LaserJockcalc: around? OO.o seems to freeze when I try to save files. Known thing?01:06
calcTheMuso: ping03:15
calcTheMuso: bug 298494 pablo mentioned 9.04 works with the OOo ppa but 8.10 won't for the sound issue, it sounds to me like its an issue with the sound stack if really true03:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 298494 in openoffice.org "OpenOffice.org Impress: Faltering embedded sound in PPS files" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29849403:16
calcTheMuso: my sound is hosed in general though so its hard for me to test03:16
* calc might should switch to 9.04 soon himself assuming the sound support is that much better ;-)03:16
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TheMusocalc: How is your sound hosed?03:49
TheMusocalc: and I am subscribed to the bug so I will have a look on Monday.03:49
calcTheMuso: i just hear popping and clicking sounds05:08
calcTheMuso: i think it is probably a kernel issue but not completely certain, i haven't spent the time to look into it closely05:08
calcTheMuso: actually i may just need to log out and back in the test sound buttons fail even05:10
* calc will have to look at it later05:10
TheMusocalc: ok05:17
* calc notes that OOo 3.0 seems to fix a lot of bugs users have been reporting :)05:48
calcits making it a bit hard to find pet bugs ;-)05:48
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pwnguincalc: if you want a pet bug07:22
pwnguincalc: the presenter mode feature in oo.org 3.0 is broke07:23
pwnguincalc: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Presenter_Screen07:25
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KingWilliamIs there any way a java programmer can contribute to ubuntu???11:23
KingWilliamNot much activity here?11:25
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.11:25
KingWilliamlol, ok then11:26
fabio_mmI've got the same question11:27
KingWilliamAlso a java developer?11:27
fabio_mmbut I'm a C \ c++ programmer11:27
KingWilliamah ok11:27
fabio_mmI'm not so good with java11:27
KingWilliamc++ is often used in ubuntu isn't it?11:28
fabio_mmI think11:28
KingWilliamI'm not good witg c++ :P11:28
fabio_mmbut I'm a noob in this channel11:28
KingWilliamI know the basics of C++ but no more :P11:28
KingWilliamlol, me too mate11:28
KingWilliamHave you used ubuntu for a long time?11:29
fabio_mmI've lunch... see you soon!11:29
fabio_mmabout 3 years11:29
tseliotyou can either try to fix bugs in projects which use your languages of choice or start new projects (e.g. by looking at the requests in the ubuntu brainstorm)11:29
tseliotC++ is used in most KDE apps and GTKmm apps (e.g. Abiword)11:30
tselioteclipse, netbeans, etc. are written in Java11:30
tselioteven small patches can help11:31
tseliotasac: about this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/31588911:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315889 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "EXA has severe performance impact on ATI R580 (X1900)" [Medium,Triaged]11:42
tseliotasac: does it help if you kill both gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-power-manager?11:42
tseliotI'm wondering if you're experiencing a different bug now11:42
petskiI've subscribed ubuntu-sru for a certain bug (#276603) in launchpad. According to the procedure, I have to upload my package into -proposed, but I'm not allowed to. Is this mandatory? Does anyone know the average response time for ubuntu-sru?12:14
pochupetski: subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors, they'll upload the package to -proposed for you.12:16
pochuthe average response is usually less than a few days, IME12:17
petskithanks pochu12:19
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t0mHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me track something down in the printing system.14:12
t0mI am looking for what triggers ubuntu to install a new printer when it detects one14:12
t0mis it udev, hal, cups or something different?14:12
asactseliot: let me try14:25
asactseliot: unfortuntely it didnt changed performance ... i just dont have any theme anymore14:26
tseliotasac: does the mouse cursor moves by itself?14:26
directhexyay, /me has nvidia 18014:27
asactseliot: no ... only if i move the mouse14:27
asactseliot: what do you suspect?14:27
tseliotasac: ok, I thought it was another bug which I've just fixed: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/30730614:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress]14:27
tseliotit's a bug in both g-s-d and g-p-m14:28
asactseliot: prob is that Xaa is responsive ... only EXA acts so bad14:28
asacwhich is why i filed against driver in first place14:29
tseliotbut it was fixed at a certain point14:30
tseliota kernel change perhaps14:30
asactseliot: well. it first appeared when we switched to latest xorg ... which switches from Xaa to EXA for ati by default14:31
asaccould be kernel14:32
asacor xorg driver14:32
tseliotif performance is so terrible we could write a patch to use Xaa by default; bryce should know what's happening with exa14:33
asactseliot: right ... thats what i suggested in the bug. i just would like to first get an upstream opinion before we patch EXA for this card out14:34
tseliotwise decision14:35
tjaaltontseliot: the default is XAA, it was patched to use EXA14:37
tseliottjaalton: ah, I thought they had switched to EXA already14:38
tjaaltononly intel has14:38
