* charlie-tca picks head up off desk again!00:01
charlie-tcafbc: does something have a file/folder open on that volume?00:02
fbccharlie-tca,  no, it umounts just fine, it just automatically remounts before i can remove it..00:19
fbccharlie-tca, as soon as I click unmount, it reopens again00:20
fbccharlie-tca, reopen = remounts and opens a again00:20
charlie-tcaThat remount is why I asked. Normally a quick remount is caused by something having a file open.00:21
charlie-tcaIs it an external drive?00:21
SpindAnybody can help me? I'm trying to install the VIA Savage drivers in Xubuntu. I downloaded the file savage_drv.o and I must move it to the Drivers folder (maybe /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers or /etc/X11/XF86Config ) but I can't find any XF86Config file or folder.00:21
SpindI'm using Xubuntu 8.1000:21
charlie-tcafbc: It's not an NFS drive or Samba?00:22
fbcSpind, so am I wat's your problem?00:22
fbccharlie-tca, nope just a CF flash in a pcmcia adapter00:22
SpindXubuntu don't recogniced my ideo card00:22
fbcSpind, what kinda video card do you have?00:23
Spindvideo card, and the graphics are poor (I think is in 16 colors now)00:23
fbcSpind, usually a modprobe at the name of your driver will fix that, but have you tried the DISPLAY option the settings manager?00:24
Spindthe lspci give this: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL26600:24
* cody-somerville wonders why anyone things they need to "install" drivers for old video cards.00:24
charlie-tcafbc: May be a bug? You might want to file a bug report on it.00:24
Spindfbc, the max resolution that xub allows me now is 102400:25
fbccharlie-tca, hmm.. I guess it is then..00:25
Spindthis sucks because I have a 17' monitor00:25
charlie-tcafbc: Make sure you give the make and model, if you can00:25
fbccharlie-tca,  ok...00:25
SpindI readed a posible solution in https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=1841457#post184145700:26
fbcSpind, I used to know where everythig was in ubuntu, but in Xubuntu I'm a little lost.  I know there is a utility that you can select which driver the X.conf uses, but I don't know how to bring it up in xubuntu. Maybe someone else here in the channel does.00:28
SpindThanks fbc, I'll still investigating00:28
fbcSpind, try tryig S3 into the synaptics search box and see if you can find a driver compatible with your card.00:29
charlie-tcaSpind: I think the file will be xf86conf ; I am unable to find it. OTOH, I am in Jaunty00:29
fbcSpind, that's how I foud my logitech webcam driver. In synaptics, there is a search box that you ca try "S3" into.00:30
Spinds3switch - Manage the output device on S3 Savage chips :D Yeah! I'll try with this one.00:31
SpindThanks fbc and harlie-tca00:31
fbcSpind, I do't think that will work, I think that is for switching you "composite out" on the video card on.00:32
Spindfbc, you're right. It just a addon something else00:34
SpindCome on guys! Don't bind me get back Windows00:35
charlie-tcaOpen a terminal and try "locate xf86" without the quotes00:36
Spindnop, just libxxf86*** files00:37
charlie-tcaCould it be it is an obsolete configurat00:39
charlie-tcatry man xf86config for information about the file00:39
charlie-tcaIt was part of the old Xorg files that have been replaced by the automatic xorg configurator00:41
SpindYes, I see. "Well you might want to look at your /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Ubuntu doesn't use XFree86 it uses Xorg."00:41
SpindBut what supose to do with the savage_drv.o file and that xorg.conf?00:42
fbcSpind, I think you have the right driver, however it's not detecting the right amount of video memory to give you better graphics.00:42
fbcSpind, you may have to search and discover how to specify the amount of memory you card has.00:43
fbcSpind, that will probably be the only way to enable higher resolutions and better color depth00:43
Spindfbc, I read in a spanish post that savage drivers has problems and you need install the nevers drivers from http://www.probo.com/timr/savage40.html00:46
SpindWell, I'm investigating in some pages about savage and xorg. I'll back with news later. Thx a lot00:49
