billisnicewhere are the instructions on how to install ext4 on an installed 9.04 alpha 3?00:04
RAOFbillisnice, Skiessi: http://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto#Converting_an_ext3_filesystem_to_ext400:06
billisnicewhen i click on the link it is broken00:07
Skiessiit's not for me00:07
linuxman410link works fine for me too00:08
billisnicefor some reason i click on it and it does not for me00:09
linuxman410copy and paste it billisnice00:11
billisnicethat worked00:11
billisniceConverting an ext3 filesystem to ext400:12
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Melikcan gParted create ext4 partitions?00:29
RAOFNo, I don't think so.00:30
x1250I read that no somewhere.00:30
NaddiseoIs it possible to have a display stretch across three monitors and two (different) video cards? I've been trying most of the day and can't get a third monitor.01:27
shadowhywindhay all I am having problems login in, when i log in i get a kdm error, looking at the logs i believe it is [config/dbus] couldn't take over org.x.config: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied (Connection ":1.15" is not allowed to own the service "org.x.config.display0" due to security policies in the configuration file)01:28
DanaGNaddiseo: what sort of video cards?01:29
DanaGNote that fglrx and nvidia are each incompatible with anything else.01:29
NaddiseoRadeon HD4850 (which I can get working), and a Nvidia GT730001:29
NaddiseoYeah, using free drivers01:29
DanaGFor both?01:29
Naddiseoradeon and nv01:29
DanaGah, then that's not the issue.01:29
DanaGHmm, try xrandr --verbose    (in console); look for anything interesting.01:30
RAOFNaddiseo: No; you can't currently do that.01:30
NaddiseoOK, that answers that.01:30
NaddiseoWhat if I used onboard video instead of the nvidia?01:30
DanaGHmm.  screen-resolution-extra can't help?01:30
NaddiseoThe onboard is some kind of ati01:30
RAOFXRandR 1.2 doesn't support multi-card multi-head.01:31
RAOFHm.  It _might_ be possible using the fglrx drivers, assuming that they support your onboard ati thingy.01:31
NaddiseoAh k.01:31
DanaGYou might be able to roll back to Intrepid xserver-xorg-core and libdri2, and then use fglrx.01:31
DanaGI'm using fglrx 8.543; anything newer gives a panic.01:31
RAOFAlso, last I checked, the nv driver didn't actually handle dual head at all :)01:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:32
NaddiseoThe nv just needed to support 1 monitor01:32
Naddiseothe ati had the duel01:32
NaddiseoI was trying to have multiple Screen sections in my xorg.conf, one for each card.01:32
RAOFThat _might_ work, possibly.01:33
Naddiseoit detects them, but doesn't use the nv one01:33
RAOFMore than simple one-card dual-head sucks quite a lot in current X, methinks.01:33
NaddiseoThis is what I was trying: http://pastebin.ca/131215001:34
RAOFI'm unlikely to be any help.  I've only ever played with one-card dual head on nvidia (which, incidentally, is a large pool of icecream filled with fluffy kittens lapping at the edges on nouveau)01:37
NaddiseoYeah, I was nvidia up until two weeks ago, got annoyed at the drivers :P01:38
RAOFnouveau != nvidia.01:44
RAOFEven better, I believe it'll play nicely with your free ati drivers.01:44
NaddiseoHm, yeah, I could try that01:44
NaddiseoDo I still have to use your PPA?01:44
RAOF(For example, nouveau's 2d performance for me is much, much better than nvidia's)01:44
RAOFNo; xserver-xorg-video-nouveau is in Universe, and nouveau-kernel-source is either there too, or is still sitting in NEW.01:45
RAOFOh, yeah.  There it is http://tinyurl.com/99pnas01:46
NaddiseoStill have to use module-assistant I see.01:48
RAOFNo; just install the nouveau-kernel-source package; it's DKMS'd to the nines.01:49
NaddiseoHm, I think my mirror is out of date01:50
RAOFIt's not in the mirror yet; it's sitting in the NEW queue.01:51
RAOF(That's what the link was).01:52
RAOFYou'd want to download that source package and build it.01:52
RAOFIt doesn't have any silly dependencies; basically all it does is copy stuff to /usr/src/nouveau and run dkms.01:52
l3iggscan anyone get the "ati" driver working on their system?01:56
l3iggsthe release notes say it should work, but i've had no luck01:57
l3iggsis there some fancy xorg.config line i'm missing?01:57
DanaGLast time I tried nouveau, it didn't work nicely.01:57