tseliotit would only be a matter of removing one patch then14:38
tselioteven better14:38
tjaaltonbetter to upstream it and fix the bug :)14:38
asactseliot: also its not really that everything is really slow. for instance, scrolling in firefox seems even to be faster. however, gnome-terminal is unusable and other apps as well. maybe i should keep using it to get a better idea which operation actually slows down like this.14:38
asacgibber is really slow scrolling (maybe transparency?)14:38
* asac restarts gnome-settings-daemon :)14:39
tjaaltonasac: do you have an account on bugs.fd.o?14:39
asacmost likely. if not i wil create one ;)14:39
tjaaltonasac: cool, so please file a bug against xorg/ati and link to the lp bug :)14:40
tseliottjaalton: won't upstream switch to UXA or whatever it's called?14:40
tjaaltonupstream is responsive, and knows what to debug14:40
tjaaltontseliot: UXA is intel specific, and what they are experimenting with it will be merged back to EXA14:40
tseliotah, ok, so it will still be EXA14:41
* sukiminna says is anybody here..?14:55
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spitfire_In ubuntu intrepid, gksu "window" is transparent. How did it change since hardy, and what do I need to have it in hh?15:04
spitfire_Is it compiz plugin?15:04
spitfire_or murrine rgba?15:04
Amaranthspitfire_:That's all gksu15:04
spitfire_Amaranth: I've backported gksu, nothing changed...15:05
spitfire_It looks like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/SpitAndPolish15:05
spitfire_so I thought there is something more.15:05
spitfire_Amaranth: are you sure?15:06
Amaranthspitfire_: Yes, did you backport libgksu as well?15:06
spitfire_Amaranth: libgksu?15:06
spitfire_I'll try15:07
AmaranthThat's the library where I made the original "give gksu more bling" changes, I suppose that's where they would have made further changes as well15:07
spitfire_Amaranth: thanks;)15:08
spitfire_Amaranth: same applies to gnome-session's logout-dialog?15:19
spitfire_what package do I need to rebuild?15:19
spitfire_Amaranth: ^^15:21
AmaranthI can never remember if that's in gnome-session or gnome-panel15:21
AmaranthEither way backporting it is going to be somewhat painful15:22
spitfire_Amaranth: why?15:23
spitfire_I already have intrepid's glib/cairo/pango/gtk+15:23
Amaranthgnome-panel has other dependencies, gnome-session was a rewrite that works completely differently15:23
spitfire_I see15:23
spitfire_looks like I'm gonna backport gnome 2.24:P15:24
Amaranthalso the dialog you see on the wiki isn't even there in jaunty15:24
spitfire_Amaranth: I know.15:24
spitfire_Only gksu is.15:24
spitfire_Amaranth: how do i change shutdown dialog in intrpid to this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/spit-and-polish/small_logout-mockup.png15:25
spitfire_Is it switchble somewhere via GConf?15:26
Amaranthno, that's the default ubuntu shutdown dialog15:26
spitfire_Amaranth: so I can't change it?15:27
spitfire_Cause I like the one in hardy (one on the picture)15:27
Amarantherr, I kind of skipped intrepid, maybe I'm missing something here15:28
Amaranththe translucent one is the default in intrepid, no?15:28
spitfire_Amaranth: I can't use intrepid on my laptop because of intel video driver implementation15:28
spitfire_It's incomplete.15:28
spitfire_And Intrepid has that incomplete implementaton.15:29
spitfire_It looks like jaunty will be no better:/15:29
spitfire_Amaranth: gksu works;)15:29
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alex-weejanyone know any major bugs about S3 suspend not working in 9.04?16:19
alex-weeji've never managed to make it wake up16:19
jharrI need help with some parts of a debootstrap environment. Is there a better channel for that?16:54
maxbjharr: I think #ubuntu-motu is the standard "learning how to do ubuntu packaging tasks" channel18:08
dthommasHello Friends ... I want to make a linux installer CD with my custom kernel build . Can somebody help me out  onto this ? I dont know how to make it .19:14
cjwatsonjharr: what parts?19:43
CaptainMorganhowdy... is there any chance we could put a rush on Amarok 2 being placed into the repos? for some reason, it's a real biatch to install from source... cheers21:26
* Nafallo wonders why we have a user administration tool where we can't disable users...21:30
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affluxis anyone able to use apport to submit crash reports in jaunty? Several people, including myself, have issues with "<urlopen error The write operation timed out>". see bug 314212.21:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314212 in apport "Apport unable to report crash - urlopen error timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31421221:41
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RAOF/join #ubuntu-x,#nouveau,#gnome-do23:47
directhexINNER JOIN?23:50
RAOFEmpathy's IRC support is non-standard :/23:51
directhexuse smuxi!23:53
RAOFFinish the gnome-desktop-sharp2 transition, and I totally will.23:53
RAOFWell, I'm also just testing stuff.23:53
directhexslomo made more changes to that today23:54
RAOFYeah, I noticed.23:54
directhexwhich is apprently still not correct, according to meebey23:54
RAOFSyncing the new version will mean that Tomboy will build again!23:54
RAOFOh.  Well, the new upstream version _still_ means that tomboy will build again.23:55

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