fbcSpind, sounds like your on the right track..00:49
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prontohey, just installed xubuntu, and my CPU clock speed is wrong01:43
prontocpuinfo shows it @ 2800 MHz,  when it should be 3800 Mhz01:44
prontojust installed xubuntu 8.1001:45
chardingIf I have the ubuntu_server.iso on one harddrive, is it possible to mount that iso to install ubuntu on another drive on the same computer?02:07
batcoder-7what does xubuntu use for playing mp3 files ?02:20
pincushez all testing connects02:44
pincushsum1 say sumthing plz02:45
tajlerovolume plugin is not working03:38
tajleroit is not being added to the panel03:38
tajleroit is not showing up03:38
tajlerowhat should I do?03:38
tajlerofixed the problem :D03:45
prontofor sensors it shows  AUX temp at 117C05:18
prontoand since nothing is breaking... i assume just to ignore it05:18
batcoder-7what music player do you gys use ?05:32
Look4Helphi guys ... is anyone around?06:10
Look4Helppronto: sorry.. my kid came in all covered in dirt had to get him to go wash.. sorry06:23
Look4Helpyea anyways... I am thinking of putting Xunbuntu on my laptop.... I was just woundering... what would i do for an antivirus system and is there a way to install it as duel boot with otu destroying the current install? I was 1/2 though the setup but i coudln't tell if it is was adding to the boot list or if it was going to formate and partition the hdrives06:25
prontofor antivirus i have no idea06:28
prontoand yes you can install xubuntu with out deleting the current install06:28
prontoyou would need to resize your current partition, or use another harddrive06:29
prontobut before you do anything back up your data06:29
Look4Helphow do you stop all the junk from getting on your system whrn you surf the net with out a antivirus / firewall solution?06:30
prontoi havent used windows in years06:31
prontoand i've never had problems with things06:31
Look4Helpis there somthing like visual C++ or somthing for it?06:31
prontowhat would you use visual c++ for?06:32
Look4HelpI'm doing a C++ course learning programming in my spare time06:33
prontoi assume there is, not sure what though06:34
prontotake a look at http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialC++.html06:34
Look4HelpThanks pronto.06:36
prontoi've never dont c++ dev, so if that does not help, check the ubuntu forums06:36
Look4HelpSo, when i do the duel boot .. all data that xunbuntu uses needs to be on the partition.. like can it read the windows partition at all? or see network drives on windows systems on betwork?06:36
prontoyes you can mount ntfs partitions with ntfs-3g06:37
Look4Helpso the "os" partition can be small and I can install ay apps i wish onto the other windows partition?06:37
prontoi wouldnt reccomend installing apps for linux on a windows partition06:38
Look4Helpfair enough06:38
Look4HelpI am not ready to abandon windows... I guess I am worried about not havng acess to some apps I have come to know ....06:39
Look4Helpout of a 300g Hdrive on my laptop what % would you recommend is needed for xunbunti?06:39
prontoright now my partition is 100GB06:39
prontobut you can go alot lower then that06:39
Look4HelpI was using the install iso caleld "desktop".. what is "alterniotive"?06:40
prontoxubuntu sites reccomends 1.5GB06:40
prontofor min06:40
pronto". To install Xubuntu, you need 1.5 GB of free space on your hard disk"06:40
Look4Helpanyway when i was installing it recommended 26g.. seams small ?06:40
Look4Helpoh really.. crazy :)06:40
prontothat should be good enough06:40
Look4HelpI think my windows dll dir is larger than that06:40
pronto>.< can't think of whats it called but you should do it in windows everyso often...06:41
prontosomething with the harddrive06:41
Look4HelpOK... so basicly i can install th duel boto directly onto the computer with out destroyign the os that is there.... and i shoudl say have 50g for the unbuntu drive... and there is no firewall or antivirus?06:42
prontothere is antivirus , i've never used it06:42
prontoand for years i have been okay with only my router06:43
prontolots of people disagree with me , with out haveing a firewall06:43
