ActionParsnipgordon_: check the appdb for compatibility00:00
ActionParsnip!appdb | gordon_00:00
ubottugordon_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:00
ActionParsnipgordon_: make sure you have full video drivers installed for 3d accelleration00:00
fyni keep losing my plasma settings unless i log out.  how do i force-write?00:09
ActionParsnipfyn: make sure you have full access ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc00:11
ActionParsnipfyn: or it may be ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc00:11
ActionParsnipfyn: that file stores the settings, you could always kill plasma, delete it and it will be remade when you relaunch plasma00:12
charles__ola paraselene00:15
charles__vc e do estado do Pará Brasil?00:16
p_quarles!br | charles__00:16
ubottucharles__: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:16
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fynaha.  eventually managed to google it:  you can force quit a kde app, including plasma, with kquitapp and that way i don't have to log out to save settings00:44
xanax`is there a repository for kubuntu 8.10 to update koffice to the latest version (even the dev one) ?01:07
cyberponixis there another way to download and install nvidia drivers other than the device driver tool?01:24
Zorixenvy tool01:27
transpondercan anyone hep im tring to patch the mac80211 stack.. new to linux have the patch on desktop01:51
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bek_whats uppppppppppppp02:31
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aezaerthhi here !02:45
aezaerthlo sparr02:45
aezaerthwhy your nickname is in red ?02:46
rudolfmal ne frage02:48
JontheEchidnakonversation puts nicks of different lengths in different colors so that they are more readable02:48
aezaerthhi rudolf02:48
aezaerthOkay ;)02:48
rudolfhabe gerade den nvidia treiber installiert. dazu musste ich den x server verlassen und hatte kein internet mehr. habe wlan und da gibts n kde tool dass die verbindung herstellt. damit mir das nicht nochmal passiert, wie stelle ich eine internetverbindung über die konsole her?02:49
aezaerthexcuse me, but i don't speak german ... I don't speak english very well :°02:50
rudolfoh sry02:50
aezaerthrudolf: I'm french :02:50
rudolfi had to learn french at school02:51
rudolfand i hated it02:51
aezaerthis very dificult for me :( i don't understand everything :°02:51
aezaerthit's so hard to learn french ?02:52
aezaerthgerman is not easy !02:52
rudolfyes german is not easy too02:52
rudolfdo u have to learn german?02:52
aezaerthbut i like german langage02:52
aezaerthi listen a music group from germany02:52
aezaerthno, i know little word02:53
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aezaerthhi every people !02:54
raphrei am on an acer aspire one netbook and just installed kde4.1 on an ubuntu 8.10 installation but my resolution is wrong, how can i change that?02:54
rudolfin your xorg.conf for example02:55
aezaerthi don't know because i'm new with linux kubuntu, but i thing you con find that on the website, no ?02:55
rudolfSystemeinstellungen -> Monitor & Display02:56
Raylzany idea where i can configure flash in konqueror 3.5.902:58
rudolfapt-get install flashplugin-nonfree02:59
Raylzrudolf: i want to manually configure it03:00
Raylznewest flash amd64 plugin03:00
Raylzall tutorials say settings -> configure konqueror -> plugins but im missing this part03:01
aezaerthi have question: i've donwload the kubuntu on CD 700Mo. But when install finish, my langage is half on english and half in french. And "Adept" say to me: i'm hav'nt finish to all install, click OK for download again or type kdesudo -dpkg --config -a03:01
Raylzok, nsplugins was missing03:03
Scummerhow 2 get network manager to remember manual settings?03:05
Scummerevertime i reboot i lose all settings, i.e. ip, gateway, submask, etc.03:06
Scummerhave to manually re-enter03:06
jsunioYou using the GUI?03:06
jsunioHmm mine gets remembered03:07
jsunioYou using wireless or wired?03:07
jsunioI seem to remember messing with saving something in the "Network Profiles" tab when I was trying to get my wireless to work03:08
jsunioOh there is another way to change it, though...03:08
jsuniosudo kate /etc/network/interfaces03:09
remuHello everyone, I have been running Ubuntu for a little over a year now as my primary OS, and I have decided that I'm going to take Kubuntu for a spin and see how I like it. My question was, could some body please explain to me what the different components are that make up the visuals of KD4?03:17
remuLike for example, in Gnome, Metacity or Emerald supply the window borders and such, and the GTK themes are the controls and colors. What about KDE4?03:18
Raylzremu: qt and kwin03:19
Raylzkwin handles the effects too so you wont need compiz03:20
Raylzremu: i hihgly recommend getting 4.2 sources :)03:20
remuHow do I do that? I am currently downloading the Kubuntu LiveCD03:20
Raylzremu: i bet theres a repository03:21
remuAlso, regarding qt and kwin....if I wanted to change the look, what should I download from kde-look.org, like from which categories?03:21
remuRaylz, have they added bluetooth support in 4.2? or is it still absent?03:22
JontheEchidnabluetooth has been fixed and will be available for 4.2 final03:22
JontheEchidnaremu: it's a bit light in the realm of window decorations and Qt/KDE widget styles03:23
Raylzremu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc103:23
JontheEchidnayou can search for kde4-style-* via adept or synaptic or whatever03:24
JontheEchidnaand kwin-style-* for window decorations03:24
Raylzremu: or visit kde-look.org03:24
remuJontheEchidna, thats cool, will definately take a look at that. So you guys recommend finding a repo and using it to upgrade to 4.2rc?03:24
remuor should i wait untill the 27th for the final?03:24
remuwhat category should i look under at kde-look.org?03:25
Raylzremu: colorschemes03:25
Yinghi. i am looking for the drive to my ZTE modem, model MF622 HSDPA USB MODEM. can i have some help?03:25
Raylzremu: you wont miss the 4.2 features ;)03:25
Raylzi use gnome btw xD03:25
remuOh, okay.03:26
Raylzi tried 4.1 back then03:26
Raylzwasnt bad :)03:26
Raylzbut the panel sucked03:26
Raylzin 4.2 its greatly enhanced03:26
remuhmmm, so I'll definately use that PPA to upgrade it to 4.203:27
remuI've dipped my toes into Kubuntu before (like around when Intrepid came out), but I'm excited about trying it again. Hopefully it will be a better experience than last time.03:29
astrommeremu: Coming from ubuntu?03:30
Raylzremu: i detested kde 3.5 series03:31
Raylzbut 4.1+ seems fine03:31
Raylzdefenitely worth a look03:31
astrommeout of curiosity, what did you detest about 3.5?03:32
remuRaylz, Agreed, I wasn't a fan. 4.1 last I tried didn't sit well with me....but I never really gave it a fair shot it was on my system for less than a day. For some reason though it seemed considerablly slower than Gnome.03:32
Raylzastromme: it was buggy as hell, ugly, hard to configure and the programs werent well configured03:33
astrommeremu: There are some issues with repainting windows. During normal window operations you don't notice it but during resizing there is a slight (but noticible) delay in my experience. That may be what you were feeling03:33
astrommeRaylz: ok03:33
Raylzastromme: ^^03:33
Raylzastromme: used it in 7.1003:34
astrommeRaylz: I toyed with, but never extensively used, the kde3 series03:34
astrommeBut from 4.0 (actually pre-4.0) I03:34
astrommeI've been using it full time (sorry, pressed return)03:34
astrommeBut then again I wouldn't consider myself an 'average' user. And yes, things were very very broken in many ways back in the early 4.0 days.03:35
remuI think this may be the first time I've come into this room...it seems a lot more sane and quiet than #ubuntu, or is it just that time of day?03:36
Raylzastromme: plasma was not usable during that time03:36
astrommeRagol: Yeah, pretty much.03:37
astrommeremu: It's often like this, only a handful (at most) of people chatting at once03:37
remuFair enough.03:37
astrommeI no longer frequent the ubuntu chat room03:37
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Raylzwhen im bored in #gentoo i like helping in #ubuntu03:38
remuWell folks, thanks for the info. I'm going to do some backup, and then try this clean install.03:38
Raylzeasy problems :)03:39
remuHaha, like mine!03:39
astromme2 gentoo folks in here?03:39
remuHave a nice night everyone.03:39
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astrommeI still run gentoo on one of my servers03:39
Raylzastromme: im running gentoo right now03:39
gnutonastromme: doest gentoo still exists?03:40
astrommeIt's been a while since I've it full-time on a desktop03:40
astrommegnuton: of course03:40
Raylzgnuton: alive and kickin^^03:40
gnutonI just kidding :D03:40
* astromme chuckles03:40
Raylzi need a system which keeps me busy :)03:40
Raylzno work in buntu03:40
khalidmianhi reuest answer to a question i have03:41
astrommeRaylz: The work for me turned to compiling kde early in the year03:41
astrommeRaylz: Now it's turned to playing around developing with kde03:42
Raylzastromme: ^^03:42
khalidmiani need to know what is the simplest yet effective firewall prog for kubuntu03:42
St``if you want to be alive you have to be busy03:42
astrommeRaylz: As fun as gentoo is, having a system that lets me install, install dev tools, develop really helps.03:42
astrommekhalidmian: There is a simple firewall app that comes with kubuntu, although it's command line. I would google "ubuntu firewall gui" if you want a gui03:43
Raylzastromme: the dev stuff comes with a normal installation^^03:43
astrommeRaylz: Well of course, there isn't a separation between -dev packages and the normal binaries. However, it's a lot quicker to download some megabytes rather than do that then compile03:43
astrommeRaylz: And I kept having to take a lot of time to effectively update my system. emerge world (with flags) seemed to break far too often.03:44
astrommeWhich isn't a problem if that's all I have to do03:44
Raylzkhalidmian: guarddog or iptables :)03:44
astrommeBut when I really was wanting to play around with say libplasma or libqt4, I wanted things to work in the background.03:45
khalidmianwhat do you have to comment on ufw03:45
Raylzastromme: updates never broke my system03:45
Raylzbut there was an issue with e2fsprogs this year03:46
Raylzafter some time you wont break your system03:46
khalidmianRaylz: nothing too complicate pls im a newbie to kubuntu03:46
Raylzkhalidmian: guarddog is qt, firestarter is gtk03:47
Raylzastromme: and i like my gentoo as a developement platform03:47
Raylzits much easier to get testing packages03:47
khalidmianRaylz: what is qt i have never heard of that term03:48
Raylzkhalidmian: you pronounce it cute and its the framework of kde03:48
Raylzdeveloped by trolltech03:48
* astromme reminds Raylz that trolltech->qt software now03:49
khalidmianRaylz: user friendly newbie safe?03:49
Raylzkhalidmian: hm, when you run kubuntu you run qt^^03:49
khalidmianwhen kubuntu runs it says ufw firewall disabled03:50
Raylzkhalidmian: guarddog looks prettier^^03:50
Raylzkhalidmian: try sudo ufw enable03:51
St``all ports are closed at ubuntu if you fo not open any manual ... if you know..... so why i need a firewall ?03:53
St``ufw its a nice firewall also03:54
St``and simple03:55
Raylzmy firewall is my router :)03:55
St``how i will setup my router?03:55
RaylzSt``: its automatically configured03:55
khalidmianpersonally i dont think il be able to understand firewall let alone set up my router as one03:55
St``nice Raylz :)))03:56
Raylzkhalidmian: if you didnt change router settings you normally dont need a firewall03:56
Dr_willistime to start reading about iptables and how linux and its firewalling features work.03:56
Dr_willisright - windows has people trained to think they 'need' a firewall on every pc.03:56
khalidmiando u recoomend enabling ufw ?03:57
Raylzplus antivir03:57
Dr_willisI let my router block the stuff03:57
Raylzkhalidmian: if you have a router leave it disabled ;)03:57
St``i have ufw enable also03:57
Dr_willisbig point to rember. windows firewalls tend to block based on application, while linux bocks based on port.03:57
khalidmianRaylz: i do have a router but i dont beleive its setup toact as a firewall03:58
Dr_willisIt makes me feel sooo safe when i play a new game under windows.. then  quit the game/multiplayer stuff - and then 3 hrs later..  I see the windows firewall warning/dialog :)03:58
Dr_willisMost routers can be set to block specific incomming. Go to a scanning web site and see what your router allows03:59
RaylzDr_willis: hm, safety is an illusion in win03:59
St``but even without firewall all ports are closed as i saw the test in www.grc.com ... Ubuntu its safe ... i do not know about router if have any firewall04:01
Raylzkhalidmian: http://www.auditmypc.com04:01
St``all router have firewall?04:01
Raylzhaha: We scanned the ports you requested, looking for any services or viruses that might be running on them, and did not find anything.04:01
RaylzSt``: normally yes04:02
Raylzi cant think of anyone without hardware firewall04:02
St``and are enable?04:02
RaylzSt``: yep04:02
astrommeWell that's not quite true04:02
RaylzSt``: you have to open ports for portforwarding manually04:02
astrommeRouters by default usually don't forward connections to the internal network04:02
khalidmianneed to know how to do ip masquerading in ufw04:02
astrommebut that isn't what a hardware firewall is04:02
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php04:03
St``and waht about antivirus for ubuntu ?04:04
RaylzSt``: god no04:04
St``there is not?04:05
RaylzSt``: dont use an antivirus04:05
Dr_willisThe AV apps for linux.. scan windows files for windows viruses :)04:05
Raylzplus they are security leaks04:05
Dr_willisI have several linux-based Antivirus Live cd's04:05
St``do i need realy an antivirus for ubuntu ?04:07
St``are ther many virus?04:07
Dr_willisSt``,  if you want to scan your WINDOWS SYSTEMS... you can install one.. but its not going to do much for linux security04:07
St``are ther virus for linux ?04:08
TaladanSt``: there are currently less than 100 known viruses that affect linux.04:08
Raylzand about a billion for ms04:08
TaladanAnd afaik, they've all been patched out of validity.04:08
Taladanin the time it took me to answer your question, that many new viruses for windows has been spawned.04:09
Dr_willisor they were for super-specific-server bugs on spefici disrtos...04:09
* Taladan nod04:09
St``so i am secure without an antivirus for ubuntu?/04:09
khalidmianwhat is a proxy server04:09
RaylzSt``: even securer than mac os^^04:10
Taladana proxy server is a box that acts as a 'translator' of sorts for your internal lan.  It goes out and gets webpages at the request of the clients and caches them locally so that if you need to access them again, it responds faster.  It also allows you to filter websites etc. for content.04:10
Dr_willisif you want to scan your WINDOWS SYSTEMS... you can install one.. but its not going to do much for linux security04:10
RaylzSt``: believe me, using the internet in windows is not possible04:11
Raylzi like it how my ram explodes from 300 to 1900 when watching videos on myvideo04:12
St``how i can hide my os for an nmap trace04:13
St``how i can hide my OS from an operating system dedection bye nmap trace ?04:15
RaylzSt``: seriously, i dont know^^04:15
Dr_willis nmap looks for specifif replies and guesses...04:15
Dr_willismake the os not reply to anytying :)04:15
Raylzsilence it wiht a hammer^^04:15
Dr_willistheres being 'secure' then theres being 'paranoid' then tehres being 'tinfoil hat paranoid'04:15
RaylzSt``: most security issues are provoked by the user04:16
Raylzin case of linux04:16
Raylzdont use external programs or repos04:17
Raylzdont use skype04:17
Raylzdont use closed source in general^^04:17
St``there are Umit and Knmap that can trace OS04:17
Raylzskype breaks you firewall btw04:17
Raylz5:19 am04:18
St``a proxyserver could be the solution but not for irc or other programs etc...04:20
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St``not for all programs04:20
carmonyOkay, I'm trying to install my nvidia drivers, but its giving me an error when trying to run it: "You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing"04:21
Dr_williscarmony,  you have tried the nvidia drivers in the hardware-manager tool FIRST?04:22
St``try to close all other programs04:23
Dr_willis!find jockey04:23
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde04:23
carmonyDr_willis: nope, how do I get to the hardware-manager tool?04:23
Dr_williscarmony,  should been a icon right there in the panel whenyou frst logged in. that mentioned it.. or run  the jockey-kde tool04:23
* Dr_willis really thinks there needs tobe a BIG ICON in the middle of the desktop for 'first time wizard' type tool04:24
Dr_willisunder gnome its system -> admin -> hardware drivers04:24
carmonyI agree with you Dr_willis04:25
Dr_willisbut then again.. I notice the popup dialog wheni first log in..04:26
Dr_willisWindows has peopel trained to ignore infomation bubbles. since they are constantly popping up useless info04:26
St``bye byeeee  ... many kisses :))))))04:26
carmonylol, hrm04:30
carmonythanks Dr_willis04:32
carmony_macarg, okay, after installing the drivers, when I boot my kubuntu partion, it just goes to the command prompt04:44
carmony_machow can I get kubuntu to launch the desktop again?04:45
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Dr_willisafter rebooting it goes to the command line eh? that sucks. try 'startx' command carmony_mac04:52
Dr_willissome nvidia-cards have issues with some driver versions.04:52
carmony_mack, I'll try that04:53
carmony_macFatal server error: no screens found04:56
Dr_willisbummer.  Not sure of the proper way to trouble shoot that - since on my 4  nvidia systems the Hardware-manager tool worked properly04:57
Dr_willisthe !nvidia factoid may have some info on trouble shooting in its url04:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:57
