deagleOMG lol00:00
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:00
antonehammersmiranda_psi: drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 16384 1969-12-31 19:00 server100:00
quibblerSnipermaster002, have tried starting in safe mode?00:00
oskar-Jaffarkelshac, i can be wrong, perhaps try the nv driver instead of the nvidia driver...00:00
Jaffarkelshacthanks for the suggestion oskar-00:01
Dante123nikrud http://pastebin.ca/131124400:01
jhirleyI would agree it sounds like you MBR master boot record may be damaged in windows00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
capricorn^80my cairo-dock is not working .. need help00:01
oskar-capricorn^80, nice to know...00:01
gillroyi can no longer run as root via "sudo -l" under ubuntu studio 8.10 as i did in 8.04 - did something change?00:01
nickrudDante123, i'd guess that was an error in the source, a sec00:01
miranda_psiantonehammers: try adding in uid=youusername,gid-yourgroupname00:01
jhirleydon't spam00:01
Flannelcapricorn^80: Repeating isn't going to get you helped any sooner.00:01
[TK]D-FenderHello all, still jsut learning Ubuntu+Gnome and had a quick Q : I Consolidated down to 1 panel, Windows-style, and am looking at the Menus now.  How much can I move things around without blowing stuff up or causing apps I try to install later not to know where to put launcher and find them getting "lost in space", etc?00:01
Jaffarkelshacif no one is responding likely no one can help you capricorn^8000:02
antonehenrymiranda_psi: you will have to walk me through that too.,.. =[  sorry00:02
gillroysudo -l?00:02
miranda_psi antonehammers: just add it to the fstab file after the umask and then unmount and remount the drive00:02
Dante123nickrud I am trying to compile the zd1211 vendor driver for my wireless usb dongle00:02
antonehenrymiranda_psi: okay- thanks.00:03
Dante123nickrud it supports using the adapter as an AP00:03
AaronXcan anyone help me get a prism2 card running on 8.10 with hostap?00:03
[TK]D-FenderMore specific question, I haven't found the origin of the "Places" menu just yet for the though of restructuring.00:03
Dante123nickrud but not if you use the standard zd1211rw driver00:03
gillroyhow can i get access to the root account on my machine. and yes, i really really want to.00:03
[TK]D-Fendergillroy: "sudo su -"00:04
jhirleysudo su00:04
Nomexousgillroy: Do you mean sudo -l is failing, or that it doesn't show you want commands you can execute?00:04
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender:  Just remove the panel.  You can always add/remove objects to the panel by right-click on the panel and "Add to..."00:04
antonehenrymiranda_psi: actually, what is the "unmask"00:04
nickrudDante123, struct sk_buff, look for it's definition in the code. it should have a member mac . But that doesn't sound like a kernel header problem00:04
jedi06I can't smbclient -L //192.168... -U user saiys failed Called name not presest and NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED00:04
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: But if I want to keep "menu's" but rather restructure it, whats my breakage risk?00:04
gillroy<[TK]D-Fender: thanks00:05
jhirleyanyone have a working background changer script ?00:05
jedi06should i be using the ip of the computer i'm targeting or the gateway of the rueter00:05
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: Nothing.  You're paranoid. :)00:05
miranda_psiantonehammers: its not unmash - its umask and its sets the mask of the folder - effectivily setting the permissions on the folder00:05
Dante123nickrud i have no idea on how to do what you just said.  I think this is over my head.00:05
kavelotafter I updated ubuntu, it seems it lost many -dbg packages, so I'm not getting to compile some programs as debug... any ideas on how to fix that?00:05
AaronXno one knows about hostap?00:05
oskar-jedi06, it is yet smbclient -L 192.168....    doesn't that work either?00:05
jhirleyBut they are out to get you00:05
nickrudDante123, heh. compiling kernel code can be daunting00:05
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Yes, but that doesn't mean I haven't broken it this way before :)  I'm just trying not to FUBAR myself.00:05
quibbler[TK]D-Fender, just right click and choose edit....then add remove move what you want00:06
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: You can drag anything to your liking.  Add/remove anything too.00:06
antonehenrymiranda_psi: i don't have any sort of group00:06
Dante123nickrud i noticed that the source is in synaptic for zd1211 and selecting it downloads some tools or additional software....will dl that and then try command again00:06
marcelo_I am using irssi and I am not able to change the channel with alt 1,2 or esc 1,2 etc, Does anyone know why? I have tried #irssi and noboby knows what is happening.00:07
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: And if I move/rename a submenu name and go to install a nother app, where do its launchers end up, etc?00:07
nickrudDante123, if it's in the packaging system, it should compile itself if it's using dkms00:07
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: And I really can't seem to see the "places" menu in "menus" at all... right clickiing offers to let me edit the panel, but all I see is Applications & System00:07
matt_I got my bluetooth adapter working with my phone and headset in kubuntu 8.10. I like the look of blueproximity. However...it won't detect any of the devices...even though they're already paired.00:08
miranda_psiantonehammers: every user under linux also has a group - do a ls -l in /home and look at your folders entry and the first name there is your username and the second will be your group00:08
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: The applications on the list... all of them are launchers.00:08
mar77ihttp://pastebin.com/me093b3d -- what's wrong with my installation?00:08
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender:  Are you talking about System --> Preferences --> Main Menu?00:08
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Yes, I know.  I'm talking, lets say I go with Synaptic to install something NEW.  The app had a default place in the menus to deposit the new Shortcut.  Now if I've got and restructured everything, where will it put it?00:09
Dante123nickrud i'm lost now.  ran make again same thing.  I don't know how to install this driver00:09
kavelotafter I updated ubuntu, it seems it lost many -dbg packages, so I'm not getting to compile some programs as debug... any ideas on how to fix that?00:09
antonehenrymiranda_psi: okay, this is just taking forever to unmount00:09
Dante123 modprobe -v zd1211b00:09
Dante123FATAL: Module zd1211b not found.00:09
miranda_psiantonehammers: ok00:09
[TK]D-Fender[19:08]<jinja-sheep>[TK]D-Fender: Are you talking about System --> Preferences --> Main Menu? <- Yes, and its 3 assocated slots on my Gnome-Panel00:09
jedi06then why does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba say smbclient -L //server -U user to list public smb shares oskar_00:09
jedi06oskar- ^00:09
Dante123nickrud here is what I am trying to follow http://zd1211.wiki.sourceforge.net/VendorBasedDriver00:09
nickrudDante123, you need to find where the new source was placed.  dpkg -L <pkgname>00:09
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: Same place.  They are launchers // other word for shortcuts.00:09
Nomexousmar77i: Looks like the *.o object files were compiled on a different computer00:09
ESphynxHey guys, why is the .deb package I downloaded that I want to install is greyed out in Synaptic ?00:10
oskar-jedi06, and it is wrong00:10
Nomexousmar77i: Are you using make to compile?00:10
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: And If I mangle the groups, and I install a new app that comes witha  new launcher and the place it would LIKE to put it "no longer exists", what will happen?00:10
jedi06ok oskar- they both give the wrong results trying to connect directly to the computer or connecting to the gateway00:10
burkmatAny obvious downsides to taking my hdd, putting it in another computer, installing Ubuntu Server 8.04 on it and then putting it back in the original machine? Both machines are AMD64.00:10
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HiggsBosonHi buddies!00:11
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: It's likely to install in the group.  Then you'll have to move it again... to your group.00:11
Alejandr0_82Hi, I have a problem with an intel HDA laptop soundcard, ubuntu 8.10?00:11
jinja-sheepEmpty group, that is.00:11
Jack_SparrowESphynx, Did you download it manually or with synaptic00:11
Nomexousmar77i: Try 'make clean' and 'make' again00:11
TiZHow can I get GParted to resize an NTFS partition with bad sectors on it?00:11
DBOjinja-sheep, just so you know, Jenks ban is lifted, let me know if you have problems again =)00:11
antonehenrymiranda_psi: is it "gid-groupname" or "gid=groupname"00:11
oskar-jedi06, do you get a connection if you "telnet 192.168....  445"  ?00:11
jinja-sheepDBO: Thanks. :)00:11
TekumelAnybody here aware of anything unusual that needs to be done to get 8.10 to recognize a Sil3112-connected HD on install? When I reach 4 of 7 (gparted), it comes up with no drives. Complete newb here. :(00:11
ESphynxJack_Sparrow: manually00:11
Jack_SparrowTiZ, Not a good idea.00:12
miranda_psiantonehammers: gid=groupname00:12
matt_I got my bluetooth adapter working with my phone and headset in kubuntu 8.10. I like the look of blueproximity. However...it won't detect any of the devices...even though they're already paired.00:12
matt_Any idea where to look for help?00:12
HiggsBosonHow can I get a cool deskbar at my destop00:12
Jack_SparrowESphynx, then that is the reason it does not show up in synaptic.  best to use one from supported repos00:12
jedi06oskar- nope i need a server on windows then00:12
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Ok, so I'll likely pay a price in continued maintenance to keep structures the way I want them.  As longs as I see the price to pay... and for question #2?  I get tot he "Menus" config boox but can never see the "Places" section shown on the panel00:12
bazhang!awn | HiggsBoson00:12
ubottuHiggsBoson: Avant Window Navigator is a dock-like navigation bar for the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/ Awn-Manager can be found the Gutsy !backports repository and in Universe in Hardy00:12
Jack_SparrowHiggsBoson, sudo apt-get install cairo-dock00:12
jinja-sheepHiggsBoson: Look into Cairo Dock.00:12
banishedHi, are there any USB Bluetooth Adapters not working with Linux?00:12
jedi06i thoght that is what setting up filesharing did on windows00:12
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Doesn't seem to be another applet, yet is not at all visible in the menu editor00:13
ESphynxJack_Sparrow: it's not something from the repo00:13
HiggsBosonIm using conky00:13
ActionParsniphey all, I run alltray to keep thunderbird running but out of  the way, Is there a command I can run to make it come back as if i'd clicked on it, kinda like a minimise / restore but to alltray00:13
TiZJack_Sparrow: Of course not. But it's not like I can afford to buy a new hard drive at the moment.00:13
TiZOr maybe ever. I don't know.00:13
oskar-jedi06, maybe the server doesn't listen on that port or a firewall/packet filter blocks the traffic00:14
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:14
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender:  If you want to hide Applications / Places / System.  You could remove it from the panel and Add "Main Menu" -- Rather than restructuring everything all times.  Quite hassle and pointless, really. :)00:14
funkyHatJack_Sparrow: thanks for your help earlier. I'm still getting crashes with acpi and apic off though, so maybe I damaged something, or maybe the chipset on the board is really bad00:14
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HiggsBosonconky is pretty cool but I wanna try other one00:15
zetherooI have an MP5 player that will not mount in Ubuntu  ... please help00:15
AtomX1211quick question00:15
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: I was really hoping just to move it under... I didn't want to just ditch it... I wanted to make a more consolidated tree is all...00:16
AtomX1211anyone know how to get an ipod working with Ubuntu 8.10?00:16
Alejandr0_82Trying again :)00:16
Alejandr0_82My soundcard, intel HDA makes continuous noise and sometimes only crackles when supposed to play sound.00:16
Alejandr0_82Fresh ubuntu 8.10 install, and I'm a total n00b.00:16
antonehenrymiranda_psi: ....finally remounting00:16
Brack10What user do init.d services run as?00:16
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Really isn't a big deal, but it seems every approach gets me 90% there and leaves 1 crucial thing off.00:16
CaptainMorganBrack10, root, no?00:16
oskar-zetheroo, tell the device to behave like a mass storage device00:16
Snipermaster002could somone help me00:16
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: Heh.  Whatever floats your boat. :)00:16
oskar-zetheroo, if possible00:16
zetheroooskar-: how?00:16
Brack10CaptainMorgan:  I don't know, someone said  they run as "nobody"00:16
zetheroooskar-: the volume is FAT3200:17
antonehenrymiranda_psi: nope.  still nothing.  i appreciate the help.  learned a couple of things, but i gotta get going.  thanks a lot!00:17
onaoghdirty bit ?00:17
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: More like "at what point will I simply 'live with it'", and this is just about there... for today :)00:17
mar77iNomexous, thx it *worked* :D00:17
onaoghforce mount00:17
zetheroooskar-: it loads in Windows XP Pro fine ... which is how I know the filesystem00:17
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Neither neurotic, lazy, or stupid....00:17
jedi06how would i find out the port then?00:17
oskar-zetheroo, and it needed no drivers in xp?00:17
CaptainMorganBrack10, ps -aux might give you an idea of what's running... maybe deducing from there - at least what I see is mostly root, in addition myself00:17
jedi06oskar- ^00:17
[TK]D-Fenderjinja-sheep: Thanks for your input.00:17
miranda_psiantonehammers: just look and make sure that you are set as the owner - maybe try using chown on it before mounting next time...  good luck00:17
zetheroooskar-: none00:17
Jack_SparrowfunkyHat, I only booted up to get mail. what mboard is that00:17
jinja-sheep[TK]D-Fender: Always glad to give you some insightful, some hints, and some help. :P00:18
oskar-zetheroo, maybe it is a corrupted fat32? try fsck.vfat on the corresponding device, if recognized00:18
Dante1231nickrud you there?00:18
zetheroooskar-: In Ubuntu it just keeps rebooting itself when plugged in .... I get some info in dmesg00:18
[TK]D-FenderAlrighty, checking out for now, Ubuntu is rocking it for me now... Windows free until I need to synch my PDA :p00:18
zetheroooskar-: how would it be corrupted if it loads in Windows?00:19
[TK]D-FenderUnless someone knows a tool that will let me access my WinMo phone ;)00:19
kevin__any mencoder experts in the house?00:19
burkmatBrack10, I think they run as root but clever applications drop down to other users (such as nobody) in order to avoid unnecessary security access.00:19
Alejandr0_82anybody want to give me a lesson in compiling alsa? or maybe there is a simpler solution?00:19
* [TK]D-Fender waits around a few odd minutes seeing if karma pays out today00:19
kevin__i'm trying to record television, but when i use anything above 320x240 it's super blocky during movement00:19
jinja-sheep!sound | Alejandr0_8200:19
ubottuAlejandr0_82: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:19
oskar-zetheroo, windows has a different driver and therefore a different understanding of what is a severe file system error that justifies the denial of mounting00:20
LLHello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to change video cards. I have an Nvidia card right now and want to install a better Nvidia card. Thank you!00:20
Alejandr0_82k thanks, I'll check that out00:20
jinja-sheepLL: Just install it.  It should prompt you to remove the old one.00:20
oskar-zetheroo, but maybe it's something other00:20
oskar-jedi06, sorry, can you repeat what you have written?00:20
jinja-sheepLL: Blah.  Just install it.  Really. :)00:20
LLJinja: cool! thank you! I'll come back in a few minutes and let you know how it went. take care!00:21
burkmatAny obvious downsides to taking my hdd, putting it in another computer, installing Ubuntu Server 8.04 on it and then putting it back in the original machine? Both machines are AMD64.00:21
Jack_Sparrow_slax_, Probably not the best idea to be logged in as root user and surfing the web00:21
oskar-burkmat, it should work...00:22
rbdhey guys.. I have 3 monitors, and 2 radeon cards (one is dual DVI)... I'm trying to get xorg working on them. ...eithe xinerama or mergedfb... I can get mergedfb working across one card, but then I add a 2nd device secion for the other card, then add Screen "screen1" LeftOf "Screen0" (screen0 being the mergedFB desktop) and I get all 3 screens but have 2 app bars (one across the mergedfb setup and the other across the 3rd screen). any ideas?00:22
zetheroooskar-: this is the output of dmesg   http://pastebin.com/mc0fd61a00:22
Jenkjinja-sheep,I apologise for any trouble you have incurred while helping me. I thank you for helping me.00:22
burkmatoskar-, excellent, thank you.00:23
Alejandr0_82ubottu: I've been through the troubleshooting, the device is recognized and supposed to be supported&installed00:23
Alejandr0_82but still keeps making continuous noise.00:23
Alejandr0_82Sometimes plays the original sound as well, but I'd love to get rid of the noise...00:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:23
jinja-sheepJenk: Welcome.  One thing.  Did things went for you?  With APT-ON-CD installing?00:23
funkyHatJack_Sparrow: I can't find a model number anywhere, it's an Optronix one my friend picked up from work for me, he said they'd had driver problems with it on Windows00:23
jedi06oskar- it is says Not listening on called name  How do i make sure windows is listening?00:23
donavan_anyone know why when I press the ctrl key in a window I get a little hand that lets me move the window around ... how do I fix it so that I can make it select multiple items00:24
jedi06i turned off my firewall still not working oskar-00:24
oskar-jedi06, that's a windows question ;) in the network device setup you have to activate the file an printer sharing somehow00:24
Jack_SparrowfunkyHat, Sounds like a funky hand me down..  No pun intended.. well sorta00:24
TekumelTrying to install on a system running an Asus A7N8X board with a Sil3112 SATA controller. gparted doesn't see a hard drive, however it's seen at the BIOS/controller level. Anybody have a clue? Complete noob here just trying to get installed so I can really get started :)00:24
dr_Willisdonavan_,   the alt- key here moves the windows.. not ctrl.00:24
zetherooanyone know what this all means? http://pastebin.com/mc0fd61a00:25
Jenkjinja-sheep, I'll give you a detailed report later.Till then, i believe you have other things on you hands.Thanks oncce again.00:25
TiZI know that my hard drive has some bad sectors. I probably will not be able to replace it, so I want to continue using it. I'm in the middle of a partitioning renovation; I intend to gradually srhink away my ntfs partition while moving my data to /home and growing it to fill its place. I need to clear the bad sector list and chkdsk again, and then resize it. I'd like to use GParted; is there a way for me to make it work?00:25
donavan_Dr_willis: that may be so  but on my system the ctrl key is doing it00:25
Jack_SparrowTekumel, To get live cd to show your missing hard drive this often helps..At start or install press F6 and add all_generic_ide before the "--"00:25
julianhow do you run boxee in a window00:26
oskar-zetheroo, something goes wrong there... i don't know what...00:26
jinja-sheepJenk: Feel free to.  I'm here to help people too. :)00:26
TekumelAt the first Live CD menu?00:26
Fernand20hello, i'd like to know how can i configurate apache for lots users, not only var/www , id like /home/user1/www /home/user2/www home/userx/www and for all my users00:26
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Jack_SparrowTiZ, the best way and the only way I would recommend is to backup your ntfs delete it completely and create a smaller one.  What you want to do, will lead to disaster.00:26
jc6hi can some one help me installing asterisk00:26
Jack_SparrowTekumel, yes00:26
funkyHatJack_Sparrow: hehe, yeah you're probably right. He said he could pick up another one for me if I needed it so I'll ask him to do that I think00:27
TekumelJack_Sparrow: I'll give it a shot.00:27
dr_Willisdonavan_,   i would guess off hand that if you are using compiz, its some how reversed the keys. or something else has reversed the ctrl and alt keys.00:27
Jack_SparrowfunkyHat, mb for 478 are as cheap as $2000:27
nickrudFernand20, sudo a2enmod userdir , sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart , and the dir's $HOME/public_html will be served00:27
TiZJack_Sparrow: You assume that I have somewhere to backup my data to. And of course, you're trumping up negativity. Both typical of computer guys. :( Please, get serious, and get realistic, and tell me what I should do.00:27
Jack_SparrowfunkyHat, that was a 478 if my memory hasnt gone completely right00:27
Fernand20nickrud i will try00:28
TiZI include myself in those who trump up negativity, by the way.00:28
TiZI'm trying to not do that as much.00:28
Jack_SparrowTiZ, Im not trumping up negativity.  You are flat out wrong in what you are trying to do.  Drives are cheap.. deal with your hardware issue. It isnt a Ubuntu support issue00:28
donavan_dr_willis:  seems like it but the alt/ctrl keys seem to function some what normally other than that ... the main issue is that I can select multiple files or items and its really annoying00:29
TiZJack_Sparrow: "Cheap?" We're talking $75 dollars to replace my drive. I'm poor. I may not be able to come up with it. With that said, though, you are right. It is not an ubuntu issuel.00:29
TiZU.S dollars, that is.00:30
Alejandr0_82I guess I'll head back to the forums to search for tips about the audio issue..00:30
Fernand20nickrud a2enmod have to make that for each user or can i do something for all users enamble that and new users too?00:30
Alejandr0_82have a pleasant evening00:30
[TK]D-Fenderok, well I'm out for a while.  Thanks again to all.00:30
Jack_SparrowTiZ, I have several friends with drives that I can borrow for a backup for free.  I assume you might find one as well.00:30
AaronXanyone know how I could blacklist the wlan-ng driver?00:31
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nickrudFernand20, that enables all users to have that public_html address. You would access it with   http://localhost/~Fernand20  , if your username here is the same as on the machine00:31
Snipermaster002could somone help me00:31
Fernand20nickrud i will try right now00:31
oskar-TiZ, what is your data worth? i would take it back or invest for a new if my main hard drive had only one sector error00:31
zigglesGuys, stupid question... but if im setting up a few ubuntu boxes @ home, should i say they belong to a domain?00:32
ziggleshi Snipermaster00200:32
TiZJack_Sparrow, one would assume that all of your friends are techies. If this is the case, of course they have spare drives. I am not so lucky. My friends are computer-competent, but we don't have spare hard drives. In any case, it's completely unproductive arguing with you about such... trite stuff. I don't like arguing with people trying to help me. I apologize. :(00:32
donavan_anyone know if there is a program that will show the output of what key I hit on the key board00:32
Snipermaster002hi ziggles00:32
Snipermaster002could we pm00:32
xtmnxanyone know if there's a way to move the status bar in firefox to the same line where the address bar is?00:32
Jack_SparrowTiZ, and as you agreed. not a ubuntu support issue00:33
grkblood13hey, i have an .mdf and i d/led mdf2iso, when i run the prog it says that the .mdf is already an ISO9660 file though, any tips?00:33
TiZoskar-: My hard drive came with my laptop. It's about 1.5 years old. And as I said, I'm poor. There is a high chance we won't have money to replace it.00:33
ActionParsnipdoes anyone in here use alltray to dock apps, I have a lil nugget of gold for you if you do00:33
TiZJack_Sparrow: Yes, of course. Sorry about that. I'll pop into ##hardware.00:33
hughithello can some one help me out, im new to linux00:33
oskar-TiZ, then return it to the vendor. it is a warranty issue00:34
ActionParsnip!ask | hughit00:34
ubottuhughit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:34
grkblood13acutally, i jsut changed the file name to .iso and the files are now showing up, but when i run the autorun in wine it says theres not enough memory00:34
jinja-sheepActionParsnip: Anything you would like me to try with alltray?  I want the gold. :)00:34
jinja-sheepActionParsnip: I can install it... if that's the case.00:34
TiZoskar-: Warranty's run out. And besides, returning it to the vendor means my data disappears forever.00:34
quibblerActionParsnip, yes...I can ue gold00:34
hughitim trying to use skype on my computer but the microphone isnt picking up my voice. <i tried using an external mic and it works.. its the microphone thats in the laptop that doesnt00:35
ActionParsnipjinja-sheep: it allows you to send apps that sit in the program list to the system tray, like thunderbird doesnt run there, it runs in the app list00:35
grkblood13any1 know y?00:35
ActionParsnipquibbler: dude you can assign a hot key to bring it out and back into the tray00:36
oskar-TiZ, yes, that's right... but nearly every hard drive vendor gives at least two year warranty00:36
jinja-sheepActionParsnip: I see the info on that one.  But I'm asking if you would want me to test something for you.  I'm trying to be a helping hand here.  Lol.00:36
TiZoskar-: Hard drive vendor? I suppose Seagate might. But not Gateway, who made my laptop.00:36
oskar-TiZ, maybe you can get a spare drive somewhere and then get finally a new one for free00:36
ActionParsnipquibbler: here's what i use, F14 is my virtual F key00:36
ActionParsnipquibbler: alltray --key F14 thunderbird00:36
grkblood13how about this, i mounted the iso to a directory i made and now its saying i cant copy hte files bc they are read only, ive tried chmoding them but it wont work00:37
TiZoskar-: I've already asked my friends if they have any spare laptop hard drives. No one does. :/00:37
Fernand20nickrud i have wrote sudo a2enmod userdir , sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart but i dont see public_html folder00:37
hughitanyone use skype with a built in microphone in their laptop? if so can u please help me out00:37
Invisomanmight I be able to get some sound/video help?00:37
ActionParsnipjinja-sheep: oh it works, just sharing my knowledge00:37
nickrudFernand20, you do have to create the folder for each person, sorry.   mkdir ~/<usrname>/public_html00:37
jinja-sheepActionParsnip: The apps looks good.  I'm testing it.00:37
jinja-sheepActionParsnip: Thanks. :)00:37
Fernand20nickrud for new users have i to create? or will appear automatic?00:38
InvisomanI can get music to play in rhythm box but no audio anywhere else00:38
oskar-TiZ, is the drive really from gateway? never heard of it as a hd vendor00:38
ActionParsnipjinja-sheep: stuff you want out of the way you can shove down there with alltray, thunderbird is a good example00:38
grkblood13i must be following upon death ears, lols00:38
quibblerActionParsnip, I use an extension firetray in firefox and thunderbird...does the samewhen I minimize00:38
Invisomanany help with that?00:38
nickrudFernand20, no, each person needs to create their own one. However ....00:38
oskar-TiZ, but you have to decide yourself. noone here want to make directions to you...00:39
jinja-sheepquibbler: It only run as long as Thunderbird is open.00:39
jinja-sheepquibbler: The con on that part, I imagine.00:39
Fernand20nickrud i think, i need a script for when i create a user, create a directory or is the some placer where i should do that for when i create a user appear that automatic?00:40
ActionParsnipquibbler: this does ALL apps, not just the specific one. Plus ity lets you assign a hotkey to max / min the app00:40
grkblood13how do i check my ram?00:40
soreauAll I need to do is have a script run as root when ubuntu boots. How can I do this?00:40
nickrudFernand20, if you add the dir  public_html  to /etc/skel, that dir will be created for each user when you add the new user00:40
InvisomanHow do I get sounds to play in apps?00:40
sketch2002I think this should be pretty easy for someone with a bit of experience... When I first installed Ubuntu the graphics were pretty good but I wanted to use the 3d acceleration of my NVIDIA card. After installing the drivers that the hardware drivers screen brought up I restarted and lost all UI. I googled the situation and found lots of people with similar problems and eventually figured out how to get it to at least give me back the UI,00:40
sketch2002but I'm stuck with a much worse resolution than the default installation had. I never thought to make a backup of xorg.conf. Can anyone help me find a way to make ubuntu revert back to the original settings?00:40
InvisomanI can get music from rhythm box00:40
Invisomanbut no where else00:40
Fernand20nickrud i will check that file00:40
Jack_SparrowTiZ, Any kind of drive connected to a $15 usb adapter will work for your needs00:41
TekumelJack_Sparrow: all_generic_ide before the -- made no difference00:41
mib_ynqjqris this where we go for support?00:41
TiZoskar-: Gateway is who made my laptop. Seagate did the hard drive. I'm not looking for people to make decisions for me. I'm just looking for advice, with consideration to the fact that I'm poor.00:41
ActionParsnipsoreau: just use sudo <CLI command> or gksudo <gui app>00:41
quibblerActionParsnip, I use alltray for other things, but I didn't know you could assogn keys...I can get rid of the extensions00:41
Fernand20nickrud in skel folder should i create public_html folder?00:41
TiZI'm in ##hardware right now. This doesn't have anything to do with ubuntu; you guys don't need to help me.00:42
nickrudFernand20, yes00:42
mib_ynqjqrfor some reason windows boot manager isnt starting00:42
ActionParsnipquibbler: yeah man, its great for keyboards with multimedia keys00:42
TiZOf course, I'm grateful that you are, but I'm not asking it.00:42
mib_ynqjqrit goes straight to vista00:42
Androidfan68hello peeps00:42
Fernand20nickrud thanks, i will try00:42
nickrudFernand20, I was pretty sure of that (hadn't done it in years) so I added the dir and added a user between the However.... and telling you how to do it00:42
soreauActionParsnip: I don't want to have to enter my password. I tried to write a script for /etc/init.d/my.script but the rules are way more rigid than in gentoo and it simply does not work00:42
quibblerActionParsnip, I'll give it a try....thank man!00:43
Fernand20nickrud i will add some user to try00:43
HiggsBosonwhy my squid get errors when load on boot?00:43
ActionParsnipsoreau: you could log in as root but it will compromise your system security greatly00:43
Androidfan68so will windows 7 kill of linux lol00:43
mib_ynqjqreveryone is a bot00:43
ActionParsnipsoreau: once your system is setup you rarely use sudo00:43
soreauActionParsnip: Are you crazy man?00:43
Invisomanare there any free people who wouldn't mind helping me?00:43
sketch2002mib_... I'm not a bot, hang on, I might be able to help00:43
ActionParsnip!ask Invisoman00:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask Invisoman00:43
ActionParsnip!ask | Invisoman00:43
ubottuInvisoman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:43
soreauActionParsnip: Do you know how horribly wrong things can get messed up if you log in as root?00:43
InvisomanI did00:44
HiggsBosonwhy my squid get errors when load on boot?00:44
mib_ynqjqr!ask !invisioman00:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask !invisioman00:44
Invisomanbut everyone was focused on the Hardware00:44
mib_ynqjqr!ask !invisioman00:44
grkblood13has any1 attempted to install crysis00:44
ActionParsnipsoreau: preaching to the choir dude, i rant at folks in here who do00:44
mib_ynqjqranyone know how to start windows boot manager again?00:44
soreauActionParsnip: Well IMHO you should never suggest it00:45
TekumelAnyone else have any ideas on how to get a single SATA HD connected to a Sil3112 (mobo is Asus A7N8X) recognized by gparted? It's recognized at the bios/controller level, can't get it seen in Ubuntu00:45
bazjust out of curiosity, why is it that "paste" in terminal is not ctrl+v like verywhere else?00:45
sketch2002mib_ so the problem is you don't get the list of "start linux", "start windows", etc... when you first start up? maybe try pressing F8 repeatedly at start up, if you see the loading winxp, obviously it failed00:45
Invisomananyone know how to set up audio so it works in all apps, not just rhythm box?00:45
ActionParsnipsoreau: im saying its an option00:45
soreauNo it isn't00:45
mib_ynqjqri tried the f800:45
mib_ynqjqrit just skips the windows boot manager and goes straight to vista00:45
ActionParsnipsoreau: well it is as it CAN be done. Its just not advised00:45
sketch2002k, then let me throw a monitor on my other box (was trying to figure out my problem with it connected to this one) and see if I can find the answer00:46
ActionParsnipsoreau: you can use UIDS to make certain apps not need sudo00:46
ActionParsnipsoreau: why are you so averted to using sudo?00:46
Lando-SpacePimpSurprise, cockfags!00:46
Fernand20nickrud oh man, its work!  thank you :D00:46
soreauAll's I want to do is add a script to be run as root when ubuntu boots. In gentoo, it's as simple as adding a script in /etc/init.d to the default runlevel. For ubuntu, it complains there is no LSB style header and doesn't work at all00:47
Charitwo!ops Lando-SpacePimp00:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:47
ActionParsnip!startup | soreau00:47
ubottusoreau: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot00:47
Charitwo!ops | Lando-SpacePimp00:47
ubottuLando-SpacePimp: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:47
soreauCharitwo: That's a ##linux thing I do believe00:47
_slax_darn that pipe command, gets people every time :)00:47
ActionParsnip!boot | soreau00:47
ubottusoreau: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:47
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squillyum 00:47
nickrudThanks Charitwo00:47
squillyumcan anyone help me with an ubuntu problem?00:48
ActionParsnipsoreau: is that what you wanted, if you add scripts to those they will be executed as root as only root has access to the rc stuffs00:48
ActionParsnip!ask | squillyum00:48
ubottusquillyum: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:48
soreauActionParsnip: Yea, usually I use /etc/rc.local but that is either running my script at the wrong time, or just failing00:48
Charitwonp, nick. he's been a pain in wikia related channels before, thought it was strange he'd come here00:48
ActionParsnipsoreau: have the script output text to a file as it runs with info00:48
InvisomanI can get music to play in rhythm box, but no sound in any other apps, any help?00:48
dr_Willissoreau,  ive  to put a delay in rc.local tomake sure stuff gets ran after other things have ran..  but itt depends on wha tyou are doing00:49
sketch2002I think this should be pretty easy for someone with a bit of experience... When I first installed Ubuntu the graphics were pretty good but I wanted to use the 3d acceleration of my NVIDIA card. After installing the drivers that the hardware drivers screen brought up I restarted and lost all UI. I googled the situation and found lots of people with similar problems and eventually figured out how to get it to at least give me back the UI,00:49
sketch2002but I'm stuck with a much worse resolution than the default installation had. I never thought to make a backup of xorg.conf. Can anyone help me find a way to make ubuntu revert back to the original settings?00:49
nickrudsoreau,  are you using   update-rc.d <script> defaults to set the script to run?00:49
ActionParsnip!sound | Invisoman00:49
ubottuInvisoman: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:49
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squillyumokay I'm having a problem where things don't show up like words and what not, and it's really bothering me. here's a picture that will show what my problem is. http://i40.tinypic.com/118kbo0.png00:49
soreauActionParsnip: That's not a bad idea really.. but where would the output end up?00:49
soreaudr_Willis: Hey, I didn't think of doing that with rc.local..00:49
ActionParsnipsoreau: wherever you say, add lines to echo text to some text file someplace with whats going on00:50
soreaunickrud: Yes, but it's warning no LSB style header, because the script is very simple.. too simple I guess00:50
squillyumsomeone help me please? words are not showing on my computer and it's annoying. >_< http://i40.tinypic.com/118kbo0.png00:50
