savvascoppro: I think it is: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/openoffice.org00:01
savvasPackage: openoffice.org (1:3.0.1~rc1-2ubuntu4)00:01
savvasspitfire: bug report link?00:01
copprooh, so it is00:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301645 in mtpfs "Please sync mtpfs 0.8+svn11-1ubuntu1 to 0.9-1 from Debian (experimental)" [Undecided,New]00:01
spitfirechanged the topis as with libmtp;)00:02
savvasspitfire: did you try to build the new version in your PPA?00:05
spitfiresavvas: I've built them both locally.00:06
spitfirethey are waaaay faster than previous ones.00:06
spitfiresavvas: built them using pbuilder00:06
savvasspitfire: ok here's what you do: 1) bookmark https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess :) 2) since you aren't the person who submitted it, you are allowed to change the bug status from "new" to "confirmed": https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mtpfs/+bug/301645/+editstatus00:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301645 in mtpfs "Please sync mtpfs 0.8+svn11-1ubuntu1 (universe) to 0.9-1 from Debian (experimental)" [Undecided,New]00:08
savvasspitfire: 3) subscribe yourself in the bug 4) provide GOOD reasons except for the fact that they've released a stable version (look in their changelog, find good changes and post them in your comment).00:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 4 in rosetta "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/400:10
savvasspitfire: 5) mtpfs is in universe (see here next to the version: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/mtpfs ), so you subscribe the ubuntu-universe-sponsors at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mtpfs/+bug/301645/+addsubscriber00:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301645 in mtpfs "Please sync mtpfs 0.8+svn11-1ubuntu1 (universe) to 0.9-1 from Debian (experimental)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:12
savvasand that's it :P00:12
spitfiresavvas: thanks for the guide;)00:13
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james_wTheMuso: are you happy for me to upload the patch in bug 317496?01:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317496 in yasr "FTBFS in jaunty redefining openpty and forkpty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31749601:30
TheMusojames_w: Go for it.01:32
james_wthanks TheMuso01:32
Laney'ow do lads01:36
james_w'ello Laney01:38
emgentargh launchpad running slow again..01:46
james_w /. :-)01:47
* ScottK-desktop doesn't recall ever considering Launchpad "Not slow".01:50
emgentScottK: the real problem now is that launchpad go in timeout..01:52
emgentPlease try again01:53
emgentSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.01:53
emgentTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.01:53
emgentThanks for your patience.01:53
emgentwhat balls..01:53
emgentok I go to sleep and I will try to continue my work tomorrow.01:54
emgentgood night01:54
LaneyWho runs the rcbugs page? It seems to be not updating correctly02:06
Laneyshowing Ubuntu versions that were superceded long ago02:06
james_wI'm not sure, wgrant, you probably know?02:08
LaneyOh, I think it might be targetting Intrepid still02:09
* Laney gets bored with triaging the list02:20
ScottKLaney: It is pointed at intrepid still.02:27
LaneyScottK: Do you know who to poke?02:33
ScottKLaney: Just did.02:33
* Laney heads bedward02:35
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copprowhat are the odds we'll see a backport of OO.o?07:08
ScottKSlim and none unless someone shows up who is really interested in working on it and supporting it.07:16
ScottKIf someone were interested to actually do the work, then sure.07:17
* coppro checks to see if the PPA packages are working07:17
copprohmm... nope07:19
* ScottK considers how much he is going to worry about incompatible symbol changes in a library that has no packaged rdepends, but upstream didn't bump soname.07:21
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copprolast time I tried the PPA, OO.org broke, we'll see if it works now07:24
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copprohmm... the PPA works07:38
