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pug2694328hiya anyone able to answer an nfs question?05:20
pug2694328I have an ubuntu server 6.06 and two desktop ubuntu 8 boxes, I'm sharing a folder via nfs from the server, and have no problems mounting it on one client, but the other client mount just clocks when I try to view the folder05:22
pug2694328anyone know how to debug nfs problems?05:32
ScottKThis channel is usually pretty dead this time of day.05:34
ScottKand particularly during the weekend.05:34
ScottKTry again during the US/European workday.05:34
pug2694328okay thank ScottK05:35
pug2694328I may be working on Saturday night but I'm drinking a beer while doing it : )05:35
strick9I've got a home server that I'm very happy with and a pair of brand new hard-drives I want to put into raid105:58
strick9whats the best way to move all my data over, reinstall and start over from backup?05:59
sloopywhat is the best question to ask in #ubuntu ?07:21
ScottKsloopy: Support for servers is on topic here.07:21
sloopyScottK, yeah just realized i was in server not offtopic :')07:21
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quizmehello, i can't find /etc/init.d/courier... is it called /etc/init.d/courier-imap now ?11:34
MatBoymhh I was migrating a LAMP site from ubuntu to debian, but it seems that debian has too old packages ?12:44
MatBoymhh I was migrating a LAMP site from ubuntu to debian, but it seems that debian has too old packages or somthing like it ?12:44
Nafalloask Debian? we run Ubuntu in here... :-)12:45
MatBoyNafallo: yes I know that, but I was wondering if someone knows if Ubuntu needs the newer packages because Debian has issues because of older ones12:51
MatBoymy main issue in Ubuntu is Sudo, I need to turn it off12:51
MatBoyso that is why I can to debian12:52
DeepsMatBoy: you can turn sudo off in ubuntu....12:52
MatBoyDeeps: and give the root user a normal password... Sudo by default in Ubuntu is damn insecure12:52
DeepsMatBoy: yep12:52
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)12:53
MatBoyevery user is root actually :S12:53
MatBoyby default12:53
DeepsMatBoy: nope12:53
MatBoyevery user can sudo12:53
DeepsMatBoy: users who are members of group 'admin' have sudo rights12:53
jpdsMatBoy: Only users in the admin group are.12:53
MatBoybut on WS every user can sudo using his own password for sure ? or that only the first added admin user during the install ? I see ALLALLALL that means... everyone by default can sudo12:54
Deepsthats the first user thats added12:55
MatBoyand ALLALLALL is also on server :S12:55
Deepsis added to admin group by defualt12:55
Deepsapt-get remove sudo12:55
Deepsif you're concerned12:55
MatBoyDeeps: but will it not break the whole system ?12:56
Deepsalthough sudo -s first, and set a root password, heh12:56
Deepswhy would it?12:56
MatBoyDeeps: some people say12:56
Deepsnothing depends on sudo12:56
MatBoyI thought the same12:56
jpds...or you could juread the link the bot gave above.12:56
Deeps(try it, no extra packages get removed)12:56
MatBoyjpds: yes will read there for sure12:57
MatBoyDeeps: but ubutnu itself doesn't count on it also ?12:57
DeepsMatBoy: 'ubuntu' what?12:57
MatBoyDeeps: package manager... so on ?12:59
DeepsMatBoy: why would apt be dependant on sudo?13:00
MatBoyjpds: I have read that last night :)13:00
MatBoyDeeps: dunno what magic Ubuntu has done with it :)13:01
Deepshmm, looking my sudoers file, i see root has sudo rights, and members of admin group13:01
Deepsinfact, it's even commented to say that13:01
Deepscouldn't be clearer13:01
MatBoybut when I set a root password I can nornally login ? I mean, I need to run scripts as root using ssh and ssh-keys13:02
Deepsroot account isn't disabled, it just doesn't have a password set13:02
Deepsyou dont need to define a password to be able to login with ssh keys13:02
MatBoyOK, if that's it, it saves me to check for sudo in my scripts13:03
MatBoyDeeps: is it done more often or is there always worked around sudo in most cases ?13:03
DeepsMatBoy: can you rephrase the question13:04
MatBoyDeeps: when you chose ubuntu as server distro and people need actually root, what do most people do in most cases... work with sudo or just enable the root account by setting a password ? I mean it's not for nothing by default in ubuntu13:05
