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CarlFKwhat is the vanilla #kernel chan name?06:40
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iahello. could you tell me, please, which the best way to create deb package with sources of modificated linux kernel? for example, i clone ubunut-jaunty source tree via git; it compiles successfully via debian/rules or via make-kpkg as well. But I would like to know, does exist some alternative for "make-kpkg kernel-source" via existing original debian/rules way?12:36
iaby other words, what kernel maintainers do, that user can just type "apt-get source linux-image-2.6.X-Y-<type>"? i will be very appreciate for any useful information about "right" packaging of kernel.12:36
Kanotime debian/rules binary-debs flavours=generic skipabi=true skipmodule=true12:37
Kanotime debian/rules binary-headers12:37
iaKano: oh, well, all words clear except one - "time" - could you explain, please, what it do?12:40
Kanojust for benchmarking ;)12:41
iaand another question - if i compile generic kernel via debian/rules binary-generic, then binary-deb compiles debs not just for generic, but for each "package" in debian/control, right?12:42
Kanothe way i showed you works12:43
iaKano: oh, sorry, i've just don't notice "flavours=<type>". that's answer for my question.12:46
iaKano: thanks you very much for answers :-)12:46
fransmanWhat kernel git is used for ports in jaunty ?13:57
iafransman: do you mean kernel version? 2.6.2814:10
fransmanIa i found ubuntu-intrepid-ports.git 14:10
fransmanbut theres no jaunty14:11
fransmanI do not think sparc on ports is on 2.6.28 yet14:11
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iaKano: hello again :-) i've tryied "... debian/rules binary-debs ..." but it built debs with binary debs only without building any debs with sources. just in case, to clarify - i would like to know equivalent to "make-kpkg kernel-source" command, but via existing debian/rules. any other ideas?16:13
Kanolook into the rules16:15
iaKano: thanks. "debian/rules binary-indep" - that's what i've looked for :-)16:46
Kanobtw. i worte 2 mails to the mailinglist, would like to see the changes soon in git...17:55

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