elkbuntuwhat language of India do you speak?00:00
DBOelkbuntu, he speaks hindi00:00
JenkYes , DBO is correct .Hindi.00:01
elkbuntuthe people in #ubuntu-in should be able to help00:01
Jenkelkbuntu, I understand english perfectly well.00:02
elkbuntuJenk, you appear to struggle to speak it.00:03
elkbuntuPanarchy, can we help?00:04
elkbuntuwith what?00:04
PanarchyI seem to of been banned00:04
Jenkelkbuntu, It's much to the contrary.00:04
PanarchyCould you please be so kind as to unban me?00:04
PanarchyThanks in advance.00:04
FlannelPanarchy: No.00:04
FlannelPanarchy: You will not be unbanned.00:04
Panarchyjoin #vmware00:04
FlannelAt least, not for a while00:04
Panarchyoh, sorry, forgot the /00:05
PanarchyWhy not?00:05
FlannelPanarchy: Becuase you are a disruption to the channel, and can't follow direct instructions.00:05
PanarchyHow long is a while?00:05
Jenkelkbuntu, Would you like to convey any message to me ?00:07
FlannelPanarchy: I'm not sure.  At least a week.00:07
FlannelPanarchy: It depends on when we feel you'll be able to participate in a healthy manner.00:08
elkbuntuJenk, DBO will be taking over. i have to pack for a plane00:09
PanarchyFlannel: A week?00:10
PanarchyCan't we limit it down to, oh, I dunno, 3 days?00:10
Jenkelkbuntu, Safe Journey, Happy Journey. Bye  !00:10
FlannelPanarchy: No.00:11
bazhangPanarchy, was there something else?00:14
PanarchyI was wondering if I could make my ban any less then a week00:14
bazhangif not , then please don't idle in the channel.00:14
bazhangPanarchy, that has been made clear the answer is NO.00:15
FlannelPanarchy: That's a week from when you were banned, so its really only like six days from now.  But no.  Read the code of conduct, the IRC guidelines and let them soak in, hopefully when you come back we'll be able to unban you, and won't have trouble with you in the future.00:15
PanarchyAs I am in the middle of creating a distribution00:15
Panarchyand I only have 10 days to finish it00:15
Panarchymake that 8 days00:15
FlannelPanarchy: You should have thought about that before you ignored it when we told you to stop asking about what you were asking about.00:16
bazhangPanarchy, the kinds of questions you were asking were completely offtopic for #ubuntu ; making your own distribution falls squarely into offtopic territory.00:16
JenkFlannel, Thanks for the support received.00:17
Jenkbazhang, Thanks for the help received.00:17
FlannelJenk: You're welcome00:17
Panarchybazhang: Yes, but I will probably need ubuntu specific command questions to be answered00:18
FlannelPanarchy: Again, you should have thought about that before you abused your privledge to be in #ubuntu.00:18
Panarchyas I will now be working from either the alternate or the original distribution of Ubuntu 8.1000:19
bazhangPanarchy, #ubuntu is for support of the Ubuntu distribution. not clones nor ubuntu-based systems00:19
PanarchyBut I can ask ubuntu specific questions?00:20
PanarchySuch as00:20
PanarchyI'm confused at the difference between the Alternate installation and the Original Installation. They both show as taking 2.5GB, but 151,373 is shown as the number of items on the alternate, whilst the original shows up as having 151,015 items.00:22
PanarchyWhat's the deal with that?00:22
FlannelPanarchy: This is not a support channel.00:22
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:22
bazhangPanarchy, please part the channel. See you in a week.00:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:23
ubottuError: You are not identified00:23
FlannelPanarchy: but for the record, yes, that would be an appropriate question for #ubuntu.00:23
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.00:23
PanarchyBecause that is the type of question (in fact the exact question) that I wish to ask00:23
FlannelPanarchy: Yes, but you're banned, so you can't.  You abused your privledge and now you must face the consequences of your actions.00:24
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.00:24
PanarchyFlannel: C'mon00:24
PanarchyWe all make mistakes00:24
Panarchyand that was a mistake I made this morning at 1am00:24
bazhangperhaps a week is too short.00:24
Panarchybazhang: I had forgotten which channel I was on when I reposted my question00:25
Tm_TPanarchy: no, begging isn't helping you00:25
bazhangPanarchy, there is nothing further to discuss now.00:25