soreauActionParsnip: Yea, that would work too.00:50
dr_Willissoreau,   but rc.local is the last script that gets ran i recall...   ;)00:51
soreauThanks ActionParsnip dr_Willis I'll see what I can do00:51
ActionParsnipsoreau: np bro00:51
nickrudsoreau, that's very strange, I've never seen an error about linux standard base from there ;(00:51
quibblersquillyum, is it only with wine config00:52
squillyumno, it's with amarok too.00:53
squillyumat least so far.00:53
squillyumdid you look at the picture?00:53
quibblersquillyum, yes00:53
sketch2002mib_, still here?00:53
squillyumquibbler, do you have any suggeestiongs?00:53
sketch2002I think this should be pretty easy for someone with a bit of experience... When I first installed Ubuntu the graphics were pretty good but I wanted to use the 3d acceleration of my NVIDIA card. After installing the drivers that the hardware drivers screen brought up I restarted and lost all UI. I googled the situation and found lots of people with similar problems and eventually figured out how to get it to at least give me back the UI,00:54
sketch2002but I'm stuck with a much worse resolution than the default installation had. I never thought to make a backup of xorg.conf. Can anyone help me find a way to make ubuntu revert back to the original settings?00:54
quibblersquillyum, if it was only wine I was going to suggest you reinstall it ...other that that no00:54
biouserdoes anyone know how to tie-in JACK with pulse audio00:54
squillyumquibbler, okay. I'll try uninstalling it and re-installing it.00:54
sketch2002mib_, my windows box isn't booting. Try this link: http://vlaurie.com/computers2/Articles/bootini.htm00:55
squillyumquibbler, could I change any visual settings that might make it appear? or no?00:56
ivangarciahi, i have intrepid, but my aptitude upgrade never upgrade my kernel, i'm still in
ivangarciawhich line is missing on my sources.list ?00:56
Brack10What is the best way to share files between 2 Ubuntu boxes?  FTP sucks00:56
w3wsrmnivangarcia: that's the current kernel for intrepid.00:57
quibblersquillyum, are you running compiz? if so set the visual effects to none and see if that helps00:57
ivangarciaoh, how to upgrade it? cause new kernels will fix my eth000:57
leo_Hello am I in this IRC?00:57
vigoleo: yes00:57
squillyumquibbler, what is "compiz"? and I'll try setting the visual effects to none.00:57
sketch2002mib_ did you see my link?00:57
smil3yBrack10,  use samba here, go gui through nautilus or scp00:57
leo_Thanx I am new, checking it out00:57
Brack10smil3y:  I thought samba was for windows00:58
vigoleo: welcome to the real fun00:58
whompapotamusany takers for a question about the email application: Evolution (I am having a GAL connection issue with MS Exchange and was wondering if anyone in here has gotten their corporate directory to become viewable?)00:58
smil3yBrack10,  they use it yeah00:58
sketch2002I think this should be pretty easy for someone with a bit of experience... When I first installed Ubuntu the graphics were pretty good but I wanted to use the 3d acceleration of my NVIDIA card. After installing the drivers that the hardware drivers screen brought up I restarted and lost all UI. I googled the situation and found lots of people with similar problems and eventually figured out how to get it to at least give me back the UI,00:58
sketch2002but I'm stuck with a much worse resolution than the default installation had. I never thought to make a backup of xorg.conf. Can anyone help me find a way to make ubuntu revert back to the original settings?00:58
w3wsrmnivangarcia: you can compile your own kernel if the stock doesn't work for you. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile00:58
Brack10smil3y: so it's also the best for linux file sharing too?00:58
quibbler!compiz > squillyum00:59
ubottusquillyum, please see my private message00:59
smil3yBrack10,  its what *I* use, dont know about best, you can use nfs as well00:59
xOrionxHey just wondering do I have to use Xorg instead of VESA to add and use custom fonts from like dafont.com and whatnot?00:59
smil3yBrack10,  i have a mix of linux and windows in my lan so samba works for me01:00
Claire2009hi - i'm wondering what is best amount of RAM to use to watch dvds in ubuntu?01:00
Brack10smil3y: I don't know what *|* means, I'm not output redirection competent01:00
ardchoilleBrack10: *I* as in I (me)01:01
smil3yBrack10,   its what *i* use , that was upper case before01:01
vigoI was just playing around with that sunxVM doohicky,,seems to be stable01:01
Brack10smil3y: lol I thought it was some linux slang thing01:01
smil3yBrack10,   yeah thats above the backslash   |01:01
Brack10right it looked like a pipe01:02
smil3ythey kinda look the same i gues01:02
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vigoPipe Dreamz01:02
smil3yClaire2009,  whats up01:02
ardchoilleClaire2009: With what?01:02
SorcererbobClaire2009: the more the merrier. I wouldn't go below 512mb01:02
Slack_how do i get the window bars back on my windows01:03
ivangarciaw3wsrmn , what about upgrading to jaunty?01:03
Claire2009sorcererbob - thanks.01:03
SorcererbobSlack_: did you just set up compiz?01:03
ardchoilleSlack_: Titlebars?01:03
Slack_yea titlebars01:03
ardchoilleSlack_: Do you have a 5 or 6 series nvidia card?01:03
Slack_ardchoille: i recently edited the windows in compizconfig01:03
ardchoilleah, ok01:04
w3wsrmnivangarcia: that could work too, just keep in mind jaunty is still in alpha, and major breakage may occur01:04
Claire2009smil3y - wondering if you know how to get nfts dvd-r archive disks read by a dvd-rom drive in ubuntu 8.0401:04
Slack_ardchoille: also what is the command to pull compizconfig up01:04
CyberaiSlack_, terminal, type in "pkill -9 nautilus"01:04
Brack10smil3y:  Know of a good tutorial for setting up a samba server and integrating it into an Active Directory domain?01:04
ardchoilleSlack_: No idea, I don't use compiz01:04
Cyberainautilus will restart and the windows should appear ok01:04
smil3yBrack10,  never use AD before, no clue01:05
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squillyumquibbler, I'm having a problem after removing visual effects, it shows up a little this time, but it's all staticey. (view picture: http://i44.tinypic.com/2cz32tv.png )01:05
Claire2009sorcererbob - do you know how to read dvd-rs backed up in windows in ubuntu?01:05
soreauActionParsnip dr_Willis I just don't get it. I've verified rc.local is running, but it doesn't seem to run the contents of the script I put in there even with a delay or.. it's just running as user somehow01:05
vigoOn first boot of any alpha/beta system or program, make another backup....01:05
ivangarciaw3wsrmn, so if u'll be me, u'll recompile the kernel ?01:05
grkblood13does any1 knwo why im getting an installaware prompt when using wine01:05
jedi06using smbclient do i have to specify which ethernet card it uses?01:05
K`zanOK, sigh, giving straight ubuntu a go, looking for "geda" in synaptic - it isn't there, but if I do an "apt-cache search geda" it finds it all, what am I doing wrong?01:05
deepfriedsquirreThe UUID and device number of my Ubuntu partition changed because of a new partition witha  lower number. Is it safe to change the partition's UUID?01:05
whompapotamusBrack10 - Linux Journal (for the last 3 magazines) has a GREAT Samaba tutorial (check their site, I believe it covers AD)01:05
smil3yClaire2009,  no experience with archive disks,  i do know that ntfs can be READ but not written to though, sorry01:06
dr_Willissoreau,  you did put the command Befor the 'exit' command in rc.local ?01:06
w3wsrmnivangarcia: aye, i'd try that first01:06
Claire2009smil3y - how do you enable ntfs to be read in ubuntu?01:06
jedi06i have two eth cards one configured to be on the subnet other is on a private network so if say smbclient -L 192.168... how do i know which one will try to connect?01:06
Claire2009smil3y - on the dvd-rom drive?01:06
K`zanShould I not use synaptic and just stick with apt-get?01:06
quibblersquillyum, go to system > perferences > appearence click the tab visual effect and set it to none01:06
ardchoilleK`zan: personal preference really01:07
K`zanbeen using kubuntu until they screwed it.01:07
squillyumquibbler, I did set it to none, and that was the output.01:07
nickrudK`zan, you can use them interchangably01:07
Cyberaijedi06, your routing tables should automatically figure it out.01:07
K`zanardchoille: problem is that synapic does not find things that apt-get does.  I would think synaptic would find whatever apt-get does?!?01:07
jedi06well cyberai then the problem is windows is not listening to the request01:07
Cyberaijedi06, provided they are not both 192.168.* nets01:07
jedi06yes they are01:07
MaT-dg1 have an USB-stick here that fails at mounting in ubuntu.01:08
ardchoilleK`zan: I don't use synaptic so can't help01:08
quonsarmulti-boot grub question here01:08
jedi06cyberai are you familiar windows file share and smb/01:08
soreaudr_Willis: I'd like to by sarcastic and say I put it at the top of the file with a '#' in front of it but *sigh* of course I put it before the exit line and with the full path even01:08
K`zanardchoille: OK, makes sense, synaptic appears to be either broken or doesn't work in all cases with the live CD.01:08
dr_Willissoreau,  yu dont want to know the # of people ive seen put it after the exit ;0 What is the command you are rnning anywya?01:09
vigojedi06: I would try umplugging one, then look at the Hardware list, that would tell you which is what, probably overkill or maybe a simplified  way, just a suggestion.01:09
smil3yClaire2009,  its built into the kernel already... http://man.linux-ntfs.org/ntfsmount.8.html01:09
K`zanadept works, I'll see if I can get that installed.01:09
Claire2009smil3y - thanks01:09
ardchoilleK`zan: installing adept will likely install a lot of kde01:09
quibblersquillyum, is the problem only with wine?? is amarok ok??01:09
Cyberaijedi06, to a certain degree yes01:09
quonsarrunning 8.10 32 bit and want to install 64 bit in a second partition. if i tell 64 bit install to install boot manager on my original partition, will it preserve my current menu.lst?01:09
ardchoilleK`zan: you can try aptitude, it's a command line gui for package management01:10
squillyumquibbler, I uninstalled amarok, I was just using it to test something, I do not need it, but I do need wine. I already tried uninstalling it and lowering visual effects to none, and that was the output.01:10
Cyberaijedi06, I believe you can configure Samba to utilize a specific interface in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file01:10
dr_Willisquonsar,  i would backup the menu.lst anyway and brush up on grub configuration by hand :) im not sure how well the installer handles multi-disrtos01:10
jedi06well cyberai i turned off one and it still the same thing01:10
Cyberaiuse nmap to scan the target windows box and see if it is listening on the correct ports01:11
soreaudr_Willis: It's just a script I wrote to connect to the net manually. It disables the iptables stuff and sets ifconfig statically.. I know network manager could do this but I don't like nm-applet and when I run the script with sudo after log in, it works fine as expected01:11
whompapotamussketch2002 has left... oh well, i am going to post this anyways01:11
whompapotamusdownload http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/180.22/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.22-pkg1.run01:11
whompapotamusto your desktop (assuming you have x86 - if not, got to their site and find the correct driver)01:11
whompapotamushit ctl+alt+F101:11
whompapotamustype in the following commands:01:11
FloodBot1whompapotamus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
ubottuError: You are not identified01:11
vigoI agree with dr_Willis,,backups are the key to any stable system.01:11
* soreau thinks that maybe he doesn't need nm-applet for network stuff to work01:11
quonsarde_Willis: i actually have already installed - i told it not to install boot manager and i edited my menu.lst by hand. this is fine, but when new kernels come along thru update will i have to manually edit every time?01:12
quibblersquillyum, open the configuration editor go to  apps>metacity>general and see if compositing_manger is ticked..if it is untick it01:12
methadoneAnyone using nuoveXT.2.2 iconset and knows what file is incharge of the ubuntu icon next at the top gnome panel (left of 'Applications')01:14
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)01:15
ardchoillemethadone: you can change that in gconf-editor01:15
methadoneardchoille, where exactly?01:15
squillyumquibbler, what is metacity? I do not have it.01:16
ardchoillemethadone: open gconf-editor, go to apps/panel/objects01:16
=== ___mikem is now known as __mikem
unopsquillyum, metacity is the default window manager on the GNOME desktop environment.. so if you run GNOME, you likely have it.01:16
ardchoillemethadone: click on each of the objects until you find one that is "object_type menu-object"01:17
ardchoillemethadone: Let me know when you've found it01:17
jinja-sheepardchoille: I'm curious -- You use NearlyFreeSpeech.  How much is the service for a year?01:17
ardchoillejinja-sheep: pm me, it's ot01:18
K`zanNever mind, sigh, the adept is the the one for KDE4 and it doesn't work either. ARGHHHHHHHH.01:18
methadoneardchoille, there are two sub-categories under objects, 'menu_bar_screen0' and 'object_0', the first has object_type -> menu-bar under it and the second has object_type -> launcher-object01:18
squillyumquibbler, I do not have metacity.01:18
K`zanThis is rapidly getting REAL discouraging :-(.01:18
HiggsBosonWho uses Opera here?01:19
ardchoillemethadone: you need the on that is  object_type -> menu-bar01:19
ActionParsnipK`zan: wassup?01:19
ActionParsnipHiggsBoson: i do01:19
methadoneardchoille, okay, what do I change it to?01:19
dopei'm having an issue connecting to my mysql server on my server edition of ubuntu from a non-localhost site01:19
ardchoillemethadone: Actually gconf-editor is telling me that it won't work with menu-bar, only menu-object01:19
TekumelTrying to install 8.10, gparted isn't seeing my sole HD plugged into a Sil3112 onboard of an Asus A7N8X. Tried all_generic_ide boot option, no effect. lspci shows the RAID bus controller: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3112 [SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller (rev 02). Anybody have a clue why it's not seeing the disk?01:19
quibblersquillyum, system tools > configuration editor01:20
ActionParsnipTekumel: try lshw to see if it has a driver01:20
methadoneardchoille, well it says 'menu-bar'01:20
HiggsBosonopera rocks01:20
K`zanActionParsnip: Since the kubuntu folks have screwed the pooch with KDE4, I am trying out gnome and not having a lot of luck :-(.  apt-get works, synaptic and adept can not find packages that apt can.  Frustrating.01:20
ActionParsnipHiggsBoson: kicks the ass off firefox01:20
bluedragondoes anyone know a emulator that play pretty much all the old systems snes nes01:20
ardchoillemethadone: right, this won't work with that type of menu01:20
jedi06ok Cyberai how do i use nmap to check for file sharing services on windows01:20
bluedragonthe one on ubuntu is not camptible01:21
HiggsBosonmy firefox is too slow01:21
bluedragonunder add remove apps01:21
K`zanActionParsnip: I really do not want to leave ubuntu, but it is looking more and more like I don't have a choice.01:21
ActionParsnipHiggsBoson: i apt-built mine and its a bit better, theres some steps you can take too to speed it up01:21
K`zanBeen fighting all this for about a week now :-(.01:21
smil3ydope>  did you aloow external connections?01:21
ActionParsnipK`zan: dont leave ubuntu because gui package installers dont work, thats really silly01:21
HiggsBosoni do not use firefox for a long01:22
ActionParsnip!fixapt | K`zan01:22
ubottuK`zan: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:22
ActionParsnipK`zan: tried that?01:22
dopesmil3y: is there something special i need to do for that? I can get to the webserver on the server01:22
bluedragonanyone know any good emulators01:22
ActionParsnipHiggsBoson: so wassup with your opera?01:22
ActionParsnipbluedragon: what system?01:22
squillyumquibbler, I'm having trouble finding a "configuration editor"?01:22
smil3ydope>  yeah, take a look at this, you just have to allow external connections  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87370601:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about networking01:22
ActionParsnipbluedragon: dynamips is a good ciso router emulator...you need to be a litle more specific01:23
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:23
TekumelActionParsnip: It's listed there as ubuntu-pci-pci0-storage01:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wired01:23
HiggsBosonnothing wrong with my opera01:23
ActionParsnipTekumel: do the partitions show up in sudo fdisk -l01:23
HiggsBosonhe rocks01:23
dopethx smil3y01:23
ActionParsnipHiggsBoson: only lots01:23
K`zanActionParsnip: Well, sigh, KDE4 is crippled beyond belief - pretty, but rather useless.  I am essentially loosing a fair chunk of the tools I have been using for quite some time now.  Willing to change but after a week of this it is not looking good.  Still trying but it looks like I am going to have to deal with quite a kluge to get back to where I was.01:23
quibblersquillyum, in a terminal type gconf-editor01:23
zigglesK`zan: what u talking about?01:24
soreauIn network settings, Auto eth0 has the text 'never' in it and I cannot change it01:24
TekumelActionParsnip: No response from that command, just another prompt. Gonna say no?01:24
ActionParsnipk`zanjust use apt-get, simple and quick01:24
bluedragonlook for a emulator for snes01:24
K`zanziggles, 99.995% that KDE4 is just not even close to as functional as 3.5 and it has been dropped totally in 8.10.01:24
TekumelActionParsnip: I just did a low-level thinking it may have had a fucked up table though, so would it in that case?01:24
squillyumquibbler, it popped up (the thing you wanted me to get). now what do I do?01:24
K`zanziggles: It would have seemed to make sense to leave kde3 until kde4 got caught up.  Sigh :-/.01:25
zigglesK`zan: nome!01:25
=== ubuntu is now known as nixi
dopesmil3y: i think now i have to input IPs that are secure for mysql to allow. do you know where i need to do this?01:25
ActionParsnipTekumel: if it shows up in lspci you can see what is needed to get it going01:25
K`zanziggles: A whole new learning curve there.  I can simply go to some other distro, but I'd rather not do that.01:26
ActionParsnip!hcl | Tekumel01:26
ubottuTekumel: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:26
ActionParsnipTekumel: you could also check that to see if theres a way to sort it01:26
linux_guyi would like to connect to my wireless network automatically,  what is the name and location of the file that I need to edit?01:26
storrgiei just rm a directory over ssh... is there a way to restore?01:26
ziesemer_I'm using 8.10, and X just quit working on me.  It's an Intel video card.  It is complaining about the VGA being disconnected, yet, it surely is connected - that's how I'm viewing the logs!  BTW, why does "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" only offer configuration options for the keyboard, and apparently nothing else?  And how can I force "X" to work?01:26
vigoWhat do I do if I do not want KDE packages to show up in Synaptic, I am on gnome and those things kunfuze me.01:26
quibblersquillyum, open apps go down to metacity under metacity click on general..on the right side look for compositing_manager01:26
bluedragonActionparsnip look for a emulator for old games I tryed the one available on add remove programs01:26
ActionParsnipK`zan: you could compile kde 3.501:27
exodus_msis there a email/rss/podcast client for ubuntu?01:27
ActionParsnipbluedragon: ok old games is a little sharper, can you name a system you would like to emulate01:27
quibblersquillyum, if it is ticked untick it01:27
zigglesdope: does this help u? http://ubuntu-commands.blogspot.com/2008/11/how-do-i-enable-remote-access-to-mysql.html01:27
ActionParsnipexodus_ms: thunderbird does email and rss01:27
K`zanSigh, after a week of this I need a break to consider and perhaps come back less frustrated than I am at the moement :-).01:27
ActionParsnipbluedragon: zsnes is good01:27
soreauI've never been so frustrated with ubuntu networking before01:27
exodus_msActionParsnip: is there a way to view podcast as well?01:28
squillyumquibbler, untick what?01:28
=== rob is now known as Guest9741
vigoI like Thunderbiord01:28
TekumelActionParsnip: "if it shows up in lspci you can see what is needed to get it going" Which would be? o.O01:28
ActionParsnipexodus_ms: i dunno i dont use them01:28
K`zanActionParsnip: Yes, I could do that and may have to, all because some idiot decided to FORCE people into kde4 :-(.01:28
=== Guest9741 is now known as marine1
bluedragonzsnes doesn't work with amd6401:28
ActionParsnipTekumel: websearch for the output of lspci, you wil get guides and advice01:28
quibblersquillyum, do you is compositing_manager??01:28
linux_guysor, it makes it so much better once you get it right01:28
exodus_msI'm using evolution for email+rss and gpodder for podast, was just wondering if there was a way to combine all three into one application01:28
soreaulinux_guy: I have it right, ubuntu has it wrong01:29
squillyumquibbler, I have no idea what compositing_manger is.01:29
linux_guysor, once you get it working* sorry01:29
draeday_hey i have a acer 5100 but the camera doesnt work any suggestions01:29
soreauI set up my network settings, and they are erased after reboot01:29
ActionParsnipbluedragon: install ia32libs and you can run 32bit apps01:29
soreaulinux_guy: I have it working, I just have to do it manually01:29
soreauI can't get it to auto-do wtf I need it to01:29
ActionParsnipdraeday_: run lsusb, websearch for the identifier01:29
quibblersquillyum, you have the configuration editor open?01:29
bluedragonhow do i install that01:30
vigoexodus_ms: tried SeaMonkey?01:30
linux_guysor, are you trying to connect to your home wireless?01:30
squillyumquibbler, yes.01:30
smil3ydope>  yeah,  comment out the localhost bind address line in /etc/mysql/my.cnf then restart mysql01:30
ActionParsnip!info ia32-libs | bluedragon01:30
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in intrepid01:30
exodus_msvigo: no, I can give it a look however, does it handle email+rss+podcast?01:30
soreaulinux_guy: No, I'm trying to get ubuntu to do that on startup. I can do it, ubuntu is having trouble it seems01:30
HiggsBosonanyone here got conky01:31
quibblersquillyum,  you see apps with a littlearrow to the left of it?01:31
vigoexodus_ms: Far as I know it does that and some01:31
=== rob is now known as Guest29357
HiggsBosoni want to get some conky.conf01:31
linux_guysoreau:  i'm here for the same thing.  there is a file you have to edit01:31
draeday_do i have to put the numbers i see in the search as well01:31
squillyumquibbler, yes.01:31
soreaulinux_guy: What is your problem, maybe I can help01:31
quibblersquillyum, click the arrow01:31
gradini was updating ubuntu on my laptop when i got an incoming call on skype which hardlocked my laptop... now all i get is something about a dkpg parse error01:31
linux_guysoreau:  the bad part for me is that I CAN connect automatically.... but its to my neighbors01:32
codenameHey guys!01:32
soreauOh well in that case, good luck01:32
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bluedragonAlready have ia32libs installed how do i install zsnes now that i have that installe d01:32
ActionParsnipbluedragon: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/snes9x-x01:32
HiggsBosonanyone here got conky01:32
codenameI had a problem last night reguarding my NVIDIA card being seen, can anyone help me out?01:32
TekumelI knew I should have gone to that installfest I read about today :<01:32
quibblersquillyum, move down until you see metacity01:32
rob__codename: you mean not recognized?01:32
codenameI think it's being detected, but I'm not sure if it's using it properly01:32
exodus_msvigo: It looks like what I need, I can do all this with firefox and my google account (gmail and reader) was just wondering if there was a way to get Gpodder to work as an add-on for evolution01:32
rob__codename: have you installed restricted drivers, if any?01:33
linux_guywhat is the name of the file you edit in ubuntu that handles auto-connecting to home wireless?01:33
codenameYeah, but I have an onboard video card01:33
Hick0rdI’m trying to set up an ad-hoc network between my laptop and iphone 3g. and share the internet connection between them. Any tutorial would be much appreciated.01:33
codenameand a PCI express one01:33
ActionParsnipbluedragon: you can install that or find a zsnes source tarball or zsnes deb file01:33
codenameIf I go into NVIDIA X settings01:33
rob__linux_guy: /etc/network/interfaces ?01:33
codenameits says under GPU: NVIDIA 9800GT01:33
codenameSo I think, its seeing it01:33
grkblood13how do i check the amount of ram i have?01:33
rob__codename: go to Administration > Hardware Drivers01:33
rob__grkblood13: open System Monitor01:33
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codenameIt says it's using the 177 driver01:34
rob__codename: that sounds like the correct one01:34
bluedragonActionParsnip got snes installed it is not zsnes but there is no sound any suggestions01:34
rob__codename: so what is your problem, exactly?01:34
codenameWell I just wanna make sure if it's using my PCI express, not the onboard one01:34
squillyumquibbler, I found /apps/metacity what do I do now?01:34
vigoexidus_ms: It is open source, Mozilla , so yes, I reckon it can01:34
Hick0rdAny ideas?01:34
codenameIf I go to NVIDIA x settings, it says I'm using the 9800GT under GPU01:35
quibblersquillyum, click on the arrow next to metacity and you will see general click on general01:35
grkblood13rob_ do you know why when i run wine is says im out of memory in the gui when i cleary have enough?01:35
rob__codename: wait - that's not the correct one? i'm misunderstanding, i think01:35
codenameso does it mean It's in use01:35
codenameThat is the correct01:35
exodus_msvigo: I'm going to do some looking around and give SeaMonkey a try as well. Thanks for the help01:35
bluedragonwell thanks for the help so far going to try to figure it out01:35
grkblood13its an installaware prompt01:35
rob__grkblood13: wine says its out, or windows?01:35
codenameBut I just wanted to make sure if it says Geforce 9800 gt under GPU, that means  I'm using it right?01:35
vigoexodus_ms: my hope is that I did help...01:35
rob__codename: sounds like it, yeah01:36
codenamethanks bro01:36
squillyumquibbler, what do I do after I have clicked on general?01:36
ActionParsnipbluedragon: try installing libsdl1.2debian-alsa libsdl1.2debian-esd01:36
grkblood13umm, well the gui pops up01:36
grkblood13the gui of the app im trying to install01:36
rob__grkblood13: ok01:36
grkblood13i click install and the installaware pops up01:37
gradinhow hosed am i?01:37
grkblood13im ot sure if its a linux or windows gui01:37
gradinmy package manager is broken :( what do i do?01:37
rob__grkblood13: there's a way to specify how much memory is available to wine, but i'm not sure where that is01:37
ActionParsnip!fixapt | gradin01:37
ubottugradin: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:37
quibblersquillyum, look on the right hand side and scroll down until you see compositing_manager01:37
rob__grkblood13: try googling for that, if you can't find it come on back01:37
grkblood13so thats prolly my issue then?01:37
BoxxyHey guys, how are you liking Windows 7?01:37
rob__grkblood13: in the wine conf, i think, yeah, i think that's the problem01:37
BoxxyWindows 7 is fucking awesome.01:37
ActionParsniprob__: it will use as much ram as it needs, you can alott more cpu time01:38
ActionParsnip!ohmy | Boxxy01:38
ubottuBoxxy: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!01:38
squillyumquibbler, it is already unchecked.01:38
ActionParsnip!ot | Boxxy01:38
ubottuBoxxy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:38
quibblersquillyum, good01:38
rob__ActionParsnip: i vaguely remember being able to specify some amount of ram in a wine conf file, is that not correct?01:38
rob__ActionParsnip: and the default was pretty low01:38
BoxxyWhat are talking about, you guys must be good with computers so I figured you must be smart enough to be using Windows 7!01:38
quibblersquillyum, you say that you have reinstalled wine right01:39
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* dr_Willis waves bye to Boxxy 01:39
=== rob__ is now known as orb
* [NikO] agree01:39
ActionParsniprob__: not sure but id imagine it would only use as much as it needed, you can specify greater priority with nice which would make it have more time in ram while it executed01:39
squillyumquibbler, yes. what should I do?01:39
nickrud!language | Boxxy (think disny g rated)01:39
ubottuBoxxy (think disny g rated): Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:39
quibblersquillyum, you can run something in wine??01:39
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prontoso i just installed ubuntu 8.10 ... and it shows my cpu to be at 2.8 Ghz when it should be 3.8Ghz01:40
ActionParsniporb: man wine01:40
BoxxySo, I was using it today, and it's MUCH nicer then the alternatives, like Mak OSX and Ubuntu.01:40
squillyumquibbler, I haven't even configured it yet.01:40
ardchoille!ot | Boxxy01:40
ubottuBoxxy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:40
ActionParsnipBoxxy: this is ubuntu support, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic01:40
orbActionParsnip: i'm not the one using it, try grkblood13 :)01:40
ardchoillehe's trolling01:40
BoxxyI mean, I've used Linux OS's for a long time now, but then I got Windows 7 and it has just been AWESOME.01:40
quibblersquillyum, what version of wine do you have01:41
nickrudBoxxy, do you have an ubuntu support question?01:41
squillyumquibbler, I installed it directly from add/remove programs.01:41
orbgrkblood13: sorry i can't be more specific, try running winecfg, i remember having to set the RAM available to windows01:41
orbgrkblood13: at least, i think i do01:41
ActionParsnipgrkblood13: check man wine01:41
BoxxyYes: I was wondering how do I get Ubuntu to work under Windows 7. I know they both generally use the same architecture and files and computer stuff.01:41
gradinActionParsnip: dpkg --configure -a says something about an error in parsing a file and that some line must be followed by a semicolon01:42
quibblersquillyum, what do you want to config in wine01:42
smil3yBoxxy>  what do you mean "work" under windows 7?  dual boot?01:42
prontohow do you force the cpu to be at the correct clock speed :\01:42
noodlesgc!wubi | Boxxy01:42
ubottuBoxxy: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.01:42
squillyumquibbler, don't I need to configure it before I can install anything?01:42
neo644How do I disable the title bar being partly transparent with compiz?01:42
PsyonikHelp, lxdream ./configure cannot find OpenGL lib, how is this fixed?01:43
BoxxySmil3y: No, I mean use it under windows. Like have the applications from Ubuntu available in windows 7 cause no offense windows 7 is much better.01:43
freesignhi , just ask a question about IRC, how can I get in many room with 1 command ? $/join #ubuntu #vim ????01:43
quibblersquillyum, it will have default setting.....what do you want to install01:43
squillyumquibbler, I want to install itunes.01:43
[NikO]Boxxy, after troll, what else ?01:43
nickrudBoxxy, you can run ubuntu in virtual box seamless mode, and have ubuntu apps on the windows desktop01:44
joljami am having problems with youtube01:44
smil3yBoxxy>  i see, well i dont answer questions wit attitude like that, windows fanboys are not taken to kindly in my book01:44
joljamgets slow and hangs01:44
joljamafter 5 minutes01:44
lstarnesfreesign: it's /join #1,#2,#3,#...01:44
joljamam using intrepid01:44
grkblood13rob__, noluck01:44
quibblersquillyum, the proof is in the pudding......install itunes and see what happens01:44
Boxxysmil3y: I can't blame you for being angry, linux must make you cranky after having to deal with it's instability for so long.01:44
smil3yBoxxy>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)01:44
PsyonikHelp, lxdream ./configure cannot find OpenGL lib, how is this fixed?01:45
joljamcan anyone help me01:45
orbgrkblood13: maybe http://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-users/2002-February/006828.html01:45
squillyumquibbler, what do you mean by that riddle?01:45
freesignlstarnes:  thanks ~!!!01:45
lstarnesfreesign: also, #freenode is a better channel for asking irc-related questions01:45
ugliefroginstability? weird. I love linux because it is stable01:46
PsyonikHelp, lxdream ./configure cannot find OpenGL lib, how is this fixed............?01:46
Boxxyugliefrog: Since when is linux stable?01:46
ardchoilleBoxxy: Please take that elsewhere.01:46
rdw200169all concerned: I read that they may include a "GUI tool to simplify setting xorg.conf options" in Jaunty, Sweet!01:46
lstarnesPsyonik: install libgl-dev or one of the packages that provides it01:46
orbPsyonik: what lib is it missing? have you installed it?01:46
ActionParsnipjoljam: are you fully updated?01:47
Boxxyardchoille: Take what elsewhere? the truth?01:47
Psyoniklstarnes, Alright, I'll try that.01:47
lstarnesBoxxy: no, the trolling01:47
quibblersquillyum, it comes from a child's story ...it means if the pudding is tasty it's good01:47
grkblood13orb, that post never received an answer01:47
Boxxybut i'm not01:47
joljamyes ActionParsnip01:47
Boxxythis is totally sincere, windows 7 is better01:47
Psyonikorb, It said the OpenGL lib, nothing specific.01:47
ActionParsnipBoxxy: my fileserver serves 3 pcs for files and maintains a daily backup and torrent client and has 4 months of uptime01:47
quibblersquillyum, in other words if it works it's good01:47
smil3yyour just feeding the TROLL, ignore, and it will go away01:47
joljamActionParsnip to the best of my knowledge01:47
ActionParsnipBoxxy: i'd say that was fairly stable01:47
BoxxyActionParsnip: That's all you could do?01:48
ActionParsnipjoljam: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:48
orbPsyonik: try the suggestion above01:48
Psyonikorb: Already on it. :D01:48
ActionParsnipBoxxy: its proof of how stable linux (gentoo in this case) is]01:48
orbgrkblood13: the replier suggested checking file permissions01:48
freesignlstarnes: oic01:48
ActionParsnipBoxxy: or can be01:48
shoeunited_awayWelcome PasigMarcos! You have achieved a new peak of 1303 users for #Ubuntu!01:49
orbgrkblood13: http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/Debugging_Wine#Out_of_Memory might have nothing to do with actually being out of memory01:49
grkblood13didnt see that :)01:49
BoxxyActionParsnip: Wow, that's really nothing. I've worked on several corporate servers that ran Windows, and they've been much better for the task then linux ever was.01:49
herocan someone help me to install gtk+?01:49
orbhero: what do you mean, the development libraries?01:49
Psyoniklstarnes, it's giving me two options to choose from, what's the syntax to install? C/P not working01:49
lstarneshero: sudo aptitude install libgtk2.0-001:49
ActionParsnipBoxxy: depends on the task, tool for the job01:49
ActionParsnipBoxxy: no os is better than another01:49
neo644Boxxy: If you say Linux is not stable, ive been using Linux for about a year now and never have had a severe crash, and on Windows, I've experienced BSODs when you least expect them01:50
herogtk+ development libraries01:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
lstarneshero: then you probably want linbgtk2.0-dev01:50
neo644Not to mention it takes Microsoft over a month to fix one security hole.01:50
orbhero: libgtk2.0-0-dev, i think... search for it (aptitude search gtk)01:50
shoeunited_awayWelcome nabilsatcom! You have achieved a new peak of 1303 users for #UBUNTU!01:50
Psyoniklstarnes, Nevermind, I got it.01:50
Boxxyneo644: BSOD? When was the last time you used Windows? 1995?01:50
ActionParsnipBoxxy: you came to a room full of 1300 people who use ubuntu to spout about windows01:50
ActionParsnipBoxxy: not smart01:50
smil3y!ot | Boxxy01:50
ubottuBoxxy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
nabilsatcomESTOS EN APUROS01:51
orbBoxxy: two things: my new Vista computer BSODd the second time i started it up and did so repeatedly until i restored01:51
neo644Boxxy: That was in windows XP on the same computer I am using now01:51
nabilsatcomALGUIEN HABLA EN ESPAñOL01:51
ActionParsnipBoxxy: plus its the official support channel so any chat like this is about as far off topic as you can get01:51
neo644I dual boot on this laptop01:51
BoxxyYes, I came to the one room I was sure to find all the poor people who inflict themselves with that terrible OS called Linux that theres a better option.01:51
heroThank i did it libgtk2.0-0-dev01:51
ActionParsnipwhat a sack01:51
orbBoxxy: secondly: it's pretty nerdy to be here firstly, but to come for no purpose than to be bothersome01:51
smil3yTHANK god!01:51
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:52
BoxxyAs I was saying.01:52
FlannelActionParsnip: We're here already, thanks.01:52
orbBoxxy: you need helllppp01:52
smil3ysomeone get an admin to ban this idiot01:52