DanaGIT massively devoured my CPU, just drawing the desktop.01:58
DanaGMy fglrx bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/31460001:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:59
shadowhywindOk, so now I have KDM issues and no sound issues, can anyone help?02:01
l3iggsdoes anyone in this room have the "ati" driver working on their alpha 3 system?02:04
NaddiseoCan't say I do.. I'm using the radeon driver though.02:06
* RAOF notes that the "ati" driver _is_ the "radeon" driver.02:07
x1250l3iggs, working here02:07
NaddiseoIt's just an alias?02:07
Naddiseoand nouveau installed.02:08
RAOFNaddiseo: Indeed.  "ati" is "radeon" on all but the oldest ATi cards.02:08
x1250l3iggs, whats your problem? did you look Xorg.0.log ?02:08
RAOFDanaG: Yeah, but Naddiseo has a nv4x chip, and that will _fly_ with nouveau.02:09
DanaGAh.  Mine was an NV17.02:09
Naddiseook, let's see if this nouveau/radeon thing will work02:09
l3iggsx1250 yeah, i looked at the log file02:09
l3iggsyou can look at it here: http://pastebin.com/m61642d402:09
l3iggsi don't know much, but the only thing that really jumps out at me is this line:02:10
l3iggs[config/dbus] couldn't take over org.x.config: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied (Connection ":1.73" is not allowed to own the service "org.x.config.display0" due to security policies in the configuration file)02:10
RAOFOoooh, cool.  We've turned on xorg-config-as-dbus-service, I see.02:11
x1250l3iggs, don't know about that line, first time I see something like that. Are you having any noticeable problems?02:13
x1250l3iggs, here's my xorg.conf, as you asked: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106746/02:14
l3iggsyes, i am having problems, when the login screen is being drawn the cpu goes through the roof, the entire screen is corrupted, i can't log in02:15
linuxman410has anyone here used dropbox with ubuntu02:15
l3iggslinuxman410, i do02:15
linuxman410does it work good with it02:16
l3iggsworks perfectly02:17
x1250l3iggs, what does LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo gives you?02:17
linuxman410thanks i was getting ready to sign up now02:17
l3iggsdon't know yet, where does that show up? in the xorg log file?02:17
Naddiseohm, X dies with Xinerama02:19
NaddiseoLeast it didn't lock up like with nv.02:19
x1250l3iggs, open up a terminal02:20
l3iggsx1250, one sec, i don't think your xorg.conf file works on my system02:21
l3iggsno, it doesn't work02:22
l3iggssame issue02:22
raofNaddiseo: Nothing's going to support Xinerama :(.02:22
NaddiseoYeah, didn't think so.02:22
x1250l3iggs, open up a terminal and enter: LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo02:22
x1250paste that on pastebin02:22
NaddiseoI disabled it. but I can't find much in the Xorg.0.log that mentions nouveau02:23
raofEveryone broke Xinerama to get XRandR 1.2 working, and now XRandR 1.3/1.4 is filling in the things that Xinerama used to do.02:23
shadowhywindwhat are the default groups that a user should have ?02:23
Naddiseohm, it loads nouveau... then doesn't nothing with it02:23
l3iggsi can only ssh to the box (can't login locally), when i issue that command i get: "Error: unable to open display"02:24
raofNaddiseo: Oooooh.  I think I remember this.02:24
raofNaddiseo: I think what you need is called "drm multi-master support".  IE: both your ATI and nVidia cards need to be able to mess with drm, but currently only one can.02:24
NaddiseoI see, so it's conflicting ?02:25
x1250shadowhywind, no groups other than the user group by default, as in user:user02:25
Naddiseomaybe there's something I'm missing in the log file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106749/02:25
x1250Naddiseo, what does LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo gives?02:31
x1250you don't have direct rendering, you should fix that.02:31
l3iggsx1250, i switch back to vesa driver (only way i can log in locally), run LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo and i get http://pastebin.com/m7b55d80a02:32
raofNaddiseo: Hm.  It looks like X doesn't think nouveau should be driving any screens.  That said, I don't think what you want is currently possible.02:33
raofx1250: His RV770 isn't going to get 3d acceleration from any driver currently in the archives. :)02:33
NaddiseoFrom what I've read today, it might be possible with xrandr 1.3 ?02:34