PriceChildI think Panarchy would rather it was kept at a week. That will give him 4 days of our support to release his new distribution. He should note though that he shouldn't use our support once he is using his distribution.00:25
bazhangneed to alter the factoids for this new distro00:26
Tm_Twhat new distro?00:26
bazhangthe new one coming from Panarchy Tm_T 00:27
Tm_Tthat sounds scary00:27
FlannelAlright.  Week has been noted in BT00:27
Tm_Troger roger00:28
nickrudPeubuntu? (using a common linguistic vowel shift here)00:29
Flannelnickrud: Peu Peubuntu?00:30
Jack_SparrowWOuld that version be nicknamed Pepe'00:31
nickrudFlannel, precicely00:31
PriceChildWas Panarchy known before today?00:31
nickrudor, P - U - buntu00:31
FlannelPriceChild: Yes00:31
elkbuntuPriceChild, yes, very.00:31
FlannelAbout a month ago00:31
PriceChildikonia: I suggest you remove the forward.00:32
Jack_SparrowPriceChild, funky has seemed to be on good behavior from what I have seen today00:32
nickrudfunky hat? he's been around since forever I think. goes in waves00:33
FlannelI imagine PriceChild was just saying "Funky", not referring to a person.00:34
Jack_SparrowHe and I were discussing funky earlier00:40
PriceChildWere we?00:42
PriceChildSorry, I did just mean funky :)00:42
Jack_SparrowFunkyhat omething, the guy I unbanned..00:43
nickrudand funky was in channel, and all the above is true :)00:43
Jack_SparrowLater guys and gals..00:44
ubottuCharitwo called the ops in #ubuntu (Lando-SpacePimp)00:47
nickrudhe's all yours, I'll be happy to remove an #u specific ban00:49
naliothi'll let you know if Elvis leaves the building00:54
Flannelhi Charitwo, how can we help you?01:10
Charitwooh don't mind me, was just looking at something01:11
Seeker`I wonder what he was looking at, there isnt much of a view from here01:21
nickruduser list probably. First time I was here was for that01:36
elkbuntui kinda suspect he's one of "them"01:41
nickrudhe was useful in #u earlier01:42
nickrudCharitwo 01:42
ardchoilleCan someone do something about Boxxy in #ubuntu please?01:51
FlannelI'll look at it01:51
naliothFlannel: hold a mo01:51
Flannelsorry, too late.01:51
Flannelbut, no ban, just remove01:51
Flannelso, no ban to remove if kline!01:52
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:52
FlannelHere hes back01:52
_slax_hey guys Microsoftsux is PM'ing people harrasing them and spamming youtube links, just thought i'd let you know :)02:07
FlannelWhy must people be stupid?02:08
FlannelOh, thats Firk02:08
FlannelWhat on earth is #ubuntu-meta?02:15
PriceChildFlannel: /topic often contains useful info02:16
FlannelI don't understand the topic in conjunction with the factoid02:16
ubottuIf you would like to help in #*ubuntu* but it just goes too fast to spot interesting questions, try joining #ubuntu-meta and watching for questions there (note that it is NOT a support channel, however, and questions should still be answered in #*ubuntu*)02:16
nickrudFlannel, sorry about boxxy; I was about to kick him but work intervened02:17
FlannelOh, no worries02:18
FlannelPriceChild: Is there a bot that relays questions there or something?02:18
nickrudstill. Channel (the few who know me)probably wondered why I ducked out02:18
FlannelAlright, so Firky not only was querying other people with random stuff, he then lied to me about it.02:25
Flannel(and tried to fabricate evidence to support his lies)02:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu, homecable said: !chilli0 google is ur best friend04:24
ubottuIn #ubuntu, homecable said: !chilli0 google is ur best friend :P04:24
legodude[23:52] <boxy> NIGGERS!04:58
tritiumlegodude: please don't paste that here04:59
nickrudlegodude, doesn't help us, you not reporting where you are, etc05:00
tritiumlegodude: I asked you what you needed in #ubuntu+1, and you ignored me05:00
legodudein #kubuntu05:01
legodudetrolling a bit too05:01
nickrudtritium, boxy (if it's the same one) is a nuisance05:04
tritiumnickrud: I don't have ops in #kubuntu05:04
nickruddidn't think so. ops seem scarce in several places recently.05:04
tritiumI don't use KDE, and didn't figure it was one of the channels I'd be in.05:05
nickrudneither did I. A few times recently there's been some serious trolling (one I saw, others by rumor) and they simply had to endure until the troller tired and left05:06
tritiumIt has a long access list.05:06