Dr_willisI normally do a 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig ' then 'sudo nvidia-xconfig -a' to make a xorg.conf . YOU proberly should backup  your existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf file BEFOR trying  nvidia-xconfig05:00
carmony_macI'm just going to re-install05:02
carmony_macsee what happens :P05:02
Dr_williscarmony_mac,  proberly the exact same thing.. this is linux. not windows05:03
Dr_williscarmony_mac,  reinstalling  vs. 'learning to fix the problem'05:03
carmony_macwell, I think I fubared my xorg.conf05:03
Dr_willisI would expect the Exact same process would result in the exact same results05:04
carmony_macso this time around I'm going to pay more attention to what I do :P05:04
Dr_willismove the xorg.conf to some  other name.. and  try 'startx' again.05:04
Dr_willisthere maybe backups in /etc/X11/xorg.conf also05:04
Dr_willisI alwyas keep archives of my old xorg.conf files05:04
ubuntuvictory is mine05:05
BrianHi got a little problem, I have a 8.0x livecd version for powerpc (I forget exact release number), and when it boots it gets to a point where it idles at a blank screen05:05
ubuntuIm really digging the new kde05:06
BrianHhere's the weird part about it, I have a PowerMac G5 (Dual 2.7GHz) and I let it set for a bit thinking maybe it'll work out a kink.  I started hearing my fans kicking into overdrive05:07
BrianHit got to the point where my system sounded like a 747 about to take off before I decided it was enough and shut it off05:07
BrianHanyone know of a working livecd for PowerPC?  preferably the 8.10 release05:09
Dr_willisive neer had much luck with PPC linux :(05:17
BrianHI cant even install Kubuntu on my PowerMac with the PowerPC install DVD either, it sets my monitor into a state where it goes black and then the power light keeps flashing 3 times in a repeating sequence05:19
BrianHI have a 30" HD Apple Cinema Display with a Radeon 9650 card05:19
Dr_willisive only got an old iMACDV05:23
BrianHaha, found it, 8.04.1 is the release number for the LiveCD05:23
Dr_willisits basically a DoorStop :)05:23
BrianHheh nice05:23
Dr_willis256mb ram05:23
BrianHI had a customer come in the other day with an emachine running Vista with 512MB RAM wondering why his games were draggin . . . *sigh*05:25
BrianHhe bought the computer brand new from Wal Mart . . . I laughed05:26
Dr_willisI imagne it had minimal cpu also05:30
Dr_willisI put 2gb in wifes pc.. and it drags with vista. it needs a reinstall badly05:30
BrianHVista itself hogs up 1GB05:30
BrianHmuchlike XP hogged up 512MB05:30
SolidLiqceleron proc?05:33
BrianHthe PC?05:36
BrianHor the Mac?05:36
BrianHI dont remember what he had, I hate emachines anyways05:37
TidusBrianH: here's the sad part... acer, gateway, and emachines are all the same company05:38
Tidusgateway bought emachines, then acer bought gateway05:38
Dr_willisSort of like Chrysler/Dodge/Plymoth :)05:39
Dr_willisPoor gateway... was such a big name for a while05:39
BrianHand HP owns Compaq (another trash computer)05:39
Tidushad really good machines too05:39
TidusBrianH: hey, my laptop's an hp05:39
Dr_willisI own a gateway desktop machine now.. :) and  a few acer laptops now05:39
Tidusmy desktop's a compaq :P05:39
Dr_willis they are all trash I think now a days05:39
BrianHHPs are nice, Compaq's suck05:39
BrianHI thought it would change once HP bought them out05:40
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Tidusif they'd stop stuffing the compaq line with bare minimum hardware, it wouldn't be so bad05:41
Dr_willisits all about the $$$05:41
Dr_willismust get Under the $500 mark.. or whatever05:42
Tidusok, get this.05:42
Tidusmy desktop is a compaq. celeron-D 3.4ghz... 512mb ram05:42
Tidushalf decent single core, minimal ram05:42
BrianHwe sell Compaq'a at work for $350 from time to time05:42
TidusBrianH: i got mine for 100 bucks due to blown PSU05:42
Dr_willisWell the Windows Hard drivge died in my main machine over the weekend.. so its going to be Linux for a while. :)  so i can make due with low end machines heh05:43
BrianHTidus, heh nice05:43
Tidusgot my laptop free :)05:44
Tiduslong story short, repair job, lady didn't like the price tag05:45
Tidustold me to keep it05:45
BrianHwe get those at work too, several abandoned PC's in the warehouse ;)05:45
* BrianH works at Staples05:46
Tidusi work for a local computer repair store05:46
Dr_Willis_ZNCgettng where you can buy them by the pound. :)05:46
Dr_Willis_ZNCI wouldent want to work at a repair store.. you have to deal with IDIOTS that think they KNOW things.. :P05:46
Dr_Willis_ZNCthe worst kind of idiots.05:46
Dr_Willis_ZNC'ive had this pc for 8 years - i dont see why i need to upgrade! its worked fine for me'05:46
TidusDr_Willis_ZNC: oh, lemme tell ya... i've */facedesk*'d so many times it's not funny05:47
Dr_Willis_ZNC'yes sir.. and it looks like theres been a rats nest in there for the last 2 years.....'05:47
TidusDr_Willis_ZNC: one time i had one come in (was a buddy of mine's no less)... there was (no joke) at least 4 inches of solid dust in it05:47
Tidusand he brought it to me because it was overheating05:47
BrianHahaha, try working for a retail store where they hire based on your sales experience over technical knowledge05:48
BrianHI got lucky due to my military background05:48
Tidusi threatened him a bit... next time he brought it to me like that i was takin it to the car wash instead of just out back and hosing it out with an air hose05:48
Dr_Willis_ZNCTidus,  i had 4 Pomerianians - and you do not want to put the PC on the floor.. it had sucked up a lot of fluff :)05:48
BrianHwe get systems in all the time for PC Tuneup's, mostly just need the rest of the dog and cat removed and the system runs much faster05:49
Tidushe's actually kept the dirt out of it this time... i pull the cover off and check when i'm over there.05:49
Dr_Willis_ZNCI got a lot of blue-foam-filter stuff i can wrap mine in :)05:50
Tidusmy desktop may be a compaq, but i've transplanted it into a slightly more decent case that has air filters on the intake05:50
BrianHmy G5's liquid cooled, but the fans build up a bit of dust over time05:51
Dr_Willis_ZNCYou dont hear much about Liquid coolng these days.. :) or else im out of the loop..05:51
Dr_Willis_ZNCguess the CPU's have gotten where they are not giant red  furnaces any more05:51
TidusDr_Willis_ZNC: oh they're still furnances05:52
Tidusjust heatsink material's advanced to the point that you can still run em on air05:53
BrianHmy G5 came stock liquid cooled :)05:53
Tidusmost of the stock coolers now have a copper slug in them, for instance.05:53
Tidusinstead of being all cheap aluminum you can bend by looking at it05:53
BrianHany way to install Kubuntu on a PowerBook G4 with a broken CD drive?  I would boot it as a firewire drive and install from my G5, but with the problems I get with my display it wont work.05:55
BrianHI cant do a network install either, my router is being used elsewhere at the moment05:56
darkdelusionsWhats a good bittorrent client for linux05:57
darkdelusionsand please god don't say azuera :)05:58
BrianHqBittorrent ?05:58
BrianHor Transmission05:59
Dr_Willis_ZNCktorrent for kde05:59
darkdelusionsit been forever since i acutally used a client. I had torrent flux setup on my server but I still have set it back up since i moved05:59
Dr_Willis_ZNCwine utorrent.exe05:59
BrianHer I think Transmission is OSX only, I forget05:59
Dr_Willis_ZNC!find transmission05:59
ubottuFound: transmission-common, transmission-gtk, transmission, transmission-cli05:59
BrianHah, nvm06:00
Dr_Willis_ZNC!info transmission06:00
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): free, lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.34-0ubuntu2.2 (intrepid), package size 0 kB, installed size 20 kB06:00
darkdelusionsI think last time I used an acutal client I I utorrent under wine :) rofl06:02
Dr_Willis_ZNCYep. :) it just saves a lot of hassles06:03
BrianHcan ubottu find port ISOs?06:04
darkdelusionsI need to set the server back up so I have my upnp server back :)06:04
Dr_Willis_ZNCport ISOs ??06:05
BrianHyeah, kubuntu ports06:05
BrianHlike . . .06:05
BrianHthe community builds06:06
BrianHah nvm, it's getting late, need sleep06:07
darkdelusionsHahaha they released a the Transmission client for BeOS :)06:08
darkdelusionsI remember when that was sposed to be the next big thing and TechTV back in the day used to go  on and on about it06:09
Dr_Willis_ZNCand Now where is it.. :)06:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCHiku is   BeOS revisited :)06:20
darkdelusionsThe sad thing is I think I installed it for 10 minutes06:21
darkdelusionsand was oh god no :)06:21
darkdelusionsand went back to redhat or something :)06:21
Dr_Willis_ZNCBeOs? I used it for better part of a year on some machines06:21
Dr_Willis_ZNC then the company went brain dead.06:21
Dr_Willis_ZNCLots of neat features.. with   lots of missing features06:21
darkdelusionsThere was a rumor at my work we where looking into installing linux machines in the company and I was WOOT!06:22
darkdelusionsthen never heard another word about it06:22
darkdelusionswhich makes me very sad :)06:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCA lot of the time you catch glimps's of linux being used.. but its hushed over. :P06:24
Dr_Willis_ZNC'the stealth os'06:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCbut every so often a TuX image/icon appears  somewhere.06:25
darkdelusionsOk i think  810 hates my latop06:27
Dr_Willis_ZNClaptops can be problematic06:27
darkdelusionsmy keyboard randomly locks up for no reason06:28
darkdelusionsand I log out of KDE it back to a login screen it fixes it06:28
darkdelusionsI was hoping that would fix my sound issue but it didnt06:39
darkdelusionsStupid HDA-Intel card06:40
darkdelusionsIf i make changes to the alsa base I should beable to do a sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart for it to take effect correct?06:43
nippzdarkdelusions just compile  alsa07:01
darkdelusionsOMFG woot07:26
darkdelusionsI got my stupid sound issues fixed :)07:26
=== sebr is now known as sebr_afk
Dr_Willis_ZNCzomg you hear tunes!07:31
darkdelusionsDr_Willis_ZNC:  You dont understand I have been working on it for like 2 weeks :)07:35
Dr_Willis_ZNCwhat took you so lonG! it was so trivial! i bet ya could fix it now in 4 min!07:35
darkdelusionsIt just knowing which option to put in the alsabase file07:35
darkdelusionscause auto wasnt working07:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCall your 'alsabase' are belong to us!07:36
darkdelusionsThis is a really good post for users who use asus  laptops http://seethisnowreadthis.com/2008/05/19/how-to-install-ubuntu-804-hardy-heron-on-the-asus-m50sv-a1/07:37
darkdelusionsand for some reason the ubuntu forums hate me and wont let me mark my thread as solved07:38
Dr_Willis_ZNCpost a big post at the end with 10000 happy faces. :)07:39
darkdelusionsNa I just edited the Title and added [Solved]07:40
Dr_Willis_ZNCTitle [Solved] {Woopiee!}07:41
darkdelusionsNormally I dont post my issues on there because 9 times outta 10 I can find the answer before anyone can post a reply07:41
Dr_Willis_ZNCIts late and im silly.. i know07:41
darkdelusionsI see that07:41
Dr_Willis_ZNCYep. I find that the case also..07:41
Dr_Willis_ZNCpeople hate to search befor the y post07:41
Dr_Willis_ZNCbut ti Instant you post somthing.. it guarentees the next message you see.. you will find the answer. :)07:42
darkdelusionsrofl I used to have my sig set to you can solve any problem by searching google07:42
darkdelusionsOne of my friends use to say most of your answers your gonna get from the forums are something along the lines I just moved the toaster by the microwave and it fixed it for me07:44
Dr_Willis_ZNCThats in the Windows Forums...07:44
darkdelusionsSo i put my sig as The fix to all ubuntu problems: Is to Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish07:45
Dr_Willis_ZNC'reverse the polarity!'07:46
darkdelusionsDr_Willis_ZNC: that is a quote from a song by voltaire called USS Make shit up07:48
* Dr_Willis_ZNC jams to Kenny G.07:48
* darkdelusions patts Dr_Willis_ZNC on the head and ensures him everything will be ok07:49
darkdelusionsYou know you have been playing to much wow when you try and type /em instead of /me07:50
Dr_Willis_ZNC you have been playing to much WoW when you  load up the Game. :)07:53
Dr_Willis_ZNCheh.. I  Had to reinstall LordOfTheRings Online onmy other pc..  it took about 2 hrs just to get the updates...07:54
Dr_Willis_ZNCand it was installed from the MinesOfMoria Expansion Boxed set... so  the disks were just released like last month.07:54
darkdelusionsDr_Willis_ZNC: do you know a program I can test my webcam in07:55
Dr_Willis_ZNCStill cant get it to work with Wine.  However. :(07:55
Dr_Willis_ZNCcheese is fun for webcam testing07:55
Dr_Willis_ZNCGrandson loves to play with Cheese07:55
darkdelusionsI <3 my bashscript of lazyness :)07:55
darkdelusionsapt i programname07:56
Dr_Willis_ZNCAll i do on LOTOR lately is fish....07:56
darkdelusionsrofl thats all I been doing in wow07:56
Dr_Willis_ZNCI fished in IronForge for a week when they first added fishing.. then the next patch came out and you couldnet fish In town any more :)07:57
Dr_Willis_ZNCWe need a Fishing MMORPG!07:57
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
leohello,anybody would help me? how should i install a chinese input on kubuntu by using terminal command?07:58
darkdelusionsleo: one sec07:58
levi_how do i re-configure my keyboard?07:58
Dr_Willis_ZNCI know  very little about chinease sorry07:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch07:59
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:59
levi_ when i hit the apostrophy it makes the letter have an accent on it07:59
Dr_Willis_ZNCThey may know more. :)07:59
levi_i need help with this07:59
darkdelusionsI am hittin up google07:59
darkdelusionsthe one stop shop for all things I do not know :)07:59
darkdelusionsBLAM http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60854608:00
Dr_Willis_ZNC Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish again!08:01
* darkdelusions ponders if he should install the drivers for his finger print reader08:01
darkdelusionsleo: if you need to do it from terminal08:02
darkdelusionsleo: do a sudo apt-get install language-support-zh08:02
leoi already did that08:03
leothen i type :sudo apt-get install fcitx im-switch,  but  it can not work08:03
darkdelusionsleo: Ok you stumped me there :)08:05
darkdelusionsI blame Dr_Willis_ZNC08:05
darkdelusionsleo:  what happens when u do a im-switch08:07
* darkdelusions is happy IT Crowd Season 3 is done downloading08:08
leohere is the message:08:08
leoE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)08:08
leoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?08:08
darkdelusionseasy enough08:09
darkdelusionsoh u did type sudo08:09
darkdelusionsI lied08:09
leowhat else command can i use if it couldn't find package fcitx to get?08:09
darkdelusionstry that08:10
n1ckim trying to install jre, i run the command sudo aptitude search jre, and it asks for the sudo password of the username with which i have logged in08:10
n1ckwhen i enter the password, i get the message, that the username is not the sudoers file and the incident will be reported08:10
leookay ,i see. thank you very much08:10
n1cki dont remember the sudo password for the username with which i have logged in08:11
n1ckis it possible to reset that to a different one or remove it ?08:11
darkdelusionsn1ck: it should be the same password that you used to login to kde with08:12
n1cki tried the same password but it gives that error that the user is not in the sudoers list08:12
n1ckbut i have been able to login to the system08:13
n1ckany way i can reset or remove that sudo password of my current login ?08:15
JohnFluxn1ck: you only have one user on the system?08:16
n1ckyes..currently only one user08:17
JohnFluxwhat do you mean currently?08:17
JohnFluxwhat about before? :)08:17
n1cki mean there was only one user account at the login screen,08:17
JohnFluxn1ck: and that was the user account created when you installed kubuntu?08:17
JohnFluxor you created it manually later or something?08:17
JohnFluxn1ck: ubuntu creates a user account when you first install kubuntu. this user is added to the  'admin' group08:18
JohnFluxn1ck: for whatever reason, the user account that you are using is not in this admin group08:18
n1ckok...actually, i havent installed kubuntu on the system , im simply using it08:18
JohnFluxah hmm08:19
n1ckis there a way to add my current login to the admin group ?08:19
JohnFluxn1ck: well you have no way of becoming root?08:19
MikeHMorning guys, DNS fail, could someone kindly grab me the opendns.org ip's from the bottom of the page? :)08:19
n1ckjohnflux:i dont know the root password too :)08:20
JohnFluxMikeH: www.opendns.org08:20
JohnFluxMikeH: PING www.opendns.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.08:20
JohnFluxMikeH: use those, sorry08:21
JohnFluxMikeH: according to their webpage08:21
JohnFluxn1ck: http://www.wallpaperama.com/forums/how-to-reset-linux-root-forgotten-passwords-get-retrieve-root-password-t956.html08:22
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n1ckjohnflux:thanks for the link, ill try that :)08:23
MikeHthanks JohnFlux08:24
moilu all08:28
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darkdelusionsRofl god I love the IT Crowd08:39
peterzdarkdelusions: have you tried turning it off and on again? :-)08:42
Dr_Willis_ZNC'are you sure its plugged in'08:52
Dr_Willis_ZNC'you never told me i needed a special cd drive to use this cd burning software!'08:52
Dr_Willis_ZNC(over heard in a store once)08:52
labHi. I'm trying to install plasmoids downloaded from the kde-look.org website, but there's no way to do it with the installer provided by this version of kubuntu (8.10) what should I do ?09:01
labI don't obtain any error but the plasmoids don't get installed09:01
techbwHi all09:04