DeepsMatBoy: i cant speak for most people, but given that ubuntu is geared towards people new to linux, i'd imagine 'most' would work with sudo. i personally do not.13:06
MatBoyDeeps: ok, that's what I wanted to know ;) thanks13:06
DeepsMatBoy: many people i know do though, as they're not very comfortable using root, and using sudo gives them the extra safety of having all root level commands logged13:06
MatBoyyep, if you need it logged... can be nice13:08
MatBoymaybe only for people that need to admin the system manually13:08
Deepsuseful if you do something and break everything, but not sure what it was that you did, can look through the log to see all sudod commands13:08
Deepsand that helps when trying to get someone else to help you13:09
MatBoyyep true, but I think that's not needed when you run script and you tested them well13:09
MatBoyyou don't need 200% logging than13:09
Deepsif you're enabling passworded root logins though, i'd recommend disabling root logins via ssh, or enabling something like fail2ban13:09
Deepsotherwise you're more exposed to brute force attacks13:09
MatBoyDeeps: yep, that's for sure13:09
MatBoyDeeps: BFD is nice too13:10
MatBoybut it needs apf... so your solution is nicer13:10
MatBoyok, nice talking about ubuntu this way as you hear some guru's sometimes... don't touch sudo :S13:11
Deepssudo's security track record hasn't been great, which is why many more experienced linux users dont touch sudo, but i think it's in a much better place these days13:11
Deepsand like all tools, it has a time and a place13:12
MatBoyit would be nicer to have in the installer an option to make your system "more secure" by installing sudo or not13:12
MatBoyok, apt-get remove --purge sudo is not difficult also13:13
Deepsyour considerations of sudo being a security risk are invalid, unfortunately13:13
MatBoybut I must say... it's nice when a systemadmin that needs to login locally is logged13:13
MatBoyDeeps: yes I know13:13
Deepsas only the user created during install time has sudo rights, no other users do (other than root, but that doesn't count) unless you explicitly add them to your sudoers file, or to the admin group13:14
MatBoyyep true13:14
* MatBoy is most of the time the only user on a system, that's why13:14
Deepscreating a user doesn't automatically add them to sudoes nor admin group too, you have to specify that you want them added to admin at creation time or afterwards13:15
MatBoyok, ubuntu is the way to go than for my servers :)13:15
Deepsif sudo was your reason for considerring other distributions, then yes13:15
MatBoybut still, I don't know why there was that difference between debian and ubuntu... but I will investigate13:15
Deepsdebian is "more" stable13:16
MatBoynah, they have to prove that :)13:16
Deepsthey have already13:16
Deepspackage versions are frozen and kept in testing for quite some time before a release13:16
MatBoythe advantage of ubuntu is that their packages are newer, this can be very good13:16
MatBoyDeeps: even than I have had broken systems before13:17
Deepspackage versions arent upgraded, while security fixes are backported13:17
Deepsno system's perfect, humans are always involved, mistakes will always occur13:17
MatBoyyou better can have good and fast development that can fix issues when they are there than keep it in testing and in stable it still goes wrong13:17
MatBoyindeed, that's fun of life13:17
MatBoyok, /me needs to do something about his condition !!13:18
user___hello, how can i access bind9's manpage? i would like to get a output of the currently saved namezone infos "cache history"13:21
Deepscan start at man named or man rndc i guess13:25
user___Deeps: thanks, mistake on my side was to search for man pages in the bind9-doc package, where bind9 already brings them to your door13:28
Deepsuser___: np13:51
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alazHello everyone. Im having problems understanding how to setup my postfix server... It seems like everything is working fine for incoming mail, but outgoing is not setup correctly. The mail client complains that there is no supported authentication methods avaliable...15:32
