dustdancerkann mir evtl jemand weiter helfen00:11
dustdancerich will bei mythbuntu nen epg installieren00:12
dustdancerbin aber ein anfänger und komme net so recht klar00:12
dustdancermaybe so can help me00:12
dustdanceri need a epg for the german television00:13
dustdancerbut im kind of a bloody noob00:13
tgm4883the only thing I know of for you is EIT00:13
tgm4883are you using a digital tuner?00:13
tgm4883sorry, I don't know then00:14
tgm4883maybe someone else will take a look00:14
dustdancerk no prob00:14
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doodzhey peeps02:25
doodzhas anyone had experience getting a remote to work in mplayer ?  im running mythbuntu 8.10 remote works fine in mythtv but when I go to mplayer the remote doesnt work...I have the appropriate mplayer key mappings for the remote but still nothing02:26
superm1doodz, try running your conf with ircat02:29
superm1make sure things match up in it02:29
doodzok do u mind explaining how to do it with ircat ?02:29
superm1i haven't used it in some time, but more or less it's "ircat lircrc" where lircrc is your lircrc for mplayer02:29
superm1generally it's ~/.lircrc which will include the mplayer conf from ~/.lirc/mplayer02:30
superm1er maybe its ircat mplayer lircrc02:30
superm1double check the manpage for syntax02:30
doodzok thanks ill check it out02:30
superm1anyhow whenever you get it opened, it will blurt out errors in your lircrc if they exist, otherwise press buttons and it should tell you the appropriate mplayer commands it would be doing02:30
doodzok getting somewhere... I've got ircat working with Mythtv02:36
doodzbut when using it with mplayer ircat displays no output when pressing buttons on remote02:36
doodzjust had a look in ~/.lircrc02:38
doodzand no mention of mplayer in it......02:38
doodzthanks superml02:39
tgm4883superm1 or anyone, i'm going to eat, but i'm going to leave my question for everyone to ponder.  Using XFS on 2 500GB sata drives, i'm getting major fragmentation (around 50000 per day).  I've set the extra free space to 15GB, and each drive has around 30GB free.  I'm not sure what else I should be looking at.  It is probably worth noting that one of these drives was added later (after the first drive was full and had been ru03:27
tgm4883nning for around a year)03:27
tgm4883just looking for some ideas on what to dry03:27
tgm4883anyway, gonna grab some pizza now03:27
superm1tgm4883, after a defrag run do the numbers improve? i'd suspect not03:28
superm1if not, then i think your only option is to clear out a lot of recordings, do a defrag run03:29
superm1and hope for the bestest03:29
wombo2how do you run a defrag on ubuntu?03:29
superm1wombo2, depends on the partition type03:29
superm1wombo2, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext3#Defragmentation03:31
superm1xfs supports online defrag.  looks like ext3 doesn't.03:31
wombo2thanks ill have a read now, I dont think ive ever done it on a linux system03:31
wombo2ahh thats good EXT4 will include a defragger03:33
wombo2Im going to be doing my rebuild then with mythbuntu 9.04 hopefully with .2203:33
tgm4883superm1, yea after a defrag they are much better03:45
tgm4883I have to do it every few hours though03:45
tgm4883wtf, I just finished a defrag and now it's worse :/03:46
Buckethey everyone, any chance any of you would be able to tell me where to find x64 vista drivers for a conexant bt878 tuner card?05:30
mishehuBucket: I'd try google.  of course, this channel is about mythbuntu, not about windows vista x64...05:48
mishehuso i'd not expect anybody to really know that.05:48
Bucketi know. just found ##windows. sorry05:48
tmetro> gm4883: wtf, I just finished a defrag and now it's worse :/06:23
tmetroI have a cron job that runs this daily:06:23
tmetro/usr/sbin/xfs_fsr -v /dev/video_vg/video_lv06:23
tmetroon an XFS file system, which used to work, but when I checked it sometime after updating to 8.04 it no longer seemed to be effective on a perpetually full 1TB RAID array. I dropped the argument that was limiting the run time to an hour and I wrapped the defrag with calls to "/usr/sbin/xfs_db -c frag -r /dev/video_vg/video_lv" to get before and after stats, which seemed to help, but still it was going from mid to low 90% fragmente06:23
tgm4883tmetro, i'm getting decent results from doing the defrag command, but I have to do it every few hours then it sucks again soon.  I'm going to do a massive RR and see if that helps06:51
MythbuntuGuest04Can anyone tell me how I configure mythbuntu to display on a tv via scart via a Pinnacle 300i tv card?08:27
wombo2!help chunky chicken?10:31
Zinn!help chunky chicken? Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi10:31
doodzhey peoples12:41
doodzhas anyone managed to get their remote control to work with things other than MythTV and mplayer etc..such as firefox and amarok ?12:42
ChaorainI have static at the top of my screen when I watch tv is this a known problem?14:07
ChaorainAlso This system is so much better than windows. Now if only I could do with out my windows only programs.14:09
wombo2Checkout Wine14:09
ChaorainI'm talking high end games14:10
ChaorainI'm to cheap to buy a progam like cegia14:10
ChaorainBut wine is awsome14:10
jdugganhey guys14:24
jdugganmythtv crashes playing various .iso's which are dvd images14:24
jdugganim using .21-fixes14:24
jdugganwhats the best step for debugging? file a bug report?14:25
jdugganstarting with -v all, here is the log output http://sigkill.noffle.net/~jduggan/mythcrash.txt14:25
jdugganlooks like a dvdnav bug to me14:26
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d0netsFNhey could someone help me17:52
d0netsFNim having problems with my usb media17:52
d0netsFNthats my dmesg17:52
d0netsFNbut it doesnt show up in places or /media/17:53
Jake1I'm having a problem with "Optical Discs -> Import DVD".  Disc play is fine, mtd is running and recognizes disks and events, the only clue I'm going on is that I get eight entry lines (all identical) in /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log on entering the rip screen (which displays the familiar "No Jobs. Checking and/or waiting for DVD.".  The line is "dvdripbox.o: Asked to add an audio track for a title that doesn't exist".19:19
BCampbellGetting green video artifacts when viewing mythtv. was mentioned to me that I may not be running at the default screen resoution for mythtv.  I have my screen set for  1280x1024.  What should the resoultion be?19:19
Jake1Oh, sorry... somewhat relevant: I was getting the above problem under my MythTV installation, and thought it might be related to some customization.  After a MythBuntu complete reinstall, I'm still getting the error.19:31

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