Look4Helpok.. well thansk pronto you have been a big hekp06:43
prontoremember to back up importent data06:43
Look4Helpyea... i have already stripped it down to just the OS and installed apps on the windows system already06:44
Look4HelpAll my mates have been going on about unbuntu for a while and I have started seeing little unbuntu and xunbuntu tags all over the nbet in peoples sigs so i thought i would give it a try06:45
prontoyeah, its nice06:45
prontoi been using ubuntu since 200506:45
Look4Helpanyway... thanks again... I might be back now and then over the next day or so.. basicly untill i get the network sorted and replace miranda IM and stuff like that.... still once i get in there shoudl be cool...06:46
Look4HelpIs there a new user style FAQ around you know of i can read?06:46
prontouse pidgin for AIM/msn06:46
Look4HelpI think that comes already in the iso packadge if i remeber right06:46
Look4Helpahh... fair enough "http://www.xubuntu.org/help" heh heh06:47
prontoalso http://ubuntuforums.org/  use the search06:47
prontogreat resource06:47
Look4Helpgreat.. i like forums as a help desk. MOst of the time the question is already there andanswered... for some reason i find them a lot easyer than knoladgebases06:48
prontoyeah, thats the great thing about ubuntu06:48
Look4Helpassuming people use decent topics :)06:48
prontochances are , someone has already had the same problem as you06:48
Look4Helpok LETS DO THIS!!! bbl06:49
prontokk, llater06:49
* chickens hides06:52
* pronto pokes chickens 06:52
batcoder-7what is that process manager used in xubuntu ?07:23
batcoder-7i cant remember its name07:23
jarnosDoes a session know, if it is started by automatic or timed login?08:28
nikolamI see that screen session is not locked when I am switching users With Ctrl+Alt+Fx10:00
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Look4Helphi there.. anyoe about10:48
Look4HelpI hjave just done a new install (first time) on my laptop and everythign went well but i am not sure how to eg tthe wierless networking working?10:48
Look4Helpany ideas?10:49
Look4HelpI am loking at the xbuntu help docs but it bounced me to unbuntu and it seams to be diffrent as i can not fnd the same iconsand things in the wiki10:49
TheSheepit's the same as in ubuntu, just the icon theme is different10:53
Look4Helpum... ok... hang on I'll try again10:55
Look4Helpwiki says "System-->Administration-->Networking" and that is not there though in the menu thing10:56
Look4Helpso i have been right clicking and going "edit connections" on the icon of the network at top right of screen is that correct?10:56
TheSheepwhich version are you using?10:56
Look4Help8.10 Xfce Desktop10:57
TheSheepand which version is the documentation for?10:57
TheSheepLook4Help: right-click on the network icon next to the clock, it's all there10:57
Look4HelpTheSheep: yea thanks i thougt that.. is there no way to "scan" like in windows... or od i have to enter everythign manualy?10:58
Relamgood morning11:00
Relamim trying to find a live cd for ppc (powerbook g4), can someone give me an hint where to find?11:01
gabkdllyLook4Help: i think the applet scans automatically11:01
Look4Helpum how do i do that?11:01
gabkdllyshould give you the options as to the networks it found be left-clicking11:01
TheSheepLook4Help: if you left-click on the icon, it should show you a list of networks11:01
TheSheepRelam: I think pps is no longer supported11:01
Look4HelpIf i left click I only see a wirednetwork... (greyed out) an dVPN conection thing11:02
Look4HelpIf i right click and go edit connections there is a tab called wierless but I can nto seea scan .. or know what i am mentot put into it..11:03
Look4HelpI can get it to say OK.. but then wat11:03
RelamTheSheep:  oh, i see11:04
Look4Helpand once i "add" it then left click still dose not show it11:04
Look4HelpIs ther some instructions somone that tell me how to do this?11:04
Look4HelpAn auto scan would be nice11:04
RelamTheSheep:  so i have to look out for a different distrtibution11:04
TheSheepRelam: I think you can install ubuntu base and then install xubuntu-desktop on it, but I'm not sure11:05
Look4HelpOnce i add a wireless network into that box.. ho do i get it to try to connect to it?11:11
