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calcbdmurray: i think the graphs broke again03:34
calcbdmurray: nevermind they just updated again, looks like they were broken for a couple hours though03:35
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tapastoday i tried to boot my system which worked fine yesterday and it hang at some hot/cold/power management stuff12:06
tapasbooting an older kernel seems to have worked12:07
tapas[    0.704238] pci 0000:02:00.0: PME# supported from D0 D1 D2 D3hot D3cold12:07
tapasstuff like that.12:07
tapasit might have something to do with a package upgrade done yesterday12:07
tapasis there a log about what packages got installed at what time?12:07
tapasso i can file a bug report about that package?12:09
Nafallotapas: /var/log/dpkg.log /var/log/apt/term.log12:18
mnemowhen I run "git-format-patch" bash tells me the command is not installed and that I must install "git-core" to get this command... then I run "apt-get install git-core" and re-run the command but it still says I need package "git-core" ??  this works on intrepid just fine but it seems broken on jaunty --> http://rafb.net/p/DJg2a121.html12:39
mnemoso is the jaunty git-core package corrupt or something?12:41
mnemodoes anyone else see this behavior?12:41
mnemoshould I file a bug on it?12:41
petskimnemo: in intrepid git-core: /usr/bin/git-format-patch , in jaunty /usr/lib/git-core/git-format-patch12:41
petskiin jaunty, the git-format-patch tool isn't in PATH, so it cannot be found12:42
mnemoaah, why isn't it in path? is that a bug?12:43
petskidon't know, maybe it's by design12:43
petskiI suggest you submit a bug .. (please add the information about intrepid git-core: /usr/bin/git-format-patch , in jaunty /usr/lib/git-core/git-format-patch)12:43
petskiyour nick rings a bell, hehe (LP: #276603)12:46
mnemoyeah that's me ;)12:47
petskihi :)12:47
mnemohi ;>12:48
mnemopetski: seems like all the git-BLAH commands have been deprecated now... replacement is like "git format-patch" etc12:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301905 in git-core "git-core in Jaunty does not include git-* commands" [Undecided,Invalid]12:51
petskiaha, if that's the case, it should be stripped from the "package suggests"12:52
mnemoyup, I will file such a bug12:52
petskiok, super. Unfortunalty have to go now. Bye12:53
LimCorehi, how to debug more https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/268925 ? would be good to fix it finally, because otherwise using kmail+pgp is epic fail13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268925 in kdepim "openpgp asks each time for pin/passphrase to the key instead caching it (kgpg? gpg agent is not helping)" [Undecided,New]13:57
Crewsr3I'm new to helping with bugs and I would like to contribute.  There is a bug   318336   That I'm looking at and I cannot reproduce it.  Can someone help me run the same reports that orbitcowboy did to see if my output is diffrent14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318336 in firefox-3.0 "firefox crashed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31833614:10
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savvasCrewsr3: If I were you I would first ask these questions: 1) does it happen every time? 2) Can you create a new user and try again? 3) If (2) does not crash, close firefox on your user, backup your profile ( command in Terminal: mv .mozilla mozilla-backup ) and run firefox again. Does it work now?14:21
savvascrashes usually happen because they use their old profiles14:22
savvasCrewsr3: Also, it might be better to cut that 1,2,3 in a few lines :)14:24
Crewsr3savvas, thanks, I will ask those questions, someone from my loco also recommend asking to try it without any addons enabled14:28
savvasCrewsr3: Users usually download their own extensions rather than using the packages from the ubuntu repositories. If they clear their profile ( .mozilla folder in home/youruser folder ), they probably will have cleared all their extensions as well :)14:30
Crewsr3savvas, good to know, I will outline the risk and encourage a backup like you mentioned before14:35
LimCorebtw, I find this amusing that we have an over 1 year old security exploit14:41
LimCorewith phisical access to some locked boxes (30% ?) you can see what was on the screen more or less14:42