BoxxyWindows 7 is now even more stable.01:52
ActionParsnipFlannel: cheers01:52
__mikemActionParsnip, you shouldn't do that unless there's a troll01:52
Flannel!es | nabilsatcom01:52
ubottunabilsatcom: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:52
PsyonikIt's not Linux's fault you rather spend money on your OS, and it's technical needs.01:52
nabilsatcomme puede ayudar alguien de vos01:52
ActionParsnip__mikem: was a troll01:52
smil3yjrib>  thank you!01:52
[NikO]ActionParsnip, greet :)01:52
PsyonikInstalling lxdream is quite the drag.01:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ops!!!!!01:53
ActionParsnip__mikem: (01:51:30) Boxxy: Yes, I came to the one room I was sure to find all the poor people who inflict themselves with that terrible OS called Linux that theres a better option.01:53
nabilsatcomfracias ubottu01:53
FlannelBllasae: Please don't do that.01:53
ActionParsnip__mikem: is that trollish enough?01:53
__mikemActionParsnip, on its own, thats hardly enough to get ops involved. NOw if that was just one of several things he did, that would be different01:53
ActionParsnip__mikem: oh its a lot01:53
orb__mikem: several things :)01:53
Flannel__mikem, ActionParsnip: this is offtopic.  It's done, ops are awake, yadd ayadda.01:53
PsyonikYES, the ./configure WORKED01:53
__mikemsorry Flannel01:54
PsyonikNow I can INSTALL lxdream.....Like.....Finally....01:54
orbhe really likes Windows 7, apparently, and would like everyone to know01:54
ActionParsniphehe ok man01:54
orbPsyonik: good news :)01:54
Psyonikorb: Thank you :D01:54
Psyoniklstarnes,  Thanks!01:54
orbPsyonik: my name is rob, but for osme reason i'm having trouble with that nick01:54
PsyonikLinux Sega Dreamcast port.01:54
=== orb is now known as rob
ActionParsnip!info lxdream01:54
ubottuPackage lxdream does not exist in intrepid01:54
Rods_TigerI've managed to create a usbstick livecd, but when it updates all the software, there's a repeating error about the kernel update not working.01:55
PsyonikIt has to be installed manually.01:55
=== rob is now known as Guest50452
ActionParsnip_slax_: xOr: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-games-33/dreamcast-emulator-lxdream-...-how-do-you-install-from-the-.tar.gz-651651/01:55
PsyonikSo you'd probably not find it on the official ubuntu websites.01:55
heroso what package name for libglade?01:55
servo888Hi! Ubuntu's file manager is hung up on an FTP upload, but I can't close it... Anybody know which process I need to kill?01:56
ActionParsnip!find libglade01:56
cojoneshey all, musictracker in pidgin has broken (i tried upgrading to a more recent pidgin versino from GetDEB and that broke musictracker) now I can't seem to fix it... no matter what song i play, it always lists the same song, which unfortunately is "When a man loves a woman" by Michael Bolton01:56
ubottuFound: libglade2-0, libglade2-dev, libglade2.0-cil, libglademm-2.4-1c2a, libglademm-2.4-dbg (and 12 others)01:56
Rods_TigerI'll have to give that a try then - is it easy to manually install the kernel into the usbstick?01:56
neo644How do I disable the stupid titlebar transparency in compiz?01:56
ActionParsnipcojones: shows what you listen to :)01:56
AiffeFunny you should say that, Parsnip.01:56
davidfromozhello ubuntu, i have some beginner questions about setting up file permissions.  is this the right place?01:56
Azazel-AZIntrepiud not seeing samba shares in nautlis after launchpad patch installed01:57
AiffeI'm here because I can't listen to anything.01:57
Rods_TigerCould've been worse - could've been Rick Astley01:57
Azazel-AZNew Install01:57
cojonesActionParsnip: haha actually, i never listen to that song haha... it just came on right as i was upgrading pidgin... a very unfortunate turn of events hehe01:57
PsyonikNow to download some roms.01:57
ActionParsnipAiffe: run lspci, it will identify the sound card, you can websearch the outputted line and get guides01:57
AiffeI did that.01:57
AiffeI've been through about 500 guides.01:57
AiffeIf I haven't broken it worse, I at least haven't fixed anything.01:58
Azazel-AZHas anyone got Nautlius seeing samba shares under 8.10?01:58
ActionParsnipAiffe: what does lspci say you have?01:58
burkmatServer runs off the same repos as desktop, right?01:58
Aiffedavidfromoz, you mean like with the chmod command?01:58
Rods_Tigerto be honest, I'm very disappointed with the Live USBstick ubuntu. It takes a ridiculous amount of time going back and forth and back and forth and then eventually grows solid to the right and then ages later it boots. It takes far too long to be usable.01:58
ActionParsnipAzazel-AZ: try: smb://servername/sharename01:58
neo644Oh well, nobody will answer my question (no offense). Bye.01:59
PsyonikPoor Neo, I know how he feels. =/01:59
nite_johnboy! install printer01:59
davidfromozyes, i am setting up a mini server.  and i want to be able to access soem directories on a hard drive according to group permissions01:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about install printer01:59
_slax_Rods_Tiger: you're lucky you can even boot up into USB , i cant :(01:59
Rods_Tigerha ha01:59
ActionParsnip!printer | nite_johnboy01:59
AiffeOh, that's weird, I didn't notice that.01:59
ubottunite_johnboy: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:59
Rods_TigerI can01:59
davidfromozultimately i will be using samba, but now i just want to make sure i have set things up correctly on the server02:00
=== Fizban is now known as Steelflint
_slax_i have to use live cd's, which are sooooo yesterdays news02:00
AiffeIt has my sound card, but it's under "USB Controller."02:00
nite_johnboy!install printer02:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about install printer02:00
davidfromozi mounted the drives as root in fstab02:00
Rods_Tigeryes, they take less time, I feel - even though they take an age, too02:00
ActionParsnip_slax_: cds are soo old, use web based installers are so 200902:00
Azazel-AZActionParsnip: that works02:00
davidfromoznow i dont understand why i cant modify directory contents according to group permissions02:00
Azazel-AZsmb:/// shows nothing02:00
cojonesanyone know where musictracker stores its config info? i can't get rid of all the files02:01
rdw200169ActionParsnip: USB Installers are fine, USB ***installations*** are not!02:01
nite_johnboyActionParsnip; Thank you...02:01
_slax_ActionParsnip: installers not my prob, i have a 26 mb cable connection, :)02:01
_slax_i can get anything in seconds02:01
Rods_Tigerwhich is recommended for an AAO? Ubuntu-netbook-remix 1.0.1 or the new easy-peasy? I've just asked the question in the netbook channel but as I'm the only one in there, nobody else replied.02:01
davidfromozthe folder is 775 group 'doc'.  david is a memb3er of doc but can't create a new file in the folder02:01
PsyonikActionParsnip,  Lol..02:01
bazif u connect an ldap server to thunderbird, does it also write to it (if u add a contact) ot does it only read from it?02:01
ActionParsnipAzazel-AZ: then the shares are ok02:01
rdw200169baz good questions...02:01
ActionParsnip_slax_: then dont bother with Cds, just burn 10Mb iso for minimal install and install via web02:01
Aiffehttp://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/sysadmin.html davidfromoz, does this help?02:02
Azazel-AZYes, there were 2 bug reports for it, I found a link that had me add a 3rd party repository and it added 5 files and upgraded samba, but no success after reboot02:02
davidfromozi'll try, thank you.  i thought i understood permissions, but maybe i dont02:02
_slax_ActionParsnip: well i like live cd's like puppy and slax :)  I ended up just instally slax to my hdd :)02:02
PsyonikActionParsnip,  I installed using a CD02:02
PsyonikBut that was '08.02:02
tc111Rods_Tiger: i've been using ultimate ubuntu 2.0 amd64 on an 8gb stick and used the ubuntu "Create a USB startup disk" utility off 'System' -> 'Administration' and the downloaded iso image. works like a charm. it's completely up-to-date (the live portion) as of two days ago (sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude full-upgrade)02:02
=== burkmat is now known as burkzzz
_slax_Microsux: is spamming in PM's02:03
_slax_dont pm me Microsux02:03
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:03
socketshow exactly do you install via web after the minimal iso though?02:03
Rods_Tigerthe other annoying thing about the liveusbstick ubuntu is that I thought it was persistent but it's not. When it eventually boots, it keeps presenting the keymap defaulted to some foreign country and I keep having to change it every time.02:03
Azazel-AZActionParsnip: samba does work.  ugh.  I'd like to see my shares in nautlis02:03
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: just dont reboot02:03
Rods_Tigertc111: but when I add suppositories to it, it wants to update, and then it complains about the kernel02:04
tc111Rods_Tiger: what did you use to create the stick?02:04
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: you can02:04
ActionParsnipAzazel-AZ: you can mount them with smbmount02:04
Rods_Tigera livecd connected to my Acer Aspire One02:04
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: even easier than what ActionParsnip suggests, just do this02:04
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: Places -> Connect to Server...02:04
socketsActionParsnip, how do you install via web w/ the minimal isos? what's the command? i'm trying to install xubuntu - apt-get xubuntu-desktop?02:04
Rods_Tigerand a 16GB usb stick02:04
PsyonikGot a PM from Microsux too.02:05
ActionParsnipsockets: download the minimal iso (amd64 is 10Mb, 32bit is 9mb)02:05
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: then, Bookmark it, and it ends up in the bookmark column of Nautilus02:05
tc111Rods_Tiger: which live cd? (distro, version, etc...)02:05
ActionParsnipsockets: the varios DEs can easily be selected via the menu presented02:05
Rods_Tigeroh I don't know - it's round, does that help?02:05
Rods_Tiger8.10 ubuntu02:05
tc111Rods_Tiger: my changes are completely persistent. what utility did you use to create the usbstick?02:05
ActionParsnipsockets: its a text based install method but its painless as long as your network adapter is detected ok02:06
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: Service Type, WIndows Share02:06
Rods_Tigerthe one built into the menus to make a usb stick02:06
ScuniziI'm trying to configure efax-gtk with the right location of my usb fax modem (it's not a soft modem). How do I discover it's location?? Typically a modem hooked to rs232 port or installed in a pci slot would have an address of ttyS0 or something similar.02:06
socketsActionParsnip, thanks - what do you use btw? xubuntu, kubuntu or ubuntu?02:06
ActionParsniprdw200169: yeah thats a nice function02:06
tc111Rods_Tiger: when you created the usbstick, how much space did you commit to the persistent partition (actually file)?02:06
Azazel-AZYeah, I can do that, but not browseable :(  oh well.  I will bookmark it I guess on laptop and can then click to connect when I need.02:06
Rods_Tigerall 16GB02:07
Sa[i]nTHow do I change my startup items in KDE4.1?02:07
Azazel-AZAnd I manually edited smb.conf and still not browseable :(02:07
ActionParsnipsockets: its morphed over the years buit its now fluxbox with kdelibs and some kde apps02:07
rdw200169Azazel-AZ: well, you can also do smbmount, it's just more difficult02:07
chilli0How can i see who is connected to my box in ssh?02:07
ardchoilleSa[i]nT: ask in #kubuntu02:07
ActionParsnipsockets: it started with kubuntu but i got sick of kwin being lame02:07
Azazel-AZI ran a smb server as an admin for the past 2 years.  That's not the prob, Intrepid is broken02:08
chilli0How can i see who is connected to my box in ssh?02:08
mastertonnanis there any wordprocessor that runs in Terminal?02:08
EdgeX--chilli0, finger02:08
AiffeOh never mind, I was just being stupid... lspci says I have:02:08
Aiffe00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)02:08
tc111Rods_Tiger: you mean the remaining  ~14GB (space for livesystem and swap use space)02:08
chilli0k thanks02:08
e3co_is there a way to list all available commands on the local system?02:08
EdgeX--chilli0, finger02:08
EdgeX--oh sorry02:08
ActionParsnipmastertonnan: nano02:08
=== EdgeX-- is now known as EdgeX-
mastertonnanok thanks02:08
frewsxcvcan you install ext4 or zfs read/write capabilities on windows?02:08
chilli0EdgeX-: how can i kick em off?02:08
_slax_mastertonnan: vi02:08
Rods_Tigertc111: whatever was remaining - I set it all the way to use it all02:08
Azazel-AZmaybe I can manually add the share to smb.conf :)02:08
ActionParsnipe3co_: press tab 2 or 3 times in terminal with no characters typed02:09
ActionParsnipe3co_: its a LONG list02:09
e3co_ActionParsnip: Thanks02:09
rdw200169ActionParsnip: yeah, i have over 3750 possibilities...02:09
ActionParsnipe3co_: i have nearly 3000 on my system02:09
_slax_you can get a GUI version of Vi, not sure if its installed by default, if not 'sudo apt-get install gvim' should do it.02:09
tc111Rods_Tiger: did you make the fat32 filesystem on the stick with the utility or from a terminal?02:09
dashhowdy. i'm trying to configure NFS to do an export that's writeable by anonymous users (i'm exporting to a virtual machine running locally)02:10
ActionParsnip_slax_: he wanted a cli text editor02:10
tc111Rods_Tiger: also, is this a U3 stick?02:10
dashhowever despite specifying "rw" it remains read-only. anybody know anything about this?02:10
_slax_ActionParsnip: ah02:10
e3co_3969 Possibilities02:10
zetherooanyone know what this all means? http://pastebin.com/mc0fd61a02:10
ActionParsnipfrewsxcv: www.fs-driver.org/02:10
ActionParsnipfrewsxcv: not really n ubuntu question, its a windows question02:11
Rods_Tigertc111: that's a point - I used cfdisk in the end, after gparted didn't manage well. It's a 'Bytestor' stick02:11
_slax_ActionParsnip: it wouldnt kill him to know bout the GUI version though :)02:11
Rods_Tigertc111: but I simply left the partition uncommitted, so that the liveusb utility formatted it itself02:11
joeb3_zetheroo, it can't read the partition table.02:12
rdw200169chilli0: you can kick them off by killing the particular sshd process that relates to their login02:12
zetheroojoeb3_: its a MP5 media player ...02:12
rdw200169chilli0: for example, if you do "ps -A | grep username"02:12
tc111Rods_Tiger: i've had nothing but problems with sticks that had their filesystems created by the utility, so i prep the stick first with 'fdisk' and 'mkdosfs'02:12
zetheroojoeb3_: what should I do?02:12
Rods_Tigertc111: I know what you mean - its very hit or miss02:12
rdw200169chilli0: it should show something like this: sshd: randy@pts/902:12
joeb3_zetheroo, find out what filesystem it uses.02:13
zetheroojoeb3_: FAT3202:13
batcoder-7what is a good mp3 player for ubuntu ?02:13
rdw200169chilli0: then just kill the process using the kill command with the process number02:13
batcoder-7simple but yet has features?02:13
zetheroojoeb3_: should I format it?02:13
dashbatcoder-7: banshee, rhythmbox, mpg32102:13
rdw200169chilli0: it won't kill sshd, the server will still be running, but they will be logged out02:13
joeb3_zetheroo, only if you don't need any of the data on it.02:13
batcoder-7dash, i use xfce not gnome which one has no dependcy on gnome ?02:13
Azazel-AZok, things just got bad.  accidently clicked on open office on the dock and no fonts loaded. all blank!02:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about metabuntu02:14
Rods_Tigerbatcoder-7: mplayer?02:14
batcoder-7i still would like gtk+02:14
tc111Rods_Tiger: the ones i prep all work great, so i just do it that way now... maybe if there's a version update i'll test it again, but until then, 'fdisk' and 'mkdosfs' is definitely my friend.02:14
joeb3_zetheroo, does the mp3 player come with an option to format or software to format it/02:14
ActionParsnipbatcoder-7: mplayer all the way bro02:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about metebuntu02:14
batcoder-7does it let you knwo what song is playing ?02:14
zetheroojoeb3_: yes but I already did that ....02:14
batcoder-7even if its minimized?02:14
Azazel-AZsudo apt-get autoremove --purge openoffice.org; openoffice.org not installed???  wow02:15
ubottuIf you would like to help in #*ubuntu* but it just goes too fast to spot interesting questions, try joining #ubuntu-meta and watching for questions there (note that it is NOT a support channel, however, and questions should still be answered in #*ubuntu*)02:15
Rods_Tigertc111: mine work, but each time they boot (which takes forever) they keep having the keyboard set to a foreign country by default and I keep having to change it.02:15
joeb3_zetheroo, well if you format it in ubuntu, the mp3player may not work because it does not recognize the filesystem02:15
DVA5912what is the extra packages? metabuntu02:15
Rods_TigerI like to help in the 'netbook' channel - there's nobody in there02:16
jrib!medibuntu | DVA591202:16
ubottuDVA5912: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:16
EdgeX-batcoder-7, if you're looking for features i'd surely   recommend amarok...but you're wanting simplicity so i don't think that would be right for you02:16
zetheroojoeb3_: even if I format it with FAT32?02:16
DVA5912the one i didnt try02:16
batcoder-7EdgeX-, i like amarok02:16
joeb3_zetheroo, possibly, yes.  Give it a try.02:16
batcoder-7but i uese xfce02:16
Rods_TigerI use xfce on my Acer Aspire One netbook02:17
Roland-hey, is there a way to custom install ubuntu ? I don't need all packages02:17
batcoder-7run slow?02:17
tc111Rods_Tiger: yea, when i could get mine to boot, sometimes they couldn't find the kernel, and if they could find the kernel they couldn't start all the services, especially the keyboard and mouse. very, very unreliable. don't really know what the difference is, but it is absolutely annoying.02:17
Rods_Tigerodd partition maps on the usb sticks02:17
oasis2hmmm, I wonder how many verbs there are in the English language.  That's how many commands my brain takes.02:17
Rods_Tigersome are positively weird02:17
dashRoland-: sure02:18
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: just roll with what the man gives you02:18
Rods_Tigeris there a way of doing a 'proper' install to a pocket hard drive, so that it boots in without thinking it's a livecd, and having it able to find itself on any machine I put it on (regardless of how many other devices are there)02:18
dashRoland-: nothing installs all packages anyway02:18
Roland-dash, that's perfect, but how ?02:19
dashRoland-: do you have an ubuntu cd or are you installing from the internet?02:19
Roland-dash I mean install just the base, not even x window system. I want to add thing manualy02:19
dashRoland-: sure, just do a server install02:19
Roland-using ubuntu desktop cd?02:19
Rods_TigerRoland-:  you might as well use Gentoo then02:19
dashRods_Tiger: ridiculous02:19
dashRods_Tiger: why would you say that?02:20
Roland-I am using gentoo but I am having some issues :)02:20
Rods_Tigerit's what I use02:20
nickrudRods_Tiger, the only guarantee would be putting grub on the pocket drive pointing at a partition on the pocket, and on the machine making sure that usb device is the first boot. The bios is your bottleneck02:20
dashRods_Tiger: Oh. Haha.02:20
Rods_Tigernickrud: sounds complex and fraught with variation.02:20
ActionParsnipRoland-: if you are using cli based system i'd recommend gentoo too02:20
Roland-I am thinking to try ubuntu just because it's large userbase but I don't want it to come with thing installed by default02:21
nickrudRods_Tiger, not on the ubuntu end. But the os is at the mercy of the bios when it comes to booting02:21
Roland-I would like to keep it light02:21
dashas a professional server admin, i would recommend ubuntu. :)02:21
EdgeX-gentoo looks neat; i have to try it out02:21
ActionParsnipRoland-: use the minimal 10Mb cd02:21
DVA5912what reposotories do i need to do this: sudo apt-get install setiathome02:21
dashEdgeX-: it's for people who aren't lazy.02:21
* Roland- checks that02:21
Roland-where is it?02:21
nickrud!minimal | Roland-  you could use the minimal install disk02:21
ubottuRoland-  you could use the minimal install disk: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:21
EdgeX-dash, well i'm screwed02:21
ActionParsnipEdgeX-: just have the handbook handy and its easy02:22
ActionParsnipEdgeX-: just takes a bit02:22
dashof of y'all know stuff about NFS? :)02:22
dasher, any of y'all02:22
dr_Willis!nfs | dash02:22
ubottudash: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.02:22
dashdr_Willis: Hi.02:22
Roland-as far as I remember one year ago ubuntu was VERY slow on performance. comparing to gentoo,arch, etc02:22
dashRoland-: oh? url?02:23
Rods_TigerI know it's a lot of hassle if you boot expecting an NFS volume and it's not there02:23
Roland-no I trieed it myself02:23
DVA5912how do i install seti@home02:23
_slax_Flannel: pm me again please :)02:23
Rods_Tigerfirst, go home02:23
EdgeX-ActionParsnip, i've tried once- turns out it doesn't support my wifi card and i haven't got around to getting a module for it02:23
=== bobby is now known as odium1
* Roland- installs ubuntu in a fancy virtualbox02:25
ActionParsnipEdgeX-: all part of the fun and games02:25
=== ___mikem is now known as __mikem
tsukasa_hey all, my raid 0 lvm array has a bad harddrive, and spinrite cant fix it, what should i do?02:25
tsukasa_boot a livecd and copy over what i can?02:25
EdgeX-ActionParsnip, but when you download speed is 30kb/s it's really hard to get back to another OS02:26
ActionParsnipEdgeX-: ah, yeah definately02:26
iso|Hello everybody!02:26
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:26
iso|Anyone know of a simple way to install ubuntu(from a usbpen) from either DamnSmallLinux or Hiren's boot cd?02:27
Roland-restricted formats?!02:27
Roland-mp3 issues?02:27
iso|My motherboard does not support usb boot02:27
_slax_iso|: mine either :(02:27
PsyonikI should seriously consider upgrading.02:28
ActionParsnip!usb | iso|02:28
ubottuiso|: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:28
PsyonikBut I dun wanna let go of my files02:28
ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information02:28
EdgeX-my notherboard is pretty neat02:28
ActionParsnipiso|: if your bios doesnt support it then you cant do it02:28
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hajihey guys I just installed debian and apparently I have now two GRUBs, the one in ubuntu didn't update by itself and does not run at boot. How do I update the menu.lst in ubuntu to run at boot time?02:28
EdgeX-iso|, have you upgraded your bios to the lastest version for your mobo02:28
ActionParsnipiso|: you could have a bootable floppy to boot the usb drive maybe02:28
iso|ActionParsnip: no way to start the install from DSL?02:28
nickrudiso|, in case you missed it, look at the debootstrap factoid above02:28
ActionParsniptsukasa_: chkdsk the bad disk02:30
tsukasa_ActionParsnip: you mean fsck?02:30
CentHOGGhi, anybody ever get this prompt from dmesg.... TX underrun -- increasing TX threshold02:30
ActionParsniptsukasa_: yeah sorry, fixing an xp system atm02:30
_slax_EdgeX-: i have a dell demension 2400, do you know how I could upgrade the bios? They dont use .exe on a floppy or anything i hope, cause i dont have windows installed02:31
ActionParsnip!grub | haji02:31
ubottuhaji: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:31
EdgeX-_slax_, best bet is to google it02:31
tsukasa_ActionParsnip: i could try that... the system tries to do it every boot and fails out after a while... any special switches i should use?02:31
_slax_EdgeX-: ok ty02:31
ActionParsniptsukasa_: not sure, its the reason why raid0 isnt raid, zero redundancy02:32
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e3co_where can I find logs for synaptic?02:33
Guest98773hey, can somebody explain to me what format the [ttyname] parameter for the 'write' command is supposed to be in?02:33
ActionParsniptsukasa_: i'd make sure your backups are up to date and buy a replacement disk and resetup, i'd setup a raid0+1 instead, so your array doesnt die if 1 drive fails02:33
doughed2003hello room a bit new to ubuntu02:33
ActionParsnipGuest98773: man write02:34
Guest98773ActionParsnip: yeah, i was looking at that02:34
ActionParsnip!ask | doughed200302:34
ubottudoughed2003: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:34
Guest98773ActionParsnip: and I tried typing in tty1 as the parameter02:34
ActionParsnipGuest98773: depends what you want to achieve02:34
Guest98773ActionParsnip: i'm trying to write from one terminal to another02:35
iso|Is it possible to install ubuntu directly from the terminal? From the net or usb ?02:36
ActionParsnipGuest98773: i think you'd have to su to another user in the other terminal02:36
ActionParsnip!minimal | iso|02:37
ubottuiso|: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:37
nite_johnboyHi - Just installed a hp laserjet 2100 lpt1 port - it prints fine - but is very slow waiting for page to print out - is there a way speed this up?02:37
iso|and i dont have acess to a cd writer :)02:37
ActionParsnip!bootstrap | iso|02:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bootstrap02:37
tangentcollisioniso|: unetbootn02:37
ActionParsnipiso|: ask a buddy to do it for you. its only 10Mb02:37
dr_Willisdebootstrap :)02:37
_slax_tangentcollision: he cant boot from usb02:38
tangentcollisionwait, he can't?02:38
iso|tangentcollision: already did02:38
_slax_he said earlier he coudlnt02:38
iso|cant boot as ActionParsnip said02:38
coyote_bluedoes anyone use the 64bit version of 8.10?02:38
ActionParsnipcoyote_blue: i do02:38
tangentcollisionI'm sorry I wasn't here for your full conversation02:38
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  lots of us do.02:38
tangentcollisionjust trying to help02:38
ActionParsniptangentcollision: most of my pcs cant boot usb02:38
linnyevening folks after alot of persuasion my dad has finally made the switch to linux namely ubuntu he installed an 8.04 cd i gave him a while ago ,anyway after his install he tryed to connect to the internet with firefox and entered a search into google the browser sucsessfully retreves the search from google but when you click on a link it times out it also times out  if you type in an addy in the bar, also apt wont connect to the re02:39
coyote_bluei was having some problems with it.. wondering if anyone else had them too or if they're specific to the 64bit version02:39
tangentcollisionodd, I've forced most of mine to boot from a usb02:39
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ActionParsniptangentcollision: most are p3 or k7 slotA02:39
Guest3177any help for a noob02:39
Guest98773ActionParsnip: oh, nevermind, i got it, i didn't realize it was interactive02:39
dr_Williscoyote_blue,   ive not had any problems with 64bit ubuntu   that i am aware of.02:39
ActionParsnipcoyote_blue: ask your question02:39
tangentcollisionActionParsnip: that usually doesn't matter, I've got a pII that I've installed opensuse from unetbootin02:39
Guest3177can't get realplayer to install02:39
quaalhow do i make new files adopt the permissions of their parent directory02:39
coyote_bluewell for one... i can't play flash on websites because the only flash player download is for the i386 architecture and won't install02:39
ActionParsniptangentcollision: my bios' dont offer it as an option02:40
ActionParsnipcoyote_blue: sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree02:40
iso|anyone mind explaining this ActionParsnip: yeah , but i want i done this debootstrap thing for me? i dont really get what i does02:40
Rhorsehey. what is the app to send text to cell phones?02:40
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  thats not correct.. i have flash working fine.. i installed the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package and flash works for me02:40
iso|pwnd by ctrl + v02:40
coyote_blueah okay... let me try that real quick02:40
davidfromozsorry for continuing kindergarden file access questions: david is a member of group "doc", why can he modify a file of ownership cass:doc 666, but not 66402:40
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  you do Not not NOT get flash from the adobe web site02:40
ActionParsnipcoyote_blue: or you can download the .so from www.adobe.com and put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins02:41
ActionParsnipDr_willis: works fine right here02:41
dr_Willis:) 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' a must have for all web surfers02:41
dr_WillisActionParsnip,   you are in the vast minority then02:41
nisinkhas anyone had any experience with getting paravirtualization on 8.0402:41
dr_Willis for 64bit i think it also grabs some extra packages to make the 32bit flash work under 64bit02:42
coyote_blueis there a special repository i need to load to get that flashplayer-nonfree?02:42
ActionParsnipDr_willis: as soon as that bad boy was out i was all over it like a rash02:42
Guest3177thanx guys02:42
dr_WillisActionParsnip,  what bad boy?02:42
ActionParsnipDr_willis: the 64bit flash, nspluginwrapper was getting a little tiresome02:42
dr_WillisI did a clean 64bit install.. installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and it grabbed all i needed for flash to work02:42
dr_WillisActionParsnip,  im not using 64bit flash as far as i know. :)02:42
dr_Williscant see much need for it actually02:42
dr_Willisperhaps in the next release02:43
ActionParsnipDr_willis: i think that package simply downloads the 64bit flash from adobe and puts it in the right place02:43
dr_WillisActionParsnip,  it was doing this when 8.10 first came out? i dident think there was 64bit flash back then02:43
linnydr_Willis: i used nswrapper or somthing to install 32 bit flash in 6402:43
linnyfollowed some guide off the net02:43
dr_Willis<linny> i dident need  any guide. :)02:44
ActionParsnipDr_willis: thats as i understand it, i could be wrongh02:44
socketsIf by default I install xubuntu-desktop, but afterwards add gnome and kubuntu.. Would I experience a slowdown if I chose xubuntu from the log-in screen during boot?02:44
socketsI'd like to play around w/ the different applications available02:44
dr_Willissudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras , got flash, java and some other bits02:44
linnydr_Willis: i tried that first obviously but at the time it didnt work02:45
coagensockets: not sure what your question is...02:45
dr_Willislinny,  its alwyas worked forme.  so no idea why ;)02:45
etyrnalwhat's decent video card for pci that'll be compatible with Ubuntu 6, 7, 8 etc that's cheap and hopefully supports open gl?02:45
socketsi'm playing with xubuntu, i like the speed. if i were to install the ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop packages, i heard i can choose which environment i'd like to use at login02:46
dr_Willispci?  or pci express?02:46
coagenetyrnal: you can get a cheap nvidia 6200 thats pci02:46
socketswould it slowdown the system if i kept using xubuntu but get the other 2 there?02:46
coagensockets: no02:46
dr_Willisfinding a pci video card may be the hard part. ;)02:46
coagensockets: it will only be slower when using them02:46
linnysockets: id ont think so as youll only runone at once02:46
coyote_bluewell i'm installing ubuntu-restricted-extras atm... here's another one... whenever i try to play openarena, after i finish a level my computer will just shut down. i have a good graphics card and the proprietary drivers. i even downgraded the graphics just in case... it doesn't shut down half way through a level, only when it ends. i figured it might have something to do with that..02:46
socketsthanks guys :]02:47
gavronis anybody using bootchart on intrepid?02:47
codazoda  I'm trying to rsync to a windows share and getting this error, "rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/mnt/jay/ubuntop/joel/Code" failed: Permission denied (13)".  The /mnt/jay/ubuntop/joel/ directory exists.  If I do "mkdir "/mnt/jay/ubuntop/joel/Code" it works.  Any thoughts?02:47
linnycodazoda: try sudo02:47
coagencoyote_blue: odd. what card?02:47
doughed2003i somehow messed up my settings and can't get metacity to start at bootup.I had to make an icon on the desktop to start it manualy. have tryed metacity replace  but it didn't work. this all started after i installed ciaro dock and messed with the settings in compiz02:47
coyote_bluegeforce 8600m gt02:47
worldwithouthi i have a question about my firewall i am using firestarter i go threw the steps then ping my ip and it dont block the ping02:48
etyrnalcoagen, the fx6200 is well suported?  that would be excellent because that is the same card the ox86 guys recommeneded02:48
linnycodazoda: no sorry i misread change the permissions on the dest folder02:48
worldwithouta udp pops up and then i ping that udp address and my firewall goes crazy blocking that02:48
coagendoughed2003: i had a similar problem when i installed the compiz tray icon, do you have that installed?02:49
nabilsatpofavor nadie me puede ayudar en configurar un servidor ubuntu 8.1002:49
etyrnalis iit generally safe to buy a use fx6200 from a reasonable source like ebay?02:49
coyote_bluealso... earlier today i noticed my cpu % was staying high.... i checked and saw that pidgin was taking up 50% -- half of my duel-core. and then the computer just shut itself down. i don't know if that's related... but it's another odd out-of-place shutdown02:49
nabilsatesta es la red ke kiero montar02:49
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:49
coagenetchy: get one off newegg.com thats where i buy everything02:49
coagenetyrnal: get one off newegg.com02:49
umarzukihi all02:49
doughed2003it started befor i installed the tray02:49
worldwithoutcan anyone help me please with a firewall problem02:50
codazodalinny: /mnt/jay is 777, as is /mnt/jay/ubuntop.  Of course, it's a windows share, so typical permissions don't apply, except to the mount dir.02:50
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umarzukihave any of you had any success installing ubuntu 8.10 with lubi?02:50
nabilsatserveur vpn-------internet--------eth1 serveur ubuntu eth0-------switch------PCs pass por vpn a serveur vpn02:50
coagendoughed2003: uninstall that compiz tray icon, it messes everything up02:50
dr_Willisumarzuki,  you mean WUBI ?02:50
umarzukino, lubi02:51
linnycodazoda: im sorry im 1/2 asleep i misread twice it seems as tho its no expecting the joel dir to exist at all02:51
nisinkhas anyone had experience with xen hypervisors02:51
coagendoughed2003: then go to the apearace preference and turn compiz off... and then on if you want....02:51
etyrnalcoagen, any particular brand that is advisable or shoudl be avoided02:51
linnyif the joel dir is empty delete it02:51
umarzukiworldwithout, for normal use, better turn iptables off02:51
doughed2003it was messed up before i installed the tray icon02:52
iso|gah this is way to complicated at this hours, im giving up02:52
coagenetyrnal: msg me and i'll send you some links I reccomend02:52
LinuxNITi installed intrepid on my new laptop with integrated intel graphics. When i try to switch to a terminal (cntrl+alt+f1) the screen only flickers rapidly with one line of unreadable text at the top. Any idea how to fix this?02:52
doughed2003i'll try it02:52
codazodalinny: Oddly, if I use sudo, it does work.  So, I unmounted /mnt/jay and chmod 777 it.  Then remounted and tried again.  No dice.  But sudo has no trouble.02:53
coagendoughed2003: follow what I described please, try it at least02:53
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coagenLinuxNIT: does your laptop have the integrated 4500 HD graphics chip?02:53
nightkittenhello everyone02:53
coagenhello kitten02:53
umarzukihello nightkitten02:53
linnywell you must need root privileges to run it then is there any reason you need to run it as a regular user ?02:53
coyote_blueso what are the benefits of using the 64-bit version? unless there's just an article somewhere but i didn't see it in the main documentation02:54
LinuxNITcoagen, im not sure  lspci says this: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)02:54
jribcoyote_blue: you can use 4+ GB of ram02:54
coagencoyote_blue: everything is faster... imho02:54
coyote_bluehmm i only have 3GB RAM. heh...02:54
coagenLinuxNIT: hmm mobile 4.... never heard of that... i'll look it up02:54
ppiceNeed seom help, is this the place?02:55
linnyafter alot of persuasion my dad has finally made the switch to linux namely ubuntu he installed an 8.04 cd i gave him a while ago ,anyway after his install he tryed to connect to the internet with firefox and entered a search into google the browser sucsessfully retreves the search from google but when you click on a link it times out it also times out  if you type in an addy in the bar, also apt wont connect to the repos, but we ca02:55
coagenppice: maybe, whats the issue02:55
coyote_blueit just seems like it would be better to install the 32-bit version, and at least i wouldn't have random packages not working or not able to be installed (like zsnes *rue*)02:55
jribppice: yes, just ask your question and if someone know the answer, they will try to help you02:55
coagencoyote_blue: most everything works fine on 64 bit now02:55
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  zsnes is specail beause  it uses 32bit assembly code.. snes9x works just as well and dosent02:56