Look4Helpis there a forum i can ask in then if you gys do not hav tme to help?11:13
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.11:14
TheSheepLook4Help: but it does autoscan and you just click on the entry to connect to it11:14
Look4Helpwhere is this entry11:14
TheSheepin the left-click menu on that network icon11:15
Look4Helpyea i left click on the network icon and only one thign shoiws.. it says "WIRED NETWORK and has a greyd out option then "VPN conections" that is it11:16
TheSheepapparently your system doesn't see your wireless network card11:17
Look4Help.. TheSheep  how do you get that winsow?11:17
kj4hello all11:17
TheSheepmake sure it's enabled -- some laptops have a button for disabling wireless networking11:17
TheSheepLook4Help: by left-clicking on the network icon11:17
Look4HelpIn settings/hardware drivers it says the "support for atheros 802.11 wireless LAN card" is enabled11:18
Look4Helpum left clickign on the network icon just opens a smal drop down11:18
Look4HelpSays "wierd network" and under that greayed out is "auto eth0" and then a div line and VPN connections option11:19
TheSheepwhen you right-click, do you have the checkbpx next to 'enable wireless'?11:20
Look4HelpJust enable networking11:20
Look4Helpand there is "edit connections" but nothign in in the wierless area11:20
kj4how do I add a 'shortcut' to the panel easily?11:20
TheSheepkj4: right-click on the panel, select add new item, select launcher, drag and drop a shortcut to the list in the launcher settings11:21
Look4Helpso if i click on ""edit connections" there us a network connection window.. there is a "wireless" tab.. with nothign in it11:22
Look4HelpI hit ADD and fill it in... then OK.. and the ne network apers in the tab but then I still dose not sure in left click or i not see how i would get it to connect (next to it is written never)11:23
kj4TheSheep, drap it from where?11:23
TheSheepkj4: from desktop, for example, or /usr/share/applications11:23
kj4ah, ok.  its easier to create the launcher on the desktop, using only the prog name and not the full path11:26
kj4then drag drop. thanks!11:26
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Look4HelpHi.. I have plugged in the network via lan so i cna get on the net...11:28
Look4HelpTheSheep, would you like me to show you screenshots of my system so you cna understand what i am saying?11:29
TheSheepLook4Help: I think I understand. Your network manager doesn't know about your wireless card, so it doesn't display the wireless options11:30
Look4HelpI guess so... can i add it manualy or somthing?11:30
TheSheepLook4Help: can you open the terminal, type 'ifconfig' in it and see if your wireless card is showing up?11:31
TheSheepjust don't paste it into the channel :)11:31
Look4Helpok... how do i open the termainal11:32
TheSheepit's in the menu, in accessories I thinnk11:32
Look4HelpLook4Help, heh thats wat pastebin is for :P11:32
TheSheepyou should see at least three entries: eth0, lo and something like wlan011:33
Look4Helpyea there is no wlan011:33
TheSheepok, so your computer doesn't see the card11:33
Look4Helphttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=798485&highlight=atheros+compatibility - Should i try this?11:34
TheSheepnot sure, it says the new drivers in Intrepid should work...11:36
Look4Helpit is wierd... the light on mylaptop is yellow for wireless.. it is normaly blue but pressing it dose nothign either11:36
Look4Helpthis is what i though... and why i have not done that script thing11:36
TheSheepyou might try it, it says it has an uninstall option...11:38
Look4Helpguess as this is a fresh isntall it isn't hard to just restart form scratch at any time11:38
Look4HelpTheSheep, so in "netwrok conenctions" under the wireless tab.. I can add somthign tehre... what dose that do?11:41
TheSheepadds a new network11:41
Look4Helpbut the card still needs to be seen to so that?11:42
TheSheepwell, you can add networks without the card, but to use them the card has to be seen11:43
Look4Helpwell script dose not work.... saus there is no subversion.. so i guess i am screwed11:43
Look4Helpis that what i shoudl be doing?11:48
