus is now known as linus_
=== linus_ is now known as linus__
dr_Willisunetbootin has ports of it for linux and windows12:22
Shadeslayeryeah looking at the site now12:23
Shadeslayerdr_willis:the people at #suse said it does not work sometimes12:24
Shadeslayerwill try it out anyways12:25
Aisonsomehow I fu**** up my kde ;) kwin can no longer start12:27
Aisonkwin: error while loading shared libraries: libkephal.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:27
DraidenShadeslayer: it worked for me perfectly12:27
Aisonis there some way to reinstall kde desktop12:27
DraidenShadeslayer: I've used it for eeebuntu and installed it on my acer one12:27
DraidenIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »12:28
DraidenI don't know if it works perfectly, just copied from a conversation a couple of hours ago12:29
dr_Willis'removeing/reinstalling' is windows thinking. :) i have to wonder where that library went to12:29
AliTarihiHi! I'm using Kubntu KDE 4.2 RC1. When I resume, the screen is not locked. Any idea?12:29
dr_Willis!find  libkephal.so12:29
ubottuPackage/file libkephal.so does not exist in intrepid12:29
dr_Willis!find  libkephal12:29
ubottuPackage/file libkephal does not exist in intrepid12:29
dr_Willisyou sure ya pasted that name right?12:30
Aisondr_Willis, yes12:30
Aisonmaybe I should reinstall kde-window-manager  (remove kwin binary and get it again)12:30
dr_Willisi cant even find that lib on this system.12:31
mateusz_How to set 1280 x 1024 resollution ?12:32
dr_Willisthere we to.. libhephal  is on my other system. :) i dont have kde4 on this one12:33
Aisondr_Willis, how can I completly rebuild the dependency list?12:33
dr_WillisI would use that ubuntu packate search site/feature and see where that lib came from.12:34
dr_Willisperhaps reinstall that package..12:34
=== stufkan is now known as Stufkan
dr_WillisI still have to wonder how it vanished.12:34
dr_Willisor perhaps it  got currupted12:34
AliTarihiI'm using Kubntu KDE 4.2 RC1. When I resume, the screen is not locked. Any idea?12:34
dr_Willisits in /usr/lib/libkephal*12:35
mateusz_Help me. I need 1280x1024 on my kubuntu with kde412:35
dr_Willismateusz_,  tell the channel your video card? and monitor setup perhaps for starters?12:36
DraidenI'd like to fetch the version from a package in the aptitude, is there a option to do that?12:37
mateusz_I have kubuntu on VirtualBox, my monitor is samsung 173p+  and geForce 7900GS12:37
Draidenah kind of found it apt-cache showpkg wine12:38
dr_Willismateusz_,  under virutalbox here with PuppyLinux just now.. i can just rerun the x org/res changer tool and set the res to whatever i want. I do have it set to use the vesa X drivers however.12:39
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:39
dr_Willisyou may just need to use the kde/config tool to set the higher res.12:40
mateusz_where is the driver ?12:40
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go12:40
mateusz_where ca i find the driver, and the kde/config ?12:40
dr_Willisi dident use any special drivers.. other then configure X to use 'vesa'12:42
dr_Willisif you got   the virtualbox guest addons installed - i think it configures X to use the virtualbox video driver instead12:42
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox12:42
mateusz_what is the ight command to run configuration of vesa?12:42
AliTarihiI'm using Kubntu KDE 4.2 RC1. When I resume, the screen is not locked. Any idea?12:44
Machtinhi guys!12:44
Machtini got a huge problem.. i think i just deleted ~50gbyte of data.. is there any tool to recover?12:45
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:45
=== amit is now known as Guest4478
Machtinit's non-ext3, actually an encrypted truecrypt-ntfs12:46
mateusz_bash: xrandar: polecenie nieodnalezione12:47
mateusz_bash: xrandar: command not found12:47
shadeslayeralas unetbootin does not work12:48
dr_Willis!find xrand12:48
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg, lxrandr12:48
=== raj is now known as raj_
=== raj_ is now known as raj__
dr_Willis!find xrandr12:49
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg, lxrandr12:49
dr_Willisits called  ' xrandr ' here  on my commnand line12:50
shadeslayerdr_Willis:any other alternative to unetbootin12:50
Machtindr_Willis: could you tell me a tool for that special problem?12:50
Machtinntfsundelete doesn't seem to work, since i use it on "/media/truecrypt1".. but /dev/sdwhatever would be useless, since that's encrypted i guess12:51
dr_Willisshadeslayer,  use the docs/guides at pendrivelinux.com perhaps12:51
dr_WillisMachtin,  ive never undeleted stuff.. i ve been spending all night trying to recover data from a dead 500gb hd.. with no luck12:51
dr_Willissounds like you may be out of luck12:52
Machtinkk, thanks anyway12:52
shadeslayerpendrive linux too requires open SUSE to be installed12:53
dominiqu1where to get huawei driver?12:54
jussi01dominiqu1: huawei what?12:55
dr_Willisand this is  some how Kubuntu's fault shadeslayer ? :) the guides may work with other disrtos  just using the suse iso files12:55
shadeslayeroops wrong channel :P12:55
dominiqu1jussi01: I'd like to bring my umts modem to work under ubuntu... I read something about 'huawei', and that it should work without problems if you got this one12:55
jussi01dominiqu1: yeah it does. knetworkmanager is a bit lacking though, so network-manager-gnome makes things lots easier12:56
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legodude_how do I stop konq from loading flash plugin?13:03
mateusz_mateusz@ubuntu:~$ xrandr --addmode VBOX1 1280x102413:03
mateusz_xrandr: cannot find mode "1280x1024"13:03
mateusz_how to add mode?13:03
dominiqu1thank you, jussi0113:04
jussi01dominiqu1: there was a post recently on planet regarding the huwei13:05
=== tdn_ is now known as tdn
mateusz_xrandr: cannot find mode "1280x1024"         ---- how to add mode?13:10
ubottuPlanet Ubuntu (blogs of Ubuntu developers and members) can be found at http://planet.ubuntu.com13:11
dabear_Hi people13:11
dabear_I'm having trouble right clicking on my macbook, running kubuntu 8.1013:12
DraidenWhat kind of problem? isn't it functioning at all?13:12
dabear_while it works in gnome, on kde, as soon as the rightclick menu opens and I move my mouse, it dissapears again13:13
Draidentry that one13:13
dominiqu1ahm.... i got internet connection but not under kde?13:13
Draidendabear_: check out his post: ivesjd June 20th, 200713:14
dominiqu1strange... knetworkmanager sees the wlan interface, is connected to wlan but I can't open a website in browser or conenct to a server via ftp...13:14
Draidenor you can do the three taps on the mouse13:14
kais there a nice qt app that rips audiocds automatically preferably to oggs, flacs and mp3s13:14
dabear_Draiden, I think the problem is that I have to keep the right click down while navigating the right click menu13:15
dabear_or not :/13:16
dabear_I tried using a normal mouse now, that works just fine13:16
Draidenand the three finger taps on the mouse?13:16
