myrtlebeachbumsFYI - In The Press section pasted into UWN 125.02:46
tychekennymc0: Let me know when you're out, and I'll add the last of the Launchpad stuff.03:54
kennymc0i'm out03:54
tychekk. Thanks03:54
tychekennymc0: See what you think of that writeup:  http://tycheent.wordpress.com/04:29
kennymc0looks good04:32
tycheI know I laid it on rather thick, but I'd really like their help as well as their participation.04:32
tycheRemember, I was having to enter the information in 2 calendars for a while.04:33
kennymc0who's the one complaining now04:35
tycheNope.  I'm not complaining.  Just stating a fact.  A fact that YOU have now taken over.  HEH HEH HEH04:35
tycheIs it?  You have evidence of that?17:05
johnc4510well, my eyes are in the upright position17:05
tycheBTW, I authorized a pay raise for kennymc0.  I doubled his pay.  He had 35 Upcoming Meetings to enter, this week.17:06
tycheSee also:  http://tycheent.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/upcoming-events-calendar-has-moved/17:06
johnc4510-laptopwhat about the updates, have they just not started pages for 6.06 and 7.10?17:09
tycheThink I covered it well enough?17:09
tychekennymc0 looked.  No January entry page at all.17:10
johnc4510-laptopyeah looked like it, ofcourse there will be questions and those that don't follow it17:10
tycheI'm wondering if they're just not reporting them.17:10
johnc4510-laptopdid liraz contribute this wk?17:11
johnc4510-laptophis name is in the credits17:11
tycheHe put in the Security and Updates.  kennymc0 checked them, and added a couple and edited some.17:11
tycheHe did NOT do the Stats.  kennymc0 put them in.17:11
johnc4510-laptopsomething looks wrong with the Glossary of terms too, no beginning == i think17:12
tycheI'll fix that when I get there.  I've been going through the UWN looking for terms.  I'm not done yet.17:12
tycheGlossary is in.17:19
johnc4510-laptopdid dave do ITP this wk?17:20
tycheAnd you were right about the Glossary.  It was unequal.  Hee hee17:22
johnc4510-laptopdave is really getting the hang of it i think17:22
johnc4510-laptopstill a little wordy, but much better17:23
tycheYea, he did good.  I made a couple of corrections (REALLY minor).17:23
tycheHe also dropped a couple of links that you'd put in.  They were dupes from last week.17:23
tycheHe commented them out in the edit page17:24
johnc4510-laptopthe woman with the dell summary17:24
johnc4510-laptopwe should add a "note:" at the bottom about some in the community and their answers don't you think?17:25
LaserJockanybody around? I'm confused about the calendaring situation17:25
johnc4510-laptopLaserJock: yeah, tyche is here17:25
johnc4510-laptopask away17:25
tycheLaserJock: What's up?17:25
LaserJockbasically, what the heck is going on? :-)17:26
LaserJocki go to the fridge calendar and it's totally not in sync with this new google calendar17:26
boredandbloggingLaserJock: ignore fridge.ubuntu.com/event, it will not be maintained in the future17:27
johnc4510-laptopwe've had to switch to a google calendar because it's become un-adaptable17:27
johnc4510-laptopthe fridge calendar that is17:27
LaserJockboredandblogging: well that's kinda dumb, don't put it on fridge then17:27
boredandbloggingnuzum just hasn't gotten around to pulling it17:27
boredandbloggingpulling fridge.ubuntu.com/event17:27
boredandbloggingI might be able to redirect it17:28
LaserJockI've been trying to make schedules based on fridge only to find out it's not right :(17:28
johnc4510-laptopwe won't in the future but this is a transition period17:28
tycheLaserJock: Use http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar17:28
LaserJockso can i still submit events via mailing list?17:28
boredandbloggingLaserJock: you can do it yourself now17:28
boredandblogginglook at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar17:28
LaserJockboredandblogging: I don't want to do it myself17:29
tycheLaserJock: Submit it, and I'll put it on for you.17:29
johnc4510-laptopyou have to type an email with the same info you would put in17:29
LaserJocktyche: that's an awful calendar, how do we know where stuff is when Open Week's mixed in there17:29
boredandbloggingopen week is being held in irc as well17:30
boredandbloggingjust like any other meeting you would schedule17:30
LaserJockI just want #ubuntu-meeting stuff17:30
LaserJockit's hard to figure out a schedule when *everything* is on there17:30
boredandbloggingthe original fridge calendar was never only #ubuntu-meeting17:30
boredandbloggingit was mostly, but not completely17:31
LaserJockyeah, but it wasn't usually things like the open week schedule17:31
tycheIt's just that, with the original, not too many people used it.  So it was mostly the recurring events.17:31
LaserJockanyway, if I can still email in news I guess it'll be ok17:31
tycheI'm still here.  And I can still put them up for you.17:31
LaserJockis there any way to get the google calendar to do 24hr time?17:32
