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Kanoapw: did you read my mail about the blacklight patch?14:22
apwyou have asked for a revert yes?14:22
Kanoyes, because it is impossible do disable that patch14:22
Kanofor those which do not need it14:23
apw.28 is out of sync with what is in .27 and we need to resolve that as part of a sensible fix for the whole thing14:23
Kanoalso i wrote a 2nd mail about rt2860+rt2870, which works fine as backport from 2.6.2914:24
ivoksi've sent a patch for drbd 8.3.0 on mailing list, but it's too big; could that one get included, so that we could merge newer drbd?14:26
Kano i got the same error, then i just added a link to my server14:26
Kanobut basically it is just from 2.6.29...14:26
ivokswill do that next time :)14:27
Kanoapw: could you revert it until you find a better solution14:27
bcurtiswxhey, is there anyone from the kernel team here?16:31
bcurtiswxi have a bug i would like to discuss with someone16:32
smb_tp_bcurtiswx, which bug?16:39
bcurtiswxbug #27792416:39
ubot3Malone bug 277924 in linux "kernel cannot find map file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27792416:39
bcurtiswxI don't know what else the kernel team would want in there, plus theres a "fix" mentioned at the end of the comments... 16:39
bcurtiswxi can't push an importance on it, and i won't triage it until i get confirmation that the kernel team has enough information to fix it16:40
smb_tp_bcurtiswx, let me just scan trhough that16:42
bcurtiswxsmb_tp_: ty16:42
smb_tp_Hm, there seem to be two possible faults or solutions in there. One that claims the path is wrong and another saying rootdelay would change things. Can you tell me which is the case in your case?16:47
bcurtiswxsmb_tp_: well i haven't tested the rootdelay fix, i can if u would like.  All the rootdelay fix would suggest is that the kernel tries to find the system map too early.  I don't beleive the path is incorrect16:49
smb_tp_I might have an influence if /boot is another partition than /, just by changing timings a bit. How is yor setup there?16:51
bcurtiswxDisk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes16:52
bcurtiswx255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders16:52
bcurtiswxUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes16:52
bcurtiswxDisk identifier: 0x9fee4f1916:52
bcurtiswx   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System16:52
bcurtiswx/dev/sda1   *           1       59681   479387601   83  Linux16:52
bcurtiswx/dev/sda2           59682       60801     8996400    5  Extended16:52
bcurtiswx/dev/sda5           59682       60801     8996368+  82  Linux swap / Solaris16:52
bcurtiswxthat was an fdisk -l16:53
bcurtiswxthe following is my df16:53
bcurtiswxFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on16:53
bcurtiswx/dev/sda1            471864592  32801912 415093300   8% /16:53
bcurtiswxtmpfs                  1535548         0   1535548   0% /lib/init/rw16:53
bcurtiswxvarrun                 1535548       124   1535424   1% /var/run16:53
bcurtiswxvarlock                1535548         0   1535548   0% /var/lock16:53
bcurtiswxudev                   1535548      2892   1532656   1% /dev16:53
bcurtiswxtmpfs                  1535548       296   1535252   1% /dev/shm16:53
bcurtiswxlrm                    1535548      2384   1533164   1% /lib/modules/2.6.27-11-generic/volatile16:53
smb_tp_Looks like the default one disk autopartitioned one16:53
smb_tp_Ok, I see it in the syslog on jaunty as well. Though the next line about symbols suggest it got system map somehow. Maybe you could verify the rootdelay. If that helps this is probably something timing replated in either grub or the init script. But probably grub. That is quite early in the boot 16:59
bcurtiswxok i will test it out, be right back17:00
bcurtiswxsmb_tp_ that did not fix the problem17:07
smb_tp_bcurtiswx, Ok, would have been strange if it did17:08
bcurtiswxsmb_tp_: suggestions on importance of bug and if it has enough info for triage17:10
bcurtiswxsmb_tp_: ?17:23
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bcurtiswxsmb_tp: wb17:29
smb_tpbcurtiswx, Sorry, IRC doesn't like me today17:30
bcurtiswxsmb_tp: no problem, IRC hates everyone.  Do you have launchpad permissions to change importance of that bug?17:31
smb_tpAbout this bug. I think it can be counted as triaged. Importance is low I would say  since it does not really affect usability of the systems17:31
smb_tpbcurtiswx, I will see that it gets updated17:33
Kanothat would be maybe a good backport17:33
bcurtiswxi can see that too (since im a bug traiger), i just don't have bug-squad permissions yet, so i can't set importance17:33
Kanoadded g41 chipset17:34
smb_tpbcurtiswx, So you need only importance set?17:34
bcurtiswxsmb_tp: yeah, but i already requested bug-squad to take care of it17:35
bcurtiswxsmb_tp: thx though17:35
smb_tpbcurtiswx, Ok17:36
smb_tpbcurtiswx, The puzzling question is still where the message exactly comes from. The "Inspecting", I do not find in the kernel, nor in the grub source code17:38
bcurtiswxyeah, i couldn't find exactly where either17:39
bcurtiswxim not knowledgeable to know exactly the right places to look, so im not going to say my search was anywhere near beneficial17:40
smb_tpbcurtiswx, cking_ found the strings in ksyslogd17:41
CarlFK1smb_tp: http://lkml.indiana.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0507.1/1601.html17:41
CarlFK1that help?17:41
smb_tpCarlFK1, Yes, seems to be the system log daemon17:42
smb_tpbcurtiswx, ^^^17:42
bcurtiswxCarlFK1: ty17:42
CarlFK1you're welcome17:44
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apwKano, that is likely to come in via the stable updates17:45
apwKano, i am looking at the revert you requested, doing some testing with some newer commits at the same time17:46
Kanowell there was now .1 i would add it until you get it17:46
bcurtiswxhmm, idk how that helps fix my problem though17:46
bcurtiswxthat appears to show that the system map file is found, giving no "cannot find map file"17:47
bcurtiswxyeah, all it helps to show its not the kernel... but who knows what.. lol17:48
cking_bcurtiswx: I've updated the bug report according to my findings17:55
bcurtiswxcking_: would u update the bug to triaged and an importance you see fit? nobody has responded to me in #ubuntu-bugs17:58
cking_bcurtiswx: OK17:58
bcurtiswxcking_: ty17:59
ubot3Malone bug 317227 in linux "skb_over_panic skbuff.c:128 invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP " [High,Triaged] 18:10
CarlFK1how important is it for me to repo that without "Tainted: P"  (nvidia)18:11
CarlFK1and I have logged 14 more netconsole dumps - http://dpaste.com/110823/  should I just keep attaching them till someone tells me to stop? 18:13
tjaaltoncould someone pull the drm fixes I posted on the list?18:20
apwtjaalton, its a holiday in the US today so i suspect people will be a bit slow picking those up18:23
tjaaltonapw: oh, I wasn't aware of that18:24
apwmartin luther king day i believe, cirtianly obama seems to be painting something on my tb18:24
tjaaltonok, I'll wait for a bit then18:29
apwtjaalton, they were for jaunty correct?18:29
tjaaltonapw: yes18:30
CarlFK1smb_tp_: thanks for the pointer to gentoo/test18:32
CarlFKsmb_tp_: any idea what the .deb version of "emerge -av boost" is?19:53
CarlFKin installed libboost-dev boost-build libboost1.35-dev, still get a ton of errors like: crashClnt.cc:(.text._ZN5boost15program_options16validation_errorD2Ev[boost::program_options::validation_error::~validation_error()]+0xab): undefined reference to `operator delete(void*)'19:54
bgamariDoes canonical employ any kernel block subsystem developers?23:44

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