x1250raof, didn't know that was his video card :) thanks02:34
raofNaddiseo: I _think_ that xrandr 1.3 will support what you want (possibly requiring changes in drm, but I'm not sure now).02:34
NaddiseoHm, ok. I don't mind waiting; I don't desperately need a third monitor.02:36
x1250l3iggs, whats your video card?02:36
l3iggsSAPPHIRE X1950 GT02:37
x1250l3iggs, things to check: from an ati driver Xorg session, LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo. Also check that you have ubuntu-desktop and xserver-xorg-video-all installed. Also make sure you're running the latest kernel.02:41
x1250I don't think you're missing xserver-xorg-video-all though, doesn't show any related error on the log.02:43
l3iggsi can't run an ati driver xorg session, that's my whole problem. i can't get past the login screen with "ati" or "radeon"02:43
l3iggsi'll check the other stuff02:43
l3iggsis 2.6.28-4 the right kernel?02:50
x1250l3iggs, yep02:51
l3iggswell everything checks out02:51
l3iggsthe only thing that stands out here is that dbus permissions error02:52
l3iggsi bet you don't get that in your xorg log file02:53
x1250l3iggs, i'll check02:54
x1250l3iggs, i do have it =)02:55
x1250l3iggs, try #radeon02:56
x1250maybe they can help you more02:56
l3iggsok thanks03:07
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help03:21
shadowhywindhay all very odd problem, If i say turn on my computer and let kdm start, i can log in and all i get a single terminal screen. However if i switch to a console view (altF2), I have to killall kdm and when i do startx i get kde correctly, any ideas?03:31
Volkodavanybody has problems with samba shares ? I have it configured same as in hardy - but it won't work in jaunty -04:04
Volkodavmaybe apparmour or something else ?04:05
raofI just set up a shared directory with a macbook; that worked fine from installing samba to restarting the session to assigning permissions.04:05
Volkodavin ibex the shares are visible but not accessible -in jaunty not even visible04:15
Volkodav /etc/init.d/samba restart does not work neither04:15
VolkodavI will try samba404:15
Volkodavit is alpha but it might work04:16
naught101anyone else finding that open office is not opening at all?04:16
naught101I've tried it from the command line, and I get no output what so ever04:16
l3iggsopen office works for me04:21
naught101I tried running it in gdb, it says: "/usr/bin/oocalc": not in executable format: File format not recognized04:22
billisniceon my amd system, this ver is more stable04:31
billisnicealpha 304:31
naught101hrmm.. downloads shaped... I don't think I'll be able to upgrade for a week04:35
naught101I mean, downgrade...04:36
* Volkodav fixed samba04:44
ojwbhttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha3 under "Known Issues" says "* While the user-space component of the EXPERIMENTAL nouveau X driver is available in Alpha 2 universe, the kernel modules this driver requires to work are not yet available. The kernel modules should be uploaded soon after Alpha 2." which looks like it's just been cut-and-pasted from the alpha2 page05:58
* bluesmoke thought 2.6.28 was released already06:13
ojwbbluesmoke: was that in response to me?06:28
ojwbalpha3 has 2.6.2806:28
ojwbdoes that mean the item I quoted is no longer relevant?06:29
* ojwb guesses it either should be removed, or updated to say "alpha3" not "alpha2", but I don't know which06:29
bluesmokeI dunno06:32
bluesmokeojwb: That page says we're using a 2.6.28 rc though06:32
ojwbbluesmoke: that seems to be wrong - I don't have alpha3 here, but a jaunty kernel I installed last week is 2.6.28-4.1006:42
ojwbnot 2.6.28-3.406:42
ojwbthat's what alpha2 had - more copy-and-paste I guess06:42
Volkodavanybody has this bug with skype ? workaround 1 worked for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/27369307:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273693 in alsa-lib "biarch alsa-lib path problem with Skype" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:08
Volkodavyeah - it was a bitch07:09
Volkodavnow it works ok07:09
lucentI just completed an Alpha3 x86 alternate installer, it's 2.6.28-4-generic07:38
DanaGArgh, since I can't ctrl-alt-backspace Xorg, I instead had to SAK it.07:39
lucentDanaG: I disapprove of that change personally, but hey it's making the most sense for the most users, so yeah07:43