HarassmentPanda|I was asking about the process of getting a program which I have written considered for packaging for Ubuntu in here yesterday and some one (sorry I can't recall who) suggested filing a bug report under the tag of needs-packaging but I can't find out how to tag a bug09:20
HarassmentPanda|is there any special option I have missed or somthing?09:20
iulianHarassmentPanda|: You can either click on that button below the description of the bug (Update description/tags) or append /+edit to the url.09:24
HarassmentPanda|iulian: Ok - this is after I have logger the bug?09:25
iulianHarassmentPanda|: What is the bug #?09:26
HarassmentPanda|iulian: I didn't log it yet because I wasn't sure if It was right :-)09:27
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iulianHarassmentPanda: Ah, this is the right way of requesting an application to be packaged.09:29
HarassmentPandaiulian: ok cool, I'll log it now, thanks09:29
iulianHarassmentPanda: You might want to take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages09:30
lidaobingppa does not work now? I can't upload.09:39
iulianlidaobing: What message do you get?09:41
lidaobingiulian, Connection failed, aborting. Check your network (111, 'Connection refused')09:42
lidaobingiulian, full information in: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106317/09:43
rippsCan someone tell me if ppa.launchpad.net is down or something, i keep getting "Connection failed, aborting. Check your network (111, 'Connection refused')" from dput09:44
iulianlidaobing: Odd, I've no idea.  Ask in #launchpad, maybe you'll get an answer there.09:44
iulianIt seems you're not the only one.09:44
lidaobingiulian, thanks09:45
HarassmentPandajulian: Is this right https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/318389 ?09:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318389 in ubuntu "OpenSebJ - vScaleNotes - needs-packaging" [Undecided,New]09:49
HarassmentPandaiulian: sorry thought it was a j on my screen :-)09:50
HarassmentPandaalso does launchpad update me if the status changes?09:51
HarassmentPandaubottu: that hyperlink is wrong09:53
Nafallosome might argue talking to a bot is wrong as well :-)09:55
HarassmentPandastrange though the bot responded and thanked me for my attention to detail09:56
HarassmentPandadid you ever hear that song about the bot on irc?09:56
Nafalloand that your message got escalated to the ops channel?09:56
Nafallonot really ;-)09:56
HarassmentPandaAny way did I log the issue correctly?09:57
HarassmentPandaIs the tagging correct?09:57
HarassmentPandaIt was called Boten Anna by Basshunter - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=RYQUsp-jxDQ&NR=109:58
HarassmentPandaNot sure of the language, if you look around you can find one with subtitles09:59
* Nafallo is sure about the language and wouldn't mind that song not to exist.10:00
HarassmentPandaI take it you don't like it10:01
* Nafallo nods10:02
hyperairis there a motu free to revu today? =p10:03
HarassmentPandawhat language is it btw?10:05
NafalloHarassmentPanda: .se10:05
petskiI get a "connection refused" when I try to connect to Launchpad's PPA:11:10
petskipet@workmate:~/work$ nc ppa.launchpad.net 2111:10
petskippa.launchpad.net [] 21 (ftp) : Connection refused11:10
savvasthat's more of a #launchpad problem :)11:10
petskihehe, you are damn right :)11:11
petskithanks :)11:11
savvasand it's already mentioned: < det> (can't upload to launchpad using dput, "connection refused")11:11
savvasI wonder if they're creating the signatures for PPA hehe11:12
rippsthe server admin is drunk with his face on the keyboard11:16
petskiI've subscribed ubuntu-sru for a certain bug (#276603) in launchpad. According to the procedure, I have to upload my package into -proposed, but I'm not allowed to. Is this mandatory? Does anyone know the average response time for ubuntu-sru?11:26
lagapetski: usually, someone sponsors the package after motu-sru has ACKed it11:28
petskithe package is in 'main', ... so I think motu is not involved?11:28
petskiagain, I could be asking the wrong channel :)11:29
maxbpetski: As you say, packages in main are better discussed in #ubuntu-devel. My guess (I can't find any official doc) would be that the procedure would go something along the lines of attaching the .debdiff to the bug and subscribing ~ubuntu-main-sponsors. It's probably worth hanging around on #ubuntu-devel to see if you can get a more definitive answer12:13