techbwI need help setting up flash player for both firefox, as well as konqueror, I have downloaded the .deb file, as well as source, and both say installed successfully, but browsing flash sites, doesn't work09:05
techbwyoutube is implossible09:05
zer0ois there anyone really able to use GIMP? i asked on #gimp but no replies... i need to copy several layers from a file and paste em into another but it wouldnt let me copy more than one at time, i searched it up on google and found nothing... could someone help? thanks (ans sorry if i asked here but im pretty much desperate :D )09:11
Dr_Willis_ZNCseveral layers.. Hmmm09:14
Dr_Willis_ZNCcant say that ive really done that.09:14
techbwif someone can help, where do I copy the file libflashplayer.so to...I want flash working on firefox, and konqueror09:14
Dr_Willis_ZNCtechbw,  i just install the 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' package and it installs flash player for me09:14
zer0oDr_Willis_ZNC: i even tried to chain the layers together cuz ive found some site saying "if u chain em together whatever u do to one happens to all" but coping and pasting...09:15
Dr_Willis_ZNCthers used to be some books online onusing gimp.. but ive never done any of that more advanced stuff09:16
techbwi take it you did that from adept, I have downloaded .deb, as well as source installer, with no success, going to check in adept for that package09:16
Dr_Willis_ZNCtechbw,  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras09:17
Dr_Willis_ZNCI never download flash by itself.. never heeded to09:17
techbwalread busy with install...thanx09:17
Dr_Willis_ZNCtheyneed to make a big "first time-common things you proberly want to do" wizard for the desktop :)09:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCInstall kubuntu-restricted-extras  is a top 10 thing i always install first off.09:18
techbwThat is the only thing about the opensoure stuff, to get a system the way you want, it takes time, but once it is up and running it is cool09:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCjust imagine to get flash for windows..you would have to  either go to the flash site..download the .exe.. run the exe... click the UAC dialog about 10 times... to ok it....09:19
Dr_Willis_ZNCor run the browser.. and  let it get it.. and watch that fail most of the time...09:19
techbwi agree, especially for first time users, things like this make people turn away, I have been using on and off for a long time, because I have never been able to get the system to be supported either by video, flash or somthing09:19
Dr_Willis_ZNCFlash works fine here in Firefox/Opera/and Konqueror09:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCYour Mileage may vary :)09:20
techbwI still have windows, and I have never had to go and download flash, web pages that I visit, have install flash on them you click agree, and its installed, but kubuntu has same option then you get to a page that says download manually09:20
techbwand from there no ways it is working09:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCYou DONT use the browser to download manually under linux09:21
techbwwill check, hopefully it'll work09:21
Dr_Willis_ZNC the apt-get way will install it for ALL users.09:21
Dr_Willis_ZNC the browser way would install it for one user.09:21
Dr_Willis_ZNCpeople are trained to think it should work that way..because under windows - a single user can download/install somthing and it will get installed for all users.. wether they want it or not.09:21
techbwI tried installing apt by sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin, and other ways that are on websites, with no success...will let you know of the outcome when your meathod is done09:22
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:22
Dr_Willis_ZNC!find flash09:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCthats not the right package name i belive09:22
ubottuFound: flashblock, flashrom, flashybrid, libroxen-flash2, m16c-flash (and 4 others)09:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCflashplugin-nonfree - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer09:24
Dr_Willis_ZNC I dont know wher ya got the name 'adobe-flashplugin' :)09:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCunless it was from some older releases/docs/guides package names09:24
techbwthe thing is, flash players should be installed by default, why the hell not....or at least have an option in installer to ask to accept the agreement....alot of windows users that want to try linux, turn away due to these licence issues, which makes it difficult for users to use the internet properly.  I will take the time and find things, but many won't09:24
techbwthings that need to be support out of box, video, audio and flash at least should be supported.  I must say things are getting better, as 6.06 was a nightmare to get certain video files to work.  now I just installed VLC and hey presto video is working, also now kafiene is asking you do you want to download codec :)09:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCtechbw,  LEGAL reasons09:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCadobe wont  allow it.09:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCand thats the bottom line.09:27
techbwI know about the legality, but if you don't agree to licence during install, then it does not install, it's that simple09:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCthats not a legal option i belive...09:28
Dr_Willis_ZNCthe  ubuntu company has to take a 'keep things as legally clean as we can'  stand...09:28
Dr_Willis_ZNCI can get videos working easier/faster/better under Linux/ubuntu then i can in windows.09:29
bucketheadPersonally, I like the idea of a meta package in medibuntu 'big audio/video bandaid'.09:29
techbwyeah, conical wants to keep things legal, but once you have it installed then you can apt-get the packages ...whats the diffirence??09:29
Dr_Willis_ZNCthats sort of what kubuntu-restricted-extras is09:29
Dr_Willis_ZNCtechbw,  from a Court of law point of view.. everything.09:29
bucketheadI want to take it further.09:29
Dr_Willis_ZNCand MS and Apple and Otehrs.. have   lawyers so embedded in the Computer world.. its scary09:30
dwidmannAt least part of their goal/revenue is to build a large "patent portfolio" that they can use to pressure money out of others and sue if they refuse ...09:31
techbwwhy can apple have these on thier os, but linux can't, apple uses many opensource apps the only diff is the OS is closed source,09:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCapple made a deal09:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCand i imagine paid adobe $$09:31
bucketheadapple has a huge eula that tells you what you will and wont do, etc.09:31
bucketheaddwidmann: Have you been following eff.orgs patent busting project? I've been following that with interest.09:32
Dr_Willis_ZNCEULA = evil ugly legal anarchy09:32
dwidmannEULA = just click no.09:32
techbwwell can't linux have that eula for propietery software like the codecs, and adabe included on the installer, if you don't agree to eula then it does not install the packages09:32
dwidmannbuckethead: I look in on it from time to time09:32
dwidmannbuckethead: been a while though09:32
Dr_Willis_ZNCAdobe may not be satified with that.09:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCand they are the one that has to agree09:33
bucketheadubuntu rules = no EULA past 'no implied warranty'09:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCIm pretty sure you cant even legally hand out adobe's flash player binaries.. you have to get them from the adobe sites.09:33
techbwok, so then they cutting thier own nose to spite thier own face...as many users turn away because of these difficulties.  When you an d09:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCof course then thers the 'it aint goign to all fit on the cd any more' issue.09:34
dwidmannI know the script in the repository (flashplay-nonfree or whatnot) is just a script to download it from Adobe's site09:34
techbwI have problems we just look for solution09:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCright.. You can not legally even put the actual flash binaries on a cd  and give it away.. blame adobe.09:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCi wonder how much $$$ they get from apple and MS to keep it that way09:35
techbwdoes m$ have a share in Adobe or something?09:35
Dr_Willis_ZNCI imagien they got a vested intrest in about every large  software company in onw way or another.09:35
techbwI mean if Linux users use thier product, would that not mean more income for them?09:35
dwidmanntechbw: m$ has enough money that they can pay for the privilege to do things09:35
Dr_Willis_ZNCAdobe i imagone does not want to make MS mad.09:35
bucketheadWhy not? MS is trying to make adobe made (silverlight)09:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCI imagien adobe makes very little $$ fr4om the flash player. its from people buying other flash related products09:36
dwidmannGiven that most of Adobe's probably use Windows09:36
dwidmann**Adobe's customers09:36
techbwI wish more ppl would take a stand against them, I like the attitude the EU has on microsoft business tactics09:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCADOBE is in many ways its own worse enemy. They cause most of the problems it seems.09:36
techbwwell at the rate people are moving to linux, and windows 7 is a hashup, it sux just like vista09:37
dwidmann!offtopic | Dr_Willis_ZNC dwidmann buckethead techbw09:37
ubottuDr_Willis_ZNC dwidmann buckethead techbw: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!09:37
bucketheadYeah, Tell yourself your offtopic! Lol.09:38
Dr_Willis_ZNCBut Daddy! He Started it! :)09:38
dwidmanngotta remind myself from time to time :)09:38
dwidmanntechbw: read the XKCD on that one if you haven't already (it's recent), you'll die laughing09:39
bucketheadI walked in half way.. Its definately that guys fault. .me puts over there!09:39
techbwinstallation of kubuntu-restricted-extras failed09:41
dwidmanntechbw: it did?09:41
techbwyep, the installation itself, not the outcome09:42
techbwtrying again09:42
techbwnow can't even open adept09:42
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:43
techbwtrying now.09:43
bucketheadWhat version of adept? The one in intrepid isn't worth the code its written on.09:43
techbwah got to redownload....must have been a download issue09:45
techbwI am using 8.04 so don't know what it's codename is09:45
dwidmannbuckethead: cruel ... though I don't see myself turning to it, umm, at all09:45
techbwfiest fawn i think09:45
dwidmannhardy heron09:45
techbwi don't know much command line...still learning.  I prefer to use command line when I can. except when looking for software then browse through the list is adept09:46
bucketheadI think Heron still had the useful one.09:46
Dr_Willis_ZNCI alwyas install Synaptic first  thing :)09:47
bucketheadkpackagekit is supposed to come in april, I believe.09:47
dwidmannI just use apt-get and a handful of aliases09:47
bucketheadWhat do you guys think about kmail vs thunderbird?09:48
techbwstill no luck with kubuntu-restricted-extras09:49
techbwoh but wait i need to restart firefox09:49
dwidmannkmail seems goofy/slow with IMAP last I checked, so I use thunderbird09:49
bucketheadthunderbird on kde seems unfinished to me.09:50
techbwstill have get the latest flash player thingy on youtube09:50
bucketheadI was thinking about switching, especially with akonadi coming to mainstream next week.09:50
dwidmannbuckethead: sticks out like a sore thumb09:50
dwidmannbuckethead: I'll have to check it out then, and perhaps Mailody also09:51
dwidmannbuckethead: or maybe I'll just do it now, I've got most of RC1 built09:51
techbwwhat is the command to remove the package, to re-download it, to purge installation09:52
dwidmannsudo apt-get remove --purge package; sudo apt-get install package09:52
dwidmannerm, oops, second part isn't needed, I saw the word installation and through that in there .09:53
bucketheadYeah, I'm not that early of an adopter.09:53
bucketheadI'll wait until about a week after the big day.09:53
dwidmannbuckethead: the RC is mostly stable ... plasma is extra crashy though, but it is fairly good at recovering itself09:53
bucketheadI'm too linux-stupid to take big risks.09:54
techbwthe first time it came up with a window to accept eula, and that does not come up any more09:54
dwidmannbuckethead: well, I'm compiling it and putting it in /usr/local, so it doesn't get in the way09:54
techbwit's also not re-downloading, it runns streight from disk09:54
dwidmannbuckethead: safe too09:54
dwidmanntechbw: ah, purge the cache, that's different, apt-get clean09:55
techbwk thanks09:56
techbwthat has now got sun java installed, but still nothing on flash player09:58
Dr_Willis_ZNChow are you testing flash player?09:58
techbwboth adobe plugins and flashplugin-nonfree is installed? and yet firefox not detecting the installation10:00
techbwaah! seems to be downloading the packages again eventually10:02
Dr_Willis_ZNCyou are doing this from the command line?10:09
Dr_Willis_ZNCbe sure  firefox is closed. :0 for one thing.10:09
bucketheadhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/17388/ <- Some idiot wants KDE to use GNOME colors. Lets all 'no' that right now!10:11
Dr_Willis_ZNCthats why we have color themes......10:12
Dr_Willis_ZNCuse what you want.10:12
Dr_Willis_ZNCi want very clear/simple themes..10:14
Dr_Willis_ZNCI dont need fancy rounded buttons or gradients or stuff that makes it harder for me to see where the buttons are. :)10:14
bucketheadLol. I'10:18
bucketheadm a pretty simple guy. I don't know where the enter button came from right there either.10:18
bucketheadCan I make the little popup not popup when I mouse over a certain window?10:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCthe little Popup?10:21
bucketheadWhen I mouse over an application on the panel, it comes up with a preview of the window.10:21
Dr_Willis_ZNCI think thats a disabeable setting..10:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCbut i dont use kde4 enough to know where.10:22
bucketheadNeed it to go away for VLC to fullscreen correctly. If I don't wait for the popup to go away, the vle will reminimize.10:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCif you are using COMPIZ i know its in ccsm somwerhe. ;)10:22
Dr_Willis_ZNCI cant say that vie noticed the issue with vlc.. guess i could check  - but id have to logout and go back to kde :)10:23
Dr_Willis_ZNClets see if znc can handle this.. :) brb10:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCHmm :)10:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCznc seemed to work10:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCYou can disable the taskbar thumbnails -> any window titlebar -> configure window behiavor -> All Effects Tab.10:29
mike_hi all10:34
=== mike_ is now known as Guest31360
Guest31360???? how can I set kde to its default settings?10:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCdelete all the .kde* direcories is one hard core way10:35
Guest31360can do this and replace kde ???  rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity10:36
Guest31360use kde instead of gnome10:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCthose dirs would reset/remove the various gnome settings10:36
Guest31360I set gnome to defualt10:36
Dr_Willis_ZNClook in your home dir10:36
Guest31360it got screwed up10:36
Dr_Willis_ZNClook for .kde* directories10:36
Guest31360under user?10:37
Guest31360I cant get back my window buttons is the problem and window switcher doesnt work10:37
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
Guest31360Dr Willis are the .kde directories under home?10:39
Dr_Willis_ZNCof course they are. :)10:42
Guest31360ok found them then tyvm10:42
Dr_Willis_ZNC echo .k*10:42
Dr_Willis_ZNC.kbluetooth4 .kde .kderc10:42
Dr_Willis_ZNCnot sure what .kderc does.. it has some font settings it seems10:43
Guest31360.kpackage too10:43
Guest31360all of them I guess10:43
noaXesshi all10:45
noaXessin system settings / keyboard / keyboard shortcuts i have a lot of entries, same entries.. is there a way to clean that entries?10:46
noaXessjey Dr_Willis_ZNC10:46
noaXessthe shortcut entries are in "KDE Menu Editor"10:46
Dr_Willis_ZNCtesting out ZNC right now. :)10:47
Dr_Willis_ZNCits sort of handy10:48
Guest31360whats ZNC?10:49
Dr_Willis_ZNCa IRC bouncer thing/service. :)10:49
Dr_Willis_ZNCall the irc clients i got on the lan can connect to it.. and it forwards them all here.10:50
Dr_Willis_ZNCso if i close them all out. i still appear to be here.. and it logs whats going on10:50
noaXessany idea, tip about my keyboard shortcut problem?10:52
noaXesswhere are they stored? is there a config file to manually edit and delete all the entries that i don't want?10:53
Dr_Willis_ZNCThe menus are normally generated from various .desktop files  in places across the system10:55
Dr_Willis_ZNCNot sure why you would have redundatn ones..10:55
labI'm really getting mad with these plasmoids.. I can't install them at all with the widgets manager and I don't find any instruction for doing that. I have a xxx.skz file: what should I do with it ? please..help me!11:00
Dr_Willis_ZNC#kde may have some info. or kde-look.org - I dont use kde4 enough to even know11:02
BigMikewell I am up and running again on kde yehaw!! ty Dr willis11:03
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Kubphil
The-CompilerHow can I do a "for i in <all numbers from 1 to 999>" in bash?11:22
ActionParsnipThe-Compiler: let me search11:24
The-Compilerit was {1..999}11:25
ActionParsnipyeah that makes sense, have yo utried it with brackets?11:26
Dr_Willis_ZNCI though brackets ment somthing else...  But id have to double check that Advanced-bash-scripting guide to be sure. :)11:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCits late11:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCand i may be gettting bash stuff confused with regular expressions again11:31