lucentit's not like we can't go in and re-enable it07:43
* ojwb has actually managed to accidentally hit that key combo07:43
lucentthough I'd rather there be a GUI option to re-enable it07:44
ojwbbut only once in many years07:44
DanaGI've never hit it by missing my aim on a key; I've instead accidentally hit it by _thinking_ the wrong key.07:44
DanaGWanted ctrl-alt-backslash.07:44
lucentojwb: some games map ctrl+backspace, and people hit alt by mistake too07:45
lucentI understand that07:45
DanaGI've never used ctrl-backspace for games.07:45
DanaGAnd Alt is TWO keys away.07:45
lucentI opin that it would be a smoother transition if the GUI option to enable serverkill was already present before changing the default behavior07:46
lucentI'd run to re-enable it. I'm too lazy if I have to go and edit files07:46
lucentanyways ext4 is buggy, I mean it bit me in the ass and I lost some data07:46
DanaGOr do what SuSE does:07:46
lucentgoing to wait until 2.6.30ish before making a switch to a new fs again07:47
DanaGNOt just ctrl-alt-backspace.... you have to hit it twice for it to work.07:47
lucentI'd like there to be some kind of sysrq hook07:47
lucentbut I don't understand the underlying problem well enough to actually request this07:47
lucentencrypted home dir works well enough from alternate installer btw07:48
lucentI'm using this now, it's speedier than whole-block encryption thankfully07:48
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=== tritium changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (alpha) discussion channel | Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED, it will most certainly break your system in bad ways. Jaunty Alpha 3 CD Images Available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/ | Join #ubuntu for Intrepid Ibex (8.10) and previous versions support | This week: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek - get involved!
ScriptRipperi got ubuntu 9.04 on my beagleboard (ARM arch) running.09:35
ScriptRipperi got keyboard, mouse and a network adapter connected via USB09:36
ScriptRipperi could even start up gdm09:36
ScriptRipperhow do i get networking via USB ethernet adapter configured now?09:37
lucentScriptRipper: I want to hear more about your experience with beagleboard09:38
lucentwhat part of the world are you located in?  how much did it cost you to get all needed materials to develop and use the beagleboard?09:38
ScriptRipperi used debootstrap and QEMU to set this up.09:38
ScriptRipperi am in munich09:39
ScriptRipperit cost me ca. 30-40 Euro in addtion to get it working09:40
lucentthanks for that information09:40
ScriptRipperI had a USB hub already...09:40
lucentScriptRipper: if you can see Network Manager icon, right click, and either Preferences or Settings09:40
ScriptRipperself powered09:40
ScriptRippersorry, i am command line.09:41
lucentoh okay09:41
lucentno Network Manager desired?09:41
ScriptRippergnome display manager i started to see if X11/frame buffer and keyboard / mouse works09:41
ScriptRippernow i got the problem that 128 MB RAM is too small to run a full desktop like gnome or kde.09:42
lucentyou can do this from commandline, but then it conflicts with Network Manager09:42
lucentso, if you don't need Network Manager it's okay to do it the other way using /etc/network/interfaces configuration file09:42
lucentthe manual page for interfaces(8) has more information about the file format09:43
lucentuse ifup (name)   and   ifdown (name)  to invoke09:43
lucentit is the same way Debian configures networking normally09:44
lucentScriptRipper: if you only want a one-shot configuration, use the standard commands to configure your interface09:44
lucentifconfig eth1 up09:45
lucentifconfig eth1 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX netmask YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY09:45
ScriptRipperbut its usb connected09:45
lucentroute add default gw ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ09:45
lucentlike that09:45
lucentScriptRipper: "ifconfig -a" will show you all connected interfaces09:45
lucentmaybe it will be named usb0?   maybe it will just be another ethN  like eth1 or eth209:46
ScriptRipperhow far have you been wrt to a "ready to run" release of jaunty 9.04 ? how "alpha" is it on arm? thats more general questions, to get a feeling about what i can expect10:45