alazI "have" setup SSL authentication, I think the cert is working.15:33
alazIs there some parameters i need to set that i gorgot maybe?15:35
popcornPanichi i need to make a file with the date at the title. How would i use the 'date' command in the title.16:38
jpdsfilename="~/file-$(date)" - in shell.16:43
jpdsYou might prefer "date -I" though.16:44
popcornPanicjpds: this is not working for me16:51
popcornPanicnvm i spoke too soon16:52
popcornPanicthanks for the help jpds16:55
Narc0tiqHi, I'm trying to do something that will appear very stupid: set up a totally anonymous Samba share with read-write options;17:01
Narc0tiqHowever, my Samba seems to be f**ked in some way, as I can't seem to convince it to allow any kind of connection at all.17:02
Narc0tiqI'm running Ubuntu Server Intrepid, installed just yesterday and brought up to date on everything Aptitude recommended.17:02
Narc0tiqAny ideas?17:02
gharzguys, i've tried installing ubuntu server... is it really by default doesn't install the wireless driver for broadcom?17:05
alkisgHas anyone used the kubuntu alternate cd to install an ltsp server? In the boot screen, there *isn't* an F4 option to install an ltsp server, but it's there in the debian-installer steps...???!!!17:05
rjaushey, im not actually using ubuntu server ( using 8.10) but I thought this question would be best answered here.  When setting file/folder permissions to give apache2/php read/write privileges (eg sessions.path) which user do I give the permission to?17:06
rjausok found the answer, thanks anyway.17:09
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Mohammad[B]why i can't open it ? http://boozary.info/cgi-bin/mysqltuner.pl17:41
Mohammad[B]how i can resolve this problem ? cgi file was not compile17:42
maxbaldwin"wget http://boozary.info/cgi-bin/mysqltuner.pl" and then vi it?17:42
Mohammad[B]maxb, why wget ?17:43
Mohammad[B]maxb, sorry17:44
Mohammad[B]maxbaldwin, why wget ?17:44
maxbaldwinwell... you can't open it. just download it, and when your done looking at it, delete it or keep it.17:44
Mohammad[B]maxbaldwin, that is in my vps !17:45
maxbaldwinMohammad[B]: what browser?17:48
Mohammad[B]maxbaldwin, oops :-s this file run in cli, sorry dear :-s17:48
maxbaldwinIm not getting anything with firefox, but safari is showing it.17:48
maxbaldwinone second...17:50
maxbaldwinare you asking how to run it, Mohammad[B]?17:54
Mohammad[B]maxbaldwin, my problem resolved thank you :-)17:55
JessicaParkerhi newbie here can someone tell me if i need to use BIND  ?18:29
sommerJessicaParker: regarding an internal network or a host on the internet?18:34
JessicaParkersommer - getting confused with all of this......but it in relation to setting up a dedicated server with fixed ip address to host a website and mail server18:35
JessicaParkerat the moment i have set it all up at home but without a domain name, i port forward by router to the current machine and if i type in my ip address i get the website up18:36
JessicaParkernow want to move all of this to a dedicated server using ubuntu server edition18:36
JessicaParkerreading through the manual there is stuff on ldap / bind none of which i did at home to set it up18:37
JessicaParkerbut i didnt have a mail server at home, and porbably wont get one on the dedicated server, but i do need some form of smtp relay18:37
sommerJessicaParker: are you going to use a hosting provider for the site?  because usually they will provide dns, so you won't have to setup your own18:41
sommerJessicaParker: you can configure postfix to forwawrd mail to another server as well18:42
JessicaParkeri was going to set up a dedicated server with full root access18:46
JessicaParkerso they will do out of the box install18:46
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JessicaParkerthey provide 2 fixed ip address and out of the box install of ubuntu server no configu18:46
Mohammad[B]sorry for this question, how to i can configure w3m for refresh a page per 2minutes ?18:48
serveradmini recently built a lamp server using ubuntu-server 8.10. However I want to be able to ftp into my /var/www folder. I have vsftpd installed. And Im trying to figure out a good way of going about this. Any ideas? Files that go into /var/www must be chmod 777 or else the php does not parse.18:48