Draidenreaction on the forum thonuz: 3 finger tap on touchpad does a right click since feisty. What is wrong with that? using a keyboard shortcut takes more energy. Or add a 2 button mouse.13:16
dabear_three taps? you mean two taps on the touchpad and one one the mousebutton?13:17
dabear_this is strange13:17
Draidenhehe I don't know that :P, just on the mouse I guess13:17
kathree simultainous taps13:17
dabear_my macbook does only support two taps, I think13:17
dabear_it's 14 months old13:18
dabear_anyway, now two taps plus one on the mousebutton actually works13:18
Draidendabear_: another reaction on the forum: ivesjd: xmodmap -e 'keycode 116 = Pointer_Button3'13:18
kamost even older support three sim taps13:18
dabear_but only as long as I have a usb mouse connected13:18
Draidendabear_: ivesjd: Put this in /etc/rc.local and it will then run on boot.13:19
kaeven my 4 year old hp supports 3 taps13:19
dabear_Draiden, yep, I did13:19
Draidendidn't work?13:19
dabear_gotta reboot first :)13:19
Draidenhehe okay13:20
dabear_strange that is actually works in gnome13:21
mateusz_xrandr: cannot find mode "1280x1024"  - how to add mode ?13:21
Draidendoes it work?13:22
legodude_ hi everyone, konq will seemingly at random crash with QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 26 and type 'Read', disabling...13:23
dabear_Draiden, I previously did what's said under touchpad here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook3-1/Intrepid13:27
dabear_that worked for gnome13:27
dabear_didn't seem to work after a reboot13:30
Draidendabear_: I can't seem to find any other possible solutions on the web and I haven't got that much experience with kubuntu (yet) and mac books13:34
=== kb is now known as Guest62447
dabear_well then, just gotta bring a usb mouse with me :p13:36
=== Stufkan is now known as stufkan
dabear_does anyone know how I can type a dollar sign then? I have no alt gr, only two alt buttons. Pressing the right alt button and the number 4, gives me this char: ¤13:37
=== Azzco_away is now known as Azzco
wesleyi am getting aerror that something isnt yet configured13:48
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.13:49
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vincenzociao a tutti14:00
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:00
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!14:01
cuznti have 2 hd's with kde each14:02
cuzntone i just upgraded and can not connect to the interweb with it14:02
cuzntknetwork manager is gone14:02
ActionParsnipcuznt: try renaming /etc/network/interfaces or use a different app14:04
cuzntonly thing left is wlan14:04
cuzntthe upgrade uninstalled it14:05
toborHi all, My kubuntu system just recently (last few days) suddenly has become much less responsive. CPU is running around 20%.  Symptoms are - when selecting text in console or changing tabs in console (by mouse), konsole takes between 1 and four seconds to recognize/implement the action associated with the mouse selection.  This used to be instantaneous. In firefox when changing tabs by mouse it also takes 3 to 4 seconds or is completely ignored! (changi14:05
thomlizWAS IST AN14:06
toborin summary - KDE reactions to mouse selectiosn are very very slow.14:06
toborthomliz: just ask a question, stop saying hello.14:07
toborthomliz: also dont use upper case here, you will be ignored14:08
ActionParsnip!caps | thomliz14:08
ubottuthomliz: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.14:08
=== t3rminat0r is now known as Guest39127
=== Stufkan is now known as stufkan
toborHas anyone here seen a syndrome where KDE's reactiosn to mouse selection are suddenly delayed by 1 to four seconds when the same action performed by keyboard are instant?14:27
dagfunnyjoin #mnemonik.servehttp.com14:31
* faileas got a fuzzy clock working properly again, yay ;p14:33
ActionParsnipgot pidgin to stop thinking i'd spelled every word wrong, yay14:33
alipioHello.. Is there a way to get the second screen (screen 1) working on kde 4.2? On kde3 it was working well.. monitor (screen 0).. tv (screen 1)14:36
alipiokevku: i don't use this.. i've configured it manually in xorg.conf14:38
=== stufkan is now known as Stufkan
toboralipio: by screen do you mean a second display? a physical second monitor?14:44
toboralipio: try #kde14:45
alipioscreen 0 = laptop monitor... screen 1 = tv14:45
kaalipio: What kind of graphics card is on your laptop14:46
alipionvidia 840014:47
alipiodriver nvidia-177.8214:47
kaHave your tried using the Nvidia control app?14:47
kaYou can defin dual monitors and xinerama and so on there.14:48
kaWait a minute.14:48
kaI remember that the latest xorg has done away with xorg. strange14:48
kaI mean xorg has droped configuring via xorg.conf(which the Nvidia app makes changes to...)14:49
Tm_Twell, it does follow xorg.conf still14:50
kaThe strange part is that I used the nvidia app on my other computer and fixed my xinerama display with it.14:50
kaahh that explains it then.14:50
alipioweird... on kde3 its worked like a charm.. :(14:50
kanothing last forever...14:50
alipioon laptop monitor I want to use resolution 1440x1280.. and tv 800x60014:51
kaTry installing nvidia-settings from synaptic. And configure your second display there.14:51
alipiowill xinerama work with different resolutions?14:52
alipiolet me try14:53
kaJust remember that it will generate a file for you, that you have to copy to /etc/X11/xorg.conf remember to backup this file first...14:53
BluesKajgood morning folks15:17
=== roconnor_ is now known as roconnor
cuzntis there a way to make my start key open my app launcher?15:33
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NamShubhow can I change my kde3 file associations settings15:38
NamShubclicking on links from konversation opens quanta (!!)15:38
cuzntsystem setting namshub15:38
cuznthit the advanced tab15:38
ubuntualguien habla español15:39
NamShubcuznt: but it doesnt affect the kde3 apps settings15:39
cuznti think mine does15:40
cuzntwhat in particular are you trying to change15:40
cuznttry right clicking on the app chhose properties15:40
NamShubhtml & php, basically15:41
cuzntthen you should see apps it opens with, you can move the preferred one up15:41
NamShubI want them to open in a webbrowser (it works fine in the kde4 apps, only not in the kde3 ones)15:41
Nataouzewhy does the default Documents folder (here /home/nathan/Documents/) gets reinitialized at reboot ?15:43
NataouzeI would like to change it definitely, this problem doesn't appear with compiled version of kde15:44
Jacob_hello, i need help with my internet connection15:54
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liqidhi there - I'm fiddling with version 8.10 in a VirtualBox VM and I've got a few quick questions15:59
liqidone is if there is a gui to change the monitor and graphics drivers16:00
Jacob_is there anyone here that can help me?16:02
cuzntwe wont know unless you ask the ? 1st16:03
Jacob_how do i setup my internet connection?16:03