nickrudoff for home, cya05:08
bluesmokeIf that guy still in #kubuntu?06:19
bluesmokeThe only non-standard place I have ops is #ubuntu-desktop but I can help find someone06:20
* Flannel boggles at #ubuntu-desktop06:20
FlannelIs that desktop team?06:20
tritiumbluesmoke: I wouldn't consider #kubuntu non-standard06:21
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
Amaranthtritium: I consider anything outside of #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic non-standard, except for the places all members have ops06:22
tritiumAmaranth: hmm, interesting06:22
AmaranthMost of our ops are not #kubuntu ops06:22
AmaranthThus non-standard06:22
bazhang [boxy] (n=yxxob@71-221-166-76.bois.qwest.net): yxxob06:23
FlannelHe's back? what?06:23
bazhangnever left afaik06:23
tritiumWell, box him up, and ship him out.06:23
FlannelOh, he's in #k, he was in #u earlier06:23
bazhangright sorry06:24
Amaranth-ChanServ- You are not authorized to perform this operation.06:24
Amaranthworth a shot06:24
FlannelHes 100%* troll (* from concentrate)06:24
AmaranthRegularly trolling multiple channels is a kline offense, isn't it?06:25
FlannelI'm not sure if he counts as regular yet.06:28
elkbuntuAmaranth, s/channels/namespaces/06:29
FlannelAh thats true.  He's purely an Ubuntu problem at the moment06:30
elkbuntufor many its too easy to rack up multiple channels within a namespace. especiallhy if its pure argumentativeness06:31
Flanneltonyyarusso: try atroll06:40
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel06:47
tonyyarussohuh, okay06:47
tonyyarusso!trolling is <alias> atroll06:48
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, tonyyarusso said: !trolling is <alias> atroll06:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:48
tonyyarusso!trolling is <alias> atroll06:48
ubottuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso06:48
tritiumWhy not "troll" as well?  At least it's a word...06:48
tritium(so is trolling, bot "atroll")06:48
tonyyarusso!troll is <alias> atroll06:48
ubottuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso06:49
tonyyarussothere ya go06:49
nickrudtritium, you gonna write up some dvb stuff once you've got your home theatre running?06:56
tritiumnickrud: well, so far I do have a bug report to file06:57
nickrudxampp needs a factoid, recommending the native task 06:57
tritiumI'm not sure -- this is my 2nd htpc, and I didn't write much up after building the first one.06:57
tritiumnickrud: good suggestion, though.06:58
nickrudI'm really bad about that. I usually find what I need on google, I'm such a leech06:58
tritiumIf there's anything pertinent to document that hasn't already been, then I will.06:59
ubottudr_Willis called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:44
ubottuboxy called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:46
FlannelNo one awake with #k?07:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:47
ubottuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()07:47
Flannel(I know, I know, sorry)07:47
Flanneldr_Willis: We know already ;)07:48
RurouniJonesIf anyone happens to be around there is some troll in #kubuntu called boxy racially trolling07:51
Flanneltritium: Yep07:51
dr_Willishes cussing at the bot right now.....07:51
RurouniJonesI think he has shut up from lack of interaction from anyone else in the channel07:52
RurouniJonesNow he just trie dto ge ta newbie to sudo rm -rf *07:56
tritiumI noticed.07:56
* tritium has no access in #kubuntu, or he'd help07:57
dr_Willisapeal to higher powers? :)07:57
FlannelOne wonders where everyone is.07:57
RurouniJonesNerts, I asked in #freenode and they directed me here07:57
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)07:57
FlannelHmm, we haven't pinged genii yet, but he's been idle for over a day now.07:58
dr_Willis3 am on the weekend! what are they doing? like they have a life? hmm what am i doing up at 3 am...07:59
Flanneldr_Willis: It's not 3am everywhere.08:00
RurouniJones5pm here08:00
dr_Willisbut its always 3 am somewhere :) thats sort of 'zen' in a way heh08:00
RurouniJonesI offer my services as a Japan-based agent of retribution ;)08:00
dr_Willisshows how tired i am.08:00
* RurouniJones cackles08:00
dr_Willisi work 3rd sift.. this is my lunch time.. 3am in the usa08:01
FlannelOh great.  Now he's in -ot08:01
RurouniJonesAch well, the problem is known, no point in me idling and getting kicked *Looks fearfully at the topic*, toodles.08:04