petskithanks maxb !12:14
iahello. could you tell me, please, which the best way to create deb package with sources of modificated linux kernel? for example, i clone ubunut-jaunty source tree via git; it compiles successfully via debian/rules or via make-kpkg as well. But I would like to know, does exist some alternative for "make-kpkg kernel-source" via existing original debian/rules way?12:15
iaby other words, what maintainer do, that user can just type "apt-get source linux-image-2.6.X-Y-<type>" and get: 1.original tarball 2.tarball with diffs 3.dir from tarball with applied diffs?12:19
pochuia: that may be better asked in #ubuntu-kernel12:24
hyperairor #ubuntu-kernel12:33
pochuisn't that what I said? :)12:38
hyperairoh shit i read #ubuntu-devel12:53
hyperairanyway pochu, would you have time for a review? =p12:54
pochuhyperair: not really. what is it?13:01
hyperairbanshee lyrics plugin13:02
hyperairif you're not free then nevermind13:02
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* sukiminna says is anybody here..?14:56
spitfire_In ubuntu intrepid, gksu "window" is transparent. How did it change since hardy, and what do I need to have it in hh?14:59
sukiminnaspitfire_: i think u are in the wrong channel buddy15:00
spitfire_sukiminna: what channel do you suggest?15:00
sukiminnaspitfire_: #kubuntu maybe..15:01
spitfire_sukiminna: i said "GKSU"15:01
sukiminnaspitfire_:or  #ubuntu15:01
jpdsspitfire_: #ubuntu-devl might help, but maqny people are out for the weekend.15:01
jpds#ubuntu-devel that is.15:01
spitfire_jpds: thanks.15:01
jpdsStupid keyboard.15:01
spitfire_that's where I might get answer:P15:02
spitfire_jpds: and don't blame keyboard:D15:02
jpdsspitfire_: it's a netbook, thus tiny keys.15:03
spitfire_oh, I undrstand.15:03
spitfire_I wouldn't buy one:P15:03
sukiminna..juz wanna ask why i cant include linux/module.h..15:03
spitfire_I have a 15" laptop;)15:04
iuliansukiminna: What do you mean? What are you trying to do?15:05
sukiminnaim learning how to code a kernel module..im a newbie..15:05
iuliansukiminna: It's #include <linux/module.h> but this isn't the right channel.  For writing kernel modules I suggest you to try google.  There are a lot of good documentation on how to write one.15:06
iulianThere is also a #kernelnewbies channel on OFTC, IIRC.15:06
iulianI believe they deal with kernel modules there.15:07
sukiminnaiulian: thanx15:07
fabrice_sp_Hi. Who wants to win a free DVD Authoring tool? Just review DVDStyler (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler) and gives me the second advocate. Limited number of players allowed! :-)15:46
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iulianHiya \sh.15:58
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hyperairhow does one add descriptions to quilt patches?16:21
hyperair# ?16:21
JontheEchidnaQuilt will ignore anything above where the patch stuff starts16:30
JontheEchidnabefore Index: path/to/patched/file.cpp16:31
JontheEchidnaexample: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106507/16:31
JontheEchidnathis is for patches in general16:32
ScottKVery strange beast this quilt.16:32
hyperairyay now lintian is clean16:32
maxbIsn't ignoring leading text the behaviour of good old traditional patch(1) ?16:33
hggdhhow is an upstream source that comes already debiansed dealt with, if we need to change it?16:34
\shhail to the difference between patch and patch-management ,-)16:34
hyperairhggdh: you tidy the tarball16:34
ScottKmaxb: I don't think relying on "patch  tries  to skip any leading garbage" is the same as "here's how you put in a comment".16:34
jharrWhere's an appropriate channel for help with some deboostrap issues?16:34
hyperairhggdh: use a get-orig-source rule to remove the debian/ folder16:34
\shhggdh: ask upstream to not play debian maintainer..16:34
* ScottK mostly likes dpatch.16:34
* hyperair prefers quilt16:34
JontheEchidnaquilt ftw16:35
ScottKhyperair: It's not actuall required to remove it.16:35
JontheEchidnaonce you get used to it, it's awesome16:35
hggdhbut this will mean changing the source tarball16:35
ScottKhggdh: If it's OKish, then just edit it and move forward.  It makes the .diff.gz awkward, but it's doable.16:35