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/11:31
n1ckim having trouble saving javascript files and opening in firefox11:31
n1ckfirefox not executing scripts11:31
n1cki think editor is not saving the right characters11:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: () are parenthesis11:31
n1cksome encoding problem ?11:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: {} are braces11:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: [] are brackets11:32
Dr_Willis_ZNC yes.. and bash uses them one way.. and regular expressions often use them the other way :)11:32
Dr_Willis_ZNCI stared at a bash script for an hr once.. and reaized i got them confused..  now im coufused as to how i got confused about beign confused11:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCI do think thers proerly a dozen ways to do the  for 1 to 999 thing in bash11:33
Dr_Willis_ZNChttp://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/loops1.html example 10-1211:35
ActionParsnipif agent_bob or _2 were here he'd tell you in a second11:35
Dr_Willis_ZNCor a in `seq 999`11:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCid never even seen the seq command befor.. :)11:36
ActionParsnip!info seq11:39
ubottuPackage seq does not exist in intrepid11:39
Dr_Willis_ZNC!find seq11:40
ubottuFound: cl-split-sequence, libdbix-sequence-perl, libsequel-core-ruby, libsequel-core-ruby1.8, libsequel-ruby (and 3 others)11:40
ActionParsnipi think ubottu only shows packages and not kernel commands (couldnt think of a better way to put it)11:43
n1ckim getting illegal characters when i edit a file in any editor11:44
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
ActionParsnipn1ck: jail for you then boy11:57
n1ckactionparsnip: :D11:58
rajHi everyone11:58
n1ckthe file saves correctly, but when i open it in firefox, the javascript in the file does not execute, so i think the file is not saving characters like quotes in the right m,anner11:59
Eutychushello room11:59
Dr_Willis_ZNCfind the url to the file.. use wget to download it perhaps12:00
Eutychusshould it take over 2 hours for the kubuntu install cd  to partition a laptop hd with vista on it?12:00
ActionParsnipn1ck: check your regional setting and keyboard layout is correct12:00
Dr_Willis_ZNCvista can resize the vista parittions MUCH faster then ubuntu/kubuntu did for me.12:00
Eutychusit looks stuck12:01
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,   if its resizing the hard drive..it might.. but i never did that from the livecd.12:01
n1ckactionparsnip : ok12:01
Eutychushow long should i wait. or do i have a choice?12:01
nahyhey guy. it's been a while whenever i want to install something this message appears "archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing12:01
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  it is resizing?or are you at some other step?12:01
Eutychusstep 3 creating two partitions12:02
Eutychusguided partition.12:02
nahyhow can i restore this archive "partial"?12:02
Eutychusi cant tell what it is doing because i resized the window and nothing has refreshed. the cursor is two spinning circles, but everything else is whited out.12:03
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  seeif you can hit alt-ctrl-f1 through f7 to see any log/info on whats going on.12:03
Eutychusalt-ctrl-f1 rebooted the computer....12:04
Dr_Willis_ZNCthat shouldnet of done it..12:04
Dr_Willis_ZNCsounds like somthing else crashed as ya did that..12:04
Eutychusnow ihave a black screen that reads loading, please wait...12:04
Dr_Willis_ZNCI woudl  boot to vista.. have it check/defrag the windows drive.. and then use the vista toosl to  resize the windows drive.. and leave a section at the back of the drive 'unallocated'  let the installer use that.12:05
Dr_Willis_ZNCthe vista tools can resize a vista parittion in amazing speeds.  :) not sure how its able to do it so fast12:06
Eutychusalt-ctrl f2 gives me a curser12:06
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: can it resize the system drive?12:07
nahyhow can i restore this archive "partial"?12:07
Dr_Willis_ZNCActionParsnip,  yes.. no idea how.. but it can12:07
n1ckarsnip:thanks buddy, that solved my problem :)12:07
Dr_Willis_ZNCActionParsnip,  thats what i did onmy laptops :) first thing12:07
n1cki mean ActionParsnip :D12:08
Eutychusmy bad... it didnt reboot, that was just the disk spinning the screen blanking...12:08
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: weird, i dont have any intention of poluting my system with vista12:08
ActionParsnipn1ck: np bro12:09
Eutychushow do i get out of it safely?12:09
Eutychusor can i?12:10
Dr_Willis_ZNChit some keys -- see if ya can see ani info /mseeages on the alt-ctrl-f1 throguh f6 consoles12:13
Dr_Willis_ZNCit may give a clue12:13
AisonI tried to apt-get kubuntu-desktop, but now I get some conflict with12:13
Dr_Willis_ZNCI hate to just say reboot.. while its in the middle of disk resizing.. thats NOT a good thing to do12:13
Aisondolphin and kde-icons-oxygen :(12:13
Aisonapt-get cant install dolphin because of some existing icon in both packets12:14
Dr_Willis_ZNCAison,  tryign to isntall the  4.2  rc1 stuff? or just 4.1 ?12:15
Aisonit's 4.112:15
Dr_Willis_ZNCsounds like a confused package/update12:16
Dr_Willis_ZNCtry a 'sudo apt-get update'  'sudo apt-get upgrade' then try installing them again.12:16
Dr_Willis_ZNC alternatively see the topic.. and try kde 4.2 rc1  - its Much improved over 4.112:17
Dr_Willis_ZNCI will note that i rarely use kde4 -  i just dont care much for it12:17
Aisonthe point is, I cant do anything now with apt-get12:17
Aisonthere's allways an error now12:17
Dr_Willis_ZNCupdate/upgrade dont even work eh?12:17
navid_how can i restore this archive "partial"?12:17
Eutychusf1 = black screen with words "loading please wait..." and a cursor.  f2 ubuntu insturciton for root and sudo commands with a cursor: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$.  f3 display all 2109 possibilites (y or n)?  f7 takes me back to the wihited out gui of the guided partition with the two cirlced cursor moving in circles. f8 error messages. f10 blank black screen w cursor.  f11 the rest5 dont do anyting as...12:17
Eutychus...far as i can tell.12:17
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  that statement makes little sence.12:17
navid_hey guy. it's been a while whenever i want to install something this message appears "archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing12:17
AisonDr_Willis_ZNC, update works, but upgrade not, because of broken dep error12:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCAison,  id remove one of the offending packages perhaps.. and get apt working again12:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  f3 says that becaus you hit the escape key :)12:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  well..  you could get to a shell on  the F1 or F2 console and try the top command and see whats running...12:19
navid_i erased my archive to free up some disk space12:19
Eutychuswhat should i do?12:19
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  i forget the name of the  insatller.. IF the thing is done resizing the drives.. you could reboot.. but if you reboot while its resizeing = possible to lose all data on the drive12:19
Eutychusjuist type in top?12:19
Dr_Willis_ZNCtop commandis safe :)12:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCit shows whats running12:20
AisonDr_Willis_ZNC, I cant remove anything ;)12:20
Dr_Willis_ZNCAison,  thers some apt-get -f option. but ive not used it in ages12:20
Dr_Willis_ZNC-f for fix12:20
ActionParsnipsudo apt-get -f install12:21
Eutychusiit shows things running... like an old batch schedule12:21
AisonActionParsnip, sudo apt-get -f install simply tries to reinstall dolphin, but this dont work12:22
ActionParsnipAison: what are you trying to achieve?12:22
Eutychusroot, haldeamo, ubuntu, etc12:22
navid_Dr_Willis_ZNC: what should i do?12:22
AisonI tried to install kubuntu-desktop12:22
navid_how can i fix it?12:23
Aisonnow dolphin package have got same icons als kde-icons-oxygen12:23
Aisonis there no force?12:23
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  im not sclear on what you are doing - or are trying to do. you deleted an archive...12:23
Dr_Willis_ZNCkubuntu-desktop is a meta-package it just depends onthe other packages.. those are conflicting.. thats the issue12:24
navid_someone told me to free up some space it is the way12:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCyou could try to force the install of those 2 packages.. then  try to reinstall kubuntu-desktop12:24
AisonDr_Willis_ZNC, yes, how do I force installing a package ;)12:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,   'an archive' what archive?12:24
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)12:24
Dr_Willis_ZNCAison,  i think -f is mistakenly thought to be for  force..or there may be some other option.   Id have to double check that apt-get docs12:25
Eutychusubiquity, zorg, hald, ... i dont know what all that means... does that mean it is partitioning and i should just be patient?12:25
Dr_Willis_ZNCubiquity is the installer.12:25
ActionParsnipAison: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall install kubuntu-desktop12:25
Dr_Willis_ZNCI think..12:25
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,   how big a hard drive was this anyway>12:26
Eutychusbut i dont think vista was using over 30.12:27
Eutychus*but i think vista was using over 30.12:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCEutychus,  that shoudlent take much time at all to resize...  its been 2 hrs?12:27
navid_i erased anything i found in this folder: /var/cache/apt/archives12:27
AisonActionParsnip, that's the error: http://rafb.net/p/drBXNT53.html12:27
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  so whats the problem exactly? the package manager will redownload the files to that location as needed.12:27
Eutychusgoing on the 2nd hour.12:27
colomarHi @all12:28
Eutychusit is using 99-100% of the cpu and abouty 4% of the memory12:28
navid_i don't know why it says that this file "partial" is missing?????12:28
navid_i got to go12:29
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  partial is a DIRECTORY thats in  /var/cache/apt/archives/partial12:29
Dr_Willis_ZNCsudo mkdir  -p  /var/cache/apt/archives/partial12:29
Dr_Willis_ZNC  and try again12:29
ActionParsnipAison: sudo apt-get install --reinstall dolphin; sudo apt-get --reinstall install kubuntu-desktop12:30
navid_ok so you suggest that i make that directory?12:30
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  thas what the command i just gave does12:30
colomarJust a (hopefully) quick question: I switched on the effect "Sharpen" in KDE4 and it somehow broke kwin/plasma/whatever) because now everything is too slow to just do anything (when only the standard effect set is turned on, everything works fine). Now how do I reset the effects without using the settings GUI?12:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCcolomar,  it crashed kde4 here also..i couldnet tell what it did.12:31
Dr_Willis_ZNCNo idea how to reset it. :)12:32
Dr_Willis_ZNCim in gnome at the moment12:32
ActionParsniphey all, what can a user do if lspci and lshw are not commands on the system?12:32
navid_OK thank you very much12:32
ActionParsnipDr_Willis_ZNC: rename ~/.kde4 and / or ~/.kde12:32
Dr_Willis_ZNCcheck that they are  in the normal path?    /usr/bin/lspci12:32
navid_it works\12:32
navid_i want to know something else12:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCnavid_,  thers specific commands deisgned to clean out that 'cache'  other then just removeind the directrory12:33
Eutychusi need to go to bed. if i shut the lid of the laptop witll it continue, and should i leave it showing the dos looking stuff or change it back to the gui?12:33
AisonActionParsnip, you see, cant work: http://rafb.net/p/1z0Ewq60.html12:34
AisonI also can't remove kde-icons-oxygen12:34
navid_i have three (3) kernels that i think it have messed up my disk space how can i remove two olders?12:34
ActionParsnipAison: perfect12:35
ActionParsnipAison: sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/dolphin_4%3a4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_amd64.deb12:35
Eutychushow do i get out of the top command?12:35
Dr_Willis_ZNC3 kenrels dont take up much space.. Unless you are real real real tight on space.12:35
navid_i have 4GB for my root12:36
navid_isn't that enough12:37
Dr_Willis_ZNCthat wouldnent hold my wallpaper collection. :)12:37
ActionParsnipnavid_: yeah, ive installed a system on 2.5Gb12:37
Dr_Willis_ZNC4gb would barely be enough.. if you keep /var/cache/apt clean and stuff12:37
ActionParsnipEutychus: run konsole, type top, hit enter12:37
ActionParsnipAison: better?12:38
navid_i know and i'm using windows and linux together12:38
Eutychusit reads PID to Kill. when i type in run console it beeps and reads "not valid"12:39
navid_and what is the reason that my disk is getting full so quickly12:39
ActionParsnipEutychus: try: ps -ef | grep <command>12:39
ActionParsnipEutychus: e.g. ps -ef | grep firefox12:40
Eutychusthis wont hurt the ubiquity isntaller>?12:40
AisonActionParsnip, yes, for now ;)12:40
ActionParsnipEutychus: depends what ap you are killing12:41
Eutychusi want to get out of the top thing and go back to the gui where ubiquity is supposed to be partitioning the hard drive (but it has been two hours)12:41
navid_and what is the reason that my disk is getting full so quickly?12:41
ActionParsnipAison: try keeping your forces to the absolute minimum12:42
ActionParsnipAison: you cn REALLY damage your system if you use it incorrectly12:42
ActionParsnipAison: like forcing an app when you dont have the deps will make your system think you have those deps when it doesnt12:43
Aisonk, brb in 2min12:44
Eutychuscrap. now i am in something called "current fields" how do i get out of this thing without destroying the data?12:45
Eutychusaha! Q for quit.12:46
Eutychuserr... little q.12:46
colomar(ha, solved my problem. Since I don12:46
Eutychusif ubiquity is still stuck when i wake up, what should i do?12:46
colomarSince I don't seem to be the only one who had the problem with a certain effect effectively killing kwin, where should I best post the solution?12:47
ActionParsnipAison: better?12:48
Aisonwhen i removed some packages by  apt-get remove --purge  and now another package comes and would like to install it, because it needs it. why is it blocked?12:49
AisonActionParsnip, what means "Depends: ... but is not going to be installed"12:50
Aisonwhy is it not going to be installed?!?12:51
noaXessin system settings / keyboard / keyboard shortcuts / KDE Menu Editor i have a lot of entries, same entries.. is there a way to clean that entries?12:53
AisonActionParsnip, hehe, I added now kde-4.2-rc1 to source.list12:59
Aisonafter apt-get update, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop works12:59
ActionParsnipAison: sweet13:00
ActionParsnipAison: yeah sometimes the packages just need telling its ok to install13:00
ActionParsnipas there are file crossovers, but force fixes it13:01
Aisonbrb, restart and show what happens :)13:02
AisonActionParsnip, nice one, it works13:07
mastern e 1 there?13:11
masteri need some help abt kde13:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:13
masteri have removed the bottom panel in kde, how can i get it back with all the icons that were there originally?13:14
aftertafer hi :)13:14
aftertafi'm making a custom live cd from an official iso.... i wanted to know if theres a way to bypass the 'choose your language' and the menu at boot time...13:14
aftertafand at the same time to make tty1 have the boot stuff (and the script I run via /etc/init.d/ also) . . . .13:14
aftertafbcos it runs my script, but have to Alt F8 to see it :(13:15
masteris there a way to reinstall kde?13:15
aftertafmaster kde3 or 4 ?13:15
masterkde 413:16
bob__sudo apt-get remove kde4?13:16
aftertafmaster: no need to reinstall to add the panel13:17
aftertafjust add a panel.13:17
masteri have kde 4 installed but now as i have removed the bottom panel accidently i want to reinstall it or bring it back to default13:17
aftertafand remake it from plasma13:17
masterhow to access plasma?13:17
masteru see there are no icons on my desktop13:18
bob__right click on your desktop13:18
=== rohan is now known as shadeslayer
bob__add panel13:18
shadeslayerhey i have a small problem with GRUB13:19
masterbob__ i have done that but i can't get K icon, it was like a start menu13:19
aftertafmaster: add a panel first13:19
aftertafthen right click the panel and add the launcher13:19
shadeslayermy freind formatted his kubuntu partion and lost his GRUB13:20
masterit will ask me a command i think13:20
bob__did he have /boot on a different partition?13:20
shadeslayeryeah vista13:20
ActionParsnip!grub | shadeslayer13:21
ubottushadeslayer: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:21
bob__ActionParsnip: you anygood with nvidia13:21
Aisondamn, I switched my desktop to show a folder. but now I can't switch it back ;)  nor it's possible to change the apperiance settings13:21
ActionParsnipbob__: in what way?13:21
Aisonon the popup menu I have got Refresh-Desktop instead of Appereance Settings ;)13:21
bob__well i install the ones off the web site and my monitor goes into power saving mode13:22
bob__ive added a modeline for the resolution13:22
ActionParsnipbob__: have you set the res / refresh in nvidia-settings?13:22
fjellrev1Anyone had any experience with movie players cutting movies short ?13:23
ActionParsnipbob__: try changing the refresh rate for the monitor13:23
shadeslayerok i get stuck at step 213:24
=== homepc is now known as homepc_
=== homepc_ is now known as H3rBz
shadeslayerit says file not found after find /grub/stage113:24
H3rBzWhat media player are your using?13:24