lucentit's developed mostly for x86 I thought10:51
lucentthat's what I run on10:51
ScriptRipperwhat i have now seen is that the udev rules are missing. this can be root of that my network adapter gets not detected11:10
ScriptRipperare these completely missing for jaunty on arm?11:10
naught101Open office isn't working for me (no starting), and isn't giving me any indication of why not, even when run from the console.12:09
naught101I don't know whether I should report a bug or not, since I have no useful information...12:12
ojwbnaught101: perhaps try running it under strace?12:16
xyzwhats new in Jaunty?12:51
fosco__xyz http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha312:53
xyzfosco_, sounds way cool12:57
xyzlooks cool also13:02
xyzhave you tried yet?13:02
fosco__yes, i'm on it13:05
fosco__Description: Ubuntu jaunty (development branch)13:05
bullgard4Does GNOME dodge the term 'file type association' and uses another term instead?13:40
fosco__mime types?13:44
x1250naught101, try deleting (or moving) ~/.openoffice13:44
naught101x1250: did that, no joy13:44
x1250naught101, what happens if you run openoffice in a terminal?13:45
x1250is there any output?13:45
naught101x1250: no, absolutely none, which is why I haven't submitted a bug yet13:45
naught101not for oocalc or any other of the oo apps13:46
x1250naught101, what does aptitude search ~iopenoffice -F "%p" gives you? (pastebin it)13:47
naught101x1250: http://pastebin.ca/131250313:48
naught101whoa! x1250 I just had the idea to run "sudo oocalc", to see if ti was my user having issues, and it is.13:50
naught101ie. it runs13:50
naught101only commandline thing is "illegal flag specified to db_create"13:51
x1250uhm, odd, it sounds like a permission problem, but no idea where it could be13:52
naught101yeah, I would expect it to give me a permissions error then13:56
naught101grrr... did I miss anything?13:56
x1250try using find ~/ -user root13:56
naught101x1250: sorry, I missed that find command, had to close my client14:00
x1250naught101, find ~/ -user root14:01
naught101x: a heap of stuff in the firectory I moved the .openoffice.org directory to14:04
naught101x1250: chowned my whole ~ to me, no change...14:05
naught101damn, this connection is annoying14:05
x1250naught101, what about id you create a new user? does it work ok?14:05
naught101back in a sec, I'll try it...14:05
naught102x1250: ok, I think I needed to restart after deleting .oo.org.. perhaps I had a zombie process or something...14:17
naught102anyway, it's working now, thanks a lot for your help14:17
naught102although, the "open" dialogue isn't...14:21
naught102looks like it's corrupting something in the .openoffice.org dir, and refusing to open until after a reboot, even when that dir has been removed14:28
naught102oh no, zombie soffice processes14:29
x1250naught102, did you find the problem?14:49
zniavrehow did you passed the ABI stuff on nvidia drivers ?14:58
x1250zniavre, Section "ServerFlags", Option "IgnoreABI" "True"15:19
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek to start in #ubuntu-classroom in 17 minutes15:43
zniavrex1250: thank you but it does not work16:02
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BUGabundowhere do I place that -ignoreABI ?18:15
x1250BUGabundo, Section "ServerFlags", Option "IgnoreABI" "True"18:17
BUGabundodoes it help?18:17
BUGabundoor will I still end up with this ugly screen?18:17
x1250it has helped some, it works.18:18
x1250BUGabundo, what driver?18:18
BUGabundoevery font is too big, no theme, lots of crashs with a few applets18:19
BUGabundoto many changes in a single day18:19
BUGabundoI've seem to have lost the user switch applet again18:20
x1250BUGabundo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/107030/18:21
x1250BUGabundo, are you running gdm? I have problems with the user switch applet if I don't use gdm.18:22
BUGabundox1250: yes, gdm has started... I think18:22
x1250BUGabundo, are you sure your xorg.conf is ok? it seems that "ServerFlags" is in its own line.18:23
BUGabundoI  run dpkg reconfigure18:24
BUGabundoand it made a new one18:24
BUGabundoI added that seccion after you told me too18:24
BUGabundois it on the wrong place?18:25
x1250then paste this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107030/18:25
