SealVhow do I learn how to post to the mailing list?17:05
thorwilSealV: well, there's surely something about that in the wiki, but i might be able to help you17:07
thorwilSealV: what is the problem? are you subscribed?17:07
SealVI am subscribed, and I get the list compact, I just dont really know how to post17:08
thorwilSealV: you post by maling to  <ubuntu-art@lists.ubuntu.com>17:09
SealVdoes that start a new topic? if so how can I reply to a topic in progress?17:10
thorwilSealV: i strongly suggest that you switch off the digest mode, as you can't reply properly in threads with it17:10
thorwilSealV: that would start a new topic, yes17:11
SealVturned off digest17:12
thorwilSealV: which mail client do you use?17:12
SealVjust gmail17:12
SealVI was thinking about setting up thunderbird though17:13
_MMA_SealV: If you use Gmail, *please* don't top-post. I use Gmail with Thunderbird just fine.17:16
SealVI am guessing top-posting is creating useless new topics right? Setting up t-bird...17:17
thorwil_MMA_: a while ago i saw someone in the forum stating how hard to read mailing lists are due to all the again-and-again-quoted text :}17:17
thorwilSealV: no, top posting means putting your answer above the text you refer to17:18
_MMA_thorwil: That's to do with people not editing things down to the text they are replying to.17:18
* _MMA_ shrugs.17:18
thorwil_MMA_: really? my point was rather how a bad example leads to a bad impression for a user who never saw how it should be17:19
SealVjaunty final should have color changing wall.17:21
_MMA_Call me an old grouchy guy, but it's up to them to get with how things are. If they don't like ML formatting, use the forums. I know Studio maintains a presence on all 3 for this reason. (ML, forum, IRC)17:22
thorwilyah, because it's too easy to make a good static wallpaper enough people like17:22
_MMA_SealV: In my experiments, it's been pretty CPU intensive.17:23
_MMA_(while the fade happens)17:23
SealVI have always wondered about that thorwil, why cant we just put up a poll in the forum and have everyone vote17:26
SealVtop 2 make it in or whatever17:26
_MMA_SealV: On what? Final wallpaper? Because it's a Canonical decision.17:26
SealVah. didn't know that17:26
_MMA_It could however work for what goes into the community package.17:27
thorwili have zero faith in the sum of people subscribed to the art mailing list17:27
SealVI think it would be a good idea for the community package.17:27
_MMA_thorwil: It's a shame for sure, but I think all the people who have a clue know each other and give weight to those opinions.17:29
kwwiifrom now on I am only responding to any question with "me too!"18:15
SealVme too!18:17
thorwilkwwii: why is that, me too?18:39
Nece228im using arch linux now, but i like ubuntu theme so i copied ubuntu theme to arch linux18:43
Nece228everythink is almost great, except some icons are still missing like sound file icon, or appearance icon18:43
Nece228is there any way to have these icons on my arch linux?18:44
SealVhuh? isnt a gnome theme a gnome theme? what are you using for a DE?18:45
_MMA_Nece228: Human icons depend on GNOME set.18:45
Nece228i copied icons from ubuntu intrepid, and i have 2.24 version in arch too18:45
Nece228thats quite strange18:46
SealVcopy over the gnome set as well18:46
Nece228ok, i will try18:46
Nece228because now i cant restart my pc18:47
SealVdo REISUB18:48
SealVor ctrl alt backspace18:48
Nece228well, i need to boot ubuntu 8.10 live cd and copy icons from live cd to arch linux partition18:49
SealVwait hold on I can up it for you18:49
Nece228thanks but my connection is slow18:50
SealVk then18:50
Nece228128 kbps18:52

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