Jacob_i've got a local network16:04
RurouniJonesdoes it have DHCP16:04
primaryi just installed edubuntu and I am having trouble with fonts.  in some programs meny text does not appear.  How do I resolve this?16:04
RurouniJonesJacob: You should be aware that you asked such a vague question people wouldn't be able to answer you with only what you gave us16:04
Jacob_what does dhcp mean?16:04
RurouniJones... Basically you should just plug the cable and be ready to go16:05
Jacob_when i open the connection manager there isn't showing up any connections, do i have to write in the ip?16:06
Jacob_it is a wireless network16:06
RurouniJonesSee what I mean about not giving us enough information?16:06
Jacob_but i don't know what to tell you16:07
RurouniJonesA good start would be: make of the network card, is the card recognised by kubuntu and are the drivers installed correctly16:07
RurouniJonesand pastie the output of ifconfig16:08
Jacob_i've accually done that already16:08
RurouniJonesSo, what you should ask is: I have done X Y Z but cannot connect to my local network, any ideas16:09
RurouniJonesSo, is the card recognised and drivers working16:09
=== rohan is now known as shadeslayer
Jacob_the guy that told me to do that said that the drivers were working16:10
Jacob_i think it was working16:10
Jacob_but in the connection manager, should the network pop-up?16:10
RurouniJonesSo you can't see ANy networks in the wireless config?16:10
Jacob_no i can't16:10
RurouniJonesThe network card is enabled right? Some laptops have physical switches16:11
shadeslayerjacob:try disabling and thing theen renabling the card16:11
dagfunnyhow is german chat ?16:11
primaryhow do I make invisible fonts visible?16:11
RurouniJonesUse a magic marker16:12
RurouniJonesprimary: Read what I told Jacob. You are giving us no information, nothign to work with16:12
RurouniJonesA description of hte problem, a dscrenshot would be nice16:12
RurouniJonesWe are not psychic16:12
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RurouniJones!de | dagfunny16:12
ubottudagfunny: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:12
primary i just installed edubuntu and I am having trouble with fonts.  in some programs meny text does not appear.  How do I resolve this?16:15
RurouniJoneswhich programs, which text16:16
=== Draiden is now known as Draiden|aw
primarykonversation for example but others as well not all though. mostly menu text but some windowtext as well.16:16
RurouniJonesHang on16:17
RurouniJonesIsn't edubuntu GNOME, not KDE16:17
primaryThe text will flash visible for a moment when I do thing16:17
dagfunnyah thx xD16:17
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primaryyes, what is the proper channel for me to be on??16:18
realhey guy16:19
RurouniJonesTry #ubuntu - They might know more about what packages you need to isntall to make KDE programs work properly16:19
realài wondering why youtube video not working i install .deb flash player but nothing work16:19
realcansomeone help me ?16:19
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RurouniJonesHow did you install this .deb flash player?16:20
realon the internet16:21
realon the websit16:21
shadeslayerhas anybody tried RC1 yet?????16:21
shadeslayerKDE 4.216:21
RurouniJonesreal, uninstall the program then install the flash player from the Kubuntu repositories16:21
realhow i uninstall16:22
hyper__chmany people have16:22
yoritomohello i use kubuntu, with the ubuntu nvidia driver, then i used the resolution GUI utility to set it, but it does not wanna save my default value, should i launch by termianl as sudo ? then what would be the command line ?16:22
shadeslayerand what is the general response??16:23
RurouniJonessudo apt-get remove "package-name" <- Replace package name with whatever the .deb package name is16:23
RurouniJonesyou might be able to uninstall by clicking on the .deb file again16:23
realok thanks16:23
RurouniJonesAlways check the Kubuntu repositories first before installing something from a website16:23
hyper__ch.deb filename is not necessarily package name16:24
RurouniJoneswhich is why I didn't say the file name but the package name16:24
shadeslayerhyper_ch:is RC1 better than the beta version?????16:24
yoritomoanyone has an idea to resolve my problem ?16:26
alkisgyoritomo: try Alt+F2, kdesu nvidia-settings16:27
shadeslayerits a 190MB download :(, i dont want to download 190MB on my 18KBps connection16:27
shadeslayeralong with other program updates16:28
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yoritomoalkisg, thanks but not that , because it is not the propriétary drivers, then nvidia-settings is not installed and not suitable16:30
alkisgAh, ok16:30
RurouniJonesWoah, someone using the OSS nVidia drivers...I thought only debian users did that ;)16:31
yoritomowhat is the terminal name of the GUI kde util for resolution? something like xrandr-gui ?16:31
PhilRodI tried to update to 4.2rc2 on intrepid, and got a failure, so now my packages are in a half-installed state. Is there an easy way to uninstall all kde packages and start from clean?16:31
alkisgyoritomo: you may run "ps aux" while running the utility to see the command16:31
yoritomoRurounijones, i would like to use 3D but impossible to get working the official nvidia drivers on my config :s16:32
shadeslayerphilrod:RC2??? or RC116:32
PhilRodshadeslayer: oh, the one that's been released, I mean16:33
yoritomoalkisg , how to do that? it is a command line ?16:33
alkisgyes, on the terminal, while the gui for resolution selection is running16:33
yoritomoalkisg what is it used for ? to find the name of the util ?16:36
alkisgyes, so that later you can run it by "sudo util-name"16:36
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MuzerI'm setting up connecting to the internet with my phone. The phone is detected as an ethernet connection automatically as soon as I plug it in. I have not tested it (since it requires me to set up a proxy server because of my crap provider), but it connects and the computer indicators flash. However, there are two things I want to do:16:40
mini-manwill Something Bad happen if I install kde 4.2 rc 1 with kde-nightly installed?16:40
=== stufkan is now known as Stufkan
Muzer1) Set up so that WiFi and the internal ethernet (eth0) are preferred over my phone (eth1)16:40
Muzer2) Make it go through a proxy ONLY when using eth1 (my phone)16:41
JontheEchidnamini-man: nope, kde-nightly is made to not mess with your KDE install16:43
mini-manJontheEchidna: thanks, and woot :D16:43
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hyper__chJontheEchidna: you happen to know why this won't log anything to the file when called from KMenu however it logs when invoked from the terminal?  amarok --debug --nofork 2>&1 > /home/hyper/amarok_debug.txt16:46
JontheEchidnafrom kickoff?16:46
JontheEchidnaor krunner?16:46
hyper__chkickoff (kmen)... added a seperate entry for amarok16:47
yoritomoalkisg thanks, i found it by this way, it was krandrtray16:47
