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dholbachgood morning05:07
nhandlerHey dholbach05:08
dholbachhey nhandler05:08
hyperairit's afternoon here05:11
hyperairanyway hi05:12
hyperairanyone got time for a revu?05:12
hyperair(or a few)05:12
* nhandler can't REVU until he gets a working Jaunty pbuilder05:12
ScottKnhandler: I made a new one yesterday on Intrepid, so I think your problem is system specific.05:13
nhandlerScottK: It might be. I just have no idea what might be causing it. And I would prefer not to do a fresh install unless absolutely needed05:14
nhandlerWell, I'm heading off to bed. I need to get up early tomorrow05:15
hyperairnhandler: i've got a jaunty pbuilder script if you like05:51
Koondidrocks: I'll be available to help in the French "Getting Started" session tonight, at least the first hour08:39
didrocksKoon: great! thanks :)08:41
directhexi won't be home until after the whole getting started session is well underway08:47
directhexso if someone could tell people to have a jaunty chroot which can run x apps, for the mono session, that'd be grand08:48
hyperairchroot which can run X apps? how would you pull something like that off?09:06
directhexhyperair, there are guides out & about. depends how you run your chroot, really09:07
directhexe.g. a pbuilder login09:08
directhexthen there are options like Xnest09:08
directhexlots of guides on t'internets09:08
directhexpick one & poke it until xlogo works09:08
hyperairhaving a pbuilder chroot run X apps is awesome!09:08
hyperairthen i don't have to start a jaunty live session to test out packages09:09
hyperairright, it never occurred to me to use Xvnc09:15
ScriptRipperi got ubuntu 9.04 on my beagleboard (ARM arch) running.09:30
ScriptRipperi connected a USB ethernet adapter to it, lsusb lists it also09:31
ScriptRipperhow do i setup networking with that now?09:31
ScriptRippernetwork adapter as listed with "$ lsusb":09:32
ScriptRipperBus 001 Device 007: ID 9710:7830 MosChip Semiconductor MCS7830 Ethernet09:32
ScriptRipperplease help!09:32
al-maisanHello there! I am trying to create a package for Apache's ActiveMQ message broker which requires a JDK to build.09:34
al-maisanThere's number of JDKs .. which one should I specify in the 'Depends:' section?09:34
hyperairScriptRipper: wrong channel.09:34
ScriptRipperhyperair: where should i go?09:35
hyperairalso, post your entire question in one line, not multiple09:35
Koonal-maisan: you should build-depend on default-jdk09:38
al-maisanKoon: ah, OK, thanks for the advice!09:38
Koonal-maisan: my pleasure :)09:38
Koonal-maisan: in the same vein, you should (runtime) Depend on default-jre[-headless]09:39
StevenKal-maisan: If it requires a JDK to *build*, it should be in Build-Depends09:39
al-maisanAh, OK, I see.09:39
pochuKoon: congrats for your MOTU-ship :)09:40
Koonpochu: thx ! I'm just back from my paternity leave, so I haven't had much time to try my new powers :)09:40
hyperairwhat does it take to become a MOTU?09:43
hyperairKoon: to celebrate your MOTU-ship would you like to revu some packages? =p09:44
Koonhyperair: i'm trying to clear out my bugmail right now, so not immediately, but tell me which and I'll see what I have the time to do :)09:45
hyperairhttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=vazaar, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx09:46
hyperairKoon: ^ thanks =p09:46
* directhex summons a java team person09:50
Koondirecthex: I may correspond to that description.09:51
directhexwhat's "antlr" and why does it build-depend on nant?09:53
al-maisanantlr is a parser generator09:55
al-maisan"ANTLR: ANother Tool for Language Recognition"09:56
Koondirecthex: I guess it uses ant to build in its rules file ?09:56
Koonah, not a typo then ;)09:56
* Koon fetches the source package09:57
directhexit's one i seem to have missed from the whole mono 2.0 transition thing09:57
directhexhm, it's full of c#, it really IS a mix09:58
directhexhow bizarre09:58
Koonit's apparently used to build csharp libs.10:03
directhexit needs transitioning10:04
directhexi have no idea how i missed its existence10:04
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stefanlsddholbach: Is it possible that the guys doing the dev week sessions upload files they use somewhere. im going thru some stuff and there's alot of pastebin stuff...10:50