coyote_blueah good deal... thank you02:56
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coyote_blueokay i have one more question that i can think of. thanks for all your help so far everyone02:57
ppiceCan't seem to run either install or live cd, burned image, boot from cd, able to see the fir screen, can chose option and then in the boot sequence it hangs, tried leaving it for 39 min and same issue (live and install).  I tried the both versiosn (regular and 64) I even tried an other distribution with same resuslts any idea?02:57
linnyppice: did you run check cd for defects ?02:57
thomasiteHi. How do I install wine on 8.10? Thanks!02:58
linnyppice: similar thing happened to me and i had bad media02:58
jrib!wine | thomasite02:58
ubottuthomasite: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help02:58
codazodaSo, I can rsync to /mnt/jay as root, but not as a user.  /mnt is chmod 777.  /mnt/jay is chmod 777.  But, I have to do the mount command as root.  Is that the problem?  Do I need to figure out how to allow the user to mount the directory in order for the user to write to it?02:58
ppiceYep and it's doind the same thing, now the third cd I burn, running verify with burning software and it says it's ok...02:58
codazodaRather, the user can write to it, but rsync can't for some reason.02:58
coyote_bluewhen i was installing and setting up my hard-drive, i told it not to do anything with the partition i keep all of my music, pictures, etc. on. I can access the drive... but I would like to be able to add it to fstab so it has its own directory and auto-mounts. unfortunately, i'm used to slackware fstab and i don't think i could edit this one by hand. is there a tool to use?02:58
ppicepossible hardware issue?02:58
CentHOGGhi, what should be the size of a RAID 5 setup with these drives (320, 320, 160) TIA02:58
ppiceany suggestions?02:59
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linnyppice: imo its more likly to be bad media or a burning issue02:59
quaalhow do i list a user's default group02:59
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nightkittenthomasite: under your applications menu, choose "Add/Remove" then next to "Show:" choose "All available applications" then search for "wine" and then check the box03:00
jribquaal: « id » will work03:00
ppiceI've tried the live cd on laptop and it runs fine...03:00
nightkittenthen click "Apply changes"03:00
linnycodazoda: some progs just need to be run with sudo to work03:00
quaaljrib, command not found03:00
jribquaal: are you using ubuntu?03:00
Guest20564what's good fellas03:00
quaaljrib, yes03:00
jribquaal: what did you type exactly?03:00
quaaljrib, oh i got it03:01
linnyrsync needs to write to any directory right ?03:01
nightkittenppice: your problem sounds familiar.  I think I've had that problem before.  It worked just fine when I used a different cd rom drive03:01
ChaorainIs there a way to mirror to moniters? i.e. the same thing shows up on both moniters?03:01
Guest20564nick marine103:01
nightkittenthat's "/nick"03:02
ppiceIt starts loading and after a while it hangs...03:02
coagencoyote_blue: you just need to know the block id of the device to add it to the fstab, just use the blkid command in a terminal to list the block ids of installed devices, then in the fstab use UUID=(blkid) instead of the device name and you'll be fine03:02
nightkittenppice: private query?03:02
coyote_bluethanks coagen! that's exactly what i needed03:03
ppiceNighkitten: what do you mean private query?03:03
Guest20564in the boot menu can i change hw ubutnu loads03:03
CentHOGGhi, what should be the size of a RAID 5 setup with these drives (320, 320, 160) TIA03:03
dr_WillisGuest20564,  you can do a lot in grub.. but tell the channel exactly what you are trying to do.03:03
Guest20564instead of the splash screen i would like to see the terminal go to work03:03
Guest20564i jst did03:04
dr_WillisGuest20564,  just disable the gdm/kdm service = no X login, straight toconsole03:04
dr_WillisGuest20564,  nothing todowith grub or hw03:04
Guest20564how about startup manager03:04
coyote_bluebtw.... I did sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and it installed... but i still can't view certain flash videos... specifically the full episodes on the daily show website. i can't figure out why. i also did sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree and it couldn't find the package03:05
doughed2003ok got rid of the icon now how do i turn off compiz?03:05
Guest20564dr_Willis, how aout start up manager03:06
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  ive noticed some sites that have comeriasls/then shows - dont work right for me under firefox/flash at all.. even  under windows.. some off them dident work with IE either..but did with oprea.. go figure03:06
dr_WillisGuest20564,  what about it?03:06
K`zanJust a silly question, I know how to get around it, but why can't synaptic find "geda"?03:06
dr_Willis!find  geda03:06
ubottuFound: geda, geda-doc, geda-examples, geda-gattrib, geda-gnetlist (and 8 others)03:06
coagencoyote_blue: i watch the daily show on hulu.com try that site and tell me if it works03:06
K`zandr_Willis: Yes, I know it is there, apt finds it, but synaptic does not.03:07
coyote_bluethe only thing is, my brother uses ubuntu too and he had no problem with that site. he has the 32-bit version and it installed flash for him and works fine... i'll try hulu03:07
ChaorainIs there a way to mirror monitors?03:07
dr_WillisK`zan,  it finds it here03:07
coagencoyote_blue: in fact i'm watchng this one right now: http://www.hulu.com/watch/53235/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-thu-jan-15-200903:07
ChaorainI have a Nvida03:07
dr_WillisChaorain,  enable nvidia drivers. use nvidia-settings tool to clone the monitors03:07
K`zandr_Willis: Perhaps it doesn't work for some reason off the live cd?  But apt finds it there so, I'm confused.  Yes, I did check the CD for defects :-).03:08
dr_WillisChaorain,  or tweak them in other ways03:08
coagencoyote_blue: do you know if you have flash 10 installed?, I used a script I got somewhere to install the 64 bit version of flash 1003:08
albuntuChaorain: have you tried system > administration > nvidia x server settings ?03:08
dr_WillisK`zan,  do a  apt-get update first perhaps?03:08
_MattBIs it possible to convert my single-drive boot drive to a software raid?03:08
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coyote_bluei don't think i have flash 10 installed, no...03:08
strekozuolhi all03:08
balleynemy laptop's been freezing, about 4-5 times today (every 30-45 min)? completely unresponsive (even to keyboard kernel commands), just the caps lock light flashing... are there some log files I should scan?03:09
K`zandr_Willis: That and within synaptic too (added repositories too).03:09
Chaorainunder X server setting I see "Twin View" and "Seperate X Screen"03:09
strekozuolis anyone now how to svich to utf8 in opera?03:09
genomehi folks03:09
b0nnhow do I switch my x server to vesa?03:09
genomeafter a few hours uptime my sound stops working :(03:10
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albuntuballeyne: just a guess. that happened to me in different laptops where the battery is going to die. try removing the battery and staying on power only. its just a guess so i am not sure but happened to me many times03:10
coagencoyote_blue: try this one if you like: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/install-flash-10-ubuntu-linux-64bit.html but make sure you have you have flashplugin-nonfree uninstalled03:10
coyote_bluecoagen can't seem to watch them on hulu either...03:10
doughed2003how do i turn off compiz ??03:10
lexvegasballeyne: that happens to me sometimes too03:11
grkblood13how come when i try to bunr a dvd with a dvd-r it prompts me to use a dvd+r, does ubuntu not support -r dvds?03:11
jribdoughed2003: system -> preferences -> appearance -> visual effects -> none03:11
Chaoraindr_Willis, what are the other ways03:11
dr_Williscoyote_blue,  hulu is also a problematic site.. it worked forme for a while - then broke03:11
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=== thebleh is now known as zkinion
doughed2003it's allredy at that ...cant get my nvidia drivers to install03:11
dr_Willis<Chaorain> use twinview and have it clone monitors if thats what you want03:11
coyote_blueheh....  well it was working for me for a minute, then stopped.... went blank white03:11
coagendr_Willis: hulu works great for me after I used the flash10 64bit script03:12
camposola alguem pode me dizer como mudar a faixa de canaix03:12
Chaoraindr_Willis, Thanks03:12
quaaljrib, i changed the group of my user to a new group, yet new files created are still with the old group.03:12
camposda minha placa wireless03:12
dr_Williscoagen,  yea. its been a on again off aain fight with a lot of these sites - hulu no longer works on my Wii  :(03:12
coagendr_Willis: meh that sucks :|03:12
jribquaal: did you logout and back in?03:12
balleynealbuntu: hmm, well my battery is really dead (30 min? lol...). But I have been plugged in. So, to be clear, your suggestion is to try removing the battery (even though I haven't been running on battery power)?03:12
quaaljrib, no.03:12
jribquaal: you must03:12
dr_Williscoagen,  yep. wii uses flash 7 i think. or 803:13
camposalguem pode me dizer como mudo a faixa de canais da minha placa para padrao ETSI03:13
jrib!pt | campos03:13
ubottucampos: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:13
albuntuballeyne: yes. it happened in many laptops i have checked and tried to repair. the problem is that. it doesnt have to do with operating systems at all. its the battery03:14
K`zandr_Willis: Did the update and apt still finds it but synaptic doesn't.  Weird.  After the kubuntu/kde4 disaster I am a bit gun shy ATM :-/.03:14
camposcomo entro la03:14
jribcampos: /join #ubuntu-br03:14
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campos /join #ubuntu-br03:15
albuntuballeyne: remove it completely from the laptop and use the laptop with the power cord03:15
balleynealbuntu: huh, interesting. that would make sense (battery problems have been recent, same with freezing). thanks, I'll try that03:15
chilli0Does anyone know how to get the lenovo easy cam working in 8.10?03:15
albuntuballeyne: np :)03:15
chilli0how can i unmout a device? in terminal03:16
coagencoyote_blue: did the flash10 script work? actually the one I used is here: http://queleimporta.com/finally-adobe-releases-native-64-bit-flash-10-for-linux/en/ I just found it03:16
albuntuchilli0: sudo umount03:16
coyote_bluei'm trying it as we speak03:17
coagenchilli0: use sudo umount (devicename)03:17
chilli0sudo: unmout: command not found03:17
chilli0i get that03:17
coagenchilli0: you can do "df -h" to list the mounted devices03:17
joljamI am having problems with intrepid03:17
joljamwhile viewing youtube it  gets stuck03:17
joljamsomeone please help me03:17
dr_Willischilli0,  theres no N in umount03:18
joljamI have been having it for some time03:18
joljamtried out a lot of tricks03:18
joljambut the problem persists03:18
coagendr_Willis: yes, this is correct, sorry cant type tonight03:18
chilli0odd, it says its not mounted03:18
joljamsome please help me03:18
chilli0but all other programs say it is03:18
doughed2003i have tryed to get my graphics card to work but im just not getting any joy. its a Nvidia Geforce2 GTS?Pro03:19
chilli0ill brb03:19
chilli0i think i can fix03:19
davidfromozif i am a member of the group that owns a file, why would i not be able to make use of the group permissions to a file.03:19
szer0When i play videos the screen flickers (so far vlc, kaffeine, totem) I am using the nvidia 180.22 drivers and ubuntu 8.10. Can anyone help me try to at least find what is causing it.03:20
albuntudoughed2003: have you checked in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers ?03:20
coyote_bluei tried the script and it still doesn't work... no errors during installation or anything. when i try to load an episode, i get a black box like it's going to do something, then it just goes away and page says it's "Done"03:20
doughed2003yes.it has none03:20
doughed2003i can't seem to get the drivers to load or install03:21
coagencoyote_blue: what kind of video card do you have? and what kind of drivers?03:21
coyote_bluegeforce 8600m gt. i downloaded the recommended propriatary drivers. nvidia 721 i think03:22
coyote_blueno, 17703:22
coyote_bluediscalcula... sorry03:22
izinucsdoughed2003, that's an older card like the mx series.. you might need to look in Synaptic for the older drivers03:23
doughed2003i have the .run file from nvidia but can't get that to work03:24
izinucsdoughed2003, if you have that you need to do some stuff before trying to install it.. first you have to uninstall all nvidia stuff listed as installed in Synaptic03:25
doughed2003i have some from spm but i don't think there the older ones03:25
izinucs!who | doughed200303:25
ubottudoughed2003: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:25
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:25
hikenboothello all I have built a chroot ssh setup for a use called XY when trying to log in using ssh XY@localhost i get Permission denied, please try again any ideas03:25
izinucsdoughed2003, what spm03:26
izinucsdoughed2003, what's spm?03:26
doughed2003synaptic package manager03:26
Seeker`grkblood13: was your question answered?03:27
Tom__did I get on03:27
izinucsdoughed2003, hang on and I'll look at them..03:27
Tom__never have done this before03:27
helpmehello i had a serious problem installing ubuntu. the loading bar stayed on the screen till i hit a feww keys, then proceeded. now that it is installed, i have to hit keys every time i want it to boot.03:27
davidfromozseems group permissions are not updated till you log out and in.  thanks for your help03:28
dr_Willisdavidfromoz> thats correct. they are not03:28
izinucsdoughed2003, you need nvidia-glx-legacy drivers for your card.. is that what you installed?03:29
doughed2003izinucs thanks03:29
Tom__can someone inform me how to get "home backup" to work...03:29
helpmei even had to hit keys during the install process for it to finish03:29
jedi06ok i finally got smbclient to recognize my windows shared folder how do i get smb to mount that folder03:29
doughed2003izinucs.......no it's not03:30
linuxman410does anyone know of a remote login program where i can login to my other desktop at work and use  and share files03:30
jedi06or just how do i mount that shared folder03:30
dr_Willislinuxman410,  with the rght settupyou can use ssh to get to files03:30
izinucsdoughed2003, install that one and see.03:30
doughed2003izinucs..... thank you03:30
linuxman410but can i login to other computer and take control of other desktop with ssh03:31
nightkittenwho here knows what command i can use to mount my /ubuntu/drives/root.disk03:31
=== MaT-dg1 is now known as MaT-dg
rcscompI have a 60GB drive on my laptop.  I will eventually install both Windows and FreeBSD.  How much disk space should I give ubuntu?03:31
izinucsdoughed2003, once installed you might find them listed in System>Admin>hardware drivers.. if they are there you'll be able to activate them.03:31
quaalwith freenx/nomachine you can03:31
gaintsurayar, brasero is not loading the information on the songs I'm trying to burn, any ideas?03:32
thomasiteHi. I have just connected a device through USB cable. How do I know which port is it connected to?03:32
rixthOkay, this may be a dumb question, but with VMWare Workstation, I can install Ubuntu from an ISO to a virtual machine, correct?03:32
balleynelinuxman410: check out vnc viewers... I'll just experimented with this a bit, but you can ssh over and open up a vnc session to control the remote desktop (from a GUI rather than just the command line)03:33
gaintsurarixth: either mount as a loop and set it like a cd from the host, or manually load the ISO (both are possible)03:33
izinucsrixth, yes.. you have workstation? paid?03:33
rixthYeah thought my employer.03:33
izinucsrixth, nice..03:34
joljamno one has helped me03:34
rixthWhat is your problem?03:34
coagenjoljam: open a terminal and try sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree03:35
joljamwhen I am streaming videos03:35
joljamits gets stuck03:35
MatBoyguys, I really don't understand that Ubuntu has sudo by default with ALLALLALL :S03:36
MatBoywhy does it have sudo in that case anyway03:36
doughed2003izinucs............do i download them all??03:37
coyote_bluethanks for your help everyone03:37
draedayhey any tips on stalling mame03:37
edjuRunning Hardy, 2.6.24-22-generic kernel.  As the machine boots, each message repeats one time - i.e., each message shows up twice as the boot process scrolls by.  Any ides as to why?03:37
izinucsdoughed2003, well if you tag one called nvidia-glx-legacy and it wants to pull other stuff in then that's ok03:37
joljamcoagen do I need to restart after that03:38
pooperhello! I am going to try to become a convert!03:39
pooperI am getting PISSED OFF!03:39
pooperVista just sucks it up sometimes, and i have no idea why03:39
doughed2003izinucs.....i downloaded the ones with 71 in the name but i should download all?03:39
pooperlike right now, my freaking mouse is jumping all over03:39
coagenjoljam: probably not, but restart your web browser03:39
IndyGunFreakpooper: just take a paxil, and ask your question, on one line.. hitting enter every 5 words si annoying;03:40
Tom__why are some names on the list light grey03:40
Tom__and some black03:40
pooperindy sorry but it keeps freezing03:40
IndyGunFreakTom__: i believe grey names are marked "away"03:40
poopersometimes it freezes so bad it just spams with hundreds of the letter i typed last03:41
izinucsdoughed2003, if you tagged only the one I mentioned and it pulls the others then so be it.. hit apply and let her rip03:41
markiv1982can i install compiz in KDE 4.2?03:41
IndyGunFreakTom__: but really, the "grey" name coudl be different, depending on how your chat client is set up, ut i think default is grey03:41
LoganPayneIs there any other FS i can format a u3 drive to use03:41
_anuare there Anjuta channel ?03:41
IndyGunFreakpooper: what is freezing, the xchat, the whole OS, or what?03:41
LoganPayneFAT has this nasty filesize limit03:41
arvind_khadri_anu, #anjuta03:41
quizmewhere is PHP5 located in ubuntu?03:41
pooperindy, under vista however, so its nothing with ubuntu03:41
izinucsLoganPayne, other?  fat32 is pretty typical03:41
Cpudan80Anyone know of a pandora widget for gnome?03:41
Cpudan80or ehh panel thing03:41
IndyGunFreakpooper: then take it elsehwere.03:42
arvind_khadri!find php5 | quizme03:42
ubottu is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']03:42
arvind_khadri!find php503:42
LoganPayneizinucs: it's a 16gb drive and it has a filesize limit03:42
izinucsLoganPayne, or ext3 if you don't want your windows friend to see what's there if they don't have the driver03:42
pooperSince I am going to convert, what can I do about my itunes purchased music?03:42
ubottuFound: libapache2-mod-php5, libapache2-mod-php5filter, php5, php5-cgi, php5-cli (and 47 others)03:42
Tom__I'm trying out the home back up has anyone done that... I tried it but the dvd never started... any ideas?03:42
LoganPayneizinucs: i use this at school with windows pcs03:42
_anu#anjuta has no people03:42
izinucsLoganPayne, ntfs then03:42
IndyGunFreakpooper: not much if its DRM'd, except re-record it to be drm free03:42
Cpudan80quizme: What part are you looking for03:42
Cpudan80quizme: Its all over the place03:42
LoganPayneyou can format  flash drive as ntfs?03:42
arvind_khadri_anu, thats the place where they hang out03:42
pooperIndyGunFreak before I convert to ubuntu?03:42
IndyGunFreakpooper: or go nuts on Frostwire for a few days.03:43
IndyGunFreakpooper: well yes, ubuntu can't read DRMd files03:43
Cpudan80pooper: You can use QTFairuse to remove the DRM if you have an older iTunes03:43
izinucsLoganPayne, should have already been formatted when you bought it.  was it.??03:43
pooperIndyGunFreak ok thank you03:43
LoganPayneformatted as FAT03:43
LoganPaynenot ntfs03:43
quizmecpudan80: looking for the logs and also a script in ext/sessions, which creates the directory structure of multiple levels for the sessions stores03:43
markiv1982DRM'd then i dont think there is a legal way to use it in UBUNTU... :)03:43
pooperi wouldnt recon anyone knows of a free drm stripper for windows03:43
Cpudan80pooper: You'd have to reburn them as music CDs and pull them back in no drm03:43
Cpudan80pooper: qtFairuse if your iTunes is older ...03:44
kereswhich is better? pulse or alsa?03:44
Cpudan80FairTunes is another one03:44
pooperCpudan80 audio cd or mp3 cd?03:44
Cpudan80you have to re-rip all of it03:44
pooperI just realized my name is pooper03:44
sukiminnapooper: :D03:44
poopersorry about that, thats what I get for clicking random03:44
izinucspooper, you can change it with /nick pooped03:44
Cpudan80quizme: The log is probably in the apache log03:44
pooperdid it work?03:45
markiv1982has anyone installed KDE 4.2 here?03:45
=== pooper is now known as cdenny
quizmewhere is the apache log?03:45
izinucsmarkiv1982, I have it in a vm.. but compiz won't work in vm03:45
BuffyNZHi Folks, can anyone point me at a guide that shows how to auto-run commands on join in xchat-gome?03:45
LorgonJortleWait, compiz doesn't work on VMware?03:45
coagenquizme: /var/log/apache.log ?03:45
cdennyI did some research, and based on my area as designing cool pictures, I chose ubuntu studio, was that a wise choice?03:45
izinucscdenny, now what kind of name is that.. that's no fun!03:46
=== cdenny is now known as impaler
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: what command03:46
markiv1982aww.. thanks izinucs... Kopete doesnt work for gtalk for me.. :(03:46
markiv1982any help on Kopete qca tls plugin?03:46
IndyGunFreakimpaler: depends, studio sometimes has its own set of issues, and i don't believe its supported here.03:46
BuffyNZCpudan80: Its a login command to a bot, not a nickserv login.03:46
bob4321having trouble with installer for 8.10 if anyone can help03:46
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: in the server properties there is a command line03:46
izinucsmarkiv1982, install pidgin03:46
nightkittencan somebody please tell me how to mount root.disk while using the live cd?03:46
earthmeLonUhm, how do I do ALT+XXXX in Ubuntu, lol >_<03:46
BuffyNZCpudan80: Checking, thanks03:46
impalerIndyGunFreak what do you mean, "supported here"03:47
IndyGunFreakbob4321: just ask, if someone can help, they will.03:47
LorgonJortlebob: what's wrong?03:47
IndyGunFreakimpaler: what do i mean, i mean, "its not supported here"...03:47
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: not real sure when that runs ... but seeing as there are server & nickserv command lines also - one would think that that box goes last03:47
markiv1982thanx izinucs... just doing that.. but couldnt make Kopete work..03:47
Cpudan80even though it is on top...03:47
IndyGunFreakin other words, if you ask questions about ubuntu studio, you'll be directed to ubuntu studio support03:47
markiv1982how can a damn thing not work.. sorry for the rant :)03:47
phanlesonthank !03:47
impalerah, i see, sorry for my ignorance03:48
BuffyNZCpudan80: Cant see anything under network or server properties, sorry I must be missing something03:48
izinucsmarkiv1982, also if you have an ekiga or other sip phone account as well as gtalk, msn, yahoo, aim etc.. you could also try wengophone.. in repo's03:48
LorgonJortleLooks like Bob solved his problem....03:48
quizmecoagen: found it, thanks03:48
avegashey there, I have a problem where my audio often seems not to work03:48
avegas(ubuntu 8.04)03:48
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: XChat --> Network List --> [pick one] --> edit button03:48
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: dump xchat-gnome for plain xchat to access all the features03:49
=== sepheebear is now known as Sepheebear
avegasalso my video often plays very very slowly03:49
LorgonJortleHow do I register my nick?03:49
IndyGunFreak!register > LorgonJortle03:49
avegasLorgonJortle, on the website03:49
ubottuLorgonJortle, please see my private message03:49
BuffyNZCpudan80: Oh, I am xchat-gnome... Okay, will ditch it, thanks!03:49
LorgonJortleavegas: are you in VMware?03:49
izinucs!register | LorgonJortle03:49
ubottuLorgonJortle: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:49
avegasLorgonJortle, nay, running on the metal03:49
IndyGunFreakxchat-gome isnm't that bad.03:49
Cpudan80BuffyNZ: Yeah - that package should really be taken out of the repos03:49
impalerLorgonJortle I am, funny that you mention it03:49
bob4321when installing from live cd i get to prepare partitions and cant go any further im installing onto a formated hd03:49
Cpudan80IndyGunFreak: but why use it when you can get the full thing?03:49
markiv1982thats cool.. izinucs... thnks for the suggestion :)03:50
Cpudan80Oh well Xchat plain is not FOSS03:50
Cpudan80Its just free03:50
Cpudan80as in "dont pay"03:50
BuffyNZIndyGunFreak: Can you run custom commands when autojoining a channel in xchat-gnome?03:50
izinucsmarkiv1982, which one..?  wengophone?03:50
IndyGunFreakCpudan80: i'm just saying, xchat-gnome, is *almost* as good as xchat.03:50
avegasCpudan80, don't you mean, free as in beer :D03:50
markiv1982yep.. izinucs03:50
IndyGunFreakBuffyNZ: i've never tried to, don't know.03:50
bob4321if i try skipping over it i get "no root file system is defined"03:50
Cpudan80avegas: I dont get that saying .... beer isnt free03:50
mlLKwhich directory does apt download the files to?03:51
IndyGunFreakbob4321: type this w/o quotes03:51
BuffyNZIndyGunFreak: Cool, thanks.03:51
IndyGunFreak"/join #indygunfreak"03:51
Cpudan80avegas: Unless you are a very hot chick. But seeing as how that doesnt apply to most *nix users ....03:51
createis there a way to make intrepid open nzb files with pan by default... i tried ubuntu tweak, its a no go03:51
mlLKand if I used apt-get source which directory does that end up in?03:51
izinucsmarkiv1982, I like it too.. however I have several sip accounts and haven't figured out how to change from one to the other.  othere than that it's pretty good.03:51
markiv1982and i dont know how to install OOo3 in KDE 4.2... any help?03:51
LorgonJortleThanks, ubottu03:51
coagenmlLK: /var/cache/apt/archives03:51
markiv1982izinucs... i hvnt tried it yet.. will do it later today... :D03:52
izinucsmarkiv1982, don't attempt it.. wait for Jaunty03:52
IndyGunFreakbob4321: type this w/o quotes, I'll see if i can help you w/ this.. "/join #indygunfreak"03:52
LorgonJortleImpaler, I am too.03:52
markiv1982thats a good suggestion... but i am too restless to keep myself away frm it.. lolz.. :D03:52
coagenmlLK: what exactly are you trying to do?03:52
mlLKcoagen, is this the same for aptitude?03:52
markiv1982izinucs are u using Jaunty?03:53
coagenmlLK: yes03:53
avegasso the exact behavior that I see is that on some audio files, whatever I attempt to play them with will just halt, and appear to be in play mode, but the track will not progress at all03:53
LorgonJortleapt-get is pretty much the same as aptitude, right?03:53
mlLKcoagen, I wanna cat some source files.03:53
LorgonJortleAnd what's the shortcut for terminal?03:53
izinucsmarkiv1982, no.. I have a production laptop with hardy and a desktop (my primary) with intrepid.. Jaunty is too new03:53
coagenmlLK: cool, go for it03:53
impalerThis is why im going to switch to ubuntu, I clicked on itunes 7 minutes ago, and it still hasnt loaded03:53
MatBoywill ubuntu break when you remove sudo ?03:53
izinucsmarkiv1982, if you want to try it.. do it in a vm03:53
MatBoyI really need to get rid of it03:53
izinucsMatBoy, why03:54
noodlesgcMatBoy you cant03:54
coagenLorgonJortle: no aptitude is better, dont bother using apt-get anymore03:54
joljamalso having problem downloading03:54
joljamwhenever I down load some stuff03:54
izinucscoagen, why would you say that to LorgonJortle03:54
mlLKcoagen, so apt-get source coreutils will put what where?03:54
joljamclick on save file03:54
coagenLorgonJortle: gnome-terminal ?03:54
joljamits does not save03:54
coagenizinucs: what?03:54
rwwCpudan80: Per Wikipedia, XChat is licensed under the GNU GPL for all non-Windows versions. So yes, "plain XChat" is free/open source software, except for the Windows version, which is just free as in free stuff.03:54
MatBoyizinucs: because I need to run scripts as root and every user is by default root because it can sudo with it's own password, damn insecure !!03:54
doughed2003izinucs.....,so far no luck  but still trying03:54
Cpudan80rww: its not free in windows03:55
coagenmlLK: /var/cache/apt/archives afaik03:55
izinucscoagen, why would you say not to use apt-get and use aptitude instead?03:55
rythhi could someone tell me how to install a program that I've downloaded for Ubuntu?03:55
MatBoynoodlesgc: it will break the system ? can I turn it off and give root a pass so it's like in debian ?03:55
rwwCpudan80: I just said that.03:55
LorgonJortlecoagen, yes03:55
mlLKcoagen, run that?03:55
deokanonhello people sorry for interrupting. i am a linux newbie and i am currently installing kubuntu (dual boot) and i was wondering why it's not offering me the option to use the free space on my HD. the only way to install linux is to wipe out everything clean. now i got a lot of free space on HD, but how come linux can't automatically create a volume where it will be installed on03:55
Cpudan80rww: but you have to pay for it03:55
LorgonJortleizinucs, so, aptitude isn't better?03:55
Cpudan80rww: it costs $3003:55
coagenizinucs: read the recomendations everywhere, and try using aptitude yourself... you'll never go back to apt-get again03:55
LorgonJortleI was reading they're the same..03:55
coagenizinucs: its sooooooooo much better03:55
noodlesgcMatBoy read "man sudoers"03:55
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Cpudan80rww: There is a silverex version that is free ... but its messed up bad03:56
joljamcoagen.. can u help03:56
IndyGunFreakcoagen: i just like apt-get cuz it rolls off my fingers better.. ut aptitude is better03:56
joljamproblem with downloading03:56
MatBoynoodlesgc: yes I know that part, but I mean.. does ubuntu count on it and when I set it with a normal rootpass will it not break ubuntu too ?03:56
impalercan i remove drm I burn an audio dvd instead of an audio cd?03:56
coagenizinucs: i switched to aptitude like 3 or 4 years ago and I'll never go back03:56
izinucsLorgonJortle, It's a personal preference.. synaptic and add/remove uses apt-get.. aptitude is great for the terminal because of the terminal gui03:56
rwwCpudan80: Oh, I see what you mean (stupid "free" meaning two things). Yeah, that's right. Still, though, Xchat in Ubuntu is f/oss :)03:56
markiv1982thanks izinucs... u mean Vm in ubuntu or in M$?03:56
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
phanlesonHi, i a new commer to ubuntu03:56
izinucsmarkiv1982, doesn't matter03:56
coagenIndyGunFreak: pick your poison man ;)03:56
phanlesoni had a problem03:56
izinucscoagen, maybe for you .. but others would disagree03:57
deokanonplease help03:57
LorgonJortleizinucs, thanks. I'll try both out and see which I like.03:57
redvamp128deokanon:  Which version of windows -- Vista or Win7?03:57
noodlesgcMatBoy I dont understand. You can create users that cannot sudo03:57
IndyGunFreakcoagen: :)03:57
LorgonJortleI can't wait to see how shitty it is.03:57
relsiWhat's the name of the package for the add/remove tool?03:57
markiv1982izinucs... how come ur msgs appear in red??03:57
coagenizinucs: sure they would, but thats whats great about linux, we have choices... I can recomend what I believe is best... and so can you03:57
izinucsLorgonJortle, if you have a gui check out system>Admin>synaptic Package Manager03:57
deokanonwin7 is out already?03:57
phanlesonwho can help me?03:57
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:57
doughed2003izinucs...still nothing in the hardware drivers list03:57
impalerLorgonJortle I am running a vista host and a vista guest03:57
redvamp128deokanon: thare is a beta out--03:57
MatBoynoodlesgc: true, but I don't want it that way... a user is by default a sudoer... and that is called secure in Ubuntu :S03:57
_slax_!helpme | phanleson03:57
rythcould someone help me get a program installed?03:57
ubottuphanleson: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience03:58
izinucsmarkiv1982, because I have your nick in the line.. makes you aware that the mesage is for you'03:58
LorgonJortleimpaler, why a guest too?03:58
impalerLorgonJortle I have two running on one computer at the same time03:58
markiv1982izinucs, does this work in red?03:58
LorgonJortleizinucs, yeah, I know of that, thanks03:58
LorgonJortleimpaler, I know, but why?03:58
impalerLorgonJortle right now my bro is playing crysis on the host, and here I am on the guest03:58
noodlesgcMatBoy so can't you just create the user than remove sudo ability?03:58
izinucscoagen, I leave it up to others to discover what they like03:58
izinucsmarkiv1982, yes03:58
redvamp128deokanon:  everyone I know that has tried to dual boot -- have said to use vista partition tool  to create the space on the drive to install linux03:58
LorgonJortleimpaler, gotcha03:58
impalerLorgonJortle  That why I am trying to switch to ubuntu guest ;)03:58
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:58
Cpudan80redvamp128: correct - but leave it as unpartitioned space03:59
MatBoynoodlesgc: yep I can... but I need to login as root also with keys, so the thought behind sudo is not really that you say... wow great03:59
impalerLorgonJortle You can even game on the vista guest with direct9.0c because the max vram is 128mb03:59
linnyafter alot of persuasion my dad has finally made the switch to linux namely ubuntu he installed an 8.04 cd i gave him a while ago ,anyway after his install he tryed to connect to the internet with firefox and entered a search into google the browser sucsessfully retreves the search from google but when you click on a link it times out it also times out  if you type in an addy in the bar, also apt wont connect to the repos, but we ca03:59
deokanonredvamp: thanks, that does sound like the best thing to do03:59
izinucsdoughed2003, you might look in synaptic for envy-ng and it will help install the right driver.03:59
LorgonJortleimapler I have an Ubuntu guest on an XP host. Vista's on the new comp. ;-)03:59
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:59
impalerLorgonJortle I meant cant03:59
LorgonJortleimpaler, yeah, it's really limited.03:59
coagenizinucs: well I just want you to know that I swear I read on some ubuntu documentation site that they recomend using aptitude instead of apt-get these days... but I dont have the page in memory... anyway yeah I agree with you people should find out what they like04:00
redvamp128not sure if this will work !dual boot vista04:00
mlLKcoagen, /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_hardy_main_binary-i386_Packages was my answer04:00
coagenizinucs: but I will recomend aptitude first, as it is better at grabbing all dependencies04:00
redvamp128!dual boot04:00
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:00
coagenmlLK: awesome glad you found it04:00
izinucscoagen, maybe 3-4 years ago because of dependancies but that isn't true any more..04:00
mlLKcoagen, ty for your help. ;)04:00
Steelflintredvamp128, deokanon: I installed Ubuntu onto a Toshiba laptop (VistaHomePremium) dual boot last night with no problems. used v8.10 and resized the partition with the Ubuntu installer partition manager.04:00
coagenizinucs: you really need to try it man04:00
impalerLorgonJortle opengl 2 isnt supported is it?  you dont get eye candy?04:01
izinucscoagen, they are pretty equal.. I've tried them both..04:01
LorgonJortleimapler, I'm just trying to get to know Linux more though. I'm kind of stuck. I know enough to where all of these tutorials teach me nothing, but I don't know all that I want to about the system. I'd like to learn everything I can about Linux, but I'm not sure where to go now.04:01
LorgonJortleimpaler, I haven't found a way to yet.04:01
coagenlinny: your question is so long... it gets cut off04:01
arvind_khadriFezzler, stop abusing the bot04:01
impalerLorgonJortle its possible with vmgl with linux as host, but thats as far as it goes04:01
linnythanks for telling me :)04:01
sukiminnacoagen: wats the diff between aptitude & apt-get ..sumhow people advise me not to use aptitude04:01
noodlesgcMatBoy sorry, I'm still not seeing what the problem is. When you need root, just use sudo. its protected by your password.04:02
mlLKcoagen, I found it w/ apt-cache showpkg coreutils04:02
linnyafter alot of persuasion my dad has finally made the switch to linux namely ubuntu he installed an 8.04 cd i gave him a while ago ,anyway after his install he tryed to connect to the internet with firefox and entered a search into google the browser sucsessfully retreves the search from google but when you click on a link it times out it also times out04:02
deokanoni am only using kubuntu and i am already impressed with this new OS04:02
impalerLorgonJortle then again, i bought cubedesktop for vista (using it right now) and im not even using it!04:02