BUGabundoI did18:25
BUGabundoahh I see18:25
BUGabundothe line break18:25
BUGabundoI did insert it wrong18:26
x1250yep, but I don't know if that could do any trouble18:26
BUGabundowill know better on next reboot18:26
x1250BUGabundo, if there are problems, /var/log/Xorg.0.log should say something. Is your 3D hardware accel working?18:27
BUGabundohumm don't think so18:28
BUGabundoat least nvidia-settings doesn't18:28
BUGabundoplus, dualmonitor with bryce tool also fails to enable the 2nd nonitor18:28
x1250and whar driver says /var/log/Xorg.0.log you're using?18:29
BUGabundoMethod "ApplyConfiguration" with signature "" on interface "org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.XRANDR" doesn't exist18:29
x1250BUGabundo, you're using driver nv right now18:30
BUGabundoI never know18:30
BUGabundonv is the prop or OSS?18:31
x1250try using Driver "nvidia" inside Section Device18:31
x1250"nv" -> opensource18:31
x1250nv is the default driver for nvidia18:32
BUGabundox1250: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107039/18:39
BUGabundois this correct?18:39
x1250BUGabundo, looks good to me. When restarting X, if it doesn't work, save a copy of the failed Xorg.0.log18:41
BUGabundoby the way does totem play audio for you?18:42
BUGabundoevery other player works!18:42
x1250it works fine here. Odd...18:43
BUGabundoneed to instal debug symbols18:43
BUGabundoand file a bug to it then18:43
andresmhwhat version of compiz comes with jaunty?19:01
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy compiz  Installed: 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu619:02
BUGabundoandresmh: ^^^^^^19:02
BUGabundoor use packages.ubuntu.com19:02
* x1250 is installing kubuntu19:05
andresmhthanks BUGabundo19:06
mrintegrityUsing 9.04 alpha 3 on an eee 901 and the touch pad is really choppy, unconfigurable (required SHMconfig but cant enable that) and the wifi driver is not included in the kernel :)19:10
mrintegrityotherwise, it's significantly faster than 8.1019:11
mrintegrityI am using ext4, it's great19:11
mrintegritycould anyone help me sort out the touchpad or wifi?19:11
BUGabundomrintegrity: wifi is in the wiki19:11
BUGabundotouchpad usually works okay19:11
mrintegrityBUGabundo: yeah, dont know whats wrong with it. but i know a lot of people have issues with eee c 901 and touchpad19:12
mrintegritytyhanks for the link!19:12
BUGabundoI saw a 1000h that was quite eradic19:13
BUGabundoreally anoying19:13
BUGabundowit 8.1019:13
mrintegrityyeah, they have a lot of new hardware..19:13
mrintegritypeformance on 8.10 was totaly unusable though with 90119:13
BUGabundotoo much  to kept track of19:14
BUGabundoI instaled a couple of ubuntuumpc (ex-mobile) and it worked great19:14
BUGabundonot as fast as xandros19:14
BUGabundobut it booted in 20 secs after a kernel profile19:14
tretleanyone have any idea where you can test the new notifications that were shown on marks blog?19:15
BUGabundotretle: AFAIK still hasn't hit the repos19:16
tretleis the source available anywhere or an svn repo?19:16
tretlethis blog post was a bit misleading - http://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=8719:18
PiciThe notifcations on sabdfl's blog were a mockup.19:19
tretleyes but in that blog post about alpha 3 andre says the new notifications are in alpha 319:20
EagleScreenis there any possibility of having linux 2.6.29 on Jaunty?19:27
andresmhI remember seeing a video from Shuttleworth about the new notification system for Ubuntu. Is that already in Jaunty alpha 3?19:32
BUGabundoandresmh: AFAIK no19:34
BUGabundoI don't have anything yet19:34
andresmhok :)19:34
andresmhi'm still excited to try jaunty, i'm curious to see if audio works out of the box for my laptop19:35
BUGabundoandresmh: what's up with the audio? do you have a bug id for it?19:43
andresmhat some point i opened one i think19:43
andresmhbut it has evolved19:43
andresmhbasically the sound quality is slow19:44
andresmhand using the mic is difficult19:44
andresmhi find pulse very complicated19:44
charlie-tcaAnyone else seeing xchat close intermittently when switching channels?20:08
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
hggdhcharlie-tca, yes, I do -- it gets a SIGABRT, and apport does not trigger on aborts...20:46
charlie-tcaThanks. Should I report a bug?20:47