dholbachwarp10: let me know when and where the interview will be posted :)11:21
warp10dholbach: of course! hopefully even today, both in english and in italian :)11:23
dholbachwarp10: fantastico! :)11:23
warp10dholbach: and thank you so much!11:23
* warp10 hugs dholbach11:23
* dholbach hugs warp10 back11:23
dholbachno worries :)11:23
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foolanoif i file a bug to request sponsorship for a new upstream version, when i attach a diff.gz, should i change its status to confirmed?12:38
james_wfoolano: it doesn't really matter, but yeah, go ahead and do that12:39
james_wfoolano: then important thing is that the sponsors are subscribed.12:39
foolanojames_w: after attaching the diff.gz, i subscribed the sponsors team. I was reading that I had to use the status to indicate if it's a sync, new upstream version...12:41
james_wwhere did you read that?12:41
foolanojames_w: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Sponsorship/SponsorsQueue Notes for contributors12:43
james_wI for one never really pay attention to the status12:46
foolanook :)12:47
LaneyI wouldn't be surprised if some people have some fairly specific search listings set up that do check the status though12:48
savvasdo motus prefer diff.gz or debdiff ?12:48
LaneyAlso, I didn't know about using incomplete for exceptions, interesting12:48
Laneysavvas: Depends what for12:48
savvasfor a patch, not a new upstream release12:49
savvasjust asking to know which one makes life easier :P12:49
james_wsavvas: debdiff please12:49
Laneydebdiff then12:49
savvasok :)12:49
LaneyMakes it easier to review just what you changed12:49
slytherinjames_w: just FYI ... I have verified that the changes to azureus launcher done in Debian work properly. So I will probably complete the merge today.13:06
james_wslytherin: great, thanks13:07
slytherinjames_w: I have one question though. Azureus has auto update enabled by default, when I launch azureus first time it starts downloading latest version. This in my opinion not only security issue but also wastage of bandwidth.13:08
james_wyeah, I think it's not a good idea to have that13:08
james_wI though it was disabled13:08
james_wor maybe there was just an open bug about it13:08
LaneyDon't we generally disable automatic updates?13:09
broonieCertainly anything that should be provided by the package manager ought to have it disabled.13:12
slytherinjames_w: IIRC, there is a open bug for it in Debian.13:17
slytherinjames_w: so I think I will have to patch the source to disable it.13:18
slytherinsavvas: it depends on the type of sponsorship. if it is upstream version change then .diff.gz, if it is ubuntu revision change then debdiff13:24
mok0azeem: I've committed a new version of gamgi to the svn repo13:43
mok0azeem: the license problems have been solved now I think13:43
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james_w"printf '%%s/^hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=.*$/hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=" -D__LIBTOOL_AINT_NO_FOOL__ "/\nw\nq\n' | ed libtool"14:06
iahello, maybe it's not right place for this question, but at #ubuntu-devel i can't find out answers. i use alpha-3 with latest updates. http://www.markshuttleworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/jaunty904_notifications_example1_web_092.swf - this notification system looks very useful, but how can view it in action? i mean, which apps and what kind of events supports such notifications? how this system names? and technical question - it's just some impove of n14:11
iaotification-daemon, or something else? and where i can find out, which api's in which languages allow to initiate such notifications? i will be very appreciate for any useful information :-)14:11
slytherinia: I don't think that notification system is yet implemented.14:21
azeemmok0: awesome!14:39
_rubenis it just me or is it just not that clear which dependencies are problematic when using pbuilder :p14:39
_ruben(trying to backport bind 9.5 to hardy)14:39
mok0azeem: perhaps we should try another upload?14:39
