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famicomwhat up14:25
persiahey famicom 14:26
famicomI havent used ubuntu for a while, but i've got this paperweight^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h EEEPc14:26
famicomand and i need something that plays nice with the lack of screen realestate14:27
persiaWhich model?  Or rather, what resolution?14:29
famicom800 x 48014:30
persiafamicom, For that resolution, I'd suggest MID or something custom.14:40
Celtioreaigo mid p8860 working now with correct wifi and touchscreen drivers14:40
persiaCeltiore, Cool!  Which release.14:40
Celtiorebut i have one error with apt-get upgrade on a deb file14:41
persiaWhat error?14:41
Celtiorei do a reinstallation and giv you infos14:41
Celtioredon't remember, please wait 15 mins and i give you the infos :p14:42
famicompersia whats MID14:42
famicomlast time i used it14:42
famicomit was a steaming pile of gay14:42
famicomare there even any installers for it14:43
persiafamicom, There are.  For intrepid, the installer works.  For hardy, it's a bit messy.  For jaunty, it's broken.  The apps are still the same.14:46
persiaIf you don't like it, you probably want something custom.14:46
famicomi dunno15:13
famicompicking my own backported packages is pretty custom to me15:13
Celtioreerror about xserver-xorg-video-psb 0.15.0-0ubuntu1~804um216:58
Celtioretrying to overwrite /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libexa.so, which is also in packager xserver-xorg-core16:58
persiaHrm.  I don't know anything about that package.  I'd recommend filing a bug at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile/+filebug with the output of the install attempt.17:00
persiaNote that for intrepid or jaunty, bugs should be filed against ubuntu, rather than ubuntu-mobile, but for 8.04, ubuntu-mobile is a better place.17:00
persiaFrom what I understand, the psb drivers are closed, so it needs that team to look at it.17:01
Celtioreok thanks you17:24
persiaSorry I don't have a better answer for that one.17:30
Meiz_n810hello everyone :)20:54
Meiz_n810i can't get kourou to work..20:54
NCommanderStevenK, ^21:06
orangeswarmhey, can i install this on a tytnII?21:38

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