JontheEchidnaI don't know16:47
JontheEchidnaprobably because it's not a terminal16:48
hyper__chJontheEchidna: well, it creates the file but doesn't fill anything ;(16:48
JontheEchidnamaybe it's something like "there isn't any terminal output because it's not being launched by a terminal" or something similar16:49
hyper__chJontheEchidna: no clue.... I thought you might know16:50
JontheEchidnaI'm just guessing here too16:50
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel16:51
hyper__chMachtin: use your backups :) the quickest way16:51
|BaUmErhi all16:51
|BaUmErI was hoping someone might be able to lend a hand16:51
hyper__chI need both my hands :(16:51
|BaUmErdoes anyone have x/k/ubuntu on their ps3?  I really need some help.16:51
Machtinhyper__ch: which is not funny at all :(16:52
|BaUmErI can't get it to recognize the blu ray drive16:52
Machtinthese were files which weren't backuped yet16:52
hyper__chMachtin: then they weren't important, right?16:52
hyper__chI mean a harddisk can stop working any day and if you don't have backups... well, then you either (a) have lost the data or (b) pay a fortune on recovery16:54
xevixopening dolphin now automatically takes me to ~/Documents .  Is there a way to make it stop doing that?16:54
xevixkde 4.2, kubuntu 8.1016:56
Machtinhyper__ch: well.. the disk isn't damaged, i must have deleted them by accident16:56
Machtinthey were about 30minutes old.16:56
|BaUmErplease, this is so frustrating, it says the drive isn't mounted, and every thing I try to mount it doesntw ork16:56
RurouniJones|BaUmEr: You are asking for help on a totally non-standard platform, don't expect everyone to know what you need to do16:58
david_xevix in Dolpin go to Settings->Configure Dolphin16:59
david_look in the startup tab16:59
xevixdavid_, location is set to ~/16:59
SSJ_GZxevix: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16901617:00
xevixSSJ_GZ, ah ok, known issue, thx17:00
david_heh, xevix do "echo $HOME" in a terminal17:00
lex79xevix: edit kmenu and put dolphin instead dolphin %i -caption "%c" "%u"17:00
xevixdavid_, ?17:01
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alkisgHas anyone used the kubuntu alternate cd to install an ltsp server? In the boot screen, there *isn't* an F4 option to install an ltsp server, but it's there in the debian-installer steps...???!!!17:01
xevixah, this was fixed in today's svn17:03
xevixxevi, heh, this could get confusing =p17:04
maxbaldwinalkisg: #ubuntu-server17:04
alkisgmaxbaldwin: thanks, I'll try there.17:05
hyper__chJontheEchidna: do you happen to know why /usr/bin/x could slow down everything, using 95% cpu?17:08
hyper__chJontheEchidna: just upon a simple "windows" change from one application to another?17:09
JontheEchidnaprobably a crappy X driver17:09
JontheEchidna(video driver)17:09
hyper__chJontheEchidna: using nvidia 180.06 driver17:10
bentob0xwhat was that little gui app on kde to have full details of all hardware?17:10
JontheEchidnabentob0x: kinfocenter17:10
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flithmHey everyone... I'm looking for the kate dev headers... anyone know what package they're in?17:11
Tm_Tflithm: kdesdk-dev ?17:11
flithmTm_T: I tried that!17:11
Tm_Tflithm: and?17:11
bentob0xthx JontheEchidna17:12
flithmTm_T: well... i still have no Kate headers... although I could be looking in the wrong place maybe17:12
bentob0xis there a replacement for kde4?17:12
bentob0xis there a replacement to kinfocenter for kde4 I mean?17:12
JontheEchidnabentob0x: kde4 has kinfocenter17:12
bentob0xseems a bit 'empty' to me17:13
JontheEchidnabentob0x: empty?17:14
flithmTm_T: somehow there's a way to search all packages for a file... anyone remember how to do that?17:14
alkisgflithm: dpkg -S path/to/file17:14
bentob0xno seems all good now JontheEchidna17:15
bentob0xthx :l)17:15
flithmalkisg: thanks!17:15
JontheEchidna!find /usr/include/ktrader.h17:15
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ubottuFile /usr/include/ktrader.h found in kdelibs5-dev17:15
JontheEchidnayou can also use ubottu17:15
flithmTm_T: I don't find Kate header files included by any package!17:16
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JvM_GelonHi there17:21
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!17:21
JvM_GelonIn Apple Mac OSX there is a very nice button to make an overview of all open windows, doe that excists for Kubuntu too17:21
JvM_Gelonor if not does anyone knows what the name is of that functionality?17:22
JontheEchidnaIn Kubuntu 8.10, if you have desktop effects enabled, you can move your mouse to the very top-left corner of the screen for a second17:23
JontheEchidnaand it'll do an overview of all windows17:23
D_Eaglehow to change 'volume name' (LABEL) of a pendrive without formatting?17:24
matthias__list ubuntu17:25
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matthias__hi all, anybody here using truecrypt on a raid 1 system?17:26
* fidji ne joue plus au Go17:27
JvM_GelonJontheEchidna: i have hardy 8.0417:27
hyper__chbut there's not reason not to17:27
D_Eaglealkisg:  but isn't it for ext2 filesystem only??17:27
alkisgD_Eagle: sorry, didn't notice the "pendrive" there! :) tune2fs -L label /dev/device17:28
alkisgNah, scratch that also17:29
alkisg?parted then... qtparted etc17:29
D_Eaglealkisg: so we have to format pendrive just to label it?17:30
alkisgNo, ?parted has options to change the label without formatting17:31
alkisg(I've used gparted - I'm just now thinking to switch to kubuntu - but I'm sure qtparted also has this option)17:31
D_Eaglealkisg:  (parted) mklabelWarning: The existing disk label on /dev/sdb1 will be destroyed and all data on this disk will be lost. Do you want tocontinue?Yes/No?17:32
morosealk: i use kubuntu....i like it, but my coworker says it's like "my first linux"17:33
alkisgWell, no! This is a message from parted?17:33
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alkisgD_Eagle: *don't* run the "label" command, parted means "partition" when it says label17:34
alkisgUse a gui, like qtparted => right click on a partition => change label17:35
alkisgThe gui programs mean label when they say label! :)17:35
D_Eagleoh!.. oki thnx. i am downloading qtparted rite now :)17:35
alkisgD_Eagle:  I think the equivalent in parted is "name", but I haven't use this, so I can't say for sure17:36
shadeslayerhey krunner just crashed,im pasting the backtrace right now,any idea what caused it17:36
D_Eaglealkisg: oops17:37
D_EagleError: msdos disk labels do not support partition names.17:37
D_Eagleok first i'll try from.. qtparted..17:38
shadeslayerthat was just a random crash,was updating to RC117:38
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PhilRoddoes kopete in 4.2rc1 in intrepid have msn support? the page on kubuntu.org is ambiguous about whether the "no msn in kopete" applies only to jaunty17:43
JontheEchidnait only applies to jaunty17:44
PhilRodhmm, I wonder why I don't have an option to add an msn account then. Is there another package I need?17:44