ScottKIf you need to remove entire files from the debian dir then you have to repack it.16:36
ScottKIf not, it's up to you.16:36
ScottKIn any case ask upstream to remove it in their next release.16:36
hggdhthanks. Second question: this package (libpst-0.6.25, right now) will need to create a new library; should the library be split in a separate package (and another one for the -dev)?16:38
hyperairScottK: if you don't remove it your diff.gz is going to be exceptionally large16:38
ScottKhggdh: Generally yes.  You'll want to look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School/LibraryPackaging and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanielB%C3%BCltmann/CreatingLibraryPackages that tries to summarize it.16:39
ScottKhyperair: Not necessarily.  I've dealt with these before where all I had to do was change revision/release target and so .diff.gz was essentially one debian/changelog entry.16:40
ScottKIt's really up to the packager if they want to repack (except if files have to be deleted).16:40
hggdhin this case it is a debhelper, no patch support, no default library creation, and the debuild will create a lot of .ex under ./debian16:41
hggdhwhich does not sound kosher to me...16:41
ScottKWhat they are is confusing since you can't read the .diff.gz and understand the packaging (which I do do)16:41
hyperairi do that too16:42
ScottKdpkg-buildpackage doesn't create the .ex templates.  dh_make does that.16:42
hggdhthey force it in under Makefile.am, EXTRA_DIST16:43
ScottKWell if the upstream build system is insane and you're going to have to redo a lot of stuff, then repacking often can give you a more understandable package.16:44
* hggdh got hit with a small beast for the first even packaging from upstream ;-)16:44
hggdhthat was my view, but... this will involve changing upstream tarball... and I hate that16:45
hggdhin this cases -- is bzr an option?16:45
hyperairhggdh: bzr?16:45
hggdhso that we could load the original tar ball there, and then just update16:46
hyperairhggdh: in the case of my package bansheelyricsplugin, i repacked it removing all .svn files16:46
hyperairhggdh: load the orig tarball and update? i don't get what you mean16:46
hggdhI would like to have an original tarball available for audit16:47
hggdhand repackaging will create a brand new original source, different from what upstream releases16:47
hggdh(because dh_make is run upstream before release)16:48
hggdhso: load upstream in bzr; adjust the packaging; tag it; and release16:49
ScottKhggdh: The way you want to do this is with a get-orig-source rule in your Debian rules.  It should grab the upstream tarball and repack it for you.  This both documents your changes and eases future maintenance.16:50
hggdhk, thanjs16:51
ScottKJontheEchidna: What was the package of yours I reviewed recently with a get-orig-source?16:51
ScottKhggdh: ^^^ for an example.16:51
hggdhdownloading it now16:52
hggdhah, OK. get the source straight from the repository at the required version16:53
* ScottK looks over at soren and geser for their MOTU vote on JontheEchidna ....17:00
hyperairhmm how should i fix a pacakge which isntalls stuff into /etc/gconf/schemas17:04
tobi_if a package gets updated in Debain after the DebianImportFreeze, will this be merged not until the next ubuntu release?(now the one after jaunty)17:04
lfaraonetobi_: unless a merge request is made17:08
tobi_but that needs some serious reason?17:09
ScottKtobi_: No more serious than a developer agrees it's reasonable to do.17:10
tobi_how is a merge request done? through a bug? I didn't find any special tag for that in the wiki(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags)17:12
tobi_I'm sorry I disconnected. so again: how is a merge request done? through a bug? I didn't find any special tag for that in the wiki(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags)17:18
ScottKGenerally the best way to get a package merge done is to do it and attach the resulting .diff.gz to a bug.17:20
hyperairis any motu free enough to review a package?17:21
LaneyScottK: Not a debdiff?17:21
ScottKLaney: Right.  tobi_: debdiff.17:22
ScottKNot diff.gz.17:22
* ScottK needs more coffee.17:22
tobi_ok thanks for the info :D17:22
