Meiz_n810Is there a person who knows what major changes did ume-team (or intel?) made to maemos packages, to include statusbar into the panel?09:35
Meiz_n810i am using jaunty with hildon from the fremantle (the maemo 5)...09:36
persiaI have absolutely no idea what was done, but can perhaps help you discover it.10:00
persiaI'm guessing that it's one of the hildon-plugins, and do know that the source is available via apt-get.10:01
StevenKIt's likely to be moblin-applets10:01
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persiaMeiz_n810 ?10:46
Meiz_n810i have had ubuntu-mobile installed (including marquee-plugins) that gave me panel with statusbar included...10:46
Meiz_n810but fremantles hildon-desktop + marquee: not working10:47
Meiz_n810this is as far as i can get: http://trac.tspre.org/meiz/marquee10:47
persiaHrm.  You've looked at the marquee code in Ubuntu already?10:49
Meiz_n810i copied config files from ubuntu-mobile... did not mess with source.10:49
Meiz_n810but there are other things that are not working with pieces from fremantle...10:50
Meiz_n810like, apps still have borders10:50
persiaFrom what I understood, fremantle included a fair number of changes to lots of the code.  Moblin also changed some code, and there have been some Ubuntu-specific changes.10:51
persiaGiven that you did get %f to appear, I think it's probably just something with the API that's subtly different.10:52
Meiz_n810ubuntus hildon-desktop adds statusbar-container applet. that's something i could mess with :P10:55
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