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hggdhLimCore, what security exposure?16:02
hggdhmeaning what bug number?16:09
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affluxany ideas what bug 318499 is about?18:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318499 in ubuntu "The Splash logo mistake!!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31849918:58
kylezoaBug #318169 send over to wishlist please18:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318169 in knetworkmanager "Wireless connection always enabled on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31816918:59
affluxis the networkmanager thing really something for brainstorm? Sounds like a proper wishlist bug imho.19:01
Rocket2DMnis that how it normally behaves?19:02
Rocket2DMni dont use kde, idk if its supposed to behave like that.19:03
Rocket2DMnafflux, i think i see what is up with that other bug19:04
Rocket2DMnthere is discoloration19:04
Rocket2DMni kinda think its supposed to be like that though19:07
affluxRocket2DMn: don't know that's wrong with that19:18
Rocket2DMnwith what19:18
Rocket2DMnthe kde one or the image?19:18
affluxRocket2DMn: the usplash19:18
Rocket2DMni think its just limited by the number of pixels and the colors available19:19
affluxRocket2DMn: are we talking about the same thing? What discoloration do you mean exactly?19:20
Rocket2DMnif you zoom in on that splash image you can see where the colors vary19:21
Rocket2DMni think that is what the OP was getting at19:21
affluxRocket2DMn: around the center of the yellow bar?19:21
affluxor the orange dot19:22
affluxthat's most probably intended, I think.19:23
Rocket2DMni think they just need to use a low quality image because not everybody's video card or monitor can support the full range of colors19:23
affluxif more colors would be possible at all at this time of booting.19:24
affluxRocket2DMn: about the knetworkmanager: I may be wrong about brainstorm, but I thought that's more of a voting and discussion forum. This request is a simple missing option, which imho is more of a bug.19:26
thekornI think it is about the unbalanced gap between the orange circle and the yellow part of the logo19:27
affluxthekorn: you mean the dot should be half a pixel raised?19:27
Rocket2DMnafflux, its not a problem with an existing feature, so its really a wishlist item.  nothing is actually broken19:28
afflux(kind off)19:28
Rocket2DMnas far as brainstorm goes, i agree, its not really a brainstorm type request19:28
affluxRocket2DMn: wishlist of course, but I wonder if it should go to brainstorm as the comments suggest.19:28
afflux*comment suggests19:28
affluxwhat happend to my spelling? :(19:29
thekornafflux, don't know, I'm no artist, but it looks like the it could be raised a bit19:29
thekornbut I'm not sure if this is an important bug to fix,19:30
affluxthekorn: I'll ask the reporter what the problem is.19:30
macoapport fails 100% of the time at uploading crash reports for me. is there a way i can upload the info myself and still have launchpad retrace it?20:06
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charlie-tcaYou can get the crash logs from /var/crash. The format is harder to read, but it should all be there20:13
charlie-tcaI just attach it as a separate attachment20:13
macoright ive got that20:15
macobut does apport-retrace still need to hapen?20:15
charlie-tcaI don't know.20:15
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hggdhmaco, how does apport fails? There are two different failues: (1) it tries to open file://, or it does not find the link20:58
macourlopen timeout20:58
hggdhOK. it seems if you wait some 2 minutes, it will work20:59
hggdhthen just hit the reload20:59
hggdhapport-retrace is only useful if you are going to open a gdb session on the crash, or if you want to load the corresponding dbgsym21:00
hggdhcharlie-tca, usually a .crash is not really useful -- too much work to get it all out, mostly if your local configuration does not match the reporter's21:01
charlie-tcayeah, misunderstood the question21:01
macothere was no reload...21:01
macoits just "send report" or "cancel"21:02
hggdhmaco are you under firefox or apport-gtk?21:03
maco apport-gtk21:03
maconetwork manager (the service, not the applet) crashed21:03
hggdhah. click on send report. Now, what happens?21:03