LaneyGenerally two debdiffs, debian-ubuntu and (previous)ubuntu-ubuntu17:22
ScottKAlthough th ubuntu-ubuntu one always seemed pointless to me.17:23
ScottKAny sponsors here who use the ubuntu-ubuntu debdiff provided by sponsorees?17:27
ScottKThe requirement is present in the first version of that page, so I don't know where it came from.17:27
ScottKAnother benifit of wiki reorgs.17:28
ScottKjames_w: Do you feel it's of enough value to you to have the sponsorees go to the trouble of making it every time?17:30
james_wwell, not everyone does17:31
pochuI sometimes looked at both, but I'm not active on sponsoring lately...17:31
james_wand it's generally easier for them to make it than me17:31
ScottKWell if people use it, I guess I won't bitch.17:32
james_wbut most of the time I don't look at it17:32
ScottKI'm fairly certain I never had.17:32
ScottKI think if I really found a reason to care I'd do it myself anyway.17:32
james_win a way it's what we should be reviewing, as it's the changes that are being made to Ubuntu17:33
james_wbut generally reviewing the debian-ubuntu one is more important17:33
hyperaircould a motu review my package vazaar? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=vazaar17:43
ScottKjames_w: In theory I agree, but we don't do source code review of new upstream versions generally, so as a practical matter I think the need for it is a corner case.17:45
ramviI've read the wiki on how to customize the alternative cd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization17:54
ramviThere doesn't seem to be a way to remove software though, as with livecd customization. How do I go about removing software?17:54
fabrice_spramvi, you can have a look at remastersys. It allows you to do a livecd from an existing installation18:32
UbuntuxerHi, I would like to ask, how I use postinst.ex18:54
Ubuntuxera link would be very useful18:57
Ubuntuxerthank you18:57
jpdsUbuntuxer: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html#s-maintscripts19:00
pochuawesome. diffstat can read .diff.gz files19:12
* pochu now feels stupid for doing $(zgrep "^+++ " *.diff.gz)19:12
LordDetainI updated the libsmbios package from 2.0.3 to 2.2.8.  I have the new diff.gz, .dsc, and all the other stuff.     How do i go about submitting this ? I'm looking on this packaging guide thing on the ubuntu site but .. still nto really sure what to do19:12
pochuLordDetain: report a bug in launchpad, attach the .diff.gz and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors19:13
jpdspochu: How was the English exam?19:13
pochuLordDetain: actually, subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors as the package is in main19:14
pochujpds: I think I did good at the Reading/Writing sections, but not so good at the Listening/Speaking ones19:14
pochujpds: so I think with a bit luck I will get the mark I need :)19:14
jpdspochu: Well done. :)19:16
LordDetainok im repotting a bug in launchpad, should i just put like    "upgrading 2.0.3 -> 2.2.8" as the bug ?19:16
pochujpds: thanks :) I hope I get that mark19:21
pochujpds: if so, I may be studying in the US starting this August :)19:22
ScottKpochu: Where?19:26
Chris`pochu: Where abouts are you from?19:27
pochuScottK: not sure yet. I'm thinking about North Carolina State University. It'll be in CS of course :)19:27
ScottKOf course.19:28
pochuScottK: it can be any of the universities on this list, as long as I get a good enough TOEFL mark: http://www.isep.org/students/Directory/members_in_usa.asp19:28
pochuChris`: Spain19:28
Chris`Ah cool OK19:28
nhandlerpochu: *cough* Choose Illinois *cough*19:28
Chris`*cough* Choose Bangor *cough*19:29
* pochu maps.google.com those19:30
LaneyBangor's a bit far from the US19:30
ScottKpochu: Interesting.  Only choose Illinois if you like cold.19:30
pochunhandler: Chicago, Illinois?19:31
pochuScottK: yeah :(19:31
ScottKLaney: More than one Bangor in the world19:31
Chris`Bangor in Wales I meant, not the one in the USA, there are two Bangors in the States or so GMaps says19:31
nhandlerpochu: I didn't see Chicago offerred on that list. But any university in Illinois ;)19:31
LaneyScottK: I knew what he meant19:31
Chris`Bangor, Gwynedd19:31
nhandlerScottK: And what are you talking about Illinois being cold? We are above 0F right now ;)19:31
