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dholbachwould it be OK to add https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek into the topic of #ubuntu+1 this week?08:00
tritiumdholbach: definitely!08:07
dholbachtritium: rock and roll08:07
tritiumdholbach: do you have specific wording you'd like?08:07
dholbach"This week: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek - get involved!"?08:08
dholbachhope that's short enough08:08
tritiumWorks for me.08:08
dholbachcan somebody register #ubuntu-classroom-de too, so I can set a topic there as well?08:08
dholbachtritium: seems I can't set the topic there08:09
tritiumdholbach: in #ubuntu-classroom-de?08:09
dholbachtritium: in #ubuntu+1 I'm not "VIP" enough, and #ubuntu-classroom-de I can't get opped because it's not registered yet08:10
tritiumdholbach: I'll take care of #ubuntu+1 now.  Would you like to register #ubuntu-classroom-de, so you can control it?08:11
dholbachtritium: if it can go under normal #ubuntu-* ACL that's fine with me08:11
dholbachI'm not sure it's used very often (yet)08:11
dholbachhope that's going to change though :)08:11
tritiumtopic changed in #ubuntu+108:12
tritiumOh, shoot.  I kept the " in.08:12
dholbachtritium: thanks muchly - you clearly rock :)08:12
tritiumNo worries!08:13
tritiumdholbach: I'm not aware of a normal #ubuntu-* ACL, really.08:17
dholbachtritium: I thought there was because I can become op in some channels08:18
tritiumdholbach: yeah, some channels have *!*@ubuntu/member/* with ops08:19
tritiumI can set that up, if you like08:19
tritiumdholbach: actually, I can't.  I don't have priveleges in the channel.08:21
dholbachtritium: nevermind then08:23
dholbachtritium: thanks a lot anyway08:23
tritiumdholbach: sorry I can't be of more help08:23
* dholbach hugs tritium08:24
tritiumI better get to bed.  (1:24 a.m. here)  Good night!08:24
dholbachsleep tight08:26
* Myrtti reads the scrollback08:46
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