azeemyeah, looking into it currently14:39
mok0azeem: cool14:40
_rubenah .. got it .. i think14:40
_rubenThe following packages have unmet dependencies: pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: libcap2-dev which is a virtual package.14:40
slytherin_ruben: what is exact problem? And why are you blaming pbuilder for that?14:40
_rubenslytherin: its an interoperability problem with pbuilder and my eyes really ;)14:40
_rubenpbuilder outputs a lot, kinda hiding the actual problem14:40
azeemmok0: was it gamgi-all or gamgi-src that we need?14:40
mok0azeem: errr, the watch file got the right one for me14:41
slytherin_ruben: the bind in jaunty needs libcap2-dev >= 2.11 as build depends, but intrepid has only 2.10-1. That mighte be the problem.14:42
_rubenslytherin: hardy doesnt have libcap2-dev .. that's the prob :)14:43
slytherin_ruben: oh, I thought you were backporting to intrepid14:43
hyperairmok0: got time for revu? =p14:45
mok0hyperair: errm, not now14:46
AdamDHis there any easy way to find out what dependancies a package requires?14:46
mok0AdamDH: what package, one you've the source package for?14:47
slytherinAdamDH: apt-cache show packagename, check the Depends: field14:47
hyperairAdamDH: apt-cache depends packagename14:47
AdamDHa package from source one I am packaging at present14:47
hyperairfor build-deps, apt-cache showsrc14:48
slytherinAdamDH: look into debian/control14:48
hyperairas in one that hasn't been packaged you mean?14:48
AdamDHyes as in one that has not been packaged before14:48
mok0AdamDH: is is a depends missing in debian/control?14:49
hyperairmok0: he's packaging one from source. he's making the debian/control14:49
AdamDHi am packaging from source so I am making the debian/control file14:49
hyperairAdamDH: ask the upstream author, or alternatively, look at the build system it's using. if it's autotools, look in configure.ac or configure.in14:49
slytherinok, then probably look into any README file or configure.ac, configure.in14:49
hyperairAdamDH: look for the stuff that says PKG_CHECK_MODULE(14:50
hyperairand poke around some more if it's not complete14:50
AdamDHthanks for the help I will take a look14:50
mok0AdamDH: ... or if you can find out what file it's looking for, find the file at http://packages.ubuntu.com/ where you can search the content of packages14:50
AdamDHthanks mok0 never considered doing that, thats a faster way of finding the dependancy14:52
azeemmok0: uploaded15:02
bddebianHeya gang15:38
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rippsSince launchpad is in the process of generating everybodies archives keys as we speak, how can one go about making a *-keyring package?15:43
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek to start in #ubuntu-classroom in 17 minutes15:43
james_wripps: there's not a great deal of point15:44
hyperairripps: launchpad will have signed ppas then?15:45
rippsjames_w: I don't care, I'm bored and need a project to do.15:45
rippshyperair: I couple archives already have them released. (Ex. https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive/ppa )15:46
hyperairi see. that's cool15:49
hyperairbut does that mean that the private keys are held on the lp server?15:49
lfaraoneHi, a sync request I filed two weeks ago that has been ack'd by MOTU has yet to be acted upon, how much longer should it take? (bug 313773)16:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313773 in ubuntu "Please sync python-gasp 0.2.1~bzr65-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31377316:04
mok0lfaraone: there are no specifications on the duration of sync requests16:05
lfaraonemok0: Ok, I'm just trying to make sure that I don't miss the freeze on this one.16:06
lfaraone(yes, I know that's months away :)16:06
james_wit may be delayed as it is a new package, I'm not sure16:07
mok0lfaraone: The archive admins will get to it in time16:07
mok0lfaraone: it's not so long ago it was ACKed16:09
lfaraonemok0: it was acked the same day I filed it, 15 days ago.16:09
lfaraonejames_w: understood.16:11
mok0lfaraone: it's pretty high up the wishlist, so shouldn't take too long now16:11
maxbhyperair: Yes, it does.16:12
lfaraonemok0: kk.16:12