macothen it does the loady bar for a while, then it gives an error about urlopen timeout21:04
hggdhstill under apport-gtk?21:04
macofirefox doesnt open at all21:04
macoi mean, i can start firefox, but apport doesnt get it open21:04
hggdhwhat version of apport are you running?21:04
hggdhOK. So there are 3 different errors... :-(21:05
hggdhmaco, you can still load & get a stacktrace locally21:05
hggdh1. cancel apport-gtk21:05
hggdh2. sudo apport-retrace -o an-output-file.name /var/crash/_usr_etc, etc21:06
hggdhthis will load all possible dbgsyms21:06
hggdhand do a retrace. Then you can either look at the output file, or run apport-retrace -g on the crash21:07
hggdhif on gdb, just do a thread apply all bt full, and load on the LP bug the output21:07
macowhat's the ", etc" bit? does something come after /var/crash/_usr.....0.crash?21:07
hggdhno, just the full crash file name21:08
macolots of -dbgsym packages not available...21:08
hggdhyes, it may, or may not, be a problem. Apport goes through the depends list, and on the list of loaded libraries, and try to install all21:10
macohggdh: should i be worried by all the "WARNING: package lib*-dbgsym not available" messages?21:10
hggdhnormally no need to worry. If the stacktrace you get not many ??'s, it is probably good enough.21:11
macoi should at some point learn to read gdb output better21:11
macoright now i put it in the "black magic" categor21:11
hggdhblack magic box21:11
macowhat's the -g thing you suggested as an "or"?21:12
* maco checks for sensitive data since it crashed in "network_manager_clear_secrets()"21:13
hggdhthe -g runs gdb21:14
macoshould i do that too? or is the first enough21:15
hggdhprobably the first already got a backtrace21:15
hggdhless it, and check21:15
macostack trace == back trace ?21:15
hggdhfor all that matters, yes21:16
hggdhon gdb, 'bt' means 'backtrace'; a 'bt' will trace the current thread21:18
macoyeah ive followed the bactrace directions before21:18
hggdhif there are many threads (usual), then you should bt all: 'thread apply all bt'21:19
macoand used it to step through my own code a few times21:19
hggdhthere you go ;-)21:19
macoholy crap this includes a LARGE chunk of /var/log/messages...like 4 hours after the crash21:21
hggdhit's the n-m hook in apport, collecting the messages that (may) shed light on the crash21:25
macohggdh: thank you21:27
hggdhmaco, I remembered one small detail...21:28
hggdhsometimes apport-retrace will load a dbgsym for a previous version of the corresponding package, breaking dpkg21:28
macoim up to date21:28
hggdhoh, YOU may be up-to-date, but not the dbgsym repos21:29
macooh ok21:29
hggdhall you will need to, if that happens, ir run synaptic, go to the "broken" packages, and unselect the offending dbgsyms21:29
hggdhI proposed a patch for it, but it has not yet been looked at21:30
macois it just me or has libgnome been broken for days?21:30
hggdhI have seen no indication of that -- what happens?21:31
affluxmacd: do you have the ddebs repository in apt/sources.list?21:31
affluxah, good.21:31
affluxhggdh: the urlopen timeout thingy prevents basicly any crash reporting since the beginning of the jaunty cycle, as I see it. seems to be a LP problem21:33
hggdhafflux, this is what I remember from a discussion here some weeks (?) ago. There was a bug opened on it, and it was later on closed21:34
hggdhthis is not good at all21:34
macooh goody21:34
affluxhggdh: do you happen to have the bug at hand?21:34
maconormally i dislike apport for spamming LP, but i think thats why its disabled in final21:34
hggdhafflux, let me check21:34
charlie-tcabug 31421221:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314212 in apport "Apport unable to report crash - urlopen error timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31421221:36
affluxcharlie-tca: thanks21:37
hggdhthe bug I remembered (maybe wrong, I am old and senile) had been closed stating this was corrected on LP21:37
charlie-tcahggdh: you are probably right, too. Your memory is better than mine.21:39
hggdhcharlie-tca, thank you for your vote of confidence, but what is this conversation about? ;-)21:40
charlie-tca<hggdh> I am old and senile) had been closed stating this was corrected on LP21:41
hggdhcharlie-tca, there you go... see how my memory is good? ;-D21:42
affluxI'm going to bed now. good night.21:42

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