=== milian-laptop is now known as milian
=== milian is now known as milian-laptop
=== milian-laptop is now known as milian_
bob__thing is ActionParsnip i dont think its a problem with my refresh rate because when i reload X i cant even ctrl alt to another teminal13:26
masterwhat is the command to remove KDE 4?13:26
=== milian_ is now known as milian-laptop_
ActionParsnipbob__: kdesudo nvidia-settings should help you config the video13:26
=== milian-laptop_ is now known as milian-laptop
homepcCan't you do ti in the GUI?13:27
ActionParsnipmaster: dpkg -l | grep nightly13:27
tobormaster: apt-get remove <package name>13:27
MaiIs some imagemagick-expert here? I'm searching for a way, to move the content of a picture down, without resizing it.13:27
ActionParsnipmaster: sudo apt-get --purge remove <whatever>13:27
toborMai - explain "down"13:28
masterthanks actionparsnip13:28
toborMai: do you mean you want the picture "lower" within its border?13:28
ActionParsnipmaster: that removes kde 4.213:28
shadeslayerok im trying to repair to GRUB editor13:28
shadeslayerinstalling a new GRUB13:29
homepcIs Wubi a good long term option?13:29
toborMai: I suspect a language barrier/problem here13:29
shadeslayerit says install on13:29
ActionParsnipmaster: is that what you wanted?13:29
=== homepc is now known as H3rBz
masteri am trying to remove kde 413:29
ActionParsniphomepc: not really, its more a try it app13:29
Maitobor: Well, mainly, move anything from one point to another13:30
shadeslayerand when i write  /dev/scd ,the scd part cannot be typed13:30
masterso i typed  apt-get remove kde13:30
ActionParsnipH3rBz: i'd recommend a full install13:30
aftertafhow can I change the boot options on a live CD i'm customising?13:30
aftertafi want to remove the splash13:30
ActionParsnip!puregnome | master13:30
toborMai: so you want to cut a part of the image out and paste it down in diffeent part of the picture?13:30
aftertafbut no /boot/grub/menu.lst on the live cd .13:30
ubottumaster: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »13:30
H3rBzThanks, I'm just a bit worried... I sadly depend on windows 4 work related stuff13:30
masterno no13:31
Maitobot: I think something like add a retangle on one side, an remove a port on the other side could work, if imagemagick can do this.13:31
Maitobor: yes.13:31
masterwell is there a way to repair kde13:31
ActionParsnipmaster: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall install kubuntu-desktop13:31
toborMai: hmm - I know that can be done in gimp.  I don'tknow if it can be done in imagemagick. (Note: Gimp can run scripts )13:32
aftertafrepair aint the god word.13:32
masterwhat will happen with that command13:32
shadeslayeractionparsnip:any idea13:32
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots13:32
aftertafmaster. added the panel yet?13:32
masteri am sorry to say but no i didn't13:32
aftertafmaster: dont uninstall kde etc . . .13:32
aftertafjust for a panel . . .13:32
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: all i can recommend is the factoid, if you run sudo fdisk -l you wall see the disks as well as the partitions on them13:33
aftertafmaster, can you right click your sektop and add a panel or not? Does it work?13:33
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: you can then use it to help install grub to13:33
shadeslayerim was gonna run that13:33
shadeslayerwhich one???13:33
ActionParsnipmaster: kubuntu-desktop is a meta package13:33
masteryes it works13:33
shadeslayerim trying to install it to /dev/sdc13:33
aftertafmaster, ok so you have a panel?13:33
masteri have installed it earlier13:33
Maitobor: Hm, where can i find an example-script for Gimp? An can Gimp handle pdf's?13:33
ActionParsnipmaster: its like a package of packages and it will install everythng to give you kubuntu13:33
masteri know13:34
masterbut i don't want kubutu13:34
aftertafok. right ckick the panel, choose panel options, add plasmoid13:34
masteri just want kde13:34
ActionParsnipmaster: it will reinstall over the top, all the stuff that makes kubuntu be kubuntu, like kate and kdesudo and other such packages13:34
aftertafkubuntu is a distribution with kde thats all13:34
masterok lt me explain what i didi13:35
shadeslayeractionparsnip:can you tell me the command for terminal installation of grub using fdisk13:35
ActionParsnipmaster: how are you distinguishing the difference, kubuntu is ubuntu but instead of gnome + metacity, it uses kde + kwin13:35
toborMai: example scripts are (AFAIK) in the Gimp package. I don't know if Gimp handles PDF's. PDF's can be converted to html, which produces JPEGs of the images in the PDF (and sometimes JPEGS of the pages too!)13:35
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: fdisk doesnt install grub13:35
toboronce you have a JPEG you can Gimp it.13:35
toborMai: see the "pdftohtml" command.13:36
shadeslayerok then what installs it??13:36
ActionParsniptobor: you have a cups pdf printer by default13:37
shadeslayercant i use the grub editor to restore GRUB13:37
shadeslayeri just need the path to install it13:37
aftertaf /boot/grub/menu.lst13:37
shadeslayerit wont let me type that path13:38
vmthello all .) i have ubuntu 8.04 and Im looking for chkconfig. It isnt there and its also not installable. How can I now configure the init scripts? And where is chkconfig gone?13:38
vmtcan someone help?13:38
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chkconfig13:39
vmtahh, okay thanks!13:39
=== homepc is now known as H3rBz
H3rBzbest ubuntu torrent cilent please ?13:39
shadeslayeri have /sda/dev1 as my boot partition13:39
Pici!best | H3rBz13:40
ubottuH3rBz: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:40
shadeslayerbut it gives some error13:40
ActionParsnip!torrents | H3rBz13:40
ubottuH3rBz: Kubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) torrents can be obtained at http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 3.5.9) or http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 4.0.3)13:40
ActionParsnip!torrent | H3rBz13:40
ubottuH3rBz: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P13:40
ActionParsnipH3rBz: try some of those, see which you like13:40
H3rBzWhich would you reccomend please?13:41
ActionParsnipH3rBz: i use ktorrent personally but that doesnt make it the best, there is no best anything otherwise we'd all use that and nothing else13:41
H3rBzI;m looking for something uTorrent like13:41
ActionParsnipH3rBz: and the other teams would fizzle out as their product wouldnt be used13:41
ActionParsnipH3rBz: ktorrent is quite utorrent like afaik13:41
ActionParsnipH3rBz: try something new, you might suprise yourself13:42
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
H3rBzAny Australian linux users in here?13:43
vmthmm, I had a look upstart page, but there is nothing explained how I can prevent a service starting during bootup. How can I do this now? Can someone help?13:44
wesley__Jaunty alpha 3 wasnt that released already ?13:50
wesley__Why is Kubuntu not making news post about it anymore ?13:51
wesley__19 Jan, 15 jan they released alpha 3, but no release news on Kubuntu website13:52
robin0800wesley: perhaps 27th of january for alpha3 and kde 4.213:55
shadeslayerwill reinstalling Kubuntu work???13:55
riorioI just upgraded to 8.10 and everything is just fine; except the desktop is slightly larger than my window.  Where can I change this?13:56
masteri think u should check hardware drivers13:57
riorioyes,  ok, I'm searching for them13:57
mastersystem-administration-hardware drivers13:58
riorioyes, it's just that my desktop speaks Swedish and I have to use some imagination and tanslation to find things13:58
ActionParsnip!puregnome > master13:58
ubottumaster, please see my private message13:58
rioriomaster, "no propietary drivers on this system" -- thx for the tip14:00
riorioI'll have to install that NVIDIA thing again14:01
riorioor is there a package for it now?14:01
masterk riorio14:01
riorioI used to run ENVY14:01
masterenvy is good14:01
ActionParsnipenvy is nasty14:02
rioriook, I'll have a look.  Thanks anyways14:02
ActionParsnipriorio: what gfx card do you run?14:02
masteri have seen people recommending it for nvidia14:02
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk14:02
Tm_Tenvy is not supported, so...14:02
bob__envyng is tho14:02
riorioActionParsnip, dunno, but my computer i from 2002, its old stuff14:03
ActionParsnipmaster: the large majority of nvidia cards are supported by nvidia-glx-18814:03
ActionParsnipriorio: run: lspci | grep -i vga14:03
ActionParsnipriorio: whats it say?14:03
ActionParsnipriorio: whats the output say?14:04
rioriotwo screen of information14:04
ActionParsnipriorio: should only be 1 line14:05
rioriooh, wrong command, moment...14:05
riorioVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV15DDR [GeForce2 Ti] (rev a4)14:06
bob__heh according to the latest nvidia drivers and a Xorg -configure i have a 9800gx2 which i do and  nvidia tesla s870 gfx cards which i dont :S14:06
ActionParsnipriorio: i used to have one of those, tis are sweet14:08
riorio:) dunno, I never had a look at it14:09
bukharinhello all14:09
ActionParsnipriorio: remove all the envy garbage, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-71 nvidia-settings14:10
rioriooh, I just opened Adept14:10
* riorio is opening a terminal instead14:10
ActionParsnipriorio: make sure yuo close adept or it wont work14:11
bukharini have a tricky one: i got a dvd recorded with a mac os x computer. it contains one file, a mov video. The filename includes a spanish tilde (í), and aparently, mac os x uses some weird char enconding, and in linux and windows, the file produces I/O error when accessed. How can i copy it to hd ignoring the file name? i am of the idea that there's a command to do low level copy, but wouldn't know how...14:11
ActionParsnipbukharin: you could use mencode as long as the video is playable14:12
ActionParsnipbukharin: you should stick to the standard formats to avoid issues14:12
riorioActionParsnip, thanks, is installing packages now14:12
bukharinActionParsnip: i know, i hat macs :P and quicktime and movs but is all i got, i didn't record it...14:12
bukharinActionParsnip: mencode is the encoder in mplayer, right?14:14
ActionParsnipriorio: once its installed: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:15
bukharinActionParsnip: i don't think that will work, since the file itself is not readable. i tried copying it with cp, but it did not work. dolphin bailsout on it too, and either vlc and kaffeine fail to paly it...14:15
riorioinstalled now, ok...14:15
ActionParsnipbukharin: yeah, as long as mplayer can play it, it can reencode it14:15
masterbye guys........see u all soon......14:15
ActionParsnipriorio: then press ctrl+alt+del, but not yet14:15
bukharinActionParsnip: let em chck if maplyer can deal with it.14:15
ActionParsnipriorio: then when you are back in, run kdesudo nvidia-settings14:15
ActionParsnipriorio: you will be told to run a command as root14:16
riorioActionParsnip, it is asking if I want to use an interface for frame buffers14:17
ActionParsnipjust sud <that command. restart x again then rerun kdesudo nvidia-settings14:17
riorio*core's fram buffers14:17
ActionParsnipriorio: use whatever is advised14:17
bukharinActionParsnip: no deal. bash doesn't recognize the file name, it fails to complete with tab, and the foreign char appears as a ?14:18
bukharinso mplayer fails with filenot found :(14:18
ActionParsnipbukharin: try: mv *.<whatever extension> file.<whatever extension>14:19
masteri am back14:20
ActionParsnipbukharin: or rename in a file browser14:22
bukharinActionParsnip: dolphin crashes when i try to acces it. and i can't rename it, as it is in a ro filesystem (a dvd).14:23
bukharinmv just finished, let me see what it did.14:23
bukharinActionParsnip: mv: reading `Camilo y Roc\241o 1': Input/output error14:23
bukharincp did the same thing just before.14:23
bukharinthat \241 should be an í14:24
ActionParsnipbukharin: is the file on a removable media? you could maybe mount iti with options to handle the special caracters14:25
ActionParsnipor rename it on the mac14:25
bukharinActionParsnip: i don't have a mac, i got this disc from someone else... what mount options should i use?14:26
bukharinActionParsnip or how can i find out what they need to be?14:26
shadeslayercan i remove GRUB??14:27
JohnFluxshadeslayer: and replace it with what?14:27
shadeslayerwell my friend formatted the Kubuntu partion thus causing grub to be fromatted too14:28
shadeslayeri was thinking of removing GRUB to directly load the vista boot loader14:28
JohnFluxyou don't really remove grub, but rather reinstall the vista boot loader14:29
JohnFluxso you need to look at how to install the vista boot loader14:29
shadeslayeri am currently reinstalling Kubuntu to reinstall GRUB14:29
etechhi, is there 64bit kubuntu faster than the 32bit kubuntu?14:29
bob__can anyone tell me why lspci | grep -i nvidia outputs this http://paste.ubuntu.com/106947/14:30
ActionParsnipbukharin: try adding iocharset=utf8 to the mount options14:32
BluesKajshadeslayer, I think the prob with vista might be the same as what i encountered with Windows 7. Upon rebooting from Windows to linux windows automatically reflags it's partition as the boot partition thereby bypassing grub altogether ...I havent solved this prob permannently but use gparted to reflag kubuntu as the boot partiton , then grub will reappear14:32
ActionParsnipbob__: the 9800 GX2 is supported by nvidia-glx-177 in intrepid14:33
ActionParsnipbob__: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/nvidia-glx-17714:33
shadeslayerBluesKaJ:actually the GRUB partition has been formatted altogether14:34
ActionParsnipbob__: it also supports all those named there14:34
BluesKajerr ,Upon rebooting from Windows to linux , windows automatically reflags14:34
shadeslayerso no GRUB14:34
shadeslayeronly 3 partitions with no bootloader14:34
BluesKajgrub is wiped ..are you sure ?14:34
shadeslayerit shows loading GRUB 1.514:34
shadeslayerthen cannot load grub14:34
BluesKajhave you tried reflagging kubuntu as the boot partition ?14:35
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: you may have to boot to livecd then chroot to the system on one other the partitions14:35
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: then reinstall grub14:35
shadeslayerok wait a sec14:35
shadeslayerone at a time14:35
shadeslayerim reinstalling Kubuntu14:35
shadeslayermaybe thatll reinstall grub14:36
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!14:37
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: what do you reckon to the chroot?14:38
bob__ActionParsnip: sorry my missus came in and distracted me14:38
gilles_i've got sometimes a graphic bug14:38
ActionParsnipbob__: np, its all above14:38
bob__but what i wanted to say to you is i dont have tesla cards14:38
ActionParsnipbob__: then ignore them, the geforce is your video card, its massively support14:38
gilles_i've got horizontal lines on the screen then it disappears14:38
BluesKajActionParsnip , dunno about that , I'm not familiar with what chroot really does in this case14:39
=== The-Compiler is now known as Marguerida
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: would make him be on his partition using the cd to boot but then moving into the unbootable partition, he can then install junk to his system14:40
shadeslayerreinstalling did the job14:41
BluesKajI'm going to investigate this further14:42
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: reinstall of what?14:42
BluesKajshadeslayer , let's hope it holds ...wait til you reboot from windows before you celebrate :P14:42
shadeslayerah well we will see about that14:43
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: do you mean entirely new install?14:43
shadeslayerwill do that in sec14:43
ipacholas coo estan14:43
ActionParsnip!es | ipac14:43
ubottuipac: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.14:43
bukharinActionParsnip: didn't work.14:44
bukharinActionParsnip: utf8 enables bash to see the file, and now tab completion recognizes it, and the í prints ok in konsole, but cp bails out with I/O error after trying to copy for ages (it's a 3.8 gb file :S)14:45
ActionParsnipbukharin: you need a special mount option to handle the characters14:45
ActionParsnipbukharin: is the media ok? any scratches etc?14:45
shadeslayerBTW i have a  partition missing in windows14:46
bukharinActionParsnip: i tried with iocharset=utf814:46
shadeslayerits detected in disk manager14:46
shadeslayerHP recovery partition14:46
ActionParsnipbukharin: find different ones so the character appears14:47
shadeslayerand it works by rebooting in windows :P14:47
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: watch your partition manipulation duder14:47
bukharinActionParsnip: the disc looks alright to me. didn't get your last line...14:47
bukharinshadeslayer: that partition is not regular.14:48
ActionParsnipbukharin: there are a tonne of mount options to make the system display chars correctly14:48
bukharinshadeslayer: it's used by a recovery cd14:48
shadeslayerbut my friend does not have a recovery CD14:48
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: if you accidentally removed a partition you sound like you arent being too careful14:48
bukharinActionParsnip: oh, you mean different charset options... i guess i'll have to find out what freakin charset mac os x uses for its cd burnin'14:48
bukharinActionParsnip thanks a lot14:49
shadeslayeri didnt remove a partition,i installed everything on top of the original Kubuntu14:49
shadeslayerthe same swap area and same kubuntu ext 3 partition14:49
bukharinshadeslayer. your hp partition is a partition used by a recovery media provided by the manufacturer of the computer. unless you intend on using said recovery media (and igf you don't have it then you won't be able to :P) you don't need it. if tyou are wondering, it contains an image of the sysetm as it came from the factory.14:50
ActionParsnipshadeslayer: the swap partition isnt ext314:50