hyperairmaxb: so they finally decided to go ahead with it despite the fact that the keys are on the server? i thought they didn't want to store private keys on the server16:13
maxbThey're not storing _people's_ private keys - they're storing locally generated PPA-only private keys16:14
ScottKRight, it's the PPA archive that's signed by LP.16:41
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Ngso who's going to kban hormesis? :)17:37
jpdsNg: What laga said.17:37
Ng[17:36] DCC SEND from hormesis [ port 0]: startkeylogger [0B bytes] requested in channel #ubuntu-motu17:38
ubottuHelp! Hobbsee, Riddell, sladen, fbond, mneptok, gnomefreak, Seveas, dholbach, elkbuntu, PriceChild, or jpatrick!17:38
jpdsToo late.17:38
Ng(startkeylogger being a string which causes some terminally braindead windows firewalls to cut network connections to protect against botnets ;)17:39
Ngor maybe half of you *are* spambots :)17:39
lfaraoneNg: oh, yeah, I'm currently a bot DDoSing http://whitehouse.gov :)17:49
* hyperair hates xulrunner17:51
mneptokthere is no data, only xul.17:52
hyperairit's hell trying to get this damn package to LINK with xul17:55
hyperairsomething about libxul.so having unresolved symbols17:55
hyperairand cannot find libmozjs.so17:55
hyperairbut for the love of god it's right there17:56
hyperairwhy can't it find17:56
hyperairshort of hardcoding the path into -R i don't know what to do17:56
pochuRainCT: feel free to join #ubuntu-es-dev, we have quite a few new interested contributors :)18:08
pochudholbach: the Spanish session was great :)18:08
* pochu hugs nxvl and dholbach 18:08
dholbachpochu: ROCK ON guys!18:08
dholbachthanks a bunch18:08
pochuhello tigreton18:11
hyperairhey how do i path -rpath-link <somedir> to ld from autotools?18:11
hyperairbla_LDFLAGS doesn't seem to work T_T18:11
quadrisproRainCT: followed DktrKranz suggestions, now uck seems ready -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=uck18:25
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=partitionmanager Can someone free please review my package? :)18:34
ivokszul: i don't understand pitti's comment :)18:59
ivokswrong channel :)18:59
dholbachdidrocks, pochu: still have the session logs?19:03
dholbachcan you post them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek ?19:03
dholbachbddebian: #ubuntu-classroom needs you :)19:04
dholbachif bddebian can't attend can somebody please assist nxvl in #ubuntu-classroom with "Working Well With Debian"? please?19:05
stefanlsdim around and can try help, not sure how i can help tho19:07
iadoes exist some automate tools, which helps to search "Copyright" strings in source code tree of project for "copyright" file? if yes, how it names, and which of them ubuntu maintainers use?19:07
pochuia: there's "licensecheck" in devscripts19:08
pochuand there's also "grep -R -i copyright *" :-)19:08
didrocksI try to use start-stop-daemon in an init script, with -m option (to create the pidfile), but it does not write the right pid (cf http://paste.ubuntu.com/107052/). So, my init script fails19:20
fabrice_spHi. I'd like to request the sync to upgrade of a lib from debian (bug #318658), but it breaks openmovieeditor. Should I request first the sync, and open another bug for openmovieeditor? Or my sync will be denied?19:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318658 in gavl "Please sync gavl 1.1.0-2 from Debian unstable" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31865819:42
fabrice_sphmm, building openmovieeditor with the old lib also fails, so it's not because of the sync. I'll request the sync, and open the bug report for the FTBFS19:51
james_wfabrice_sp: do you plan to work on the openmovieeditor FTBFS? It's also holding up the NBSing of the old gavl soname?19:56
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=partitionmanager Can someone free please review my package? :)20:27
jsmidtIf I patched a bug that affects a package both in intrepid and jaunty, for which distro do I make the debdiff? Both intrepid and Jaunty?20:29
lagajsmidt: for intrepid, it'll have to be an SRU. in general, you get your fix into jaunty first and then SRU it20:30
jsmidtjames_w, laga thanks.20:30
fabrice_spjames_w, yes: I'll fix the wrong header20:43