DanaGUgh, stupid Hamachi.... hasn't been updated in over a year.20:48
hggdhI guess so, but we will need a stacktrace to know what happened. I personally think it is libc6 on memory allocation20:48
DanaGAnd it crashes nm-system-settings by returning info.driver = (NULL).20:49
hggdhhere's what I will do: I will close xchat & reopen it under gdb. Then I will wait for the error again20:49
* DanaG ponders ndisswrapping the hamachi Windows driver.20:50
hggdhcharlie-tca, I am not running under GDB. Now we just wait...20:50
charlie-tcaOkay. I'll confirm when it happens then.20:51
* charlie-tca happy not to be going nuts!20:52
hggdhif you opened the bug, please give me the #; otherwise I will open it20:52
charlie-tcaI have not opened it. I thought I could confirm when you do.20:52
hggdhk, np20:53
* user___ thinks would be great if jaunty could do real fullscreen in virtualbox, even gparted live cd does it, which is is based on debian IIRC21:20
DanaG(nm-system-settings:17953): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: instance of invalid non-instantiatable type `(null)'21:22
DanaGSegmentation fault (core dumped)21:22
DanaGin nm-system-settings.21:22
Teknoshould fstab be empty in 9.04 ?21:23
Teknosystem works with empty fstab o_O21:23
gletobHey I am running jaunty, does anyone here know how to convert EXT3 to EXT4?21:28
Teknoi did it 5mins ago21:28
gletobTekno: How?21:29
Teknowith this howto: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103316321:29
x1250gletob, take a look at bug #317781 first21:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317781 in linux "Ext4 data loss" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31778121:30
charlie-tcaTekno: not empty here.21:32
Teknoi really have empty fstab and still everything works21:33
Teknosda1 mounts as ext4 to /21:33
* charlie-tca thinks that is different, anyway21:34
x1250what about aptitude's miserable failure removing automatic dependencies? I installed kubuntu-desktop just to see how it was now a days, and I was amazed after purging... only kubuntu-desktop package, and nothing more.21:50
raofThat's odd.  It should work.21:51
x1250then I tried apt-get autoremove, but nothing else was removed. So I had to uninstall some kde libraries to make kubuntu go away.21:52
Melikhi everyone22:25
evan_hello how i the new beta?22:29
bazhangevan_, see the topic22:30
evan_bazhang: your pointing on: it will most certainly break your system in bad ways?22:30
bazhangevan_, ^^22:31
evan_bazhang: isnt that put there by default?22:31
bazhang<evan_> hello how i the new beta?22:32
evan_bazhang: see the next message by me22:33
bazhangevan_, what is your question.22:33
bazhangevan_, I gave you the link, did you need something else; if so please specify with some exactitude22:34
x1250what are the blacklist.DSA-1024 and blacklist.RSA-2048 files inside /etc/ssh  suppose to do?22:34
evan_bazhang: well my question is how it is, will it break your system, will it overrule intrpid etc etc22:35
bazhangevan_, this is not a chat channel; if you wish you may try jaunty, though it is ill-advised as the topic states.22:35
bazhangevan_, this is a support channel for folks who are actively using jaunty.22:35
x1250aaa wrong channel, sorry22:36
evan_bazhang: i'd like to help but if my first question about the state of the project is rejected like this... i can better leave..22:38
calchow do i get to the real volume control in jaunty?22:49
calcits very quiet on my system probably because the new volume control applet is crap22:49
calcand the sound configurator is missing also :\22:53
raofalsamixer from the commandline?22:53
calcraof: ugh ok, still doesn't resolve my headset issue (well i need to verify if it is an issue yet22:54
* calc goes to plug it in22:54
linuxman410is 1min 29 seconds good for boot time on ubuntu23:20
DanaGIf I posted my bootchart, would somebody be able to suggest ways to improve my boot time?23:25
DanaGArgh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntfs-3g/+bug/30044323:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 300443 in ntfs-3g "hal rejects to mount ntfs-3g partition" [Medium,Triaged]23:55
DanaGDon't you love how launchpad returns this sort of file?23:57
DanaGAll I see is this:                   ntfs-3g         ntfs-3g         locale=23:57

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