tycheNot that I've seen.  It IS using UTC (GMT - NO daylight)17:33
LaserJockyeah, but UTC isn't very helpful when I've got am/pm to contend with ;-)17:34
nizarusboredandblogging,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar it's a little bit confusing17:34
nizarus"The Fridge calendar is used to organize meetings around the community, specifically ones that take place in #ubuntu-meeting. "17:34
johnc4510-laptopLaserJock: you can go into settings and under time format change it17:34
tycheLaserJock: PM is just the time + 1217:35
nizarusi added an event meeting for u-tn LoCo after that i remove it17:35
tycheAfter a while, it becomes second nature.  Like 4:00 PM is 16:0017:35
LaserJocktyche: right, but that means I have to add 12 then do the right ofsets, gets confusing :-)17:35
LaserJockjohnc4510-laptop: where is the settings?17:35
tychethere are also tables for time zones.17:35
johnc4510-laptopLaserJock: top right of page17:36
johnc4510-laptopfor settings17:36
johnc4510-laptopnext to your email address17:36
tycheOn the Google calendar page, not the Fridge version.17:36
LaserJockI'm sorry guys, this is just really frustrating to me. I'll try not to take it out on you.17:38
johnc4510-laptopif you don't see it you may have to set up an account17:38
tycheHey, you're not taking it out on us.  We understand.17:38
tycheChange is always disruptive.  But sometimes change is necessary.17:39
LaserJockthis google calendar thing is going to a big step back for me, though I certainly know the recuring events pain (been there, done that)17:39
tycheHee hee.  You weren't the one keeping 2 calendars in sync.17:40
tycheTHAT was a pain.17:40
johnc4510-laptopyep, and we had no way to do recurring events in the fridge calendar17:40
LaserJockright, I did the Fridge events for a bit, it is a pain17:40
johnc4510-laptopah so you know the problems17:40
johnc4510-laptophee hee17:40
LaserJockbut the pain was supposed to movtivate CIS, not a move to Google Calendar :-)17:40
tycheIf it helps, see also http://tycheent.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/upcoming-events-calendar-has-moved/17:41
LaserJocktyche: that's what got me here. I had no idea the google calendar existed until this morning17:41
johnc4510-laptopthat was probably ok at first, but the number of events has increased dynamically recently too17:42
tycheHmm.  I thought it had been published as being out there.17:42
LaserJockso why not use openid and enlarge the group of people who can add events?17:42
LaserJocktyche: could have been but I never saw it17:42
LaserJockI don't remember if you can have drupal lock down a specific content category/type, but creating an event_contributor role and allowing say ~ubuntumembers access would seem reasonable17:43
LaserJockis it possible to do tagging in Google Calendar?17:45
tycheI thought it had been opened up for a while.  But very few people used the Fridge/Drupal calendar17:45
johnc4510-laptopnot sure, the biggest problem with the fridge drupal is that it is a customized (hacked) drupal that won't accept new plugins without them being altered17:45
LaserJockjohnc4510-laptop: of course, but that's why we have an army of smart Canonical hackers ;-)17:46
johnc4510-laptopyes but...17:46
tycheThey all told us that they couldn't do it, because of security holes.17:47
johnc4510-laptopthey don't always have the time to redo things17:47
LaserJocktyche: yes, security has become a very handy excuse for "Won't Fix"17:47
tycheI don't know about that. I'm just a "Dumb User".  LOL17:47
LaserJocksomehow just about every other organization manages to do this17:48
LaserJockit's just flat out unacceptable and inexusable that Ubuntu doesn't have a decent even calendaring system17:51
LaserJockhave you guys brought the calendaring up to the CC or TB?17:52
tycheYea.  Mark said "do it"17:53
LaserJockdo what?17:53
tycheGo to Google17:54
LaserJockI was thinking more of lodging a complaint against Canonical (CIS) to either/both CC & TB17:54
LaserJockthis is years of pretty awful "service", I think the community should be able to lodge a complaint17:55
tycheThat had been done prior.  And someone had been put on investigating the situation.  The outcome was that "it couldn't be done".  There is also the possibility that the entire Fridge  may change in the future, but that's still in the planning stages.17:56
LaserJockdoubtful it'd go anywhere since CC/TB == Canonical but it's worth putting out there17:56
johnc4510-laptopLaserJock: have you seen this?:http://www.ndeschildre.net/2009/01/10/ubuntu-news-website-mockups/#comment-881517:56
LaserJocksure, I've heard that a news system was coming for well over a year17:57
johnc4510-laptopwith a new news page we may be able to use a drupal plugin with a calendar17:57
johnc4510-laptopwe're not sure yet17:57
LaserJockwell, I'm glad nand has put his website magic to it, it doesn't look half bad17:58