fabrice_spin openmovieeditor to take into account hte new lib20:43
Chris`Just outta curiosity, how many days does it normally take to get a full revu? :)20:43
RainCTChris`: Interesting question. I can't really say (it depends on the package, how insistent you are and a lot of stuff :P).  If I'm bored some day I may write a script to calculate some average values.. :P20:54
jpdsRainCT: What do you think of my splitting of the common.py script into little bits in Bazaar?20:55
Chris`How persistent should one be? :)20:55
iaif use pbuilder for building package, then all packages, which were installed as deps for building, will be removed after building. but if i login in tgz archive via "pbuilder --login" and install some packages, will they be removed after logout either?20:58
Laneyia: yes21:01
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Laney(unless you use --save-after-login if you want it to save)21:01
RainCTjpds: dunno.. would we win anything with that?21:09
RainCTjpds: btw, the recursive dir creating function in common.py can probably be replaced by a os.makedirs inside a try-except21:10
jpdsRainCT: No need to load a massive file for small scripts? Just the specific thing you want?21:11
jpdsRainCT: Got point, I'll try that.21:11
RainCTjpds: Right now I'm not even sure what it contains, so feel free to do what yo think is the best. At the moment you're the u-d-t master ;)21:12
jpds\o/ POOWER!21:12
* Chris` pokes RainCT 21:15
* RainCT is poked by Chris` 21:15
Chris`Fancy doing a review? :D21:16
RainCTdoing homework :(21:16
RainCTbut I've almost finished so drop an URL and I may look at it21:16
Chris`I'll only give you the one if you're busy; http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=partitionmanager21:16
LaneyChris`: It's LP: #xxx, no need for Closes21:17
Chris`Laney: But for now is Closes acceptable? :)21:18
* Chris` quickly edits21:18
RainCTCloses means bugs.debian.org21:18
LaneyChris`: Do you need compat to be 7?21:19
RainCT(unless what you've written "Closes LP:", which would be correct but is ugly :P)21:19
Chris`Laney: It's ok as it is but I could change it if you wanted?21:20
RainCTlower versions are preferred if possible, as they allow for easy backporting21:20
* Chris` changes to 3 then ;o21:20
Chris`Bad idea?21:20
RainCT3 is obsolete :P21:20
RainCTnot recommended anymore.. minimum is 4 iirc21:21
Chris`5? ò_Ô21:21
Chris`Ah 4 then21:21
LaneyChris`: check man debhelper for what the levels do21:21
Chris`I have updated twice now, wait for the updates to appear I guess21:22
LaneyI hope you checked everything was still OK with the new compat level :O21:23
* Chris` is running pbuilder but wishes for the best anyway21:23
RainCT(REVU processes the uploads every 3 minutes)21:24
* Laney bahs at debian-multimedia changelogs21:24
jpdsGotta love cron.21:24
Chris`Ok it;s up21:24
RainCT(except for PPA imports, which run every 5 minutes as nobody is using them right now anyway)21:24
Laney"New upstream version". Except lots more than that was changed >:(21:25
Chris`How long does it take for me to get my packages to be auto uploaded? Do I need like a month's perfect track-record first of no errors or something?21:26
fabrice_spHi. Some MOTU to review a dvd authoring tool? It's dvdstyler (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler) and already has an advocated from mok021:27
* RainCT tries to hug mook0 but doesn't find him online :P21:27
Chris`<Chris`> Just outta curiosity, how many days does it normally take to get a full revu? :)21:28
Chris`* mok0 (n=mok@563413c5.rev.stofanet.dk) has left #ubuntu-motu21:28
* fabrice_sp too :-)21:28
lagaChris`: it needs two reviews.21:28
RainCTAh, right. I don't read quit messages :P21:28
Chris`I was refering to mok0 leaving :)21:28
jpdsfrom ubuntutools import lp.cookie -> SyntaxError: invalid syntax. WHY?!21:29
RainCTjpds: the dot21:29
RainCTjono: lp.cookie is file cookie from module lp21:30
RainCTwhich of course is not valid as you're saying it also that the module is ubuntutools21:30
pochuRainCT: jono doesn't care :P21:30
RainCTwell, I'm sure jono also likes Python! :P21:30
jpdsRainCT: OK... good point.21:31
Arcwould anyone here want to advise on an XMPP client library to use for a new app intended for universe?22:05