bukharinshadeslayer and chances are that if you mdified the disc layout, it will no longer work. all major manufacturers provide said partition, usually in unusual sectors of disc (the beggining or the endm etc).14:50
shadeslayeri meant an ext 3 partition and swap partition14:51
shadeslayerok i see a HP recovery manager14:51
ActionParsnipok just checkin14:51
shadeslayertrying that out14:51
bukharinshadeslayer: may i ask, what is it exctly that you are trying to do? missed you before...14:53
shadeslayerok i tried the HP recovery disc creation but it says cannot detect recovery partition14:53
shadeslayerim trying to get my recovery partitionback14:53
shadeslayer*partition back14:55
shadeslayerBTW cant i do this thing:download a recovery disc(available free of cost) and burn it to a disc to create a recovery partition14:56
bukharinshadeslayer: what for?14:56
shadeslayermy freind wants the recovery partition back14:56
JohnFluxshadeslayer: I don't think the hp recovery disk can recover without the recovery partition14:57
JohnFluxI mean, doesn't it use the data that was in the recovery partition?14:57
JohnFluxI don't know if just creating a blank partition will work14:58
bukharinshadeslayer... the hp recovery partition is intented to be used in a system that is NOT going to be modified. to "rcover" anything, it asumes that you have just made minor changes within a partition, not remppaed the disc.14:58
shadeslayerahhh get the point thanks14:58
shadeslayerok im off bye14:58
bukharinshadeslayer: even more, if you are trying to repartition the disc to install a boot loader and a different os, the recovery partition program or whatever will freak out when you try to use, it will not recognize the disc and point you to HP for "suport"14:59
luizlista completa14:59
bukharinlista completa?14:59
BluesKajbukharin , most HP's have asmall app that aids owners to back up the recovery partiton on dvd, thereby saving money on recovery disks ..my wife's new pc had a dialog that would popup every session to backup the recovery partition until i did so .15:03
bukharinBluesKaj: i don't have a recent hp, but i had a compaq that came with a recovery partition, and once you changed the layout of the disjk, it ceased to work. if you don't make the backup before changing the layout, it stops working. at least taht is my experience with compaq and dell...15:05
ActionParsnipdont get why they cant just ship a genune cd with a cd to autoinstall drivers and apps15:05
Aisonstrange kde4.215:06
bukharinthey asume users will not attempt to change the ow level config of the box, and they dispose of the dis as they see fit. the problem is that is incredibly undocumented...15:06
bukharinActionParsnip: i mounted as hfsplus, and now mplayer plays it. no video, though :(15:07
BluesKajbukharin yes I'm fasmiliar with that , but I'm wondering if there aren't some backup dvds somewhere that help him reinstall windows or the mbr15:07
bukharinActionPArsnip: and dolphin still crashes when i try to read it...15:07
wesleyWhat a good program to record video with my webcam ?15:08
pcullumI've installed (upgraded to) 4.2 RC1 and the akonadi server is having trouble starting.  It looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/+bug/28040415:08
wesleykdenlive doesnt seem to reconigze my cam15:08
bukharinBluesKaj: mmm, yes, he could try to do that. but the point was that he was trying to preserve the recovery partition, and there's no point to that if you intend to mess with the mbr and disc layout...15:08
pcullumIs this a merge issue?15:08
bukharinBluesKaj: that's why i asked what wwas it that he was trying to do :P15:08
wesleyDoes someone know what the best program is to record video with my webcam ?15:10
wpionhow to reinstall KDE 4?15:11
ActionParsnipwpion: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall kubuntu-desktop15:14
wpionwesley, how about software with your web cam?15:14
wesleyLinux XD15:14
ActionParsnipwesley: cheese maybe15:14
ActionParsnip!webcam | wesley15:15
ubottuwesley: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras15:15
wpionActionParsnip:  will try15:15
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wesleyUh i am using now my Iphone to record does well to, kind of hard recording your sorry message15:15
wesleyThanks the jailbreak i can record with my iPhone15:16
wpionActionParsnip: +15:20
wpionhow to add date at the panel ubuntu, KDE 4. just right click-didn't help15:21
Tm_Twpion: rightclick in clock?15:21
wpionno at panel15:21
wpioni don't see the clock15:22
Tm_Twpion: date is shown only in clock15:22
Tm_Twpion: so if you don't have one, add one15:22
wpionwithout widgets15:22
wesleyholding your iphone before your and recording, its hard15:23
robin0800Jusst found out that on http://www.kubuntu.org/ the alpha 2 download is now pointing to alpha 315:24
wpionallright thanks... will work15:25
wpionbuy everyone15:25
wesleyrobin0800 thats because the alpha is released15:26
robin0800I know but they could have changed the desciption15:29
bukharinActionParsnip: just for the record, i mounted the disc with -t hfsplus, and was able to open it with mplayer, howefver, my box seems to be too slow to handle the file. thanks for the advice on charsets, though, pointed me in the right direction.15:31
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Aisonhow can I change the color of the control bar15:56
wesleyDoes someone know how to connect my iphone via shh with my notebook ?15:57
=== blackwaltz_ is now known as dwidmann
rocky_hello somebody know how to update bios16:09
rocky_helppp me16:09
dwidmannrocky_: You'll need to flash it ... how to do so probably varies from one manufacturer to another, so follow the instructions for the one you have on their website16:10
Brad777Hi everyone... my problem is an error that says kinit: name_to_dev_t(dev/disk/by-uuid/d524e729-ea67-4060-af97-8702cbd9b64c) = dev(8,2) kinit: trying to resume from dev/disk/by-uuid/d524e729-ea67-4060-af97-8702cbd9b64c kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot...16:12
shutdownJest ktos z polski?16:12
Pici!pl | shutdown16:13
Brad777I can't get to the gui part of kubuntu and if i go into a tty and do startx then everything freeze16:13
ubottushutdown: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl16:13
rjbBrad777: what you gave is not an error message, it's normal16:15
Brad777Okay but after I see that it doesn't boot it just sits there it's been like that for an hour and I've tried holding down the power button16:16
Brad777when it restarts it just goes back to that and sits there16:16
=== Marguerida is now known as The-Compiler
=== The-Compiler is now known as Marguerida
rjbBrad777: but you are able to log in on a VT?16:17
Brad777rjb: I can loginto tty consoles 2-616:18
rjbBrad777: try 'less /var/log/Xorg.0.log' and skip to the end16:20
Brad777rjb: Okay now what?16:21
rjbwhat do the last lines say?16:21
Brad777rjb: (II) UnloadModule: "evdev" (II) Gaming Keyboard: Close16:22
rjbuh that doesn't tell me much16:22
rjblook for lines that start with (EE)16:23
amehello... i have changed screen on my kubuntu.... but in setting>>monitor i can't find the exact model of monitor that a got... my monitor is a SyncMaster 710v16:24
amethat I got16:24
Brad777rjb: this is the only EE line i see (EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)16:25
amewhat can i do?16:25
Brad777ame: Is it lcd or crt?16:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor16:25
rjbBrad777: ok than try, at the command line, '/etc/init.d/kdm restart' and see what happens16:25
Brad777ame: what i did was put that it is a generic lcd or w/e its called in there and then pick the resolution16:25
rjbBrad777: sorry start that with a 'sudo'16:26
Brad777ame: what is your video card?16:27
Brad777rjb: nothing happened it's just sitting there16:28
rjbno output at all?16:29
Brad777rjb: no output or anything16:30
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
Brad777rjb: any ideas?16:33
ameBrad777: I've canged monitor in Generic PnP, but now it show immage in so many big way...16:34
The_ManU_212how to egt in ahrdy heron without upgrading vlc 916:34
The_ManU_212is tehre a source?16:34
ameimpossible to canghe this from setting...16:35
rjbBrad777: sorry out of ideas atm16:35
Brad777ame: u didn't save the settings did u?16:35
Aisonis there a package for nvidia 180.22 driver?16:35
amerigo!monitor lcd16:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor lcd16:36
amerigo! monitor16:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor16:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lcd16:36
Brad777amerigo = ame?16:36
ame2 pc16:36
amei don't know what should i do16:37
Brad777u can't change the resolution?16:37
amefrom setting no16:38
amenow i find several configuration in generic: Lcd16:38
amebut i don't know for this one16:38
ameSamsung Syncmaster 710V16:39
Brad777one sec dun break anything :-P16:39
Brad7771280 x 1024 / 75 Hz should be your resolution /refresh rate16:40
ameok i'll try....16:41
amethis in Xorg.conf?16:42
Brad777that depends16:42
Brad777ame: what is the video card/driver you are using?16:43
amenvidia FX 520016:43
peterzaldoes anyone know why my pageup/pagedown keys randomly stopped working (in a console) as intended? pageup does nothing pagedown displays a '~'16:44
Brad777ame: if you are using the proprietary driver u can go into the nvidia x server settings and set everything then it will add it to ur xorg file16:44
Brad777peterzal: try google i know nothing16:45
=== guedressel__ is now known as guedressel
ameBrad777: server disply conf max 600x48016:47
ameBrad777: in nvidia Server settings16:47
Brad777ame: try changing to different lcd monitors to find one with the right resolution/refresh rate16:48
rioriowhen I try to run nvidia-settings as root I get the message "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. [...]".  Any suggestions?  Everything looks OK, I'm just wondering if i should do something.16:55
rioriowhen I try to run nvidia-xconfig I get the message the command doesn't exist16:56
corinnai have an problem with openoffice.org-kde on hardy (kde3)16:57
ame!openoffice | corina16:58
ubottucorina: a free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org16:58
corinnaif i enable kde dialogs it wont work anymore16:58
irmidalliemoin moin16:58
corinnaif i disable kde dialogs in oo it works16:59
corinnawhats broken there and how it can be fixed?16:59
rioriocorinna, try #users.openoffice.org instead16:59
corinnaon debian it works17:00
RurouniJonesAnyone know when Hardy is gonna have this workaround to the "Laptop killing" bug fixed in acpi-support17:01
ameBrad777: i have changed conf for a similar monitor ... but nvidia server show it like a crt17:01
_moro_bana_kopete tells me :I cannot find the jasper image convert program.jasper is required to render the yahoo webcam images., help17:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jasper17:07
_moro_bana_the robot doesn't know!17:08
=== eric is now known as Guest30636
cuznti think it is a bug mono sometimes it works for me....... other times i get the error message too17:11
genii-around_moro_bana_: install package called libjasper-runtime17:14
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=== PANETE is now known as PANETE1982
PANETE1982questions?? were do i post?17:15
=== panete is now known as PANETE1982
=== PANETE1982 is now known as panete53
_moro_bana_genii-around: it worked thanks a lot, did you aptitude search it?17:21
panete1982i have a question about vaio. can anyone help me?17:22
_moro_bana_panete1982: dont ask to ask17:22
panete1982i have an Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 on my vaio and it doesnt appear any driver to install in Restricted Drivers17:23
panete1982do i need install of Intel graphic driver17:24
panete1982howdo i do it?17:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intel17:28
amerigo_anybody can give me HorizSync and VertRefresh for Samsung SyncMaster 710v17:28
cuzntmaybe you do not need it then17:28
cuznttry using google amerigo.17:29
panete1982cuznt, that was what i was thinking, but i want to have sure17:29
mitsarionasthere isn't a restricted driver for intel chips, intel's official driver is open source17:30
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.17:31
panete1982thankx ppl17:32
mitsarionasdoes anyone know if any of the leaked fglrx betas work with jaunty?17:33
dudu2256mudança de visual como faço?17:36
dudu2256mudança de visual como faço?17:37
Tm_T!br | dudu225617:37
ubottududu2256: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:37
mitsarionaslol is "use" a portuguese word too? :)17:39
shadeslayerruss:no need for caps17:48
shadeslayermaybe through adept,which add ons BTW17:49
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mimmociao a tutti18:09
Pici!it | mimmo18:10
ubottumimmo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:10
mimmograzie a te18:10
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zicadabeen doing quite a bit of looking around on the issue of ati fglrx proprietary drivers and the KDE4 desktop effect when playing movies18:12
zicadahas there been any workarounds or patches to solve this ?18:12
zicadausing xv is not an option18:13
weirdgooalt+tab doesn't work for fullscreen opengl application???18:13
zicadaweirdgoo: just run it on another display18:15
ghostcubedoesnt work onmacosx or windows too18:15
zicadaeg ctrl+alt+f818:15
zicadayou can just make a simple bash script to launch it to out it there18:15
weirdgooumm it works on windows gnoome kde4.1.something and kde318:15
zicadathen go file a bug18:16
weirdgooctrl+alt+f8 is empty18:16
weirdgoohow to login there?18:16
zicadaruss: please stop yelling sir18:17
mefisto__sudo apt-get install wine18:17
zicadaweirdgoo: you dont log in18:17
zicadaweirdgoo: you launch whatever glapp you wanted on it18:17
weirdgooso how to start something in there?18:17
russapologies i have bad eye sight18:17
zicadaweirdgoo: export DISPLAY, i dont remember exactly off the top of my head18:18
zicadaweirdgoo: google it, fairly simple18:18
zicadaruss: wine is installed like any other package, there's no hocus pokus18:19
zicadai dont suppose anyone has gotten their mitts on a opera x86_64 with qt4 libs ?18:19
zicadaor dynamically linked18:20
russim new to linux platform and no idea how to install things on here18:20
zicadaruss: ah, open up a terminal18:20
weirdgoojust use adept installer18:20
zicadayeah or that18:21
weirdgooor system->adept manager18:21
russok terminal opened18:21
mefisto__russ: in terminal, type: sudo apt-get install wine18:21
russok thats doing something18:22
WulongCan somoene recommend a «gnome-do»-like application for me?18:23
WulongWe had katapult back in the days.18:23
zicadaWulong: what's gnome-do ? :)18:23
weirdgoowhat is it?18:23
mefisto__I think it's like katapult18:24
mefisto__so, katapult, Wulong18:24
WulongNo hits in the ubuntu repositories.18:25
russnow got this18:25
russProcessing triggers for libc6 ...18:25
russldconfig deferred processing now taking place18:25
Wulongzicada: like quicksilver.18:25
mefisto__oh, is katapult not in intrepid repos?18:25
Wulongapt-cache search gives zero.18:25
ghostcuberuss, thats ok18:25
Wulongmefisto__: otherwise I wouldn't ask.18:26
WulongMaybe KDE4 has a new way..18:26
russthank you for your help guys :D18:26
mefisto__Wulong: I think if you just hit alt-F2 it does (almost) the same thing18:27
zicadayeah, kde4 has a new way18:27
abbcan someone help me with bcm431118:27
* Haza1 pokes mefisto__18:27
Haza1mefisto__: You about by any chance?18:27
zicadayou wanna like, save a search as a launchable item and such yeah ?18:28
mefisto__hey Haza118:28
Haza1mefisto__: Hey there!18:28
Haza1Quick question...18:28
Haza1Sound related again im afraid18:28
Wulongmefisto__: aha, let's hope it is «smart».18:28
abbis better install kde on ubuntu or kubuntu???18:29
ghostcubekommander-kde4 - visual dialog builder and executor tool18:29
ghostcubethids maybe18:29
mefisto__so what's the question Haza118:29
Wulongabb: kubuntu already has KDE, so there is no hassle.18:29
Haza1We got the 5.1 sound card working and i went to KMix and turned up one of the wave controls (this turned up speakers three and four (rear). Everything was working fine. But today (without rebooting) ive noticed that speakers 3 and 4 are not playing anymore18:30
Haza1I check out all the output controls and turned each one up to test with no luck18:30
JohnFluxare they plugged in?18:30
ghostcubeHaza1, check if kmix muted them otr any opther tool reduced the gain18:30
Haza1What could it be?18:30
zicadaHaza1: which soundcard is this ?18:30
ghostcubeHaza1, hmmm18:30
Haza1Its odd but if it helps i can provide vids ect :)18:30
abbmy ploblem is on wireless it works on ubuntu but no in kubuntu18:31
Haza1zicada: Its some sound blaster but the card works okay18:31
Haza1It was working away yesterday18:31
zicadaHaza1: xfi ?18:31
Haza1I think i may have chosen an option to turn off the 5.1 =/18:32
Haza1zicada: Im afraid i don't know what that means mate18:32
zicadaHaza1: it really helps to know what sort of hardware you have if you're gonna run linux18:32
zicadaHaza1: especially when running rather immature software like kde418:32
zicadaHaza1: i know there was a bug with a few of them not long ago where you'd just have to bring up kmix and touch the master slider, and the sound would come back18:33
Haza1Aye probably. The last PC i built was an AMD k62. Only a couple of months ago i learnt that modern graphics cards require thier own power  :-O18:33
zicadabut im guessing you did that18:33
zicadaah :D18:33
Haza1Im a bit behind when it comes to hardware =./18:34
ghostcubeHaza1, lspci for the soundkard18:34
abbproblem with my wireless18:34
ghostcubeabb, hmm you can try gnome network manager even on kde afaik18:34
abbno i dont18:35
Haza1ghostcube: Hehe, you want all the info? Want me to pastebin it?18:35
ghostcubeno only the line with the sound card18:35
ghostcubeit should only 118:35
abbi wll try18:35
Haza1zicada: It might also be worth noting that if i click my sound icon in the taskbar and mit the little green light (mute) the sound is not muted18:35