FlannelThis is quite embarassing.08:05
tritiumYes, we need someone to take care of it.08:06
* tritium pings mneptok08:06
hyper__chany ops for #kubuntu available?08:09
tritiumhyper__ch: we're working on it08:10
hyper__chtritium: :)08:10
hyper__chwhat about jdong-bot?08:10
tritiumhyper__ch: sorry we're under-manned at the moment08:11
hyper__chtritium: it's ok08:11
hyper__chjust someone takes pride in throwing racist terms around in the channel08:11
tritiumhyper__ch: I've seen, and banned him from #ubuntu-offtopic, but can't do anything about #kubuntu for the time being.08:12
hyper__chtritium: :)08:12
hyper__chwho was this freenode admin/op again.....08:12
Panarchyarghh, default whenever I open mibbit08:25
Panarchysorry guys08:25
jussi01tritium: just banned boxy in #k09:23
Flannelyay jussi01!09:24
Flannelubottu: tell FriedCPU about away09:32
Tm_Tjussi01: one of those mornings when I shouldn't slept this well09:34
Tm_Tjussi01: you know, usually our daughter won't let me sleep this well =)09:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-motu, HarassmentPanda said: ubottu: that hyperlink is wrong09:53
Tm_Tthat nick....10:10
jpdsTm_T: My thoughts exactly.10:10
ubottusheep called the ops in #ubuntu (jjgh345)16:13
topylithe quit message is a great place for trolling. right now, somebody's quit message is "Religion kills." would be good to notify the user that it's not acceptable16:27
topylibut if i do when i next see him, the message might be "ubuntu rocks"16:27
ikoniaFlannel: give me a nudge when you're back17:07
ikonia"please" sorry17:07
Tm_Ttopyli: well, notify him, and if he does it again, it's banforward to here17:08
Tm_Tdon't remember who it was, but he had eventually quit message "Tm_T said so!"17:09
Tm_Tor similar17:09
topylihmm i just realized we have epiphany-webkit in intrepid18:15
bazhangfloodbots are going a bit wacky every other minute in #ubuntu18:16
PiciShould be fixed now.18:18
bazhangwhats with the factoid !bar ?18:29
bazhangseems to be a popular form of !fishing of late18:29
PiciIts nothing special.18:31
Flannelping ikonia 19:19
ikoniaFlannel: ahh no sweat, it was only a quick one to find out if you put a ban on panarchy after you removed my forward, 19:20
ikoniaFlannel: I didn't see one so put one in place19:20
Flanneloh right19:20
ikonianot a biggy19:20
Flannelikonia: There is one.  It's on his static IP19:26
FlannelOh.  Yeah, the static IP ban that you set ;)19:29
tritiumjussi01_: Thanks so much!19:40
tritiumJust stopping by to say hi.  I'm off to help my sister and brother-in-law install a security light.19:41
ikoniaFlannel: yeah, I put a nick one in too as he uses mibbet to get around his ip one19:42
Flannelmibbit won't get him around his IP one, but I don't disagree that both are good.19:42
ikoniaFlannel: ooh really ?19:42
Flannelikonia: right.  floodbot won't give exceptions for banned IPs19:43
Flannel(and actually, when you remove a mibbit user, floodbots ban the real IPs as well)19:43
ikoniahe's not been removed as mibbet yet19:43
ikoniabut I didn't know that either19:43
Flannelno, but you set a ban on his real ip19:44
FlannelI *believe* it should work19:44
ikoniaI see what you're sawying19:44
ikoniasaying even19:44
FlannelI just wanted to remove that forward, since he got forwarded here last night, and that's not really fair19:44
Flannelbut, re-ban is good enough as well.19:45
ikoniaI put the forward on so he could talk to us if he wanted to discuss it, but I agree just a straight ban is better now19:45
ikoniahis threats to take down freenode channels and ban dodge are getting old, especially when I say them in a ban jrib set on him a while ago 19:45
ikoniastraight ban is probably better19:46
bazhangpanarchy is making threats?19:46
ikoniayeah, see the logs19:46
bazhangwhat the heck19:46
ikoniawhen I banned him he said he could take the channel down and ban dodge if he wanted to 19:46
ikonia(total joke)19:46
Flannelbazhang: Before yesterday19:46
bazhangoh at 133719:47
ikoniaironic timing19:47
bazhanghave to check distrowatch in 10 days or so19:47
ikoniaha ha ha, see his home made one19:47
ikoniahe talks such rubbish it's un true19:47
ikonianon-exisistan linux19:48
Tm_TI want to go to Akademy19:50
ikoniawhay's that19:53
bazhangKDE Akademy19:54
Tm_Twell, KDE+GNOME this year <319:54
jribTm_T: where?19:54