serveradminmaybe create a new user?18:49
jtajiI doubt your files need world write permission for php to parse18:50
jtajichmod 777 = I haven't spent the time to learn unix permissions ;)18:51
serveradminwell, at the moment, i am using my sudo account to write files in view ftp, however the php didnt parse untill i chmod 777 them18:51
jtajias likely would 755 which removes group and world write permissions18:52
serveradminor else i run into this http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/62505/18:52
serveradminthe deal is, i want to ftp files into /var/www and I want apache to have the appropriate permissions to execute php code18:53
JessicaParkersommer any thoughts18:54
jtajiserveradmin: if I need apache to write I'll set the group owner to www-data (apache's user/group) and give group write permissions.... btw sorry not to be answering your initial question ;)18:55
serveradminsooo . . .I should create a new user that belongs to the group www-data?? and then when i ftp in files under this user, apache will be ok??18:55
jtajior maybe I am18:55
jtajiserveradmin: you could do that, you might need to set /var/www setgid for that to work18:56
serveradminok, ill give it a shot. what does setgid do? can I just chown to my new user?18:56
jtajiit would enforce uploaded files to be owned by the group18:58
serveradminthat would be perfect18:59
serveradminjtaji: I created a user and added them to the group www-data, and then chown /var/www to the new user. However when i upload my php files apache doesnt have correct permissions to use them. what did I miss??19:02
serveradmini guess my real problem is that apache wont parse my php unless they are cmod 777, and I dont understand why??? jta19:05
jtajifirst off forget what I said about setgid... not sure what I'm smoking today...19:06
serveradmini couldnt find a command setgid anyways19:06
jtajiserveradmin: apache needs read access to those files, you can either allow world read access... or set the group owner of the files to www-data and allow group read access19:06
jtajiserveradmin: and that link never connected to see your error19:07
serveradminjtaji: the link i provided was a forum that described the error I get19:07
serveradminso how can I set group owner of the files??19:07
serveradminchmod 770??19:07
serveradminchgrp www-data /var/www?19:08
thefishserveradmin: or chown .groupname /files19:08
jtajiI'd also recommending learning the ugo+rwx notation of chown19:08
serveradmindo I have to do that every time I upload new files via ftp??19:08
jtajiit allows you to do something like chmod o-w to remove world write permissions, without messing with other permissions19:10
jtajiserveradmin: dunnno that's why I wanted to see your error19:11
serveradminhere you go then http://humanity.homeip.net/index.php19:11
thefishserveradmin: try setting the permissions of the file/files to 075519:12
thefishso chmod 755 index.php should sort that issue, assuming its owned by serveradmin.www-data19:13
jtajiserveradmin: also on /var/www itself19:13
serveradminthe php did work this time19:13
serveradminbut how can I make it so that new uploaded files will work??19:13
thefishyes, the directory should have +x for www-data19:13
serveradmini dont want to chmod all my files every time I upload something new19:13
thefishserveradmin: maybe you can tell your ftp client to do it automatically for you, or you can change the mask in the ftp server config19:14
soulresinsutff like this is the reason i'm a fan of using fcgi + php running as the user.  files will be written as the user.19:14
serveradminim using vsftpd for my ftp server daemon. However, I can edit /etc/vsftpd.conf and tell it to auto chmod 0755, but then all my ftp users will upload files with that mask.19:15
serveradminwhat user does apache use?? The problem is, that apache isnt able to read or execute my files?? Apache is under the group www-data correct? So then chmod 750 my files, should allow only group to read and edit my files. right??19:18
serveradmini dont want to give world permissions to my files19:19
