jonpackardHello. I'm having problems with X in a qemu emulated Ubuntu Jaunty Armel system. I can load gdm or run startx to get to a desktop, but once X loads, I cannot use the keyboard or mouse. Here's my Xorg.0.log http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/f5a153034 -- Could anyone please offer any suggestions?03:09
tjaaltonjust what we needed.. a poll about zapping07:06
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: it turns out that the buttons fix for tablets is not in rc1. It was cherrypiced a bit after tagging...08:38
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19282 the patch is here.08:41
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19282 in Input/Core "Events handled wrong when master button map differs from the originating device..." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:41
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: is it here? http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Server16Branch09:03
tjaaltonseems to be09:04
tjaalton"mi: ensure chained button mappings from SD -> MD (#19282)"09:04
Alexia_Deaththe hash thingie matches nice. 09:05
tjaaltonI'll add it later today09:06
tjaaltonand will check the list for others too09:06
Alexia_DeathI havent tested that pach myself  tho... Great... then theres a little catch with the wacom driver and the hotplug should work:D09:06
tjaaltona link to the patch and it'll be included as well09:07
tjaaltonin the driver..09:07
tjaaltonafk, cleanup ->09:07
Alexia_Deathhmm.. that will be a bit tricky... theres a hack and something thats supposed to be a solution... the hack works, the solution does not. the hack however is not nice on anything else than 1.6 because it causes a memory leak. in 1.6 double free kills the server.09:08
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: ok, I'll wait for a bit then10:31
ogratjaalton, have you seen the request from jonpackard above ? i see the same here 10:34
ogra(log is identical to his at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/f5a153034)10:35
ograhal and dbus are running fine 10:35
tjaaltonogra: not in detail.. will check10:37
ograII) Cannot locate a core pointer device.10:37
ogra(II) Cannot locate a core keyboard device.10:37
ogra(II) The server relies on HAL to provide the list of input devices.10:37
ogra        If no devices become available, reconfigure HAL or disable AllowEmptyInput.10:37
ograthats the issue here i thikn10:37
tjaaltonno, the last line is more important10:37
ogra[config/dbus] couldn't take over org.x.config: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied (Connection ":1.6" is not allowed to own the service "org.x.config.display0" due to security policies in the configuration file)10:37
ograthat one ? 10:38
tjaaltonthe first ones are just informational10:38
ogranote that system is a debootstrapped ARM rootfs 10:38
ograwith xfce4, xorg and gdm installed on top10:38
tjaaltonmaybe enabling dbus had something to do with it10:38
ograso might be a dependency missing10:38
tjaaltoncan you build the xserver wihtout --enable-dbus?10:39
ograah, thats builtin now ? 10:39
tjaaltonsorry, --enable-config-dbus10:39
tjaaltonjust delete the line from rules10:39
tjaaltonit was enabled for wacom hotplub10:40
ograi can, will take a while, the arm build machine i hav is a bit slower than x8610:40
tjaaltonuh, -plug10:40
ogragoogling only found me gentoo probs :) so it might not be enabled in other distros10:40
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: you've used the dbus setup before.. normal hal hotplug still works?10:43
* ogra wonders if xfce4 starts up a session bus10:43
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: yes. Its designed so HAL can do its thing, and just stylus works. then when the daemon runs, it removes the HAL added device and adds fully configured devices.10:45
tjaaltonactually, I have the same error10:47
tjaaltonbut then hal kicks in and does it's business10:47
jcristauis config/xorg-server.conf installed anywhere?10:47
tjaaltongood catch10:48
tjaaltonit isn't :)10:48
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: did you install it? I had to modify the package to install it for intrepid10:48
Alexia_Deaththe 1.5 packages in my ppa do in an hackish nature...10:48
tjaaltonthe destination is /etc/dbus-1/system.d?10:53
tjaaltonbah, have to go out ->11:07
ograso copying the .conf file in place made the error in the log go away ... but still neither mouse or kbd 11:15
jcristauogra: it would have been unexpected if that made a difference :)11:17
ograwell, it fixed the noise in the log :)11:17
jcristauheh. i meant other than that11:18
ograyeah :)11:18
ograshuldnt there also be a .service file ? 11:19
jcristaulshal lists the devices correctly?11:19
ograno idea, i cant get to the console :)11:20
* ogra boots with the text kernel option11:20
ograwell, withough X running lshal doesnt list any x11 options11:22
ogranor any evdev driven devices11:22
jcristaubut they show up in /proc/bus/input/devices?11:24
ograthere is an AT kbd and a ps/2 mouse11:24
ograah, i thought there was no sysfs mounted, but its all there11:25
ogra(note this is qemu ARM, but X used to work in former setups)11:26
ograwell, s/X/input/11:27
tjaaltonogra: used to work with 8.10?12:12
tjaaltonor previous xserver?12:12
ograbuild is running ... 12:12
ogralets see 12:12
tjaaltonyep to which question?-)12:13
ograprevious server 12:20
ograwe didnt have armel with 8.10 :)12:20
jcristauif hal doesn't have the input.x11_driver properties, that's not X's fault, though :)12:26
tjaaltontrue.. and downgrading the server should confirm that 12:31
tjaaltonbah, still no mesa16:12
jcristautjaalton: what if you use drm_i915_sarea_t instead of struct drm_i915_sarea?16:20
jcristau(since the kernel seems to call it struct _drm_i915_sarea instead)16:21
jcristauusing the typedef should work afaict16:21
tjaaltonjcristau: where is that?16:24
tjaaltonI actually googled the error message and found out what it means16:25
jcristauin mesa. intelWindowMoved()16:25
tjaaltonwell, changing it to _drm_i915_sare worked16:28
jcristauit'd break for people using the libdrm headers. hence the suggestion to use the typedef16:29
tjaaltonwell, it didn't work :)16:29
jcristaus/struct drm_i915_sarea/drm_i915_sarea_t/ should have worked just the same, unless i'm missing something16:30
tjaaltonI left struct there16:30
tjaalton(my c sucks)16:31
tjaaltonok, will build just to be sure it doesn't explode somewhere else16:43
tjaaltonI mean if there are other bugs left16:43
tjaaltonintel_context.c does the same16:54
tjaaltonand _screen.c16:55
tjaalton.. and _screen.h, bah17:37
* jcristau hands git grep to tjaalton 17:39
tjaaltonman, that's fast17:45
tjaaltonok, so i915_drm.h from 2.6.28 is missing *bo_handle19:18
tjaaltonthere is a commit for it19:18
tjaaltonso, I got mesa to build, but it'll need a kernel update until it's ready to be published21:45
tjaaltonphew, compiz works again21:55
tjaaltonand x11perf -aa10text is now up to ~200k chars21:55
tjaaltonwith EXA, not UXA21:55

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