pochunhandler: too bad then19:31
ScottKnhandler: We're about 0C here.19:31
nhandlerScottK: Lucky19:31
pochumy sister is likely going to live near Chicago RSN19:31
nhandlerpochu: Then she will be relatively close to me and nixternal19:32
ScottKTell her to watch out.19:32
Chris`http://www.bangor.ac.uk/courses/undergrad/index.php.en?view=course&prospectustype=undergraduate&courseid=123&subjectarea=4 :D19:32
nixternalChicago FTW!19:32
pochu.oO ( poor sister... )19:32
nhandlerpochu: I promise I won't visit her for at least a few years19:32
nixternalChicago is great, we had more murders than any other city in the US for 200819:32
nixternalcan't beat that :p19:33
nhandlernixternal: We just had a murder the other day about 5 minutes from my house (the day care one)19:33
nixternaldidn't even hear about that one19:33
nhandlernixternal: It was in the paper today iirc. Daycare worker threw a kid down on his head hard in Lincolnshire19:34
nhandlerGotta run. BBL19:34
ScottKpochu: I don't know much about NC State, but that area is a good area for tech stuff.19:36
Laneyjpds: Know anything about this? (requestsync) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/106601/19:37
nixternalI think crimsun knows the NC State area a little bit19:39
pochuScottK: that's what my brother told me too :)19:40
nixternalpochu: why is your sister moving to chicago?19:40
pochunixternal: because of my brother-in-law's work19:40
pochunixternal: I'll ping crimsun when he's online then, thanks :)19:41
nixternalahhh...what does he do?19:41
pochuhe works for power generators company19:42
nixternalholy smokes, he might actually be working by my hours then as we have a very large company that does that stuff, but I cannot remember their name for the life of me19:42
nixternalby my hours? wth!19:42
nixternalby my house19:42
jpdsLaney: Which version of lplib are you using? Never seen that before.19:51
Laneyjpds: I just installed it from jaunty, but on an Intrepid system19:51
Laneymaybe it's some weird interaction?19:51
jpdspochu: Neat.19:53
jpdsLaney: Looks like a problem in build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/launchpadlib/resource.py ?19:54
jreinhardthi everybody. Is someone interested in reviewing my packaging of a (imho) really handy LaTeX package? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pgfplots19:56
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Laneyjpds: Oh, I forgot that I had a manually installed version of lplib. Mea culpa!20:22
jpdsLaney: No problem.20:22
Laney...althouh I just got launchpadlib.errors.HTTPError: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized20:22
Laneybut the bug was filed. Weird.20:22
=== erhesrhsrtb54vyh is now known as Elbrus
RainCTpochu: can't the key be added to -config?21:22
SolarWarhi folks, quick question on packaging a program- must the licence appear on top of every source file at line 0 exactly? Or can the license be described after all the includes & ifdefs of the source file?21:27
RainCTSolarWar: that shouldn't be a problem21:27
SolarWarokay thanks :)21:27
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as Amaranth
Chris`Could someone review my package please, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=partitionmanager21:37
RainCTuhm.. what does "wired/wireless NIC" mean? (it's in the HW testing page)21:45
Chris`Network interface card?21:46
RainCTah :P21:47
Chris`You're welcome21:47
RainCTHow are those keys which work by moving the finger over them called?21:52
RainCT(those which are activated by the electricity in our fingers, or whatever)21:52
RainCTnice name :P21:53
Nafallofingerprint reader? ;-)21:56
* RainCT may not know how those thingies are called, but this does still not mean that he is stupid enough to not know how a fingerprint read looks :P21:57
ftaRainCT, "touch sensitive keys"? like the multimedia keys on dell inspirion laptops?21:59
RainCTlaga, fta: thanks22:07
cbx33hey guys22:21
cbx33howz it going22:21
Chris`cbx33: It goes good ;)22:21
cbx33any one know how to create a second tun device?22:22
hggdhI would really appreciate if a MOTU could look & comment at the libpst-0.6.25-1ppa1 on my PPA (https://launchpad.net/~hggdh2/+archive).22:36

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