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Deepskirkland: or anyone else using screen-profiles, what does the blue ? mean?21:15
tjaaltonhas anyone heard of pulse2 before? http://pulse2.mandriva.org/wiki21:48
tjaaltonwondering if there are any packaging effort going on21:49
chmacAnyone recommend a way to speed up shred? I'm shreding a 250Gb disk and it'll take forever. I don't mind if the data is pseudo-random, it's just a precaution, there's nothing valuable on the disk22:54
Deepsdd if=/dev/[u]random of=/path/to/your/disk/mount/or/device/name22:59
Deepsfor i in `seq 1 4`; do dd if=/dev/[u]random of=/path/to/your/disk/mount/or/device/name; done; dd if=/dev/zero of=//path/to/your/disk/mount/or/device/name;23:00
Deepswould be what i've done in the past23:00
Deepsrandom data a few times over, and then zerod23:00
Deepsmakes it pretty tricky to recover after that23:00
chmacDeeps: That's what shred does23:03
chmacTrouble is, generating the random data takes forever23:03
Deepseither urandom or random is fairly speedy23:04
chmacThe red light on my hard drive is flashing intermittently, while shred beavers away23:04
Deepsi cant remember which23:04
chmacI think urandom is quicker, but it still takes a *long* time to generate 250Gb of random data23:04
chmacI think one pass with semi-random data would do me fine, anyone who wants to read my old email that badly is welcome to!23:04
chmacWriting 0s to the disk is probably enough to obfuscate my data if I run out of time to let shred run23:06
chmacI looked into faster random number generators in the past and found frandom, but it's not available in the repos, so I'd need to compile, etc, etc23:06
Deepsprobably worth it if you need to wipe the disk in a hurry23:08
chmacDeeps: I'm going to sell the laptop, so I probably need to re-install Ubuntu after reformatting, and I'm leaving at 9am tomorrow morning23:12
chmacSo I suppose it might be worth it, or I could just use a 0 wipe instead :)23:12
Deepsand it's now... 2pm in the afternoon?23:12
chmac5pm :(23:12
Deeps6am in the morning you're selling it?23:13
Deepsplenty of time23:13
Deepsconsider though, if you're shred-ing files on your filesystem, rather than just sprawing random data across the whole platter23:14
Deepsthat your files may not actually be erased, if you're using a journaled filesystem23:14
Deepsor rather, the data may not actually be erased23:15
Deepssince shred doesn't delete file descriptors anyway23:15
chmacDeeps: I'm shredding /dev/sdb from another machine, so the whole disk is being overwritten with random data I believe23:20
chmacBut it won't even have overwritten once by 9am tomorrow morning23:20
chmacIt's been running a few hours and only generated 20Gb of random data thus far23:20
Deepshow slow's your cpu?23:20
chmacCore 2 duo, 1.4GHz23:20
Deepsno way it should be that slow then23:21
chmacDamn, there must be something wacky going on then23:21
chmacI've always had this problem though, on this laptop and the previous one23:21
Nafallohave enough entropy?23:21
chmacNafallo: I'm not sure, I'm using the machine right now, so I think so23:21
Deepsi get 4mb/sec using /dev/urandom on a 1.2ghz celeron23:21
chmacholy crap, ok, something is going crazily worng here23:22
chmacMaybe shred is using /dev/random instead of /dev/urandom as it says is the default23:22
Deepsdd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb bs=102423:22
Deepsdd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 count=10000023:22
Deepsif oyu want to do a short test for speed23:22
chmacDeeps: Running that now, thanks23:24
chmacI get 1.7MB/s23:25
chmacSo 250Gb will take around 40 hours...23:26
chmacOk, looks like I've got frandom installed and working... :)23:32
chmacDisk appears to be writing as fast as it's little spindles will carry it... :)23:32
chmacNow I'm getting 4.5Mb/s :)23:32
chmacOk, I think we're writing as fast as possible now23:35
chmacsudo dd if=/dev/frandom of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 skip=1800000023:35
chmacshred had already written over 19Gb of random data at the start of the disk23:35
chmacStill due to take 15 hours at 4.5MB/s though :(23:36