linnyif you type in an addy in the bar, also apt wont connect to the repos, but we can ping addys from the terminal and also pidgin works so it is connected to the internet i asked him to reboot the laptop and the router and for a while it just worked he updated to 8.10 and now its just gone back to the same thing again any ideas ?04:02
doughed2003izinucs....i tryed that and the one driver that was recomended only gave me a low graphics mode04:02
_slax_from what ive heard by a few ops in here they say apt-get is just as good as aptitude now a days04:02
deokanonwindows should be like this, and this coming from me using only the live cd hehe04:02
arvind_khadrisukiminna, aptitude doesnt have sudo powers where has apt-get has, and aptitude is a front end for apt-get04:02
izinucsdoughed2003, is this an old machine?04:02
sloopylinny, sounds like dns isnt resolving04:02
deokanonthank you guys for your help... i am going to install linux04:02
Fezzlerarvind_khadri>> Sorry.  Trying to learn bot and how it works.  I sincerely though only I saw the "!" bot results I entered04:03
LorgonJortledeokanon, good ide04:03
coagensukiminna: please do the research yourself, I just know aptitude works better for me, msg me and i'll tell you more04:03
izinucsdeokanon, cool..04:03
arvind_khadriFezzler, do it in the private :)04:03
Fezzlerarvind_khadri>> ah, great tip.  txs!04:03
_slax_Fezzler: you can play with ubottu by typing /msg ubottu !command goes here04:03
izinucsdoughed2003, is the current graphics card agp?04:03
linnysloopy how would one fix that ? all the win pcs on the network work ok04:03
quaali would like to PERMANENTLY set UMASK to 002. how can i do this. every time i restart or even logout it goes back to 02204:04
impalerLorgonJortle im a pro when it comes to vmware, any questions?04:04
Cpudan80quaal: set the umask in .bashrc04:04
LorgonJortleI've read several threads on apt-get and aptitude. Basically, it says that they are the same, but some give different options. It's a matter of preference.04:04
coagenlinny: i had a similar problem, udev renamed my network adapter and I had to change the config for it04:04
Fezzler_slax_>> where are all the bots for a channel kept?04:04
izinucsdoughed2003, it'd be worth looking on craigs list or ebay for something newer like an agp card in the 6000 series.. won't be expensive and much easier to configure.04:04
LorgonJortleimpaler, none right now, but I bet I'll have some. May I have an email address?04:04
Fezzler_slax_>> can one se a list of them?04:05
coagenlinny: is he using a ethernet connection or wireless?04:05
sloopylinny, in a terminal type 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' and see if it lists the dns for your isp04:05
sukiminnai did some research..this is wat i found about aptitude04:05
rwwFezzler: all of the Ubuntu bots are #ubuntu-bots, I believe.04:05
_slax_Fezzler: try #ubuntu-bot or is it #Ubuntu-bots04:05
=== cary__ is now known as Commie_Cary
doughed2003izinucs........i was hopeing not to have to buy one .......oh well04:05
grindkingwow, i created that .fonts.conf thing with xml settings and my entire desktop looks so much cleaner now04:05
arvind_khadrisukiminna, you can find more in the man pages...04:06
quaalCpudan80, just at the top of the file?04:06
rythI'm trying to install a program in Ubuntu that doesn't seem to be listed in one of the repositories.. I've downloaded the files.. I'm just not sure how to install it.. could someone help?04:06
linnysloopy: yes we looked at that it seems to be thae same nameserver as in the windows pcs04:06
rwwryth: which program?04:06
arvind_khadriryth, which program04:06
rythsecond life04:06
quaalryth, do not use second life.04:06
arvind_khadriryth, thats a real pain...04:06
coagenlinny: can you type some commands on the machine now?04:06
rythwhy's that04:06
quaalbecause it is stupid and shitty04:06
markiv1982ryth no no to second life04:06
quintenhey, i'm having problems with hdmi audio. It is working through mplayer and mythtv, and i have the hdmi device set to the default in my asound.conf. however, i can't get it to work with flash04:06
coagenlinny: if so type "dmesg | grep eth0" without quotes04:07
redvamp128deokanon: which version you trying to install04:07
brad_I have some alsa problems to04:07
arvind_khadriryth, as its easy to install it and too tough to remove it04:07
arvind_khadribrad_, elaborate04:07
linny coagen: sorry no my dads took it home just hunting for leads really04:07
doughed2003izinucs..........well i thank you for your help and advice04:07
quintenflash is using the analog device only, not the hdmi/digital audio device04:07
impalerLorgonJortle no, I dont know you.  its nothing personal, just a policy04:07
rytharvind_khadri: I don't really mind.. I would just like to know how to install....04:07
coagenlinny: ok, well write down that command I told you, and type it on the machine04:07
linnywhat am i looking for ??04:07
brad_I need to append ac97_quirk=swap_hd to my module line, but I don't know how, I've added it to /etc/modprob/alsa-base04:07
coagenlinny: if it says something like "udev: renamed device eth0 to eth1" then that is the problem04:08
LorgonJortleimpaler, Alright, that's fine. Do you keep the same nick everytime on here?04:08
rytharvind_khadri: they don't have any instructions on how to install on the webpage... or at least I can't find any04:08
=== impaler is now known as cdenny
* nickrud smiles04:08
cdennyLorgonJortle this will be my permanent one04:08
linnythx ill look and how would one fix that ?04:08
coagenlinny: the only way to solve this problem is to edit the /etc/network/interfaces file and change eth0 to eth1 ... if this is the case04:08
LorgonJortlecdenny, Alright. I'll remember that one.04:08
noodlesgcryth it may be outdated, but you could use this package http://www.getdeb.net/app.php?name=Second+Life04:09
quintenanyone know how to set which audio device flash/firefox is using in 8.10? i found some obsolete guides using ubuntu 6.1004:09
arvind_khadriryth, they have it in the source... extract the tar ball and you will find a readme04:09
rythah ok04:09
brad_I did a modprov -vr snd-intel8x0, then a modprob -v snd-intel8x0 ac97_quirk=swap_hp and it does work, but i need it at boot04:09
linnycoagen: thanks04:09
=== gnea is now known as Gnea
tj83hi all is there a medibuntu chan?04:09
coagenlinny: np04:09
redvamp128brad_:  can't you do the alsa restart?04:10
cdennyLorgonJortle everything I've learnt was from googling.04:10
linnycoagen: btw you wouldnt happen to be using the uk isp BT would you ?04:10
arvind_khadribrad_, then add it to rc.local04:10
coagenbrad_: well add those to /etc/modules04:10
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:10
sukiminnasumhow i read that apt-get & aptitude works the same.they draw from same /etc/apt/sources.lst....however aptitude works better on removing dependencies..anybody interested to know can read more here :http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/aptitude04:10
brad_by the pulse has starte04:10
cdennyLorgonJortle how is ubuntu performing in xP?04:10
coagenbrad_: yeah do what arvind_khadri  said... maybe thats better.04:10
linnycoagen: i was wonder ing if its a problem with them as some ppl have complained about thier hardware04:10
Gneabrad_: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base  <-- edit that and add the option04:11
cdennyLorgonJortle i mmean vmware04:11
coagensukiminna: great, have you tried aptitude?04:11
LorgonJortlecdenny, Excellent. I like the new VMware, I didn't even need to install VMware tools. It did it by itself.04:11
tj83isnt ther a hardware compatibility database someplace? I am buying a new desktop, i'm interested in medibuntu, but i need to know what tv tuner to buy.04:11
rww!hcl | tj8304:11
ubottutj83: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:11
sukiminnafew times but dont know the different04:11
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:11
coagenlinny: like I said... it happened to me... when I switched to some diff hardware04:11
tj83rww TY will check it out04:11
brad_Gnea: I have, options snd-intel8x0m ac97_quirk=swap_hp index=-2, but at boot it's not working04:11
linnycoagen: thx again04:12
coagentj83: i always found that chips based on the "bt" series worked flawlessly with linux04:12
Gneabrad_: 8.04 or 8.10?04:12
coagenlinny: np04:12
tj83coagen, "bt" what would be a popular brand that uses that chipset?04:13
grkblood13is there a way to take an iso that is larger that is a single dvd. split it in half, and burn it on two dvds?04:13
markiv1982izinucs, have a great day :)04:13
markiv1982have a great day all.. bye04:13
sukiminnacoagen: but we can remove the unused dependencies in apt-get using apt-get autoremove & apt-get autoclean rite?04:13
coagensukiminna: please try aptitude, you will like it i think... also remember to completely remove a package aptitude is a little different, you must use "aptitude --purge purge pkgname" to remove a package completely04:13
brad_ Hardy04:14
Gneagrkblood13: sure, just mount it on a loop device and use k3b to drag 'n drop files from it to a new iso04:14
grkblood13a loop device?04:14
brad_The problem is the master does nothing, and the head phone does master04:14
grkblood13u mean mount -o loop04:14
Gneabrad_: hrmm04:14
coagensukiminna: yes this may be true, but when you use aptitude, it remembers what packages were installed with another package and removes them automatically04:14
cdennyLorgonJortle what version do you have?04:14
LorgonJortlecdenny, Hardy Heron04:15
sukiminnacoagen: ic..04:15
cdennyLorgonJortle intrepid is 8.104:15
Gneacoagen: not unless you specify the option04:15
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:15
cdennyLorgonJortle 8.04 is hardy heron04:15
coagenGnea: no, it does this, i know it does04:15
LorgonJortlecdenny, right, and I think I have Heron.04:15
sukiminnacoagen: it bothers me for a long time juz using without knowing for this long..thnx!04:15
LorgonJortleWhere do I check?04:16
cdennyLorgonJortle just making sure04:16
coagensukiminna: great :D04:16
cdennyLorgonJortle what version vmware do you have04:16
LorgonJortlecdenny, the latest04:16
brad_i guess then 8.0404:16
cdennyLorgonJortle workstation 6.5?04:16
coagensukiminna: this is what the internet is for btw :) you can look up everything you want to know :)04:16
LorgonJortlecdenny, 6.5.104:16
cdennyLorgonJortle great, thats the one i have04:17
Gneacoagen: which is why apt-get is preferred.04:17
sukiminnacoagen: hehe..:D04:17
=== lstarnes is now known as sheep
grkblood13k3b is telling me to inset a dual layer dvd04:17
sukiminnaGnea: why is that?04:17
coagenGnea: not sure you understood my statements, please try aptitude, ubuntu recommends it.04:17
LorgonJortlecdenny, where do I check what distro version I have?04:17
coagenLorgonJortle: type "cat /etc/lsb-release"04:17
cdennyLorgonJortle I couldnt tell you, Im not using linux yet04:17
LorgonJortlecdenny, right04:18
macmanhelp http://paste.ubuntu.com/106209/04:18
Gneacoagen: if you say so... but, no thanks.04:18
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:18
LorgonJortlecdenny, Visat *scoff*04:18
brad_i found it04:18
cdennyLorgonJortle yea,    im struggling with this as it is04:18
Navopcan someone point me in the right direction, I want to dual boot my system, already have Vista Ultimate installede and I want to install Ubuntu to another HDD, so I can dual boot system04:18
cdennyLorgonJortle as you can se e the lag its messing e veyting up04:18
LorgonJortlecdenny, yep, I have Heron04:19
brad_the module i edited as snd-intel8x0m <-- nothing the m, the one I need is snd-intel8x0 <-- notice no m04:19
Gneagrkblood13: please don't pm04:19
rwwNavop: I've used http://apcmag.com/how_to_dualboot_vista_with_linux_vista_installed_first.htm to do that before and it worked great for me.04:19
cdennyLorgonJortle intrepid i assume would just be an improvment04:19
grkblood13sorry :(04:19
Gneabrad_: ah :)04:19
Navopty <rww>04:19
brad_snd-intel8x0m is blacklisted04:19
gerberhelp to unzip and install04:19
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:19
Gneagrkblood13: make sure you keep it under 4.3 gg04:20
nickrudgerber, what are you trying to unzip and install?04:20
LorgonJortlecdenny: It says my system is up-to-date. Why isn't it asking if I want intrepid?04:20
grkblood13the executable is bigger than that though04:20
gerberremote client software04:20
nickrud!hi | ZI04:20
ubottuZI: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:20
nickrudgerber, what remote client software04:20
aero1Can someone please help me troubleshoot?  My ubuntu keeps randomly freezing and caps lock is blinking04:21
LorgonJortleaero1: Sounds like hardware, not software.04:21
grkblood13is there a way to split it in half?04:21
coagenLorgonJortle: try "sudo update-manager -c -d" from a terminal04:21
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:21
LorgonJortleaero1: is your hardware working fine in Windowz?04:21
aero1Lorgonjortle, yes perfect...04:21
tj83aero1, kernel crash is what it is04:21
aero1I use windows usually, sometimes ubuntu for work and it keeps doing that, sometimes fine for days, other times twice an hour04:22
aero1windows works fine04:22
aero1can anyone help me find the problem?04:22
Luke3I need some help here04:22
LorgonJortlecoagen: that did it. Thanks. What is the -c -d for?04:22
cdennyLorgonJortle i get my extra hard drive wednesday, so ill give it a go then04:22
cdennyLorgonJortle i g2g now though, pz04:22
nickrudgerber, well, that doesn't tell me much.   sudo apt-get install zip unzip    to make sure you have the tool to unzip, then   unzip client.zip in a terminal, cd'd into the directory where the file is04:22
aero1tj83, what would you suggest?04:22
tj83aero1, what is your computer brand? desktop or laptop? do you notice a message at boot "mp-bios bug detected?" or similar apic errors? have you checked your system logs?04:22
LorgonJortlecdenny, see ya04:22
coagenLorgonJortle: "check + development"04:22
chilli0Does anyone here have a lenovo  ideapad Y530 working with the webcam? i need some help i installed easycam and it didnt work and neither did cheese, its lenovo easy Camera , ekio softphone and cheese do know its there but cant show it04:22
aero1tj83, it's a Thinkpad Laptop T61 Intel Pro AGN wireless card04:23
coagenLorgonJortle: or something like that04:23
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:23
LorgonJortlecoagen: so those are commands for what it should check for... I wonder why it doesn't do that by default. Thanks anyway04:23
tj83aero1, no hints in the system logs?04:23
coagenLorgonJortle: meh... neither do I :)04:23
nickrudgerber, but back to a critical issue: what client is it? If you show me a link that's a start04:23
aero1tj83, I haven't noticed any errors on boot, and  I looked at dmesg, and didn't see anything peculiar, maybe you can take a look?04:24
Gneasukiminna: aptitude tends to assume that somethings need to be removed, when they don't necessarily need to be. i tend to find myself using apt-get as a result, since it gives the ability to purge as well and it doesn't try to screw me.04:24
homecable!chilli0 google is ur best friend04:24
gerbernickrud can i have instrition how to do it ny step pls04:24
tj83aero1, yes pastbin that04:24
homecable!chilli0 google is ur best friend :P04:24
nickrudgerber, well, that doesn't tell me much.   sudo apt-get install zip unzip    to make sure you have the tool to unzip, then   unzip client.zip in a terminal, cd'd into the directory where the file is04:24
LorgonJortletry www.google.com/linux04:24
Gneasukiminna: but, sometimes the dependences do need to go - it's nice to have the option04:24
tj83also the /var/log/syslog aero104:24
chilli0homecable:  i have been googling for about 4h now04:24
coagenGnea: this is not always true, that depends on the package of course, and the user... and what the user wnats04:24
Snipermaster002could somone help me04:24
Gneacoagen: like i said, it's nice to have the option. :)04:25
Flannelhomecable, LorgonJortle: Please don't have that sort of attitude in this channel04:25
coagenGnea: agreed :)04:25
e3cois anyone familiar with davfs2 and WebDAV?04:25
tj83also the /var/log/kern.log aero104:25
aero1do you guys have a link to the pastebin thing?04:25
Flannelhomecable: "go google it" is not a helpful response to most questions04:25
gerberLX client recomend04:25
coagene3co: no, but I'd like to be... hehe04:25
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:25
LorgonJortleFlannel, do you mean telling him to try Google? If so, sorry.04:25
nickrud!jfgi | LorgonJortle (we even have a factoid :)04:26
ubottuLorgonJortle (we even have a factoid :): Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:26
LorgonJortleubottu nickrud I didn't insult anyone...04:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:26
Cadman21I just installed ubuntu 8.10 on and older computer. the computer has a wireless card how can I find out if drivers got installed for it? because I can't get it to connect to anything?04:26
coagenhonestly, "rtfm" is my favortite statement... but I use that in real life... not here haha04:27
LorgonJortleI'm kind of confused now.04:27
slashzulhow easy it is tuo upgrade from 7.03 to 7.10 ?04:27
nickrudLorgonJortle, never said you did, statements also. But if you give a search term that will work, that's good. Lots of people don't know enough to use the right terms early on04:27
tj83aero1, ?04:27
aero1tj83, http://paste.ubuntu.com/106216/04:27
coagenslashzul: go to the terminal and type "update-manager -c -d"04:27
e3coTopic "mount.devfs2"  Question. I have a Webdisk and would like to use it trough nautilus. I install devfs2 and I created the webdisk on my server. I added myself to the group assigned to devfs2.04:27
aero1tj83, crash happened 5-10 mins ago04:27
apinuntTrying to UG from 7.04 to 7.10 via the Internet I get the following errors: (Note: I can successfully ping Any idea what needs to be done?04:28
apinuntFailed to fetch04:28
FloodBot1apinunt: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
tj83ok gimme a min to look aero104:28
* ShoeUnited gives tj8304:28
nightkitten!help umask04:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help umask04:28
nickrudLorgonJortle, more a matter of using google as a tool to teach, rather than appearing to use it to brush someone off04:28
LorgonJortlenickrud, Well I just learned about www.google.com/linux today, actually. So I was just trying to help, and don't worry, I wont use any of those insults.04:28
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:28
aero1tj83, thanks a lot!04:28
Gneae3co: so what's the question?04:29
ZoiXGood Night :)04:29
coagenLorgonJortle: relax, its cool man04:29
e3coI see the directories but can copy/move from/to the server and my workstation04:29
nickrudLorgonJortle, see coagen :)04:29
dr_Willisapinunt,  i was thinking to update/upgrade some of the OLD releases you need to  change the   servers in the sources.list file now. to the   some other ones.. but with that old a release it may be best to do a clean install.. not upgrade04:29
nickrudgerber, you have success with those commands?04:29
gerbernickrud are you with me04:29
gerbercan you tell me how to do it04:30
LorgonJortlecoagen and nickrud, Well, I'm just a little flustered. Alright, sorry. I'll go to sleep now. Goodnight everyone.04:30
sukiminnaGnea: does apt-get autoremove remove the dependencies?04:30
sukiminnathis is wat i get from the man pages04:30
sukiminna           autoremove is used to remove packages that were automatically04:30
sukiminna           installed to satisfy dependencies for some package and that are no04:30
FloodBot1sukiminna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
sukiminna           more needed04:30
slashzulcagen: is there a command line version?04:30
coagenLorgonJortle: let it go man, have a good nite!04:30
=== EdgeX- is now known as EdgeX-[A]
homecablenickrud google is good place to start because people post stuff about things that dont work or a work around etc04:30
LorgonJortlecoagen: you too04:30
homecableso dont be hammering on LorgonJortle we were just trying to help that kid04:31
nickrudhomecable, then I guess we don't need this channel, we can just send everyone to google04:31
coagenslashzul: huh? that is the command line version...04:31
nickrudgerber, pm?04:31
slashzulcoagen: getting a core dumped seg fault04:31
sukiminnamajnoon: layla majnoon ?04:31
coagennickrud: rofl :)04:31
homecablethat not the point kid-o04:31
sdlwofjason@anywhere:~$ sudo apt-cache search | grep cad04:31
sdlwofE: You must give exactly one pattern04:31
sdlwofam i mising something?04:31
homecablestop being retarded and man up04:31
coagenslashzul: hmm this is a problem04:32
Gneasukiminna: hrm, hadn't noticed that one...04:32
Cadman21how can i tell if my wireless card is working on ubuntu 8.10?04:32
nickrudsdlwof, apt-cache search cad04:32
apinuntdr_Willis: I followed the Ubuntu help directions adding lines to /etc/apt/sources.list04:32
Gneahomecable: please don't talk to people that way.04:32
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:32
LorgonJortlehomecable: It's cool dude. Just drop it.04:32
sdlwofnickrud, nooooooo i want to use grep04:32
coagenCadman21: ping google.com a reply means its working...04:32
linnysdlwof read man grep04:32
sdlwofwhy is grep going on about exactly one pattern? i used to work, all of a sudden it didn't? change in code?04:32
rwwsdlwof: apt-cache search cad | grep cad04:32
ZoiXI already install Intrepid in my laptop, in the desktop I have Hardy... but, i see that in Compiz, the option of "Burn" has desapear, somebody know where is it?04:32
dr_Willis apinunt  i recall some one else the other day trying to update some old release.. the normal archive  repos have been  moved to some other one.. but thats alli rember on the topic. it may not even apply to your case. but it looks like it...04:33
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:33
Cadman21coagen: i can't get an internet connection?04:33
rwwsdlwof: it isn't, apt-cache is, because you didn't give it anything to search againt04:33
nickrudsdlwof, the error was from apt-cache search04:33
sdlwofDAMNIT, i knew it was something stupid04:33
coagenCadman21: hmm not sure... did you try that?04:33
nightkittenCan somebody help me mount a virtual disk with umask=000?04:33
sdlwofanyways, know of any  decent free cad programs?04:34
Cadman21coagen: I'm new to ubuntu.. not sure how to ping google?04:34
nightkittenI can mount it, but I can't get it to go with umask04:34
sukiminnaGnea: there is another one too..apt-get autoclean : to remove package u donloaded after installing it04:34
tj83aero1, if you do this: open that log in gedit then do a find command ctrl +F for keywords "error" "failed" you will get a little info about unknown things, that could be further researched04:34
slashzulany docs on upgrading 7.04 to 7.10 eventually to 8.04LTS?04:34
slashzulis it possible?04:34
linnyCadman21:type ping google.com in terminal04:35
izinucs!upgrade | slashzul04:35
ubottuslashzul: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:35
sdlwofbtw, i don't like apt's way of searching, grep rips things out better04:35
Gneasukiminna: that's different - it cleans out /var/cache/apt/archives/04:35
sukiminnaGnea: ic..04:35
Roland-ubuntu has mp3 restrictions ?04:35
coagenCadman21: sorry, just open a terminal from "applications > accessories > terminal" and type it in there04:35
aero1tj83, ok I'll try that on /var/log/syslog04:35
apinuntdr_Willis: That's what the lines I added were supposed to take care of according to the Ubuntu help Gutsy upgrade documentation I'm reading.04:35
sukiminnaRoland: mp3 restriction?04:35
Cadman21linny: ok04:35
tj83aero1, and it as others have said, a hardware problem, bad memory one possible location, there is a mem tester on the live cd04:35
Roland-yeah, fedora like04:35
aero1tj83 how come windows works fine?04:35
sdlwofbecause windows charges hundreds of dollars!04:36
aero1that's no excuse04:36
Cadman21coagen: I got unknown host google.com?04:36
tj83aero1, not saying it IS the memory or even hardware, it can also be caused by kernel panics04:36
coagenslashzul: you can always do it the hard way and just change everything in your /etc/apt/sources.lst file to the newer version and then do aptitude update and aptitude upgrade.... hehe thats what we used to do in debian...04:36
coagenCadman21: yeah this means  something is not working04:37
tj83also the /var/log/kern.log aero1 should look at04:37
aero1tj83, why would kernel panics happen?04:37
zenwrylywhy are there two different styles of config file modification resolution now?04:37
linnycadman21 try ping
rwwRoland-: Ubuntu doesn't install MP3 support by default for legal reasons, but it's easily-available in the repositories04:37
nightkittencadman21: go to system=>administration=>Network Tools04:37
Roland-oh ic04:37
tj83aero1, like the code ran into a hardware compatibility issue and not know what to do.... crashes04:38
aero1tj83, have you seen this before "17.174490] agpgart-intel 0000:00:00.0: detected 7676K stolen memory "04:38
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:38
tj83aero1, look and make sure you have the correct swap settings04:38
aero1tj83, I just made the swap partition 2x memory, and that's it, is more configuration required?04:39
Cadman21linny: i got network is unreachable?04:39
tj83aero1, no, not sure about that.. my guess, its alloted for hardware usage from your RAM like AGP?04:39
Cadman21nightkitten: ok what do I do there?04:39
coagenCadman21: did you recently install ubuntu? or upgrade?04:39
nightkittenclick ping04:39
albuntuhave anyone ever listened or even better tried a server-client administration software for an internet cafe ?04:39
linnywell then youve answered the original question then :)04:39
izinucsaero1, you have to reboot for it to take effect04:39
nightkittenthen enter the url into the box04:39
tj83aero1, no, as long as its active, gparted you can turn swap on/off usually should be in the "on" status when you open gparted04:40
sukiminnasumhow i cant ping google.com now too..but sure thing i can open it from browser..hmm04:40
warbullI can't get avant window manager to start04:40
Cadman21coagen: yeah just finished installing it like 30mins ago and I'm trying to get it online...04:40
coagenalbuntu: try "chillispot"04:40
Roland-is opengl fast ? do I need it for games?04:40
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:40
coagenCadman21: wireless or ethernet?04:40
izinucsRoland-, some games require opengl04:40
coagenRoland-: what games do you like?04:40
Cadman21wireless card04:40
chilli0When i run cheese it knows my webcam is there , but just shows lines and a fuzzy box down the botom its a lenovo easy cam.04:41
apinuntTrying to UG from 7.04 to 7.10 following the help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades doc I encounter the errors shown in http://paste.ubuntu.com/106218/04:41
Cadman21coagen: wireless card04:41
linnyCadman21: make and model would help plx04:41
Roland-there is that game, linux game, enemy territory04:41
coagenCadman21: type "dmesg | grep ath0" and "dmesg | grep wlan0" and tell me what it says04:41
coagenCadman21: in the terminal of course04:41
sukiminna ping www.google.com04:41
sukiminnaPING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.04:41
sukiminna--- www.l.google.com ping statistics ---04:41
FloodBot1sukiminna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
warbullI installed avant window manager but it won't startup04:41
albuntucoagen: that doesnt do what i want exactly04:42
chilli0I have a device that is busy , how can i remove eveything that is using it? its an onboard webcam04:42
coagenalbuntu: what do you want, exactly?04:42
albuntui want a internet cafe management software that works in ubuntu. to automatically calculate the price , etc04:42
coagenalbuntu: create it... I know of no such software :(04:43
albuntucoagen: if i could i would have created it. but i cant so thats why i am asking here04:43
coagenalbuntu: I do not believe such software exists04:43
Roland-there is some coagen04:44
albuntucoagen: it exists for sure because i have seen some users in the forums using it but i just wanted to get more info04:44
Roland-I dunno the name. used mysql and iptables04:44
albuntuon other types04:44
arvind_khadriwarbull, what happens04:44
Roland-uses some db to add clients and pays, and then drops ip forwarding I think with iptables when time expires, I saw that 5 years ago. must be something much better now04:45
Cadman21coagen: i have to go... thanks for the help i'll have to work in it out another time..04:45
arvind_khadriapinunt, the fawn repo's are closed04:45
coagenCadman21: come back anytime :)04:45
warbullarvind_khadri: I just click it and it pops up and terminates04:46
=== rob is now known as Guest77834
Roland-who uses internet cafes anyway? still a business?04:46
arvind_khadriwarbull, try looking into the logs , to know exactly what happens..04:46
_2grub needs to be updated to grub2 as default boot loader for *buntu04:46
chilli0I have a device that is busy , how can i remove eveything that is using it? its an onboard webcam04:46
sukiminnaRoland:hehe..we stil got it here..04:47
rob__ick robtp04:47
=== rob__ is now known as robtp
izinucschilli0, kill the pid of the device and it should release the other programs.04:47
coagenchilli0: try playing with lsmod and rmmod... heh that might crash your computer... but you might find out which one it is04:47
sukiminna_2: how to update grub?04:47
chilli0izinucs:  how? its at /dev/video004:48
izinucschilli0, un mount it.04:48
chilli0i tryed04:48
izinucschilli0, unplug it.04:48
_2sukiminna no. grub2 is avalable, but the default is grub.  the default needs to be upgraded in the distro install process04:48
tj83sukiminna, you get grub updates automatically but grub can be managed in the /boot/grub/menu.lst04:48
chilli0its onboard iznucs04:48
apinuntarvind_khadri: I'm following the instructions which allow them to be accessed to upgrade according to the Ubuntu help site I mentioned.04:49
izinucschilli0, arg.. what do you think is grabbing it?04:49
_2tj83   ^04:49
rsyringI just installed kubuntu 8.10 on a Dell D630. Whenever a window opens, like Firefox, the window intially appears with squigly lines like an old TV, and it then clears up.04:49
rixthWhat is the default postgres password with Ubuntu?04:49
chilli0izinucs:  i have no clue04:49
sukiminnatj83: i know but _2 saying bout upgrading to grub2..can we do that?04:49
izinucschilli0, what happens when you try to unmount it?04:49
rsyringWhat could I try to clear that up?04:49
_2sukiminna yes you just install grub2 package.04:50
Roland-any advantages in grub2 ?04:50
arvind_khadriapinunt, afaik you will have to download the alternate cd and then upgrade if you dont want a fresh install04:50
chilli0umount: /dev/video0: not mounted04:50
tj83sukiminna, hmm, i dunno is it in the repo? i know nothing about grub204:50
chilli0and when i try to mout it says the same thing04:50
chilli0but if i do a ls /dev/video*04:50
_2roland- more powerful,  it can boot things that grub never dreamed of.04:50
chilli0it shows me /dev/video004:50
arvind_khadrichilli0, /dev/video isnt a block device04:50
chilli0i fixed it04:51
izinucschilli0, so what makes you think something is using it?04:51
Roland-_2 can you provide me an example?04:51
MaT-dgRoland: check the website http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/grub-2.en.html04:51
chilli0it was a program called motion04:51
tj83sukiminna, maybe it is in the repo as grub2 so a sudo apt-get install grub2 should do it?04:51
jabagaweeanyone here know if truecrypt works over cifs/smb?04:51
izinucschilli0, what kind of machine is this?04:51
chilli0i fixed it04:51
sukiminna_2: is it ok to upgrade to grub2?04:51
chilli0and lenovo ideapad Y53004:51
apinuntarvind_khadri: I'm having to be very careful as 7.04 appears to have an unresolved bug which keeps me from being able to backup my home directory.04:51
_2roland- i have hdd without partition   had to use lilo until grub2  because grub can't handle partitionless disks   there are many other improvements04:51
tj83grub2 - GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package) _204:51
chilli0k im out04:52
chilli0thanks all04:52
Roland-_2 alright04:52
izinucsapinunt, partimage if it's in a separate partition04:52
arvind_khadriapinunt, the alternate cd is the way to go04:52
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lotteMy girlfriend switched from windows to ubuntu. One of the features she misses is the auto resize of images when sending a mail. Is there a plugin for evolution or thunderbird that does that. Any other suggestions? Thanks04:53
_2tj83 meta package.   depends on grub-[pc,bsd,...]04:53
PAS_KTRGhi there04:53
sukiminnagraphic interface..hmmm04:53
_2sukiminna yes, lots of improvements.04:53
PAS_KTRGcan u share my connection on ubuntu to win xp?04:53
PAS_KTRG*can i04:54
_2note it is still only a bootloader04:54
=== clarks is now known as clark
apinuntizinucs: home is a separate partition now, but I don't want to lose anything in it as it is not backed up.04:54
izinucsapinunt, partimage will mirror a partition04:54
IndyGunFreakPAS_KTRG:  you can, but i'm not sure how, it'd be easier to just get a router04:54
sdlwoflotte, hehe, what kinda pictures she sending? ;)04:55
PAS_KTRGIndyGunFreak: maybe some one know how to do this04:55
apinuntizinucs: I don't have adequate space to make 2 copies of the important files.04:55
IndyGunFreakPAS_KTRG: maybe, but its still easier to just get a router, thats what a router is for04:55
=== clark is now known as clarks
lottesdlwof: not the pictures you're thinking about ;-)04:55
_2PAS_KTRG enable ipv4_forwarding in linux and set your windows box to use the ip of the linux box as the default gateway04:56
izinucsapinunt, I missed some of what you want to do .. what are you trying to do?04:56
sdlwofIndyGunFreak, you can do it, there's a script i used to do it. but, you need two network cards to do it.....04:56
sdlwofuses iptables04:56
PAS_KTRG_2: thanks04:56
PAS_KTRG_2: i'll try04:56
warbullarvind_khadri: I looked in /var/log/messages and there was nothing there04:56
CaptainMorganhow I plug something in that is USB connected, but so that it's "not in USB mode" ?04:57
sukiminna_2: sudo apt-get install grub2 does not switch your mbr-installed bootloader automatically, right?04:57
CaptainMorganspecifically, I'm trying to hook my mp3 player along with Amarok04:57
apinuntizinucs: I only wish to UG from 7.04 to 7.10, via the internet and then perhaps UG from 7.10 to 8 also via the internet.04:57
_2PAS_KTRG i don't do windows so that side of it is foggy to me.  but the linux side is pretty streight forward, and there are some really good docs on google.com/linux04:57
aero1can anyone help, how do I view dmesg for last reboot?04:57
CaptainMorganand this is where I found that quote: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-478998.html04:57
Azazel-AZOk, got a question.  I change cupsd.conf listen from listen localhost:631 to *:631 but it still will not accept incoming connections04:57
=== mee is now known as mkj
sdlwoflotte, that what you looking for?04:57
_2sukiminna i think that is correct.   but grub-setup should04:58
izinucsapinunt, seeing at that is somewhat problemmatic.. I'd suggest just installing fresh with either 8.04 or 8.10 and tag your current /home as the new /home and DON'T format it in the process.04:58
CaptainMorganoh... maybe it just means to unmount it04:58
aero1does anyone know how to view dmesg for last boot?04:58
Nomexousaero1: 'dmesg' in a terminal04:59
coagenaero1: check /var/log/messages I think04:59
aero1Nomexous, it only shows messages for this boot04:59
PAS_KTRG_2: i use dsl connection and have router.. but my friend still cant connect use my line04:59
_2aero1 for the previous boot ?   you can't.04:59
izinucsPAS_KTRG, you mean that your friend is connected to your router and still cant get on the internet?05:00
sukiminna_2: by that u mean grub2-setup?05:00
Nomexousaero1: In /var/log, I have dmesg.1.gz, dmesg.2.gz05:00
Name141Is it possible to make a Wubi install larger than 30 GBs?05:00
Nomexousaero1: Perhaps these are logs from previous boots?05:00
IndyGunFreakName141: wy not just do a normal install?..05:00
tsukasaquestion about lvm, if i reconnect the harddrives in a different order than what i started with it should still figure it out right?05:00
IndyGunFreaki'm personally not very fond of wubi05:01
apinuntizinucs: I would have to order a CD in order to do that as I can't burn a CD.05:01
Brack10I deduced from the man page on smb.conf that you can configure samba to use Windows ACLs for folder and file permissions, giving you the ability to control folder ACLs from Windows, just like you would on a folder shared by a windows machine, is that correct?05:01
Name141IndyGunFreak: cause if I don't want Ubuntu , I will have to break out the XP disk to fix the MBR05:01
Nomexousaero1: I took a quick look at them, and mine aren't dated, so I can't tell.05:01
izinucsapinunt, not sure if it will help but there is a net install version..05:01
IndyGunFreakName141: well, then download a super grub disk...05:01
aero1Nomexous: no it's this boot because the numbers on the left reset after each boot05:01
tsukasaName141: no, you can remove ubuntu and grub will still boot windows05:01
IndyGunFreaktsukasa: well, removing ubuntu, will not remove grub, you have to format the mbr.05:02