Look4Helpbrb rebooting11:50
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Look4Helpdose nayone know if this woudl work?11:57
Look4HelpI can not find this pack to install called "linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic"11:58
Look4Helplinux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic the same thing as linux-restricted-modules-generic ?12:00
Look4Helpwhat was the help forum again? i think i will need to post tehre... as even with the herlp of a few I seam to be gettign nowhere12:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.12:04
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:04
Look4Helptea i do not know what else to tyr so i am getting that pack io said as the one in the thread was not tehre12:05
Look4Helpso furustrating... that it didn't just install :(12:05
ron_ohow can I grab a window that's above my screen? in fluxbux you hold down "Alt" and can grab it with your mouse. But in Xubuntu I see no such option.13:09
TheSheepyou can set which key to use in window manager tweaks in settings13:09
ron_ofunny, it's not working on a virtualbox window. :(13:10
TheSheepron_o: try changing it to a different key, for example I'm using the windows key for that13:13
ron_owhere *are* the key definitions? I can't find them. I see where you can change them in keyboard shortcuts...13:14
ron_oI got it. You had to grab it when the machine was starting up. Some things can be such a pain when dealing with these 'simple' things. :)13:17
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rgnrhi all14:46
rgnrwhere can i find visual effects?14:46
cybrhumanwhat is the command for setting up monitor and such? I think it is dpkg-reconfigure but I don' remember the rest...15:42
gabkdllycybrhuman: xorg configuration is now done by hal, I think15:43
gabkdllyfor the most part at least15:43
cybrhumanvery possible, but I am used to fix things when I screw up through a dpkg-reconfigure command.15:45
cybrhumanI should screw up more often so I didn't forget...15:49
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|BaUmErhi all16:53
|BaUmEri was hoping someone might be able to help out with some ps3 issues16:53
|BaUmEranyone?  please, this is so frustrating16:55
gabkdlly|BaUmEr: hi16:58
|BaUmErhi gab16:58
gabkdlly|BaUmEr: you must have some patience on IRC, sometimes the person with your answer is busy at the moment, but checks in every once in a while16:58
|BaUmEri know, i haven't been on in years16:58
|BaUmEri remember the waiting heh16:58
|BaUmErok, so I have xubuntu installed on my ps316:59
|BaUmErbut I can't get it to acknwoledge that there's a frickin disc drive16:59
|BaUmErsays unable to mount16:59
|BaUmEreven with nothing in it16:59
gabkdllyI am pretty sure that you can't mount a drive that is empty16:59
gabkdllythere has to be some medium in there in order for it to mount17:00
gabkdllyon xubuntu, inserted media should be mounted automatically17:00
|BaUmErok well I have a blu ray in there17:00
|BaUmErbut it doesn't recognize it17:00
|BaUmErit just shows "cd-rom"17:00
gabkdllyI don't have any experience with blu-ray, sorry17:01
gabkdllybut perhaps someone with more knowledge than I will come around17:01
ubottuFor information on using the PlayStation Portable with Ubuntu, please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PSP17:01
|BaUmErmount:  block device /dev/scd0 is werite protected, mounting read0only17:01
|BaUmErmount:  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/scd017:01
|BaUmErmissing codepage or helper program17:01
charlie-tca|BaUmEr: I think there is a channel specific to the ps3, maybe #ubuntu-ps3 ?17:02
|BaUmEryeah i'm trying that17:03
|BaUmErno one seems to be alive17:05
charlie-tcaAlso, here is a link to blu-ray playing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD17:07
charlie-tcaSeems to be an entire website here: http://psubuntu.com/17:08
[biabia]help please. i have one pc on xp with filesharing for a few folders, on same network with a linux (xubuntu) pc. im not sure what steps on the linux machine to access the shared files17:17
gabkdlly[biabia]: nautilus is quite good at discovering windows network shares17:21
