fransmanWhat kernel git is used for ports in jaunty ?13:56
persiafransman, There's three trees.  One for i586/amd64/armel, one for hppa/i486/ai64/powerpc/sparc, and one for lpia.  Look for ubuntu/ubuntu-$release(-ports|-lpia) from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git14:03
fransmanOk i'll go for the sparc thanks14:04
persiaThat's definitely -ports then.14:04
fransmansure it is14:05
fransmanstrange there a ubuntu-intrepid-ports.git but non for jaunty yet14:13
fransmanhow did they build the Alpha version then14:14
persiaProbably using the same kernel.14:19
persiaHrm, no there is a new kernel in jaunty.14:21
fransmanSo the only question is from what git repro they extracted it?14:23
persiaFrom https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ports it appears the uploader was NCommander, which would suggest that mcasadevall/ubuntu-jaunty-ports-1.1.git might be the right tree.14:23
fransmancool, nice direction14:24
persiaUnfortunately, he doesn't seem to be in-channel now: I've asked him to join, but can't promise he's currently in front of his IRC client.14:24
persiaYou might try one of the other ubuntu-jaunty-ports trees as well.  Nothing seems much more recent to me though.14:25
fransmanthanks for your support so far14:27
NCommanderpersia, you summoned me?19:23
fransmanNCommander: what kernel git is used in Sparc for the latest alpha?20:33
NCommanderNot the main kernel20:33
fransmantrue but what ports20:33
fransmanbecause it wasn't clear to me20:34
fransmani didn't find a ubuntu-jaunty-ports.git20:35
NCommanderfransman, its currently out of ncommander/ubuntu-jaunty-ports, or something like that20:36
NCommanderWe're redoing the ports tree at the moment to autorebase against mainline kernel, so that branch is dated20:36
fransmanso i have to wait for a week20:37
NCommanderpretty much, but we have no real means to test SPARC kernels20:38
NCommander(no hardware)20:38
NCommanderIf your interested in helping improving SPARC, I'd love to have some overall help20:39
fransmanbut there a build bot isn't it?20:39
NCommanderthe buildds aren't accessible20:40
NCommanderI have access to a SPARC box to make sure the kernel builds20:40
NCommanderBooting is another story20:40
fransmanha ha ha20:40
fransmanCan we create a auto build script, that does testing at night? 20:42
fransmanI know there something like this story needed for the general kernel-sparc list as well 20:44
fransmanAnd I am sure DavidM builds at night20:45
fransmanbut that's not Debian/Ubuntu oriented at all20:45
NCommanderwell, having an autobuild system is tricky20:46
NCommanderWe need a devirtualized PPA to do that20:46
* NCommander glances at lamont 20:46
NCommanderAnd Canonical is very hestitant to give one of those out20:47
* fransman hides with 6 sparc box around20:48
NCommandergive me one :-)20:53
* NCommander runs20:53
fransmanI am sure we can find one on ebay for you !20:54
NCommanderThat requires me having money20:55
* NCommander notes Ubuntu's IA64 builders were eBay specials.20:55
fransmanSo we need to look for some sponsors as well21:02
fransmanthat can't be the bumps of the road 21:05
NCommanderfransman, TheMuso will handle any uploading needs21:05
fransmanthanks going to bed21:58

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