tsukasawhats the problem?05:02
dr_Willis'reinstall the mbr' :)05:02
aero1Nomexous, the other guy was right, it's in /var/log/messages05:02
IndyGunFreakName141: but the super grub disk, should re-write a windows mbr w/o issue05:02
tsukasathe windows bootloader isnt that great05:02
Name141"super grub disk" ?05:02
aero1thanks coagen05:02
portablejimMy SATA LiteON DVD Writer (Multi Drive; supports DVD read/write & CD read/write) with lightScribe will not recognise any media inserted into the drive. The device appears in Places=>Computer. Using Intrepid 64-bit.05:02
coagenaero1: yw :)05:03
tsukasaquestion about lvm, if i reconnect the harddrives in a different order than what i started with it should still figure it out right?05:03
coagentsukasa: yeah if its a recent version of ubuntu05:03
Guest60113if i want to be able to run a executable without going to the folder...i need to set the PATH in the .profile right? I tried that but it still doesn't work, and when I tryp echo $PATH....i don't see the path that i entered on .profile nor do i see any of the other paths that exist already from before. Am i doing something wrong?05:03
apinuntizinucs: I just looked at the archive site I'm getting the errors on and the feisty directory is missing. I'm trying to do this as safely as possible as I can't chance losing what's in my home directory.05:04
tsukasacoagen: okay so work with me here... if i boot off the drive it will find the raid and work, but if i boot off the livecd lvm2 doesnt detect it05:04
Name141And what is the advantage of running Native than Wubi ?05:04
tsukasacoagen: one of the drives is going bad too05:04
izinucsapinunt, one way some have mentioned is to edit sources.lst to the version you want and upgrade that way.. sounds risky to me.. might be better to have someone burn a copy of the cd for you.. slowly05:05
coagentsukasa: hmmmm.... not sure if I know what to do there... what are you trying to do?05:05
dr_WillisGuest60113,  you must set and EXPORT the new PATH in .bashrc normally to get it set for all shells05:05
rixthWhat is the default postgres password with Ubuntu?05:05
dr_WillisGuest60113,  i dont reacall using .profile05:05
_2Name141 for one thing you don't have two filesystems that can be corrupted and affect your linux system05:05
tsukasacoagen: use the livecd to fsck it and in the eventuality that that fails, copy all the data i can off the raid, replace the drive, and recreate it05:05
Name141_2: NTFS?05:06
coagenrixth: you have to su to the postgres user, there is no default pass afaik05:06
Guest60113thats how i did it at other linux OS's05:06
_2Name141 yes the ntfs and the linux fs withing the file05:06
Name141_2: So NTFS-whatever is not stable ?05:06
MandrakeCsudo su root and passwd postgres or something.05:06
Name141ntfs-3d ? g?05:06
Name141whatever it be.05:07
_2Name141 stable is a relative term.    can a worm infect it?   sure it can.05:07
coagentsukasa: hmm not sure if I can help you, hopefully there is someone here who can... my recomendation would be to get a spare drive froma friend or something and copy everything off....05:07
apinuntizinucs: I'm in an area on the Laos border so I have little access to anything that can help.05:07
sukiminnasumhow say while installing grub2 i mess up..can i get my original grub back?05:07
_2sukiminna sure.  install grub05:08
_2sukiminna but you could fix the "messup"05:08
izinucsapinunt, worth ordering the cd then and just stick with what you have.05:08
sukiminnaic..now i can proceed installing grub2..:D05:08
izinucsapinunt, until you get it05:08
Name141_2: So you are telling me to be worried about a windows worm screwing up Wubi cause it will be accessable through Windows ?05:08
apinuntizinucs: That may be all I can do if I can't access the archives necessary.05:09
_2Name141 i'm telling you that if a virus or other anomily affects the ntfs you will lose linux too because it it in a file within the ntfs05:09
worldwithoutanyone manage to get WoW to run on ubuntu05:09
_2it is05:09
worldwithouti got guild wars to05:09
Name141But I am wanting to "test drive" linux.05:10
rixthcoagen, it appears (on 8.10 atleast) that there is a password.05:10
coagenworldwithout: not me, but I got eve online working great05:10
izinucsworldwithout, yes.. google will reveal tons of results.. www.google.com/linux search ubuntu WoW05:10
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else05:10
Name141And this seems to be the best possible way without going through oops.05:10
_2Name141 you asked about advantage/disadvantages of wubi -vs- native    that's one.05:10
rixth"psql --user postgres" gives a password failed error05:10
coagenrixth: hmm google ubuntu hardy intrepid postgresql pass maybe... I'm really not sure05:11
genomeafter a few hours my sound stops working and i have to reboot to get it back :(05:11
izinucsgenome, it doesn't like that kind of music.. :)05:11
Name141I figure I will need to see if my system runs it good and I can get on Linux native programs05:11
_2Name141 for a test drive   sure use wubi   but know that linux will preform better natively     even if the amount of change is so small you cant see it.05:11
Cadman21is anyone one up for helping me with a wireless card problem?05:12
Name141So far I haven't found anything to replace mIRC.05:12
worldwithouti have another question i installed firestarter today and i ping myself and the firestater dont block a ping or a traceroute on the ip05:12
worldwithoutam i doing somthing wrong05:12
hole_Cadman21 i have major issues with anything wireless but atheros cards05:12
_2Name141 what is wrong with xchat konversation irssi ... ?05:12
MadpilotName141, try XChat - not xchat-gnome, but the real xchat05:12
Name141Madpilot: I don't know PERL05:13
Name141_2: same05:13
MadpilotName141, what does perl have to do with it?05:13
Name141Madpilot: scripting05:13
Name141I have all my mIRC scripts ready to go05:13
_2Name141 you mean for writing scripts for it... doesn't xchat also read shell scripts ?05:13
* Name141 shrugs05:14
hole_i went through 3 brands until i figured out that it isn't worth the trouble05:14
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else05:14
MadpilotName141, given how popular mirc is, and likewise xchat, I'd be surprised if a lot of scripts weren't available for both...05:14
_2Name141 at any rate there is always a way.  that's what linux is all about05:14
_2Name141 it's called freedom.  :)05:14
Name141_2: No, it's called getting flooded.05:15
wolterwould it be bad to replace pulseaudio for esound?05:15
Name141I suppose I could use "BitchX"05:15
_2wolter doesn't pulse emulate esound ???05:15
bluedragonhow do delete everything associated with a file05:15
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card but when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:15
Name141it always had a lot of protection05:15
xenexName141, just use mirc in wine?05:16
Name141already built in05:16
bluedragonwaht is the proper cammand05:16
Name141xenex: I do , however the nicklist doesn't "refresh" right for me.05:16
bluedragonI think it's something like rm file*05:16
_2Name141 heh. default is only the starting point on the long road to right.05:16
wolter_2, i don't know.. that appears as a fix to the skype in amd64 sound problem05:16
astronomoHello, I have a problem with an aplication, this need libc5 I am using ubuntu 8.04, Can you hep me please?05:16
rwwName141: BitchX isn't in the ubuntu repositories since gutsy, because it has huge security holes.05:16
_2wolter oh.   ok then use it.  esound should work ok.05:16
Name141xenex: such as clicking a channel, then channel2, channel3 result in garbage05:16
sheepName141: and I don't think bitchx is actively developed anymore05:17
PC_NerdHi,  Im attempting to understand runtimes in order to place a script that runs on startup....  Is it best to run it at rc1 or rc2 for ubuntu ? (server edition)05:17
Name141Well there went those ideas.05:17
sheepPC_Nerd: 205:17
_2!info epic05:17
ubottuPackage epic does not exist in intrepid05:17
_2!find epic05:17
ubottuFound: epic4, epic4-help, epic4-script-hienoa, epic4-script-lice, icepick (and 2 others)05:17
PC_Nerdsheep: Thanks! (thus multi user?), whats the purpose of 3,4,5 then if 2 is multi user?05:17
worldwithoutwhat is better KDE or GNOME05:18
pug2694328hiya I'm having trouble mounting an sfs share from my server to a client pc, mounts just fine in another ubuntu client, but in this one it appears to mount, but when I look in the folder it clocks incessantly, any help would be greatly appreciated05:18
_2that's bitchx   ^05:18
sheepPC_Nerd: they are also multi-user05:18
pug2694328sfs = nfs05:18
PC_NerdWhats the difference between them, is one better for certain purposes than another etc?05:18
bluedragondoes anyone know how to use kamefu05:18
tritiumPC_Nerd: it's largely personal preference.05:18
TidusName141: i'd just use irssi if you're looking for a good console irc client05:18
Name141Someone once told me of "winex" , which now seems to be a commercial software.05:18
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card now when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:18
PC_NerdAhh - ok thanks!05:19
sheepPC_Nerd: there is no difference in a default installation of ubuntu, but you can customize which programs start in which runlevels05:19
Name141That would run mIRC better05:19
_2!info epic4 | Name14105:19
ubottuepic4 (source: epic4): epic irc client, version 4. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.6-1.2 (intrepid), package size 431 kB, installed size 1412 kB05:19
PC_Nerdok, and whats the purpose of entering/starting in a new runlevel?05:19
Name141Perhaps I should try different versions of mIRC or upgrade?05:19
Name141(to a newer mIRC)05:19
marmotIf anyone is running the Pan usenet newsreader I have a question.05:19
TidusName141: there are several nice irc clients built for linux. my 3 favorites are irssi, xchat, and konversation05:20
bluedragonhow do i get my ntfs partiont to automatcally mount when i boot into ubuntu05:20
runderwobluedragon: Add it to /etc/fstab.05:20
izinucs!mount | bluedragon05:20
ubottubluedragon: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:20
phanlesonwhat i must do to know a ipaddress of person on irc chanel05:20
tritium!runlevels | PC_Nerd05:20
ubottuPC_Nerd: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.05:20
Name141Tidus: Any of them protect again flood joining? topic floods? PM floods? DCC floods? private/channel notice floods?05:20
TidusName141: all of them can be configured to do so05:21
tritiumPC_Nerd: runlevel 0 is to reboot, 1 is single-user (also called by some "recovery" mode).05:21
bluedragonrunderwo what is fstab05:21
_2tritium may i suggest that the developers think of using grub2 as default boot loader ?    you are on team aren't you ?05:21
sheepphanleson: /whois user, but that will show their hostname instead of their IP if their IP resolves tyo a hostname and some users have vhosts or cloaks that display a fake host05:21
Name141Tidus: When I look for XChat scripts, I find hardly jack.05:21
PC_Nerdubottu: Thanks, but that completely confused me.  So I should jsut use rc2, and hopefully the !Upstart thing I can ignore for the tiem being ?05:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:21
bluedragonnot sure what that it05:21
TidusName141: because usually those kinds of things are built-in on a linux irc client05:22
phanlesonthank <sheep>05:22
tritium_2: no, I'm not05:22
Tidusif you're looking for stuff like flood protection05:22
izinucsbluedragon, fstab is located at /etc/fstab and is the file that configures all the mount point of harddrives in your system05:22
_2tritium oh sorry.  have you confused with someone else05:22
bluedragonso what do i do05:22
bluedragononce ther05:22
Name141Tidus: I would assume that xchat for windows could be compaired to the same protection of Xchat for linux05:23
izinucs!fstab | bluedragon05:23
ubottubluedragon: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:23
tritium_2: no worries.  I used to package for universe, but that's it05:23
chilli0How can i open a webcam in cli>?05:23
TidusName141: x-chat for windows != xchat for linux05:23
izinucs!partitions | bluedragon05:23
ubottubluedragon: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:23
Tidussimilar code base, yes, but depends on who built xchat for windows05:23
orprasEvery time I plug in my ipod, vlc starts playing everything on it.  Does anyone know where the setting is for that?05:23
tritiumPC_Nerd: actually, runlevel 0 is to halt the machine, and 6 is to reboot05:23
bluedragonlast question izinucs what is gamefu05:24
tvgvvlcis proberly the main default change it05:24
hole_ i have installed new drivers for my vid card now when i log in with anything but failsafe my screen is white but i still have my mouse cursor and nothing else will anyone help google wasn't much help05:24
bluedragonis that a super emulator thats plays snes and nes roms05:24
izinucsbluedragon, gamefu? where did you hear that?  I've never heard of it.05:24
PC_Nerdtritium: thanks05:24
bluedragonfrom add remove programs in ubuntu05:24
tritiumPC_Nerd: you really don't need to worry about it.  It's all transparent to the average desktop user.05:25
tvgvhole u will have a screnn resolution problem05:25
bluedragoni mean kamefu and gamefu samething according to some searching i did05:25
hole_what can i do about it05:25
izinucsbluedragon, you might get more info on it from system>admin>synaptic package manager.. search for it there.. synaptic is like a super add/remove program05:25
bluedragonif you type kamefu in add remove programs u will se what i mean05:25
=== Justin__ is now known as Techsalvager
_2izinucs & bluedragon gametome.com ?   not what you are on about is it ?05:25
_2or is it .org ?05:25
EMPulsesup guys05:25
bluedragonwell i am looking for a super emulator program05:25
bluedragonthat plays all kinds of roms05:26
EMPulseDoes anyone know how to install third party plugins in pidgin?05:26
izinucs_2, no.. bluedragon just saw the reference in add/remove.. and wanted more info05:26
bluedragonsnes nes sega05:26
_2bluedragon apt-cache search ^snes05:26
jcapincthere are all sorts of emuilaters in the repository05:26
_2bluedragon apt-cache show snes <or what ever the name is>05:26
jcapincI dont know about sega, but I know there was snes05:26
dr_Willisbluedragon,  theres several in the repos.. zsnes and snes9x are the 2 i use05:26
dr_Willisbluedragon,  some are multi-system emulators also.05:27
bluedragondr willis they don't work with amd6405:27
dr_Willissnes9x did last i looked05:27
dr_Williszsnes does not05:27
EMPulseDoes anyone know how to install third party plugins in pidgin?05:27
_2there you have it.05:27
kerncoI've installed the amazonmp3 package, but I'm gettingan error when I run it: "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error'\nwhat():  basic_string::_S_create"05:27
hole_tvgv; what can i do about it05:27
bluedragondr willis yeah snes9x works with no audio05:27
jcapincyea, the whole 64 bit thing is still confusing to me05:28
bluedragoni got zsnes to work with wine05:28
jcapincidk why certain programs dont work05:28
jcapincy? zsnes works nativly05:28
dr_Willisjcapinc,  32bit only05:28
bluedragonI want a emulator that does it all or atleast supports a bunch of them05:28
dr_Williszsnes uses ASSEMBLY code in parts of it.. so its not 64bit portable..05:28
savidI installed boxee and I think it royally effed up my computer05:28
jcapincoh wow05:29
dr_Willisbluedragon,  time to hit google then i guess...05:29
_232bit jail for zsnes  ???05:29
dr_Willis!find snes05:29
ubottuFound: zsnes, gsnes9x, snes9express, snes9x-x05:29
jcapincright to make th 8 bit work05:29
SemidiosLapHi.  I just did a clean install of Hardy.  my /boot is sda1. my / is sda5.  grub is installed to /sda1 not the MBR.  on boot I get Grub ERROR 15.  i've checked the menu.lst and it seems fine.  any ideas what is wrong?05:29
savidI can't play any sound, it just sounds like crackling05:29
dr_Willisjcapinc,  for more speed on low end systems from ages ago05:29
jcapincoh, so it has nothing to do with the emulating 8 bit05:29
dr_Willis!info mame05:29
ubottuPackage mame does not exist in intrepid05:29
jcapincassembly langage is another enigma to me, im a web programmer05:30
dr_Willisjcapinc,  no :) snes9x-x does he same thing with no assembly  i think05:30
transporteri need some help with my repos its not giving me the complete list05:30
_2SemidiosLap bad info in /boot/grub/device.map  ?05:30
sukiminna_2: i already install grub2.sumhow its still load grub n there i a chainload to grub2..05:30
sukiminnamore like a grub2 in grub05:30
hole_tvgv: what can i do about it05:30
sukiminna_2: can help me with it?05:30
jcapincnow r zsnes or snes9x open source?05:31
SemidiosLap_2, sda is mapped to hd0.  and its looking to hd(0,0) for the images05:31
asdawhy dosnt Amarok work properly???05:31
Dr_willis_jcapinc,  they are both gpl or they wouldent be in the repos i imageine :)05:31
_2sukiminna look at the update-grub2 script.  first edit your /etc/defaults/grub   if needed.05:31
doxyDoes anyone here use XRDP?05:31
jcapincthere are somethings in the multiverse that are not open source05:32
xuqin1019what's XRDF05:32
rencxgood day..05:32
EMPulsehey guys05:32
EMPulseI want to move a file05:32
albuntuasda: for the best part here that uses amarok it works properly so try to explain your problem so someone can help you05:32
asdais amarok meant to be stable or not ???05:32
EMPulsebut it says i don;'t have root access05:32
EMPulsehow do I fix that05:32
_2SemidiosLap hmmm.   if bios is set to boot sda first  then i don't know.    but know assuredly that if bios reorders the drives it drives grub crazy.05:33
sukiminna_2: i install grub2 from repo using synaptic.05:33
asdait crashes all the time and freeze up for no reason really05:33
Buckethey i know you all are linux users, but would anyone be able to help me with a vista 64 bit issues? i see no vista channel05:33
transportercan somebody help with the repos please05:33
rencxi have small problemand i need somone who can help me..05:33
transporteri cannot see all the applications05:33
_2sukiminna yes   and look into running the   update-grub2 script.   you'll have to sudo it05:34
nightrid3rBucket: try #windows ?05:34
asdaoh look05:34
sheepBucket: ##windows05:34
jcapincno you have to find a windows IRC server05:34
asdait just crashed again05:34
nite_johnboyWould this be the correct command line to make an .iso image - " sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/mydir/Desktop/filename.iso " ? ?05:34
asdawhat a suprise05:34
batcoder-7whats the best way to check cpu usage ?05:34
albuntutransporter: check /etc/apt/sources.list for the repos and try to do sudo apt-get update after the changes05:34
jcapincis amorok crashing?05:34
Bucketsheep thanks. didn't see that05:35
asdajcapinc, yeah Amarok allways crash on me lol05:35
asdasometimes firefox too05:35
jcapincitbatcoder to check cPU usage system->administration-> system moniter05:35
phanlesonhow i can programming c#, dotNet... in ubuntu05:35
jcapincyou cant do .net05:35
sheepphanleson: mono05:35
jcapincbut the equivilent is mono05:35
rencxi need instal skype but it drops me eror mesage05:35
nightrid3rphanleson: mono05:35
jcapincinstall monodevelope05:35
transporteralbuntu: well i cannot see all the applications lately in the repos05:35
jcapincits in the repository05:35
phanlesonwhere i can get it05:36
_2sukiminna one thing i noticed on the default debian setup of grub2 is that it doesn't default to detect initramfs.img*   it will detect initrd.img*   so if that gives any problems check the name of the initramfs05:36
jcapincssearch monodevelope05:36
bluedragonany word on gamefu05:36
albuntutransporter: i told you. try checking your sources list if they are uncommented or not and do sudo apt-get update05:36
sheepjcapinc: monodevelop (without the 'e' on the end)05:37
sukiminna_2: ok i ran it...thats it? or should i do other step..hmmm05:37
transporteralbuntu: i did that05:37
rencxdoes linux work in wireles network?05:37
_2sukiminna should be it.05:37
jcapincyea whatever :P I already have it installed05:37
_2you can test it sukiminna without reboot05:37
albuntutransporter: do you have any error when you do that ?05:37
sukiminna_2: how?05:37
_2sukiminna grub-emu05:37
hole_rencx: it is a REAL headache unless you have an atheros wifi card05:37
albuntutransporter: what are you trying to find that you cant ?05:37
sukiminna_2: wow learning new things today.thnx05:37
_2sukiminna like i said grub2 is a lot nicer.05:38
transporteralbuntu:  i mean i installed skype earlier using the repos but now i cannot see it in the repos05:38
albuntu!skype | transporter05:38
_2sukiminna i have to run.  good luck to your pinguin. and gooday.05:38
sukiminna_2: grub-emu: error: Cannot guess the root device. Specify the option ``--root-device''.05:38
ubottutransporter: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto05:38
phanlesonthank all for help...05:38
jcapincgrub works fine though, usually05:38
StargazerHow do i change the permissions' on an external hard drive ? it's not letting me via nautilus. it's stuck on 'root' in group.05:38
jcapincif you dont need the skype proticol , I would check out Ekiga though05:39
jcapincEkiga is a skype alternative05:39
_2jcapinc right so why should we ever upgrade anything that works.  we should all be using linux 2.2 kernels.05:39
sukiminna_2: hmm...ok try my best05:39
jcapincits supports video chat and its free05:39
jcapincoh come on05:39
jcapincso what makes grub2 better?05:39
jcapincI just dont know05:39
izinucs!enter \ jcapinc05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about enter \ jcapinc05:39
izinucs!enter | jcapinc05:40
ubottujcapinc: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:40
transporteralbuntu: but i could see in the repos earlier and now i cannot05:40
albuntutransporter check the link that i gave to you before05:40
albuntu!skype | transporter05:40
ubottutransporter: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto05:40
socketshow do i turn off my touchpad?.. i'm not used to clicking with it, i like using my buttons.. lol05:41
StargazerHow do i change the permissions on a drive using the terminal ? need ta open the permissions fully.05:41
Kiyikonot a ubuntu issue, but can someone help me with internet issue in vista, or point me somewhere that can help?05:41
izinucs!permissions | Stargazer05:41
ubottuStargazer: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:41
socketsi wanna use the mouse with it, just not the clicking w/ touchpad.. can't find the settings anywhere05:41
rww!windows | Kiyiko05:41
ubottuKiyiko: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:41
jcapincyou do not do that05:41
sriddoes anyone here know the package name for installing basic development tools (gcc, make, pkgconfig, etc..(?05:41
rwwsrid: build-essential05:41
sridrww: thanks05:42
nightrid3rKiyiko: ##windows05:42
rencxwho is good at driver install?05:42
jcapincStargazer: you cant open all permissions, you just need to run as root05:42
transporteralbuntu and ubottu: see the problem is not only skype but with the other applications as well i cannot see those damned applications in my repos05:42
Kiyikothank you05:42
izinucssrid, part of all that is build-essential  .... make is installed seperately05:42
JohnOTDhey all...new to ubuntu. just started up (im dual booted on an acer aspire one) and got an error saying something was wrong with the Gnome Power Manager. my firefox wont open and all the fonts are HUGE. any advice?05:42
bluedragonhow do you install programs that have a .tar.bz extension05:42
sridthe rest, I can install separately05:42
mankashanybody know about hostapd05:42
bluedragonmost software that you download is like this how do you install it05:42
rencxi have problems with wireles drivers05:42
sridbluedragon: tar czvf file.tar.bz05:42
sridbluedragon: and then compile the extracted source code (instructions usually in INSTALL file)05:43
albuntutransporter: did you add before the medibuntu repos ? have you checked them again ? did you made any changes lately in your repos ?05:43
phanlesonwhat c, v, f,z option in command bluedragon05:43
bluedragonno clue05:43
nightrid3rbluedragon: most of those file are sources, i reccomend installing from the repo's05:43
bluedragonlost srid05:43
socketsanyone know how to configure the touchpad?.. i wanna disable clicking with it. my hand keeps rubbing against it05:43
transporteralbuntu: no i haven't made any changes in my repos05:43
sridbluedragon: which program is it?05:43
jcapincrencx; what kind of wireless problems are you having05:43
JohnOTDcan anyone help me? i got an error about the Gnome Power Manager. my fonts are huge and I cant access Firefox05:43
albuntutransporter: how did you installed skype and the other programs ?05:43
* srid thinks this channel has too much traffic05:43
bluedragonnintendo 64 emulator05:44
transporteralbuntu: can i give u a file i will meet you in the pvt chat05:44
albuntutransporter: ok05:44
sridbluedragon: what is the file name?05:44
sridwith extension05:44
joljamI still have problems downloading files with forefox05:44
jcapincJohnOTD: is it a fresh install?05:44
joljamcan someone help me05:44
arvind_khadrijoljam, what problems?05:44
JohnOTDnot exactly fresh. it was working properly yesterday when i installed it, however the wireless didnt work. now the wireless works but everything is messed up05:44
StargazerIzinucs, do you know how i could change the group permissions for a drive ?05:44
hole_what is the location of xorg.conf usually05:44
bluedragonsrid the file name is mupen64-0.5.tar.bz05:45
albuntu!pastebin | transporter05:45
arvind_khadrihole_, /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:45
ubottutransporter: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:45
nightrid3rhole_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:45
hole_thx a bunch05:45
sridbluedragon: run this command in terminal: tar -jxvf mupen64-0.5.tar.bz05:45
JohnOTDjcapinc not exactly fresh. it was working properly yesterday when i installed it, however the wireless didnt work. now the wireless works but everything is messed up05:45
savidHelp!  I'm not sure what happened, but my sound doesn't work -- any time anything plays it just sounds like crackling.  What's happening?05:45
joljamarvind.. when I am downloading a file ...and I click save file...then nothing happends05:45
izinucsStargazer, sorry no05:45
sridbluedragon: cd mupen64-0.505:45
StargazerIzinucs, ok.05:45
sridbluedragon: and then check if there is file named INSTALL05:45
StargazerI need to change the Group permissions for a drive, anyone know how ?05:46
arvind_khadrijoljam, did u change the location where the file should be saved?05:46
sridbluedragon: I got to go now. later05:46
batcoder-7what is a good light music player ?05:46
modjorhi all. anyone know a good cvs install manual from the shell not the gui ?05:46
arvind_khadrisavid, check alsa levels... open the terminal and type alsamixer05:46
JohnOTDjcapinc. since im dual booted. is there a way i can reclaim the partition for ubuntu back to my xp and then reinstall ubuntu?05:46
jcapincJohnOTD, how did you install the wireless driver? it sounds to me like something to do with the install messed up the computer05:47
joljamno arvind.. i did not change the location05:47
arvind_khadrijoljam, then the files should be placed on your desktop05:47
arvind_khadri!hi | phanleson05:47
ubottuphanleson: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:47
JohnOTDjcapinc i didnt install the wireless driver, thats why i was just starting the comp up, to install the wireless driver05:47
jcapincJohnOTD you can re-install Ubunu and tell it to use the pertitions alread set up05:47
fjbittencourte ai bando de otario05:47
savidarvind_khadri,  volume is turned up05:47
JohnOTDjcapinc i was going to use madwifi-hal05:47
JohnOTDjcapinc i can do that. will it just use the old partition i had allocated for it?05:48
savidarvind_khadri,  volume is turned up...  the louder the volume the louder the crackling05:48
bluedragoncan someone plz help me out how do you install tar.bz2 programs05:48
arvind_khadrisavid, which player... try different players....05:48
JohnOTDjcapinc, im going to reinstall ubuntu. i'll be back in about 30 mins. thanks for help!05:48
savidarvind_khadri, happens with any sound,  startup sound, mplayer,  web video (flash),  etc...05:48
jcapincJohnOTD yes! but you have to tell it to do it! its an option!05:48
avernaHello.  I'm switching from Debian Gnome to Ubuntu and before I load it I'd like to save my Epiphany bookmarks. I don't use the command line efficiently so I'm hoping someone can point me to it through the visual file system.05:49
sanai was here as a guest05:49
nightrid3rbluedragon: if you have problems opening a tar.gz file there's litle hope for you to manage compiling a program05:49
sanaand i was trying to set the path05:49
sanaand went to bashrc, but don't see where to put it05:49
phanlesoni am install jdk on ubuntu05:49
phanlesoni had a problem05:49
phanlesonthat is set classpath and java_home05:50
phanlesonany one help me05:50
bluedragonwell i can double click05:50
bluedragonit opens and there is a folder inside05:50
bluedragonjust don't know what to do after that05:50
sanait seemed to have worked fine05:50
joljamarvind --the files are not downloading at all05:50
joljamwhen I hot ctrl+y it does not show the downloads also05:51
Kiyikoin ubuntu, my wireless strength is much lower than in windows, is this normal/anything i can do to fix it?05:51
hole_anyone here good at editing xorg.conf? i am not sure what to change i need to be in 1024X768 at 60 hz05:51
albuntutransporter: dont paste all the output to me in private and i told you try aptitude search skype, not aptitude skype05:51
jcapincpanleson, thats a tecknical question, I would post that in the forum05:52
nightrid3rhole_: modeline05:52
hole_i mean 1024x768 at 85 hz05:52
hole_no comprende05:53
nightrid3rhole_: modeline sets the resolutions05:53
hole_is that a console command?05:53
nightrid3rhole_: man xorg.conf05:53
gnutronhole_: try the menu, system - preferences - screen resolution05:53
socketsis the xorg.conf supposed to be empty after a fresh install?05:53
arvind_khole_, modeline is a section of xorg.conf05:54
hole_i cant do that when i am not failsafe05:54
arvind_ksockets, no05:54
=== Techsalvager is now known as HentaiXP
arvind_ksockets, as a matter of fact it can never be empty if you have devices connected05:54
savidseems like OSS works, but not alsa05:54
arvind_ksavid, thats nice :)05:55
hole_modeline phrase not found05:55
arvind_khole_, what is it that you want to achieve?05:55
nightrid3rarvind_k: it is when your videocard is not suported and you fallback to vesa05:55
savidarvind_k,  it sucks :-P05:55
joljamarvind did u forget me05:55
jahnkeanateri have a windows cooputer i want to upgrade the hard drive05:55
nite_johnboyHi - Is there a way to change an icon of an app on my desktop to a different looking icon - I mean the actual icon ? ?05:55
jahnkeanaterhow do i copy all the data05:55
arvind_knightrid3r, it didnt happen with me...05:56
arvind_ksavid, :)05:56
jahnkeanaterlike clone it05:56
socketsarvind_k, i just installed ubuntu via the minimal ISO & "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop", just logged in and i wanted to edit my touchpad first and foremost because it's bothering me.. any way i can somehow reinstall just the xorg.conf? because it IS empty lol05:56
savidarvind_k,  but at least it works.    not sure how to get firefox/flash to use OSS though05:56
hole_i want it to be instead of 800x600 at 60 hz to be 1024x768 at 85 hz but i cant change it for modes other than failsafe05:56
hole_i am in failsafe now05:56
hole_its fine05:56
nite_johnboyIs there an icon library somewhere in Ibex ? ?05:56
bilbo_bagginssockets: xorg is always empty on a new install.. at least in the last 2 releases05:56
arvind_kjoljam, nope.... cant you find the files on the desktop05:57
nightrid3rarvind_k: i had this on my laptop, just copyed my xorg.conf from my nvidia desktop and changed driver to vesa then it worked05:57
jahnkeanaterif i make a .bin of a hard drive can i move it to anoter and windows will boot off the new one05:57
socketsah so bilbo_baggins, how would i go about editing a section that doesn't exit?05:57
arvind_ksockets, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:57
Gerinychdoes anyone here use startup-manager?05:58
arvind_ksavid they may catch it directly...05:58
hole_arvind_k: i want it to be instead of 800x600 at 60 hz to be 1024x768 at 85 hz but i cant change it for modes other than failsafe05:58
arvind_khole_, edit the file...05:58
hole_is it that maybe failsafe does not load my new video drivers?05:59
bilbo_bagginshow do I turn off joins parts & quits in konversation?05:59
FormodeHi all, just installed ETQW, and I when I try to launch it just by going "etqw" it will not, is there a way to set up that?05:59
savidarvind_k,  ??  not sure what you mean by that06:00
bilbo_bagginssockets: you "add" to xorg. or find what is controlling the touchpad and edit the conf file.06:00
socketsgot it, thanks06:00
hole_arvind_k: i am kinda scared to mess with it06:00
arvind_ksavid, i meant that they may use it without you telling them to, just try...06:00
arvind_khole_, can you paste your file at pastebin06:01
arvind_k!paste | hole_06:01
ubottuhole_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:01
strick9I've got a home server that I'm very happy with and a pair of brand new hard-drives I want to put into raid106:01
hole_i know how06:01
savidarvind_k,  oh,  yeah already tried..  still crackly in flash06:01
strick9whats the best way to move all my data over, reinstall and start over from backup?06:01
arvind_khole_,  :) just wanted to let you know06:01
russ5811hi all. i'm trying to use my tv as a monitor (via vga port) on my toshiba laptop. is there a gui for this or an easy way to select laptop screen or tv screen. i don't care if it's cloned. i want to do this to watch boxee on tv. anyone help?06:01
jahnkeanaterif i use the dd command to move windows 98 from a 8 gb hard drive to a 20 gb one will that word06:01
Gerinychhow do i install icon themes?06:01
arvind_ksavid, oh ok... look into the preferences of firefox then.06:01
izinucsruss5811, do you have an nvidia card installed?06:02
russ5811no, its an intel integrated06:02
izinucsruss5811, sorry I'm no help with that one.06:02
russ5811thanks anyway. anyone else have any ideas?06:02
whackedi have a small problem06:03
whackedon how to modify panels06:03
strick9I read an article about what you are asking russ, hold on I'll see if I can find you the link06:03
arvind_k!ask | whacked06:03
ubottuwhacked: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:03
russ5811thanks strick906:03
arvind_khole_, 1024x768 @ 60 is it?06:04
hole_whacked thats is easy06:04
hole_no 1024x768 @ 8506:04
jahnkeanaterin the dd command is the if=/dev/hda the part id copys or where it writes to06:04
whackedhow so you get the panel on the bottom to show instances of programs open like multi browser windows06:04
whackedas the would appear on windows06:05
strick9agh, sorry russ, the article was NVIDIA specific06:05
arvind_khole_, is it supported?06:05
hole_it doesnt by default?06:05
hole_yes that is what failsafe has06:05
whackeda freind last night deleted panel\\06:05
Tiduswhacked: add the task list to the panel06:05
hole_ok make new panel06:05
Tidusright click, add to panel06:05
russ5811thanks for trying strick9. i've tried google to no avail. all is for nvidia. can't believe ubuntu doesn't have multi monitor support up to date yet06:05
dr_Willisright click on the little task showing applets handel and in its  perferances are some options whacked  for the 'task manager' one you have it added to thepanel06:06
joljamarvind its not downloading on the desktop06:06
arvind_khole_, copy paste this and the restart X http://paste.ubuntu.com/106248/06:06
FormodeHi all, just installed ETQW, and I when I try to launch it just by going "etqw" it will not, is there a way to set up that?06:07
strick9what is the problem you are having, what happens when you just try it russ5811? I have an NVIDIA card and everything has just kinda worked06:07
hole_arvind_k: yes that is what i am on now06:07
hole_dude u r awesome06:07
arvind_kjoljam, hit Ctrl + y and see whether the downloads are queued or not06:07
strick9is there a way to add raid1 to an existing ubuntu install?06:07
arvind_khole_, did it work?06:07
russ5811well, i plugged in the cable to the vga port i have and to the input on the tv...black screen. all the articles about modifying xorg talk about nvidia cards06:08
arvind_k!raid | strick906:08
ubottustrick9: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:08
hole_checking now i'll be back using bx if it didn't06:09
arvind_khole_, sure :)06:09
hole_or i'll be buying a new monitor06:09
arvind_kjoljam, ??06:09
joljamyes arvind06:10
joljamit still has the problem06:10
joljamwith download06:10
arvind_kjoljam, can you see them queued?06:11
=== ass is now known as hole
joljamno I cannot arvind06:11
=== hole is now known as hole_
hole_nope screen is still just white with a cursor06:12
arvind_kjoljam, then they arent being queued at all... did you contact firefox about it... ??06:12
savidThis really sucks.  Why, out of nowhere, would all audio sound crackly?06:12
arvind_khole_, hmm... reconfigure X06:12