LaserJockbut we've had mockups forever and it's always bottlenecked on CIS17:58
LaserJockanyway, I'm starting to sound like a scratchy broken record17:59
tycheNot as bad as 78RPMs.  LOL17:59
johnc4510-laptopthis is something mark is interested in so we shouldn't have that kind of problem17:59
LaserJockfrankly I don't see how Mark can say he's interested17:59
LaserJockthis has been a consistent and know problem for years and yet he's done very little towards it that I've ever seen18:00
tycheI've seen some of the logs from the past 6 months or so, and believe me, he's interested.18:00
LaserJockwell, "shows interest" perhaps and I hope he really is interested18:01
LaserJockbut like I said, you can say you're interested and all, but if you don't deliver anything it's kinda hard to make that claim18:02
tycheWell, he does have other things on his plate.  And he's passed things off to others to do (this is called "delegation").  And he's kept up with what the situation is.18:03
tycheThat's the best that one can hope for, really18:04
LaserJockbut honestly the problem is that he delegates *to* the problem :-)18:04
tycheYes, but there's a certain amount of expectation there that doesn't happen when someone lower makes a request.  One does not tell the boss that you don't want to do it.  You've got to have some pretty good reasons for it not getting done.18:05
tycheWe've also had discussions with some of the SysAdmins concerning this, so we have some idea of what they're up against.18:06
LaserJockand that's where the "interest" part comes in. Mark's gotta really show that he believes in the Fridge or Ubuntu infrastructure in general18:06
tycheThis was a "last ditch" attempt to at least put something workable in place.18:06
tycheI believe he does.18:06
LaserJockI hopes so18:07
johnc4511-laptopnew issue of UWN available: available at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue12522:13
johnc4511-laptopavailable at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue12522:13
* johnc4511-laptop says thanks for all the team for another great issue of the UWN :)22:49
johnc4511-laptopgreat job folks22:49
=== johnc4511-laptop is now known as johnc4510-laptop
greg-gheya johnc4510, a couple of quick comments:23:21
greg-gon the fridge article the phrase "Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License BY SA Creative Commons License" should probably be:23:21
greg-g"Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License" with everything starting with "Creative" and ending with "License" being linkified to http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/23:21
greg-gand your personal blog (which goes to planet.ubuntu) the text should also be what is above.  There is a descripency between what you say it is licensed under (attribution only) and what you link to (by-sa).23:21
tychegreg-g: There's no discrepancy, really.  The Fridge is controlled by the Community.  johnc4510's blog is personal. He can make it whatever he wants.  The planet doesn't control what an individual copyrights.  See also my blog23:42
greg-gtyche: not what I meant.23:48
greg-gthe text says it is licensed under a CC:BY license when it links to the CC:BY-SA license23:48
tycheNote your first - It say BY SA23:51
greg-gtyche: go to his blog post: http://johnc4510.wordpress.com/2009/01/18/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-125/23:52
greg-gat the bottom, it says only BY23:52
greg-gbut links to BY-SA23:52
greg-gI told him about the discrepancy before on the wiki (had the same problem) and he acknowledged it, it just must have fell through the cracks of the template.23:54
tycheMaybe.  But I think, because of the link, that it still counts.23:54
greg-gtyche: what still counts? and counts as what?23:54
tycheIt still counts as a BY SA.  Especially since it isn't called out in the preceeding text.23:55
greg-git is called out23:55
greg-g"Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCreative Commons License23:55
greg-gthat is a direct quote from his blog23:55
tycheI know.  I'm reading it.23:56
greg-gthe last 3 words are linked to the by-sa license, though23:56
tycheYep.  That's the version that it's released under23:56
greg-gso, what I'm saying is change it to: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License Creative Commons License23:56
tycheWell, I'm not a copyright lawyer, but I think you'll find that it's still covered, since a link is provided for the actual license.23:57
greg-gthere is a difference in saying "Creative Commons Attribution" and linking to Attribution-ShareALike23:57
tycheIt might be nice if he changed it, but it's not vital23:58
greg-gI don't understand why you don't want what you say to match what you link to.23:58
greg-git is AS DIFFERENT as saying "I use Linux" and having the word "linux" link to microsoft.com23:59
greg-gbut, do what you want23:59

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