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Haza104:03.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 07)  <--- looks like it18:36
abbghostcube i have to unistall knetwork manager18:36
ghostcubeHaza1, this one should work like charm18:36
zicadaHaza1: green means on18:37
ghostcubesoundblaster 1024 live 5.118:37
ghostcubei have this too in my old machine great card18:37
Haza1zicada: Indeed maye but if i click it off... it does not mute! :D18:37
zicadayeah, emu10k1 is one of the best drivers ive ever come across for sound in linux18:37
zicadait is excellent18:37
Haza1Well like i said lads. The sound was working just yesterday on 5.118:37
zicadathe xfi one isnt too bad now though18:37
Haza1mefisto__ gave me a hand and we got it sorted18:37
ghostcubeHaza1, you changed any switch inside kmix18:38
Haza1its just... stooped again recently18:38
ghostcubeiam shure18:38
Haza1Although the card is functioning =/18:38
Haza1ghostcube: There are a load of switches. Any one in particular?18:38
ghostcubecheck them all red is capture green is working18:38
ghostcubebe sure in alsamixer all is unmuted too18:39
mefisto__for those helping Haza1, I helped him set this card as default and the onboard audio as the second soundcard18:39
zicadabtw, likely a stupid question, but ive never been that much into the fancy compiz stuff; is compiz what kde4 uses for their desktop stuff aswell ? or are they doing their own from scratch18:39
ghostcubezicada, not the same18:39
ghostcubezicada, compiz works better18:39
zicadanone of the libs ?18:39
ghostcubeno idea they ripped it rofl18:39
zicadai dunno, i kinda enjoy the kde4 stuff18:39
ghostcubeiam still enjoing compiz18:40
zicadajust wouldnt mind video playback to work with it on18:40
zicadawith my damn ati proprietary driver18:40
=== administrator is now known as Squirrel
ghostcubeHaza1, can u turn off obnbord sk18:40
mefisto__zicada: you get no video with compiz? or bad video?18:40
=== Squirrel is now known as Squirrell
wesleyhow do i change the permisions of a file system ( logged in from live cd and want to backup some files18:40
zicadamefisto__: not compiz, i use the kde4 stuff18:40
zicadabut yeah its the same in compiz18:40
ghostcubezicada, change the video output18:41
zicadaand its like, flickering18:41
ghostcubeto X11 or xhsm18:41
ghostcubeno xv for u18:41
=== Squirrell is now known as aee
Haza1ghostcube: I didn't turn it off no but like mefisto__ said he helped me reorder the default card18:41
zicadano way18:41
mefisto__zicada: yeah that's the best I could get too18:41
Haza1so the 5.1 is default18:41
Haza1ghostcube: http://imagebin.org/36216  <---18:41
ghostcubeHaza1, nah you should turn it off18:41
zicadawell, its clearly a bug18:41
zicadaor a lack of features18:41
ghostcubewesley, ??18:42
Haza1ghostcube: I agree and im sure mefisto__ does too. iirc my motherboard is a wee bit dodgy :)18:42
zicadai saw some talk of leaked beta 9.1 fglrx drivers that have solved it18:42
zicadabut they have other issues so18:42
aeehi all can anyone help me with DHCP ?18:42
zicadaguess in a couple weeks we'll see18:42
ghostcubedri2 is needed18:42
wesleyi wanna copy some files to a root file system ( its logged because the live cd18:42
Haza1ghostcube: Does that image about help at all?18:42
ghostcubethen all will be fine18:42
wesleyso how do i mount /dev/sdc2 as ubuntu ?18:42
zicadaghostcube: nvidia has this implemented in their latest prop drivers ?18:43
zicadacause i seem to remember them having the same issue18:43
ghostcubeafaik not18:43
ghostcubeHaza1, nope can u may show me the other two tabs too ?18:43
Haza1ghostcube: Sure. 2 minutes :)18:43
* ghostcube hates the intel hda driver if he looks at the emu one18:44
zicadayeah man i remember the first versions of that driver18:44
ghostcubei know :D it needs love18:44
ghostcubevery much love18:44
aeecan anyone help me with DHCP ?18:44
zicadaand module loadtime options18:44
ghostcubeaee, whats he prob for dhcp ?18:44
ghostcubezicada, yeah and more switches to capture what i hear and such stuff18:45
zicadayeah, they have like a gazillion pinout versions right18:45
zicadaso for laptops etc it was a nightmare18:45
zicadaintel are nice and cosy people these days tho18:46
Haza1ghostcube: zicada: http://imagebin.org/3621718:46
Haza1and http://imagebin.org/3621818:46
aeehuh i installed ltsp-server-standalone  and when i run sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart it fails18:46
ghostcubeHaza1, ac97 to off18:46
ghostcubezero level18:46
wesleyI wonder sometime how people get my mobile number18:47
Haza1ghostcube: Done18:47
przemek_what package should i install to have the proprietary drivers for my radeon on ubuntu?18:47
zicadawesley: own any domains ? :D18:47
abbi cannot use the gnome network manager18:47
Haza1przemek_: You can probably add the proprietary drivers location to your package manager18:47
Haza1worth checking out the radeon site maybe18:47
wesleyits kind off new number, it needed money, gues the dialed the wrong number, because they hang up18:47
zicadawesley: easiest way is usually to get your ip, socialengineer your isp to get the adress, and do a phonebook search18:48
zicadaoh you mean for like salespeople etc18:48
Haza1ghostcube: Anything else look out of the ordinary?18:48
ghostcubeHaza1, ehm you have all red luights activated in input for capturing18:48
ghostcubethis isnt needed as long as you are not recording18:48
ghostcubemaybe the echo is limiting the output18:49
wesleyno werent salespeople, some guys, I though they where trying to pull a joke18:49
zicadaim off playing with some sshfs automount shit, later guys18:49
ghostcubeHaza1, and pls disable the onbo soundcard18:49
Haza1ghostcube: Okay mate. Next chance i get to reboot i will disable the onboard sound although im still dubious about its direct affect on this 5.1 sound problem =/18:50
abbi how use gnome network  in kubuntu18:51
ghostcubeabb, why not18:51
abbhow i a widget or in terminal how18:52
Haza1ghostcube: Aww well its not massively important. Its just nice to have decent sound if you have to work infront of the computer all day :)18:52
Haza1Im sure you understand! :D18:52
mefisto__Haza1: what happens if you restart alsa? do all channels work?18:53
ghostcubei will reattach my emuk cause for my music its not well to use the intel one18:53
ghostcubeto less options18:53
Haza1mefisto__: hmm, i could give it a try18:53
abbHow can you use gnome network in kubuntu18:53
Haza1Something bad happened =/18:54
Haza1I went to restart alsa-utils in /etc/init.d and18:55
Haza1My music stopped playing to be replaced by a single never ending tone18:55
mefisto__Haza1: sudo alsa force-reload (might stop that tone)18:56
Haza1Granted i forgot to sudo it but i never expected this evil noise! :D18:56
Haza1dang.. mefisto__ for a second it did18:57
Haza1Any other suggestions before i restart my machine?18:58
mefisto__any sound apps still running?18:58
ghostcubeabb, just start it from termional18:59
Haza1mefisto__: Not that i can see. It looks like Amarok closed down18:59
mefisto__Haza1: yeah the "force-reload" would have killed anything using sound18:59
Haza1mefisto__: Ahh19:00
Haza1Heheheh, why did i have to start messing with this? :D19:00
wesleyI going make ext4 file systems19:00
Haza1Right, this tone is driving me nuts19:01
Haza1Gonna restart (and disable the onboard sound just in case)19:01
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Haza1ghostcube: Ping19:15
ghostcubeHaza1, pong19:15
Haza1ghostcube: Can you post the switches imagebin link for me?19:16
Haza1The one i posted before?19:16
Haza1I think i might have a new option19:16
Haza1ghostcube: Cheers19:17
Haza1ghostcube: Any idea what the last 4 switch options actually are?19:18
ghostcubethe sigmatel switches?19:19
ghostcubeseems like the OB sk19:19
dmmainouHi I'm having problems installing kubuntu in one machine. after booting the pc with the live cd and pressing start or install I loose the video19:26
warranHello all I am running Kubuntu 8.10 and I am trying to connect to my external HDD via the network Using SMB. I get the error the process for the SMB://Kenny protocol died unexpectedly. Can anyone assist?19:26
dmmainouHi can anyone help me please...19:28
hyper_chdmmainou: mind-reading over the internet is an art not many people master19:28
dmmainoumate I've been looking for 2 days... if you pint me to the right keywords happy to research19:30
warrananyone able to assist?19:31
hyper_chwhat os is on the external disk?19:32
hyper_chdmmainou: tried alternate cd?19:32
warranIt is an icybox External NAS drive19:33
warransetup as a samba server.19:33
warrannever had a issue 8.04 ubuntu Gnome,19:33
dmmainounop I havent...I'll try that next  thanks.19:34
hyper_chwarran: did you install samba?19:34
dmmainouthanks by the way19:34
warransudo apt-get install samba smbfs19:35
warranused that command.19:35
hyper_chsamba sux :)=19:36
warranguess I am going to go back to ubuntu if i dont get this sorted today19:37
ghostcubeuse swat for samba to get it working19:37
warransorry not heard of swat what is that?19:38
ghostcubesamba web adminstration tool19:38
hyper_chghostcube: he can't connect to his samba share on the external hd19:38
ghostcubeoh sorry19:38
warranyeah get the error  the process for the SMB://Kenny protocol died unexpectedly19:39
hyper_chyou tried: smb ?19:39
ghostcubeoh no they killed kenny19:39
warranGnome it is then...19:39
warranyeah same thing19:39
ghostcubehmm you tried smb4k  for kubuntu19:40
warrannot yet let me try that19:40
ghostcubeit should be fine it mutns the hdd to an folder on youre home with cifs or smbfs19:40
ghostcubemaybe you cant access the hdd inside the smb4k gui seems a little bug but u can open the home folder  smb4k folder inside is the mounted folder19:41
ghostcubeif it works19:41
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luiferareshola hola19:44
=== jj_ is now known as m_tadeu
mefisto__warran: are there any non-ascii characters in the filenames on the ext disk?19:44
luiferaresbueeenas, alguien con experiencia en kubuntu??19:44
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:44
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:45
warranmefisto, no don't think so. common filename is dsc0001.jpg19:46
wesleyso all filesystems are now ext419:47
wesleyit can be done with alpha319:48
hyper_chwesley: it can be done :)19:48
etechwill the nvidia driver 180.22 be in the repo?19:48
martijn81wesley: can one convert the filesystem from ext3 to ext4 without formatting?19:48
hyper_chetech: I ahve doubts and the .22 driver sux19:49
etechhyper_ch: for me it worked better than any other driver with kde419:49
wesleymartijn81 yes bit thats pain in the ass, i just maked new partitions, but that cool ext4 and kde419:49
hyper_chetech: .18 is a good one19:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch19:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about prc19:50
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい19:51
wesleyWith upcoming kubuntu release you can chose ext4, but not convert19:51
hyper_chweirdgoo: you don't know what ch is?19:51
wesleymis spelling ?19:51
hyper_chweirdgoo: why don't you know it? :(19:52
hyper_choh :(19:56
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux
weirdgoohyper_ch, what is it?19:58
hyper_chit's a country abbreviation19:59
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
PiciOh. I thought this was #ubuntuforums :o19:59
weirdgoobut which one?19:59
=== KennethP is now known as KennethP_
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
PhilRoddoes kopete in 4.2rc1 in intrepid have msn support?20:01
astrattoPhilRod: it worked when I tried it a couple of weeks ago20:02
astrattoso I suppose yes, it does20:02
PhilRodastratto: hm, I don't have an msn account option, and "dpkg -L kopete" doesn't show any files that look like they're the msn plugin20:03
PhilRoddo you still have the rc installed? could you take a look at "dpkg -L kopete"?20:03
astrattoPhilRod: you ought to look for something like "WML" or something like that20:04
astrattoI have a 4.1.4 now, sorry20:04
astrattoit's name has been changed though20:04
PhilRodastratto: ah, that seems to be it, although it crashes when I connect. Will try to get it working - thanks!20:09
astrattoPhilRod: you're welcome20:10
Snoopy_Corloeneello all20:15
shay_hi guys20:18
shay_can someone give me a quick tip?20:18
shay_i installed kde on my ubuntu20:19
shay_and later the whole kubuntu package20:19
Borg^Zapshay_: what do you need?20:20
shay_how do i hide the gnome applications in the menu?20:20
Borg^Zapi dont know that20:20
Rioting_pacifistwhat calls NetworkManager during boot? i want to keep it around for configuring other networks but dont want it on by default20:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about netowrk20:21
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:21
PhilRodare there debug packages for 4.2rc1?20:26
Snoopy_Corleonehey guys20:28
Snoopy_Corleonei am having some issues20:28
Snoopy_Corleonewas wondering if anyone knows why I am brought to terminal on boot, startx doesn't work, apt-get install doesn't work,20:29
Snoopy_Corleoneand I can't seem to boot a gui to save my life 0.o20:29
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: terminal on boot sounds like X isn't starting up properly20:29
Snoopy_Corleoneany ideas on how to fix that?20:29
PhilRodI get that happening periodically when my graphics drivers are broken. Are you using accelerated drivers? (nvidia or fglrx)20:30
Snoopy_CorleoneI have an ati x1600 moble20:30
Snoopy_Corleonew/e the default drivers are I haven't toyed with them20:31
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: X's output when it tries to start up is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log - take a look at that and see if there's anything suspicious there20:33
PhilRod(I'd read it backwards from the end)20:33
Snoopy_Corleonehow would i access that just type it in at start up?20:34
PhilRoduse "less /var/log/Xorg.0.log" at the terminal to view that file in the less viewer (up and down keys do what you expect, 'q' quits)20:35
Snoopy_Corleonealright be right back20:36
EagleScreenPhilRod what about kdebase-dbg package?20:37
Rioting_pacifistwhat calls NetworkManager during boot? i want to keep it around for configuring other networks but dont want it on by default20:37
EagleScreenRioting_pacifist may be you can disable it with rcconf package20:38
EagleScreenyes it has networkmanager in the list20:38
PhilRodphil@thlayli:~> dpkg -l kdebase-dbg20:39
PhilRodNo packages found matching kdebase-dbg.20:39
PhilRodEagleScreen: ^^^20:39
EagleScreenPhilRod you must have ppa repository enabled20:39
loic_Hi !20:40
PhilRodEagleScreen: I have "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main" in my sources.list. Do I need something else?20:40
EagleScreendeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu/ intrepid main20:40
Rioting_pacifistEagleScreen: it does im still on 8.04 and i dont see it in rcconf or sysv-rc-conf20:40
Rioting_pacifist*it does?20:40
EagleScreenRioting_pacifist you have rcconf in universe section20:41
EagleScreenPhilRod have you got the repository comented?20:41
PhilRodEagleScreen: nope - it's there without a #20:42
EagleScreenthen reload package list20:42
Rioting_pacifistyeah ive installed it but i cant see NetworkManager or anything similar :S20:42
EagleScreensudo aptitude update20:42
EagleScreensudo aptitude install kdebase-dbg20:42
EagleScreenRioting_pacifist i am on 8.10, and if I run rcconf froma console, NetworkManager is listed to disable it20:43
neoTheCathas anybody had trouble with audio cd's being recognized in 8.10?  i want to rip some CDs, but i am getting buffer i/o errors.  i have vista on the same machine, and it works fine there, so i do not think it is the hardware20:43
etechi use kde420:43
etechfirefox is really ugly20:44
HappySmileManYes it is20:44
etechis there a package to make it look like a gq app?20:44
EagleScreenetech yes it is20:44
Rioting_pacifistyeah that makes sense but for some reson im not seeing it on 8.04, yet it definatly does start up20:44
EagleScreenit is called gtk-qt-engine20:44
HappySmileManI use gtk-qt-engine or something, think it's installed by default, it's in System Settings20:44
Thomas-desktopBut it's still ugly after that20:44
Thomas-desktopSo install a good theme20:44
HappySmileManAll the styles for it except clearlooks are ugly20:45
HappySmileManClearlooks looks good but doesn't fit in with KDE theme20:45
EagleScreengtk-qt-engine has a dependency bug in 8.1020:45
etechuhm..so the engine desn't work?20:45
weirdgoono amarok for kde4?20:46
EagleScreenit is also necessary to install libbonobo2-0 to gtk-qt-engine works, but install it in a special way, use: sudo aptitude -R install libbonobo2-020:46
neoTheCatyeah, there is an amarok.  amarok-kde4, but you need to add the repository20:46
etechi use apt usually20:47
weirdgooneoTheCat, which repo?20:47
PhilRodEagleScreen: thanks - that gives me the packages I want. But I don't understand why it still doesn't show up as available in the output of "dpkg -l". Do you know somewhere where all the lower-level stuff is documented?20:48
EagleScreenetech uso sudo aptitude -R install libbonobo2-0 to do not install much Gnome stuff20:48
etechweirdgoo: take a look at www.kubuntu.org20:48
neoTheCatdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main20:48
EagleScreenPhilRod may be Adept problem, adept does not reload xapian index often enought20:49
Snoopy_Corleonewhen i entered it it cam up with /bin/sh/ :not found20:50
EagleScreenPhilRod can't you install them with aptitude?20:50
Rioting_pacifistEagleScreen: in 8.04 NetowrkManager isnt even in /etc/init.d/ , i think thats why its not showing in rcconf and sysv-rc-conf for me20:51
PhilRodEagleScreen: yes, it's installing with aptitude now. But I thought "dpkg -l <glob>" will show all available packages matching <glob>, and it doesn't seem to20:51