russ5811strick9, thanks for trying to help..back to google for me.06:13
hole_do i need a complete restart after editing xorg.conf06:13
arvind_khole_, nope06:13
hole_or just a ctrl alt backspace06:13
Formodehole_ Just xorg. :)06:13
strick9yeah good luck russ581106:13
arvind_khole_, yup06:13
whackedhow do you add a panel  ?06:13
Malditahey, can you guys help me?06:13
Formodewhacked, Right click on an existing panel and click "Add panel"06:13
arvind_k!ask | Maldita06:14
ubottuMaldita: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:14
FormodeMaldita, Only if you ask your question. :)06:14
Malditai need to enter to another server, and i cant :(06:14
whackednot working06:14
whackedthat's what i thought06:14
whackedwhy is linux so buggy06:14
Formodewhacked, It's not. It works fine/perfect for me. :-P06:14
MalditaCan anyone help me to get into irc.cl ?06:14
whackedmot here for me06:14
macvrhi all... i have firestarter installed and have used it to allow torrent connections , after i have done this do i have to set the firestarter to start everytime at boot?using bootchart, i noticed that it starts during the boot? is it necessary ?06:14
FormodeWhacked, do you have 4 panels aready?06:15
whackedone panel06:15
maxxistwhacked its only buggy for users who dont know what they are doing yet.06:15
whackedi not able to right click06:15
Flannelmaxxist: That's not true at all.06:15
Formodewhacked, and you can't right click on a blank area of the panel, and click "New Panel"?06:15
maxxistflannel  thats why i added the yet...06:15
Formodewhacked, Oh. 1 button mouse or?06:16
arvind_kjoljam, check #firefox06:16
wolterwhere do i change the sensibility of my touchpad?06:17
whackedthis is getting annoying06:17
arvind_kjoljam, ok they dont have a room... mail them...06:17
Formodewhacked, You can't right click at all?06:17
maxxistwolter Preferences -> Mouse06:17
whackedevery wheres i click it want to launch something other than add a panel06:18
woltermaxxist, i changed it, but it won't affect my touchpad... just the...mouse06:18
Formodewhacked, Click on an emtpy space.06:18
whackedwhat empty space06:18
socketswolter, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad06:18
Formodewhacked, is there no empty space?06:18
macvrwhacked: there is menu item in the panel... APPLICATIONS>ACCESSORIES>PANEL u can add from there06:19
StargazerHow can i forcibly change the (group) permissions on a drive ?06:19
GobbyHello all06:19
arvind_kStargazer, sudo chmod06:19
FormodeWhacked: http://linux.about.com/library/gnome/blgnome4n2d.htm06:19
Brack10Hi I'm trying to edit my swat config file.  It doesn't exist by default so when I follow the wiki and try and save with nano it says "[ Error writing /etc/xinetd./swat: No such file or directory ]"06:19
gnutronStargazer: use chown, where is the drive mounted?06:19
Brack10same thing when I go ^O06:20
Brack10what gives06:20
Gobbyjust installed ubuntu,, new to linux06:20
gnutronStargazer: nm06:20
StargazerGnutron, /media/disk06:20
BlueEagleBrack10: That should most likely be xinet.d06:20
arvind_kBrack10, i think that should be xinet.d06:20
arvind_kBlueEagle, :)06:20
arvind_kBlueEagle, jinx :P06:20
Brack10this page is innacurate then06:20
Brack10it tells you to do this sudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/swat06:21
gnutronStargazer: you want to change permisions or ownership06:21
whackedok that didnt work eithrt06:21
arvind_kBrack10, its xinetd.d06:21
rwwBrack10: Erm, yeah. From the looks of that error message, you typed "sudo nano /etc/xinetd./swat" instead.06:21
BlueEagleBrack10: It could be xinetd.d and not xinet.d but it's not xinetd.06:21
Brack10ohhh my bad06:21
BellinXFeloncan anyone help me with changing the owner permissions on a external hard drive?06:22
StargazerGnutron, the group permissions on it is stuck on 'root' but i can't change it even if i use 'sudo nautilus' and change it through the properties.06:22
whackedhow could a small menu option be so difficult06:22
Formodewhacked, You're going to need to make some vacant space to right click.... Try closing some windows, or something. I don't really know whats on your panel, but theres no reason for you to have no vacant space.06:22
BlueEagle!anyone | BellinXFelon06:22
ubottuBellinXFelon: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:22
whackedits condensed06:22
FormodeWhacked, It's not. You're just not doing it properly.06:22
=== ass is now known as hole_
macvrwhacked: TEMPORARILY remove an item from the panel, u'll get a space, then right click to add new panel ,06:23
BellinXFelonHow can I change the owner/permission settings for a seagate free agent external hard drive?06:23
gnutronStargazer: did you mount it manually06:23
BlueEagleBellinXFelon: What you want to do is A) Mount the filesystem with write permissions and then chown and/or chmod the file.06:23
whackedit auto condenses06:23
whackedso soon i will have nothing]06:23
nite_johnboy! icons06:23
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)06:23
Brack10rww, arvind_k, BlueEagle, it says this now  [ Error writing /etc/xinetd.d/swat: No such file or directory ]06:23
StargazerNu, gnome auto-mounted it.06:23
arvind_kBrack10, sudo nano06:24
nite_johnboy! icon06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icon06:24
Brack10arvind_k I did sudo06:24
macvrwhacked: then click on the edge< u should get the menu06:24
hole_ok i have figured something out, when i have the frglx drivers enabled and i dont boot in failsafe then the screen is white with a cursor only and when i restart xorg i see my desktop for a split second before being brought to the login screen06:24
nite_johnboy! icon library06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icon library06:24
Brack10sudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/swat just like the site says06:24
BlueEagleBrack10: have you got an xinetd.d directory in /etc then?06:24
StargazerGnutron, gnome auto-mounted it.06:24
Brack10BlueEagle, no it's not supposed to be there yet06:25
arvind_kBrack10, do you have swat installed?06:25
lyraeHow do start a custom script on startup?06:25
BlueEagleBrack10: Then you need to make the directory before attempting to write a file to it.06:25
rwwBrack10: sudo apt-get install xinetd06:25
transportercan somebody help me with my repos06:25
gnutronStargazer: the permission and ownership is done with /etc/fstab.06:25
BlueEaglelyrae: /etc/rc.local06:25
nightrid3rBrack10: install xinetd06:25
macvrwhacked: click on the edge and select expand...06:25
BlueEaglelyrae: Just pop in the command to execute the script there.06:25
=== SemidiosLap is now known as Semidios
monokromeHi. I just got a new laptop... a Dell Studio 1735... For some reason, Ubuntu's live CD wont boot on it. It continually throws buffer errors on sr0, and after a while it goes to a shell displaying "BusyBox". If I <CTRL>+D out of the shell, the system reboots.06:26
nite_johnboySomeone know where I can find an < icon library > in Ibex ? ?06:26
rwwBrack10: I'll go ahead and add that to that page, so others won't have the same problem :)06:26
lyraeBlueEagle: rc.local isnt a text file...so i can't open it. how do i pop in the command?06:26
BlueEaglelyrae: If you want to execute it on login then you want to use ~/.bashrc06:26
hole_arvind_k: ok i have figured something out, when i have the frglx drivers enabled and i dont boot in failsafe then the screen is white with a cursor only and when i restart xorg i see my desktop for a split second before being brought to the login screen06:26
Brack10rww:  thanks06:26
BlueEaglelyrae: /etc/rc.local should be a text file.06:26
gnutronStargazer: sudo chown yourusername:root /media/disk06:26
gdfgdfbtry to install it from a stick06:26
BlueEaglelyrae: Either that or I'm mistaking.06:27
nite_johnboyWould like to change an Icon on my desktop....06:27
arvind_khole_, hmm so?06:27
lyraeBlueEagle: you're right. just has a bin icon06:27
hole_i need gl to play ut2k06:27
lyraeso the file has exit 0. do i get rid of that?06:27
arvind_khole_, which card by the way???06:27
strick9monokrome, sounds like a bad dvd, know I've seen BusyBox as an "error" before but trying to recall how I got past it06:27
hole_ati radeon06:27
Stinky@nite_johnboy:  Do you mean download new icon themes?>06:27
BlueEaglelyrae: No, you put the commands before it.06:27
arvind_khole_, envy?06:27
hole_envy what/06:27
lyraeBlueEagle: python /path/to/script.py ?06:27
BlueEaglelyrae: I guess you could get rid of it, but it does no harm standing there.06:27
arvind_khole_, how did you get the drivers for it??06:28
BlueEaglelyrae: provided that python is in path, yes.06:28
hole_from ati's web site06:28
nite_johnboyStinky; Yes - that would be ok probably ...06:28
strick9monokrome have you used this ubuntu cd before?06:28
arvind_khole_, hmm... havent you heard of envyng?06:28
BlueEaglelyrae: You may want to nohup or screen it (or both)06:28
arvind_k!envy | hole_06:28
ubottuhole_: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk06:28
lyraewhat does that mean, BlueEagle06:28
StargazerGnutron, that just gave all permissions to root. >:|06:28
monokromestrick9: Nope. I'm going to check it for defects...06:28
gnutronStargazer: then sudo chmod 755 /media/disk06:28
hole_no i am  a noob06:28
BlueEaglelyrae: Is this a script that does something and then ends or does it run forever?06:28
arvind_khole_, ok use envyng.... things will fall into place :)06:29
lyraeBlueEagle: runs forever ... until user right-clicks the tray bar icon and exits06:29
hole_where is a tutorial on envying06:29
gnutronStargazer: its  group is root, you are the owner06:29
arvind_khole_, i gave it to you06:29
BlueEaglelyrae: Then you want: nohup python /path/to/script.py &06:29
BlueEaglelyrae: You ofcourse would need to install nohup.06:29
arvind_k!envyng > hole_06:29
ubottuhole_, please see my private message06:29
nite_johnboyStinky; I installed a program with Wine I don't make care for the look of icon associated with it and would like to change it to something else.06:30
StargazerGnutron, i want to change the group... it may be the reason why VirtualBox cannot gain acess to it.06:30
nite_johnboydon't much care for it06:30
lyraeBlueEagle: what if i dont want noshup? (im putting this on my site for download.. so i wanna make it convenient for users)06:30
gnutronStargazer: sudo chown yourusername:yourusername /media/disk06:30
BlueEaglelyrae: What that does is allow the script to keep runing in the background without hanging up (ie. no hang-up.. nohup)06:30
Stinky@nite_johnboy:  Rightclick the shortcut on desktop, properties, then click the icon and choose another06:30
whackedok how to readd clock06:30
whackedi removed that to make space06:30
whackedbut it auto condensed06:30
whackedwhat is the clock called and under what menu do i find it06:30
FloodBot1whacked: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:30
whackedwhere is the clock located for re adding items06:30
Gerinychwhat's "vertical virtual size" for in compiz?06:30
Gerinychwhat's "vertical virtual size" for in compiz?06:30
hole_ok gt gtk or core what would be best06:30
gnutronStargazer: you don't specify the group so i guess.06:31
hole_Qt not gt06:31
nite_johnboyStinky; I right click on the icon go to properties but do not see an icon I would like to change it to.06:31
lyraeBlueEagle: better yet, how do i add this to ubuntu repository?06:31
BlueEaglelyrae: Without nohup and the & then the boot process may stop while waiting for your script to exit, which it won't do.06:31
StargazerGnutron, the group, currently, is root. i want the group to be 'adam' (me).06:31
lyraeBlueEagle: Then i guess starting it up at login is ok06:32
BlueEaglelyrae: Well it would have to be added by Canonical afaik.06:32
hole_arvind_k: qt gtk or core06:32
nite_johnboyStinky; Is there a place I can browse to more selections?06:32
gnutronStargazer: sudo chown -R adam:adam /media/disk06:32
frederick85Can somebody help me with installing windows06:32
gompaare there known sata problems with ubuntu ? when installing on m2n-e sli i get a ata comreset error06:32
hole_i have none06:32
_slax_frederick85: ##windows is a better place for that06:32
whackedsomeone just told me to remove an item from my panel to make room for adding a new panel , so i removed the clock and it auto shrunk even more ,so now my question is how do i get my clock back up onto my panel ?06:33
BlueEaglelyrae: You may still need nohup.06:33
hole_no probs with sata that is06:33
lyraeBlueEagle: =/06:33
gompahole_  what kinda mother board do you use ?06:33
hole_qt gtk or core which envy is the right one06:33
lyraei wanna give it a shot without nohup anyways06:33
BlueEaglelyrae: For all I know you may not need nohup at all. I'm not sure how to make it work without it tho.06:33
hole_oh shoot i dont know it came with a dell pc i picked up used06:34
Stinkynite_johnboy:  /usr/share/icons is location of icon sets06:34
rdw200169gompa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ASUS_M2N-E_SLI06:34
Stinkynite_johnboy:  rightclick the shortcut, properties, browse to /usr/share/icons and pick one06:34
whackedplease someone tell me how to add the clock back to the panel06:35
hole_once instaled how do i use the envy package or will it take its course automaticly06:35
nite_johnboyStinky; Sweet - that should do it! Another note for notebook - Thanks much.......06:35
gnutronwhacked: right click on the panel and choose add to panel, pick clock.06:35
whackedthe question was how to add clock to panel ??????\06:35
arvind_khole_,  you on gnome?06:36
gnutronwhacked: right click on the panel and choose add to panel, pick clock.06:36
rdw200169whacked: gnutron gave the answer06:36
Stinkynite_johnboy:  no problem06:36
arvind_khole_, gtk and core both06:36
rdw200169gompa: there is no note of sata problems, so it likely works06:36
hole_arvind_k: i have installed envy core package06:36
arvind_khole_, gtk too06:37
rdw200169gompa: the nForce 500 chipset is very popular, so you shouldn't run into problems06:37
gompardw200169 strange i keep getting ata comreset faild06:37
gompacould that be my hard drive then ?06:37
hole_arvind_k: now what06:37
whackedi can not obtain the right click option06:37
hole_arvind_k: installed06:37
arvind_khole_, open it... Applications->System tools->Envyng06:37
gnutronwhacked: why no right click?06:37
whackedthat was my first question then some told me to remove an item just to watch the panel shrink even more06:38
hole_arvind_k: btw thank you for ALL your patience06:38
arvind_khole_, np :)06:38
rdw200169gompa: pass the option 'irqboot' to the kernel at boot06:38
hole_arvind_k: it spit an error06:38
rdw200169gompa: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-bugs/2007-November/030128.html06:39
rdw200169gompa: see if that works06:39
whackedright click option = HELP,edit menu,remove from panel and lock to panel06:39
whackedthat all i can ever get by right clicking on panel06:39
gompardw200169 thank you verry mutch iam gonna try that now i will report back06:40
arvind_khole_, what error?06:40
rdw200169whacked: you gotta right click on a blank part of the panel06:40
Stinkywhacked:  ur not right clicking the panel, ur right clickiing the menu06:40
jk_i am trying to use aptoncd but it keeps crashing around 70%06:40
whackedthere is no blank spot06:40
nite_johnboyStinky; Cool - Have a very pleasing to the eye icon now for this - thanks again - tucked away in my notes as I write.....06:40
whackedthat's my problem06:40
Stinkynite_johnboy:  glad it helped06:40
hole_maybe not lemme reboot06:41
rdw200169whacked: then right click the edge, where the expando bars are at06:41
arvind_khole_, ok06:41
Stinkywhacked: do you have a panel on the bottom?06:41
whackedthanks so much06:41
whackedgod i have a 2 pixel margin06:42
gnutronwhacked: right clik an icon and remove it from panel, you can add later06:43
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
nite_johnboyStinky; I guess you could browse to a apps folder as well and borrow an icon from an app you're using as well correct?06:43
Stinkynite_johnboy;  yeah, as long as it is the right format and size, no problem06:43
whackednow i would like my panel on the bottom of my screen to work the same way a taskbar is in windows xp ?06:43
P4C0hello guys06:44
Stinkygood night all06:44
whackedi have the clock back and a new panel on bottom of screen06:44
P4C0guys one question, is it possible to install swat on ubuntu server?06:44
gnutronwhacked: right click on the hide/expand panel button and choose  new panel06:44
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
DasEi P4C0:yo06:45
=== Delvien is now known as Delvien_sleepyti
whackedi just want my panel on bottom of screen to work like a taskbar in windows xp now06:45
whackedi have the new panel06:45
_slax_!away > Delvien_sleepyti06:45
ubottuDelvien_sleepyti, please see my private message06:45
gangasCould someone help me with a pinnacle tv tuner card on Ubuntu 8.10?06:46
P4C0i did a sudo apt-get install swat but it didn't start, the line got included in inetd.conf but I don't know how to start it... it seems not to have inetd.conf... since its the only line06:46
nite_johnboyStinky; Cool - App I onstalled was ISOBuster and icon it stuck on it was a wine glass - will probably the Brasero < cd burning > icon.06:46
gangasCould someone help me with a pinnacle tv tuner card on Ubuntu 8.10?06:46
hole_nope still white screen06:46
gompardw200169 i booted with irqboot but i still get ata1 comreset failld06:46
dr_WillisP4C0,  ubuntu dont use inetd.conf by default i think. you can start swat manually or rom rc.local if you wanted. I dont like swat much06:46
gompabut after a vieuw seconds it boots06:46
hole_how can i roll back to the original driver that came with the installation06:46
gompabut the whole screen is distorted06:46
DasEigangas: you prob ?06:46
rdw200169gompa: i dunno then :(06:47
gompato bad :(06:47
gompathanks for your help anyway :)06:47
DasEi!who |gangas06:47
ubottugangas: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:47
DasEigangas:what's the issue ?06:47
arvind_khadrihole_, you need to install the drivers using it06:48
whackedi want my new panel which is now positioned on the bottom of my screen to work like a taskbar in windows xp where you can visual see all the programs launched06:48
gangasDasEi: My tv tuner card does work on XP but not yet on Ubuntu 8.1006:48
hole_elaborate please06:48
kalvin_question: i want to create a text file in a particular directory, but it wont allow me to do so unless i do it through the cl using sudo, anyway around this?06:48
DasEigangas: try tvtime06:48
gangasokay moment06:48
white-sheepwhacked: Right-click and add the correct applet to the panel.06:49
whackedthat the problem06:49
gompawhacked the aplication applet06:49
hole_arvind_khadri: elaborate06:49
whackedwhat applet06:49
P4C0do i need to install inetd?06:49
arvind_khadrihole_, open envyng06:50
white-sheepwhacked: Correct applet.  Take a look first.06:50
kalvin_is there like an 'open as admin' option06:50
* gangas going to the toilet, i will read my messages soon06:50
P4C0to use swat on ubuntu server do i need to do anything special? install inetd or something?06:51
leo_whacked try adding the window list to your panel...06:51
DasEi P4C0:it's there already is for  samba06:51
hole_if it does not work soon i might swich distros and see if i have better luck06:51
gnutronkalvin_: why do you want a text file in a protected directory06:51
DasEi P4C0:sudo apt-get install swat06:51
jedi06how do you alias a rm to mv trashbin?06:51
P4C0DasEi i installed samba and swat but swat is not up06:51
arvind_khadrihole_, did you open it? then choose the manual driver thing...06:52
DasEi P4C0:sudo swat06:52
whackedthanks that worked06:52
* gangas back06:52
P4C0DasEi let me try06:52
arvind_khadriP4C0, inetd is to be installed06:52
kalvin_i installed xampp and it says to put the files in htdocs but its protected so i cant06:52
hole_arvind_khadri: there is only one ati driver selestion so i just did automatic06:53
arvind_khadrihole_, ok no probs06:53
white-sheepkalvin_: Protected?  Or did it say you don't have the permission?  What's the directory.06:53
whackedthanks again OK06:53
arvind_khadriP4C0, its xinetd06:53
=== PRIVATE_PARTY_EX is now known as dd_tasya
whackedknow it time for bed06:53
leo_No Problem...06:53
hole_arvind_khadri: but i have better luck now for some reason no errors yet06:53
kalvin_ its /opt/lampp06:53
adityagwhat do i have to install in linux for wireless tool kit (java) ?06:53
kalvin_white-sheep: permissions06:53
hole_wow it went through and asked me to reboot i'll be right back06:54
P4C0DasEi seems to be up but still i can't log in06:54
gnutronkalvin_: use sudo mv files then you should set their permisions and owner.group06:54
white-sheepkalvin_: Ahh.  You can either chown the folder or you can use "gksudo nautilus"  It'll make you an admin.06:54
white-sheepFor temporary.06:54
leo_can someone tell me how to set up evelution mail?06:54
russ5811strick9, you still here?06:54
monokromestix_: "Install Inside Windows" solved the issue, I believe.06:54
nickrud!lamp | kalvin_06:54
ubottukalvin_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:54
gangasDasEi: it says no signal06:54
kalvin_thanks a lot guys06:55
tritiumgangas: check linuxtv.org, on the dvb wiki, ATSC devices.  Make sure that that card is supported.06:55
DasEiP4C0: check your /etc/samba/smb.conf06:55
P4C0DasEi ok, thanks06:56
DasEigangas: does lspci find the card ?06:56
Gobbyhello all06:56
gnutronleo_: edit/preferences/general/accounts06:56
kalvin_just to let you guys know, xampp installation on linux was a hell of a lot easier than on windows xp!06:56
jedi06alias rm mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/06:57
P4C0DasEi seems not to be anything about swat there, what should I look for?06:57
jedi06doesn't work06:57
gnutronjedi06: that doesn't make sense06:57
shavini installed privoxy and tor thru synaptic. Now i have opened the privoxy config file and i understand i have to change the listen-address here. what should i change to? i have a laptop which connects to my netgear router, i have not assign any ip address to my laptop, i am not sure what my address is, and maybe it changes everytime i boot up. please help06:57
jedi06gnutron i'm trying to alias rm to mv trashbin06:58
gangasDasEi: Pastebin of lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106263/06:58
mib_nogh3bis there any software in ubuntu that allows me to record video from a connected camera? like a preinstalled on?06:58
DasEiP4C0:it is nothing swat there, it's samba config-file, where you can adjust how samba behaves (swat is just a graphical solution for it) google tells you a lot06:58
jedi06gnutron alias rm='mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/'06:58
P4C0DasEi i know, but that means I can't use swat in ubuntu server? that was my question06:59
mib_nogh3blikw windows movie maker can capture vidfeo from a camera06:59
gnutronjedi06: if you alias rm, rm is foobar'd06:59
DasEiP4C0:as it's there you can07:00
sarmisakP4C0: you can, but you can also use webmin also for configuration.07:00
gnutronjedi06: invent an alias thats not a command07:00
kosharimib_nogh3b if its a DV cam kino07:00
nickrud!webmin | sarmisak P4C007:00
ubottusarmisak P4C0: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.07:00
DasEigangas:  SAA7134   << the chip, can get it working with ubuntu, but need module for it, not precompiled in kernel07:01
gangasDasEi: Where do i find it?07:01
P4C0thanks nickrud, but is webmin same as swat?07:01
Dr_willis_P4C0,  No its not07:01
jedi06gnutron that was the whole point07:01
jedi06i want to abolish rm07:01
nickrudsarmisak, P4C0 but I've been told that webmin is working on support. No first hand experience07:01
Gobbyhey guys, is there like a ¨beginners¨ guide to ubuntu perhaps?07:02
nickrudP4C0, I don't see swat in the repos; if it's not there it's probably for a similar reason to webmin07:02
gnutronjedi06: mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/  doesnt have files to mv or a target07:02
mib_nogh3bkoshari: it is one of those little cheap cameras that is a camera, webcam, and can also be used to capture video on a computer07:02
sarmisaknickrud: I've been using it a lot for configuration, yes it does break in some configuration parts but it's good to go with samba in my experience07:02
mib_nogh3band is there a installed prog to do this?07:02
gnutronjedi06: it makes no sense, maybe im tired.07:02
P4C0nickrud i did a apt-get install swat and it worked07:02
FlannelGobby: try help.ubuntu.com, it will walk you through a good deal of common tasks07:03
jedi06i think the alias is just a substitution gnutron07:03
GobbyOkay flannel, will do thanks :)07:03
jedi06rm will expand to the mv07:03
nickrudP4C0, it's not in my intrepid list, you mush have an older editon07:03
sarmisak!ebox > sarmisak07:03
ubottusarmisak, please see my private message07:03
gnutronjedi06: no, you dont want to abolish rm. glad youre not a developer07:03
jedi06oh you are right gnutron07:03
gangasDasEi: do you know it>07:03
hole_where is a cheap place to get a matrox video card07:03
jedi06it wouldn't work as a straight substition07:04
rww!ot | hole_07:04
transportercan somebody help me with my repos07:04
ubottuhole_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:04
jedi06well i'll keep thing about it07:04
Flanneltransporter: Whats wrong with your repos?07:05
DasEigangas: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)07:05
jedi06how do you get rid of an alias?07:05
gangasDasEi: The $.. also?07:05
transporterFlannel: well i downloaded skype from my add and remove and i no longer see it over there07:05
DasEigangas:if it's not in there, gotto google for the right module (s-card && ubuntu), I had it once, but can't find the link no more07:05
DasEigangas: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)07:05
arvind_khadrihole_, ???07:06
gangasDasEi: i will try07:06
gangasDasEi: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r) says: Couldn't find the package07:06
Flanneltransporter: What version of Ubuntu are you using?07:06
miranda_psijedi06: is the alias a permanent one? (i.e. lasts between using different shell)07:06
JamesWCMy jesus...my blanket fell and i tried to grab it and hit myself in the balls...not only am i not kidding, but im in pain.07:07
mib_nogh3bthe camera also came with a cd to install drivers but how do i know if it works with linux?07:07
hole_arvind_khadri: i enabled the opengl in System>Administration>hardware drivers and then rebooted and it still white screen'ed me07:07
Rohan_SMHi I'm installing a tar.gz for the first time. I'd just need a correction with this " tar xvf root/home comical-0.8.tar.gz "07:08
jedi06no i got it miranda07:08
portablejimMy SATA LiteON DVD Writer (Multi Drive; supports DVD read/write & CD read/write) with lightScribe will not recognise any media inserted into the drive. The device appears in Places=>Computer. Using Intrepid 64-bit.07:08
arvind_khadrihole_, you didnt do envyng?07:08
hole_yes then i enabled opengl07:08
DasEigangas:which distro ?07:08
macvrRohan_SM: are u installing a theme?07:08
hole_arvind_khadri: yes i did07:08
transporterFlannel: hardy07:09
Rohan_SMno its a software07:09
tritiumDasEi: hopefully ubuntu, as that's the topic for this channel07:09
gangasDasEi: 8.1007:09
arvind_khadrihole_, you rebooted?07:09
hole_arvind_khadri: yes07:09
tritium!envyng | gangas, arvind_khadri07:09
ubottugangas, arvind_khadri: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk07:09
macvrRohan_SM: oh... i not sure of the command though... could ask again in bit if u dont get a response07:10
Flanneltransporter: And you're having trouble following this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype07:10
arvind_khadritritium, i know about it :) thanks07:10
Rohan_SMThanks I ll do bit googling :-D07:10
DasEigangas: sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)07:10
arvind_khadrihole_, then what happened why did you shift to opengl?07:10
gangastritium: what you mean?07:10
DasEigangas: sure there was no typo ?07:11
gangasDasEi: trying07:11
tritiumgangas: we strongly advise against using it07:11
P4C0hmm but swat was working fin in desktop version07:11
gangasi am copying07:11
hole_arvind_khadri: so i can play ut200407:11
tritiumgangas: and arvind_khadri shouldn't be recommending it07:11
P4C0is there a reason why server version doesn't have a inetd while the desktop does?07:11
transporterFlannel : im not having trouble with the page i had downloaded skype earlier from the repos but now i don't see it there anymore afer the stupid updates07:11
arvind_khadritritium, well then can you suggest me someother way of making cards work...anyways envy is official now07:12
gangasDasEi: mine is generic but nothing like that exist!07:12
DasEip4CO: server has, too, look in /etc/init.d07:12
tritiumarvind_khadri: the ubuntu-packaged drivers are recommended07:12
arvind_khadrihole_, ok so you got the display with the drivers from envy?07:12
P4C0DasEi 8.10? mine doesn't07:12
tritiumenvyng is packaged, but not recommended07:12
jtierhey guys i am trying to setup a vsftp server, i added a user called ftp user, and I added the home directory for user to /var/www/ftp, but when i login as the user, i don't see files in that folder, am I doing something wrong here ?07:12
arvind_khadritritium, are there any ubuntu drivers... you mean the non-free ones?? they dont work for all07:13
gangasDasEi: Priv.07:13
Flanneltransporter: Alright, please pastebin your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list) and the output of the following command: sudo apt-get update ; apt-cache policy skype07:13
DasEigangas: k07:13
arvind_khadritritium, and envyng is safe..07:13
tritiumarvind_khadri: yes, the restricted ones07:13
dmsupermanI'd like to set up wireless networks on my laptop to connect once the machine boots, as opposed to waiting until I login07:13
dmsupermanIs this possible?07:13
arvind_khadritritium, they hardly work in 8.04 and above...07:13
ari_stressgood afternoon all :)07:13
tritiumarvind_khadri: again, it's not recommended unless *every* other option fails07:13
hole_arvind_khadri: yes then i went to System>admin>drivers and enabled the ati accelerated driver so i could play ut then i rebooted again and got the white screen again07:14
gnutronjedi06: alias junkit='rm ~/.local/share/Trash/*'  would delete trash files  by typing junkit07:14
gnutronjedi06: never alias an existing cmd07:14
gnutronjedi06: you get points for effort though :)07:14
gnutronjedi06: if you just typed the alias its gone when you close that terminal07:14
gnutronjedi06: typing 'alias' will show persistant/existing aliases usually located in the .bashrc file07:14
FloodBot1gnutron: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
gnutroni have a stinking cold i cant rm.07:14
Flannel!paste | transporter07:14
ubottutransporter: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:14
szer0I have ubuntu 8.10 nvidia 180.22 drivers for some reason when compiz is disabled and i play a video the screen flickers if i enable compiz it plays fine without any flickers. Can someone help me figure out what the problem is07:14
transporterFlanel: see me in the pvt chat07:15
gnutroni knew that was coming.07:15
=== silence_ is now known as Zillent
arvind_khadrihole_, the opengl thing wont work... so you need to be on the envy thing... uncheck it and try playing with envy drivers07:16
arvind_khadritritium, thats i suggested it to him07:16
kosharimib_nogh3b if you have an web cam or analog camera it will depend on the drivers being available07:17
P4C0is it normal that my ubuntu server doesn't have an inetd?07:17
chilli0What do you guys think is the best game for ubuntu? online07:18
dmsupermanI'd like to have my wireless network connect on boot instead of on login. My network has no security, and is instead MAC fitlered, so I don't need any special options. How can I do this?07:19
rww!best | chilli007:19
ubottuchilli0: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:19
chilli0rww:  in your oppinton07:19
P4C0I just found on a forum that inetd.conf is not installed by default and that i should install netkit-inetd package... is this safe?07:19
transporterFlannel: i pasted u the link in pvt chat07:19
bazhangchilli0, please dont take polls here07:20
Flanneltransporter: and the output to sudo apt-get update?07:20
bazhangchilli0, check the gaming section of ubuntuforums07:20
chilli0bazhang:  when did i say im having a poll07:20
=== d is now known as testing
=== testing is now known as mohamd
dmsupermanchilli0: Your question was a poll07:21
chilli0i asked what did u think was the best game07:21
dmsupermanWhich is ap oll07:21
bazhangchilli0, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic07:22
Oko2Anybody home?07:22
Gobbyhas anyone succesfully installed photoshop cs2 on ubuntu07:23
chilli0Gobby:  yes07:23
GobbyYou have chilli?07:23
kj4anyone here ever take the LPI-1 or Linux+ exams?07:23
chilli0I have yes07:23
GobbyMInd helping a new user out?07:23
Gobbyvery new to ubuntu linux07:24
arvind_khadri!ask | Gobby07:24
ubottuGobby: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:24
Gobbyawesome awesome :)07:24
=== HarassmentPanda is now known as HarassmentPanda|
chilli0Do you have wine?07:24
dmsupermanI'd like to have my wireless network connect on boot instead of on login. My network has no security, and is instead MAC fitlered, so I don't need any special options. How can I do this?07:24
chilli0Gobby:  do you have wine?07:24
GobbyCHilli yes i have whine, and sorry for07:24
Oko2Can photoshop run natively on Linux or it has to be through Wine?07:25
chilli0what version?07:25
kj4dmsuperman, i always use an app called wicd to manage wireless connections on ubuntu07:25
Gobbyhmm im pretty sure the newest sir07:25
chilli0Oko2:  wine07:25
dmsupermankj4: My question wasn't how to manage my wireless connections07:25
Oko2Thanks chill007:25
DiamondsTipwhen using smartctl to check the load cycle count on my laptops hard drive.. does the count restart when the hard drive is formatted?07:25
DiamondsTipor is the count stored elsewhere07:26
kj4dmsuperman, i shoul dhave read closer, sorry07:26
Flanneltransporter: Alright.  that looks good.  Close whatever other package managers (add/remove, synaptic, update-manager, etc) and please paste the following: apt-cache policy skype07:26
chilli0ok Gobby you now ned to install a font07:26
kj4dmsuperman, it needs to be connected when you are at the gdm screen, right?07:26
dmsupermankj4: Yeah, as soon as it can07:26
GobbyOkay sir, where is this and how do install?07:26
chilli0Gobby:  im looking for i07:27
dmsupermankj4: I figured I could add it to /etc/network/interfaces but I can't get it to start automatically like that07:27
kj4dmsuperman, what version of ubuntu?07:27
dmsupermankj4: Intrepid07:27
chilli0Gobby:  http://fontex.org/download/tahoma.ttf/Tahoma.ttf  , wait a few secs then it will download07:27
kj4dmsuperman, there is a checkbox in the connection settings that says 'connect automatically' and another one below that that says 'system07:28
P4C0inetutils-inetd 2:1.5.dfsg.1-8ubuntu1 or openbsd-inetd 0.20080125-1 ?07:28
chilli0then after its donwloaded move it to here, /home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts07:28
kj4dmsuperman, check them both, and uncheck the default auto connection,07:28
Gobbysecond please07:28
Gobbyiḿ sorry but how do i move it?07:28
chilli0copy and paste?07:29
kj4dmsuperman, just today i was trying to edit that 'auto' default connection to a static, and it doesn't hold the settings on reboot07:29
Gobbyof course hehe :)07:29
FlannelGobby: drag and drop, go to places > home folder, and then hit ctrl-h to show hidden files, then you should see ".wine" as a directory07:29
kj4dmsuperman, so i just made a a new connection and it worked fine,07:29
dmsupermankj4: Fantastic, thanks :)07:29
Gobbydone putting it into windows/fonts07:29
chilli0put in ur cd07:30
Luke3hey folks07:30
Luke3Can I get some help?07:30
chilli0Then do all that07:30
chilli0!help luke07:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help luke07:30
kj4dmsuperman, but seriously, if you have any issues with network-manager, dump it for wicd, it works flawlessly on all my laptop installs07:30
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:30
arvind_khadriLuke3, ask07:30
chilli0!luke3 help07:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about luke3 help07:30
Tekumel!help | Luke307:30
ubottuLuke3: please see above07:30
Gobbychilli you say put in disk?07:31
chilli0lolz u got it Tekumel07:31
TekumelWell !help isn't very helpful!07:31
bazhangLuke3, please ask07:31
chilli0yes Gobby07:31
Gobbythe install disk correct?07:31
dmsupermankj4: Sadly it didn't work :(07:31
Luke3arvind, I'm trying to get this atlantis plug in going07:31
tv7497Flannel: sir   little help any thing i do that involves a gui interface i get like this here i am simply creating a file using geedit the out put is like this sir whats wrong07:31
chilli0for cs207:31
Gobbyi was going to use the trial.07:31
tv7497Flannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106275/07:31
kj4dmsuperman, arg, sorry.07:31
chilli0thats fine07:31
Gobbyjust a minute gotta find it07:31
chilli0run the exe07:31
arvind_khadriLuke3, whats it all about, which application...07:31
dmsupermankj4: Even to test I didn't login to gdm, went into a TTY after boot, and did /etc/init.d/networking restart07:32