Zorixouch i need msn support17:45
MarcoPauhello, since my upgrade to intrepid my keyboard hasn't been working properly in some programs: alt gr combined symbols don't come out, except here in kvirc. what am I supposed to check?17:47
mini-manZorix: kde-nightly's kopete has msn support17:48
Zorixgood to know17:48
mini-manthat's what I'm using, at least until this upgrade finishes, at which point I'll probably find out that you're right and I just broke my kopete install by upgrading to rc 1 again :(17:48
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mini-manbillions of overwrite errors, did a big fat dpkg -i --force-all *.deb, hopefully it doesn't break *too* many things..17:49
wesley__Man what do i hate life17:54
cuznti dont hate life17:55
FieldySnutshello, i just used adept to update everythiing on my laptop (thinkpad T43). after rebooting, wireless no longer works. ifconfig -a doesn't even show the wireless network device. i'm not sure where to go from here to get it working again17:57
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu17:58
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »17:58
wesley__cuznt, I do on the moment though, girlfriend which doesnt let hear anything of her, and we are on a break, which just sucks17:58
rashi JontheEchidna17:58
torkianoFieldySnuts: what wifi card do you have?18:01
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ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org18:02
* Tm_T slaps Stufkan-afk 18:02
FieldySnutstorkiano: intel pro 2915 abg i think. strangely the module for it (ipw2200) loaded fine, but regardless, it doesn't show up with ifconfig -a or iwconfig18:03
torkianosee it with lspci18:03
FieldySnuts[   18.817044] ipw2200: ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason -218:04
FieldySnuts[   18.817049] ipw2200: Unable to load firmware: -218:04
mrdigital8.10 works great18:04
torkianoFieldySnuts: what version of kubuntu do you have?18:05
FieldySnutstorkiano: 8.04.1 .. it looks like adept upgraded my kernel but didn't upgrade the same version of the restricted modules package.18:06
FieldySnutsinstalling now18:06
D_Eaglealkisg: nope.. not even qtparted can label a pendrive without formatting18:06
alkisgD_Eagle: really? fat32, isn't it?18:07
alkisgLet me test here with gparted...18:07
FieldySnutsyeah still can't load the firmware. reboot i guess. brb torkiano18:07
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alkisgD_Eagle: works fine here with gparted 0.3.818:11
alkisgDid you unmount the disk before trying to set the label?18:11
alkisgDid you run qtparted as root? (kdesu qtparted)?18:11
D_Eagleyep i did18:12
D_Eagleactually there isn't any option to set label.. it is present only while formatting18:12
alkisgWhat version do you have?18:13
Tm_Tstufkan: please don't use awaynicks18:13
alkisgD_Eagle: dpkg -l parted      or         dpkg -l qtparted18:13
alkisgD_Eagle: mine is: parted 1.8.8.git.2008.03.24-7ubuntu718:14
D_Eagleya but parted is the same version as that of yours18:15
alkisgOK, either you have to get gparted or me qtparted! :)18:15
D_Eaglei am downloading gparted :)18:15
alkisgD_Eagle: do you want to see a screenshot? :)18:15
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.18:16
D_Eaglealkisg: okie sure18:17
ngirardHi all. On kubuntu 8.10, plugging a camera leads to nothing at the GUI side. /var/log/messages says:18:18
ngirardusb 3-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 518:18
ngirardusb 3-3: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice18:18
ngirardany thoughts ?18:19
D_Eaglealkisg:  The 'Label' option is disabled :S18:19
D_Eagleeven if the device is not mounted18:19
D_Eagleand i am using it as root18:19
alkisgD_Eagle: do an "fdisk -l /dev/sdb" and "fdisk -l /dev/sdb1", and put the results into pastebin18:19
FieldySnutstorkiano: well, it turns out that adept had updated some things related to a new kernel, but didn't update the restricted modules nor the ubuntu modules package for the new version. i've done updates like this in the past that brought in updated kernels, and those were taken care of, do you think I may have missed something?18:20
alkisgMaybe you have FAT16 or something else different than me...18:20
alkisgD_Eagle: with sudo in front, sudo fdisk ...18:20
torkianoFieldySnuts: do you have any un-offical repository enabled?18:21
D_Eagleya i got that.. but the filesystem is fat3218:22
D_EagleDisk /dev/sdb: 4063 MB, 4063232000 bytes5 heads, 32 sectors/track, 49600 cylindersUnits = cylinders of 160 * 512 = 81920 bytesDisk identifier: 0x000c6578   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System/dev/sdb1   *          51       49600     3963968    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)18:22
D_Eaglesudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb1  Disk /dev/sdb1: 4059 MB, 4059103232 bytes125 heads, 62 sectors/track, 1022 cylindersUnits = cylinders of 7750 * 512 = 3968000 bytesDisk identifier: 0x2c6b7369                    This doesn't look like a partition tableProbably you selected the wrong device.      Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System/dev/sdb1p1   ?      249811      488760   925929529+  68  UnknownPartition 1 has different physical/logical18:22
D_Eagle6, 100, 32) logical=(249810, 12, 29)                  Partition 1 has different physical/logical endings:                     phys=(288, 101, 46) logical=(488759, 81, 59)                  Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.                     /dev/sdb1p2   ?      171637      241182   269488144   79  Unknown  Partition 2 has different physical/logical beginnings (non-Linux?):     phys=(357, 32, 43) logical=(171636, 83, 47)Partition 2 has d18:22
D_Eagle phys=(0, 13, 10) logical=(241181, 124, 42)Partition 2 does not end on cylinder boundary./dev/sdb1p3   ?       69548      249981   699181456   53  OnTrack DM6 Aux3Partition 3 has different physical/logical beginnings (non-Linux?):     phys=(345, 32, 19) logical=(69547, 2, 18)Partition 3 has different physical/logical endings:     phys=(324, 77, 19) logical=(249980, 117, 49)Partition 3 does not end on cylinder boundary./dev/sdb1p4   ?      179952     18:22
D_Eagletion 4 has different physical/logical beginnings (non-Linux?):     phys=(87, 1, 0) logical=(179951, 119, 36)Partition 4 has different physical/logical endings:     phys=(335, 78, 2) logical=(179954, 88, 44)Partition 4 does not end on cylinder boundary.Partition table entries are not in disk order18:23
alkisgD_Eagle: not here!18:23
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:23
FieldySnutsthanks tim18:23
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Tm_TD_Eagle: please use pastebin18:23
FieldySnutstm rather18:23
FieldySnutstorkiano: i do but just for kde4, nothing eles18:23
alkisgD_Eagle: well, I don't know what to tell you... I'm uploading a screenshot to see that it's enabled in mine...18:23