Rioting_pacifistPhilRod: i think your looking for apt-cache search,AFAIK dpkg deals with the actual packages but not so much the collection20:52
EagleScreenPhilRod did you reloaded package list with Adept or aptitude?20:52
PhilRodRioting_pacifist: that might be it - I'm a little confused about how all of this ties together20:53
PhilRodEagleScreen: aptitude as you suggested20:53
EagleScreenapt-cache search kdebase20:54
yoritomohello all, anybidy knows about a chan about linux MAO ?20:54
EagleScreenapt-cache search dbg20:54
yoritomobecause i experience problems to use wineasio20:55
yoritomoto install it20:55
Rioting_pacifistPhilRod: apt-get, apt-cache OR the more convienient aptitude are generally what you use to search and install stuff from repos, dpkg is called by them (or manually if youve downloaded a deb/udeb) to actually install the file20:55
PhilRodRioting_pacifist: ah, that makes sense - thanks for the explanation20:56
mrdigitalanyone alive?20:59
mrdigitalsnoopy: you running kubuntu 8.10?20:59
Snoopy_Corleoneubuntu 8.1020:59
mrdigitalahhh can ya help me out ?20:59
Snoopy_Corleonei can try in truth i'm a newb21:00
mrdigitalim moving from windows to buntu 8.1021:00
mrdigitalany pointers?21:00
Snoopy_Corleonei haven't managed to get a gui working21:00
mrdigitala gui huh?21:00
mrdigitalyou can't get gnome?21:00
kpenroseAnyone using kubuntu on an Acer Aspire One?21:00
Snoopy_Corleonestartx doesn't work ect ect21:00
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: did you get anything useful from the Xorg log file?21:01
Snoopy_Corleoneit just said /bin/sh :not found21:01
PhilRodmrdigital: burn the cd from kubuntu.org, pop it in your cd drive, restart and follow the instructions21:01
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: where/when does it say that? when you log in at the terminal, or another time?21:02
Snoopy_Corleonewhen it boots in terminal21:03
philsfhi, I need debugging symbols for kpilot in hardy, can anyone tell me which package do I need to install? I can't find a kpilot-dbg, or anything similar21:03
mrdigitalPhilRod i know .. im saying is there a wiki with a list of linux version of popular windows apps21:03
Snoopy_Corleonephilsf you can download the iso21:04
philsfSnoopy_Corleone: what iso?21:04
Snoopy_Corleoneand use infra recorder to burn it to a cd21:04
JontheEchidnaphilsf: kdepim-dbg is the package you need21:04
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: can you log in?21:05
mefisto__philsf: have you added the debug repos?21:05
philsfJontheEchidna: thanks, I'll install that21:05
Snoopy_Corleoneit just gives me a command prompt style interface21:05
philsfmefisto__: what debug repos?21:06
mefisto__philsf: look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash21:06
philsfmefisto__: I'll do that as well, thanks for the hint21:07
PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: I'm trying to understand that error - if it means that /bin/sh really doesn't exist, something is very wrong21:09
nashkHi, for some reason, k3b cannot find my cd burning drive21:09
nashkAny idea why this is happening21:09
Snoopy_Corleonewell it said /bin/sh then the command you gave me :not found21:10
nashkI've read many complaints online, but solutions21:10
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PhilRodSnoopy_Corleone: so: "/bin/sh: less: command not found"?21:10
=== jj_ is now known as m_tadeu
nashkguys, k3b keeps giving k3b No CD/DVD writer found. Any idea why?21:30
nashkI do have  a burner21:30
=== egon__ is now known as beaug
etechisn't there a better package manager for kde4 than adept?21:36
TraceRouteis it safe to upgrade to kde4.2?21:37
etechworked googd for me21:38
TraceRouteetech no issues at all?21:38
TraceRouteAnd how did you upgrade through synaptic?21:39
etechdo you use gnome actually?21:39
TraceRouteetech I switched to kde a few days ago21:39
etechthen use this21:39
astrommeetech: in jaunty KPackageKit will be used21:40
etechastromme: can i install it intrepid21:41
astrommeetech: I don't think so21:41
Dr_willisI just install synaptic on my kde4 systems :)21:41
Dr_willisI had issues when i upgraded/installed kde 4.2-rc1 - had some package conflcts21:42
etechthe gtk apps are just ugly on my system (windows 95 style)21:42
etechfor firefox or wxmaxima21:42
Dr_williskde4 has a setting some where to make gtk/nonkde apps use the kde theme/decorations I recall.21:43
etechdoesn't work21:43
TraceRoutewhen I upgrade to KDE 4.2 Release Candidate when the final realease comes out will i have to do it all over again?21:44
Dr_willisas far as i knwo it does here. I may of instaleld some extra bits. I dont recall21:44
Dr_willisTraceRoute,  you should be able to upgrade to final of course.21:44
Dr_willisthats sort of a main point of the whole package manager. :) to let you easially upgrade21:44
etechTraceRoute: just apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade ;)21:45
TraceRoutegot cha21:45
WampyreHello.  I'm trying to compile my lan drivers, but I'm getting a message about missing header files.  I've checked in aptitude, the kernel header files are there. PLease help.21:53
TraceRouteGot this error why trying to upgrade: Errors were encountered wgile processing" kdebase-workspace-bin kdelibs5-dev libplasma-dev21:59
TraceRoutebah humbug22:03
TraceRouteoh my kde4.222:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libsensors22:12
wesleyhow does that call where you can activate heat senors with22:13
wesleyfound it already l,-sensors does it call22:18
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto22:18
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nighty_is it possible to use some gtk2-engines in kde 4.2 from the kde-nightly builds?22:27
JvM_GelonHi there22:27
JvM_Geloni'm having a slight problem, how can i set evolution mail to copy more Calendars to my PDA besides the Personal (default) using Synce22:27
JvM_Geloni'm at the synce chatbox but they are inactive22:28
gizmobayDoes anyone know how I can upgrade KDE to 4.1.3?22:28
nighty_gizmobay: 8.10?22:28
nighty_i did this with update-manager when i used 8.04 for the last time. But IIRC it updated to 8.1022:30
nighty_development branch22:30
nighty_when it was devel22:30
gizmobayis it still devel?22:31
nighty_8.10 is released22:31
nighty_devel is now 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope22:32
nighty_but i wouldn't suggest it now22:33
gizmobayMy graphics card is very old22:33
gizmobayUpgrading to 8.1 gave me warnings and I backed out22:34
gizmobaycan I stay 8.04 and still upgrade to 4.1.3?22:34
nighty_gizmobay: i am not sure sorry22:36
gizmobayokay, I'll try google22:36
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JvM_Gelonanyone knows how to sync multiple calendars from evolution with Hardy?22:39
=== Brad777_ is now known as Brad777
* JvM_Gelon needs help, please22:45
weirdgooI checked the apply kde4 colors to non kde4 apps but it doesn't work22:45
david_JvM_Gelon: evolution is a gnome related program you can probably get more help in #gnome22:46
JvM_Gelonok, i'll try there22:46
kirasirrrа где русский irc&22:47
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke22:47
bazhangkirasirrr, /join #ubuntu-ru22:48
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore22:49
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ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!23:00
TraceRoutewheres this update to plasma pong?23:01
ptrokeHi everyone. I've been using Ubuntu and have installed Kubuntu as well. How can I make sure Kubuntu uses the KDE default prgrammes?23:02
mefisto__ptroke: you mean double clicking files? you want them to open in kde programs?23:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cashew23:04
ptrokemefisto_: Not quite. I seem to be still using Nautilus, but was expecting Konqueror.23:05
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ptrokemefisto_ sorry that would probably be Dolphin which is listed as the File Manager23:06
mefisto__ptroke: I think you can set file associations in konqueror's settings23:06
jpedrozaHey all. I enabled unsupported updates to beta test Jaunty and the update fails. when trying to replace index.cache.bz2 Is anyone else seeing this?23:08
mefisto__ptroke: in konqueror, go to settings, file associations, inode, directory. then in "application preference order" put your preferred file manager at the top. konqueror or dolphin or whatever23:08
mefisto__ptroke: I'm still on hardy, so I'm assuming konqueror hasn't changed too much in kde423:09
jpedrozaSince the failure I can't install anything either23:09
jpedrozaand I am afraid to restart. =)23:09
mefisto__ptroke: I think you can find file associations settings in systemsettings too23:10
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
mefisto__ptroke: did that work?23:18
ptrokemefisto: that has worked, thanks.23:21
zicadaso im defragging this god damn 320gig vista drive, to attempt to resize it *sigh*23:26
zicadafrom this stupid bootable win cd23:26
zicadathink its been 3 hours now23:26
jpedrozaI just rebooted and now have no KDE at all. It seems to be failing because of some silly documentation file that is part of both kde-window-manager as well as kdebase-workspace-data23:26
zicadawatching paint dry is way more fun than this23:27
jpedrozaIt wants to overwrite it23:27
zicadadid you dist-upgrade to 2.6.27-11 ?23:27
JontheEchidnajpedroza: which file?23:27
JontheEchidnawhat version of Kubuntu/KDE?23:28
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I tried mving the file, but still no luck23:28
jpedrozait is the Jaunty update, from Unsupported23:29
JontheEchidnajaunty doesn't have anythign in -backports23:29
jpedrozaDevelopment branch23:29
JontheEchidnaif you were in intrepid and enabled unsupported updates you still have intrepid, but with intrepid-backports enabled23:30
JontheEchidnaif you had a jaunty install and enabled unsupported updates it doesn't really matter, because jaunty-backports doesn't exist yet :P23:30
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: All I can tell you is that I came in and there were a grundle of updates available, i ran adept and it failed at this point. Login screen shows Ubuntu Jaunty (development branch) MSI-Laptop tty123:31
jpedrozakde is not available as wm at login screen23:31
JontheEchidnaprobably is jaunty then23:31
jpedrozaI can cat my adept sources, if that helps23:31
JontheEchidnaanyway, could you tell me the installed version of kde-window-manager and kdebase-workspace-data from the output of "apt-cache policy packagenamegoeshere"?23:32
jpedrozakdebase-workspace-data Installed=(None) Candidate=4:4.1.96-0ubuntu323:33
jpedrozakde-window-manager Installed=4:4.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 Candidate=4:4.1.96-0ubuntu323:35
JontheEchidnaok, cool23:35
JontheEchidnajpedroza: so which package is the one that fails?23:36
JontheEchidnathe one that tries to overwrite23:36
EtFbJust trying out the 8.10 Live CD, I couldn't help noticing a few things: it's slow; the wifi couldn't tell that I needed a WPA key, but didn't tell me it couldn't connect; the Dragon Player doesn't work but (unlike whatever I'm using in 8.04) doesn't try to find codecs for me.  In short: it's not looking good.  Any experiences to the contrary?23:36
jpedrozaEtFb: I have been using 8.10 for 3 months as my primary OS and have had no issues... until today =)23:37
JontheEchidnajpedroza: ok, for now you can "sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/apt/archives/pathtokdebase-workspace-deb", replacing pathtokdebase-workspace-deb with the actual deb name23:37
jpedrozaEtFb: But I don't use Dragon player23:37
JontheEchidnathen do a sudo apt-get install -f for good measure23:38
EtFbjpedroza: What player do you use?  I've found the one that Konq chooses by default in Hardy is pretty bad.  Though at least it works...23:39
JontheEchidnaI'll fix this so that nobody else updating from KDE 4.1.4 has this problem in the future23:39
EtFbSo should I expect a live CD to boot and run more slowly?  MUCH more slowly?  As in, half the speed of a hard disk install?  I expected it to be using a RAM disk.23:39
EtFb(Ah - that's right; I'm using Kaffeine in Hardy.)23:40
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I get an error that libplasma3 conflicts with kdebase-workspace-data (<< 4:4.1.73-0ubuntu1)23:41
jpedrozaEtFb: I fond that it still reads from the CD from time to time, and can be considerably slower.23:41
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Conflicting packages - not installing kdebase-workspace-data23:42
EtFbjpedroza: That's OK then; I won't blame KDE4 for my CD drive being slow then.23:42
Dr_willisI recall having to remove one package.. then installed the other.. then installed the first one back...23:42
JontheEchidnajpedroza: this is when you do sudo apt-get install -f?23:43
jpedrozano this is when I do the dpkf -i --force-overwrite23:43
EtFbFunny that the Help file lists Kaffeine as the standard tool for videos in Intrepid, but the Live CD only provides Dragon Player.  Ah well.23:43
Dr_willisold docs and old guides and old help23:44
JontheEchidnajpedroza: try a sudo apt-get install -f23:44
EtFbI like the way it fades the background when it pops up a modal dialog box.  The eye candy is definitely improved.23:45
jpedrozasame error as during the upgrade -f23:45
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: It fails on the index.cache.bz223:45
jpedrozaDr_willis: What package did you have to remove?23:45
Dr_willisi forget. it was a week+ ago23:45
JontheEchidnajpedroza: could you paste the dpkg command you're using?23:45
Dr_willis2 packages were conflicting.. I recall removing them both.  and then the  install worked.. I think one new package conflicted with files from an older different package23:46
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I am running dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-data4%3a4.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_all.deb23:47
JontheEchidnayeah, that's the old deb23:47
zzillezzwell ... this is weird23:47
zzillezzquassel i mean :-)23:48
JontheEchidnathere should be a file something like /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-data4%3a4.1.96-0ubuntu3_all.deb23:48
jpedrozaJontheEchthere is, sorry, I missed that23:49
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Looks like that installed ok23:50
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: running apt-get upgrade -f23:50
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Much happiness in the land!23:51
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: If you are ever in Utah I owe you the beverage of your choice!23:51
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: MAybe even 2 of the beverage of your choice!23:52
BluesKajis it normal to have 2 instances of the same daemon show up in htop ?23:53
Dr_willissome can have 5+ instances23:54
jpedrozaBluesKaj: Depends on the daemon23:54
EtFbAh, installed Kaffeine.  It really is one of the most magnificently user-focused pieces of software I've used.  If any of the Kaffeine devs are lurking, let me just say: thank you.  You deserve great riches and fame.23:54
JontheEchidnajpedroza: I must thank you too. Testing like this is crucial to prevent these types of errors from happening when a distro is released23:54
jpedrozaEtFb: I concur with that23:54
semistud2354_anyone use ibex...23:54
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I take it you are a dev?23:54
JontheEchidnajpedroza: yup23:54
semistud2354_is it just as buggy for you guys as it is/was for me23:54
semistud2354_im hearing all over the place to just go ahead and skip ibex23:55
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I am thinking on getting my C++ back up to speed and working on kdewebdev, specifically Quanta23:55
semistud2354_wait for jaunty23:55
JontheEchidnaI'm sure they'd appreciate all the help they could get with Quanta23:55
jpedrozasemistud2354_: I love Intrepid. I had no issues with anything except the NVIDIA deiver23:55
jpedrozaand the beta fixed those issues23:55
EtFbsemistud2354_: I'm on Hardy and about to upgrade hardware and OS in the next week or two.  What problems have you heard of or experienced?23:55
semistud2354_my suspend resume broke again23:55
semistud2354_in ibex23:55
semistud2354_hardy it works great23:56
jpedrozaWell the last time I did any C++ was 1995, so here is hoping it hasn't changed much :)23:56
semistud2354_also my wireless card...broadcom 4318 doesnt play nice with ibex23:56
EtFbsemistud2354_: Let23:56
semistud2354_i HAVE to use fwcutter23:56
semistud2354_i cant use ndiswrapper...which for some reason gives me a stronger signal23:56
EtFbsemistud2354_: Let's see - I'm using a Live CD now on a 2-year-old Toshiba.  Let's see what happens...23:56
jpedrozasemistud2354_: I have a broadcom chipset, but I think it is a different one.23:57
EtFbHrrrm.  "Suspend to RAM" or "Suspend to Disk".  Which is which?23:57
aloneamy friend is vming kubuntu which is working ok except the kicker bar is always shrunk when he signs in. he always has to manually make it the length of the screen. is there a way to force it to a certain size on startup?23:57
EtFbPicked "Suspend to RAM".  Wow - it was quick!  A second or two, compared to maybe 5 in Hardy.23:58
EtFbNow to resume...23:58
semistud2354_suspend to ram23:58
aloneaor is it called plasma bar now...23:58
JontheEchidnait's hibernate and suspend, though I don't know which is which23:58
jpedrozaalonea: I ran into something like that when using multiple monitors in Ibex, but I just resized the panel and all went well after that23:58
EtFbPow!  No probs!  My wife used to have trouble with Hibernate (ie Suspend to Disk) in Gutsy -- it scrambled her keyboard.  But it works fine for me (and for her in Hardy).23:59
aloneajpedroza: but he has to resize it every single time he logs on which gets annoying after a while. Can't you config it somehow?23:59
semistud2354_i have my buddy talking here...and he said when he would resume his wireless wouldnt work23:59

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