GobbyGive me like 3 or 5 mins chili, thanks very much for helping07:32
dmsupermankj4: It didn't acquire an IP07:32
Flanneltv7497: That's a misconfigured theme it looks like.  But, the majority of those are warnings, it probably won't affect anything if you ignore it.07:32
Luke3I I applied the 3d background07:32
Luke3I need to download this plug in07:32
fsufitchhey guys, i'm having an issue with firefox. the "awesomebar" searches for multiple words and returns the relevant webpage fast, but not for single words. for example, "google mail" brings up gmail in about 2 seconds, while "gmail" brings it up in about 15 seconds. anyone have any idea what's going on with it?07:32
Luke3but I'm having trouble07:32
kj4dmsuperman, i've found that ubuntu has issues when you directly edit config files07:32
Luke3Let me link07:32
tv7497Flannel: what can be done to make it alright sir ?07:33
dmsupermankj4: I undid my manual changes07:33
chilli0fsufitch:  it has to search a lot more with 1word07:33
dmsupermankj4: I logon and it immediately connects, but that doesn't really help me :(07:33
kj4dmsuperman, it's a great distro, my favorite, but probably not best for those with deep linux skills07:33
Flanneltv7497: You'd have to fix whatever was wrong with your Dust Aurora theme (or just remove it entirely)  I'm not really all that knowledgable about theming.07:33
Gobbylol, chilli  i still have to download/ install so will be an hour but, what are the steps after that?07:33
kj4dmsuperman, if I suggest you install wicd again, then you'll just get angry because i'm repeating myself, so i wont07:34
fsufitchchilli0: what do you mean? isn't it just using the "i'm feeling lucky" of google? google's not slow for a single word07:34
chilli0Gobby:  just run it07:34
tv7497Flannel: thanks sir07:34
dmsupermankj4: I may just give it a try if I can't get anything else to work07:34
kj4dmsuperman, ok07:34
dmsupermankj4: The issue is when you don't use the defaults, the people here are less likely to help you07:34
chilli0fsufitch:  im not to sure , but it has to go through more search terms to find it07:34
Gobbyit will work after just simply running it?07:34
chilli0Gobby:  yes07:34
kj4dmsuperman, yes, i have noticed that too07:34
chilli0if not come back and ask and ill try to help07:35
GobbyThanks very much chillil0 :)07:35
fsufitchchilli0: the odd thing is i dont remember this happening before, although my memory could be faulty07:35
Alca7raz1i have a problem, i just switched to another teminal (ctrl-alt-F1) to do some stuff, but now in the gui i have no keyboard07:35
chilli0no problem07:35
Luke3To install this plugin, along with a wealth of other entertaining and useful plugins for CompizFusion, select the "compiz-fusion-plugins-extra" package through your favorite package manager or apt. A great guide to installing CompizFusion on Ubuntu can be found on the Ubuntu Forums.07:35
Luke3What exactly does this mean?07:35
chilli0fsufitch:  if its new it could be the app , try reinstalling07:35
Luke3Where do I find this?07:35
fsufitchchilli0: ok07:35
tv7497Flannel: sir do you know some one who are good at tweaking with themes07:36
chilli0Luke3:  do this07:36
hole_opengl works now but it is ssssslllllooooowwwww07:36
chilli0sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra07:36
hole_is there any way to speed it up07:36
chilli0Luke3:   what are you trying install07:36
dmsupermankj4: What is the package called for wicd?07:37
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
Flanneltv7497: I don't.  You may try #gnome-art on irc.gnome.org if you can't find anyone here.07:37
Luke3"compiz-fusion-plugins-extra is alread the newest version, 0 installed"07:37
Luke3does that mean I already have it?07:37
chilli0yes it does07:37
kj4dmsuperman, wicd07:37
=== trevor is now known as lopin
chilli0Luke3:  what are u trying to install07:37
Luke3this cool fish plug in07:37
tv7497Flannel: thanks sir :)07:38
adam7dmsuperman: http://wicd.net/download.php07:38
Luke3to make my desktop an aquarium07:38
chilli0were is it?07:38
chilli0show meh :P07:38
lopinSo, I can't get Ubuntu to boot off of my thumbdrive anymore.  As in, it was working fine, but now the computer just restarts when it tries...07:38
PeddyHi, I'm running VMware Workstation 6.5 on Linux, and I can't access the internet on the guest OS, Windows XP SP2 using the NAT option for the virtual network adapter. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?07:38
dmsuperman!info wicd | kj407:38
ubottuPackage wicd does not exist in intrepid07:38
adam7wicd is not in intrepid07:38
dmsupermanNor in hardy07:38
kj4there is a repository to add, right?07:38
kj4wget -q http://apt.wicd.net/wicd.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -07:39
adam7kj4: yep07:39
zirodaykj4: see http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php, you should know that wicd can mess up how your network works though07:39
Luke3chili, now I dont know where it is though07:39
Luke3I can't find it in compuz07:39
chilli0Luke3:  do u have compiz?07:39
Alca7raz1i have a problem, i just switched to another teminal (ctrl-alt-F1) to do some stuff, but now in the gui i have no keyboard07:39
kj4ziroday, how does it mess it up?07:39
Luke3I'm on it07:39
zirodaykj4: well its incompatible with the already installed network-manager. You can only have one or the other. Removing network-manager is not recommended.07:40
kj4ziroday, gotcha.  I've had good luck doing it that way though07:41
blip-hi all, i have a FAT32 partition which i've set to automount via "/dev/sda8 /media/share vfat defaults,rw,auto,umask=000,iocharset=utf8 0 0" and it automounts perfectly and i have write access for weeks... but now i just booted my pc and tried writing to it, it says don't have write access.... ls -l shows everything as being owned by root but i suspect that's because the mount somehow didn't go through correctly... what could've happened here ? thanks07:41
adam7ziroday: network-manager can be removed, but you'll lose your internet connection while doing it07:41
hole_opengl works now but it is ssssslllllooooowwwww i am using an sti video card is there any way to speed it up?07:41
chilli0Luke3:  im working on it07:41
zirodaykj4: of course. However network-manager is recommended. But its your computer :)07:41
blip-oh one more thing, i had just saved an email attachment to that location then tried modifying that file until i discovered this issue that i cannot write to partition anymore, i restarted the pc but made no difference07:41
Luke3ok :)07:41
blip-i'm on kubuntu 8.0407:41
Luke3Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me ;)07:41
TekumelCan somebody give me a little nudge in the right direction? I'm trying to install Intrepid on a machine based on an Asus A7N8X motherboard (with a Sil3112 RAID controller). The controller sees the single hard drive connected to it on bootup, and the controller itself is shown in lspci and lshw with a driver (sata_sil), but gparted doesn't show the hard drive. Not sure where to go next.07:41
hole_opengl works now but it is ssssslllllooooowwwww i am using an Ati video card is there any way to speed it up?07:41
kj4ziroday, thanks for the heads up07:42
chilli0Luke3:  i think i got it give me a few secs07:42
Blitzz|KubuntuHardy x64: How can I set up my mousewheel to perform accelerated scrolling? I need this since it allows me to scroll through long pages very quickly.07:42
Brack10So I'm trying to create the most basic samba share possible.  I followed the Ubuntu tutorial for creating a share and it worked OK, I can connect to it as guest, however I do not have permission to modify as guest.  I would like guest to have modify access to the files in the directory.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  Is this a chmod thing?07:42
ozzloyhow do i install libjit on gnu?07:43
Rohan_SMHow do Install a app source from tar.gz ? I follow ubuntu forum tutorial but terminal keeps saying no such dir...07:43
chilli0Luke3:  do this , sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported07:43
kj4dmsuperman, here's someone who shares my experience w/wicd: http://fixunix.com/ubuntu/544170-wicd-gnome-network-manager.html07:43
Alca7raz1i have a problem, i just switched to another teminal (ctrl-alt-F1) to do some stuff, but now in the gui i have no keyboard07:43
gnutronAlca7raz1: restart X07:44
Alca7raz1gnutron: thanks, was hoping for something else, but...07:44
MakuseruHi, Im having a problem with a program not letting me resize it to what i want. The first time i ever used it i could strtch it to any size i want, but when i opened it for a seocnd time it was too long in the horizontal direction for my monitor. The window is just to wide. I tried to resize it and shink it but it will only let me expand its width, its not allowing me to decrease it. But i can decrease or increase the height just fine. Does07:44
Makuseruanyone know what would cause this, and how i could fix it?07:44
Blitzz|KubuntuFor reference, in Windows I have this: http://chaos.foxmage.com/AkuKitsune/Mousewheel.png07:44
Blitzz|KubuntuIs there such a feature available within Linux?07:45
gnutronAlca7raz1: alt-tab is better for switching07:45
TekumelCan somebody give me a little nudge in the right direction? I'm trying to install Intrepid on a machine based on an Asus A7N8X motherboard (with a Sil3112 RAID controller). The controller sees the single hard drive connected to it on bootup, and the controller itself is shown in lspci and lshw with a driver (sata_sil), but gparted doesn't show the hard drive. Not sure where to go next.07:45
Alca7raz1gnutron: i had to leave the gui to stop an action i had done (i accidently spwned a lot of vlc instances)07:45
Luke3chili, done but I still dont know where the plug in is07:45
chilli0Luke3:  then go into atlanta cube in the effects section of compiz , and set ur setting and turn it on, then change the transparncy of ur cube07:46
Luke3I dont see altnalta cube07:46
dmsupermankj4: It can't connect to my network07:46
chilli0restart it07:46
chilli0exit out07:46
chilli0then open again07:46
kj4dmsuperman, is your ssid hidden?07:46
dr_WillisOh joy  - we got that 'boxy' user that got banned from here - now in #kubuntu  spamming  dirty words....07:47
dmsupermankj4: Yes, but I selected hidden and put it in07:47
Luke3still not seeing it :/07:47
Flanneldr_Willis: Please keep it out of this channel.07:47
Luke3i see it07:48
Luke3when i filter for it07:48
kj4dmsuperman, i'm out of ideas- it doesn't connect at all now, even at a desktop?07:48
FloodBot1Luke3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:48
dr_Willisno one in here has ops in there eh?  who ever watches there is sleeping it seems07:48
Flanneldr_Willis: #ubuntu-ops is the right place, not here.07:48
dr_Willisaha,    i knew ehre was a place07:48
=== Relentless is now known as Re|ent|ess
dmsupermankj4: Nope, I opened up wicd-client and selected it and I can't connect to it07:49
Luke3Now i need the cool background...07:49
chilli0go find one eheh07:49
Re|ent|essI have a Ubuntu Dedi, And the only VPS software that can be used is not free. Is there a way to use KVM as a VPS container or am I just going to have to use a dirrent kernel and not ubuntu.07:49
kj4dmsuperman, i have a laptop that has a wireless card that shows up as both wifi0 and eth1,  i can configure either, but only one connects, check for that07:49
adam7kj4 / dmsuperman eth1 is the interface, wifi0 is the monitor interface I think07:50
kj4dmsuperman, i've also had issue connecting to a hidden SSID, which i believe were resolved by unhiding it on the acces point, connecting, then hiding it again07:51
Laurencebcan someone tell me what npviewer.bin is?07:52
Laurencebits using all my cpu07:52
roger_.bin is either a image file or installer file07:52
PeddyLaurenceb, that's the Flash player workaround07:53
Gerinychhow to i change usplash?07:53
Luke3I need help again07:53
kj4Gerinych install startupmanager07:53
Laurencebif I kill it will I need to restart firfox to watch flash?07:53
adam7Laurenceb: flash07:53
Flannel!usplash | Gerinych07:53
ubottuGerinych: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork07:53
Laurencebok, but apart from that its ok to kill it?07:53
PeddyLaurenceb, you're running 64-bit, I presume?07:54
Gerinychkj4: i did, but when i try a custom usplash, it doesnt show up and there's text of what it's loading instead07:54
roger_!art manager07:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about art manager07:54
TekumelCan somebody give me a little nudge in the right direction? I'm trying to install Intrepid on a machine based on an Asus A7N8X motherboard (with a Sil3112 RAID controller). The controller sees the single hard drive connected to it on bootup, and the controller itself is shown in lspci and lshw with a driver (sata_sil), but gparted doesn't show the hard drive. Not sure where to go next.07:54
Re|ent|essIntrepid = 8.10 right?07:54
FlannelRe|ent|ess: Yes07:54
kj4Gerinych, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto07:54
Re|ent|essIs there Vurtuization out for it yeT?07:55
Re|ent|essI would relaly like to install my vpses07:55
blip-fstabber --->    /dev/sda8 /media/share vfat defaults,rw,auto,umask=000,iocharset=utf8 0 007:55
PeddyLaurenceb: It's ok to kill it if you're not using flash. It's rather unstable. It works by using a wrapper to stick in the 32-bit flash, because there was no native 64-bit flash around when Intrepid was released, however Adobe released an Alpha (it might be Beta now) of native 64-bit flash, which I find is a lot more stable than the nspluginwrapper workaround.07:55
Gerinychkj4: im looking at it right now07:55
BehrrI could use some help with ALSA / OSS. I has alsa working, wanted to try OSS, couldnt get it. Now I want to revert back to ALSA, but I need some help.07:55
LaurencebPeddy: ok thanks07:55
LaurencebI'll look into installing that at some point07:56
Laurencebyeah it keeps eating up my cpu and/or ram07:56
markiv1982unable to connect to MSN in pidgin... any help?07:56
zirodaymarkiv1982: yeah thats a known problem. If you install the "msn-pecan07:57
zirodaymarkiv1982: yeah thats a known problem. If you install the "msn-pecan" package and then switch Protocol to WLM it should work again.07:58
markiv1982ziroday: thanks.. i will search the repo07:58
Re|ent|essOh, come on anyone know about VPS containers for Intrepid?07:58
Behrranyone know anything about how I can revert my Audio back to ALSA so it works?07:58
w00b3does apt 0.6x automatically verify signatures?07:59
Luke3Hey guys07:59
Luke3I set my background as cube07:59
Re|ent|essBehrr, apt-get remove OSS07:59
Luke3Now how do I rotate it?07:59
Luke3Or make it so that I can rotate it?07:59
Behrrit said no OSS files were installed08:00
Behrrnone removed08:00
Re|ent|essreinstall alsa08:00
Re|ent|essit should take presidence08:00
Behrrhow do I do that?08:01
Behrrapt-get install alsa just says my alsa is up to date08:01
Re|ent|essdpkg-reconfigure alsa08:02
w00b3is there anyone here that knows about verifying signatures and keys?08:02
snypzztrillion works fine in ubuntu ...08:02
Behrrwth.. that command says alsa isnt installed ...08:03
BuggsBun1snypzz: whats is trilion08:03
transportermy cairo clock fails to launch no error msgs i tried to uninstall and reinstall08:03
TekumelIt's a multi-messenger like Pidgin.08:03
Blitzz|KubuntuI think the correct spelling is Trillian08:03
TekumelIt is.08:03
Gerinychkj4: no, still text08:03
Luke3How do I rotate my desktop08:03
Luke3I have cube enabled08:03
snypzzAWSOM all in one like pidgin ...08:04
Blitzz|KubuntuLuke3: Go into the advanced config and enable Rotate Cube plugin08:04
Blitzz|KubuntuThen bind a hotkey08:04
Behrrhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/106289/ is what it says to dpkg-reconfigre alsa08:04
Behrrsigh. ill try once more. Can anyone help me out with ALSA? I need to reconfigure it again, but dpkg-reconfigure alsa doesnt work08:08
TekumelCan somebody give me a little nudge in the right direction? I'm trying to install Intrepid on a machine based on an Asus A7N8X motherboard (with a Sil3112 RAID controller). The controller sees the single hard drive connected to it on bootup, and the controller itself is shown in lspci and lshw with a driver (sata_sil), but gparted doesn't show the hard drive. Not sure where to go next.08:08
transportermy cairo clock fails to launch no error msgs i tried to uninstall and reinstall08:08
bazwhat do u guys think of ZIMBRA?08:08
Blitzz|KubuntuI take it nobody here knows how to get mousewheel acceleration working under Linux?08:08
hyper__chwho's a mod over at #kubuntu?08:08
rwwhyper__ch: ask for help in #ubuntu-ops or, if it's an emergency, type "!ops" in the #kubuntu channel.08:09
hyper__chrww: th08:10
miranda_psiTekumel: you could try using parted directly or depending on what you need to do you could try something like fdisk08:11
TekumelI need to get the disk to show up so I can install and actually figure out what the bloody hell I'm doing on this OS XD08:11
bazjoin #zimbra08:11
transportermy cairo clock fails to launch no error msgs i tried to uninstall and reinstall08:12
miranda_psiTekumel: you can try using parted directly - could give better results08:14
=== osxdude|test is now known as osxdude
Tekumelmiranda_psi: I don't think it's a gparted issue, I'm just not sure why the drive isn't registering anywhere08:15
PeddyI want to download and install the latest nVidia 180 drivers, which aren't available through Hardware Drivers, do I have to install them from Nvidia's binaries or is there some way I can add 180 to Jockey?08:16
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:17
DesiArnez6Wondering if anyone knows how to format a usb drive, mine should be 8GB but it says I only have 1.4mb, It looks empty08:17
Blitzz|KubuntuHeh, maybe you're looking at your floppy drive by accident?08:18
JohnOTDhi all...im trying to get ubuntu working on my Acer Aspire One....i've installed madwifi and compiled it...but have no clue how to access it to use wifi....any help?08:18
dr_WillisDesiArnez6,  look for a .trash* directory08:18
kj4DesiArnez6, plug it and an run dmesg to see what device it was assigned08:19
dr_WillisDesiArnez6,  removeable media some times dont get the trash removed.08:19
DesiArnez6 kj4 ok, I will try now with dmesg08:19
JohnOTDcan anyone help me? i just installed and compiled madwifi hal08:20
Gerinychkj4: no, still text08:20
DesiArnez6dr_Willis, no .trash directory, even when showing hidden folders, so ill try dmesg08:20
JohnOTDi have no idea how to use madwifi hal after i've installed and compiled it08:20
kj4Gerinych, i've never buit a custom usplash, sorry.08:21
DesiArnez6kj4 I ran dmesg from the terminal, anything I should look for in particular?08:21
kj4usb ..... /dev/sde1 or somesuch08:21
miranda_psiTekumel: try running "parted /dev/sda" and see what comes up08:21
Gerinychkj4: i downloaded a .so fle from a website, i didn't build it08:21
kj4a recent message if you jsut plugged it in08:21
Tekumelmiranda_psi: Error: Could not stat device /dev/sda - No such file or directory08:22
afd_hi! I'm trying to install ubuntu, I have the 8.10 cd, X comes up but then it does because of some seahorse error, how can I start the install procedure from the prompt?08:23
mikebeechamhi..is there anyone here who could guide me in changing my network from DHCP to static IP in Intrepid?08:23
afd_If I go directly to "install ubuntu" from the cd boot prompt, I get kind of the same thing08:23
Don_MiguelTrying a Wubi install (8.10) on a backup Win PC with XP Pro SP3 and in step 4 of the install process (setting up partitions) there were no options, but it would not let me continue with the install ( on an empty 100+ GB NTFS partition ). I was switched to a "Live Session" but I am trying to do a Wubi INSTALL of U8.10  in that big partition.  HELP ! all serious suggestions appreciated. Thank you !08:23
garrettheeldoes anyone know why i'd get an undefined function error when trying to connect to mysql on apache?08:24
miranda_psiTekumel: thats saying that the device doesn't exist - think you need to find someone who knows more about how ubuntu looks at hardware.  good luck08:25
miranda_psigarrettheel: what command are you trying to use to connect?08:26
garrettheelmiranda_psi: mysql_connect()08:26
sheepgarrettheel: in php?08:26
garrettheeli'm not sure if i have to do something extra to the php.ini file08:26
garrettheelyeah sheep08:26
sheepgarrettheel: did you install php5-mysql?08:27
garrettheelno i didn't, i installed them each individually08:27
miranda_psigarrettheel: have you installed the php_mysql module from apt?08:27
DesiArnez6Does anyone know if maybe there is a command to restore a usb flash drive? I see no .Trash folder, and see no content08:27
garrettheelis that an extra package i need to install?08:27
sheepgarrettheel: to use mysql in php 5, yes08:28
garrettheelah right, it's just installed08:28
KetrelHow do I disable the framebuffer (using Nvidia drivers on the latest stable version)08:28
garrettheelwill i need to change the php.ini?08:28
miranda_psigarrettheel: you shouldn't have to08:28
sheepgarrettheel: installing that module should configure php to use it automatically08:29
garrettheelyou're right, i just needed to restart apache08:29
garrettheelthanks for the help08:29
sheepKetrel: do you get anything like the issue in http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-996719.html ?08:29
mikebeechamhi..is there anyone here who could guide me in changing my network from DHCP to static IP in Intrepid?08:30
Ketrelsheep: that's exactly the problem I have08:30
Luke3How do I do a skydome wallpaper08:31
Gerinychluke3: go into desktop cube, appearance tab, and expand the skydome category08:32
socketshey guys, i'm gonna install ubuntu (gnome) using the minimal iso (bare install) and "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" .. gonna try to boot in afterwards like i did last time. i did this twice already and my xconf doesn't seem to be working correctly. it keeps showing some default page with "configured monitor" and "configured video device" with no information, am i doing something wrong?08:33
keith__Can someone please help me? I am trying to set an environment variable that will be system wide. I added the variable to /etc/environment, but when I reboot and switch to root, it shows a blank for the variable. What am I doing wrong?08:33
Don_MiguelWubi install problem, repeat #1 -- Trying a Wubi install (8.10) on a backup Win PC with XP Pro SP3 and in step 4 of the install process (setting up partitions) there were no options, but it would not let me continue with the install ( on an empty 100+ GB NTFS partition ). I was switched to a "Live Session" but I am trying to do a Wubi INSTALL of U8.10  in that big partition.  HELP ! all serious suggestions appreciated. Thank you !08:35
user___keith__: can you pastebinit the assignment statement?08:35
Ketrelsheep: I will try their solution08:35
keith__user___: Not worth using pastebin for one line...     CLASSPATH=".:/usr/share/java/mysql.jar"08:36
=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
DesiArnez6Anyone know how to format a USB Drive08:40
Caboosehey, anyone here good with display issues? I need some help with a white screen (radeon 4870)08:40
keith__DesiArnez6: I would recommend using gparted personally08:40
DesiArnez6keith__ that is something I have to download?08:41
Ketrelsheep: you there, I got one question about that issue08:41
keith__DesiArnez6: Yes, it is in the repository though.08:41
sheepKetrel: ask it then08:41
tv7497Flannel: sir i have installed enlightenment now how do i run it ? when i give enlightenment_start it gives like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/106300/08:41
KetrelI don't have the file he modified08:41
sheepKetrel: which file?08:41
KetrelI don't have anything nvidia related in /etc/modprobe.d/08:42
KymaeraHey all, got a quick question about setting up a file server.08:42
DesiArnez6keith__ Ok, first Ill just try it from my windows computer I guess, and then do that as a last resort08:42
sheepKetrel: are you using the restricted nvidia drivers?08:42
Luke3I'm trying to copy this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTRsLW0eet008:42
Luke3But my fish don't look nearly as real08:42
tv7497Kymaera: go on whats the question08:42
Luke3And they don't move as fast08:42
Luke3What am I doing wrong?08:42
h141hi all08:42
bloundI cannot find kernel debug packages for 2.6.27-7 on either x86 or x86_64, does anyone know where they can be found?08:43
roccity_Kymaera: whats the question08:43
CabooseHey all: I need some help with a fairly crippling display issue, my radeon 4870 throws up a whitescreen whenever I boot into ubuntu. Anyone here particularly good with display problems?08:43
bloundi see the package names for them on google in mailing lists accepts08:43
keith__DesiArnez6: Why is it a last resort?08:43
bloundbut not the packages anywhere08:43
Ketrelsheep, yes08:43
Ketrelis it elsewhere?08:43
sheepKetrel: which version of ubuntu?08:43
KymaeraI'm new to servers.  I have Intrepid server installed on my box, and I want to use it as a file server.  I have both sshfs/fuse and sftp, but I can't copy files to the server.  What do I need to do to make that happen?08:43
atom^xDesiArnez6: ->http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-format-usb-pen-drive/08:43
Luke3I got another question08:44
KymaeraWhen I mount the drive via sshfs, it looks like it mounts read-only, and I'm just not familiar with using sftp.08:44
Luke3On my cube when I pull up an application it shows on the other 3 sides of the cube08:44
roccity_Kymaera: so you want the files to go on the server from another computer08:44
Luke3Oh nvm I got it08:45
Kymaeraroccity_: yes.  Is there a program I can install client-side, like fireFTP for Firefox, or should I be able to do it with the correct permissions with sshfs?08:45
blounddoes anyone know where to find those packages?08:45
dr_WillisLuke3,  thats beause that app is set to  be on every desktop i imagine08:45
jd__ok can anyone help with a opensync issue08:45
DesiArnez6keith__ Ive never used gparted so I figured Id just right click on Format in windows, unless there was a simple command in the terminal to use. I have no idea how to use gparted08:46
socketsdo i need to do : sudo apt-get install xorg for xorg to work correctly? before i do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?08:46
socketsor does the desktop install it for me?08:46
sheepsockets: it's required by the desktop as a dependency08:47
Ketrelsheep: is there any way to change it?08:47
sheepsockets: so yes, it does08:47
CabooseHey all: I need some help with a fairly crippling display issue, my radeon 4870 throws up a whitescreen whenever I boot into ubuntu. Anyone here particularly good with display problems?08:47
jd__problem: i have everything connected and i pretty much all the way there but when i go to sync it says sucessful but does not actually sync anything08:47
keith__DesiArnez6: It is a GUI program. You just have to select the drive and format it. But either way should be pretty simple.08:47
dr_WillisCaboose,  i noticd that once till i disabled compiz..  and reenabling compiz fixed i.. not sure why it did that08:47
atom^xDesiArnez6: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46821208:47
sheepKetrel: try the fix mentioned in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-common/+bug/15510008:47
Don_MiguelWubi install problem, repeat #2 -- Trying a Wubi install (8.10) on a backup Win PC with XP Pro SP3 and in step 4 of the install process (setting up partitions) there were no options, but it would not let me continue with the install ( on an empty 100+ GB NTFS partition ). I was switched to a "Live Session" but I am trying to do a Wubi INSTALL of U8.10  in that big partition.  HELP ! all serious suggestions appreciated. Thank you !08:48
user___keith__: does your /etc/environment question still stand (sorry for reasking)08:48
keith__user___: Yes... yes it does08:48
DesiArnez6keith__ hmm ok Ill give it a shot maybe08:48
Ketrelsheep: are you referring to using the other driver version?08:49
Caboosedr_willis: I'm fairly new to ubuntu, anyway you could... uhh... make that simpler? :P also, the white screen is there from the moment I hit the login screen, so I never actually get a chance to see anything08:49
sheepKetrel: I think so08:49
socketssheep: i installed ubuntu (gnome) using "cli" and the minimal (9mb) iso, meaning a network install.. instead of having the files on a CD. i installed twice already and both times xorg.conf seems to be empty.. I look up directions on how to install certain drivers, and some other stuff, and they require me to edit an xorg.conf that has NOTHING but default "Configured Video Device" and "Configured Monitor"08:49
DesiArnez6atom^x thx I just opened those ..scanning thrrough them08:49
socketshow do i populate the xorg during install?08:49
dr_WillisCaboose,  i was able to right click nd see the desktop menu, i went to change wallpaper and disabled  the extra effects... that fixed it for me...08:49
sheepsockets: did you try running sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ?08:49
user___keith__: do you maybe assign the classpath later in a user file in a way that you overwrite it instead of "attaching"?08:49
dr_WillisCaboose,  no idea why it worked.. i just guessed and tried it.08:49
rwwsockets: Just add the sections and entries you need. Most of the stuff in xorg.conf is autodetected these days, but if you add stuff to the file it'll respect it.08:50
Ketrelsheep: I do not wish to do that (I did that in the past and had other problems, I'd really like to try the first fix you showed, but I just need some way to modify that)08:50
sheepKetrel: what do you have in /etc/modprobe.d?08:50
Caboosedr_willis: were you able to see the login screen?08:50
dr_WillisCaboose,  yes... if you can even see that.. well thatsnot a compiz issue hen08:50
Caboosedr_willis: lol yea, didn't think it was compiz. I can't see anything... always stuck in a white screen. :/08:51
keith__user___: Not that I am aware of...08:51
socketsrww, sheep: the file is empty (0 bytes) after install, after i do -phigh xserv.. ect. it populates with: "section: monitor, identifier: configured monitor" .. no real info, it does that for device, monitor and screen sections. where can i find the stuff i need to add to it if it isn't autodetected?08:51
=== roxazer_ is now known as roxazer
user___keith__: hmm, you could grep for the env-string CLASSPATH in your home-dir, would that make sense?08:52
Caboosehey, is there a xorg channel?08:52
sheepCaboose: #xorg08:52
Ketrelsheep: hard to list since I'm not connected to here from there, I found something on another forum, I 'm trying let me try that08:52
Caboosesheep: ty08:52
socketsnice :], didn't know that lol08:52
socketsthanks sheep08:53
Rocking-W`I got bumped don't know if my ? got answered08:53
Ketrelsheep: it worked08:54
KetrelI appened "options nvidia NVreg_UseVBios=0" to the file options08:54
keith__user___: I am trying that now08:54
Ketrelmy TTYs work now :D08:55
blogger08hello all, I have some mp3's in directory, what app can i use to change/convert all bitrate from 24 to 16?08:55
jd__so anyone on sync issue08:55
grkblood13how do you name a file that has ( in it08:56
jd__so opensync connected working says its sucessful but nothing syncs08:56
grkblood13i keep getting unexpected token08:56
rasmusshelp me please recover grub08:56
DesiArnez6Thanks to everyone who helped, but those links were way above my head, I ended up just right clicking and selecting format from windows. I don't like windows, but it was right next to me :(08:56
rwwgrkblood13: put a \ in front of the (. That also works for spaces.08:56
Brack10I'm trying to connect my Ubuntu box to my Debian box via samba.  The guide on Debian's wiki for configuring a share worked OK but anonymous didn't have write permissions so I followed this ( http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/FastStart.html#id2546704 ) guide and now I can't even see the share from Ubuntu.  In fact I can't even see print$ anymore, can anyone help?08:56
sheepgrkblood13: \( instead of (, or try puttung the file name in quotes08:57
grkblood13i trie that08:57
grkblood13still got the token thing08:57
rasmusshow can i recover GRUB08:57
CabooseHey all: I need some help with a fairly crippling display issue, my radeon 4870 throws up a whitescreen whenever I boot into ubuntu. Anyone here particularly good with display problems?08:57
rwwgrkblood13: umm. Doing \( works fine for me... what's the name of the file, and what's the command that's giving that error?08:58
drashCaboose: anything usefull for starting to debug your issue in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?09:02
jedi06how would you mv a file named -10.ext to 10.ext?09:03
sheepjedi06: mv -- -10.ext 10.ext09:04
rwwjedi06: the - at the start of the filename makes mv think that it's an option, not a filename. -- means "the rest of the stuff in this command isn't options.09:05
Brack10how can I get my default smb.conf back?  I forgot to back it up09:05
jedi06oh ok09:06
skyquest89how do I stop evolution from deleting my mail once I open it?09:06
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GobbyQUestion you photoshop users09:09
Gobbydoes anyone else have a buggy startup.. using photoshop cs2 with the latest version of wine...09:10
Gobbydoes anyone else have a buggy startup? im using photoshop cs2 with the latest version of wine.. and its really buggy on the startup of cs209:11
zirodayGobby: best place to ask is #winehq09:11
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cMadDoes anyone know why virtualbox only works under the i386 kernel but if you use that audio breaks?09:13
rwwcMad: virtualbox works fine with the 64-bit kernel for me =/09:14
DarkKnighthey can anyone tell me a good editor for C/C++ programs09:14
Gobbyty ziroday09:15
bullgard4[GNOME] What file determines what program is called if I click on a Flash video filename?09:15
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, anjuta09:15
cMadrww: Whats that kernel called? Could I switch to it if i'm running generic now?09:15
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; i installed that but it doesn't have the compile and execute tools09:16
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, you need to get the plugins right for that....09:17
rwwcMad: there're two different versions of most packages in the Ubuntu repositories, including the -generic kernel. One version is 32-bit, one is 64-bit. You're not supposed to mix them, no.09:17
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; can you tell me which plugins are reqired09:17
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, go to Edit->Preferences and then there installed plugins... look for something as build plugins09:18
cMadI don't want to :) currently I have many entries in grub when I boot, generic and i386 and the last 3 or so versions if each. How could I switch to 64bit and clean up the old bits I don't need?09:18
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, the second plugin in the installed plugins09:19
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
grkblood13any1 here running crysis on wine?09:19
bazwhats the best way to administer a remote mysql instance?09:19
cMadgrkblood13: Is that actually possible? I thought crysis was incredibly demanding09:20
grkblood13it is09:20
grkblood13ive heard of peopel gettign it to run though09:20
grkblood13im in the middle of trying to get it running09:20
user___baz: tried phpmyadmin?09:20
cMadgrkblood13: Impressive :)09:20
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; hey thank you for helping me09:21
skyquest89why is evolution deleting my mail?09:21
grkblood13well, not really09:21
grkblood13i cant get past the install09:21
arvind_khadricMad, if you have installed 32bit you cant jump to 64bit09:21
bazuser___, i'm new to mysql - i've heard of phpmyadmin, just wanted to make sure it was one of the better ways09:21
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; i tried to execute a program and its asking me to give arguments...what does this mean09:21
bazand safest09:21
grkblood13ive already had to put patches in wine and recompile it to get where im at now09:21
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, np... i never got to know how to compile the hello world program09:21
bazuser___, what about a management studio type of solution?09:22
user___baz: "management studio"?09:22
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; i compiled successfully..but when executing its asking me arguments instead of executing09:22
bazuser___, thats the application you use to manage ms sql servers09:22
bazuser___, excellent by the way - probably the nicest sql enviornment i have seen09:23
user___baz: dont know that one, sorry.09:23
bazuser___, its like a navicat09:23
arvind_khadriDarkKnight, i am not able to compile at all , how did you compile>?09:23
user___baz: suggestion: read the wikipedia article about phpadmin and check their website. then you tell for yourself if phpmyadmin is for you09:23
bazuser___, basically a local application that u can use to attach to different db's and manage them09:23
DarkKnightjust press F909:23
DarkKnightarvind_khadri; press F909:24
RFXChey can someone help me with sending a dcc file09:24
jaemI've used Ubunt