gabkdllyit is not installed by default though17:21
[biabia]ok ill try that17:33
rgnrwhere do i get edid?17:49
charlie-tcaedid itself is not an application, it is information17:53
charlie-tcaExtended Display Information Data17:54
charlie-tcaWhat are you trying to do?17:54
rgnrxorg doesn't see my monitor17:57
rgnrso i wanna make'em see17:57
charlie-tcaI see. Maybe this helps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting17:57
[biabia]gabkdlly: i see where nautilus could do it but im not sure how to properly fill in the info. reading the help file now18:05
[biabia]it looks like i'd need samba also?18:07
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[biabia]so i can access windows machine shares with nautilus, but i need samba to provide sharing from linux to the windows machine? if i understand this correctly18:41
[biabia]and on that note, installing samba created a samba guest user account, which was highlighted but i logged into my usual user account18:45
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nikolamI have interesting thing to report. My klogd is usim 100% cpu time18:55
nikolamHow do I investigate that thing to make some valuable report or bug report about is?18:56
nikolamOh, I see now that tracker is doing something18:56
nikolamnope klogd is still 100% even after killing tracker18:57
jarnosCan regular users protect some of their files so that they can't change them without giving their password?20:16
charlie-tcaIf you change them to read only, you would have to change them back to do anything, wouldn't you?20:17
vinnljarnos, you can set the permissions and change the group to 'admin' (that does require the user to be in admin)20:17
jarnoscharlie-tca: yes, but no password is asked.20:21
charlie-tcatry vinnl 's suggestion?20:21
jarnosvinnl: I changed a file's group to admin, but I can modify the file; no password asked.20:24
vinnljarnos, have you also set the user permissions to "None" or "Read Only"?20:24
jarnosvinnl: but user can set "chmod u+w" later without password.20:25
charlie-tcaYou have to wait 5 minutes after using sudo to have it ask again20:26
vinnljarnos, hmm, you're right20:26
vinnljarnos, perhaps you could try to encrypt it with some software that needs a passphrase to decrypt it, but that *is* a hassle20:26
jarnosvinnl: true.20:27
charlie-tcaOr change owner/group to root20:28
jarnoscharlie-tca: true, but I was thinking about users that do not have administrative rights.20:29
charlie-tcaIf they have no rights, why does the file have to be passworded? Doesn't read only block changes?20:30
jarnoscharlie-tca: It might not be enough, if a user is fooled to run an evil script.20:33
charlie-tcaYou could create a new group just for that. Add the users you want to that group, and that would let you do want you want.20:34
jarnoscharlie-tca: I don't understand how adding a user to a group would help.20:35
charlie-tcaCreate the group to do what you want. If that group owns the file, the user has to be a member of it to change the file20:36
charlie-tcaYou can create any group you want, as long as it is not a system group already.20:37
charlie-tcacheck /etc/groups to see what exists for certain. Then create a new group and add those users to it.20:37
jarnoscharlie-tca: but if user is fooled to run an evil script, then the script can change the file anyway.20:38
charlie-tcaIf the script belongs to the created group, no one but the group can change it.20:38
charlie-tcaPermissions:  owner root; group [new group] others none; users in [new group] only can make changes and run it20:39
* rgnr is fed up and pissed with xorg20:41
jarnoscharlie-tca: But I want to stop user making changes without giving password.20:42
rgnrhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/106628/ hlp ppl20:42
charlie-tcaYou have users that are evil on your computer? I don't have any other suggestions, sorry.20:43
vinnlAs I understand it, he's just afraid that some scripts will be executed without the user knowing it20:43
jarnoscharlie-tca: I don't know; I was playing with the thought of it. Thanks for trying anyway.20:46
charlie-tcayou're welcome20:46
charlie-tcaI think you could create a group with very limited admin privileges to do that20:47