ngirardSo I'm plugging this camera, and lsusb sees nothing...18:24
ngirardany hint ?18:24
D_Eagleokay.. i'll try formatting it...18:24
alkisgD_Eagle: http://www.imageshack.gr/view.php?file=z0bechzwu2qkfryj6lyh.png18:25
torkianoFieldySnuts: try: 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get upgrade' in console18:26
arrrghhhanyone heard of amahi?18:29
Gandreato tell you the truth no18:29
FieldySnutstorkiano: okay. what will doing that accomplish?18:30
arrrghhhamahi looks very promising, but currently fedora only18:31
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torkianoFieldySnuts: update the list of software available and upgrade them18:33
FieldySnutsgotchya. so basically the same thing as doing fetch / full upgrade / apply in adept. brb18:33
shadeslayeris it just me or did the panel just turn blue in RC118:34
Tm_Tshadeslayer: did, blueish18:34
shadeslayerTm_T:why did they change it,loved the black one18:34
FieldySnutstorkiano: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.         so it seems that and adept are on the same page (a good thing)18:34
Tm_Tshadeslayer: because they liked to change it18:35
Tm_Tshadeslayer: there's many different kind of themes for plasma, choose the one you like most18:35
shadeslayeryeah doing that now18:35
shadeslayerbut its much better now18:35
shadeslayerthe KDE not giving me a random crash now and then18:36
ward_does somebody knows how to fix an svn: Missing node-id in node-rev :) ? sorry not kubuntu related18:36
torkianoFieldySnuts: yeah, is wifi working now?18:37
FieldySnutstorkiano: it is yeah, i just had to manually tell it to also update the kernel ubuntu and restricted modules. something it took care of in the past when updating the kernel. i'll just have to watch out for that in the future18:38
FieldySnutsanyway that's my monthly laptop update -- just took longer with the wireless issue -- take care :)18:42
torkianoNote that you have installed linux-restricted-modules18:42
torkianoand linux-generic18:44
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lengellhallo zusammen18:44
lengellist einn erster versuch von mir mit ubuntu18:45
bazhanglengell, english here18:45
lengellbin noch etwas hilflos18:45
lengellaber es funktioniert18:45
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:45
bazhang#ubuntu-de for german lengell18:45
bazhangalsk #kubuntu-de lengell18:46
dominiquelengell: Bitte betrete den Raum kubuntu-de um Hilfe auf deutsch zu erhalten.18:46
mini-mandunno fi this is the place to ask, but the amarok-nightly from kde-nightly's fonts are all messed up, no idea how to fix it18:51
mini-manthey're like Sans 12 it seems, and they don't obey my global font settings18:52
mini-manwhich is DejaVu Sans 918:52
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Frederickfolks what is this transparent pane called desktop I see on kubuntu?18:54
dabear_"the panel" ? :p18:55
Frederickwhat do I use it or?18:55
NamShubi think you're talking about the folder view wdigets18:55
NamShubit displayes the content of your desktop folder (bt default, you can change config for another folder)18:56
D_Eagledid u mean dashboard??18:56
D_Eagleit will temporarily bring all widgets in your desktop over any open window18:56
Frederickhm... cool18:57
FrederickOne more question.What is this problem about enabling IOMMU option for RAM in bios ubuntu reports me about?18:57
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matt___I can use my bluetooth headset and cell phone with Kubuntu fine..but when trying to use a program such as blueproximty..it won't detect anything...even though BOTH are paired with linux. Any idea where to start?18:59
shadeslayerhow do i install a bootspalsh different from the default one19:05
dstarhmm... with the ATI fglrx driver, what AccelMethod should I use? XAA? EXA? I can't figure out what it supports....19:06
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Vicusc'è qualcuno che se ne intende di putty e adattatori usb rs232§19:07
dstarAlternatively, if I'm not using 3D stuff, should I be using the radeonhd driver instead?19:07
Pici!it | Vicus19:07
ubottuVicus: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:08
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shadeslayerfound it by myself \19:12
kapijoin #nuhro19:15
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kapijoin# ljlö19:16
c0p3rn1chow do I get my khelpcenter to work?19:16
marek_hi, i have only one question, im using ff3 on kde4, i set system color theme to dark, and now, almost every text input field is totally unreadable - dark background and dark text, can i do something with it?19:18
dominiquehow to set system clock?19:19
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marek_dominique kde3 or kde4?19:20
kottlettdominique: simplest way is using ntp, just run ntpdate-debian as root19:20
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shawn__hey guys19:24
shawn__i love kubuntu how about you all??19:24
limeaidsi prefer gnome19:25
shawn__ew, i guess it's okay but i prefer KDE :D19:25
shawn__thats why we live in america :)19:26
shawn__so we can choose and not be forced19:26
draikGenerally speaking: Do the commands in Kubuntu vary to those in Redhat, BSD and Fedora?19:28
mitsarionashi... does anyone know if there's an fglrx version that works with jaunty?19:28
mitsarionasor if it's easy to get jaunty working with xserver 1.519:29
dominiqueshawn__: rofl...19:34
khakanewhere do i change the shadowing etc for things in the bottom bar in kubuntu19:35
ahmoshi ,couls someone tell me please what is the best ocr program i can use?!19:35
ubottuOCR software for Ubuntu includes Tesseract, Ocrad and GOcr. GNOME users can use 'gocr-gtk' as a front-end to GOcr, while KDE users have Kooka available as a front-end to Ocrad and GOcr.19:38
JackWinteri just discovered the joy of doing startx -- :3 to open an additional shell.  how can i stop it from auto opening the same program i have in my primary kde shell ?19:42
khakanethe stuff at bottom is what im trying to fix19:42
khakanehttp://www.bigafro.org/darktask.png  could someone help me fix the dark/shadowed text at the bottom?19:43
shawn__hmm not sure, how do you get it full width like that?19:44
shawn__im also having an issue with the taskbar icons, they get messed up something or have a black square background19:44
khakanefixed it19:50
khakanejust reset oxygen ;)19:50
dstarDoes anyone know if fglrx supports EXA acceleration?19:50
shawn__hmm not sure, you could probably google it tho19:56
shawn__sorry to inform you, fglrx does not support EXA at this time19:57
matt____I'm trying to setup TeamSpeak. I have my bluetooth headset paired with my computer. Is /dev/dsp* my bluetooth headset? Does it mount it that way? I've been using skype with alsa....help!19:57
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:58
dstarshawn__: thanks19:59
shawn__you are welcome. maybe some day tho :D19:59
matt____Or at least an idea of what channel to go to?19:59
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shawn__teamspeak hmm20:03
