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mib_guqaued9hi all10:09
mib_guqaued9can i get some help ?10:09
asacany way i can tell totem to use alsa again (if i switch the gstreamer-properties to alsa, totem greys out the volumen control)15:10
tycheOnly way I've found to work was to disable PulseAudio, and force the whole thing back to Alsa15:11
AmaranthWhy would you do that?15:12
tseliotkilling pulse helps but it's not a long-term solution15:13
asaci killed pulseaudio15:13
asacmplayer can then use alsa again15:13
tycheBecause PulseAudio just doesn't work.  I hit too many bugs, too many things (like midi) that it just wouldn't support15:13
asacgstreamer-properties can play test sound15:13
asacbut totem seems to have forgotten everything ;)15:13
asacfor me pulse just makes sound not work in jaunty now15:13
asace.g. play video -> no sound (or well, really really silent)15:14
asacwhat was the benefit of using pulse again?15:14
tychetseliot: I agree.  It's not a long term solution.  The long term solution is for Ubuntu to use something that WORKS.  Period.  Not mess around with experimental stuff.  Wait until something is PROVEN THEN add it in.15:14
asacwell, i could certainly live without midi for a while ;) ... but when it kills sound completely its rather an annoying thing15:17
asactyche: i think upstream thinks that pulse is not really experimental ;)15:18
tseliotit just makes sound choppy here ;)15:18
tycheasac: I think upstream needs to listen to bug reports.  They didn't even respond to the one I entered.15:18
asachmm we are still on 9.13 ... upstream has released 0.14 a few days ago ;OI15:20
tychetseliot: Try listening to "Le Sacre du Prentemps" when it's choppy.  Especially if you have the piece very nearly memorized.  You'll see why I have as little hair as I do.15:20
tycheOh, BTW, I'm https://launchpad.net/~tyche.  Or, for a better picture, see:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/22090195@N03/3103654354/15:22
tycheAnother version of the second picture is titled "Complaint Department"15:25
tychetseliot: BTW, thank you for your work on the NVidia driver, and Envy.  You've helped me a great deal over the past couple of years.15:31
tseliotI'm glad to know that it was of help15:32
tycheIt was.  A previous NVidia card used to cause me the fits trying to get it to work.  you came out with Envy, and made it simple.  The card in this machine is newer, and easier, but it still helped.15:33
crusader1Hi all,17:12
crusader1I'm not sure that this is the right channel, but maybe someone can help me.17:12
crusader1At least someone can tell me were to post this:17:12
crusader1I was searching for a way to set same option globally on this installtion.Especially for one to look the screen when the screensaver starts, which also should be enabled globally.17:13
crusader1I've found the gconf-editor and the mandatory options. For same options (eg. idle_activation_enabled, idle_delay or mode) this was the perfect way. but one does not work:17:13
crusader1can some check if I'm doing something wrong or maybe I've found a bug.17:13
crusader1I've testes this on diffent boxes, all the same (8.04 i386, 8.10 i386. 8.10 amd64).17:13
pochucrusader1: I think you want to set it in /usr/share/gconf/defaults/ so that it works system-wide17:16
pochuyou could put "/apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_enabled true" in a file called /usr/share/gconf/defaults/50_my_gnome_screensaver17:17
crusader1ok i can try this, but why have a tool like the gconf-editor (which works perfect with other options) when I have to go other way?17:19
pochugconf-editor is per-user AFAIK17:20
pochunot system-wide17:20
pochuby the way, people will still be able to disable it17:21
crusader1in the gconf-editor you can set every option "mandatory" (only as admin/root) then this option is set fix to every user17:22
pochuah, I see. I didn't know that feature existed17:26
pochuand that doesn't work for that option?17:27
crusader1so for some thing I've need this feature is perfect... but it seems not working fine for /apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_enabled17:27
crusader1after tested in different boxes, i'm looking for others to check whether I'm doing something wrong or i've found a bug17:29
pochuHave you checked if it was added to some file in /etc/gconf/2/ ?17:30
pochu(I think that's where it should be added)17:30
crusader1it is added to /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory/%gconf-tree.xml17:32
pochuas the others?17:32
crusader1as the others!17:32
pochucrusader1: so, no idea then. May be a bug as you thought :)17:36
crusader1so were to report it? I'm new to the ubuntu-community and I'm not sure what to do now?17:38
crusader1I'm looking for an easy way to do this...17:39
pochuI'd say here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf2/+bugs17:40
crusader1ok, then I've to create a new account for launchpad? is this the offical site for reporting bugs? (no .buntu in name?)17:43
pochuyes, it's the official one for Ubuntu17:44
pochuyou could also report it upstream at bugzilla.gnome.org, but if you don't have an account there, you will have to create one too ;)17:45
crusader1don't have one there either. thanks a lot. i will try to get help there17:46
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* Nafallo wonders why we have a user administration tool where we can't disable users...21:30
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