jarnoscharlie-tca: : To be more specific, I was thinking about how to protect from troijan horses.20:53
charlie-tcaget rid of windows... ;)20:53
jarnoscharlie-tca: done.20:54
antonehenryHello. I need someone to look my fstab or something. http://pastebin.com/m1f1ca038 I am unable to drag and drop files or create folders on my second hard drive. If you could help, please let me know. Thank you so much.20:55
jarnoscharlie-tca: Think of a case where you would be fooled to run a keylogger that sends what you type to an evil person. If the keylogger could add itself as autostarted application, it would be running on your next session, too. But if you use saved sessions, it would run anyway, right?21:07
charlie-tcaThat almost puts you in the position of having to run a virtual session, when you are done, erase it, store nothing on drives.21:09
antonehenryHello. I need someone to look my fstab or something. http://pastebin.com/m1f1ca038 I am unable to drag and drop files or create folders on my second hard drive. If you could help, please let me know. Thank you so much.21:10
charlie-tcaI don't know, antonehenry21:12
jarnosantonehenry: What is your second hd? I don't recommend using vfat for linux.21:13
antonehenryand i'm not using it for linux21:13
antonehenryi am making a file server for my home and i need the second drive to be windows compatable21:13
antonehenrythanks anyway charlie-tca: and again for you help a few days ago21:14
jarnosantonehenry:  but its mount point is /21:14
charlie-tcano problem.  That's why I'm here.21:14
antonehenryjarnos: okay, so i'm not sure what to do about it then21:15
antonehenryi'm a linux noob, so i'm trying to learn21:15
antonehenryjarnos: so that I have a fat32 drive mounting in the /media folder... that's a problem?21:16
jarnosantonehenry:  I suppose you mount sda1 twise in fstab.21:17
jarnosantonehenry:  once by UUID and once by name /dev/sda1.21:18
jarnosantonehenry: You should not, I think.21:19
antonehenryjarnos: so what do you reccommend i do?21:20
jarnosantonehenry: Do you want to install linux on sda1 or sdb1?21:20
antonehenrylinux is installed on scd021:21
jarnosantonehenry: so you run a live cd session?21:22
jarnosantonehenry: btw. you can use ext2/ext3 from windows: http://www.fs-driver.org/21:23
antonehenryjarnos:  i'm sorry.  linux is run on sdb21:26
antonehenryjarnos: oh the ubuntu website said i couldn't!21:27
jarnosantonehenry: not without the given driver.21:27
antonehenryjarnos: so do you think the easier option would be to make it ext3 and then run that driver?21:31
jarnosantonehenry: It depends. Why do you want it windows compatible?21:32
antonehenryi am going to store music and video on it, then via my lan, stream it to my media center21:33
jarnosantonehenry: I would recommend trying to use ext3 for the disk and the driver in media center. I am not sure, if you can use it via LAN, though.21:36
antonehenryokay!  thanks for the advice.  i'll try it out21:36
jarnosantonehenry: You are welcome. The fstab does not look good, if you want to have linux on /dev/sdb1. And /media hirarchy is meant for removable drives.21:40
jarnosantonehenry: maybe better to mount the storage to /data (which you have to create.)21:43
antonehenryjarnos: yea i do not like mounting in media.  i'd rather mount to the desktop really21:44
jarnosantonehenry:  Sorry, I am in hurry. Maybe some other people can help you further.21:45
antonehenryit's cool.  thanks for everything21:45
retourClaws Mail ALWAYS starts in OFF-LINE mode!? Why and how to change it to be ONLINE by default?22:00
jarnosI guess, I should have told <antonehenry> to use ntfs file system. I suppose it has journaling when used from windows and linux.22:13
ballIf I install Xubuntu to a disk in a USB enclosure, can I then transfer the drive to the internal bay on a desktop PC and reasonably expect it to boot?22:40
ball(I'm trying to prepare a disk for a system that has no CD-ROM drive)22:42
knomeball, that should work, yes.22:45
ballknome: thanks, that's good to hear.22:48
ballI'll give that a try this evening hopefully.22:48

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