matt____shawn__: Yep. I use skype with alsa...works perfect. However..in the settings for teamspeak..it seams it has "default (oss /dev/dsp), default network (8787:L), or "other", where you can select a device. BUT does my bluetooth headset create anything in /dev?20:04
shawn__hmm hold on a sec20:05
shawn__looks like a bluetooth headset will have a device name of /dev/rfcomm*20:07
shawn__such as /dev/rfcomm020:07
matt____shawn__: I just found that...but I don't...20:07
shawn__oh hmmmm20:08
matt____shawn__: This is confusing.20:10
raidenovich2hey, i installed kubuntu on my pc but when i type df -h i get weird results for my harddisk20:12
raidenovich2./dev/sda1 912G93G 773G 11%20:12
raidenovich2why? : /20:13
dstarraidenovich2: part of the free space is reserved for the root user20:13
raidenovich2part? thats 40gb at least..20:14
shawn__i have to go, bye guys!20:15
raidenovich2bye shawn__20:15
dstarraidenovich2: 5% by default, I think. It can be tuned if necessary, IIRC, but you probably don't -- if you keep at least that much space free on an ext2/3fs filesystem, you get much better performance20:16
xevixis there egroupware integration with KDE 4?  i can't find any guides on how to make egroupware work in korganizer etc.20:16
raidenovich2ah ok thank you dstar i thought its an hdd error :)20:18
dstarraidenovich2: it keeps your filesystem from getting fragmented, IIRC20:18
dstarraidenovich2: right -- it has to do with the way the filesystem does writes.20:20
raidenovich2sounds pretty good :) thank you dstar20:21
dstarraidenovich2: no problem20:21
ISFhi. i'm having problem booting kubuntu 8.10 live cd. After language and boot type select, ando loading logo, the screen goes pink and i can't see nothing (doesn't work even with secure graphics mode). My machine is a athlon xp 2400+ 1gb ram gforce6200 (i've succesfuly booted the same disk on a p3 however)20:25
techbwhi all, how can I get my keyboard shortcut for adjusting volume to work, also when adjusting audio volume using master channel, there is no effect on the volume, I have to use PCM to adjust the volume20:25
techbwISF: have you tried safe options?20:25
JackWinteri just discovered the joy of doing startx -- :3 to open an additional shell.  how can i stop kde from auto opening the same program i have in my primary kde shell ?20:35
aelo stefano20:37
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:37
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:40
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:41
etechwhen i now install kde4.2 in kubuntu 8.10, will there be problems later when i upgrade to jaunty(which will also have kde4.2)?20:42
arrrghhhanyone heard of amahi?20:48
arrrghhhetech, i wouldn't think so20:48
bofrosthi, i updatet my kubuntu to 8.10 now the x server isnt working anymore, i tryed to reinstall atidrivers but everytime i type in aticonfig --initial i get a Segmentation fault20:49
ISFhi someone know how to force kubuntu 8.10 live cd to boot with a specified resolution (i.e 800x600, 1024x768)20:53
xerosisetech: it will be fine, I've done it myself20:54
dfreyI just got a wireless PCI card for my PC with Ubuntu.  In knetworkmanager, I can see some wireless access points, but not mine.  I have tried disabling security on the router and it did not help.  Any ideas?20:54
dfreywait.... it has magically appeared20:55
aeHelp, because i'm french and my version of kunbuntu 8.10 if half in english, and half in french. Is not clean! And Adept program don't show the new program :-( I download the DVD for don't problem ?20:56
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bofrostHi, does the ati driver work under 8.10? or do i have to use an other driver?21:12
starenkahi. is there a way how to get similar behaviour as Kde4' "window presenter" in kde 3.5 + compiz?21:20
nielsslotbofrost: open source ati drivers works most of the time in 8.10.. otherwise there is the closed source fglrx drivers, which works fine, most of the time21:20
nielsslotso it's basically trying which one works best.. but it should work21:21
bofrostah ok thanks .... i got it working21:24
botchhello there21:25
botchi'm wondering about bluetooth (re)integration in intrepid21:25
botchanyone knows some recent infos about it?21:25
botchwill i get good bluetooth integration back with the KDE 4.2 updates?21:26
liz_hello all, how can I find out how much video ram I have or is in use in kubuntu??21:26
nielsslotbotch: looks like it's still not fixed yet: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/28099721:28
botchnielsslot: thanks for the link..21:28
nielsslotit was in the release notes of intrepid :)21:29
ZvezdichkoGood evening there21:29
marisolalguien me puede ayudar con mi tarjeta grafica21:34
marisol alguien me puede ayudar con mi tarjeta grafica21:34
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JackWinter!es | marisol21:35
ubottumarisol: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:35
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thornsWill kde 4.2 update the current kde 4.1 in intrepid or is it current only in jaunty?21:51
christopherLooking for help with a wine question: I have a keychain digital pic frame that runs an exe to let me download pictures onto it..... not finding a way in wine, but then again, I'm not too savvy with wine either. Any help please?22:12
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Borg^Zapi mounted a windows partition and i need to get into the Documents and Settings dir and i need to know how to enter the spaces22:34
guedresselBorg^Zap: ok - whats your problem?22:34
p_quarlesBorg^Zap: you can escape spaces with either quote marks of \22:34
Borg^Zapok so im trying to copy a dir and i need to put in "cp /hda1/Documants and Settings/*" how do i make that work?22:36
guedresselA) you use quotes "path"22:36
p_quarlesBorg^Zap: by using \ or " to escape the spaces22:36
Borg^Zapok thanks22:37
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guedresselB) you escape the bad chars like p_quarles tells you22:37
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zetheroook .. at first I was told that this was simply not possible ... but now its happening to more people .. Ubuntu Intrepid causes Kernel Panics and yet on the same system Kubuntu Intrepid does not! --22:55
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zer0oguys how do i manually install a downloaded program from a terminal? there's no instruction in the file and its a srv23:04
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jussi01!nickspam > esay_uzak23:06
ubottuesay_uzak, please see my private message23:06
jussi01zer0o: err, what exactly do you mean?23:06
zer0oi downloaded an application from a website23:06
zer0ohow do i manually install it?23:06
jussi01zer0o: ahh, what app is it?23:07
zer0oive already unzipped it and put it in my home23:07
zer0othere's no instructions in the file23:07
zer0oand is not in the repos23:07
jussi01ie. can you give me a link to have a look?23:07