Arc(an XMPP x.509 cert manager via gnome-keyring)22:05
xnoxhello today at the classroom session about working with debian it has been referenced to use tags in the patches with a link to past ubuntu-devel discussion. Is there any more documentation about this? Is it ubuntu specific? Am I safe to include those in packages aimed to enter debia? I have a link mentioned in the session if you want it it's from 2007 though.22:11
raofxnox: You mean the tags from the list which was basically: (a) this should go upstream, (b) this should go to Debian, (c) this is Ubuntu specific?22:14
raofThat tagging scheme is Ubuntu specific, but there'd be no harm in including it in packages for Debian (with the obvious exception that there should be no patches with the (c) tag in Debian ;))22:15
raofThere's no tool (that I know of) that uses or reads those tags; they're just for the benefit of the human reader, and Debian can benefit just the same.22:16
james_wxnox: what was the link?22:17
james_wwas it about http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs/Usertagging ?22:18
james_whttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Usertagging I mean22:18
xnoxjames_w: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2007-November/024743.html22:22
* xnox sorry was reading debian-legal and forgot everything22:22
james_wah, yeah, that's the scheme raof was talking about22:23
xnoxraof: Yeah I don't quite understand how to and where to put them22:23
james_wthey go inside the patch, or the changelog, so it's not really something we can annotate externally22:23
james_wand perhaps shouldn't be22:23
xnoxjames_w: so how do I put inside the patch? A comment in the begging, debian/control style tag: value?22:24
xnoxcause I have patch to add to the package22:24
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james_wxnox: ah, if you're creating a patch that is perfect22:26
james_wxnox: if it's a dpatch then it can go in the dpatch comments22:26
james_wif it isn't then in the changelog22:26
james_w(if it's another patch system then it can go at the top of the file, but that's a preference thing really)22:26
xnoxjames_w: cool22:29
xnoxjames_w: Has been reading about Usertags, cool stuff22:29
xnoxSo..... If I contribute to debian using ubuntu-hat, can I reference that to become Ubuntu Member? =DDDDD22:30
james_wxnox: it will count towards your application22:31
* xnox exciting22:32
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Rudd-Ohey guys22:45
Rudd-OI'm looking for a packaging ninja to package an app for ubuntu22:45
Rudd-Oanyone up to the task?22:46
Rudd-O(it should be really simple because the install is basically python distutils and that's it)22:46
Rudd-Othe reason I ask is because I run fedora and I am looking for a volunteer to package this for me on ubuntu22:47
pochuin case you or somebody else find it useful :)22:47
Rudd-OI will likely do that but the problem is that I don't run ubuntu myself, so I have no access to the packaging system22:48
Rudd-Othis is what I want to get packages for:22:48
pochuyou can file a needs-packaging bug22:49
Rudd-Oah that's the procedure?22:49
Rudd-Owill do so right away22:49
pochuRudd-O: basically report a bug here, and tag it "needs-packaging" https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug22:50
pochuRudd-O: of course add a link to the project, a description, and mention what license it has22:50
pochuthat should do enough22:50
pochubut there are no warranties anybody will package it :) it's just a request22:51
Rudd-OI just did that22:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319005 in ubuntu "Portable Linux Needs packaging" [Undecided,New]22:55
pochuRudd-O: you might want to talk to evand in #ubuntu-installer; I think he develops a similar tool for Ubuntu22:57
Rudd-Opochu: thanks for the HUP, I'm gonna talk to him now22:58
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porthoseCould I get a REVU of http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=quickplay please :)23:45
maxbporthose: You have a quickplay.py in your .orig.tar.gz, and then a near-identical quickplay with no extension in you .diff.gz23:55

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