chmacI think I'll let it overwrite the first 30-40Gb which is where my most sensitive data was, then use a 0 overwrite23:36
Zombie_GazCan someone please explain the difference between priority and nice?23:46
maxbaldwinpriorities: noun, plural; -ties, 2-4.23:49
maxbaldwin1.  the state or quality of being earlier in time, occurrence, etc.23:49
maxbaldwin  2.  the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.; precedence.23:49
maxbaldwin  3.  the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies, services, facilities, etc., esp. during a shortage.23:49
maxbaldwin  4.  something given special attention.23:49
maxbaldwin  â€“adjective23:49
maxbaldwin5.  highest or higher in importance, rank, privilege, etc.: a priority task.23:49
Zombie_GazThat hilarious. You had better know the real answer now.23:50
Zombie_GazMy processes have a process value and a nice value.23:50
maxbaldwinnice: -adjective, nicer, nicest:23:50
maxbaldwin1.  pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.23:50
maxbaldwin  2.  amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.23:50
Zombie_GazBoth make things "higher in importance".23:50
maxbaldwin  3.  characterized by, showing, or requiring great accuracy, precision, skill, tact, care, or delicacy: nice workmanship; a nice shot; a nice handling of a crisis.23:50
maxbaldwin  4.  showing or indicating very small differences; minutely accurate, as instruments: a job that requires nice measurements.23:50
maxbaldwin  5.  minute, fine, or subtle: a nice distinction.23:50
maxbaldwin  6.  having or showing delicate, accurate perception: a nice sense of color.23:50
maxbaldwin  7.  refined in manners, language, etc.: Nice people wouldn't do such things.23:50
maxbaldwin  8.  virtuous; respectable; decorous: a nice girl.23:50
maxbaldwin  9.  suitable or proper: That was not a nice remark.23:50
maxbaldwin  10.  carefully neat in dress, habits, etc.23:50
maxbaldwin  11.  (esp. of food) dainty or delicate.23:50
maxbaldwin  12.  having fastidious, finicky, or fussy tastes: They're much too nice in their dining habits to enjoy an outdoor barbecue.23:50
maxbaldwin  13.  Obsolete. coy, shy, or reluctant.23:50
maxbaldwin  14.  Obsolete. unimportant; trivial.23:50
maxbaldwin  15.  Obsolete.  wanton.23:51
maxbaldwin  â€”Idioms23:51
maxbaldwin16.  make nice, to behave in a friendly, ingratiating, or conciliatory manner.23:51
MianoSMIs that a spammer or what?23:51
maxbaldwin  17.  nice and, sufficiently: It's nice and warm in here.23:51
maxbaldwinThank you for using the maxbaldwin dictionary service. please come again.23:51
Zombie_GazIs an op going to kick this *** or what?23:51
maxbaldwinhehe, hope not.23:51
Deeps+5 comedy value23:51
DeepsZombie_Gaz: man nice tells me:        nice - run a program with modified scheduling priority23:52
DeepsZombie_Gaz: man priority tells me: No manual entry for priority23:52
Zombie_GazThe point of this channel is to help though. Anyway... priority has a certain value and nice has another value. Both make things more important to the server. What is the specific differences?23:52
Zombie_GazYes... I can use man too.23:52
Zombie_Gazerp "are"23:53
Deepspriority doesn't appear to be installed by default, at a guess they're both wheels invented at different times, both do the same job, nice being installed by default would be considerred to be 'better'?23:53
Zombie_GazSo... same thing?23:53
Deepsif you want specifics for a particular tool, coming to a generic help channel isn't the best approach, heh23:54
Zombie_GazNice = highest priority is -19. What is the highest priority setting I can use... most of my processes run at 20ish.23:54
Deepsthe source code, however23:54
DeepsZombie_Gaz: i thought you could use man too? :)23:54
Zombie_GazIt doesn't say.23:55
Deepsman nice:23:55
DeepsDESCRIPTION Run  COMMAND  with  an adjusted niceness, which affects process scheduling.  With no COMMAND, print the current niceness.  Nicenesses range from -20 (most favorable scheduling) to 19 (least favorable).23:55
Zombie_GazSorry. Missed that.23:55
soulresinnice effects priority.  -5 nice is 15 priority.23:55
Zombie_GazEr... but I mean what's highest priority not highest nice.23:59

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