jussi01zer0o: its in the repos here...23:08
cinarSelam iyi geceler23:08
zer0oive got hardy23:08
zer0omaybe is not in mine23:08
jussi01!tr | cinar23:08
ubottucinar: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.23:08
zer0oisnt there a command? to type in the terminal?23:08
cinarThank You! zer0o23:08
zer0oo_O ?23:09
jussi01!info teeworlds hardy23:09
ubottuPackage teeworlds does not exist in hardy23:09
cilkayHello. I've added "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu hardy main" to /etc/apt/sources.list, ran apt-get update and then attempted to apt-get install kde-nightly-kdebase but no such package was found. If I examine the repo using a browser, I can see the kde packages. Why isn't apt-get finding them?23:09
zer0oso how do i do?23:09
jussi01zer0o: patience!23:09
cilkayI want to try the KDE nightly packages in Hardy without blowing away KDE 3x.23:09
zer0osure, i wasnt being impatient... i was only asking23:09
jussi01cilkay: #amarok.neon23:09
cilkaythanks jussi0123:10
cilkayIt's a strangely-named channel.23:11
jussi01zer0o: ahh its an easy one23:11
jussi01zer0o: cd into the folder23:11
jussi01then simply do: ./teeworlds23:11
zer0ono way23:12
zer0ohow did u find out?23:12
jussi01zer0o: I downloaded it and looked...23:13
zer0obash: ./teeworlds: No such file or directory >>> but when u open a terminal u r in ur home, so how's that possible?23:13
zer0oi think im missing something, i downloaded the file and unzipped it into my home so now i have teeworlds-0.5.0-linux_x86 in my home23:15
jussi01zer0o: its in a folder cd teeworlds-0.5.0-linux_x8623:15
zer0oso it doesnt need any installation23:16
zer0oits a kind of bootable package23:16
jussi01zer0o: yeah, its compiled alread23:16
zer0owell how do i add it on my kmenu > games ?23:17
jussi01zer0o: thats a little more complicated and I cant for the life of me remember how kde3 does it23:19
zer0ocan u explain it for kde4 and i'll try to "translate" it for me?23:20
killermachis there a GUI tool for setting up NFS?23:20
zer0obtw, are u able to play? when i start it i click on "connect" and it tries to connect to "localhost:8303" but it doesnt start and remains like this 4ever23:20
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ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..23:22
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xL__hey all23:23
dabear_y r u so mad @ him, typin' u instead o' you saves tim u noww!23:23
killermachBlueEagle: awesome.. another super hero fighting lazy  where ever it is :)23:23
gnutonHi there23:24
BlueEaglekillermach: :)23:24
gnutonI can't see kdm using XDMCP... any hints?23:25
xL__hi gnuton23:25
gnutonhey xL__23:25
gnutonit shows a empty X11 screen...23:25
xL__gnuton: how are you23:25
gnutonxL__: i'm fine thanx.. just a bit tired..23:26
gnutonxL__: and u?23:26
xL__me too23:26
gnutonxL__: where are u from?23:26
gnutonare u european?23:26
xL__like dead :))23:26
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Blitzz|KubuntuHow do I end a runaway WINE process? I can't find it in KSysGuard23:27
xL__yes ,, where are toy from?23:27
ngirardHi all. On kubuntu 8.10, after upgrading, i've found my control panel to be empty. Any thoughts ?23:27
gnutonBlitzz|Kubuntu: try to run ps -ax | grep wine23:27
gnutonxL__: I'm italian23:27
Blitzz|Kubuntuarning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'?23:28
gnutonxL__: but I live in finland23:28
gnutonBlitzz|Kubuntu: it works for me. Try to run without the '-'23:28
Blitzz|KubuntuI get nothing23:28
gnutonBlitzz|Kubuntu: so you don't have any wine process running :P23:29
Blitzz|KubuntuYes I do23:29
xL__ping me pls :)))23:29
gnutonxL__: thank you for versioning me :P23:29
Blitzz|KubuntuIt's stuck and on a repeating sound buffer and it's on the taskbar23:29
gnutonxL__: why have I to ping u? :P23:29
xL__you are very polite gnuton23:29
xL__to see if i am alive hahahaha23:30
gnutonxL__: :D23:30
gnutonxL__: are u german?23:30
xL__no i am from Greek23:31
gnutonusually most of people are german. So thinking that everyone is german is a good approximation :D23:31
xL__i mean23:31
gnutonxL__: :D23:31
gnutonxL__: I really like the greece :D23:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gc23:32
maxbaldwingreece.... gr? gc?23:32
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes23:32
xL__i like finland too23:32
gnutonxL__: my parents live in Taranto.. that is very close to patrasso :D23:32
gnutonxL__: the finland is too dark and cold.23:32
neoTheCathow do i setup wireless, or can someone point me to somewhere that shows, how i can get wireless as soon as i bootup? i do not want to use knetwork manager.23:33
gnutonxL__: But the finland have a lot of beautifl girls! :D23:33
Blitzz|KubuntuI don't understand this.23:34
xL__i like girls :)))23:34
Blitzz|KubuntuHow do I kill a program that doesn't even have a visible process?23:34
gnutonneoTheCat: I'm not sure about that.. but I think that you can have a look to  /etc/network/interfaces23:34
Blitzz|Kubuntu...Or a working Close menu option23:34
gnutonneoTheCat: you should put there something to set your lan23:34
gnutonBlitzz|Kubuntu: you can't kill a program not visibile... simply because all the process are visible! :P23:35
neoTheCatgnuton:  yeah, i have everything setup in there, and it *looks* correct, but when i restart networking, DHCPDISCOVER keeps timing out23:35
Blitzz|KubuntuThen why is the program running and in the taskbar?23:35
Blitzz|KubuntuAlso, my Mute doesn't work.23:36
gnutonneoTheCat: ... I can't help you so..  I never hadn't that problem23:36
Blitzz|KubuntuSo that I can shut off the stupid program's constant buzzing23:36
Blitzz|KubuntuUgggh, I give up.23:36
neoTheCatokalee dokalee.  thanks.23:36
gnutonPoor blizzz :P23:37
blizzzi don't think so ^^23:37
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m_tadeuhi...how can I connect to an access point with a hidden essid23:44
killermachwhat packages do I need to install for ldap server?23:45
MikeHAnyone here managed to sync their N95 (Or other S60 phone) with Kontact?23:46
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dare1how to install kcontrol in ubuntu?23:52
=== gordon is now known as gordon_
gordon_I got a question or two...I hope someone can help23:54
Guest9453m_tadeu: if you know the ssid, just type it in i think23:54
m_tadeudoesn't work...23:55
m_tadeuit only works when the router is broadcasting the ssid23:55
gordon_With Wine installed can you install a Windows based software right from its original disk?23:58
ActionParsniphi all, does anyone play penumbra? When I execute the game it seems to have a display capability beyond what my monitor will display. Can anyone please advise?23:58
ActionParsnipgordon_: yes, just run wine /path/to/setup.exe after you mount the cd (assuming setup.exe is the appname ion the cd)23:59
gordon_Thanks...I want to install COD4 and run it from Wine...Im new to Linux23:59

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