Tm_Tjrib: canary islands19:54
Tm_Tjrib: in worst tourist season, so expensive++19:55
bazhang[ic3fr0g] (n=enea@athedsl-09343.home.otenet.gr): purple  sken?20:04
jussi01if its sken youll know...20:05
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as Amaranth
Seeker`how can we help you?21:36
guntberthave you seen slasher> http://sg10scanner.com/sg1/1/10187 ? looks a bit suspicious, he repated it21:36
guntbertin #ubuntu21:37
Amaranthit's a virus thing for windows21:37
guntbertyes, I want to report someone who tries evil things in #ubuntu21:37
Seeker`I think that warrents a talking to at least21:38
Seeker`ah, he quit21:38
FlannelJack_Sparrow: I can't help right now (leaving in two minutes, but you may suggest to gamewolf some of the methods on the Install wiki page21:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:55
ubottuompaul called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Someone get that one in absentia   x64)21:57
topylido we love auto_bleh.pl, or what do we do on irssi when we don't have chanserv.py?22:08
PriceChildI use aliases for /csop & /csdeop, though occasionally use auto_bleh.pl22:10
* jpds uses /opme to the same effect.22:11
topylihmm auto_bleh.pl does seem to do pretty much everything. i like chanserv.py's "one command, with arguments" approach more though22:15
* Seeker` has /opme22:16
Seeker`doesn't work in many places though22:16
MyrttiHello BABES!22:46
* Myrtti smooches everyone22:48
jpdsHey Myrtti, having fun?22:48
nickspoonYou're in a good mood today :D22:48
Myrttijpds: very :-D22:48
MyrttiI got 20 percent off from already cheap Bodyshop UK prices with showing my Finnish Bodyshop card :-D22:49
Myrttithey did have a good laugh looking at it though22:52
Nafallolike me when I was at Ikea and told the staff what the product's names actually meant? ;-)22:54
Dave2I should've tried using my UK game card at game in sweden22:55
MyrttiDuncan did promise that when we go to Littlehampton he might take me to have the Bodyshop tour22:57
Myrttiwhich would be awesome22:57
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, AtomicSpark said: !pie is link is br0ked22:59
Seeker`Myrtti: heya!23:01
Seeker`Myrtti: where in the UK are you at the moment?23:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:03
MyrttiSeeker`: Warboys23:06
Myrtti"The Homebase"23:07
Seeker`Myrtti: bout 60 miles from here23:08
MyrttiI seem to be about 60 miles from anywhere23:10
Seeker`whatcha up to tomorrow?23:10
Myrttiwork, should prolly start about as fast as I can get my eyes open so I'd be early in Finnish time23:12
Myrttiafter that... who knows.23:12
Myrttiso I'll be online a lot tomorrow23:12
Seeker`fair enough23:12
MyrttiI need to install lots of apps for my new laptop23:12
Seeker`you running on finnish or UK time now?23:13
Myrtticannot install terminator or gwibber from bzr :-<23:13
Myrttiphysically UK, but since everyone else from work is in Finland, I have to give in to that a bit23:13
* jussi01 waves to Martinp2323:14
* jussi01 waves to Myrtti23:14
Seeker`jussi01: dont hilight the staff like that!23:14
Myrttifail :-P23:14
Seeker`jussi01: just dont move! They cant see you if you dont move!23:14
Myrttioh, right23:14
Myrttiwas looking at my timestamps23:15
Myrtti"whoa, tis late"23:15
Myrttibut the server runs in Finland23:15
Seeker`my irssi is running on finnish time23:15
Myrttigot mixed up for a moment23:15
Seeker`should really sort it out23:15
jussi01Seeker`: meh23:15
MyrttiSeeker`: env doesn't work for you23:15
jpdsThis server is in Canada, but all my shells are in UK time.23:16
Seeker`Myrtti: haven't tried it23:16
Myrttiyou should23:16
jussi01if he changes it I change it back... mwahahahahah23:16
jussi01nah, just kidding23:16
Myrttianyway, time to hit the hay23:17
Myrttitalk to you tomorrow23:17
Myrttitake care everyone23:18
Nafallognight Myrtti 23:18
jpdsGood idea to /me does likewise.23:18
bazhangcdenny was trolling earlier23:23
bazhangnot that bad (as now) though23:23
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu cdenny Says he is bored and trolling because his Vista install keeps freezing23:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:25
Jack_Sparrow24 hr time out23:25
bazhangwas asking earlier about running maya 3d in ubuntu vm via wine23:27
jussi01poor Myll23:38
Jack_SparrowFriend of yours23:39

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